Video: Cops Tase Man For Refusing To Show ID

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    SHTFplan Editor’s note: Just yesterday we showed how one man stood up for his Constitutional rights by refusing to show identification or pull over for further interrogation while stopped at a DHS checkpoint. He was successful in exercising his rights under the Fourth Amendment. Things didn’t work out the same way for Zikomo Peurifoy.

    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at

    A Florida man was repeatedly tased by police officers and arrested for refusing to identify himself, but instead of apologizing, the Casselberry Police Department insisted it would use footage of the incident for training purposes.

    The video begins with police accusing Zikomo Peurifoy of jaywalking before they demand to see his identification.

    The officer is asked by Peurifoy what statute requires that he show his ID, to which he responds, “Give me your ID or you’re going to go to jail.”

    When Peurifoy refuses, two officers grab him while the man warns he will press charges for assault because he has committed no crime. Requests for a supervisor to be called are ignored.

    After cops attempt to handcuff Peurifoy, he resists before a taser is used repeatedly while Peurifoy yells, “You are assaulting me.”

    Peurifoy still manages to escape the clutches of police before he is repeatedly tased again before he finally falls to the ground and is arrested.

    Far from apologizing for the incident, which appears to clearly show cops over-reacting, the Casselberry Police Department defended the actions of police and told WFTV, “That their officers followed policy so well that they’re going to use the video for training.”

    Continue reading this report at


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      1. ok. i’m gonna get slammed but the guy was wrong. once they moved to arrest him and then he started resisting they were within their rights. preventing them from placing him in handcuffs was resisting arrest no matter how you slice it.

        this is starting to head in a direction where someone trying to setup police is gonna get killed and justifiably so.

        hate to say it but in this instance the cops were right.

        • Agreed on that point. We’re still in the extreme early stages. Civilization is still alive enough that you can currently find redress for any grievances caused by the local police.

          If you’re going to exercise civil disobedience in a live society, you offer no physical resistance. Once done, you get a lawyer, who then proceeds to make you a rather wealthy man, courtesy of the local police department – especially once the local news gets wind of it.

          The loss of six figures of money or more by the local PD (and putting the Chief’s career in serious jeopardy at the same time) is more than enough to get their attention.

          Post-collapse is a different story: in the absence of civilization/society, you avoid such a situation first of all. If you cannot avoid it, you shoot first while you get the hell out of there.

          The trick is to know at what point the police realistically go from officers of the law to being armed enforcers of some local thug or gang. I posit that the gray area is really, really small, and that we’re not there yet.

          • wealthy man courtesy of the local tax payers you mean..those cops didnt lose one dime over this..We the people did

            • Can anyone tell me why we cant hold cops to a civil law suit for violating our civil rights?

              A real and factual answer..because this is what needs to start happining ..the cops need to get hit personally or this shit will escalte

            • The man was observed “jaywalking”, a violation of a local ordinance. He broke the law.

              Had he cooperated with the cop when initially addressed and asked for identification; he would have likely been given a warning and released after a search for outstanding warrants.

              This was a setup, the intent of which was to escalate the situation and provoke police brutality, resulting in a hefty lawsuit.

              It didn’t work.

              Not everything the cops, the government, or DHS does is part of the NWO design for global domination and the dissolution of the US Constitution.

              WE need to discern the difference. The exercise in St Louis for example was designed to prepare for the New Madrid events that will present themselves soon enough.

              Keep prepping.

            • You know what, Durango? Fuck you. Fuck you and your sad-assed Stockholm Syndrome that causes you to emotionally identify with the statist goons. You and Solomon. You’re both captured souls. You need to look deep inside you and find out why you would defend this criminality.

              That man did nothing to deserve the treatment he received at the hands of power tripping pencil-necked geeks with something to prove.

              Did you hear the victims? They did not commit any crime. A stop requires probable cause of a crime. Infractions are not crimes. The pigs had no reason to harass these folks.

              And you defend the criminals.

              Fuck you.

            • I’ll throw my support in with DK and Anonymous Says. Can’t say it any better than DK’s post.

              @Chumbawamba says:
              Get to a doctor and have the right meds prescribed. The cops aren’t always wrong and the OWS crowd are setting these guys up and uploading it to the internet so half-crazed morons like yourself go off like a firework. Calm down and look each situation rationally… if you can.


            • I agree with chum.

              except for all the f^ck you’s.

              I could paste 100 videos of people getting tased for
              not following a “lawful orders”.(dont tass me bro, remember that one)

              Lawful order= ANYTHING they tell you to do.

              Having to blindly do whatever a little power hungry tyrant tells you to do is not freedom.

              I know all cops are not bad, but as jims post says below-ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!

              One of my best friends growing up, she had a narc cop for daddy. He got in SO many dui wrecks, and other incidents.

              They say 3 strikes your out(just-us), for him times that by 10 with NO convictions.

              Notice how off-duty police can pack heat in EVERY state conceled, even in states that dont allow the slaves to.

              “the right of the people to keep and…..infringed”

              Looks like to me they get their constitutional rights and we dont.

              But they are police right? better then us right? able to be responsible with fire arms right?

              Google- DONT BRING A GUN TO A SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!

              A cop, wipping out a gun on somw kids because they threw a snowball at his car????????? WTF

              THAT is a prime example of the power alot of them feel they have, and what they feel they can do. Dirty cops do much much worse.

            • Forgot one thing.

              Right now they just have goons follow you home if you make a scene at a”town hall meeting” with your congressmen.

              In 10 years they will be tasing people who speek out.

              MARK MY WORDS!!!!!

              But thats freedom right.

              the reason “they” hate us.

            • Whether one is stopped via jaywalking or a moving vehicle infraction, showing an ID isn’t that big a deal. DK is right chum. The key to this situation and upcoming ones with leo’s is knowing when to resist(choose your battles wisely). Cops can and will get off due to probable cause.
              Advise: avoid escalating anything dealing with law enforcement and drawing attention to oneself. Omit either one and you invite additional leo’s(back ups).
              I’d rather be pain free and spend as little time with them than have to go through a corrupt court system. For every law suit won, many more get hung up in the system.

            • Chum: I don’t id with sadistic goons. I do believe in the rule of law. Yes Kevin you can point to many examples of police brutality occurring in America.

              This wasn’t one of them.

              My peeps WE need to discern the difference between police brutality and genuine law enforcement. So do the cops.

              WE also need to pick and choose the places and events where WE are going to emphatically defend OUR liberties. The events in this video or the one about immigration checkpoints are not the right ones.

              Chum, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Just saying. 🙂

            • TITLE 42 USC 1983 & 1988 allows you to sue both the individual cop and the city or municipality they work for. It even covers federal employees who violate your civil rights. Also the whole legal system presently in place in the united States hides behind the Foreign Sovereignty Immunity act which on its face is unconstitutional. But they are not as proof as they think.

          • I saw nothing but a group of idiots, the whole lot, cops and jaywalkers and videographers.

            The key is the ID that was requested, and the initial response to the request. An ID does nothing more than establish jurisdiction.

            The guy had options. He immediately admitted to having an ID and refused to show it. A corp officer, anyone who holds a corp ID, can not refuse to provide it to another corp officer.

            When a cop asks you to identify yourself, he is not requesting a drivers license. He just wants to know who you are. The mistake made by most is assuming that one must provide a State issued ID to a cop to identify yourself.

            All he needed to do was give the cops his own ID papers, similar in scope to what I posted earlier that I carry as a drivers ID in my truck. It serves the purpose of establishing a lack of jurisdiction and a claim of rights.

            The only other words that should come out of your mouth are these:

            “I have nothing to say”

            When your ID is requested, hand them the paper you make and say NOTHING else. Should the cop proceed with an abuse of power, resistance will only escalate it as the cops heart rate increases and his actions go from more thoughtful to reactive as it does.

            You have to protect yourself long before these encounters occur, and proceed cautiously when they do.

            Pressed for time this morning so I will cut is short knowing there is much left to say…

            • Where I live ID is not required. Why should it be. If they think you did something, they can arest you. Arrest dosent mean beating the crap or tasering you.
              Some years ago I watched 2 cops disarm a guy with a knife. They didnt tase him or shoot him or run him down with a car. They talked nicely to him for 30 minutes and he gave up. This is the way it has worked for the last 10 decades or so in the USA and the way it should work in a free country. The cops have absolutly no authority to assault anyone. Only defend themselves.

            • I dont want or adhere to a society where i have to be cautious because a Law Officer god tells me something its that simple the only reason beatings have gone up is because people are cowards and stand by and video tape someone getting beat to death like its a movie so do what the god ask you to do and piss all over yourself when the LAW confronts you pussies

        • Solomon,

          You are right. Folks, listen. Go to YouTube, Google it, whatever. But why do you think the OWS idiots, and the entire left and their ilk not only tell, teach and demonstrate it, but the practice how to commit civil disobedience?! They have it down to an art, and most of the time no one gets hurt.

          This man was questioned about jaywalking. And if he did, then he DID break the law (no matter if that law sucks or not, it’s still a law there). Therefore, he started off on the wrong foot, and then to add to it he resists after being asked for his ID.

          No, he was in the wrong, and the cops were in the wrong in one matter — they went too far! So yes there should be recourse against idiot cops who are infected with the god-complex!

          • Jaywalking is a crime? Next thing I’ll have to worry about is the “law” making running with scissors a crime, too. Will I get tazed if I’m seen running with scissors? These so-called laws have become absurd. Tacitus said, “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Guess what folks, our “law-makers” are hitting us with impunity. When do we get to hit back?

            • Uhhh..jaywalking as been a crime for quite a long time now…nothing new about it.

            • I don’t think Iowa Prepper has woken up yet. Iowa prepper still believes we need a license to travel in a automobile, permission to bear arms, probably believes we own things like a house and family, and more than likely hates good men like Ron Paul…


            • it depends on where your running with scissors, and why—a court house or airport anyone?

          • @anon- I see alot of audit the fed signs in occupy videos.

            Thats NOT the “left”.

            Sean hannity having spooks on his show talking non-sense does not make occupy “left”.

            • Water and oil doesn’t mix. Neither does the leftist OWS morons and wannabe Libertarians.

              Those with the signs are “hired” for the most part to put on their ‘act’ so as to draw those of true Libertarian/Conservative views into the mix. Surely you know that?

              And those videos, most are from the OWS who want you to see exactly what you saw and now evidently believe. The “left” is very good at propaganda and at manipulating people.

            • Jaywalking in not a crime per se. The guy asked did anyone get hurt. He was referencing the kind of law this country is supposed to opperate on. If no harm is done to anyone physically or financialy then there is in effect no crime commited. Unfortunatly for the guy in the video municipalaties as well as all our law is now under UCC

          • this is very intimidating its not fun to get mased let alone tased. theres some fake shit on the internet this is probably lagite.the first thing to think about was they were probably just checkin stores out in the area.he had abackpackand some nosy old lady called the police.Iwork go to schoolrun alot and jog have been employed ft for along time15yearsdont mess with drugs or the fools that do.and thers still idiots causin problems Idont owe any damn banks no might just think well these peoplearesome kinda mafia or something.there the econemy basicly just baby sitters for the goverment.and theystick there noses in every ones buiseness.the thing is people dont use alot of damn sense.Imspeaking of real crimes not jay can seeit in restraunts grocery stores malls,pick a place brother. walking down the damn street at 3am.these people arent the police y are people that try to figure things out to report.there the police with out badges.or atleastnot on anyways they are part of the goverment you actualy think with all the damn problems with drugs drunks car theftpeople cheating on there spouses young people figuring out there pregnantwithout mommy and dady or the person that actualy nocked them up murders etcetcetc.society fullof some seriously bad people stupid people ,very,nauive,gaullible people people that do nothing but critisize,some of themarent far offsome dont know a,damnthing so they invent BS to the hilt it gets somebody else hurtand theres some good people with alot of what society needsand also corruption thats broken off into every aspect of the nation,so if you think police,fbi swat team thse folks are the only ,people that catch the bad guys,man think about what your seein with people that cant seem to mind ther own buisenes,on top of idiots they realy blend in together.I also where a back pack and purchase all kind s of shit and still these people every day give me not evin hittin on any warrants no drama but i still get it.these people dont know alot about what there snooping for witch is just about anything they can usedoes the good outway the bad in the general public? theres alot of hoarses assesbud and people that dont no they need phsycemeds.the awenser is some old person told on them because he had a back pack on it may have been the store on the other side of the road.thats why the police stopped him for jay walkin and they her alot of fabricated storiies about people that aint doin nothinpolice know more than people think. people that never mature past 14 but somehowmange to make it to 85 years of age area,not doin anything wrong just bein people.the thing is he did have a backpack and some old lady got suspicious of him,or themand called the police.who knows what happened.the problem with any city,just about anywhere in this country,thers way to many nosy people.

        • @solomon:

          ….gotta disagree with you….

          ..we have a responsibility to resist unlawfful arrest.

          the police violated terry v ohio:

          …they must be able to articulate a crime…

          …infractions(jaywalking) are civil matters…

          When a LEO violates law, that LEO is acting as a private citizen and is not protected under any authority of law.

          …this is a sad case of policing by policy and not law.

          …I am disgusted by the actions of these thugs in blue.

          …first and foremost ,the rights of the indvidual should be protected, tasered for an infraction PULEEEZE!!

          …the LEO”s have no cause or standing…Peurifoy is going to be a rich man.

          • with the LEO violating the law and acting as a private citizen and not being protected under authority of law, than can he sue that person ( the cops) civilly?

            if so, than why is this not more common and why is it not being done? ( i realize theres more money in the municipalities coffers , generally speaking..but why not bitch slap these crooked cops into waking the hell up)

            (not attacking your statements) i need to know the true answers to this, because i think its high time we start holding these cops to the level they should be held to personally. and stop sueing the tax payers,,were only fucking ourselfs when we do that.

            • You are WRONG! As I asked below, did YOU read the story? Are you only going on macho emotion? Geez folks, Durango is right. Not everything is NWO conspiracy!

            • @VRF:

              Good Day Sir.

              Prove unlawful action by any public servant…sue their ass.

              @Durango—engage your employer and and their thugs. I applaud this guy. He was “packing”,yet kept his composure. When he asked the cop if he had commited a crime and the cop said “no”, the cop verbally acknowledged his lack of lawful authority(terry v ohio).The cop disengaged the consensual or investigative encounter first. His correct action was to say “have a nice day” and walk away.

              Statutes and regulations are defacto law. You have to be under contract (implied consent). Defacto law is situational.

              The cop in the video “presumed” jurisdiction. He acted under the color of law. His distraint and total disregard of this guy’s rights as a Citizen, proves that the cop has no regard or comprehension of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or his Oath of office. He is nothing but a policy whore for the corp, working for a paycheck. Ignorance in training is a powerful tool for blind obediance. Ignorance of the law (We the People are the law) is no excuse.


              You Sir are WRONG.

              No injury, no crime……period.

              Infractions are civil matters.

              There is no authority without consent.

              Gods Creation is right. Establish your own jurisdiction
              …………….+1 GC….you rock………

              Do not consent.


              …no personal offense intended…if you feel dissed,I apologize…

              ….feign with your left, then hit them with your RIGHTS…–BadAmerican—you can quote me,lol

              …….Ignorance in training is a powerful tool for blind obediance –BadAmerican—you can quote me,lol

              …be safe…stay the course….rant off…thx Mac….BA.

            • Bad American: “Presumed jurisdiction”? No. This was not private property. The street belongs to the Corp.

              It is bought, paid for, and maintained by the Corp, for US.

            • DK…You are wrong. The steet belongs to the property owners adjacent. Ever hear of the term “Right of Way’. That’s all the street is. The People’s right of way.

            • JRS: No, I am not wrong. You are. I spent many years in real estate as a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser.

              A public street does not belong to the adjacent land owners. While “easements” exist, a public street or highway is not an “easement”. It is owned by the Corp.

              Ownership ends where the sidewalk begins.

              I would refer you to the Real Estate Appraisal Terminology Handbook published by the Appraisal Institute of Real Estate Appraisers.

            • DK….Perhaps I was too quick to state you were wrong.State to state code may vary. However, in my state you would be wrong.The jurisdiction, be it state or local aquires the right of way to build public roads through easement…..many times through the eminent domain laws, through landowner agreements in past times.However title to the property remains with the landowner while the public gets the rights to use it and, by taxation, pays for it’s upkeep.

            • @DK:

              Jurisdiction is not the dirt you are standing on in regards to contact with LEO’s. It all starts with consent.

              LEO’s have to establish jurisdiction, and many times they presume that they have political, subject matter, legal, and/or personal jurisdiction over every Citizen on their beat. This is not the case, thus the attempt at “consensual” encounters to create jurisdition, it is not a given.

              My main respnse to this article is knowing the total scam behind the normal traffic infraction.

              First, an infraction is a civil matter. Cops do not have subject matter jurisdiction over civil matters.

              Second, after getting “consent” at a traffic stop, you are given a Notice To Appear (ticket). Either you pay the ticket or fight it.If you fight it, you show up on your NTA court date to enter a plea on a civil matter(???WTF???). By entering a plea, you give jurisdiction to the courts to try your civil matter as a crime, thus the scam.

              Third, where in all of this fraudulent behavior by our public servants is the protection of the individual rights of the Citizen ?

              All of this chicanery is done under the guise of implied consent(contract) through priviledge (ie-drvers license), even though a right cannot be made into a priviledge. The right is, Liberty- moving freely about this country without molestation.

              There is remedy in law. If you know the game, it is not to difficult to force LEO’s to disengage. Getting them to say “no” in regards to cause and standing in an encounter, is all it usually takes.

              Unfortanately, in this case (the video), the cops told the man that he had committed no crime, and continued to engage, even after he acknowleged his lack of authority(standing). Jurisdiction was indeed “presumed” and applied unlawfully.

              Hope this helps DK. I have the highest respect for you and your posts on this site. No disrespect is ever intended.(is that enough ass kissing, lol, I don’t want you to loose your supper).

              Our legislators are not sufficiently apprized of the rightful limits of their power; that their true office is to declare and enforce only our natural rights . . . and to take none of them from us. No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another; and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him . . . and the idea is quite unfounded, that on entering into society we give up any natural right.” ~ Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Francis Gilmer (c.1816)

            • JRS: You used the word “acquired” with respect to the purchase of real estate from property owners.

              Sometimes this acquisition is through condemnation as a forced confiscation of the property under eminent domain, and at other times the purchase is facilitated via sale when property owners willing transfer their property to the government for FRN’s.

              If the property owner still owned the land, there would be continuing payments, thus the acquisition would be identified as a lease with terms and conditions noted. He would also likely be taxed for that land if he owned it. He doesn’t.

              Do not confuse the term “right of way” with “easement”. While an easement is a right of way; a right of way is not necessarily an easement.

              These technical definitions, like “condo” and “townhouse” are often used interchangeably by the public when what you are describing are apples and oranges. One is a legal form of ownership, the other an architectual style.

              IE Do you ask for a “coke” with those fries or a “soda”? Therein lies the answer. If in doubt check the title at the Title company. They have a financial interest in getting it correct.

            • BA: While I agree with much of what you say, your basic premise is wrong. IE:

              “Jurisdiction is not the dirt you are standing on in regards to contact with LEO’s. It all starts with consent”.

              Property ownership is key to the events of the video.

              If you use accessible, allowable public property that is owned by the corp; you are using that property under specific permissions (civil code).

              By using that property you imply consent to the rules and regulations of the corp: not unlike using the real estate of a website, say a social media site, where you must agree to certain standards of behavior to use the site even if the site is free.

              Other than that it was a great dissertation! 🙂

          • not judging this incident but from personal experience a little respect for the law goes a long way.

            • people must understand one thing. the law have not caught up to 21st century, where everyone is treated equally. you see the civilians have changed and accept people as they are for the most part. but the judicial system have not. you see i am black and i don’t hide that fact. if he was a white guy the cop would have acted differently, sorry to say that but that is the truth. cops and judges act differently depending on your race and i can tell you that from first hand experience. i pay my taxes, work 40hrs a week,i don’t sag, i speak proper english for the most part, respect officers of the law and i only go 5 over the speed limit. and yet on 5 different occasions i have seen cops do a u-turn in the middle of a street just to see if my truck is stolen or if they can find a reason to pull me over, and no i don’t have no ghetto rich looking truck, it looks like a nice looking truck that anyone would be proud to drive. one of the cops damn near got hit by a car doing a u-turn. you want to know what i said “damn almost”. so with him he was fucked as soon as he said no. so respecting the law when you are black gets you nothing except a strange look. my father taught me to give cops absolutely no reason to pull me over. as a said before civilians for the most part have changed for the better. but the cops and judges have not.

            • Or give the APPEARANCE of respect. These thugs get off on that. Use it against them.

          • Wrong. Police can stop you for civil violations to cite you. When doing this it is a legitimate stop and they can require you to ID yourself. You don’t have to give them a physical ID but you do have to identify yourself.

        • So Soloman since when the law enforcement has a right to just walk to someone in the street who hasn’t violated any civil laws and ask for ID? I really don’t know the full story with the guy in this video but for the cops to simply start asking for ID as you enter the Walmart store to pick up a gallon of milk , took place back during Adolf Hitler.

          • When he JAYWALKED!!! Did you even read the story?? The guy BROKE their law.

            Get over it. This is NOT a story! Move on!

            • Jaywalking is not a crime. At best it’s an infraction. Notwithstanding, in California it’s a violation of the Vehicle Code, and I’m not sure how the vehicle code applies to pedestrians, since it only concerns itself with motor vehicles. I’m sure other states are similar.

              If you defend these pigs because someone “jaywalked” (whatever that is), what other crimes would you approve for this torture? How about pot smoking? How about riding a bike without a helmet? Cop sees your kid without a helmet, tells him to get a helmet, kid refuses, cop tases the kid. You’d be OK with that too, I guess?

              It’s telling what you say though: “The guy broke THEIR law” (emphasis changed). Yes, indeed, “their” law. They first had to prove jurisdiction over the man, not the offense. They don’t have it.

              You don’t understand law, and you and anyone else defending this travesty are awful people. Get educated.


            • @Chumbawamba

              When used in the technical sense, jaywalking specifically refers to a violation of pedestrian traffic regulations and laws and is therefore illegal in most jurisdictions. In this case, I’m sure the police officers knew their own traffic regulations and stopped him for the violation. If that’s the case, you are WRONG.

              Have a great night!

            • anon
              correct where this guy was crossing is 8 lanes plus left hand turn and heavey traffic. central fl has alot of pedestrian fatalitys. i for one am sick of thease idiots walking out in front of me, it seems to happen all the time,they look right at you and step out in traffic.
              if you want to jay walk no problem but when your head has dodge ram tracks across it maybe i shouldnt have to show my id either

          • Thugs (cops) try to provoke a response all the time. When they can, any illegal action on their part is usually overlooked, even when it is the cause of the confrontation. Your family is fair game to them.

            • the two trying to provoke a response were the two who were arrested. about the only thing i heard was get your supervisor! set up all the way!

        • Off topic, but…To my fellow preppers a tip I posted over the winter months. When the SHTF ( and I don’t think we are far off!) If you don’t have any means of cooking, like a wood stove. Even if you do. Remember you can buy rubbing alcohol fairly cheap. Not only can you use it to sanatize, but you can pour just a few ounces into a tin can. (Tuna, soup, etc.) Just 3-4 ounces will burn clean for 60-90mins. It burns fairly clean too:) Giving you a little heat and a little light! Also a way to boil water. Try to buy the bottles marked 91%. Anything less will work but will burn quicker. God Bless! This is Shane standing by.

          • Wooooooo……! A breath of fresh air. Thanks Shane 🙂

            Thumbs up! 🙂

            • Anytime EagleDove! I am sort of like Macguyver:)

        • Nope, Resisting an assault is wrong? Defending this BS is why more people are loosing respect for LE or any authority for that matter. Not to mention the criminals use this crap to undermine authority in the courts. Its no wonder the previous post mentioned that a lot of cops figure its better to be invisible.

        • You have no right to refuse to identify yourself to the police. Period. You can make up all the crap you want about it, but you have to identify yourself.

          Just picture someone at your door at night, refusing to identify himself or state his business. You have the right to detain him for the police. If he resists, you have the right to use force to keep him there.

          Same thing with the police. Their front door is the public street.

          • Smokey:
            So walking along the public street is the same as pounding on someone’s door in the middle of the night and then refusing to identify your self when the poor slob answers? Wow! Vere are you papers commrade?

            • No, but committing an infraction in front of a law enforcement officer is.

              Like others have said, you are overreacting to a staged event.

          • @Smokey – you have no right to detain anyone who you didn’t witness committing a felony. Being on your doorstep and refusing to show you his ID is not a crime, just irritating at best…JUST SHUT THE DAMN DOOR AND FORGET IT!

        • @Solomon For shit sake, this is AMERICA. You do not have to even carry I.D. let alone show it. You are also legally allowed to resist excessive force. What country did you immigrate here from? Belarus?

          • Then let us not hear you bitch once about illegals voting! And when that perp comes to your house to rape and pillage, we don’t want to hear one damn word about it when the perp resists and hurts, maims, or kills you or yours!

            See how stupid your argument is?

            • You’re a scared little boy anonymous. Did your daddy never tell you how to defend yourself? You see how stupid your argument is? It’s a straw man, mine’s ad hominem. I got stupider, maybe because I don’t think you understand reason or arguments. If you did, you’d understand that a policeman has no fucking authority to demand anyone’s papers in a free country. THERE IS NO FUCKING GOVERNANCE WITHOUT CONSENT, HE DID NOT CONTRACTUALLY AGREE TO ANYTHING, COMMITTED NO CRIMES, AND WAS CRIMINALLY ASSAULTED BECAUSE OF A RULE THAT HAS NO RIGHT JURISDICTION OVER HIM. THIS IS AMERICA. THIS IS NOT YOUR NEXT ROMAN EMPIRE. STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO AND HOW IT IS, AND STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU CAN FORCE OTHER PEOPLE AROUND LIKE THE POLICE. CAUSE YOU ARE COMPLIANT TO POLICE BRUTALITY.


            • hear, hear.

        • That is why it will be a training video. The guy was within his rights, then when the cops moved to restrain him (illegal) the guy resisted, then it was on like donkey kong. I’m sure the cops were thinking that they could do pretty much whatever they want at this point. To summarize, cops can do illegal things to provoke a response, and citizen gets screwed trying to defend ones self. Take notes as soon all pretense will probably be dispensed with.

        • The police were right, the man that was arrested was wrong. He did not comply with the officer and he was passive resistant…he would not submit to arrest when he was lawfully told to do so. Don’t follow this guys example. You’ll end up just like him. We have to use our heads.

        • Solomon: You are correct. Once the police go to arrest you, any resistance, even passive (non-violent) resistance is a crime in Florida and in most other states as well. The cops wait for a person to give them probable cause and even if the person is clever, they’ll make it up. In Florida, where I live, you are not required to show ID unless you are pulled over in your motor vehicle. The guy on the bike was just stupid for antagonizing the cops with a legal challenge. If arrested or abused, you challenge them in court with an attorney, not on the street because you’ll lose every time like this clown did. The smart, and leagl, reply would have been that he didn’t have ID in which case the cops would then ask for his name. A person is required to answer truthfully per state staute under penalty of arrest, but no ID is required when walking or riding a bicycle. People have to smart about chosing their battles. Now this bozo will have an uphill fight in court if it ever gets there. A lot of people won’t like my response any more than your’s but they’re the same idiots that would think it’s smart and macho to challenge cops in the street. The last place I want to be WTSHTF is in jail, or worse, in the hospital because of an encounter with the cops. Oh, and for those of you who think you are lawyers, if the cops search you, and they can pat anyone down for weapons if the can articulate why they think you might have one, and they find ID on you, you can always reply that you thought you left it home. No harm, no foul. In many states, if you resist with violence (assault on a police officer), it’s often a felony and there goes your right to carry a concealed weapon.

          • “Probable cause”: The cop thought he smelled pot. Tough to refute and they know it.

          • “if you resist with violence (assault on a police officer), it’s often a felony and there goes your right to carry a concealed weapon” — right, and isn’t that the ultimate goal here for cops? Think about it.

            • oh, sorry —you lose the right to own or carry ANY firearm, concealed or not.

        • When asked for a supervisor and the citizen is not showing any aggression, they should call in the supervisor. We do it here when there are questions the officer can not answer. I would not have shown ID until seeing a supervisor as well if I had a legitimate concern.

          America has become a place I would never visit under the current regime. Used to go once a week and I have not been there since 2008. WROL is occurring since your President does not seem to follow the constitution and its laws. Sad really.

        • What were they arresting him for in the first place? Your papers please? That said, pick your battles. The pigs almost always win in court and it rarely costs them anything personally. Costing THEM is key. A head-on confrontation is almost always lost. Think dirty. Maybe you can’t deter them, but you can make them regret it.

        • I think cops did their job. Will tell you why:

          1) there were at least 2 police cars at the scene when they asked this guy for ID (possibly they were responding some kind of crime call)
          2) guy did not tell his name and did not identified himself when asked
          3) suspect resisted arrest
          4) suspect threatened officer(s) – “you will be charged”
          5) suspect behavior is very common within convicted fellons – simulate disturbing mental activity.

          So, there are just two rules in this kind of situation:
          1) say your name or show ID
          2) shut your mouth
          3) cooperate unless you definitely know officers are threatening your life.

        • We have to be smarter than THIS.. it is known that a high percentaqge of the police are going to over react. Is it worth risking your life to confront the cops this way>? Ahhh NO. That women amping up her voice like that -no wonder they are going to use this for training video.
          Yes those cops were abusive.. the taser looked really close to that guys heart at one point.
          Who wins here – not that poor civilian – unless he has some attorney show up who sees this…and who wants to take this one on.

        • Yes, very true. But in order for an officer to have authority to make an arrest a crime must be committed that requires such action. Because jay walking is not an offence that deems detainment necessary, the officers did not have authority to detain this citizen. A very common excuse that is being used currently by our law enforcement system is Resisting Arrest. The catch is that any officer must first have a reason to detain someone before they can violate this misdemeanor offence. One can not simply should not be arrested for resisting arrest.

      2. soooooo glad I left that state a couple years ago, cess pool anymore

        • where did you move too and hows it working out?

      3. It’s all part of “the city beautiful”(orlando), getting old and ugly, sprawl. Cassellberry is quite close to Sanford btw.
        When I arrived in the Orlando area in 2004, greed, corruption, lack of compassion, and violent crime kicked in. I was fully ready to buy a goodly house in cash, but as things got uglier, I left the area.
        Orlando became unbelievably the 3rd most dangerous urban area in the US.

        • That’s sad to hear. I was in boot camp and training at the Orlando Naval Training Command from June to Oct.1985. I thought it was a nice place back then.

      4. In the old days’ he’d been hit by a baton and that’s used to break bones. He got off easy.

        California (I realize this is not) has a penal code section which forbids anyone from “delaying” a peace officer and denying an officer ID falls under the statute. Saying you don’t have ID does not and an officer requires probably cause to take you in without having ID – which means a crime needs to have committed or there is reasonable belief to the same.

        Soloman (and I) will probably get slammed but Soloman is right here; this man refused the lawful authority of the law particularly if he was jay walking. (doesn’t matter how petty the crime)

        • If you wish to relive the days of Jim Crow, you will generally find yourself a lonely man.

          • Oh give me a freaking break! Give it up already. Look at the right, and the wrong of the issue and stop trying to dig up old bones!

        • Ummm, there’s no such thing as “probably cause”.

          Do you mean Probable Cause?

          • he’s older an honest mistake with that but good catch.

        • No, sorry, you guys don’t understand law whatsoever. If you did you would realize that this guy knew his rights and knew exactly what he was saying. He may not have executed it perfectly but he was within his rights to refuse. Those guys in uniform are nothing more than silly clowns in costumes working for a corporation. They have no authority over a man, especially if he is not in the act of giving harm to another. Then in that case, anyone is right to intervene, and these guys being trained cops will of course do so. But they are officers of a corporation contracting with members of the public that they meet. This encounter was slavery, as they were forcing someone into a contract he did not want to enter.

          You guys don’t know law, and I mean real Law.

          • It is you who doesn’t understand. Listen to those like Gregory who lives there. Look it up, as I did and you will see that your argument while popular here to those who are giving you the thumbs up, is wrong.

            • You are a slave Anonymous, walk on home boy. Lick your masters heels and tell him that you’re free, that really gets him off.

        • No matter how petty the crime? Damn that sucks. Maybe someday books and and unpurchased and taxed fresh air will be a crime, I sure hope theres lots of cops to enforce those as well. As long as its the law, everyone should comply. I went a bought some wonderful teriyaki across the street from my work the other week, didnt use the cross walk, the street was completely empty. Two cops at the light rail stop started yelling at me, I turned around to see what they were all excited about. They told me I better use the cross walk next time, I just gave them the finger and walked back to work. Its seems a lot of people like to be baby sat and told what they need to be doing and when. I choose to not fall for it.

          • That was really grown up.

            • Actually it wasnt much of anything other than letting the alphabets know they have no say over what I choose to do. Free country right??

            • Yet one must be a little mature at least to be treated with maturity and taken seriously!

          • way to go, peteropolis. while I rarely have opportunity to respond likewise, if I find myself in similar circumstances, I plan on doing likewise.

            the DNC is coming to town soon, so I might have some opportunities.

          • peteropolis:

            Right on! All that matters is Constitutional Law!

            Unconstitutional edicts and decrees by local authorities are meaningless. Many of the drones commenting on this topic demand from the rest of us slavish obedience to the unlawful demands of the LEO’s no matter how unreasonable or ridiculous those demands are. Never mind that they’re violating our civil rights

            Submit & comply subject or you’ll be drawn & quartered, tased & cuffed!

      5. i’m gonna go with solomon on this one he should have complied…

      6. Solomon,

        I disagree. Basically, you are saying that if you refuse to provide ID for doing nothing wrong, then you are not cooperating with police and are subject to the wrath of this revenue generating department??? If that is the case, by refusing to let them search your car now gives them reason to be suspicion and search your car?

        What is this – Nazi Amerika ???

        • Yep. If you don’t like that you need to change the law and make it so. Right now (I can’t speak to FL) but that is the law in CA.

          By the way this guy did break a law – a minor traffic offense (jaywalking) according to the story. So the officers aren’t going to issue a citation without ID. Otherwise anyone getting a ticket could just say they are Barack Hussein Obama and give them the appropriate address.

          • Jim,
            By working to change unconstitutional law as you suggest, you unwittingly legitimize it! Ignoring, disregarding, disobeying or thumbing your nose at it is your civic duty!

          • Well, it worked for Obummer…

      7. Police state – be ready for it folks. Only going to get worse.

        • AND HOW !!!!!! 🙂

      8. I have viewed a number of lawyer videos on this and the guy made a number of errors.When asked to show his ID he should have said:Am I under arrest?If so show the ID,but refuse to assent to be searched.When asked questions,SAY NOTHING.Period.Then let things go from there.In court if you said nothing,did nothing(including resisting arrest) the case will fail at trial.THEN you can SUE the rascals!
        Just my to others.

      9. I live in this town, and have been arrested by this department in 2008. They are money hungry and traffic duty is their concentration, I was cited 4 tickets in one stop, protested the tickets and was arrested for dissobeying an officer withouth violence. They are overboard, and hungry. Trust me.

        • If you don’t have a “list”, start one. Shitbags can be dealt with when the smoke clears.

      10. Ok, Mac, I love your site and your articles are usually top notch, but this article is nothing but anarchistic agitator bull$***. This guy was wrong, and this article needs to stay off this website. As a twenty plus year retired officer, I will go through the video.
        First: if you are jaywalking against the law, you will either be cited or warned. The cops opted to cite. Therefore, they will ask you for your ID. If you don’t have ID, there are a couple of options. They can try to ID you somehow (usually fairly simple), or if they don’t believe you, they can detain you and take you to the station for ID and release once you are identified.
        Second: if you refuse to sign a tickect, which is just a promise to appear, then you can excersise you rights and demand to be brought before a magistrate (a judge) amd plead your case. If it is the weekend, you will sit in jail unless you sign a promise to appear (a ticket) which could have been done originally.
        Third: this guy is what the courts have labled passive resistant. He is resisting, but passively. He is not actively fighting, but he IS resisting. He is probably trying to gain momentum for a frivilous law suit.
        Four: any real victim that could not get police assistance because there were now four squad cars there to deal with this idiot should be able to sue him.
        Five: his girlfriend CAN legally film the incident, and that was affirmed by the courts.
        Six: if this was a police state like PJW at infowars wants to make it out to be, this guys brains would have been splattered all over the pavement and they would have simply scraped them up and threw them in a bag and hosed the street off.
        Seven: if you want true anarchy, and none of us true preppers do, keep heralding this guy like some folk hero. I have been in riots, and most of us in the blog can take care of ourselves. Now put your little brother or sister, infirmed grandma or grandpa in the mix and they will be dead in minutes.

        While I agree that our rights are being infringed on, most officers and military do, if this is the example of what a prime upstanding citizen is, we need a plague or we need to hit the reset button. This is not what we need or how to do it. Go ahead and lets hear the negatives and I expect to be slammed, but just because you have guns and ammo doesnt mean you wont get killed by some stupid kid with a lucky shot from a .25 auto (and I have seen such lucky shots) and civil unrest puts everyone against everyone. Stick to survival and real violations and abuses of the law by corrupt officers or bankers, not this idiot.

        Good luck all

        • Excellent reply, JJ.

          • Thanks Bronze

        • “: if this was a police state like PJW at infowars wants to make it out to be, this guys brains would have been splattered all over the pavement and they would have simply scraped them up and threw them in a bag and hosed the street off.”

          I guess you haven’t heard of Kelly Thomas or Oscar Grant? Google it, Sir.
          Florida may not be a police state yet, but The People’s Republik of Kalifornia is. The West coast is ahead of the curve, give it a few years to spread like a plague… 😉

        • As a former police officer myself (4 years military police and 6 years civilian police) I was going to throw in my $0.02 but JJsan said it!

        • The voice of reason.

        • to be honest i was amazed how calm the cops stayed. the two being charged gave me a headache listening to them over and over say we did nothing when the cop clearly told them they jaywalked. it looked to me like they were trying to create another rodney king incident. i am worried about a police state but this is not an example of it. if he complied and showed him an i.d. they most likely would be let off. i am glad i do not live in california.

          • jimbo:

            Just wondering how much easier it is to stay calm when you know your being filmed.

        • This, right here. Especially #6 on his list.

          If this were truly a police state, the guy would have been frog-marched off to a Konzentrationslager (look it up) or would have had his brains blown out on the street without another word spoken. I used the German word up there for a reason, because both actions were indeed used by the Nazis in occupied territories during WWII. You lipped off to a cop? You either died on the spot, or you died in a Zyklon-B fed shower stall less than a week later.

          Long story short – in a police state, nobody fucks around.

          This isn’t fantasy, folks – when the shit gets real, you will truly know what a police state is. Until then, either learn some history or STFU.

          I’m not saying it’s right, but I am saying that it ain’t no damned police state… yet.

      11. Best to be invisible in the police state. When in public, do as the others do. Don’t draw attention to yourself.

        • Absolutely correct I cross 2 middle east countries and I am tall and white. I was not noticed from the others side until I climbed on the helicopter on the other end. It not hard to blend when you just put a little thought into it.

          • Oh BARACALYPSE!!! Be invisible? Do as others do? Don’t draw attention to yourself? Really?
            What if George Washington, Ben Franklin or Paul Revere and all the other Revolutionaries hid under the blankets at home, trying not to draw attention to themselves? The Revolution would
            never have been fought and George the III would have won!!!
            As Bob Marley once said ….. Get up, stand up ….. Don’t give up the fight!!
            I’d rather risk everything fighting for what I believe in than cowering from authority like a dog. You can be subservient all you like. Read George Orwells book 1984 or watch the movie. You might pick up some pointers on how to hide!
            If you aren’t prepared to take back and fight for what’s right, then really you should show some humbleness and humility for those who’ve got the Kahunnasn to do what you won’t.
            I have a name for people like you. You’re a “COLLABURATOR” by saying nothing, doing nothing and staying invisible you make the job of the occupier sooo much easier. Get of your knees!!!

            • “What if George Washington, Ben Franklin or Paul Revere and all the other Revolutionaries hid under the blankets at home, trying not to draw attention to themselves? The Revolution would
              never have been fought and George the III would have won!!!”

              George, Ben, and Paul were fed and kept warm by legions of people who did exactly what “Baracalypse” suggested. They kept their heads down and quietly helped/fed/sheltered the Continental Army.

              So unless you’re a friggin’ general of the Continental Army, I humbly suggest you not be stupid.

              In a real police state, you have exactly four options:

              1) Quietly work to overthrow the police state in any way you can.
              2) Do nothing and pray (quietly) that they don’t hurt you or leave you deprived.
              3) Join the powers that be and hope your loyalty is rewarded sufficiently.
              4) make a wild and loud stand in open defiance, and get killed like a dumbass five minutes after you try.

              I strongly suggest you read up on some history. Start with the French and German resistance to Nazism during WWII. You won’t find too many who made a real difference by standing in the street spraying lead at every Nazi they saw. In fact, there is exactly one instance (the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising), and damned near all of them ended up dead.

            • Odd Q Those were the exact options we would teach the locals that didn’t join the local “fighters” And the underground is what kept them alive and lasting until they gain the upper hand.

              Number 5 Join the local Fighter in coordinated actions Become a foot soldier. We only need one martyr. Everyone after the first just wasted his/Her life.

            • Some bits (I do that):

              1: Who is “we”? How do you insure that members of this “we” aren’t doing the work of the occupying forces?

              2: I already covered the whole working to overthrow the state bit. The reason you do it quietly is manifold:

              * Doing it loudly incites reprisals against innocents
              * It also incites a stand before you’re ready to make one.
              * Do it right, and they never know where the attacks come from, who to suspect, or where to even look.

              3: Martyrs are so 2nd-century. You want to encourage the population? You unleash hell on the state in enough ways, places, and methods that the state enforcement troops look impotent. Do it well/often enough, and the population will become bolder all by itself.

              4: I suggest you read “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Heinlein, if you want a primer on how to grow a revolution the right way.

        • @ Baracalypse Like Winston Smith in “1984”? That’s not living; that’s existing!

          • There is a difference between blending and complying

      12. I myself am tired of hearing what I call the Taser scream on these videos.

        All this for someone J-walking???

        These taser events are OUT OF CONTROL.

        Deaths from tasers-

        Jan 9, 2009: Derrick Jones, 17, Black, Martinsville, Virginia
        Jan 11, 2009: Rodolfo Lepe, 31, Hispanic, Bakersfield, California
        Jan 22, 2009: Roger Redden, 52, Caucasian, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee-
        Feb 2, 2009: Garrett Jones, 45, Caucasian, Stockton, California
        Feb 11, 2009: Richard Lua, 28, Hispanic, San Jose, California
        Feb 13, 2009: Rudolph Byrd, 37, Black, Thomasville, Georgia
        Feb 13, 2009: Michael Jones, 43, Black, Iberia, Louisiana
        Feb 14, 2009: Chenard Kierre Winfield, 32, Black, Los Angeles, California
        Feb 28, 2009: Robert Lee Welch, 40, Caucasian, Conroe, Texas
        Mar 22, 2009: Brett Elder, 15, Caucasian, Bay City, Michigan
        Mar 26, 2009: Marcus D. Moore, 40, Black, Freeport, Illinois
        Apr 1, 2009: John J. Meier Jr., 48, Caucasian, Tamarac, Florida
        Apr 6, 2009: Ricardo Varela, 41, Hispanic, Fresno, California
        Apr 10, 2009: Robert Mitchell, 16, Black, Detroit, Michigan
        Apr 13, 2009: Craig Prescott, 38, Black, Modesto, California
        Apr 16, 2009: Gary A. Decker, 50, Black, Tuscon, Arizona
        Apr 18, 2009: Michael Jacobs Jr., 24, Black, Fort Worth, Texas
        Apr 30, 2009: Kevin LaDay, 35, Black, Lumberton, Texas
        May 4, 2009: Gilbert Tafoya, 53, Caucasian, Holbrook, Arizona
        May 17, 2009: Jamaal Valentine, 27, Black, La Marque, Texas
        May 23, 2009: Gregory Rold, 37, Black, Salem, Oregon
        Jun 9, 2009: Brian Cardall, 32, Caucasian, Hurricane, Utah
        Jun 13, 2009: Dwight Madison, 48, Black, Bel Air, Maryland
        Jun 20, 2009 Derrek Kairney, 36, Race: Unknown, South Windsor, Connecticut
        Jun 30, 2009, Shawn Iinuma, 37, Asian, Fontana, California
        Jul 2, 2009, Rory McKenzie, 25, Black, Bakersfield, California
        Jul 20, 2009, Charles Anthony Torrence, 35, Caucasian, Simi Valley, California
        Jul 30, 2009, Johnathan Michael Nelson, 27, Caucasian, Riverside County, California
        Aug 9, 2009, Terrace Clifton Smith, 52, Black, Moreno Valley, California
        Aug 12, 2009, Ernest Ridlehuber, 53, Race: Unknown, Greenville, South Carolina
        Aug 14, 2009, Hakim Jackson, 31, Black, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Aug 18, 2009, Ronald Eugene Cobbs, 38, Black, Greensboro, North Carolina
        Aug 20, 2009, Francisco Sesate, 36, Hispanic, Mesa, Arizona
        Aug 22, 2009, T.J. Nance, 37, Race: Unknown, Arizona City, Arizona
        Aug 26, 2009, Miguel Molina, 27, Hispanic, Los Angeles, California
        Aug 27, 2009, Manuel Dante Dent, 27, Hispanic, Modesto, California
        Sep 3, 2009, Shane Ledbetter, 38, Caucasian, Aurora, Colorado
        Sep 16, 2009, Alton Warren Ham, 45, Caucasian, Modesto, California
        Sep 19, 2009, Yuceff W. Young II, 21, Black, Brooklyn, Ohio
        Sep 21, 2009, Richard Battistata, 44, Hispanic, Laredo, Texas
        Sep 28, 2009, Derrick Humbert, 38, Black, Bradenton, Florida
        Oct 2, 2009, Rickey Massey, 38, Black, Panama City, Florida
        Oct 12, 2009, Christopher John Belknap, 36, Race: Unknown, Ukiah, California
        Oct 16, 2009, Frank Cleo Sutphin, 19, Caucasian, San Bernadino, California
        Oct 27, 2009, Jeffrey Woodward, 33, Caucasian, Gallatin, Tennessee
        Nov 13, 2009, Herman George Knabe, 58, Caucasian, Corpus Christi, Texas
        Nov 14, 2009, Darryl Bain, 43, Black, Coram, New York
        Nov 16, 2009, Matthew Bolick, 30, Caucasian, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
        Nov 19, 2009, Jesus Gillard, 61, Black, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
        Nov 21, 2009, Ronald Petruney, 49, Race: Unknown, Washington, Pennsylvania
        Nov 27, 2009, Eddie Buckner, 53, Caucasian, Chattanooga, Tennessee
        Dec 11, 2009, Andrew Grande, 33, Caucasian, Oak County, Florida
        Dec 11, 2009, Hatchel Pate Adams III, 36, Black, Hampton, Virginia
        Dec 11, 2009, Paul Martin Martinez, 36, Hispanic, Roseville, California
        Dec 13, 2009, Douglas Boucher, 39, Caucasian, Mason, Ohio
        Dec 14, 2009, Linda Hicks, 62, Black, Toledo, Ohio
        Dec 19, 2009, Preston Bussey III, 41, Black, Rockledge, Florida
        Dec 20, 2009, Michael Hawkins, 39, Caucasian, Springfield, Missouri
        Dec 30, 2009, Stephen Palmer, 47, Race: Unknown, Stamford, Connecticut
        Jan 6, 2010, Delano Smith, 21, Black, Elkhart, Indiana
        Jan 17, 2010, William Bumbrey III, 36, Black, Arlington, Virginia
        Jan 20, 2010, Kelly Brinson, 45, Race: Unknown, Cincinnati, Ohio
        Jan 27, 2010, Joe Spruill, Jr., Black, Goldsboro, North Carolina
        Jan 28, 2010, Patrick Burns, 50, Caucasian, Sangamon County, Illinois
        Jan 28, 2010, Daniel Mingo, 25, Black, Mobile, Alabama
        Feb 4, 2010, Mark Morse, 36, Caucasian, Phoenix, Arizona
        Mar 4, 2010, Roberto Olivo, 33, Hispanic, Tulare, California
        Mar 5, 2010, Christopher Wright, 48, Race: Unknown, Seattle, Washington
        Mar 10, 2010, Jaesun Ingles, 31, Black, Midlothian, Illinois
        Mar 10, 2010, James Healy Jr., 44, Race: Unknown, Rhinebeck, New York
        Mar 20, 2010, Albert Valencia, 31, Hispanic, Downey, California
        Apr 10, 2010, Daniel Joseph Barga, 24, Caucasian, Cornelius, Oregon
        Apr 30, 2010, Adil Jouamai, 32, Moroccan, Arlington, Virginia
        May 9, 2010, Audreacus Davis, 29, Black, Atlanta, Georgia
        May 14, 2010, Sukeba Olawunmi, 39, Race: Unknown, Atlanta, Georgia
        May 24, 2010, Efrain Carrion, 35, Hispanic, Middletown, Connecticut
        May 27, 2010, Carl Johnson, 48, Caucasian, Baltimore, Maryland
        May 29, 2010, Jose Martinez, 53, Hispanic, Waukegan, Illinois
        May 31, 2010, Anastasio Hernández Rojas, 42, Hispanic, San Ysidro, California
        Jun 8, 2010, Terrelle Houston, 22, Black, Hempstead, Texas
        Jun 12, 2010, Curtis Robinson, 34, Black, Albuquerque, New Mexico
        Jun 13, 2010, William Owens, 17, Race: Unknown, Homewood, Alabama
        Jun 14, 2010, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, 42, Hispanic, Harris County, Texas
        Jun 15, 2010, Michael White, 47, Black, Vallejo, California
        Jun 22, 2010, Daniel Sylvester, 35, Caucasian, Crescent City, California
        July 5, 2010, Damon Falls, 31, Black, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        July 5, 2010, Edmund Gutierrez, 22, Hispanic, Imperial, California
        July 8, 2010, Phyllis Owens, 87, Race: Unknown, Clackamas County, Oregon
        July 9, 2010, Marvin Booker, 56, Race: Black, Denver, Colorado
        July 12, 2010, Anibal Rosario-Rodriguez, 61, Hispanic, New Britain, Connecticut
        July 15, 2010, Jerome Gill, Race: Unknown, Chicago, Illinois
        July 18, 2010, Edward Stephenson, 46, Race: Unknown, Leavenworth, Kansas
        July 23, 2010, Jermaine Williams, 30, Black, Cleveland, Mississippi
        Aug 1, 2010, Dennis Sandras, 49, Race: Unknown, Houma, Louisiana
        Aug 9, 2010, Andrew Torres, 39, Hispanic, Greenville, South Carolina
        Aug 18, 2010, Martin Harrison, 50, Caucasian, Dublin, California
        Aug 19, 2010, Adam Disalvo, 30, Caucasian, Daytona Beach, Florida
        Aug 20, 2010, Stanley Jackson, 31, Black, Washtenaw County, Michigan
        Aug 24, 2010, Michael Ford, 50, Black, Livonia, Michigan
        Aug 25, 2010, Eduardo Hernandez-Lopez, 21, Hispanic, Las Vegas, Nevada
        Aug 31, 2010, King Hoover, 27, Black, Spanaway, Washington
        Sep 4, 2010, Adam Colliers, 25, Caucasian, Gold Bar, Washington
        Sep 10, 2010, Larry Rubio, 20, Race: Unknown, Leemore, California
        Sep 12, 2010, Freddie Lockett, 30, Black, Dallas, Texas
        Sep 16, 2010, Gary L. Grossenbacher, 48, Race: Unknown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        Sep 18, 2010, David Cornelius Smith, 28, Black, Minneapolis, Minnesota
        Sep 18, 2010, Joseph Frank Kennedy, 48, Caucasian, La Mirada, California
        Oct 4, 2010, Javon Rakestrau, 28, Black, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
        Oct 7, 2010, Patrick Johnson, 18, Caucasian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Oct 12, 2010, Ryan Bain, 31, Caucasian, Billings, Montana
        Oct 14, 2010, Karreem Ali, 65, Black, Silver Spring, Maryland
        Oct 19, 2010, Troy Hooftallen, 36, Caucasian, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
        Nov 4, 2010, Eugene Lamott Allen, 40, Race: Unknown, Wilmington, Delaware
        Nov 6, 2010, Robert Neill, Jr., 61, Caucasian, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
        Nov 7, 2010, Mark Shaver, 32, Caucasian, Brimfield, Ohio
        Nov 23, 2010, Denevious Thomas, 36, Black, Albany, Georgia
        Nov 26, 2010, Rodney Green, 36, Black, Waco, Texas
        Nov 27, 2010, Blaine McElroy, 37, Race: Unknown, Jackson County, Mississippi
        Dec 2, 2010, Clayton Early James, Age: Unknown, Race: Unknown, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
        Dec 11, 2010, Anthony Jones, 44, Race: Unknown, Las Vegas, Nevada
        Dec 12, 2010, Linel Lormeus, 26, Black, Naples, Florida
        Dec 20, 2010, Christopher Knight, 35, Black, Brunswick, Georgia
        Dec 31, 2010, Rodney Brown, 40, Black, Cleveland, Ohio
        Jan 5, 2011, Kelly Sinclair, 41, Race: Unknown, Amarillo, Texas
        Feb 5, 2011, Robert Ricks, 23, Black, Alexandria, Louisiana
        March 15, 2011, Brandon Bethea, 24, Black, Harnett County, North Carolina
        Apr 3, 2011, Jairious McGhee, 23, Black, Tampa, Florida
        Apr 22, 2011, Adam Spencer Johnson, 33, Caucasian, Orlando, Florida
        Apr 23, 2011, Ronald Armstrong, 43, Race: Unknown, Pinehurst, North Carolina
        Apr 25, 2011, Kevin Darius Campbell, 39, Race: Unknown, Tallahassee, Florida
        May 1, 2011, Marcus Brown, 26, Black, Waterbury, Connecticut
        May 6, 2011, Matthew Mittelstadt, 56, Caucasian, Boundary County, Idaho
        May 11, 2011, Allen Kephart, 43, Caucasian, San Bernadino County, California
        June 13, 2011, Howard Hammon, 41, Caucasian, Middleburg, Ohio
        June 22, 2011, Otto Kolberg, 55, Caucasian, Waycross, Georgia
        June 28, 2011, Dalric East, 40, Black, Montgomery County, Maryland
        July 5, 2011, Kelly Thomas, 37, Caucasian, Fullerton, California
        July 10, 2011, Joshua Nossoughi, 32, Caucasian, Springfield, Missouri
        July 19, 2011, Alonzo Ashley, 29, Black, Denver, Colorado
        July 21, 2011, La’Reko Williams, 21, Black, Charlotte, North Carolina
        July 30, 2011, Donald Murray, 39, Caucasian, Westland, Michigan
        August 4, 2011, Pierre Abernathy, 30, Black, San Antonio, Texas
        August 6, 2011, Everette Howard, 18, Black, Cincinnati, Ohio
        August 6, 2011, Debro Wilkerson, 29, Black, Prince William County, Maryland
        August 6, 2011, Gregory Kralovetz, 50, Caucasian, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
        August 12, 2011, Joseph Lopez, 49, Hispanic, Santa Barbara, California
        August 17, 2011, Roger Chandler, 41, Caucasian, Helena, Montana
        August 21, 2011, Montalito McKissick, 37, Black, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        August 24, 2011, Michael Evans, 56, Race: Unknown, Fayetteville, North Carolina
        August 30, 2011, Nicholas Koscielniak, 27, Caucasian, Lancaster, New York
        September 11, 2011, Tyree Sinclair, 31, Black, Corpus Christi, Texas
        September 13, 2011, Damon Barnett, 44, Caucasian, Fresno, California
        September 17, 2011, Richard Kokenos, 27, Caucasian, Warren, Michigan
        September 24, 2011, Bradford Gibson, 35, Black, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
        September 24, 2011, Donacio Rendon, 43, Race: Unknown, Lubbock, Texas
        September 29, 2011, Howard Cook, 35, Black, York, Pennsylvania
        October 4, 2011, Glenn Norman, 46, Caucasian, Camden County, Missouri
        October 9, 2011, Darnell Hutchinson, 32, Black, San Leandro, California
        October 31, 2011, Chad Brothers, 32, Caucasian, Colonie, New York
        November 6, 2011, Darrin Hanna, 43, Black, North Chicago, Illinois
        November 13, 2011, Ronald Cristiano, 51, Caucasian, Bridgeport, Connecticut
        November 15, 2011, Jonathan White, 29, Black, San Bernardino, California
        November 22, 2011, Roger Anthony, 61, Black, Scotland Neck, North Carolina
        December 16, 2011, Marty Atencio, 44, Hispanic, Phoenix, Arizona
        December 22, 2011, Wayne Williams, 27, Black, Houma, Louisiana
        January 15, 2012, Daniel Guerra, 24, Hispanic, Ft. Worth, Texas
        February 29, 2012, Raymond Allen, 34, Black, Galveston, Texas
        March 5, 2012, Nehemiah Dillard, 29, Black, Gainesville, Florida
        March 12, 2012, Jersey Green, 37, Black, Aurora, Illinois
        March 19, 2012, James Barnes, 38, Caucasian, Pinellas County, Florida
        April 10, 2012, Bobby Merrill, 38, Black, Saginaw, Michigan
        April 21, 2012, Angel Heraldo, 41, Hispanic, Meriden, Connecticut
        April 22, 2012, Bruce Chrestensen, 52, Caucasian, Grass Valley, California
        May 10, 2012, Damon Abraham, 34, Black, Baldwin, Louisiana
        June 9, 2012, Randolph Bonvillian, 41, Caucasian, Houma, Louisiana
        June 20, 2012, Macadam Mason, 39, Caucasian, Thetford, Vermont
        June 30, 2012, Victor Duffy, 25, Black, Tukwila, Washington
        July 1, 2012, Corey McGinnis, 35, Black, Cincinnati, Ohio
        July 5, 2012, Sampson Castellane, 29, Caucasian, Fife, Washington

        • wow that is a lot of people that died! i noticed many were in there late 30’s or older. a lot of younger too.

          • black or white the shock from the tazer stopped the heart of both races. I never realized that many people were killed by them. thanks for posting this. good info to see.

          • Did you notice the 65 year old?

            • What about him? He was black and from the name a Mooslime.

            • how about the ones under 18!

        • Bullsh*t. VERY FEW of those people have died due to a Taser. Most of them have died due to Excited Delirium due to drug ingestion and fighting with the police.

          Taser has had dozens of lawsuits brought against them and only lost one (and I believe that’s on appeal).

          • If what you say it true, why didn’t they drop dead BEFORE being tasered?

          • @the bronze- what else would you expect usa today to say??????

            I trust amnesty international a little bit more because THEY CRITICIZE OUR GOVERNMENT, usa today does to the extent of OTHER msm outlets. Hardly at all.

            Oh by the way, who owns the courts?

            When I was young, I had an incident. Got arrested.

            I had TEN sworn testimonies against the word of a liar(the arresting cop), the judge told us(me and my lawyer) “you could have a 100, that is the word of a policeman”, and threw them out.




            • True. The thugs in uniform are in bed with the “courts”. They all depend on the extortion machine. Even the clerk who takes your money is part of the machine and thus partly responsible.

          • They probably don’t count when the jolt causes you to do a face plant on the sidewalk. You fell.

          • Running an electric current through a person has the risk of causing harm or death. Our bodies run on electricity and a counter current can stop the heart. There are many medical problems that could make a person more susceptible to a taser. While Excited Delirium (which is a law enforcement term not a medical term)can contribute to a death from a taser, there are other factors that could also cause problems.

            Taser have only been tested in health adult males. No studies have ever been done to find out their safety in people with illnesses, pregnant women and children. It does appear that, even in healthy adult males, if the Taser probes land close to the heart, they are at increased risk for causing injury.

            I cannot find information about lawsuits against the company making Tasers but most of what I have found indicates that the victims’ families usually chose to sue the LEO using the Taser, with mixed outcomes.

        • It’s still better than officers using deadly force. Or officers getting killed in the line of duty.

          • @cat- ask that question to the cops families, and the people’s families.

            I would imagine its from which side effects you.

            Before I posted those names of people killed, I also went and looked at the numbers and causes for deaths in the line of duty.

            I decided not to post them. YOU COULD HAVE!!!

            You can easily research the causes and numbers.

            Bottom line-

            The people and the police are paying a heavy price for the disarming of citizens, empowering criminals, early releases, and the corrupt legal system.

        • Now add the names of people who were shot dead by officers and the list will more than quadruple…

      13. sad to say

        but now I’m just as afraid the police will do me harm

        as the out and out criminals

        it was a very eye opening experience to see some NY cops
        coming out of a court house where they had been accused
        of all sorts of serious felonies

        their fellow officers waiting for them outside
        were actually cheering them on
        WTF ??????

        anybody wonder how they will act WTSHTF ????

        • I know exactly.(the first week of shtf)

          If the dollar gets devalued and their salary wont buy anything, they will pull you over and steal EVERYTHING you got(to feed their families), and then maybe tase you,steal all your clothing, siphone your gas out of your tank, and tow your car away for the tires and spare parts.

          • Damn dude. Do you really think that the majority of cops are bad? Not hardly! It’s statements like yours that entice the ignorant and compel them to hate cops and other figures of authority. Give it a rest.

            • has anyone said the MAJORITY of cops are bad ??

              I certainly haven’t

              but you have to admit

              there are a LOT of bad ones out there

              in my little community
              just recently the cops beat the hell out of some guy
              who wasn’t resisting
              NUMEROUS witnesses testified to this
              it made the local paper
              cops lose their jobs ?
              disciplined in any way ?


            • I know there are good cops, but Katrina taught us that even cops will not be afraid to go crooked in public.

            • it doent take much for one to spoil the whole bunch

              guilty by association as they would say..yeah I know they really hate it when their own words back fire on them

            • Anonymous

              Do you know any bad cops? I do.

            • 99,

              No. Personally I don’t. I don’t hang out where I would have the opportunity to run into any bad cops, do you?

            • In my town they (police) run in packs of 2-3. I have yet to see one person pulled over with out another 1 or 2 police cars involved. I live in a very small town, with a very large police presence.

            • 95% of cops give the rest a bad name.

          • @anon- No I do not think all cops are bad.

            Think for a moment.

            Do you think men with power over others will sit around and watch their kids not eat, while yours do???

            Just regular people do ALL kind of crazy stuff to feed their families.

            We ALL agree unprepared zombie golden hoardes will become looters and thieves, Why do you think a majority of them(as the majority of the population) wont????

            What makes them special??????

            • I will attempt to see the good in people, especially those who swear to defend and protect. Are there bad ones? Yes! But I know too many who are “on our side” like the Oath Keepers.

              But your blanket statement that you know what “they” will do, implicated ALL of them, and I took issue with that.

              Have a good evening.

            • most cops are bad

            • Bearclaw,

              Then YOU must be bad! The old saying, “it takes one to know one” applies here I assume if the truth be told.

            • Maybe not “bad”, but most if not all, aquire a mindset that they are “above the law(s)” that they enforce.
              Any body here ever se a cop driving the speed limit, other than in rush hour, at the head of the line, with 50 cars lined up behind them, drivers going f****ng bonkers trying to get to work.
              Just don’t be in the fast lane 10 minutes before a shift change, anywhere in America. Cops blowing by at 90 mph. Because they can with impunity.
              Ny cousin, a cop now retired, purchased a new Harley. I asked, just in conversation, how his MC driving test went.He said, “good,wanna see my licencse?”, at which point he pulled his wallet and flipped out his badge. “here’s my f****ng licencse”.
              Not bad, just above the law.
              Now, one of you current or retired LEOs come here and tell me how wrong I am. This is what pisses people like me off. And you know it. Kiss my ass.

            • @rick-Exactly.

            • …the right to kill you if you don’t comply…

          • They probably won’t siphon your gas. I have read that most newer cars have a screen in the filler tube to prevent this. They will put a hole in your gas tank to drain it.

        • We had the police and the nazi ss (CPS)child protective service show up at our house at 1230am on a Sat. Night. said they had a “anonymous tip” that our 1 year old was being hit with a belt and they were doing a well check. I refused them entry into our home and told them to come back in the morning.

          The Cps agent was on the phone in five minutes and got a removal order from a judge five minutes after that. Backup sheriff deputies were called because they expected trouble.I asked the deputy what were my options and he said they would just arrest us both and take the kids if we didn’t show the the child to them.

          We brought our child out to show them he was fine and had no marks and the CPS agent said quote “it is to late.” she had a removal order and they are removing our child, and he was taken from us screaming and crying. I tried to show them there was not a mark on the child but they wouldn’t even look.

          The fix was in.

          We were not allowed to accompany them or told where he was being taken till the next day. He was Taken to one hospital for xrays and mri’s that night And then another the next day.Nothing was found. He was not returned to us for a week before we had a hearing even though they found nothing to warrant the removal.

          The cps person lied to the judge saying I was arguing and out of control and lunging at her for over an hour till they called for a removal but we got the police call log and the total time from arrival to clear was only 35 minutes. Deputy never said I was aggressive or lunging just said I was agitated.

          I will NEVER submit to the police or cps again. Beware CPS and never, no matter what, let them in your house for any reason.Dont say anything to them a have a lawyer on retainer and call them.

          We tried to find a Lawyer that would take our case to sue them and met with over 5 but we cannot afford one without them taking it on contingency so none will touch it and say we can not go after cps, they have immunity.

          • I won’t open the door for any of these thugs at all. Thet love the “anomyous tip” thing because it can’t be disproven.

            • I used to work dispatch. Ask them for the incident number on the anonymous call and watch the looks you get… they’ll recover and say they don’t know what you are talking about…what incident number? EVERY CALL coming into police/911 dispatch has it’s own incident number for future reference.

          • I had CPS come to my house with an anonymous tip. My kids opened the door before I could stop them. The lady identified herself as cps and said they received an anonymous tip. I asked for the affidavit, which did not exist.

            I promptly told her to leave, she replied she NEEDED to come in and talk to me. I said no you don,t, pulled the kids back in and closed the door in her face.

            She went down and called the city cops to provide an armed threat. The came and pounded on the door for about 30 minutes or so before leaving. I never responded to the knocks.

            Never saw of heard from them again.

            A Warrant CAN NOT be obtained based on an anon tip.

            An attorney can not do anything for you. You need to study the Law and anything that gets done will have to be by you.

            Your mistake was bringing the child out of the safety of his home and into the grasp of known kidnappers. I know you have learned your lesson, so go now and learn the Law

            Start at

            • correct, not without substantiation of some kind.

      14. I want to pass a law or bill that says if a cop violates anyones civil rights we can sue the shit out of them civily (personally)..not just the municipality that employs them..
        anyone with me?

        can anyone help me get this going?

        we need to stop sueing ourselfs for thier acts upon us/..

        now granted maybe this guy pushed this issue , but there are plenty of other examples where that is not the case..

        • I hear you, I wish we could stop all lawsuits that are just plain out dumb, like old person get millions for hot coffee spilled on her, blacks getting millions for discrimination etc. honest mistakes that people fake or act injured to get more money from car insurance and play golf or go tubing on the river next day etc. Those people id like to see get sued and the money back to see how it feels to take from others.

        • I’m with ya, that would stop not just abuses like this, but across the board, on many issues.

          If they(government workers of all types) are held PERSONELY responsible for their actions, that would make them JUST like??????????

          Me and you

          • exactly..and thats what needs to happen..we the awake need to push and push hard for this..NOW!

            no one is above the law..thats why we have rule of law here..and as far as i see it..they are acting as if they are immune to being heald liable for thier own actions just because they are cops, and thats bullshit and its what is breeding this

            once you take that cops home and boat away and leave him his wife and kids out on the street because he was an asshole and you survived it..maybe than they will wake up to not fucking with who they work for


        • It is already the Law. It just can’t be collected through the courts.

          One way is to get their bond and make charges against it through the issuer. Many of the charges you can make are outlined in statute law, charged through affidavit. That will also as a bonus render them unemployable in the future because nobody will issue them a bond.

          The other way is to send a praecipe and bill for damages to the Clerk of Court. Have the Clerk forward it to them for answer, and collect by default if no answer is received. No attorneys or other “officers” can respond.

          You can not sue them in a statutory court because they are protected by the same statutes that created the court. The criminal will protect themselves within the system. Using the constitutional office of Clerk of Court will keep people involved, and ensure the clerk performs their duties lest their bond be charged for the amount for failing their fiduciary responsibilities to you.

          • Using the constitutional office of Clerk of Court works. I did it and forced the cop to give my legal property back that he took illegally—they “forgot” about the $3000 in cash for my bills though, claimed they “don’t remember seeing it” (in an envelope in the Sgt’s back pocket). Point is, I served his Commander, who had to serve it to him by law. I won most of my stuff back, which is rare indeed.

      15. I just called the Castleberry PD. CHEWED THEIR ASS! To their credit, the woman actually listened to me chew her ass. I feel alot better now.

        • Kinda makes u realize what a BUMB SHIT u are…don’t it

      16. BTW the number for the police department is 407-262-7606

        • And you chewed their ass for what? Stopping a guy who broke their Jaywalking law? Asking for ID, which is the exact correct thing for a cop to do after approaching someone? Or for doing their job when this “set up” prankster resisted? Now if you “chewed” on them for excessive force, then maybe that would fly. Otherwise, you just made a fool of yourself sorry to say.

          Maybe next time you will read the WHOLE story, understand the facts, and not go on emotion.

          Have a good evening.

          • @Anonymous says:

            Dude, you’ll never convince them. There’s a certain percentage that are so paranoid as to lump ALL law enforcement and military personnel into the “PTB-that-are-out-to-get-me”. It cracks me up. Just through casual observation, I’d say at least 20-25% of the folks that post here are, or were, law or military. Wasn’t the site’s founder as well?

            In 2008, the US had 233 cops per 100,000 citizens. That’s approximately 800,000 police officers. A few YouTube videos of police brutality and questionable practices and they’re suddenly ALL bad. Cops f*ck up, no doubt. And modern surveillance equipment captures more and more of their f*ck ups, but it doesn’t mean they’re all bad. It only means there are some cops making bad decisions. And THOSE cops should be fired, or possibly go to jail.

            Have a great night,

            • Mal,

              You are so correct man. On all points.

              I’ve always been taught, don’t throw the baby out with the water and don’t let one bad apple spoil the bushel. Yet some here and on every “patriotic” blog or forum I visit has more and more of the type of folks you described.

              Have a good day.

          • Who’s the tyrant Rector? You sound like a racist, bigot and pretty paranoid like Mal said above. You and your kind are exactly why true Patriots and Vets are given a bad name!!!

          • Anonymous:

            “Just doing their job” right! Harassing a citizen for jaywalking? Well there’s your tax dollars hard at work folks!

            • We can all sleep sound tonight knowing Florida’s finest are busy doing their jobs!

            • Anonymous:

              How long will you persist in embarrassing yourself by continually defending this unprofessional behavior?

            • CONFUCIUS SAYS: Anti-Semitic tough guy making dumb ass comment.

              Anon is right, and others here that say the perp was in the wrong. All others are hot head moron wish they were all that cop haters and not worth our time.

      17. Papers please.

        • A laconic comment. Well done. Nazi Germany, whereby you had better produce your identification or otherwise Gestapo hauled you off for further “questioning”

        • thats coming or already is here

          and if you say No

          than its ZZZzzzzzzaaaap!

      18. Looks like to me that both sides have chips on their shoulder. On one hand, how many times has a person just walked out in front of my moving car, eyes clued to his cell phone or just arrogantly defying me and reveling in the fact that he has made me stop and pissed me off.

        On the other hand, I personally think that police as individuals and as part of policy from the higher ups, are escalating their show of force–ultimately for reasons of being pissed off by their loss of enforceability , i.e., perps getting off only to become repeat offenders–and the police legitimately getting a feeling of being overwhelmed, as noted in the so called 500 to 1 ratio of Chicago gang members to police headlines cited on this blog.

        Two things for sure:

        1.)That kid will think twice about doing that again.
        2.)That kid will be looking for vengeance.

      19. Right on DoubleTap, very well said!!!

      20. Maybe it is the high population, but you hear about these types of incidents all the time in the most populated states. You very seldom see this type of TASER attacks in the least populated areas. It seems that even before SHTF, the rural settings and away from the highly urban areas are the places to be. I understand you sometimes hear of police abuse in small town settings, but rural seem to be the ONLY free areas left in the country. States like Florida, California, New York, Illinios, Pennslyvania, etc. where the highest number of people are, the worst laws and “law enforcement” are.

        I have relatives that live in Texas, and the problems are vastly magnified towards urban areas, but seems to curb down a lot when you get into the countryside. Living in a free area before and after the collapse is something to think about if someone can afford to do so.

      21. If I was jaywalking or involved in a moving violation, whatever, and an officer of the law stops me and asks me for my ID, the first thing I would show him is my CCW permit (as required by law) because I will be carrying.

        Everybody needs to take a deep breath…TEOTWAWKI hasn’t even started – yet. We’re all still in that period where the thin veneer of civility still exists – even (for the most part) with those that uphold the law. It’s hot out there sports fans, and now ain’t the time for civil disobedience.

      22. They guy was wrong, if he was jaywalking that is a civil infraction, similar to a traffic violation (speeding) and you are required to provided identification for the purposes of issuing a ticket. The fact that he refused then became a criminal infraction of resisting without viloence/or obstruction.

        I am a law enforcement sergeant, a patriot and very knowledgeable in Florida law…this guy broke it and then resisted. I am actually surprised they used as much restraint at they did, they could have tasered him or leg sweeped him alot sooner and been fully justified.

        • you are a scared police officer if you need to revert to a taser with a guy asking for an explanation and for a citation of the applicable statute that requires he show ID for crossing the street. not every person standing around has a warrant, pussies

          • What a stupid and asinine thing to say from a Marine, IF you are a Marine. I think you’re just another wannabe.

          • Marine: The reason for tazers and spray is because in the ‘old days’ all we had were guns, clubs, and taking you to the ground-HARD. These non-leathal methods were developed because of severe injuries. Do spray and tazers cause servere injuies: yes but very rarely. Non- compliance with an LEO never an option, it’s a NO-GO in military speak. If Bike-Clown would have complied he would have received nothing more than a ticket, perhaps just a warning and if he was polite and then he’d be on his way. But No-he had to play Steve the Street Lawyer and resist and now he’s got his prints and perhaps his dna on file. That’s a major dumb-ass move. You folks don’t have to like the laws or the cops but you will comply or end up in jail and possibly the hospital and with a criminal record to follow you around for the rest of your life genius. And the next time you’re stopped and the police run your name they will be hyper-alert for signs of aggression from you and will use the least provocation to take you down a second time, only harder because you’re a known trouble maker with violent tendencies. So go ahead and stand up for your rights in the street and you’ll get street justice. At 59 yoa, I’m too old, and far too smart, to go around picking fights. That’s what my lawyers is for. Any defense lawyer will tell you to comply now and grieve later in court with your lawyer at your side. Staying out of jail is part of OPSEC. But I know DoubleTap and some of the other macho-bloggers here are too tough and “ain’t gonna take no crap”. They’ll be some the first to go WTSHTF because they’re too stupid to keep a low profile. This is no game you stupid M-Fs. Just tell me you’ll sell me your guns. You’ll be needing the money for bail and attorney’s fees, not to mention any medical costs not covered by your insurance. I’ll promise to give you a good price for them!


        • so your saying the guy potentially deserved to die for a civil infraction?


        • @lawdawg:

          Please provide the injury in the situation.

          Infractions are civil. Procecutiing a civil matter in a criminal court is without subject matter jurisdiction.

          If you are enforcing statute, you are enforcing policy, not law.

          Everytime you issue a ticket without there being any injured party, you do America a great disservice. Any detention without verified injury, is an attack on the Liberty of the Citizen.

          As a Citizen, do you value your Freedom ? What about those Citizens you encounter during the course of your workday ? Do you value their Rights and Freedoms, or do you “presume” to have athoritative jurisdiction over all people, hmmmm ?

          “Traffic” law is commerce law. It is law related to “commerce” on public roads. That is why cops establish a “consensual encounter” to create jurisdition by consent, at traffic stops Infraction). If a Citizen is using public roads for personal reasons, they are not doing “traffic” and do not fall under statute.

          Instead of trapping Citizens into an inplied consent senario, why don’t you protect the individual rights of the Citizen, as your Oath dictates ?

          Actions under the “color of law” are not in the best interest of anyone. It is just another scam by local and state corp to make money.

          Starve the beast…!!

          ….no offense intended….

          ……this is for training purposes only…….

          ……… no harm………….

          …be safe…..stay the course…….BA.

          Quit stealing for the CORP.

      23. @ VRF…there are actually many states that allow civil suits against LEO’s, Florida being one of them. Please get informed.

        • thank you..I am getting informed thats why i asked

          can you tell me what the conditions are to allow a civil suit against a police officer in all states?

          please dont be general..this is for all of our own good

          thank you

          • also If the police are liable to be sued civilly than why do they seem to be repeat offenders of our civil rights?
            and why dont we hear more about them being sued for violating our civil rights?

            • VRF:

              Civil Rights are priveleges, not Natural Born Rights.

            • Because the victims are mostly poor and lawyers want MONEY, in advance if possible…

        • @lawdawg-
          Do you know the entire irs code?

          If not get informed.

          I am not being rude, that statement is an example.

          The system is so bogged down by laws(billions of them), being “informed” is hard to do, who has the 10,000 extra hours of their lives to read up on ALL laws???

          The problem isnt people not knowing the laws.

          The problem ARE the LAWS!!!(the amount of them).

          Its like that on purpose for selective inforcement.

          • absolutely Kevin. I think it was around 40,000-50,000 new laws just passed last year. But I’m so glad were free, many laws make us free, I hope for 100,000 more laws this year, the more laws the more free, right? Or wait…

      24. I didn’t watch the video as I have high blood pressure and I do not like cops. I will say one thing , the cops where I live now seem to keep a very low profile. (so far) I open carry and am waiting for the “stop”

      25. I don’t know what happened to draw the officers attention in the first place, but this looks and sounds like another setup.

        People are baiting officers into action complete with video cameras and witnesses and attorney’s. This particular one with an actual tasing is good for $30k to $$100k here in Florida with a quick settlement.

        Hell I have 2 claims going right now where they claim to have tripped over the lines painted on the parking lot. We have gone mad with the PI lawyers.

      26. We don’t know what happened. We know what was filmed and what was uploaded to YouTube, but we don’t know what started all this.

        We can infer that it was a set up. Camera and rehearsed dialogue. Nah – the filming crew knew what they were doing.

        This isn’t a path to solving anything. Nonviolence worked in the 1950s and 1960s because violence was institutionalized against a group. These days, most of the public will simply watch and laugh and the idiots getting tazed.

        I hope people like this continue. Their antics well please my need for entertainment.

      27. Well I know what Id like to do to the clown that invented this tazer crap…..turned on max and without the benefit of lube…same with sick powertripping sobs who use them…cant see any justification for the use of these things against anyone whos not in the process of rape or murder,sheesh!

        • The tazer was originally invented as a means to subdue a violent person without shooting or beating the unholy fuck out of the person (via nightstick).

          Used properly, it is a very civilized means of doing the job. Used wrongly, it is a torture device.

          The Tazer is just a tool, nothing more. It is the person using it who is responsible.

          • Same applies to nightsticks,some things just dont need to exist,cause theres always a fool who will misuse them…my statement stands.

          • Many “progressive” types say the same thing about firearms.

            Think about that for a minute..

      28. Here in Texas, Brown vs Texas, you do not need to show ID without cause. Weak as it is, the guy broke the law.

        I’m all for dumping laws that are just money makers.

        As to LEO’s violating civil rights and the town/city/county/state getting sued. If they are deemed at fault. And the people end up paying. The LEO violator should be fired or have his pay docked to pay the people back.

        Why should some cop get 20 and a pension if he cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of $$$ in some civil lawsuit.

      29. What worries me the most isn’t any particular incident. It is the widespread escalation of force practices. It seems as though some officers are using non lethal weapons to vent frustrations and are almost joyfully using them on people questioning their authority.

        • Much in this this country would be better if the “people in control”, the “state” so to speak, understood they derive their authority from the people.
          Think about it, over the years, the schools have stopped teaching civics. The sheeple have been dumbed down and conditioned, and the assholes in authority behave like a special class of citizens, with powers handed down from above. Raiding and abusing the public coffers to enrich themselves with high pay and golden retirements. “Heros all” just for making a career choice. More like addicted to power and flashing lights.

        • “non-lethal”????

          Did you miss the list I posted.

          2001-2012-530 people total.

          • Yes, non-lethal. What were the prior medical histories ? I’m willing to bet most, if not all, were excited delirium, as mentioned earlier.

            • There is no medical condition called “excited delirium” — it’s another way to say “chased down and/or tackled” in the report.

          • Kevin: I did see your list and I am certain that there is a longer list of people that were seriously injured from tazers. But they have to be classified as non-lethal. There are thousands of people tazed every year, it would be a pretty poor example of lethal weapons.

            I would agree with mike above that showing a little respect and restraint on both sides would have made all this a non issue.

            I question lawdog above thinking they were justified to do this so quickly. There are plenty of DOD docs that cover escalation of force. 3 police officers should have had no problems restraining this man without use of tazers. Hell he had one arm in cuffs.

      30. One of our founder fathers I cant recall now which, said Our us const was made for a Moral & Christian peoples.

        As based upon the Christian moral lifestyles/beliefs best described in the Bible and as Christ spoke of.

        He also said our us const will continue to function properly, as long as a vast majority of its citizens remain as such. But wont work for any other kind of people.

        I mention this cause it seems to me some folks who call selves Libertarians demand “Liberty” for any/all things regardless what it is as long as Nobody uses phys harm without justification.

        And they do mean Everything you can think of!…That may sound ok on paper or theorey but in Real world it will never work and that may be reason after 45 yrs Most americans do not want libertarian type ideals etc.

        If you say “no victem=Zero crime”…BS…Drunk drivers who didnt cause an accidnt as yet= No victim right. So its ok?….Untill he crashes into You or Your kiddies right?…

        Anybody who does more than read ayn rand, and thinks about it a whole lots of Immoral stuf would occure with what Libertarians call Liberty and really is nothing but…Licence.

        Forget the long winded arguments on who is to decide whos immoral etc…Anyone at least 50 yrs old today Knows what occures when an entire nation with many different peoples amd culturs etc gets rid of “Morality” and does “If it feels good do it”

        Some calls it do what thou wilist…I thik Satan said that to. Face it, 40+ yrs of everything goes sure has caused it all to go…To Hell in a handbasket it seems.

        Total anarchy is what it will end as. If you believe thats ok so you can do dope or do fags parades in daylite down mainstreet with ass-screwing assholes passing by, or Junkies all over the place etc? You aint thought it thru.

        We do need laws. Good necessary cosnt type laws. Rights without any responsibility in regard to others though aint no good. Easy to say “If your worried kids will see fags assscrewing or dopers booting up? Your kids is Your deal.” Just TRY to watch Kiddies 24/7 specially if that parade of all goes and is a-ok passes by your front yard.

        I know like true liberals you can invent arguments all day long to counter this. But we still need Responsiblitys with rights or it simply wont work in real world.

        • The use of force is fundamentally wrong. What you are trying to do is definitionally disproven. It’s an oxymoron. You think you can rape your way into ‘the good’ because you don’t care what your selfish pleasure comes at the expense of and because of that, you will die a coward’s death, as you lived his life–a slave to desire, who wanted nothing more.

          You can not impose your will on others and call it good. That is what ‘the law’ does. The law is institutionalized rape. Stop letting yourself get raped because you’re afraid of example x (oh its drunk drivers this time booooo hoooo, how about axe murders and terrorists, should I be afraid of little timmy with his fiddle at the corner too? he might be engaging in UNREGULATED BUSINESS *screeeeee*) and you seek to control other people’s lives because you have no control, you have been controlled your whole life and it is your natural order to create another pyramid scheme.

          Take a good hard look at your dollar bill, boy. And I’m 20, And I will call every bootlicking lapdog a kid, because you’re in fucking kid mentality, stuck in high school. Anyway, take a good hard look at the back of that bill. You wanna be at the top of that pyramid don’t you boy? Yeah, you trust in that greenback because you worship it, don’t you? you trust in your god, Mammon.

          You’re no better than a pimple on one of Sauron’s orc’s ass, because you’re no different. Denigratory comment intend, by the way, fuck all of you wanna be rulers. I’m tired of a bunch of Romans. We don’t need your tyranny any longer. We’re not afraid of you, and we’re not afraid of your latent enemies you employ as friends behind the public back.

      31. Excuse this simple-minded observation, but all the voter ID laws being challenged in jurisdictions across the country emphasize the unconstitutionality of forcing “poor” folks to have state ID to vote. That is, they may be too poor to have a car, live too far from places to get state ID etc. You may have to give a name and address in an incident like the one above but you DON’T have to produce any ID if you are not driving, because you don’t have to carry ID if you are not involved in a licensed activity. Seems to me the thing to do would be to provide a name and address that was accurate to comply with the law and refuse to produce any ID. If you are cooperative and there is no other probable cause to search you, a cop who forcibly tried to take ID or search you would likely be in a lot of trouble, at least in most places.

        • nope—try again.

      32. The police did absolutely nothing wrong in this video. The gentlemen jaywalked which is why he was beign asked for his ID. Jaywalking is against the law and if you break the law you can be arrested. Doesn’t matter which. IF you speed and the police want to they can arrest you. Getting back tot he video though, the criminal escalated the situation to the point that the police had no choice but to taser him. He refused to provide ID, which is agaisnt the law when you have already broken a law. Then he refused to comply with the police demands when they moved to arrest him. Resisting arrest. End of story.

        There was no excessive force used. Police are trained to always stay at least one step ahead of the offender in the level of force being used. In fact the police in this video gave him PLENTY of chances to comply with their LAWFUL demands. End of story.

        Also keep in mind that we don’t know anything else about the people involved int he video. For all we know the jaywalker could be a know felon on parol, or a suspected drug dealer, or just about anything else. Maybe he almost got hit by a car when he jaywalked ? Maybe he threw a fight about it then, yelling and screaming at the car that almost hit him when he was jaywalking.

        It’s really simple….OBEY THE LAW !!! When police tell you to do something that they are within their rights to tell you to do…DO IT !! If you disagree with it get a lawyer and deal with the situation LEGALLY !!! Keep in midn that even if a police officer has no legal right to ask for your ID but you refuse and actually escalate the situation to the point that you are breaking the law, you will end up arrested and you will be the wrong one. You can still get a lawyer about the initial illegal action of the police though.

        I also agree with several other posters who said that this was a setup and the jaywalker was jsut trying to get paid. He deserves what he gets.

        • Another sensible person. Good post.

        • Well put.

        • Iowa Prepper:

          Remember Our State’s Motto,


          I’m embarrassed you call yourself an Iowan. Maybe you should move back to California.

        • nope—try again

      33. Pull your fucking heads out of your asses, all cops are your enemy. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. They violate their oaths daily and are sadistic pussies who can’t make it in the private sector. Their time is coming when shtf.

        • Idiot! YOU are the problem!

        • jia:

          I don’t think Our Founding Fathers would make any distinction between Cops and Redcoats.

      34. Morning all

        I can’t comment on laws and by laws in the US, but as an individual, and having read all the comments I have to say the use of the taser, in my opinion, was overkill.

        Two police officers, one man who is not fighting, not trying to get a weapon out of his pocket….maybe he could have just been arrested without the taser.

        There are corrupt, brutal and violent police officers in your country and mine and in the UK there are many indifferent ones who just go through the motions. Equally, there are officers who are good at what they do, that still believe in the oath they took when they signed up and who give their best in increasingly violent situations.

        I have no point to make, just a personal opinion

        Take care

        • Using the taser was exactly what police are suppose to do in these kinds of situation actually. It used to be more forcefull when police had batons or just used their fists to strike. Which is why they went to tasers. No lasting harm down and takes down most individuals quickly with minimal fuss. Once the tasering is over the offender is not suffering any more pain from the taser itself. Maybe some pain if they fell on pavement though.

          • Iowa Prepper:

            So when I see you jaywalking in Iowa, I have the Right to taze you? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt!

            LIBERTY OR DEATH!

            • If you are a police officer and I have resisted arrest, yes you do have the right to tazer me. If you are a private citizen, which you obviously are, then you can’t even own a tazer let alone shooting someone with it.

      35. Ever think the cops observed questionable behavior PRIOR to the jaywalking, and used the misdeamor to get more information on the fella?



        • Shit, too much Crown, “misdemeanor”

      36. lawsuit time – and a huge one… starting with the officers involved, the supervisor, the shift commander, the chief then the city counsel and mayor… when we sit down and take whatever tptb want to throw at us, we can also sit down, shut up and take it.. it’s time to put these organized crime thugs in their rightful place… what ever happened to probable cause..??? what ever happened to freedom from unlawful search AND SEIZURE..??? time to take a stand or close up shop and wait for them to come for you…

        • And it will get laughed out of court when ALL the evidence is shown and a non-biased approach is taken. Give me a break! Frivolous lawsuits are a large portion of this nation’s problems and you’re just supporting that crap.

        • Uhh…HE BROKE THE LAW WHEN HE JAYWALKED. So there is no need for probably cause. He also wasn’t being searched and you can’t seize a person, just arrest them. Which the police did when he resisted arrest.

          • actually, according to the SCOTUS, you can indeed ‘seize’ a person by hindering their movement.

            • That’s detaining. Never heard of a person being seized like an object. Plz provide a link if you could.

      37. While law enforcement may have started out as a good idea it has morphed into a private army to provide a continuing revenue stream for those in power.Laws are written to protect this revenue stream by lawyers who are part of the gov. Come on…jaywalking?…Who in the hell has a right to tell me where I can cross the street? How did we survive 80 years of driving without DUI laws? How about the same amount of time with no required insurance? These laws serve two things. Control and revenue.LEOs may think in their own mind that they are there to “protect and serve” the public but that is not their job. Their job is protecting and serving the gov that they are agents for.

        • Who, on this blog, if faced with a violation of your safety or property, would dial 911 first?
          I would venture to say most would dial .38,.45, 9mm or 12g and take responsibility for your own. Then, call the blueshirts to clean up the mess.
          This thread has plucked a pet peave. Sorry. but on balance, cops to me are more of a PITA than a help.
          Like those old westerns, with a docile population, that needs a Sheriff to ride in and save the day. Everytime I watch one of these, I think ” there’s a hundred of you, and five of them. Man up, and blast them!”.
          We will see, when the SHTF, after the initial mayhem, a very polite society with the knowledge that the other guy is likely carrying.Most of the assholes will be gone, hopefully. Won’t be such a need for a military grade police force. My utopia.

        • @JRS – I kept on clicking the thumbs up button but only got one. That summation was beautiful, perfectly in line with everything I’ve always believed —you’re my hero of the day!

      38. Isn’t it funny how people howl about the police doing nothing about crime, then when they observe a crime and try to enforce the law, those same howlers howl even louder. No wonder we are hurtling towards a collapse. Common sense has been replaced by selfishness and a spoiled brat “I want to have my cake and eat it too” mentality as demonstrated by many comments here.

        • You write like jaywalking is the ultimate act leading to destruction of our land??

      39. Show your ID when the police ask for it. How hard is that? I’m with the police on this one.

      40. The cops are right. You are wrong. Disagree? Tough.

        • The police asked for some ID. Pretty small request as things go. The perp did something to deliberately get noticed by the police then deliberately did something to escalate it. The whole thing was politically motivated.

          So, let’s say your daughter was abducted. You want somebody who looks like the criminal to refuse to show some ID to the police? Go ahead. Side with the criminals. See how that works for our society. Blacks in the hood don’t tell the police anything now. Some 5 year old girl gets shot in the face and nobody says anything.

      41. your on a roll Rick ,lmao

      42. Our times and our laws are changing.For the worse. No longer is the constitution the law of the land. Hang on to your ass people. On another note……It would be nice to see bloggers on this site not be personally attacked for their opinion. We have enough enemies out there. Gary

      43. gotta side with teh PD on thisone. This was an obvoud effort to get a reaction from the cops. The offender could have simply said “yes I should not have jay-walked – sorry” and walked away.

        • AND HE COULD’VE DONE THAT WITHOUT SHOWING ID! What’s your real point? Show me your papers, comply and I’ll LET you fly. nope—think again.

      44. Thankfully most of the dipshits on here who think the guy did nothing wrong and the Leo’s were in the wrong won’t make through the collapse. Give me a break! You pukes are the problem. Not all authority figures are bad!

      45. Citizen Snipers, select LE targets as they appear by order of rank…then down.

        I’m sick of these LE drones all looking and acting the same. Bunch of assholes deserve a subsonic, suppressed .22LR in the base of the spine.

        After enough of them are put down, maybe they’ll realize that the constitution and freedom is worth the ultimate sacrifice.

        Civil war is coming. Get ready.

        • You need reported! Period! You are a complete dumb ass and a criminal with that crap you just spewed! I hope you get what’s coming to you!!


        • You sir are a piece of shit!

          • Amen! And he is supposed to be a “patriot”? I don’t think so!

      46. What are the Florida statutes on jaywalking? Wasn’t this citizen on a bicycle? I thought jaywalking was for pedestrians. I thought bicyclists were different and if allegedly breaking a law it would be a moving violation?

        Seems to me from the very beginning, the cops did not have a good grasp of the situation and that’s why it escalated as fast as it did. I’ll bet if the guy was Hispanic, they’d not have asked for his identification.

        • they were scared of him because he was black, and new his rights, the cop was a rookie, thus not knowing a statute and replying Um because i asked. etc…


          Here’s a link about jaywalking and riding a bicycle. There is also a link at the top that goes to a newpaper article about the situation. The hot point is that BOTH of the black offenders had MULTIPLE WEAPONS ON THEM at the time !!

          In the video you can hear the gentlemen saying he has a permit for the weapon. The point though is that either of the people could have pulled and used those weapons at any time during the situation. This is why police are trained to subdue unruly suspects BEFORE they become problems.

          • Iowa Prepper:

            THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS IS OUR NATURAL BORN RIGHT. Jesus at the Last Supper told those that follow him must sell their cloak AND BUY A SWORD!

            Are you a cop (redcoat)?

            • The point that I was making, that you obviously missed, is that both of the suspects had weapons on them that they COULD have pulled and used on the cops at any time during the situation. This is why cops are trained to react the way they did in this situation. At no point did I say anything about anyone’s right to own adn bear arms. I think that anyone that has the proper training should own and bear arms. No i am not a cop. There is also no need to be degrading or insulting regardless of your personal feelings about the police. And if the police were really comparable to the Redcoats then the situation in this country would be so much worse than what it is now your head would be spinning.

      47. I can’t belive you people are wasting your time on this shit!!!!! Who gives a FUCK what color they are, I would have tased both of them for being ASSHOLES. TALK ABOUT SOMETHING IMPORTANT……………

      48. I think tasing this guy was overkill. Two cops, one non-aggressive man, come on. Have police become so woosified that they have to use this type of force? Or are they power-trippin’?

        I used to respect law enforcement but the more I see of this type of behavior the more I have come to distrust them. There was a time when I would have called the police if I had a real problem but no more.

        Seems we went from innocent until proven guilty to guilty untl proven innocent. I know there have been many police officiers injured and/or killed in the line of duty and that’s not good either. I guess that could cause an officier to become extremely paranoid to the point of anything short of immediate compliance becomes just cause to use force.

        But ya know, what did you think when you chose to put on that uniform? You knew the risks. Save the tazing for truely violent offenders. Jay-walking? Really?


          Link to an article about this situation.

          From the article that I thought you might be interested in specifically. Peurifoy ws the male offender adn Price the female offender who was filming.

          “When he was finally subdued, the arrest affidavit says, the officers searched him and found a loaded handgun on his waistband that “was easily accessible at any time during our encounter.”

          Peurifoy had a permit for the weapon and never reached for it in the tussle. Police said Price had a small knife, brass knuckles and an unloaded gun, found when the two were brought to the Seminole County Jail.”

      49. Has anyone noticed the expansion of mounted patrols? I am curious if it is a reaction to the occupy protests last year or an expectation of coming events. With states and munis in financial trouble it is interesting that mounted patrol groups are shopping for horses.
        Might be nothing.

      50. I have always made it a policy to be super nice to a police officer….most police get nothing but attitude from citizens in any number of situations. I feel when an officer sees you respect him or her….your chances of getting out of a potential ticket or beating whatever the case may be…. dramatically increase. I have always gone by the above policy reguarding police officers and it has gotten me out of many tickets and potential arrests.
        On the other hand if they are coming for your guns, it’s time to not be near as nice.

        • your opinion if valid however, in this case the rookie punk cop treated him like a child, he did not answer any questions aside from the “because i said so mentality that most police display

      51. DoubleTap: Another immature foul-mouthed genius. I’ve been a firefighter, ambulance, rescue, and an LEO. Yeah ther are some badge-heavy cops out there and they make the others look bad. But having been in the business at both ends, we are all tired of having to clean up the messes that jerks like the bikerider make when they get hit crossing in the middle of the road or some other dumbass move. And what about the poor driver who hits him through no fault of his own. He’s out money for reapirs, time off from work, needing to get a car until his is fixed not to mention the lifetime of undeserved guilt and frivolous lawsuits. Over 95% of the people I picked up were hurt due to their own stupidity and it costs all of us money because their too damned selfish to care about the others involved. The guy on the bike was an idiot also for challenging the police. Here in Florida if you are walking or riding a bike you’re not required to show or even have on your possession any ID. If a cop asks, tell them you left it at home but you must give them your full name if asked per state statute. Bike-man thought he was tough. Well geuess who lost. He was arrested for failure to give his name (not ID) and for resisting without violence. Both are misdemeanors and that means going to jail,probably a little bail, and a definite court date. Only a macho clown with no brains is going to go toe-to-toe with cops. It’s always a losing proposition. O.K. folks from the top: Driving a motort vehicle, ID required if asked. If walking, bicycling, rollerblading, etc. no ID is required, only your name if they ask. If you think the cops were out of bounds then you can file a complaint with edpartment and get a lawyer if you think you have grounds to sue. And Never-but-Never resist a search or an arrest because you’re going to get hurt-period. And one more thing; if you’re charged with resisting with violence that can may also lead to assault on an LEO if they want to push it and that’s a felony.If you’re convicted of a felony, even if you don’t serve any time, say good bye to your concealed weapons permit. Do you really want to be in jail or worse, in the hospital, WTSHTF? You folks need to grow up some and pick your battles better or you’re going to get screwed.

        • Right on Gregory8, right on!!!

        • Wow Gregory8, such an impressive record. All it shows me is that you’re a Nanny state tit sucker. Have you gotten your pension yet? So you can live off the the fruits of another mans labor? No wonder you think the cops are right. You’re a big gov. socialist because you’re waiting to get your take of “legal” plunder. You want your redistribution of wealth don’t you. Enjoy your retirement and pension as you live life off another human being, you’re a big gov socialist parasite sucking from one man through the “legal” plunder of the nanny state.

          And for all the people on here who keep saying this guy broke the “law”. Well quit your bitching about Obamacare, because it’s “law”, right? Just because some assholes got together and impose their will on you doesn’t make something “law”. Understand what true law is and where it comes from. Otherwise pay your fines or taxes or whatever the assholes want to call it when the IRS forces you to pay. And you dumbassses will only be able to say, “It’s the law, my neighbor should of bent over and taken it from the IRS because the crooks in DC said it was “law”. It’s sad to see so many pathetic people on a site like this who would no doubt call themselves “patriots” but are nothing more than big gov socialist tit suckers. Putting on a gov. costume doesn’t make you a patriot, it’s more like big gov. lap dog.

          • DoubleTap: Sure got you pegged right. You’re the guy who refers to 5th grade as his “Senior Year”. Hey Einstein, I never said that the cops were right only that fighting with them is going to get your ass kicked, and that’s being a moron . You talk tough but that’s all it is. Me, I know what they are capable of and I’m not going to lose any freedom by playing the “macho butt-wipe” by challenging them in public. You want to get tazed, your skull split open, or worse not mention an arrest record, loss of freedom, your fingerprints and dna on file, no thanks. Yeah, you show them who’s boss and see what happens genius. During these times, a smart person would do well to stay under the radar of all government officals, especially the cops. But you sound too stupid for that. Oh, and yes I am retired taking a pension (at 56) for 35 years of service, thank you. Next year I’ll collect another one from the military (14 Years active and 8 reserve) when I turn 60, and again, thank you. That includes free medical by the way. But I also invested well and actually made money during the crash of 2008 by being a smart investor while watching friends and coworkers taking a bath in the stock market. I also have another 5 years in the private sector. I have amassed nearly 160 quarters for social security purposes (40 years of work), not that I’ll see much of it. But then again, I planned well enough that I won’t need it, but I will take it if it’s there. Let’s see; that would be 3 pensions wouldn’t it. Thank You !! Do you hate me even more now buddy?

          • Well stated DoubleTap,

            Only Constitutional Law should ever be acknowledged by citizens.

            Tax collectors & errand boys of Caesar who enforce unconstitutional law are sellouts & traitors to their countryman & nation! Not patriots!

          • Jaywalking is not unconstitutional. Trying to compare it to ObamaCare is a real stretch, dude.

          • Dude, seriously… you didn’t see his point at all, did you? Like it sailed over your head at an impressive altitude.

            I’ll simplify it for you:

            * OPSEC trumps all – we’re trying to survive here, not raise an army.

            * Don’t be stupid.

            * Pick your battles.

            Prisons and jails are chock-full of wannabe tough guys who thought that no cop would ever tell them what to do. If you’d like to join their ranks you’re more than welcome to, but it’s awful hard to prep for (let alone survive) collapse in a locked 6×8 cell.

            If you want to survive long-term, you’re going to have to use your head – not just your guns.

        • “But the most foolish notion of all is the belief that everything is just which is found in the customs or laws of nations….What of the many deadly, the many pestilential statutes which nations put in force? These no more deserve to be called laws than the rules a band of robbers might pass in their assembly. For if ignorant and unskillful men have prescribed deadly poisons instead of healing drugs, these cannot possibly be called physicians’ prescriptions; neither in a nation can a statute of any sort be called a law, even though the nation, in spite of being a ruinous regulation has accepted it.

          Here is a great quote by Cicero, someone who the Founding Fathers studied and based much of their writing on. Surely not taught in public schools where most of you base your flawed logic of “laws.”

        • @greg8:

          Driving a motor vehicle is commerce. “Traffic” means doing commerce. A car owned by a private citizen is “personal property”, not a motor vehicle under law.A license is only required if you are using public roads for commerce. A Right cannot be made into a privaledge. Our Right to Liberty allows us to travel unmolested. As you stated, you being a former LEO, how many times did you violate the rights of Citizens ? Enforcement of statute over protecting the individual rights of the Citizen ? Statutes are defacto law. No injury, no crime…PERIOD !

          Most LEO”s operate under policy and corp statutes.

          Most LEO’s haven’t the first clue about applicable jurisdiction.

          Most LEO’s disregard the sovereignty of the People.


          ….be safe……. stay the course…..BA>

          • BadAmerican: Yeah, I remember the Keenes spouting the same stuff in the chapter of the same name in JRW’s book “Patriots”. I love the book, and that’s one of my favorite chapters, but you try that crap with the cops and you’ll get what they got-a lot of grief. What you and they say SHOULD be the way it is but the reality is very different. The street is never the place to ‘try your case’ because the cops don’t care, they want compliance and the WILL get it. There’s a lot of good books and even videos on YouTube with lawyers telling people how to conduct themselves when confronted by the police and they all say never to resist a search or an arrest because that will only muddy your case in court. Some people on this site get the wrong idea about me because I was a firefighter first and then became an LEO. I don’t love the state, I fear it because I know what it’s capable of and that’s why I’m warning everyone to be careful. Don’t be foolish and end up in jail, or worse, the hospital, with a pending trial, a possible criminal record, and perhaps even some jail time. Comply now and grieve later in court with your attorney. These are perilous times with our economy in shambles and the rise of the totalitarian state. This will all eventually fall but in the meantime be smart and stay our of jail.

      52. you are not obligated to submit to a false arrest. the only issue is that in the heat of the moment he raised his voice and was guilty of being loud and black. Most cops are scared to death of anyone who exercises their rights. he should have refused quietly. in my opinion, this cop was a scared rookie. I had to punk a cop once who pulled a gun on me and a friend for no reason. I told him put that away before i take it from you, your gonna need something bigger than that to scare me, I am going to OEF in two weeks you think you scare me? lol he left.

        • He was not being arrested for jaywalking. He was being arrested for resisting. Refusing to follow commands given by a police officer when you have been caught doing something illegal is resisting. That’s what this gentlemen did.

          As to the second part of your comment, I had to laugh when I read it. You most certainly did not say this to a police officer. You would have been arrested on the spot !! Even if you were telling the truth about going OEF that means nothing to your ability to disarm a trained LEO.

          • What part of Iowa you from if you don’t mind me asking. I’m from Eastern Iowa.

            • Northern mid

            • Just wanting to know which direction to spit.

            • People like you are what’s wrong with this country. You are seriously a disturbed and potientially violent individual who has obviously had run-ins with the law before. Or you are just another immature internet tough guy who thinks he knows what he’s talking about, which you don’t.

        • marine,thats silly this is serious,when you get out of oef youll figure out people drive each other up the damn wall! an some of them are the goverment ,subdivisons of the law there informers .if these epeople new who the hell to bust they would,they dont thats why just every where you go youll find to many nosy idiots that act like your at fault for something.some are just morons some are part of the econom ywich if you think about it is the goverment without badges and tazers. they blend in with other idiots that dont seewhat brown nowsins doin.I were a backpack work ft and have some college.its every were bud im a cracker dress like one,dont have satan tattood across my fore head dont have warrants dont owe any banks or debt no kids no drugs not a drunk,the problem is the mans irritated with these kinds of idiots the dont mind there own damn buisenessthats how the goverment figures alot out.hollywood paints many prettycolors abot what life realy isnt.if you think about about society theresevery kind of problem with crime ,death, victims,people cheatin on ther damn wives vise versa people that need to start investing in phsyce meds people that cause shit old ladys thatgossip about every one .people that couldnt quit smokin pot if you gavethem anew damn home etcetcpeople as a whole start gettin fed up with it and it kinda teaches them to watch there act china for example not to many people step out of line over there theres alot of irrisponsible people out there and the goverment is doin the only thing they now how to do to keep the rotten eggs in check and they aint the only one slike this tazed guy the thing is he had backpack on and somebody told on him.hes irritated with that problem I can gaurentee you grow up go to sadi and come back from the marine core youllsee it .this nation ows china trillions every ones dillin with trouble and are goverment might be like chinas before to long. thell just shoot you

      53. Ok I’m gonna have to play devil’s advocate for this video here since there are some issues with it. He was “accused” of jay walking, which is a crime: This alone is grounds to show your ID if accosted by the police. Second, this incident probably could have gone a little better without a crazy black lady screaming at the cops. Third, if he submitted to the arrest, he could have had this resolved a lot easier and it would look better in court if it even went that far.

        Or I could be completely wrong and this whole “refusing to show ID” thing only works if you’re not black.

      54. OK if a cop pulls a taser on you for and you are not doing anything wrong he just has penis envy or somethings calmly reply,

        ” have an irregular heart beat” do not shoot that thing at me” I am not resisting I am asking for you to Calm down, call in another officer who isnt as scared and emotional to explain to me what went wrong,

        I will sit calmly on the pavement and wait.

        • Resisting arrest is doing something that you can and will get tazered for. The gentlemen had a hand gun on him too. None of the police in the video acted scared or emotional either. He was repeatedly told to get on the ground, he refused to do so. The police also tried to cuff him BEFORE they tazered him too. So they gave the offender PLENTY of chances to not force the situation farther than it needed to be taken.

          • Haa!! Your a cop for sure Iowaprepper!! They gave the Offender??? Yeah, your a cop for sure

            • Carrotbay:

              MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!

              It was probably his great great grandparents who removed dueling from the Iowa Constitution.

            • Well if you watch the video you can plainly hear the police repeatedly telling the gentlemen to get on the ground, put his hands behind his back, etc, etc. No im not a cop either. The funny thing is that you Carrot bad and Iowa here both back the offender in the video who you are saying is just defending his rights. That’s cool. Here’s the funny thing…..without the police you wouldn’t HAVE any rights at all. You would be at the mercy of anyone with a gun and who was willing to use it on you for any reason what so ever. Yeah you might also be that kind of person too, which is fine with me since people like you in a SHTF situation are gonna be the first ones killed in the aftermath. Enjoy !!!

      55. obviously he knows his rights, watch as they frisk him on the ground he says why are you nervous officer, your hands a shaking. the cop searches and goes he is carrying a handgun (holstered) criminals do not use holsters I might add/… and the man replies I am licensed to carry…
        obviously that denotes the fact that he is a law abiding citizen.

        so all of the posts claiming otherwise may not have heard that dialogue. it is good he did not get shot like the poor guy in arizona by a scared cop when he was leaving a cotsco

        • Obviously he didn’t know his rights since he broke the law and then refused to cooperate with police which resulted in his arrest for it. No the it doesn’t make him a law abiding citizen for using a holster either. Plenty of criminals use holsters.

          • Jaywalking in not a breach of the peace. Legislation, Codes, and Statutes are not the Law. Common Law is the Supreme Law of the Land.

            How doesn’t this man know his rights. We declare our rights…Declaration of Independence. As a man, I declare my right to walk across the street without harrassment.

            • Jaywalking is against the law. No one harassed. The offender pushed the situation to the point that it got to.

            • Iowa Prepper:

              I think someone put a “banana” up your “exaust pipe”.

              SHTFPLAN Audience, Iowa Prepper is a TORY!

      56. Condi Rice for VP? She says her mentor was Jewish/Czech communist Joseph Korbel. He was also Madelline Albrights father. She is a Lesbian Globalist. Probably left handed. Just kidding about that last one. The Republicans are not conservatives. Globalists are anti-American, by nature of their desire to do away with borders. They don’t recognize anyone as a fellow citizen. They are as bad as communists.

        • If you’re going to pick a lesbian, at least get a hot one, Mitt! Better yet, pick two and we’ll really be interested in what happens in the vice president’s residence.

        • I must say the only thing coming to mind from this POS female is this..
          ‘Never in a million years would we have thought terrorist would fly planes into buildings”

          and exercises for that ‘very’ thing were being conducted by military that week.
          Geeze, ya think she was outa the loop?

      57. If the Jaywalker had been an “Illegal, un-documented
        Hispanic”, the police would have never even stopped
        him. Profiling, pure and simple.

      58. durango kidd … You must be a cop!
        What the hell has happenend to America?
        cops are bullies… plain and simple!

      59. This is a test only a test of the A.S.S. system(are sheeple sleeping)this is only a test if this were not a test this man would have been arrested and put into a camp. TPTB are seeing how many people still know their rights, apperntly very few are left. Thiey gathering stats on how many will comply from military to citizens, they are testing their power and it seems as though due to lack of knowledge of constitution most sheeple have been codled by dear ole uncle sam to cozy up and put all trust in him, what a shame. Gid bless this dudes balls as I am a girl and would hope I had enough to do what he did….catch me when PMSing and I might be able to pull this off 🙂

        • Yup, I feel this same way..they are testing the ground before they strike

        • So because this gentlemen broke the law and then refused to cooperate and started resisting; he’s the good guy ? Don’t think so. Good guys don’t break the law in the first place and if they do they then cooperate with the police. This gentlemen did NOTHING right and deserves what he got. As did his girlfriend.

          • Sorry, the man does not deserve to be electricuted.

            • Uhh…he was being arrested and he resisted. You expect the police to just keep asking nicely and never doing anything about it? If that’s the case then police are pointless to have since apparently they can’t enforce the law anymore. That is basically what you are saying. The repeatedly tried to cuff him and get him to obey their commands while they were trying to arrest him. HE REFUSED THEM ALL!! So what if he tried walking away? Are they allowed to tazer him then? You are jsut asking for anarchy now.

            • Iowa Prepper:

              Ever wonder why there was no need for cops when our country began?


            • Actually no Iowa you are wrong about everyone being armed and governing themselves.

              During the colonial times policing was done by elected sheriffs and by local militia. IE police officers or sheriffs department to make the comparsion to today.

              New York Sheriffs Department was established in 1626.

              Albany County Sheriff’s Department established in 1660’s.

              First city police department established in Philadelphia in 1751.

              Revolutionary War started in 1775.

              Declaration fo Independance signed July 4, 1776.

              US Marshall Service established in 1789.

              So as you can see by these FACTS, you can look them up yourself, there was police and sheriffs around for over 100 years BEFORE the United States was actually established.

              Also during the Old West, the sheriff’s department was added by the ARMY to keep the peace.

              Please go educate yourself before opening your mouth and looking foolish.

      60. It’s a sad state of affairs when the po-lice can’t do their job without being accused of being the criminal. He broke a law and then acted like a retard. It’s always better to comply and seek recourse in court. Why act like an animal in a public venue, hell he should have been darted not tazed.

        For all of you who thought he was right, while she chipped her teeth in background, what if a family member had just been raped by that moron. You would rather he be allowed to walk away as a result of the officer not knowing a statute number, or having multiple copies of every law to hand out to the public?

        If every person who wanted to refuse to obey the law was allowed to do so, we would already be living off of our preps. It will be bad enough when the SHTF. That guy is the exact kind of person you will be dealing with, not a patriot, a transient bum. Will you allow him access to everything you have stored because you can’t remember the statute number of the “stand your ground law”, or have a copy of it to give him? Right, “ you got me there buddy I cant quote the law so load up your bike and have a great day”. You’re not going to taze him, or even be polite like the police tried to be. You are going to dump a mag into his loud mouth and leave him for the coyotes and scavengers to clean up.

        To enjoy any semblance of freedom there has to be boundaries, laws, rules or it’s not freedom, its chaos. There is a huge difference between a patriot and an unemployed thug pushing the boundaries looking for yet another check from the government.

      61. Jia what have you been in prison for? Your lack of vocabulary and lack of useful knowledge is consistent with someone who has been incarcerated for a lengthy period of time. God forbid you ever need the po-lice. If you like, post your real name and I’ll make sure you are added to any and all lists if such exists that assures the police will not come to your aide if called, sure don’t want and upstanding patriot like yourself being bothered with assistance when the SHTF. Does your hate extend to the commie, socialist firemen as well?

      62. Redcoats!

        • Ah, shut up!

      63. Hi Mac…still wondering here…what’s the point of this posted vid? Do you think the cops are wrong? Seriously man…what are you trying to do?

        • I had a feeling it would make for good discussion given that we ran the Steven Anderson video the day before.

      64. Look at law enforcement like the fire it is. Under the right circumstances it is very useful. When it is under control our world is a better, brighter place. When its out of control it is unwanted and destructive. This guy is the 10 year old kid who got burned because he isn’t smart enough to responsibly handle a pack of matches. The cops are the matches that, because they are just matches, will start a huge fire to show how powerful they are

        • the goverment s the mathes the cops may be one match along with the fbi and the damn swat team.thereburnin alot of peoples assas includin people that aint doin anything illegal peoples shit stinks and its leavin a suspicious oder on just about everyone from there noses,and theres alot of em they just dont always have badges and tazers.societys onry and alot of people are dealin withit weather they want to or not and not everyone that does is even jay walkin.the econemy is the goverment.I have no dbt no warrants work full time kids aint sleepin with no ones wife dont care to shows how societies cleanin up some of the problem,or I guess you could say the goverment ,econemy what ever you want to call it. we oh china a shit load and that maybe what this societies turnin into trillions ,cities in cali,3 gone bankruptpeople get harrased sometime s until they do start goin off.these people were probably getingpicked on for quite afew months before they got tazed for refusing to show ID.yes,the goverment does litematchesunder quite afew peoples asses they aint always police and they aint gonna stop any time soon. edited by yours truly officer Friendly

        • How do you trust priest who molest kids ? Or teachers or ahve sexual relations with students ? Politians who are repeatedly get caught lying. A president who had an affair ? Mechanics who do unnecessary things to your car that you have to pay for ? School kids that throw eggs at your car ? Teepee your house ?

          Why trust any of them? Because the number of people that do these things are actually a small % of the population. Because if you don’t trust them then you can’t trust anyone.

          You just have to be aware and knowledgable of your rights adn teh actions you can and should take.

      65. The cops totally did the right thing, and the guy was totally being an arse. Do you really believe it is ‘brutality’ to ask a person to produce a piece of ID? It is the man’s fault alone for what happened, he committed a crime (jaywalking) and tried to escape the law and was rightfully tased before he could escape

      66. Typical gung ho American cops. Shoot first ask questions later!

      67. We as American citizens live in a corrupted legal system that we created of own will (via the vote) and enforced by the police officers of this nation. Therefore since we are the instigators of the law, we are obligated to obey the law (even the stupid ones) to the best of our ability as long as we sustain ourselves as part of this system. The alternative to this obligation is total anarchy – with accompanying disrepect, disregard, and aggression toward anyone or thing that will most likely occur.

        I will tolerate unfair taxes and absurd laws as may exist now to such time occurs that I or my family can no longer tolerate the system without compromising our safety, our integrity, or our a certain standard of living. When that time occurs I know we will be forced to seek alternatives all of which will most certainly be worse than what we have and enjoy now.

        And as for those who bash “cops”, shame on you. These men and women repesent the only veil (as thin as it is) keeping us from total anarchry and chaos on the street. Yes our CJ system is corrupt (we all know this), yes there are probably ego-centrist idiots with badges that would not hesitate to taze me for not cooperating if I was observed jay-walking, but for the most part I believe cops are good people with families just like mine doing their jobs,providing for their families, and keeping us safe. I respect that and the protection they provide. (I do not want to live without them protecting society however nor do I want to live in a police state where no freedon exists – there is no absolute extreme one can support, only a middle ground of freedom tempered with justice).

        Therefore I legally oppose what I don’t beleive in, I do my best to comply the spirit and letter of the laws as they are now, but I also prepare for the day when current system falls (due to the cancer eating it from the inside) or provokes such a violation of my basic freedoms that can no longer be tolerated. I do this so that I can continue to enjoy the freedom and wealth that I have earned legally as a private citizen living and prospering to the best of my ability in the current system (even though broken and getting worse) which defines this country.

      68. meh ,i been beat worse for less

      69. This went on FAR too long!! Shows younger Officers over reliance on the TASER and unwillingness to 1) go hands on to cuff the suspect to a peaceful arrest and 2) being intimidated by the video/mouthy female. There is no issue that if the infraction was witnessed (jaywalking) and the subject was going to be cited he needed to produce ID or be arrested — when he began to resist — all bets are off and he is going to jail. This should have been a three minute video.

        • YOu need to watch the video again then. The polcie officers repeatedly tried to handcuff the suspect. They repeatedly todl him to lay on the ground and put his hands behind his back. Even before that they repeatedly todl him to provide ID, which they are legally bound to do siecn he broke the law. He repeatedly refused ALL of these things BEFORE he was tazed.

      70. We had a local cop in the nearest city who was fired for getting drunk driving his squad car and shooting at parked cars as he drove down the street. He was off duty and they also found pot in the car.
        A year before he beat up his girlfriend and they pressured her to not press any charges. After all hes just a good ole boy who made an honest mistake.

        • What is the pertinence of that anecdote to this story is?

      71. Just curious there are a lot of comments about the id issue both sides of the aisle. Let’s put an illegal immigrant of Hispanic heritage in that guys place and then what would the id issue would it still be handled the same? All that aside imho the situation was handled properly by the police, I see nothing wrong. It has been my experience when showing respect to law enforcement sets them at ease and are will to be more linient when dealing with people. Sometimes we forget some of these guys are just trying to make a living.

      72. C’mon. Seriously? The man refused a simple command, which was essentially legitimate, and escalated the situation on purpose. This video shows a newbie officer losing complete control of the situation before back-up arrives. In fact, the officer is fortunate that he wasn’t actually hurt.

        If anything, it shows a lack of training on how and when to drop someone quickly, thereby making the situation less safe for everyone involved.

      73. Because he jaywalked I think that is why he was asked for I.D. If he was driving a vehicle he would probably have been asked for license and registration.

      74. The cops acted with remarkable restraint. The guy clearly wasn’t going to rely on the courts but was determined to make it a physical confrontation. I don’t like badge heavy cops, and I found myself on the cop’s side in this case.

      75. “To Serve and Protect”

        What’s this guys problem? He was being served and protected by 3-5 cops. That’s real service! I can’t get that kind of service at Home Depot.

        And gosh! Poor fella probably didn’t even know to look both ways before crossing the street. He could have really been hurt. I’m sure that there were no other crimes going on in or around the local area either.

        I only hope that when I jwalk, I will have some guys around to protect and serve me with electricity straight to my heart.

        • The cops were ‘protecting and serving’ the people who have to drive down those roads without some moron walking out in front of them into traffic. The city I live in has a big problem with pedestrian deaths from jaywalkers, I think the total for this year is over 50. In every case there is a poor driver who faces legal, financial, and possibly psychological problems from it. This guy and his female camera operator are only part of the equation. Now I wonder if he was jaywalking, did she jaywalk with him?

      76. just as Kathleen explained I can’t believe that any one able to get paid $7852 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this site makecash16. çom

        • lol Amway trolls.

      77. Protect & serve….you got to be kidding. This is local taliban. In Virginia it’s the state taliban that is the worst. They steal money through minor traffic offenses. I received a $100 ticket for having a day time headlight out at 2:00pm on a sunny afternoon. If states need to cut back on money then cut out the local and state taliban forces. At almost 60 years of age I have yet to receive help from the local or state police (taliban). I can protect myself.

      78. Im sorry but I don’t think they acted inappropriately.
        If he commited an infraction and are required to hand out a ticket they need to know the identity of the person. He was angry and gave both officers a hard time.
        He was given ample warning and both officers acted correctly. Next time show your your ID

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