Video Confirms: Hillary Faints, Wobbles, Falls Forward, Loses Shoe, And Is Escorted From Event By Secret Service

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Headline News | 140 comments

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    Early reports indicated that Hillary Clinton may have suffered a medical incident at this morning’s September 11th memorial, though much of the media immediately downplayed the incident.

    We now have confirmation that the incident did, in fact, happen.

    In the following video Clinton can be seen standing with her Secret Service entourage.

    She is seen wobbling and then falling forward before being caught by one of the agents.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Another angle – Hillary is out cold and had to be carried into van:

    Fox News Video Report: “She Was Clearly In Distress”

    Could it be the pollen in the air again?

    Or does this video confirm that Hillary Clinton is suffering from any number of medical conditions that may include Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral sinus thrombosis and possibly even brain damage?

    Last week 71% of doctors surveyed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons said that Clinton’s condition is “serious” and “could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.”

    Also See: Must Watch: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior: “Does She Have Actual Brain Damage?”


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      1. She isn’t doing well in the polls and it doesn’t appear she is physically able to run. Either someone like Biden comes in and runs to save the day or Obama decides he needs to run again. Who will stop him?

        • The only reason Biden back down, he was probably threatened by Hillary. Think about it for one moment. Every one who has ever dared to cross Hillary, or made her mad has ended up dead. And every one of those deaths were ruled suicides by the M.E. It’s a fact and you can check it out for yourself. over 60 people have been murdered under Bill and Hillary. Bill raped at least 12 women, yet these two actually believe they can lie their way out of any situation. In their minds, especially Hillary’s, they are un-touchable and the law does not apply to them. Even Bill, Congress and the FBI are terrified of this woman. She outright lied to the Congress about Benghazi and her e-mails. Then had the audacity to lie to the FBI. This woman is an evil, pathetic lying, mentally deranged sick human being.

          • And those are her “good” qualities.

            • Pneumonia my ass !
              That stupid commie has neurological damage from the bathroom fall, because of the medication she was given to calm the severe emotional guilt she felt for getting the Benghazi Four murdered …. she was unfit for office way before any of this , demons took her Arkansas before she ever slept with Bill or Alinsky..

          • HBA, that is correct about Biden being threatened by the hildebeast’s campaign. Ron Paul was also threatened by the RNC back in 2012. Bill raped supposedly MORE than 12 women going all the way back to Ark. The Clintons have blood on their hands all the way back to those days. BILL AND HILLARY FOR PUSHING UP DAISIES 2016!

            • You can’t hide, you crazy whore,
              But you try behind media’s door.
              The people see all over the land,
              The blood of innocents on your hand.
              “Get out of Jail Free” is quickly passed,
              As your chances of winning now are dashed.
              Your deception and lies can no longer abide,
              American sees you…you can’t hide.

              • EXCELLANT!!

              • Beautifully stated.

              • SterlingSilver, good to see you back.

                • thanks braveheart. Its good to see some old regulars here

            • My my, this evil woman is mortal like us all. How we live our lives matters a bunch due to the fact that we all will answer to God for the things we have done. Wonder what she’s gonna say. Even being a very gifted liar will do her no good at all. Would not want to be her.

            • Actually, going back to Bill’s days as a Rhodes Scholar in Britain – where he was one of the very few Rhodes Scholars who failed to make it through the program. The reason: a female student there complained to the administration that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her. To avoid scandal about a Rhodes Scholar raping a co-ed Oxford quietly expelled Bill and sent him back to the US.

          • Then why was O’bummer elected? He stood in her way also. She is crooked and dirty. But I guess those above her wanted obozo

          • Fbi director Comey is heavily linked to Clinton foundation.Just Google it

            • FBI Comey guy goes Far back as far as White water scam when he was a fed prosecutor then.

              he also has never ever yet had one moment of actual LEO law enforcement training nor jobs as a cop etc or fbi agent.

              But he is very well Kosherized! And That is what passes the eliets smell test to get apointed or elected to any and all levels of abject swindle scam opps.

        • We The People will stop him.

          • “We the People” haven’t stopped any of his bullshit yet. What makes you think they ever will?

            • Actually we the people have simply played along as they desired us to and have directed us to via PRAVDA/MSM , just like a herd of sheep.

              There is no doubt in my mind we could easily over throw these control freaks , but the problem is most people just talk crap and could not even fight their way out of a wet paper bag and are not going to do anything they talk about. So as history has proven many times, the 3 to 5% will have to get the job done as the majority sit by and watch and talk crap ! Why you ask ? very simply because most Americans have grown fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled, apathetic and cowardly ! and all because they are completely controlled by their own materialism and fear ! Our revolutionary war was exactly the same scenario. Nothing new at all today here in USSA, just more double speak and fat asses. It is like a cancer on our society, a cancer of laziness !

            • Good Point Z. D., the powers that be will make sure their man/woman gets the reins of power.

        • It is so very sad that she didn’t hit her head on the pavement as she fainted. Very sad moment.

          • Nah, they would’ve found some way to blame it on Trump. Or maybe Putin…

            • …or Bush…

        • Larry Nichols said quite a few months ago on Alex Jones that if Biden announces he will run, that’s a sign that BHusseinO intends to stay in the WHouse. So you may be right on all fronts.

        • Quite a few months ago, Larry Nichols said on Alex Jones’ show that if Biden announces he will run, that’s a sign that BHusseinO intends to stay in the WHouse. So you might be right on both counts.

          • Biden can announce anything he wants, but he’s not on the ballot in any of the 50 states, and Obama is out by law at the end of this term.

            If Hillary dropped dead tomorrow, the election would still be held, with the remaining candidates.

            Alex Jones is way out there in Unicorn Land on this.

            • If Hillary is elected, Obama could easily announce he will remain in the WH as “Interim POTUS” until Hillary’s health improves.. which is never.

        • Hey you know what… Bernie technically SHOULD be the Dem candidate at this moment… recall that one.

          Yes I know, basic math is a challenge for that guy but on the bright side guess who he’s NOT? He’s not HER…

          • By DNC rules, if she is not able to get to the general election, the one with the next most electoral votes runs in the general. That would be Bernie. Interesting times, indeed…

        • …or he could use it to announce “a National Emergency”…and we know what happens at that point…

        • Who believes the polls? According to Trump the polls are all fixed. HRC won’t lose a single vote over this, just like trump could shoot up an orphanage and not lose a vote.


        • I believe that Hillary Clinton will win the election in November. Then, sometime between November and January, Hillary will be indicted. The IRS is now investigating the Clinton Foundation and the whole e-mail thing isn’t over yet.

          Once under indictment she won’t be able to assume the Office of the President in January. Tim Kaine, who will not actually be the Vice President because neither he nor Hillary have been inaugurated, cannot assume the Presidency.

          The Speaker of the House can’t move up to it because there is already a sitting President and Vice President. So President Obama, in an Executive Order citing “emergency situation,” gives himself another four years in office is the only way possible.

          Obama has been planning this for a while now, knowing he has enough on Hillary to indict her. Had the Attorney General indicted her based on evidence from the FBI, this plan wouldn’t have worked because the DNC would have quickly come up with another candidate.

          If you think about it, it’s not that outrageous. Many people on the left, including the President, want Obama to stay another four years. The law prohibits him from being re-elected so the only ways he can do it is by declaring martial law and suspending the election (which would be a very negative thing for the country) or to declare himself still President because the elected candidate cannot assume her duties.

          The latter makes more sense and is actually more feasible. And since it’s never been done before, it would set a precedent that would be difficult to challenge.

        • BHO and crew are capable of anything to include false flags so the populace will beg for martial law. In fact they have already happened and few recognize it.

          Hillary has been unhealthy for years, so none of this is anything new at all. What we are seeing now is the culmination of years of massive use of pharmaceuticals that have taken their toll. She will not last long. One day she will simply fall over dead during some kind of event. She is a robot or a sort of drug clone or some such non entity. Not unlike a drug addict.

          I am convinced there is a master plan and she was never going to be president, just a good distraction so the plan can be implemented at the last moment.

        • It’s pretty clear she has Parkinsons or some other brain disease… and that the DNC, Soro’s & her other handlers are aware of it. She travels with a doc who carries a Diazapam Epi Pen & wears an ear piece so her lines are fed to her.

          The question is WHY are they trying to elect her? Imagine they steal the election, she wins… and on Nov. 15th Obama & Hillary make a joint announcement that “due to some minor health issues”, Obama was asked to perform as an “Acting POTUS” until she recovers… which is never.

          • For the same reason Nelson Mandela was “kept alive” for months – to keep evil alive as long as possible and to keep evil in powa. They know the world is changing but they hang on to survive all they can…

      2. You know,you have the means/factory setting I think a billary bobble head with a coughing soundtrack would sell well,would at least make a great comedy skit!

        • roflmao!!! Excellente! Or fill’em with Tannerite for target practice in moderate winds (strictly for training purposes, of course).

      3. The blood of innocents who were killed because of this bitch is catching up. Karma is a botch YOU BITH. Suffer and die. Even one less of these parasite is a reason to celebrate.

        • Stolz, I sincerely hope you’re right about karma getting closer and closer to her. Karma needs to take out her, Bill, AND their j*w masters.

      4. “Hillary Faints, Wobbles, Falls Forward, Loses Shoe, And Is Escorted From Event By Secret Service”

        Uh oh, looks like some of that Human Caused Global Warming is taking it’s toll on her — or it’s quite possible that Nibiru is causing all of this ruckus!

        [Sarcasm OFF]

      5. South,may not be able to stop his 3rd term personally but imagine there would be millions in uprising.Remember,you can just start dropping out of the system and let it collapse,powers that try to be pull that shit will see a collapse of country as is,perhaps not a bad thing.

        • As you put it, surely it could not be a bad thing. WE WOULD BE JUST FINE WITHOUT ANY FRIGGING GOVERNMENT FROM THE OVAL OFFICE DOWN TO THE COUNTY TAX ASSESSORS OFFICE …and I’ll bet the majority would never know the diff if they didn’t watch TV!

          At this point, Hillary has proven beyond all doubt she’s unfit to be a human-being, or they are sure going very far out on a limb to make it appear that way (yet why or what purpose would it ultimately serve, other than extending Obama’s time-in-office (he can dream but he’ll never get it)? I should think not. This is another “false something” (anyone care to expound on that)?

          I’m gonna stick out MY neck and state that this is just another of a myriad of “things” taking place to (hopefully) change everyone’s priorities so that they are misled even further off-track than they have been already. (Sorry, but after 21-years of government service I’ve learned NOTHING IN THE GOVERNMENT JUST HAPPENS TO HAPPEN, but rather, every last minute of these ‘games’ (to them this is just a game of a sort), has been well planned and thought out, and when there is a major F-Up, “lie your asses off” (Hitler: How do you kill a million people?” Answer: “Lie to them, to begin.

          Sick or not, we’ve still got the problems associated with 100’s of thousands of people who wish to see us dead, and they are within our Nation, AND in every developed country that USED to be on our side until Obama pissed them off royally, and then befriended the most barbaric sons-a-bitches I’ve ever seen on Earth …leaving out the billions and billions he has bestowed upon them, or TPP and everything else.

          Already, all the focus about Muslims INSIDE America has been totally covered up by this Hillary Health bullshit …purposely of course, and nothing less. The Sheeple have very short memories.

          This should be a giant RED FLAG OF WARNING that we are about to commence on what we’ve all been prepping for …so don’t let the media get your priorities all fucked up OR change your thinkings as nothing at all has changed in the least. We are still in peril.

          Barring a nuke, I have visions of illegals, mercenaries and NATO coming at everyone in the metros “like a speeding locomotive” that they’ll be completely unable to stop (because PANIC KILLS). Eleven metros would take out roughly six million, and they’ve already got the manpower to pull something like that off. Throw an EMP on top of everything else, and the entire nation would be ‘shaken to the core’…excepting the preppers who’ve “reset their minds” long ago for what would be needful-thinking.

          SkaREW the news AND the lies and bullshit and let’s get back to surviving what is surely coming (or do you still require more proof in some form)? Final thought: THEY are NOT going to allow Trump to just waltz in – – and I’m willing to wager he never had any intentions of doing so from day one ….given the length of time he’s been buddy-buddy with The Clintons. Word on the streets of soldiers is that Hitlery begged Trump to run against her …and so the plot thickens. Trump DID say to at least one interviewer that he knows nothing of Hillary’s health, and vice-versa two weeks ago to a different “lie-spreader.” Therein, it appears we’ve ourselves TWO liars, neither ever meant to “take the big chair.” Duped again by TPTB? Yeppers! Surely appears that way huh?

          Sleep just became a thing of the past once again, and I’m moving my BOL to DEFCON-1 and going “off-grid” immediately. (Thank God for Generac and propane tanks). 🙂 *Woke up at 0300hrs telling the wife something was going to go ‘skewing off the main road’ at some point in the day, being it’s 9/11 right? I’m sorry I wasn’t disappointed by nothing happening…

          Will see y’all at a later hour, when more info trickles in that (perhaps) will yield a clue?

          Cheers, MOLON LABE and NEVER QUIT!

        • See what happens when you lie and distort your history record. You get your ass handed to you. Karma Baby!!

          -WWTI… You cant FAKE PREPPING Either. Its catches up with ya when SHTF!!

      6. No, her sickness is due to her evil lying and total disregard for human life. GOD is punishing Hillary for all the mean evil things she’s done in her life especially the horrible way she’s treated our veterans. When Bill was still in office, they had an Easter Egg party on the front lawn of the White House for the disable children. She was so mean and hateful she told Bill, “Get those retards out of my sight.” Hillary is one step away from falling over dead,that’ how sick this evil woman is. What goes around comes around. Hillary will pay for all her crimes, lies and evil actions. She cannot and must not be allowed to become Pres. The only reason those Hillary lovers and Democrats are backing her is because she is a woman. It doesn’t matter that she’s too sick to even walk by herself without aid. It doesn’t matter that she’s lied to Congress, the FBI and the American people. It doesn’t matter she was responsible for the deaths of those brave men and Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi. It doesn’t matter she hates people of all race; black, white, brown she hates them all. It’s all about greed, cover ups, power and lying. Wake up people or maybe you want to watch her fall over dead. Will that make you happy?

        • Amen

          • Will that make me happy?


            • Please, that’s far too good for her & also quite insulting to witches.

        • HBA, if Karma takes out the hildebeast, I’ll buy Karma a steak dinner.

          • I’ll pay half.

        • Are you asking us, or yourself?

        • god??? Really???? Where the fuck was he when she was DOING ALL HER EVIL DEED’S!!!

          Simple minds….

          • Proverbs 24:19 ¶ Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked;
            20 For there shall be no reward to the evil man; the candle of the wicked shall be put out.

            Romans 12:19 … avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

            • The religious crowd…
              God is not all powerful Judg 1:19
              God is unjust and partial Gen 9:25/ Ex 20:5/ Rom 9:11-13/ Matt 13:12
              God is the author of evil Lam 3:38/ Jer 18:11/ Is 45:7/ Amos 3:6/ Ezek 20:25
              God is warlike Ex 15:3/ Is 51:15
              God accepts human sacrifices 2 Sam 21:8,9,14/ Gen 22:2/ Judg 11:30-32,34,38,39
              God lies by proxy; he sends forth lying spirits to deceive 2 Thes 2:11/ 1 Kings 22:23/ Ezek 14:9
              There is a plurality of gods Gen 1:26/ Gen 3:22/ Gen 18:1-3/ 1 John 5:7 and George Soros is one of them.
              Wake up, the bible is a manual to instate a certain outcome on earth… for aliens.

              Robbery commanded Ex 3:21,22/ Ex 12:35,36
              Lying approved and sanctioned Josh 2:4-6/ James 2:25/ Ex 1:18-20/ 1 Kings 22:21,22
              Killing commanded Ex 32:27
              The blood-shedder must not die Gen 4:15 (how about suffer long and painfull ?)
              Slavery and oppression ordained Gen 9:25/ Lev 25:45,46/ Joel 3:8

              And remember Christ taught and practiced physical resistance Luke 22:36/ John 2:15

              And lastly for killary – It is not our duty to obey rulers, who sometimes punish the good and receive unto themselves damnation therefor
              Ex 1:17,20/ Dan 3:16,18/ Dan 6:9,7,10/ Acts 4:26,27/ Mark 12:38,39,40/ Luke 23:11,24,33,35

              This is a middle-eastern jewish religion, why does Westerners bother with it ? ! Nothing to do with us.

          • “Where the fuck was he when she was DOING ALL HER EVIL DEED’S!!!”
            He was counting YOUR money !!!

        • God punishes no one and does nothing to stop any of the bad things that happen on this planet everyday.

      7. It’s not clear to see what happened with Hillary but don’t hold your breath for Trump to come clean about 9/11 because he is in with the bankers too.

        Your watching a puppet show and if someone decide to throw a stunt using Hilary to silence people talking about who did 9/11 then what better way than to have Mrs Clinton slip up as she enters a van to take the attention away from the main event.

        Voting for the left hand or the right hand is not what you call a democracy and you will still be stuck with all the traitors in Congress that work on bribes from the bankers

        • Mr Smith…….Your post should be gold plated. Bravo Sir.

          • Second that, spot on

        • Oh so now Trump.was in on 9-11. Are ypu saying Trump flew the planes? How about hired the hikackers? No maybe he was dancing. Which was it MR Smith Moron? Explain you uninformed rant.

          -WWTI… We are all ears..

          • Maybe he had money in the bankster’s banks, or something. It doesn’t take much to be part of a vast conspiracy, you know.

      8. I would also add a barking dog to sound chip of billary bobble head!What can I say,I am one of the “deplorable s”!

        • She is welcome to die today

          there will be no election

          • CC
            You know that if she does die there won’t be an election.

            Now that makes one think!!!!!

            Obullshit said that there would be a smooth transition after the next election. I wonder what he was saying???

            Very interesting times we live in!!!


            • Nope, Election Day is fixed by law. Drop dead after the ballot filing dates in the 50 states, that’s just too bad for your political party. Shoulda picked a better candidate.

              All that can happen is a WRITE IN vote and for certain a bunch of lawsuits. Good luck winning any election with either of those strategies.

        • Warchild, count me in as one of those ‘deplorables’. I’ll wear that label with honor and pride.

          • Deplorables.

            Like the Untouchables.

      9. Main stream media is already doing damage control.
        She’s fine nothing to worry about

      10. A doctor that I know just posted she needs a neurologist stat.

      11. Quick some ono post video of lollipop guild singing bing bong the witch is dead

        • ht tps://

      12. George Soros’s puppet strings broke.

        • THAT IS HYSTERICAL and THE “Comment-of-the-Day”!!!!!

        • Well said, Blackjack!

      13. False flag imminent

        • Yes plan A failed so the false flag is next in order and ML. The masses will beg for it and the so-called conservatives will do nothing but complain and fund it !

      14. Murdering people to keep your evil quiet has the worst possible Karma on this planet.
        Stay tuned to the Karma channel for more great and horrific lessons in life.

      15. I do wish her well, and I hope she is comfortable. I was raised not to wish for bad for people, so I will hope she will be OK.

        THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I WANT THE BEOTCH AS PREZ. I thing she is one of the biggest turds in D.C.


        • Good to see your Army side Sgt.
          Semper Fi

        • “I was raised not to wish for bad for people”
          There are aliens and there are humans. There are things humans simply do not do to other humans, aliens does. One of the properties of a human is that they have a conscience, and hence empathy. Non existent with aliens.

      16. Hill is either sick or TPTB want to run someone else because Hill is not getting the following they wanted. Who knows.

        Trump’s attraction is still his hardline on immigration. If he sticks with what he said about it, he will be a success for American interests. Next is the trade deal NAFTA, and our unfair and imbalanced trade deals with other Countries like China and Mexico.

        We don’t need any more Phillipine nurses. I like Phillipine people. But, come on. The ones coming over now are jacking up the medical field even worse than what Rockefeller envisioned in his evil imagination. It’s no wonder more people die from medical mistakes than from auto accidents. The damn nurses don’t speak English.


        • He also wants to curtail legal immigration for a while, like we did between 1924 and 1965.

          Makes sense to me, every convenience store within 10 miles of my home is run by immigrants. I’m glad they’re hardworking people and all that, but isn’t there any opportunity for a native American?

      17. Acts 12:23. Is God casting HIS vote?

        • Acts 12:23 And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.

      18. Health is not a requirement to be president. That is why we have vice-presidents. Following the United States Constitution should be the only requirement. She fails that just as much.

      19. Surely, our mooselem-in-chief will hafta postpone the election for at least a year to find another puppet for Soros.

      20. OK, as a ret. nurse, if she does have Parkinson’s disease, which is a neurological disease. It effects every organ. Its not like I’m hearing Roosevelt with late stage polio if I’m right. For him it was his legs—-not the brain.!! Hillary with what she is trying to do, is endangering herself even more. If she is being pumped up with meds to keep her going is only going to shorten her life more. My neighbor died of Parkinson and by the time he was diagnosed and died was 2yrs. they go down hill fast people. and they get a flacid look on their faces. I suggest she back off and end this road, Let her enjoy her grandchilden as long as possible.

        • Barbara

          That women would rather die first then to give up the chance of being president.

        • Barbara, welcome, and thank you for your insight. It’s exactly what my late wife, also a nurse, would’ve said.

        • My thoughts too. At this point, this feels like a terminal illness and she is bound and determined to be the first woman president, even if it kills her. If it wasn’t terminal, you would imagine she would quit, get better and live to fight another day. Either that, or it isn’t terminal, but it will be because she is so single minded.

          I guess this is a silver lining if she does win, she probably wouldn’t last a year in office and I daresay, her VP will be easier to resist.

      21. Surely, our mooselem-in-chief will hafta postpone the election for at least a year to find another Democrap puppet for Soros.

      22. Too bad she didn’t do a Face Plant. Couldn’t deny that, could she.

      23. I hope “it” burns in hell this demon. One less parasite feeding off the good people of this world. As for the dictator an his minions in office there time will come, like it will come for us all. All empires must fall in order for newer ones to be built in there place. This one had a good run.

      24. “God will GET her”

      25. Is Shrillery was “overheated” why did she not take her jacket off while waiting on the van? Phony cover story for a more serious incident IMHO

        • If her problem was caused by overheating, how will she cope after she dies? I hear it is really hot down there.

        • Texan,
          That’s it, your in trouble now, for stating the obvious.

          Being overheated is normally called heatstroke, it is potentially deadly. First aid, remove excess clothing, soak them down with cool water, apply ice packs etc. Reducing core temperature is critical.

          Snapping back and looking just fine two hours later, not likely!

      26. Looks pretty bad. All because of 84 degree weather? Lord knows, she’ll never come South in the summer.

      27. “God will get her”

      28. I like to think it was the ghosts of Chris Stephens and the other Benghazi murdered who died today overwhelming her

      29. Being evil takes its toll on your health! All those years of stealing, lying, burying the women your husband abused… there’s not enough time in the day to list her list evil accomplishments. It’s catching up to KILLery. She’s not just unfit to be president, she’s unfit PERIOD. I can’t imagine another person for whom, in this situation, I’d have zero compassion for

      30. Did you know that today IS ALSO the Anniversary of BENGHAZI?
        Just sayin’…

        • excellent point, so her collapse is a good thing indeed and well past over due.

      31. All the MSM will never show this and will keep saying that it was no big deal. She was just a little warm under her Chairman Mao wardrobe. Probably had a hard night drinking.

      32. Be careful. This may be an attempt to gather SYMPATHY votes. They would try anything!!!!!

        • who could possibly have sympathy for such a sickening person who has committed so many crimes against humanity ?

      33. If you take away the chair that Hillary always has close by, that would really stress her out.

      34. Killary may not make it to the debate at the rate her health is declining. If she does show up for the debate how long she can last is anyone’s guess. A normal person would drop out now rather than make a spectacle of themselves or drop dead campaigning, but the Clinton’s are not normal.
        I don’t think she call pull her health issue off much longer, even with the media going all out to help her.
        What happens if she simply must remove herself from the nomination? Does it go back to Biden ?

      35. Question . If Hillary should drop out of the race , can the election e postponed or cancelled ?

        • No.

          Election Day is fixed by law, and ballot filing dates are passed in all 50 states.

          Not to mention, there are still maybe a dozen other candidates for President on the ballots, the people have lots of choices, too bad about the one who dropped dead or quit, isn’t it?

      36. Q: What do illary and WTC Building 7 have in common?

        A: They both collapsed on 9/11 without being hit by a plane.

        • SB, LMAO! Damn good one.

      37. Well there’s only one solution… fire all those doctors… like you did to Dr. Drew.

        … you HAVE Obamacare in your back pocket so as impossible as this sounds… it’s now merely only “difficult”. Get 500 of your staffers on it or some shit.

      38. The Bitch is Done!!! Satan is waiting 🙂 And the clone is not finished yet… What now!?

      39. As I seem to remember…Hillary likes her booze…I wonder if she had…one too many…

      40. It would have been nice to see her kiss the bottom of the door frame of her witch’s van! No such luck…

      41. fair and balanced

        another point of view on the most recent incident

        Another right wing conspiracy about Clinton’s health – debunked

        ht tp://

        Medically unfit Hillary Clinton – the doctor behind the myth

        h ttp://

        • Sorry, Satori, but spin doctoring, as it’s called, is not ‘debunking’ anything.

          Hillary is in trouble, and the media knows it.

      42. America has had enough of Clinton’s and the Kenyan. Congress is equally useless.

      43. well until we see some actual medical records and test results

        it’s ALL just talk isn’t it ???

        • You obviously haven’t looked at all the videos. She did collapse and would have hit the deck if not for her crowd of lackeys. And she’s coughed more on video than I have coughed in years.

          You also haven’t read the emails, such as the one where Huma says Hillary gets “confused.”

      44. Clinton Leaves 9/11 Ceremony Early

        h ttp://

        diagnosis ?


        • Screaming at TV when they announced Hillary’s health problem in pneumonia?

          I have never heard or seen anyone with pneumonia have the seizure type movements, like Hillary did, gettting into the van the morning.

          Two hours later, Hillary comes out of Chelsea’s apartment seemingly a new woman? The first thing she does is hug and touch all over a small girl. A touching moment for the press to capture, Hillary with a dangerous potentially communicable disease touching someone’s child?

          Screaming at the TV……….

          What kind of fools do the media take us for……………..first class!

        • If she really had pneumonia, she wouldn’t, or at least shouldn’t, be out in public.

          • just more of the lies they create for any and every event and matter !

      45. Still don’t panic: Dr. Jen Gunter says it’s really ok.

        h ttp://

      46. Be patient… God’s timing is perfect… He will seal her fate when the most opportune time comes. Her inability to lead our Nation physically, morally, and politically will be irrefutable even to those that are undeniably approachable about her ill fate. Her end has already been predetermined. Her end draws near… She is nearing the precipice where she will have to answer for her sins and it will be without repose, the gates of hell await her…

      47. Always an excuse for Hill until she hits the pavement, and then they relent and admit she has pneumonia and is on antibiotics. Well, that means it’s bacterial because antibiotics don’t treat viruses. That means the press corp better load up on fish meds if you know what I mean. Lotsa damage control going on today in the Clinton camp. Brush that sputum off the microphones fellas and get ready for tge next speaker.

      48. I think the best one was, “Soro’s puppet string just broke!”

      49. Hello,
        Knowing that constituents believe HRC is a ‘shoe-in’ staffers think they’ll not go to the polls/vote.
        NOW, a martyr, from her sick bed, can beg they make the effort to prevent ‘the Donald’ from winning.
        Creepy, but cagey.

      50. She caught the “Deplorables” virus…….not covered by Obamacare!

        • Jim, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one.

      51. Actually in Hillary’s latest statement she’s blaming it on a video, just a stupid video. It was a parody of trump supporters being racist, and it made her laugh so hard she fell down. It was just a stupid video just like Benghazi!

      52. Fox just posted that her doc diagnosed her with pneumonia on Friday, and so why was that with-held? Theatrical suspense theatre?

        If she’s gotten pneumonia THAT bad (to have caused today’s medical probs) then she’s not going to be able to recover in bed and continue to run for president at the same time. (And it’s NOT a case of ‘walking pneumonia’ or she’d never have one symptom. Been there, done that).

        Could this be a ‘snake in the grass’ seeking to move the election time-line a bit further into the future (due to something not quite being “fully in place” yet? If that happens, (a ‘delay’ of the election), then THAT will be precisely why a delay will be imposed (by Obama, but of course). Then, when the elections are about to restart, in will roll ISIS, NATO and just a ‘general crowd of mercenaries’ hired to take us out (because American troops have refused (via their CO’s). That’s a pretty blatant and firm display of where we are headed is it not? (I think it is inarguable proof that Obama’s agenda is our demise, and nothing less). And of course, his agenda is just a reflection of those above him ….the 1%’ers.

        TPTB will continue to use ‘every trick in the book’ to prevent ole Donald from taking a seat, and this does appear “fishy” imho …due to more lies being added to the soup as of 15 minutes ago. If her doc DX’ed her as of Friday with pneumonia, then we would have been advised of it via the media “poste haste” to prevent any more ‘bad publicity’ for The Wicked Witch of The East right? Uh-huh …no doubt. Yet – – instead we are fed more lies DAYS later, when they are backed into a corner for answers.

        Again: How do you kill a million people? Hitler: Lie to them. Disarm them and make them think it is their idea, then slay them all while thanking each for their ignorance.

        Feel free to figure out the REAL agenda for yourself. I’ve found little to nothing to guide myself to an intelligent ‘aftermath’ of what the hell could they be attempting (and every time we’ve seen them throw confusion into the arena, we’ve watched another horror story come out of it …or yet another probable possibility of one (at the very least).

        Perhaps I was right when I was joking about this becoming a civil war, revolutionary war AND World War 3 all rolled into one neat and very large package?

        *Did anyone catch the president at the 9/11 Wreath hanging saying we must NOT allow ourselves to be divided (or allow division to come between any of us) …and all the while he’s the largest instigator of the nation’s overall divisions “at large”. (Not to mention the ‘division’ of long allied countries now hating The USA)?

      53. So now Demonic Possession is considered a “Medical Incident”??

        Huh, who woulda’ thought…

      54. Did anyone notice the metal object falling out of her right pant leg? You can hear it clank hitting the ground.

      55. How can a mental issue be called a health issue ? Perhaps a mental health issue. Democrats are mentally deeply disturbed.
        I was looking forward to the humans in the US to hang her, yes in public for the world to see what happens to aliens. We have the same parasites here, it could have been a nice message.
        Soros is wanted all over the world, why not send him on a bit of a holiday ?

      56. That episode of her fainting was merely Hillary practicing for her comedy routine of the collapse of WTC building 7.

      57. IM hoping she dies B4 the big phony, hacked election..She has a lot of nerve being at a 9 11 boo hoo lets remember the dead..BULL Shi$$$ — She played a huge role in killing 3,000 people or more and lying, ruining lives of family, etc..These monster, EVIL, Corrupt, ugly sick -not humans-repulsive monsters messing up our world need to be taken out..BUTT how?? They pull all the strings..She is getting pay back 4 sure..I have never asked GOD Yes IM a believer to allow someone to die butt HER and billy clinton the pedifile rapist, and obomb-a OH Barry Sotero..Lets get rid of them 4 good..

      58. When you sell your soul to the Devil, there’s always a price to be paid…

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