Video: Walmart ‘Plumbing’ Issue Related To DHS Underground Tunnel Network: “This Is A Very Real Situation”

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    There’s been much speculation about the recent closures of Walmart stores around the country. Walmart claims the their stores, closed almost simultaneously in different cities, is a result of plumbing issues. But many employees and customers suspect that something else is going on, though no one, including store managers, has any idea what that might be.

    Several theories have popped up, with some claiming that it is an economic issue and Walmart may have shut those stores down because of lackluster sales, but they don’t want to announce falling retail sales so as to avoid a hit to their stock price.

    The outcome is that “while WMT (or MCD or GAP or Target) boosts the living standards of its employees by the smallest of fractions, it cripples the cost and wage structure of the entire ecosystem of vendors that feed into it, and what takes place is a veritable avalanche effect where a few cent increase for the lowest paid megacorp employees results in a tidal wave of layoffs for said megacorp’s vendors.”

    If that doesn’t turn out to be enough in the face of an economy which isn’t really recovering and in which low-income shoppers are constrained by lackluster (and by that we mean nonexistent) wage growth, some sacrifices may have to be made. The problem is that laying people off and shuttering stores two months after a celebrated wage hike initiative doesn’t inspire much confidence and could turn into a PR issue, but one thing you could do is get creative, and while we’re not plumbers, we do find it curious that five geographically distinct WalMart stores have been closed in the past week for “ongoing plumbing issues that will require extensive repairs.”

    Source: Zero Hedge

    Others have suggested that the closings may have something to do with upcoming military exercises and the possibility that the massive stores could be used as detention centers for American citizens.

    In a report published in July 2014 on, Shepard Ambellas outlined a plan by the Department of Defense and FEMA to use, “abandoned or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.” 

    Although FEMA has used a massive influx of immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country in the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers for American citizens.

    Source: Intellihub via The Daily Sheeple

    But a new theory brought forth by researcher and Youtube commentator Daboo777 suggests that Walmart might be working directly with the Department of Homeland Security and the so-called plumbing issues give them the pretext to bring in heavy machinery without having to explain the specific reasons for doing so with an overly curious public.

    But what would this heavy machinery be for?

    According to one theory, Walmart is working in conjunction with DHS to expand the government’s underground tunneling system and is integrating it with a larger national emergency response network designed to move supplies and people during a crisis:

    In this information…in digging… we come to find out that there have been projects in different areas… not specifically tied to the exact Walmarts that have been closed down at the moment… but they can very well be going through a process connecting them to an underground network.

    This is a very real situation… this was brought up years ago.. they were getting the funding and passing this… Homeland Security, in order to secure the safety of citizens in case of a nuclear, biological, chemical or other attack… this was a joint venture by the NSA, DoD, DHS…

    These tunnels were to serve as conduits from specific places to rapidly move supplies or whatever they need between these locations.

    Are there certain Walmarts out there that have underground connections? I wouldn’t doubt it one bit, especially now that we know DHS over the past decade has had this deal with not only Walmart, but other big sports stadiums and businesses.

    (Video via Steve Quayle)

    While it may seem like a stretch of the imagination, is it possible that these abrupt closures have something to do with the Department of Homeland Security and the integration of private businesses with broader government emergency response plans?


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      1. DJIA down 322 points. Humm

        • As crazy as this sounds, I wouldn’t put it past them. Anything is possible in bizarro ‘merica.

          • If I’m detained in a FEMA Wal-Mart facility, I hope they throw me in either the camping/gun/ammo section, or have me over on the magazine section close to the SI swimsuit issue.

            • “a larger national emergency response network designed to move supplies and people during a crisis”

              And do we need to guess what “people” they intend to protect? I’ll bet it sure ain’t US.

            • I’d wanna be in the canned meats section, gotta say wal mart brand vieenie sausages are the best :)mmmmmmmm….mmmm

          • It does sound crazy. I caught an article earlier, on Drudge, I think, that said that these particular Wal Mart stores were the ones that had been the location for recent protests.

            That would make more sense.

            Some of these irrational conspiracy theories really challenge the credibility of the authors and they do themselves a disservice by creating them.

            It does all of Alt Media a disservice as well. There are enough REAL issues to deal with and those on Alt Media need to retain their moral authority.

            Unfortunately many are engaged in hyperbole, speculation, and yellow journalism to attract your “click”. 🙁

            • I also read that these were the places that were protests and the “emergency closings” were a way for walmart to get around the provisions in the Warn Act.

              • Walmart is working in conjunction with DHS to expand the government’s underground tunneling system

                The pictures from Quayle imply that these are the very tunnels being built. Another example of misdirecting “journalism” to create a sensation.

                • Well there are some advantages to considering places like this as logistical distribution points. They are basically built as a giant warehouse with back up generators that can be reorganized in to anything. They have cold storage for things like blood, or meds. Hospitals and schools would be obvious whereas these are a bit more sneaky and from sat photos they would look like every other department store (lowes, home depot, etc).

                  But in the end I think these closings accomplished a couple things. It closed stores that were problem stores with higher theft from both customers and employees (read that somewhere but cant site the source) without raising concerns from shareholders. And it taught every walmart employee that if they push for higher wages that the company can get around those pesky regulations like the Warn Act and simply shut the store down at any time without notice.

                • Dollah snackbar

                • If anyone knows anyone who live in those towns, please forward this article to them and ask them to keep watch on those stores, especially the loading docks.

              • Storage? The billions of rounds of ammunition that is spread out around the country, currently stored social security offices, will be moved here.

            • ‘nother report I saw somewhere says that these stores are in “bad neighborhoods” and have been suffering from the crime.

              • where are the walmarts that ARENT in “bad neighborhoods”?….you may now turn off your sarcasm detectors.

                • BCOD I know of one in Wyoming! Well on second thought, it is right next to a prison farm. I guess that shoots that down. Trekker Out.

                  • You must be referring to the WalMart in Riverton

                    • Yep! You nailed it Daisy! Trekker Out.

                  • @Trekker,

                    Glad to hear from you and to know you weren’t in the 75 vehicle pileup on I-80. Wait, you didn’t cause that did you? Were you scoping out the distribution center?

                    • I didn’t do that Wilson. But thats the way all those Interstates will look like when the SHTF. Trekker Out.

                • Pico Rivera, high gang area low-income. Midland, Texas out in the middle of nowhere west Texas (literally). High Crime rate. Livingston, TX, high crime rate.

                  I have no clue about Tulsa one or the FL location. I’ve lived in CA and TX and I know the areas stated pretty well. But still to do a fast closure with only hours of notice seems odd.

                  • Walmart in midland ain’t in a bad neighborhood, also it is in the top ten walmarts. East midland walmart is also in the top ten

                    • Midland Texas does not have a high crime rate, no higher than the average, and the Walmart that shut down is not in a bad neighborhood, I live only a few miles from the sore in a 3500 sq ft home on a golf course in one of the most sought out neighborhood in Midland.

                • South Hill VA, and South Knoxville TN. Probably two of the more profitable stores in the chain…less crime, because 98 % white areas…..I’ve lived in both areas and shopped the stores frequently….

            • DK I agree, this is one of the strangest. Its a close second to David Ike and the Lizard people. How did the author even reach this conclusion? Where is the proof, even a smidge?

              • Dude, you don’t believe in the Lizard people who live in the hollow earth??? 🙂

                • Those are the Sleestacks!!!! 😉

                • my uncle said when he drove a truck they were in all the rest areas and truck stops ,they called them lot lizards ,you may know them as prostitutes ,though im sure they didnt live in a hollow in the earth they did live in some real shit holes

              • I think it is the underground lair of the Men in Black, myself.

              • Watch out for the lizard people, they want your balls!

            • I heard they are going to be used as giant incubators for all the reptilian eggs to hatch for the coming war between the zetas and humans…

              Though these days it is hard to believe anything you read or hear, and nothing is ever as it seems. I agree is doesn’t serve anyone to go around pulling your hair out trying to convince people that wal mart is part of a gov’t conspiracy to institute martial law and put you in a fema supercenter. Though it is fun to read, I mean hey I clicked on the story 🙂

              • dang it, just saw yall were talkin about lizard people after already hit submit, now my theory seems redundant 🙁 🙁 wawm……wawm……wawmmmmmmm….

                • Also, speaking of blowing things out of proportion and losing credibility, I saw a youtube video where they were talking about “heavy security” at one of the closed wal marts and how strange it was, and this guy is rolling through the parking lot filming, and you wanna know how heavy the strange security was??? 2 cop cars sitting in front of the door talking to each other….. Wow…..Really?….

          • Anon, I have to agree. At first, I thought I was seeing another Dave Hodges article, but nope, his name is not on it.

        • I think the stores are going to be used as landing sites for UFO’s
          The aliens are here. We plan to house them in walmarts. It just makes sense.
          Also the parking lots are big enough to land their spacecrafts!!!

          • I agree with thong…The alien ZOG are breading mutant GIANT sized hamsters to kill off the free Americans.

          • If you take the time to observe the average Walmart shopper, you will find it very easy to come to the conclusion that many of them are in fact, aliens.

        • Oh and BTW/ Walmart is giving away FREE Vacines. One stop shop at Camp FEMA. Ha..

        • This is total Poppycock.

          I did the layout on one of the “Secret Squirrel” Walmart Super-Black-Ops sites.

          The reason for the blasting was because the proposed finished floor elevation ended up hitting on solid granite. The contractor, Brad Cole Construction, then had to perform blasting work to remove the solid rock sub-base in order to get the grading completed for the project. It is my understanding that during the geotechnical study on the site, the granite formation, which was directly under the building, was not anticipated during the initial design. The only alternative to redesigning the project, which would have been prohibitively expensive, was to remove the rock, and then lay the foundation on compacted fill dirt.

          I was out there during the blasting, and massive rock McNuggets were hurled at unbelievable heights. It was actually a pretty cool job.

          I can confirm the existence of underground tunnels adjacent to the WalMart site in Dallas, as I also laid these tunnels out. The tunnels were for the site’s sewer outfall line. The only thing being transported through them is top-secret turds.

          As cool as underground tunnels, and secret military projects are, I can state, with eyewitness authority, that the most exciting thing going on at that WalMart is the fact that you can pick up a Colt 6920 for less than a grand.


          A Crusty Old Land Surveyor

        • Mac, DHS tunnels under Walmart? Seriously? Belated April Fools Day joke perhaps?

          • Don’t do that it like switching the light on during a movie they are watching and they don’t want facts or truth.

            Contruction workers would soon let the cat out the bag if they were working on underground top secret projects because they are not brown coats like the police in the USA.

            I am not sure if the US needs FEMA camps because if they keep poking the Russian bear then all that will be left running around the USA is little green men that glow green in the dark

        • the nwo amurikan ZOG jews are training giant mutant hamsters to burrow a network of tunnels in order to gain access to your BOL.

        • Fuck DABOO777! Hes a crock and a lying sack of shit!

      2. Boy if they use those stores for detention centers they’ll really have a sewer problem. Trekker Out. Stockup On TP!

      3. Perhaps part of the answer to the “booming noises” being heard and reported nation wide.

        • Indeed, and I almost included that in the article — In my view, these “mysterious booms” heard around the country over recent years are a result of underground mining/clearing for Deep Underground Military Bases. Call me crazy, but that theory seems pretty sound to me and the fact is, no one can deny that these DUMB’s and massive underground networks exist.

          • Interesting thought, it hadn’t crossed my mind. But, in part I of Hunger Games Mocking Jay, featured was a MASSIVE underground base / quarters – part of the conditioning of “normality” for the masses IMO.

            • My guess is that the “booms” that are heard are more likely super secret “black” aircraft breaking the sound barrier; as they have since the SR-71 Blackbird was first tested. 🙂

              • No I think its for super grid

                • Do you have a link for the trailer? 🙂

          • Mac. Could be why all these earth quakes are happening around the country in places not common to earth movment.And of course, they blame it on fracking!!! Just a speculation!

          • Mac, I’ve seen a few videos of DUMBs on youtube, so I also believe they exist. Your theory on the mysterious booms sounds perfectly plausible to me.

            • Braveheart,

              Thank you for the reference, I went to utube and looked it up and this first link came up. I post it for those that are like me and never heard of BUMB before. It’s good. and there are numerous others of course that expound on the topic. Thanks again:

            • Braveheart,

              Thank you for the reference, I looked it up on yutube and came across this link for those that have not heard of the terminology though familiar with the concept:

          • The Mysterious Booms across the country have been happening for years now. I read other articles about possible secret tunnels and bases. The tunnels are said to have a magnetic super fast railway. I feel something strange is happening for awhile. I have the gift of dreams and the dreams tell me to move up high away from the coastline areas.

            • Yeah the above link claims that they made underground special railways where superfast train can reach a speed of Mach2 and gets from one coast to the other in 30 mns. It also claims, as old as it is that they have at least 131 underground military bases. Phil Schneider an assassinated geologist and engineer said they commit to this 1.3 to 5 trillion dollars every 2 years. And they are continuing to build dumbs at the rate of I think 2 every year!!!

          • one of these Walmart stores is in Brandon fl it could be a tunnel to MacDill afb or avon park gunnery range but then again you cant dig more then 5ft in florida without hitting massive water and we have sink holes popping up everywhere as the entire state seems like its falling into the ocean so I cant imagine they are tunnels.

          • This is a foolish sounding question but where does all the dirt or rock go from the seemingly many tunnels and DUMBs?

        • Al Bundy flushing his toilet?

      4. I think the plumbing issues have been brought about by those who use the electric scooters and the fact that most Walmarts (I believe) have McDonald’s in them.

        If so, then we will no doubt see more stores close as time goes on.

        • Ours has a Subway.

          • Subway. LoL. Oh wait, … you’re talking about the sandwich place.

            I get it now.

          • Yeah, ours is a Subway too….

      5. Friends do you feel something huge is about to happen? My gut tells me the end of the U. S. or for that matter of fact the World as we know it will soon be over. I say stick a fork in us we’re done. Not many will see the other side of this, we will soon be defending our own homes and property from neighbors who did not believe let alone prepare for the end.

        Get right with GOD and when they show up with a gun in their hands I will take them out as fore as possible from the homestead. Keep the FAITH my friends.

        Been greasing the hinges on the bunker today and loading mag’s with the those little M855’s, 147gr. 7.62×51 and 7.62×39’s. Every night has it’s dawn.

        • Yes, yes I do.

        • I’ve had that same feeling since the start of the year. Lots of factors point to something economic happening in Sept/Oct, the magnetic poles are accelerating rapidly and projected to flip in less than 15 years ( and the Sun is going quiet causing Earth to enter a repeat of the Mini Ice Age for the next 35 to 40 years(

          I think TPTB know much of this and are preparing for it while keeping the public in the dark.

          • Well if any one is taking bets with a spreadsheet matrix, I’ll buy May 24th. How much for the space? 🙂

            • I’ve had September 21st for over a year….

            • dk That space will cost you 500 rounds of .22.

        • If what you say is true, then what difference does it make to shoot a few people and have a few months worth of food stored up for it? If it’s as bad as you think it’s going to be than maybe only one out a hundred or even a thousand will be around afterward, and that certainly is going to be a pleasant experience for those who do survive.

        • Copperhead, I have the same feeling. I just made another supply run to the BOL in GA 3 weeks ago and turned that into a vacation. I have another trip scheduled for July but that just might get moved up the way things are looking.

          • Hey braveheart if the New Madrid go’s their tunnel system go’s its getting close to party time

        • Spot on…

      6. It’s going to get real very soon.

      7. Well if this is true we will know the moment a crisis hits because there will be piles of dead looters in the parking lot. Walmart seem to be the first place the free shit army goes when crisis happens to loot.

      8. Yorkville GA the new ‘TERMINUS’…

        Google Earth this location, there is not much of anything there, should be a perfect place to conduct business…

        • Google sinister places and read up on the Denver Airport. Lots more there than meets the eye.

      9. The only unbelievable part of the claim is that the government would be doing it out of any concern for the safety and welfare of the average American.

      10. I have many doubts about this.

        The closing of the Brandon, Florida store and the suggestion it’s connected with some underground tunneling system just doesn’t fly.

        The geology of that area with its limestone and sinkholes is poorly suited to tunneling. Flooding would be difficult to control and anyone drilling a horizontal tunnel is likely to find himself tumbling into an underground, water-filled cavern as the floor collapsed.

        More likely is that Walmart raised its wages and found it needed to cut 2000 people to pay for it.

        The plumbing claim is probably something small that’s plagued a few stores for years, but is now inflated in importance to cover the cuts in the labor force.

        • Respectfully disagree that it is a layoff to cover a wage increase. WalMart has 4,520 stores in the US alone (plus 648 Sams Club and 6,295 WalMarts outside the US). So, rather than completely shutting income producing locations, and the balance sheet implications of selling real estate, it would make much more sense to simply freeze hiring to NOT backfill one position for every 2nd store in the US, or just fire a person at every 2nd store (I’m sure there are at least that many who could be fired for cause) to cover 2,000 positions.

        • The Brandon store is fairly close to macdill AFB.

      11. Until Walmart tells us the truth,
        I am BOYCOTTING Walmart.

        • Yeah me too John, atleast for a while. They’re to far away for me to go to very often. Trekker Out.

        • I boycotted walmart 8 years ago 🙂

          • Lotta good that did, huh?

            • Yes it did do a lot of good. It supported locally owned mom and pop stores and boosted the local economy. It took money out of mega corporations earnings and supported usa made products. It kept money in the local system and helped it thrive. But that is all way out of your comprehension level old walmartian.

              • Genius you have to be dreaming, Mom&Pop stores! I remember 60 years ago in Missourah when Krogers and Safeway Stores came to town and put all the MoM&PoP’s out of business. In a town of 12,000 there was 7 M&P’s in one 10 block area. I also remember 25 years ago when my hunting buddy worked at Safeway and made more money then than Safeway store workers make today in 2015, but that was before Safeway broke those dreaded unions. I also saw Safeway break the union in it’s store here in Wyoming, boy did’nt those groceries get cheaper,(What A Joke)So if Wal-Mart sells for less than these other store chains do, more power to them. Trekker Out.

          • Genius, I stay away from wallyworld all I can, but only on rare occasions I have to go there to find a particular item no else has.

            • I’ve never actually been in a walmart…ever.

        • I boycotted wallyworld decades ago…its…the DEVIL!! Driving every little mom and pop place to oblivion!! And yes the weak fall to the strong but I’m old school and…LIKE …small places that aren’t Indian or some other foreign run biz !!

        • I’ve been boycotting wal mart for years, I mean I still shop there and all….but I’m still boycotting them 🙂 I mean where else am I gonna buy a bunch of cheap Chinese shit, they put everyone else out of business.

      12. Some of these stores are poorly built. #1022 in Tyler Texas roof leaks all over the place during a rain. They have to put up plastic sheets over the TV sets and other electronics during a rain. I slipped on their wet floor as a result. Shame it is built by the lowest bidder, and the one that can get it done the fastest then results in such expensive closings. Part of Jade Helm 15? Don’t know. Buildings needing repairs? Yes.

      13. Love Wally’s it’s great. The tunnels are for the elites to go into the store and take all the ammo and food. They will deprive the citizens of survival stuff. You know if walmart is up to something things must be going down soon. There is a lowes store near here that was only opened for maybe a year or two. It sits vacant now gotta be for 6 years now. This could be used as a detention center. Just put barb wire around it in a pinch. There is a lot of abandoned commercial space with signs out for lease. There is a rail line that is next to the abandoned lowes a ship pier that car ships from Germany unload. Oh and a national air guard base. They could easily bring people into this area by the boat load train load plane load. There is an old coal electric plant that would make a perfect incinerator to get rid of the dead. This area is surrounded by water on three sides so they’d just have to defend one side. Whenever I ride around I look at the abandoned places and visualize what tptb could do to use it against us. Mac your right the local news reported that people heard a loud groaning coming from under the ground I never heard it but I’d believe it. The earth around here has a deep water table. You could tunnel under it easy.

        • Keep your eyes on that place and let us know what’s going on…sounds perfectly logical….

      14. ‘wow, didn’t see that one coming.’

        ‘though i find it dangerous for the ptb to have so many lightly guarded access points to their national tunnel systems.’

        ‘sooner or later local folks will notice the human traffic and much needed supplies being shipped through.’

        ‘making it very easy for a 12 man patriot militia squad to breech the tunnels system with just a few hunting rifles , shotguns , excavation equipment , home made explosive shaped cutting charges!’

      15. I am so sick of the lies and just plain crap the government tries to make us believe; I am getting to the point that I don’t want to believe anyone let alone the PTB we are suppose to be an educated nation do they really believe we are just that stupid? We are not even close to being stupid but just to lazy to think for ourselves it is far easier to just go along,to get along and the government knows that upfront. I try to prepare and most of the time I think that I’m doing OK, but some days like today I feel that I am treading water, if that, I have a headache as big as all outdoors and I am going to take some Tylenol and lay down for a bit it is getting to be more then my small brain can deal with. Sorry for the rant just needed to get it out there, can’t deal much longer.

        • take care of your body first, take care of the hyper tension headaches as it can be a killer.

          i find a cuppa sleepytime tea w/ valerium root , cinnamon , honey and some lime is the perfect brew to set me right.

          focus on that which you can control. personal security, your health, fun stress relief activities, the garden, fish pond and hydroponics, water supply, meds, emergency money stash, emergency shelter, safe zones to evacuate too….

          and realize in the end it all really is just ‘A GAME!’

      16. ‘another thing is these tunnel entrances make it very easy to setup truck hi-jacking!’

        ‘as they will always be using established and known trucking routes and entry/ exit points.’

      17. This is right up their with the “moon landing were faked” and “NASA turns off thecameras when UFOs appear.” Credibility killer for daboo777.

      18. This wouldn’t be suspicious at all if it weren’t for the helicopter gunships circling over these closed Walmarts along with the heavily armed Russian security guards behind the concertina wire that’s been set up around them and all the Chinese speaking workers doing the work and living in secured barracks isolated from public contact and such.

        Seriously, why doesn’t someone living near one of these closed stores just go and take a look to see if anything out of the ordinary for repair work seems to be going on? And if so what it is along with some pictures?

        I’d be happy to do that if I lived near one, and on a regular basis till it reopened if rumors persisted, and give a first hand account of what I saw.

        But they are all in other States so I can’t.

        • I went by walmart in North midland, two trucks unloading, went back a few hours later and 2 trucks were leaving the docks. I went back around 9pm, two trailers were at the docks, no trucks hooked to them. Local police guarding an empty building. Also the old Sam’s Club building on 191 and loop 250 now has chain link and construction equipment. A friend told me about that so I went and took a look. I have lived in midland for 3 years. I did some research and found out that the 2 walmarts in midland are in the top 10 producers of ALL their stores. If you look at the locations of the two stores in texas and the one in Ok. All three are centrally located in an oilfield. The ones in CA and in fla. Have access to deep water ports. 12 chinese bases in mexico and several Russian bases there. Natural resources here, wind, crude oil, natural gas. China needs these resources. I’m expecting an invasion and jade helm is just a cover to deploy assets. I’m actually concerned since I live in the middle of the oil patch. I’m not a total badass, but I do sleep with a pillow under my gun.

      19. Time will tell in this story. Thanks for posting…


        who is involved in supporting the zog fedgov , military , national guard…



        • google earth,camera phones and a phone book,tax records(foia) and gee go out and see what is all around you. At night too.they know and we know how to play the game.

      21. Yes of course, it makes it easier for the chinese PLA to take you into custody at the store once you patriotic data shows up in the store. If your go on and see the alerts link to the right, you would have read over a month ago that PLA soliders took over one warmart in a city, as one us types was in their purchasing extra items for shtf future events, and notice 3 chi-comps, punks, one woman soldier with Red star patches on her uniform included, staring him down in the store, looks like his dont f…. with me, i am a patriot data must of alerted thier attention.. I guess walmart is telling the truth, you see they never lied, its plumbing, big frikin plumbing and tunneling as in tunneling your our azzes of to the camps underground inside of the DUMBS, ” DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES OFF WITH OUR AZZES TO THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS TO BE SHOT AND KILLED BY THE CHINESE FIRING SQUAD AND GUILITINES AND YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER GOES TO THE CHINESE SOLDIERS TO SERVICE THEM, and undetected. Gee walmart, dont you love it. As a martial artist i can warn chi-coms not to try to f… with me when go to walmart, you may experience SI LAT up close and personal and may get your azz busted up in that process, if you try to pull that crap on me. The now obvious plumbing project does not call for permits, its top secret, its obviously plumbing alright. Plumbing issue was true. Who would have taught that walmart would lie to thier customer and the public, they have been telling the truth the entire time.

        • You appear to be a fan of the run-on sentence.

      22. If they closed a store anywhere it would be because of two things. Either it ain’t doing the business or they replaced it with another nearby. I know things about how they operate.

      23. It’s for the SUPER GRID you fools. It is a two trillion dollar underground nuclear power system connected by super conductors. Why do you nuts think everything the government does is designed to screw you. My god I am glad I do not live in your heads….

        • You mean that cranky little whisper isn’t you? I must be picking up FM through my fillings. 🙂

        • …and exactly whom do you think will be able to access that “super grid”? YOU? ME? Probably not. But I’ll bet every military command and global elite will be on it.

          While the rest of us sat in the dark. So yes, in that context, that “two trillion dollar underground nuclear power system connected by super conductors” will do US no good. I’d call that “screwing US.”

      24. Sounds like a bunch of sensational hooey.

      25. What Mac said. That is exactly what is causing those booming sounds that everyone in the area keeps source told me some serious crap about my area of town how in a gated neighbourhood inside a house, has the entrance to one of these same DUMBS. Its obvious that they are gearing up for the planned staged false flag EMP event that will usher in the SHTF EVENT HORIZON. I tell you, dumb down people have no earthy ideas what is getting ready to be unleashed on them, 300,000,000 plus people in the country..this is the living hell on earth opening up on us. No water, nor food, no electricity, no shelter, no safety, no this, not that, no are now trapped inside your car on one of the major freeways in your state, 25 mike’s from your house, you have 13 hrs to get to it, you are a woman in work clothes attractive and wearing high heels. My advice to women new to this site, get armed up, put in a pair of tennis. shoes and get start to head home immediately or your won’t make it home. You will be dire straights in 12 hrs. Something really very serious is coming with the calapse and the environment, the sun acting up because of Nibiru, etc..

      26. Call it sensational or outlandish if you want to, but I think it would be irresponsible for Mac and SHTF to NOT run these stories when a buzz like this is afoot. Two years ago I might have agreed that the idea of underground tunnels beneath Walmart is ludicrous and not worthy of our consideration. A lot has changed in those two years. What seemed like fantasy then feels quite possible in this day of military drills, FEMA camps and ammo-gobbling federal agencies. Keep on publishing all the theories, I say. Most of us have enough powers of discernment to decide for ourselves whether or not we should be concerned. Once Mac decides to pass on some information that comes his way, that will be the one to lunge up and bite us all in the ass. The world has gone crazy, and crazy comes in many forms.

        • Amen!

          I’ve had bad feelings for quite a while that something is not right in the universe. It’s impossible to hear the news and read the legislation and think that everything is okay. It’s not. We live in a small, rural town in Georgia (really rural)….and we’ve already seen a build up of military humvees and ambulances painted black that are named “The Clandestine Unit”. Personally, I always thought the idea of “clandestine” was NOT to announce that you were clandestine.

          They claim these new vehicles will help deal with the growing meth lab problem; however, there have been owners of meth labs who were arrested and then released. A lot of drug problems are in our area of South Georgia. LOTS of drug flow up and down the interstates. I believe that a lot of the Law Enforcement helps the drug operations run smoothly up and down the highways.

          Plus, we’ve had a lot of military aircraft flying over and we’re about 90 minutes from the nearest military base. You can honestly just feel it in the air that something is not right. It’s that 24/7 unsettled feeling that you can’t seem to shake. When I saw a Red Cross helicopter at the local airport, I knew something was wrong. The nearest Red Cross Chapter is also 90 minutes away.

          By the way, when we moved here about 10 years ago, you NEVER saw stuff like this going on.

          • I think they meant “clandestine” as in “The Clandestine Meth Lab Unit”.

            Cop stops college student in a “high crime” area.
            Officer to student: “I think you have a meth problem”.
            Student: “Math problem? I don’t have a math problem, I graduated algebra.”

      27. Folks………just remember…….what is the left hand doing right now?…..a awful lot of distractions going on right now…… no attention to the man behind the curtain( quoting the great and powerful OZ)

      28. Pure BULLSHIT AS USUAL !!

      29. Sr71 blackbird top speed is 2193mph is that fast enough the fuselage glows like a kitchen range on high cause of friction. Pretty cool ha. Spot that Russia.

        • …”MY toy is better than YOUR toy”…

          CHILDREN…Do they EVER grow up?

      30. LOL

      31. If they are constructing tunnels, people would see the big semi loads of materials and large construction equipment coming to Walmart, also with culvert sections laying around even at night, and removal or dirt.

        There are several options by what I read is that they shut down and will reopen to hire all new people for lower wages. Maybe the 500,000 illegals the Big O made legal illegally.


        They are really closing the stores for good. China’s wholesale production is about what it was in 2007-slowing down because people are not buying that much..and yes, WMT doesn’t want investors to panic in this volatile market.

      32. Wal-Mart can’t keep the shelves stocked now, so they need a secret underground tunnel to move merchandise.


      33. Someone (whoever came up with this drivel) is one toke over the line sweet Jesus.

      34. there sales globally have been down, nationally they are lousy no surprise, watch how many more close this year .. it would be easier to tear down the buildings and start over than to retro fit with tunnels..

      35. Husband worked for a company that did the same thing- he said its to send a message about unionizing.

      36. the workers are getting paid anyway and some of the older long time workers may get severance pay., maybe HS is picking up the tab

      37. the expreesway to mehiko gringo

      38. Within all the rubbish we are fed & even within the lies of politicians there can be distortions of the truth. So it is with the bible….Base lie on a truth and it can last centuries.

        Whether you are religious or not “As you sow so shall you reap” is something I try not to lose sight of. Just as its easier to do a job with the right tools & information, understanding “reaping as you sow” can change your life, protect & prosper you.

        Imagine if you put even half a days worth of your thoughts into your computer exactly as they happen in your mind, (EVERYTHING would accepted as merely be impersonal data) what might the end product look like.

        This mind computer must calculate to include everything, right down to the type of emotion, Positive/ negative, involved & degree of emotion injected into each thought. Keeping up with your constantly changing stance.

        Its not so much a thought that gets you into trouble but the negative emotion your thought conjures up.

        Note how your line of thought swings in many directions, back & forth etc at a rapid rate.

        Your mind (within all your cells/atoms) is almost constantly under pressure to produce answers for your life based on your input & the input of others, because you allowed it.

        If you would weed out the many thoughts that waste your time & threaten your health, not only would you find you have more control over your life, how people treat you & you will find you can influence technology, that threatens you.

        I have always remembered reading in the bible (thought it was gensis but must have been removed) back in the 40s, something that added up to “the world can fall all around you but if you keep the faith you wont be harmed.” I thought this meant faith in god. Today I would translated this to say, keep from becoming involved in negatively guessing outcomes & anticipations & you’ll be saved.

        Think of the many exceptions to the norm you have witnessed over years. I.E. someone falling from a plane, massive fires leaving one house standing, guns jamming, growing limbs etc. The seemingly impossible happens everyday somewhere & you will be amazed at what you will come up with when your back is against the wall & your mind not cluttered with fear.

        Start practicing now by using affirmations frequently I.E. “I am in my perfect place at the perfect time” “This too will pass” I Do the perfect thing etc. Make up some to suit your situation.

        Even making what you think is a mistake can be simply A DETOUR SIGN if you dont rubbish yourself about it & make it a bigger deal thus missing the lesson.

        A paragraph from a book (cant recall the name) “Bless a thing & it will bless you” (think good) “Curse a thing (think negative) & it will curse you” Place your condemnation upon anything in life & it will bounce back & hurt you. `The prosperity Secret of the ages’ Catherine Ponder. How about that I remembered. Not bad since I’ve read many other books over the following 38yrs. That advice saved my life, literally.

        Why do you think it has been so important that TPTW are so anxious to keep us all in states of insecurity & fear.


      39. This whole thing is all adding up, it’s obvious since one poster on Quayle alerts mentioned that Chinese PLA..were in one Walmart steering him down because he purchased too many of the same items, and 2 men with red stars on their clothing with a Chinese woman with red stars came out form some small booth, also began to steer him down..if they plan on grabbing us inside Walmart to wisk us off to concentration camps via underground transport tunnels so that no one will see anything suspicious outside the store. Once we get the facts and the evidence gets leaked out, this is now and act of war on all gun owners, patriot citizens and constitutional cops. I believe based in my tends research that they are going to start detaining people.i for one am lot afraid of entering a Walmart.

        As Bruce Lee once said.. the greatest mistake to anticipate the outcome of the engagement, you aught now worry weather it’s ends in victory or defeat, let mother nature take its course and your tools will strike at the right moment. Jeet not meant to hurt, Jeet Kondo is one the ways that mother nature reveals it’s secrets to us

        Bruce Lee was American and believed in our way of life, that why the Chinese murdered him.

        ..any Chinese PLA soldier that wrongfully attempts to arrest me in a Walmart or anywhere else in this city, to take me underground and then execute me by firing squad in Utah, locally or off in a camp..i will not make it their, I go in a body bag. I will fight and challenge your gung..Fu, believe me when I warn you Chinese communist soldiers in my city, do not engage me. I am warning you ahead of time. Since I am new to this website and most know who have read my post that I was threatened by a Russian the galleria two years ago..i am not going to tollerate this crap in my city.

      40. Next time you go to practically any large department store..look at the garden center. Observe the enclosed high fenced off area and consider how these could be used for detention purposes.

        • It also keeps thieves from stealing thousands of dollars worth of store property too…

        • also note how all those empty vehicle transit rail cars are built.. cant get into one from the outside,, also means you cant get out if you were forced inside and than locked

          there are tons of them laying empty all over the place ,, stacked up and waiting , sitting on rail sidings all across the country

      41. Ya know…it would be interesting to check out the “inventory shrinkage” rates of these stores. Research the towns a bit and you find they are in areas hard hit by the economic downturn. Three are in the oil patch.

        Midland, Livingston and Tulsa all in oilfield area. Livingston is in the Eagle Ford shale area where the rig counts are half what they were last April. Pico Rivera lost a Ford plant.

        Brandon, Florida; Pico Rivera, California; Livingston, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

      42. Mac,

        Thanks to a commenter on All News Pipeline, we learned about the Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia. We can’t believe that we haven’t heard about this until now because we stay tuned to the mainstream news, alternative news, newspapers, etc.

        Please check out the video on the Guardian Centers. This was built from $51 million in private investments and was spearheaded by a former BellSouth telecommunications guy, Geoffry Burkart. This training center has so impressed Hollywood, that it has been used for movies.

        However, wouldn’t it be the perfect FEMA detention center?

        One thing I noticed about the video for the Guardian Centers is that the urban backdrop used for training doesn’t look like a normal town. It looks more like a series of buildings at a prison. All square block with small windows. As a matter of fact, the Perry locals weren’t too comfortable about this huge project.

        Plus, it shows first responders training for a severe flooding situation, rescuing people from the top of a roof. Here’s the interesting part of the video. They knock a hole in the roof and rescue a crisis actor and then rescue a black goat. How many people keep black goats in their homes? Wouldn’t the most logical scenario for training be the rescue of a dog? “Hey Frank, the water is rising. Make sure Billy Goat doesn’t drown!”

        Now, not attempting to be sensational or silly, or even tie this organization with anything evil, but there is a Black Goat Cabal. Again, the goat used in the video is just extremely strange. I’ve known people to own goats, but never known anyone to keep one in their home. Also, the goat is used as a symbol in Satanic circles. Think Baphomet, Illuminati, New World Order, Satanism, etc.

        Are they trying to tell us something? Just wondering. The Guardian Centers may be perfectly innocent in what they’re doing, but they need to be thrown into the mix of Jade Helm 15, the militarization of the police and the Walmart closings.

        Questions need to be raised in light of everything that’s happening.
        (and yes, I hate to post links like this, but people need to understand the reality of the underworld)

        One more thing……this happened last year in East Dublin, Georgia (Laurens County), a very rural area of Middle Georgia. This is simply unbelievable. I’m still in shock after reading it. Folks, the local Law Enforcement in rural Georgia is very corrupt (think drugs). Yes, they are being militarized with new equipment and yes, we have seen it.

      43. Why are we letting the communist chinese trash and illegal alien vermin from the third world into out country. Its time to start shooting these enemies on site.

      44. Secret underground tunnels criss crossing the country… seriously? Give me a break.

        • I know, totally ludicrous!

          I mean, to build something like that would cost billions… trillions… and because of all the oversight, accounting and government transparency the taxpayer would know about it if it was happening!

          Just sayin’

          • yep, all this money is going sure as fuck aint our roads,or upgraded rail transit , or other infrastructures like all the bridges falling apart ,, not to mention any new big buildings

            if you can think it,, they can build it with your money

      45. This is silly. There is so much empty commercial real estate in this country that they wouldn’t need to have walfart close stores in order to get space. Just think of the empty Kmarts and Sears locations alone.

        Walfart is just punishing employees who asked for more money. That is all. Greed and pettiness.

        • Sean,
          you’re so funny LOL.! though what you said also makes sense still.

          It’s very probable that they are doing this to work on extending the Nationwide underground tunnel network, hence them resorting to using such verbiage as “plumbing”. They are telling the truth by the way LMAO. We are the ones who need to think outside of the box LOL. Notice how the 5 locations are strategically spread up across the US soil. As I was here yesterday, I acted up on one of the members advise to Google “sinister sites” about the Denver International Airport. and Maaaan, what have I come across! Apparently the Airport have underground mega wiiiide spaces where they installed ceiling sprinklers(the site provided pictures)in case there is a fire when the entire underground is made out of nothing but concrete, so they are not needed there. And the author suggested that could those sprinklers be there for when they start to round up people and gase them just as they have the Jews. I say “they” because the author of the link also pointed out that the DIA runways are laid away in the form of A swastikaaaaaa LOL. (there several aerial view pics). We are screwwwwwwed LOL. The plans of the ones that think they should be at the top is to reduce the worldwide population to under 500 million people. So, in other words, “they have work to do” LOL.

      46. Dam! The cat’s outtadabag. Now Target, Meijer, K Mart and even Tractor Supply are gonna want tunnels too! WHO TOLD!!!

      47. Hello;I’m new to this blog.,Just my 2-Cent’s worth but I don’t think there building “Under Ground Tunnels”,But I do think that there going to use them for Command and Control Centers for there “Operation”.,Also I need to find out from you all,Is anybody here experiencing any Layoffs or is your place of employment cutting back your hour’s?.,It would be interesting to here back from you on that.

      48. Where’s the dirt…….?

      49. Also here’s a short clip of a US Navy building that has CLEAR CUT swastika either on the top or around it’s landscape:

        This is definitely Alarming to say the least.

      50. Sean,you are right. You see Mac,this is why I dont read this blog much anymore. It’s just as Sean said, there are so many empty buildings in this country,why in hell would DHS call attention to itself by closing,of all places Walmart. Again,just as Sean says,this Walmarts way of getting back at those who want a raise. The stores may re-open in the next quarter or two.

      51. I live very close to the Midland Wm that has been closed.

        It could be a coincidence. But just a few weeks prior to the closure. The city announced that a survey company will be placing equipment in and around the neighborhoods that are close to the store. For a week we had large geophysical trucks and sensors all over our neighborhoods. I have yet to learn who contracted Dawson Geophysical for the in town survey. But would love to find out why a geology company that specializes in oil and gas would be doing such surveys in residential neighborhoods.

        Equipment for Jade Helm 15 is now starting to arrive just 30 miles to the East in Big Spring, TX.

        Something feels much like combat deployment with the forward operating bases already designated.

        • They just put a geophysical center in tulsa too /:

          • Here is a map of Immigrant sanctuaries:


      52. The tunnels are for the alien spaceships to be stored in. And the Walmart buildings will be where they live. I have good information that the aliens are from Uranus. The attack on us will be an alliance of the Uranus aliens called Polyps and the lizard people that live hundreds of miles below the surface of the Earth. A great Doctor named Dr Who warned us several years ago about them. They’re called the Silurian.

        Here is some info about both species.

        Spread the word Brothers and Sisters! As G.I Joe once said “Knowing is half the battle”

        • This guy is govt plant

          • No I’m not.

          • You’re the government plant.

      53. youranus??? Give me a break

        • I said Uranus can’t you read? It is the seventh planet from the sun.

      54. I said Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun.

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