Video: If Democrats Were Honest, Here’s What Their Campaign Ads Would Look Like

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    In this hilarious video, Allie Beth Stuckey of The Conservative Millennial blog and Allie on CRTV demonstrates what Democratic Party ads would look like if they were honest.


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      1. Nice. Spot on. Now, if Ms. Stuckey can possibly spread the word.

        • If Democrats are honest they wouldn’t be sending fake bombs to themselves and blaming Trump just before the midterms.

          • Sure these Progressive Socialist Democrats and fully-controlled MSM would, and they are.

            At some point the real U.S. government of the people, by the people and for the people as to step up to the plate and clean house.

            Of course, who are you going to trust. The FBI? A card-carrying member of the Progressive Socialist Democrats. The CIA? Pure Deep State. As are all the other seventeen (17) security and surveillance agencies.

            We are so f*cked.

        • She is awesome 🙂

      2. Kinda funny, but on the sad side that might get some few to vote “D”

        • Brother:

          Sure, but that 2% who agree with this rhetoric are already too far gone, and something like this points out just how stupid and hypocritical some of these policies and attitudes really are. 98% of people are smarter than the commie left gives them credit for being.


      3. Running under increased taxes should be “Higher Taxes!” With a gun pointed at someone’s head as a visual. A true to life representation.

      4. That’s the most honest libturd I’ve ever seen in my whole life. But I would still tell her to go find a country that works for her.

        • It was honest satire. She doesn’t believe any of it.

      5. These elections are all fake BS anyhow. The result is always the same BS.

      6. The purpose of banking interests seems to be providing financial services to a middle class, which provides conveniences to the low class.

        That’s a reciprocal or circular arrangement, for all of those who chose to participate.

      7. “Make the government work for you so you don’t have to work at all”

        This sentence sums it up. In the absence of supporting labor, which they turned their backs upon with NAFTA, China Free Trade (born in the womb of the Neo-Cons by the way) this gathers the youth who have as of yet not crawled out of their parents wallet for support. The republicans, dominated by the Neo-Cons are being redirected by the Trump wave replacing the democrats as the favorite of labor. Math tells me that the latter has the advantage.

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