Violent CSU Professor: “I’m Ready To PUNCH” Political Opponents “In The Neck”

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Source: TedxTalks/YouTube

    A Colorado State University professor is getting violent when it comes to people who disagree with her politically.  It’s now apparently acceptable for college professors to say they are “ready to punch” political opponents “in the neck.”

    Professor OiYan Poon at CSU has announced that she is done “going high” when others go low, and is now ready to “punch” those whom she disagrees with politically “in the neck.” The professor also claims that she believes former First Lady Michelle Obama would agree with her violent mentality.

    Poon is an assistant professor at Colorado State University, teaching “higher education leadership,” as well as the director of the school’s Race and Intersectional Studies for Education Equity (RISE) Center, according to the university’s website.

    According to a report by Campus Reform. The professor has since switched her Twitter account to private, making it so that the general public is unable to access and view her tweets. Twitter surely won’t censor her violence though, since it’s clear she falls on the far left of the political spectrum.

    “I’m almost done reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and in reading the subtext, I don’t think she even believes the whole ‘when they go low, we go high’ b.s.,” tweeted Poon, who added, “I’m done ‘going high.’ [I’m ready] to ‘punch them in the neck.’According to a report by Breitbart News, professor Poon’s tweet was in response to another user on Twitter, who said, “When they go low, you fucking punch them in the neck so they know you mean business. This is about power not affect.”

    Here’s a response that perfectly sums of the leftist mentality:

    The left is so open-minded, they are going to start violently assaulting anyone who disagrees with them.  Yeah…that makes a lot of sense if you’re a hypocritical commie.

    This whole issue about making violence against people with differing opinions acceptable. Now, if a person disagrees with a leftist, they are deserving of physical force used against them. So incredibly “open-minded.”  It sure sounds like communism to me! Maybe if the left didn’t want to be called Comrades, they shouldn’t act like Soviet Union gulag guards. Leftism is becoming a cultish mental disorder. No logical thought or compassion is needed any longer on the left.  The ultimate goal is to dehumanize those who disagree with you and force them to see things the authoritarian way by violence.

    An Examination Of The Leftist Cult And Their Religion

    Poon’s “going high” comment was in reference to Michelle Obama having coined the phrase, “When they go low, we go high” at the 2016 Democrat Convention in an attempt to encourage individuals on the political left to take the high road in response to those who “go low” on the political right. –Breitbart News

    Campus Reform further reported that the professor had also recently expressed her dismay over activist Tanzila Ahmed getting banned from the dating app Tinder for stating that she does not date white men in her Tinder profile. Poon praised Ahmed in a tweet and stated that the “white patriarchy can’t handle strong brown women who choose not to date white.”


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      1. That libturd needs to be very very careful what she wishes for. If she’s looking for trouble she’ll find it real quick, especially if she puts me in her crosshairs.

        • Colorado is a PRIME EXAMPLE of what happens when a shitload of Kalifornians move in! Keep those fookers OUT!

        • Yep…. I am very scared … Bring It.
          The rule of 3.08 will solve this problem in short area. Throw em in the swamp & the gators will clean them up. Good food diversity for the gators …
          Standing by in Montgomery County TX

      2. What a freakin’ a$$hole! Soon enough these tards are gonna make good on their continual threat to assault & kill the rest of us (who are too busy getting taxed to pay for said tards’ welfare payments and cushy govt jobs) as a general game plan. When that happens, the response will be quick and deadly. I for one have had it with limp-wristed beta males and “strong brown women” thinking they have carte blanche to get in my face in order to assuage their pathetic temper tantrums.

        My response will be in 65 gr. increments ??????

      3. Sorry Poon Tang, but any white male that would date a woman of color ain’t much of a man. Trekker Out

        • MT,
          I had a few girlfriends when I was in the military. One that really sticks out was Rosa. She was very Catholic. I was raised in southern CA, so I’m really familiar with women of “color”. Most are as white as you or me.
          Race was never a consideration to me. Culture was and is.
          Full disclosure I ended up marrying a woman of very Irish descent (42 years now) who was my next door neighbor when I moved off-base into a Sacramento Ghetto a little south of Rio Linda.

          • Rellik, the only ‘non-white’ woman I ever had was my better half from Cuba. I didn’t care about the racial part, just her culture and her beliefs, which are still major considerations for me. She and her family were all victims of Castro’s brand of socialism. Other women I’ve had since then were all white but none of them could hold a candle to my late wife.

            • I once dated a woman with “space panties”…. Her ass was out of this world!

              • Years ago I worked in an office and all us guys nicked named a woman there “onion butt.” It brought tears to your eyes. Yes, she was heavily married and he was a no nonsense police sergeant. Damn she was hot, very Nordic.

      4. …professor (Poontang) praised Ahmed in a tweet and stated that the “white patriarchy can’t handle strong brown women who choose not to date white.”

        Even if she was white as the driven snow, or there was no such thing as miscegenation, she is still a premenopausal careerist. What am I supposed to get out of that arrangement.

        “The ultimate goal is to dehumanize those who disagree with you and force them to see things the authoritarian way by violence.”

        These radicals serve no utilitarian purpose and cannot exist, without wealth being expropriated from productive people, at gunpoint. While you were still waiting for some overthrow to happen, they took your lunchmoney. They hold the seat of authority.

        • Clown, I know how to deal with such women and I’m part of that ‘white patriarchy’. Hell no I wouldn’t date that jezebel even if she was white. If she was to target me she’ll damn sure have a war on her hands.

          • Why aren’t you teaching the college, speaking at the TED Talk, or having articles written about you, here.

            I would say that they won.

            However it got that way. No matter, whether you will carry on.

            You’re not the protected class, in this discussion. You pay taxes to them.

      5. She is a prime example of a non productive taking parasite. Just a glorified oxygen thief. Nothing short of a massive culling will solve the problem. The best way I can think of is a grid down. If that oxygen thiedfhad to try and survive without air cond this time of the year. she wouldn’t last a week. Please lord send a Carrington event to the USA! Bring it on. The sooner the better.

      6. People who talk like that can’t be upset when those who have the hate directed against them retaliate in defense.

      7. Old Guy, the parasites’ day of reckoning is coming, one way or another.

      8. Poon(tang) is “… director of the school’s Race and Intersectional Studies for Education Equity (RISE) Center…”

        The word “studies” in an organizational title is a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with SJW man-haters. The use of “intersectional” in the same title is just frosting on the putrefied cake.

        And people take on hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt to subsidize no-value-added “academics” like this waste of space?

      9. The left is getting extremely violent both in words and action. The fuse is lite…lets make sure we don’t get caught in the explosion. We will hold off striking back but eventually they will push too far and will not like the outcome.

      10. So, she claims to be ready to punch her political opponents in the neck? What a coincidence…there are more than a few folks who are ready to shoot aggressive leftist libtards in the neck.

      11. Focus guys. Poon does not represent women or race, she represents academia. It is enemy territory. Here in Montana we have Missoula and Bozeman. Different cafeterias. Same food.
        I’m with Wojo. Lincoln’s tyrannical republic is falling, as it should. For now just avoid crowds and carry everywhere. The demographics (and opportunities for liberty) will be changing soon.

      12. Politically the end goal to push your cause is to get more allies. Force doesn’t help to get the vitally necessary middle of the roader on board. On one end of this spectrum Bull Connors unleashing German Shepards and water hose on old people and women on TV hurt his objective; Anfifa’s antics are likewise.

      13. She is a useful idiot for the leftist PTB. She wants to destroy and cull all those who disagree with her ideology. These are desperation measures however, when ideological movements are stalling or failing, or not obtaining the success they desire, particularly leftist movements like communism, marxism, and nazism (which is national socialism), they resort to violence.
        What is ironic she and people like her presently enjoy a quality of life and standard of living that never has been achieved under her ideology, and cannot be achieved. One can only rationally assume one of three things, she and her ilk have been fully and successfully propagandized, or they hate us more than they love their own, or they are just frankly stupid.
        I’m not a nice guy, if anyone of these comrades, and I mean any g*dd*m one of them were were to attack me or mine it would not go well for them, the response would proportionally far exceed their action, you may fill in the blank as you see fit. My friends are also more than able to meet any “challenge”.

      14. I don’t think anyone is scared of that cunt. Punch me in the neck and get shot in the face. Fuck around and find out princess!

      15. If she punched me in the neck she would wake up in the emergency room (if she woke up at all).

      16. Sorry my conservative son is 6′ 3″, 195 and all muscle, when most people have nothing but fat in his demographic. His sister said when they went rock climbing. Dang you have muscles where normal people shouldn’t.

        I don’t think this pencil neck wants to punch him anywhere. What a jerk.

        On physical exercise, my son asked what type of boxing gloves he should buy. I said the gel ones, save your joints. And have at theirs.

      17. comment censored

        only leftist NWO communist allowed to comment on Internet

      18. The use of convulsive electro shock therapy,(administered 1940’s style, so that the patient is fully aware), should be mandated for such scum. By God I want to run reeducation camps for these scum subhumans. A few sessions with a cane or whip should improve these leftist.

      19. What a Cee U Next Tuesday

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