Video: Market Crash Looming: “Riots Worldwide, Wars, Extreme Volatility… Even Global Depression”

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Headline News | 188 comments

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    Global Collapse

    With the debt obligations of the United States at over $118 trillion dollars, it has become obvious that the collapse of our economic powerhouse, starting with the U.S. dollar, is a foregone conclusion. While it’s impossible to predict when such an event will occur or what the final trigger will be, at this point it won’t take much to send the whole thing tumbling down.

    And when it finally does happen, as noted in the short video report from Future Money Trends, the resulting shift to a new system could very quickly devolve into the worst of what humanity has to offer.

    A major market bubble is brewing…

    The entire monetary system is dollar based. So even though the U.S. is running around bankrupt this will continue until the world is ready for a massive shift to a new system – something that could cause riots worldwide, wars and extreme volatility in markets… even a global depression.

    The dollar paradigm will likely be postponed for as long as possible, but have no doubt, the end of dollar dominance will happen in our lifetimes.

    (Video contributed by Future Money Trends)

    We can only support this debt-based behemoth for so long. The jig is already up, in fact, but countries like Russia, China and the BRICS nations can’t pull the plug just yet because doing so will crush their existing trading mechanisms, many of which are dependent on the U.S. dollar. But what these countries have going for them is that they are actively moving to minimize their dependency on the United States and the dollar’s reserve currency status.

    When it finally does happen and our foreign lenders pull the plug we are going to see catastrophic world-wide ramifications. Everyone is going to be hurting – but the United States is going to take the brunt of the hit.

    It’s quite simple, really. When we can no longer borrow money, it’s over.

    Even the U.S. Treasury has acknowledged and warned of the disastrous consequences that will follow the day the credit card is maxed out and we can’t pay the bills:

    “In the event that a debt limit impasse were to lead to a default, it could have a catastrophic effect on not just financial markets but also on job creation, consumer spending and economic growth,” the report said.

    Credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, US interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse.

    “Considering the experience of countries around the world that have defaulted on their debt, not only might the economic consequences of default be profound, but those consequences, including high interest rates, reduced investment, higher debt payments, and slow economic growth, could last for more than a generation,” the report states. 

    As you can imagine, elite Western banking conglomerates and business interests won’t go down quietly. History has proven time and again that shifts of this magnitude are wrought with violence, poverty, widespread despair and often end in massive military confrontations.

    Of course, this is all just rampant speculation and not a real possibility because “this time it’s different.” The United States is perfectly capable of managing the largest debt load in the history of the world, the Russians and Chinese are not ramping up their military build outs, and if something completely unforeseen like a global depression were to happen the government will be ready and willing to help the little guy.

    So, no need to worry or make preparations.


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      1. “But what these countries have going for them is that they are actively moving to minimize their dependency on the United States and the dollar’s reserve currency status.”

        key word being “actively”.

        while they’re actively trying to minimize their dependency…we’re actively dividing ourselves so that we can be conquered…not that it would take much…considering our focus is divide amongst countless distractions.

        yield or be destroyed?

        • If you like your debt, you can keep your debt.

          • All WARS are BANKER WARS!!
            The French False Flag is Unraveling. The 2 Muslems that fake killed the French Cop, well one of the suspects just happend to drop and leave his ID in the car. No kidding. Tell me what Terrorist takes his ID to a Jihad battle? And the the camera guy on the roof that filmed the Fake Cop shooting is Jewish. Happens that just a week before this Cartoon Killing the French Parliment voted in favor to recognize the Palestinian State hood and makes Israel with draw back to early 1970 territories. Beebee Netanyahoo said he was ver disappointed in that decision. Then a few days later this false flag attack unfolds. This false flag attack and all the others like the Malaysian MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine also just happened to find many passengers passports in a nice neat pile unscathed and flawless even though the plane was incinerated upon impact. All to then blame Russia. You see Israel is getting really desperate and sloppy as the truth tellers are all over these false flag scandals. Wake up Sheeple the enemy is already on our shores. Stay alert and armed.

            • Btw/ Hate speech is against the Law in France unless it is against Muslems. Tease the French Pres son with ties to Jews for finamcial reasons you get indicted. The trial is unfolding as I write this. Wonder I George Clooney will support Free Speech for this Cartoonist Idicted.?? F-N Hollywood Hypocrites.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt is a serious anti-semite. In his warped mind, Islam is the solution and tiny little Israel is the problem. I suppose Jews also make fake videos of ISIS cutting off reporter’s heads.

              • Paven is a degenerate kike. He needs to be thrown in an oven like the rest of his Satanic tribe!

            • WhoWudda Flunked It….

              Stay out of the sugar, it makes you hyperactive. And don’t forget to take your lithium, Prozac, Xanax and you might need to take a big ole shit to improve your attitude. You are seriously off the rails….

              • If you look at the facts, why would the top French cop that investigated the French shooting suddenly somehow commit suicide just before he wrote his final report? Mosaad written all over this scam. I know the facts suck for you Zog lovers with your disinformation campaign. I happen just to report Facts. Like it or not.

              • Fuck you kike! Get in the oven!

          • We indebted Some Folks.

        • Could, could, could, could, could, etc., etc., and etc.

          Bottom line: IT could happen, but that doesn’t mean it will. And, in case you missed it, NOBODY saw the crash in oil prices coming, NOBODY. Heck no, energy was the place to be and make the money hand over fist. My point being, if the “EXPERTS” missed the oil crash, why should we think the people at the US Treasury, or Future Money Trends will be right. It COULD be that FMT people just have something to sell.

          • someone needs a xanax…

            • I wonder if the legalization of marijuana is part of they plan. Jeff Spacoli, “people on ludes shouldn’t drive” of Fast Times At Ridgemont High would’t care if the economy crumbled. “All I need is some cool Buds and some tasty waves and I’m fine”.

          • and what exactly are you replying to?(or you just riding on my comment because it just happened to be first? not saying it matters that it was, it’s just you know…kinda tacky…)

            • More “Free Speech” hypocrisy:

              Calls for BBC Reporter to Resign After ‘Anti-Jewish’ Remark
              Daily Mail (Britain)
              A BBC reporter has faced calls to resign after he told the daughter of Holocaust survivors in Paris: ‘Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well’. Journalist Tim Willcox sparked anger during his coverage of yesterday’s rally in Paris, held in memory of the 17 victims of last week’s terror attacks, including four Jewish people in a siege at a Kosher supermarket. During a live report from the streets of Paris, Willcox was speaking to a number of participants in the march, including one woman who expressed her fears that Jews were being persecuted, and ‘the situation is going back to the days of the 1930s in Europe.’

            • Karmageddon,

              The way this website organizes it’s postings and replies, you never really know who anyone is replying to. It’s the most jumbled up mess of concatenation that I have ever seen. It’s about as mixed up as a who wudda thunkit and that is really screwed up.

              • Bolger. Seriously how much is the Zog paying you to post confusions to muddle the facts?

          • Mac says:

            “The entire monetary system is dollar based. So even though the U.S. is running around bankrupt this will continue until the world is ready for a massive shift to a new system ……”

            He is correct with that statement, albeit he says “until the world”, and what he really is saying is, “until TPTB”, are ready.

            I say also, and more importantly….until God is ready for the real chastisement to begin.

            It is coming like a snowball heading for hell.
            The seperation of the sheep, the sheeple, and the goats.

            Muddy says:….

            “could could could ….” and “NOBODY saw the crash in oil prices coming.”

            I believe they did. I believe TPTB saw the writing on the wall and made it crash for a purpose.

            I think TPTB are heavily vested in Middle East OIL. The Bush families own oil wells there. A few Texas wildcatters didn’t rock their boat, but the North Dakota boom was getting too far out of hand for their liking.

            What a marvelous way to send the ND drillers packing; cause the market to drop from underneath them. When the masses are bankrupt and heavily invested in other ventures, the price of oil will surge and the profits will flow with a vengeance.
            Before the ND drillers can tool up again, the Middle Eastern wells have struck it rich with a monopoly somehow. The Chinese owned refineries will play into the world mix and the Yuan will replace the petro dollar.

            That is all just my speculations based on what i am reading.

            Anyways, one way or the other, the price of gas/diesel will rise again, and i believe it will get to $10.00 a gallon when it does. It could actually happen before this time next year, or, if the good Lord tarries, we could still be paying $1.99 per gallon.

            Could, could, could….
            Should-ov, would-ov, could-ov.

            • PASSIN- I believe you perfectly spot on here.
              Just had this conversation last night , something dont feel right and gas will be ten bucks real soon.
              Kinda feels like we are in the eye of the storm.
              Dont forget Obamas omminous quote :
              “energy prices will nessesarily skyrocket”
              To paraphase .
              Just dont feel that this can end well , but i know nuthin about markets , so what do i know ?

              • You know plenty. Good post, hamm.

              • As of 12:07 PM on 1/14/15, oil was up $2.39 @ 48.27.
                Go figure.

          • Unless we magically got 1000 mpg cars, or a lot of dead people, that crash in oil prices makes no logical sense to me.

            Did we just find oil on the moon or something?

            • Fracking.

      2. Keep stackin!!!!

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          • According to Provident Metals (dot com) spot price for platinum is only $5 above spot on gold.

      3. It’s time to answer the questions of the doom and gloom speculation that we constantly read, which is propaganda too.

        • Goldman Sachs has recently given its “guidance” to the Global Investment Class depicting its markets scenario for the year for them to follow.

          While the dominos are lined up waiting for the first one to fall, it will take a very significant black swan for the markets to Crash, so don’t hold your breath while waiting. Markets normally Crash when liquidity dries up. No chance of that anytime soon. This turkey has legs.

          As I pointed out last AUGUST/SEPTEMBER it is possible for the markets to correct and eliminate the “froth” by ratcheting down.

          This has been happening since the end of December and GS has signaled the same to the Global Investment Class and they (GIC) can make money when the market moves in either direction, as long as it keeps moving.

          An extended oil price drop is good for BIG business and BIG Oil will survive, as Exxon has more cash reserves than Russia and does not need to defend its “currency”.

          The American consumer has been lagging (not that you would notice by Christmas sales) but continues to consume and this positive sentiment will get higher the longer low gasoline prices prevail.

          The danger is EUROPE and maybe China. Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, and Argentina are of little consequence in the big economic picture. I have pointed out the problem with EUROPE here for SHTF readers for YEARS: it has one currency and 28 central banks.

          USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🙂

          • BTW: DO NOT buy Junior Gold Miners. DO NOT buy ANY miners at this stage of the business cycle: you will lose your money in the next Crash. Demand is DOWN for all metals including copper.

            Junior miners are notoriously ill-liquid!!!

            Buy physical gold and silver and eliminate your propping up the balance sheets of greedy management who pay shills to push their product under the guise of “analysis”. 🙂

            • HAL looks good with the BHI merger coming.

              • FT: One would think so, but sometimes the merger of two giant firms is difficult to assimilate and manage. This kind of failure has happened before.

                Top Executives of the respective companies probably saw current events coming which sparked consideration of the merger. Demand for their services and earnings should decline this year; meaning the new stock price of the combined entity could still get hit.

                Some executives with real SKILLS will be released, spurring the creation of new competitors with links to the industry. The current breather would give them a chance to structure their new companies, strategies, and operations.
                Think of the effect that Bill Gross’ departure had on both PIMCO and his new firm.

                Now is not the time to speculate in oil & gas companies. Its WAY too soon in the cycle. Forget about it. 🙁

                • Durango Kid. Agreed. I remember being offered information (for a fee) to buy shares of stock for the “Shale oil” phenomenon two years ago by the Porter Stansbury investing conglomerate. I marveled at their email & snail mail infomercials but did not take the bait. Now, it looks like all who followed their advice have lost their shirts. I’m glad I bought gold & silver even though it went down. It still buys the same amount of whatever, and I still have it all!
                  I did buy preps though, & boy am I glad I did. I sleep well.

                  • Ummm, how do you know they lost their shirts? You don’t have to own a stock for years you know. You can buy and then sell when it is a little higher and make money just as easy as you can buy, hold onto for a long and dangerous time and sell a lot higher.

                    I have a friend that isn’t greedy, he gets in, makes his net goal of just $300 and then gets out and walks….no matter what! And he ALWAYS makes his money and he does it all the time. And all he does is look at charts…he told me this, “it doesn’t matter who the CEO is, who the shareholders are, what the company sells or does or how good their reputation even is. All that matters are the charts, the volatility of the peaks and valleys.”

                • I am not doing anything as of yet…just watching and waiting.

                  Last year I nailed one for a buddy. Buddy of mine makes money all the time with Think or Swim. He has the same goal to net every time and then he sells and walks….no matter what and he ALWAYS makes money, always! So one day I see in the news that Exelon is acquiring yet another company (PEPCO). So I go to him and show him the news and tell him that I think there is some money to be had here. He looks at it, pulls both up, looks at the charts with Think or Swim….makes a few clicks and in a few days he met his net goal, clicked again and walked away with mo money 

                  I am holding cash for now, hoping for the pm’s to drop, I think they are still way too high. And waiting to see what the market is going to do?? But if oil starts climbing significantly again, I may take the plunge, or at least up to my knees.

                  • FT: All of the businessmen and women in China look like genius’ because they have had a 25 year boom with little or no retrenchments; while having a massive demand base whose purchasing power has increased substantially during that time period.

                    Its easy to look good in an “UP” market, even here in the States. Hard times separate the winners and losers. Hard times are coming. One pick does not an expert make. 🙁

                    • Oh, I think you might of misunderstood me…..I am no expert, not even a novice. Maybe it was just lucky? I tend to think it was common sense that made good sense. I think some things are over complicated by some people sometimes. But I agree there are parts of the markets that are definitely complicated, if you choose to go there. I believe in keeping it simple.

                • DK, I have a question for you. I know nothing about the stock market. I know that if I have an oz of gold, and the price drops, it is worth less but I can still keep it. When the gold price goes back UP, my gold is worth whatever the increase is…as long as I still hold the gold.

                  My question is this: When any stock crashes to worthless, could it regain some value if the stock market/price increases, or is it just like buying a ticket at the horse races, once your horse loses, the ticket is of no further value and you have to buy a new one to play?

          • Nice post DK. I agree and also think that Russia, China, will continue their military build ups and when they feel they’ve insulated themselves enough to survive, they’ll be absolutely ruthless about crashing the U.S. economy and dollar.

            They won’t really need to worry about facing us in armed conflict as most of our troops are likely to be called back to CONUS in order to keep the peace when all the EBT cards run dry…

            • Jonny V: Maybe, but that would be about ten years down the road, if they can catch up. The MIC is not sitting still.

              Stars Wars is here.

              I can only imagine the capabilities of American lasers ten years into the future. Or five. Even two years from now, American lasers will be fully deployed across all platforms: land, sea, and in the air.

              Lasers are a game changer and if you don’t have them its not a game you want to play; even if you have MIRV’s. 🙂

              • Bingo dk…

                The star wars systems that Reagan pushed for (supposedly unsuccessfully) actually was in place all along and continued until the last manned and unmanned space shuttles were launched and NASA subsequently(conveniently) shut down for all intents and purposes…of course the official story was dealt to the public as strictly exploration..

                Mission accomplished!

                We have here on little ole Cape Cod a vast military(dod) tracking system called PAVEPAWS…goggle it…it tracks no less than 60k roving satellites daily (from every aspect of the alphabet agencies) in this northern quadrant..

                Needless to say these orbiting flotillas house the most sophisticated imaging,tracking and death ray technologies known to mankind…

                “It’s politically sensitive, but it’s going to happen. Some people don’t want
                to hear this, and it sure isn’t in vogue … but—absolutely—we’re going to
                fight in space. We’re going to fight from space and we’re going to fight
                into space…”
                General Joseph W. Ashy
                Former Commander in Chief U.S. Space Command

                JUNE 1998

                more to follow


              • Yeah lasers and whizbang stuff is great, but it takes a grunt with a rifle to control a battlefield and win a war…no way around that.

            • Jonny V, Considering that the west HAS BEEN trying to collapse their dollar-based economies in order to conquer them, CAN ANYONE REALLY BLAME OTHER COUNTRIES FOR TAKING STEPS TO AVOID BEING ANOTHER WESTERN PUPPET?

              Can anyone really blame other countries, for not wanting their economies to be dependent on the dollar? Look where dependency has gotten the American people. We are debt slaves of our own making.

              Personally, I applaud all countries who are fighting back against the globalist elites, who run this country for their own benefit.

              Too bad we Americans, are too programmed, poisoned, medicated and scared to fight for our own freedom.

          • DK, if I may, there is one factor that could play into this scenario. If the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia dies it is anybody’s bet that they, Saudi Arabia, continue to only accept American dollars for the purchase of their oil from all other nations. In that case the power of the American dollar is toast.

            And what with how they are not decreasing oil output and our oil companies slowing down in production it seems that could be a signal of what is to come.


            • BigB: The KING has been hospitalized and is likely dead or on life support already. Succession has already been determined and it passes down now to the next oldest brother. In the end it is all about money so the transition will be orderly.

              Saudi Arabia is a linchpin in the New World Order having cast its lot with the USA decades ago. The NWO is not going to unravel; but get stronger, and the Saudi’s are not going to repudiate the NWO Currency, since it is as much THEIR currency as it is OURS. This is the mistake the “dollar haters” make. The dollar is the NWO currency of CHOICE. With the NWO PETRO DOLLAR getting stronger it increases Saudi wealth and purchasing power around the world.

              The wars in Iraq were as much about the Saudi desire to eliminate Saddam as it was about protecting Israel. The USA is still the most powerful military in the world and it is used by the NWO to protect their interests and their wealth: and no one more so than Saudi Arabia.

              And the Saudis are going to repudiate the NWO PETRO DOLLAR for what? And they are going to replace their American protectors with who? China? China is still a regional power who cannot insert its military around the world and even if they could, their links to Iran are too strong for the Saudis to stomach.

              No, Saudi Arabia is the girl that is going to go home with the guy that brought her to the dance. 🙂

              • True: Saudi is the girl who is going to ply the guy with drinks (oil and petro dollars) and run her hand up and down his thigh until he gets the message. You know Saudi is running the show from where they place their embassies in the Western capitals of the world. It is always one of the closest embassies to the home of the leader. Also one of the biggest and most elaborate. That tells you they are at the centre of the system. Also, how they get a free pass on 9/11 while everyone else gets treated like crap and accused of being a terrorist.

                • The Saudis have been the Big Kids on the block for many decdes because of one thing. That thing is their “reported” oil reserves, which surpassed every other country, until recently.
                  The USA has now surpassed the oil reserves of the Saudis, according to reports.
                  It is estimated that the Saudis have falsified their oil reserve reports to the tune of 40% inflated.
                  Some signs are now showing that their largest oil producing fields are dwindling faster than expected.

                  With the recent amount of over-production to reduce the worldwide costs per barrel, the saudi fields could be dryin up at a much faster rate. This could change the whole dymnamics of middle eastern influence of the NWO game.

                  The kid with the most marbles has the most clout in the game. USA is rich with reserves that haven’t been tapped.

                  The real battle will be over Arctic reserves as more and more is becoming available with each ice melting day. Four international powers are converging upon the frigid waters to claim ownership.

                  To the victor goes the spoils. Who has the most to gain? Who wants to rule the world the most?

                  The Saudis aren’t as big a player as they used to be, and when this glut is over with, they will have less clout than ever.

                  The ZOG Militerized/Industrialized NWO WAR complex will never allow mooslimbs to convey any amount of control when it all goes whacky weasel.
                  Saudis are a no show, for the NWO. Instead of Players, they are being played.

                  • That brother in the succession is also a very old man. Past him it is anybody’s guess as to the heir. There is something like 900 people in line after him. Taking into account as pointed out above that 9/11 was primarily a Saudi Arabia sponsored event I wouldn’t bet any money on a non radical Muslim taking over. Let us not forget that Bin Laden was also a Saudi whose father was / is a Crown Prince which means Laden himself was a member of the royalty. Don’t hear that mentioned very often do you?. I can’t imagine his family is too happy with the U.S.A.


                    • Anyone can speculate on how much the Saudi’s still have in the ground. It is what it costs to get it out of the ground that matters and they do it cheaper than anyone else. That is why home grown producers are cutting back. Just like the Russians we here can not compete with Saudi Arabia when it comes to getting it out of the ground and into the production line. The Russians bottom line is $50.00 per barrel. Here in the USA it seems a little cloudy on what that number actually is. But I know production is being scaled back as I write. Lay offs and well closures are happening.


              • DK

                The Saudi connection may be true but the wild card is fracking. If it can be replicated across the globe many nations will not need the petro dollar (or a lot less of it in reserves) as they become more energy independent.

                Their is a truism in the energy business, “No cheap (relative) supply of energy goes unused”.

                When your currency is propped up at the point of a gun it speaks volumes for its real worth.

                • oops there not their

              • Durango Kiddi… Believe it or not Saudi is part of the NWO Zio Tribe. 9-11 Do not forget who flew the planes. Its a big confusing Con Job with lots of players.

                • WWHTI: If you would read my post you will notice that I said that SA is a “lynchpin” of the NWO and that the USD is as much their currency as it is ours. 🙂

                  K2: “When your currency is propped up at the point of a gun it speaks volumes for its real worth.”

                  Whether the guns give worth to the currency or the currency gives worth to the guns is of little consequence when the two largest, lowest cost producers are SA and the USA; both of whom use the Petro Dollar to their advantage.

                  That’s the game, it is not gonna change until “free energy” is ubiquitous!!! 🙂

        • Really good point! Doomsterism is in itself as bad as ‘Hopeism’. It tries to drive people down certain paths and to be scared into making certain purchases. The important thing to remember is the super-controllers, who already own everything at the top level and are the ones who determine the prices. It works like this: they do not care if you run out and buy guns, beans and bullion or if you run out and buy a handbag, ladies underwear and a bottle of champagne. They do not care because they own the commodities and companies that make this stuff so the super-controllers get a cut no matter what you do. The same goes for the government, which will tax this stuff at every stage along the way, and then transfers this tax money to the military-industrial complex.

          The only way you can bypass this system is to actually grow and mine everything yourself and then make everything yourself: not practical for most people. The closest to this model a sovereign individual can do these days is to become your own multinational company and reap the benefits of the tax system accordingly. Create your own trading networks, your own currencies.

          • YEP , FRANK –
            “Create your own trading networks, your own currencies. ”
            It works like this for me.
            I need cash so i sell bred hiefer = $2200.00
            Buying a used haybine = a roof on the sellers house.
            There are many ways to make a living , you just gotta be creative .

            • Of course , there is a line on the tax forms for all barter and trade values.
              Gotta suport LBJ’s Great Society , dont ya know !

              • Tax authorities are ‘in the system’ guys. They base all their rules and regulations on the majority of the population filing a basic tax form and handing over the money. They leave a portion of the tax regulations for influence peddling with the elite, the so-called tax loopholes and zero tax that many corporations and wealthy individuals use. The key thing is to learn what those are and execute a double-headed tax strategy:

                Strand 1: Rework all your finances and businesses in line with what the wealthy do. Set up a family trust and a business, open offshore bank accounts, and secure a second passport and citizenship. Start saving in non-US currencies. Over time, you start to move your wealth into legal tax avoidance schemes and trusts and offshore as much of it as you can. Give yourself five years to do this: it won’t happen over night but you will find yourself gradually outside the clutches of the IRS. Ever wonder why George Clooney or other Hollywood celebs live in big houses in Europe. Tax avoidance.

                Strand 2: A new economy: establish barter prices for all your services and switch from just offering your items to any customer who comes along, to a preferred client list. Establish a good relationship with these individuals and offer to trade with each other for goods and services on per-hour-labour basis but not to charge with cash. You will now have a self-contained economy happening where wealth is created and exchanged for goods and services but no taxes are collected or charged. This will mean you can charge less than competitors because you are essentially knocking 30 per cent or more off the price. You will also stop working for the government and start working for you. This will put a spring in your step and you will be more energetic about everything you do because you will directly feel the wealth surge.

                Let’s review: your day-to-day transactions and services are now majority non-tax economy. With your remaining dollar economy transactions, you are slowly offshoring and storing this wealth in various legal tax shelters, driving down your taxes owed to mere hundreds of dollars: chump change. You will feel substantially wealthier and you will be more resilient because you will have better customers and will never be hit again with massive tax bills you can’t pay. Gradually acquire assets around the world and reduce your footprint in the US to an apartment (a very nice one, however, so you live well). In short, live light and small (but luxurious) while in the US, and live large outside the US, in your mansion overlooking the beach in Nicaragua or somewhere else. This means you get the advantages of being an American (if there are any left) and also that of being not an American (plentiful).

                Your friends will be impressed when they visit.

                “Hey, Jim, who’s that really hot babe I see hanging around your property? I’d like to meet her!!”

                “Bill, he, he: stay off her: she’s my daughter with Juanita. She’s grown hasn’t she? Off to Harvard next year: I am selling one of the properties here to pay for her tuition for four years.”

                “Wow!! Really?”

                “The best part is this: she is tons smart, really well educated in the local private school here and she just has different values so she saved lots of money doing some businesses while in high school – most with the Internet. If I had to raise her in the US in the private school system, that would have cost me a million dollars during her teens. She has taught her dad how to speak Spanish too!”

                “Well, I am jealous: I had Candy yell at me for a year because we just could not afford to send her to Yale and made her go work as a temp secretary to help with our mortgage: we found the rise in interest rates when the Fed normalized just killer. On top of it, Candy still has racked up loads of debts, I do not know how.”

                • FRANK , Reality is that it would cost more to set up those accounts than i even earn. LOL
                  Now , if i really made money , maybe so .
                  However i did find out that a trust was nessesary to transfer my farm to my kids .
                  The IRS would have otherwise gotten half of it .

              • I down thumbed you, not because it wasn’t true, but because if I barter, I’m not telling anybody anything….:) screw LBJ, he’s dead

                • IT was sarcasm ……….

                  • Oh, ok….my bad….:)

      4. But this time it really is going to crash…..Really…..Not kidding…..Ok , the other times were premature but this time is for real…Maybe.. In all honesty, I know it is going to crash, but I am one who feels like I would rather just get it over with and reset. The world as it is makes me sick, and even though it will be hell to go through, a reset is the only way.

      5. RESET

      6. Well I have hear this before.
        So let it, I’m ready.
        Got Food
        Medical supplies
        A way to heat the house.

        • Sarge, I have the same and still getting more. I feel 2015 WILL be SHTF year.

          • TRBH
            This is the year I think that it will happen. If I’m wrong that is Ok to just gives me more time to add to the stock pile.
            Going to shopping tomorrow for some foods to put away.
            Also just picked up another Nagant Barreled Action. I have all the pats to put it together for another rifle.
            Picked up more slugs for reloading been hitting the bench hard. Starting on my 38’s tomorrow (38+p’s) I just keep prepping if it falls apart, well I’m ready.

            • Sarge, I’ve got another gun show in my area for Feb. 7 and 8. I’ll be looking for a nagant; none at the last show. Going back shopping this weekend for more food and even some medical supplies. If TSHTF doesn’t happen this year, even better I say; another year to prepare and add to the stockpiles doesn’t hurt one bit. I still think it’s going down this year. Might be heading to the BOL in the spring. We’ll see.

            • Sarge, I’m not holding my breath on anything these days. Going shopping this weekend for more food and some other items. Another gun show in my area for Feb.7-8. I may look for one of those Nagants. can a scope be mounted on one of those?

              • Beaveheart you can unlink the front sight then you are left with a 3/8 (22) mount which you can mount a long eye relief scope.otherwise you will have to modify the bolt.

                • Sorry the rear sight it has a dovetail mount beneath it

              • TRBH
                Go to you tube and look at the different way to put a scope it.
                Drilled and taped-take off the rear sight-leave on the rear sight and put a scope mount, and still be able to use the rear sight. There is even a special scope mount for a HEX receiver.

                • TRBH
                  I did it to mine, piece of cake! If I can do it, you can as well. Just get the “bent-bolt” mod from any of the online providers. Works extremely well.

            • Sarge,
              I took my wife to the gun store, & she picked out a Ruger 38+P for herself. I wouldn’t have picked that one, but that is what she wanted. Now, after we have shot it, saw how accurate it is, learned that my brother has one for PC, I’m glad she chose that one. I might even buy one for myself.

      7. I have been listening to a song called : “When Banksters do rope dance”.

        • Stolz, how about “When Banksters HANG By Ropes”.

          • brave, that’s the first step, dance comes next but I’ll enjoy both phases.

      8. The chickens will come home to roost one day.

        • Our chickens come home to roost every night. The Buff orpingtons and rhode island reds are way smarter than most. YMMV.

        • …and they’ll also find all their nests are empty…

        • Braveheart—-

          Here’s a supporting document, per Stolz’s link/data …you may want to review..
          ..then ask yourself:..

 far have we progressed since 1963!


          • Hunter and Stolz, thanks, but I’ve already had a copy of that list since the 90s. We won’t save this country without bloodshed, that’s for sure.

      9. “Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: unrelenting class warfare and the complete eradication of private ownership.”
         Pope Pius XI

        “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property”
         Karl Marx

        “Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.”
         John Fitzgerald Kennedy (35th US President (1961-63), 1917-1963

      10. “It’s quite simple, really. When we can no longer borrow money, it’s over.”

        Wrong. Were that true, it would already be over.

        When we ran out of enough legitimate lenders (folks that buy our bonds), the FED stepped in and began buying up to 50-60% of new debt. They buy it directly, and by floating new digitized money thru other countries, making it appear they are buying our debt. (Look up the Belgium story, for example. In the year 2013-14, the amount of US debt Belgium held went up by almost as much as the entire tax revenue, or 40% of their GPD of the country, for that year….clearly impossible…so HOW did it happen ?)

        So it will NOT be over ‘when we can’t borrow’….it will be over when the rest of the world calls our bluff, and quits accepting US dollars for anything of value. THEN it will be over.

        • Yes, good point

        • “Sokath, his eyes uncovered!”

          • shaka, when the walls fell 🙁

            • I’m having the weirdest experience. I know what you guys are talking about, even something about what these mean revelation and failure. BUT, I have no Idea where it came from? Maybe “Next Generation”?

              Thanks for the mind blast this morning – the differences between Semantic and Episodic memory are indeed something to ponder.

      11. What’s Putin up to? Strangely quiet over there…

        • Still waters run deep…….

        • Putin could be planning a “surprise” for us?

          • Putin is waiting for our bungler-in-chief to make an idiot of himself again. Russia is not the aggressor here, so obviously, they are waiting for us to make our next stupid move.

        • probly busy dealing with the reality of how much the sanctions are actually effecting russia. dem be some pricey potatoes for a putin.

          • Just wait until it’s OUR TURN…then let’s see that smirk.

      12. Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, currently of Boston Univ., and formerly on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers – last I read – said total unfunded liabilities were $222 trillion, perhaps around a year ago.

        War on Poverty – of which Detroit is the poster child, as the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program – has now spent around $20 trillion by some estimates. Don’t wonders to reduce poverty, hasn’t it, with ~ 47 mm still on food stamps (up from 32 mm when Obungler took over).

        “Socialism (lit gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850. And why yes, you ARE correct: Leftists still have no idea why this has never worked, can never work, and will never work. But… they are SURE they are so smart they will get it right this time, the 9,786th time. Just ask Hilary’s apparatchiks.

      13. Time to turn in the pennies to the bank……copper anyone?

        • Do you mean Copper Jacketed?

        • Jim,keep my 81 and back pennies as mostly copper,same with nickels a few years back I keep.They have some metal value beyond as a coin and occasionally find a old wheat back/real silver ect. as I sort thru change.I have possesion of gold and silver but tis a fun way to get more into “metals”!

          • WD

            They were talking about changing the metal composition of the Nickel in 2014. Did they do it? Was going to be zinc based like the penny.

            • Not yet. Still nickel. Kyle Bass, the hedge fund mgr, bought I forget how man millions in nickels – if there is inflation,tho they legally can’t be melted, they will still fetch a premium; and if there is deflation, they will still be worth their face value. Plus, ain’t no one going to rob your house and run off with $500 of nickels. I have a couple hundred bucks, and they are HEAVY and bulky. I just throw all my nickels in a bucket – have quite a few now. You can also get rolls from the bank if you want to start a mini-Kyle Bass approach.

            • I believe so,they feel different,gonna do a net search on that one.

          • Pennies and nickels may have some value someday, but as of now they have no great melt value. 81 and older pennies are around 1 3/4 and nickles are only worth around 4 cents. Nickels as of 2015 are still 75% copper and 25% nickel. Trekker Out.

          • I hear everyone worrying about alloys, insisting on all-copper, but when it actually comes to USING THE METAL, whatever else is in there won’t really matter, unless you’re going for something high tech or precision. I know people will argue with this, but I don’t care, I think some people are just too hung up on purity, especially when it comes to metals with minimal bulk value, like copper.

            I also think things will be far too expensive after a reset, to make copper a viable trade item…in short, I don’t think we’ll even need penny values post-shtf.

      14. Socialism works just fine until you…………………….
        Run out of other peoples money.

        (Raise those taxes again! Print more money! This is going to work if it kills US!)

        • Margaret Thatcher

      15. Yep, 2015 looks pretty good to me.

      16. Comment from an oil field producer with 31 years in the business:

        “This is dire folks. We have no debt and are in survival mode. Guys who bought production for a high dollar may not last a couple months without bank co-operation.

        Every service rig is parked. I’m afraid to talk to guys I’m friends (with) in the local industry. This is just like the feeling we had in 2008-2009.

        …That money you saved for a rainy day? It’s pouring. Time to use it.

        Worse than the above is having men and women who bust their buts for you out in the field and in the office and seeing the fear. And though you try and reassure them, but they and you know that all is unknown.”

        Can’t add much to that…

      17. All this doom and gloom. The America’s( North and South) can do quite well and prosper without the rest of the world. Don’t like our money? Fine eat what your own country produces. Use your own resources to keep your advanced industrial complex humming along. Use your own resources to defend your boarders. We Americans will do just fine without Europeans, Africans, and Asians.
        I personally look forward to a deep economic depression. It will kill off all the speculators that have driven our prices through the roof. EPA will be put out of a job, so our industry can once again function. We can build semiconductors, robots, Most that stuff is designed here anyway. We can actually re-work our society, and kill off oppressive our European based Marxist ideals in favor of freedom. A thing that has only ever existed in America.

        • Parasites only die off after their hosts die.

          Meaning it will need to get much worse and must stay bad for a long time before it gets any better. Once all the parasites are dead, society can rebuild, but if it rebuilds too soon parasites will build with it.

          • And the richest parasites have bought more time than most of us have, so what does that tell you?

            We’ll probably have to drag them out of their bunkers and help them alone some…

        • Keep in mind the world is they way it is because of America. You would need to first kill off the Walmart economy and get back to building local wealth and buying mostly local things. That would mean most things would be more expensive at first. On the plus side, it would not be cheap crap like we get from China. You could have quality products like Detroit’s Shinola watches and bikes.

      18. Looks like the Bluebird of Happiness is being replaced with the Chicken of Depression.

      19. communism or socialism is not the threat

        THE threat is corporatism

        we have turned into a kleptocracy or a corporate oligarchy if you prefer

        • Satori, call it any “ISM”. All ends in the hand of ZIONISM. This is the cancer eating the world since they are in full control of all existing “ism’s”.

          We complain about the EBT users in the U.S., these Zionists have been EBT users not by choice rather by force collecting ransoms for their imaginary fake 6 million numbers for decades. Speaking of free loaders!!!!

      20. The war will happen first this will usher in the market crash I’m a truck driver and if there is war going on my ass is not gonna be behind a wheel to deliver peoples shit. I’m gonna be home with the family strapped eating good I don’t need to work that bad I can make it for a long time without $ I have things I can do at home to keep busy. I don’t care if food makes it to the market for the sheep fuck em it’s their problem I don’t care if people starve they should have put things back like I did I will throw the job away at that point. Me and the wife have discussed this and I will park the truck and head home I drive locally so I’m home every nite I am not a gypsy . when the people are sick of war and want to rebuild I will resurface to drive for twice the rate of pay or nothing I’m not desperate and don’t really need $ that bad. I have been flat broke and know how to survive without $ being poor you learn how to make it happen. It’s the only good thing about poverty. Poor folks are more able to cope with violence skipping meals the streets lack of medical care. It’s not pretty folks and you never forget where you came from. And it’s always in the back of your mind that it may come back. I will run my mouth and suffer the consequences some will say I’m a fool. And that’s ok I would rather suffer poverty and keep my dignity intact I can live with that. It not a pride thing it’s just the way it is for me. I ready for the long grind.i don’t have any debt . Everything’s paid off and it will be defended fiercely

        • Im with you on that, same here in a way, like hell if ill be delivering anything anywhere, more likely ill be sitting tight tightening things up here at home, dont really care how badly the stores need veggies to feed the boneheads.

      21. We still got a little while. Make the most of it. My hunting season was pretty good this year. For that I am grateful. Hopefully I’ll get to add some fish to that. Gonna do some canning and jerky making soon. Bacon went on sale here this week. 2.99 a pound for the thick sliced, apple wood smoked. Gonna pick up 15 pounds to freeze.

        • Bacon for $2.99 a pd is a deal, here it was up to $7 bucks a pd once, now it’s $4.59 in one store and on sale at another three pds for ten dollars, but the stores are so far away.

      22. It seems to be falling apart everywhere. The survivors will be those that prepped.

        • Those who prepped and didn’t get it taken from them…

      23. Imagine that government would work to create an environment that would liable the average American citizen as an eminent threat? That based on our individual thoughts and ideas we’re considered a threat to national security?

        This is the place we now find ourselves, but imagine for a moment how we arrived here, imagine the situation room meetings over the past six years.

        Think about the things this administration has said they want to do, think about the responses of agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA, even if on board with self-destruction they’d lay out the reality of the fact that at a minimum 50 million people with guns in America will rise up at some point, that the progressive plan to enslave a nation will end in massive bloodshed.

        This is why the 2nd amendment is under attack, this is why they shift the idea of criminal gun violence onto the law abiding citizen. Freedom is nothing but a word to the vermin, it’s a word used to manipulate the masses, and we need to remember that freedom is not just a word but an idea that will never die, not even in the face of tyranny.

        • And it may need to be preserved with our blood, so be it.

      24. Is the economic crisis going to affect the bad teachers who work in the Toronto District School Board in Canada?

        The provincial government is forcing their explicit Sexual Education agenda from September 2015 onwards, and it looks as if the TDSB cannot wait to corrupt the lives of thousands of children.

        And did you know that the TDSB created a policy which makes public nudity exempt from the Criminal Code? This is because the TDSB believes that nudity is a form of rebellion for the LGBTQ and feminist movement.

        This means that if a teacher exposes himself/herself to students, the TDSB will prevent the federal laws from enforcement because public nudity and corrupting morals of children are criminal offences, and for a good reason, we do not want strangers to corrupt our children.

        Can the American people learn from the experiences of the TDSB and stand up against the Marxist indoctrination and reclaim the land of the free and home of the brave from the neo-Marxist agenda?

        The world depends on you Americans to stand up for what is right. You still have your little freedoms left.

        Do you think that if SHTF was a Canadian blog that they would approve this comment which is critical of the Toronto District School Board? Nope! This shows how BIG government can stifle individual liberties.

        Protect your children from the Ontario government’s Sexual Eduation Programme!

        • “…makes public nudity exempt from the Criminal Code?”

          Yippeee! Streakin’ is comin’ back.

        • Sounds like you Canadians need to do some standing up of your own—we’ve got our own problems, and most likely won’t get time to deal with yours for you. You don’t need us, you need to grow a pair of your own.

      25. Psssssssssst… Anybody wanna buy a watch? Top quality, special price.

      26. I need a good how-to -can veggies video. Any suggestions? Or maybe a book.

        • Southside;
          A real good reference in the “Ball canning book”.

          • It’s actually a requirement I think. The Ball “complete book of home preserving” is good too.

          • Like Skeptic stated,
            The Ball Blue Book, don’t pay any attention to anything that isn’t in there, things our grand mothers done is not safe today, you’ll have people telling you things that they can and other things that are not in the book, but you have to research it good. Botulism food poisoning is a bitch.

        • It is called….doing an internet search!

          Got google?

      27. Just saw on news that the gov is putting pressure on credit card company’s who allow gun purchases I would cancell that card right away if it was me but I paid cash for mine but just goes to show you they are desperate to keep people from guns . Hey po,d that deer sausage is good stuff and the blackstrap too .I don’t hunt but I should .I’ve seen chest freezers full of meats at no cost there is some big bucks around here . The bacon is a good call I got a chest freezer from someone for free but it is not plugged in I’m a little nervous about storing frozen meats because last summer power went out during hurricane for a week people lost 100s of dollars of food. I’ve had the freezer for a few years now it waiting for a deer gotta make some time for hunting.

      28. I stopped coming here off and on yrs ago because of the stories, they’re the same stories month after month, just with new titles, can’t you find new things to write about, there’s nothing but fear mongering all the time, but it’s the same thing week after week with new titles., actually, there’s no difference between this site and the Economic Crash site.

        • old70

          Although on a grand scale I can agree, I can also tell you that the main difference between this site and others is you clicked on this one.

          Learn to read all things with a grain of salt so to speak, and disregard that which seems to upset, think of these fear mongering articles as nothing more then a spark that allows you to think of what is possible not what is.

          • The articles for topic conversation is the soup at the top.

            The real meat and potatos are down deeper, in the comments section.

            You gotta stir thru it all, to find the good stuff.

            • That’s what I do…

        • yep same shit different year.

      29. plop plop
        fizz fizz
        Oh what a relief it is


      30. the zio.jew.nazi’s did 9/11!

        • Why are so many people anti-Israel? I try my best to follow the instructions of the Bible and find that it recommends praying for Israel’s peace… I love JESUS and try my best to please him as he is my Lord… I Don’t get it… Are most people Antichrist today? I’d rather help a Jewish person in genuine need than anybody… I LOVE THE JEWS… Sorry if that offends anybody… I LOVE JESUS.

          • YL, I feel you are trying to be a good christian but you are confusing a group of people living in an area called “Israel” with a bloodline called Israel that is descended from Abraham, Issac, And Jacob.
            The people we call “Jews” are descended from Esau/Edom, not Jacob.
            The bible tells us that the true Israelites would lose their identity but in the latter days would regain their identity as true Israel. Read John 8:44, Jesus told the Jews they were of their father Satan and not His father. I know this is a shock to those who have been fed the prpaganda that the “Jews” are God’s chosen but the bible has about 20 indicators to lead you to recognize who true Israel is. Three main charecteristics of true Israel are (1)They will number the earth like the sands of the sea and the stars of the heavens. (2)They would set up a multitude of nations. (3)They would be benificial to all nations.
            If you are honest with yourself you will realize the people called “Jews” (1)are one of the smallest groups of people on earth. (15-18 million total.) (2)Have NEVER set up a multitude of nations. They stole “their” nation from the Palestinians and are murdering them for being so unkind as to complain and fight back against the theft. They have financially ruined many nations with their money changing and parasitic business practices. (3) They aren’t benificial to any nation unless you consider a tick benificial to a dog! They are parasitic by nature, they can’t survive unless the have a host country to suck the blood out of.
            Study the Jewish Talmud to find out what they really think of our savior Jesus. The Talmud is pornographic trash!
            Get out of 501c3 “Jew-deo Christian” churches that the false “profits” run and study true Christianity to rid your mind of the cognitive disonance caused by years of Judeo-Christianity which is not true Christianity at all. It’s like a virgin whore, there is no such thing, Babalonian Judaism has perverted true christianity to the point that only a small remnant will be saved.

            • Mark:

              You tied the TRUTH up in a neat little package for Yid and others searching for truth. Thanks!

              • Yeah, and YOU continue to do NOTHING but sit on your aging ass and bitch all day. The shit gets old real fucking quick, every day the same shit over and over. Why the fuck bother if your impotent to actually DO anything about it? You must like the sound of listening to your lips flapping all the time like a broken fucking record. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT Or SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

                • ditto.

                  • Go piss up a rope sixer, YOU’VE been a constant bitch since this site began.

                    • GLAD I COULD BE OF SERVICE, FVCKHEAD…you said you like that sort of thing. You know, coming and setting others straight on their issues, because you know more than the rest of us.

                      You are absolutely right—I am not only a bitch, but a very good one. I AM A LEADER IN MY FIELD.

                    • You asked for it sixer, if you cant take the truth then maybe you should keep your God damn comments to yourself in the future, if not, then be prepared to hear responses.

                • F’n M Hillbilly:

                  Hows the weather in Tel Aviv? Nuttyyahoo sending you a check to stalk truth tellers?

                  • What a pathetic old fuck you are! Also goes for your chicken shit friend wtti. It’s time for both of you to take the eskimo way of thinning the herd when you’ve become old and useless, find an iceflow and get on it and simply drift down the river and become fish food you useless old pos.

                  • To Mac Slavo,

                    I see you censored my 2 responses here, now I don’t mind your anti discrimination policy here but it says a lot about YOU as a man the way you SELECTIVELY enforce it. Some people are allowed to say the most vile things you could ever see posted anywhere, and they always seem to be the SAME ones. Than others are deleted by your personal whim, likely because of WHO the comment is directed toward instead of the actual comments. If I’m wrong about this, please enlighten me, although I have to say I’m not REALLY expecting you to respond to this.

                    • Mac, we all know who this really is, before he was etch-a-sketch…

                    • Mac Slavo,

                      I issue an apology to you. You DID post my comments after all and did not censor me. I stand corrected.

                    • No apology needed FMH — thanks for contributing.

                      The only reason I would not post a comment is if it’s a comment clearly designed to degrade a particular race or creed (legitimate debate is fine, even if it is racially sensitive), is repetitive (same stuff over and over), or is repeatedly disparaging to a particular individual (targeting the same person with the same type of comment without any sort of actual legitimate argument). Disagreement with someone’s view is not enough for me to delete a comment.

                      All I ask is that we have constructive conversation without constantly hammering or belittling each other to oblivion.



              • Granny. I gave you a green thumbs up. Glad you are awake. Peace out.

                • Hey there wtti, so NOW you LIKE the thumbs system that you’ve been bitching about forever you old fucking woman? What a useless pos you are old geezer, try jumping in front of a train sometime.

            • Thanks Mark. Think I’ll keep on lovin’ though, can’t go too far wrong doing that. Bye.

      31. If it went down like this (IF)… of course there would be a military confrontation. Would you really want to just roll over and turn into Zimbabwe without a fight?

        These foreign leaders better think this through a bit better, because one nuclear submarine can really wreck your day. To say nothing of your economy. In this hypothetical, ours is already wrecked so whatever.

        I hold out some hope still for the Thorium thing and the OTEC thing. Of course it would be China going for the gold on these. I could live with being China’s Great Britain.

      32. And once everyone has these technologies… kiss the Carter Doctrine goodbye at long last (from… at long last… lack of necessity). I would not shed a single tear about that one. Oh darn, all the Middle East has to offer then… is sand. Gee shucks, we’d love to send military aid but… you know what? Fuck it.

      33. Hell anyone with a one cell brain or higher knows it’s going to crash, but the problem is WHEN. It’s going to carry on like this till TPTB put an end to it, only wild card is Mother Nature or maybe so idiot with a nuke. Yea prepare for the event, well for us the best prep was to live as close to what we think a collapse would be like. Let me tell you it’s hard and tuff, but you can get a feel for some of the things that are going to happen. Yes I know I can’t with work and all, but try you will be glad you did, hey it’s still going on, we take that as a blessing to continue to prepare with a little different knowledge on how and what to do. Live on what you are putting back, heat and cook with what you think you’ll have, little things that you’ll master now will be large things then; a life saver tomorrow. Why do you have inter-net, electricity, running water etc. some of the blessings and yes you still can live like it could be then. Another reason is loose lips sink ships you should know what that means. Look you’ll learn that some things you just can’t live without are totally un-needed and some things you thought where un-need are truly life- saving. If you don’t try to live it you may never know how when it happens. So my preparing tip for today is; live it now as best as you can now before you have to for real.

      34. True all the rear mongering articles I read em I get pissed off about it all but I focus on what I have control over and work with that what else can you do people constantly improve your situation the worst feeling is having no options.

        • “Rear mongering” that is what TPTB is doing to the ostriches out there…….

      35. Good thing I’ve been practicing being poor.
        Every year since I don’t know when was going to be the year the economy was going to collapse. Just look at youtube. But I think this year is different. It feels like a hurricane is sitting off the coast building up energy.
        People know there is something coming,they just don’t know what it is or what to do about it.
        I don’t know if the whole economy is going to collapse but I do know that it won’t get any better.
        Society as a whole is collapsing all around us, and none of us can stop it. All I can say is, get away from people. They are the problem.

        • I’m lucky as I don’t have to practice to be poor, I just dream about being rich going on seventy six yrs now.

      36. Best Buy

        Forecast store closings: 200 to 250

        Sears Holding Corp.

        Forecast store closings: Kmart 175 to 225, Sears 100 to 125

        J.C. Penney

        Forecast store closings: 300 to 350

        Office Depot

        Forecast store closings: 125 to 150

        Barnes & Noble

        Forecast store closings: 190 to 240, per company comments


        Forecast store closings: 500 to 600


        Forecast store closings: 150 to 175


        Forecast store closings: 450 to 550

        Macy’s is closing 14 of its 790 stores across the country.

        JCPenney is closing 39 of its stores and laying off 2,250 workers.

        Sears has been around for 122 years, but it, too, is closing 235 under-performing stores.

        C. Wonder, the preppy retailer, is going out of business, closing all 11 of its U.S. stores in the next few weeks.

        Wet Seal is closing 338 retail stores while dealing with bankruptcy proceedings. Nearly 3,700 full- and part-time workers will be unemployed.

        Aeropostale, suffering from declining sales, closed 75 stores during the holiday season, which runs from November through January. And in 2015, they expect to close an additional 50 to 75 stores.

        RadioShack, which is negotiating with lenders to gain approval to shutter 1,100 stores, said last month that it closed 175 locations in 2014.

        This is how we’ll be affected:

        The price of everything is going to go up because wary distributors are going to try to recoup what they’ve lost from these companies that went under, while transporters increase prices to try to cover losses.
        Jobs will be even harder to get than they were previously – and looking at the unemployment rates, it was pretty darned difficult before.
        When people have no jobs, they spend no money, crushing the manufacturer’s and retailer’s economy even more.
        As financial desperation increases, so will crime. And it won’t just be property crime – expect an uptick in violence as property owners fight back.

        • Cesar’s Palace filed bankruptcy, chapter 11 today.

          • Woogie.

            “Great Caesar’s Ghost”

            • Take a look at “Apollo” who is filing that bankruptcy at Caesars. Their investments and their investors/creditors must be just a little nervous right now. Their ‘fingers’ are everywhere.

        • EOTS

          So what does it all mean these store closures? No more selling overseas junk in America. At least not as much. Hope the Newbies have been paying attention to what works and what doesn’t. Saves time and money. Old Preppers have some hefty stuff and in some cases gone back to old tried and true tooling. Two K-Marts gone in my area. The small strip Malls stores don’t last a year.
          There are more homes empty in my neighborhood than ever.
          Even with gas prices down. More people taking the bus, biking or walking. More hit and runs too.

          Oh, but wait a minute.
          The gas prices are down and the politicians want to add on another increase in gas taxes.

      37. Facts be dammed, Feelings be dammed. No matter what you think, see or feel keep on prepping.

        Prepping for me is my hobby. It is what I do. A true 1 percenter. It is part of my life and I enjoy it. If or as I believe when my preps are needed, they will be there.

        I enjoy and get a comfortable feeling when I look at what I have done / accumulated. A great sense of security.

        As for my weapons and ammunition. I like shooting, I enjoy it like others like to fish or put together models.

        After all these years of doing prepping I am set except for maintaining what I have. I will never go without, ever!


        • And by the way, SHTF Plan of which I have been reading for at least 6 years is what pushed me to finish up my preps. Whether a collapse of whatever kind happens or not I have been made aware by this site. Big thanks to Mac for all his hard work.


      38. FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!
        OMG i cant believe what i just read

        “At first I thought they were sledge hammers or baseball bats,” he explained. ”I took it all home, then I saw the guns. I started panicking and just called the police. It was pretty scary.”


        People when I say were doomed ,, its because idiots like this actually exist .. SMDH

        • Enemy – Now that is pretty Pathetic, Fear of guns and ammo?? They are Brainwashed Slaves over there in the UK. I would have brought them home oiled and lubed them up really well with grease, and reburied them in a better spot of my choosing wrapped in a sealed container. They will need to make good use of them coming up.

        • I would’ve put that away soooo fast, the dust wouldn’t have had time to resettle…

      39. Washington and its agencies are literally spending billions of taxpayer dollars annually under the convenient guise of the “war on terror”, which in fact turns out to be a hidden war against its own citizens, now deprived of basic human rights. But what makes it even worse is that it’s pushing its satellite countries to launch an all-out offensive against the civil liberties of Europe and beyond.

        Yet another secret project codenamed Prism established by the NSA and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), allowed intelligence agencies to establish close partnerships with major IT companies back in 2007, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple. Such cooperation allows the secret services to read private e-mails and monitor the transfer of files throughout global information space. This allows the NSA to control sovereign leaders, business representatives, and foreign diplomats as has been repeatedly reported on by various international media outlets and everything you say , do, or look at on the internet

      40. In a stunning Tuesday report, Gallup CEO and Chairman Jim Clifton revealed that “for the first time in 35 years, American business deaths now outnumber business births.”

        Clifton says for the past six years since 2008, employer business startups have fallen below the business failure rate, spurring what he calls “an underground earthquake” that only stands to worsen as lagging U.S. Census data becomes available.

        “Let’s get one thing clear: This economy is never truly coming back unless we reverse the birth and death trends of American businesses,” writes Clifton.

        Clifton says 20 million of these so-called “businesses” are merely companies on paper with zero workers, profits, customers, or sales. In reality, America has just 6 million businesses with one or more employers–3.8 million of which have four or fewer employees. In total, these 6 million U.S. companies provide jobs for more than 100 million people in America.

        “I don’t want to sound like a doomsayer, but when small and medium-sized businesses are dying faster than they’re being born, so is free enterprise,” says Clifton. “And when free enterprise dies, America dies with it.”

        • May he wake up to the fact that, that is the plan.

      41. how much you wanna make a bet that your tax return this year is going to get hit big time by Obamas ACA

        either by you having to pay..or by getting way less back

        mark my words

        • I agree in part. Your tax return will be delayed until Oct 2015. What happened to charging them interest for that? Does anyone have any info on that?

      42. The government announced “Expect a delay in tax returns”. They have to borrow the money to pay back overpayments.

      43. Might happen in our lifetimes but when I’m. 80 ….Who Cares

        • Hey Rich, nothing is gonna happen and all the big gum flappers and chest pounders KNOW it. THAT’S why they all blow the heroic hot air out their asses all day because they’re gonna be as safe as if they were in their momma’s arms because they KNOW most of this shit is total nonsense, like all their big bluff N’ stuff comments about ” standing tall against evil”. Hot air and pipe dreams.

          • Why are you here? What’s your usual pseudonym? Trying to make it appear like somebody agrees with you?

            • I’m hear to call out all you bullshitters on your endless parade of drooling gibberish about things that you KNOW inherently have a small, if any chance of happening. Next question?

          • Exactly

      44. Everybody needs to do something! All this get off your ass and do something.

        What the fuck is something. Go to the court house and picket. Call your Congress Critter. Sign a petitions. Write a Newspaper article. Join a Militia. Start your own Militia. Buy guns, ammo and food. Join the NRA. Riot! Storm the Police Station or City Hall.

        What the Fuck is something. Define it!

        • Then don’t bitch about stuff it you aren’t willing to do something about it !!!
          What’s the point of bitching then ……do you think the goons are gonna feel bad for you and have a change of heart ?

      45. Gold – It is not finished until the fat-lady sings

        Posted on January 12, 2015 by Martin Armstrong

        GCSF-D 1-11-2015 GCNYNF-D 1-11-2015

        QUESTION: Hi Martin

        All the goldbugs are out screaming the low is in ad gold is rising. Why is it rising with all the deflation? Should we be double checking something here



        ANSWER: When they scream and there remains dead-silence, it is not finished until the fat-lady sings, as they say about operas. The screamers are those you have something to sell

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