VIDEO: Terrorist Detonates Suicide Vest In Massive Explosion As Paris Police Raid Hideout: Suicide Bombers Prepare For More Attacks

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Headline News | 97 comments

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    In the immediate aftermath of the Parisian attacks that left over a hundred people dead and scores injured we warned that this is just the beginning. With the massive influx of unidentified immigrants swarming Europe it is impossible for officials to separate refugee from terrorist. Police have already found weapons caches in refugee camps and this morning it was all but confirmed that terror cells are planning additional attacks.

    In a raid that left two terrorists dead and seven arrested, the New York Times reports that the wife of one of the Parisian attackers detonated a suicide vest as police closed in:

    Two people died in the raid, including a young woman who detonated an explosive vest, and seven people were arrested. It was not clear if the suspect was there.

    The raid began around 4:15 a.m. Paris time, when special police forces, backed by truckloads of soldiers, cordoned off an area near the Place Jean Jaurès, a main square in St.-Denis not far from the Stade de France, where three attackers blew themselves up on Friday.

    Inside the apartment, on the third floor of a building on the Rue du Corbillon, at least five suspects were holed up. One of them, the woman, opened fire and then killed herself; a man — “another terrorist,” the Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said — died from a combination of gunfire and the detonation of a grenade.


    According to officials at least two suicide bombers detonated themselves in crowded venues during last Friday’s attacks.

    We now know that those suicide bombings weren’t the only ones planned. We also know that extremist Muslims who mean to do harm in Europe are armed with automatic weapons, grenades and the explosives necessary to build suicide vests that were, up until recently, used exclusively in predominantly Islamic countries.

    European officials continue to argue about how to deal with the middle east migrations, but some like Poland and Hungary have already closed their borders and are refusing to accept any more “refugees.” In France, where the majority of the population seemed to be accepting of the migrations prior to the attacks, the government has sealed the border under emergency powers.

    Intelligence organizations in Europe have begun widespread sweeps across the continent arresting those suspected of having ties to the Parisian attacks or other terrorist activity.

    European citizens are scrambling for self defense armaments. Panic in Germany left shortages of non-lethal pepper spray and Austrian firearms dealers report that all long guns have been sold out.

    Europe is a powder keg set to explode as big government politicians working towards a culturally diverse European Union clash with centuries-old nationalistic tendencies.

    After the events last week in Paris it is difficult to see a bipartisan solution that doesn’t lead to revolt in Eastern Europe and Scandinavian countries like Sweden where disagreeing with immigration policy is now considered racism.

    As has often been the case throughout history when native citizens are backed into a corner, revolution and war aren’t far behind.

    The whole of Europe and America just witnessed the dangers of unchecked immigration. As more attacks are launched in Europe, Russia and the United States, the various ideological factions will begin to turn on each other. And the Islamic State, with its millions of supporters, will be laughing all the way to the theocratic caliphate that aims to impose Sharia law wherever possible and overtake native populations through demographic jihad.

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      1. This shit is getting real. This is just one cell. There are more, probably in America too.

        Stay vigilant.

        And if you see something…

        Shoot it.

        • See something, shoot something lol.

          • Genius, LOL. I’ll take it a little further. See a POS, shoot the POS.

            • Here in Amurika you’d go to jail for hate crime, even after the POS beheaded your neighbor

              • Truer words have never been spoken.

              • Thats why you NEVER call the cops 🙂

                • the wild west has a way to handle that called the triple “SSS” it stands for (shoot, shovel, shut-up!)

              • I said this already and I’ll say it again: I’ve seen 3 reports so far declaring ISIS leaders “dead” in raids or bombings … I call Bullshit.

                As soon as obungler decided to “go after” ISIS, The CIA started removing ISIS leadership from the ME. I believe at least some of them are being disguised as “refugees” and secreted into the US and put in CIA safe houses. The death claims are only cover for their disappearances.

                Let me be clear – This govt will not give up it’s dreams of world hegemony. Coordinating terrorist attacks is what gives them power over people, including foreign governments and leaders. The “fear factor” is what gives them an edge.

                Since Russia, Iran and Hezbollah got into the mix in the ME, the NWO elites now realize that they will not topple Assad in this manner…that means they need to change their strategy. Now, I think they hope for one last “Hail Mary” attempt to assassinate Assad, but failing that, they are removing terrorist leaders from the field and letting the world THINK they got the job done.

                This should be convincing evidence that not ALL world leaders are “in on it.”

                This refugee crisis is all a scam by the NWO elites. The terrorists WILL return, but in an all-new configuration. The US did this same thing when they imported Nazi scientists and other “useful” people onto the safety of US soil after WWII.

                Those former Nazis simply became researchers, scientists and corporate CEOs of major drug and chemical companies, doing what they’d always done, just for the US govt under “national security” secrecy.

                This is no different than that. Mark my words. We may not find out for sure for several decades, but the truth will out.

                • Six.

                  Correction… Hail Satan.

                  Hope you’re well Ma’am.

                  Big-up the sixpack!

                • Sixpack.

                  The CIA has a conference call and decides who they are going to kill by taking one of the pictures off their wall.

                  Yep. He is now dead. Throws picture in trash can.

                • I seem to recall Jihadi John being killed twice before the last time he was reported “killed”…

                  • 🙂

        • Allah Snackbar

          • No liberal would eat there and you would need 24-hour security.

            Folks just can’t take a joke anymore, can they?

            • Only some smoke… Only some.

      2. ISIS just released a picture of the pop cam bomb that brought down the Ruski airline

        Ask yourself, why would they do that? They already took responsibility for the bombing. Posting a picture like this is not proof of anything and is actually quite counterproductive as far as the terror groups cause goes. Do they want to help the West identify similar devices? Why else risk doing something that, with one mistake trying to mask the source of the photo, will lead to a bomb dropped down your throat? Turns out a lot of what ISIS does is counter to the interests of Muslims and ISIS. They seem to want the world to see them committing mass murder of random innocent civilians in the most pathos evoking manner possible, which can only create so much western hatred for all things Muslim that the entire world won’t care when NATO uses tactical nukes to turn the entire Middle East into a sterile glass oil jar. Sometimes they even fake videos to make it appear like they’re doing horrendous things they didn’t even do. Furthermore, they claim there #1 enemy is Israel, which is right next door, and yet neither they nor their al quida contemporaries have ever attacked Israel. Now, immediately after Russia begins to bomb them back to the stone age, they respond with a deadly attack on France, who was prior to the attack, quite unenthusiastic about bombing Syria and is currently Russia’s enemy in a proxy war over the Ukraine. I just read that one of the Islamic extremists who blew himself up ( purportedly for Allah and Islam) during the Paris attack was a lazy stoner who didn’t follow any of the Islamic tenets as he wasn’t really into religion. Nothing about this group makes sense., and is that because Obama asked them not to make sense?.. yup , him and his Muslim Faith

        • Edit** Pop Can .. CAN not cam

          • This site $u(ks. Censoring fuks

            • William, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

            • seeee yuh, muh fugguh!…there’s always ANOTHER troll along in 5..4..3..2..

              • You really should check out this site. Other than the 20 or so people who post all the time most of the comments are sent to the ether. You really should open up to some other ideas. Maybe some of the regulars could get some stuff done as well. just sayen

                • skep I have to disagree.
                  Sure there are the regulars who post here and I for one welcome that but there are certain topics that attract a high number of irregulars.
                  Just checkout the amount of readers numbered at the introductory.
                  The silent majority do have a say in one way or another.
                  Just sayin’

        • “Europe is not going to be the monolithic state it once was.”

          Obama’s main contributors and our current Rulers are the owners of Goldman Sachs. Money can buy soldiers, suicide, murder, chaos or success. Isreal always at the center. Why? Because of a belief in the inferiority of all humanity save themselves. White/Caucasian people have been in the way of their objective of world domination. Next to go, Asians. They are using Islam to kill their target which is White/Caucasians. Obama was raised by Communists. Communists are 98 per cent Jews. The Arabs hate us. We send billions of dollars in aid to Isreal. Isreal is rich. We send bombs to Isreal which have killed innocent Middle Easterners. They are defeated and suicide is a way out of their misery.

          Their is a video by Benjamin Freedman on U-tube. He gave a speech in 1961. He is Jewish himself, but he explains that the state of Isreal was bought through an agreement that tormented them world wars. Listen and learn.

          • Because of a belief in the inferiority of all humanity save themselves.

            … look at their neighbors and tell me where you think they might have got that idea from…

            Just sayin’.

          • I am very, very tired of the Jew baiters on this site. We get it. We got it 10,000 posts ago. Now please go away.

            • Exactly. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

            • One definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result every time. The baiters are posting the same crap every time and expect others to start believing it.

            • Well said TEST.

        • They did it because it adds credibility and instills more fear of them, which was the purpose of the attack.

          Terrorists don’t need to be fully successful at carrying out an attack, they need to have the attack make people afraid far in excess of what the attack justifies on it’s own merit.

          Look at the failed shoe bomber, his attack was a total failure at working but how many people are worried enough to demand continued intrusive security to prevent someone else trying?

        • EOS, what makes you so sure those videos are coming from ISIS? You’re right, ISIS isn’t doing itself any favors by publishing all of that, BUT the western NWO govt sure is cleaning up nicely, isn’t it? They’ve got all of this fear porn to control the masses and other more reluctant governments like France.

          Watch THE OTHER HAND.

          • six.
            Checkout the words to the French national anthem, that is if you aint done so already?

      3. If you are not packing heat you had better start. This shit is no joke. The Obama administration released 34,000 from federal prisons, felons that were murderers, rapist and pedophiles. Better to have and not need than need and not have. We are faceing a caliphate here in the U.S.A. white Anglo Americans birth rate is 1.7 live birth rate. Muslim birth rate is 8.0.. Whites will be extinct by the year 2040. Quit buying new cars and start procreating white America.Teach the children you have to shoot. This is not racism but preservation if our culture Keep stacking and keep your powder dry.

        • in the usa, over time; like another 50 years; the white race will be okay because just like religious muslims having all the kids; in the usa its the religious white and religious hispanics having the kids.

          BUT the usa has to make it there. no telling if the usa makes it thru WW3 and a country debt default and the ensuing chaos of both that surely is coming long before then.

          • We have 9 children and though I know so many people believe in global warning, we do not. I worry that we are being breed out by muslims and when they have greater numbers, we are screwed, ya’ll. I will take my chances with global warming, rather die out that way than by the sword of the Islamic State.

            • Well done 1970.
              God bless your dear family.

        • What I tell people is that a gun is just a tool. It gives you options you would not have otherwise and just because you have a gun does not mean you need to use it. However, if you ever have no choice but to use it, you will be very glad to have it.

          So far as “breeding” goes, it’s really a problem of our modern times. Until the latter half of the twentieth century, children were seen as a blessing. Now they are seen as an expensive curse that spoils your fun. However, this trend tends to continue for all people living in nations that become heavily developed as there are more things to occupy people’s time other than sex (See: Japan). If the Islamic world were to develop in the same way the West has, then it is likely their birthrate would drop as well. Muslims in the developed world do not have the high birthrates seen in the developing world.

          This does NOT mean that we need to be importing people from that part of the world in large numbers though. Even if 99% of the 10,000 people Obama wants to bring in just wanted to live their lives in peace, that would still leave 1%, or 100 terrorists that would come in with them. I really do not like the idea of importing 100 new Islamic terrorists into my country. Plus, who is to say that some of the more normal people in that population would not get disenchanted and start following a more radical form of their faith? What’s sad is that I genuinely feel bad about what has happened in that part of the world due to the destabilizing influence of wrong-headed US foreign policy. I would like to see those nations stabilized so that these people could go back where they belong. However, no matter how much I may empathize with their plight, I do not want them resettled here. Doing so introduces unnecessary chaos into the US and the US government has no right to force that upon it’s legal citizens. Sadly though, the US government no longer represents the will and needs of it’s own people.

        • AC, I just read the article. No surprise there. The feds don’t have any problem standing up for foreigners who are here to hurt our people but will try to hold us accountable if we act in self-defense? Not a smart thing for any fed to try.


        jihadist muslims verus Texas towns in relation to the citizenry consensus, personalties and attitudes VIA EMERGENCY RESPONSE.

        They better not pull that crap in Texas or Houston. Patriots and red necks will litreally shoot thier asses in public, if they try that crap here locally.

        Here is a list of local town that Jihadist need to stay out of.

        North Cypress Houston- chance of survival for jihadist.

        Katy Tx- a literal jihadist nightmare. Take a u-turn and dont come to my city. chance of survival if they come here. Then followed by the response, Revolutionary war then commenses.

        No escape, red necks, cops veterans will hunt them down to extinction with minutes. Super excesssive horrific, Extremely viscious horric hell on earth fire power unleashed on jihadist. Dont go there. I know this area well, i should know, i grew up there. I know for a fact that if jihadist attacked my city, then they will be shot up, stabbed, stretched, carved up, chopped up to little pieces, and the bodies hanging from lamp poles on Mason Rd. The cops in my town are the good ole boys that are aligned with the pissed off citizenry, and the mexicans and blacks that live there will be capping your jihadist asses along with the red necks, cops and veterans.

        Houston-0.000% chance of survial, if the red necks dont get your ass then cops and local tactical teams will get you jihadist asses. Houston Cops and tatical teams will find you phucks and liquidate your jihadist asses.

        .000.000% chance in these cities and town areas.

        Other sorrounding cites of Houston, Magolia, Conroe, Magolia, Spring, Woodlands. These town will wipe out your jihadist asses eventually.

        Dallas, Fort Worth., not a good place for jihadist. Jihadist extinction will commense on the North east area.

        East Texas- chance of survival for any jihadist. The citizens have no teeth and buy prepps, guns and ammo. Even if your not a jihadist any may just be a muslim, then you need to stay clear all Eastern cities, You may get shot on site when you might in fact be just a regular innoscent muslim. You may cause confusion, East Texas is preparing for all out War and invasion.



        Trends research analysis. Yes i support Governor Abbot. You damn right i do.

        • They don’t have to come to Houston. All they have to do is set some bombs off in the refineries south of Houston and Houston and Texas is in an instant depression.

          Your neighborhood may be armed but unless you have 3-6 months of food and water stocked; it’s not safe.

        • ummmm in case you werent paying attention,, they dont intend to survive, they have bombs strapped to them for a reason .. like no survivors..

        • Why are you telling the scum muslims where not to go? Oh yeah, you’re a traitor

        • You gotta love Texas.

          I don’t suppose you guys would be receptive to a Southern Californian who has wanted to leave this place since circa 1995 and has been unable to do so. I got no love for it lemme tell ya.

          • We left California in 1962 and never regretted it, except perhaps for the $8,000 house in Chula Vista.

            • I lived on “H” street in CV back in the 80’s. Huge apt complex right next to the trolley station…the last stop in the U.S.

        • HCKS.
          Just lost one of my upper front teeth, No 10 upper right BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
          The fucker had a brass knuckle duster.
          Got my tooth and knuckle duster here as a momento BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

          Check on your bob Mr.

      5. Bring all the Blacks from Africa, The Browns from Mexico and Latin America and the Muslims from the Middle East, to America.

        Whites are going to be exterminated by sheer numbers.

        USA will become like South Africa.

        • Disagree. the usa is going to become like mexico. corrupt and a very elite and serf system(although you could say we are already there).

          even if trump kicked out every illegal he could find in 2016, Texas still is going to flip to purple by 2024 and the usa is done for after that.

      6. HCKS, I left you some ideas at the bottom of the chuck norris thread.

      7. This is what happens when your leaders have the spine of a jellyfish. They have surrendered your land, your wealth and your children to the minions of satan. They will breed with your children and your offspring will be the seeds of satan. Your grand children will despise you and have you imprisoned or executed under sharia law.
        You only have one chance, one hope to restore your Republic. If you cannot find someone in your govt. to export this murderous muslim horde back to there own shores then………………………..
        Its up to you…….and those who will do what is necessary for the republic. May God bless the Sons of the Republic with the means and the courage to do what needs to be done.

        • IMHO


          If you don’t get back control of $$$$$$$$money, you
          Can’t win back America.

          He with the money and guns Rules All.
          First get back the money. Gold man and the Reserve.

      8. one addition, another was killed in the blast. a police officer..his name was Diesel a seven-year-old Malinois, from Frances Research, Assistance, Intervention and Deterrence (Raid) unit. he died doing what he was there for saving other lives…lest us not forget not all heros are 2 legged….

      9. Any muzzies who come to harm me will just die, period. Anyone who tries to interfere with my efforts at self-defense does so only at their own peril.

      10. Ten Thousand Rapes, Murders, Riots, Assaults and Battery will happen before the First American will say, NO MORE.

        It’s Happening Right Now. Don’t have to be the Muslims. They will add to the stats.

      11. France wanted cannon fodder for its Foreign Legion to keep its colonial possessions in line and recruited a significant amount of Muslim people to staff it. After 25 years of service they received a pension and French citizenship. They moved to France and sponsored their extended families to their new home; welcome one and all. France also used ex NAZI soldiers post WWII for The Legion. No doubt they were real sweethearts in Indo-China.

        In the end cheap soldiers recruited to enforce control over foreign people for economic gain paid no rewards. The US legacy with slavery had the end result in creating a permeant underclass and it has a similar cause and effect.

      12. Genius, just read that, advice taken. I feel you have a strong case. The heat sealed Vacumme bags is the way to go. Dumbass me put the small ammo boxes in 3 grocery store plastic bags and still they deteriorated, and water got it. It was shot gun ammo, so they turned in to blanks and are now rendered usless. Lost ove $100.00 of hard earned money on this one. They bag was so screwed, i had to litreally wash it in my washing machine to kill the mold. The bag was a good quality and heavy duty, that survived it. I also have MRE’ s that come into heat sealed bags, and now its making all the sense. But i dint put the MRE’s in them, since the bag is a short range. I just added the Datrex Bars, and they are sealed really well and are environment proof, for what time limit under water, i am not certain. I had to replace the freeze dried food, because they take up too much space and the datrex bars extend your range much longer allowing you to survive for 3-4 weeks. Just the terrain and travel is already dangerous in a post shtf environment, and if your supplys are good and you have losts of batteries, Led’s flashlight, then if you have to hide out from soldiers, dred lock or other advancing armies of local threats, then you have have reliable supplies.

        The minds of Ingeniunity has to be used to solve my cluser f…k up. My bug our bag cannot ever fail again. Had shtf commensed, and EMP hit, i would not have even the back lighting and power, much less food for 3 days, and with defective crapped soaked up water damaged ammo. From what i saw, i would have been in the 90% of the non surviviors and this scared the crap out of me. I am going to Walmart to check out that sealer that Godsoldier told me about. The environment can work for us or destroy our asses literally unless we learn to conquor its effects. I also used lithium batteries for extreme cold.



        • HCKS, I stopped buying mre’s years ago. They don’t hold up to high temp. and are heavy and full of chemical shit and low calories for the size. The datrex you have is very similar to mainstay and a good choice. Don’t forget the pvc container it is waterproof and has many uses and is tough and cheap.

          • Genius, I tried an MRE once and immediately threw it up. Although most of my food supply is canned goods, I’ve been building up a supply of Mountain House. That’s the only brand of freeze-dried food I found that’s even edible. I’ve tried all the other brands and they have too much sodium content.

      13. at this rate muslims will be banned.

          • You talkin’ to me?

            Oh maaan, I Love old films, Taxi Driver is one of the best.

      14. They’re comin’ across the southern border with an explosive belt, a syringe of Ebola, and a backpack with a Central American anchor baby in it. Headed right for that Jade Helm stash of weapons right after they rape the first white child they see.


        PS…PLEASE nanny .gov, take my liberties and violate my rights…just PLEASE protect me.



        In a related story, shares of Reynolds Wrap spiked after a reported surge in domestic US sales.

        • JRS, because people are making tin foil hats! Foil is great to stock up as with baggies. Wrap your house with it and ground it 🙂

      15. Sling, your right. We will just shoot the piss and crap out of those invadig armies, piece of cake. Thats how it will happen. If you think thats a good statistic, you aught to hear the one my scientist friend told us about, if and EMP hits. Hear this one, women go extinct in 3 years. My new girfriend is clinging to me like fly on sh..t since she is the know. I am getting the book “One Year After”. I am not looking forward to reading this one, but since i am doom and bloom junky, i might as well take the plunge.

        Yes Kevin2, i know about that history, Your not kidding, they brought that BS on to themsleves by immigrating those muslim phucks into France for the last 25 yrs. Now they are complaing about jihadist? wtf? thats the problem with that idiotic French regime.



        • Add this part into it. France not only immigrated Muslims in because of their service in The Legion but they were military trained soldiers too boot.

      16. “Europe is a powder keg set to explode as big government politicians working towards a culturally diverse European Union clash with centuries-old nationalistic tendencies.”


        Predictions for 2016:
        1. At least 5 attacks in Europe. – There’s been thousands of muslims streaming in with muslims that have lived there for years and have had time to get bomb materials and scope out sites to attack.
        2. At least one flight per month in Europe or the usa having to land because a bomb threat was called in.
        3. Europe is in a recession by summer as no one outside or within europe is now going to travel unless they have to. even some easy purchases like shopping for a new coat will be pushed off until next year. it’s going to send all sorts or sales tumbling.
        4. obama will do nothing about it other than dropping some bombs and drone strikes.

        of course obama is too self absorbed to notice but ISIS and these refugees is 100% his fault. If he would’ve decimated syria and then isis as soon as they established a headquarters; many in europe wouldn’t be scared to leave the house. what an absolute mess he has made of the whole world !

        • Obama started with great hope: a smart, charismatic mixed race man who could heal the country and the world. He has not done this. Historians will not be kind but he inherited something that was already on a big slide. Don’t expect anything effective from him at this point: he will be clinging to his legacy and avoiding any big move with risk. It is now up to Russia to lead the civilized world. And Russia will. It is going to be an epoch-shaking geopolitical move that will surprize many. Russia will become the protector for Europe and the over-watcher for the Middle East.

          If you wish to see something utterly pathetic then take a look at the British. Despite their neighbor being hit so badly, the British can only offer circuitous political puffery, pathetic and feeble staged displays (prancing around a football stadium), and lethargy. That they once ran an empire seems so far, far away now.

      17. You are damned if you do and damned if you dont cus if they have a vest on and you shoot them guess what they go boom and the time it takes to aim for head shot they push the button boom its l8ke a fail safe or d3ad man switch they kill who killed them wtf to do and remember collateral damage

      18. An ISIS defector explained a key reason people continue joining the group

        “Instead, people are joining the organization because they are desperate for money and are struggling to find a way to survive in Syria, where four years of civil war have decimated the economy. “

        • Satori

          You came through again with good credible stuff. Thanks.

          Haven’t seen a post from you in a bit.

        • Well, I guess they’re all just family men trying to put a little goat meat and falafel on the table for the wife and kids, thanks for clearing that up for us, we thought they were joining the ranks of a murderous terrorist group because they were extremist muslims.

          This really will challenge our perspective and engender good feeling towards misunderstood killers everywhere, regardless of religious motive.

      19. Need imput keep mags loaded or does it affect the springs how long how full metal plastic ar sks ak ??

        • Keeping them loaded is not a problem, just reduce the number of rounds in the magazine by two to eliminate over-compression. Every six months remove all ammo, inspect, clean, then put back in operating condition. Same with the weapon, clean and oil, then set aside for use.

          It’s the constant cycling of the magazine springs that affects them, not loading once or twice a year. The magazines you take to the range and cycle 1000 rounds a year through will fail long before the magazine you load up and set aside.

          Avoid high-capacity magazines for the SKS, the designed 10-rounder is the most reliable. Avoid any cheap magazines, unless you want to carry a lot of them.

          Do get some magazine repair kits, which is a spring and follower, put them aside for the failures when they occur.

          Magazines are cheap now, buy ’em while you can. Pistol, eight is a good number. Rifle, twenty or more.

          Anything over ten rounds may be banned in the future, buy accordingly, either a lot of ten rounders, or get your big mags now. Do inscribe a purchase date on each magazine and keep your receipts, to prove grandfathering if the law allows it.

          Preppers need to buy a brick of .22lr ammo, even if they have no .22 rifle, a brick of primers, and a pound or two of rifle or pistol powder, even if they don’t reload. Your SHTF community will need .22lr ammo, and there will be at least one reloading setup available.

          • Black powder is great to have also. H414 powder is a good powder for many rifle loads. Some .30 cal bullets will fit any .06, 308, 300 winmag, and others. 5w30 synthetic motor oil is great lube for firearms and cheap compared to gunoil. Fireworks are a great distractor get extra fuse too. Smoke bomms could be very handy. Battery powered strobe lights will fook with people too. Save styrofoam scraps to mix up some gas gel. Just a few ideas…

            • Lee used to make a simple reloader thing in a small red box for like 35-40 bux. Might think about getting a few if you don’t have a setup.

              • They still make them. I think $30 new, and you can get all the ‘used’ ones you want at gun shows or estate sales for under $20. I buy them when I find a complete kit in a useful caliber, just to keep handy. I have a regular reloading press setup, but the Lee Loader kits can be used in the field and do a pretty good job. Infuriatingly slow, however, but you can put out a hundred rounds in a couple of hours if you work it right. A second pair of hands would really pick up the pace.

                You’re right about the bullets, if you don’t reload and want to stock a few for a prep, .223 and .308 would be a very good choice for rifle rounds. .357/.38 and .45 would be good for pistol preference.

                • Re magazines: Some states limit magazine sizes, if your state is like this, there are manufacturers that make magazines that are actually larger capacity mags reduced in capacity by internal spacers. Check how they are made. Some of these designs never let you overstress the mag spring, because they use the full size mag spring but never compress it within 5 or 10 rounds of normal bottom.

                  Yes, every prepper should have reloading supplies, Lee hand loaders are a good start. I have a drill press and made a couple jigs for it and reloaded a dozen rounds. That worked like factory. I’m hooked. Start by getting a reloading book, ID the powders that will work, buy powder, primers, then the rest. Powder is the toughest to find due to commercial ammo shortages/demand. Get the powder and the rest is easy cheesy. Get both large and small primers. You never know what brass will be available. Check your state laws, some limit the amount of powder you can legally keep on hand. Those limits are often tied to safety concerns, so if your states don’t have limits, please be aware of your families safety.

                  Ammo: the story in the news today was a police shootout with terrorists in Paris. They report that police fired nearly 5,000 rounds in just this one engagement. Time to check your ammo inventory. The other day I watched a grinning guy walk out of the local gun shop with a thousand rounds for his rifle. Then Obama tweets he wants to allow 200,000 Syrians into the US in the next two years. I’m thinking that smiling guy in the store may need a bit more than a thousand rounds! If only one in a thousand of those people chose terrorism, that’s still 200 potential problems.

                  • Small rifle primers are good for .223 and 7.62×39, large rifle for .308, .30/06, most .30 calibers. For the .30 caliber rifle rounds, H335 or 4895 powder is a good choice, you can load up any of the military surplus rifles with the powder.

                    Do get a manual, better, get two or three. The Lee Manual has published loads for dozens of powders by caliber, many of them hard to find, but that will certainly show up when SHTF and folks start emptying out Dad’s shelf in the garage.

                    Most states and counties follow the Uniform Building Code when they enact regulations about how much powder you can store, here it’s 25 pounds. You can find out by calling your own fire station and asking them.

                    • I should have not mislead, I had pistol primers in mind.

                      The main reason for a move to small primers is pressure from the EPA over toxicity. Lead Styphnate is pretty much the standard explosive for primers. Small primers means a lot less Lead-Styphnite.

                      So here we are mid transition. Lots of ammo produced, some with large primers some with small. There are minor performance differences. As well makers need tooling upgrades.

                      Warning to new reloaders, if you try to press a large primer into a case made for small primers it will likely go bang as it gets crushed. Safety glasses please.

                      Watch the fine print on laws/ regulations on allowable gun powder max quantities, black powder has more restrictions than smokeless powder used in modern cartridge reloading. Black powder is the more unstable of the two. Some regulations don’t specify a difference. Store primers and powder in different areas.

      20. Obama is working for AIPAC.

        • Really, where do you get that? Please link a single article that describes any connection between Obama and AIPAC.

          Obama went to the Rev Wright’s church for twenty years while RW preached hate toward Jews!

          Obama has entertained CAIR a Muslim organization with CONFIRMED terrorist ties, multiple times.

          Do you really don’t know who the real enemy is?

          Are there Jews who will try to assist this wave of Jihadist refugees, and lead Muslims to attack the West, so we get drawn into the fight that Isreal is in for their very survival? Dang, I’d do it if I was them. Understand that Israel can only lose once, understand that once Israel is destroyed, Islams eyes like the great eye of Mordor turns to the West.

          Is there lots of intrig? Yes. Don’t be confused by it. It’s far simpler than you think.

      21. Benjamin Freedman U-tube speech from 1961 explains how Isreal was founded. It explains a little about the current events.

        • B from Ca,
          Actually I could walk you through Bible scripture that predicts the year that Israel would be made a nation again as well as the year Israel would regain the Temple Mount. The Bible also predicted the year that the Abomination of Desolation would be built on the Temple Mount, it stands there to this day. It also predicts the year the Great Beast of Daniel would be wounded in the head, it happened in France, look up Charles Martel. The false prophet described in the Bible has already lived and died, 23% of the world follows his teaching and they continue to this day to kill both of Gods witnesses, beheading many for their faith.

          I’m not saying anyone needs to be a Zionist, but I would warn people not to try to stand against the will of God or to help the Beast in the name of political correctness.

      22. Organized Crime bosses are living in Isreal. They take young women and girls. They traffic them in Isreal and around the world. The girls are blonde mostly Slavic from Europe. Israelites are not Caucasian. They hate Caucasians.

      23. A question that remains – are the Muslims that are established citizens, of these invaded countries, going to join in with rioting …. 10 years ago the French had to comply to Muslim free zones and sharia law to quell the massive riots ….

        How long before these French and Belgian police/military raids & tactics going to offend the Muslim sensitivities?

        Will the Muslim citizens join in with the invaders if they decide to riot?

        • They already have joined with them. Show me the dozens of arrests each day of extremists ratted out by their fellow co-religionists. Show me the moderates who are abandoning offensive dress, rallies, slogans, etc., in order to distance themselves from the extremists. Show me empty mosques due to refusal to listen to extremist imams. Show me the backlash in Turkey over the soccer crowd chanting ‘Allah Akbar’ during the minute of silence for Paris attacks yesterday. Show me the moderate citizens who will accept the level of scrutiny and surveillance required to rid them of their extremists.

          Instead of doing any of these things, the moderates are publicly crying about being blamed along with the extremists, in order to force an end to the backlash. A lot of folks are falling for it, too.

        • Wanted to add, in Germany the Turks who came in 1948-1956 are publicly aligning themselves with the recent muslim invasion. So much for assimilation and citizenship.

          • Like the Jews, Muslims are internationalist in their outlook: their primary loyalty is to other Muslims not the country they are living in. Trying to get them to be patriots or loyal to Western countries, will fail (as it already has to date). It is like with Jews: they do not like to serve in the military except when in Israel (where they have no choice).

            The solution may be to use an internationalist angle to reign in the Muslims. Use a concocted Mullah who is charismatic and can get the attention of the masses. Have them build up an elaborate regime of rituals that keeps the Muslims busy and exhausted.

            • Jewish people are nobel prize recipients in Medicine, Physics; all Scientific disciplines. Muslims excel in trouble. They’re probably the least represented people in academics.

          • smokey,

            You’ve said everything that needs to be said as far as I’m concerned.
            Like what more needs to be said?


      24. Just buried my favorite uncle.

        Love is a powerful force.

        Anybody hurt my family… They’re dead.

      25. Islam…. the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, sadly.

        Yes, there are some decent Muslims… heck, there were decent Nazis, too; however, having read the Qu’ran TWICE and having done two graduate papers on Islam, I can tell you for a fact it was founded on violence (Muhammed led raids himself) and literally advocates violence all over. Note that traditional exegesis of the Qu’ran always states the later parts supersede the earlier – and the later parts are the most violent.

        Now, just reported is that one of the ringleaders was just killed:

        Want to learn more? Pick up “The Qur’an Dilemma:Former Muslims Analyze Islam’s Holiest Book,” by a former Muslim terrorist named Al Fadi. On Amazon. Well worth the money if you want to get educated on the threat.

      26. Thanks for mag info

        • You’re welcome. Buy ’em cheap and stack ’em deep.

      27. The violent Muslims tried this in Oklahoma a year or two ago… stopped by an ARMED employee. That gun control thing is doing wonders, isn’t it! Or you can, for example, google the Garland, TX jihad attack that had pretty much the same result – violent bad guys stopped by gun wielding good guys. One story at

        Dr. John Lott at Univ. of Chicago (former gun control advocate, who did the research and did a 180 turn) was right in his book More Guns, Less Crime. Maybe leftists ought to show some intellectual honesty some time and read it.

      28. Anyone thinking of holding out when martial law comes to the U.S. needs to study this carefully.

        • Hmmmmmmmm, I agree.


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