*Video* BP Oil Gusher, Plus: Is Hay the Cleanup Solution?

by | May 13, 2010 | Headline News | 9 comments

BP finally released video images of the underwater oil gusher, reportedly spewing 200,000 gallons of oil a day into the gulf, though some estimates say that it is closer to 1,000,000 gallons. Why it releasing this video was such a secret still puzzles us, as does the media blackout in the name of national security.

One possible solution for the oil spill, which has not been mentioned by the media, BP, or the government is the use of hay, yes the kind from farms, to soak up oil which is close to washing up on the shorelines.

Jeff Rense put together an interesting article, citing a 1969 oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara:

The two wise American farmers who presented their hay solution to dealing with the massive, burgeoning Gulf of Mexico oil slick are right on the money.

It’s doubtful they remember, but the same technique was used in the historic Santa Barbara Channel oil spill.

The hay, endless of bales of it, were trucked into Santa Barbara and driven out onto the Stearns Wharf pier where it was loaded onto a small fleet of oil service boats, volunteer vessels and a few barges.

The hay DID absorb and stick to the oil.. and as the gooey black masses floated ashore, volunteers of all ages scooped up the clumps from the surf and pulled and dragged them ashore. Scenes similar to these will likely be repeated in many areas of the Gulf Coast over the coming weeks and months…

Hay to Clean Up Oil Spill

Click here to view Jeff’s full overview of the Hay Solution and more pictures…

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    1. Portnoy

      I have a better idea. Have Jeff Rense gather up all of his stupid looking wigs and use them to soak up the oil.

    2. Scab

      Oh God no, you can’t use something as simple and cheap as hay. You have to use a detergent that is as toxic as the oil and costs lots of money. What a nightmare.

    3. ovals

      Portnoy +100  ROFL!

    4. Tess

      Perhaps Big Brother should contact Kevin Costner who has investmented in a machine that can clean up oil spills…. just a thought.  Here’s the video:

    5. admin

      Wow, that’s pretty cool. Waterworld was a great movie, and he got to blow up an oil tanker in that one (The Exxon Valdez, I think it was!) and now this!

      Go Kev.

      Based on Jeff Rense’s article, I think I am going to invest in one of these bad boys ASAP:

    6. Airborne71

      Throw the horse over the fence,  Some hay !!

    7. RERERE

      Some times politicians have to step up and show they are really crooks…

      A bill to increase the liability cap for oil spills from $75 million to $10 billion was defeated Thursday by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.
      Bill S.3305, the “Big Oil Bailout Prevention Liability Act” would cap BP’s liability at $10 billion, even if damages from the gulf oil spill surpass that figure

    8. Pokerface

      I just heard a couple things on Fox news I had to share because they really boiled my piss.  The first was comments by the sanctimonious CEO of BP, Tony Hayward, who was complaining about the “frivolous lawsuits” that were sure to arise from us “litigious Americans” concerning his fucking oil spew. He said the leak was really “very small considering how big the Gulf of Mexico is.”   The second was from a professor at Purdue U. who has a computer program which can calculate the actual rate of spew from that leak +/- 20%. His calculation: it is actually leaking 70,000 BARRELS of oil per day, not 5000 as BP dirtbags claim (that works out to between2,352,000 and  3,528,000 gallons per day, not 200,000.   That equals an Exxon Valdez every 4 days.  (This prof firmly stands behind his calculations).  There is nothing short of nationalization of BP that could possibly generate enough money to clean this shit up-but the Gulf will surely become a cesspool before that happens.

    9. Niki

      Comments….. http://www.wimp.com/solutionoil/

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