VIDEOS: “MASSIVE Explosions” Rock British Concert… Bodies Everywhere… Fatalities Confirmed… “It Was Huge – You Could Feel It In Your Chest”

by | May 22, 2017 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    Update 1: Britain is now on its second highest alert level, meaning that an “attack by militants is considered highly likely.” (Reuters)


    Multiple explosions have rocked an Ariana Grande concert in Britain this evening with eye witnesses reporting that the blasts were “massive” :

    ‘There was a bang in the left tunnel and everyone went to the middle tunnel. Then about two minutes later, there was another bang. The bang was so loud and crowds of people were running. There were lots of children and families there.’

    Another witness Jenny Brewster told MailOnline: ‘We were exiting the building when it happened. We’d headed towards the main doors as Ariana was performing the last song because we wanted to beat the crowds, but – as we made our way there – a wall of security men blocked it and told us to go the other way.

    ‘Seconds later they shouted ‘RUN!’ and the explosion happened right behind them. Hundreds of people were running and screaming. Those men saved our lives.’

    Catherine Macfarlane told Reuters: ‘We were making our way out and when we were right by the door there was a massive explosion and everybody was screaming.

    ‘It was a huge explosion – you could feel it in your chest. It was chaotic. Everybody was running and screaming and just trying to get out of the area.’

    With multiple bombs going off at the concert, one can only conclude that this was no accident.

    The explosions appear to have been coordinated to push crowds into specific directions where more devices were subsequently detonated.

    Eye witness report: “Explosion Threw Me 30 Feet”


    The first massive explosion can be heard in the following video:


    Though police have offered no information as to possible suspects or motives, this appears to be a coordinated terrorist attack.

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      1. The one thing that gives me hope in this insanity,pics of folks at concert helping carrying out others wounded,makes sense as seems perhaps a second explosion to move the wounded.Social media there erupting with folks offering concertgoers rides home as train station behind arena closed/others offering concert goers a place to crash for the night,kinda like a Brit Cajun army/navy being born,sad there was a need.I hope this ends as well as possible for all at this concert.

        • One guess who is behind it….

          • I put $10 on the Amish.

            • THAT was funny, Jack! Very good.

            • I’ll bet $15 it was Billy Graham and his followers. Or even more likely, the Quakers.

            • is that you AL GREENE/MAXINE WATERS?

            • Ariana, a Trump hating muslim supporter. How does she feel about those mooslimes now?

          • Gotta be a Baptist girl scout troup, or maybe the Amish, damn those Amish and their sanctuary cities!

            • It was crazed islamic savages hoping to please their devilgod, allah.

              • No way, dude. That’s the religion of peace. You must have them confused with someone else. I’ll bet it was some militant Hindus or Buddhist extremists.

              • Gosh! There goes that zany ol’ religion of peace…AGAIN…

                • The Islamic religion of pieces and goat ass fuckers.

              • Menzo, it was sandniggers again. The stupidity of the Brits and other EU countries is never-ending.

          • I bet 99.9% that this is related to the Brexit exit from the European Union. Rule out of fear. The Cabal will stop at nothing. More paid patsys doing the dirty work of the Zionists. Just like the Boston Marathon Bombing. Who benefits from this?

            • Cretin.

        • It was the Russian hackers,, their computers blew up.

          • You’re an idiot. According to you cretins and your false-flag meme, no Muslim has ever committed an act or terror anywhere at any time. It’s all some faceless cabal that only you know about.

        • Warchild, the Brits and other members of the EU are paying dearly for their insane policy of unlimited Muslim immigration and then chastising and/or penalizing their own people when they stand up in opposition to it. Let’s see what their young people think about ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ NOW.

          • In 1657 A.D. Oliver Cromwell overturned King Edward I’s Edict of Expulsion, a sensible and effective measure that had protected Britain since 1290 A.D. Ever since Cromwell’s foolish treachery, the British people have been “paying dearly for their insane policy of unlimited (((tribal))) immigration,” progressively and more abjectly subject to (((City of London banksters))).

            When “Israel first” Britain, like the USA, murders Muslims at wedding parties, why be surprised that there is blowback?

        • Is there a magic number where we finally decide enough is enough? 1,000 kids? 10,000 adults? Is there a weapon or method that will get our attention? Guns? Knives? Trucks? Bombs? How about a WMD attack? Will 50,000 dead finally get people to abandon their suicidal liberal nonsense?

          Why should we believe attacks are just the “new normal” and “the cost of freedom” and “the way things are these days”? (I’ve heard these precise sentiments in the news today)

          I’m sure people will call me a hater, but there is 1 religion that has consistently threatened people, attacked people, and killed people for my entire life.

          I’m in my 40s and all my life I’ve seen these people killing others. My entire life I’ve watched these people attack and kill people all over the world. I grew up with Lockerbie and the Achille Lauro and Iran and Lebanon and Beirut. 911 changed my entire life. I even served in Iraq.

          Nothing has changed except which group of them is busy killing us. I’m just tired of it. Why do we never seem to learn from them? I’ve read their own words; they don’t make any secret of who they hate and why and what they want. Even if they can’t read, they have one book they know by heart and their holiest text teaches them to kill us in any way possible. They even teach the entire world is their battlefield until we all die or surrender. At what point do we finally face the facts?

          • They even preach their beliefs directly to us in English. There are no secrets or surprises with them. Why do we so willfully refuse to see what they’re so eager to show us?

            I’m tired of these backwards, hateful people and their corrosive, destructive effects on the rest of the world. Churchill in 1899 stated, “…the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

            He also said, “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.”

            And, “A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

            • Churchill was an amazing scholar, adventurer and politician (and American).

              • Churchill’s personal profligacy put him deeply in debt to the (((tribe))). For most of his career, Churchill’s creditors manipulated him to the detriment of the British people, a legacy of submission to Zionism that endures even today.

          • Even the Queen called it ‘barbaric’, which is truly is. Perhaps the point of no return is being reached. First Brexit, now more attacks.

      2. Waiting to hear who’s responsible.

        • Who is responsible? That is easy…All the politicians in the western world…

          • Rabbitone, agreed. Never forget that governments don’t care about the people they rule over.

          • The best answer yet!

        • I’m waiting to hear the explosions. All of these videos are supposed to have that content. Please specify when this happens. I have heard a couple of fire crackers but no bombs. Nice try.

          • Most camera phones and security mikes can’t handle explosions.

            Go to your range and film a few centerfire rounds.

            Nice try.

      3. Soros= to send a message to other Countries thinking about leaving the EU.

      4. I live in the UK and have friends in this city with whom I am in contact. At this point in time the authorities are not making ANY comments about who/what caused this awful incident. Given the appalling state of some of our infrastructure an accident should not be ruled out as the cause.

        Right now I am full of admiration for the sensible behavior of the public (staying away from the scene, helping those who fled without their coats etc) and the emergency services. In particular the medical staff involved are demonstrating just how fantastic our NHS truly is, both the paramedics and the Accident & Emergency department. Talk about showing the world the best of British! The city of Manchester is busy pulling together to help in anyway they can. I’d like people to share a prayer with me for the all emergency staff who have stepped up tonight, fire, police, bomb squad, medical – without these people things could have been so much worse.

        As part of my Christian faith I believe intent matters & there is power in prayer. With this in mind I would ask you to please pray for the victims, many of whom will have been children and the emergency service workers tonight. This will be far more productive than merely using your energies on idle speculation & gossip tonight. Our intelligence services are among the best in the world. If this was an act of deliberate violence I am confident that they will find the perpetrators and that our justice system will deal with them in the fullness of time. I know that our police and other agencies will leave no stone unturned until they have answers as to the cause.

        IF I hear any pertinent news from friends who live there I’ll shout out. In the meantime you can all follow this link for the latest news updates. It’s the city’s local newspaper so things will appear there before being filtered for the BBC/FOX/Daily Mail etc.

        • Could be a structural issue? Are you kidding?

      5. Mac can you let my last message thru please as it contained a link to the local news for people to follow. The BBC may not give folks the full story.

        • Sorry for the delay — Thank you for that link. When posting a comment, try to use an email address (even a fake one, but use the same one all the time). This will help the AKISMET plugin determine who you are and *should* allow your comments through without delay (though, sometimes links are automoderated by the system).



        • lonelonmum, good to hear from you again and thanks for that link.

      6. Concerts, ballgames, shopping malls. Avoid like the plague. Forgot movie theaters. Add that to the list. Silver is creeping upwards again. Notice the pattern. It gets squashed by
        huge paper contracts but they can’t keep it down for long. Keeps going upwards.

      7. Who benefits?

        • Israel benefits.

      8. Congrats UK….your liberal feel good policies have just killed your countrymen. I feel sorry for your leadership…think it was such a good idea to get rid of ways to protect yourselves? Sitting ducks!

      9. Damned Presbyterians!

        Uncivilised barbarians!

      10. wakin’ up yet, america(ns)?….no?……didn’t think so……muslims sho am PEACEFUL, aint they….

      11. If its a false flag from the intelligence agencies why? It would appear counterproductive to facilitating the globalist agenda of increasing Islamic immigration; It strengthens just what they don’t want, British nationalism.

        • I think the idea with Islamic immigration is so that after WW3, when the “never again” ban list is being made, religion per se is to be included along with cash, patriotism, homeschooling, and many other targets. They want an atheistic one world superstate, so they need a way to connect organised religion with the calamity that went before (that calamity being WW3). This is why so many say “religion causes all wars” after every Muslim terror event, overlooking the vast numbers slain by atheistic regimes in the 20th century.

          The bad news for Muslims in the West is that our elites intend their demise under this model in their new, martial, tyrannical superstate. It also, sadly, means that the Lord’s people will be persecuted too.

          In the meantime, Islamic immigration is being very effective at revealing to the Deep State in the West the identities of everyone who is patriotic / conservative and everyone else who is a go-along-to-get-along leftie. It should make any future lockdown and roundup so much easier, leaving a nice, pliable, leftist, centralised, obedient, controllable, unpatriotic, rainbow demographic in love with the idea of a one world state, a new Babel, if you will. But there will be no place for Islam in this post WW3 dystopia.

      12. My kids chipped in and bought me a backpack for my birthday that includes a full coverage class 3A soft armor panel. It’s just a backpack, and I did deface or remove all the logos.

        As I walked around the gun show last weekend, with my bag on my back to carry my goodies. I try to always be aware of the people and things around me, and I have to say, other than the two police at the door, I saw no one else with any kind of body armor. Even the guys selling body armor don’t wear any. Near as I could tell, I was the only one. I thought that ironic. I know there is plain clothed security, as well as all the licensed dealers are carrying. Security at the door asks everyone if they have a weapon and require it to be unloaded and police zip tie the action.

        I’ve been getting used the pack as well as training with it. If I need it, I’ll either be wearing it as I run, or pull it around front to use as a shield to go on the attack. The family knows in a crisis we are to all run single file with me at the rear. I already carried it into numerous gun free public and government facilities, no one blinks at it. Where there are guards, they just search it for weapons and I’m on my way. I think if I was wearing body armor, people would take notice, as well it’s uncomfortable. I can even take it to the beach where body armor is just stupid.

        Watching the news of this terror attack in Manchester reminds me of why I asked for this gift, and carry it whenever appropriate, and especially in “Gun Free Zones”!

        Reports now confirm 19 dead in the Manchester bombing with multiple devices. Stupid liberals.


        • good job, plan! i started spreading this idea about 3 years ago, since i sell body armor, and i got lots of it. i am reading “day of wrath” right now, and i am willing to bet a LOT of those(fictional) characters WISH they had followed our advice. the star of the book is in a school being shot up by a group of 3 muslims….not RADICAL muslims…..just MUSLIMS. every time we suggest body armor on here, invariably, the stories come out, “i will drown if i’m in the water”…or, “it’s too heavy to fight and run in”, or, “it won’t stop a 308″….i suppose because they don’t want to spend the money for one, they make up all kinds of excuses to NOT have it….i can think of a LOT more reasons to HAVE it….like a parachute, if you need it and DON’T have it, the chances are great you will never need it again. i will take my chances WITH it, thank you….BTW plan, what kind of ballistics tag/info are on that panel? are you SURE it will stop level 3a, most pistol rounds, and a couple rifle rounds?… COULD add a level 4 plate in there too…..and don’t forget the BOOKS….they will add a little protection too. i don’t leave the house without one in my car, just in case the bell rings when i’m not home. my favorite vests are military….afterall, they take them to WAR….i sell military gear because there’s a lot of great stuff made for military to keep you warm, dry, and bulletresistant. and another thing…there’s NO reason to wear armor at a gunshow….anybody that would fire a gun at a gunshow probly sleeps upside-down(batshit crazy). one thing i do is i bought a 4xl field jacket(thank you shtfplan!) that is way too big for me, but if it’s not HOT, i can wear a vest under it, if the bell has rung, and room for a holster in there too….an added bonus, i have GIANT pockets with flashlight, paracord(100′), folding knife, electrical tape and napkins(wound dressing or butwipe), fleece hat, gloves, scarf…it’s my instant bugout coat, and has been useful MANY times already….i can wear it into the theatre with drinks and popcorn seasoning, and nobody looks 3 times….they DO look twice at it i suppose, but nobody EVER asks to search me……and if i was REALLY serious about all this, i could sew panels from body armor into that coat…..just one more thing….buy all the body armor you can find, when cheap. SOMEDAY, you will drape it over your seats, on the dash,, between door and you, and one on yer lap, when you get into the car, your life will be in MUCH more danger WITHOUT it. right now it can be had for just a few dollars if you got sharp eyes….i really don’t like selling it right now….as it will be PRICELESS after the bell rings…..maybe even MORE expensive.

          • oops! forgot the tourniquet….practice putting it on with ONE HAND!

            • Butt,agree strongly with tourniquet practice.That said,body armor hidden from view see as a good thing,when things go wrong wearing armor that sticks out not for many as will actually make you a target in many situations,home/neighborhood defense fine but wanting to wander like a ghost/broken down human to gather goods/intel ect. would then say look ratty as hell with soft armor that does not stick out,of course,doing this will also limit your weapons to size you can bring on such a endevour.

              • MY world, after the bell rings(did i MISS it?) will be a world where you won’t be able to go out unless it’s dark, and even THEN, your life will be in grave danger….no, you will NOT want to be seen….but we DO have to accept that it MIGHT not be that bad. there’s just no way to know how the public reacts to the dollar being worth less….or will it be WORTHLESS?….that’s what this is ALL ABOUT, afterall….the declining value of the dollar…the debt that CAN’T be repaid….the defaulting of america(ns). we are in an epic recession(depression?) already, and we are barely gettin’ this party started…..until that bell rings, though, i’m partyin’ like it’s 1939!

          • BCoD,
            The pack has a soft armor, UHMW polyethylene 3-A panel. It’s supposed to be lighter and tougher than Kevlar. It’s rated for up to .44 magnum handgun.

            I think the knapsack is the perfect grey mans force multiplier. Even if people in law enforcement notice it, they likely don’t see it as threatening as someone in a full vest. People have been buying smaller versions of my pack for their kids to carry books to school ever since Columbine.

            There are several on the market even on Amazon who carries several the run between $120 and $200. You can also buy just a ballistic panel that can be put in many backpacks.

            As I’ve read the original best soft armor was Kevlar.
            There was a new polyester fiber they created that tested out to be even stronger. Problem is it loses strength when wet, and failed to protect police, reportedly because body sweat weakened it. Many of these vests were recalled. Many more are sold used, preppers beware of bad body armor. There are articles on the web that identify the type of fibers used in body armor that began failing.
            The latest material used to make inexpensive soft armor is an “Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene”. It’s superior to Kevlar and is lighter.

            I was reading about a very new soft armor made by an Israeli company that calls it 3A+R armor. It’s soft armor that the maker claims will stop AR-15 and AK-47 rifle rounds. It’s pretty pricey.

            Please correct me on any details I’m off on.

        • I like the backpack armor too, but have installed a Level 3 rifle plate instead of the 3A Kevlar. It is somewhat heavier but better than dead.

      13. Prayers go out to the families who lost their children/love ones in this cowardly act.

        Of course the government will say, perhaps if we had gotten the bomber(s) a job, this would not had happened.

      14. fight back

        Who is behind immigration. They need to be dealt with. Then route out these ungrateful guests.


        • Thats right. Who is the director of Immigration? Nobody really knows. Whom does he or she answer to? Nobody really knows. It is one of the biggest farces out there. It is right in
          front of our faces and nobody really knows. The media will not bring any of this to light.

        • It’s f ing time for mothers to be outraged. There were many teens and younger children there. Women need to be ready to take a predator out permanently. And always have some type of weapon handy. Somebody gave me a vintage wine bottle opener that I was going to pitch. Until I started looking at it. I realized it would be a great weapon and would definitely inflict some serious and permanent damage. I keep weapons like that in my purse.

          • Women need to man-up. Often, in our modern society, it will come down to them to take action in an attack. They can’t expect the police to arrive like Thor riding a white steed. Take self defence courses, excercise (so many obese women these days!), learn situational awareness, understand history, ideology and the crazy faiths of the world and what they try to do. A fit, yoga-friendly, smart, situationally aware soccer mom is going to do better than an obese, food stamp chomping welfare queen who spends her days watching reality TV.

        • The Kalergi Plan in Europe, Cloward-Piven In America…

      15. Don’t know who’d pay to see these foul mouthed performers anyway. Let alone take your kids to an event like that.

      16. England is lost if they don’t start deporting muzzies and razing the mosques today.

        • I give England a better chance at survival of muslims and immigrants than the USA.

          England is still 85% white-native of the UK, the USA is 53% white.

          although there are now 3 million muzzies in the UK, when the british people have finally had enough and are wanting to kick them off their island; it’s going to be a lot easier.

      17. Islam is a religion of peace, It was probably some white racist who did this , I wonder what that bitch Ariana thinks of Trump now.

      18. And still, libtards will insist on allowing unrestricted and poorly vetted immigration.

      19. The ironic part about all of this is that the actual terrorist attacks by militant jihadis is not the problem in Europe…

        If I lived in Europe and you told me that the only negative consequence of millions of muslims pouring in would be that there would be a terrorist attack carried about by 2 or 3 jihadis somewhere in Europe every 2-3 months where 20-100 people died….and the rest assimilated then even I wouldn’t have much of a problem with the migration.

        The REAL problem is the REGULAR muslims and their pedophile rape culture encroaching all over the Europe and causing chaos at the local level that news don’t report on and police don’t do anything about.

        The terrorist attacks are nothing….it is the continental wide rape crisis going on over there that is the real problem. And all the local crime and degeneracy that these animals muslims bring into civilized society.

        Europeans aren’t trying to get guns because they are scared of terrorist attacks, they are getting guns because these animals and their culture are overrunning their culture.

        50% of these muslims are inbred from countless generations of incest promoted by their pedophile prophet Mohammed. Which is why so many of them are insane, have low IQ’s and so many recessive genetic disorders.

        In Britain……3% of all births result in birth defects, and 30% of those 3% are muslim babies.

        So again….the ACTUAL terrorism, while definitely an issue….is not the REAL problem.

        I would MUCH rather have 400 ISIS members infiltrate Europe and do a terrorist attack every couple months, than have millions of these filthy rat muslims encroaching on civilized society.

        • Macron told the people of France that they just have to deal with accepting terrorism as a fact of life. If you don’t accept that then you are a xenophobic-islamophobic-hateful-racist-bigot-nazi, blah, blah, blah…

          So, cheers! Have another round of drinks, while you still have alcohol, before the muzzies ban it, and celebrate your cultural enrichment…

          • accepting muzzie terrorisn is coming to you neighborhood soon enough.

            you might think you can hide in places like Texas and expect it to do what it takes to eliminate the threat; but as long as places like Texas are governed by 536 totalitarians in DC, Texas isn’t going to be safe either.

            • Lena, who says anyone has to accept muzzie terrorism? Let the sandapes bring it. There are billions of bullets waiting for them.

        • Azcats:

          Good post.


        • The Muslims said they would take over America from within using our own laws. They have already begun. Gen. M. Flynn, on the advisory board of Act America is an organization that The Southern Poverty Law Center has tagged as an anti-Muslim hate group. Flynn also called Islam a cancer and once alleged in a speech that Democrats in Florida had voted to impose Sharia Law at local and state levels. Capt. Joseph R. John USN,(ret) the chairman of Combat Veterans for Congress Pac, writes that members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamic front groups have become “a very dangerous Fifth Column in the US” appointed by Obama to very high and sensitive positions in the US government. For eight years Obama has been filling the Washington Bureaucracy including DHS, CIA, DOD, and Nat’l. Sec. Council, the White House, The State Dept., every US Intel. Agency, and the US Armed Forces with thousands of members of CAIR, MPAC, Muslim Brotherhood, and other Muslim front groups. Phil Haney ( former Customs and Border Protection DHS Law Enforcement) and Richard Higgins( former DOD Manager of the Combating Terrorism and Technical Support Office of Irregular Warfare Section ) made explosive charges on national radio. They stated that the Obama administration is a “tool” for the Jihadi movement in the US. You also have Muslims in power at the state and local levels of government. So, Obama, POS that he is, was put in place to bring down the USA, and has been doing it for eight years. And now that a President was elected to change the country and save it from its domestic enemies, he will not be allowed to do so because everyone of these Muslims will play the race card of discrimination if POTUS tries to remove them. These Muslims in government have met informally with Jews employed in government to discuss such matters because they were afraid POTUS would go on a witch hunt for them. Every move Trump makes is met with resistance, and the only resistance left that cannot be subverted is the Constitutional Patriots that still remain to defend this country against traitors foreign and domestic. These small terror attacks are diversions meant to keep people from seeing the real danger until it’s too late. It’s on the verge of being too late .

      20. Azcats, how about ZERO sandniggers and ZERO mosques? THAT’S what we really need to strive for.

      21. Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.

      22. My heart goes out to the Hurt and dead and their families.

        Say it ain’t so. The Religion of Peace?

        One day very soon the fight will start. When Christians finally learn and have enough. The real war will start. You can look at history. If the mulsimes aren’t fighting each other they are trying to fight with anyone they can. I guess it is our turn now, because Israel has kicked their asses so many times. We Christians are next. One Day, One Day Very Soon.


      23. Did the surveillance spy net keep these people safe? Because it’s all about citizen safety.

      24. I’m from the UK, and I see once again everyone is rushing to blame those evil ‘muzzies’. Jesus, you’d think that the concept of ‘false flag’ had never been heard of. Regardless of what anyone thinks of immigration or Muslims, never forget that the real terrorists – remember 9/11, 7/7, Paris, etc, etc – are our own governments.

        • OK, thanks for clearing all that up about Muslims not committing acts of terror.

          Go back to your safe space, now, maybe try the Play-Doh.

      25. In the last 10 years, 99% of all terror attacks in the world were carried out by Muslims.
        WE need to stop being PC. Islam is a Death Cult.
        If you are not a Muslim they consider you an Infidel and it is OK to kill you or rape your children and wife.
        Many Muslim have a very low IQ from “inbreeding.”
        The Globalist want this terror to bring in their New World Order.
        Resist in every way possible!

      26. That tolerant Muslim invasion of Europe is working out so well for them….and US in the USA too..This will be our summer problem. Thanks OBAMA!

      27. And the same script: known to police, Muslim, they knew how he got to the venue, politicians urge people to come together but not to ask hard questions, they flood the media with as many Muslim journalists and politicians as possible so that people have no choice but to get this tragic news from the very community who brought this tragic news. People need to realise there is a global, multi-century war going on within Islam and we are just collatoral damage to it. They are as heartless to each other as they are to us.

        People need to stop watching the idiotic reality TV shows and start picking up history books, getting informed and educated about what is going on. The ignorance (and there is no greater ignorance than with the white ‘working class’ in the North of England) will ensure bad politicians flourish and do nothing to stop the horror.

      28. Hang the Queen. She’s betrayed her own people. When you let millions of your enemies inside your gates you shouldn’t be shocked when they kill you.

        • This incident will only make her betray her people even more, with more loss of freedoms, more control, less privacy. Liberal-minded people can’t grasp reality. They are totally clueless. And people are getting killed because of liberal-minded freaks in control.

          • I have said this before: we need the draft. It is well past time that we mobilize overwhelming force to take on radical Islam and wipe it out. This will need a draft of all men and women from 18-30 to pack-out the military with the force multiplier required.

            We also need to do what we did in WW1 and WW2 and either intern or deport those who are from communities at risk of commiting these acts. Internship ain’t pretty but it works. How many Japanese set off suicide bombs on US soil in WW2? None. Same goes for Germans.

            Bush was doing the right thing after 9/11 by running a global rendition programme that targetted and removed these individuals (the Muslim ‘frequent flyer’ programme). Obama, mistakenly, put an end to it and since then we have had more attacks than ever before. The safest thing you can do is to remove the risk from the population: it may not be pretty but it works. Trump needs to stop kissing radical Islamist poohtutty and man up and face the threat.

        • You need a lesson in British Parliamentary Law.

      29. The CIA and criminal treasonous US Government created ISIS division is at it again, doing what the criminal treasonous US Government does best-murdering and destroying everything it can.

      30. How many have to die before we can agree these savages don’t fit in with Western Civilization?

        The more of them you import, the more terror attacks seem to occur.

        I wonder how large an attack they need to carry out before we finally learn to stop accepting them?

        How many have to die before we understand there is 1 coherent, unified group of easy-to-identify people on Earth who hate everyone else and can not and will not get along with others and who will continue to kill us as long as we allow them to live among us?

        3000 New Yorkers weren’t enough to teach us the truth. Hundreds over two decades in Madrid, London, Paris, India, the USA, Belgium, Germany, and Indonesia haven’t been enough. Endless wars in the middle east haven’t been enough. I bet 22 children last night won’t be enough, either.

        • IMO, it’s going to take at least a few nuclear bombs going off in Europe and the USA.

          I would like to thank probably 40 years of western politicians for allowing this to happen.

        • Very slowly but finally some British are speaking up and challenging the government on this problem. It has only got much worse since the attacks of the early 2000s. There are many more radicals in the country and they are now trained, armed and funded to do atacks. They enforce a brutal street-level tyranny through knives and acid attacks all over London: not a day goes by without somebody killed or injured for life from this. And they are cocky: thumbing their noses at authority, clogging up public areas where they brazenly mug people using scooters etc. You can be looking at a landmark building as a tourist and one of these guys will come up to you on a scooter waving a machete and snatch your camera etc. Why is this dangerous? Well, in the wake of deliberate vehicle attacks on people as well as other knife attacks (including chopping a soldiers head off) you are not to know if somebody is just a thief or worse. How do you take action when you are unsure what is going on? How can you live amongst people who behave like that?

      31. The threat level could be brought down quickly if the following were done:

        1) Intern or deport all known Islamic radicals and their associates.
        2) Stop all future immigration from countries where Islamic extremism is flourishing.
        3) Increase immigration for labour market needs from countries where people do not follow these belief systems, ie: Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and Han China.
        4) Accelerate the use of robotics and AI to meet labour market needs thus eliminating the need for the Muslim workers. Self-driving taxies, robotic kebab shops, etc.
        5) Stop paying for these people to have families and live on welfare.
        6) Stop all travel to war zones for training and combat and make it illegal to participate in such things. At present, Muslims openly travel back and forth to fight for ISIS or to pretend they are delivering charity aid supplies. Put an end to this.

        The world is a big place and there is no need to get migrants from these countries.

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