Video: Cops Attack Student At School: Boy Fought Back Because He Was “Choking To Death”

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    Video has emerged of school security officers in Oakland, California, attacking a student, seemingly for no reason. School officials attempted to cover up the incident, according to reports, until the footage was released.

    The footage shows the security officers dragging and tussling with a 15-year-old Fremont High student across the hallway. When the student attempted to break free from a choke hold, the officers allegedly punched and beat him.

    While the incident happened over a year ago, the footage has only just emerged. Police, security and school officials had denied that the fracas ever took place, but now the security officers have been suspended pending a criminal investigation.

    The student’s ‘crime’ appears to have been hanging around in the hallway and not moving when asked. The student was waiting for a meeting with an administrator.

    “In this case, I don’t see him doing anything but standing at the threshold of the door,” said Oakland Unified Police Chief Jeff Godown, who has called for an investigation.

    “The argument was that he was obstructing the people coming in and out of the door.” Godown added.

    “You don’t put your hands on a kid unless you’ve got justification to do it. And based on what I see in this video, unless something comes up afterward, I don’t see justification for it.” Godown told reporters.

    The chief added that the officers are seen using a carotid artery arm hold, which only police officers are trained to use, rather than district police or school security officers.

    “I just don’t see any reason for them to have physically touched him or pushed him,” he said. “You see the kid punch the (school security officer), which he admits because he’s choking to death.”

    “The only narrative in entire (district police report) that had any truth to it is the child’s statement,” said the chief, noting that he will now review the last five years of similar cases.

    This article was originally published by Steve Watson at Infowars. You can continuing reading the full report here.


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      1. Another good reason to homeschool. Our kids don’t go to government facilities that have to have guards and our kids can’t at least have a knife.

        • Been homeschooling for 9 years, best decision for sure…

          • Looks to me like the little bastard attacked the rent a cop. This is a black kid in a black school in a black neighborhood in a black town in a liberal state “attacked” by a black security / cop. Has no bearing on my life or anyone I know or associate with.

            In fact the vast majority of these incidents involve black people in one form or another and again, it has no bearing on me or mine. I get tired of the same story being repeated over and over again with only the names of the players being changed.

            If THOSE people don’t like it then change where you and how you live.


            • The cops didn’t like it when a mere kid could
              overcome their best tactical ploy.
              It doesn’t matter whether the boy is black or white.
              He wasn’t submitting to ‘authority’ and too many
              others were watching not to try and make an
              example of what dissidents will get that try to
              skirt the boundaries of the system.

              • I hope my first kill is an LEO who enforces laws that encouraged my wife to kidnap my children and all my dreams.

                • I hope you miss and the law enforcers return fire on your worthless ass. Stupid worthless parasite.

                  • Yeah right, you don’t know what Iowa’s been thru with that woman who made a false claim of domestic abuse against him. His wife is the stupid worthless parasite, not him, so go suck an egg!

                  • You, my dumb ass american citizen, will be one of the first casualties… mouthpiece for the oppressors! You must think it is okay for cops to be assholes, but you will change your tune when they are crushing your baby’s skull while you watch and shit your pants. You Benedict Arnold mother-fucking traitor! Use your real name, unless you are a pussy????

                • Just as soon as the redthumb system vanishes, the losers
                  come out of the woodwork.

                  If you cant win with redthumb censorship you can always drown out opinions you don’t like by shouting louder.

                  Some days I’m mighty tempted to hoist the black
                  and do the dirty work for everyone else.

                • Because of the shooting of cops in Ferguson, I feel like a turd for my last comment. My apologies and prayers go out to the families of the wounded officers.

                • NGIC, you’re the one who needs to back off, so go f#$% yourself!

              • These are NOT COPS! They are fat untrained security guards. Quit trying to make cops look bad.

                • That’s correct! The cops NEED NO HELP with that! They do a great job totally on their own. We do not need to borrow incompetence.

            • BigB, maybe you better watch that video again. The second school security goon clearly instigated the whole thing. that kid didn’t do anything wrong. The family has grounds for a lawsuit. If I had been that kid and been attacked the thug would’ve been on the ground with something broken and would never have gotten into position to put a chokehold on me. Don’t let anyone put you into a chokehold if you can avoid it. Everyone has a natural right to self-defense and it’s irrelevant if the attacker is in a uniform.

              • Could be, I don’t see it. But I do agree that everyone has a right to self defense regardless of the end result which in this kid’s case as also with the gentle giant in Ferguson ,maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t mess with the guy with the gun or big enough to beat you down. The dumbass’s. I know that thought process has kept me from getting shot or beat down in the course of my life. Better to wait till you have at least a chance. 🙂


                • The gentle giant? That guy was a robber who who brought on his own death…… a thug caught in a thug life. Trayvon martin caused his own death also…..

                  • Trayvon Martin didn’t bring about his own death, you worthless piece of ignorance. He was a teenager going to the store for candy– you dumba–!

                    • Yup, skittles and a watermellon drink, the two other components to a drug cocktail, just add codeine, either straight or in cough drop form… sip away, and get stoned. He was known to drink this stuff…. and a history of burglar tools and jewelry found in his possession.

              • OT but important. Over at, “Stockpiling Of Food Banned In Venezuela.”

              • Yeah, Braveheart– I agree with you. Police officers are supposed to PROTECT the public, not murder us!

            • He didn’t attack, he was pushed by the second officer behind him. Watch closely.

            • @Big b

              First they came for the blacks…but I wasn’t black so…

              It’s amazing the shit and abuse most so called freedom loving Americans will accept as long as they tell us “we’re just stickin it to the darkies!or…terrorists!” Sure I understand shit neighborhoods and I understand the pack mentality and thug culture of especially the black youths. And I assure you I hate it. But to just ignore possible abuses and disregard them based solely on race or religions IMO is naïve and requires a great deal of ignorance. Make no mistake…One day it will be your throat under the boot heel, no matter what color or CLASS you think you are. And those with such attitude, I’d have to say will be get getting what they asked for. IMHO

              • I just heard two cops got shot in ferguson last night. And just saw on news countless cops surrounding a house and shutting down a neighborhood with 3 stormtroopers on the roof of the house destroying the roof and attic to break in (probably without a warrant of course). Now if you thought the blacks did a good job of burning down their town…Just wait and see what the unconstitutional police FORCE will do if a couple more keep getting pop shots taken at them. It’ll be a full scale boston bombing/Waco if this keeps up.

            • They are psychopaths, just like the people at the top: they like to hurt people.

            • Big B, YOU NEED GLASSES! (and brains).

            • Of course it has bearing on “you and yours”– you think they will leave it at this stage– where only blacks are attacked by the Police State? If so, think again, ignoramus!

          • Yes! But does your child know all there is to know about Rosa Parks and every detail of the Holocaust? 🙂

          • Nice. It’s work but it sure is worth it. Our kids aren’t brainwashed, they’re very polite, they do chores, and they love to read and learn things.

            I find that after you have encouraged and developed their natural desire to learn you then proceed to teach them how to think, not what to think. People that know how to think can figure out the rest if they want too.

            That so many people would send their children to a place that has security guards and think they’re children will receive an education as if by magic is so very sad. I think it’s just how they were trained to do it when they went to these same institutions.

        • 16 year home-school veteran here…My oldest graduate married another home-school graduate.

          • Great job. Your kids will have a huge advantage over government educated kids and can hopefully help us all pick up the pieces post SHTF.

        • Tip: Always use heavyweight wool-synthetic blend socks for hiking, even in the summertime.

          • With a polypropylene sock liner is even better. Learned that in Boy Scouts.

        • This boy’s family needs to put some violent payback on the pigs.

        • most american parents should not be allowed to have pets let alone have children, and most damn sure shouldnt be in charge of childrens education, however having said that there may be a small percentage who are really willing to put in the time and work to give their kids a good education, I am one of them that did and one of mine is doing the same, I made it possible for my wife to stay home with the kids and spend the necessary time to teach them and some things i even helped with when i got home from work but for me it was worth it.

      2. Off subject and I apologize, but sunspot 2297 produced an X 2.2 flare this morning. Do not know if it has an associated earth directed CME yet. Neither or NOAA has updated info at this time. May be meaningless, but wanted you all to know just in case.

        • Heads up folks

          7 Signs That A Stock Market Peak Is Happening Right Now

          …it very much appears that time is running out for this bubble of false prosperity that we have been living in.

          Economic Collapse blog

        • You had me scared there for a minute. But says ham radio operators and mariners may have noticed brief but complete blackout conditions at frequencies below 10 MHz. The disturbance has since subsided.Phew, another dodged bullet. Any one get the feeling we really are in the matrix.

          • Thanks for that info. If a CME is produced from a solar flare of magnitude, how much time before it reaches earth? And how big would it have to be make the grid FUBAR? I have looked up the Carrington event, and I think it was an X class 6. I do have to agree with the “matrix” analogy…between the economy, events in Europe and on the Sun, as well as other celestial anomalies, things are getting interesting fast. Lock, load, prep and pray.

            • The Carrington event was probably greater than X30. It was the largest ever, but the largest actually measured was in 2003 and got up to X28 before the equipment failed. The CME takes a few hours to reach earth.

              You can subscribe to email alerts where I do at:
              ht tp://

              If you get the alerts, you will have a head start on everyone else. If you’re bugging out, you can beat the gridlock. If you’re bugging in, you can shut off the electricity to your house and perhaps save equipment and appliances you may need to operate later using solar power.

              • Thanks Archivist. Great link.


          • Thanks for the links!

      3. Maaaaaaaan the kid lived. I’ve endured far worse than that at the hands of the pigs without any lasting harm. Hopefully it’ll make him more rugged which is what a TRUE man needs to be… Fuck to this “metrosexual” crap.

        • There is going to be an eclipse, visible from Germany.

      4. I know folks in general are losing their marbles. The average educated person has book smarts, but is dumb as a rock when it comes to common sense.

        Don’t even get me started to the mob I just witnessed in traffic court. I never knew there were so many trashy looking people in our town. Most of the guys were dressed slouchy or wiggerish. Girls wore cheap designer, dirty looking jeans that left butt crack exposed or was so tight that fat hung over the tops.

        The point is, what has become of respectable, common sensed LE? Have they been fed stupid pills? Do they only prey on the weak and poor?

        I am bumfuzzeled as to why they have become so trigger happy, or is it just raw fear and adrenaline?

      5. When I was in school this kid took a swing at the gym teacher. The teacher grabbed the kid by the shirt and held him up. The gym teacher got fired he didn’t hurt the kid really. I saw this with my own eyes. I thought firing the teacher was extreme. He was a good guy IMHO. This kid was a known punk too. I think the school dept just wanted it to go away fast. Some kids are punks so if you can’t control your self I would choose a career that isn’t working with kids. Working with kids is a tough job my wife drives the school bus and she tells me you just can’t make a huge deal out of every little thing they do wrong. The school bus has a camera that watches what goes on in the bus as long as she don’t handle things wrong she’s fine. You turn the bus around and go back to the school and get the principle it’s their job to deal with it. She can ask the principle to take the student off the bus. Riding the bus to school is a privilege not their right especially if they can’t behave. She’s only had to get 1 kid off the bus so far. It’s rare this happens.

        • I saw my favorite history teacher pick up the cadet colonel by the shirt and deposit him in the hallway; “You can return when you regain you composure” or words to that effect.

          The cadet returned and apologized and that was the end to it.

          That teacher later informed us the Iwo Jima flag raising picture was re-staged to remove a black guy. He was there to see it and earned a purple heart, a caved in face and a speech impedement.

          When asked what happened to the Japanese soldier would only say; “He died”

          Not surprisingly, the school did not survive the post Viet-Nam era.

      6. I have a son that is a Fireman in a relatively small town, in the 15,000 poulation range. And not to sound racist, but the high school is not predominately black. And he is not an easily intimidated man, but he told me that when they have to go there to do their safety inspections, when passing through the halls with the teens its as bad as if you were in the halls with a bunch of convicts. Trekker Out

        • MT. Doing a spell in the pen can be the making of a man… You soon find out who’s the mommy’s boy on the inside. There’s some darn good people doing time.

      7. Things in Europe are not looking good. The money is getting squeezed, Ukraine is a mess, Greece is a mess, Germany is getting paranoid, and Russia is laughing.

      8. You dickheads on here keep defending cops.

        • I defend them when I believe they’re right. I’m one of the first to assail them when they’re in the wrong. I don’t take skin color into account, either theirs or the other guys.

          I’m proud of my attempts to be fair.

      9. Watch the video again. Smaller person in white shirt aggresses toward larger person on left of door frame first (About the .20 time mark). He charges and pushes larger person in dark clothes back and to viewer’s left.
        Appears to me, “baby boy” started a fight he couldn’t finish. Nothing more.
        “Teachers are afraid of the principal;
        principal is afraid of the school board;
        school board is afraid of the parents;
        parents are afraid of the kids;
        and the kids aren’t afraid of anything.”
        A quote from my neighbor- a public school teacher.

        • Looked that way to me at first.

          After watching it several times it looks like another guard came up from behind him on his right and may have started it by either hitting or pushing him.

          Hard to say really, I imagine you can see what you want to see if you watch it enough but watch it a few times and see if that is what it looks like to you.

          The second guard a little behind and to the right side of him -the one partially obscured by the door frame- looks like he may have made the first move by hitting or shoving him into the guard in front of him. If it doesn’t look that way to you tell me what to look for that you are seeing differently or that I’m not seeing.

          • Sharon, I clearly saw what you saw. After the 2 thugs dragged the kid in that chokehold into that hallway, the rest of it is unknown. If that kid struck one of them in self-defense, good for him. If I’d been that kid and one of those goons attacked me, he would be down on the floor with something broken. Let the school expel me; I wouldn’t care. I won’t shy away from any legitimate act of self-defense and anyone who tries to penalize me for it would also get a dose from me. That kid’s family has grounds for a lawsuit without question.

            • I stand beside you all the way, Braveheart.

              • OutWest, thanks for that. BTW, it feels great to use my old moniker again. all I had to do was change my browser. Imagine that.

            • I’m with ya too.

              its known that bully’s and psychopath’s always look for positions of power so they can lawfully abuse without recourse.

        • tired, I started to make the same comment, but as they say, the most unreliable witness is an eye witness. There are few instant replays in the game of life. But if you watch this video closely, you will see that the second guard pushed the kid into the other guard. I do agree with the quote of your neighbor the teacher. Trekker Out.

          • I watched a couple times. too far away for these old eyes. Can’t say he wasn’t pushed, only that I didn’t see it. I won’t argue the point.

            Sad part is; win, lose or draw, the only clear losers will be the local tax payers (again).

        • Alright,alright alright!

          Sounds like kid may have instigated the whole thing.

          So now, it is back to count down time. Nine days and counting till March 20th.

          Got to get more TP at Sam’s Club, more meat for the freezer, another 10 lb. bag of pintos, some more aspirin and pain relief meds (ibuprofen liquid gels is my fav).

          For those times when you just gotta have something special, it’s chocolates. Then there is some smokes and a few packs of backwoods smokes when I’m feelin’ like Clint Eastwood in an ole western movie, while having my ole floppy cowboy hat on, and my 44 pistola strapped on my side.

          Another stop by the liquor store for some Jack Daniels and a couple gallons of rum and Tequila for the little woman.
          It used to make her frisky, but since all that sex craving left her years ago, it only makes her mean. Not necessarily at me, but I need her mean if we get trespassers. She handles the kick of the hot loaded 12 gauge shells better when she is pissed a tad.

          Oh yea, get the rest of my funds out of checking account by the eighteenth, and buy some more bacon, eggs, and biscuit mix. At least enough for a couple months more, and then we can start using the canned stuff, if need be.

          By then it will be gardening time full swing, so we can plant some early harvest stuff, and start eating the greens and early onions.

          • March 20 is a solar eclipse visible in northern Europe. I don’t think that’s the end of the world. I survived a total solar eclipse in 1970.

            • Agreed. The end is a ways off. But an event near the eclipse timing could send our economy into a further nose dive.

              We are at the beginning of the end though.

              When we see an army of Russian led attackers, come into Alaska and or western Canada, then the end is very near.
              Ezekiel 38/39 will play out as foretold.

          • So I was leaving the liquor store with 2 large bottles, one of rum and one of vodka, as this old Indian walked past and said “hmmm big party.”

            I said “no I got these for my wife.”

            Old Indian said “hmmm good trade.”

            • 🙂

          • Listen to the Chief. Every one with responsibility in the school lied, and said the incident NEVER took place.
            He says the Only one telling the truth was the young man in question.

        • Tired of the Lies:

          And they are ALL afraid of the LAWYERS!

        • Listen to the Chief. Every one with responsibility in the school lied about the incident, and said the incident NEVER took place.
          He says the Only one telling the truth was the young man in question.

      10. This happened in Oakland, California. Oakland is a miserable failure of Democrat-Marixst-Proglodyte rule. Why is this even news at all? It’s black-on-black violence that not even the President cares about. Witness his “dismay”(non-existent) over the black-on-black violence in his adopted hometown of Chicago.
        This is also a FAILURE of the public education system. The Democrats and the unions have long controlled public education in California, since I graduated from high school in the early 1970’s. For the record, the “police” officers in Oakland Unified seen in this video are security officers contracted by the District, so, they are the result of the LOWEST BIDDER. Who cares if the Chimps are fighting with the higher primates at that high school? It’s Oakland. Nothing to see here at all. Just following the current Demo-Marxist-Prog mantra.

      11. And if you’re thinking I’m a “knuckle-dragging” Male chauvinist peeeeg then think again… I respect women… They wash dishes well!

        • Skinhead, I love women EXCEPT for feminazis.

      12. A cop touched me once like that before….once!
        Needless to say, the word was out and I never got
        screwed with again. The cop was in the wrong, I was in the right.
        Cop went to the hospital, I went home and had a few beers.
        Ahh … to be young again (1992)

        • You made up that tale for sure…

      13. Security guard on right started the contact by shoving the student into the other security guard…..PLAIN AS DAY. It would have been nice to have audio.

        • Yea audio could change things a lot.

          The kid, possibly a punk, may have called him a Barney Fife looking cod sucker.

          Them are fightin’ words to a rent-a-cop.

      14. Right on skin head little cry baby bitches that act like girls. Man up damit this is the biggest problem today. Other country’s can’t stand gays only America puts up with this. Problem is if a teacher or a bus driver do the wrong thing with the right intentions they get fired. It’s political correctness gone bad my wife is not gonna lose her job as a bus driver to discipline a child. There is no accountability for kids. In the age of civil rights it seems everything else takes a back seat. It doesn’t matter just get that$ I’m not the police what the fuck do I care.

      15. Your right turn the key don’t defend the cops after all they are useless. I’d rather have crack head thieves come and rob me I don’t want cops to come and get them they might let them out of jail. I will give them a double tap and just go home after that. Criminals don’t need jail they need burial plots.

        • If a crack-head thief comes to rob me, he’s going home to momma in a box.

          • Garbage bags are cheaper and more fitting to the task.

      16. White security officers in blackface were obviously violating the honor students civil rights. This kind of abuse continually makes students late for after school church choir practice and parenting classes.

      17. Haha, Oakland? Yeah…I suspect this kid is a punk.

      18. No discipline at home. No discipline at school!!!That is the problem today. When I was in school we had 30+ kids per class and the teacher ruled with an iron fist, no kidding!! today they have 6 kids per teacher and its outa control!!

        • Java –

          I agree to disagree to your post. I agree that there is no discipline, those days are long gone due to the Liberalism that has taken hold. Kids know this and they realize there is very little action to their consequences. To some, they take advantage of a situation with being sassy or for a better term – ‘lil assholes.

          I grew up in the early ’70s. I knew from right and wrong, and I knew if I disrespected my elders, action would be taken upon me. I’m sure generations prior to me being born for the most part had the same type of upbringing.

          Of course, society has turned for the worst and it isn’t going to improve with self important assholes that are roaming about. The majority of kids today do not respect anything or anyone, and that includes themselves as well.

          Did that kid get mouthy with the officer in the video?
          Chances are he probably did, but that does not give anyone to man handle him in that way. Chances are, the kid is a known trouble maker. I don’t know, but if so. Then the game of life he chooses to play will tell if he’s on the right path or not.

      19. To True Tony I was referring to the overall lack of discipline as well as respect. Its the total overall decline and lack of morals, from what it looks like I would’ve probably smacked him around a little myself!!

      20. In Cali. Blacks are racist against Hispanics. Especially if their skins is too white or they say they act too white. They are racist.

      21. These over zealous moral less BstrD*S with a badge and their uppity self confidence will soon be watching their backsides, at the end of the day when they put down their guns and badges and become ordinary citizens, and I wonder if any of them has children of their own?

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