Video: Whites Hunted As Race War Erupts On American Streets: “Yeah They White, Get Their Ass!”

by | Aug 14, 2016 | Headline News | 283 comments

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    Editor’s Note: A race war has erupted. As summer began an elite special forces insider warned of serious civil unrest, noting that “everything is right for things to go very wrong.” As summer progressed we’ve seen political skirmishes in San Jose, violent attacks on law enforcement officials across the country, calls by African Americans to racially segregate whites from blacks,  and now outright racial targeting and beatings of people for no other reason than the white color of their skin. Things are getting worse, and it is only a matter of time before the violence expands to major cities all over the United States. 



    Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Target Whites For Beat Downs
    By Paul Joseph Watson

    Video footage shows violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee.

    The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past.

    “Yeah they white!” states someone else, prompting the mob to run towards the vehicle.

    “Yeah they white, get their ass!” screams another.

    “Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” exclaims another rioter.

    “He white – beat his head – bitch!” he adds.

    The footage appears to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

    The footage then cuts to an upper floor window before the person shooting the video states, “I think they just beat some white bitch ass for no reason – they bust open the window.”

    Local reporters were also targeted for violent assaults, including a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter, who was “thrown to the ground and punched”.

    WTMJ was forced to pull its reporters from the ground altogether because of violent threats from the mob.

    In another clip, rioters are seen burning down a gas station while chanting “black power!”


    Another clip shows a man trying to justify the violence by claiming that rich people don’t give blacks enough money.

    Rioters also destroyed random cars for no particular reason.

    The unrest began after police shot and killed an armed man with a “lengthy criminal record” who was carrying an illegal firearm that had been used in a burglary.

    Last night’s chaos will do nothing to change the view that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a violent, domestic hate group, but despite this recurring theme, the movement has received positive coverage from the mainstream media and has been supported by President Obama himself on numerous occasions.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. honkey say #black rifles matter

        • I can’t recall any incident in recent American history where white people were hunting blacks. But that day may be coming if these fucking BLM people don’t calm down.

          Angry White Males will only take so much before it’s go time.

          • If I’m in a car that’s driveable, and a bunch of thugs are attacking my car and trying to get me out to hurt me, why wouldn’t I drive away, and save myself in self defense?

            • That would be the smart move.

              • “…Angry White Males will only take so much before it’s go time…”

                “White” males (in reality crossbreeds) are a race slobs, obese, feminized, addicted and dependant to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically)..and most -if not all- SHTFers fit in sich categorization.

                • As a matter of fact Lapporelle, I am the exact same weight I graduated from university at, where I played football on a scholarship BTW, am dependent on no OTC or synthetic vitamins, and have two graduate degrees from major universities – in contrast to your ignorant leftist/fascist arze. I am non-violent, but if you weren’t hiding in mommy’s basement on welfare, where you obviously are as a paid leftist troll, I would be sorely tempted to kick your leftist, cowardly azz.

                  Take you puerile trolling somewhere else. Maybe try, or You’ll find a lot of your cowardly types there.

                  And you ever show up at my front door, I’ll show you exactly what the typical SHTFplanner would do to you, coward.

                    • @sixpack

                      Like the article. Mike Adams is a good dude, but he uses that “law abiding citizen” buzz words too much.

                      In some places it is illegal even for “law abiding” people to carry and or self defense.

                      “Law abiding citizen” are RINO soft republican buzzword BS, similar to the communist democrats ” common sense gun control”.

                      If the founders would have been “law abiding citizens” we would still be living under crown.

                  • AMEN! Why be there? But if you have to be, run them down…..and who ever (sounds like a female), is egging them on, needs a muzzle of a 1911, inserted in her big mouth….and discharged.

                • Speak for yourself. I’m white on all ancestral lines as far back as records go.

                  Do you even know who your daddy is?

                  • I said this a few articles back. One of the greatest mistakes in American History, was when Abe Lincoln gave up on the idea of shipping all the Blacks to Liberia, Post Civil War, to assimilate them back into their own native culture.

                    So after 150 years beyond that Gross Ultimate Mistake. The Negros still act like savages, except for today they now carry free Obama Phones.

                    If I was the Sherriff in Milwaukee, I would spell it out clear as day. “You Loot We Shoot.” Kill all of them bastards in the area. Curfew for Blacks 6PM to 6AM.


                    • Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee is a conservative, pro 2nd Amendment black man. There are a lot of good, moral, constitutional, freedom loving blacks out there, just not enough.

                    • WWTI, while it was a nice idea, it was never practical. In 1865 there were a total of 4 million blacks in the entire US. It would’ve taken literally every ship in the world and maybe in 5-10 years time they could’ve been emptied out of the US. It just wasn’t feasible considering the number of them at the time.

                  • snicker, chuckle

                • I’d love to meet you in person. I bet I could manually strangle you. If we white men were gone, no one would be working to pay for your food stamps, jackoff.

                  • Dunno if it is truth or not, but I once read (not all that long ago either), that the results of a double-blind test revealed (without a doubt), that the average (white) IQ averages 120. Blacks: 85 (With about 15% of each having “geniuses” who defy all test rules yet are not permitted to be counted).

                    Honestly speaking from first-hand experience, my daughter brought home a note from school one day, from her English teacher (who was black). It read (I have it framed on a wall), “When it come to the actual speekings of english, your daughter she be’s more capables of doings better.” Four days later I had my daughter at home, and my son as well, being HomeSchooled using The Robinson Curriculum. The ‘classes’ changed over the years, but never the loss of the freedoms that public schools take from the minds of totally unknowing children, who are most certainly going to BELIEVE what their teachers are telling them “is how it is” and “you just do NOT HAVE A CHOICE” cuz “that’s the way it is” POUNDED into their heads in the same manner Military Boot-Camp is several weeks of “brain-training” along with lots and lots of physical exercise, leaving your mind too tired to resist the constant onslaught (those who win are the ones who remember throughout that the whole thing is just a big, damned game, and if you retain yourself you will retain ALL of your pride, SELF-pride (and all other things that boot-camp is designed to strip from young and unwary minds). You notice in boot-camp that once in a blue-moon you’ll see an older man pushing it hard in order to get through boot, and they make it (wishing they’d never started smoking from Day 1).lol….

                    Can’t help but notice that the ‘quality of entrants’ into the military has dropped significantly. Everyone that was in my Company, save one, made it all the way through Boot (hard saying how well they did “in The Fleet”).

                    Hey Menzo, I’m betting you could easily strangle him (one-handed with a thumb). I agree. Africa is termed The Dark Continent, not because of skin color, but because nothing but death seems to “roll” off her shores or across her plains and praries and deserts. NEVER anything good. (Kinda hard to miss that much hitting the same country over and over with cessation). Or is it they are being bombarded with all manner of bioweaponry that will vanquish all blacks within an estimated time period?

                    There are already MANY medical problems that only blacks need worry about, and most have surfaced over the past 20 years. Why is this so (because the same damn thing is happening to everyone in Central Maine). Cancer is “in the water” (at least ALL of the Central Waters in the ground) of Maine. Cancer took my grandparents, both sides, both parents, most of my ex-neighbors and many of those who did not leave the county on graduation, but stayed to end up in poverty. I don’t get it, but that’s what over 1/2 the graduating class did …never left the town and never got anywhere in life other than they held on to a house and family. Only three of us left the state never to return (so far).

                    In Maine you’ll discover that MANY of the largest homes along the seaboard (high on bluffs or mountains with killer views), are owned by Washington, DC politicians. (I would venture a guess they must own at least CLOSE to 50% of The Maine Coastline), or the most expensive ‘waterfront’ real estate IN the state). The coastline of Maine has zillions of islands (some of rock, some forested), some owned, some not). For someone good with a 40 footer that would be a great BOL area yet you’d HAVE to get ashore should a storm come in (unless you had to way to “super protect” your boat (straps to pick her up ‘high’ or ‘up the rails’ to a safe height away from shore). Counting all the islands, Maine alone has over 3,000 miles of coastline (now that’s just impossible to keep an eye on all of it even with satellites).

                • Lapperolle

                  I was crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now!

                  Yes sir, Lapperolle even some here have called this white boy, Bat Shit Crazy. Close but no cigar. Now if you listen, you can hear a few gun shots in the videos.
                  That is Nothing. I loved steady and concentrated firepower and lots of it.
                  Now I will agree there are a few dumbass white boys that we have tried to help them get their shit together, but you can’t fix stupid.
                  You have to watch out for those few SHTFer’s. Those 1%er’s.
                  You should read the achieves.

                  • ht tps://

                    This is what some white people have in their homes.

                    All Perfectly Legal. Hope you are a gun nut.

                    • Thanks for the link. Now that looks like a hoot!

                      I took the adult young ins to a rental range that had about any firearm you would ever want to try.

                      They had full auto, I didn’t bite, the rental was cheap, but the ammo in the quantity we would have used would have been way over the top.

                      I may yet go back with a more reasonable sized crowd. JFSAG.

                • Another self proclaimed expert,got all the answers. The politicians blame lack of jobs and poverty for the riots. What a crock! Democrats run the city and don’t do squat for the people. The thugs and gangs run the show and when they get caught,riots erupt.

                  • Camden NJ had black people there in the 1950s. There was plenty of good employment and with it little welfare. Cities across the US have decayed due to Free Trade job evisceration and all have suffered for it. The government is actually doing more for those people now than 60 years ago as they were, due to good employment, quite capable of feeding themselves. Poverty doesn’t justify criminality but it certainly adds to it.

                    Idle time is the devils play.

                    • Besides Sports Entertainment or Preachers can you name any Sucessful Blacks? Like in Business? You know producers for jobs? In sports players are still traded or drafted like cattle or like slaves on the auction block. Unless you are a FREE agent. Blacks are plenty willing to be traded by the Jew. Same with entertainment. Jews own the blacks. Just an observation.. Want to know what a Racist looks like? Try negro Don Lemon on CNN.


                  • Democrats/socialists/communists, all one and the same.
                    Chart by former Soviet KGB agent explains the steps in the subversion process from the destabilization stage to the crisis stage

                    Yuri Bezmenov defected to North America while stationed in India. His goal was to save the West from Soviet subversion by publicizing KGB tactics and goals. His warnings have mostly gone unheeded while much of what he predicted has already come to pass.

                    • Off that site:

                      Quote Of The 2016 Presidential Election

                      A liberal’s paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist: It’s called Prison.

                      – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

                • This white male could easily take you down at 500 yards…you wouldn’t even hear the sound of my black rifle. A two legged coyote you would be.

                  • You need to come all the way in to a mere 500 yards to “easily take him down huh”?

                    I’ll have his ‘six’, and you’ll not hear my black-gun either, in excess of 5,000 feet. Your “buddy” won’t see my ‘laser dot” either, but my scope will. Then ‘poof’. Your world goes from grey to black, and then you’re in ‘other hands’.

                    A two-legged POS lying dead on the ground is what you’re gonna be …if you is stupid enough to come around these here parts city boy. The woods can danged sure be a dangerous place. Black bear, feral hogs weighing in around 900lbs at times (there’s a nightmare for a “newbie prepper” ***The attack of the feral mountain hogs***

                • I do know better than to take the race bait from an obviously self hating black male that no matter how hard he tries, cannot change who he is, rather than accept himself and work toward bettering himself. Indeed, this brand of resentment is truly misplaced and I am about to cast my pearls before swine. Yet, for what it is worth, my message is not intended for this particular caramelized miscreant, but for the other readers to remember who constructed this world.

                  Allow me to count the ways of your ignorance in an enumerated tally of the accomplishments in science, technology and the great horrors of war. For what this misguided moron fails to remember, is that all the comforts he enjoys in his world were almost all developed by people of the Caucasian persuasion and most of them were males. That’s right you chocolate milk colored mullato, you owe your comfortable lifestyle to pale faced white men.

                  Who invented the air conditioner that cools the house you sit in right now while berating ole whitey? That would be Willis Carrier, a white man.

                  Who started on the long path toward inventing the refrigerator that keeps your left over fried chicken and malt liquor cold? William Cullen, a white man.

                  Who discovered and developed numerous electrical inventions including the alternating current that is running both of those appliances above and every AC device on the planet to this day? Nikola Tesla, a white man.

                  Who invented the first gasoline powered car that you take for granted in your drive-by shootings and drug deliveries? Karl Benz, a white man.

                  Who invented the first modern computer that set the stage for the computer you’re using right now to insult ole whitey? Konrad Zuse, a white man.

                  Who invented the most reliable automatic pistol that you take for granted during your stick-ups? John Moses Browning, a white man and inventor of the 1911 .45 automatic.

                  Who invented the first rapid fire machine gun that set the stage for so many thugs to take for granted during gang turf wars? Richard Jordan Gatling, a white man.

                  Who was all of NASA from the rocket design to allegedly walking on the moon? That’s right, white men.

                  This list of great inventions by white men can go on for several hundred pages and still not be complete. The contributions of the white man to this world have, as of late, been swept under the rug and forgotten by a bunch of spoiled rotten little fucking brats that have a white man to thank for the fucking toilet paper in their bathroom. The white man is also responsible for most of the greatest horrors our species has to offer. It takes a long time to push a white man to that point, but when the eruption finally happens, forget woman having fury greater than hell, the white male becomes demon possessed at this point.

                  As for your idiotic assessment of physical health and mental acuity, take a look in the mirror mullato, the damage is being done to all those that live in America. However, there are a great many of us that are very fit, very practiced, very well read and sharper than a ceramic blade. There are many more of us than you think and we are very patient. We have self-control beyond your spontaneous comprehension. If you or any of your mullato half-breed cronies ever find yourself in our neighborhoods attempting to do harm, you’ll wish you had chosen another locale.

                  This brings me to my final point. This is why you brown savages only ruin your own neighborhoods. You all know that if you ever brought that shit into the white man’s neighborhood, you wouldn’t have much success. In fact, it would be a terrible failure of monumental proportions. So remember mullato, your comfortable life is owed to the white man. For if not, go back to that wattle and thatch hut in the Congo and leave us white men to our own devices.

                  It’s not because white men are genetically superior, it’s because we hate everyone and trust nobody, even our own kind. That’s why we invent all the good shit that allows us to our solitude while arming us greatly for times of need. However, like trying to drive a wedge between two brothers that are always fighting each other, we’ll come together to rid ourselves of that interloper in order to get back to hating each other if the need does arise. Heed my words schwatze, you are fucking clueless as to the demons you wish to unleash, so calm down now.

                  With all that said, this message is not targeting black males, only those black males that wish whitey harm. You see, I know not all blacks are like you. Many are hard working and just want the same things I want; to be left alone so I can live. However, to those that are violent miscreants with ill will toward whitey, you would be wise to back the fuck off and leave whitey alone.

                  • Joe, THAT sir was a BRILLIANT dissertation…?

                  • Good post, but way too much time to respond to a nigger.

                  • I must say, that was one of the finest catharses ive ever read, quite a good retort, although too good for its objective, i couldnt have said it better. Well done Sir.

                  • Very well said. Like your preps

                • Tell you what Lapperup come on down to Western Ky and let us fat stupid inbred white boys entertain you. You WILL NOT enjoy it.

                • I have killed more thoughtful jackasses than you, little dick.

                • also, learn to spell, you ignorant fuck!!

                • Lapperolle,
                  You sound like a poster named Yulop. You two clowns should hook up.

                • Another one that’s jealous

                • so you work for the the DC crowd who are trying to incite enough riots to declare martial law!! well won’t work here and best you go elsewhere, and for the record, you come near my place and i will show you what a fat old man (NOT) can do!! remember those like YOU are having there ip addresses recorded for possible legal trials after the the new regime takes over!!

                • This white male would beat you to death with his framing hammer just because,,,,

                • Stop talking, your pandering, and fishing for shit, and that is ignorant, foolish childish, please leave the site if you have nothing worth weight to say. Good day Sir.

                • Lapperolle,

                  Amazing summary to just throw every white guy in a basket. What makes a racist. Your comment would qualify you as a racist. I would be more cautious with my words until facts are more present. Look up the FBI statistics on violent crime. I believe you will be startled to see that it is 80 plus percent black on black crime, just saying the problem isn’t with the white people or police. Look in the mirror.


                • “L”

                  Irish, English, and Cherokee, 6′ 220 LBS, 62 years old, and can keep up with 35 year olds and some of them can’t keep up with me.

                  Kicking your ass would be light work. Crossbreed Oh hell yes! Proud of it.

                  When you are with your thug friend and, the white man gets pissed you will see your world burn down around you.

                  Just remember that when the WHITE MAN riots the world is at war. When the BLACK MAN riots they burn down their own stuff!!!

                  So push us Whites some more, and you will see!!!!


                • FedGov/SPLC troll. And not even a good one. Come back when you get some game.

                • Spot-on, Lapperolle. “Angry White Males will only take so much before it’s go time.”

                  So says the men who are totally dominated by women, men who have less rights than an animal, men who can do nothing when their women murder their unborn children, who have no legal recourse to demand a DNA test for a new born child but who are still required to pay for the child anyway. These are same men who meekly crawl away when their women decide to throw them out of the house they have spent years paying for, and who then pay over their income for ever more. These are the same men who wring their hands in helpless cowardice when their ex-wives bring a lover, dyke, or whatever piece of filth into the houses that the husbands have paid for and proceed to poison their children against them. These ‘men’ then sit in the safety of their little apartments, hiding behind anonymity, whilst accusing peasants of cowardice on the field of battle, which fields the armchair warriors will likely never have to face. It would be interesting to see what these White ‘men’ would do if faced with constant incoming drone strikes, rockets, missiles, aerial bombardments without any effective means of defence, given they are incapable of defending themselves even against women.

                  • I raised my kid still married.I appreciate the the criticism from a man who doesn’t know his father.Hope you get out of prison soon.

                  • Meltonmark, f#$% you too. Go away with with your commie buddy Lapporelle.


                • Lapporelle, f#$% you, you commie bastard. We’ll send your stupid commie ass home crying to mama.

                • Hay Lapperolle, I’m one of those Crazed (non-crossbred) WHITE boys you seem to dislike so much. Yet you are more than willing to take any freebie we hold out. Since the beginning of recorded time, nothing but trouble has come out of Africa. People who are still enjoying cannibalism and mating with monkeys. Have not (with the exception of a very few) done anything worthy of a human. Well if you keep allowing yourself to be led down the dark and bloody path, you must look out for the Saxon, we have been called (by better men than you can hope to become) a number of names, Devils, the bump in the night, and Boocoo Dinky Dau. Make sure you don’t meet them.

              • 7,700 pound heavy steel old school Chevy suburban 4×4, all you’ll hear is the Beretta 9mm with 30 round clip laying down a riff and the crunching of bones splintering and shattering as I plow right over and through the mob.

                This seals the deal for me, I’m getting my other 05 4×4 Suburban Armored up and bullet proof glassed with a full internal oxygen system and that super charger I bought a few months back sitting in the garage to a fully rebuilt 5.3 crankin out 440HP with a huge gain in torque. I added a 42 gallon auxiliary tank where the spare tire goes last month with a convenient switchover ability giving me 75 gallons on board.

                The armored conversion is only 40k tip to tail for a level 3 b 6 which I understand will stop all NATO rounds up to 308 in coming as well as fully stopping even grenade attack. Not much to worry there for the streets in the US in that regard, but all other arms fire as well as you cannot get into this thing once the mod is done unless you cut your way in. Run flat bullet proof tires, I’m in!

                The zoo full of monkeys in humanity is going to freekin come apart at the seams when the interdependency crash hits in what we believe may only be just after the election or heaven forbid before. I am not ready for this.

                No matter, where we live, huge numbers of us are heavily armed.

                Anyone ever remember ole Carl Maldon the American Express guy… never leave home without it? 9mm… Never leave home without it – PERIOD. Be ready to defend your life at the mall, grocery store or anywhere you travel at this point.

                One of the best things about living in the deep south, most people of every color know there are huge numbers of armed folks and thus why things are usually very quiet. My area is a heavily armed society but a quiet peaceful one most of the time.

                Old Navy cannot believe this nation has fallen so low as to come to this. It’s very sad to see.

                • I know a fellow raised in the south. He told me of black folk just standing on a state highway, talking – playing or whatever.
                  This I do not understand.

                  Your vehicle may be a lifesaver. If you are caught in a bad situation.

                • I’ll say it again here. Whoever killed the muslim trash in nyc gets a thumbs up from me. Bout time they were terrorized. Keep on fucking with white people, our guns come out when you do.

                  • the FBI have already coined the phrase the “bubba effect”.
                    this is what they meant and this is exactly what they have engineered. don’t give into the gov’t bullshit…defend your self and arrest the cops before they arrest you for exercising our God given right to self defense.
                    it isn’t the blacks who did this, it is the feds,
                    the liberal left including the divider in chief.

                • And run flats .

                • Karl Malden. Great actor.

                • Beretta 9mm. You got it. Lots of people talk shit about the M9 but I will take one in my hand any day in the situation n you describe.

                  • Everyone is aware that a 9mm WILL GET LARGER (Mushrooming), but I’ve NEVER seen a .45ACP get smaller. They pick a man up, turn him around, then set his ass back down. Love’em.

                • Time, I would love to take a ride in that.

              • Hey MAC: I loaded and then RE loaded this article page and so far everywheres a video is supposed to appear…All I get is a huge blank white space.

                I can read the writers brief comment on what to see in videos but zero videos are there to look at.

                Perhaps somebody at yutube or??? Is censoring Your site so we cannot view said savages rioting etc eh?

                Just wanted to alert you to this and am wondering if others here have same troubles of zero video displayed?

                • TG, I ran into some issues here and am having similar problems on different browsers. All I can do is lay the blame on Twitter — I actually embedded and re-embedded the videos several times. Got it working on Chrome and Edge but got reports it may have issues in other browsers.

                  Maybe it’ll work better at Paul Watson’s original post here:

                  Apologies for any inconvenience with this one.

                  • Mac: Okay and thanks. Just wanted to alert you to the problem. Also wish to thank you for posting up my replies in a quicker time frame most often now. Maybe one day my replies can totally avoid moderations eh. Thanks. TG

              • Blacks play this game called stand and walk in the middle of the street and traffic to see how many whites they can stop or hinder from passing. You know those productive white people in the world who have jobs and places to go. Blacks know they can sue, if they hit, an most whites will stop or slow down because we are responsible drivers. Its their silent protest saying hey look I am a nigger, see what I can do whitey.

                A few years back in Tampa, FL a young female Teacher was coming home from work in busy busy traffic, and these black kids some young as 2 years old were crossing the street, unaccompanied by any adult, and sure enough the teacher did not see the toddler when she went around the bend and hit the kid. Frightened out of her life because it was a bad, bad neighborhood, she left the scene instead of stopping, and went home. She turned herself in and after a year of court room drama, she was sentenced to some minor offense. But it ruined her teaching career. All because Niggers don’t give a crap about their children and let them run wild in the streets.

                Generation after generation of savages are living off the public dole, cause they are worthless of any productivity or common sense. Reward for Failure surely doesn’t work.


                • WWTI

                  Oh, YEAH! Blacks playing the Chicken Game.

                  I had to slow down a few times. I wish there was a law that if you go out and knowingly obstruct the roadway which can cause an accident. You can run the SOB over. They slow down in the crosswalk, even when the light is turning, if they see you are white.

                  The news media covered a story and asked why so many of them were being hit on a certain stretch of road. Jay Walking. Hmmmmmm.

                  Got to get to work, you know. Hehehehe!

                • WWTI, if a spook steps out in front of me, he becomes a pancake. kepp his stupid ass out of the road and he’ll be fine.

            • So some blacks try to get in my car…if it’s running and will move its pedal to the metal and if they get run over…oh well

          • BHO, HRC, and BLM are all being funded by Soros for the same purpose: cause chaos and bring down the nation.

          • Anonymous says:

            August 14, 2016 at 2:05 pm
            “I can’t recall any incident in recent American history where white people were hunting blacks. But that day may be coming if these fucking BLM people don’t calm down.

            Angry White Males will only take so much before it’s go time.”

            That is EXACTLY what your president obamunista and company WANT.
            Martial Law as a parting gift to the Nation he has tried to destroy “change” for 8 years.

            Or better yet “No Parting Gift”. Uses as excuse for Martial Law and he remains in office suspending elections. Every Tyrants dream. “Never Let a crises go to waste.”

            That is why you Good People here will NOT behave as Savages.
            You will exercise self control and act with decorum and civility.
            You will refrain from being sucked into Savage antics.
            Let the monkeys act as Savage monkey’s in jungle.

            You people will NOT give the enemy Obamunista’s and company that which they seek. They seek chaos and disorder.

            The Great and Omniscient Sarg taught us the “green- bold- careless”………….
            “Deny the enemy.
            Never engage enemy on his terms. Never fight on ground enemy chooses.
            Refrain from contact until it suites your purpose. ALWAYS have advantage to maintain contact. Engage ONLY when You have advantage. Then utterly DESTROY and SILENCE all resistance.”

            ……… or something like that? Good advice. Proof, I’m alive.
            The Great and Omniscient Sarg
            would not allow any one under his charge to get off easy by dying.

            Good People here–
            Be Frosty. Cool and Calm. No emotion. Professional.
            We are not Savages as those looting, burning, beating, killing.
            We are men of decorum, self restraint, honor.
            We love America. We believe in God, Freedom, Liberty, Justice, The Constitution, Rule of Law.

            By the way. I am black. I despise communist traitor obamunista.
            Voted for him the first time because I didn’t like Rep candidate.
            Did not give obamunista second vote. neither did anyone I know.
            Sarg was white. He saved our lives and asses with Tough Love.

            —————————–Make America Great Again.

            PS-FYI: Police officer in Wisconsin was “Black” that shot the gun carrying suspect that the riots in Wisconsin were started over.

            • Cool ‘n Calm, well said. Thanks for that.

          • In the closest town to us if ‘they’ even REMOTELY harmed ANY white, they’d all be hanging from trees come morning and every house would have burnt flat that same night …and they damn well know it.

          • Doesn’t matter if whites ever hunted blacks or not. The point/fact is that we don’t do it now. Even if it was true of some point in the past, what does that have to do with today? If you keep going back to the beginning of recorded human history to justify destruction and harming people, how will we ever get things set right? Using this logic, Native Americans can kill WASPS and Jews can kill Germans anytime they wish. It will never end. Having said that, if the BLM crowd keeps this up, it won’t go well for them.

            In the EU, vigilante groups are starting to form to keep the peace from all the violent moose limbs. Mexico did this sort of thing years ago.

            Unlike race riots of the past, the number of BLM rioters are relatively small, though quite violent and destructive.

            My black friends tell me that the BLM folks make them very angry. These are good people who have jobs, families, responsibilities, etc. just like you, except that they are of a darker complexion.

            • Hey Anon2: There is an increasing # of ppl who “have a mind” that many countries, to include The USA, may well end up being “pockets” of smaller nations (like thinkers). I’m not going to devote any brain cells to that one as it would end in migraine …too many variables to make an intelligent guess.

              No doubt tptb would dearly love to see violence between the races erupt, and little would be done (at first) in hopes of suffering high losses on both sides (the higher the better). The remainder? Dunno. FEMA retraining? Since no jobs exist will all adults be brought to the school’s gym to be retaught “The New EU”? Musmexica, ummm, “The Western-Muslim States of Total-Chaos” brought to you by liars, cheaters, bankers, politicians, The 1%’ers and about anyone that stands to lose ‘little to nothing’ no matter which way the axe falls.

              There can be one “fact of life” regarding this coming winter. Given all that exists and that stands ‘against us” (as a nation) from a world-wide perspective, it would be rather foolish to not assume we’ll (at least) be treated to “LOW OR NO POWER” for the entirety of this coming winter. When it is coldest is when they’ll be no available “grid generation.” Worse comes to worse you can line a box with Mylar, or create a “cave” using “rolled” polyethylene and layers of leaves (then crawl into the center) and enjoy staying about 80 degrees F, even if it’s below freezing (and no campfire needed nor wanted in this case …you’d burn up most likely).

          • i believe this is obama plan to call martial law in the USA, thus cancel the elctions, hillary will lose big time and she knows this and if this happens watch what the white man will do to the black man, remember those bullets obama bought last year, something big is coming

            • Everyone seems to be stuck on “that one” or is believing a non-truth. Even if Obama declared Martial Law, The Election would go on “unfettered” as there’d be no justifiable reason to halt it.

              If I am wrong, then I stand corrected. History even has one example of it, and martial law did NOT remotely stop the election.

          • Hey everyone, I’m back after taking care of a family emergency. I’m carrying my 9 in the truck with me everywhere now. any of these black turds attack me they’ll get shot. WHITE LIVES MATTER. MOLON LABE.

          • can we the marines get called in now?? I’m tired of seeing lawless criminals thinking they can attack our innocent. They keep it up and it won’t be the police they will be facing it will be the few, the proud, The Marines!!

        • lol ;0), “WOW”!

          guess “Ninao” message made an impression on some Prepper’s a few years ago.

          • Nina O was a poster from way back.
            Radical dude, fun reading his posts.
            Had a ‘war’ with others sometimes.
            Read the archives….

            • Anyone remember the ‘CoCo puff’ exchange???

            • What are the chances Milwaukee will riot tonight?

              • A few molotives could get the party rocking…

                Glad I do not livecthere…

                • For .30 cents a day, I have a 1 million umbrella on my residence. Something to think about…
                  Just like food insurance…

                  • I have ‘flood’ insurance too. Come onto my property meaning to do damage and I will ‘flood’ my yard with .223

                  • For a couple hundred bucks a year, an umbrella policy is a pretty good thing to have, consider it a prep for pre-shtf, if it’s a ‘rolling shtf’ that takes time to unfold.

                    If you carry, there’s similar insurance for legal coverage in a self-defense case. Worth every penny, even one hour of an attorney’s time will run you double the fee for a year of coverage.

                    • Smokey:
                      Makes one wonder if it will ever happen. Been waiting 2 decades, crickets…

                    • Absent a financial collapse or nuke strike, I don’t see it happening beyond a local basis, nothing that can’t be fixed in a reasonable time period.

                    • The wife and I both carry coverage from two completely different companies that do nothing but provide insurance and attorneys, and expert witnesses, in the event you end up having to pop someone and were justified, the family is going to try to sue your ass off.

                      USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) run a few pennies over $30 bucks a month (each), and the other company “Armed Citizens” (out of Olanska, WA, close to Seattle) was $450.00 for a Three Year (extended) Policy (for two) …and since it’s growing fast, both of them, there are many perks coming into play.

                      There is NO WAY I would carry these days without the provided $1.1 Million in insurances (and everything else involved) unless everything outside just “crashed” …and then it wouldn’t make a shit if you were insured or not. But for now, it keeps you OUT of a jail, as it should …assuming you were justified).

                • eppe.

                  Guess we have to wait for the agitators to stir up trouble.

                  I often wonder, do these people know what awaits them if they do this stuff in my neighborhood. All this Knock Out/Whitey game and Flash Mob a store to steal. Not to mention arson and looting.

                  Now it has become Beat Whitey’s Ass.

                  How will the News Media Handle this? Hide it with the Elections or overseas news. At the same time BLM wants to burn 100 cities.

                  In the next Eighty Five days will have some of the craziest bullshit we will ever see.

                  Prep for War.

                  • Anon, know what you say.
                    Makes one wonder what will happen where one lives, since that will be ground zero for most.
                    I live in a McMansion hood. Might be cool here, ready to sell out.

                    We will never know what will happen, just be ready at all times…

                  • My son teaches in Memphis, he is armed andWILL SHOOT if threatened. Not long ago three blacks attempted to rob his car, he and roommate ran out and the Jabos began to advance on them, they doth produced a gun and the fellas ran like hell never to be seen again. Moral of story is we are only targets of blacks or ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER if we choose to be. There IS another choice. I promise you this hunt whitey stuff would dry up QUICK if people of character would stand up and soon NO!!!!

        • Yes, go ahead and attack me. I will lay waste to you, your friends, and anyone else in your mob and I won’t even need to reload.

        • #ALL RIFLES MATTER!!”

          • Thumbs up

            • Ever notice the kneegrows never attack rednecks? Usually some liberal or lone poosy lookin easy target. I would use my truck to run over as many of them as possible even if they were running away. Fook with the wrong people and there is hell to pay…









        • “Violence Erupts In America’s Heartland As Milwaukee Becomes The Latest U.S. City To Burn”






          “One prominent Milwaukee city official is blaming racial injustice for the violence. Rainey said Saturday’s violence was a byproduct of inequities, injustice, unemployment and under-education.”














        • Black targets matter!







          IT CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!






          • O Acid, shut up.

            You wear out the patience of one who prays for you.

            • He does make valid points, even though he should disengage the caps lock button.

          • Acid you make a lot of sense. The truth is any thinking person can see what the problems are, we simply lack the fortitude to do anything about them.

          • OK Acid. Although I deplore your way of stating the obvious, the truth is women are being exploited under the banner of FREEDOM. Being a slut, sexually active outside marriage, leads to poverty, unplanned pregnancies (sometimes abortion), diseases, general unhappiness, and failure raising children, compared with women who wait for and pick a man who is commited to her and is a responsible adult.


          • You do have a valid point. And it appears lots of single moms are not picky about the gene pool of the sperm donor who father their offspring.

            • Old Guy
              For millenia men have not worried about where they dump their sperm. Civilization might be further along if men kept their britches zipped, eh?

          • Acid
            You want to go back to the olden days when gay boys such as yourselfwhere silenced with their own unmanly equipment? Goodness gracious, self destructive little girly boy you are. Those guys who listen to a gay man’s vision of women are silly. Next you’ll listento his vision of manly luv.

            • Are women responsible for anything? Do men get abortions . Do men get pregnant out of wedlock. Did a large percentage of men vote for this guy the second time . Are a large percentage of men voting for Hilary . What percentage of men want to let in more ( refuges)) . If you say women are responsible for their own bodies and reproduction. Your a gay boy self destructive little girly boy. What kind of logic is that. You let someone have sex with you . You get pregnant and its their falt. Are you completely insane. Or just totally irresponsible for your own actions. Don’t have sex and you won’t need an abortion. Is that to hard for you to understand. How can you blame anyone for thinking a totally irresponsible person should not be allowed to vote. Can’t you see only women can stop unwanted pregnancies . Can stop abortions . Keep your dam legs together bimbos.

          • Well, hells bells. Unless you are referring to the feminazis, i do not fit in that category. Women have a place, and men have a place. As an ex military, i will defend anyone being unjustly attacked. And give respect where its deserved. No one has the right to oppress anyone, period, unless you are demon possessed and full of hatred. I dont hate, but will not torerate being oppressed by anyone, ever

        • All by design… I might add…. Your playing your part well….



          • Anonymous

            You must be one of those, Kum By Ya Yankee’s.



          • ((( Everyone is friends))) Are you kidding . Take a walk in a black neiborhood one night and see.

          • This anonymous takes up one of acid’s bad habits of using all caps. He can still go f#$% himself. I stand up for white people and won’t apologize to any mofo for it.

        • I say B.L.A.M.!
          Black Lives Are Meaningless!

      2. Is this racism? Or is it all OK because of slavery and all that?

        If we would just pay reparations then I promise they will leave white people alone.

        • That’s what they said about welfare and $40-60 trillion later they still want more. No matter how much wealth is redistributed to them it will never be enough. Does anyone know how much is enough? These people are like leaches, they will keep sucking even after the host has died.

          • They learned from the best–the Holohoax reparations “industry”!

        • No reparations,they will just want more……This game won’t get anybody anywhere. They might have to pay us just to let them be.

        • Anonymous, Do you really think reparation would calm their angry, aggressive nature and hostility towards Whites…. just asking out of curiosity?

          And what would the reparation be…. a ballpark figure, and how would it be (fairly) determined or calculated? Again, just curious.

          • Half.

            If we gave them half would they leave us alone?

            Is that enough?

            Or like 75%?

            And we can just give them our McMansions and move to Compton.

            I think major corporations should lead the way. Fire all white people because they are privileged anyway.

            Productivity and quality will go through the roof!

            • Half! Half of what?

          • A bullet to the brain of each raging ape. That’s all they’ll get.

          • Reparations would be wasted. You imagine giving everyone, say, 10 million dollars? The first they would do is go out and buy as much drugs and hoes as they could find. And then they would buy a ‘pimpmobile’ and buy a really tacky house. Eat junk food all day long and watch TV. Beverly Hillbillies on steroids but without the class and gentility of the Clampards.

            Eventually, they would suffer from health problems from all the drugs, junk food and promiscuity. By the tenth year, the money would be gone and the population would be even more obese and racked with STDs. And then they would look around and see there was no economy apart from drug dealers, hoes and junk food. And they would riot.

            • Don’t need reparations for that outcome.

            • Reparations have been paid with the death of roughly 400k Union Soldiers. If financial reparations were paid the money would rapidly go into circulation which might not be too bad short term.

              I do see a connection between this problem and Free Trade as once upon a time even Camden NJ was a nice city when RCA, Campbell Soup and the NY Shipyard, all located in the city were thriving. We shopped there in the early 1960s. Idle time is the devils play.

              Even in better times its wise to keep out of their neighborhoods.

            • There’d be no more Shinny Stuff left on planet earth since they would buy up everything that shines untill none was left!….Then they’d go after every type outrageous wild loud color of everything they can find to buy. Especially clothings!

              USA in quick time would be a nation of 50-Million Willy Da whimp-Pimps complete with outlandish as can be pimp mobiles for each apeizamoungus.

          • Bullets are cheaper than Welfare, start voting from the rooftops with high powered rifles. Split a few melon heads open, shoot and move, shoot and move. Its here.

            ~WWTI… Keep various High Capacity Mags in your vehicle. 4x 30 Rounders Min.


          The reparations have been Free Welfare, Momma Baby free Sh!t benefits, Minority Hiring Quota’s, Free Obama Phones, EBT Food Stamps, and see where that Got ya. Its a Race to the Bottom. Commie Socialism Never works when Other people’s money runs out. Continuous Reward for Failure got us to where we are today.


        • Insightful. Thanks for posting that. That anchor must not be a left-wing nutjob otherwise he would not have said all that.

      3. Only good point about this is that a member of the press got their ass kicked. Hey blacks you get away with that shit back east in the hell holes that democrats control, try that shit in my neck of the woods and all you will see is the tunnel that leads to hell with you and your buddies being used as the black virgins for the mudslimes that will be there to greet you.
        Bozo if it is a race war you want keep this shit up and it is a race war that you will get. How many of your people will end up dead once the alpha white males start culling the plantation.

      4. One of the first things I will need to do is to shotgun the street lights. Then I will own the night.

        Between the election and the racial tensions I have decided to pre-staged items to shorten time of deployment in the field.

        We might not make election day to vote.

        The blacks have beaten whites before so we have to see if whitey grows a backbone and is not afraid of the consequences of the Law.

        • ….just a comment on the IQ remarks, ever notice that, (started w/t MLK riots, for me DC, & the LA/Rodney King thingy), how they ALWAYS start the fires in their own HOOD, burning their way out….rocket science.

        • If you want to “stand on a predictable ‘X’ creating very audible (and ‘find-a-ble)’ shots-fired, then go right ahead and shoot out each light one by one. You’ll most likely stop ruling the night about halfway down the Blvd you are working on owning.

          Why not use some ‘grey-matter’? Find the electrical switching transformer then switch to deer-slugs to help “tweak” their transformer (FUBAR the hydraulic lift too to prevent a fast replacement, and by then you may have gotten lucky and broken a switch or two.

          You DO NOT want to be walking down a LIT STREET shooting out the lights (you want to be in the fucking shadows). Some dude with an AR 3,000 away will decide you need taking out, and that’s all she wrote Anon… and many of them have Gen II night-vision.

          Remember The Army School? SERE? Survival-Evasion-Resistance-Escape (notice NOWHERE does it mention ENGAGING THE ENEMY (except in defined situations under “Resistance” (perhaps). NEVER engage unless you are PRIMO at what you are doing. Otherwise, your safest plan is to make tracks in an opposite direction, flank them and make your way right back into your BOL (after they’ve bypassed, missed, or ‘noticed’ it but didn’t stay). You’ll be of no good to your spouse or children with a hole in your head or heart or both, or dying of an infection in the leg from some ‘frag’. No …lay low or beat feet, but don’t engage unless there is absolutely NO alternative left.

          And don’t forget to wear your compass…

      5. Keep it up BLM….more votes for Trump.

        • @ Jim in Va

          Exactly. More votes for the American.

      6. It seems like the Clintons whatever the DINDUs want to do is Ok. Are those DINDUs immune to arrest & prosecution? Check out the Daily Stormer to view what the proud racist arayn white folks think.

        • OldGuy

          You bet they are immune for periods of time which they can riot to blow off steam without arrest.

          Businesses suffer. Damage to stores or burned out.
          Then the rioter’s complained they have to go farther to get things.

          I say no more money to build and no permits issued in riot zones either. Then they have to come out of their Hood’s and riot on our turf.

          Oh for sure I am going to get it because my neighborhood has a large black population and a slightly higher than average crime rate.

          I am not going looking for trouble but the odds are it is headed my way.

          Prep for war.

          • Anon, those apes aren’t immune to bullets.

      7. And THIS is why I am a gun owner.. Now I just gotta decide how far I let them inside my home before I show them some lead.

        • On the linoleum. Carpet will stain.

          • In NC you can shoot their asses THROUGH the door (or wall) if it is obvious that “they” are forcing entry. (If the door has been ‘budged’ 1/8th of an inch, it TOOK FORCE to open that door. FORCED ENTRY means you’d be best off killing your invader, as soon as you are sure it isn’t unexpected family visiting… (and even then there are times you should still fire at will).

            • Equorial, 00 buck will do wonders on a monkey.

      8. Let’s see here.
        We do not trust our Gov.
        We do not trust our Officials.
        We do not trust Law Enforcement.
        We are starting to riot in the street.
        We have lost respect for one another.

        Final answer = Our society is breaking down.


      9. It’s a guess some white males in the Milwaukee area are angry about whats going on, but know the law is against them.

        I visited a place of worship on Sunday. Very little is mentioned about what’s going on in america. It’s like a disconnect from reality. Few seem concerned. Maybe, if their family members
        Were raped or killed it may jolt them awake.. maybe.

        • Any church that calls themselves a bible believing church and does not warn people or discuss what is going on is a FRAUD. This game is on and there is no turning around or turning back.

        • Jimbo, it’s high time for white folks to disregard any stupid laws they’re afraid of and start defending themselves against these apes.

      10. George Soros paid stooges Going to get them killed. Me i’ll wake up tomorrow look at the lake. Feed my dogs be alone again just wait for what ever comes my way. The sign says keep out so your welcome to try.

      11. how much longer will real americans tolerate a govt that allows this kind of shit on the streets

        • Charlie

          I do not want this to happen but I feel the BUBBA effect is only a matter of time.

          God forgive us and help us if this gets like this. 🙁

          • Year 0: Woooo BOY are you ever right on that one. The good ole boys around these parts are already welding “plate steel” (stainless) about everywhere they can imagine placing one (even the engines are very well shielded, doors, bullet-proof glass, rear seat back is a giant stainless ‘plate’ (for cars). The rednecks here are going all out and P R A Y I N G they get a opportunity to knock them back to Africa or wherever as long as it ain’t America.

        • @charlie2dogs

          Right. It is sub-human trash like george soros, mike bloomberg, and the rest of their psychopathic NWO minions within gov that are foamenting the racism and disorder.

      12. It was like this in London in 2011. They were pounding hipsters and anybody who wasn’t black. Even stormed restaurants and beat people up. They set apartment buildings on fire with people inside sleeping: sad footage of the people jumping out of the buildings in their PJs fleeing the flames. This was families with children.

        And then they come up against the Turks. The Turks fight hard for their patch of the city.

        The trouble has already started up again in London. The highways to the airports were shut down by BLM protesters the other week. And they had machete battles in the streets one night. Oh, and one killed an American tourist and knifed many others. Sad days…

        • I was a resident in London in 2011. Due to the fact you could almost taste the tension rising in the air during the months and weeks preceding them; I personally took a few days camping trip during the actual riots, but can confirm it’s a complete nonsense that non-blacks only were targeted. The court records afterwards clearly show the rioters were of all races, creeds and colours. (London has a crazy number of CCTV cameras meaning offenders were easily rounded up during the weeks that followed).
          The community clean up groups that emerged afterwards to clear up the broken glass, pick up the litter, and generally straighten up the neighborhoods were similarly racially mixed. What was nice with the clean up crews is that we also saw all age groups pulling together from school age kids to those who’d fought in WW2.

          300 deaths in police custody in the year preceeding the riots was the trigger. Mark Duggan was just one person too many in the eyes of bereaved families and their supporters. Once they began a public protest the usual agitators and ne’er do wells joined in as is their wont during almost any civil protest in recent times. Then you get the idiot sheep who cannot and will not think for themselves indulging in pure stupidity following these pied pipers. London is my home town and I won’t sit by and listen to elite propaganda being repeated without setting the record straight. We don’t have to drink the BS kool-aid.

          Know the game – divide and conquer, problem-reaction-solution, order out of chaos.

          The race war in the US in centuries old, and has been used since the inception of that nation to control the lower orders. This is just another manifestation of that horrible game & it won’t end until people are willing to wise up. Don’t believe me? Pop down to a First Nation Reservation for a quick chat. Appalling educational levels, & revisionist history writers have a lot to answer for, as do the current crop of political agitators who are not on anyone’s side but that of their wallets.

          The elite want us to hate each other and to fight among ourselves. The next round of riots in the UK will be far more serious. 2011 was a test run for the authorities. It won’t be possible to get out of the city as easily either since with the Olympics came a “ring of Steel” that now means the area within the m25 can be easily quarantined. I now live elsewhere. The situation in many US cities now looks to an outsider to be fairly volatile, and I pity those who lack the means to relocate to safer areas.

          This is not being reported as a terrorist attack but demonstrates that the current insanity may be spreading. Situational awareness is now a core skill for preppers everywhere, not just the usual hotspots.

          • A wise and thoughtful posting.

            Everyone I know who lived in London who had career prospects, money and a good education LEFT post the riots. It was a mass exodus in 2012 (ironically, while the media was doing the bread and circuses of the Olympics, moving vans were taking people out of the city).

            I disagree on the race issue: it is true London has its fair share of scumbags of all races, but it was definitely ignited by a sense of injustice against blacks and it was mostly fueled by blacks rioting (just as was the case in past rioting).

            I imagine the response next time will be different: as in, they will leave areas to burn but lock-down the borders to stop it spreading elsewhere. There is no political will to confront the rioters, as we can see from the arguments over something as benign as water cannon or tear gas. Good people will be on their own and will need to move their butts out when bad stuff goes down.

      13. Excuse me, my friend US people, I love you and I think you’re a fantastic country, way advanced and stronger than my europe, but I think we are a little bit ahead when coming to racial issues, you have to grasp that there isn’t a division among white, blacks, reds, yellows and whatsoever, there is a division between workers and exploiters, between proletariat and capitalists. Believe me, this is a key factor for future revolution times, which will unavoidably come. Beware my friends, if you don’t catch this, capitalists planning a counter-revolution will easily succeed in divide-and-conquer tactics, the class will lose and set out for war.

        • orsobubu

          I believe it is going to be a free for all.
          There are too many problems that have festered over many years and Americans that have been footing the bill for lots of stupid shit are going to revolt. I pretty sure that even good intentional people are going to be injured. The hatred is too deep. I’m tired of being screwed with because somebody else has done wrong. Well I don’t give a shit no more and if I have an inclination that you might impose on me. Well there will be a confrontation and it might get bad. to the point I will either extract my pound of flesh or die trying. No more bullshit.

          “Kick the tires and light the fires. Lets get this bird in the air”.

          Jet Aviation Saying.

        • orsobubu – you nailed it! The elite don’t care if the lower orders are black, white or green with pink spots so long as they can continue to be manipulated to act in the best interest of the elite & not for their own benefit. divide and conquer works every time.

        • It sounded like the protesters were very concerned with race.You live Arab Europe now.No advice from you thanks.There are no immigrant problems in Europe?Nothing to do with race right?

          • see below my answer to CWaite

            • Right, gun control and immigrants are the answer.See Calais for reference.

        • Sir, with all due respect, if you are indeed from Europe I cannot take anything you advise seriously. You have an even worse problem with your Muslim invaders than we have here. To say there is no division between white, black, brown, red, etc, is refuted by any normal days news from Europe. Best of luck to you. Thanks for the compliments.

          • Yes we have a lot of problems; but we are starting strong organizations together with the most advanced part of immigrants. Then, the fact we have not widespread detention of guns among population, this also helps. And many knows that those news are often a fear mongering strategy by capitalists’ media to keep european workers subjugated. That worked very well during inner terrorism phase (do you know US-endorsed Gladio plan?) in the ’70s-’80s

        • Excuse me, Orsobubu, but you vile leftists murdered, according to Oxford Univ. Press’ Black Book of Communism, 100 MILLION people last century, and you bring poverty everywhere you go – Zimbabwe, Brazil under Communist Dilma Roussef, Venezuela, Greece, pre-Deng China, the USSR.

          It is precisely YOU leftists – along with your Goldman Sachs cronies like Hilary, George Soros, etc. that are the oppressors. Go away. We don’t need more National Socialist (Nazis) on this site like you

          • The NAZIs were against the communist Goldman Sachs Soros Jews . Hitler threw the Jew bankers out of the country. Then the Jews declared war in 1933 . And Jacob shiff or his descendants and fellow Jews the American Jew bankers gave the Bolshavik Jews all the money they needed to defeat the Germans. They own our media . They tell us about soap and lamp shades and we believe it. Soon we will get what we deserve. The stupid must be culled.?

            • I understand perfectly what you say, but I assure you that the communism you intend is scientifically called “state capitalism”, because in those regimes there were money, wage work, banks, market, etc etc, and -by definition- if you have money, wage work, banks, market,you are in a capitalistic production system. I’m a different type of communist, it is called scientific communism, or dialectical materialism, or leninism. Remember that Stalin killed all bolsheviks one by one. You can search Venus Project to have a naive glimpse of what scientific communism could look like. We are not to be confused with capitalistic globalism you fear (his correct scientific term is “imperialism”). Yes, Lenin himself ordered to kill, but there was a civil war to fight, a unilateral peace act to maintain, and to kick-ass the invaders (all those americans, europeans, japanese etc who wanted to keep fighting the world war) out of the country.

            • excuse me, this was an aswer for TEST

          • TEST

            The very top of the economic ladder are certainly not leftists as they aren’t sharing wealth with anyone. Its fascist at the top. They take what they want and leave some for the masses for pacification. In order to quell rebellion, and enhance control, they use communism to facilitate the distribution of wealth they allocated. The John Birch Society seen this peculiar hybrid merge of capitalism and communism as far back as the late 1950s. They were called crackpots then but anyone not blinded by ideology can see the above is obvious. The bankers, Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Rockefeller’s and later newcomers like Soros are not communists. They developed and funded communism to control the masses below them.

          • excuse me, the answer to Lone wolverine was for you instead

      14. If you are in your car and get caught up in this bull shit, drive slow, push them out of the way, if you go fast and run them over, your car could bottom out and you would be stuck.

        If you get stuck, then have an AR15 with a Battle Vest and 12 thirty round magazines. If they are going to kill you, then take as many with you as you can, they started it, they asked for it, you have done nothing wrong, just driving down the street.

        First thing Monday I am buying more Mags and Ammo!!!

        If your gonna die, go out in a big pile of brass.

        • I use drum mags

      15. Not sure how productive it is to stir the pot on either side. It is certainly a no win situation for all blacks who just want to live their lives and go about their business- and there are plenty of them. And as whites, we have enough racial ambivalence lurking just under the surface, not to be provoked to doing things that come all too naturally. Most whites I know have a “you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone ” mentality. That extends to members of their own race as well. Spats between white neighbors, for example, can get really nasty. But you will never convince anyone with a chip on their shoulder that they should leave well enough alone, or take responsibility for their own actions. This group mentality that is evidenced in these attacks is what the financial supporters of these groups wants… a group of patsies to draw ire and fire. You can visit youtube and see numerous videos of black men explaining why blacks cannot win a race war, one reason being the prevalent “trained” white long gun culture of white males, and the other, numerical disparity. I sincerely think a lot of disgruntled black folks think that white privilege provides whites with an easy, carefree life. Illness, misfortune, family tragedies and bad people happen to those of every background. Does being white help when these things happen? I would posit no… having a little money and community respect helps more. Do bad cops abuse white people too? You bet they do. Even being a famous white person doesn’t guarentee that you won’t get good service medically. Witness Dennis Quaid’s infants being given 1000 times the proper dose of blood thinners. And, I’ll finish by adding that the difference between Sandra Bland and me (having nothing to do with skin color) , has more to do with the fact that I wouldn’t sit in the driver’s seat and argue with the cop like she did, no matter how aggravated I was. Any white woman doing that would have gotten in trouble with that guy as well.

        • Affirmative Action. Those poor, deprived black folk have more rights, and opportunities than us whities.

      16. Something the news media didn’t mention, the cop that shot the black man is also African American. Just read it on Zero Hedge. looks like they are rioting for the hell of it.

        • Remember the looting after the police were acquitted in the Rodney King beating in La? “I’m stealing this TV set in the name of Rodney King”.

          • This was in spite of the LA Tourism Bureau new program : “Come to LA and we’ll treat you like a King”.

        • Yes, but a black officer shooting a black criminal is evidence of the dehumanization of blacks that occurs at all levels of this racist society. The very concept of a police force is symbolic of white oppression and racism, or haven’t you been keeping up with the current philosophy?

          It doesn’t matter what the facts are, we’re going to be told it’s about white privilege and racist police, that’s the agenda and nothing will stand in it’s way, neither facts nor reality.

      17. I say we should give reparations to anyone that can prove they were forced into slavery.

        • Blacks have no morals. African Blacks captured other black tribes and sold their own into slavery for Centuries. Only about 5% of all Blacks taken from Africa came to the US, the rest mainly went to the Caribbean and South America. Of all the Blacks that came to America under slavery, 15% of the slave Owners were Black as well. Any Blacks who don’t like America, are more than welcome to go back to Africa and see if you like it there and try to get your Free Obama Phone.

          If you removed all Blacks from America, crime and murders would drop by 75%, even though the Black Population is only about 17% here in the States. Imagine the cost savings on us working White Tax Payers, getting rid of these criminal savages. Our taxes would be cut drastically. It costs about $75K a year to house a Nigger in Prison, wipe 75% of that cost off the books as well. Since 75% of Black Children grow up Fatherless, because the Black Men don’t care who they impregnate, and abandon their children and family, so the Baby Momma can get more free shit again off of the White tax Payers. The Negro will NEVER assimilate into the American Culture, Sure there are a few, like any exception, but the majority are just Useless Criminal Eaters. I think the only solution we have left is to cull the herd. You Loot We Shoot. Open season, Problem solved.


          • WWTI, spot on. Once again, I say that the FBI and DOJ statistics make it perfectly clear who is responsible for the majority of crime in the US.

      18. They wouldn’t want to try that with me. And especially with my grandkids in the car. Just got an older Crown Vic. Best advice is to stay away from me, my family and my car.

      19. You could take all of the wealth out of the hands of the ✡’s and put it into the hands of the??’ s and in five years it would be back in the hands of the✡’s

        • Matt Bracken Is the MAN

      20. This is a just 5 second blurp. You wanna’ see the real rage? Wait ’til the EBT cards stop working…then you’ll see the rage .

        Thank God most black folks can’t legally buy weapons .

        • “Thank God most black folks can’t legally buy weapons .”

          Since when did legality prevent acquiring weapons? Actually the blacks that can legally purchase weapons are unlikely to be a threat.

          • kevin2, there has been a black market for weapons going way back. The people who get those are the problem.

      21. Its so crazy watching this happen and liberals defending it.

      22. Wisconsin Army National Guard on Standby.

      23. “calls by African Americans to racially segregate whites from blacks”

        … the irony is unbelievable.

        • Wish they’d STFU and do it, already. But if they did that it would be a lot harder to find stuff to steal and white women to violate.

      24. They will riot for any reason. The blacks will lose a race war if they start one. Most of the white guys I know are pissed off and just waiting for any reason to bring out the rope and stomp stupid niggers. damn right white people are priveleged and the police are racists what the hell they gonna do about it.

      25. We are just about at the point where states are going to say F-you to the Feds and Supreme Court.

      26. The FBI is more of an enemy to all Americans then BLM will ever be. The BLM continues to exist because the FBI, Obama, Soros, and the communists want them to exist.The BLM are nothing more than tools.

        The BLM is being used as a tool of distraction to keep people’s minds off the collapsing economy and the criminal Hillary Clinton. The election is coming up and the satanic NWO enemy is going to do everything they can to steal the election for Hillary. James Comey made it clear when he let Hillary off, that the FBI supports tyrants, traitors, and enemies of the Constitution. Don’t let these tyrants distract your minds.

        Be sober-minded. Do not allow yourselves to be caught up in the BLM race war distraction that the MSM also wants us to focus on.

        • Be sober minded – so refreshing to see at least one other person that can see what’s really going down.

          Manipulation of the masses as a means of control. Don’t let yourselves be used as tools of the elite. Step outside the system (& that means home school the impressionable minds of your kids too!. Self-defence if you find yourself in a bad situation is something I’ll always be in support of, letting yourself be drawn into nonsense as a puppet hanging off someone’s else’s strings makes no sense at all.

      27. No multi culture or multi racial nation in all history has survived long if at all. Do you really think we will be any different . They are only 15% of the population now . What do you think it will be like when they are 50 % of the population. Everyone talkes about how terrible a race war would be.I say if we don’t have a race war before they reach 50% of the population. Our nation and our children are doomed. We must finish this now before our dumbed down feminized brainwashed children surrender to be slaughtered. Our stupid brainwashed children believe things are getting better. And we need more tolerance . Tolerate evil and it will turn good. Maybe but what if your wrong . We get tortured to death. Pray for a race war . So we can finish this now.

        • Brazil is multicultural.It’s really nice.Check out the

          • Really nice . Really nice? If your not eating out at the land fill. The poverty is terrible. The robberies murders. Really nice? Compared to what?

          • Brazil is a third world shit hole.

      28. Glad to see BLM doing this, bring it on, alienates more to democrats and increases support for Trump.

        Hope they keep on pushing limits, anywhere and everywhere more outrageous all across the country.

        Where can I send a donation to BLM? (just kidding)

        – Shane

      29. Beating white woman. How brave.

        Touch my wife, you BLM crypto-commies with an IQ of 80, and you will never hurt anyone again.

        And if black lives matter, HOW COME THEY DON’T MATTER ENOUGH FOR THE FATHERS TO STAY AROUND AND RAISE THEM? Where I grew up, black fathers had class, and would kick the azz of any of their sons that did something like this. But that was long ago, as you can tell.

      30. Where are the marchers for these folks???

        7/18- Jimmie Norman, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/18- Terry Taylor, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/17- Cindy Raygoza, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/11- Luis Aguilar, 91 year old hispanic male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/10- Brittany Simpson, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/6- Sarah Goode, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/6- Jeffrey Westerfield, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/5- Perry Renn, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/3- Laurey Kennedy, white female still in coma from beating by black male. No national news.
        7/3 Eric Mollet, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/2 Rupert Anderson, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
        7/2 Jennifer Kingeter, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/30 Jim Brennan, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/29 Paul Shephard, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/27 Shirley Barone, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/27 Penelope Spencer, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/27 Inga Evans, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/26 Jake Rameau, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/25 Gina Burger, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/24 Nathan Dasher, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/22 Jonathan Price, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/20 John Whitmore, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/18 John Yingling, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/17 Allyn Reeves, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/15 Michael Beaver, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/11 Angela Cook, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/11 Nathan Hall, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/7 Harry Briggs, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/5 Laura Bachman, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/2 Robert Mohler, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
        6/1 William Headley, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.

        All this in just 48 days yet no national news. Want to know why?
        Because this happens EVERY single day in America and we are used to it.
        Yet a THUG getting shot by a Police Officer doing his job, 20 minutes after the THUG committed a robbery, makes national news!

      31. Time to get Soros in the pokey for stirring up the primates.

      32. There is a difference between black skinned people and niggers. The black skinned people will be at home with their families after work and we all know where the freeloading niggers will be. Defend yourself

      33. Hillary (and Janet Reno, to name two) have made it very clear that guns will eventually be banned in America. They want to take away our guns and they and the govt will eventually halt the making and selling of ammunition, as well as guns.

        But, Americans collectively own billions of guns and ammunition and are not going to turn them in just because Uncle Sam says so. There will be bloodshed in the streets when our economy implodes and the 2nd Amendment is banned. When people lose everything, they lose it.

      34. My Clip holds 16 rounds, so I figure at close quarters I can really put a dent in their plans to beat Me up!
        ‘Go Ahead, Make My Day!’

        • Do you mean stripper clip? I’ve never seen one hold more than ten rounds. They are used to quickly load a magazine. Maybe you meant “magazine”?

          • Thank you Bob,….I was gonna say it but you beat me to it. While I admire your enthusiasm Whitey,….clips/magazines, there is a difference, please learn.

      35. Something that just accured to me . With all the hair straitaner that must be being used. Why don’t we see commercials on TV for it . And I don’t see it on the shelves in the store. WHY? I haven’t seen a black woman that didn’t have straight hair in forever. WHY? We are being manipulated buy the group of people that own the media . WHY? Do black people want to have white looking straight hair? We’re do they buy the stuff. And how is it used. What is it called. Why do we not know this? They must be selling tons of it . Let’s ask Beyoncé . Or Oprah . They should know.

        • LOL, I know right. Although Lone it’s probably cause you’re not watching the BET network, maybe the commercials are on there.

          I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and all blacks had fro’s. The hair follicles are just made that way, why don’t they like their natural look ??

      36. I don’t falt blacks,Hispanics , or Asians . For their allegence to their race . I would think them stupid if they didn’t. We all can see what’s coming. And it won’t be pretty. And the race traitors on every side will get the worse. When worlds collide. We have borders that separated us for good reason. And all the good intentions have paved a road to hell. And we are going around the first bend. Heading for the dead end. I think we all knew it would happen eventually. And now we’re there. We messed with Mother Nature . Or human nature. And now we will pay the price.

      37. Go Read: Latest article by “Tom DeWeese” at newswithviews dot com website.

        He explains how litterally EVERY county govnt boards in usa has taken usa fed HUD Cash Grants.

        Cash Grants to Develope/Refurbish/build brand new/ Minority Housings within WHITE zones and primarily within RURAL white townships and cities and neighborhoods.

        So that “oppressed” downtrodden underprivilidged savage blacks and illeagle mexicans and probably also muslim refugees too, can Now soon be YOUR new neighbors!

        This is a long term agenda and hobammy WITH Hillary have been semi-secretly building the agendas, policies, state dept and HUD dept entities to Study the last general usa census numbers to locate all white communities, and pick and choose which are to harbor these new savage neighbors.

        These HUD Cash Grants have specific details and Rules attached so that ONLY colored minorities will recieve much assistance with down payments, closeing fees/costs, LOWER 30 year mortgage rates than anybody else can ever get!

        And overall make all of the past 50 years worth of similar/same type cash help to minorites Pale in comparison….This will be more like LBJ’s New Greater Society agendas on Massive doses of Steroids!

        Agenda number one is not to assist minorities…But Rather to flood white areas with non whiteys as fast as possible and as much as possible so to Dilute and ruin all white areas.

        The HUD and State dept’s officials have many great sounding terms and wordings to make it all osund so damn swell and so much needed.

        But bottom line this agenda is the worst you ever seen yet in usa, and is mainly designed to Wreck and Ruin for good every american neighborhood and area, especially Rural areas in such a way as they can never again return to normal let alone return to a white area again.

        It IS a Reverse Racism by Grand scheme design period.

        Those at HUD have already brought on board Banks and Mortgage loan companies etc and have funded them with Plenty already, with more cash avail. as needed.

        if you ever thought the past 50 yrs of every possible welfare perk and housing perk and job inititives and black hireing quotas aka affirmative action programs were bad?…Fasten yer seatbelts for You have seen nothing yet!

        Already plans are well far along and gaining speed as I type…Very very soon Your whitey areas and rural white villages and townships are going to get totally flooded with ONLY Non whiteys.

        This is going to trash already lower home prices, wreck once clean and Safe areas,and spread what can only be called a national Disease of Savage blacks and various Other un-assimible minorities into every single white area bar none. It may/probably start out small and barely seem as a problem at first…But Count on it to spread Fast and Grow huge asap quick once begun.

        Like a fast spreading cancer disease…Former/current all white peacefull safe lovely white rural areas are going to turn into War zones with nothing You can do about it short of all out Counter war measures.

        However keep in mind that in ANY and ALL confrontations between white folk Vs Savage black and browns…You if white are pre determined to Lose! and Lose Big!

        Whitey will go to Jail, HUD will confiscate whiteys house and possesions and Give it away to yet more savage blacks or browns so that even more non whites invade such white zone areas. Untill every area that Now contains – You Such Privilidged Whiteys- will become a Minority of whites within said areas….This IS an Entirely Nationwide Agenda and litterally EVERY County, all aprox 3,050+ usa counties have already Accepted cash housing Grants from HUD with more to come as needed.

        There is NO longer such a thing as “oh but My all white county and board officials wont ever do that as we know of it and eject it etc”….NO…WRONG answer pal.

        Every usa county has officials on the proverbial Take now bar none, even Yours!…There are none that aint bribed.

        Home values will drop like a rock while property taxes climb to keep supporting non worker savage lazy ass apelike city wreckers…HUD et al Always once initial cash grant is spent dry forces communities to Pony Up from then on!

        Thats when your county officials will cry that “We never knew in advance that You whiteys would need pay differences once HUD cash ran dry folks! so Sorry but we just Must raise property taxes and keep raising taxes each year we have a deficit”.

        And Of Course every year will show tax cash deficits Via more and more usless and worhless savage monkeys being invaded into Your white areas and lovely rural towns.

        And forget further “white flight” as there is simply NO where left for us to flight away to any longer folks.

        Many of Us are already with our Backs up against the Canadian Border almost!…Flight? To Where?

        The Only option left will be to Dig heals in deep and solid, arm up, and prepare for their onslaught of savagery and such crime ridden towns that unless You have prior Detroit or similar lifestyle experiences as I have had?…Your heads shall spin once you see Up close and very personal just how worthless and dammageing such savages can be and are.

        NO good can nor will come of this latest HUD swindle to destroy whats left of usa whiteys period.

        READ that guys article on it! Plus he has ammased aprox 100+ articles on these issues as well as faked global warming agenda 21 crap and UN agenda 21 issues etc too.

        He can fast wize folks up better than 20 yrs of free college courses could ever do.

        Tom DeWeese Is Americas Foremost Expert on these issues.

        Read him and Learn before such info becomes taboo forbidden.

        • Them Guys:

          Read the article.

          In Northern California, my home at that time was in a suburb. People talking politics got little reaction, action, out of me. Then one day a nice whit lady came by and invited me to a meeting for city planning. This woman, who lived close by, was horrified that the city was trying to get zoning laws changed in order to build large apartments (projects). These several story high buildings designated for low income (welfare) housing were illegal in our city. For the first time, I attended this meeting. I have since relocated but have family still there. It is a steady slide down hill. The people here at SHTF would be better off getting off their butts and getting into those meetings of your local city planners. While you’re locking and loading, the real action is occurring at the City Planner meetings where zoning laws are overturned.


          • B from CA: Yep you are spot on correct. And I have already made my mind up that if my area goes Darkie?

            I am GONE ASAP!…I have now lived here in northern Mich aprox 200 miles north of former residence in Detriot and its close areas to destroit, for 21 years! It is The Longest ever I have lived at same location prior.

            I been here Twice as long as ANY other home I lived in since my Birth!

            BUT…if circumstances warrent it?…I shall Move Out even it it means I must live in a fifth wheel trailer so to be able to Move it as neecessary when the next area goes darkie…And it will! if current HUD agenda plans occure, and I see No valid good reason it will not happen as planned, I may need to move several more times before I check out of this lifetime. Well even though that will fully ruin and wreck my current/long term status FICO score of 827 to 837 scores for Years now.

            And even if I leave my unpaid home mortgage behind and wreck all credit forms I now have…oh well so be it!

            I FLAT OUT Refuse to ever again live within 100+ miles of negroes and illeagle third world mexicans etc.

            I simply Have Had it period…100% Fed Up and now have Very very little left to lose…And if things continue as they are now or worsen which is very likley at this point.

            I predict an whole slew of usa white folks are going to put aside their long held forms of Ethics and Morals and go off the reservation like nobodys ever yet seen in all recorded history!

            ALL of these marxist jewdeo kommies, gun banners, tree huggers and apelike savages along with all of the white folks that caters to and constantly excuses their bad actions of both jewdeo bolshevik kommies and savage blacks and browns alike…

            BETER Wake Up asap Fast and LEARN from past History that…While savage blacks and browns usually ruin and riot and wreck Cities, and while jewdeo kommies and marxists ruin and wreck entire nations/govnts…

            When WHITEY gets fed up enough to ACT…Look the fuck Out assholes for when whiteys gets angry enough to act and respond back…ENTIRE Continents gets destroyed and BURN totally down!

            They know Not what they are fuckin with eh.

            And all/any here that feel so compelled to always tell us a nice sounding anecdote story on how swell some negroe they work with acts, or how their jewish neighbor always smiles and waves hello as he mows his lawn etc…Well gee I am really Impressed! impressed that it took you just a lifetime at same job to locate one or Two so called Good ones! Perhaps if you live long enough you shall find a couple More so called good ones!

            But real and Honest folk aint going to measure if one is good or bad based on how nice thay act at work or as a close neighbor or if they attend city school pta’s or shop same grocery stores you shop at.

            Even bad actors like every known bad guy in history you Can find some good they did also…SO WHAT!?

            That adds up to ZERO to determine whos whom. All who defend and support Our internal enemys regardless of race or religion etc…they too are IN that BAD Camp like it or not period end of it.

            The real determination is based upon are they Righteous or Not?…And sorry to burst touchy feely bubbles for some folks but if Your Pet “Others” defend and support bad actors simply due to they are same religion or race or creed?…Then they ARE Bad too.

            make proper choices since most folks becomes like them what they hangs out with…and once the Fur flys, no sane folk are going to stop the action to inquire of a percieved enemys religious bent or racial makeup.

            Nor ask of their political agendas or ideals.

            And that is Precicely why NO blacks Vs White race war can succed for blacks…Because once that fur flys, they All look remarkably close to Same to us and in such senarios it shall be the order of the day that “Black N’ Brown? Gets taken DOWN!” Along with all their duped whitey defenders and fellow travelers. Yes too bad for some..but thats what IT IS and it is what It Is period.

            remember..WE the white folk didn’t create this problem…

            Remember we whites since first Jobs and paid taxes at ages of 14 yrs old for many of us…Have Paid Half our pays each week to FUND savages too many perk programs.

            Have FED savages here and globally!

            Have done just about ALL we could to make up for shortages due to Past grievinces etc too even though We Had ZERO to do with such Past events like slavery etc.

            But we aint doing it No More.

            Not for a bunch of Inbred-Ingrates that refuse to acknowledge that They never Had it so damn swell as in White America thanks to Whiteys.

            this will be historically recorded as the worst ever huge mistake made by savage blacks and brown illeagle mexicans and whoever else sides with them.

            only Most wont live long enough to read that new history book since they made so bad a mistake as race war against fed up whitey.

            And Yes yes I am well aware a few whiteys here prior admitted to they have afrcian blacks in Their own familys dna and close relatives etc…Well Thats Your problem!

            Don’t expect many whiteys to maintain top respect for such wrong bad bed mate choices your family made eh.

            Maybe You feel compelled to stand with savages or always rise to their defense?…Good for You! but I sure will Not.

            Thats real reality like it or not.

            The only thing worse than a nation Traitor has to be a race traitor eh…so why continue on That path any longer due to siblings bad choices or whatever.

            It sure aint going to be like every Hollywood Movie or some jewish scripted Holohoax event movie they create yearly…Sad violins in background and all!

            some shall See the Light once They Feel the Heat eh?

            • Them Guys:

              I don’t know how my money would stretch or compact, very little, if I went to Russia. Do you know??


              • B from CA: no I do not know about that usa vs russia money issue. But I have read a few good expose articles on how many many EU and USA folk have gone to live in russia over the past decade or two decades maybe.

                A few info articles interviewed Both EU nation and USA farmers and rancher folks as well as typical other type job workers etc too.

                Everyone stated they really liked russia alot. But they also freely admitted that even though Putin has done wonders on changeing many bad former soviet kommie laws or rules etc. And that he also booted out many jewish bolshevik kommies the likes of a G. Soros type.

                But they say putin still has a ways yet to go to fully repair all former kommie dammages done in past era.

                Basically their main complaints sounds alot like usa farmer complaints and all typical small to medium sized buisness owners. That being that like usa russias fed govnt still has far too many hinderances and goofy ignorant rules or laws that serve only to stiffle commerce and make doing daily buisness work or actions more difficult.

                However the same folks there also stated they have far greater high hopes that very soon Putin and all the new type peoples he got placed into power in govnt positions are going to keep at it and quickly finish fixing what 75 yrs of jewish bolshevik kommie rulers fucked up Royally!

                Bottom line is that same as termites or rats or cockroaches…we the peoples and the entire nation at every level Must boot out EVERY bolshevik and zio jewdeo kommie period.

                For same as termites that creep in in secret, then enlarge the tiny crack in foundation or wall they first entered in by so to allow greater numbers of ternites to also gain entrance….And then said termites silently go to work 24/7 eating away at the entire national foundations untill nothings left to hold it together…Then one day soon a wind blows across the land and everything Collapses into dust or rust.

                This termite anology best describes what any and every nation and peoples can expect if stupid enough to allow bolshie or zio jewry to infiltrate and gain any size foothold…And it is a very Long timed process…Usually takes total of 200 years from when first termite zios arrived, Un invited and UN announced…..Untill first 100 yrs they bring in even More of the tribe, gain positions of all what matters most in govnt and society and banks and medias of information aka TV-newspapers-Radio etc etc.

                Then for next 100 yrs they fully rape and wreck and ruin whatever nation is unfortunate enough to harbor such termite like peoples.

                So as long as Russia keeps replaceing them with real white russians and christians it soon should get back to normal and be more like Older america was when we were small kids eh.

                land wize-peoples wize-Religious wize and Whitey european wize USA and Russia have far more in common and to share with each other than probably all other nations combined does.

                Especially their Land mass! THREE times larger than entire USA! With basically exact same many many vast resources etc. AND Unlike Wall street zio kommie greed in usa and facsist usa fed govnt tactics to stiffle all but the wall street jewry crowd and their sold out to Us shabozz goy crooked pols in BOTH parties…

                putin is makeing good use of russian vast resources, created great pay jobs and basically it looks to me as if russia Vs america has made a full 180 degree turn around where Now usa is what soviet jewdeo bolshevik kommie ruled russia Used to be! And russia Now Is how usa used to be when it was Great!

                plus while yes many different ethnic groups live there and many religions are accepted and exist…Russias Main number one religion same as usa, was and will always remain to be Orthodox Christian period.

                If I recall correct russia has aprox 84 to 86% POP is White and Most are christian same as usa used to be.

                So I highly doubt ANY other form religion or other than white race is going to replace whiteys in russia as main group any time soon.

                Too bad america refuses to come to her senses eh?

                But unlike russians which Knew their main top problem was a jewish problem, same as germans Knew it back during 1920’s and 1930’s eras….Todays americans either do Not know true reality of this factor or are unwilling to simply ADMIT IT already! And like I said prior many times now…NO real fixes for usa can ever happen unless and untill those 60+ million jew/israel Firsters of mainly white evangelicals in usa finally see it and Admit to it and Change their warped falshood ideas and belifs regarding americans jewish problem.

                It aint like history dont provide tons of proof evidence eh? 109 Prior Host nations cannot all been wrong correct?

                But the super-Glue like Hold apostate pastors maintain on said 60+ Million duped and foolish wrong headed folks has caused much problems and I see no good changes comming anytime soon.

                If I were younger and had zero health problems? I definatly would seriously consider a trial 6 mo to one year Move to russia to check it all out and see if can start a self owned buisness or whatever.

                I think so far it is at least 10,000 combo of eu and usa folk that Have already made that move and gone to russia to live for good and do swell and better than compared to eu or usa…And I see zero reasons to doubt they are being 100% Honest in all evaluations as stated.

                I really would prefer to see america get Back to greatness and prosperity and whitey rulership again though! But at age 63+ soon to be 64 yrs old, and still Fighting Bladder Cancer for 2.5 yrs now…

                Well My days of prosperity and futures concerns of jobs etc are finsihed and I accept retired life so oh well right…Others younger deserve a better chance though and for That yes I will stand and fight if need be!

                Many of Us childless guys are willing to stand and Fight while most Parents and grandparents aint willing to see truth and know Not whom or what internal enemys really are eh B/CA?…Ironic aint it?

                I rekon if we without any kids Wins it, them fools kids and grandkids will Thank Us while at same time Curseing own grandparents and parents for being stuborn Refusniks!

      38. Word has it that Chicago is next. 150,000 gang members against 13,000 cops. Gangs are giving each other weapons and setting up snipers. That is a recipe for disaster and would require the whole state to send in its National Guard.

        • The gangs won’t last long, there’s a real downside to being on the wrong end of the phrase ‘target-rich environment’.

          • This shows the organizational difference between “The Outfit” of Capone and its federation of gangs and black gangs who like the gangs of old made money in illegal activities. The “Outfit” paid off anyone of importance and understood that respectable appearance was important as opposed to gross lawlessness for no gain. The ethnic groups in true organized crime in Chicago, Italian , Jewish, Pole and Irish had many of their people climb the ranks of real respectability not involved in crime through hard work and education. This social climb has largely eluded back society. To sum up blacks can’t even organize crime effectively in an area that has a long traditional history with it. The root cause is a lack of discipline.

            • Kevin2:

              “The root cause is a lack of discipline.”

              No, I don’t think so. It is an important contributing factor. Other factors are inherited traits in Africans vs inherited traits in Europeans. Cultural differences. Village vs familial. European homes often sheltered extended families for centuries. And there are IQ differences. This controversy has legs but the reality will be denied because sometimes the truth hurts. Most blacks are not smart. There are a few but most are dull at best. Even those who seem to be bright usually just have good memories. You can teach them and they learn quickly but even the college graduates lack intellectual depth. The most critical aspect of ascendency from crime family to respectability is that originally criminal families worked within their own ethical boundaries. These boundaries were the result of conscience, intelligence, and discipline with restraint. Blacks are lacking in every aspect. They can not control their emotions. They are impulsive. Don’t get the Black kids angry, they’ll kill you for fifty bucks or for any stupid reason.


              • There may be a host of reasons but I believe most is cultural. Regardless they can’t even get organized crime right. I’ve worked with smart black guys and I’m convinced the greatest aspect is cultural. Generally we had people with good work ethics regardless of race / ethnicity. The few black guys I knew that had an intellectual bent, avid readers, were despairingly talked about by other black guys. Being able to fight, physical power, was looked at approvingly. When you hear a 40 year old, with family, talking about someone stating, “That MF can woop some ass”, it speaks volumes. Some other guy, sharp with investments is looked upon as, “a pussy”. Its socially immature and convoluted. Their culture is like cancer. In that regard its also prone to spread into youthful white society.

                • Kevin2:

                  Yes. I agree. Attitudes and behaviors have spread into white society, and not to the advantage of white youth. I worked with mostly Blacks for a long time. Some of the cultural differences are so subtle you get knocked off guard by them. What is most pervasive is the underlying hostility that is under the skin of virtually all, even the smart ones. Victimization is learned and it is almost impossible to overcome if your entire race has embraced it as the Blacks have. Organizational skills come from years of evolving in harsh climates. Snow and ice force people to plan and work cohesively. These traits eventually wind up becoming dominant in societies over thousands of years, it winds up in the DNA. Like the old argument; is it nature or nurture, I guess the jury is still out.


        • Those gangs wouldn’t stand a chance.. couple f16 and a few marines and u will watch them run like scared kids they are… nobody scared of gangs let the marines have a chance. This is to any blm terrorist and gang f#%*… we the marines are watching and praying we get a go ahead to come in and wreck your domestic terrorist worlds. Time you get taught a lesson of what war with a country is… blm , majority of America is against you!! Ur racist ass hate group that nobody cares about. The country finished giving handouts.

      39. Obama brought this violence on, to further his revolutionary agenda.

        It’s just going to get Trump elected, does anyone in their right mind think Hillary can handle this? She’ll just be looking for the producer of a video to blame and arrest.

        • Yes and Hillary can Always Count on say, Rita Katz of fox tv and former ex Mossad agent whom owns her own website that has manufactured most every video that neocons and lib dems have then used to promote anti-terrorist and more mid east Wars with. Can’t for certain recall Rita Katz’s website now? Think its called “SITE: dot com” or close to that.

          Rita has been a regular at fox tv a long while now..And as far as an “EX Mossad” agent” Hah! that’ll be the day eh!

          There also exists a few more same as rita katz at fox and cnn etc…with far too many to count or list here within usa state dept and whitehouse staff advisories etc.

          ALL has one in common factor: They All always do their abject best efforts at useing america and many duped american folk to further their evil zio goals.

          so Yes indeed! Count on Hillary makeing good use of their assistance be it videos or “white papers” or full blown AIPAC-ADL-PNAC materials and talker points.

          Who do ya think Writes Most polititions “Tele-Prompter” speeches eh?

      40. Many yrs ago, I talked with a guy from Detroit Mi about the race riots of the mid 60’s. His house and neighborhood was only a few blocks from the main riot area, but they didn’t have any trouble there,but some other streets and neighborhoods did have a lot of damage done. He said thought the main reason for that was every house on his street and block had a firearm within easy reach, shotguns, rifles, handguns. Locked and loaded ready to go. And everybody that lived there was veteran, ww2 and Korea.

      41. Question to everyone saying they will just step on the gas. What if you are blocked in or stuck in traffic?

        • Good question. That’s the reason you leave nearly a car length in front of you at a stop sign or light, and keep to the lane with an emergency lane on the side, so you can get out of the way of stuff. Ever see a cop at a stop light? That’s exactly why they leave the maneuvering space, so they can get out if they have to.

          Keeping your eyes and ears open when in the central core of the city instead of futzing with your IPhone is the other thing. Turn your music off and put the news reports on for the next twenty minutes, find out where you shouldn’t drive.

          Take another street to get out of the area. You could have been just a block or two from the commotion shown in the videos above and probably not seen a soul bent on mischief.

        • Then out comes my 45 and OK Corral starts, EVERYBODY dies of something.

        • Eric,
          Wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of gorgeous pitbulls in the back seat at a time like that. Also a big can of hairspray and diamond matches would keep the rabids at bay. Maybe even hornet spray.

      42. George Soros is a terrorist working for the interests of the Rothschilds banking criminals and owners of the illegitimate so called “State of Isreal” which in reality is no more than land stolen from its rightful owners. If these black stooges for their J*w owners keep messing with the American white man, there is going to be a real holocaust starting with rich instigators of the j*w like Soros, the NY “Businessmen”, the media whores, the Banking Cartel. There will be a cleansing race war and it won’t be limited to killing negroes. That’s a prediction based on the facts of the matter, not some wild idiotic rambling racist, just cool logic and simple observation. The J*w extremists are biting off more than they can chew and it’s going to bite them back.


        • B from CA: You Forgot to also Include every of the far Too Many usa apostate preachers and pastors that constantly promote and defend all issues israel state and whatever is done regardless of how evil or wrong or bad gets done as long as done by some zios or bolsheviks.

          I Rank the traitors list as: #1 Banksters and Soros types of zio zog.

          #2 Shabozz goyim gentiles- and dual citizen israel/usa polititions.

          #3 USA and EU nations as well as “Most” globally of every form- News medias. TV-magazines-newspapers-Hollowood-most websites with Huge name recognition- etc.

          #4 USA Apostate israel/jewdeo/firsters pastors and their church memberships, be they duped unwitting fools or not.

          Today and for at least Past 10-15 Years now there is simply ZERO excuses left for anyone to remain duped and dumbed down or unwitting actors period. Anyone can learn and locate facts and truth enough to last ten lifetimes of research readings on virtually Every possible issue and swindle and scam and all else important that has created this mess and the perps behind it all!

          No excuses any longer to not know truth. That applies Doubly so for so called christians since one thing said by Christ Most often was to “Know the Truth and set self free”! yet far too many still do all in their power to reject such factual truths available today. NO excuses left!

      43. I’d bet the 2nd amendment is looking kinda good to those cali folks just about now.

      44. Where my boy Don Lemon when we need him? Hiding in the wood pile?

        • Lol

      45. Everyone,prepare for war but be peaceful. Let not Obamanoid become a (dickteater). If attacked by all means defend yourself until the threat is eliminated. But do not give Odumber an excuse to implement martial law. That’s what they are trying to do. I have read articles on this and even the DOJ is involved. I have said many of the same thing,if I was attacked in that fashion, I would cut the wheel to one side and punch it while firing a Glock 9mm with a 33rnd mag out the window of my 4×4 and laugh (8 pack of 33rnd mags in a commando pouch). Wrong person to mess with. But let’s not give an excuse for martial law.

      46. Your problem is not the blacks it’s the bankers and the police state and who can blame the blacks for shooting back when most of them that get killed by the police were no threat to anyone.

        Just because the police said he had a gun does not make it true, they lie all the time and are not to be trusted.

        When police start shooting for no good reason it’s time to shoot back and that works for both blacks and white unless you want to become like the native americans and to be wiped out.

        • Just because your typing does not mean you know what your talking about. Can you say DUMB A$$

        • Who’d wanna be a friggin’ pig when this shit is going down?
          Cops well earn their pay at such a time as this.

          Fuck the BLM TRASH, try behaving yourselves you dumbass black pricks… Y’all totally embarrassing to your race and you’re gonna end up proper dead for fuck all.
          NOT WORTH IT.

          • No the cops won’t be earning there pay and will be getting what is known as blow-back and you seem to forget that they have been killing and pushing whites around too.

            You know yourself that was you and Mr Black to get into a street fight then the police would be knocking your door to arrest you and not Mr Black so stop kissing up to the cops as if they are friends of yours.

            FYI: i’m white and on the right and have the brains to see that we are being played by the bankers who are nothing more than modern day slave masters and this is why the country keeps getting flooded with cheap immigrant labour

        • Mr Smith your entitled to your opinion. However blacks cause problems almost everywhere & everytime they congerate. More blacks kill and commit crimson each other than all the other races combined. And these guys where fleeing. They where lawbreakers with lengthly records. And it was a black cop who shot and killed the perp. So the blacks protest by chimping out loot and burn someone else,s property and attack innocent white motorist. I don’t like cops. In fact I wish the citizens had a free hand. You can safely bet there are many of us that would kill that entire mob of looters. Kill them all and let god sort them out.

          • Yes agree they do make a lot more trouble than white debt slaves because they are not happying being forced to play in the white mans game.

            The native americans were the same too and lots of whites are starting to see that the debt-slave, arse kissing game is not worth the carrot

            Everyman has a right to defend himself even if you don’t like them and the point has come where cops are killing people and being allowed to get away with murder and i stand agains that

        • Hate to burst your little fantasy bubble, Mr. Smith, but the gun you claim the police are lying about is on video, quite clearly.

      47. Anyone . Who enforces an unconstitutional law is a traitor . And traitors get executed. Plain and simple.

      48. Lt. Steve Anderson of the NYPD. Testified in open court . Police routinely plant evidence on people to get convictions and promotions. Never consent to a search.and get a hidden camera.

      49. This site used to be of some use. It had itself a collection of people who knew things and shared them. Even bartered those said knowledge for other people’s knowledge to fortify their own in order to be more prepared for the event the shit does hit the fan. Now, coming back here, it is filled with angry insecure white boys longing for the good ol days of white everything. Sadly, the quiet ones who scroll through these pages already know what most of you haven’t been able to grasp or just simply refuse to acknowledge. You failed. Your fathers failed. It will not be the America of yesterday anymore. Your businesses have been taken from you. Distributed piece by piece to the highest foreign bidder. Your land is being bought by the Chinese. Street by street….. block by block. Mexican have crept in to Middle America’s nook and cranny and have slowly and surely taken jobs away from you. Walk in to any hospital and the work force is a United Nations of Indian doctors and Filipino Nurses. The most you love to hate. The Blacks. Those Negroes. They are slowly turning your limp wristed sons in to Wiggers. Your daughters dance like them, talk like them and whisper to each other how they lust for what’s under those sagging pants. Soon you blond and blue eyed will just be different shades of brown. You failed. Your loud mouthed threats about your big guns and your big trucks and your power mean nothing anymore without your children to upheld your ideals. Some will succeed, but most will be indoctrinated. Soon you will all just be ghosts of the past. Just another cautionary tale of an empire that burnt to the ground.

        • CUNT.

        • The fellows who don’t openly brag or discuss their “big guns” may be the ones who will suprise us. Yes, some white women marry blacks. But, black women also marry whites.
          Failure? Yes we have, but not everybody.
          Many have pushed God put of their lives and mock those who believe with acidic verbal attacks.
          It’s a guess there is a remnant of God fearing folk across the land. They are likely the reason america still exists.

        • Lefty:

          There is a lot of truth in what you said, but, and this is a big but, it ain’t over yet. White men have given in to all the other Nations out of an honest desire to do what is right. White men fought in two world wars because they thought it was the right thing to do. They risked life and limb in Vietnam and Irac. Now, they find out it was all a scam. The J*ws dreamed it up to get control of land and oil, to rule the world, and to replace the white man as the power on planet earth. Yes, much has changed. But you fail to recognize the young white men who are not burdened with a need to do what is right through sacrificing his own people for the benefit of the others of the human race. The white man is rising out of the ashes like a Phoenix.


        • We’ve failed leftist troll . We could wipe out you brown rats in 30 days. We could exterminate everyone of you. But we don’t . Why . Because we think we are civilized. Unlike you talking about turning the whole world into a third world brown shit hole. Name one country run by you brown rats that isn’t . Why don’t you go live in a brown country? You can have all the ugly white stupid pigs you want . We need to get rid of them. Take two . You shit skins are the ugliest people on the planet . Even if you straighten your hair. We let you in to escape a third world shit hole . And this is how you repay us ? Well that shit is just about over shit skin. Take your brown ass back to the third world. We don’t need you.

        • The penalty for complicity in genocide is death by hanging.

        • Leftist troll. Your name is PEFRECT. You can still go f#$% yourself and move your ass on.

      50. I guess if you want to know what a nigger looks like there ya go. I will say this we stopped the cycle of my family being a part of the klan back in the 70s ,but if these degenerates want to get froggy we are gonna rise again they really need to go to their grandparents and ask em about the white dragon and why its not a good idea to wake it. My backyard actually still has a live 175+ yr old pecan tree the community used to hang folks, the hanging branch can still hold weight so act right or youll be swinging from it like your ancestors.

      51. A Lot of what acid itch is saying is actually true..the sickening truth..history keeps repeating itself..


        • You stay safe friend… Guard that dear lady friend of yours from the dark masses.

          Make every bullet count… They’ve brought it upon themselves.


      52. Not as much entertainment in Milwaukee last night.

        The New Black Panther’s were sitting around the table discussing what to do in the days to come.

        • Anon:

          The “New” Black Panthers, not to be confused with the “Old” Black Panthers, are sitting around discussing what to do next.

          Imagine white people have disappeared off the face of the earth. Puff. Gone. So, now what to do. Do blacks think they will automatically become the unchallenged world leaders? Will the Asians and Latins roll over for them. Will the Chinese put up with rioting?? Will the Latins give them Welfare and food stamps/EBT?? Will the Blacks in Africa embrace them, or will they want control since they have billions of people and you are desendents of unwanted Africans. My guess is that your ancestors were criminal trouble makers the other Africans were more than willing to get rid of. Slavery was probably a gift to Africa. They were probably laughing their black asses off knowing what a bunch of good for nothing criminals the white men were getting.

          I have a suggestion. How about they go to work. Take care of their brats. And leave the rest of us alone.


      53. You Black folks that are advocating for a race war, should consider three major negatives.
        1) You are out gunned.
        2) You are out trained
        3) You are out numbered.
        I would add that “White America”, is rapidly running out of patients, and restraint. If ” Black fatigue ” ever morphs into “White rage”, there is no good outcome for you.

      54. B from CA

        This is what I see.

        People buying large capacity magazines and ammo, rifle and pistol. Some are buying soft body armor and ballistic plates. There is very little military web gear such as LC2 vests, MOLLE and Alice/ LBE at the flea markets. Kevlar Helmets that once were plentiful are now scarce. Army/Navy surplus stores are doing good business.

        This is in my AO.

        • Anon,
          I see the same thing happening here, too. I’m south of Mordor, so if any garbage starts, it may infiltrate itself down here. Of course, I saw (no link)an article whereby the sister of the dead black man that got shot in Milwaukee was calling out for going to other neighborhoods and burning down and taking their stuff. OK. If that’s what you really want, sister – then go on ahead and do it. Bring plenty of black Hefty Bags with you. The size that holds up to 55 gallons of bulls**t.
          I bought a set of plates and a carrier to work with them, shooter cut for the front and squared for the rear. Not ceramic, but steel. Heavy, yes. I know that the police are not going to be able to help out, and the E911 system will be jammed up. As Sgt. Dale states, aim small, miss small.
          Be well.

          • Cat Herder.

            I put together eight ALICE Fighting Load rigs, including helmets. They are in containers ready to go.
            I figure it may help security if people can carry some extra ammo and water. Don’t have much hope in passing them out should things go south. Have to see who stays alive, including myself.
            One thing for sure is that many people are going to be on one mean learning curve and I don’t have the time to train or pass on information.

        • Anon, same thing happening in my area. Only one military surplus store in my area and they’re also doing more business than usual.

      55. Scary stuff folks. Upon hearing the rioters chanting ‘Black Power’, I was immediately reminded of Nazi hoards chanting “Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!”

        Stay safe out there folks.

        • Yes we defeated the terrible NAZIs. And helped the Bolshavik Jews enslave half of Europe. But didn’t we start the war to free Poland . Then why did we give Poland to the communists? Because it’s all lies moron. We destroyed Germany so we could buy it up pennies on the dollar then get the desperate German survivors to rebuild it for next to nothing. The bottom line is we helped the Bolshavik communist Jews enslave half of Europe. Deny that. The stupid gullible masses deserve what they get . And look what we have . Look what our brave victors have given us . A world controlled by the very people Hitler was fighting . The communists and the international bankers. The Bolshavic Jews . When the people of the world find out how theve been lied to and manipulated. It’s game over.

      56. monkeys being monkeys big surprise.

      57. What happened in Milwaukee, has let the cat out of the bag. That is, Black on White crime. It has surpassed Police Brutality on blacks. Those protesting have lost credibility. A wrong cause that supports crime. They also have lost support of their cause by white people that may have been sympathetic to join in their street marches.
        Combine this with Knock Out Whitey and every white person will arm up if there is a protest in their area.

        I will be sure to do it now.

        Another poster, Justin, mentioned the killings of whites by black. Where is the outrage. I do not see Rangel, Jackson, Sharpton, Farakhan, Oprah, or Obama trying to stop it. Is it because it could be Bad for business. THEIR type of RACE HATE business.

        In the end whites will have to fight off Latinos, Arabs and Blacks or perish.

        Gonna Get Wild!

        Prep for War.

        • These BLM and similar dummies have and are also losing the support of their own people, there are many very intelligent educated respectable black folks who want this trash as far away from them as possible, unlike the POTUS some folks are capable of seeing the truth.

        • Yeppers. Forget Argentina or Brazil, Venezuela and the like.

          ALL EYES TO THE NORTH as this bullshit is going to scream through the internet until all cities of prominent black numbers will erupt in destruction. I’d love to see them set a few buildings a’fire inside The Beltway (do any of them burn)?

          Hey, I know! Let’s go burn down where we shop for food, cuz he’s always cheapest! And burn the gas station too so that we can’t drives nothing at all, not evens buys gasolines. Eyah…

      58. It’s Obama’s new domestic army. Remember? He said he wanted one. Obama was raised a Muslim in Kenya and Indonesia. He sat in the not so Rev. Wrights church of “hate whitey”, in Chicago, for 20 years. Remember? Obama said, when he was in school, he sought out other communists to hang out with. Start remembering. Obama actually gave a speech to the New Black Panther Party once. The NBPP is a violent black racist cult. They encourage the killing of white babies. He’s your president. This is what your government has become. You can’t hide.

      59. Come to my community, threaten US White Americans, you will be leaving my community in a “body bag”. I am sick of all those “black lives matter communists”, who want a race war, want to divide America. But,it has come to their wanting, it to be US vs Them The “black lives matter communist, don’t want a UNITED AMERICA, and this sort of action by them,(threats, burning businesses, assaults, against white people, gets US to where we are now. Yes, this is scary stuff, and yes “black lives matter communist’s” are itching for a fight against WHITE AMERICA, well “black lives matter communists”, you best choose you’re battles wisely, cause “what yah gonna do, when armed America takes on you. Hey “black lives matter communists”, help your people thru education, positive attitude, build your neighborhoods, don’t burn them down. And, how about blaming yourselves for putting yourselves in the position you are in. Like I mentioned, don’t come my community with your anger and hate!

      60. Arm yourself shoot to kill anyone that tries t hurt you, kill you, or damage your property. All lives matter.

      61. The Real Hobammy question is: Which had MORE lasting Influence on him? His first 5 years of life with muslim fahter upbringing?

        OR…The Entire rest of his life and especially those “Wonder Bread Years” of ages 12 to 18 yrs old when hobbamys jewish mother and grandparents aka also full blown kommies finsihed what dad began?

        Recall also his very First two Top whitehouse aide advisors staffers were two marxist kommie jewish guys.

        One is Now chicagos mayor Rham Emanual aka also went to Israel and joined and killed for IDF army two yrs service. Killing innocent palestinian kiddies etc.

        The Other was David Axelrod aka total Bolshevik leftist marxist kommie jewish guy and also Great Grandson of the Orig Leon Trotsky aka Lieb Bronstien aka top General of soviet Red army kommie forces during reign of Lennin when all that mass murderous kommie stuff first began its evil reign of terror.

        So…Which influenced hobammy greater eh? Just based upon the vast legions of actual marxist kommie jewdeo polititions and political appointees he is always surrounded with, I’d have to go with that jewdeo bolshevik kommie influence of mom and grandparents with added effects of entire lifetime after age 5 yrs old surrounded by the likes of Bill Ayers and wife Dohrn et al. His Main Campain Donor in Chicago for his state senate run, usa senate run and usa prez run was chicagos richest Billionaire Woman that is also jewish. As are several more of her rich donor to hobammy friends

        They are all jewish and all leftist kommies.

        yes he also has plenty influences from right wing neocon zionists too. but only real difference between zios and bolsheviks is zio= Right wing and Bolshies= Leftist wing yet all are same jewdeo tribal mindset period.

        • Wonder who influenced you?

      62. America is now ripe for a right-wing nationalist to seize the white house after Shillary is elected, via a coup. The gloves will then be taken off, as hit-squads will begin executing all the leadership of the BLM, NBP, NOI, etc…..and the DOJ will be given an under-the-counter directive that no whites will be indicted for killing any nigger in ‘self-defense’….it will be open season to purge the country from all the gang bangers, drug dealers, and illegal criminals.!!!! It will be the only thing left that will save us. Otherwise, we will be over-run by the hoards of barbarian primates ruling the streets. And even more importantly, the new govt will begin handing down indictments to all the treasonous bastards that have been running the country into the ground, and executing them. Viva Revolutiona

        • You may be right. Trump is getting more hardcore: he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t responding to something.

          History has many examples of where the line is crossed: where people have had enough and sanction the state to use any means necessary to deal with insurgents. We may reach that point soon; it is already coming to Europe. Remember, we live in different times to the 70s, the last time this happened. We have bio and gene weapons. We have sonic and psych weapons. Unleash that in some communities, and they are gone in days. Some country will eventually not give a rat’s ass about what the UN etc. think and go for it. Remember, black African countries murdered millions with impunity in the 90s etc. If they can get away with that, then other countries may just have a go too.

      63. The IRA-USA is alive and well, nuff said!

      64. Well we haven’t played cowboys And Nigro’s Yet. The Indian’s got there Ass’s kicked.

      65. As for reperations, they’ve been getting them for years already. I worked hard for mine, and saved, and did without. Not wealthy, but not stupid enough blow it on stipud crap. anyone thinks they come for my stuff, or try to hurt my family, BRING IT!!!! You’ll have to spend a bunch of moolah to get to me. And I’ll see you coming, and I have lots of nam vets to back me up, and some are itching. I wont start it, but we’ll finish it

      66. Posted earlier but somehow it came out as anonymous sorry for I know that there is another poster out there
        that uses anonymous. That said has anyone heard even a peep out of that scumbag that sits in the black house of hell. I just listened to Sheriff Clark that tells it like it is. Those street monkeys act because the nigga bitch in charge of the non justice department won’t do anything about it. It’s a free ride for those monkeys until they step over the line and take their violence into white areas and once they think they can get away with it will mean their demise. Has anyone heard of hitlery who supports these monkey speak against their actions. Oh how about the time when they attack a white female in a vehicle and then her husband or boyfriend takes to the street and destroys as many blacks as he can it is coming. Just like the actions of mudslimes their day is coming to. To you blacks that come into my AO and put my grandchildren or wife at risk then you will see what a 185gr Z-Max 45 auto round will look like up close and personal or a 12ga federal 00 buck round coming out of my Bennelli M4. Point is blacks you start it I’ll finish it when mine are put in danger by your actions, think I care if you call me racist, could give a shit less yes I am so dwell on that.

      67. Please come here and try that.

      68. Nam,
        Speaking of 12ga, there’s nothing like hiking hours up the steep skinny and rocky trail of the mountain and firing off a shot when you get to the top. You stop and all you can hear is the wind blowing. The shot echoes gloriously throughout the nearby ranges. Feels like an eerily calm before the storm.

      69. Marines vs rioters please!!! We are trained and ready. Once you attack anerica you are no longer a citz the way I see it. Let us devil dogs handle these thugs. They would start running as soon as we hit the ground.

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