[VIDEO] Debt Compounds With Socialist Policies: 40% Of NY and CA Want To MOVE OUT

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    Americans have gotten themselves into a predicament.  With debt levels at all-time highs, 40% of those living in California and New York want to flee their states for tax havens and less socialist policies.

    YouTube channel, Money GPS has been putting together videos laying out the major problems with obtaining debt.  Most Americans start right out of high school with student loans, and supplement their lifestyle with credit cards, shackling them to debt repayment for a good portion of their lives.  But the debt problem continues to compound and rather than pay off their debts and reach financial freedom, Americans take out more loans. In fact, according to Money GPS, it’s so bad today that many people in New York and California suggest they literally can’t afford to live there anymore and are considering moving.

    The debt crisis will collapse the nation. –Money GPS


    And once you add the high cost of socialist policies onto the backs of the already majorly indebted, far too many Americans are flung into poverty by not being able to keep what they have earned. Now, 40% of Californians and New Yorkers want to flee their high-tax socialist utopias for some freedom and to experience less theft (taxation), and those numbers are exponentially on the rise. According to CNBC, known for putting a leftist/socialist spin on the news, Californians’ main fear was the cost of living.  But that is literally and entirely the government’s fault for instituting policies that require massive amounts of theft to cement.

    In a poll which aimed to “pinpoint what’s causing the worst financial fears and stress among Americans,  California residents said their top financial stressor was the general cost of living.  Housing costs, made high by regulations, are forcing many residents to rethink where they’ve chosen to live.

    New York residents, when polled, reported the same kind of problems.  Those who work for the government continue to line their pockets with money taken from the middle class.  This is causing the middle class to all but evaporate. According to the New York Post, the poll determined that more than a third of all city residents say they can’t afford to live anywhere in the state, let alone the “Big Apple” or New York City. Residents also believe economic hardship will send them packing in five years or less, according to a dismal new poll.

    41 percent of New York resident fear they’ll be “forced” to pull up stakes and seek greener pastures where the economic climate is more welcoming. “They are making this city a city for the wealthy [government elitists], and they are really choking out the middle class,’’ said Ari Buitron, a 49-year-old paralegal and born-and-bred New Yorker from Forest Hills, Queens. New Yorkers are being lured down south thanks to the state’s immense tax burden and new federal tax policies that punish high-tax states, according to Miami property magnate Gil Dezer. “Because of the city tax and the non-deductibility of your real estate taxes, we’re seeing a lot more people with piqued interest,” he told The Post.


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      1. Yet THEY are the ones that voted for their communist ideas, laws, policies, etc! They flee to places like my state and ruining it!!!

        • Texas? I’m hearing it’s getting purple, that’s where I have been thinking about heading.
          Unfortunately the city people are the commies the upstate 48% does not have a chance.
          DiVIDE NY NOW!!!!

          • My entire family still resides in the Syracuse area. With the exception of one cousin and his wife, they are all democrats thru and thru. No matter what I say to them they still think the dems are the dems they’re parents grew up with. Have no clue what’s really going on across the country and blame Trump for all things wrong. Miss them, but very glad I don’t have to be around them accept a couple times a year for just a few days. So, it’s been my experience that not all “upstaters” have got the word yet.

            • SERIOUSLY? Can you believe these cock wallopers?

              ht tps://www.naturalnews.com/2019-03-26-medical-martial-law-rolled-out-in-new-york-unvaccinated-citizens-banned.html

          • There are damn few Texans in Texas.
            Commie Californians have moved in with mega corporations like Toyota.
            India dot heads with h-1B visa’s have replaced once high paying caucasion IT jobs. The Indians work for nothing. Go to IKEA on saturday and looks like India.

            Mexicans breed like cockroaches.
            Illegals vote when they are not supposed to, not eligible. Of course they vote for communist that promise free money.
            Damn Mexican flag rag is everywhere. Disgusting.
            Cartels run south Texas. Politicians paid off by Mexicandrug cartels.
            Mexican cartels set up ship points in nice suburban neighborhoods. Police do nothing.

            English not spoken in many places.
            San Antonio is lost to Mexico. San Antonio is brown.
            La Raza kills off caucasions, clears bank accounts, and runs up credit cards, sells property. La Raza has attacked law enforcement with Fentenoyl, Houston. Covered up by media.

            Blacks try to bully. Rude. Have served contaminated fast food to law enforcement intentionally. (I seldom eat out. Take my lunch.)

            Pull up population and demographic maps from 1975 to present. Then you will understand. Population and demographic maps tells the demise.

            Texas has been invaded. Mexicans-Communist Yankees-Communist Californians-India Indians-MS13-New Orleans hurricane thugs have taken over parts of Houston-Mexican drug cartels-Mexicans out breeding the Natives.

            Does not look good for near future.
            Very sad. Texas used to be great, uncrowded.
            Traffic is horrific in Dallas and Houston area.
            They drive like fools. Very dangerous.

            They are tearing down 100 year old monuments trying to forget and undo history. Millions spent renaming and tearing down Texas heritage.

            War against Whites.
            War against Christians.
            War against Families.
            Unending property tax raises.
            Invaded. That is Texas.

        • communists historically must be killed, they never just go away.

          • Indeed. See Enoch Powell’s 1968 speech, commonly known as the Rivers of Blood speech.

        • I could not agree more! I’m in Arizona – these California clowns vote for the socialistic ideas, complain about them, move to Arizona (and other states) and ruin a once red state…..

        • They should stay where they are and reap the benefits of their votes. My friends and I don’t want them moving South to ruin my home with their “liberal” vote and desire for services they miss from up north. I was in Richmond, VA recently and have seen what that crowd has done to a once sleepy, pleasant city. They voted themselves into office and have turned it into another vision of that hell called Maryland. Keep them out! Put a bounty on them!

      2. So 40% want out… Well 85% of the other states DON’T WANT THEM MOVING THERE! So stay where your at, your NOT welcome here!

        • Genius, same here in the Southeast. We damn sure don’t want them here and we have more than enough gun owners to keep them out.

      3. Don’t let them leave. They are the socioeconomic equivalent of Typhoid Mary. Austin Texas used to be a nice place before California relocated there. Now it is San Francisco East. An absolute hive of libtard stupidity.

        • That’s a damn shame.

      4. The problem with these A-HOLES moving out is they are coming to my state and are then insistently trying to inflict their socialist agenda here.

        Go home!!!

      5. There is something strange about liberals.

        • Not really. Just homegrown stupidity.

        • Whats strange about arrogant stupidity?

        • Someone once said the following and it made a lot of sense to me.

          “Conservatives believe what they see; liberals see what they believe”.

          For the above reason liberals have a lot of conviction of purpose. They literally believe that their vision is by its moral purpose supersedes the physical barriers of funding, logic, science, physics or biology. In effect they are children.

      6. All this starts with religion. According to Colonel William P. Gale, founder of Identity, a movement that claims that the Caucasian race is the bible’s race. That the others who claim that they are the race are lying and plagiarizing. Identity claims that this is true Christianity.

        The problem of taxes comes from the bankers and bankers derive from the anti-Christian world.


      7. stay the hell away from the south

      8. They want to leave the states that have implemented the exact policies the voters wanted. And move to more conservative pastures, where they will fight for more socialist & welfare agendas. Liberals are a cancer & need purged from our country.

      9. State and local taxes is a major reason why I say the MOST important prep is your LOCATION!

        As the economy collapses states will do anything and everything to get revenue. They will take it from everyone and anyone. It’s going to be difficult if not impossible to escape the “legitimized” governmental theft that is coming.

        It’s not just the local gangs we have to watch out for, but also the biggest gang around…the GOVERNMENT!

        • Justice, I’m headed back to the BOL in late April. The way things are looking it might be the BUGOUT trip for me.

      10. The people who complain the most about the in-migration of Californians live in Montana. The people who are the most angry seem to live in Missoula. California not only over-taxes its citizens, it also over-regulates. You can’t do anything without violating someone’s regulations. New York is bad about it, but California is worse.

      11. Californians and New Yorkers can buy in cheap if they’ll wait a couple more years.

        See the below article for details:

        200 Million People At Risk: National Weather Service Warns Apocalyptic Midwest Floods Are “A Preview Of What We Expect Throughout The Rest Of The Spring”

      12. Today’s government and voters have no self-restraint and are unwilling to make sacrifices. They DEMAND that “other people” do that instead. This is a recipe for disaster and we are all about to receive their just desserts. Sadly, we (the old guard and honorable) did not live beyond our means and have EVERYTHING in our youth. We worked hard, consistently, over time and earned our retirements and pensions …. Only to see it frittered away by the mayflies of youth and irresponsibility. The lifeboats were small, but the hordes demanded them for themselves and kicked us out… Now even the lifeboats are sinking, but unfazed mindless, greedy leeches of society continue to demand what is no longer there …. And then like locusts, move on to find it…. Evil times indeed.

      13. Personally I want the people to mover out of NY and CA:

        – The taxes they lose from this people will drive them further into a deficit.
        – The now unfunded pensions will go by-by.
        – The overly compensated civil workers will get screwed.
        – The liberal politicians will continue to tax the wealthy who will then leave.
        – The liberal politicians will get voted out of office.
        – New initiatives will be created to bring people and business back.
        – Housing and taxes will be decreased in order to make it affordable again.

        And everything will be right with the world until the next liberal nit wit gets voted into office.

        • That is a fantasy Wojo but if you insist; post your address so they can move in underneath you.

      14. please dont move here, we dont want people who think like you

      15. BUT, BUT, BUT, they said it was all going to be paid for by the rich! I don’t understand! I’m so confused! I need to get to my safe space!

        • I brought the crayons and lollipops! Did you remember the snuggies?

      16. Both parties suck equally. Fake opposition seen right through clearly. As far as New Yorkers pouring into Florida this state has already been packed full of them for the last hundred years. That’s why the cost of living is sky high and rising. The elections are fixed in this state opposing anything that involves change outside the status quo further enrichment of insider conjobs who actually do nothing that can be called work.

        • The elections are now fixed in every state. If Trump won’t build the wall, he could at least tackle that. It’s gonna get ugly when folks finally figure out that their “representatives” were chosen for them and their own votes tossed. The belief that their votes still count is the only thing holding back the next civil war, IMHO.

      17. its bad here in NY. Cops and Sanitation men make $100,000/year and the rest of us peasants are tying to live on minimum wage which is $11.20 an hour. I used to be a middle level manager making in the $50s and we survived. We lost our house when I lost that job and I calculated i needed $46k to pay the mortgage taxes utilities…etc…I was making $38k at the time as a Customer Service rep in an insurance office. It doesn’t matter that formerly I was a million dollar salesman…the job paid $38k thats what I made. We gave up our house to the bank. Each year the rent in our senior apartment increases…much more than my social security increase. This place is a joke….Now the Demoncrats want a Green Deal that will cost Trillions of dollars…Where do they think they will get the money?….Not from me…some months I break even some months we don’t pay all the bills cause we just don’t have it. I was told I can get an apartment twice the size of what i have now for 3/4 the rent in NC but can’t aford to move. NY City is the playground for the millionaires. I was looking into maybe building a small energy efficeint house. It seems the old town houses are being bought up…made energy efficeint and then rented out for ONLY $2600 per month. Thats more then me and my wife make from social security and a PT job. Yes its time to leave NY..

        • Barbuto,
          Did you know you could rent a 2 bd apartment just off Hilo bay in Hilo HI for $1000 a month? Medical, stores, farmers market, cultural stuff, University, all close by. Weather warm and wet, nobody has house heat, A/C, or needs it. To move you get on an airplane and fly somewhere.
          I’m not recommending that you move to Hawaii, island life can be dis-concerting to big city types, and most rentals are way more than you can afford, just pointing out that there are nice places that are a lot cheaper than where you are.

        • Arkansas. Tennessee. Mississippi. Alabama. Rural Texas. You can get by on less.

      18. Unsustainable. The situation in Illinois, New York, and California is unsustainable. If the Democrats ever get control of both houses of Congress and the White House, look for them to try to push legislation through to bail out a lot of the more liberal states.

      19. Its the same all over the country. Soon Venezuela will be the place to go. This country is turning 3rd world one state at a time. thanks dems…repubs too for letting them.

        • Jim and Rellik, I’ll be back in GA a month from now if not sooner. This trip may become the bugout for me. I’m getting closer to saying to hell with everything where I’m at now.

          • DR,
            Good luck!
            I bailed on the rat race 9 years ago and haven’t regretted it.
            Keep in mind I planned and prepared to retire at age 55 or so.
            One thing that I didn’t plan well for was stuff breaking.
            Things like $1000 Vet bills for an animal. Storm fallen trees ripping electrical out and damaging fences. Water pump controllers shorted out by Geckos(Mine looks like the GEICO one, cost $1200 for a new controller). All the weird stuff you can’t really plan for and is not covered by insurance.
            That being said, I highly recommend getting out of the rat race.

          • DR and Rellik, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring but I am so thankful for all these years of early retirement that I’ve been able to enjoy! I bailed on the rat race too and haven’t regretted it.

            • Yes, I joined the ranks of those retired four years ago…. But I am still struggling to get my health back….. Making some great progress now though.

      20. Nothing personal, but if some of you are thinking about leaving NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME, DE, or PA, please don’t come down here to the South. I know your states are becoming unlivable, both economically and in lost personal freedoms, but many of you voted for politicians to make it that way. Now many of you want to come here. I’ve known or met many northerners in my life, several when in the military; I heard many times Southerners ridiculed, and said how you were superior to us. Well, your states are becoming hell-holes and now you want to move here. You bring your dysfunctions here. When you settle in down here you start voting for, and wanting the same crap you left your home state for like high taxes and lots of social spending, repressive zoning laws, and gun control, or many other inhibitions on personal freedoms.
        As a young lad I was strictly taught manners, courtesy, politeness, and morals, and to go to church regularly, but I also had freedoms and safety in a way very few can relate to today. If you insist on moving down here, especially in the Deep-South, you may actually learn we are not in-bred, uneducated, and hopelessly racist. And please do not bring New England attitudes and morals here, where I come from we detest them.
        Your states have been run into the ground politically, economically, financially and socially. It is better that the citizens in every state throw off the yoke of their suffocating and self-serving gov’t and strive to secede to restore their rights, freedoms, liberties, and opportunities, in that case GOD bless you.

      21. Take away women’s right to vote and the “mob rule” that is democracy goes away over night. They can lose there right when it all collapses under a welfare state and probably violence. Or avoid violence and remove the mob rule and the welfare state and the bums will just leave. The bums are only here for the welfare. Take away the women’s right to vote and welfare walks away. The women will only ever vote for welfare. So simple. Even a retard gets it.

      22. You turds voted for these people, and their unfair laws.
        So suck it up, you deserve what you voted for you brain deads.

        So sh-t the f–k up.

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