Video: On June 1st The Deep State Will Move To Overthrow Trump: “There Is A Secret Agenda To Allow A Crisis… And Get Rid Of The President”

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Headline News | 103 comments

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    On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 the U.S. government once again hit its debt ceiling. In short, this means that until Congress raises the ceiling, the government will be unable to borrow more money. If you remember the last time this happened, there were weeks of posturing by Republicans and Democrats while some government services started shutting down. After much deliberation and negotiation the debt ceiling was eventually raised and collapse was avoided.

    But this time around we may see a very different set of events play out. If it isn’t clear to you just yet, President Trump is under attack from all sides. Democrats, the media and even members of his own Party want to see him fail. But perhaps more importantly, it is the shadow operators known as “The Deep State” who may take this opportunity to lay the blame for decades of machinations at Trump’s feet.

    These shadow forces have been at work manipulating everything from the global economy to the political affairs of sovereign nations.

    While March 15th is the day we hit our debt ceiling, June 1st, 2017 is the real date to watch. That’s the day the Deep State may finally pull the trigger:

    And what better way to do that then to collapse the economy?

    Establishment Republicans and Democrats hate trump… many want to see him fail… even if it means a real systematic crisis for the nation.. in fact, many will even see this as a crisis to get rid of the President… to blame him for the last 30 years of mismanaging the country’s finances and be able to rebuke the voters who elected the President with a national mess… Trump and his supporters will be blamed and take the fall… this is the secret plan

    The following report from Wealth Research Group explains how and why it will all go down:

    Both parties have continually paid for government services and programs through debt…

    By June 1st, 2017 the Treasury Department will have exhausted ways to get creative with paying its bills and without new debt it will be forced to default…

    Most Americans aren’t aware at all that their entire way of life solely rests on the willingness of foreign governments to lend money to their government, otherwise the entire Washington cash burning machine will come tumbling down by the following morning… It all looks so safe with their respectable government buildings and their fancy suits, but in truth the entire economic machine is fragile like glass.

    From March 15th to June 1st is the ultimate political grandstand event… and this time Republicans and Democrats both have secret agendas to allow a real crisis to happen… using it to overthrow a populist uprising and the President who doesn’t bow to the status quo. 

    Watch the full report at Youtube


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      1. They’re trying to fool all of the people all of the time. I don’t think it will work. The rust belt knows that this has been 25 years in the making. Now Trump comes in, gets some industry to commit to manufacturing in the US and boom? Na, they’re not going to buy it. Like the previous efforts against Trump I think it will bounce off and he’ll just be stronger for it.

        I’m betting it will fail to achieve the goal intended.

        • Trump is still kicking ass and taking names. The fake news attempts to make him look like a fool and in the process they look like fools. The confirmation bias 3 ring circus is about to end.

          We’re tired of the lies. Trump and his people are the only ones telling us the truth and the majority of Americans know it. I think you are correct: it won’t work.

          Screw CNN.
          Screw MSNBC.
          Screw CBS, NBC and screw FOX!

          They’re all members of the false paradigm manufacturers union!

          • Well if 1 June is the date then we know how long we have to tie up loose ends.

            • Well if June 1st is the date, then we know long long the rope needs to be from the hanging tree and tie up all the loose ends of the noose for a secure fit.

              Got rope?? Get out there and find a good hanging tree. I got a few really good ones on my property. Perfect for hanging.

              • I used to know how to tie a hangmans noose but now I have forgotten…lol

                • It’s simple. It’s on youtube. I have one hanging on my doorknob.

                  • Forget the hangman’s knot…

                    …let ’em wiggle till their heads pop.

                    bugs gotta eat too, same as worms….

                    Be safe….BA.

                    • Are you people deceived cattle or what? Every promise Trump has made he has BETRAYED!.
                      1. Jail Hillary
                      2. Overturn ObamaCare: wonder why the DJIA didnt “react” when RyanCare ‘failed’ ? Cause the billionaire insurance CEOs got to retain the health care slush fund they first sponsored. 6 week fight to blame it on Ryan was never meant to overturn it to begin with
                      3. Drain the swamp: now has far more Goldman Sachs banker/swindlers than even Obama did
                      4. Stop ISIS support: Trump deploying THOUSANDS more troops than Obama did. His Sec State now advocates cutting Syria- and Iraq- into several states. SAME Balkanization plan desired by Bush, Cheney, Obama and most importantly- AIPAC.
                      5. Work with Russia: Trump team now chastising and threatening Russia in outright echo of Obama/Hillary
                      6. Reverse 20 Trillion debt: not only is this limit long gone, but Trojan Horse Trump wants to amp up military out of all proportion, doubling the debt. This idiot even proposes new Mars space colony projects w/ trillions in black money being squandered.

                      Folks you MUST wake up. Put your pride aside and admit you allowed yourselves to be taken by another NWO liar.
                      Read Carroll Quigley. Antony Sutton. Stop wasting time justifying the lie and lets fight to reclaim our country from the crooked zionist oligarchs, of which Trump is just another clown.

              • Trump needs an army….. theres alot of guns behind him if needed…

              • My idea is for a very public gallows—like the Washington Mall, in D.C. and LOTS of rope needed.

          • Before June 1st, at least half of the Deep State will be indicted for being child pedophilia rapists. They can whimper all they want behind bars. The massive case Trumps Justice Dept is working on right now will bring down a third of Congress as well, like the faggot Sen Chucky Schumer types and his rapist cohearts. This is why the Deep State is in full all out retard ape shit mode right now. They are all going to prison.

            The armed American populace will need to be on full alert, and carry daily to guard America from these Liberal domestic terrorists turds hellbent on destroying America. Shoot first, no questions need to be asked. Time to step up and take care of Americas Business one bullet in their skulls at a time.

            • Zeus, while I still believe all of that could still happen, NEVER EVER trust anyone who sets dates for anything. if the deep state feels so threatened right now, then why not pull the trigger in May or even April? People who set dates usually end up with egg on their faces. Don’t be shocked if these events happen before June and they still could.

              • No question this is all very real, but it is also very old news these days. I have said many times DT may well be the fall guy for the RESET and some kind of roll out of a new currency like the SDR or maybe electronic money ? USA defaulted when the bailouts started and the taxpayer was made to pay for them under H Paulson, a republican. Then BHO came along and put it all on steroids and we know the rest of the story !

            • Never happen.Neocon lobbies/banksters are in control.

            • Shoot early shoot often!

          • NetRanger, I agree.
            But change you name. It reminds us of a Homo Butranger.

          • You sir , are down on right !



          WATCH THIS SHIT AND TELL ME IM WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • (((Those behind))) such legislation go unmentioned, as usual.

            It is JIM- Chewish International Mafia.

          • Ruh-roh, someone’s off their meds again!

          • Hey, I agree that many family courts are shafting dads, but I want to change that too. Many females agree and we should keep our votes!

          • Eisen,YOU ARE RIGHT,the founding FATHERS said IF THEY DON’T own property,they have NO skin in the game AND THEY CAN’T VOTE…sadly theres no men left in america to stop them,NOW IT’LL be WAR in the streets,the girlymen against the few real men…the real men will win..out numbered by 50 queers,and Girlymen to each real man…stock up its coming….

            • I’m not prejudice—bring the whole group on! ALL OF THEM!! I like the odds!!

          • Yeah, been saying that for awhile. Many women got in government to seek revenge against men. Tax them dry and eventually, like Hillaryous, TO KILL ALL WHITE MALES.

          • Canada is no better!I was married to a Canadian woman for six years.She came to Florida looking for a sucker and found me.We got married and all along I assumed she would move to Florida,,man was I wrong.She refused to move down here so I had to fly to Ontario on my time off the boat,I worked 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off,it was hell,I worked the Miami harbor and had a condo in Fort Lauderdale.In the winter I had to leave 80 degree weather and fly to Canada to spend 3 weeks shoveling snow.We had a baby girl after 1yr and all seemed good for about 4 years then I got word from one of her friends at her work that she was screwing her boss while I was on the boat.The nest trip home I confronted her with it and of course she denied it.When I went back to work I got a call from her telling me not to come up any more and that she had a restraining order against me.I called a friend of mine who was a lawyer and went up on my next time off.He knew the cops so he got a cop to make her give him my clothes she kept everything else of mine.She was the niece of an Ontario supreme court justice so she got it so I couldn’t even go to Canada without being arrested.All this time no charges were made for anything against me,only that she was afraid.Bottom line,I couldn’t call my Daughter,she called me each month at support time to tell me her mother wanted to “remind me to send the check”,which I never missed sending one.My Daughter is now 21 and I haven’t seen her since she was 5.I tell her to come down and visit and stay as long as she wants and she can visit he half brother and sister here in Florida but her mother won’t let her,and like I said she is 21,an adult!Screw Canada,a true commie court system.

          • I watched that video, and you are wrong. It was a MAN who gave women the right to make accusations against a man and stripped men of all rights to defend themselves or present witnesses in their defense. And that didn’t happen in America, but in Spain.

        • As always Kev, you are spot on.

          Every time I see of their latest shenanigans, I get more and more motivated. I’ll bet there are MILLIONS of deplorables who feel the same. **And we are NEVER, ever, ever going away.** They better get used to it.

          These vile people know they have a (deplorable) tiger by the tail. If it turns on them, well… let’s just put it as, “Can anyone say Marie Antoinette” (figuratively speaking, that is)?

        • Not another date! 1st it was march 15th by another alternative news site. Now it’s June 1st. Mehh! Whatever.

          • TEST, I’ll show some libturd POS the true meaning of deplorable.

          • Micheal, M15 is when the funding bill ends. June1 is when the .gov runs out of money.

        • Just in time for those who are bored watching summer reruns. Well, I think that I heard this story before too. I guess you have to lose the wife, the dog and the truck before you can get them back. Or not, you can just say that’s what is going to happen and sing that tune anyway.
          Seriously though, it’s always some event down the road. It’s never the slow train wreck happening at the moment.

        • Excellent reply. Thank you…..Rich

        • THERE IS NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO SAVE AMERICA,not even Trump can do it,the entire system is ROTTEN,unless the patriots take things into their own hands, its a lost fight, the whores and queers won,and the criminals in the government are going to unleash the Muzzies on this country and they won’t even see it coming,TILL THE POLICE GANGS,and MILITARY are kicking in their doors,JUST LIKE KATRINA….

          • I agree, this country is done. We are circling the proverbial toilet bowl. Besides Fukushima is going to finish off humanity anyway. The whole world and the human species is a slow motion train wreck.

      2. “…and to rebuke the voters who elected the president…”

        Hahahaha! Thats funny. We see what you fuckers are doing and we’re gonna put a hole in it. Better stand back. What goes around comes around. You can cheat for a long time but eventually someone will drop the hammer on you.

        It will be interesting to watch Donald kick your ass! He’s still got my support, 100%!

        All he has to do is call out the militia. We are still here.

        • Amen brother.

        • And you simply dont understand the nwo of Revelation that is coming…. its a done deal

      3. i believed your crap the first 100 times i heard it, but now its getting nauseating

        • I am always suspicious of doom that has a specific date.

          • True, Charlie. But at least they are willing to go on record, which I appreciate. It also provides us with what is known in logic as a point of falsification. I.e., something cannot be proved true, unless it has the ability to be proved false. E.g. the statement “there are no green men on planets circling Alpha Centauri (sp?)” cannot be disproved, therefor is a useless statement.

            I appreciated Gary North who was very concerned about Y2K – afterwards, he kept EVERYTHING he wrote archived, so people could refer to it, even though he was (sorta) wrong.

            Personally, I know Novell servers that failed at Novell itself during testing with Y2K. I prepped for Y2K, and have no regrets about it. Fact is, there WERE failures (some of our spy satellites went out, teachers in Toronto didn’t get paid, a SAP install at Hershey blew up, I think trains had major issues in places like Norway and Mali, etc.) The embedded chips didn’t go, that was the main saving grace. There was also a LOT of remediation which, has it not occurred, would have also had a major impact. I have no regrets about doing that prep, and just rolled a lot of that prep into general preparedness. Hopefully, I will never use any of it, but I also don’t regret buying car or house fire insurance either.

      4. I suppose all ya’ll think this ISN’T blatantly transparent?

        We voted for him, ya’ll have been the ones publicly raising the hugest stink imaginable over it.

        So who do you think we’ll blame if shit starts falling off? HIM?


        • Yes, Guy. The people who are “useful idiots” enough to think Trump caused this are already in the tank. They will mean nothing. But now that the fake leftist news has been exposed, I think not only will the deplorables be doubly motivated, a LOT of people in the middle will also be aware that this is a send-up job on Trump.

          As noted, the fascist left and the neo-cons think they have it all analyzed in their brilliance. Just like the WWI generals had it all analyzed in June, 1914. They will be surprised.

      5. if they do manage to oust trump i don’t see the USA existing after the fallout has settled.

        • Don’t count on it. Once the Deep State psychos are buried with stakes through their hearts, we will rebuild a better Republic.

      6. I don’t think so.

        President Trump will put in four years. I hope he has the stamina for eight, but I would not be surprised if he turns the job over to someone else after one term. I think it would be better for America if he serves two. We shall see.

        __ ?

      7. There is Doom Porn and there is real crap to be concerned about, it’s just hard to figure out which is which.

        500 sanctuary cities in US, real or fake?
        Blue states wanting to secede ?
        Iran claims huge number of agents in US to destabilize ?
        Economic collapse?
        War in Korea?
        Obama having a command center in D.C. for future coup against Trump?

        Pray, prep, and put your trust in God

        • Seminole Wind

          “There is Doom Porn and there is real crap to be concerned about, it’s just hard to figure out which is which.”

          That is a true statement. I also believe what Net Ranger said about the Militia. We are still here.

          Po’P had it right also. Many salivating for a fight for a fight only to piss themselves. Time will tell. The majority that, that will happen to is on the other side. Those who are doing the trouble. Especially when you can’t call, “Time Out”. Not going to happen. Will they have enough Grief Counselors?

          The battlefield will be fluid. Ever changing. The terrain. The weather. The tactics and weapons used. Right now I am reading about, “Low Intensity Conflict”.
          Basic riot and civil unrest. High intensity would be the use of tanks, artillery, and drones. Things of that destructive nature.

          Use your time wisely. Take a look at FM 3-39.40 dated 2010. US Army manual.

          • Oh my! That’s some read 3-39.40! It’s about 350 pages.

            I always see doom porn like this as an opportunity to review preps, replace anything that is close to expiring. A box of band-aids or OTC meds or batteries in your go bag, may not keep long if kept in an automobile exposed to wide temperature ranges.

            Have you done an inventory of ammo? Is it all marked with a purchase date so it can be rotated and used for range practice. Buy a rubber stamp and pad for dates, mark all supplies with purchase date, date frozen, date repackaged etc.

            All this is work and often needs motivation to get a “round to-it”. ??

            • PTPO

              It dovetails in REX 84 and Jade Helm. Most people do not read Field Manuals. Used book stores have plenty of various information.
              They provide info on what the Military will do to you if you are captured or detained.

              Do you think the military is going to take you to McDonalds for a burger after they slap the plastic cuffs on you when Martial Law is in place. ;0) Many have no idea. We talk about it a lot but do not understand the machine they will put in place.

            • Not sold on ammo expiration date, could be wrong though. Just shot some WW2 ammo the other day and worked fine. have shot some of my reloads from 1966 and worked fine. I do use the old stuff for plinking anyhow. Who would bet their life on old ammo.

              • Cleaning out dad’s house revealed an old brick of 22LR that I’m guessing was 30 years old and stored where it saw wide ranges of humidity and temperature.

                I used half a box at the range and saw a 5 to 10% failure rate. I took the rest and put it into an airtight ammo case with a big bag of desiccant, a month later I recharged the desiccant and gave it another three months. Of the remaining 400 rounds in the brick I saw less than two failures.

                Storing ammo general rules: Keep it dry. Avoid extremes of temperature. Keep it dry. Avoid humidity, keep it dry.

                One other absolute, never expose ammo to ammonia or chlorine cleaners. Never store or use those cleaners near ammo. It chemically attacks the powder and primers causing high failure rates.

        • San Francisco (where I was born) can secede. I suggest joining N. Korea… tho Mentally Il Kim Jong Un might find them too far left. I will allow CA. to go… as long as they take Nancy Pelosi.

          Did you see Pelosi’s letter to Ryan, demanding that his health care bill be read in full before it passes? Whatever you think of Ryan, this was a classic. Lots of stories on this, one at

      8. On june 2 someone needs to shove this article up your ass,’re nothing but a fearmongering drama queen.

        • vocalpatriot

          You and, can’t stand the bs, should get together. You make a good pair. Like I asked cstbs. Why do you come here? All you do is criticize and bring nothing to the table.

        • Vocalpatriot, Up til’ now you’ve made some pretty good posts but your attack on Mac is unjustified. Go over to which I think you’ll like better. You don’t even bring anything worthwhile to the table.

        • And a censoring a$$hole

        • Vocalpatriot sleeps with a chew.

      9. Time once again will tell. Everybody salivating waiting for it to happen. When it does the saliva will dry up and the pissing down the leg will kick in.

      10. if Trump is forced out of office I hope truckers will park their trucks for one week and then lets see who is in the drivers seat.

        • Damn straight about that FOR SURE, SOULSON!

          Pulled freight for 20+ from every state in the union except HI and AK.

          Those punks are already the living dead… just waiting to fall over.

          We’ve got veterans, hunters, bikers, men, “others” and a few pieces of equipment aint nobody gonna march or drive through.

          You all think you’re gonna stomp your way from one coast of America to the other?

          You all are in for a very big surprise.

          AND WE ALL are growing tired of being lied to by every public libtard. Time’s up “social justice warriors.” Get out of our way or face the consequences.

      11. Relax…….True Christians already know that WE WIN !
        Satan and his minions LOSE !

      12. One question……Why isn’t Soros swinging from a street light?

      13. Take all your preps and stack them to the ceiling.
        Make a list and check it all off.
        Then realize that you’ve still forgotten one thing.
        Take a good long look in the mirror to know what that is.

        Until you can answer that last question, you’re not ready.

        I’ve been all over the world, I’ve seen all kinds of people and know what they are capable of.

        I’ve met some very unhappy, rich people. Celebrities, Doctors and Lawyers, all in pursuit of the wrong things and never satisfied.

        The secret to life is not to accumulate anything. It’s simply to just live it.

        The one thing you cannot stack, buy or win over is happiness.

        People spend their entire lives complaining about how unhappy they are with __________ (fill in the blank). They let other unhappy tell them what to be unhappy about and then place the blame on everything but themselves.

        It snows. Stuff breaks. People argue. Get over it.

        The richer you are the bigger the problem. Money makes you more of what you are. Those whom are rich and have a grudge, will have the means to create even bigger problems because they expect bigger things. Some are rich enough to walk on others and even make nations fall. No different than a bully in the school yard whom takes away your ball -because he can. The best corrective action is intervention and teach him to be nice.

        Our system is designed to churn out lots of bullies and confused people, all to feed the beast. The future of epic fail.

        Our current media is nothing more than a carefully orchestrated mud slinging game of tennis, all designed to illicit anger and confusion in hopes that the sheeple will sheer themselves.

        Give me something to believe in when:

        The Bible was compromised.
        The Churches are compromised.
        The Pastors are compromised.
        The Government is compromised.
        Music, sports and history… all compromised.
        The food, water and air, all suspect to being compromised.
        Let’s throw in Alien overlords, Destruction from the Sky and other things to ensure that reality itself, is compromised.

        The question is: Are you compromised?

        The sun rises, the sun falls. All you have is what’s in between and what you choose to do with it.

        In the words of General Anthony McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne. When he was surrounded by German Forces, whom written a letter addressed to him, was asked to surrender because both the situation and enemy forces presented a no win solution? To wit he responded in his own letter: “NUTS!”

        • F L


          • Isn’t it?

      14. These fookers can fund their government out of their own pockets, when they come for their pound of flesh ill take as many of their thugs to hell with me as i can

        • Nailbanger, if they come to me for a pound of flesh, they’ll get several pounds of lead instead.

      15. It’s always the same story! 3 – 6 months down the road everything is going to fall apart. In Jan / Feb it was the debt ceiling being reached. Now it’s something else. After June comes and goes it’ll be something else. Preppers have been screaming wolf or the sky is falling to loud and too long for people to listen anymore.

        Just have to keep spreading the panic, keep everybody on edge, after 20 years of this same cycle just once I’d like to see sites like this acknowledge they have screwed up time after time and time again.

        Is it going to happen. Yes it will. But being right once in 20 years! Big deal! Just quit with the sensationalism and prognostications. Because you have long since lost your ability to accurately predict anything.

        • Jafo

          Long in the tooth. I agree. At first I prepared for bad weather but the world became crazier than ever.

          In the future there may be an unforeseen even that the Deep State did not account for in their plan. One can only play God for so long. That day will be most terrifying and satisfying at the same time.

          • Even in the story about the boy whom cried wolf. A wolf eventually did show up.

            The wolf was not aware of the plights of the boy. He was just hungry and did what wolves often do.

            It’s never about the threats being made, its the fact that we have those whom make them. Wolves exist. Reason enough.

          • Anon and jafo, I also get tired of listening to ‘chicken little’ myself. Sometimes I want to take the mofo and cook his ass for dinner.

      16. What these vile people don’t know is that there is an even DEEPER state… it’s called “WE, THE PEOPLE.”

        No, they don’t have a clue. And they are too arrogant to get one. Trump wasn’t born yesterday, and neither were we. He is not without political fangs and claws either.

        Truth is, about these vile anti-American Deep State types, they are JUST like the Bourbon dynasty, of whom Talleyrand said “They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.”

        They think they are soooo very clever, so far surpassing us hoi polloi here in flyover country. They are not. Though they are just arrogant enough to think they are.

        I really don’t appreciate crudities, but – if I may tender this as a literary device, not a crudity – the old saying is “They think they are hot sh*t in a champagne bottle, when in reality they are just a cold t*rd in a beer bottle.”

        Truth is, I have other fish to fry. I have a lot of other interests. But, as Jimmy Stewart said about his neutrality in the movie Shenandoah: “Now THEY have made it MY battle.” There are hundreds of thousands of not only Americans, but Canadians and Europeans (I personally know a number of Swedes, not to mention Canadians, who feel similarly) who have woken up (anyone ever hear of Brexit?), and to paraphrase the H8TE filled gays: “We’re here, we’re NOT queer, but conservative, and we are never, ever, EVER going away. Get used to it.”

        • My mother in law used to say, “I wish I could buy ’em for what they’re worth and sell ’em for what they think they’re worth.”

      17. There is a war going on behind the scenes. In every branch of government. The parasites against the good guys. I wonder if any one understands what’s at stake here? Trillions of dollars worth of theft. Entire countries are being sucked dry. I’m not religious, but this could actually be considered a variation of armageddon. If we lose this, we lose for ever. It’s over.

      18. If it happens.. it happens… economic collapse on a worldwide scale gonna happen… when dont know… should have already happened but the looters are not done stripping everything to the framework… keep prepping.. only a matter of time.

        • The Last Official Act of Government: loot the nation.

          ( I had a t-shirt made that says this and wear it often )

      19. Looks like an opportunity to seize the Fed.

      20. Audit the Fed
        Audit the gold at Ft. Knox. If any is still there.
        Audit ALL major Banks OFF Balance sheets.
        Reinstall Glass Steagall Act.
        Put silver back into the coinage.

        • anon

          I’m with ya on those items.

          Include tariffs to level the playing field so slave labor nations devoid of civilized Environmental / Safety regulations can’t unfairly compete.

          Only use the military when its a direct threat to the US and with Congressional Approval as the Constitution requites.

          Abolish the Federal Reserve Act and go back to the original, Constitutional money creation.

      21. You know that this doesn’t bother me at all.
        I have my faith in God, Family, and my preps. We all knew this was coming and we were prepping.

        Have more firearms than the next guy, and Ammo. But still just picked up more 22LRs, 7.62X39, 12Ga. Slugs, and 9MM. Next are 223, 45ACP, 308. Picked up more storable food, water purification, and solar lights. So looking at what I have I’m not worried. THE WIFE AND I WILL SURVIVE!

        Today is the 15Th. Remember beware the IDES OF MARCH!


      22. SGT. Dale.

        Little by little. Each day getting better with preps.

        Here is one for you.

        There has been lots of car shootings lately and thought of at least armoring up one vehicle. I don’t think the wife will let me do it to her car. So, the truck is the candidate. Giving some thought to it I decided if needed, to take the unneeded stuff out of my Diamond plate tool box and line it with sand bags. Both in it and under it front of the bed. It will be about the same weight of the stuff I take out. Tail gate offers some protection. Next is to improvise side door with plates that can be easily installed and removed. Also a plate in the back cab window/drivers side. Not 100% protection but some is better than none.

        You never know. ;0)

        • Almost all those car shootings are gang related. But not a bad idea to armor up. Even 3/4 inch ply wood slows down hand gun ammo, somewhat, after it passes through sheet metal.

          • HIM

            I am hoping to give people options. They could copy the comment and put it in a binder of ideas to be used later if need be. Don’t have to think about it when usage of time counts. Some comments have instructions.
            Yes, some are extreme.

      23. The budget jugglers are staying up late to reinvent the wheel. Add some more zeros.
        Sell some more wolf tickets. Game over.

      24. This is how it will be done and thanks Bush crime family!

        May 16, 2016 How the President could overthrow the U.S.

        As of 2007 the President has the ability to replace the US government if they feel an emergency constitutes such actions.

      25. well if thats the case then the patriots will overthrow them and hang every one of them for treason, and that includes, Every Federal judge who ruled in favor of lawlessness, every rino republican and every democrat who has betrayed the nation. as far as the Illuminati groups and the cfr you will all be hunted down and taken out , each and every one of you for sedition, so go ahead bring your plan to fruition watch what happens to you all. you all will die at the hand of Gdd.

      26. Watching the news and found there is no hurry to raise the debt limit till September or October. WTF? Is the June 1st date fake news?

      27. I have read that atrazine in the water is causing males to become feminine in nature. Humans mostly. Women man your arms.

      28. May I place my link onto your site? Please?

      29. This is so idiotic that it doesn’t warrant responding

      30. How many tens of thousands of dollars are owed to Communist China by every American who’s politicians signed their name to the debt to bail out the billionaires of Big Business? …An excuse for Communist China to invade the U.S.–to collect on their debt?

      31. What is so controversial about discussing ammo expiration dates guys. Entered it and it went to sensor city ! The proud the free and the censored !

      32. Okay, for one thing Communist China owes the United States MORE than what the Us ‘supposedly’ them. Do the research. TWO: the entire Babylon financial system is just fraud upon fraud upon fraud!!!!! At every level from the beginning it’s been a con game against the people. Time to end it. Time to End the Federal Reserve. Hey, just mint up those trillion dollar platinum coins, and walk them over. Then, start a REAL NATIONAL BANK like in either North or South Dakota. Let’s face it, at this point, money has turned digital. It’s simply a matter of digitally creating a budget that works, and going from there. ‘Course, that’s obviously easier said than done. And then, forget taxation. Do it the old-fashioned way with tariffs.

      33. So called “deep state” is in fact minions of Satan’s Pope-led Globalist cabal….. the cabal that will take down all the “sovereign” nations.

      34. Anyone suspected of undermining the American Government including slandering the POTUS should be charged with treason. Consequences from actions is something the political elites seem to be above.

      35. This is absolutely true. All my deep state dudes and dudettes have said to me “Trump will be gone by summer”. I thought I just read that stuff on conspiracy websites but they just keep bringing it up whenever I meet them for coffee, beer.

      36. I read all these comments and everyone keeps talking about the past 8 years or 20 years or even 30 years. I am retired USAF, life member of DAV, life member of Arizona Citizens Defense League, NRA, and some others. I have also always been a student of history. The path our country is on was started way back under Woodrow Wilson, and has been on that same path ever since. The only difference is that nowadays, the pace of our downward spiral is accelerating at an unbelievable pace. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PEACEFUL WAY OUT OF THIS MESS. The “deep state” is NOT a bunch of senators and congressmen. The deep state is all the appointed bureaucrats and political flunkies sitting in government offices you never see or hear about. They are all being controlled by the multinational conglomerates who have become unbelievably rich and all-powerful. They are the people who really run things while we are paying attention to our elected officials. Read the papers and books by our founding fathers. They all warned us what would happen if we allowed our country to go down the rabbit hole as we have done. Now, their warnings are coming true. All out armed civil war and the 2nd American revolution is the only way out of this mess. The young people growing up now are being dumbed down and made ignorant so they will accept socialism/communism with a dictator government for their future. WAKE UP AMERICA, the time for talking is done.

      37. “there’s a secret agenda…” Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

      38. John Kennedy had it right: The CIA needs to be busted into a thousand pieces, just like the smashing of a snow-globe with a ball-peen hammer. They have lived past their use-by date, which coincided with the collapse of the USSR. They should be destroyed.

      39. Hey guys, thanks for the facts/ thoughts/ your insights. I think you are all aware & enlightened. My 2 € Keep an eye open, an ear to the ground & pay attention to your immediate environment… Storms a brewing- it is the calm before the storm; so batten down the hatches, trust in yourself, your faith and know when the SHTF you’re as ready as you can be… no one knows the date!

        Have what cha need when & where ya need it-

        & Be ready to barter- cash ain’t king in a CRI$I$

        Live Free!

      40. Oh yea oh yea it’s happening on march 15th no no no its really june 1st oh its really going to happen next year this time. DUMB ASS

      41. This is a particularly-odious debt, in that it can never be reconciled, mathematically.

        But, all debt is somewhat odious. Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

        I believe that bondage will always be the natural, intuitive outgrowth of any credit, whatsoever.

        Credit is always allowing someone to control labor, the movement of goods and services, without taking any direct, material responsibility.

        Anyone who doesn’t see the moral hazard is a reprobate, already. I mean, beyond repair. There is nothing I can say or do, to fix you.

        But, you can still write your own, IOU’s, without paying interest to anybody.It’s just imaginary — on paper. There is no law of nature, to keep you from doing that.

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