*Video* La Raza Call For Revolution: ‘Where We Now Stand Is Stolen Occupied Mexico’

by | May 8, 2010 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    An LA teacher/professor calls for revolution in the name of reclaiming what originally belonged to Mexico at a La Raza UCLA rally.

    Why is it that these people, these frill, racist, white people want to keep us out of this country?

    We have a long history in example of our commandante, Fidel Castro. We have Hugo Chavez, Eva Moralzez, we have Brazil, Ecuador, you name it.

    We no longer will fall to these lies called borders.

    We see ourselves, all of us here, as the Northern front of a Latin American revolutionary movement.  There are more than 40 million of our people north of the Rio Grande. That means to them that’s 40 million potential revolutionaries north of the border inside the belly of the beast.

    Our enemy is the same enemy as Hugo Chavez had…  Our enemy is the same enemy that keeps Africa poor. Our enemy is the same enemy that keeps Asia poor. Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.

    This is a developing story and we’ll advise readers as soon as the Department of Homeland Security releases a threat assessment and report on the possibility of violent uprising from pro-Castro, pro-Chavez communist revolutionaries within the borders of the United States.



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      1. Mexicans are a product of the Spaniards coming across the sea and having wild sex parties with the Indians.
        This land rightfully belongs to the Indians if you want to get right down to it.
        Pretty soon the French are going to demand we give back Louisiana. Sheesh!

      2. That guy is a professor?   Can somebody notify the Dean at UCLA please;  or at the very least, Human Resources?  “The only subject this guy is classified to teach is “ Guerrilla Warfare 101.”   This is why a college education at a California University is a complete waste of time and money.   The universities are overrun by these liberal whack-jobs.  I was born and raised in LA and make no mistake, it is very dangerous to be here right now.  We had 11 homicides last week alone.  LA will be ground zero for TEOTWAKI in the USA.   Time to pack up the U Haul and head to Northern Arizona.  Si se puede!  Adios!

      3. If this video doesn’t make you wanna buy a gun and some ammo I don’t know what will.

      4. Blood on the border. Lots of blood. Let your revolution begin La Raza, then DC and NYC will wake up to what the American people already know: the truth; that the Satanic Catholic Priesthood, conceived, designed, developed and implemented an invasion plan of the USA to fill their vacant pews and empty coffers. And more important to these Satanic priests; to perpetuate new generations of children to abuse, sodomize, and impoverish.

        The perverted catholic priesthood is an abomination as great as the Nazi’s or communism ever was. Worse really, because they come in sheep’s clothing to destroy the innocence of children in the name of Christ. Nothing is as Satanic as this priesthood. It is Evil Incarnate. It is global in scope. It must be stooped. It must be destroyed. It is anti-christ.

        The invasion is a plan of conquest designed to be subsidized by Americans themselves, through St. Mary’s Food banks across the nation and federal financial assistance to Hispanic families, that would support the illegal invaders, and operate as a supply line for their dissimination throughout the United States.

        Do not be deceived. This is an insidious plan designed to displace our Western European Civilization with a Catholic Empire. We understand that Catholic History. It is filled with war, persecution, poverty, and death for average people. 

        Illegal foreign nationals MUST go home: voluntarily or by force. Wake up white America, they are crying “racism” to pacify you through a “shame” that doesn’t belong to you. This war is not a race war. It is a cultural war where Mexican Nationals want to impose their culture and their language upon US, with Narco-Terrorists as their ruling class.

        The Age of White Guilt is over! Fight back! Your civilization is at risk!

      5. It’s no wonder little Barry refuses to do his job and protect our border-he doesn’t want to step on the toes of his Marxist brothers-in-arms Castro, Chavez and Morales.  If these Bolshevik illegal immigrants are spoiling for a fight I reckon they’ll get one, soon enough.  They better be careful what they wish for.

      6. Zukadu,

        Wow! That was quite a rant! I mean, I don’t necessarily disagree, however, I would like some more details about this. I mean, we have the Zionist Conspiracy Theorists, the Elite Conspiracy Theorists (which the Zionists say is the same thing…) and now, you, the Catholic Conspiracy Theorist. Personally, I have a feeling that The Zionist and Catholic theorists might be on the same page. Not sure.

        But, either way, this vid clip is just disgusting. Do they want us to just start shooting them? I mean, really, if you’ve been to the southern border then you know its populated with mostly people of hispanic geneology. However, if you assumed that they would side with this latino scum, you would be wrong! The people down there (southern New Mexico) look just like the illegals, have an accent much like the illegals (even though they don’t know a word of spanish and have been Americans for 7 or 8 generations) but they are AMERICANS and they feel even more strongly about this than we do up North. The old paradigm “you can’t judge a book by its cover” applies here. White guilt? No. I think we have a problem with AMERICAN guilt. For some reason we’ve had less corruption in this country (though we are trying our best to catch up!!!) and this has made us UBER-prosperous. …and many feel guilty about that, or, at least, try to make use that don’t feel guilty about it.

        I’m telling you, those people down south, if they were to step accross the border, you’d shoot them by mistake! This is a criminal mexican problem. An illegal immigrant problem. This has nothing to do with the fine people of hispanic geneology. This is not about race. This is about Mexican corruption.

        White guilt? No. American guilt? Yes. Why are there so many people appologizing for being what we are? We have the Applogizer In Chief clear on down to the average Joe. Have we become too charitable?

      7. Homeland Security and the administration are too busy developing contingency plans to quell the peaceful,  middle age-Senior Citizen uprisings in this country, you know, the tea parties.  Much larger threat to their jobs than violent fellow marxist revolutionaries like la raza.

      8. This is exactly what I have been talking about on this website. Theese groups are prevalent in the south west. The Brown berets de Aztlan,MeCha and LA Raza are all neo Chicano Marxist separatist groups. They share one belief with us though. They know the US is on a decline,they know we will have a hyperstagflationary depression and that we will collapse. However they say that at that time they will lead a separatist revolution to take all the “lost territories” back and form “Aztlan.” This precisely what I keep saying America is a powderkeg ready to explose. When you have such distrust between races,all the races and factions are heavily armed it will end in blood
        You patriots in the southwest have to band together because these groups have the support of Mexico,Central America,and South America. America is going dissolve in a multifactional ethnic civil war. Martial law is impossible the govt does not have the man power to do it and the people will resist it.  When you have the black Panther Party,nation of Islam Security force,the white Aryan Resistance,La Raza, and other hate goups vs patriotic militas vs gangs vs elements of the federal govt it will end bad. Patriots you have to tkae these groups seriously. If we do not investigate them as a hate group and ignore them. The south west states will be battlegrounds like Kosovo.
        People America is going to dissolve into chaos. We have become too tribal. America is going to balkanized into different factions. When the shtf thses communist groups will have a Ho chi Minh trail border and will get weapons from Mexico,and South America. But the patriots in Texas,New Mexico,California,Nevada, Colorado, etc will give em a fight. America was born in blood. America suckled on blood. America gorged on blood and grew
        into a giant, and America will drown in blood. This is the spectre that is haunting America,
        the spectre of Civil War II, a second civil war that will shatter America into several new
        ethnically-based nations. Many will denounce this truth as racist and as a call to violence.
        It is neither. Rather, it is the result of an objective examination of the historic, demographic,
        political, economic, and military developments that are relentlessly propelling America
        towards a second civil war. Simply and directly put, America will explode in tribal warfare in
        our lifetime and shatter into several new ethnically-based nations.” Civil War II

      9. This is a developing story and we’ll advise readers as soon as the Department of Homeland Security releases a threat assessment and report on the possibility of violent uprising from pro-Castro, pro-Chavez communist revolutionaries within the borders of the United States………..

        I’ll be sure to hold my breath. LOL  So many anti-American agendas, so little time. Another taxpayer funded, government sponsored attack against American sovereignty, and one more reason to diversify into locks, stocks, and barrels.

      10. I have a question. Everybody, from the lowest ranking Border Patrol agent to the highest ranking officials in Washington, has known there is a problem with illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America entering  the US. This has been going on for years. It has not been addressed by either political party when they have had the power to do so. It was not addressed after 9-11, when it would have been the most obvious time to do so. So, my question is “Why do neither of the two major political parties, require the present laws on the books concerning illegal immigration be enforced?  It cannot be votes, because illegals cannot vote. There is much more to this than simple votes. All the BS about terrorism (you remember that scare tactic from the Bush administration) and armed Mexican drug cartels come across the border at will. Answer’s anyone?

      11. SD Mule:   It is about votes for both parties. The republicans (read unfettered capitalists) want to exploit Illegals financially at the expense of working Americans by exploding the labor supply for the benefit of their lobbyists (i.e. US Chamber of Commerce member corporations). They give lip service to taxpayers while courting the Mexican American community for votes to stay in power during close elections. 

        Wages are a function of the supply and demand for labor. Thats why American families have required in most cases (except for the capitalists themselves) two working spouses to get by. This has eroded the traditional family model (which republicans say they support) and real family values, creating the society which we have today. For the republicans, its ALL about the money at the expense of the taxpayer, and even at the expense of the America ideal.

        The nuclear family is being systematically destroyed in America by the perverts in the left wing of the democratic party so they can feel normal when they are totally abnormal. This is being pushed by a “liberation theology” expoused by the left wing catholic church that is led by perverted priests, using the catholic faith, as a tool for personal financial support, to propagate their abominations and anti-christ behavior. For them its all about the power and the money. The money flows from their power to deceive the masses while quietly perpetrating the most heinous crimes in the name of Christ.

        So it is about the votes. It is about the power those votes possess. But mostly it is about the money that flows to those that get the votes. Its ALWAYS about the money and what that money will buy. We learned that from “Deepthroat” and Watergate.

      12. NatRanger: Glad you appreciated the post. Just trying to connect the dots for any American who will open his/her mind to consider my opinion. Make NO mistake. I am not against the Catholic Faith.   I personally accept many but not all of the tenants of the Catholic Faith, though I am not now, nor have I ever been Catholic. However I did read Acquinas considerably, many years ago.

        I am against its perverted priesthood who are committing the most evil crimes against the most innocent and defenseless of human beings all over the world in the name of Christ. I do not blame catholics for the crimes of the priests, anymore than I blame Israel for the crimes of Jewish Banksters. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We see it in the halls of Congress too.

        I have been to the Arizona border many times. I know the Mexican American community “intimately” as I date a hot, young Mexican American woman and have a number of Mexican American friends and associates. Their minds have opened as I have explained to them how their community is and has been exploited by these various groups, at their expense. Recently 300 illegal Mexican Nationals were fired from Pro Ranch Markets in Phoenix after a review by ICE. 300 Mexican American citizens now have jobs.

        Notice that I separate Mexican American citizens from Mexican Nationals in my rants. It is not about race. But is is about culture. Groups like La Raza are the racists, promoting a Latino America to replace white America under the guise of opposing capitalism and imperialism, while openly insisting that they do not and should not abide by our borders. “Capitalism” and “imperialism” are code words for white America.

        The Catholic Church, The Satanic Catholic Priesthood, Narco-Terrorists, and Radical Socialist Extremists, all have different motives, but all have a common adgenda: the illegal Invasion of the United States of America and the occupation and displacement of the current American culture and civilization with their own.

        If we don’t stop them now, they will take it without firing a shot!

      13. Hey! La Raza! Are you going to give the Aztecs and the Maya their lands back? If I remember correctly, you murdered their king and royal family, drained their land then built a city on top of it. Also, if I remember you were welcomed here and treated like one of us. What does that make you?

      14. Actually zukadu they will do it with bullets firing. I have spoken to these chicano nationalist in NY. They see our  nation on a decline, they are actually anticipating the collapse. Unlike us who are trying to prevent it and do not hope for it,they cannot wait for the US have a debt collapse. For now they cannot implement their plan to wage a separatist war. They would be crushed by the US govt and the patriots down the south west. They are wating until the shtf to start their “Aztlan revolution.” They are trying to  recruit many members to wage this war. They are serious about the lost territories. The southwest states will be a spotlight of future conflict zukadu. The FBI,ATF,and other federalized police agencies should stop going after tea party members,patriotic militiamen.and oathkeepers who are loyal to this nation. We are loyal but all the while the msm calls us “terrorist.” These folks are the terrorist and are endorsing separatism.
        This will end in blood zukadu. For the moment they cannot get “Aztlan” but once we collapse then is when the war between patriotic heavily armed militias vs heavily armed Chicano nationalist separatist.   The south west is witch’s brewing and it will be like Bosnia and Kosovo in the early 1990s. America is bomb waiting to go off. Get gold, guns,and plenty of ammo for you guys in the south west. This is not fear mongering but what is coming. America is entering a perfect storm that could paralyze our nation for many decades.

      15. An enemy of every American Patriot, to be crushed like aluminum cans at every opportunity. Death to traitors.

        Death to invaders.

      16. Agreed MA. Unless the PTB recognize that this invasion has galvanized American resistance to a point of armed conflict, and correct their past political mistakes with the deportation of these 40 million illegal soldiers; there will be a bloodbath, a race war, deep enough to fill all the dry washes along the Border with dead bodies.

        The bodies of La Raza!

      17. What a bunch of bogus divide and conquer crap you are falling for.  Now you will accept the national ID scam, as planned.  Good sheep.

        Meanwhile the real enemy, the banksters, are robbing you blind while you morons worry about something that has been happening for hundreds of years – on queue.  Lemmings.

      18. I have to agree with disinter.  La Raza is a small fringe group that are being inflamed by the democrats and the media. Our own government and their media sycophants are taking the country down for the advantage of the banksters. My question now is, don’t they have enough power and money yet?

      19. Our biggest enemy is still Washington DC. The banksters are problem because DC is corrupt. La Raza is a problem because DC is corrupt. The border is a problem because DC is corrupt.

        AND it cannot be fixed. It will have to go away to make room for something decent (or something worse).

      20. First of all I am an American of hispanic decent (hispanic is not important just trying to make a point).His quote of 40 million strong of his kind is ignorant and uneducated. We most of the people I know are preparing for the day when shtf. I agree with the idea that Washington is the problem and the 3 ring circus house, the senate and the idiot marxist socialist president. All I know is this buy more guns ammo and food you are going to need it. I don’t believe that this is not going to be about race but about a way of life. Our way of life….which the illegals want to share otherwise they would not be here. I wonder which side they will take when the *hit hits the fan and if they ever realize that morons like this a^%wipe don’t stand for what they want and believe in a piece of the real American dream.  Anyway that is my rant. There are more like me (hispanic) who believe like I do…….and we don’t listen to the crap this idiot or idiots like spew….God Bless America……..

      21. Comments…..Mardochee, Rande you two got it right on, add the bee problem to that, and we’ll have the agriculture problem  added to the woes. As for who to blame it is obvious ” when the fish goes rotten it starts at the head’. When is the war going to start, spring of 2016 the war will rage on till 2034. Remember the future already happened, all a man can do is prepare to save himself from it.

      22. This jackass is a professor?? What a joke. I feel sorry for anyone paying tuition to that school. Hard earned dollars spent to have there children listen to the likes of that clown.

      23. I say lets give the Mexicans another war.  This time wipe them  out.  We can start by putting all 55 million illegal and legal Mexicans in war detention camps until the war is over, when war is over, we send them ALL back to their defeated Mexico.  Doesn’t La Raza understand they are a shamed defeated conquered nation of weak 3rd world backward people.  How many times does Mexico have to get its butt whipped before it STFU?  If I were a Mexican, I would not be proud of all battle defeats.   I would never consider myself a latino.  Shame, shame, shame.   There is a good reason why Mexicans are exploited, because they allow themselves to be.    They are happy to Take It Up The Khyber.

        La Raza loves the current Demomoocher/Moochercratic party for free welfare.   The Moocercratic news media loves all things that produce more welfare and destroy society.

        If Mexico and Mexicans were such a great country and people, why are most of them risking their live to escape their shaddy third world garbage dump land?

        and they all come here demanding we respect them, their culture, their language and their welfare society demands.

        I say, GET LOST YOU BUMS

      24. Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, George Washington, John Adams, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt are rolling in their graves.

        This is an invasion, this means war.

        but no, we have President Pussification in charge.

      25. I thought Moochercratic President Bozo Pussificaton said that:

        Our enemy is the same enemy as Hugo Chavez had…  Our enemy is the same enemy that keeps Africa poor. Our enemy is the same enemy that keeps Asia poor. Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.

      26. Is it just the white people they hate? Or is it everyone who isn’t a neo-commie, fascist?

        Can you count? Suckers!

      27. We all sit here and type our armchair solutions to what is happening, but we need to cautious and introspective about who we really are (were) as a nation.

        While I am totally in favor of stopping the illegal immigration, and repatriating to Mexico,  those already here, we have to be careful about  the internment/concentration camp talk.

        We fought wars and lost millions to stop people who did such things.  Our country’s founding ideals  were the antihtesis to those kinds of actions. 

        This government cannot be trusted, we cannot let such fervor to become popular sentiment as it won’t just be illegal mexicans being rounded up if this government is given that kind of latitude.

        What is happening is their desire, they are chomping at the bit for the citizens to start calling for camps.  What is happening is part of their plans (I don’t need to tell most here that).

        War is coming, history tells us it is so. We are living in times unimaginable to most  50, 40, even 10 years ago. 

        Just saying to remember who the real enemies are, groups like la raza are pawns, just like us.  I am not saying to give them any slack, we need to do what we have to to “win” but remember we are a nation of principles, at least the people are, don’t become like those we despise.

      28. And yes I know Wilson and FDR did it here already, my point proven, those we despise should not ge given those means even if we think it will give us the ends we desire.

      29. @Remember the Alamo these fools want to wage a a Vietcong type of guerrilla war/civil war/race war. Now Mars is correct not all Hispanics are for this. There are 60 million Hispanics. About 18 million of them want revolution. Now Alamo they want to wage this war when the shtf. They are waiting till we have a complete collapse to implement this plan. Guys look up Plan of San Diego,El Plan de Aztlan,Brown Berets de Aztlan. They want a race war,not only them the KKK,skinheads,neo Nazis,Black Panther Party,Nation of Islam etc. What is scary is these neo Chicano nationalist are larger in number and have allegiance to a foreign nation. The hispanic Americans that assimilated to our nation will join us while the illegals will join the radicals.
        We must educate them that they are being used to divide and conquer. Many people want a race war in the south west. Who ever wants war is a fool. They have no idea what a war of this magnitude will be like. Millions will die! I wish it would not come to this,and i hope the american people will just challenge both parties to enforce our borders. We have to stop waging war overseas to protect Crapistan,and I-Crak’s borders. We need our military at our borders to enforce the law.
        However this wont happen and when our economy has a debt collapse in 5-10 yrs from now the south west and America will explode like a nuclear bomb. I’m not fear mongering I just read history and see the way things are going. And when amnesty is passed these separatist groups numbers will swell and when the system collapse a bloody Balkan type war will be waged on the southwest.  Make no mistake about it the border will be a Ho Chi Minh trail for them. I wish there was no other way but America is going to descend into chaos.

      30. Mardochee-You offer a compelling argument to support that possible scenario.  I think, however, another outcome may be in the wind.  There must be a reason that the deified God-child in the White House and the globalists that pull his strings refuse to protect our borders.  I think the master plan is to create a North American union, along the lines of the EU, with a common currency and open borders, with the U.S., Canada and Mexico  (heard of the Amero? Supposedly already printed!).  That would eliminate the illegal immigrant problem, bring millions of cheap laborers from the south and give us access to the resources of  Canada.  In order to accomplish this  TPTB need to destroy the middle class in the U.S., destroy the dollar and confiscate assets (any of this sound familiar?)   I may be wrong, but if I’m not the need to get oout of any paper assets and into gold and physical subsistence materials should be obvious.  They need to destroy the middle class and create on large class of serfs subservient to the uber-class of Obamaites and Wall st. goons.  I fear we are screwed regardless of who may be right.

      31. @ Pokerface I heard about the NAU and the amero. I think they cannot do this the reason why is there are many informed people in America. And if they tried to do this they would face the ire of the american people. Many awakened Americans know about the NAU and  amero. If they tried to create an NAU all the patriot groups libertarian,independent,conservative will take up arms to fight this selling out of our sovereignty. They cannot do it without serious backlash. In the EU there are no open borders Germany still respects France’s borders vice versa. I think the NAU plan was thought of but after the awakened community unveiled it they gave it up. Mexico is in bad shape,their economy is crumbling,they are facing a drug war,and there are million of Marxist Mexicans waiting to do revolution. So even when the shtf there will be massive chaos and the govt will be to preoccupied to try to hold things together. they do not have enough man power to implement martial law. So it will be too much for them to try this. My belief is that the elites what to plunge America into chaos and leave the nation.

      32. i wonder if these people realize who they are dealing with? are they seriously trying to prevoke war with the strongest military force in the world? maybe these goofy  bastards have been sleeping to close to all those cocaine plants in mexico! and if these  LOW LIFE mexican drug dealers would stop smuggling drugs across the border i bet we wouldnt have as much of a problem as we do. so all you hispanics who cry “poor me” need to take a good hard look at what you have, and stop crying about what you dont have………. and if you love mexico so much, then GO THE FUCK BACK THERE AND LEAVE US REAL AMERICANS ALONE!!!!

      33. jgunzz yep just look at Irak and the Taliban or the more than 5000 americans soldiers death in the middle east…. USA JUST CANT DEFEAT IRAK AND THE TALIBAN JEJE so tell me do you know what youre talking about it you dumb??

      34. jgunzz,
        I just wanted to agree with all you said, these people are out of their f-ing minds. La Raza, what a joke! Teaching it at our schools, what a bigger joke!! We need to fight for our land and we need to start more AMERICAN PROTESTS!! To many pussy PC americans are not standing up for our country.

      35. This is the same kind of talk that lead to the death of millions of jews , gypsies etc.  Oh I remember someone asking if he is really a professor and he is actually just a high school teacher. None the less this is the same talk that lead to the halocaust. If he were a good teacher he wouldn’t promote such hatred and teach his kids that people like la raza are no different from the KKK, new black panthers , nation of Islam , and neo nazis. Obviously he is just a public school teacher pushing the liberal agenda

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