[VIDEO] Ben Carson’s Warning: political Correctness Will DESTROY The U.S.

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson took aim at “political correctness” in a warning to Americans at a contentious committee hearing. Carson is cautioning against the impulse to control speech and expression saying that it would “destroy” the country.

    During Tuesday’s House Financial Services hearing, a leftist and advocate of squashing free speech, Representative Jennifer Wexton (D-Virginia) raised concerns over previous comments Carson had made about big, hairy men.  These comments were widely understood to be directed at transgender women, but democrats are famous for taking statements out of context, so it really could have been nothing. Wexton asked Carson to apologize for his comments, but the secretary was having none of it.

    “I think this whole concept of political correctness – you can say this, you can’t say that, you can’t repeat what someone said – is total foolishness and it’s going to destroy our nation,” Carson shot back, adding: “We need to be more mature than that.” Unfortunately, this too was taken as “hate speech,” as you can see in Wexton’s comments posted to Twitter:

    The irony of a liberal white woman accusing a conservative black man of “hateful words” and “discriminatory policy.” You just can’t make this stuff up. Liberals can make literally anything about hate speech.

    And of course, if you listen to Carson’s response, he clearly says he was not referring to transgender women, but actual “big hairy men” who are allowed in women’s facilities thanks to the Democrats’ policies.

    Carson has been something of an anti-Political Correctness warrior for years putting free speech above everything else, including “hate speech”, according to a report by RT. Carson was a free-speech champion long before Donald Trump was elected. Well before the highly politically incorrect president entered the Oval Office in 2016. Trump has also regularly shredded the concept of political correctness and censorship in media appearances and has warned against a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe” – at times even drawing comparisons to Nazi Germany.

    Liberals, on the other hand, have taken to creating “safe spaces” to protect people from words.  Anything that goes against liberalism is now hate speech and safe spaces somehow make liberals feel like they are making a difference by coddling adults and quarantining themselves when they hear something with which they disagree.


    What a time to be alive.


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      1. Thank you Ben Carson, one of the few sensible people in govt. No libturd tells me what to do anyway. All libturds can go to hell.

      2. Good for him!!!!!!

      3. It already has……

      4. Carson is supposedly a conservative voice, yet in charge of doling out welfare to people who were incapable in a free market. How do you explain his dept in a free country.

      5. What Renegade said!

      6. Good for Dr Carson!

      7. I say what I want. If you want to try and stop me bring it on.

      8. Few have Carson’s intelligence and character. Carson projects a dignity and deep sense of rectitude, the Demo. Congress rep. does not. The difference is obvious. If the Congress lady had a fraction of Carson’s presence she would realize how embarrassing she is.

      9. Make him our next president after President Trump!!

      10. When a man has over 60 honorary doctorate degrees, everything you have to say opposing him is Ad Hominem or exactly illustrative of Proverbs 9:8.

      11. The left is always stealing Christianity’s symbols, concepts, and language and reinventing them under their own banner–for example, the rainbow, stolen by the homosexuals.

        Case in point: The phrase “politically correct.” Yes, it too was stolen from us.

        The alleged politically correct are neither biblically nor politically correct. One cannot be truly politically correct without being biblically correct. Politics cannot be severed from religion anymore than morality can be severed from legislation. One’s political persuasion is a reflection of his morality (or, more often than not, his immorality) and one’s morals determines his religion. Thus, applied politics is applied religion and applied religion is applied politics.

        It is therefore imperative that we get our religion correct that we might get our politics correct.

        For more, listen to audio series “What’s Your Paradigm?,” beginning at http://www.biblelawversusconstitution.org/tapelist.html#T714

        For more, google blog article “Right, Left, and Center: Who Gets to Decide?”

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