(Video) Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Groped: Stranger Grabs Woman’s Buttocks – Watch Her Fight Back

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    A man in New York messed with the wrong woman, and thankfully, the altercation was caught on surveillance video.

    Chantal Castanon was heading home for the day after work on August 31 around 2 p.m. She was walking down the stairs at the subway station at 42nd Street and Grand Central Terminal when a man grabbed her buttocks.

    She told CBS2 that what the man did to her “sent her in to a fury”.

    Castanon was so angry, she said, that she had to fight back:

    “I felt the rage coming from my stomach, I was like what did he just do to me? Did he really just touch me like that and he didn’t even care, just walked off like it was nothing.

    Really quickly it happened but he just like grabbed my whole buttocks.”

    Watch Castanon go after the groper:

    “I was just like you know what? You’re not touching me like that and getting away with it,” Castanon said.

    The groper got away, but Castanon said she’s hoping someone recognizes him and turns him in.

    “I just want him caught because you don’t know who he did it to or who he’ll potentially do it to and it has to be stopped,” she told CBS.

    Good for Castanon for refusing to be a passive victim.


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      1. That is not the typical reaction by women. This lady is in great physical condition. She is not especially petite. And either her natural personality or past experience (brothers perhaps) and or some time with a punching bag or in some type of self defense training gave her the confidence. She is lucky he didn’t react by punching her back or worse.


        • Hey Mac, Got a direct link to the Video, It is not being shown on your web page here. Says not available.

        • My gun dealer saidthat he sold 30 guns last week to first time owners last week, mostly women. Women ar buying guns in droves, mostly compacts.

      2. See you women out there.
        Do not wait 30 years to do something.
        This is what you are supposed to do.

        Especially you load mouth feminist.

        • Amen, brother… Amen.

      3. I must just be an old man, But I would never touch a strange woman without her permission. Even if I grabbed my wife’s butt in a public place, when she wasn’t expecting it, I might get hit, before she realized it was me.
        Perhaps all the women that raised me, were raised with me, lived with me, or were raised by me were violent by nature. Girls don’t hit very hard, unless well trained, but all the women I know will attack if threatened. They have guns and know how to use them.

        • Rellik:

          With the exception of your family, most women are shocked by such an act and freeze. It is probably instinctive to swat away someone who touches but to pursue them; that is unusual, and that’s why this story is news.


          • BFCA,
            You make my point. Our sons are naturally aggressive
            so we train them to do it in a controlled fashion.
            We also should train our daughters to be aggressive
            as they aren’t naturally that way in a physical sense,
            but they will rip your guts out using tools, like
            courts, guns, children, your bank account, et al.

      4. And….if the person who assaulted her then hires a lawyer, in New York if all places, then if the guys’s lawyer is a good one, he will sue her for excessive violence when she assaulted him. They might say she exceeded a normal legal response by not letting law enforcement take care of it.

        Making the video go viral will end up HURTING her. Oh she will get her 15 minutes of fame, but what will it cost her? Here in Kentucky, she would have no problem, but in a state like New York or California, who knows?

        You have to be smarter than the assailant.

      5. Most women don’t react like that because they are too stunned and shocked. Dealing with the aftermath trauma is just as bad as the assault which is why the majority of sexual assaults and rapes go unreported. It is not true that the majority are reported.

        Her reaction is not typical for a woman as most don’t react physically like a man would, ready at any second to defend himself. She may also be half his size and strength and know there’s no way she could defend herself against him. Women also know that attacking back could infuriate the attacker and make matters much worse, even deadly.

        Most female victims are too traumatized to deal with the cops and legal system downplaying the crime or giving them the runaround. They’ve heard the horror stories from other women brave enough to come forward. The embarrassment they experience when they come forward is also quite overwhelming as is the fear of retaliation.

      6. Reminds me of Jameis Winston placing his hand on the female Uber drivers crotch then saying he didn’t do it and lying all the way. At least she will get money out of that.

      7. monkey see, monkey do

      8. Fight back and let men know it won’t be tolerated. There will be less of it. Those that grope are usually cowards.

      9. Back around 1995-2000, martial art teachers were deeply concerned as their female students were so conditioned by upbringing “to be nice docile girls” that when faced with danger, they froze.

        So one sensei had an idea to come out wearing full body protective gear, and let each trained female student to just wail the tarnation out of the instructor using her training with kicks, joint locks, punches, and submission techniques ie choking. Most women students found it very empowering to fully UNLEASH withering attacks and it was much more realistic.

        Ideally they learn WRESTLING techniques ie grappling which are found in jujitsu and MMA.

        Without this aspect, female students are inherently timid during a confrontation. You can try it at home, but you honestly need protective gear so they can beat the living daylights out of you.

        Once they learn that they can safely unleash their power, they wrestle way way better. They are afraid to do this normally.

        The dirty secret is when sexually assaulted, the attacker will punch women in face repeatedly, elbow strikes are common, and choke them. The goal is humiliation and fear to paralyze them. You have to train to counter this. The attacker will also threaten physical harm to children in the home. This is why effective combat by women is extremely difficult. Without this opportunity to fight back as brutally as possible, then your training will be worthless and you will freeze.

      10. In Italy the men are aggressive…they get away with
        things not tolerated here in the states. A man on a
        bus put his hand up the crack of my jeans….turned
        around to slap his face only to see three guys behind
        I’m not a hugger and find it offensive by anyone but
        my spouse, family, or special occasions. Same with

        I believe your space within 2 feet of your body is “your
        space”. To enter that “space” requires permission.
        Polite men and women always ask……”could I give you
        a hug?” I respect that. But if it is someone I don’t want
        to hug me…. I politely retort……”Whoa…I’m not much of
        a hugger” …and extend my hand for a quick hand shake.

        Sorry for all the “Me..my…and I ‘s ?

      11. the vid doesnt show much of anything actually…who knows what really took place. But as one comment said above, with her giving chase to the sissy running away from her like a girl, shes now the agressor from a legal standpoint, as it could be argued that it was two seperate incidents..the gropping, then her assault/chase. Im not condoning any man touching a woman in that fashion, but Id bet she wouldnt be on TV/media acting the bad ass, if he had stopped and went full rocky balboa on her…

      12. In my experience, practically every female student had no fighting spirit in various classes over decades. Oh many had the best of intentions, but most of the women and ladies were not serious enough to actually learn how to fight. To be able to actually attack takes focus, discipline, and an utter willingness to brutally attack another.

        In all honesty, they couldn’t defend themselves either. Yet this was the primary reason they were in class. You cannot resolve a conflict if only defending as attrition will wear you down, and this is especially true in the martial arts.

        Believe it or not, pound for pound, athletic women can be remarkable rock climbers demonstrating agility and strength, and obviously women can tolerate extremely painful labor during childbirth. But at the same time, they have weak wrists and so most cannot deliver effective atemi (strikes) and thus must quickly deliver crippling blows in an engagement. Otherwise they are near immediately overcome.

        We all intuit this is true and why women should never serve in a combat role. But idiotic feminism has made American males delude themselves for so long, that they believe the manure spewing forth from Hollywood of the female superhero.

        Don’t raise effete children. Teach your children effective ancestral skills and that includes combat. Your kids are taught by the world to be weak and vulnerable, so do everything you can to teach them to be strong and resolute and to crush their enemies.

        Christians should be kind and caring, but that never implies weakness or becoming a doormat for others to walk on.

      13. You’re triggering the white knights, but Chantal Castanon is not an example of traditional gender roles.

        She and and anyone who helps her are technically, legalistically guilty of an assault, because the praetors are supposed to have such an unconditional monopoly on the use of force.

      14. Out of all the women in the area, he picked her? Nasty!

      15. If you ever enter into combat that is hand-to-hand, the enounter is rapidly finished or else the one with bigger mass and reach and power wins…every time.

        This means the smaller person has to be utterly committed to use deadly force IMMEDIATELY. Unless you do and surprise your enemy, you will suffer at their hands.

        I cannot make it plainer.

        An assault is not a sport. It’s not boxing. There are no rules. It’s kill or be killed. It’s destroy the criminal or be raped.

        Any delay means loss of nerve. You cannot talk your way out of it. This is why everyone should be armed who legally may be so. It is especially true for ladies.

        What you see in film with high kicking techniques is absurd. A kick is a finishing technique. For a smaller person to defeat a criminal means a brutal attack that immediately seizes the intiative. It means a few punches (atemi), then grappling, and likely elbow strikes to his face, and stomping him into the dust.

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