[VIDEO] Bizarre Leftist Claims Parents Need Consent From Babies Before Changing Diapers

by | May 10, 2018 | Headline News | 30 comments

Leftists just continue to get stranger in their ideology and quest towards a completely totalitarian/government-controlled society.  But now, one bizarre woman claims that parents need consent from their babies before a diaper can be changed.

A fiction novel could never do justice to the ridiculousness of the modern liberal. This is evidenced in an interview conducted by ABC with a terrifyingly serious woman who claims parents should have to get consent from their babies before removing fecal matter from their behinds.  The woman who made the ridiculous claim is now under fire.

Deanne Carson, who describes herself as a “sexuality educator, speaker, and author” on Twitter says asking the babies permission would set up an atmosphere of “consent” from birth.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the video:

 Not kidding – look:

She even admits the baby can’t actually respond with consent, but it’s the thought that counts.  “Of course the baby is not going to respond, ‘Yes mum, that’s awesome. I’d love to have my nappy changed.’ But if you leave a space, and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you’re letting that child know that their response matters,” Carson says. 

What kind of body language are we waiting for here? A different response than a baby screaming because the feces stuck to their sensitive skin is irritating?  This woman is a lunatic and we aren’t the only ones who thought so.

LAD Bible reported that many people who saw the segment were completely in amazement at the level of irrationality displayed. People were left feeling pretty confused, shocked and annoyed by her comments, with one writing on Twitter: “If parents are getting advice from this woman about raising a baby then the baby should be removed from parents care.”

Another wrote: “What in the hell is WRONG with these people?”

Someone else said: “Must admit I was watching the whole interview open-mouthed and shaking my head when it was broadcast, and couldn’t believe the interviewer wasn’t remotely questioning some of the nonsense this lady was coming out with.

Sky News commentator Rowan Dean heard about Carson’s comments and was not happy, accurately slamming the segment as “lefty lunacy” on air. “Here we go, Ross,” Dean said to his co-presenter. But he seemed pretty lost for words by the segment, adding: “A consent for changing nappies – I think that might get a bit, uh… Anyway, I won’t go there.”

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    1. Stuart

      Given the opportunity, these people will always reinforce the diagnosis that Liberalism is a mental disease.
      Love the hair too.

      • JustMe

        They are not “liberal”. They are marxists, and they are insane.

    2. george

      Another liberal with toys in the attic.

    3. Kevin2

      Pink hair and British. The lady could have the cure for cancer and I likely wouldn’t listen to her.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Kevin2, I had the hardest time NOT laughing at this liberal. How can a baby give permission for anything if they can’t even speak yet? That pink-haired freak is definitely in a fantasy world and I don’t want to know which one.

      • Old Sailor


    4. NRP

      AHhhhh, first thing that comes to mind…

      “You can’t fix STUPID”

      So don’t even waste your time.
      Oh course this POS got her/It’s 15 seconds of fame.

    5. Mountain Trekker

      WOW are Digital License Plates gonna be neat, and so convenient. What say you Mac? Trekker Out

    6. MaxG

      Maybe we should get a babies consent before we rip them out of the womb to kill them leftist hypercrits.

    7. AUBroker

      Everyday I tell myself, there just isn’t enough ammo.

      • Stuart

        Which is why a nice man named Mike Dillon perfected the progressive reloading press. Times a-wasting. Best get to work.

    8. TheGuy

      Does the .gov need consent from us before mandatory health… oh.


      It’s all ok when the .gov does it 😀

    9. Heartless

      I didn’t know Sheb Wooley had a grand-daughter~~
      ht tps://www.youtube.com/embed/X9H_cI_WCnE but seriously, this Brit chick has never had a kid. I’d love to be a fly on the wall if and when she is blessed with a bouncing bundle of diarrhea and is asking if that love of her life who smells worse’n a West Virginia outhouse in August wants its ‘nappie’ changed.

    10. FTW

      “one bizarre woman claims that parents need consent from their babies before a diaper can be changed.”

      Wow … unbelievable … I’m surprised she didn’t follow up her statement something along the lines of this …

      “… and if it doesn’t respond back to you in a timely matter … abort it.”

      What a trifling hooker!

    11. Beaumont

      She says she does not expect the baby to respond.

      One side is just as bad as the other.

    12. B from CA


      radio waves sterilize girls
      using weaponized wireless computers
      in the classroom.

      Children are sterilized by vaccination
      and wireless school computers
      that interfere with part of the cell
      in eggs destined for future fertilization.

      Without their consent to be made infertile.


    13. Meep

      Who would be stupid enough to ever take advice from someone who looks like a human/teletubbie mutant hybrid?

    14. Dave

      I vote for the caveman days where we dragged them (libtards) around by their hair. lol

    15. jim in Va.

      In her case her parents should have denied permission for her to be born.

    16. Frank in Florida

      She should not be allowed to raise children.

    17. Anonymous

      I agree that the person changing the baby’s diaper should interact with the child like “okay, time to change your diaper” or “let’s get you all cleaned up.” But suggesting parents ask a baby for permission is a sign of mental illness. Too many children today are being raised by mentally ill people, many of whom are leftist liberals. Maybe Child Protective Services should get involved or start supervising or monitoring her crazy ass. She’s a nut case.

    18. mr. t

      And these are the very types of individuals teaching the youth from grade school, up to university level.

    19. Buckhed

      Her dad should have pulled out and shot her into the sheets .

    20. Really

      Maybe this woman is getting ready to have kids but does not want to change the soiled nappies. She does not want to be charged as an abusive mother for letting her kids sit in their dirty nappies until they learn to speak to tell her to change the nappies.

      Win win for those mothers who wish to neglect their kids.

    21. Brian

      Anyone who has ever been confronted with a crying baby with a dirty diaper knows who is in charge. Stopping the crying means changing the diaper. What’s next? Putting a diaper on prevents the baby from expressing himself. Liberals seem to push the boundaries for ridiculousness.

    22. Fritz

      Liberals enjoy filling their pants in public because it makes them feel naughty, warm and squishy. It also brings them the attention they crave.

    23. Sean

      Just more leftist nonsense to get you enraged at them, and keep you enraged. This happens every day, because leftists have to keep you focused on trivial stuff like this. That way, you’ll notice less of the things they would rather you didn’t know about at all. The more and oftener you are enraged, the less able you are to focus on what’s important. Even when there is nothing important for you to pay attention to, leftists do this kind of thing just to keep you perpetually off balance. Which with them, it’s modus operandi for keeping you weakened and unable to catch their main act.

    24. Angry beaver

      I prefer to think of it this way;
      I applaud the media attention showered on her. let’s follow the logic here
      1.) she’s a pink haired dyke.
      No one is truly comfortable with gays around kids or talking about kids
      2.) She is all reality a miniscule fringe.
      Being portrayed as a mainstream view
      3.) Even hardcore leftist parents will be shocked at this.
      I’ve read many different articals on this non I’ve seen are favorable.
      If the media keeps putting idiots like this up soon people won’t want to identify as ( left) effectively killing the liberal agenda.
      Has no one noticed a prevailing sence of lunacy in the demands. These special interest groups will start eating their own. I think that’s the point. These groups demands are getting more and more outrageous by the week turning alot off people off of the whole thing together.
      Very soon folks the pendulum will swing hard right
      Women back to the kitchens
      Kids back in school
      Special interest groups marginalized
      Men back to the factory
      And all gays back to the closet.
      It’s gonna be sweet

    25. Tammy

      Neon haired alt-lifestyle freakazoid being a freak. She seems to need a lobotomy… or thrown out of a helicopter.

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