VIDEOS: Mysterious Lights Spotted Over California: “Airspace Over The Pacific Is Closed To Incoming Flights”

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    Social media pages across California exploded early Saturday evening after hundreds of witnesses reported seeing mysterious objects over the California sky. The lights, somewhat resembling a meteor in the images that have been made available on social media, appeared simultaneously, yet over 500 miles apart in both Southern and Northern California.

    It is not clear whether the lights were the same object or two separate incidents.

    Mysterious light spotted over Southern California, social media explodes

    LOS ANGELES — Multiple witnesses on Saturday evening reported seeing an unexplained light in the skies above Southern California. Residents reported seeing the bright phenomenon in Anaheim, Temecula, Rancho Palos Verdes and Santa Monica. Source: Fox 8

    What was mystery object that flew across NorCal sky?

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —A bright, unidentified flying object was spotted going over the Northern California region Saturday evening. At about 6 p.m., viewers first reported seeing a bright blue or green light with a tail-like object trailing behind it fly across the sky. Pictures and video have come into KCRA’s newsroom from across the region, including Davis, Lodi, Stockton and Roseville. The object was also reportedly seen in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Source: KCRA 3

    Local authorities in Orange County, located in Southern California, say the lights were part of a Naval rocket test. “Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through JWA tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast,” they said on their Twitter page.

    A report from KABC Los Angeles indicates the military is currently performing highly secretive exercises over the Pacific Ocean. All airspace over the Pacific has been closed to incoming flights, forcing Los Angeles international airport to re-route landings late at night.

    Mysterious maneuvers over the Pacific are forcing a change in Los Angeles International Airport landings late at night, meaning noise for thousands of people in the flight path.

    Instead of landing from the east over Inglewood, planes begin flying from the west and over the ocean to keep noise levels down, but due to secret military operations, the airspace over the Pacific is closed to incoming flights for the next week.

    The military is not saying what exactly is causing the change, and LAX claims it’s also in the dark. Castles said all they know is planes can’t be flying at low altitudes to our west.

    According to AccuWeather, the Taurid meteor shower was set to peak into next week. An earlier NASA statement suggested that we could expect fireballs in the night sky across the United States.

    The following video was reportedly recorded somewhere in Southern California:


    In this amazing video the object can be seen as a small light in the sky. At about 1:20 into the video the object seems to explode into a bright blue light:

    The object as it appeared over Disneyland in Anaheim, California:



    Though the military claims the object was part of a Naval missile test, it’s not the first time an unidentified flying object of this nature has been spotted.

    In 2010 witnesses reported a similar sight over West Coast waters. Some reports suggest the incident may have been the result of a Chinese ballistic missile test launched from a secret nuclear submarine parked off the coast of California.

    The Chinese aren’t the only ones making incursions into or near U.S. territorial borders. Russia has reportedly flown nuclear bombers and performed exercises all along the west coast. In May 2014, the Los Angeles air traffic control system was taken out of operation, leaving thousands of flights along the West Coast scrambling. The military claims a U-2 spyplane flying over head was to blame for jamming the signals, but other theories suggest Russia may have deployed a new scrambling or localized-EMP technology.

    In 2009 videos of a spiral spotted over Norway went viral with analysts making theories about the incident that included a Russian missile test gone bad or a massive hologram from the government’s Project Blue Beam initiative.


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      1. All traffic at LAX is being diverted

        • It was a Chinese ICBM flying in the stratosphere at hypersonic speed (courtesy of the Second Artillery Corps)…US early warning systems are totally useless and powerless against the mighty PLA.

          • What is that?

            • Yesterday morning I read a now ominous comment from BCOD, I didn’t give it much thought yesterday, but after seeing this today, well it was the first thing I thought of and quite frankly gave me the chills a bit. I hope he will chime in on this thread too. Because they can claim it was routine test all they want, but imo something doesn’t smell right. I am going to copy and paste BCOD’s comment if it will let me.

              buttcrackofdoom says:
              Comment ID: 3469823

              November 7, 2015 at 1:49 am

              not trying to hijack this thread, but i just heard in L.A. “a lot of people won’t be able to sleep tonight” according to the local news. a friend just called me to ask what that’s all about, and i had an eppifany. i called to tell a friend about 4 military choppers headed toward LA around 4pm(flying over victorville), and my friend i called said that was odd, someone just called HIM and said they saw 3 trucks marked “CDC” on a highway near here…sumthin’ strange is going on….just givin’ y’all a heads-up to watch for anything strange going on in the next day or two.

              • And let’s assume it really was a test launch. Should not the vessel from which it was launched have video documentation of it? and being the most transparent administration in history wouldn’t they want to show the concerned citizens and naysayers? And also, when the hell did it become routine to, unannounced, launch a missile/missiles that appears to be traveling directly over a highly populated urban area?

                Yep sure makes a lot of sense to me….move along people nothing to see here….just test firing weapons of mass destruction over your homes….oh what you didn’t get the memo…sorry bout that we’ll explain it all on youtube and the news after everyone nearly shits themselves….We’re the gov’t and we’re here to help 😉

                • Why would they test fire over a highly populated area?

                  • Just a guess but it looks like maybe aerosol dispersal. Biological??

                    • Welcome back Dunjin, I missed you 🙂

                  • Shock and awe

                    It’s all about the reaction

                    • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPERMAN!

                    • So, the US military is claiming they fired a missile.

                      Think about that.

                      Why would the US military fire a missile for Americans to see?

                      Is a missile fired off the US coast supposed to intimidate nations thousands of miles away that didn’t see the missile? Or… was it meant to intimidate Americans? Or… are they just lying? Could the missile have been Russian, Chinese, or Korean? Could the closed airspace off Los Angeles be to allow intensive anti-submarine (anti-FOREIGN-submarine) surveillance to find the sub that really fired the missile?

                    • Think about this also.

                      If you see a possible nuclear missile, are you supposed to stare at it?

                  • Because it’s the govt.

                    • Errr I mean the GODVERMENT!

                    • Govern= to control
                      ment= mind

                      Many words have blatant meanings that go right over peoples heads. For instance most people think anarchy means chaos. That is a lie, it means lack of rulers or masters. Another example is the word occult, people think it means witchcraft or evil. Thats another lie, it simply means “hidden”. Another example is apocalypse. People think it means all out destruction another lie. It simply means unvieling or revealing/unmasked. The apocalypse simply means the revealing of something. Many many other words are totally misunderstood as we are under the brainwashing of fossilized customs.

                    • In fact anarchy IS FREEDOM! As long as you have a godvernment you are NOT free!

                    • You can do what you want to do (as long as you have a permit too).

                • well dick,…it scared the SHIT outa’ ME….and I’M FEARLESS! i don’t know any more than anyone else(probly LESS), but there’s a LOT going on right now, sooo much that we can’t keep track of it all. those center for disease control trucks are what’s got ME in a tizzy…three semi trucks…WTF?….and now the crabbing on cal coast is closed, because of the “warm water blob” and resulting algae bloom???…………i aint buyin’ it…i been hearing the word fukushima entirely tooo much for the last 4 years to fall for THAT….just keep stackin’!!!

              • Maybe it was a crash. By the way the engine on this spaceship is a pulse engine. It was orginally powered by a cold nuclear reaction but recently changed to a newer version which if I tried to explain you would all think I was crazy. For the curious look up the recent articles regarding the collider in Europe. I am actually surprised that there wasn’t a major power outage. If you watch the second video which btw whoever filmed this should not quit your day job! Lastly, when you watch the video right around the 2 minute mark you can see several pulses.

              • I saw those 4 black choppers!!! They passed through Orange County

                • there were another 3 the next afternoon…must have come from yermo, but where did they end up??????

              • Richard:

                CDC (Center for Disease Control).

                Could be November is the beginning of cool weather, rain, and flu. Add to this undocumented Latin immigrants who have been with us for many years and now a new unknown with the introduction of Middle Eastern and Africans who are known carriers of malaria, Aides, even polio, and diseases not a part of our society. What were they thinking? Biological Russian Roulette or in your face biological genocide. Rape is bad enough. Rape by an Aides infected person, well you get the point. This is tantamount to an American mass murder by proxie. Nice. I don’t think so.

          • Anselm: Hey Eagle-eye; 1. That’s an object traveling away, not towards the viewers/photographers. 2. ICBMs are land-based, SLBMs are sea-based and since this was over the ocean and China is so far away, this is NOT an ICBM. Or didn’t you cover the difference between land and water in your geography class, let alone the locations of various counties! BTW, SLBMs are low-flying, terrain hugging missiles, unlike the ones in the photos. Go back inside your double-wide, I’m sure there’s a wrestling match you’re missing.

            • Col. Feathers.
              Trident II are terrain hugging missiles?

              • Lol, yea they hug the terrain from about 20 miles up.

              • I launched a couple of porcelain hugging mud missles this morning, does that count?

                • Genius, if something like that object was available to use on trolls, I would be the first to get one.

                  • Over at, “Political Correctness, Truth, Christianity, and The Apocalypse.” VERY interesting article.

                  • Ha ha ha, bomms away! Think flying naked in a ultralight with a toilet seat lol.

                    • After drinking a case of Schlitz!

                    • Thats
                      Wrong dude
                      But funny

            • Total BS…all ICBM’s, land or sub launched fly high…Lets not forget the mystery SLICBM of 2012 in the same area…That look like its “low flying, earth hugging”?
              I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB for years and have seen many launchs, land and sea, all type missiles and rockets…It was a missile, heading out to sea, from where I dont know but the Navy use to do a lot of testing from Point Mugu NAS back in the 60’s, south of Vandenberg, north of LA LA land….

            • SLBM=Submarine Launched Ballistic Missle. The key word here is BALLISTIC.

          • I think it was a sub launched missile – not because of China – but because of North Korea. NK has threatened to nuke the U.S. and that should be considered a real threat – but only via a sub launched missile. So we launched one to test our tracking satellites.

          • If not Chinese then Russian. Commentators on a couple military sites are saying that US ICBMs burn with a red/orange flame. ICBMs from Russia/China(?) tend to burn with a blue flame. Interesting if that is the case. Anyone else read this?

        • This pretty f’n nuts. People from San Diego to Nevada and Arizona saw this. And this is just the first night of the closures of air space. Supposed to go on anywhere from 5 to 7 days. This just might be a warm up of what we are going to see this week

          You know they just announced this right before midnight
          last night???


          • This is some shady bs going on here.

          • Its practice for their EMP

        • I dont understand the need to practice something like this where it can be a threat to people. Generally you demonstrate things like this near the people you are trying to scare. So. Are they trying to scare the US population?

          • Yeah, we should be testing our newest military technologies where they and their launch sites are more easily observed by our enemies so they can develop better defenses against them in advance.

            • Oh I got it. So it is best to test the tech in front of the most highly technical, Densely populated, Multinational/multicultural place on earth. And give them a few weeks warning that the tests are gonna take place.
              Got it. National security at its best.

              • No Ed,

                You don’t got it.

          • It was a threat to the fishys only…Just flexing their EGO’s…AGAIN!!!

        • LISTEN TO ME





          • filosofizer….key words “I think” therefore it may not be true. So you have come out of the cave?

        • Well gee whiz they won’t see that coming!

          • HEADS UP! I just saw a post on another thread from some guy named SolarGenerators. He is selling a setup for 4500 that you can make yourself with 2X the power for 1700.
            Moral of the story… ALWAYS ask me before buying anything solar lol. 😛

        • Just ET phoning home…

      2. For the love of GOD, stop letting the person with palsy hold the dam camera. I can’t see shit!

        • The Blair Nuke Project.




      3. Wasn’t that the nuclear missile that Impossible Mission Force disarmed at the last minuted? ……. Mission Accomplished!

      4. So a potential meteorite is going to explode over the city and they just stand there watching? Good time to duck and cover.

          • Hey! That video was a really good representation of Obama and his advisors,

            Iraq! They’re coming right for us!

            Libya! They’re coming right for us!

            Syria! They’re coming right for us!

            [Country We Want To Invade To Fulfill A Hidden Agenda]! Hey! They’re coming right for us!

            Though, I think “Uncle Jimbo” is much smarter and a lot better shot than “Uncle Bammy”.

            …and with ISIS its kind of like the bear (ISIS) and the deer (Syria) are out there walking around. You throw a sandwich at the bear, he runs to get it and you yell “He’s coming right for us!” and shoot at him, but, OH CRAP! You miss and hit the deer. (Psst! Hey! The secret was the deer was the intended target anyway but the people don’t like you shooting Bambi…)

            We live in a very screwed up world where everything is manipulated and critical thinking skills are in the minority. If the US Government couldn’t lie, they’d have to shut down.


            • Is that a training video for people at LE academies these days?

          • Quit resisting, tase, quit moving, tase, quit moving, pow,pow.

            • Shocking Gramps.
              have their powER.

        • Grandpa was in an army recon unit, he joined Dec. 10, three days after Pearl. He survived the duration of the war in heavy combat. He was awarded 3 silver stars, 4 bronze stars, and a couple Purple Hearts.

          After the war, he’s walking down the street with granny, a car backfires, granny looks around and he has simply vanished. She sees a slight movement in the gutter between a curb and a car. Yup, that was gramps, and that is why he lived!

          Food for thought.

      5. If memory is correct, didn’t Clinton give the Chinese Long Beach shipping ports? Good cover to bring in troops for causing trouble..

        • Why bring in the Chinese to start trouble when they have black on white race wars in the planning and so easy to kick off.

          Read a little history on how the british controlled India to see that its a tried and trusted method that works everytime.

          They have ran simulations and know just what to do, it will be put into operation when it looks like the people are about to turn on the banker puppets who run the USA for Israel.

          China is the least of your troubles me thinks

          • Whats long and brown and smells like shiite?

            The line at the welfare office!…

        • What’s the latest lie on the Puerto Collonet port being built by the Chinese south of Ensenada Mexico?

          • Let me guess… It’s good for amerika???

            • Why is Nothing being reported..especially by ANY MSM’s on the Fact that for the very First time ever in usa political history…..That many/most of current Prez wannabee’s have just finished the first ever usa prez Campaign public meet, same as we see on usa tv campaign events, in…Isreal?!

              Can it be anything other than a huge cover-up that now usa Is Israels “Bitch” nation?

              What buisness is it of ANY Non Usa nation or govnt’s or peoples that we now need for Our presidential wannabee next 2016 usa prez…necesity to go there to campaign?

              Maybe we soon shall get an article expose’ of this from Dr.Shekel & Mr. Bribe eh…

      6. I don’t know what it was, but the fact that it was blue, elongated and hovering is pretty frickin’ impressive!

      7. I filmed this just after I saw it stage, from where I was in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Definitely an outgoing missle, or else I would have been taking cover. I was more worried about what might be incoming 20 minutes later. Those, you don’t see. So, I just watched the clock and when the lights didn’t go out, I figured missle test. In the near future, if you see a multitude of these staging rockets going up, sit down, tuck your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye. Oh, and don’t look at the flash….it will blind you……

        • Good one Stoney.

        • Our current policy is we launch after impact of incoming nukes. Has been since Clinton.

          You probably won’t see or care about anything we have outgoing after that.

        • Dad! Dad! Thor Arthur DDZ!

          5000 points, name that movie.

      8. It was a missile test, nothing more.

        • Clearly. If you live near Cape Canaveral, you recognized that video immediately. Now, curiously, why divert LAX traffic for days over this? How many tests and for what purpose? Why not out in the Pacific?

          • Because it makes for a good news story to distract us. It also makes the Chinese in CA call their relatives in Mainland China and warn them about not fing with the USA. It is also good psyops.

            • You maybe right, but China did the same thing, same area in 2012…
              so the relatives could call home and tell them how the american people didnt give a s%#t…If one didnt want anyone to care…Yeah, launch some where around LA LA land…

          • Charley,
            when they fire missiles from Kauai “Pacific missile range” it is because they are for the navy ships to intercept, basically semi short range, NOT ICBM’s, what they normally fire from the California bases(except San Nicolas island ) they are ICBM’s for anywhere in the world hits, so my guess is that they are prepping for something to do with nuclear stuff, NOT a good thing!!

            • When I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB as a law enforcement specialist, we had “games” every year…Other bases would send in their top security troops, missile tech/wrench turner guys, and the “key holders”…put everyone through the “games”…The winners would get to launch a minute man from a silo…Every year…Whats different is this appears to be the Navy, and was launched near Point Mugu NAS in Oxnard Ca, south of vandenberg. They havent done testing there since the 50’s, early 60’s….
              Its all a lead up to WW3..history doesnt repeat, but it rhymes!!

              • Point Magu is between Malibu and Port Hueneme.

            • well, whatever the hell it was, y’all take care and watch your six.

          • Well Charley I would like to know If people in New Orleans could see the shuttle lifting off? Because that is about the distances we are talking about?


            • Big B,

              It has been raining and overcast for the past 3 days. I did see something like that in Tampa over a month ago on a trip. It was a sight to behold!

              Louisiana Eagle

        • Kinda like the missile test that went awry and took the tail off of JFK,Jr’s plane.

          • It was definitely a missile that took down TWA flight 800, but I don’t know abut jfk junior’s. Anyway this nonsense in California is much ado about nothing.

            • There was definitely something that was covered up when TWA 800 went down. First, the Navy said there were no US warships in the area that night, but then it was proven that there were. So, then the Navy says they had ships in the area but none were equipped with surface to air missiles, Sure, they never carry missiles when they go to sea, right? Then there was the guy who got arrested and thrown in jail for cutting a portion of a scorched seat cushion and taking it for examination. He was charged with stealing parts from a commercial aircraft. So yeah, they tried to lie their way out of it as best they could but they couldn’t make up credible excuses for everything so naturally everyone thinks their story is bullshit because it is.

              However, regarding JFK jr, there was no reason for anybody to shoot down his aircraft. He wasn’t licensed to fly by instruments alone, which means at night or bad weather. He wasn’t that great of a pilot to begin with, he once said the only one who liked to fly with him was his wife. When somebody tells you that, there must be a good reason for it, namely people preferred not to risk their lives flying with a guy who wasn’t the most competent pilot going. Remember he had to take the Bar Exam 3 times before he finally passed it, so it’s safe to say he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. When he flew to Martha’s Vineyard that day, it was getting to be early evening so he lost the horizon to fly by when it got dark. He couldn’t fly by instruments alone so he became disoriented on where he was and where he was going, and not surprisingly given his history he fell victim to a simple aviation accident. It’s when people start claiming there’s a conspiracy about EVERYTHING that happens, like some missile test that went awry and shot down his plane when that’s patently ridiculous, these are the things that make conspiracy followers look like nuts because there are times when people, yes, even Kennedys die accidently, jr just took one too many risks and it blew up in his face, just the same as anyone else who takes one too many risks in their life, sometimes it turns out to be their last.

          • Their stopping all flights from the pacific for a week and this is just a unannounced test? Do they think were that stupid? I guess many of us are in denial. No need to prep . It’s just a test. Go back to sleep.

          • JFK jr’s plane went down due to an overload of arrogance.

        • A family member was in Eastern Oregon, practically on the Idaho border. He saw this thing, but he said it was going East/west instead of north/south and said the blue afterhaze was in sky for 20 minutes after the white light part was gone. Said it was travelling WEST.

          Could that be the same missile? Do missiles go into the upper atmosphere?

      9. I don’t have a link handy, but from what I recall, there is an expected, yet “unidentified” piece of space debris re-entering Earth’s atmosphere on November 11, if I’m not mistaken. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was somehow related.

      10. Why wasn’t there any sound accompanied with the detonation?

      11. illegal aliens coming in from space. A lot of good that fence is doing!

        • And we’ll payin’ for their species changes too.

      12. Jim,I believe that folks from other galaxies would follow protocol to be polite and get tourist visas,suppose they could be on tsa “do not fly list”!

        • Dammit the fence didn’t work. Now we have to build a dome!

      13. Maybe it’s the moon aliens coming to help out at Fukushima. Their trans planet imported seafood is glowing and tastes like it’s farmed raised in China.

      14. Fear tactics they are warning people that they are gonna shoot planes down. I will never fly again even if they paid me to take a flight. Somethings going on folks. If air travel becomes too dangerous it will destroy the industry. Get molested by tsa and fly any your own risk. just march into a gun fight. I stopped flying about five years ago after flying on a continental plane that was falling apart. I had real concerns about the planes safety. Forget aliens this is a front for military drills and war games. It’s the gov plain and simple. The machine is breaking down faster now.

      15. Seem’s we can forget about every prior faked reason for not just syrian war etc but also the REAL truth of why all a sudden Now we see euro nations infiltrated fully by Non Whiteys….The current euro invasions was Planned at least as far back as May 2013!…Here is the Proof and whom is behind it and why they are doing it etc!

        I Hope this wont get deleted as do so Many replies I try to post up, such as a reply to passin regarding my medical troubles and also his question on my Vette etc…I three times tried a reply to Passin and its all gone deleted…..Please STOP the censorings and deletions Mac or Test Et Al.

        The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project

        By Benjamin Garland @ Renegade Broadcasting ( but article is at incogman dot net and contains many photos of various culprits doing it and huge photo of table with every of a couple dozen discussing this in Juruselem etc)

        I’ve recently come across an interesting document (link to it at incogman article as are all relevant articles Links)…which details a conference that took place in Israel on May 7, 2013, called the “Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project.”

        It is comprised of transcripts of the talks given by the various Jews and European representatives who were at the conference, which was sponsored by Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

        Dr. Sharon Pardo [right], in his “welcoming remarks,” begins the conference with a deluge of sickening praise for the Jews as “Europe’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Europeaness.”

        An example of a reason given for this praise is that “the Jews in the twentieth century were the principal cosmopolitan, integrating element in central Europe: They were its intellectual cement, a condensed version of its spirit, creators of its spiritual unity,” but mostly it is predicated on the fact that they are and have been the main promoters and instigators of the ‘multiculturalizing’ of Europe – i.e. the forced integration and destruction of the identity, culture, and traditions of the indigenous White Europeans, who are now, thanks to this multiculturalism, likely to be replaced by an Islamic caliphate that will, in all probability, be defined by crime-ridden slums, terrorism, mass rape and brutal, long term internecine warfare.

        “Europe must be mixed and mongrelized with third world savages in order for Whites to atone for the unforgivable sin of allowing God’s Chosen to be harmed.”

        Imagine holding an international conference in which European speakers claimed that Whites are “Israel’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Hebrewness” due to their leading role in the destruction of Jewish identity and the forced integration of millions of Blacks and Moslems into Israel, and you’ll have an idea of just how absurd and offensive this all is.

        The message and tone of the document is essentially that because of the alleged Jewish Holocaust, Europe must be mixed and mongrelized with third world savages in order for Whites to atone for the unforgivable sin of allowing God’s Chosen to be harmed.

        This mongrelization and deliberate destruction of European identity and the White race has always been the goal of the EU. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, whose ideas were inspiration for the EU and the European “integration project,” wrote in his book Practical Idealism that

        The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

        Kalergi referred to the Jews as “a spiritual nobility of Europe,” and claimed that emancipation from their ghettos was a gift from Providence that “provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit.”

        I wish it could be said that Kalergi’s plan for a mongrelized Europe ruled by Jews was just some sort of paranoid, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, but it does unfortunately appears to be a reality – one that this document only serves to bolster. The speech transcripts provided therein give the typical kvetching over the threat of anti-Semitism you would expect out of such a conference, as well as some history of important Jews who have been instrumental in making the EU’s “integration project” a reality.

        SNIP…Rest of Article and several proof of it Photos and tons of Links to prove it all located at afore named website of incogman dot net….As is many more various articles highlighted with what’s destroying usa and europe now and to include the vast blacks & muslims problems we face etc…

        Mac: With close to every article you put up daily being about some part of this issue, and in light of the Many total assinine troll postings You do allow etc…And since I have been posting replies here at least for Three or more yrs now, and I DO provide actual factual infos such as THIS reply here…PLEASE STOP Censoring and/or Deleting most everything I try to post here…I thank you for considering this issue and Hope the deletions and censorings shall soon Stop…yes we who get deleted could switch to posting 100% idiotic un readable stuff like some here do…but I really do Not think you want that type info…Again thank you Mac for considering this..TG

        • Oh my, an inter web site dispute. Please neither Them Guy or Mac comment on my comment of God forbid delete this comment as I may never be able to re-comment in such a verbose and intelligent manner way ever again. Thank you,


        • why did your posts get deleted.

          My theory, MANY in the ‘awake’ movement are HOPELESSLY BRAINWASHED in an ancient mental malware/virus religious system.

          In english, MOST PEOPLE are christians due to limited IQ.

          When a group of people make up a plagiarized series of books, where the god just happens to state that the originators of the religion JUST HAPPEN TO BE SPECIAL!!!

          ffs, a nation of mostly retards to buy into it. EVEN though many of the smartest and most influential framers were against it.

          hey guys, I know god. I have a book that proves it, AND just so happens, that in this book, god says that my bloodline is special.
          AND they also created islam.

          • This kind of thinking is why God put most liberals into a state of stupor regarding His plan and His letter.

          • Semper, I don’t think it’s so much low IQ but complete lack of critical thinking ability. Never question the customs around you kinda shit. Maybe I can start a cult too 😛

          • Semper Fortis says: “JUST HAPPEN TO BE SPECIAL!!!”

            They were CHOSEN!!! and not because they were special.

            chosen and special are words with DIFFERNT meanings. Hello!

            at least read the book before you make your remarks about it.

            Anybody who has read the Bible knows you haven’t when you say the things you do.

            • Key word being they “WERE” as in Past tense….But not so any more…Another Huge big clue that some folks, even them what Has read it, are clueless is when they always Trade the word of Israel or tribes, 12, of israel into the word of…Jew or Jews…as if they both are same and fully interchangable eh.

              Big clue they has fallen for dispensationalistc false prophet/preachermen…..One even bigger clue to whom these delusional ones are is they always claim to be an oxymoronic statement of a ‘jewdeo-christian” when no such has ever exiisted and never shall….just ask any talmudic jewish believer of judaism what They call jewdeochristians!

              Big question today is which is doing more harm?..IE: the athiests? or the 60-70 million apostate deluded ones?

              imho= We don’t usually hear to many athiests going All out to defend and support israel or judiasim when compared to aprox 1/3rd of mostly white population of usa eh….so i’d say worst dammage to usa and entire world today occures due to so much unquestionable support and defense of what the Bible says are the “Adversaries(or enemys) of GOD and of ALL mankind(or all Humankind depends which bible version)…maybe they shall awaken soon huh?!!! Riiiiggghhhttt!

              PS I am Not an athiest nor promoting it. I just have done enough proper research to do as Christ commands we to Learn and speak Truth…As opposed to just attend some church and obey/believe whatever pastor says and never Dare to ask pastor questions like Why? as in Why does pastor constantly Avoid like a plague so many various OT and NT verses that are not pro israel or pro jewish etc?

              pss do not even bother to ask most as you will just get booted out from that church and likly called antisemitic or nazi and rayyysssist for asking valid questions…you Must be Self Taught on these issues..Or remain happy to reside in land of denial.

      16. Tonight you should be a able to begin to see Nibiru, planet X. This time next month the world will descend into chaos as it begins to enter into our magnetic field.

        • If we are going WAY out there…get it right…

          The Galaxic equator…our galaxy is a spinning disc, and has an equator. Our solar system may cross this equator about every 36,000years…Water goes down the drain clockwise in earths northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern. Basic physics….What happens to the rotation of the planets if our solar system was to cross the Galaxic equator? The same as water down the drain on earth?? Spinning one way today, the other way tomorrow?? The physics of momentum say the oceans and the crust of the earth would keep going in the same direction it was going for a while if the earth changed its rotation. Earths geology may show us…Look at the west coast of the USA…from the ocean to Utah is all pushed up old sea bed…Maybe the Grand canyon wasnt formed over millions of years but 100’s due to the receding sea from a change in the rotation of earth and pole swap….

          • had that thought myself. the galaxy is big and heavy and gravity works at any distance. just drops off, the moon moves the oceans, even if it is not a total reversal, a few years, decades, centuries of change in the pull will have a tidal effect, not maybe, will. now is it enough to move mountains though?. stay tuned if we live long enough we’ll see with our own eyes. or some areas of the space we travel through on our up and down traversing of the galactic equator may have more asteroid’s and comets to come into our solar system. and the video of whatever it was, no expert but i would think a missile would be much faster than that in getting out of the area.

            • OK, now try and wrap your head around this….

              As far as the moon/sun and all the other stuff out there in space…You do get the surface of the earth is constantly changing its speed through space IN RELATIONSHIP to the moon, sun and all the other stuff, speeding up and slowing down….Picture 3 race cars running side by side around a circle track…the car in the outside lane has to go faster then the car in the middle lane and the car in the inside lane has to go slower then the car in the middle lane to stay side by side…Picture the sun in the center of this circle track, the car in the middle lane as the center of the earth(speed constant around the sun) and the 2 other cars are the surface of the earth, say Los Angeles and the opposite side of earth the Indian ocean …since the earth rotates, at midday LA LA land is the car on the inside lane at noon going slowly, but its speed through space in relation to the moon/sun is speeding up as the planet rotates, till midnite, then it starts to slow again till noon…This is why full and new moons are the best time for the big ones. Most big ones here in LA LA land happen early morning, when the pacific plate is going faster(through space, in relation to the moon/sun/planets) and the american plate is going slower, the pacific plate is running into the american plate and applying more pressure to the faults…now add in the gravity of the full or new moon/sun/planets…increasing the pressure on the faults…

              • arf, I want some of what your smoking 🙂 The solar system going through the galactic plane theory is very interesting too (seriously). 🙂

              • you actually live in la? i have relatives in california and i feel sorry for them. good luck and god bless.

        • USAinsecurityguard,

          Well, I moved up north just in the nick of time then{ per your previous advice!} So, here I am, 25 miles south of the North Pole, freezing to death but taking your advice was sure worth it there security dude!{ Or should I be more accurate and just address you as hcks?

      17. Just boot licking fascist coward Zombie filth in the disgusting criminal evil fascist US Military shooting off some of their Military Industrial Complex hardware made by Corporatist Fascist shit stains in the ‘land of the free, home of the brave’.

        • You know they hate us for our freedom right Ron? (critical thinking: they never said who “they” is…).

          • Wait I know what it is! It is the last of our freedoms leaving for outer space! So long ol freedom buddy 🙁

          • Of course the fascist psychopathic evil monster filth controlling the shithole of collapsing America hate freedom and liberty.

      18. Email corrected on this post for moderators.
        Sorry for the goof!

      19. Email corrected on this post for moderators.
        Sorry for the goof!

        Saw it also and got video of it.

        I witnessed this last night as well.

        I was driving along Interstate 15 southbound, between the 10 and 60 freeways in Rancho Cucomonga. I noticed a slow moving light in the sky (to the west) which appeared to parallel the freeway. Another light was below, red in color and moving in the opposite direction. The light was amber in color and I pointed it out to my passenger who thought it was an airplane, that is until… a beam of light came out of the amber object searching out the lower light. The beam swept the sky until it locked onto the red, lower object.

        I lost sight of the higher light, because it moved above my sightline in the windshield, by my passenger kept watching it until the amber light flared brightly and began to ascend.

        I pulled over to the side of the road and began taking video. Posted the video on youtube last night.

        Here’s the link…

        After the booster flair ended, you could still see a dim light ascending for a couple of minutes. This could not be picked up by the camera. Shot it with a Galaxy S5 in HD.

        • Thanks much for the good, steady footage Shinmen! And for the excellent reporting in your description.

          • I just discussed what we witnessed with my passenger again this morning. And yes, there positively was some sort of beam of light coming from the higher, amber colored moving object. And we were tracking it for at least 1 1/2 minutes before the booster/ascent flair seen in most video (including mine).

            The light beam did lock onto the lower moving red light going in the opposite direction for at least a second.

            After this another 30 seconds passed before the booster ascent/flash/flare started to happen.

            We were pulled to the side of the freeway when I took the video. A Highway Patrol cop pulled up and chewed me out and almost wrote me up for “non emergency stop” but I talked him out of it. The whole freeway came to a stop when the ascent flare lit up the sky.

            I do not think it was a Trident Missile that was launched. I think what you are seeing is some sort of very secret, high-tech space plane boosting into orbit after it made a pass at a target lower.

            After the boost flare, you can in my video still see a dim glow of the truster–I stopped when the camera could no longer pick up the light. But with the naked eye you could still see the dim glow for at least two minutes more.

      20. Seems a cover story? Things are really heating up. Escalating? We all know what’s going to happen .So our hearts won’t fail for fear of what’s coming. We believed the signs and are ready.

      21. Good possibility of multiple launchings from a single platform (sub) and data collection. But why do it in an area where you have to close air traffic? PMTC has regulated airspace and can restrict air travel regularly, this may not have been one of ours! Although I don’t know the distance from land in which the launch was from, inside 12 nauticle miles it should be one of ours but outside? Just a rambling from a hasbeen exBMDer.

        • Point Mugu NAS has all the test equipment to get data of What Really Happened(no pun, cause we’ll never know) They did lots of missile tests there way back in the 50’s, 60’s…Its the base to use if your shooting for the south pacific, like the air force uses vandenberg afb, north of there…

          • Also “warming” up the american people to fight another in a long line of bankers wars…Im pretty sure they will get that middle finger god gave us when they ask, after all theyve done to us….Can we all say “DRAFT”????

            • arf.

              Draft Beer.

            • People are such fools, they will risk death and or die to defend thier country (just the opposite is real). But yet they are too cowardly to say NO to their masters. “I had better go fight for my masters benefit and my demise or I will get in trouble”. Be a real hero and tell them to shove it up thier ass! Take your country back from them and quit serving them like braindead retards that can’t think for yourself! You try and draft me and send your goon squad you better bring a shitload of body bags mutherf*&^ker! I am 10 times more of a hero than the banker military as I WILL fight for my country and my freedom NOT fight for bullshit conquest and my own slavery. If you consent to being drafted YOU are a fuckin coward assed bootlicking braindead traitor, same for your consent to fight ANY so called war of bullshit.

              • You take a mortal man
                And put him in control
                Watch him become a god
                Watch people’s heads a’roll
                A’roll, a’ roll

                Just like the Pied Piper
                Led rats through the streets
                We dance like marionettes
                Swaying to the symphony
                Of destruction

                Acting like a robot
                Its metal brain corrodes
                You try to take its pulse
                Before the head explodes
                Explodes, explodes

                Just like the Pied Piper
                Led rats through the streets
                We dance like marionettes
                Swaying to the symphony

                Just like the Pied Piper
                Led rats through the streets
                We dance like marionettes
                Swaying to the symphony
                Swaying to the symphony
                Of destruction

                The earth starts to rumble
                World powers fall
                A’warring for the heavens
                A peaceful man stands tall
                Tall, tall

                Just like the Pied Piper
                Led rats through the streets
                We dance like marionettes
                Swaying to the symphony

                Just like the Pied Piper
                Led rats through the streets
                We dance like marionettes
                Swaying to the symphony
                Swaying to the symphony
                Of destruction

                • The object Copernicus discovered at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543 is a pulsar that made our elements, birthed the solar system, and sustains our lives:

                  SOLAR ENERGY:

              • I have a lot of friends who are Nam vets and they were before the greatest age of info in human history. They were scared and some went to canada others just signed up because theyre number was up. All they had was the tv propaganda, no internet or alternate media to learn the truth. Some did say FU and resisted some just did it but they all (the ones I know) did as little as possible and tried to save their ass.

                FFW, today we have information like never before at our fingers. There is NO excuse for fighting in a bullshit police action! If you want your kids to sign on to the banker mercinaries YOU are the biggest piece of shit on earth! You bitch about how the govt. treats vets? They spit on you you fuckin idiots! They look down on you as the biggest pile of crap there is! They openly call you theyre dogs (ever wonder why the dog tags?) They know exactly what you are, dumb stupid animals that sell out your country and family for a bowl of stew. Why not put the puzzle together and see you have been used like toilet paper for the enrichment of the elite you profess to hate? The godvernment and the military are not seperate or didn’t you think of that? The govt. is owned and controlled by globalists that could care less about you. Do you need it written in braille and shoved up your ass before you can see that? If my kid EVER said they were joining the globalist merc army I would disown them! This shit is way more serious than people think. Can you think?

                • Oh ya, some of them were psycopaths that loved killing and signed on for multiple tours (my step uncle). Even though I was a little kid I thought he was insane. Psycos go places in the military as they are perfect for the job!

                  • The hippies had a good saying “what if there was a war and no one came?”

                    Well here’s another good one..
                    “What if you grew a pair and shot the fuckers giving you insane illegal orders?”

                    “Oh fuck I’d rather die then kill the bastards responsible for my immoral satanic shit.”

                    Imagine if the lower level troops said FU to the masters and grew a brain cell and a pair of balls!

                    Shit I just woke up, what did I dream???

                • Genius;
                  I get livid every tome I see a fucking movie star appealing for $19. per month to help with the wounded warrior project. The US govt. gets these kids destroyed and then apparently doesn’t even pay the medical bills. Then the wounded warrior project admits that a pretty small portion of the proceeds gets to the g.i.’s. Damn sure makes you want to send your kids!

            • Funny, I’ve noticed a lot of commercials on TV lately for the Army, Navy, Air force, ect ect…

          • Actually, no it doesn’t. My real question is why shut down civilian air traffic? Because, there are places already designated for missile tests and this scenario is outside the norm. U know what BMD is?

      22. Does anyone know where Dennis Rodman is? …. everybody knows he’s Obammy’s ambassador to the strange & weird – if aliens are landing or Obammy is surrendering the country to North Korea – he’ll be involved ….

      23. They know Californians are serfs. That’s why they shoot missiles off the coast without warning.

      24. Read what Washington ,Jefferson, Franklin said about the Jewish people . Jesus called them the children of satan. Read what Grant And Sherman said what they did to the south after the civil war . Washington said the were worse than a foreign army Franklin wanted a constitutional amendment to keep them out . Who owns the media the FED. All that is destroying us and Europe. They are of their father the devil . Jesus of Nazarath.

      25. About a week ago I read that 3 military helicopters were circling the Los Angeles area for hours, and that residents said there was nothing about it on the news. There were no comments in the ‘comment section.’

        When I went back to the article the following day, to see if any comments had been posted in the ‘comment section’ the article was gone, it had been taken down. I thought that was strange. I know they aren’t the least bit transparent, but why all the secrecy, what are they hiding?

      26. The Whitehouse Secret: Solar Hurricanes?

        This past week the Whitehouse admitted: The greatest threat to the survival of modern civilization is a SOLAR EMP; NOT AGW.

        Today Dr. Kenneth M. Towe of the Smithsonian acknowledged sending the following factual information on Earth’ source of heat to the Whitehouse:

        That is probably why the Whitehouse admitted to the public: The greatest threat to modern civilization today is a SOLAR EMP, not AGW!

        With kind regards,
        Oliver K. Manuel
        8 November 2015

      27. The other day, Wednesday. I found a disregarded battered old axe head in a Dumpster.
        After much effort and some cunning I’m now holding in my hands a glimmering, razor sharp re-hung cutting tool.
        My axe is born again!
        Cannot God do the same for the likes of me or anyone else?
        There’s always hope I guess.
        Without hope what is there?

      28. The other day, Wednesday. I found a disregarded battered old axe head in a Dumpster.
        After much effort and some cunning I’m now holding in my hands a glimmering, razor sharp re-hung cutting tool.
        My axe is born again!
        Cannot God do the same for the likes of me or anyone else?
        There’s always hope I guess.
        Without hope what is there?

      29. My dear mom has been moved from a hospital to a hospice.
        This is my SHTF FTTB.
        Her brother, my favorite uncle died the other day of a brain haemorrhage.
        Sorry for my ramblings but it helps me some to sound off here.
        Life is tough.
        Maybe we should get right with the light eh.
        passin knows some heavy shit.
        Wish he was here with me now. My head is proper fucked.

        • @Agent Skinhead… prayers go out to you from Canada…for your mom and family. Take care, CC.

      30. One song comes to mind; The EVE of DESRUCTION. There is nothing we can do to stop what is coming, so what we can do is prepare ourselves and families as best as we can as we see fit to do. Draw close to GOD and your families.

      31. USAsecurity guard, what direction in the sky would we be able to see Nibiru?

        • Just look for the brown eye nebula lol.

          • and kiss it goodbye!lol

            • Ha ha ha, no kiddin 🙂

      32. I once saw the shuttle go up. I could see it from Sarasota Fla. which is far away from Cape Canaveral. It didn’t go horizontal that I could visually see, although I know that it will, eventually. You generally don’t launch over or near populated areas in the event you need to destroy something gone awry. A D5 is a ballistic missile that goes parabolically, very high and they then steer the warheads down to targets. A cruise missile will fly horizontal, but generally won’t look like a rocket. It looks like they are playing with a toy, that is relatively mature and predictable. What was the target and where did it strike? They flew it north which is the shortest distance to Russia. I am wondering why they are using an older range so close to home? There is a really good range off Kauai. I’m not a conspiracy guy, I know the government is out to get us, but screwing up LAX flight patterns is pretty obnoxious. Like Bill Clinton haircuts.
        DOD is advertising something to someone.

      33. my family and i watched this for about 5 min .we live S/W of tucson az.

      34. They are here to take us to BEEOVEE

      35. It’s Hillary on her broom!

      36. They are trying to frighten the public with lights.

        • Oliver, that’s it? That’s all you’ve got? wow.

      37. Genius and Them Guys:

        You guys are really special, chosen above all mankind.

        I live in Southern California on the coast at this time. I hear aircraft often. Today my water stopped running. So did the neighbors. We have a septic but apparently not a well. So city water was off for some reason. I was sure glad I had bottled water. The toilet wasn’t too bad. I learned a long time ago how to cope. We put soiled paper in the trash bag lined trash bin and take it outside to the garbage frequently. I put vinegar and baking soda in the toilet so it wouldn’t stink. Don’t know about lights in the sky. Just happy I can flush the toilet again.

        • “I put vinegar and baking soda in the toilet so it wouldn’t stink.”

          Not at the same time, I hope.

          Toilet bowl volcanooooooooooooooooo.

          • Right grandee… and also never mix vinegar with bleach, or allow them to come in contact, as it produces fumes so toxic it causes irreversible damage to the lungs.

            My friend would clean her kitchen countertops and bathroom with a cloth soaked in a vinegar/water solution to kill bacteria and viruses (of course, using the cheap, white distilled vinegar) and then at the end of the week she would throw all of the used cloths in the washer with some bleach. The fumes damaged her lungs and now she has an asthma-like lung condition.

            As I stated, these two, vinegar and bleach, cannot come into contact… at all.

        • Not sure what you mean with that reply? And NO! I assure you I am Not special or chozen above all mankind.

          Why did You state that? TG.

          • Them Guys:

            Just messing with you. I wanted to acknowledge your post. That’s all.

      38. Way, way too many variables out there to keep this at the saber rattling stag. The major question is WHO going to take it HOT. It will be a major False Flag somewhere that will start it. IMHO.

      39. once again
        Roberts hits the nail squarely on the head

        The Re-enserfment of Western Peoples — Paul Craig Roberts…craig-roberts/

        it’s ALL by design
        plotted,planned and carried out

      40. Was a missile test from Magu. Notification to the public will NOT happen when they need to keep the launch under wraps. Notification would give the Chinese and Russians time to get their monitoring equipment and satellites in place for complete analysis of the staging parameters. Since they are intended to jam incoming enemy missiles, they are highly secret….we don’t want our enemies to understand how to neutralize them.!!!

      41. Everybody testing something. North Koreans, China, Iranians, USA. Doesn’t stop, does it. People looking at lights in the sky and have no idea what they are looking at. Three stages of Preps. Before, During and After.

        Are you ready?

      42. Passinwiththewind… JFK jr. was an obvious kill target. He was going to announce for NY Senate that the deep state controllers wanted Hillary occupying. He had to be eliminated. What a tragedy, he would have buried Hillary’s political career. Odd how little press reaction his murder received, almost like it never happened. Today very few even know about the circumstances of his death. Another crucial part of the death of hope in America.

        • How LITTLE press reaction? Jesus, the media talked about little else for over a week! There wasn’t any murder that took place, he was unqualified to fly at night time or by instrumentation, he wasn’t a good pilot. That’s why Jackie made him promise that he’d never fly a plane and he never did until after her death. She knew he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp, and he never would have been much as a politician either. Like Caroline, neither of JFK’s kids were very smart.

          • Billy:

            Both Kennedy kids not bright? Not so. But John was a new pilot.

            John was more interested in girls who chased him a lot. He had to take the exam for the law twice which started rumors and teasing especially when his sister passed the Bar on the first try.

            People can be cruel.

        • Alijamo:

          Do you remember when country singer/song writer John Denver died? Also in an airplane. His music was the only music allowed to be played at the time in China coming from America. All other American music was considered unhealthy, but Denver was so uplifting and wholesome. Some people have thought that his global popularity and wholesome western image may have been in the way of an agenda to pervert American western culture. Who knows. Conspiracies are real sometimes. Then again, accidents do happen. Sad.

      43. SS
        Very true statement!!!!
        I really wouldn’t worry about the lights in the sky unless it turns your lights of or gets as bright as the sun. If you know what I mean?

      44. Most usa folk today do not even need any lights or whatevers in the sky to get them to look or stare upwards…most anybody or a couple of guys is better, can simply go outdoors wherever a sizable group or crowds is at, start to look upwards at sky a bit, then wait for many more fools to do same…Very quick after many voices will begin to inquire as to “Whats Up there huh?”

        More voices will chime in to answer back with “Not sure yet” etc…And if anybody starts to Point a finger with raised arm and say something akin to “hey is That it over there”?!….You will have the entire crowd regardless how large it numbers staring skywards and many will be assured they Did see something for Certain…many will be so certain they will reject all claims it was a Hoax or scam to begin with and no amount of admitting to a scam shall ever convince them types that all they saw was…NOTHING!

        it is related to Group-Think and marxist brainwashing.

        most folks swear they wish to be and remain individual, yet at every such chance they crave the group mentality and show it in such manner.

        • So, I would like to ask you how are you changing anything at all by ranting about it on a somewhat obscure prepper website? Are you reaching anybody or making any kind of change by doing so? It may make you feel better to knock everybody you don’t like and it will be forever your right to do so, but it seems pointless in as much as achieving any kind of change that you want to happen. Things change with the times, people, attitudes, ideas, everything. No, America will not be returning to the 1960’s or 70’s, that time, and the ability of that generation to make any changes, has passed into history. It’s a common theme on this website that everything was so much better then, I doubt it, But even if it was it’s all over and gone now, yes, you can certainly rail against it all you like but change it, no.

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