Video: Total Insanity! North Korea Announces Nuclear Sneak Attack Plan

by | Dec 30, 2017 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    Editors Note: The following video transmission from Alex Jones is a must hear, especially when you consider the shocking fact that former Obama Administration officials have gone on the record with their belief that we should appease the rogue nuclear threat coming from North Korea by allowing them to become a recognized nuclear nation. 

    Nuclear war is on the horizon, according to reports.


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      1. Will never happen, but will happen is a false flag.

      2. smart! but arent sneak attack plans supposed to be secret?

      3. How can it be a sneak attack if they are telling people?

        • Little rocket man is a racist, where are his token black rocket scientists?

          • They iz sweepin the floor massa!

            • “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
              Benjamin Netanyahu

              • “once we get our membership money we can compromise our members rights away and require permits” ~NRA

                • Before the NRA “Shall Issue” push it was largely illegal for common citizens to carry outside of their property. “Shall Issue” was the stepping stone to Constitutional Carry. Its called political pragmatism. You play the hand your dealt. Without the NRA the hand isn’t played. That is a guaranteed loss as the UK, Canada and Australia have shown.

          • little rocket man is a serial killer. he is running a death and slavery cult and loves a good freak show. that is where that goul denis rodman cums in. denis is his example to the korean people of amerikan wealthy trash.

          • the tokens are wearing nose rings and eating watermellon.

        • the same way the NRA pretends to be your friend. then after all the membership checks are cashed they…”compromise!”

        • Off topic:
          The asshat coach of the Golden State Warriers is inadvertently admitting they wanted to go to the White House to make a big scene. He is whining about their invitation being rescinded, even though some of the playurz had already said they wouldn’t go. If they didn’t want to go anyway, what’s the big deal? Typical leftists, pissed because Trump didn’t walk into it like a babe in the woods and let them throw their tantrum. Didn’t give them the opportunity to do something ‘courageous’ like spas out on him and walk out (in front of cameras). Raysis bigot!

        • HAHAHAHA! A really good comment! Loved it, thank you!







        • H.P. Lovecraft’s wife:

          “Whenever we found ourselves in the racially mixed crowds which characterize New York, Howard would become livid with rage. He seemed almost to lose his mind.”

          The racists were right. Say it with me. The racists were right.

        • trump declared a war on slavery. i hope he arrests my boss at the foreign owned business.

      4. So should I bring the tomato plants in or what?

        • it is a global warming hoax, it really is not freezing.

            • Good one.

            • shatner is my hero. when i used to teach self defense for the sherriffs dept in montana i used to show videos that shatner produced for training cops.

            • Awesome

      5. Free markets are the only thing left that can save America.

      6. is there a 5 minute version?

      7. psssssst… you guys…
        don’t tell anyone, but I got some secret information for you. N K is planning a sneak nuck attack which they are not telling anyone about, cuz, you know, it is a big secret, but I wanted to let you guys know about it, not that there is anything you can do with this info, just figured you should know.

        Source- read about it on a super secret bitcoin blog.

        • LOL

      8. LOL as bad as that end of the world special report Jones comes out with every 45 days.

        • I hope the fear porn gets more dummies to store food , so we won’t need as much ammo?

      9. Compelling headline from Infowars. The CNN of alternative media.
        Is there a difference between imaginary news and fake news?
        Nevermind. Don’t answer that.

      10. In the last Korean War we were fighting the Chinese troops. Is that what will be happening again? Is this the start of the kings of the east ,and King of the north? The Tribulation? And the window of opportunity to burn the Tares?

      11. Alex Jones is just doing what his masters have told him to do. Entertain, distract, the easily gullible. Sadly, he’s effectively doing so to so many. I suggest just considering him like a white version of Kim Jong Un without nukes.

      12. yes, Jones is a very reliable source

        (snark, out)

        • Watch that Shatner vid above dammit! It’s only like 1 minute and worth every second!

          • Yes, it is. In fact, I liked it so much that I downloaded it via SaveTube some months ago. Great video! lol

          • Ha ha ha, that’s some funny shit there! Go captain kirk!

      13. He’s made a 1hr broadcast out of the headline, which you can read in the video browser.

        Also, if you say something catchy, in the blog, he will repeat it, in the news show.

      14. Is anyone considering the use of chelation to help with radiation poisoning? I know doctors use pharmaceutical drugs like DMSA to treat radiated burns but what about the chelation materials that are available without a prescription. I have seen activated charcoal, chlorella, cilantro, bentonite clay, broccoli sprouts, bone broth, EDTA, etc. being sold for chelation. I have the iodine tablets. Is all this a scam or would stocking up on such items be worthwhile?

        • EDTA (ethylenediamminetetraacetic acid)and it’s water-soluble salts are some of the most effective substances for chelating and removing ingested heavy metals from the body. Unfortunately EDTA and it’s salts do not cross from the digestive tract to the bloodstream very efficiently, so it must be administered intravenously and removed by a process similar to dialysis. Not a simple process.

      15. I ducked under school desks as a kid because of the USSR that had real capabilities at mass US destruction. I’m not ducking, covering or likewise for North Korea as this is nonsense MIC hype. They actually had a news report about Venezuela several years back that said they desired missiles and the theoretical reach they would have had across the US land mass. The MSM watch dog (big time dog) actually printed it w/o rebuttal. The US citizenry in a rare moment of political sobriety dismissed it for the blatant propaganda that it was. I’m trying to think of the last time we weren’t lied to by official sources and can’t. They’re giving the USSRs PRAVDA a run for their money.

        • Syria was dominating the boards pre Kim Ju Hung errr whatever his name is.
          It all depends on where you graze.
          But you can’t have both in one place or peeps might start making the correlation.

          • ht tps://

            ht tps://

            ht to://

            ht to://

            • *http

          • lol Maybe that should be Kim Jong Un-Hung?

        • Kevin2, I also used to play the old ‘duck and cover’ game back in grade school. I’m not doing the same for anyone else either. Our MSM makes the old Pravda look good. [SARCASM]

          • I have no doubt that the old time Soviet propagandists have sat around with their now 80 year old retired co-workers and said, “How does the USA do it”?”They get the people to actually believe it”. There lay the danger. Its not in the lie but the belief in the lie. This is where the west excels with the USA MSM at the very top.

            • Kevin2, one thing I’ll give those old soviets credit for. they were consistent and we knew what to expect from them. China and North Korea, not so much.

              • China, North Korea, Vietnamese, Japanese (who were in reality the most westernized of the bunch), Kipling wrote about, “an occidental explanation for the oriental mind”. Their culture is alien, their rules are no rules, they’re slick, they’re very patient and disciplined, time is a continuance not a measurement, its Sun Tzu. The Soviets were utterly crude by comparison.

                • Do not underestimate the cunning and deceit in US foreign policy; promises, not credible. Everything and anyone is expendable, its all reduced to a balance sheet. Its Wall Street with guns.

                  • Kevin2, agreed about Wall St. What you said about foreign policy also hold true for domestic policy. It’s the mentality of the deep state that is pushing us towards civil war 2.

                    • At least on domestic if a law is passed there are courts. On international affairs there is nothing. Its like a Twilight Zone episode; nations are gravitating towards Russia and China for protection from the US. Its crazy.

                  • yes, NRA is the same when it cums to promises not credible.

                    • The NRA “compromised” into 43 or so states either Shall Issue (started with 8) and about 5 now morphed into Constitutional Carry. You play the hand your dealt.

                  • thank god back then when they held the drill you could dive under the desk and check out little Suzie’s petticoats. Now adays the kids have to watch out for a Caitlin Jenner wannabe.

          • Tell me what any of these articles have to do with prepping or SHTF? Its all Tabloid quality fear porn. Rather focus on yourselves and obtaining all the gear and equipment you will need for self sustainment off the grid for years and then go get off their Greed Grid and save a bundle and have fun doing it. These articles have little to no credibility or value. Its psychological media warfare on the US population to dupe us into another needless costly War. Trump needs to fire the CIA and cut defense spending by 50%. And close all US foreign based military bases.. Its all Fraud.

            • Yep, click… buy.
              Click… buy.
              Click… buy.

              Meanwhile, the criminal Clintons still roam free.

              No justice means no law and order.

              • It totally amazes me all the hundreds of thousands of sheeple in NYC celebrating the police state there. Protecting and serving, by stripping their rights, yay! More cops, yay! I can’t defend myself, yay!

      16. Obammy & Company planned on doing absolutely nothing about North Korea – HUGE surprise there – why should they take a break from their race war igniting to do anything international ….

        • Yea, and then these stupid bureaucrats get their panties in a bunch because DJT takes the gloves off…

          • Well, that’s the nature of panties… they are always in a bunch over something.

      17. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

        For only $999.95 down and 96 EZ monthly payments I can help you survive the coming apocalypse!

        For details see my website wwww.suckerborneveryminute.kom

      18. Jones is total Bull Dren person, what ever he say, believe that oppression.

      19. If you ever wonder how TP’sTB maintain their National Security Police State…

        As for Alex Jones, he has gone full Trump-tard.

      20. America where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters, don’t you know we need you now, we can’t fight alone against the monster. The antiwar era has dried up and blown away. Smarter, no dumber.

        • … and it sits there, watching..

      21. That’s NK for you,doing it ass backwards….tell em before doin it. Good way to lose….

      22. Alex is an agent for ………

      23. Has it occurred to ANYONE that the N.K. leader is getting his jollies hearing about how the Americans are bewailing every announcement he makes each week? Every successful rocket launch, nuke test etc. is responded to with great fear and loathing by the American press, and he knows the American People are shaking with fear of his every move and word. Recognize you are being played like a harp by a guy with Hitler ambitions and tendencies. AH scared the crap out of everyone for years before attacking. Prepared and scared, psychologically, AH’s victims were pushovers by the time the Wehrmacht arrived.

        • Yeah, I am terrified that we will be forced, forced, mind you, to soil the bottom of our boot by stomping on this annoying roach. SPLAT! lol

      24. If something happens here
        (By here I mean US continent )

        It won’t be from NK

        I think y’all can figure out just by whom

      25. Its that taunting crap, last person who did that to me was surprised as hell when i hauled off on their car with a baseball bat then went after them…..
        go ahead, keep it up

        • Sure.

          • Curt,
            You must not be
            in rural Hawaii.
            Off hours the cops are 2 or more
            hours away.
            We have to deal with problems,
            and we do.

            • Nice fertile soil in Hawaii is easy on the shovel. Like nothing even happened. Adds to the soil fertility even more. Banana trees fed with burglars.

              • Even easier with a tractor

                • Or toss em in an active volcano

                  • Doesnt even need to be active, know a few bottomless pits peeps throw dead shit in all the time, old lava tubes,

      26. Relax. Jones never says anything that doesn’t contribute to his sales of phony iodine supplements or fake vitamins from china. I’m pretty sure jones is a dyed in the wool coward. If he believed there was a real threat, he be hiding in some spider hole reminiscent of saddams hiddey hole and would have some dupe doing his show. If jones says NK is gonna nuke us, you can rest assured that we really mean it when we say, move along folks, nothing for you to see here.

      27. I’ll worry about a NK nuke going off over DC when it happens.

        Wait a minute, no I won’t.

      28. Five refugee camps have been constructed along China/North Korea border anticipating the collapse of Kim regime.

        there’s a train that runs from Pyongyang to Beijing
        Should be a shining example of GTFO-B4 SHTF
        But I doubt it will be
        They’ll probably take one for the gipper.

      29. Sorry I meant to say an alleged network of refugee camps.

        ht tps://

      30. It’s so cold
        There’s no hot air left in Washington.
        It’s so cold terrorist are blowing themselves up trying to stay warm.
        It’s so cold
        That Bill Clinton is actually sleeping with Hillary trying to stay warm…
        …….. Yeh I know … He would have had a better chance with a block of ice.
        …… Bada Bing Bada Boom


        • CiddyBoy, you need to get out of the cities, they’re going to be nuked!
          Happy New Year all.
          About mid 80’s today in the Caribbean.
          (testing, my posts have been disappearing lately)

          • Yup, some o that harsh tropical weather

          • testing, my posts have been disappearing lately)
            My post don’t appear unless cookies are allowed
            New rule I guess

          • My posts don’t appear instantly either. It takes a little while. I think there is a filter they go through before becoming visible.

            • My post was instantaneous.

        • CiddyBoy, how can there be NO hot air in DC if the politicians are still there?

        • lol Now THAT is funny! 😀

      31. Rocket-boy is crazy but not stupid enough to commit Harry Kerry.

      32. Year after year. Your all gonna die! So ya better get on the National Security Police State! Or you are all gonna die!

        • YOU’RE NOT YOUR

      33. key evidence that alex jones’ braindead followers do not speak english: “Announces”and “sneak attack”…
        something rotten in denmark…

      34. Always possible he he could slip one past the goal posts….. Then what?
        Personally I don’t think the whole nk thing is half of what it’s made out to be
        In reality they are a pissant country with no assets no resources the only reason China and Russia allow it is because it’s a buffer state nothing more China and Russia will not allow NK to completely destabilize the area but they are a good excuse to do some “proxi” saber rattling
        To the USA he’s a great public distraction from real issues. Trump for all his failings is still better then Hillary.
        Oh out of curiosity; when did you guys stop doing the duck and cover? I remember doing that exercise once a week at least up to about grade 4.
        Age 0-4 we call kindergarden
        Age 4-5 preschool
        Age 6 grade one
        Grade one to six we call elementary school
        Grade 7-9 jr high school
        Grade 10-12 just high school.
        I’m curious how it’s structured in the states

        • Its all a distraction, the government wants us to see how important it is, rather THAN HOW FUCKING CORRUPT THEY ARE

        • Close to the same give orvtake a year here and there

          It’s 100% conditioning
          And by the time most come out of 12th grade their brains are shit
          If their rich daddy put em through college
          Than its another 4+ years of Lib brainwashing
          And it shows if you ever get a chance to really sit down and talk to any of them

          I speak from experience
          6-7 college educated students in my very middle to center right family
          And these 6-7 people are not reflecting this families values or heritage

          It’s very sad talkingvto them , knowing where they and this country is going when they believe their vote is actually making a difference

          • Im surrounded by this to varying degrees, is one reason i want to just ditch my current situation,

            • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. I just got home from the BOL. Have to go back to ‘the old grind’ tomorrow. Let’s all hope for the best this year. But I also know better than to hold my breath on ANYTHING.

              • Happy New Year to you BH! Glad you had a good time at the bol.

        • Angry B … Here’s how it’s structured in the U.S.

          Age 4-5 = Preschool (not every child attends preschool)
          Age 5-6 = Kindergarten
          Age 6-7 = 1st grade
          Age 7-8 = 2nd grade, and so on

          Grades 1 – 3 are considered lower elementary, while grades 4 – 6th are upper elementary.

          Junior High School is either 6th 7th & 8th grade, although some districts only include 7th and 8th grades as Junior High. High school is always 9th – 12th grade, ages 14-18.

          Most high school students are 6 months either way of 18 yrs old when they graduate high school.

      35. Luckily you will all survive the fallout as long as you take Super Male Vitality!

      36. Don’t have tv any more. It’s not programed for White folks. But I was at my sisters on New Years day and every news channel had NWO propaganda about North Korea on at the exact same time. So you couldn’t turn on a news channel without seeing what the government wanted you to see. Do you get it yet? Rise above it.

        • And if its not that its the azzhats bashing DJT and crying Russia Russia Russia,,, never mind all the collusion appears to be from dummocraps

      37. (6) NK SLBM launches on NYC, DC, LA, SF, Seattle, Portland. That’s (3) major ports destroyed, and the seats of power & commerce. Vaporized by 150 KT warheads.
        Think that can’t happen? I’ve got ocean from property to sell you in Nevada.!!!

      38. Apparently, these dipsticks cannot grasp the idea that their so-called beloved “collusion” is NOT illegal. Yet, they continue to hang their hats on it as if it mattered. It doesn’t. What does matter, however, is the obstruction of justice that so many Dim operatives seem to have engaged in over the past 10 years.

        But you’re right that their caterwauling about “Russia, Russia, Russia” is backfiring big-time and that before the end comes for this BS, the Dims will be covered with it. Well earned, well deserved. May they choke on it.

      39. Trumps plan is to really start a full on conflict with North Korea. You could say nothing new there, but there’s more. He plans to either get them to attack us and if that fails he starts attacking them. He then plans to place us under “A State of Emergency” thereby stopping freedom of the press and media. He can then introduce all kinds of restrictions including but not limited to Martial Law, so that he and his corrupt cronies can take complete control, in essence creating a Dictatorship that cannot be stopped. Clearly a page out of Hitlers playbook in the 1930s.

        Now some will think this is not how coming events will unfold but people still question and wonder why on earth people did not listen to Churchill’s warnings about Hitler in the late 1930’s.

        Let’s not forget Trump supports civil asset forfeiture /seizure. He was also very critical of Goldman Sachs during his campaign and quick to connect his opponents to Wall Street. Yet James Donovan, a Goldman Sachs Managing Director, was asked to serve as Deputy Treasury Secretary, although he declined Trump’s offer. Since the election, Trump has selected two current and two former Goldman Sachs executives for senior administration posts.

        Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, (who is going to destroy Medicare & Social Security) and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon are both former Goldman Sachs top executives. Gary Cohn, who was Goldman Sachs Chief Operating Officer, serves as director of the White House National Economic Council.

        Trump picked Goldman’s head of impact investing, Dina Powell, White House Senior Counselor for economic initiatives so she is also a former Goldman employee, although she is stepping down within the next month.

        So much for his campaign criticism of Wall St and Goldman Sachs. Never trust a liar.

        2018 Happy New Year! We are headed straight for the Dictatorship Trump had planned all along.

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