*Video – It’s the 4th of July And Everybody’s Celebrating, But They Don’t Know Why

by | Jun 30, 2010 | Headline News | 18 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Mark Dice interviews a variety of people about why we celebrate July 4.

    Some of the answers are astonishing.

    After watching this, do you really think Americans are waking up to what’s going on?


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      1. Puhleeze!!! The guy is a jerk. The way he did the interviews was hoakie. But, still you can find those people who really don’t know. Amazing, I know, but they are out there. They really don’t know what the world is or has happened. They are only in the present, concerned about either the next party, the next date or the next deal. Sad. I just wonder if the majority of people he interviewed were unknowing or just a few? It would do us good to know.

      2. His interview style does not lend itself to serious answers.  Everyone thinks he is joking.  I’d like to see him do an interview without making up ridiculous stories, and just ask the important questions.

      3. Comments…..Could only watch about two minutes of this disgusting video.  No wonder America haters have taken over the government.  They know most of the people will never catch on to what they are doing.  So Sad!!!! 

      4. I agree, I don’t like the way he does these interviews, putting words in (albeit stupid) people’s mouths.

        It is evident after watching 2 or 3 of these though that the American populace couldn’t be more ripe for a takeover, and the sad thing is they wouldn’t even care.

      5. Stupid interview but really stupid people.   Maybe it is time for a good thinning……

      6. This is what you get after 30+  years of the Dept. of  Education , brainwashing our population into uneducated zombies.

        Remember,  all that counts is American Idol, Dancing with the Stars,  and global warming……all the education the normal American needs.

      7. Perhaps even more disparaging than this video can be found at my friend’s workplace. He works as a teacher at a school for troubled youths. Most of them don’t have two parents and/or a stable home environment.

        One day the teacher asked one of his students (who was being cocky at the time), what he thought he was going to do for a living when he got out into the real world. Do you know what the kid’s answer was?

        He said he would just collect those checks that come in the mail. After all, that’s how his mom gets by. Doesn’t even know what they’re called or that you have to apply for them. He just thinks they come by some kind of magic. That’s his plan.

        We are in for a shitstorm of epic proportions when the food starts disappearing off the shelves.

      8. People are idiots.  And that’s exactly the way the Illuminists want it.

      9. Great minds think alike…..

      10. I’ll be honest – I couldn’t watch the video…I didn’t even start it…

        I know it’ll just piss me off.

      11. I’m with you, Rick. No need to spoil a quiet evening!!
        But some encouragement for me! Talked to my youngest brother and sister-in-law recently and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are looking at prep activity too! They were ones I least expected to be thinking that way. And they are getting educated more on the shape our country is in, although they are still in disbelief about how bad things really are. But it tells me that more people are waking up to the crisis.

      12. “lost” you make a really good point about the Department of Education. Obviously the first government agency that needs to be eliminated.

        I can’t believe that none of these people knew that BUGS BUNNY signed his name on the Declaration of Indepence in really BIG letters in defiance of the Irish.   🙂

      13. Yeah, that guy is a dick head. He should at least ask a direct question. I watched video of him before asking people about gold coins and the moment I saw him in this story I thought, “Dickhead”. I wonder how many people this guy can name who signed the Declaration of Ind. Aside from his lack of class, his general thesis is mostly true though.
        Yeah, Chris unfortunately the folks waiting on those checks and using their food stamp cards are gonna be competing with us to buy food, when the shelves start to empty(although many of them are probably too stupid to buy survival foods like beans,rice,peanut butter). When I see someone spend $300 w/ a Louisiana Purchase Card (foodstamps) on what looked like every item they laid eyes on  while shopping, it sorta pisses me off. I’m serious, I watched a girl I know blow $250 on anything and everything she wanted in the grocery store. I’m talking high-grade shit! I can almost guarantee you that she didn’t look at a single price while shopping. Just grab and go. With a system like this there is no incentive for people to get off public support unless it comes from within. Don’t get me wrong, I buy myself quality food and enjoy to eat well like all people. However, what does it say about our society(what society?) when folks who depend on the system can buy any food they want and most people who buy their own food take into consideration what each item will cost them. I’m not attacking people who use foodstamps, but I am pointing out that I’ve seen a WHOLE bunch of folks spending their foodstamps indiscriminately on things I think twice about buying.

      14. I didn’t really see him as a dickhead. What i saw were people conforming and going along with whatever he says because the people he is interviewing are so cowed and submissive that they are unable to think for themselves. He may come across as flippant and but I think he’s just tired of seeing the masses for what they are.

        I’m quite tired of it too. Very few people know history and it is because of this ignorance that we have allowed it to happen.

      15. Poor interview a reflection upon the interviewers lack of knowledge.  Putting words peoples mouth and not asking direct questions.  He does not understand Independence Day.

      16. This illustrates exactly why our country is losing its freedom. We have forgotten our history, we have nothing if we don’t remember the mistakes of the past. We just repeat them over and over.

      17. Comments…..This is why we are in deep poo and why we have Obama, God Save Us!

      18. So he was obnoxious maybe, but not wrong.  Another version with a more popular interviewer:


        One guy was on point for everything at the end…”grandpa.”   Amazing that either one could find ANYONE who can’t answer these questions.

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