Video: “I Don’t Need To Look For A Job Because I Get A Check From The Government”

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Headline News | 208 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Have you ever wondered why middle class Americans are seeing their standard of living fall apart?

    Hard working people all over the country are having to shell out more and more money on a monthly basis just to get by. Health care costs are now so high that most people can’t afford them. Prices for everything from food to utilities are out of control.  Taxes on the local, state and federal level are sky rocketing.

    But as one group of people barely makes ends meet while putting in 40-hour weeks and overtime, another believes itself to be entitled. They depend on the government for food, housing, medical care, and scores of other services. What this latter group may or may not realize, however, is that all of those free services they have the benefit of receiving are’t actually free. The money has to come from somewhere.

    And that ‘somewhere’ is more than likely your wallet.

    There is no doubt that many people who collect government assistance do so because of disabilities or a real need for temporary help as they transition from recession-related job losses into the new economy. But there are also millions of people who simply don’t care where their monthly stipend comes from so long as they don’t have to work for it.

    Kiara, a 12-year veteran of the American welfare system is one such individual. As she notes in the video below, she has four kids, no job, depends on government housing, and feels totally comfortable with all of it because she gets paid regardless of whether she works or not.

    Life is so good for Kiara, in fact, that she’s holding a brand new cell phone in her hands during the interview – no doubt paid for by the American taxpayer through the Obama Phone initiative.

    (Video via Top Right News)

    What’s scary is that Kiara is not alone. There are millions of other free-loaders just like her who are more than willing to put their hands in your pocket.

    And they don’t care what you think. Because, well, they’re still gonna get paid!

    While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?

    I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

    Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

    Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

    Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

    So can you really blame us?

    Recently, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee suggested we change the name of the welfare program to a “transitional living fund” because of the negative connotations associated with welfare.

    But given that millions of people on such programs have no intention of ever transitioning into anything resembling a productive human being, such a name change would be laughable.

    Then again, it should go perfectly with the government’s doublespeak on legislative actions such as The Patriot Act, The National Defense Authorization Act, and, of course, The Affordable Care Act.



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      1. The culling of the herd is coming and this woman will be one of the first to go.

        • She is just cog in the machine that is ruining this nation.
          But I agree, the machine is broken. It will take alot to fix…
          But we know that already…

          • Yo mama so ugly people from New Orleans are giving her money.

            Yo mama so ugly I told her to take out the trash and she moved out of my house

            Yo mama so ugly she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning.

            Yo mama so ugly just after she was born, her mother said “What a treasure!” and her father said “Yes, let’s go bury it.”

            • A Thanksgiving Lesson

              “Did you know that our Pilgrim forefathers tried communism when they first landed at Plymouth Rock? …

              The colonists struggled desperately for two more years.
              When spring arrived in April 1623, virtually all of their provisions were gone. Unless that year’s harvest improved, they feared few would survive the next winter.

              The Pilgrim leaders decided on a bold course. The colony would abandon its communal approach and permit each person to work for his own benefit, not for the common good. …

              Once they replaced communal efforts with individual responsibility the differences were dramatic—and life-saving.

              Men went into the fields earlier and stayed later. In many cases, their wives and even their children (some barely past the toddler stage) worked right alongside them.

              More acres were planted, more trees were felled, more houses were built, and more game was slaughtered because of one simple change: People were allowed to keep the fruits of their own labors.

              The Pilgrims arrived deeply in debt to the London merchants who sponsored them. They worked for more than 20 years, as individuals and as a community, to pay off the crushing burden. In 1627, they borrowed money to pay off the Merchants Adventurers. By 1645, they had paid off the entire debt to the company which had advanced them the sums to pay off the Merchants.”

              (The Pilgrims had borrowed money from the Merchants at an interest rate of 45 percent per year.)

              Full article is at the link below.


              • Thanks POG for the History Lesson. True of why the Soviet Union also crumbled, and why many depressed Russians just sat around all day drinking Vodka.

                I got one of these Free SH!t army scumbags across the street from me and screams and yells all day for no reason. She bitches that she is not getting any social security. Well she also brags she never paid a dime in taxes either in her life. But you can sure bet she is on EBT Foot Stamps and other elderly and low income discounts and benefits sucking off of my labor and tax payments.

                • Thank LBJ, and the “greatest generation”, for the socialist demise of America. That vid is just one of several, where parasites boast of, well… being parasites. That is all they will ever be. They do not comprehend, that the only reason they are allowed to do what they do, is, they are being used as tools. Tools, both to destroy America from the inside, and to help with White Genocide.

                  • Oh this shit started way way way before LBJ, you can’t be serious about blaming this on that one administration.

                    • The Great Society was LBJ, all the way.

            • “There are millions of other free-loaders just like her who are more than willing to put their hands in your pocket.”

              LOL… Sure there are!!!

              You folks do realize that “free-loaders” include those taking Social Security transfer payments, and those on Medicare/Medicaid!

              You do understand that Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are forms of welfare.

              You do understand this… right???

              • Social Security is not welfare. Workers pay into SS their entire lives. I also pay every month for Medicare.

                Only Medicaid is for the poor.

                You do understand this…right???

                • They’re not getting their money back, they’re getting mine and I will never get, not do I want or think it is ok to get someone else’s moeny!

                  So the SS $ taken out of my check every payday is theft, wealth redistribution or welfare……it doesn’t really matter what you title it. It only matters to me that it is money I worked for and it is being stolen from me.

                  • BJ, there’s another thing you and I can agree on concerning welfare and EBT, but SS I’m not so sure about. My Dad is a retired federal employee and collects SS along with his federal pension. That is something he earned. SS and pensions are legitimate programs. Welfare and food stamps are not. People like that girl in the video really burn me to no end.

                    • It is a ponzi scheme….period. A pig with lipstick is still al pig right?

                      I loved my grandparents; grandma was one of my best friends for most my life until she passed. But I don’t think it was right that they or anyone else paid into or received SS$. The whole thing is not constitutional or lawful to begin with….that is undeniable and can’t be argued.

                    • BJ, because it is forced, it has become a pig. It is, by nature, a ponzi scheme. It is “Insurance”. Nobody, including me, ever decides to shut it off because after you learn what it is, you’re “vested” so deep that you might as well continue paying it.

                      You can stop paying it. Its call SS From 5 – You fill it out and you get to stop paying, however, because its “insurance” you don’t get any money back.

                      I’ve considered it, but, the simple fact of the matter is that for decades they said it wouldn’t be there but it always has been.

                      This is just one more reason why these crooked bastard thieves are breaking the economy: they want to make the money worthless so they will be able to pay us the required numbers that our “insurance policy” mandates, but the value will be almost nothing.

                      In other words, they take gold nuggets and then give us back gold plated turds and say that they’ve lived up to their obligations. Its crooked and evil but its not unconstitutional because you don’t have to do it.

                    • Thank you BH, SS was and is being payed in each paycheck working people get so just because the government has misused what senior citizens have already paid in doesn’t make today’s seniors taking something they are not rightfully entitled to. I agree that you (BJ) may never see a dime of what you have paid into SS but that is not the fault of today’s senior citizens try putting the blame where it belongs right back on the Federal Govt. When you look at it Teachers Retirement is much like SS when I worked what I paid in was not put in a bucket with my name on it it was put in the general fund and used to pay retired teachers each month, now that I’m retired I’m sure the money in my check is not coming from me but from still working teachers who will one day collect from teachers who are working when they will be collecting, then there are those who for whatever reason will never live to retire, so it’s a two way street in my book.

                    • I misspoke. It has not become forced. It has the appearance of being forced. It is now. No law says you have to have a social security number.

                  • @BJ:

                    The “welfare” crowd never gets it!

                    Be it the young and black, or the old and white. They both justify the theft of other peoples money!

                    This is what democracy has wrought us!!

                    Entitled black and white welfare queens!!!

                    • I’m stealing my money? Doesn’t sound like theft to me…and no interest on the money I put in.

                    • @ Jim in Va.

                      It’s not your money Jim!

                      Your money is gone. Your government stole it Jim!!

                      What we have here is a Ponzi scheme Jim!!!

                      A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator.

                      Can you grasp this concept Jim?

                      Also, grasp this Jim… You’ve been punked!

                    • YMWW
                      I agree with what you sentiments 100 percent. You are right on. It is a system, and they got everybody playing their part, regardless of race or age. Its a system, a cyclical system. Most are a spoiled, entitled people, and that’s why its falling apart

                  • Don’t blame the old folks who get SS pensions. (Which are bare subsistence, BTW). Blame Bill Clinton and his Democrat cronies who created a false “balanced budget” by taking all the money out of the SS trust fund. Blame the Halfrican Dictator for vastly expanding the number of people on “disability”. (They signed up for disability after their 99 weeks of unemployment ran out.) But don’t blame a 70 year old bricklayer who can’t work anymore, (or his widow).

                    You are a greedy little piglet who thinks only of himself.

                    • Old Coach…you speak legitimate Truth

                    • Right on coach,too many know it alls who never put into the system and who deem themselves undeniably right.

                    • Old coach Im drawing a Ponzi check. And that is just what it is. Its nothing more than social engineering. And it would be Ok with me if the Ponzi checks quit coming. As long as all the other social engineering welfare government redistribution also stopped. There are so few working and paying in that the social security runs in the Red. The program pays out more than it receives. There never was a so called social security trust fund. The social security monies where always paid into the general revenue. I was self employed and I sent my self employment tax payments to the same place as I sent my federal income tax. Like most government programs Social Security causes more problems than it solves. It enabled old folks to be greedy and not pass along property to their children when the couldn’t no longer work. The old folks stay in the big house and don’t downsize. they buy new cars ect and cause inflation. Go to town on the day when the checks come out. Its nicknamed old people day. Look on the wal mart parking lot. Their cars are newer vehicles and they spend money. Its the younger working folks trying to raise children who are barely making it.

                    • Old Coach, your analysis is SPOT ON !
                      Fat, Drunk Kennedy was part of the theft as well.

                    • Old Guy – the maximum anybody can get from a SS pension is about $1900 a month. That doesn’t support a lifestyle of expensive new cars and mansions by itself. I would support a means test, though. The idea that Warren Buffett can collect SS despite being a billionaire doesn’t sit well.

                    • I am a greedy little piglet because I think I should get to keep what’s mine?

                      Sounds reminiscent of the gimme dat crowd that would pound down your door to take what’s yours when TSHTF 🙁

                    • Old Coach,
                      Not sure where I said “I blame old people?”

                      Jim in Va.,
                      How do you figure I have never put into the system?
                      Where in the world did you just come up with that at?

                  • Nonsense. You will receive SS when you retire. And if you think taxes are just stolen money, then who else is going to pay for that road and bridge you just drove over? Who else is going to pay teachers, policemen, firemen and sanitation workers, if not you? Or would you rather have no services for all and anarchy instead?

                • Grand jury reaches decision in case of Ferguson officer

                  “Sources said that press conferences are being prepared by the county prosecutors’ office and the Missouri governor. Those press conferences will likely come later today.”

                  Washington Post
                  (posted on Drudge Report

                  • Buffet is entitled to get back what he paid into the ‘program’ . Any other ‘means test’ is theft.

                • Sharonsj, I understand. SS is a legitimate program.

                  • @ the renegade braveheart

                    Social Security is a socialist program!

                    Funny thing… I was under the impression you are opposed to socialism!!

                    I guess I was wrong!!!

                    • That’s what I have said there are many ill informed, confused and conflicted preppers here.

                      Some really do not understand freedom and liberty, they understand a hybrid new age version of it. And some are just hypocrites, who want the best of both worlds, to have it both ways.

                      Yes this is what democracy, bad education and a forgetful memory has wrought us.

                    • braveheart is the ignoramus of this board. He has never had an original thought in his head. Ignore him. One month he is a Christian then he’s not, one week he’s a constitionalist and now he’s a socialist, what a dufus. If he really has a gun its probably plastic.

                    • @ BJ:


                      The vast majority of folks commenting on this site have no real conception of what “Freedom and Liberty” actually means.

                      To most Americans, “Freedom and Liberty” is the ability to choose between Coke or Pepsi, McDonalds or Burger King, or the holy grail of all false choices; Democrat or Republican.

                      It’s sad but it’s true. And, it’s the reason this country is swirling round the toilet bowl!

                    • YMWW, No you’re not wrong about me being opposed to socialism. SS was started way before either of us were ever born and we’ve all had to pay into it.

                    • YMWW, you are correct!

                      But, SS is only that way because the government lies to you and makes you think you have to pay into it and you have to be a part of it. You do not. You can quit any time. Its called SS Form 5. Fill it out and you’re done.

                      It would be unconsitutional *IF* if was mandatory. You may feel it is mandatory but it is not. The fact is all of us continue to pay into it so that we may continue in the hope that we will get our money back.

                      What is illegal is that the government has taken and raided the accounts that held the money. Since its all borrowed money anyway and since all our money is an instrument of debt, not actual money, then, well, THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS A FAKE!!!

                      While you may complain about paying it, are you willing to flush all the money you’ve paid into your policy to lose your chance to access it? Sure, its socialist but its voluntary. Whats illegal about it is that the government has committed constructive fraud to coerce you into paying into it.

                      Stop paying today. Fill out SS Form 5 and be done with it. BEWARE: While you fill out SS Form 5, you will be ineligible to collect social security payments in the future for any reason, however, they will attempt to continue collecting the money. Its called AOL style billing. Oh, also, realize that once you shuck your SSN, you won’t be able to file for tax refunds. Of course, you won’t need to pay any tax either, however, try to tell your employer that. They will fire you before they’ll follow the law, even the color of law, for that matter! The pressure is on to collect SSN regardless of what The Law or The Color Of Law says. Greed has always been more powerful than morality.

                    • NetRanger is correct, it is not TECHNICALLY forced….but try and make a living and raise a family without the social security number. The whole system to of even been implemented was uncosntitutional and unlawful….but the populace is to blame as well.

                      Anyone in favor of SS must be just fine with socialism IMHO. I can’t imagine someone who has strong feelings about the Constitution, freedom, liberty and a Republic actually accepting this and not being extremely conflicted inside at the very least…..I guess there are no bounds to some people’s hypocrisy.

                      I heard GC talk about a SS5 a few years back but don’t know much about it. How can one fill that out and still work… can’t can you?

                  • SS is a legit insurance program. What is not legit is the fact that we were all coerced into signing up without and understanding that we did not have to sign.

                • Argue all you want about SS, Fed Welfare, pensions etc, “IT’S ALL THE SAME” The gov will NEVER quit just one of them. It’s all the same. When one dies they all die. To the Polits all votes are the same. They owe no more to you because you worked for your pension than they do the illegals on benefits. They cannot stop anything it all goes crash at the same time. Because if they could keep it going one more day they would. You are either ready for a total reset or you aren’t. Thinking my pension or SS will be good and your ADC whatever won’t, is stupidity. Checks cash and will buy stuff or they won’t. The discussion is a waste of time.

                • SSI social security payments are welfare. The regular Social Security payments are a Ponzi scheme. I happen to be drawing A monthly check from the Social security Ponzi scheme. I started drawing at 62. After about five years I will receive Back every penny I paid into social security. add another year for interest and after that My monthly check will indeed be welfare or dole.

                  • One year of interest on what you paid in all your life won’t even come close to making you even.
                    INFLATION over all those years made sure of that.

                    Nobody benefits from inflation but the gummint.


                • People who have not paid a dime into Social Security get free money. Illegals and their “citizen” children are paid every month. Check it out.

                • sharonsj, Do the math. The average SS retiree breaks even in less than 5 years. People like my sister never paid in enough to cover the first check.

                  • Shithead, the average SS payment is somewhere between $1000-1200 a month. That means half of all recipients get more and half get less. I met a lady from Florida whose SS was only $175 a month because she’d been working low-wage jobs. I started paying in as a teenager and stopped 35 years later. In order to do the math, I’d have to find 50-yr-old paperwork that doesn’t exist anymore. And even if I paid in less than I’ve gotten, the point of SS was to keep the elderly from poverty and from having to live on the streets. Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who’d like to see his own parents and grandparents sleeping on the sidewalk?

              • YMWW, you misunderstand. It’s people like that girl in the video who get on welfare and EBT for life, who refuse to do anything for themselves to improve their own lives, and just want to sponge off working people’s tax money, INCLUDING YOUR TAX MONEY, for the rest of their lives. They have better standards of living than a lot of middle-class people who work. they can get things I can’t even think about having and I work full-time and pay taxes myself. I don’t consider people on Medicare/Medicaid or SSDI to be freeloaders at all. I know they have to be on those programs for one reason or another. It’s people like that girl in the video who are the real freeloaders and the day will come that her “benefits” will get cut off. Add to that fewer people working and paying taxes plus all these illegal aliens coming in and getting on those programs, the entire system will collapse. The nation is bankrupt. It can’t go on forever. Wake up and smell the coffee.

                • Here Here …RB

              • Not Quite Friend. Americans have been forced to pay into SS and Medicare for years, and these benefits are the result of years of payroll deductions for their responsible work ethics.
                That is a substantial difference with the minorities and illegal aliens that feel they are owed a living by taking from what others spent a lifetime paying into.
                Your opinion holds little value unless you have paid your lifes blood into the system for 30 to 40 years, but as I watched what is happening and saw little to no hope of changing the system I just retired and quit building houses and employing people that I disagreed with. What will happen when you no longer have idiots like me working our tails off and risking our capitol to pay for the losers sponging off the system?

                • Here Here…jmac

                  • Double here here from us jmac……… boo-coo thumbs up ^

                • @ jmac

                  I stopped “engaging” the system 5 years ago.

                  Starve the beast!

                  Withdraw from the system!!

                  It can be done!!!

                  All that’s need is a desire to do it, and a plan to make it happen.

                  Death by a million cuts can result in change.

                  BTW: Voting in this corrupt system will only get you more of the same. Corruption.

                  • YMWW’ careful you can hurt yourself falling off your rickety soap box.

                    • “Soap box?”

                      I practice what I preach Jim.

                      Do you???

                      Is Jim just a “freedom” poser???

                      Yup. It would seem so.

                    • That’s funny right there…..

                    • My bet’s on Jim’s validity. YMMW, you’re pissin’ up a rope.

                • Coercion is not force. We have been coerced. We have not been forced. But, you can easily bow out, color of lawfully, by filling out SS Form 5.

                  • Actually, we have been coerced into believing that we are forced.

                    Its the way of the system: confuse the crap out of the stupid sheep and they’ll finally just do what you want because of the confusion and the persistent lies of the system. But, system beware! Some of those sheep have plans that you can’t touch.


              • You do understand that “Corporate Welfare” far exceeds in cost, the money spent on social (individual) welfare. “Corporate Welfare” includes the cost of the US Military, the tax breaks for the large campaign contributors, the subsidies provided to the financial sector (private profits/ public debt), as witnessed by the 2008 debacle,ect. How about ZERO welfare,but let us begin at the TOP,not the bottom.

                • Yawn, don’t forget the FAVORITE target of our beloved religious nutjobs here, the JOOOOOOOOOOS!

              • That Social Security check and Medicare are paid for by the money they took out of my check for 43 years and I had no choice. I put in and I’m taking the same money out. I would rather have invested it but Uncle Sam would not allow it. Now its manditory.

                • I get tired of hearing people state I would have rather invested it. How much did you invest from the remainder of you pay? The fact is most never saved or invested any money. and if not for the social security Ponzi scheme they would have nothing. and The social security withheld was a pittance. Unless you where self employed it was never more than 7%. The employer matched that. My wife and I always saved back 10% of every dollar. And we paid cash for everything. Land vehicles houses everything. I am currently drawing a Ponzi check. I don’t really need it. but what the heck ill at least recoup my payments.

                • Jim,

                  You had a choice. Call the SS office and ask them the purpose of SS Form 5 and ask if you can fill it out…

                  Would you have done that if someone had told you this information to start with? I bet you would not have. Why? Because we were all doing it!!!

                  It was all a lie and coercion. You fell for it and so did I. I’ve been paying in for over 30 years. Does anyone recommend that I fill out SS Form 5? Would you in my position?

                  I don’t fault any of you for complaining about the freeloaders and the mismanagement of this thing call SS, but, be realistic. We were stupid sheep at one time. Or at least ignorant wolves. …enough to sign up because, well, EVERYBODY DOES!!!

                  See, thats how the system works: They lie to you long enough that once you see through the lies you are not able to back out and so the system perpetuates. This is why I pray, daily, for the crash. Bring it on! Burn it down! Tear it down! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH!

                  Its all lies, theft and murder and it must stop. It won’t be pretty and it won’t be fun. It will be RIGHTEOUS.

                  • NetRanger I,m getting choked up seeing the truth come out all over the place on this issue.You are getting down to the “nitty gritty” details and not holding back ! Thank You Brother Patriot. Continue…please more eyes are opening with each sentence and that is the only way to fight the system. My aged screen name is highly appropriate for this comment !

                • Let me put it this way: We qualified for our SS welfare by working our asses off for 45-50 years, while this breeder beyotch gets hers just for having a temperature above 98.5 degrees.

              • I’m just gonna say it straight up YOURMOTHERWASWRONG … are an IDIOT !!!

                • Love you too Rich.

                  But can you explain why I’m an idiot?

                  A little help here…

                  • YMMW’ Yuor kool-aid glass is empty…need a refill?

                    • @ Jim:

                      What is “Yuor?”

                  • I get it YMWW. Shame you don’t.

                  • YMWW….your assinine posts are self explanatory.

                    • Dave in Idaho obviously collects welfare (government cheese).

                      How else could one explain his “assinine” response.

                      BTW… “assinine” is spelled “asinine.”

                      Oops, that government cheese has consequences.

                  • YMWW,
                    When people hear things that rock the foundation of what they “thought.” They tend to get a little testy. I know 4 years ago when my cousin tried waking me up to things I got down right nasty. Called him all sorts of things and told him he was not patriotic or a real american and that he should leave the country….LoL

                    Now we sit and talk for hours about all sorts of things and laugh about how hard he tried to wake me up and how angry I used to get at him.

                  • S.S. is a welfare program ? You have got to be kidding me !
                    I guess when you go to the bank and get money out that you collected interest on , it’s considered a welfare payment ?

              • “Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are forms of welfare.”

                My wife was injured at work with a spinal fracture. The company first never reports it as an OSHA recordable and never sends the X rays to her physician. They conveniently never told her that her spine was fractured. Back to work but magically an easy job appeared for her. Her back gets worse and low and behold this is uncovered by her personal physician. She gets workmen’s comp that ended because the company went bankrupt. It was self insured and not backed up by the state. Her employment taxes paid for this but when he is untitled to it its gone. Yes she gets disability SS. Hell she and I paid the max which was boo-coo money into SS.

                Welfare? Were not freeloaders. Hell were not even getting back what we paid in.

                Too big to fail, too big to jail, too big period.

                • OBTW….because she got some workmen’s compensation (cash a single check) and they then can’t be sued.

              • No, it is nothing less than Socialism.

                • As I stated many times. A touch of socialism is beneficial, many people are eating because of it. Its the degree of socialism that is questionable. Get hurt at work caused by your employer in 1900 and they threw you out the door and hired two more in your place. That is desirable.

              • You DO understand that your are required under penalty of prison (or death, should you resist arrest or forfeiture)to PAY into Social Security and Medicare. You DO understand that, right? So the people taking advantage of these programs are legally getting a return on that forced investment. You DO understand that parasites with EBT Cards, Medicaid Cards, and EVERY able-bodied person receiving an SSI check NEVER paid a dime into the system, as the only requirement for these “charity” programs is that you must have a pulse…

          • She’s not a cog in the machine. She’s grime in the cog.
            Time to clean the cogs.

            • White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead Of Holiday…

              “While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda — marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday.

              The federal Unified Agenda is the Obama administration’s regulatory road map, and it lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months. Under President Barack Obama, there has been a tradition of releasing the agenda late on Friday — and right before a major holiday.”

              The Daily Caller

            • “She’s not a cog in the machine. She’s grime in the cog.
              Time to clean the cogs.

              You win the Intarnetz for today, Southron !!!!!

          • Saw a picture of his “toy” gun. Did not have the orange tip they are required to have, and even for an expert it is indistinguishable from a 1911. Kid was told to keep his hands up, instead he pulls the toy out of his waistband.

            Darwin Award for sure. Awarded posthumously, pf course.

            • The Old Coach

              I agree with you. That was too damn real looking. Hell my father took away my Johnny7 .45 1911 auto toy in the mid 1960s after he inspected it closely. The magazine removed, the slide went back, wish I had it now as a remembrance.

              I never had a BB gun because Pop thought you learn bad habits with it. You can loose an eye with it, its not a toy he said. Went right to a .22 rifle at 14 with him drilling safety. Never had a firearm accident in my life.

              This is an unfortunate accident. I blame the parent(s) if the two can be found.

            • Yup, kid deserved it…nice touch with the Darwin comment.

              I think we need to not only ban guns, but the fake toy ones too, or at least make it against the law to have a toy gun without the “required” orange tip. How about making being dumb against the law?

              Hey Old,
              What would it take for you to side against the cops….anything? For the victim to be white? any color but black? the victim to be only 10? only 8? only 6? Or for the victim to be someone whom YOU DEEM to be smart or worthy of life?

              • BJ, it is against the law to remove the orange tips from the toy guns. Trouble is, you get shot before you remember to put it back on.

        • i agree with that.

          there is going to be a point when the govt will start denying because they’re out of rope to let out. when that day comes, those that are the biggest leaches and have the least to offer the govt will be the first severed and i say good riddens.

          hate to be mean like that, but is the dependent class that cooked the golden goose that was america.

        • I rarely go into long posts, yall stupid fucks need to realize, im an anarchist, I shoot when needed, and don’t have remorse, I eliminate bad cops, I eliminate thugs, i eliminate those whom pose a threat to society um pur, we need to be in the dark, kill those whom oppose the right, we have lost our nuts. when you see a bad cop plug’em you see a nig doin wrong plug’em, you see a congressman, plug’em. remember remember the 5th of November. start killin these pukes and stop bitchin from the ease of pooter world yeah yall talk a mean game, but what are you actually doin about it, leave your ste and shoot an illegal, go to ferguson and spray them with lead don’t type, do! damn mac wish you had the thumbs active so these pusses would hide my rant

          • don’t talk bout what you would do, make headlines, in secret, if you cant off someone without blowback you aint gonna make it in the real world when shit goes down twisted. now it’s just a practice run later is now, if you can’t do the deed, don’t cast the seed. know a hog farmer, know where a strip pit is and bring the cinder blocks, stop talking and start cocking, double tap that ass no witness no hit list

          • I think you fit in with the group you want to eliminate. Who made you God?

        • Yep!

        • She will get a check, but it will be much smaller once we start paying benefits to those 5+ million Americans. You know, those new Americans that can not speak English or use a toilet! Yea, they are going to take your job alright.

        • Yep. These are the worthless zombies. They will all die because they don’t do or know shit and will expect a handout even after shtf. Just shoot them.

        • Percentage wise there are probably just as many “gimme dats” her in Aussie. I prefer to call them parasites.

          I note she has enough money for some pretty over the top tattoos (and that’s just what we can see). I am also wondering how many daddies there are among her 4 kids?

          These people are part of the reason the system is FUBAR’d and the only solution is a reset – trouble with that is a lot of halfway decent people are gunna get hurt real bad.


          • Dozens,probably and all of them called Johns ! Reset is the answer,but nobody wants to question that.

        • It’s the absolute brain dead that cannot comprehend that they are clueless about what right’s they actually have. The government needs to completely cut off all and any assistance to all. Then they have to reapply, and if and only if they meet certain criteria then they may be allowed and additional six months of assistance. After that point the system automatically cut them off, meaning they must find work, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wal-Mart etc. Job’s are all over the place, yes, it won’t be want you want, yet it is a stepping stone to self assurance.
          1. How long have you been on assistance? “if over 2 years, your cut off”
          2. Have you been looking for work? “Show proof or your cut off”
          3. How many kids do you have? “Time for surgery”
          You get the idea. This is absolutely asinine and needs fixed HARSHLEY.

        • Agreed. I just hope it starts soon. I’m getting antsy..

        • as she said she has 4 kids to keep on doing it

      2. She is just another libtard slave on the plantation

      3. What really burns my rear end is the fact I help pay for this woman and others to set on their rears.

        We have a group of people in this country that makes babies, commits crime and lives off the generosity and hard work of others.

        I want a social safety net but I don’t want this welfare state nonsense.

        • FreeIllinois, AMEN to your comments. the welfare state has to go.

          • The welfare state will go away, even without our help. We are broke. What do you think all the austerity protests in Europe are about? They can’t afford it either.

          • Would solve the illegal alien problem pretty quickly, too.

        • You are right, there should be a social safety net. It would be like joining the military, you would live in a barracks situation and all would work to support the whole bunch. Cook, clean, repair, landscape. and the pay would be 3 meals and a place to sleep.

      4. They should just cut them all off. Lets see what they do. Let the working people thin the heard of users. I am tired of working to pay them benefits. I cant afford anything. I work 3 jobs and have to buy my own health insurance and i am still broke. I dont know how much longer i am going to last either before the bills finally pile up so high i end up going under.

        • Amen, I agreee…..

          Cut them all off. Start with the Machine…IRS/Federal Reserve…..stop paying taxes. Cut off the corp welfare system, cut off the Socialism redistribution ponzi scheme of social security, medicare /aid. Shut them all the F off!

          • BJ and YMWW, maybe I’m missing something here. Help?

          • Go back to the old system of soup kitchens. If they wanna eat, gonna have to haul their juicy ass someplace every day.

            • And go back to the old system of saving your own freakin money instead of giving it to the the nanny govt to take care of retired folks with a ponzi scheme

      5. Stop sending the checks for one month and the problem will resolve itself…
        Might be a violent and rude awakening for leeches like that.

        • Kelly Kettle Black Friday Sale Alert

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          • Thanks KY Mom been looking at them. Looks like I AM going Black Friday shopping 😉

          • Thanks KY Mom, you are the constant star here. No right nor wrong….. my best to you and yourn.

      6. NO GUNS FOR NEGROS ~ St. Louis police inform gun shops Wilson will not be indicted – pull inventory and board up –

        There is a War Brewing its us against the “Free Sh!t Army”

        Not often do I agree with Mayor Rudy Guilani but on this one I fully agree, Rudy said on FOX News – “The biggest threats to Blacks are Not Cops its Blacks.” “Where 93% of Black Deaths are Black on Black, and that if they don;t like all the Cops in their neighborhoods, Stop killing each other.” Bravo Rudy, not more of this PC crap Let it Rip. How will we ever solve the problem unless we state the truth.

        • WWTI, I agree with you totally. Black-on-black crime is the worst of all in this nation and never gets the attention it deserves. In 2013 alone 6000 BLACK PEOPLE WERE KILLED BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE, NOT WHITE PEOPLE. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THEIR DEATHS? WHY AREN’T THERE ANY PROTESTS OVER THAT? WHERE ARE THE DOJ AND FBI ON THISISSUE? Let the free shit army come to my place and I’ll give them something they DON’T want!


        Live Free???hmmm …better you just Die

        • P.S. FUCK YOU LBJ

          • Ten thumbs up on both post’

            • Mahalo, bruddah…I hope when this is all over..we both survive for the Liberty and Freedom Lu’au.

              Malama Pono

              • Ke Akua Ho’omaikai’

            • Kulafarmer don’t forget the extra springs, piston cup and whatnot for the REPR…….

        • Talon:

          I know it is small consolation, Talon, but I have a welfare sister who had 5 kids and lived the carefree party life of “no problem, my check is in the mail”.

          Kids gone now, the party is over, food stamps and medicare do not COVER those “happy bygone years”. Never gave a thought to what was going to become of herself when the “dole” ran out.

          Getting a “job” was never in her vocabulary. Destitute and still wondering why the system doesn’t pony up more to take care of her in her “not so golden years”.

          She has never “owned” her choices in life. Simply amazing what the system has created. Multiply her by the millions; bring in some more illegals to burden our crumbling system; and then ask yourself why/who/how this system was ever developed.

          America’s backbone has been destroyed.

          • POG, I agree that it’s all tragic and there is no turning back. Take care.

            • All she has to do is get disability. All the older folks do it. That’s the graduation program for welfare folks.

          • Gal down the street thought she had it made, getting the monthly stipend for her, her 3 kids, and a loser husband. Hubby worked for cash, that and the checks supported their pill habits.

            So one night the cops get called to break up the drug-induced husband-wife fight, the kids end up in foster care, restraining orders prevent contact between the parents, and the checks follow the kids to their new homes.

            Now they’re up on the end of the 5-years they can get assistance and going nuts trying to work an angle that will keep them on the dole, anything except cleaning up their act and working for a living. Latest scheme is getting a Pell Grant to pay about $5,000 so one can attend college, they’ll show up for two hours a week and blow the rest.

            Cut them off, entirely. Make it hurt.

      8. Shes kinda cute

        • Careful there. She may give you some micro-organisms that you really, really don’t want to have.

          • Or a partner in some child support you never counted on during your roll in the hay.

            • Granny girl, you’ll do to ride the river with. Where ever they find you. I’d love to have you pullin’ the trigger in our group. Those years of life behind you move you some distance ahead of most. Stiff back and upper lip girl.

              • PO’d:

                I would be honored to be a part of your team.

      9. How many times have we read this article already? Nothing is going to change here, what is the point outside of just getting needlessly riled up for nothing?

      10. Like I said here many times, We need to Stop Rewarding Failure in our society. And I pay a crap load of taxes every Year. Like buying the Government a car every year.

        Not only do we cut off all Welfare Programs, but Stop Paying all Taxes that funds this crap.

        I would start by cutting off all Welfare for 3 months, and make these deadbeats show up for work to get a 1 day food ticket. 1 Day Work for 1 day food after they complete the days work. No Show – No Food.

        Like that chick said she gets $100 Free on her water bill and $150 a month for electric. That chick could stand in a hot shower for hours every day for free. No Sir this Welfare SCAM needs to end Pronto!!

        • WWTI, I agree. The freeloaders will be among the first to die in “the great culling”.

          • Here Here WWTI…RB

      11. Stupid people should not breed. They produce little democrats.

      12. No Amount of Money can fix Stupid.

        • Perhaps NO MONEY can fix stupid. Worth a try.

      13. The Senate in Rome traded bread/circuses for votes. At the end, Rome’s military was made up of non-romans, while taxes were very heavy because the Government over spent.

        The Elites spent time at bisexual orgies, (Nero murdered his own wife and married a teenage boy) while Christians were persecuted.

        Sound familiar?

        • Sinner Brah…and in the end…the elites got whacked…sound familiar?

          • Some of them. Many just moved to Constantinople. Remember that only the Western Roman Empire died in 476 AD. The Eastern Empire persisted until 1453.

        • You can have your own currency. It’s called gold and silver coins. Always have value and the government has no say about them.

          • My only question jmac… is who sets the value…when you have too many fluctuating currencies…the dollar is being abandoned

      14. Just think of all of the folks down in Central America who will also jump on these benefits! WOW!

        • Sinner, the benefits are the only reason those people come here. Stop the benefits and the illegals will stop coming.

      15. The rest of the world is giving up on us, and WILL isolate us.

        Let’s step back away from WWIII, reinstate real diplomacy and perhaps restore our honor through a new economic model.

        • Nice sentiment Scout…but its not going to happen with these bunch of LibTurds in power. The only way your resolutions can be achieved is by the real power “We The Patriot People” destroy the International Banking Rothschild slave system and institute broader trade with real friends of the American People. Dissolve all NAFTA trade agreements, Dissolve the Federal Reserve System, Arm and seal the border with a standing shoot to kill order, dissolve the IRS and make taxes consumer base only…no income taxes, no deductions, no 501 3c favoritism, Corporate taxes set at a maximum 20% with no depreciation allowances, consumer tax rate at 4% federal, 2% State and 1% local, demilitarize police forces or for that matter just eliminate the police and reinstitute the constitutional Sheriff’s system, reduce by a 1/3 all judicial,congressional and executive compensations, term limits on all branches of government as well as any departments that “We The People” deemed necessary…no more career politicians or department heads….EVERYTHING MUST BE BY THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE!

          may we all..
          Live Free or Die

          • That reads like a blueprint for the aftermath… me likey!!! 😉

          • Great , all I would ad is that all elected politicians must obey all the laws the same as all the people

        • Tell me, who will represent us? The ones we have now are not very good.

          • Jmac… If any individual supports these premises and mind you..I have many more to add…this individual would be worthy of serving “We The People”. Politics is a shell game only to enrich politicians and their backers. It needs to return to its true intent and not be a a money making scheme. We incentivizing the position goes along way to its purer intent to serve the people.

            • *deincentivizing

      16. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!
        Kinda makes ya sick don’t it?
        Even if you’re a democrat, how could you be proud and jump into this crowd?
        I noticed the last gal Lucy was in Texas. YEa Ha!

        • Interesting, but there’s a huge fallacy in thinking that taxing land alone is fair. That being that the productivity of land is wildly variable. Would a parcel of land on which stood a coal mine be taxed the same as an equal parcel of rocky top or bog? The former would make out like a bandit, while the latter would go bankrupt.

      17. Too late to fix it…too soon to start shooting?

      18. I can’t wait for the collapse and all these people leaving the gene pool.

      19. The saddest part of this woman is that she is INCAPABLE of being productive (except pumping out free-loading off-spring every nine months)and a contributing human being.

        She probably couldn’t find the state she lives in on a map, doesn’t know any presidents’ name that not on a dollar bill….etc. She’ll be a drain on society as long as she lives, and she has seen to it that her legacy in the urchins she has spawned will do the same.

        Food, water, ammo. Prepare.

        • She’s perfectly capable of putting in 8 hours a shift doing something.

          Normally, I’m opposed to Gov’t make-work programs, but I’d make these folks report at 8AM on Monday morning to their municipal offices, post offices, ranger stations, parks, whatever, wherever, and they can pick up the leaves off the park lawns, sweep the sidewalk until dark, I don’t care. Just get them out of their house and under control doing something.

          They can dig up all the landfills, recycle everything they can find it them, then bury the rest of the stuff back in the hole, for all I care.

      20. Don’t blame Lucy though she has a rude awakening coming. She sold her vote for that subsistence check. Blame the pols who bought it with your money. They are the ones you want to see swinging from the light post.

        • The sooner the better

      21. And the people who lost their job/home and need assistance get told they make too much money for assistance.

      22. Obama getting rid of the last non-team player in Hagel? Just could be another piece to the puzzle. More stacking the deck. Will demand replace before end of year. Folks the ride is going to be bumpy here on out.

        As long as Bonheur and McConnell are in charge nothing will happen they must go as the leaders of the two houses of Legislative Branch.

        MTCFMF!! RIP America

      23. Just remember a year ago when the ebt shutdown for 17 hours. Threatened riots and insanity broke out! I don’t get their mindset at all. They wouldn’t last long if any major crisis for more than a few days. So very very sad!

      24. This is what I call a Zombie/Leach.
        4 kids and more that likely 4 different dads.
        She gets more than my Mom and dad that worked for 50 years from S.S. and they paid in.
        All she has done is cash a check for work. What a bunch of B.S.
        I would love to see the whole thing come crashing down because I’m tiered of paying for these Zombies and Leaches.
        Now I stop and think. Who is the smart one here????


        • A big part of the problem with women like her is that her “baby daddies” don’t stick around to support their kids. Most likely, neither did her Dad.

          There is a really good DVD sold at Amazon called “Courageous” which deals with this. It’s well worth the $5.00 to watch.

      25. im doin my part just a hiccup on the blotter nobody knows my sorrow cuz there’s no body, just missing

      26. SGT Dale no offense, but they aint doin it right no more, iv’s helped plenty of LEOS erase bad times but now, smh no sense with the noobs damn camera phones!

      27. and we should change the name from United States of America, to the United Socialist States of America. The USSA. Sound familiar?

      28. Kim Jung Un had NO military experience whatsoever before Daddy made him a four-star general.
        This snot-nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership.
        He hadn’t even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon.
        So he is made the “Beloved Leader” of North Korea .

        Oh crap!

        I’m sorry.
        I just remembered that we did the same thing.
        We took an arrogant, phony community organizer, who had never worn a uniform, and made him Commander-in-Chief.
        A guy who never had a real job, worked on a budget, or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration, and we made him “Beloved Leader” of the United States

        TWICE !!!

        I’m sorry I brought this up . . . Never mind.

        • Eppe:

          I’m sure your “we” does not include you and me.

          Can’t hardly find anyone who admits to voting for “his nastiness”….so he must have stolen it all.

      29. Been thinkin’. In order to counter inflation and to protect the recipients of welfare checks, I propose we start giving them precious metal instead of checks. Metal will always hold it’s value. I think we start with lead. …jus thinkin’

      30. The day is coming when the checks will not go out and all hell will descend.It will be every man for himself and the population will be sliced in half. No money,no food,nothing. give it a year and the country will right itself.

        • exactly, and here is proof ancient and this year

          the day after Rome fell

          citizens who had for decades received the “free” corn dole

          still gathered for weeks at the same location

          they did not understand it was gone, no more

          never forget their were riots at walmart when the food stamp cards did not work

        • @Jim in Va:

          Normally, one would expect, as you do, time will right itself.

          However, I throw this out for your consideration. Given the way Russia, China, and North Korea are flexing their muscles, and not forgetting the middle east chaos, I would not discount the possibility of an overthrow of our government and we become REFUGEES in our own country.

        • The Gimme Dats are the PTB voting base. They will never be cut off. You and I will be taxed more, fined more, and have more “fee’s” to pay. If the SHTF we would have a very high survival rate, they will not, because they never had to think and work to survive.

      31. I was Court recently as a witness, waiting for our case to come up. The Judge was hearing a home foreclosure case.

        This elderly woman said her granddaughter would take over the house, she had just been approved for Social Security disability, and was set for life.

        The Judge asked how old he was, she replied 23. The Judge asked what her disability was and she replied it was back pain. She looked healthier than we were.

        The grandmother announced her daughter had got disability with the same pride Americans used to have if her granddaughter had graduated from Medical school.

      32. This will not get straighten out until there is the intense pain of financial collapse. Pain is the best teacher.

      33. realize the Feds would not have to chase Kiara

        to get her in a FEMA camp

        all they would have to do is tell her

        that’s the only place she can get her benefits

      34. Let us make welfare benefits temporary. The government does not need to be in the charity racket. Let the church take a leadership role there. Set a standard fee for being baby daddy of 150.00 dollars per week. Pay up or snip snip or chain gang time.

      35. I Ok with my Ponzi check not coming if all the other government checks dont arrive also. It would be something to see! Of course folks donr realize it wont be a reset. Or a regression to a 1800,s lifestyle. It will quickly deteoriate to a stone age existence. Small tribes of vicious animalistic survivors scrabbling out a root hawg or die existence. 90% will die many of those who survive will wish they where dead.

        • A quote from Garrett on the Walking Dead:
          “You know Bob…you taste a lot better than we thought you would”

      36. when I saw the title of this story
        I immediately thought it was about some corporate exec
        from Haliburton ,Bechtel or GE

        there is welfare for the poor and then there is WELFARE for
        the rich
        I wonder which causes more problems ???

        this article is yet another “divide and conquer” piece

        keep the peasants (that is US) literally fighting over
        the crumbs that the rich sweep from their tables

        good God
        from the comments here
        some people NEVER learn

        life is hard
        it’s harder when your stupid

        wake the F_CK up
        red pill
        red pill
        take the damn red pill

        The Whole Thing is a House of Cards Based in Corruption

      37. no guarantee that liberty lost in a major collapse is ever regained

      38. I wonder why we never see stories like this posted ???

        Oil company to file $1.2 billion lawsuit against county with 57k people–for banning fracking

        a rich powerful corrupt corporation
        what the people of the county want doesn’t matter

        give us what we want
        or we will bankrupt you

        still worried cause someone on food stamps bought a pack of cigs ?

        • Great post Satori, thanks for sharing.

      39. This is definately the crap that pisses me off. My wife is a Disabled Veteran at 100% and just today she got diagnosed with more problems (diabetes and Thyroid) and we can barely make payments on our one car and 2 bedroom house. I do have a great boss though, my hours are very flexible so I can run home to help out there too. We can’t get food stamps because I make too much money apparently, and I certainly don’t have time for weed or beer. If the SHTF we are so fucked.

        • worse yet…what do I do when she needs me home ALL the time? Cause its coming…she was supposed to be in a wheelchair 10 years ago but she’s fighter.

          • Stew maybe God bless you both.

          • Stew maybe God bless you both.

            • May. Damn I hate autocorrect.

              • Thanx man I can auto-correct too lol

          • Ok back in the 1800 & earlier. Folks like your wife simply died. Now this is going to come across as mean & heartless. You wife is no longer a producer. she is now a dependent parasite. She is your responsibility. Before autopsies burnt out family members would often poison or smother their parasite oxygen thieving family members. When it all falls apart 90% will die. The very old sick & infirm will be the first to perish. Im afraid those who are wishing for SHTF don’t realize the magnitude of what it will be like. It will be stone age and the planet poisoned from nuclear radiation. Even if the missles are not launched the powerplants will melt down. No holds barred Root how or die survival if the fittest.

        • surely there is some Govt compensation

          your wife has EARNED it

          • Yes she does, but if they let the system fail its not just the rats that pay the price when this ship sinks. We are ok for now…I just worry about the years to come when (not if) we are left to totally fend for ourselves. I am no Great White Hunter but I do have plans to add to our food options. I guess I am thinking of the “what ifs” What if I have to stay home to help her and then the money goes away…that sort of thing.

      40. The GOV can’t cut one cent from the welfare mooch without destroying the GDP. American businesses depend on the welfare moooch dollar. The economy requires last years budget spending, including war and mooch spending, PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 10% in order to get a GDP growth of just 2%. The part-time/full-time employment number will go below 50% of the work aged population before 2025. TPTB must stage a world war to get rid of 3 billion moochers worldwide. Find yourself a place to live that is at least 15 miles from any city, 30 miles from a major city.

      41. This type of behavior isn’t in human DNA its taught by example of generations or whites and blacks.. All free loading scum bucket low life’s..

        Just like the Mortard video gamer nation that we currently live in .. When I was a kid I rode the tires off my bike, and played sports and fun games with my all of school friends even after school period!! ..

        I am proud to say that I have never been out of work , i work 6 days a week – 12 hrs per day .. I never had to collect any $ from the govermet as Finacial Aid.. All because I wish to live a meaningful and productive life … Providing for my family.. All whom jobs as well..

        These days the majority of the kids are sitting down glued to a joystick controler playing grand theft auto 1,2,3,4,5
        .. A non reality mind twisting game that is meaningless.. And a total waste of our youths time!!

        The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to stop feeding them.. Let them
        Go out and look for their own frickin dinner ..

      42. I think one of the reasons the FSA always has these riots every few yeaes is because its ‘Free TV time.” Amongst other ‘Free’ items. Sometimes I think that the FSA Thinks THIS is Freedom. What do you say??

      43. The welfare/ food stampers are no where near as bad as the criminal bankster, government minions, and illuminti parasites.

      44. Ok this is a prepper site. And it seem folks who are getting any type of government stipend be it welfare pensions social security EBT medicade ect. are totally dependent on that stipend. Im drawing a social security Ponzi check. However im prepared to accept it if I stop receiving it. If you folks cant make it now without help what in the world will you do in a no holds barred SHTF situation?

      45. This sh*t is funny. She points at the “illegals” getting benefits as wrong but can’t see how she is just as ethically challenged.

      46. Just remember do not blame the people whom sponge and does this, you need to blame the people whom let them do this and feed it.
        Divide and Conquer… Divide and Conquer and its working.

      47. Everyone that sees this needs to go and sign up , everyone until the system can’t support it self!!!!

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