Video: Humanity is Creating Its Own AI Overlords

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Dagny Taggart at The Organic Prepper

    Artificial Intelligence is developing at breakneck speed. While many technological advances benefit humanity, there are plenty of others that may have devastating outcomes.

    Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.

    That is an expression I often quote in reference to various things people are doing and creating. When I hear about new AI capabilities and developments, it comes to mind.

    Artificial Intelligence is developing at breakneck speed. While many technological advances benefit humanity, there are plenty of others that may have devastating outcomes.

    Will AI eventually take over the world?

    How long until artificial intelligence makes humans redundant? That’s a chilling prospect to ponder. Robots are already taking jobs.

    Even more horrifying, though, is the very real possibility that artificial intelligence will fully infiltrate every aspect of our lives and eventually take control of the world.

    The thought of losing what freedom we have left to robot overlords is terrifying, especially considering that AI has no sense of humor and is willing to kill over a joke and that robots already can hate without human input.

    Not only can AI do many things faster and better than humans can, but it also can monitor usread our minds and predict our choices.

    Will humans serve robot overlords someday?

    A new video from Truthstream Media poses a serious question we all should be considering:

    Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords?

    “…sophisticated algorithms are being created to ensure the AI will know more about a person than they probably know about themselves, let alone what any spouse or significant other ever could.

    Society is being programmed to not just trust but irrevocably merge their lives with these machines.

    This will change us.” (source)

    This is part two of a set of reports on where exactly these artificially intelligent digital assistants are taking society in the very near future.

    To watch Part one, click hereThe Infallible AI “Oracle” and the Future of “One Shot” Answers.

    What do you think?

    Do you think AI will eventually take over? Will humanity eventually serve robot overlords? Do you think this sort of thing can be prevented, or are we doomed? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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      1. We’ve taken too much for granted
        And all the time it had grown
        From techno seeds we first planted
        Evolved a mind of its own
        Marching in the streets
        Dragging iron feet
        Laser beaming hearts
        Ripping men apart
        From off I’ve seen my perfection
        Where we could do as we please
        In secrecy this infection
        Was spreading like a disease
        Hiding underground
        Knowing we’d be found
        Fearing for our lives
        Reaped by robot’s scythes
        Metal Gods
        Metal Gods
        Metal Gods
        Metal Gods
        Machines are taking all over
        With mankind in their command
        In time they’d like to discover
        How they can make their demand
        Better be the slaves
        To their wicked ways
        But meeting with our death
        Engulfed in molten breath

        Songwriters: Glenn Raymond Tipton / Kenneth Downing / Robert Halford
        Metal Gods lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

      2. “Robots are already taking jobs.”
        You know why?
        People are a pain in the A$$,
        I know how to design, build, program, and repair Robots.
        Were I a business, I would automate as much as possible.
        People scare the h3ll out of me as they are not algorithmic.
        I know companies that are automating entire farms of thousands of acres, that once commissioned need just 8-10 guys/gals to run it.
        I’m not afraid of AI, as I understand how it works from a Mathematical point of view.
        I have a “smart” vacuum that has learned the house.
        All it takes, to take it out is the cat knocking a towel off the
        towel rack to screw it up. Our machines are not creative.
        They are purely reactive and anybody in a fight will tell you action will almost always beat reaction.
        Presently our technology isn’t good enough to produce a “Terminator” machine, however it may get there, eventually.
        But in a world populated by idiots that reproduce based on
        10th century values, I don’t think that break-through will happen anytime soon.

        • relik, I would do the same thing! Anything I could automate I would. Maybe 10% of the spawn on this planet could learn robotics and make a good living, the rest, fend for themselves. What ya gonna do with 7 billion useless eaters?

      3. Who writes this stuff:

      4. And in other news… Caught our limits of trout at a local 9200ft. elevation lake yesterday. The wind picked up at the end and had to use speed 5 to make headway lol. Good thing it was sunny! Trolling with a green spotted flatfish and a white spinner. Gonna try another place Thursday, a reservoir at about 8000ft.

        Good corn mash recipe….
        In a 5 gallon bucket add 8 cans of brand name sweet corn.
        In a big pot add 2 gallons of hot water and disolve 22 cups of sugar and 7 teaspoons yeast nutrient (bsg brand). Add to the bucket and stir well. Add warm or cool water to make the temp. 95 degrees and fill to the 4 gallon level. Sprinkle 4 teaspoons distillers yeast on top and lay the lid on it. After 15-20 minutes take the lid off and stir slowly. Snap the lid on and put airlock on. After a week take the lid off and stir.Put lid back on and let finish working (rock it a little once a day). Cook as usual and don’t go below 60 proof out of the pipe. GOOD STUFF! 😛

        • gonna try to make mulberry wine. the tree just fruited and does once every year around this time. i never brewed any sauce ever. this should be interesting. gonna go clam digging residents are allowed to get 2gal bucket worth everytime no fishing licence needed. make clam chowder and stuffies mmm. inland folk dont know what they are missing not living by the sea.

        • Drinkable corn! I like it! Another way to store for SHTF that doesn’t spoil. How much of that stuff does it take to see Jesus? At the price the stores charge, I can’t afford to see Jesus very often.

      5. If a demon can possess a person it can inhabit a computer.

      6. Any robot who tries to rule over me would get a nice blast of 00 buck first.

      7. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is dead at 99. Another commie bites the dust. Another useless libturd is gone.

      8. AI is needed to address the global population crisis. The planet cannot take the exponential increase in Africans. There is not enough time or resources to allow for African IQs to catch up and for civilisational wisdom to guide their decisions. At the present rate of advancement there, it will take at least 1000 years for Africans to live as responsibly as Europeans and Asians.

        • What is AI supposed to do about that?

          • Only A.I. has the processing power to keep large populations in check. This can’t be done by human beings or even institutions. Too many variables.

            In brief, the populations need to be tracked, ring fenced, and then social sterilent applied (squeeze finances, encourage homosexuality, drug use, despair, etc.).

      9. Those who have silently taken over Amerikka with the Quiet War, will use Law Enforcement warrant databases to quietly round up any and ALL that are in opposition to the Anti American, Anti Christian, NWO Collectivist Communist Techno BEAST system. The Quiet war.
        Police only do as the database directs. If there is a warrant in system. Police round you up. Quietly, one by one anyone on redlist. The License plate recognition system in the Police cruisers indicate a “hit”. The system scans thousands of numbers a minute. Facial recognition used from public cameras.. The mindless Police officer just “does his job.” You think you are being pulled over for traffic stop. NO. You are being targeted by the database, red flagged, you are red listed for collection then Elimination. You will be DISAPPEARED. No one will ever hear from you again.

        Tasking comes down from higher up the chain of command. At one time there were men making the decisions. Men with thought and morals. Men doing a difficult job the best they could. No More. Not today 2019. In warfare the computers make the tasking lists. The war computer selects, tasks, decides life and death. Higher command in head shed just follows orders from computer. Soldiers only follow orders from higher up command chain. But now a Computer made the orders.

        Here is problem. USA Generals no longer make those critical decisions. What three letter agency in what other country really controls the machine. Who knows who or what is really in control?

        Welcome to your “changed” world. Embrace your technology from the techno monopoly control freak leftist NWO Communist collectivist censors. Today they censor you. Tomorrow they take your guns, round you up, murder you and your family. Genocide. The technology now allows the few to control the masses.
        They take collect your data to make the list. Who is naughty or gullible and “on the team”?
        School System brainwashes the children
        Mass Media brainwashes parents.
        Your masters are anti christian.
        They are anti male.
        They are anti marriage. Anti family.
        They are anti American.
        They flood the country with those that hate America.
        They BS their way into political office.
        NOW ANTI AMERICAN FORIEGN MUSLIMS MAKE “LAWS” that you live under. Yes they want your guns.

        AI is here NOW. BEAST system is here Now.
        Who do you serve? The demonic Beast? Or the God of Jesus Christ. Choose well.

      10. What are YOU going to do about a website that CENSORS comments?
        Demand free speech.
        Liberty or Leave.

        Google/YouTube is communist friendly. Why do you support an anti American, anti freedom, business. Censorship, tracking, surviellance, is what Google does. The Tech Monopoly censors MUST be stopped. Break-up these evil censorship MONSTER, pro communist, tech monopoly corporations .

        Amazon sells fake goods / counterfit goods. FAKES.
        NEVER buy medical supplies there.
        Amazon refuses to stop selling the fakes.

        American Mass media, owned by foriegers, has declared war upon an elected President. Cut off your cable TV subscription.

        STAND Up to anti American tech monopoly corporations.

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