Video: The TSA (and Other Experiments in Evil)

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    This report was originally published by James Corbett at The Corbett Report

    In 1961, a psychologist conducted an experiment demonstrating how ordinary men and women could be induced to inflict torture on complete strangers merely because an authority figure had ordered them to do so. In 2001, the United States government formed the Transportation Security Administration to subject hundreds of millions of air travelers to increasingly humiliating and invasive searches and pat downs. These two phenomena are not as disconnected as they may seem.

    To read the video transcript, click here

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        Brought to you by ———– ????

      2. It’s relevant to also compare the Stanford Prison experiment as as soon as students were given authority, being largely untrained, they began immediately abusing their status…ashas the TSA.

        ht tps://

        What is remarkable is it has been documented that in spite of electronic scanning and TSA groping, they have an ABYSMAL rating of actually detecting anything. They consistently FAIL to find actually dangerous items that were put on passengers and in luggage.

        What a farce. It’s like the airports are actually Samuel Beckett plays.

        • God dammit! You had to say “evil” Now maranatha will post a 10 page wall of text preaching! Grrrrrr.

        • “…an authority figure had ordered them to do so.”

          The Nuremberg defense is politically incorrect, but I question their ability to make choices.

          Possibly, excepting the sociopath, compliance is part of the human condition.

          • I don’t think it was fluke. Nothing strange happened, that day.

            It was an experiment. You saw how things work.

      3. I’ve said this before, TSA is just a jobs program for low IQ Democrats. I despise TSA and Democrats.

        • “…low IQ democrats.” You are being redundant.

        • That has been my point of view from the beginning. The TSA hires C- and D-grade people that couldn’t get a job at the local mall, or grocery store, as a security guard. Then they were allowed to create another government employee union. Good luck ever getting rid of these titsuckers!

      4. For the safety of others cough into your elbow.

        When you go through TSA they rub your arm down, don’t change their gloves, and then touch another 100-200 people with your disease. If they say they have to touch you, demand they change their gloves.

        I do this every time. I ask “for your safety, you where gloves, for my safety, I ask you change them”. Dirty looks everytime, but they have to do it.

        • I must remember that line.

          I haven’t flown since TSA was installed. I even turned down travel assignments (to Fla in winter) rather than deal with this hot mess. I was brought up to not let strangers touch me and the idea I might be selected as their sacrificial lamb is beyond appalling.

          Now I want to visit a friend in Phoenix but continue to delay due to this. Not many alternatives for travel.

      5. And you get to pay for the experience as a fee on every airline ticket.

      6. I used to fly a lot for work. Today I refuse to fly. If I can’t drive I ain’t going.

      7. THe “evil” of the TSA (Tits/Scrotum/Ass Grabbers)is merely a SINGLE manifestation of the ‘EMPIRE Of EVIL’ which – in case you haven’t guessed – is TalMUDIc/Trotyskist AmeriKKKa

        “By their fruits ye shall know them”

      8. The new world order does not want people traveling freely. So, they try to make it as inconvenient and discouraging as possible.

        Also, part of the obedience conditioning to normalizing the emerging NWO gestapo.

      9. I think you know you are a sinner and are slavishly reading my posts. It’s pathetic frankly.

        When was the last comprehensive post you made which explained how to do anything practical using ancestral skills?

        I have not seen even one such post. I have seen glimmers of random ideas that were worthwhile…so I have encouraged you in spite of your offensive crass disregard for humanity.

        You obvious hate human beings.

        I cannot see how you would have any value in a tribe as you are so undisciplined and so hard to along with because you hate almost everyone.

        I hate no one. I despise the slaves of Lucifer but will help almost everyone. I always have.

      10. The Stanford prison experiment was actually proven a fraud. Do a little research please before posting crap.

        • Awwwwww, look, a wittle snotflake! Let me guess: you work for the TSA and are a typical slob employee that enjoys groping strangers for pay!

      11. Send the TSA to the boarder and ass-fingerfuck the illegals

        • Great idea! It makes you realize that some people in the US government HATE legal citizens.

          How do I know? Because it would be illegal to treat illegals the way they treat US citizens! Imagine the outrage if the precious illegals were groped by government employees! In public!

      12. Anonymous says more people should post anonymously. No sense doxxing yourselves to disqus, and make the mods earn their pay. By doing so you FORCE disqus to moderate by IP address and nullify the mods usefulness of approving based solely on email addresses except as censors for content Mac approves of. By posting using disqus alleged IP filtering you bypass the mods and have your comments autoapproved by Disqus instead.

      13. Using a VPN you befuddle Disqus using IPs to filter by…..just saying. Post smarter not harder.

      14. If I were a prophet, I would predict that when the inevitable civil unrest begins, many Democrat scum in the TSA would think they could be leadership among the resistance. Which is both pathetic and stupid because grabbing testicles is hardly a qualifier for being an urban guerilla.

      15. This is why I quit flying many years ago. To hell with the TSA.

      16. Calm down guys. Pick your battles. Breathe. The civil war 2 has already begun long ago. Asymmetrical warfare will take our great country back from the dark forces. Just because you see notmuch resistance doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      17. I agree with bert send the TSA to the border. Without any water. Let them grope all the illegal aliens.

      18. That’s why I don’t fly ! I would hate to have to kill some
        bastard putting his hands on my privates !

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