VIDEO: Trump Attacked In Ohio: “The Oligarchs Are Unleashing Their Embedded Socialists To Deliver Chaos”

by | Mar 12, 2016 | Headline News | 313 comments

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    Just minutes after we published an article in which Karl Denninger argues that silencing trump as was done in Chicago will leave only one option for Americans who believe the Constitution has been attacked and supplanted, new video footage from a Saturday morning rally in Ohio shows that “protesters” are becoming more brazen, now coming for the candidate himself.

    As the video footage below shows, Trump was attacked by someone near the stage. Within seconds the Secret Service moved in.


    One regular SHTFplan contributor commented in response to this incident via email:

    The oligarchs are unleashing their Black Lives Matter and other embedded socialists to deliver chaos.

    This is only the beginning.

    They want Trump out because, as we noted previously, he’s not a member of their secret club.

    Mitt Romney’s possible entrance into the Presidential race should make it clear. This isn’t about Republican or Democrat.

    This is about the establishment maintaining a stranglehold on the affairs of the American people.

    Also read: Free Speech Silenced In Chicago: ‘Our Political Differences Can Be Settled By The Ballot Box Or The Cartridge Box’


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      1. Oh we wait to see what happens. Anyways I just picked up a Bushmaster A2 AR15 with a restricted use lower from a gun shop and paid $525 for it. If Hillary is elected I bet I can double my money for it.

        • Prices on ARs are at a low point, get one now if you want one, they’re not going any lower.

          Get magazines for them, now, too.

          • Yes

            • Sad for us that the Free Sh*t Army is more effective than blogging gun owners.

              • Americans do not understand marxism…

                • Trump is protected by Secret Service. There is a federal statute mandating up to a one year prison term for protesting at an event where Secret Service provides security.

                  Anyone arrested should bend over and kiss their ass goodbye and expect to wake up with bubba in their face every day!!! 🙂

                • You can say that again. Most don’t even know that they are Marxist. Thanks Antonio Gramsci even SOB.

                  • Wow it looks like the RepubliCRATS have gone FULL THROTTLE on The Donald. All i’m reading is negative news with anything having to do with Trump. Just now 2 Breitbart reporters resigned because they claimed they were ASSAULTED by The Donald’s Staff.

                    Either way it doesn’t matter as i’ve been saying for quite some time that Hitlery will be the next P.O.S.-POTUS.

            • Soros group (Moveon.Org) raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come
              ht tp://

              Report: Suspect preplanned to interrupt Dayton rally
              “Dimassimo told police he PLANNED to run onto the stage.”

              “The incident at Trump’s rally on Saturday, was Dimassimo’s most recent protest.

              In April 2015, then a Wright State University junior, he helped lead an anti-racism protest that included students standing on American flags and holding signs saying, “Not my flag.”
              ht tp://

          • smokey

            Collapsible batons will be the new,”Fashion Accessory” for the next political convention.
            Choose from many colors and decorative designs.

            • Sling, I have 3 expandable Batons. One in my vehicle, one in my BOL HQ’s and one on my bicycle. In the City I would be riding in the streets and had on 2 occasions, Pit Bulls chase me. I out peddled them of course, but just in case it was strapped to my seat Upright fastened with zip ties on the baton pouch. Remember in SHTF Collapse, many domestic dogs will be turned lose as their owner flee, and they will become Feral Dog Packs creating mayhem looking for food to eat. They can help eat the dead bodies.

              I also carried a 9mm pistol inside a butt pack as a backup lethal weapon. Or if some thugs jumped me trying to take my bike I could jump off and shoot the bastards. Go to Youtube and search Feral Dog Packs, Very common in disasters like Katrina. Keep that in mind when you are bugging out with your family with your packs on your back hiking. These rabid dogs will sneak up on you at a full running pace.


              • If a dog grabs your arm or leg the thing to do is shove it further into their mouth. They will gag and let go. The natural response is to pull away but the solution is the opposite. Get the dog in a leg scissors hold and ckoke it while you pull your knife or whatever and dispatch of it. If your in a world of shit you may want to save it and eat it too 😛

                • Genius, if possible, you need to shoot the dog before it can get near you.

                  • Thats true lol.

                • Genius

                  Good point.

                  Also never let the dog pull you to the ground. If he does the next spot he will go for is the throat or the back of the neck to kill you. Stick your finger in his eye if you can is an option.

                  • Sling, best thing is to shoot the mofo and be done with it.

                    • Exactly Brave, Pop a Cap in its head with your new street sweeper 12g. I use a Mossberg 500/ Pistol Grip and it kicks like a mule. Like a 15000 Lb Sledge Hammer on the front end of that 1 Oz lead launched missile. Yep DogGone it.


                • Genious

                  Thanks. I did not know that. It would take great mental fortitude but it sure is nice to know. Nice post.

                  • I would Assume Most Feral Dogs and cats in SHTF would have Rabbies, since they will not be current on their shots. Better safe than sorry. A few swings to their face with a Baton will discourage them to find a weaker victim. So Zip Tie a Baton and case to your shoulder strap on your Bug out bag for quick deployment. A good long knife on the other shoulder strap. And a pounch on the waste strap with a pistol. NEVER TRUST A STRAY DOG OR CAT PERIOD. They are already scared and if you try and befriend them, They will bite you in the face. How will you treat Rabbies on your self in SHTF with no hospitals open?? Dispatch them and move on. Cause most likely they been eating maggot trash and dead diseased bodies for months.


                    • According to my vet, the rabies shot is good up to three years after it’s given. So if the attacking animal has a tag, you can check to see the date.

                      A bit of advice to give some peace of mind.

                    • All dogs that are rabid will be dead in 10 days. They will be quite sick by the third day.

                      When I was a boy the fathers in my little town took care of rabid dogs with their shotguns.

                      No one in my little town of 900 people ever came down with rabies. Thank you, Mr. Shotgun.

            • Now if a police dog charges you: put your weak arm out front and make that one grab underneath it for the throat. One chance, one grab. Then dispose of the threat. Police dogs are trained to go for the forearm, use it to they’re disadvantage, or any dog. Do not run! Face any dog head on! They naturally fight in packs, so a lone dog faced off will not normally attack but a police dog will. You will know the difference.

          • Why get one when full-auto’s are going to be lying all over the place FOR THE TAKING? Mags and ammo, vehicles, grenades, flashbangs, sodium night light (what’s that damn thing called? *I’m pre-coffee)…thanks… (just my 2cents worth)

            • That’s just one scenario out of many that you may be in that would require an AR or similar. Prep for the full spectrum, not a single event.

            • I used to do Red cross volunteer work in war zones. We would go around and pick up weapons and such after battles.
              There wasent much ammunition left or anything else that would go boom. Plenty of rifles thou. But what good are they without ammo.

            • Except when used in Hollywood, full autos are all but useless. I’m not sure that even our own military issues them to most infantry. They blow out ammo at about 700 rpm, and in full auto are not terribly accurate.A magazine is empty in literally 2-3 seconds. I doubt that most people could carry enough ammo to feed one. Semi-auto allows aimed fire, controlled rate of fire, hence conservation of ammo.

              • L: exactly. A complete waste. Of ammo. Of accuracy. Of your location. I prefer a simple bolt action. Combines range with accuracy. There is no way I would ever want to be in a firefight near my home. Ever. People need to realize that they will need to chill out and lay low. I will wait for the hotheads to be taken out while I hide. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

                • Philosopher, you are going to not going to be able to reload fast enough in “the most common” instances that you could (potentially) run into. You could use the bolt action for making ‘long-range’ kill shots (they ARE more accurate provided LOTS of “gunsmithing” has been put into play (that’s why accuracy shooters only use “one bullet at a time). I believe you’d be quite happy with a semi-automatic knowing that you have AT LEAST more than ONE round to keep 20+ people ‘at bay’ with. 🙂 Just my thinking is all… (thinking that came from 21yrs Special Forces ::USNAVY:: *You see, I seriously doubt that you have the ‘articles’ you would need to “lie low with” (like something that will block 100% of your body-heat from night-vision, and so on…). Even if you are a trained sniper you DO NOT want a “one shot” long-rifle for self-defense! (Unless it’s battleship sized ..but they’re hell on the shoulder).

                  • Most people who say you dont needs full auto have never been in combat.
                    Full auto is a necessary tool. It is not necessarily meant to hit anyone. It is to suppress their fire and keep their heads down (and not looking at you) While you maneuver and get into a position where you CAN hit them with single shots.

                    • Ed, what you say is completely correct about full auto. That was the way I learned the tactic in ‘nam in my era. My question since then is full auto still necessary in CQB in today’s urban warfare scenarios. Could someone comment on that?

                    • If you need a Full Auto, learn how to Bumpfire your semi automatic. Go to Youtube and watch the title: keltec plr16 223,with c-mag,100 rounds 8 sec WOW


                      That is the AR15 Pistol I have. Get er’ done!!


              • Leonard.

                Have you ever shot a MG-34 or a M60. See how much fun firing a belt fed weapon is and what happens on the receiving end. Awesome!

              • Leanard

                The military went to 3 round burst when I was in. That was during the revolution or close to it. lol Actually it was in the 80’s and they went to 1 shot one kill. The only time I know that it would be nice to have full auto was during a time you were ambushed. The policy then was to go beserk. Cause as much chaos as you could in hopes of making it out alive. My opinion is that if that happens it won’t matter you are screwed anyway. Hard to get a guy to put his head down in an ambush.

            • Equorial, that’s right. I’m following the same game plan when the time comes.

        • “J”
          Just finished an Anderson Lower receive build. Now I have to pick up an Upper. (cost $225.00) Getting a Hardened Arms 10.5 they are running around $220.00 with out bolt and charging handle. Charging handles I have. Bolt will cost around $100.00. When I’m done it will cost around $600.00.

          I know why they are acting like this with Trump.

          TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!!!!!! This is how I feel right now. If the Zombies and Leaches are against him I’m for him.


          • Sarge, what’s the wait now on SBR paperwork? Last I heard someone say six months.

            • When the SHTF this there will be no need for “paperwork”….

            • closer to 8 months right now if you sent paper work in after oct. 2015

            • if your paper work was sent in after oct. 2015 you are looking closer to 8 months for your tax stamp at this time

            • As long as it doesn’t have a shoulder mounted stock it a pistol. No SBR needed. If you have a 10.5 and put a 5.5 inch muzzle break it becomes a rifle. It makes it a rifle as long as it has a stock. No SBR needed.

              Six months sounds right.

              • Sgt. On an AR-15 Pistol you can mount a shoulder strap on the rear of the pistol. If you put it around your body and hold it up right, and push the pistol strait out the strap tight, the strap becomes a nice cheek rest like a rifle butt stock. Youtube has videos on that and what I did to my AR pistol. It feels very efficient to improve longer range accuracy, with your eyeball looking down the sights. And with both hands on the pistol one on the pistol grip and the other on the underside front rail system. It is illegal however to mount a 90 degree handle on the foregrip or a bipod. But there are other legal smaller foregrips which makes it comfortable and smooth.


              • In your example, the muzzle break must be permanently mounted, i.e. pinned and welded, otherwise it will still be considered a SBR.

            • six months to a year is average for first time buyers

              suppressors are between 3 and 5 months avg

              class 3s are at least a year maybe 10 months depending on the back log etc ATF has

              word has it its not ATF not doing the work its papers approved but waiting for final signatures and mailing

              IF obozo gets his way all those with Family trusts etc are looking at a complete re do of their trusts so that he can push his ” background checks for all ”

              and if he is really lucky his ATF sellers license for all gun sale totaling 2 or more will never work
              and its almost impossible by the way

              sellers licenses cost thousands ( after all the equipment for storage etc ) and you cant get one to just sell out of a house MUST be a Legit business address with a safe ( or safes) bolted to the floor etc and not accessible to main living areas
              also some cities and counties will not OK if the seller is closer then 2 blocks from a school ( depends on the area you live in ) and if you live in an HOA type community you will never get HOA approval

              just check out how much effort it takes for a license and what he wants and you will see his ultimate goal

              Too keep every one from EVER selling a gun

              so by default he is creating a black market for gun sales

              if you don’t have a suppressor or full auto better get one soon if HITLery gets in she will go after our guns first day

              • If Hillary does that, The United States will be in a full Civil War on the second day …guaranteed. (…even if I have to do it single-handedly)! heheh…

            • If your doing it from parts its the length of time it takes from the supplier to your doorstep!

            • Make it a pistol and no paperwork involved.

          • Well said.

          • Just a FYI folks

            get plenty of spare mags & spare parts

            we are 1 engineered FF away from a clamp down on firearms.

          • Sargent Dale;

            I’m sure you are fully aware of what you are doing, but I just wanted to caution you on the “charging handle” (it is imperative to your safety that you get one that be charged with either hand) in the event your ‘go to’ hand gets hit. (yeah, it’s also a tactical hand you’ve got there too) …it needs to have ‘oversized’ handles (so to speak) in order to get a round ‘cycled’ when/if you are ‘one-armed’. (Been there, done that …voice of experience). heheh… Go with titanium if you have the clearance (they are a bit thickerer ….’viking'(????).
            You see, my scope is SO damned low it is impossible to get a positive grip (from either side) of one of my AR’s (LR-308 DPMS with many mods) of the charging handle – – so I got ingenious and made me a ‘pull handle’ (you’d be proud of me). lol…
            Also, I saw an article mentioning Ford is competing for biz against Dodge (making “armored” doors. Maybe, just maybe some of the boys will be getting their beloved ‘Vics’ back?

            • “E”
              Thanks for the advice. I set this up from a design from an FBI buddy of mine who is on the tact team. This guy bleeds RED WHITE & BLUE. He might be the little bird that gives me info or maybe not. Yes I’m using ambidextrous charging handles on several of the AR’s in the group.

              Again thanks. This is what the site is for.

              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

            • Sgt.. When I was first looking at AR15’s, I started at the top and Chose a SigSauer 5.56 Swat rifle 16 Inch barrel 7-1 twist. Piston driven, does not shit where it eats. What good is a rifle if it needs an assist to charge the bolt into the round and chambered? Just saying. Picked that up back in late 2011, for just over $1000. Before the priced doubled in 2012. I will not blink or argue about a few hundred bucks when determining what my life is worth, vs. mechanical failures or breakdowns in a firefight. Also put $1100 in sights EOTech with Night Vision adapted capabilities. With the rest of the hardware, Bi-pod collapsing swivel fore-grip, folding stock, laser light, 900 Lumens flashlight. I have about 3K in it. It eats Green tips like Chinese eat rice. Never had a single failure yet.


              • WWnd
                Sounds like a nice rifle.
                Can I shoot it?

                • No you cannot! His things are belong to ME! I am his father and mentor and tutor in all things swamp related!

              • WhoWTFKnows …I hear you! What sense does it make to ‘smack’ the Assist? To “jam” you up even worse than you are already? lol… As you have stated, an AR-15 that’s been “made in a dream”, operates like a dream, etc – – is going to end up running a bit over (minimum $3 grand and ‘far, far higher’). *Then you need several hundred dollars in spare parts “just in case.” (So make that closer to $3,600.00). That about what’s invested in a DPMS Panther LR-308/7.52x51mm ‘reworked end-to-end’ then adapted heavily for night-life.(…it’s more fun working in the dark ya know, and safer). …(just keep her soaking in a mixture of oil and tranny fluid) 🙂
                Afterthought: Wondering what would VietNam weigh without all the buried lead both sides let go to waste using full-auto? “Spray and pray” was the name of the game on a daily basis ..

          • There is a big campaign in my area that is “VETS for Trump!!” Many Vets are wearing buttons stating that.

            Good to see this group see the light, and away from NEOCONS that have abandoned them once they returned, after using them like a condom in Phony wars.


            • VPAC !!! 🙂

            • WWTI

              I am not sure what I think of Trump. If you look at history he has held many beliefs in the past that are liberal. He claims he has changed them all.
              I do know that he is winning because of the anger at our useless politicians.
              What scares me is the fact of what comes from anger like this. Hitlers, strong men, dictators, ect.
              He has my support in what has been happening lately. He has a right to speak. Thugs should not be allowed to silence him.

              I just hope that he sticks to the constitution and does not bypass it. I guess that is my biggest fear and point.

              I think we are headed for violence and blood one way or the other.

              I will say it is so refreshing to see someone speak there mind instead of political speak. I just hope this is all not a set up.

              • Let’s make-believe that Trump actually makes it into The Oval Office, without being ‘dispatched’ prior to that event. NO MATTER WHO IS THE PRESIDENT, there are about 120 countries that want to see The USA go ‘down-the-tubes’ bigtime. These same non-allies are all “in collusion” and have, over decades, researched, built, and made-ready everything that would be needed in order to “wreak havoc upon us.” NATO seems to believe that anything they want, such as they INSIST we just hand over our weapons so that they won’t get shot when they arrive to shoot us. (Yeah, they ARE ‘that’ stupid if not downright ignorant). IRAN fully intends to turn the tides on every nation in the middle east and they are well-pleased that America is funding their “fully-terrorist-based” operations with our tax-dollars (or with billions and billions that I am sure could have been used for Americans). Nukes. SO MANY nuclear missles are being setup for deployment that it is very difficult to believe none of them will be used.
                Bottom line: No matter who is president, this nation is going to see war. If Obama is not successful in bringing us into a civil war (to lessen our numbers prior to an outside attack), then you can bet your life there will be “global unrest”, “resets”, eradication of entire peoples and religions and “who knows”?
                The elite are going to take the direction this election is going and devolve it into a “war between the people” if at all possible. (They will do ANYTHING to ‘stage’ an event that would enable the president to declare Martial Law …which would put the kabosh on any more elections AND kick off Civil War #2) in an hour or less.

        • Read an article about the brother chris brown urging black hooligans to attack Trump supporters. The little bastard better be careful about what he says. He’s going to get his ‘people’ killed with talk like that. 40 or 50 come at some of us at once, they all fucking die.

          • C.

            Also “get ready” mentioned race riots. In the video it is a black and a white man exchanging punches.

            Been moving stone and dirt today. Heavy prepping. ;0)

            • From “Leaving the Illusion,” Chapter 9, www dot joeplummer dot com:

              “‘Only some will discover our deception, and by then, it will be too late. Even at the very end, the vast majority will have no idea what is going on. We will create chaos; they will look for protection and obey. It is always the same.”

              “Alright, but surely you’ve thought about what to do just in case. You can’t tell me that there are no plans for dealing with some type of organized resistance,” Alex replied.

              “There will be some resistance, but it will be a small minority; probably 5 percent, possibly as high as 10 percent. It won’t be enough.”

              “How can you say it won’t be enough? Ten percent of the population is an awful lot of people, Howard. You said the dominant class makes up far less than 1 percent! You’re saying that a group that outnumbers you more than ten to one is nothing to worry about?”

              “You’re not doing the math properly, Alex. We control the herd. We can and will turn the 90 percent against the resistance. Also, keep in mind that numbers alone don’t determine power. We control the police, the military…” This time, Alex interrupted.

              “But the police and military were created, and the people who joined did so, for the sole purpose of protecting citizens and defending the country. You’re telling me that they’re just going to go along with whatever you order them to do?”

              “History has answered that question thousands of times: Yes, they will. If you want to know why, look no further than what we’ve already discussed. The enforcers will comply because of what they believe they are doing. Authority will claim, and they will accept without question, that they are defending the country. Specifically, they will believe they are defending the country from traitors and terrorists who are attempting to overthrow the government. Keep in mind, Alex, police and military are not paid to think either. They are expected only to follow orders, and they will not be sophisticated enough to realize that we have already overthrown the government that they’re fighting to preserve.

              “Now, just as it was among the masses, some of the enforcers will see. They will realize that they’re only defending the machinery of government while sacrificing the principles that were intended to direct its operation. They will resist, but their efforts will be futile.’”

              Oh, indeed we will resist. We are the many and they are the few.

              • Then there is the Constitutional Sheriff’s Association that stand athwart all of this. There is the Christian church that will – as we saw with Dietrich Bonhoeffer – not be pried away from the truth.

                The reality will be exactly as CS Lewis spelled out in That Hideous Strenght (spoiler alert: the PTB are really and truly playing with something they don’t understand… and that is a *transcendent* God who controls history. These people are actually in a dalliance with demonic forces, really and truly. Of course, it is as Lewis said, there are two equal and opposite errors here: One is to take an unhealthy interest in the dark side of spiritual things; the other equally bad error is to deny these power exist, for then you are wide open to their delusions.)

                This isn’t the first time evil in high places has thought they had the upper hand. Hitler had deuterium oxide for the atomic bomb, the Me-262 fighter jet, the V2s etc. all before us. The Soviet Union had much of the world under its sway, from Angola to Nicaragua to Vietnam to Bulgaria, to a “Finlandized” Finland to China. Yet look what happened.

                These people can spit at reality, and spit at God. It WILL end up back in their own faces, followed by a trip to a real and literal Hell. Hopefully at least a few of them will reconsider, for there IS a point that they will be abandoned to the darkness they have chosen, and it will not be pretty (the Bible calls it “outer darkness” where there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Laugh if you will now, PTB types. You *will* not be laughing then.

              • Philo, DAMN RIGHT WE WILL RESIST. And it WON’T be futile. LE and military don’t have the numbers necessary to take us down, even with ‘outside help’. I don’t care how many “UN peacekeepers” they bring in. they can never subdue 100,000,000 gun owners. Look at UN “peacekeeping” efforts in other countries of years past and that backs up what I’m saying.

                • Yes.

                • when will you resist after the damn country is all to hell and there is no future for our kids and grandkids? i think not,

                  • C2D

                    I think about the strategy we should use. Why waste
                    supplies and lives when can get the other side to expend theirs. If they want us to fight each other. Then preppers should wait until TPTP enter the fray. They are the ones we need to engaged. Not the dumbasses that only want to destroy and try to make a name for themselves.

                    • Hey Sling. Have you noticed on a FL road map about every side road of a main road leads to a dead end, with water filled with Gators? A great place to dump the bodies. We handle our own problem-makers out here. Something like 1.4 Million concealed carry permits in force in State. We can also use our Concealed Permit Holder ID’s for Voter Identification. Just proves we are not Felons. I was going to use my Passport, but I like that ID better. The CCL too is concealed in my wallet. Whats in your wallet?


                      ~WWTI…It sure is nice living in a normal Gun Friendly State.

                    • WWTI

                      Have to love them Gators. Seen a few gator holes in my time and also some good size gator slides. Came across two very old canal’s in the hunt club. Were dug when the area was a rice plantation. Lots of History. Even had a Black Church with a Baptismal pond.
                      I do agree. Florida has lots of places to get lost in or have things vanish. Gators have been known to eat hunting dogs. Tracking collars and all.

                    • SS: I agree. That is my strategy. Let them lock horns while I hide and lay low and survive. Not just survive but thrive.

                  • C2D
                    Too late it has all ready gone to HELL!!!!

                    We are just now figuring out and are now PISSED!

                    AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • Go Git Em Brave from your Fish Cracker shack. Are you at your Cuz’s BOL yet? You got internet there?


                  • WWTI, my trip got set back for another freakin week. But I’ll definitely be there next weekend by hook or by crook. And yes, there’s internet over there, among some other goodies I can’t mention [OPSEC]. I’ll take my new shotty with me for test and evaluation.

            • Al Sharpton is “pushing the hell out of race-rioting” (Obama’s chosen spiritual advisor …ooooohhhh what a joke)! Sharpton’s wanting an all out 100% black nation with mexican slaves (but it depends on which night of the week he’s speaking, I think). Race-rioting is what you hear (on the news) the LEAST about, and yet it is an every-growing situation of great concern, and has a lit fuse. EVERYTHING will be deployed then engaged against the citizens of The USA “by planned design” in hopes of weakening as many as possible. DIVISION – To Divide Is To Conquer

            • CampingSurvival has awesome OD Green Sandbags on sale for only .27 Cents ea for a 1 day sale here. Normally .39 cents. Stock up people, they are the best ballistics protection up to a .50 Cal, for the money, and use them for your hidyhole LPOP for your Bugout Property or a dozen for your BOB.

              And for the dopes who only buy preps with cash, you are f*cked on this great sale. Back up the truck Credit Card Buyers. You can resell them to the cash buyers for a Buck a piece, when the shooting begins in SHTF.


              • WWTI

                Some is better than None. ;0)

              • Thats what a debit card is for. Put enough in the bank for online purchases. Keep the rest where it is safe. Not that hard huh Cardtard?

                • Credit cards drive the prices of goods up because of the fee the merchant is charged. You are aiding the enemy (banks) by filling their pockets. You also lay out everything you buy including where and what time you were someplace. Saying I have nothing to hide is a stupid arguement, it is the PRICIPLE of it! Soo feed the beast with all your info and drive up prices and enrich the bankers, what’s wrong with that picture?

                  • “Credit cards drive the prices of goods up because of the fee the merchant is charged.”

                    They also facilitate a false demand as the purchaser often could not buy the goods or services otherwise. Its an increase in demand in the supply / demand economic relationship.

                  • My Genius, Businesses Instore merchants pay on average of about 1.7% of the sale if it is a credit card transaction. Online it is about 2.25% on Ave. Many business increase their sales volume by about 35% to 40% more by accepting Credit Cards. Web based businesses is 99.9% sold via credit cards. Restaurants business is about 70 to 75% in card transactions, the rest cash. A restaurant will cease to exist if they try cash only. The card transaction is just a fraction of a businesses expenses. The building, property taxes, 7% sales taxes in state, licensing, employee wages, wage taxes, utilities, and product up front materials costs mostly determine the cost of a product including shipping. Most any business makes a profit so if they are not making any profit they are in the wrong business selling the wrong products. Imagine if Apple iPhone did not accept credit cards to purchase their phones. You think they give a ripsass about card expenses when they sell a $600 iphone? And their cost is about $35 since it is made in China, and their large scale of economics by volume, continues to drive their cost down.

                    So your argument is pretty baseless for feeding the beast. Accepting credit Cards actually helps businesses stay in business. I helped a buddy open a T-shits sales business online, and he was selling up to $20K to 25K a month in T-shirt sales worldwide. And that was 95% credit card sales that I help set him up for complete with website shopping card credit card processing. His cost of a printed T-shirt was about $1.75 and selling them wholesale for $9.95 a copy to retail outlets, $18.99 retail to the public online purchases. You think he gave a rats ass what a minimal cost of card acceptance was, with that kind of Monthly revenue? I think not.

                    What else you got on this issue? I have set up thousands of businesses for card acceptance, and been through all these arguments every which way.


                  • Genius, I use my debit card for online shopping only and I keep that to a bare minimum. Most of my transactions are local and cash.

                • Genius, are you aware if your Debit Card is hacked they can wipe out YOUR entire bank balance including bouncing checks at $39 a pop in NSF Fees, on the balance you thought you had in your account? And your Bank is not responsible for crediting you back whatsoever if they choose not to. Read your checking account fine print. Some Genius.

                  Vs. Using a credit card for online purchases, if it is hacked, they are stealing MC/Visa’s money and not yours, and you have Zero Liability period. They cancel the acct just burn you an New CC and sent it to you in a blink.

                  I’ve been in this CC Industry for 23+ years, and am all over these facts BRO. You won’t EVER win any arguments with me on this issue. I have the facts in my back pocket safe and secure, anytime you feel like slinging BS on this. And I don’t give a rip for your reasoning or excuses for staying in a Cash only mode. I have heard it all over the years. So what is your current Fico Score?


                  • I don’t write checks either. And my balance is very low because I only put in what I am spending very soon for online purchases. I hope my 11 bux is safe in the bank! I know my stash of cash is safe! Who cares what my fico score is, I haven’t needed it since 2001 lol. And if I have issues with fraud the bank DOES step in! So why do merchants here tell me they get charged 3% for people using credit? Of course businesses take credit cards, the sheep love them, they could care less about privacy and tracking and higher prices. I at least TRY TO KEEP MY SHIT I BUY PRIVATE! The sheep have spoken, they want to buy shit they don’t have the money for lol.

              • GOOD DEAL MY SON.

              • GOOD DEAL MY SON.

              • Also use the Discount code BackDoorSurvive and get an additional 5% off.


          • Im going to put a big trump banner on my truck just for that reason, fly paper

            • Well, they arrested him, then LET HIM OUT ON BAIL, which I have never heard of being granted for anyone who penetrated the protective perimeter, and he is giving interviews in the media. Of course, he says he was only going to grab the microphone, and certainly wouldn’t have shoved Trump out of his way to get it, either, right?

              And, of course, the media is claiming it’s Trumps’ fault, as if his mere presence is valid reason to attack.


              • 101 reasons why im not even really paying attention, rather read the knifemaking and leather forums and fiddle in my shop,,,

        • I experimented on my last climb with wearing a IIIa Kevlar under my climbing harness and pack. I found that this setup is entirely workable, the vest didn’t interfere with my climb aside from a little extra weight. It the summer months I suspect you might overheat with it on.

          Mountaineering Tips:

          Always carry at least 2L of water even on day hikes.

          Platypus softshell screwtop bottles are best. Don’t buy hydration reservoirs or push/pull tops. That shit doesn’t fucking work.

          Always wear sunglasses or goggles. You can easily get a stick through the eye traveling in vegetated terrain.

          Always carry food and water, and a medkit.

          Always carry bear repellent.

          Always wear gloves and a purpose-built mountaineering helmet.

          Consider buying and Ex Officio Bugsaway shirt and hat with built in bug repellent. It’s very helpful.

          I have never used a walking stick or trekking poles on a mountain in my life.

          Binoculars are optional. I’ve never needed them but they do make things interesting.

          A compass and flashlight are mandatory. The sun can be easily blocked out by a canopy of trees and the number of people who walk in circles absent visual cues is statistically 100%.

          Never get caught on a fucking mountain after dark. If you are planning to camp you should be there by late afternoon. Give yourself room for mistakes.

          It is good to have a baofeng radio and a rain jacket, and an extra long sleeve shirt.

          Never wear cotton anything, ever. It’s the most useless clothing for the outdoors.

          Ankle height ventilated water resistant boots in the summer. Waterproof/breathable leather or fabric boots at least calf high in the winter. Always lace up. Never buy slip ons. Never buy hiking shoes. That shit doesn’t fucking work.

          Stretch out after about 15 minutes of movement and periodically thereafter.

          Don’t conserve water. If you are thirsty you need to drink. Don’t argue with your body.

          I never come out of the woods in the exact spot I planned to. It’s very hard to judge obstacles and distances by looking across, up, or down a mountain.

          It’s best to wear bright colors. I have almost never encountered another soul in the mountains. Rarely do I see wildlife.

          Don’t listen to fucking music or talk to people while climbing. Focus on your surroundings. Pay attention!

          For fuck sake don’t use portaledges. That’s just asking for it.

          • Bear spray is for using on darkies who try and mooch money off you at the gas station. The best bear repellent is .44 magnum 🙂

            • Genius, I love hosing darkies with bear spray!

            • Genius, that’s damned decent advice for folks who are not ‘country-fied’ or (in the least ways) familiar with life within the woods or within the mountains. The wife and I moved into our BOL ages ago in North Carolina (extreme western end of NC). Needless to say we are “deeply nested” in and UP within these beautiful mountains.
              You like climbing with “all the toys” too (I get the drift as I’ve left at least a grand-worth of ‘cams’ all over these ‘faces’). heheh… I feel we are blessed in that last week I noticed a sky FULL of bats one evening. After several hours (of hit & miss) I discovered they were coming out of a hole (in the ground). The next day I widened that hole out and ‘lo & behold’ …we have a cave that could easily hold 100 people! (yet I doubt oxygen supplies would be adequate with THAT many). *At least the bats don’t have ‘white-nose’ …so that much is good. So, I’ve found the Bat Cave …now what?

              • Cool! Get a batman outfit and use it as plan C! I love bats, they keep the bugs down. Can’t wait to go to our retreat next week even though I have a shitload of work to do lol. Maybe you could set up a huge tent in the cave for protection and keep the bats off.

                • Install a computer fan powered vent system too.

        • If hillary is elected i bet we will be using them

          • Kula,
            I’ll stick to my 7.62. I’ll pick up the 5.56 stuff from the dead and wounded.

            • 7.62×51 thanks

              • huh …every time someone here mentions 7.62x51mm it seems I am sizing more NATO casings of the same. I was ‘able-minded’ enough to realize that I wanted MY .308 to also be chambered to handle 7.62x51mm’s as well. {.308s do NOT ‘headspace’ the same as 7.62x51mm’s). I like the heavier brass as compared to .308 casings. If you anneal your casings properly, you can get several reloads from NATO ammo …cuz it’s all a bit heavier/thicker. Favorite is LC ‘headstamped’ casings. (Lake City but of course)!

                • LC match if you can find them, have the knurl around the case, are a bit more consistant, but definitely LC, for my bolt guns i like Lapua brass,

              • ~WWTI… Millions. That’s with an M not a B.

                There ain’t that many “”7.1 Billions Mussys”” in the world today.

                • Agree Grandee, I transposed the numbers. Thanks for the correction. 1.7 was a 2016 stat. below is a 2013 stat.

                  Cut n pasted the factoid.
                  1.6 billion Statistics from 2013
                  There are about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world’s population, making Islam the second-largest religion.

                  Just googled it.


        • Double you money?! I think you are going to need it yourself – more than any money you might garner. You may not be interested in the coming RACE WAR – but RACE WAR is becoming verrrry interested in you!

          Here is a link to little better view of the actual incident from an elevated camera.

          A White, Black Lives Matter, agitator JUMPs the security fence to rush the stage:

          Then, after the SS (Secret Service) hauled him off, a Liberal Progressive Judge releases this paid professional communist agitator RoR (Release On own Recognizance).

          If some White H8er had done this during the 2012 Obama stumps, he’d still be locked up awaiting trial for assault on a Presidential “candidate!”

        • The real H8TERS and violent types? The LEFT:

          Videos of leftist hate:

          – Attack on Ron Paul by protestor:

          – Bill Rice, 65 yr old man has finger bitten off by leftist
          – Weekly Standard report pushed
          – Greensboro, NC Tea Partiers attacked,

          – Video of union thugs protesting at – get this – a Special Olympics ceremony in Wisconsin. 4:57 min, but you only need to see the first minute or so . (and it WAS very fitting they dressed as zombies – guess the irony was lost on them).

          – Christian Schneider, Isthumus, 12/29/2011, in The Wisconsin Left Made a Spectacle of Itself in 2011

          Sometimes it’s necessary to get out on the streets and
          “get a little bloody,” a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday
          in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin.
          Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that
          it’s more than just sending an email to get you going,” Capuano
          said, according to the Dorchester Reporter. “Every once
          and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little
          bloody when necessary.”
          Political observers have been the lookout for potentially
          incendiary rhetoric in the wake of January’s shooting in Tucson,
          AZ, where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) survived an assassination
          attempt, six were killed, and 13 others were injured.
          —The Hill’s Energy Blog, Feb 23, 2011

          Palin compared to a case of “herpes” by Chuck Nice on the “Today” show in 2011, to Palin’s 14-year-old child ridiculed in a “joke” at a baseball game by David Letterman referring to her as being “knocked up” in the 7th inning, to Keith Olbermann on comparing conservative journalist, Michele Malkin, to a “Mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it in 2011
          The UKs Telegraph – not the US media – publishes this about Palin: One message sent by someone in Juneau, Alaska on Sept 17, 2008 said the governor should be “shot from one of the planes that shoot the very wolves that you ordered.” Five days earlier an email landed in her in-box saying she “must be killed.” It said: “She doesn’t belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally! Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!”
          Another emailed death threat in the same month, while Mrs Palin was on the campaign trail as John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, came from Antwerp, Belgium. It said Mrs Palin should be shot and that “only on that moment justice will be accomplished.”
          Common Cause called for the lynchings of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, Michael Malloy demanded Seal Team 6 assassinate President George W. Bush and top union thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said about the Tea Party: “Let’s take these sons of bitches out!” And let’s not forget the entire Democratic Party’s smearing of the Tea Party as “terrorists” and “American Taliban.”

          If you google “leftist violence” you will find over one MILLION entries. Of course, if you listen to the leftist media you will only find poor, innocent people like Bill Ayers who have been unfairly accused

        • More hate an violence from the left – some documentation I have filed over the past few years:

          MSM talks of “violent” tea partiers while ignoring leftist violence. After having my house vandalized and a car window broken by leftists when I have spoken out in the past, I thought I should start keeping a short list of leftist violence. A short list of a few things is below. Notice how the leftist media is now pontificating to us about possible violence by all those grandmas in the Tea Parties? Let’s look at violence, shall we? Let’s forget every other leftist mass meeting you see ends up with cars being torched, windows broken, ad nauseam. Here’s just a few items I have kept the past couple years. You can google most of them, but I have details if you need. You will notice MOST of it comes from Newsmax, as the hypocrites at the MSM sure would never report on this!!

          As if all the hate and violence by the left in Madison, Feb. 2011, didn’t prove the point, back before he took office, Black Tea Party fav Rep. Allen West’s (R-FL) office received a letter containing white powder, the Palm Beach Post reports. “A hazardous materials team tested the powder and determined it was not anthrax or any other biohazardous material, although an accompanying letter mentioned anthrax. FBI officials also responded to the suspicious letter, which included derogatory references to West, an African-American.”

          – Man Admits killing abortion protester, Newsmax, November 6, 2009 in Owasso, Mich

          – Chris Matthews spoke of fantasizing ‘blowing up’ Rush Limbaugh, October 13, 2009, Newsmax article

          – The New Jersey Teachers’ Union called for the death of Chris Christie in a “joke” email coming from one of their leaders (try this on gays, and you will be in jail for a hate crime!) (World, May 8, 2010, p. 12) I’m not a Christie fan, but just more proof that it is the LEFT that is violent

          – Lou Dobb’s house was shot at, Nov. 13, 2009, Newsmax
          – House minority whip Eric Cantor’s office shot at . There was also another threat on Cantor reported by Fox, with headline about a Philadelphia man, “ Philadelphia Man Charged With Threatening to Kill House Minority Whip Cantor “, late March, 2010

          – Carrie Prejean wrote in her book Still Standing that she received a televised death threat from a British politician (remember, hate crimes are only for the politically correct)
          – New Orleans Police CONFIRM Jindal Staffer Attack Political
          Connie Hair
          “Credible people continue to step forward to give voice to the charge that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s top campaign fundraising staffer and her boyfriend were brutally beaten for their political beliefs. This time it’s the New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young who termed the beating as ‘of a political nature.’ “ Picture of the beaten woman (my, aren’t leftists brave! Is here See for details

          – Just DAYS after the hypocrite MSM bloviated on about possible violence from the regular working stiffs, grandmas and others, massive violence broke out in Arizona re. the immigration bill. You can read about it at, or see videos of this at or

          Ever see a riot like this at a Tea Party? This is of course a leftist video, trying to make the leftists look like innocent victims, but we all know what THAT means!

          – Remember the Black Panthers patrolling that voting place in Pennsylvania in uniforms and with nightsticks? If not, it’s here: . Put them in any other uniform, and it’s national news for months. This? A minor blip on the leftist MSM screen.

          – Saturday, 09 Jan 2010 Newsmax reported Hak-Shing William Tam “An outspoken gay marriage opponent serving as an official litigant defending the state’s ban on same-sex weddings on Friday asked a judge to remove him from the lawsuit because he feared the trial would generate publicity that could endanger him and his family.” Yep, hate crimes are only for the politically correct!
          – Bomb threat forces evacuation of Tea Party rally, Sept. 11, 2009, ABC

          – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s willingness to speak her mind has triggered death threats toward her and her family from some unbalanced individuals. And understandably enough, that has her parents worried, Politico reports. The parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, told the BBC that the Palin family has received many death threats since the former vice presidential candidate gained national prominence. “As a mother I do have concerns about her safety and that of the kids,” Palin’s mother said. “She knows how I feel, that it’s risky.” One man recently sent the family a photocopied receipt of a gun he’d purchased, Palin’s father said. The man was later arrested by the FBI, but Chuck Heath says the family is concerned nonetheless. “We sleep with the guns,” he said.
          In an interview with the BBC, found at ( ) Palin’s parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, said the Palin family has been targeted with numerous death threats since the former Alaska governor emerged on the national public stage. Palin’s father told the network about a man who had recently sent the family a photocopied receipt of a gun he’d purchased.Chuck Heath said the man, an alleged stalker named Shawn Christy, was later arrested by the FBI.“We kind of laugh it off, we got a restraining order on him, and lo and behold last week he showed up in Anchorage, from Pennsylvania, and fortunately the FBI was on top of it and sent him home,” Heath said.

          – Sarah Spitz, a National Public Radio producer, shocked even herself by the level of hatred she harbors for Rush Limbaugh. She said in an email that she would, “Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch [Rush Limbaugh’s] eyes bug out” as he writhed in torment from a heart attack. “I never knew I had such hate in me,” she wrote. “But he deserves it.” Ms. Spitz’s hateful message went to hundreds of other left wing journalists and academics via the JournoList email listserv. For close to three and a half years, JournoList has been an online forum where these left-wingers have had an ongoing secret dialogue, the details of which are just now coming to light. What we’ve known about the liberal media for years has now been exposed in their secret emails among each other. MRC’s own has been covering this story since it broke.

          – “In March 2008, a hooded bicyclist hurled an explosive device at a military recruiting center, producing a flash, smoke and full-scale emergency response. No suspect was ever identified.” You know those anti-war types… always up for a good killing, or at least breaking storefront windows and torching innocent bystanders’ cards.
          – Massive number of threats, assaults and destruction by radical homosexuals of all who opposed them in California – too many to list here , but just a couple: gay supporters shoved aside a 69-year-old woman who was bearing a cross. They reportedly spit on her and stomped on her cross. They then aligned themselves in a human barricade, blocking the media from getting to or interviewing the woman Prop. 8 supporter Jose Nunez, 37, was assaulted brutally while distributing yard signs to other supporters after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto. Calvary Chapel Chino Hills was spray painted by vandals after they learned that the church served as an official collection point for Prop. 8 petitions. Letters containing white powder (obviously mimicking anthrax) were sent to the Salt Lake City headquarters of the Mormon church and to a temple in Los Angeles. (Thankfully, the FBI said the substance was nontoxic.) The 25-year artistic director of the California Musical Theatre, who also happens to be a Mormon, was muscled to resign because of his $1,000 donation to the campaign to ban gay marriage in California. A pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back marched into the middle of a church service and flung fliers and condoms to the congregants. They also hung a banner from the balcony that featured two lesbians in provocative positions at the pulpit. James Bopp, Jr., an attorney representing two groups that supported Proposition 8, even had to say “No one should have to worry about getting a death threat because of the way he or she votes.” Yep, death threats. From the left. Not sure if they had white hoods on or not.
          -Laura Bush believed “someone tried to poison — yes, poison — her and her husband, then-President George W. Bush, during their 2007 visit to the G8 summit in Heligendamm, Germany.” This article also documents the LIVE grenade attack on Bush in the Republic of Georgia (grenade did not go off).

          – A Human Events email of 3 May 2009 notes that Michelle Malkin, a minority woman, has been: the “subject of racist rants from left-wingers. She has been assaulted by some of America’s nastiest political activists. She had her home address published by progressive crazies. She and her family moved from the D.C. area to get away from the threats. She’s been spat on, screamed at and cursed by ever-so-tolerant liberals.”
          – Remember Columbine, where Christians were specifically targeted
          – The dear old Unibomber was a confirmed, radical leftist. Bet you never knew that. That’s because the MSM never reported WHY he was into his violence
          – Speaking of the past, anyone remember the 1968 Chicago riots? What about the Weather Underground, or Wee Willy Ayers being unrepentant over his bombings? Bernadine Dohrn? David Fine and some other leftists MURDERING Robert Fassnacht, a 33-year-old post-doctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (he only served three years for murder… go figure) Symbionese Liberation Army? The Japanese Red Army, which carried out a MASSIVE number of violent attacks a couple decades ago (see
          – reported a NJ Priest Murdered Inside Church (10/24/2009)
          – Fires at 3 Alabama Churches Stoke Arson Fears – Newsmax, February 17, 2009
          – YWAM Gunman kills 2 in missionary center
          – Paducah shootings, where Christian children were intentionally targeted (just like Columbine), where CNN reported “three teens killed and five wounded when a high school freshman opened fire on classmates in an informal prayer circle in the school’s lobby Monday morning.”

          – In an October 28, 2009 article by John Myers”: Meanwhile, trouble is also brewing west of the oil sands in the Peace River region, an area that encompasses the Alberta and British Columbia border. It is here that an eco-terrorist is on the loose. His target is EnCana Corp (NYSE: ECA), which is working the vast unconventional pools of sour gas that lay a mile beneath the countryside.In the past year he has blown up six sour gas pipelines. EnCana is a preeminent natural gas company in North America. Yet the company is so afraid that the bomber is going to kill himself or somebody else they have posted an Osama bin Laden-like bounty of $1 million for information leading to a conviction….The bomber also promised to suspend attacks during a three-month grace period so “we can all take a summer vacation.”

          – Larry Gene Ashbrook, Sept. 1999, attacked Wedgewood Baptist in Ft Worth TX – killed 7, wounded 7
          – Some others killed I need to track down details for: 17 year old in Pontiac MI. woman in church, a Silver Spring, MD, church security guard in Bronx (specifics not given, World Mag. Sept. 12, 2009, p. 40. Total killed in 2009 is 6.)
          – Dec., 2007 Gunman Matthew Murray stormed New Life Church with assault rifle, two handguns, hundreds of rounds of ammo, but was taken down by a security guard Jeanne Assam. He killed two and and wounded three. Prior to this he has sprayed a YWAM training centre 80 miles north of the site.
          – Andarko, OK. Pentecostal church slaying, 2009-08-25, By Rochelle Hines, Associated Press Writer, who wrote “”I’ve prosecuted over 50 murders,” District Attorney Bret Burns said. “This is the most horrific crime scene I’ve ever witnessed.”
          – Spring, 2009: Pastor Fred Winters killed in his pulpit in Maryville, IL. First Baptist Church.

          – O’Reilly: Fox Vandalized, Attacked Friday, January 11, 2008, By: Jim Meyers “ Bill O’Reilly says all Fox News employees are now “cautious” after several run-ins during coverage of the New Hampshire primary that were fueled by “anti-Fox hatred.”

          – But don’t worry, the corrupt MSM (mainstream media) is out hunting for violence 89 year old grannies backing exploding muffins. Meanwhile, the fascist left looks for another Reichstag to burn, and – gee, who woulda thunk – I never see a single “hate crime” when the leftists – who project their OWN hate onto others – threaten to actually kill someone, such as Brandon Darby (shown below) who thwarted the planned fire-bombing of the 2008 Republican convention by left-wing terrorists. Notice the threat on the poster below. I assume the “city” he is not welcome in must be either the capitol of the National *Socialists,* Berlin 1938, or Pol Pot’s Phnom Pehn of 1985, or even worse, Berzerkely 2010. Here’s the article:“Ever since he saved the lives of who-knows-how-many Americans by thwarting the planned fire-bombing of the 2008 Republican convention by left-wing terrorists, Brandon Darby’s been a target.(see pix below) Left-wing activists have tried to destroy Darby in the court of public opinion. It’s standard operating procedure when you become an informant and turn against the terrorist left…”

          • CHRISTians are not racists, Acid. Just so you know.

            Ac 10:34 ¶ Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

            Ac 10:35 But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is ACCEPTED with him.

            If you are a Christ follower, you can NOT be racist. Period.

        • I hear alot of talk about AR15’s and I have a couple myself, but I don’t see much on AR10’s nor do I know anyone that has one. I have some interest in buying one and would like to hear some Pro’s and Con’s. Any input would be appreciated. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

      2. This kind of things will continue until the elections.
        Sounds like certain posters here.

        Be well all…

        • This is one of those times when it’s best to stay quiet and be smart.

          • JK: I agree.

          • JK: yep.

      3. “We the People” do not elect a president or any others. They are selected by the less than 1%

        • Your Free to think as you please, but be advised, you better turn out for the primaries, and vote for either Trump or Cruz which are the only ones with a chance to win, and both are anti-establishment candidates. If neither wins and it goes to a brokered convention, we will end up with Rommeny or some other Party Machine Man. Trekker Out. Magna est veritas et praevalet.

          • M.T.
            100% CORRECT!!!

          • Cruz said this was Trumps fault,why is Neil Bush on his campaign?

            • Because Cruz is a globalist puppet, that’s why.

              • Bingo!!!!

                • Cruz=more of the same

              • If he is a “globalist puppet,” exactly WHY have they not then rallied in support of him? Why do the elite REFUSE to support him, some even saying they will vote Hitlery instead.

                With all due respect, I don’t agree that he is a globalist puppet at all. I think he has had to do some accommodation to the realities of the world today is all. It seems for so many posters here, no one is good enough, no one is ideologically pure enough to make the grade. I wish I could live in a world where everything was so simple. It’s not. If I, or even you, were running, we would also need to accommodate to some degree. Unfortunately, that’s reality. Even Reagan had to. It’s easy to be a purist on the internet. No so easy when you actually have to run a real project.

                As I see it, for the MOST part, Cruz has articulated a vision that is quite conservative, and then has VOTED the same way. Yes, there are questions. I also have questions about Trump (whom I will also vote for if he wins) – his past liberalism, pro-abortion the fact that he started with a 1/3 of a billion for dad, then lost it ALL and really only got back on his feet with what can only be called a bailout; and you also have to wonder about if he, himself, does not also have back room deals that you will only find out about later. And “trust me, America will be great again” tells me nothing.

                Trump is not the Great White Hope. No one is. We have some very difficult choices in front of us, but it seems Trump and Cruz are the only two that will provide a chance where things won’t get worse.

                Again, if Cruz where a globalist, they would all be rallying around him, funding him, etc. etc. They are NOT. That should tell a thinking person something.

                • TEST

                  “If he is a “globalist puppet,” exactly WHY have they not then rallied in support of him? Why do the elite REFUSE to support him, some even saying they will vote Hitlery instead.”

                  If they endorsed him he becomes Rubio. He is the managed opposition. Hillary is entirely acceptable to the Establishment. Hillary’s foreign and economic policy mirror that of Obama which mirrored that of Bush. Obama care is a diversion giving the masses something to argue over. The Establishment doesn’t care if you get good, poor, bad or no medical care. They’re concerned about the Finance Sector and globalist foreign affairs both military and economic.

                  Think through not at.

                  • Kevin

                    • On Guns> Assualt weapons should be banned “Who needs them except criminals and police” Planned Parenthood> They do great things for women. Yeah like promote the Murder of 50 Million unborn babies. Health Care> We must have Universal Healthcare I’m a Conservative on MOST issues but a Liberal on health. Sounds alot like Obama or Hillary, But No, its The Donald, sure glad he ain’t no Globalist, but then again he has done business around the world, and he’ll do and say whatever he needs to get the job done. Trekker Out. And I Am A Hick!

                • He has the same people working for him that screwed the people over for Cochran in Mississippi.he doesn’t draw the heat Trump does,now he is willing to build a wall.I liked him and lewy ghomert,but it doesn’t add up,Heidi Cruz on the council of foreign relations for open borders for 5 years.That is suspect. He took the side of Blm against Cruz.

              • All of them are globalist puppets, dumbass.

              • Yep. I dont understand how the general GOP group that follows Cruz cant see this. How can a guy come from no where, end up in Harvard and Princeton, get assigned to not one but 2 judges, Had a lifestyle and assets that dont match his income, spend a few years as a senator ( How do you get to be a senator without a lot of party help) then say he is not a hand picked, purposely bred politician pulled from a hat to try to be president.
                If you just changed the name his history is very similar to Obamas. The other Manchurian President.

                • You can’t be serious, can you Ed? How, you ask? Because, as leftist prof Dershowitz said, he was “off the charts brilliant.”
                  Next question.

                  The only Manchurian I see her is possibly you.

                • Ed, the similarities are amazing. And not accidental.

                  • I can no longer remember when or where I read it, but it is a truth that ‘some Muzzie’ stated “way back when” that after Bush “they” (the Muslims) would have a man in The White House. Damned if ‘he’ wasn’t correct! Doesn’t that tell everyone something? No?
                    So, it IS a ‘planned eventuality’ that Obama was ‘danced into every office’ he has filled thus-far, and every iota of it was planned before anything was enacted. Therewith, it is only logical to assume that “they” (meaning; any & all who stand against The USA) also have the remainder of events WELL PLANNED AND COORDINATED, REHEARSED, TRIALED and implemented or ‘on the precipice’ of implementation.
                    Well now, it is ‘beyond obvious’ that a great deal of their plans have already been not only implemented, but successfully implemented (without a hitch) so far. Placement of all war-gear through Jade-Helm-15 was bitched about, but “they” did it anyway under a “guise” that still fails to make any sense (standard military operating procedure NEVER makes any sense). This is because we are purposely misled and lied to (about everything) …and we, as Americans, can’t understand why nobody in DC is “taking issue” with a damn thing that’s going on in The Oval Office? Americans still feel that DC is there for WE THE PEOPLE?
                    Well damn…..
                    Obama was MEANT and DESIGNED and GROOMED so that he would “take office” at the appointed time …WHICH WAS DETERMINED AT LEAST 15 years prior to him actually becoming The POTUS. AND THERE ARE STILL SOME OF YOU PEOPLE WHO FULLY BELIEVE THAT VOTING IS ACTUALLY FAIR AND NOT “JACKED WITH”? Come on folks …Sargent Dale will back me up and take my ‘6’ on this one all the way to hell and back …so ‘listen’ (and do not ‘hope’ for a difference …but rather, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE …or you will never achieve your goals. Our enemies have now “all but achieved their goals in their entirety.” All that’s left is to keep pushing their agendas and everything else will almost fall into place. (“They” are not going to take any chances with “us”, The Armed and Angry). So what does that mean? It means the probability of being EMP’ed or nuked is a very, very real possibility/probability.
                    Consider this as well. Obama made contact with EVERY military officer of high-grade and gave them all dishonorable-instant discharges BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO FIRE UPON AMERICANS IF SO ORDERED. Now, why would a president ask such a thing of Military Officers? BECAUSE HE IS FULLY INTENDING TO USE THE UNITED STATES MILITARY TO FIRE UPON AMERICANS – – (and since he’s been in office he’s been “loading” the services with ‘aliens and foreigners and ‘bastards’) who WILL (most certainly) open fire on their own mothers. So, do NOT be thinking that this election is going to be a “life-saver” with Trump at the helm. (He’ll never get there …with all “they” stand to lose, no – ain’t gonna happen …imho). It is no secret that there are TONS of ‘warriors’ “READY TO ROCK” (against us), and they have been decked out with ALL-AMERICAN Uniforms, weapons, vehicles, ammo …you name it and they’ve been pre-supplied with it.
                    So …do not allow yourselves to be misled by this ‘election circus’. It is only being staged to keep your attention away from the other matters they are effecting (right now). EQ out.

          • Voting really doesn’t matter. Hillary is in. You’re only seeing 30% of the population. The numbers just aren’t there. It does make good TV though. Good for ratings. Good for advertising.

            You’re vote doesn’t mean a damn thing for president….especially in the primaries (Primaries are a function of private enterprise…i.e. a political party)

            You do realize the parties don’t have to listen to you….right?

          • Agreed, MT. Fully understanding no one is perfect, I think Cruz has the better chance in a general election, and has a less liberal history. I will vote for Trump if he wins, but he is not my first choice. Hitlery and her troupe of flying monkeys will put the final nail in the coffin for this country, and Sanders is just a crypto commmie.

          • Cruz is ‘bad news’

            Why hasn’t he released his records on how he immigrated
            to this country???

            • Why? He was born to an America citizen. That makes you one American citizen.

              Sheesh, some of the comments here are rather unsettling.

          • Cruz is on the Sheldon Adelson payroll, Mountain Trekker.

            And, Adelson is 1,000 percent in favor of wide open borders, because that is an integral part of the White Genocide agenda that his tribe (Emanuel Cellers, Jacob Javits, using an alcoholic, assassination threatened, pants pooping gentile named Ted Kennedy as their front man) kicked off in 1965 when they shut down immigration from Europe and threw open the borders to the non-white third world with the malicious, genocidal, and deliberate intent of displacing White Americans as the dominant majority inside the nation that was created by their ancestors. Recent boasting by Adelson’s tribe gloats that Whites are targeted for minority status by around 2041 or so.

            Anybody remember what the very jewish Chuck Schumer let slip out of his mouth, back during the Foam Boy Rubio’s attempt to pass the Gang of 8 immigration bill? Where Schumer let the cat out of the bag and accused opponents of the bill of ‘not wanting to make America less White’? Flip that coin over, and what is chiseled on the other side? It is this: Chuck Schumer and his tribe wanted to pass that bill BECAUSE they want to make American LESS WHITE. And, that, my friends fits in to officially codified definition of GENOCIDE.

            Along comes Donald Trump and his promises to secure our border and to deport illegal aliens, and to take a hard look at reducing LEGAL immigration – and the jews are screaming and stomping their feet and spewing unbelievable quantities of rancid, hate-filled vomit and bile at Trump for daring to threaten to interfere with their White Genocide and racial displacement agenda.

            Cruz and the owner of the dog collar he has around his neck (Sheldon Adelson) see Trump’s popularity and, being desperate to thwart his chances of getting elected – order Cruz to ‘steal’ a few of Trump’s most popular positions and pretend that he, too, is a hard liner on border security and immigration. It is all an act, Mountain Trekker. Smoke and mirrors. Nicky Sarkozy, also a Son of Israel, pulled the same stunt and stole a few talking points off of Jean Marie LePen’s platform and succeeded in snookering the dumb French into voting for him instead of LePen – and then, when he got into office, he did exactly ZERO on stopping the third world invasion of France. In fact, he increased it. And, then made a series of speeches where he THREATENED the native White French with ‘dire consequences’ if they continued to refuse to breed with the Africans that he was importing.

            Prediction: If Cruz reaches the White House – his first order of business will be to start a war with Iran, which Adelson is obsessed with getting the USA involved in – while his pals in Israel sit in the bleachers, slurping their Big Gulps and munching on popcorn and laughing their asses off over how easy it is to snooker the dumb goyim into fighting their wars for them. Cruz will use the war as a handy excuse to postpone any funding needed to start construction on the Trump Wall, citing the national security crisis excuse since the nation is at war and due to deficit concerns, troops have to have beans and bullets and that will be his priority. Meanwhile, Adelson and his jewish buddy Soros will continue to finance the massive invasions of America and European nations by millions of non-white mestizos and Muslims and Africans until Whites have been reduced to minorities inside every historic White European nation on this Planet.

            Make no mistake, Mountain Trekker. Trump might also renege on some or perhaps all of the promises he is making if he reaches the White House. And, you can believe that the tribe will tighten the screws on the House and the Senate and try their very best to stymie as much of the Trump agenda as they can. But, Trump has repeatedly said that he does not support a continuation of these illegal, criminal, immoral and seemingly endless neo-con, Israel Firster wars of aggression and regime changing all over the world. That means priorities are going to change for the better, and without pissing away trillions of dollars on wars we have no business fighting – those dollars can be used to finally beef up our border security and that puts a crimp in to the White Genocide Agenda of Adelson, Schumer, Soros and Saban.

            • Spot On Tucker. You nailed it.


            • Tucker, one of your best posts ever and as always you nailed it.

          • Cruz is establishment. Wife CFR, Goldman Sachs. Money for Cruz senate run Goldman Sachs.

            • Then ***why** is the establishment so utterly and completely against Cruz if your contention is so?????

              I ask this again and again and again, and no answer.

              I have to wonder if those criticizing him are themselves in the pay of someone at this point.

            • Cruz ‘fans’ might want to check out this piece of breaking news:


              Heidi Cruz co-authored report calling for the merging of the USA and Mexico

              Reader E-mail:
              Heidi Cruz, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations [CFR] Task Force of the North American Community. She co-authored a report that reads like the script to a dystopian sci-fi/horror movie.
              Cruz co-authored a horrifying report titled “Building a North American Community.” Click here to download the pdf file of the report straight from the CFR.
              The report calls for ending US sovereignty and merging the US with Canada and Mexico. It calls for the “elimination of most controls” on the borders between US and Canada and the US and Mexico. All Mexicans, Americans, and Canadians could cross each other’s border at will. Anyone, from any other nation that enters Canada or Mexico, could also freely enter the United States.
              The report calls for a Marxist style sharing of wealth and resources to even out the standard of living in Mexico, America, and Canada.
              The report calls for a massive North American Development Bank called NAD Bank. It calls for a massive North American bureaucracy that would manage land and resource in all three nations. It calls for a North American wide environmental bureaucracy. It calls for a bureaucracy to oversea the development of energy resources. It evens calls for a North American wide bureaucracy to manage tax policies.

        • Darkwing
          That’s what Lewis Farrakhan said about Obama.

      4. Seen that on tv some asshole grabbed trumps pants. When he turned around he was sweating. Shit I don’t blame him he’s putting himself out there. Mr trump is taking a big risk representing the silent majority. After Chicago last night people want him out. I hope he can take it all the way. I’m starting to like him more he’s not quitting it seems. Still running his mouth. That’s what I do ha ha.

        • Look at the Video again, You can easily tell Trump is wearing full Ballistics Protection. Lots of Nuts out there and a few unstable bipolar nut-jobs here too, out of the Dememtia Womb. Right eppe?


          • Is that what happens when you inhale too much swamp gas?

            • All fresh air out here in the Boonies. I did have to wipe down the solar panels yesterday, with the massive pollen dropping from the trees. No gases out here other than Natural decomposition from the trees, leaves, etc..

              What state do you live in? or quadrant of the US. Don’t tell me the exact city you live in like eppe blabbering he closest city is Snellville. He will blow everybody’s OPSEC if your communicate with him. just saying.


            • G: methane is a hell of a drug…

              Two nights ago, I stated I wanted what you had going. I was referring to your shine recipies. But a certain poster made it up in his mind it was a gay thing.
              But he lies here all the time.

              At least I came out of a womb, he came out the next orfice…

              • Ha ha ha, His mom almost flushed him till she saw it had eyes 😛

                • Who would ridicule one’s mother for having a condition that many have.
                  Having convinced her to go the paleo diet, she has improved much. Had lunch with her today, I see improvement.
                  Look it up planners, if one has dementia or parkinsons, might help your loved ones.

                  Glad he is not my neighbor…

                  • ht tp://

                    Be well all…

                    • eppe if you go back for months, all your posts do not have a single thing which relates to the Articles Mac posts. How about we add ADD- (Attention Deficit Disease) to your list of bipolar & alcoholic symptoms and signs.


      5. It isn’t who votes…its who counts the votes.

        • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who cast the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

          He now laughs from his grave…

          • Count, not cast lol. Maybe Trump will be appointed, that would piss the darkies off and get the civil war goin faster. A lot more to this dog and pony show than most people think. Just imagine if they appoint Trump what the communists will do. A perfect excuse for the dark ones to riot etc. Black is beautiful, Tan is grand, But Kazzar is the race of the big boss man! 😛

            • Oops… Thanks.

      6. Denninger was partially right; we’ll see the results via the cartridge box. It’s NOT a question of “if,” only “when.”

        Buying more ammo tonight.

      7. Been following the campaign here in Alberta. Looks like Trump is really onto something.I think he was a either a plant to get clam eater in or a publicity stunt for himself. I now think it caught on and hes going all the way. I think the tptb put this him up to it and it got away from them.
        I think if he is elected things will be very rough for the politically correct and they will cry fowl but I really think if anyone can turn your country around its Trump.
        Hillary Clinton will destroy that country before her first term is up.
        My biggest concern if trump is elected is the how our pussified baby face boy wonder (Trudeau) will fair in negotiations with Trump. Trudeau was elected by a bunch of first time voters on the promise he would legalize pot nation wide. That’s it. He has NO FUCKIN IDEA how to run a country. He along with the NDP provincial government will both be one term.

        • And to think… Boy Wonder will be even WORSE than his feckless daddy. My wife’s cousin was actually Boy Wonder’s nanny when he was young. Thankfully, I’ve never met her.

          What’s happening with the NDP govt there in AB, Beav? Since they are so brilliant, have they single-handedly brought price of oil up to $100 bucks by their brilliant policies?

          I can’t believe the NDP is in power there. Staggering the ignorant people who are allowed to vote. I’m a westerner, but was in ON. when Bob Rae of the NDP got in in the 80s. People soon wised up, but not after he made a mess.

          Low information… or is that stoned information? leftist voters. Disgusting.

          • About 6 weeks ago notley got sat down with the “big 5” Exxon sun crude suncore husky and shell she’s kept her mouth shut about the oil she’s now she’s fuckin with min wage welfare little piddly things the company I’m with is working now I’m getting my 300 hours a month.
            The price of oil is around 40$ now here in Alberta that’s good enough I’ve seen tons if equipment and trucks headed out to the fields. Shits getting busier. I’m certain when she got her talking too the big boys who really run this province told her exactly precisely where and when the bear shits in the woods since then she’s been very quiet
            That was about a month ago
            And things are slowly getting better. The NDP only got elected because she promised 15$min wage so all the young kids immigrants all came out to vote. She got the tree hugger vote because she want to turn Alberta into an alternative energy province. And most of us on the right wing either didn’t vote or voted wild rose party so they snuck in there. They won’t be elected for a second term I guarantee that.
            And if Trudeau can’t or won’t get pot legalized he’s out too.
            With the world in the shape its in
            Priminister of Canada is NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL POSITION. Every time he’s criticized about something he flys in another plane load of those shit skins takes all the focus off what he’s fuckin up and all hail prince Trudeau. Hopefully he and notley don’t fuck things up too too bad.
            Were not so much worried about notley as Trudeau if trump get ahold of the little brat and “negotiates” well all be known as northern USA. Trump will destroy him in seconds

      8. Are you having fun yet?

        Nope, but we’re fixing to.

        Get’er done.

        • S.S.
          If your a Fixing to. I’m a fixing too.

          Have to work midnights again tonight, but Sunday when I get up I will be going over some of my toys to make sure they are in good working order.


          • Sgt. Dale.

            All the trouble with the internet I am devoting more time getting things done. So I might not post as much. Last post the site closed and reopen and my comment went away. Like you I am checking things over for readiness.

            • Sling, if everyone’s noticed I haven’t been on here as much for the past 2 weeks and even skipped more articles than I normally do. I’m also checking things over for readiness and so forth. My trip to the BOL got set back another week. This time I’m going regardless. I picked up another weapon today and will take it to the BOL for testing.

              • Brave. You waiting another week, for your last Door Shaker paycheck to arrive eh? So looks like you quit your only Job? Do you have any backup income at your new BOL location? Or just sitting around to talk your Cuz’s ear off? Does she know what you write about on here, Blowing her OPSEC in N GA?

                Fill us in on that..


                • WWTI, something came up at work that set back my trip another week. North GA is not exactly a small area and I’ve never specified what part of north GA I go to so no OPSEC has been blown. I do have some other plans for income once I bugout and permanently relocate [OPSEC}. The wait was not my choice. As long as things are still somewhat normal, I still have a job and obligations where I’m at. This next trip is just another supply run and short vacation, not the bugout. the final bugout trip will come eventually but I don’t think it will be until summer.

            • Me three. There ‘is something amidst us’ (in the air) kind of feeling that is pushing me to get matters done (and ready) …something that defies description. Just a feeling, ‘gut feeling’ …and I don’t ask questions. Just keep trimming 7.51x51mm’s casings then process them (using a single-stage RCBS press and all hand-tools takes longer, yet I strive to make each round as-good-as or better than all ‘match bullets’ (y’all reloaders know the drill and how I mean).
              Iran is about to make a space launch using a ‘heavy rocket’ (larger than needed for ANY payload on the order of a standard satellite). EMPs and Nukes BOTH would need the same rocket Iran is fueling up right now. Can’t get that out of my mind…
              You might say our house and property are at DEFCON-1?

              • Equorial

                I wonder with all this disruption on the net at this site, it is telling us to stop bitching and get to work prepping.

                • Yo Slingshot! Yeah really. As I slave away my mind sometimes drifts to wondering what ‘news’ might be on shtfplan …and before I know it I am online checking. But, you are right, dead on, no doubt. The less time I waste the more things I’ll get done PRIOR to needing them desperately and having nothing)! But, it IS a sort of release to doing a bit of bitching now and again, chew on trolls and ‘plants’, then go back to slaving away with war preps.
                  Whoever said life gets old didn’t own any weapons! lol…

          • Sarge, I just picked up another new toy today myself. Mossberg 590A1 for $625 total out the door. My trip to GA got delayed yet again so has been rescheduled for next weekend. The BOL is the perfect place for testing it. I bought it from a pawn shop. When I was inspecting it before deciding on purchase, I saw a lot of carbon and dirt in the chamber so I’ve got to strip her down and do maintenance on it. A proud new member of my ‘ventilation team’.

            • Braveheart1776

              Stopped at the army/navy store today. People called asking for Kevlar helmets with the new head pad system. Also more people buying body armor and flack vests.

              Some is better than none. ;0)

              Nice pick on that 590A1.

              • I still kick myself in the ass for selling my saiga 12. That was a bad assed shotgun. Now they are a grand or so on average. DOOOOHHHHH!

                • “G”
                  After I finish my AR that I’m working on, that is my next project.

                  The little woman has one that I dressed up for her and it is Kick Ass!!!!!

                  I’m think about trading in my Remington 1100 tactical on one.


                  Good choice. With the 590. When you strip it down. Use Carburetor cleaner to get out the carbon. Make sure you are in a good place because it will black crap all over the place. Just let it dry and wipe off. Then give her a good oiling. Don’t get the cleaner on the stock.


                  • Yeah Sarge Dale! After my Dad passed on I inherited his arsenal of stuff (.308 Woodsman – made in 1956). That puppy was blackened with crap so two cans of brake-cleaner later and 1/2 ton of elblow grease (then a total strip-down) got rid of years of filth. (Most of it just ‘ran off’ using the brake cleaner …use it on my ‘mags’ (wheels on the car, lol) too. Keeps aluminum quite shiny with no rubbing, and keeps the inner mags clean/balanced very well.
                    Anyway, I had FORGOTTEN about the brake cleaner ‘trick’ …so I am beholden to you for the reminder (old brains tend to forget things, but I can’t remember why).

                • Genius, I can hardly wait to test new addition to my ‘ventilation team’. I’ve been wanting one of these for quite awhile. I was browsing in pawn shop where I’ve bought a few others previously and saw it hanging on the wall. When I checked it out I knew it was for me. It only cost me $625 total going out the door. Tomorrow I’ll strip it down for maintenance. The previous owner didn’t bother to do so before pawning it. 590A1 is supposedly Mossberg’s top of the line.

                  • keep talkin dumb shit i am sure the guys who hit you a while back would like some new toys

                    try just once keeping your large mouth shut @@@

                    • Thief in the night, f#$% you! Those same turds won’t come back if they want to live. Take your trolling ass away and STFU your damn self.

                  • It IS Braveheart. I’ve a 500 and a 550 (the 500 has an extended ‘tube’ that holds um, 9 shells instead of five? (I forget!) …and would love to add yours …for a full set! (Something about a pistol-grip shotgun that turns me on). bwahahaha!!! Does your’s have a ‘silicone’ slip-ring that prevents scratches when you ‘rack’ it? Mine do not (but will), as they tear hell out of the paint …but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of ‘personality’ in a weapon is there?

                • I’ve got and love the Mossberg 500’s (or whatever they are called with an extension). One or two bandeleros (shell-belts) and some serious practice can turn one man into a force to be reckoned with.

                  Gee, if you wish to get LOTS of attention you only need to ‘rack the slide’ on a Mossberg and ALL EYES ARE ON YOU! Ask Sargent Dale …I’ve no doubt he’s an “eyewitness – in the ‘first person’ regarding that much. heheh…

              • Good afternoon boss. A buddy of mine warned me about surplus Kevlar helmets-seems if you accidentally use them as a sitting spot-the ear protection fractures. The cracks are tiny, but could compromise the ability of the helmet to do it’s job. I bought a pedal bicycle as a means to have a bug out platform-as well as use it to provide electricity with a generator lash up. Looked around for a bike helmet and found one that’ll allow you to attach lights, a small Go-Pro camera, and has better impact specs than the Bell helmets.
                Team Wendy. Fully adjustable spider and mounts compatible with rails similar to what you find on AR platforms. Got 2 prior to the “big layoff” when I could afford them. $500 per each.
                Modified both to mount receive only GPS antenna, put a mounted light on one side and small counter weight on the opposite side to balance it out. The Go-Pro camera on the front and all.
                I know, sounds like Cat went bug nuts-but I try to plan ahead. There’s a company out in the wild that makes a full face shield kit that bolts up to the Team Wendy system, but it’s pricey.
                Team Wendy makes a Kevlar version as well, but it’s $900 and change.
                One other thing-if you’re getting plates and a carrier-don’t forget the trauma pad for the chest. And practice “turtle drills” loaded up with the kit on you. 300 rounds, carrier, IFAK, magazines, pouches, pistol mags and pouches; the nine yards of stuff you’d be humping. A few times of that lets you know in a hurry how old your joints are. LOL!!!
                Be well,

            • “Brave”
              Very good choice! My brother has one and so does his son.

              I just added a M1A Scout, and just finished a n AR lower that I’m going to put an Hardened Arms upper on her. Then I’m longing at a Saiga 12Ga. before TSHTF! I have two 870’s one for hunting and the other for defense, and 1100 Tactical, the Wife has a Saiga that I set up for any event. Man I really like it, BIG TIME! Also a lot of AMMO.

              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL


              • SGT, Just for kicks try casche-ing out your cookies, etc. Or download CCleaner software spyware. Sometimes helps here. This could be Mass DOS, denial of service actions of mass bombardment of logins, too mess with the reaction speed of Mac’s Server. If the log-on clicks have dramatically increased, that could be the problem. Probably because this is a Patriotic site and attacked like Trump, from the Elite Liberal or Conservative Anti-Trump factions.


                • WWTFK
                  wife is an IT person school, and know her stuff when it comes to these things. She has done just about everything she can. I leave this stuff up to her. I take care f the other things.

                  You can’t teach a caveman to fly an F-16. Just saying.


          • Sarge, I have found that 0-20 full synthetic motor oil works great on liberty tools and is a lot cheaper than store bought stuff. Also I get some insulin syringes for oiling small and hard to reach places.

            • Ed’s Red will handle all your toy cleaning and lubrication needs(sounds a little weird when you put it like that!)and can make up a gallon (lifetime supply unless you share)for less then 20 bucks.

        • Thanks. Will check it out. John Wells used to do voiceover work in South Africa and has been discussing how that country was ruined on his internet show, for a while. I had no idea until hearing him talk about how difficult life has been made for the white minority that remains in South Africa. It sounds like SA was ruined more by communism and the usual slogans and propaganda about getting free stuff.

        • Another scum foreigner, great.

        • Not while i breathe

        • I’ll bet all those people who supported and celebrated Mugabe are dancing in the streets right about now. I’ll bet the 25% of RSA people who have AIDS are celebrating, too.

          Vile leftists have no clue. The end is not yet. And the evil of the left – including 100 million murdered last century by the left – had a funny way of blowing back to the final demise of the USSR. Or another analogy is the fate of Lavrentiy Beria.

          Leftists are truly evil and ignorant people. And history has a way of meting out recompense for these people. Just ask Robespierre. Just ask Lavrentiy Beria.

        • An average IQ of 90 in the population is the critical point at which your society devolves into third world status.

          It happened in Rhodesia and Namibia and South Africa.

          Coming soon to Amerikkka.

          • My High School IQ was 127, higher than JFK at 117.



        • Foreigner …sit on it and rotate. I may DIE within my country, but I’ll never lose it to anyone. South Africa allowed themselves to be duped (and then you showed the world you lacked the dedication to fight for what you had – and so you lost it:simple:perod!
          …and, in a nutshell, few learn from what history has taught us.

          I guess history hasn’t taught you that fucking with America is Hazardous To Your Health (According to the latest Surgeon General).


          • Unfortunately there is truth to this statment.We may well go the way of south africa if we don’t stop this now

      9. If you think elections don’t matter, then just why is the establishment going after Trump?

        Vote this November. We can put these thieves of our nation and it’s identity where they belong. They’ve spent 50 years burrowing in to our society, subverting it, and indoctrinating us and our children. It’s going to take years to walk it back, and it starts this November. Second Tuesday.

        • They began over a century ago, not just 50 years ago.

          • It’s all just theatre for the masses. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

            • You don’t like theatre? Then are YOU involved?? Are you a precinct committeeman? Run for your school board? Leave flyers for your neighbors even?

              I get tired of the cynical obscurantism and solipsism on this site. Yes, there is a lot of theatre. So do something to stop it. Become the next William Wilberforce, the next Jimmy Doolittle, the next Calvin Coolidge, the next Ronald Reagan. What we don’t need is yet more internet purists for whom NOTHING is ideologically pure enough.

              Internet cynicism is a dime a dozen. For me, I will continue to try, and continue to attempt to educate, enlighten and encourage others. There WAS a time that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and others were able to bring about a sea change for liberty and freedom, when they could have just been cynics and retired to their farm. They didn’t.

              Maybe we will fail in our attempt to revive liberty, freedom, decency, and humanity back to the front. But it will NEVER occur from just a bunch of people being cynical.

          • Actually, they began in 1933 (or do you have tidbits of info I’m not aware of there “JustMe”)? My thanks in advance, but of course.

            • Actually it began in 1776 but really kicked into gear in 1861 (US – CONFEDERATE war) and the death blow came in 1913 (federal reserve) and 1916 (income tax). Of course women’s suffrage, civil rights, the feminist movement, and faggots comming out of that huge pink closet hasn’t helped either.

              • Ah, I see where everyone is coming from now. Got it. Thanks…

      10. WE.

        Trump 2016: because we’re not going to bite, chew and swallow this shit anymore!

        • AMEN N R

      11. If you think that THEY will allow Trump to be President, you’re deluding yourself. Sure, go ahead and Vote, but the result will be what THEY want, not you!
        ‘If voting really made a difference, THEY wouldn’t let us do it.’

        • What is the probability of Obama “seeing” that Hitlery ‘ain’t gonna make it’ (because The FBI isn’t exactly on Obama’s side ‘all the way’ regarding Hillery’s unrelenting quest to destroy this nation while making billions doing it) …what are the odds Obama would PERMIT a ‘first-strike’ from (let’s say) IRAN. Let’s say he’d have IRAN pop DC and NYC with an EMP …or perhaps an EMP with enough elevation to ‘cover’ all of North America (mostly). This would lead to declaring war, martial law …and then Obama retains his seat indefinitely. NO election.
          The reader MUST realize that The Elite have invested millions and billions into “all these things” for one reason, America’s destruction (mostly due to “the feds” and the corruption of most all global governments …and ‘big-jaw-Kerry’ has wrangled up some wonderful foreign success stories ain’t he? The Elite are NOT going to give up their money without a fight, and one HELL of a fight. Also, even though we may well number in the millions, THEY have weapons capable of killing millions “instantly.” (And they would not have been positioning them all over the USA (Jade Helm 15) unless they intend to use them (think about it, since we’ve nothing about JH-15 on any media, that SHOULD tell you something is amiss).
          We, the people still have a few chances at leveling the playing field a bit, but not unless we start taking covert actions/or overt if ya feel lucky. I’m not giving ‘specifics’, yet I expect SF-Veterans have an inkling…(and Genius no doubt). Hey you! Didn’t think I’d leave ya out did ya? What’s YOUR ‘take’?

          • I think you are correct. But they haven’t invested their money they made US pay for it all. They force us to pay for our own demise while they pay 0 taxes and can never be audited. Jade Helm was definately an equipment placing operation (notice none of it has been shipped back). You cannot go head to head with the armed forces so sabotage and guerilla tactics will be the only chance. It would be good to have moles in place and know a few good hackers. Time for ex mil people to step up to the plate and teach others how to take out equipment and what the weak links are. Mutiny from inside the mil would help shorten the long drawn out war with the rulers I’m afraid we are going to be facing.

            • But then even if the patriots win who will run the country? There is a saying “He who takes the tyrants head, becomes the tyrant in his stead.” I can just imagine the infighting over who will be in charge. Something to ponder…

              • Genius, good point. Look at how people argue on this site. The squabbles and backbiting here are just a taste of what would happen with a lot of scared people having to deal with their lives being turned upside down. I have thought about this and I don’t see a good outcome. People in rural areas will make it because they are used to that life and used to working hard.

                I think that the US could be set up for a breakup like what happened to the old USSR.

                On the other hand I think the cities in the US will explode in violence this spring and summer. I fully expect race riots to happen this year that will surpass the Watts riots (and others) from the late 1960s. I will not be surprised when there are 10 or 20 or 30 cities on fire this summer. Not surprised at all. I hope I am wrong.

                • Yes it will def be ugly. People have no after victory plan in case they do win. The freedom lovers will probably want the constitution re-instated the statist hordes will want things the way they were. What a mess…

                  • Genius, dang we agree! People will go tribal. If people can live six-months or longer on their own they should be okay. I calculate that 50- to 60-percent of the population would show up at a Red Cross or FEMA station for food.

                    • I am a little more pessimistic, I would estimate the fema crowd to be around 80%+ What else can they do? Heck the camp might even have football on tv lol. The bad thing about splitting into tribes is that what will we do for national defense? Will the military be on the statist side or freedoms side? Who will control the nukes etc.? It could make us ripe for an all out invasion from a foreign country. I think the military would turn on us and declare absolute power. Pre shtf is easy to plan, post shtf not so much….

                    • I am a little more pessimistic, I would estimate the fema crowd to be around 80%+ What else can they do? Heck the camp might even have football on tv lol. The bad thing about splitting into factions is that what will we do for national defense? Will the military be on the statist side or freedoms side? Who will control the nukes etc.? It could make us ripe for an all out invasion from a foreign country. I think the military would turn on us and declare absolute power. Pre shtf is easy to plan, post shtf not so much….

      12. Yes, all sh….t is busting out.. and people think I worry too much. it’s what I was told about October that’s is disturbing.. if we see Cruz back Trump, and Trump becomes resident, then I will be taken more seriously on the is site.. a troll came on here a few days ago saying that if Cruz becomes VP that I didn’t Prove crap..the agency is extremely concerned about me talking on this site because they are hiding some serious stuff about the future of this country.. we are now in March… Wait till April shows up?.. I was told that can post the Trump/cruz VP and that I would get laughed at and told that I don’t know crap and this is exactly what happened..then I was that when they see it happen that is when the laughing stops because Cruz is working for the establishment and the establishment and they are going to…..

        …………the collapse…….environmental callapse…..because……

        ….revolutionary war……………


        October 2016……………

        And…because of the secret space program…..because……2019…=?+ ……then…………once the people find………..that it’s real..out………..war, pestilence ………………….
        ………the panic sets…to do..

        ………never be the same again.



        I will fill in the blank spaces later in in the year if we are not in shtf by then…sorry I have to wait guys.

        • Ought to interesting HCKS for sure.

        • So, just to make sure I understand what you’re saying, I’m a ” troll” because I said Trump picking Cruz as possible VP is not a big deal, it can be seen on any Las Vegas odds site. Yeah, well I guess I’m a ” troll” then because your big insider claim isn’t really interesting, much less Earth shaking. And it’s not just the Trump/cruz vp stuff that will get you laughed at, it’s almost everything you post that will achieve that goal. Gee, do we REALLY have to wait until the end of the year for you ” fill in the blanks”? And aren’t you the same guy who once said you were in contact with the reptilian space aliens who are supposedly controlling the planet? Yeah, here’s a question for you. How do you deflate a ” hcks” prediction?” Answer: Hit it with a pointed question!

          • Hey Billy. I bet Trump already has his VP pick and waiting for the right time to spring the News. I predict his choice is his lifelong Loyal sidekick “George” who was seen on the Trump show the Apprentice. George is kind of like the man “Alfred,” the butler; was to Batman, Behind the scenes support and info man to Batman.

            Trump = Batman = Super Hero
            George = Alfred = Trumps VP Pick.

            ~WWTI… America is well due for a Real Authentic Super Hero.

            • Rubio = the Don Rickles Joker


        • Yeah, Cruz is working for the establishment. That is why they ALL hate him, and virtually none of the PTB are supporting him.

      13. Very dangerous period.
        However, I know in the 60’s several candidates was attached and one shot.
        It is if we are on the verge of a revolution.

        • We are,,,,

          • Kula, yes.

            • Stuff just feels off dont it

              • Yep. Bums me out, too. 🙁

                • Thing “feel off” because they are. YOU are experiencing THEIR psychological ‘detrimentals’ that the media is ‘interlaced’ with, purely in the interest of casting doubts and to make you question everything you think and do. Effective? Hell yes …so make note of it then cast it from your mind. Separate the bullshit fiction from the “this is real”. Doesn’t help, but it sounds good eh?

      14. Watching Trump being attacked over and over and with greater ferocity is the exact reason I supported him from the minute he announced his candidacy.

        Even as moderate as Trump is, the establishment are losing their minds at the very thought of him winning the primary. Apparently Trump has not had to pay his dues to any of them, and they simply can’t handle it.

        Fox News is going out of their little minds trying to stop him.

        CNN/MSNBC are loving the ratings since their news network is garbage. They need all the help they can get.

        Ted Cruz is a total joke, and a shyster at best. The video of the ‘laying on of hands’ with that walking devil Kenneth Copeland is no surprise to me.

        Trump is a triple divorcee, but I’ll take him over Cruz and his lies any day of the week. Ted Cruz the Christian? The conservative? I don’t know his heart, but I see his works and he is a deceiver.

        The Bible clearly says you pray in silent. You are supposed to hide yourself in a closet, and pray to the Lord who will see you and bless you openly.

        The Kenneth Copeland is a multi-millionaire, pocketing tithe money by the dump truck load. All of these so called evangelists on TV are filthy rich, they are walking thieves. However it is appropriate for an America that has lost it’s way.

        This country is only sinking deeper into the cesspool every single day. There is no return.

        • Over, if found your post very insufficient. Scripture indeed does tell us to pray in our closet. But you make a category mistake. Stephen prayed in Acts as he was stoned to death, Paul prayed in public and public writings. Wycliffe,who really brought us the English Bible, prayed in public as he was being burned to death, “Lord, open the eyes of the King of England.” Charles Spurgeon prayed in public; John Wesley prayed in public; Billy Graham prayed in public. May I respectfully say your hermeneutics are not supportable.

          You next tell us about his “lies,” without telling him what they are, and a shyster, without telling us how he is one. Very disappointing.

          The point is, Cruz is also HATED by the establishment for good reason – he isn’t playing their game, and they refuse to support him as well. Ask youself honestly: WHY is the establishment floating, say, a Mitt Romney over Cruz (not to mention Trump).

          The Founding Fathers, and those that followed them, made very strong pronouncements about electing people of bad character. Trumps divorces, his past liberalism, his support for abortion (you think Copeland’s bad – and he is – try 55 million babies MURDERED), his filthy mouth, the fact that he inherited 1/3 of a billion dollars, then lost if all, and might have stayed that way, unless he was de facto bailed out – all these leave me with serious questions. Now, these questions are not half as many as Hitlery and crypto commie Bernie, but they are there.

          The point is, I will vote for Trump or Cruz, but with Trump there is a lot of “Trust me,” whereas Cruz has a track record anyone can examine about supporting gun rights, pro life, small govt. etc. He clearly has some baggage, too, but, in sum, *******there is a reason the PTB and the elite are no supporting him******* and the very fact that is happening provides the bona fides that I need, and, IMHO, I respectfully submit put the lie to your contentions about him

          • Hmmmm, sounds like their praying didn’t do a damn thing for them. 55 million abortions is a bad thing? OK then YOU pay for all the 55 million mouths to feed and by now would have exploded to probably 175 million more unwanted eaters. You just can’t use the planet up fast enough can you? If people had to live by your rules Logans Run would be reality….

        • It’s Over – “watching Trump being attacked over and over”…. He provokes that shit. He LOVES drama.

          Years ago, on his Apprentice show, he kept that psycho Omarosa, the drama-queen, on the show even though she was counterproductive, no add-value, routinely played the race card, juvenile, bullied the hell out of the (White) contestants, and even caused his ratings to sink.

          I stopped watching after the second episode. It was too painful to watch decent, smart, hardworking people being bullied and called racists while he sat back and observed ‘the show’- the drama. He kept her on – one example of countless of how Trump promotes drama b/c he LOVES drama.

          I think he planned, staged and paid good money for this “attack” to happen…and it won’t be the last one.

      15. They know who the organizers and financier are so why not go arrest Ayers and Soros?

        • They won’t. They’re O’bumbles buddies.

          • No Bo’s pulling their strings.

        • The Republican Party is after Trump. Dems are eating popcorn. The problem causers will be Repukes.

      16. Get ready for the “Race” wars. Coming soon to an area near everyone…

      17. Testing 12345
        TOR enable
        Help please
        Trying to post
        Thank you

      18. Yeah? And there’s another video where the camera just happens to pan to where the “attacker” is standing all hyper, he’s not looking at Trump, he’s looking towards the cameraman as if to get his signal to pounce, and then he runs toward the podium.

        Planned? Who knows what they’re up to.

        • AnneMarie …”they” are not above doing whatever it takes to get the job done, to include murder or ‘mass annihilation’. Money is the only ‘object’ that they bow down to, if not worship. Look at how much has already been done that is clearly “outside the Common Laws” of The USA! So, we have a government who openly chooses to “go around” the law to make law (which means everything Obama has initiated via EO’s isn’t legal in the least, nor constitutional, thus null & void).
          The federal government has been infiltrated, corrupted and now are the greatest danger to ourselves …and all the while they are telling The Sheeple that WE are ‘domestic terrorists’ (and our wonderful news agencies SUPPORT THEM). Remember, at some future point we MUST ensure the annihilation of GIANT MEDIA. The answer is simple though admittedly very involved. WE MUST OUST THE ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO DO SO —->the ‘ways and means’ to do this, everyone, is “laid out” within The Constitution and ALL OF THE QUOTATIONS of the Founding Fathers. In fact, in you read their words right now, you’d wonder why in hell isn’t everyone out there throwing these people out of their offices “left and right!” It is NOT acceptable that millions and millions of lives have been lost to keep this nation free. It’s even less acceptable to allow that massive loss of life to become meaningless efforts to sustain this country! It is NOT acceptable to take what was CREATED for us, (Founding Fathers) and do nothing as it slides down “the tubes”. YOU do nothing. I already am, will continue to do so, and WILL fully engage our domestic enemies as soon as they want it …or perhaps before they expect it? 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with allowing matters to get a bit ‘sporty’ is there? THEY are certainly not restrained or constrained when it comes to screwing with us (ask Finnicum about how it worked out for him). In short, they’ll kill you for little or no reason these days (and still the greater majority just sit and take it all in as if they’ll never be involved)! *Mouth wide and agape in disbelief…

      19. Cruz is a Bush production. He did serve George W. during his lie fest as the big moron flunky. More of the same only worse, vote Cruz. Ditto for Rubio. If the establishment unleashes more of the recent action against Trump he may not last until November. I like Trump only because the big shots hate him, or pretend to. I’d like to see him win over Clinton. Imagine the political stink of the whole debacle after another few months.

        • Anne Marie, I found that very curious

        • And if he is selected watch what the darkies do. Civil was part 2 coming to a theatre near you lol. I’m so glad I live in a white town where dark ones stand out like a dick in a disney movie lol. They don’t dare cause any shit!

          • I just watched the trailer for the new movie, “Captain America: Civil War.” I had heard it had 18 million views. Just watched and that number was up to 35 million views on U-Tube.

            ht tp://

            Based on the book I read yesterday, it doesn’t surprise me that Hollyweird has wrapped this idea inside a movie based on comic-book characters.

            The book, “Civil War Two” by Thomas Chittum is worth reading. No cartoon characters, however.

      20. This was terrible security. I did that for years. For several seconds Trumps back was exposed. Every team member on the body should be assigned a direction to watch for potential additional threats. The uniformed cop behind Trump did nothing. Just terrible personal security all the way around.

      21. I apologize, off topic:

        Episode 487 of, Parts 2 and 3, were excellent. John Wells interviewed Joseph Plummer. Last night was the first time I had heard of this writer and his website:

        I have been reading his (free) book, “Leaving the Illusion.”

        Everything on his site is free. I cannot believe I had never heard of this guy or his site. This is probably the best news site I have discovered since finding Drudge, Zerohedge, and Infowars. It isn’t as dramatic. Not as flashy. But very relevant.

        It is all about power.

      22. if Trump is attacked, wounded, or worse I wonder what his supporters will decide to do ?
        I don’t know the answer, just wondering.

      23. Brave Nice 590 A1. I’m a mossberg fan myself. I like used guns I know how to pick em. It’s a skill really like picking used cars. I gotta get some ammo cans to store stuff in. Was looking on eBay but shipping is a lot. I remember the 50 cal cans were like $8 and they were like new not corroded rusty junk. Now the rusted junk is $20 a can. Why bother if there is any rust. rotated my gas storage today. I do it every 6 months never had a problem. Some say the gas goes bad after a month of storage. That’s funny it burns in my vehicles fine.

      24. Trump LOVES drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if he planned this stunt and paid good money for it to happen. In fact, I think that IS what happened.

        Years ago I watched three episodes of his crappy reality show “The Apprentice” when it first aired. He had that psycho-crazy lady on, Omarosa. She added nothing to the show, no add-value, his ratings actually went down because of her — she would play the race card and also bully the others… very juvenile and counterproductive. Yet he kept her on the show. I had stopped watching after only three of those episodes. I couldn’t stand to see good, decent, hardworking, smart people being abused. Anything for attention and drama.

        He has a long history of thriving on the endless drama that he creates and thrives on.

        I grew up 20 minutes from where he lives and often heard crazy stories on the local news (before cable TV & the Internet) about crazy things he pulled. One of many was arranging for his then current mistress (Marla Maples) to ski into him and his family on the slopes. This created a big scene on the slopes, in front of his children who were young then, instead of just getting a divorce from his first wife and then marrying Marla.

        I think he is juvenile, dangerous and disordered — he is not getting my vote …. that’s for sure.

      25. I think Trump’s place in history is to expose the truth about our corrupt government and he is doing this by their reactions to him. Gringrich reveals they hate him because he doesn’t belong to the secret societies and hasn’t gone through the initiation rites. A group of Republicans say they will vote for Hillary before they vote for Trump if he is on the Republican ticket. And now Obama’s flunkies interfere with Trump’s campaign appearances. As much as it galls me to say I am a Republican in the primary election, I think it is worth giving him enough delegates to make a brokered convention impossible. Then what will happen is Obama will arrange for something to “compel” him to cancel elections and remain in power. If that doesn’t convince brain dead Americans we have lost the Republic nothing will.

        • Thank you ENFP. That’s what I’ve been “running myself in circles” trying to get out to “the people” …yet it is even as you have ascertained by your own words; “…If that doesn’t convince brain-dead Americans that we have lost The Republic, nothing will.” (well, I corrected a few grammatical errors, ((so much for the exact quote)) but being this is the web, who cares)? lol….

          You pointed out something of great importance. “The Republic” (not The Democracy that soooooooooooooo very many will ‘fight to the death’ insisting it is real, when it is clearly not. …”And to The Republic for which it stands, One Nation, Under God…”.

          America is indeed under siege, from the ‘top down’. This isn’t some half-assed attempt at taking us down either. These are the word’s richest nations and elites, secret-associations (unconstitutional but alive and well inside the beltway …”The Dark Government” – – the ones who vote “over and above” we, the people and the ones who are the true Puppet Masters controlling each and every move being made globally. *Ever since the advent of computers these “things” have literally “taken off” in all the ways one could imagine that a computer would assist with.

          America was Under Siege prior to The World Trade Center ‘imploding from exploding’ (another professional ‘inside’ job) that will remain buried no differently than Benghazi (sp?).

          Went to chat with the boys at my local FFL yesterday. People are definitely arming themselves in a big way. They claimed it is harder than hell to get restocked with anything …mayhaps it would be wise to get what you can afford now, before it’s all gone and possible not replaced (because that too is “in the works” in an effort to keep the populace ‘at bay’ regarding weapons.

          ahhh ….if nothing else, it helps greatly just getting this outta my head and onto paper (it also gives ‘hope’ when you read & realize you are not the passenger thinking alike. (Great Minds Think Alike = GTMA). Genius knows this all too well. Right man?

          Obama will NOT ‘let go’ of his power until he is absolutely sure “all that he was sent here to do” has been unloosed upon America. THEN, he cease to be our POTUS in favor of His Majesty or whatever (in Muslim circles) is “the highest seat.” Again, there will NOT BE AN ELECTION. (But man oh man are ‘they’ ever keeping everything “high-strung” by taking advantage of every nuance of elections (and ‘aggravating’ all aspects of pre-elections …and it’s all part of the plan in ‘paving the way’ for the new to make ‘its’ entrance (if they do, few Americans will be left standing (um, IF they are any kind of patriot at all). Otherwise, they’ll run to incoming troops with open arms (and, in an effort to ensure they do not get killed, they’ll lie and side with ISIS, (that human nature, self-survival). So, if and when pressured to do so, even a family member could easily become an unseen threat (so who do you trust)? Answer: NOBODY —-LISTEN to all that you hear, but act on nothing until you have done your OWN “INTEL”, and made your own assertions and counter-measures.

          Is it not just a tad confusing to anyone, but myself, as to why The Pontiff (Pope) is so ‘politically faced’ and involved in things with opinions that HE SHOULD NOT HARBOR (as a religious man).

          • Good to vent,,,
            Stuff is just screwed up

          • Eq, As I said above, even if we win then what? What will be the rule? Who will be in charge? We can agree to go back to the constitution but then we will have to take out the free shit army because they certainly won’t want any part of no more free shit. The liberals will freak out if socialism is destroyed. I think there would be major chaos between the freedom lovers and the rest of the inhabitants. Maybe wait it out until the free shitters kill eachother off and libs die from ineptness then make a move? What do you think?

            • That question goes for all of you. What about post shtf? Any ideas? I like the idea of secularism but we would be vulnerable to attack from other countries. A tisket, a tasket, a plan or a casket….

              • Or we could just kill every asswipe that doesn’t want the constitution back lol. Maybe that IS a plan 😛

              • Genius.

                Term Limits for Congress.
                No more Fed. Congress to coin money.
                No more IRS. Flat tax.
                Once you leave the White House you can, “Shut the Fuck Up.” No more Kissinger type advisors.
                Check and restrict outside influence . Soros come to mind.
                Check Social Security for fraud.
                Same for Snap and all other government assistance.
                Affordable school loans with Limits.
                Car’s affordable with out 7-8 year loans.
                Housing industry Discourage HYPE and punish those who give loans to those who can not afford them.
                Banking industry to be revamped. Death penalty for distructive investments like ponzi schemes and derivatives.
                Banks to be responsible for their loses

                That’s a start.

            • I believe that since the Constitution was invoked amidst lots of infighting and such …and yet it was still ‘realized, agreed upon and invoked’. I also see no reason it cannot be done again and those who stand against the idea can go off and start their own country and ‘rules’. That the ‘simplistic’ way of putting it.
              The alternative to ‘winning’ this mess is, of course, losing. It is not at all hard to conceive a loss should there be simply far more against us than we are aware of (one nuke could take care of all of China’s ground troops in one blow, 100 million ‘boots on the ground’ just gone) …as an example of what we may be hit with.
              Just as was done around 1776, we need a headquarters in every state (‘underground’) …”tailor-made” as we go with constant adjustments for curtailing ‘new intel’. Veterans can and will institute these things “out of habit” and pass what they know on to those who do not.
              Things have a way of working themselves out, and history is demonstrative of (at least) that much. (History also gives plenty of examples of when things go ‘backwards’ too)! I’m saying we have more than ample “like-minded” souls to re-establish this nation once the nay-sayers have been silenced, and anyone else seeking to screw things up if possible.
              Someone said it can’t be done unless all of the ‘free benefits’ are eradicated. Okay then, that means that every veteran who is 100% disabled will go from where-ever they are now, to the homeless side of the streets (along with all civilians in the same situation). Such a view for the future of America would obviously not be viable nor acceptable.
              Besides, it is the states that tell the feds what to do and not to do. Everything needs to start somewhere. We WILL find that ‘place’ and then endeavor to ‘reset’ the nation against any and all odds. It won’t be easy and life comes with no warranty.

              • Equorial

                V. A. is still a mess.

                Wounded Warriors. I knew long before their Admin Cost were too high. Hell I would rather give the money straight to a vet in need, rather than the scam artist. If you are going to party then do it on you own dime.
                It would be better for me to buy each one a beer and say Thank You than to get to those that abuse the Wounded Warriors. No better than the “Give Me Dats”.

              • Private charity will replace armed robbery by the govt. You want something? You pay for it. The govt. should be completely out of the charity/handout bizzness.

      26. Trump will get cancer of the toe like Bob Markey did if he was realy a threat to the system but i think his roll is to make americans think that they backed a team, it lost, all was fair and democracy is working.

        The bankers own congress and in turn they own you and talking or voting will still result in you being stuffed over.

      27. nice blog I’m a survivalist from Canada

        • Howdy, welcome to the family! Wishing you well, stay warm

      28. Let me slip in a comment while she is still asleep..

        Brave, congratulations on your new purchase of the 590A1 street cleaner.. all you have to do is clean out the barrel, get the chamber greased, and oil it, don;t forget to get the specops recoil buttstock.. that shot gun is one nasty son of a bitch because you can drop it. Drive over it piss on it, dunk it under water. Hunt with it.. talking about buddy has of of those and I have had the chance to find it.. it is one serious phucking semi- automatic cannon…it is one horrific damn shot gun.. as I have mentioned. before the dred lock and the Muslims are the problem.. I noticed that Muslims were at the rally, this is really serious sh……t. And of course the shelves in my local academy are almost wiped out again just from people seeing the dred lock attack at the rally.

        Gotta thank the dred lock and trolls accusing me of fear porn, etc..looks like I am right about my future accessment of America.. lots of months remainding before the elections and one can only imagine what the hell happens next.



        Seeing is literally believing..come trolls, come on, attack me.. my peers will chew up your asses and spit it out.

        • Apparently you NEED them to because you’re obviously not up to the task yourself. So okay, I’m ready for the great ” ass chewing” to begin now……

        • Wait till the weather warms up

        • HCKS, thanks. I’ll be testing it at the BOL next weekend. Can hardly wait.

      29. At first I was shocked by Gingrich’s statement. Then I was elated thinking he spilled the beans. After thinking about his statement, I had a question come to mind.

        Newt Gingrich is a known member of “the club”. He himself is an “initiate”. So, why would he be publicly be announcing such a “secret society” exists? This is what JFK did in his “Secret Society Speech” just before he was murdered.

        There’s another purpose for Gingrich making this very “public” statement. Was it meant for a warning to Trump? Was it a warning to us who support Trump? Maybe, maybe not. It wasn’t by a slip of the tongue..these people never say anything not meant to be said. There’s an agenda here folks. There’s always an agenda. We must read between the lines when the Illuminati speak. IMHO something wicked this way comes. God help us all.

      30. Wether Trump elected or not does not matter,they have awoken a large pool of anger in this country that will not fade!Gun sales up hugely/prepping becoming a accepted(like I care)way of life/Koppel(no matter what you think about him personally)wrote a great book on emp and waking more up/the list is endless.

        Prep,to best of ability drop out of the matrix,BUT,most importantly,have fun and enjoy the ride!

        • Drop out definitely,,,,

      31. Hey
        Does anyone have my PIN number to my Swiss bank account?

        • 8-6-7-5-3-0-niiieeeiine……

          • I thought that was Jenny’s number.

          • “POP”
            Found it on the wall.

            • Correction its 867-5309.. I tried the other number and Jenny was not living there anymore. ha.


            • Yup, it came on the “Acoustic Café” this mourning across the radio as I was riding into town to get my cup of coffee. Great tune.

      32. Enemy,yes I do,if you want will e-mail it to ya’s but seems your account is empty and “discontinued”!

      33. When Obama stated so positively that Trump would never be President I immediately thought of TWA Flight 800. If I were Trump I’d take steps to ensure that no one – maybe not even the SS knew which aircraft I was on.
        Single-engined Cessnas may not be as comfortable as 747s but they can land and take off from a country road!

        • Oldfart – Trump has his own private helicopters and private air fleet… since one private jet wouldn’t do. I’ve seen them flying over Manhattan Harbor. The chopper was nicknamed the TrumpCopter.

          In addition to his private fleet, he also has his own fully staffed yachts, as well as fleet of limos/drivers.

          He flies the TrumpCopter from Manhattan to Atlantic City, NJ (a 2.5 Hr drive) on a regular basis. Trump and his sidekick Hellary Clinton also once used the copter to fly to the Iowa State Fair… I think that may have been last summer.

          Owning all of these toys isn’t anything new or recent, it has been for the past 20 or so yrs… of course, after filing several bankruptcies and claiming he had transitioned from millionaire to billionaire years ago.

      34. May you live in interesting times.
        Chinese curse.

        • “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”
          Naval Aviator’s mantra.

      35. It seems the GOP big shots would be all joyous knowing that with Trump they have a legitimate chance to beat Hillary, what gives? It’s getting harder to tell which side is more evil. The ongoing freak show has provided some gut busters, Jeb! going down was priceless, now a big splat will oust the huge fraud Rubio. Rubio remains one of the GOP hopes for the future that the people in his “represented” state reject. From all of the political ads running now it feels like a week before the final election in November. Think of the good that could be accomplished with those wasted ad buys.

      36. Nice day to cast bullets here in stupidland… once done and sized its time to tumble lube with alox, beeswax, and lard mix… flies straight, less fouling, and anti jihadi as a bonus…

        • Curious what cals you sending off and in what, been looking into casting, mostly shoot 308, cast HPs would be good for hunting around here.

      37. See Steve black Trump African American Trump supporter shot by dred lock thug gangsters and is now dead. Did the civil war just start and did someone just fired the first shot.. Mac your may need to post a link on that one conspiracy theorist and liar not job just noticed this article and just heard What????? Can someone please post a link. This probably explains why not much ammo is on the shelf here locally.



      38. Please stop with the pro-trump or pro-anyone posts. Preparedness transcends politics.

        • And you are what?
          Speech police???
          Trump Trump Trump!!!!!

        • Bunker John, when ones comes here they must be prepared for anything.

      39. Trump may not be in the illuminati club, but don’t be tricked, if Trump is elected it will be the new boos is the same as the old boss scenerio.

        You don’t think so? Ask yourselves this: Have you ever heard Trump mention the Federal Reserve and shutting it down? Have you heard Trump mention the continuing non-stop chemtrail spraying and the need to prosecute those people behind it? Have you heard him mention how the FBI and every other intelligence agency in America is guilty of covering up the truth about 911?

        No, you won’t hear him take a stand on what really matters.

        Don’t get tricked into focusing to much on Trump. Trump versus everyone else on the political theater is the same dynamic as cops when they play their good cop bad cop routine. It’s all deceit.

        • BeSteady, absolutely! I have said that since he started running. I think people are hypnotized by his hair lol 😛

        • Be Steady – I agree.

          IMO, I also think Trump double talks and is a hypocrite. He WILL abuse his power (you can count on that) and use his power to get revenge on those who didn’t kiss his ass when he wanted them to. If he kicks the bucket, natural causes or is killed by one of his many enemies, I think his first wife and current wife will collude to write a book on what a monster he was behind closed doors and that they were, at times, scared of him — my prediction.

          Back in Thanksgiving 1981 his face and his first wife were plastered all over the tabloids showing off their newborn infant daughter, Ivanka, and then a year or so later his now ex-wife wound up in a Manhattan hospital ER. She said he slapped her around and had ripped a chunk of her hair right out of her scalp. I didn’t believe back then it was a rumor and still don’t believe it was a rumor around town. He was cheating and has the morals of a snake.

          I don’t know why people don’t see through him, other than maybe they don’t have much of a history with him. He is smoke and mirrors, and imo will not make a good President.

          He will not admit his wrongdoings or crimes and instead find a scapegoat and a fall guy and make it appear as if “It’s Congress’ fault”, and “I tried but they stopped me”… he’ll come up with one excuse after another and appear innocent for his screw ups and his repeated failure to follow through with (empty) promises.

          He won’t admit to anything or fix anything that doesn’t benefit him. Nothing is ever his fault — not even his bankruptcies.

          I just don’t believe he’s Presidential material and truly on the side of the American people and I agree will not actually make things better …not buying his horseshit.

          • sounds like you’re talking about Obama.

        • I think he’s smart enough to refrain from any talk of shutting down the Fed, as I believe he knows about JFK.

      40. The Dem’s and Reb’s are one in the same. So Mr.Trump’s days just maybe numbered. I got the gut feeling that that will not set well with a very many people, but the good old boys still don’t see it. All they see is that Trump must go.

      41. Mac, it’s time to post a link on this shooting incident. Not trying to tell you what do just making. A suggestion..

        Best regards



        SHTF has now commented ? Your gotta be sh…..g me?..phuck me.?

      42. Mac, it’s time to post a link on this shooting incident. Not trying to tell you what do just making. A suggestion..

        Best regards



        SHTF has now commented ? Your gotta be sh…..g me?..phuck me.?

      43. Sorry, double post.



        • Ok so it wasn’t my beer lol.

      44. Just saw on that two hell fire misscles were discovered by bomb sniffing dogs that came from Lebanon. I wonder how the go thru to begin with.. David hodges is right it’s looks like they elite meetings must have called for a false flag to declare martial law.?. Well I was right about prepping.. is the is the year that the laughing stops. 2016.. looks like my scientist friend is right…a lot o I same things going in at the moment..we are not going to be having a 2016 election c aliens Ed Dames..a.d then the scientist claimed that also.



        • No one will be laughing when we get hit with the kill shot.

          • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHADOOOOOHHHHhhhhhhh…….. o-|–<

      45. I hope none of you take this guy HCKS seriously. Sure, he is good for a laugh and then being grateful that you are not like him. Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, and Alex “Jew shill” Jones are all frauds. Mac provides a good site for prepping purposes, I wish he would not attach his name to these charlatans or post any articles from them in the future.

        • No one does take him seriously lol. Most here just agree and don’t comment because he gos off about agency ass clowns trolls. Even if you call him out on legitimate points he won’t acknowledge. My self I just giggle my way through his comments. Scientist’s Russian special forces aliens asteroids emp list goes on. Most here just let him be
          And that’s probably best lol

      46. Prophecy states that there will not be a president or Government of the US after the first non-European president (Obama?)leaves office. Apparently a civil war will break out in Chicago due to the devaluation of the USD (no food stamps?)

        As a result the Chinese will invade the West coast and the Russians will come in from the East coast. Americans will be fighting for their lives and food will be more precious than all the gold in the world?

      47. You guys who get Ghost lowers for untracability then brag about having them on a public forum really don’t get the concept, do you?

        • can you enlighten us ?

          because that would be more helpful than to just make the above comment

          not all of us are 12 year old kids that understand EVERYTHING internet

        • Oh yes, we get the concept just fine sir. It is just that we don’t give a shit, you see?

      48. Who knows those sand bags can be got from line too. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where they got them from. Guy on YouTube cut plywood for the Windows and used a big bolt in the center with a 2×4 on the inside and a wing nut. the 2×4 was over the edge of the window trim. It was clean set up and quick to deploy. No drilling holes in the outside of your house. When you don’t need them take them down and store away. Best setup I’ve ever seen. Thought about doing it myself but gotta have a reason like a bad hurricane coming. People would think your nuts if you just started making these all the sudden. I think these would be better than the sand bags myself. The sandbags will stop bullets though. Love YouTube seen some great ideas. Some people have good ideas. Shit I never thought of.

        • Asshat

          Hide in plain sight.

          Landscaping is the best way to hide material that can be utilized later for home defense. Cap stones, pave stones, cinder block, solid blocks, railroad ties, regular rail poles, gravel, 4x4x8 lumber.

          Fill cinder blocks with sand an wet down the sand. If you add 1/4 plywood bolted through the block it becomes real solid.

          And don’t forget simple sand bags. Small trash bags, doubled lined can do it.

      49. I think that most Americans are missing what’s truly behind this 2016 President circus and now spreading riots and unrest. The word is “EVIL, WICKEDNESS, LAWLESSNESS and of course HATE”.

        There are spiritual wars going on behind the scenes that are waging as we speak. Certain candidates bring a host of demons with them and that is what’s behind what we now see taking place.

      50. OK, I’m late to the party on this topic..
        This is our busy time of year so cannot read and post as much as possible. Summer months is our slow time.
        Zero problems with this site loading and posting. Been using ad block since someone here suggested a while back. Not sure if it helps but it seems to.

        Mossberg 590 A1 question.
        Is it possible to hold the trigger down and pump out rounds?
        I’ve seen that mentioned in advertising before but does it apply to this model?

        • I don’t think you would want to incorporate that into your muscle memory or training. JM2cw

      51. Caught On Tape: “Enormous Crowds” Of Unemployed Chinese Miners Take To The Streets, Clash With Riot Police

        “This is just the beginning: China plans to lay off about 1.8 million workers in the steel and coal industries, a human resources and social security ministry official said last month, and millions more across all state-owned “zombie firms.”

        ht tp://

      52. I’m a bit of a “lefty” believing in universal health care as a less wealth destroying option and a benefit to society in general and in affordable education for those that get the grades. That said any attack from the Clinton-Democratic-NWO elites on Trump is to be condemned utterly. While I think Trump or any of the others is not a solution to American problems I can see the attraction he holds for a large segment of the American population even if I believe it is a delusion obsession and must be allowed to run his campaign and seek election unmolested by goons.

      53. They will beat down on Trump until he falls in line one way or another. Everything has a price, how much can I sell my vote for? It must have some value left.

      54. This election is basically the beginning or the end of communisim/socialisim in America. If Trump does not win we will become even more communistic, the communists have been infiltrating for the last 30 years or so and they are close to achieving their goals. These communists and socialists cannot allow trump to win, as he would not allow this to continue.
        VOTE TRUMP!

      55. If you’ll be in the sun make sure overnight polarized sunglasses… You can see through reflections and they block out the sun way more then tint. We got ours at sandy sunglasses for 69$

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