(Video) The World War I Conspiracy, Part Three: A New World Order

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Headline News | 9 comments

This report was originally published by James Corbett at The Corbett Report

Editor’s note: To read or listen to Part One of this report, click here. To listen to Part Two, click here.

In the first two parts of this series we have seen how the WWI conspiracy came to be. But more important by far is the question of why it happened. For what purpose was such carnage released upon the world? What did the First World War mean? Discover the hard truth about the First World War as The Corbett Report concludes The WWI Conspiracy.

To read the video transcript, click here

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    1. Honeypot

      Show this video in the classroom.


      • JustMe

        And, since then, the overall plot has thickened. (They left some important details out, probably to avoid being attacked.)

        Today, the destruction of Western Civilization is a direct result, of WWI & II. The end result of your “good wars”, is your demise…

    2. Maranatha

      It looks extensive and quite accurate. I gather he will discuss the German and French effect on the Japanese that actually caused them to abandon the concept of aristocratic samurai and embrace Prussian military science. Probably in part 3 or 4.

      htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_government_advisors_in_Meiji_Japan
      oyatoi gaikokujin

      That led to the Russo-Japanese War and ultimately to WW2 and the German Japanese alliance and imperialism in China and the Pacific.

      The seeds go back to this part 1 and 2 discussion versus the UK and the NWO.

    3. Brian

      World War I and the Conference at Versailles demonstrated supreme arrogance. Creating countries and redrawing borders. We’ve had to live with the consequences as some of those countries have come apart through a series of wars. We’re still as arrogant but not on such a grand scale.

    4. Stoney

      Reference Albert Pike’s 3 letters about the fomentation of the 3 world wars, Spot on.


      A continuous cycle……

    6. Dave

      WOW! Spectacular series!

    7. Ron

      I’m wondering at this point if anyone ever heard of Major General Smedley Butler. He was the commandant of the Marine Corps and was on the battle field in France in 1917-18. His book “War Is A Racket” is highly illustrated with facts and figures of whom it was that made the most money off that war.

      One would think that such a book would be boring but it isn’t. Everyone needs to read it.
      President Trump did the right thing by giving the military commanders in Syria the withdrawal orders. Perhaps Mr. Trump read Butler’s book.
      Every one should read Butler’s book and it should be a million seller. Butler touches on the sacred cow of the war machine, the big banks who don’t keep public records. NO wonder they were highly alarmed at Congressman Ron Paul’s call for an audit of the Federal Reserve because they are under the command of the big ten member banks. I hope this is not too long for anyone to read because we need to be informed of what is taking place behind the curtain at the palace.

    8. Alex

      I am afraid this all goes much deeper. In the official history of ww2 there was one thing (well more than one but….)that was not allowed to be written about and that was spirituality and occultism. Look into mystery schools Stargate program bohemian Grove etc. Rudolf Steiners and Edgar caycee work is worth reading after research on these other topics. Ps I was an atheist who believed in governments once upon a time.

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