Video: White House Tells Americans They Have It Better Than Europeans On Gas Prices

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    This article was originally published by Steve Watson at Summit News. 

    Responding to questions about record-high gas prices Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre completely copped out by saying that Americans aren’t as bad off as people in Europe where prices are higher.

    Once again falling back on the totally debunked notion that Russia’s actions are purely to blame for high energy prices, Jean-Pierre said “This is a global challenge, this is something that everyone is feeling across the globe.”

    She then noted that gas prices in the European Union are over $8 a gallon.

    She further claimed that “everything is on the table” to deal with record-high gas prices but added “I don’t have anything to preview,” when asked for details.

    Instead, she claimed that Joe Biden has ensured that America is “in the place where we look at today in a much stronger economic situation where we can actually deal with inflation head-on.”


    As we noted yesterday, gas prices in the U.S soared to a new record high for the ninth consecutive day. The average price of a gallon of gas has now surpassed $5 in nine states.

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden is claiming that he has “produced the strongest, fastest, most wide-spread economic recovery America has ever experienced.”




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      1. Why are we sending energy “over there” then?

      2. Joe Biden sez “His plans have produced the strongest , fastest, most wide spread recovery America has ever experienced with record jobs, record small business, & wages rising….
        What a crock. This just illustrates how totally out of touch these
        Idiots are. There are a couple words that could be used to sting together a True statement. The Fastest, Wide Spread economic disaster orchestrated by an administration in American History.
        It is clear that this is all by design. No one could be this ‘effing clueless.
        Standing by in Montgomery County TX

        • His handlers knows it’s all BS, prezzJB just repeats what they tell him to read or what to say. It can be accurately said our senile prezz is less informed than the average citizen. One can see he even believes what he says, and that he personally is fixing everything. There is probably a staff member(s) who specializes in Child Psychology and Child Care 101 to support the prezz in a child-like state. This is why he was selected to be prezz, deluded and easily manipulated.

      3. hasn’t it been said sometime somewhere or right now that those that control the media control the minds of the people.

      4. White House says despicable things.

      5. Bipolar & bi

      6. At what cost per gallon does it become not worth it to even work anymore. If we are paying 10 to 15 dollars a gallon what’s the point in even working?

        • Gotta make a living somehow, I’m sure public transportation will step up to fill the need for cheaper transportation, at least if you both live and work in a larger city.

          Intercity commuting may end up becoming a thing of the past.

          Probably only add a few hours to your daily work routine. along with a lot of danger from the various predators that will be riding it as well.

        • Just do what the overwhelming majority of the 18-34 demographic are doing.
          Live with your parents.
          Sign up on a check and foodstamps.
          Lay in bed until 4pm,get up,feed your substance abuse problem throughout the day/night while playing video games,viewing social media, and trolling websites you despise.

      7. We had fuel prices just fine, until Biden and his regime took illegal power! throw these scum out!

      8. Start stocking upon 50lb sacks of sugar while you can. Get some ethanol purposed injectors (or carb) for your jalopy and reflash the computer for ethanol.

        Pretty soon gasoline will become unobtainium and you can run sugarshine instead of gas…lots cheaper too as long as you don’t drink all the product first.

        • JRS, To make alcohol pure enough for fuel (185-190 proof) takes multiple runs. The more runs you make the more dangerous it is to cook it. You would have to use an electric heating plate for hours and hours (about 15 hours total). It takes about 30 lbs of sugar to make 1.5 gallons of 190 proof. Unless you have some kind of industrial ethanol machine, making it would be cost prohibitive. You would need to do at least 3 runs with a conventional still and 2 if you have a multithousand dollar unit with an 8 ft, tall “parrot” on top. Maybe convert to wood gasifier to run yer car.

          • But I seen them Duke boys do it…

            • But I seen myself do it lol. Moonshiners is better then them that dukes anyway!

      9. Like all commodities oil and gas are traded globally and the price is set by the markets. She is right: there is little that can be done to change the market price – it is what it is – and Americans still enjoy cheap oil and gas compared to other developed economies.

        Face facts: Americans waste oil and gas on a grand scale. Switching to alternatives that are green (like try walking your fat butt to the store rather than driving), would be better for your health and for the environment. Rather than grousing about what she is saying (and by the way I think it is really cool you have a beautiful black woman as the President’s press spokesperson), look at your life and think “how can I change things to be healthier?.”

        • Wow. You truly are clueless

        • spoken like a true minion of the devil (biden)…when you are eating out of a trash can of slop you may change your tune…

        • Walking my fat butt to the store when it’s 95F or -5F is worse for my health than driving. Not everyone lives in Never Never Land where it’s sunny and 72F all the time. I also work two jobs due to this Democratic stupidity. Facing facts, more than 80% of the electrical grid power comes from coal and natural gas. Until another viable engergy source comes on line, there is nothing “green”. The “green” charade is just a scam dreamed up by a bunch of crack smoking failures that went into politics because they’re too fucking stupid and incompetent to hold a real job. Case in point: AOC and the rest of the “Squad”. So, the green new schpiel is just a giant scam to impoverish Americans. I don’t give a fuck what other countries pay for gas. That’s their problem for voting in Marxists. A doubling of fuel costs doesn’t just affect my fat but. EVERYTHING that is consumed from fuel to food to clothing to the very electronics you use is delivered by a diesel truck. That makes fuel price increases drive inflation even higher and hurts those who can least afford it: aka the poor. The only thing more breathtaking than your cluelessness is the fact that you actually posted it for the world to see.

      10. Lmfao. Your lack of economic comprehension is utterly astonishing

      11. More like we will be Venezuela soon enough!

      12. Bring The Dog & Pony Show in the evenings.

      13. It would be so funny to see you people place the blame where it obviously belongs. Y’all blame Biden all the time and NEVER say a fucking word about the oil industry. Take a look at their profits and tell me it’s not their fault.

        • The oil industry has been getting mixed messages from Biden about drilling or not drilling. The Dems COVID lock down stupidity killed demand and refineries were either shut down or idled. The oil companies lost their assess for two years. Now that demand has returned, the Biden dementia, inflation caused by $12.7 Trillion being printed under Biden, supply chain devastation caused by Biden and Dems, and a lack of labor (also caused by Biden and Dems), have created a perfect storm that has crippled the capacity for fuel production… that has nothing to do with Putin. So, how do you think this is the fault of the oil companies again? Right, you’re fucking clueless about economics 101 and how EVERYTHING works.

        • …tell me it’s not their fault.

          It’s not.
          IT’S YOUR FAULT.

      14. Until Biden we have ALWAYS been cheaper than the UK, it is Biden and his idiocy, throw him out and into prison!

      15. Bidet doesn’t know what day of the week it is or what kind of ice cream he had an hour ago!
        Let’s go Brandon and Obammy the clown!

        • Well, let’s wait for the CPI lie report.

      16. I’ve thought for more then once, since my wife has passed of moving back to the farm and telling everyone here to go make love to themselves, but my son is really against that idea. At lest I would be close to my wife’s grave site, I wouldn’t have to drive an hour or more to visit her grave and talk to her. I would have to get or put up a small house to live in, as both houses that are there now aren’t livable, but I would be close to the cemetery where my wife of 48 yrs is buried. She passed away of brain cancer five yrs ago after being sick for a year.

        • She sounds lovely.

      17. They’re higher in Europe because most of those countries charge a couple of buck per gallon tax.. We pay 18 cents.

      18. I feel so much better now. I’ve been to Europe many times but never on vacation.

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