Video: “White Supremacy” Obsessed Commie Gets Schooled By Trump-Supporting Immigrant

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    This video of a far-left protester who is obsessed with “white supremacy” being schooled by a group of Trump-supporters with immigrant parents is the funniest thing you’ll see for a while.

    Austen Fletcher visited the scene of the protest against a Milo Yiannopoulis speech at Cal State Fullerton earlier this week and hilarity ensued.

    The Communist argues that anyone who supports Trump inherently believes in his immigration policies, which are based around reinforcing “white supremacy”.

    The conversation then turns to three young student Trump supporters, who the Communist says “exist in a system of white supremacy,” before one of the students announces “we’re Armenian”.

    “Can I point out my parents were born in a Muslim country,” adds the other student.

    “My parents are from Mexico, bro, adds the third student, “they came here, they came legally, it took 15 years, my Dad finally became a citizen.”

    He then confirms that he supports immigration and building a wall, before the Communist asks him, “Do you care about the people in Mexico right now who are suffering and who want to come here?”

    “But there’s a way, they come legally,” responds the Mexican student.

    He then explains, “I grew up in the ghettoist parts of Costa Mesa, and I have seen minorities that take advantage of frikkin welfare and it sucks….my Dad taught me to value hard work and not to victimize yourself so I firmly do not believe that there is a white supremacy system of oppression that’s going against me.”

    “I’m not rich….but I work my ass off and I know I can improve my own life,” he concludes, leaving the Communist speechless.

    The video is hilarious because it once against emphasizes how privileged white liberals often lecture working class Trump supporters about how racist they are when in reality, leftists are just using minorities as human shields for their political agenda.

    Watch the full video from the Cal State Fullerton protest below.

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      1. Best to avoid events like those. Whats the point. Commies are gonna be commies.
        You can win the argument but they will never get it.
        College campuses are commie training centers. Save those that want to be saved.

        • Anonymous, good points. But good luck trying to find any that want to be saved IMHO.

          • DB,this young Liberal is an example of what MSM,Hollywood,and Liberal professors have created.Political Correctness has/is being shoved down kids throats as early as pre-school,and by the time kids reach adulthood,the end result is this young Liberal right here.As long as we continue to allow “pc” NOTHING is going to improve.

      2. I have to take my hat off to those 3 foreigners who are playing by the rules and have the right attitude. I wish them the best. The antifa libturd needs to go find a country that works for him.

        • I tell ya – I’d hire that guy from Costa Mesa in a heartbeat. He’s got the upbringing in the belief in hard work, playing it by the law……. And the fellow from Armenia!!! The look on his face as he stated he came from a Muslim country….. priceless. Antifa doesn’t even know the meaning of facism; or else, they’d realize that they were the facists. Hmmm.. maybe they’ll end up protesting themselves. Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism,[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce. Pretty much exactly what they are putting out there.

      3. There are a lot of people in this country quite similar to these 3 young MEN. You don’t see or hear much about them because the MSM/ far left/ swamp dwelling narrative would be destroyed. I liked what the Mexican kid said about his father teaching him the value of hard work, not to make himself a victim and welfare fraud in the places where he grew up. It was priceless

      4. Did I say the libturd can go f#$% himself? OK, just checking.

      5. There is no such thing as “white supremacy” or “white privilege” or “white guilt”. A totally false concept invented by the libturds.

        • DB, True.

        • I declared the Age of White Guilt over when white voters elected Barry Obola President of the United States. 🙂

          • The perception of “White Supremacy” by the Left is not about color; it’s about competence. The Left is totally incompetent so they blame the disparity in success on color rather than culture, consistency, and values.

            You are what you eat: mentally, physically, and spiritually. What you eat has consequences over time. “As a man thinketh so he is”. 🙂

            • DK, there’s never been any such thing as white supremacy or white privilege or white guilt. A totally false concept invented by the left. There’s nothing for any of us to apologize for.

              • I haven’t apologized for anything; least of all for being “white” and a “nationalist”.

                That makes me a Patriot !!! 🙂

                • DK, I always knew I was in the right place.

            • DurangoKidd should read the book written by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen titled ‘IQ and the Wealth of Nations’, and then he will better prepared to notice the obvious.


              Or, this one by Richard Lynn:


              The average IQ that exists within a nation has a direct and indisputable impact on whether a nation is a third world crap hole or a successful, prosperous, first world caliber nation. Nations that are populated by non-white races have an overall much lower average IQ level and while these truths might make a few liberal deniers of racial reality a little uncomfortable, they are still the reality of the world we live in.

              So, when we hear these lefties howling and wringing their hands about ‘White Supremacy’ and their concocted ‘White Privilege’ bull manure – what they are actually doing is using those derogatory and demonizing terms to (a) grudgingly acknowledge that White people and nations created by White people are superior to those created by non-whites (with the notable exceptions of some Asian peoples; Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese being three that come to mind) but, then, in order to allow themselves to avoid admitting that the races are therefore, clearly, not equal in ability, they (b) twist the reason for the inequalities that they cannot deny exist around and say that White success is because Whites cheated and conspired with their fellow Whites to give themselves an unfair advantage.

              This gives the left a way to avoid discussing the issue of racial differences in an honest and scientifically based debate, which they are desperate to avoid because they know they would lose that argument.

              Incidentally, I would also like to point out that culture, values and consistency spring from race – as can be evidenced by any modest study of the variety of human species in our world. This is why cultures that thrive in places like the Middle East are so radically different and totally incompatible with cultures created by White Western people. It is also the primary reason why so many different ethnicity’s of White European people from Europe were able to immigrate to America and within a generation or two, assimilate and become almost indistinguishable from their fellow White Americans who had been here before them.

              Whites all seem to share a basic common culture and set of values that blend well together and which stretch across ethnic lines. Non-whites, on the other hand, have not successfully blended into the White majority culture – because they have racial distinctions that genetically program them to establish their own unique set of values and resist being absorbed by a value system that is not their own.

              This the #1 reason why no multi-racial, multi-cultural civilization has ever been successful in world history. Certainly not in the long term; conflicts and clashes will inevitably arise – and we are seeing that happen today here in America. The left, which is increasingly non-white – are clamoring to erase the White European American people’s history by tearing down monuments of our heroes, by renaming our schools and highways and by even eliminating the teaching of the history of Western Civilization in our schools and colleges. Soon, I predict that the left will be screaming to abolish a requirement for non-white students to pass a course in American history – because they’ll claim that it is too ‘Euro-centric’ and therefore, ‘racist’.

              So, DurangKidd – the left isn’t actually wrong when they blame the disparity in success on color. They are just not being 100 percent honest about the issue of race.

              I always like to ask non-white immigrants who bitch so loudly about how ‘racist’ White people are this question:

              If Whites are so horribly racist and the whole non-white world knows this and hates us because of it, why are so many millions of non-whites so obsessed with sneaking into a White majority nation and living inside a society created by Whites? Wouldn’t non-whites want to avoid Whites – so they would not have to worry about White racism?

              • My point was that non whites should adopt White Western Values which have been soooo successful in generating an advanced civilization, rather than claiming that whites have “privilege” or special advantages that non-whites do not have.

                That said, the Deep State has targeted the Inner Cities of America for decades with drugs; black, white, yellow, brown, and red. 🙁

                • Additionally, those non-whites that DO adopt white western values, culture, and apply themselves consistently, do very well in America; evidenced by the doctors, lawyers, scientists, and others who rise above their humble economic beginnings. 🙂

              • Tucker, truer words were never spoken. I love how you nail it.

              • Mike drop…

        • I have to disagree, white supremacy does exist.

          I have two grandsons. They are rocks that you could build a nation upon.

          My grandsons as babies are brilliant, yes genetics matter.

          They are also strong and powerful, yes genetics matter.

          I’ve always said that the flood was all about genetics, the Tower of Babel was all about genetics. War in the last days would be all about genetics.

      6. What a load of crap

      7. I never thought I’d be living in A United States where it is racist to say that you support the flag or you stand for the anthem or you pledge allegiance to the United States. I always wondered how people fought each other during the civil war with such intensity. I don’t wonder anymore because I absolutely hate these liberals. I mean for f sake, u don’t like it here then by all means jump on a plane and go to live in one of these commie paradises.

        • You are not the only one who hates Liberals. The more i see and hear of them the more i hate the scum!

      8. Coyote, you don’t even have to care what libturds say about anything. I always disregard opposing viewpoints. I don’t have to accommodate anyone on their opposing viewpoints. I don’t live that way.

        • Nailbanger, libturds usually are a load of crap, LOL.

      9. The loyal, cleanly, dignified, Japanese *citizens were not presumably guilty, but being placed under protective custody. My acquaintances still use roads, built under duress. I can probably see it with binocs, from my house. The local jail was first built to detain these *citizens, in good faith. The normalcy bias has only resulted from some kind of mass amnesia, where people don’t ask what is directly under their noses.

        How do you ‘just-like-white-peoples’ hear talk of a wall, without expecting that to exacerbate racial tensions, irrespective of your citizenship status. You knew that you were taking someone else’s spot, and expected to become invincible to criticism, in many cases, without knowing what the criticisms were, for being so ‘wet-behind-the-ears’.

      10. Remember, Antifa says that if you are White and you are not a communist, then you are a racist. The MSM agrees. The Civil Rights Div. of the Justice Dept. agrees. That’s about all you have to know about these 3 entities. Act accordingly.

        • Him, ‘act accordingly’? Better be careful with a statement like that. Might give someone some ideas.

      11. Civil Rights are a Marxist concept intended to eliminate individual rights. Period.

        • Him, oh so true. The black civil rights crap is ruining this nation.

      12. There are too many people today who presume to speak for chosen groups without ever being elected. National Organization of Women. National Association for Advancement of Colored People. They may be elected by the members of their organizations but they don’t speak for all the people they supposedly represent. The mainstream media help them out by asking them “How do women feel about…” or “How do African-Americans feel about…”. The young liberal thought he was speaking for all immigrants. Being

        • Brian, the libturd might be speaking for his ‘comrades’ but he doesn’t speak for anyone else.

        • I can’t believe “they” allow the NAACP to still use the term “colored people”! Should’t it be “National Association for the Advancement of African Americans”? NAAAA has a better ring to it.

      13. So Bergdahl gets no prison time. My god,the military is full of pussies.

        • He should be shot many times.

          • Not a suggestion, but…. Fact is he will not be protected in some prison, he will be on the street someplace. Bullets are affordable. You will have to make your own decisions.

          • Not a suggestion, but…. Fact is he will not be protected in some prison, he will be on the street someplace. Bullets are affordable. You will have to make your own decisions.

      14. Menzo, let’s not forget that Bergdahl and all the others were sent to Afghanistan for a bogus cause.

      15. In other news today: Judge rules Bowe Bergdahl ‘no prison time’ for dishonorable actions in Afghanistan

        Meanwhile, here is what happened to one man who was looking for this traitor, and the “life sentence” he got. But then, we should have expected this – after all, Hilary gets to skate, Bill and his perjury got nothing (which would have put you or me in jail!) or Obama crony/former NJ Gov. and later senator Jon “Sorry, I took your $1.6 billion” Corzine got no pushishment either

        Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark Allen

        Sergeant 1st Class Mark Allen of Bravo Company, 48th Brigade Combat Team of the Georgia Army National Guard was critically wounded south of Kabul in Afghanistan on July 8, 2009. He had been in Afghanistan for one month, after serving in Iraq for nearly a year. SFC Allen was engaged in a furious firefight with the enemy when he was struck by sniper fire. The sniper’s bullet pierced his armored helmet and passed through the frontal lobe of his brain. SFC Allen suffered a massive trauma stroke not long after sustaining the gunshot wound. A craniotomy (removing part of his skull) was immediately performed in Afghanistan to relieve pressure on his brain and make room for swelling.
        He was then transferred to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany the following morning where another craniotomy was performed to ensure minimal damage from swelling. The majority of his frontal lobe and part of his parietal lobe were removed to save his life. On Sunday, July 12th, he arrived at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Mark is transferred to the James A Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida in August of 2009. He has been rehabilitating there for more than two years. He is unable to talk or walk, and requires 24-hour care. He has limited use of his right hand, but no purposeful movement in any other extremities.
        Cited from

        • I’m a Vietnam era Vet.
          I was Air Force.
          My team keep weapons systems
          working that by design
          could kill millions of people.
          I do not know the stress of
          close combat, but I can’t imagine
          a team member, Bergdahl, that
          purposely failed the team,
          getting off that lightly.
          We had better get these Clinton,
          Bush, and Obama officers
          out of our Military.
          I have a second cousin who is a
          JAG officer. No way in hell
          would I trust him, because he
          is a stark raving Democrat.
          We need to clean-up. My Nephew
          is a Sergent Major in the army,
          I bet he would be a much better
          judge than most the JAG core we
          have now.

          • OOPS! I quoted my nephews rank incorrectly!
            He is a Master Sergent.

      16. A fool for joining the war and seeking anything worth of value to come of it. Was his homeland threatened? Another displaced and discarded tool of the murderers. No draft has done wonders like these wars with no draft.

      17. Anyone have any advice for lead cast bullets in semiauto 308s?

      18. A fool for joining the Military and allowing themselves to be used for cannon fodder by the UN and NWO. And there is a war being waged against the white race.

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