VIDEO: White College Student Attacked By Black Classmate For Having Dreadlocks: “Because It’s MY Culture”

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Headline News | 147 comments

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    It is becoming apparent that for some individuals in this country we should return to the era of segregation. At least that’s what we gather from the following video filmed at a San Francisco university.

    As you’ll see in the clip below, a white student with a dreadlock hairstyle is confronted by a black female classmate who verbally attacks him for “appropriating her culture.”

    The white man fires back, noting that the hair style is traditionally Egyptian, asking the black female if she happens to be from Egypt.

    As the white student tries to leave he is physically assaulted and battered when the woman blocks his exit and then proceeds to pull him by the arm down the stairs. Ironically, the woman then claims that it was the white man who put his “hands on her.”

    Indeed he did, but only as a last resort to escape the confrontation and remove himself from the situation.

    Is it racism when someone attacks another person based only on the color of his skin?

    We’d like to think so, but the “jury” is still out as the San Francisco university in question is “still investigating” the matter.

    What is this woman’s ultimate goal? And why did the black man standing next to her not step in, but rather, supported her racial attacks against the white man who was doing nothing more than walking by and minding his own business?

    If the situation were reversed and it was a white person who attacked this woman for appropriating white culture by the clothing she wears, the car she drives or the food she eats, we would have massive protests at the campus and administrators would likely already have expelled the racist attacker.

    But this is America, and it appears that only white people can be racists.

    Perhaps, as one black Harvard student recently argued, white people should just kill themselves to atone for white privilege.


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    Activist: White People Should Kill Themselves To Atone For White Privilege

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        • It’s FAKE! They’re just ACTING. Watch it again. I didn’t catch it at first either. The barely-concealed smiles, the glances towards the camera.


          • Oh shut the fuck up. Pieces of shit like you like to cry fake on everything so you can act so much higher and mightier than us simple peasants. Go fuck yourself you pretentious asshole

            • Why would anyone want to have a hair style that looks like snake scat?

              • I was wondering the same thing. Why would anyone want to look like that? Presumably, this white male was intelligent enough to get into college (white people have to pass tests)so why let your appearance tank like that? He looks like a drug dealer. Also, “dreds” smell really awful. They use some kind of gel on their hair and don’t wash it for weeks. In the summer, you can smell them coming for blocks.

                • Younger generations of European-American males (wrongly labelled as “white” people) are already feminized, noticeable seen on guys in their 40s and younger.

                  It is a fact that during pregnancy European-American females are required to take prescribed vitamins and supplements to secure the normal growth of the fetus; however, what these women don’t know is that such synthetic drugs contain DNA disruptors that specifically target the sexuality behavior of the unborn, thus making the evolution of that individual confused or chaotic.

                  Most LGBT people in the United States are Americans of European ancestry: 7 out 10 “white” people show signs of abnormal sexual behavior.

                  • Klaus Von Shapiro

                • Why would any human want that kind of hair, Negress’s spend thousands a year for hair weaves and chemicals to straighten their kinky hair.

            • Blahblah sounds like another troll.

          • Thanks–

            • Most cultures wore Dreadlocks. Mostly people with straight hair that lived in hot environments. Todays dreadlocks probably result from India Hindu culture. Indian culture says it was copied from the way African hair looked. Masai who are the only Africans I know of who wear Dreadlocks say they copied from the Indian Traders. Dreadlocks help to keep your head cool so you can work in the hot sun for long times. Just like kinky African hair does naturally.
              Historically, Africans either braided their hair, Wore a stylized afro or shaved it all off.

              • Ed:
                Kubassy (?spell) curls-Shirley Temple had them. Her mother turned them every day to manage her naturally curly hair. My hair grew and went into these long curls without any encouragement. Curly headed babies abound, both male and female of both black and white. If not for the popularity of straighter hair brought to us by the cosmetic/beauty industry there would be many more people with curls of various length.
                As far as this young man being white, you would have to do DNA testing to determine that. Blue eyes and white skin are recessive traits. Two racially mixed parents, and most AfricanAmericans are racially mixed with some Caucasian, can and sometimes do produce seemingly white babies, but many retain some African features, such as extremely curly hair, or a broad nose or full lips; but not all offspring have these tell-tale signs. So, busy-body ass wipe may be picking on one of her own, without having the common sense to know it and mind her own bizznezz.

          • I am suspicious as well, Wee Liam. We know that the social engineers work hard on divide and conquer. And although Cultural Marxism has indeed been deliberately introduced into Western culture through such cultural engineers as the Frankfurt School, and the Tavistock Institute, and various “think tanks”, this could just be more paid actors, attempting to create havoc, such as the Soros funded, Black Lives Matter crusade.

            • free your mind

              “Free your Mind”
              By EnVogue.

          • WeeLiam

            They are being paid to do this by George Soros.

            • What a farce! I did see a black student with his headset on, go around them minding his own business. We have enough hate without concerning ourselves about these two Liberals who are both looking for a platform. Trekker Out.

              • It did seem rather contrived, almost rehearsed. Not convincing as a random encounter, that’s for sure.

                • Looked contrived to me… a little playacting.

            • “The Justice Department has announced that it is RESUMING a controversial practice that allows local police departments to funnel a large portion of assets seized from citizens into their own coffers under federal law.

              The “Equitable Sharing Program” gives police the option of prosecuting some asset forfeiture cases under federal instead of state law, particularly in instances where local law enforcement officers have a relationship with federal authorities as part of a joint task force.

              Federal forfeiture policies are more permissive than many state policies, allowing police to keep up to 80% of assets they seize.

              The Justice Department had suspended payments under this program in December, due to budget cuts included in last year’s spending bill.”

              ht tps://

          • You’re right, I think. Like you, this didn’t have the look of anger and was much too calm. Need to hire better actors next time. If you’ve been around a real racial fight, there is a certain feeling it inspires. If you feel that, go the other way as quickly as you can and call the police so some poor white cop can lose his job for being racist. If there are no other white people around, why are you there in the first place? Blacks don’t fight one-on-one, but in a pack mentality.

        • Its acting, its made up I believe. Just to make headlines.

        • More white supremacist logic: how can black people have more rights than white in a society that was established and continues to be dominated by whites: who controls the courts? White people. Who controls law enforcement? White people. If you are applying for a job, 9 out of 10 times who will be interviewing you? A white person. All for all this crisp about Obama running this country: take a look at his advisors and cabinet as whole. 90 percent of them (including military generals) are what? White people……so why don’t you focus your energy on the rice and powerful white people who are fucking you over!!!

        • This website is owned and operated by retarded moon-pie eating degenerate white people

          • It’s been years since I had a moon pie…

            • Mac whats a moon pie without an RC Cola! Trekker Out.

              • MT, moon pies and RC colas are a Southern thing. Sounds like you’ve been in the south at one time.

        • I would have knocked the shit out ofher

      1. Will they charge her with battery like they did Trump’s campaign manager?

        Or was she just responding to this white Rasta Farian’s micro aggressions, making it justifiable self defense?

        • Anon, if I had been that white male being attacked, first I’d give her a verbal warning to back off. If she persisted, then I would pop her and that move is legitimate and justifiable self-defense. Doesn’t matter what anyone else says. That incident smells like some kind of setup; most likely another black scam.

      2. To quote George Orwell and “Animal Farm,” “some animals are more equal than others.”

        • Welcome to the same outcome as Rhodesia and S.A.

          • when are people going to open there eye and see what they really are.this situation really sickens me to the extreme

            • we white folks really need to stand up and fight back. and let them know we are not going to take it anymore.

              • yep, I could care less if someone called me a racist

                its not illegal to be a racist .. and the fact that we are giving a shit about them playing that card is the our own downfall

                I have told Blacks to their face ,, I dont give a shit about your race card ..

                when they realize your not afraid of being called a racist ( or in fact relish it) , all the air goes right out of their fight

                • EOTS, the chimps don’t have a leg to stand on.

                  • Grade-A-Prime example of how marxist kommie PC tactics so corrupts Whiteys…Whitey males now have hair-Doo’s like afrcian savages in order to “If we copycat blacks styles and ways etc maybe soon we evil whiteys will finally get a back pat and get told we now has passed the negroes test for being a Good whitey”

                    And especially for whitey women..”if we become Mud Sharking Coal Burners (have sex with african savages) maybe we can get blacks and lib kommies to stop bashing us whiteys and “approve” of us white folks finally”

                    best advice comes from an incogman website quote several years old…”All of You White’s that seek and speak truth, regardless what you do either way now…”They” (blacks-lib soviets-them we must not name here) ARE going to call You whites an Rayssist and hater and Antisemitic Nazi, Period…Therefore…You May as well Go…ALL…OUT!”

                    my advice is this: I agree with incogman, no matter What if a whitey?…You will be blammed and hated and eventually exterminated by a vast Combo of those named in parentheses above…..So besides to Go All out, for you now have zero to lose anyways….

                    I think another whitey policy should be that after we all has heard and been affected by such false claims and blames etc…And an honest every type peoples must admit 99.9% of usa whites has bent over backwards to do and provide and hide and coverup and ignore etc etc etc 99+% of everything bad or wrong done since at least 50 years ago now…And after All that compromise, taxes paid to cover cost to maintain savages in white nation society etc…and all else one can list here whiteys have done Good and swell for so Many Other types and races..

                    While 24/7/365 being subjected to constant bashes of exact opposite and blamed for all Their failures and idiocies…Maybe Now it is High Time whiteys promote a brand New campaign for the usa “minorities” groups…All of them.

                    instead of what whites has done past 50 years to appease every possible minority groups desires and remain dead silent when blamed etc always and Falsely blamed I add…

                    How about this New Policy by Whitey americans…”We have Failed big time to appease nor plese You types…And are sick and tired of being Blamed for what is NOT nor ever been our faults period…Therefore from Now On…

                    We the 67% or so 2/3rds of usa POP that are those blamed wrongly white folk, Are Now switching gears and to better make HONEST peoples out of All of Your various groups/races/religions etc…We will make you honest by Going All out Nazi and Raysist on you types as often and as much as we possible can 24/7/365…

                    This way for the Very First fuckin time in usa history you minorities groups Will Finally become truely Honest folks every time you repeat Blame whitey or Hate whitey antics and tactics….Because even ignorant savage afrcians and spoolie headed dred locks pavement apes and sheboonys can agree it Is always best to be Honest!

                    IE: Honesty Is always The Best Policy correct? Indeed yes…So thank Us whiteys Now or afterwards later but we are GOING to finally Make an Honest person of every single one of You nation wreckers and trouble makers period…And if This aint liked by You types?…Then Kiss My and Our collective Whitey Asses and take next boat to africa and stuff them others in your suitcases and take with!

                    Being such benevolent whiteys as we are..and in order to remain based upon proper christian/whitey values and methods….We can give Your nation wrecker groups THREE choices…

                    #1 Straighten Up already act human and civilized(if thats even remotly possible for most?).

                    #2- GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!! and withn 36 Hrs!

                    #3- Get prepared for Real Live Hot Battles the likes of which You never dreamed possible when “The Saxons first began to Hate”…When from That point of time Is when All future history was begun and judged from! that includes anglos-celts-vikings- and all other white warrior tribes.

                    • I don’t know about every single indigenous European people but the Celts and Africans traded and intermarried for millenia quite happily without any fuss, until the advent of the banksters empire building. They also shared a common sorrow in their slavery as the builders, engineers and farmers of the New World. That land that eventually out off the backs of their genocide and slavery became the nation we today call the US.

                      Divide and conquer hasn’t worked well enough to convince everyone that the current “history Propaganda” meme is factual, accurate or true.

                      Dreads have been worn by numeroud global cultures> Typically it’s the shamanic/priest class and the warrior. In the case of the warrior the conditions on a long march, military campaign and journey home. Often warriors would not cut their hair from the day they left the village until the long awaited day they at last returned home to their loved ones. This is something shared by both traditional Ethiopian and Viking Cultures alike. Love and longing for ones hearth and kin is a feeling that I’m sure is shared by today’s US troops stuck out in the Middle East with the same vivid intensity as their ancient Viking forebears.

                      Staged propaganda nonsense like this is designed to promote the creation of the “other”, and to lead us all to forget our shared humanity. I for one refuse to fall for such obvious divide and conquer tactics and as part of my prepping actively seek out those who in real life are too smart to fall for it too. The idea that mankind can behave like brothers across the racial/class and economic divides terrifies the living shit out of the Satanic Elite. One way to resist is to refuse to submit to their Siren call of Hate for our fellow human & to do as Christ instructed and call him “brother” not “other”.

                    • Them Guys, spot on. Good to see you back.

                • Why of late has everyone started saying ‘could care less’. It’s ‘couldn’t care less’. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

                  • HJS

                    I agree but I like, “Don’t give a fuck anymore”, better.

                  • @HJS Kim Karkrashian probably said it that way once. The other one that gets my goat is “can I get a…” when they mean “could I have a…”

              • @Shelly

                Who exactly are you going to fight back against? The rich white men who are shipping good paying blue collar and white collar jobs overseas? The rich white men who finance and tell politicians like Obama, Bush, what to do? The rich white men who encourage illegal immigrants to come to the US and use them as salve labor because entitled White people are too fucking lazy to do hard work? The rich white men who are setting up this country to collapse and to bring it into world government? Please explain to me WHAT role do Black people have to play in society that was set up and continues to dominated by white people…

      3. She claims ownership of a culture. She needs to discuss this with a sharp mouthed Italian American from Philadelphia who by the way wouldn’t be caught dead (actually on second though thats how they would be with that appearance in the neighborhood).

        “So its your culture”? “Really”?”You own it”? “Well running water, electricity, the automobile are mine just to name a few”. “Why don’t you put on some zoo animal skin and go play with some sticks and stones”.

        • DATS RACEST; KEV.

          • Maybe so. There is a lot of that going around in Philadelphia. They are some of the most insulting and quick witted people you would ever meet. Race, ethnicity, its all fare game.

            I was at the Phila zoo a few years back. A couple of locals, South Phila probably were at the guerrilla exhibit. The ape was in there with, I ain’t kidding a basket attached to a tree and basketballs. I guess thy figured it would keep it entertained. Just seeing this made one snicker; I thought quietly, “You got to be kidding me”. The one guy says to the other quite out loud (they never talk any other way). “Yo, if you put clothes on that he could walk out of here and sit on a step a block down and no one would find him”. If you seen the area around the zoo you would get an understanding. Thats Phila being Phila. Its a place you Love or Hate.

      4. “Is it racism when someone attacks another person based only on the color of his skin?”

        That used to be the definition of racism. Now it’s whatever they make up that day.

      5. Does she use electricity, the internet, automobiles… because that’s not derived from her culture.

        • Yes they use electricity! it is how their spooly hair gets that way…IE: They stick their finger into a 220 volt wall socket and bingo instant dred locks hair doooo.

      6. I sure wish I would get attacked.

      7. im all for concealed carry on campus ,, once thats in , lets try this again

        • i agree with that 100%

          • Bitch ought to be arrested. The white guy should have knocked her on her black ass!

            • Don’t recognize me, I’ve been on this website for years! What the hell do you mean you don’t recognize me?

        • Although I don’t see an armed response to what I saw on this clip
          But , knowing that someone could be armed usually ends up in a more polite event

          She was restraint him from peacefully leaving
          He never touched her , but she did and also forced him to retreat , and that is bullshit

          • Anon, agreed. If that had been me she touched, she would’ve been hurt.

            • that Anon reply was me, I forgot to add all my tracking information before sending

            • that Anon reply was me, I forgot to add all my tracking information before sending

              • EOTS, that’s OK. It’s still a good post.

                • With a certain number of these baboons and sheboons running wild everywheres…how in All reality and all honesty can Any Normal white folk, not maintain a very deep desire, which They created within whiteys, to simply make a solid huge Fist, and smash said fist Hard Very Hard into such arrogant-Uppity-bad attitudinal overall royally subhuman type savages is beyond explaination.

                  I really Admire and Credit My culture of Whiteys for remaining civil and Non violant for so damn long now…it has Passed a Half Century now that most every usa whitey has not yet gone all out with these abject failures within society at large.

                  However one Must also mention that these ignorants and savages have been hyjacked for use against Us whiteys and by you Knows who!…and nothing will fix it all unless that small leadership trainers of the savages are also delt with big time!…Time perhaps for an END of ALL current/former…Taboo’s and third rails and do free speech at a 100% effort daily to end taboo can’t be named and expose whomever are It and main cause of it period.

                  Message from distant Past for father of Whites…while in the Garden, Adam was Told by the Lord to “Take Dominion over ALL the Animals/Beasts of the Field! I have created over the entire earth…Your Daddy God.

                  Wakey wakey whiteys has failed to Heed deep past advice I rekon eh.

      8. Wow. Everyone needs to be punched in the face here. Camera boy, dreads, crazy chick, crazy chick boyfriend, POW! Camera boy sounds like a coffee-shop liberal. I am fine with these idiots attacking themselves in downtown wherever.

      9. i believe we all should be able to conceal carry everywhere . that kind of crap would come to a screeching halt

        • Wait, did you really just insinuate that you would shoot someone for a verbal assault? And think it was justified?


          I hope they stop by your house and get your guns first. I don’t think you’re mentally stable enough to own them if you’re willing to shoot someone for this.

          • no what i mean is that if they know you are carrying they might think twice before they attack you. this situation happens more than you realize and it needs to stop.we are supposed to be a civilize nation.

            • Oh. Whew! You scared me for a minute there.

              Yes, you’re probably right, these incidents would be highly reduced if they knew whitie was packing.

          • I dont think thats what she ment .. an armed society is a polite society

            besides that bitch knew he wouldnt fight back , because its a Female? black thing , and he knew he would lose

            she touched him , he didnt touch her

            she was the assaulting party, and also forced him to leave in a direction not of his choosing ..that would be assault

            what would you have done?

            • EOTS, damn good points. Billy Hill obviously misunderstood the post. If the bitch had touched me she would’ve been hurt. Legitimate self-defense.

            • Once she put her hands on me I would have restrained her until she promised not to raise another hand to me. If, once I released her, she assaulted me again, I would restrain her more painfully then have a passer-by phone campus police to come and remove the attacker from the area. This type of incident should not motivate ANYONE to pull a gun. But I agree on the premise that if the up-tight negro thought the dreaded cracker was packing she probably wouldn’t have said a word to him.

              • problem is Bill if you restrained her even after she came at you like this , she would say you assaulted her, her witness to that is her BF or who ever it was of same race standing there

                you would lose that fight in more ways than you can think of, before you know it your ass would be in court for assault on a female black lady .. and buddy thats racist , so it would be them trying you on a hate crime

                deck is stacked against you bud , all of us .. big time

                • EOTS, the federal hate crime law goes back to the 90s and they’ve never to my knowledge set any clear legal definition for the term. Since such a law would be used against ONLY white people, it’s race-based, discriminatory, illegitimate and null and void as far as I’m concerned. The turds can pass whatever they want. Doesn’t mean I’ll follow it.

                  • Braveheart; Hate speech laws so called in EVERY of the aprox 56 Nations enacted in, while yes can and are used against whites as you stated, are primarily done for a “hidden agenda” which is to stiffle and silence ALL forms of questionings-debates-denials-presentations of real facts-that Counter everything and Anything said or conjured up in the future regarding a certain 20th century “Hoax event”( well okay there was about 2-3% of it that did occure As told to us) promoted constantly by those we can’t name here…

                    Thousands within EU and canada too probably by now, rot in hard core prison cells for average sentences of 3 to 5 Years with ungodly Huge cash fines too simply for use of free speech to do such questionings or debates or denials of so many obvious falsehoods they were Told to believe and Never dare mention nor question By Law! And it is the ONLY historic events Banned by said Laws! ALL other events and history and issues etc Are fully Okay and allowed and encouraged!..Just..NOT that one single event is allowed to be spoken of, unless by a member of you know who.

                    Now ask self? Why would Anybody wish for such a stiffeling of speech law?…Well maybe if You belong to a minority group or ethnicity or religion and perpetrated the 2oth centuries biggest ever hoax?…Then maybe you too would rather those 99.08% of others/Goys never learn of it nor reject it based on real facts for then your Gravy Train of endless guilt Cash payouts would abruptly End ASAP Fast eh?…Think on it a bit Braveheart.

                    By the way in Every of 56 nations so far, with main Goal of same Law in Every nation planet wide, one Non profit Private Org has claimed 100% credit for writing and getting Passed into Law said Hate speech laws…That being the ADL, with likly help from their sister org SPLC.

                    This is all documented and bragged of at adl website, and Many other websites which seek to out this to folks and end such evil anti speech Laws.(adl aint trying to end it! only the others are!).

                    Good start in USA would be..Change Names of their tons of Museums, to, “Collatoral Dammages” location or centers.

                    or simply stop all usa tax payer fundings of said tons of hoax promotional sites in usa…

                    Because you just Know how loud they all would Howl and whine if we proposed any “Pro-Whitey” museums or centers…Right?…Turn OFF FOX TV and research vast numbers of websites dedicated to revealing such truths and Facts as many here have done already and wakey wakey whiteys.

                    Time to fight Fire With Fire and copy their tactics eh..IE: ALL white Folk, stick to other whiteys NO matter What other whites did or accused of doing period…It works swell for negros-latrinos-them we cant name here- and all other Groups..ONLY whiteys aint allowed to support fellow whites…WHY Not? It Is the Only NON violent method we have left now…Stick up for other whites Now or bad war fights later…a NO brainer choice eh.

                    • Them Guys, I once heard somewhere that the ‘hate speech’ laws were invented by the ‘tribe’. You just verified it for me. Thanks.

          • Wouldn’t have shot her, pistol whipped is more like it!Couple of whacks on the noggin would have changed her attitude. She needed to be bitch slapped right away!

        • A good hosing down with pepper spray works,

      10. The whole thing looks faked

        • One of the few thinking people on this website…

          • Nat: If I aint mistaken you prior said You are an black man correct?

            yet while you think yourself so wised up and believe all of the very Obviously tv news-hollywood-and History channel versions of what really happened etc…

            Your biggest mistake in ID’s proves again how easy it is for the TRUE perps which You call white yet are NOT, to so use blacks aganist whites…

            those You call white and Blame for everything blacks fail at are actually people once called “KHAZARS”

            Khazars are NOT whites the same as euro-whitey, Our true ancestors were/are.

            Khazars is a Race mix of Turk-Hunn-Mongol-Caucasian, with DNA of December of 2012 being Latest proof example of this Fact. DNA facts I several prior times posted up fully and dna proof done inside israel by israeli can’t name here, ethnic, scientists.. and after close to Three yrs vetting process was Published in the Prestigious Medical Journals of Johns Hopkins Hospital/Univ. monthly reports magazines…That Dec 2012 DNA 100% solid vetted verrified Proof backs up another early 2001 dna proof of exct same end results, that time done by a women top dna pro scientist in same location and hebrew univ dna-bio-Labs etc…

            Now what You Nat need to do is dump your “Us po po po african darkies is so so so big victims and if not for bad bad whiteys we blacks by now would have built space ships to Mars! And invented 99% of Every fucking thing known to exist thats worth inventing!”

            What then Nat?,Lemme guess eh! Then after All that top achievement via 190 IQ darkies nats group would have RE invented it ALL even better for New and Improved good stuff everything worth inventing…Why, these fantastic wonders of creation IE: African savage blacks, would be the talk of the town in every lowly whitey circles and vastly praised for such greatness globally eh!

            But we all know reality says BS and reality is after 10,000 yrs life in african Jungles, blacks never imvented but TWO main things we CAN credit africans for eh…

            #1 makeing more new babies faster than rabbits breed, even though african folk has continued to fail to see that jungle means “Stuff-ALL stuff-Grows wild!” meaning if even ONE damn time some baby factory black mama would have even Tossed a pak of veggie seeds in the air it would be almost certain to have taken root and grown real and good Food veggies so to FEED all 23 of her many-daddys babbies eh Nat…yet starvation Rules 3d world africa eh Nat?

            #2 biggest “Find” Via afrcians after 10,000 yrs there has been a method of building villages to House said savages and Canabals…They save their Crap feces, to later once crap pile is large enough, Mix with jungle floor Dirt, then add a bit of swamp filth water…MIX-WELL!!

            Then with a hundred Bongos sounding in background, get a group effort of Builders to take pre-Mix crap+dirt+water once it is a Paste like quality and Shape mud+feces Paste mix into wonderfull round HUTS!!

            Build 100,000 huts and wallah another new cannable Village is “Born”…which will Last and last..Untill the RAINS comes! Then entire village of huts MELTS and need be re built again and again..

            To Sum Up Nat: Africans in past 10,000 yrs has created Billions Babbies they can’t feed untill afrcians can figure out how to open seed pak and Plant food seed plots (aka we call it a Farm or Garden nat!)….

            And the best ever Mud+Shit Mixed Huts world has ever been so lucky to see! Bravo nat!

            Ok Nat Now Go research: KHAZAR persons, and research them I cannot name here, and LEARN huge Difference between Khazars Vs Real Euro White that You keep confusing the Two distinct seperate groups of Nat..

            THEN final research Nat: SEE/Learn that aprox 90% to 99.99% of every Top Key Positions You Nat has said is done or ocupied by Whites and been so Bad for Blacks etc…

            Them aint whites Nat…They ARE Khazars but today called a “Different” word that I can’t name here nat.

            Hint Nat: they I speak of that You confuse with Whitey, usually attend religious services on Saturdays! and NEVER on a sunday Nat!…Hint hint…Cannot Name here Nat!

            especially research the usa and euro too, Slave Trades eras see Nat how them Khazars did-controled and Owned at minimum 75% or more of enitree slave opps and trades…Whitey in south had LESS than 4% whites owned a slave.

            Very FIRST US Supreme ct case of “slave owner pissed off due to Northern WHITEYS Protected His Run Away Slave man, and whitey REFUSED to give safe now slave back to Orig slave owner guy.

            Nat…That first ever slave case at us supremes, and which slave owner guy WON case got run away slave returned by Law etc! That slave Owner guy was a AFRICAN BLACK MAN Nat!

            AND for more slavery issue research Nat…in, if I recall correct from memory? GA-state the Largest number of Slaves owned at one place by same owner was a Women very wealthy rich Woman owned close to 300 Slaves Nat!

            She TOO was a BLACK woman Slave Owner Nat! Owned MORE fellow Black slaves than ALL others and than whites did Nat!

            so Nat dump the crack pipe fantacy evil whiteys and brush up in Real factual history of Slavery issues and especially those whitey Impostors that are actually Khazars and those I cannot name here Nat…Then Please get right Back to Us here for updates ok Bro.

        • You are definitely correct!!! Pretty amazing!

        • KF,
          Nice video, those fiberglass driveway markers have many uses. Nice spring action for all kinds of snares, traps and signaling devices. Could probably be turned into great low cost cross bow bolts.

          These markers cost about $1.99 each by me, occasionally the dollar store carries a slightly cheaper version.

      11. The media TV, radio, movie industry is admittedly owned by joos. There in lies the heart of the problem. It was, according to historical records, primarily joos who owned the slave ships and owned slaves. It was European white Caucasian people who created the Universities that are now primarily controlled by Joos and their money. Black people have been played. They think they are fighting their enemy because their real enemy is a chameleon. The racist supremacist joo (not all mind you) hates. He hates Christians. He hates white Europeans. He hates blacks. He hates all humanity. He is a liar and will trick his victim. This element of society is a clanish, paranoid. He believes he has a God given right to dominate and enslave all humanity to the whims of his people. According to his religion and culture, only his race is human. Only the Joo is human. All other races are animals who’s only purpose in life is to serve the Joo. Not my words. This is taken directly from their own published literature. Don’t believe me? Do some research. The whole concept of political correctness is based on the practice of calling anyone who challenges them anti-Semetic was a psychological trick created by Karl Marx to quench free speech that challenged the primarily Jewish Bolshevick movement that resulted in the deaths of millions of white Christian Russians, millions in other countries as well. So this ignorant black young woman needs to get an education. Obviously, she’s not gotten one at school.

        • B from CA: Wow! I may be wrong? but if I recall correctly? Were’nt you one of the typical forum persons here that Used to cry foul and complaign when I and several others here posted up the same type info contiained in your post here?

          Reason I ask is because I applaud and well appreciate every word you wrote as it is 100% factual documented proven truth, and as you stated can be easily researched now and most such infos originate From Those Same persons not to be named here….And it sure warms my heart to see another fellow patriot american White Man fully and finally awake to all what you just wrote of…

          You have a great flare for articulation of these facts and truths I envy!…Whoever here reads my postings Knows no doubt I do not spell good nor use proper punctuation etc very well when compared to you, and as always pointed out here Via resident spelling nazi’s who I think only act so snobbish about spelling errors due to they too Know what You/we write is truth…Yet they belong to a Vast majority here as well as nationwide of folks that for some uncanny ironic PC type reasons are as Yet unable to ever admit to these issues as true and are only able to Lash out against we who do know and speak it so.

          Maybe a few prayers for them to fast awaken too are in order eh?…better than a sharp stick in their eye eh!

          I may have confused You, B from CA with some other person here? but either way yes or no, I am very glad to see you so awake and never stop alerting others of these Vital facts so needed today!…Thanks for great info Posting! TG

          • Them Guys:

            Thank you. No I don’t think I outright confronted you on any issue as I usually don’t do that. I am however, relatively new to some of this knowledge. I am still learning and it is both shocking and sometimes very sad. But it is better to know the truth than to live in a delusional reality which is what most people’s lives are. The way you are rewarded for spouting the party line of lies and deceptions and picked apart when you depart from it should tell people that they are being manipulated, but they are so heavily invested in the lies that truth confuses them. It’s like taking a Muslim or a Christian to switch religions. They can’t get their head around what you are saying because it goes against what they were raised to believe. You have to give them credit. They have done a good job of eviserating European Culture in The United States and in the Countries where large numbers of whites reside.
            By the way. Most likely these two are just dramatizing, but that is not important as this type of incident of black harassment is a common event. As a child, I was traumatized when some white kids told the black kids to leave the area where they were playing. It was the only white harassment of blacks I ever even heard of. I was told about it. Didn’t see it. Nobody got hurt. But after the blacks moved from the South to Northern California, we started hearing about teachers in High Schools being attacked and some killed. One black female crippled a white female because she went on a date with the black student’s boyfriend. It was a culture shock and resulted in white flight. Now I wonder if those were just false flag race manipulating lies. But now violence does occur for real. And usually the innocent victim is white and the perpetrator is a black brainwashed fool manipulated by media and systemic lack of factual reality of white Europeans and how the whites did not do the things they have been “educated” to believe.

      12. Good that should teach her a lesson. Why do white kids want to act and look like blacks? Didnt her folks bring her up to know what it means to be white? If she had been my daughter she would have woke up bald. I would have poured nair on her head when she was sleeping. it ticks me off to see white kids with their pants at half mast and their hats on crooked. Give me a gun toting overalls wearing redneck any day.

        • at least from a redneck you know what to expect. but from a black person you don’t that is what i don’t like.and most rednecks are good people.

        • was that dreadlock a girl? female?

          boy .. it fooled me

          • EOTS, I can agree that white kid shouldn’t be wearing dreadlocks, but that’s beside the point. The point is that black female had no business approaching him with bad intentions toward him. She was very fortunate nothing happened to her.

            • Um yeah , I get that
              I was asking was it a man or a woman ?
              Still not straight answer for that

              • The white man fires back, noting that the hair style is traditionally Egyptian, asking the black female if she happens to be from Egypt.I was wrong I originally thought the white so called victim was a female.

      13. Did she have a plate in her lip too. She should be held down and her head shaved bald as punishment.

      14. The New Part-Time Job: “Get Paid $15 An Hour To Protest At The Trump Rally”

        Craig’s List ads

        Paid positions for protestors at the Trump Rally.
        Shuttle buses, parking, signs and hourly pay available.
        $15/hour (as a “part-time employment”) for said protest activity “due to the economic inequality.”
        Pre-protest instructions.

        ht tp://

      15. This is all a game to Blacks. To see how far they can push Whites into a corner. The pendulum is swinging to the end of its arc and soon will retrace its path, backward.
        Race Relations during this Administration has gone back to levels of the early seventies and we will find ourselves reliving the years of the sixties. You can not tell me there are not burning embers ready to ignite a firestorm.
        Did the Mayor of Ferguson Missouri ever think when she held back Police and let protestors burn and damage public and Private property. You know what that tells me.
        Blacks don’t give a crap about nothing if they don’t get their way.
        There are a few here that do not care what people are do. Only that we be left alone. I will tell you if you come to my area and throw rocks at people, damage property or try to firebomb a business or residence. You are going to met with resistance and if your friends are stupid enough to be with you. They might catch it also.

        I am not afraid of, “Without Rule Of Law”. I thrive on and embrace Chaos when heaped upon me. “Your on your own” stated by authorities is the, “line in the sand”.

        Simply Put. I have had enough of the stupid shit.

        • Boot bumper sticker:

          [I’ve had enough of the stupid shit.]


          Same here slingshot. WROL doesn’t scare me one bit. We have that now. You can’t leave anything unlocked or unattended these days before its gone. And the cops? They don’t give a shit because if they did, it would work them to death!

          …and then there are the crooked cops that will use any excuse to slam your ass to the ground. Its not entirely their fault. They’re frustrated too.

          We may or may not have a collapse any time soon, but no one can argue that we are not in decline. I recommend reading “Enjoy The Decline” by Aarron Clarey. See details at my link, above. This guy has it all mapped out how to do it.

          • exactly

            how to deal with jackholes like her.. be patient , and play it out somewhere else , where you know you have the upper hand , and they dont know who it is bringing them back to reality

            que ball in a pillow case type of justice

            • EOTS

              There are plenty of weapons like that Que Ball. Lock and a bandana. “Old Navy” with a roll of dimes in the neckerchief.

              I have been practicing with air rifles. There is all kinds of pellets. Weights and different shapes to choose. Each weapon likes a certain type to extract the best reliable accuracy in shot placement.
              I find that the report is low noise and with the
              sounds made by oncoming raiders, detection would be hard to hear.
              I figure 40 to 50 yards out to be effective. I prefer to injure rather than kill so a pellet in the eye would be a major hurt and even if it only impacted the face would drive the person back.
              So if that person is willing to come back with a bandage on one side of his head/face. I guess he will get one, on the other side too.

              • The favorite weapon of IDF dealing with Palestinian kids tossing rocks, trying to kill them, is a Ruger 10-22. They aim below the waist, extra points for direct hits on knee caps and ankle joints.

                A shot to the knee caps really cramps the style of hit and run gang terror tactics employed by Palestinian Jihadists. Expect those tactics in the US as Muslim groups grow in strength.

                • PTPO

                  In the face. Then when they get older they can tell a great battle story to their children or how stupid they were. Can’t hide it. How close to death they came.

                  • I’ve said as much as should be said on the subject, but understand the imams are foundational in the violence and if there is a mosque near you, know who its leaders are before violence is a problem in your area. This is a spiritual battle between principalities, not between mere men!

            • Whiteys Must RE-Learn this Vital issue….That in order to recieve well Due respect for whites in general, individually and as an entire group of whiteys…

              There is but ONE Main tried and true method to obtain said respect….Now ask yourself and ask Other whites and Why are litterally most every and especially Hells Angels type Bikers always so respected and left alone etc?….I shall tell you why since I have been around harleys and hard core bikers since age 14 yrs old.

              people in general even Cops mostly always show Tons of respect to Hells Angels type whiteys because those non bikers FEARS that type biker is why.

              Therefore in order to Regain respect due us as whites and as it used to be prior to 45 years ago…WE whites Must create a feeling within ALL Non whites of abject Fear upon even seeing a white man or women walk along a street minding his or her own buisness…Such abject Fear that the african savage or Latrino or other non whitey will even cross over to other side of street or sidewalk to avoid face to face confrontations with whites.

              in exact same way that occures when faced with a Hells Angel type biker, even of hes an independant NON club member biker guy….The others do all necessary to avoid face to face meeting with said biker…at Minimum they never stare at biker guy and avert eyes down towards ground so to never create tensions between both.

              This translates from Vast mass FEAR into awsome respect of white folk period…

              yes yes I know the libs and touchy feely females here are going to howl and scream like wild banshee’s due to what I wrote here…Well so What?…I too agree it aint the best ever type respect we can wish for…

              But it sure is alot better than zero respect as is now eh?

              it Sure as hell Beats hands down current savage attacks on lone whitey aka polar bear smash whiteys face in with 3 lb Bricks!

              And definatly Beats zero respect of white females who Then get Viciously and violently Gang raped once kidnapped by such savages and held and re-raped for entire weekends, untill finally savagely beaten senseless and doused with Gasoline then set on fire to finish off that whitey women…

              Think I am jokeing here?!…Incogmans website devotes an Entire website section to Photos of such men and white women savagely done, raped and set fire to to kill witness to it all.

              Oft times the rapist africans also squirt Gasoline into the half dead beaten and stabbed many times victim women’s Vaginas and Mouths and down throats thinking once gas is set on fire the flames will destroy all forms semen evidence of said gang rapes! NO JOKE Folks!

              Hard to believe as true? indeed yes..yet it is ALL Facts and true as can be and does occure far More often than You can imagiane…Daily this occures in usa land,

              but do Not believe Me here…Rather go see for yourself at Incogmans website do search at site for these type atrocities see for yourself I aint lying here at all!

              And it is only going to get Far worse far more often untill We white citizenery Halt it in whatever method or way works best period…See such somethings? Shoot to KILL!

              And Phaaalease do Not simply rely on TV news for proof of such happening for NO MSM TV News is ever going to tell You when the victims are Whites period…For if they did tell Us of it?…They KNOW entire usa will be in Flames and every savage african animal as such shall get Hunted down and with vast Predjudice untill found and delt with period…

              So Glad I have no wife nor daughters nor sons at this point of time!…I will still shoot any such savages if it is done in front of me though.

              Be xtra carefull out there you women folk if especially whites! and go view some of incogmans horrific evidence online before crying foul at my info ok.

          • Slingshot and NetRanger, I’m the same way. Just got back from the BOL Sunday after a week of fun and testing the 590A1. It beats both of my other shotguns hands down. My newest member of the ‘ventilation team’ is ready to go.

      16. The whole idea is this: mainstream media and the administration continues to pit different groups of people against each other to keep the pot boiling so people never have a chance to really against the real oppressors: The Establishment.

        The only show things that fit that agenda. The push the gun rights oppressors the threaten to steal and infringe on the lawful rights of citizens. Dark skin against lite skin. Rich against poor. Educated against uneducated. This is all so that The Protected can put the screws to both sides of every controversy. It just so happens that the establishment is for the underdog in each case because the underdog (blacks, poor, uneducated, etc) are always flailing for victimhood and an advocate and their discrimination isn’t very good so they’ll take ANYBODY, even if they think at a later date that that “anybody” will stab them in the back (or, in the case of the establishment, previously stabbed them in the back).

        I’ve studied this enough now that I’ve starting to get the 3D view in my mind. What I see horrifies me because 99.99999999% of the people screaming about this or that has no idea the depth of the repercussions of the direction they are heading.

        There is a good cultural discussion at my link, above.

        Trump 2016: Because the screws are so tight they’re about to snap off and hit us in the eye!

      17. Be prepared. If you or a family member take prescription medication or have known allergies to medication, write it down and keep it handy.

        FBI Investigating Paralyzing Hack on Another Hospital Chain

        “Modern medicine in the Washington area reverted to 1960s-era paper systems when one of the largest hospital chains was crippled by a virus that shuttered its computers for patients and medical staff.

        The FBI said it was investigating the paralyzing attack on MedStar Health Inc., which forced records systems offline, prevented patients from booking appointments, and left staff unable to check email messages or even look up phone numbers.”

        “We can’t do anything at all. There’s only one system we use, and now it’s just paper,”

        ht tp://

      18. How did that “Fool” make it into college?
        This is the definition of NIGGER.
        Should have beat that fool in the face, that would knocked that stupid smile off her face!

        • Disgusted, something called ‘quotas and setasides’ got her in. Plus, because she’s a minority female, she can get a Pell grant to pay for her college and never has to pay it back like a student loan.

      19. That guy should be ashamed of himself that he could be seen as acting black.

        You will never see me with:
        1. pants without a belt
        2. a big gold chain
        3. tatoos about my neck and gace
        4. gold teeth
        5. $200 sneakers
        6. a hoodie
        7. listening to rap
        8. using poor english
        9. calling a woman a “ho”
        10. calling a man a “pimp”

        one of the problems with this country is when everyone wanted to stop acting white. you rarely see a good mannered guy in a button down, collared shirt, pants with a belt and well groomed going thru a stop and frisk.

        • BINGO.

        • Lena, damn good points. It’s not so much acting ‘white’ as it is acting like you have some common sense and be a decent, respectable and honorable person with character. All the same, I’m still a WHITE male. I will dress and act like a WHITE male. White is right and black has been seriously misled.

      20. It’s funny how many people are duped by an obvious staged acting job. These kids must be laughing themselves to death knowing what reaction they would get.

      21. When making beans and lentils, the water you soak them in overnight contains natural soap which can be used to clean dirt and excess oil from skin and hair without dangerous chemicals that go directly through the skin into the blood wrecking havoc.

        • BCA Good to know. Thanks. I like learning things that will help during shtf

        • P.S. Cream rises to the top, so does soap scum. Just ladle it off.

      22. Student Attacked By Black Classmate For Having Dreadlocks: “Because It’s MY Culture”

        “Hey … beat it Spook! This don’t concern you.”

        Back to the Future (1985)

      23. In my personal experiences Black people are actually the most racist of all, yet they openly accuse Whites of being the most racist. They’re even racist among themselves; the lighter-skinned Blacks against the darker-skinned Blacks, and vice-versa. They even have their own websites where they attack, insult, degrade and one-up each other.

        I believe in segregation as far as housing and educational settings. A mostly all-Black student body will gang up on the minority Whites, but if a mostly all-White student body gangs up on the minority of Blacks then it’s racist.

        While I have worked with some Black people who were really nice, decent people, I feel that as far as segregation I am all for it, and don’t think we were meant to be educated among each other. Working together as adults, but not as children and teens/young adults being educated together. I believe White kids and Black kids should be educated separately, from K-college.

        I’ve also noticed how Whites go out of their way to avoid trouble or confrontation with Blacks, but not so much for the other way around.

        • White people need to take pride in our achievements, and, yes, dress and act white people. Drop the faux jungle bunny, faux global tribe dude look and get some decent clothes and a hair cut. Blacks can’t understand with all that white people have achieved, that some of them would behave like this.

          I remember traveling in Asia and the most contempt the local people would have was for the hippy dudes. The Asians could not understand why they had long hair, didn’t wash and dressed like slobs.

          We need to live separate and school separate: we can work together where there is mutual interest and a pact is signed, but in the main, neither race should be forced to get along: it will never work. It is not working in any country anywhere on the planet.

      24. THIS is Sad. Pathetic; really. When I see anyone who is White act Black; I want to puke. Literally.

      25. For some reason the blacks liked me in high school back in ’68. We skipped class at a vocational school to go shoot basketball.

      26. at some point we are gonna have to pop this pimple.

      27. Hairstyles can be adapted by any race. Black women mostly all have straightened hair. I never could figure out why their hair was not worn in a natural afro, it had to be the beauty-cosmetic-shame complex. No doubt.

      28. Haha, Hillary is the head White Devil. She is pure evil.

      29. Can you say race war around the corner. Only one thing to say:

        IGNORANCE GONE TO SEED!!!!!!!!!

      30. the white kid wants black culture-the white kid got black culture-what’s the problem???

        • sj

          Hahahahaha! Good one.

      31. She shouldn’t be wearing any clothing and should not speak English because that’s not her culture.

      32. The day will arrive in the new socialist America that if a white person says or does something that a minority finds or perceives to be offensive, insulting, demeaning, or racist…then the minority will be given a default right to assault or even kill a white person. It will be classified as justifiable assault or justifiable homicide. (i.e, offensive, insulting, demeaning will be considered hate speech by decree or law)
        In fact, that day has already arrived.!!!!

        • I have to laugh once again at all the tough talk and internet bravado on display here again. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will happen insofar as anybody taking any action. I like ” them guys” big call to arms for action now. What do you think his actions will be? That’s right, a big zero, zip, nada. Just keep posting bravado in cyberspace boys, somebody may actually take you seriously someday but don’t bet on it. In the meantime, surf other prepper sites and launch more simulated ” attacks” for the benefit of the severely retarded who think there’ll actually be anything happening other then talk.

          • Martin.

            Then be sure to vote for Hillary and get the ball rolling. Cause I Sure Am! Why? Because I want everybody to have skin in the game. Preppers. Keyboard Commando’s. Arm Chair Generals , Normal Bias People and all the Goodie Two Shoes with their Know What is Better for You, sidekicks.

            Might not get it RIGHT AWAY but it will sure get us ALL closer as to who is Bullshitting and who is NOT.

            Vote Hillary. I sure would appreciate it.

            • Yes indeed. For decades ive voted for the lesser evil. And that hasnt worked too good. Now If Trump get elected and he is the real deal. What good will it actually do? He cant fix anything. We will just be wasting 4 more years or possibly 8. Why wait? I voted hillary in the primary. I will vote for her in the fall. That evil bitch will get the ball rolling. Im getting older and tired of waiting. I enjoyed seeing the fergison riots on TV.

            • Slingshot, you may very well be onto something there.

          • Another troll named Martin. HO HUM.

            • Braveheave,

              I’m a ” troll” because I spoke the truth? You’d better ” git you sum edgeacayshun” thar jethro, your big hero boy is only going to sit on his fat ass, get drunk, and post meaningless drivel. He’ll never get off ass and do anything, why do you think he types miles of crap urging schmucks like you to do it for him? Is it starting to sink in now maybe?

      33. Bitch better check her “Black Privilege”.

      34. See that fellow? In about 10 years, he will have woken up to all the blatant hypocrisy, and be a massive conservative/libertarian. But it takes these leftists a LONG time to wake up.

        Question: What will the radical gays and feminists do on campus when the radical Muslims come marching in to FORCE Sharia law on everyone?

        Or didn’t you leftists think that far ahead?

      35. Best described by the saying, the day 2 fools met.

      36. Oh man, I must be late. There a piece of ass that i have been tending with lately, is with the time, trust me on this, that’s is cool so I keep getting on here late, my apologies..

        Dred lock is scum, and this is a fact of life…just as bad as foreign soldiers getting ready to attack he people. Same treatment..they are really stood ignorant people, damn shame.

        phuck that dred lock piece of shit scum.. thinks that he is king shit.. definitely don’t come to my area post SHTF CALLAPSE END GAME END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT Because Breneke..has some real good shot range slugs 100 yards that will send your dred lock ass to sweet Jesus..


        No name required, it’s not obvious..

      37. Here is my take: white people hate white people with dreads. He is lucky it was just a black chick attacking him. He should have a crew cut, lose the ‘sissy-boy’ body he has and get his stoner ass into the ROTC program at university.

        Trust me: she would not have laid a finger on him if he had a crew cut and was fit from basic training. The hatred is less about race and more her outrage that a white boy with all his wealth privilege would allow himself to be so fay and skippy-do. Black girls hate that: they like tough men, no matter what their race.

        • Right, and you would have provided all the ” special forces” physical training too. Who sits up at 2.30 in the morning dreaming up nonsense other then yourself and ” them girls”. Two old men spending time being drunk and venting nonstop bullshit. I’d tell you both to get a life but it’s way too late for that.

      38. “What is this woman’s ultimate goal? And why did the black man standing next to her not step in”

        Ultimate goal? Stirring up some hypocritical racist bull shit and pushing the communist agenda. What else. People like this woman are filled with racist hate and serve the communists well. Marx and Lenin referred to people like her as useful idiots. And they were correct.

      39. African amerikans reject western culture. They purposely separate themselves into all Black neighborhoods. Their children reject western education and will target, assault and terrorize any child that takes their Western education seriously. They live a tribal lifestyle with their gangs i.e. neighborhood tribes. They engage in tribal warfare to protect turf, women, their drug trade. When arrested for black on black crime, they use jury nullification in all black neighborhoods to protect black criminals, even murderers, because the jury of their peers don’t trust or accept western law. Being arrested by police is considered a right of passage for black males, problem is, a felony arrest record makes them virtually unemployable in western culture for the rest of their lives.

        • You raise a critical point that goes to the heart of the matter: the wealth enjoyed in the West is a result of how the West creates prosperity and organizes itself. More primitive cultures and societies do not create the same level of wealth because they are not organized to do so.

          At present, the West’s prosperity has attracted more and more people who wish to live off that prosperity, but not contribute to it in any fundamental way. Think of the black community, the Muslim migrants etc. They can just about get away with this stance as long as the West keeps being a coin-sh#tting machine; once that starts to degrade and decay, then the portion of wealth that can be lived off goes down. This causes profound social stress and quickly highlights who really contributes and who does not. Natives who used to do this in the past were called ‘hang-around-the-forts”.

          Western society has contributed the scientific revolution, created planes and spaceships, modern medicine, electronics and micro-electronics, etc.; tribal societies have created nose rings, face paint, grass skirts, mud huts, bows and arrows, blow guns. There is a big difference in material achievement between the two: a big difference.

      40. The “cultural appropriation” objectors apparently have never hear that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”. Had the pre-war Germans felt welcomed by the Jews to “appropriate” (share) some of the customs of the Jews instead of be mutually despising of each other, maybe those who hoodwinked the Germans into herding millions of Jews to their deaths would have had a much more impossible time of doing that.

      41. Too bad he can’t say what he really thinks: “Do you work hard? Do you get good grades? Quit appropriating my culture!”

      42. Until the Sixties, Blacks straigtened their hair and used all kinds of ointments to lighten their skin. Indeed, blackwomen were discouraged from marrying dark-skinned men because they had a responsibility to lighten up those children.

        Whether this was a matter of self-hatred or emulation of the dominant culture, Blacks were not attacked for those actions.

        The young woman needs to learn where she ends and another person begins. She is not the arbiter of taste, dress, or grooming.

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