Video: An American Recovery: Police Restrain Hundreds of People Begging For Food As Officials Opt To Throw It In the Trash Rather Than Help

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Headline News | 336 comments

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    When SunTrust Bank bank foreclosed on the Laney Supermarket grocery store, managers were left with thousands of pounds of food and nowhere to put it. So, they decided to move non-perishable items to the parking lot for those who might need it. As news of the give-away spread throughout the neighborhood, a crowd numbering in the hundreds quickly swooped in.

    But the goods never made it into the hands of people who desperately needed, as local police barricaded the stockpile of food. They called in a disposal company and tossed every bit of it into the trash, angering many of those who had hoped they could take some of the food home.

    “People have children out here that are hungry, thirsty, could be anything. Why throw it away when you could be issuing it out?” asked Robertstine Lambert.

    The Marshal of Richmond County, Steve Smith, says the food wasn’t theirs to give away, so they had to trash it.

    “We don’t have authority to take possession of the property; we just have to make sure that it’s handled, disposed of by law,” Smith, said

    “These are brand new items; we saw the potential for a riot was extremely high,” said Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

    Jennifer Santiago was forced to leave empty handed and she says trashing the merchandise is truly a waste.

    “For them to do this is a low blow. A lot of people are sad, a lot of people aren’t going to have food to put on their table; this is ridiculous,” she said.

    Source: WAFB

    Nearly 100 million Americans are living on the edge of poverty and 47 million Americans have nowhere to turn but Uncle Sam to help put food on their tables through nutritional food assistance programs.

    When a grocery store is giving away food that has no official owner what do benevolent government officials tasked to serve and protect do?

    They look starving Americans in the face and throw the food in the trash.

    Still think the government will help you should our financial, economic and political systems collapse? Still think they care about you or your children?

    Think again.

    Not a single official had the wherewithal to do what’s right and feed the hungry.

    They were all just following orders.



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      1. Sadly, I’m not surprised…

        • Absolutely disgusting. There’s a special place in hell for those order-followers.

          • This breaks my heart!

            • Guess they didn’t want a “Black-Friday” type event.

              • I can understand the desire to prevent riots, but what the fuck!?

                Wouldn’t it have been easier for the cops to do a bit of crowd control and get a line going? Tossing the food out would have had a higher potential for rioting than simply giving it out as quickly as possible.

                I suspect that we’ll be seeing more of this… the only hope is to have an outcry large enough to get the police chief fired, and maybe fire whoever gave the order to dispose of the food. If not, then vote out the SOBs who run that town.

                • how about holding it until the local food banks and churches could get it? Don’t tell me that never entered into anybody’s mind?

                  • FIRST OFF,I hope everyone saw how the poor is treated by the police gangs,THIS IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBURG,when you saw the targets the police gangs are using to shoot at,BELIEVE IT,they have full intentions of killing you and your family when the shit hits the fan,THE POLICE GANGS will GUN you down and BRAG to their buddies how many of you they killed,THESE ANIMALS FROM HELL,are dreaming of the day when they can kill who ever they want,and that days coming,GET READY,they are planning to have a bloodbath in your town…………

                  • Did anybody watch the video? It stated clearly that the food was offered to a food bank, and no one from the food bank showed up.

                  • yeah, it said that a church had been contacted to pick it up but they didn’t! For shame on them!

                  • “Did anybody watch the video? It stated clearly that the food was offered to a food bank, and no one from the food bank showed up.”

                    They said in the video ‘a church group’ not a food bank.

                  • OK, this has not be represented accurately. Here are the FACTS from someone who knows.

                    First the Laney Walker Blvd area is a welfare district. People who live there in the projects have lived their ENTIRE lives off the government freebies. Totally sickening.

                    Second & not surprising, it is a very high crime area so the potential for riot was looming and very real.

                    Third, the reason the food was not given out was because much of it had spoiled. The grocery store was given foreclosure notice in January and had not been taking care of their inventory. Imaging the lawyers licking their chops if some of that food had been taken & made someone ill. Lawsuit city baby.

                    Fourth and MOST IMPORTANT. The food that was not spoiled WAS given to a local charity. Golden Harvest is the name of the charity who received it.

                    The police showed up to keep the 300 moochers looking to literally steal from the real owner of the food under control.

                    Could they have done a better job & just loaded it immediately on a truck & taken away what was good? Sure. But I’m sure no one thought 300 people would be using their guvamint phones to call & text each other that even more free food was coming their way……

                    This is not a case of poor, pitiful people, it’s a case of the entitlement mentality of those who have made a career out of living off the taxpayers money (i.e. yours and mine). THEY WERE TRYING TO STEAL THAT FOOD FOLKS!!!

                    Sorry, but this story is totally mis-reported. The food was donated on March 27th folks!

                    A simple internet search of local papers in that area will ferret out the truth. Search “Augusta, Golden Harvest, Grocery store foreclosure”

                    You’ll get “the rest of the story”.

                  • It was the very first thing that entered my mind. I guess we have minds – eh, sixpack?

                    If you ever have the thought ‘It just can’t get any more insane…wait a minute’.

                    ~..~ TG

                  • @Arizona
                    You are completely delusional. By your logic people become police officers with the intent to kill fellow Americans, hoping and wishing for a crisis.

                    I have been an officer for four years. I can tell you that most of us in the event of a disaster would be with our families and children and are like minded preppers. I pray I never have to use my firearm against another human being. You make us out to be monsters. If I were you I’d focus your hate on the real enemy of this country, the corrupt politicians. (wait isn’t that a double negative?) instead of people who would probably try and help you if shtf.

                  • Sun Trust is a bunch of FUCKHEADS

                • Why not let the local food banks have access to it earlier? That would make to much sense.

                  • They did. Food banks often won’t accept food.

                • Depending on the jurisdiction, food “safety” regulations are ordinarily promulgated at the federal and state levels, with administration and rule-making flowing from regional or county health departments, with a smattering of city ordinances added to the mix.

                  This is nothing new. These same regulations are behind the busting of organic farms, raw milk dealers, and residential gardens.

                  My wife and I have been employing an alternative solution: What the authorities don’t know about, they cannot stop. Every week, we receive from local warehouses ricks of bread, meats and cheeses, all of which have reached their “sell-by” dates, and which by law have to be thrown away. The warehouses are sick of taking in perfectly good food for dumping, and look the other way (after they gave us the code to their warehouse). We pick up as much as we can expect to distribute, and then put the word out. It all goes out our back door, free to anyone who can use it or who can help someone else with it. Undistributed excess gets taken to the back doors of the local shelters.

                  We spend a little gas, and ask for nothing in return. (We don’t usually deliver, though.) Our payment comes from the smiles and the conversations and friendships that flow from these nefarious and illegal activities.

                  Resist, people, resist. Immoral laws are not laws at all. We understand and celebrate that resistance can be characterized by generosity and love and kindness.


              • The police are lucky that these folks weren’t starving because otherwise they’d have just crushed them to get the food and taken the weapons from as well. “When people have nothing to lose, they lose it”. One day we may see exactly that; familes who’ve lost all hope and will do anything to feed themeselves which includes stomping anyone who gets in their way. These are shadows of things to come I’m affraid.

              • What you didn’t know the gov. only wants to help feed the poor if it is paid for by tax payers, they would never give anything away for free, they can not control free.

            • This is what stinken slime sucking lawyers have done to this country, in which many companies would like to give food to the hungry, but could be sued if someone got sick. OR they say they got sick from the food. One of the most famous quotes, “When this country is invaded, the first thing they will be do is execute all the lawyers”. You wonder why there are so many dumpster divers now. This is sickening and so atypical of scoiety dying right in front of us. Prep, and then prep so more, you are going to need it to survive WHEN the true ROT of society and the world begins to set in.

              • Some local restaurants and stores here no longer donate produce or bakery items, meat, and such to the food banks. They are afraid of being sued.

                The canned and boxed goods with expired dates, same story. It all goes to the dumpster.

                The food bank has to take donated cash to the store and buy from the shelves. They get large discounts, but still doesn’t fill their shelves.

              • BI, has hit the proverbial nail on the head; ruthless, slime-sucking lawyers. Corporate lawyers have advised their CEOs to write off the losses to the dumpsters, rather than help others and take the risk of just one person “claiming” to be sick and filing a law suit.

                There are low-life attorneys everywhere, ready to pounce on any opportunity to sue a large company. With so many people putting “greed” over moral integrity and values, this is what we get.

                Sadly, more and more cops are just trying to keep a job and pay their bills like everyone else, so; we see them doing these kinds of acts against citizens to save their own hide.

                The blame should be spread evenly around, however; I have to say it all started with the lawyers.

                Last year, I tried to make an arrangement to buy all the fruit that was being thrown out by the local supermarket. I told him I was going to use it for wine and not consume any of it raw, or share it. He said, “if I were to get caught, it would be my job, because we have a strict policy to make sure all outdated produce goes directly to the landfill”.

                It’s all about the bottom line and avoiding lawsuits.

              • There is a disturbance in the force, one can smell the rot taking hold. 2013 is it folks probably when it starts getting hot this summer. Don’t know what will be the catalyst, there are too many Black Swans out there to count.

            • Same here. I’m sad for all.

          • The food belonged to the Bankruptcy Court for “disposal” as it was an asset, the value of which, could have repaid creditors. Creditors should be suing the City,County, and FEDs for the financial crime committed by them.

            Ignorance of the law by LEO’s is NO excuse.

            • It would probably have cost too much to find a new place to sell it, relocate it to that place and then wait for the sales. In the view of the bank/creditors it was cheaper to destroy it, claim the loss and get the tax credits.
              It makes no sense to me but that is how they view it.

              • They could have just as easily taken the tax benefits from charity as from the “loss”.

                IMHO, heads should roll for that one. Sadly, I suspect that someday soon, they will – just the wrong heads, and for the wrong reasons.

                • For the last couple of years I have been working part time for a high end catering company. I was delighted that they arranged with the local homeless shelters and missions to donate any excess food –

                  When our catering trucks return from having served one of those extravaganzas – a shelter would be notified to meet us to come pick up the left overs and one of their volunteer’s would be waiting, even at mid night, to transfer the food from our truck to their vehicle.

                  Well, you can guess – a couple of times some of the homeless clients complained “our” food made them sick and one even did the small claims route (and loss) that was the final straw with the owner – left overs now go in dumpster.

                  If I’m on duty, the Chef allows the staff to dump all the left over meat and veggie products in a garbage can I can take home to be consumed by my rescue dogs. Woof! Woof!

                  I do make homemade dog food – rinsing off the fancy sauces and adding rice or pasta and freezing it. I’m told my critters are spoiled. Yes they are. My critters gain and sad for the homeless, as the company is expert in safe food handling and temp control before, during and after an event.

                  Never understood why a few would want to spoil it for so many.

                  • Dang rite I’ll give you a thumbs up. And good for you animals!

                  • A couple of months ago there were some hunters that donated processed deer meat and had been doing so for a long time to a homeless shelter. One person complained about it and the meat was taken from the shelter and dumped in the trash. Bleach was poured on the meat. Makes me sick that as many hungry people that there are around all that food was WASTED…disgusting.

                  • They surely didn’t get sick because they never wash their hands!

                  • I agree. I have worked with many low income patients. I think some of them are poor and homeless because they do not want to work and they want things given to them. And if they don’t get it, they will take it.

                    We had several families that would steal supplies out of the charity clinic. We had to stop leaving items in the rooms to prevent theft. If they ever held down a job (which they would never do because disability is so much easier) they would have stolen things from their employer at every chance they had.

                    These same people spend their lives looking for ways to sue. One of the guys had a “service dog” that he said he needed due to being hard of hearing. He took the dog everywhere- the grocery store, the movies, hospitals because the owners were afraid to tell him not to bring the dog inside. One store owner did tell him to keep the dog out and was sued for discrimination against the handicapped.

                    All it takes is a few greedy people and their equally greedy lawyers to spoil it for the people who really need help. One of my worries is the number of lawyers who are graduated each year with no employment prospects. Instead of decreasing the cost of legal services it just seems to be increasing the number of lawsuits.

                  • the reason is greed plain and simple. It is all greed.
                    Greed for power
                    Greed for control
                    Greed for money
                    If they are not running it they do not like it.
                    If they are not controlling the operations of it, they are against it.
                    If they do not profit from it, they do not care about it.

                  • tiredofhtbs,
                    You must be from Shreveport????
                    I heard that one also. Every year Louisiana does a “Hunters for the Homeless” Event. They clean out the freezer and donate it. Now they wont accept it any more because of fear of lawsuits.
                    LAWYERS CAN SUCK MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • @Bulldog

                    Why? Are you clogged up?

          • These are the fucks that will shoot Americans on orders.
            They just need to remember…if they ever did that…there are other Americans that will remember actions like that.

          • They do that with home they repo too. Any furniture etc goes in the trash doen’t matter how new or old it is. It is just wasted.

          • This article needs to be revised. Rick in Oregon and Roy both posted well informed comments below. Several posts blame the police and although they could have walked away, they really did the right thing.
            The store caused the issue to make the bank look like the bad guy. Read the two mentioned posts below. To be fair, what would you want done if the police stood by while people took your stuff? I am sure the police would have gladly let this headache disappear . Read the posts below and then down vote them and me if you don’t agree.

            • @ pice

              The hive mind bought it hook line and sinker.
              The food actually went to a food bank.

              No one does any research any more and responsible
              journalism and factual reporting has gone the way of the

          • Daisy…Saw your article over at Daily Sheeple about monsanto getting their own protection bill that the ole rino from missouri pushed through and the kenyan signed…the one that basicly grants monsanto immunity from any judge or the people…the one that will make hunger and starvation REAL….that these people who think theyre hungry and havent got a clue will learn about as monsanto poisons all the seed/air/water on the planet…the bill thatll really kill us all off…the thing that the kenyan was really up to that he was hiding behind gun control to keep our eyes off what he was really up to…my God people these devils are evil and most folks just dont see it….time for talk has run out…the rule of law is dead to these people…we have no legal way to restrain them anymore…grow your own…dont buy anything GMO or owned by any of these biotech bassturds…or anything bill and milinda gates makes a dime off…anyhow good article Daisy,maybe Mac will allow you to run it over here at some point…theyre killing you people and the planet and this govicorp is making sure you dont get to stop them!

            • Thank you, Reb! 🙂

              That Roy Blunt guy just looked worse and worse the deeper I looked. I can’t comprehend how he could have gotten re-elected after the stuff he’s pulled!


          • True. But this is only the beginning. We have to stick together

          • This is hell and we have allowed them a special place.

          • those rat bastards

        • You have to be a really sick S.O.B. to stand there and order perfectly good food to be tossed in the trash in the faces of hungry families! This government is a joke!

          • No the government is not a joke. It is pathetic, criminal, and treasonous.


        • Shrug and what happens when you draw a crowd of 200 people but there’s only enough free shit for 100?

          They all play nice with each other and take half as much as they would have otherwise?

          I’m not saying they should have thrown it out. That was beyond stupid. But it’s not like they can just say “have fun!” and walk away either…

          Something else needed to be done. Hell if I know what.

          • You are right Theguy, the veneer of homanity is very thin. It does’nt take much for it to come off.

        • I’m sorry I see a mob of low life’s who live off our govt expecting something for nothing.

          • Finally someone gets the point. These are the zombies. Don’t expect any sympathy from them when they come to raid.

            • I hate that they threw away perfectly good food, but (yes I am sterotyping) those same people would get a lawyer and sue the cops and the county and the owners because they “got sick” from the food and werent warned.

              You know I am right about that.

        • This is a shame, but before you feel to bad, remember those precinct’s in the last election, where Obama got 110% of the votes. Well this looks like it was most likely one of them. I bet there were’nt many preppers in this crowd. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • If they were concerned about rioting, why not have a food bank come pick it up, instead of just throwing it out? What an incredible waste.

        • “But the goods never made it into the hands of people who desperately needed, as local police barricaded the stockpile of food. They called in a disposal company and tossed every bit of it into the trash, angering many of those who had hoped they could take some of the food home.”

          Golden Harvest Food Bank to receive items from evicted grocery store

          Nonperishable groceries once destined for the Richmond County landfill were donated Wednesday to Golden Harvest Food Bank.

          Three large trash bins filled with merchandise from Laney Supermarket, 843 Laney-Walker Boulevard, were stored overnight at a warehouse of Thompson Building and Wrecking, a company hired by the grocery’s property manager for disposal of the items.

          A handful of staff members separated canned foods from household items, and boxed the items Wednesday morning. A Golden Harvest truck retrieved the load, which filled about half the truck.

          Link to follow

        • That’s bs as a leo I would not allow that and go against so called orders.

      2. That’s just plain wrong. You give it to the needy and the poor. I recently had food I donated to a local church that feeds 100 homeless people every Thursday night.

        • There’s a good solution. Donate it to a charity.

          • Gee golly, no one but the guy thought of that. Read the rest or real story on the net. This article is bull shit.

          • They tried, but the church never came to get it. My brother worked for a food distributer in the 90s. His boss usually donated sealed containers from damaged master cartons or pallets, but stopped when a food bank told him they would take it if he delivered it. The dumpster was closer, and didn’t tie up a truck or driver.

      3. oh yea-those fat obama supporters look like dey be starvin an shit.
        fuck those low life scum.

        • While you said it a bit more harshly than I would…I also noticed most of them would benefit from skipping a few meals 🙂

        • Knowitall soon you will be one of them. If you are so ignorant as to champion injustice because the people are not like you and if you are willing to ignore the trampling of the rights of others then your rights will soon be trampled as well. Time to wake up buddy.

          • @ Quazy-my name says it all-i am nothing like those parasites.god damn gibsmedats.i have always known this was going to happen-been prepping for this for over 50 years.
            BRING IT THE FUCK ON!!

            • 50 fucking years of paranoia. Wonderful for you. Gonna happen any day now.

        • a big F. U. to them, count me out, and I don’t give a shit about it or them anymore

          • The world is a ghetto.

            Except the nice estates —
            But they are home to elites and THEIR Third World serfs.

            That reminds me: Remember when the elites used to dress their servants up in black tails and white gloves. Ever since they switched to Guatemalans and Mexicans they sure let the dress code go to hell.

        • We have biometric punchin where I work, no choice…

          But, to the topic at hand, consider this:

          “Starvation is not the dramatic thing one so often reads and imagines… of people in mobs crying for food and falling over in the streets. The starving… those who are dying never say anything and one rarely sees them. They first become listless and weak, they react quickly to cold and chills, they sit staring in their rooms or lie listlessly in their beds… one day they just die. The doctor usually diagnoses malnutrition and complications resulting therefrom. Old women and kids usually die first because they are weak and are unable to get out and scrounge for the extra food it takes to live. It is pretty hard for an American who has lacked enough food to become ravenously hungry perhaps only once or twice in a lifetime to understand what real starvation is.” – (A Red Cross worker who witnessed the US and Allied occupation forces in Germany after WW2, deliberately starving civilians, as well as POW’s)

          Between 1932-33, the Soviet NKVD, controlled by bolsheviks, deliberately starved nearly 5 MILLION Ukrainians in a man-made famine, another 6 MILLION children were affected, by this act of Genocide. (Of course, we don’t hear about that do we? After all, the people who set both of those policies have now usurped power in the United States…)

          Not to worry though, they have given Monsanto free riegn to poison food as they see fit…

          • The holodomor…

            • Daisy,

              I wouldn’t put it past these soulless immoral b*stards to create a man made famine like Holodomor that killed millions to weaken the population from within for political or monetary profit. The objective is to get the population dependent on Big Brother and keep them in that perpetual state of dependency addiction. Big Brother does not like competition.

              • YH, amazing how the population keeps getting sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker, but the government has always denied any wrong-doing. Just look at the increasing population of Autistics, Vets with chronic ailments from chemicals and vaccines, increased incidents with cancers, autoimmune diseases, and neurological diseases.

                Our society is sick. Literally. But the sheep keep grazing in the toxic field…..

                • You said that right, Z.

                  It’s no wonder why the world is sick and diseased. We are becoming more sick and diseased every day because of our lifestyles and the environment around us.

                  It starts with conception of a fetus in the mother’s womb. The living organism becomes organic life and has a soul at that moment. Although, not breathing on it’s own, it soon becomes dependant upon it’s mother for it’s mineral and nutrient supply, and it’s supply of oxygen via the mothers blood. Some of those mother’s don’t deserve to be called such, since the word “mother” is associated with “caring” and “caring for”. Some care more for themselves and their needs instead of the precious fetus inside them. They eat and drink without concern. Some smoke tobacco and weed, or even worse, crack and meth. The list goes on with the pill popping.

                  Even without the really bad stuff, the air they breathe is full of carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust. The water they consume is full of chemicals used to “treat” the municipal sources. Tap water is killing people. “Oh, but I drink bottled water.” Even if the chemicals in the plastics haven’t leached into the bottled water, people consume soft drinks and juices that have been mixed with treated municipal water. Then there is the bleached and “enriched” white breads. Really bad. Even some of the so-called grain breads have many chemical additives.

                  The carcinogens and toxins start the fetus off with the odds stacked against them. As infants, they are constantly bombarded with over-processed foods, chemicals from the air, water, and milk. The drugs/medications/inoculations that are introduced may be more detrimental in the long run than what they prevent or cure.

                  It is no wonder that an estimated 12.7 million, and growing number, of the world’s population, is diagnosed each year with cancer. Of that number, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of a million new cases of cancer are found in children each year. Of them, only about 30% receive standardized treatments. That means 70% receive substandard treatment or none at all.

                  What a crying shame, that the leaders/governments of the world, including the UN, has more of a priority of creating war and calamity, and bailing out corrupt banksters; rather than helping the sick, diseased and dying; especially the innocent children.

                • Zoltanne,

                  You are 100% correct. The society has not only become physically sick but mentally ill as well. People are acting out impulsively and violently with no regard for other people’s rights. This problem will only worsen and now more than ever people must have access to whatever means necessary to meet this growing social threat.

                • Just look at the freakin’ skies! They are spraying us like we are cockroaches. I am sure that you are aware of it. But, yeah, I agree with you.

            • Why all the thumbs down?

              • I’m not sure – maybe I should have elaborated on what the holodomor was?

                It isn’t very well-known that all those people were deliberately starved to death. Last year’s droughts set the stage for our very own mass starvation here in North America. Just Me was spot on with the comparison.


                • Daisy,

                  It took me 5 seconds on Wikipedia to learn what Holodomor was.

                • Daisy, I know about the Holodomor. My wife is Ukrainian and her mother lived through it.

                • “It isn’t very well-known that all those people were deliberately starved to death.”

                  And the act was applauded by democrats

                • Ya sometimes I forget that theres alot of uneducated people out there…Ive known about it since I was a kid…course I was always interested in things like that…I fear Americans will experience something similar,especially the farmers….what with monsanto and crew in control of the food supply… 🙁

              • Excellent question REB.

              • Just I was thinking too, REB. The government troll beasts are out and they are hungry. Spot on Daisy!

            • Congrats much for your bravery in citing the real truth of 20th century genocide, that being the holodomor.
              Rest easy, the truth will win in the end and you will be vindicated.

              In the meantime, wear your red-thumbs from the wicked tribe proudly, as they’re really a badge of honor amongst the knowledgeable.

              • the new york slimes ran a story saying that there was no famine in ukraine and everything was great. the world stood by and watched those people die. mothers ate their own children in the holodomor. soviets who caused the starvation made signs saying that to eat your own children is a barbarian act. it wasn’t the first or only time the bolsheviks caused famines. 7 MILLION were intentionally starved to death by lenin. MILLIONS more starved in the great leap forward and soviet advancement.

          • They don’t teach you about the 10 million who died in the Holodomor because it was engineered by Jewish Bolsheviks. Yet everybody knows about the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust. Still think Jews don’t control the media? Still think it’s all a big conspiracy theory?

            • Eisenkreuz, you made that comment without calling anyone names or insulting anyone—I’m impressed!

              • And that’s about all the decency and civility you’re going to see from him today. He just hit his moral capital’s limit and his account has no overdraft protection.

                • yeah, well I knew it wasn’t going to last, but I was hoping that with a little encouragement he’d be civil just a bit longer…oh well, I was hoping against the odds and lost.

                  • Try as he might, he still blankets all the jewish people together in his “blame game”.

                    I wonder what excuse he will have, when he has to kneel before his maker and explain his blame game.

                  • he does what conservatives do to liberals and liberals do to conservatives, they all lump everyone into one group to blame. you know like when you all were talking about the 47% no one was talking about the break down of the 47% and how much of a real % were the takers they just kept saying 47%.

              • Just Jews.

            • You know, I think the funniest part of crushing you Nazi kooks is watching you racist and fascist losers start blaming your richly-deserved thumbdowns on the (purely fictional) Elders of Zion, the Mossad, ZOG, TPTB, WTF, J0000000000000000S!!! Even funnier is knowing just how many of those thumbs weren’t mine, and seeing how desperate you are to believe we’re all just some tiny cabal being paid specifically to go after you. Oh yeah, because you’re THAT important! Couldn’t be just because you’re assholes, oh no! Makes me think of that old Russian Rabinovich joke:

              (Rabinovich calls Pamyat, a severely anti-Semitic Russian ultra-nationalist group.)

              Pamyat: Hello. Pamyat Headquarters. What can we do for you, comrade?

              Rabinovich: Can you answer a question for me?

              Pamyat: Certainly, comrade.

              Rabinovich: Is true the Jews sold out Mother Russia?

              Pamyat: It certainly is, comrade! Those greedy Jewish imperialist bastards have been selling us all out for years to fatten their purses!

              Rabinovich: Splendid! So where do I go to get my cut?

        • Hey it it will get the illegals out I’m all for it,but how about just a birth certificate as proof….O wait that wont work Obama proved that…

      4. “I’m from the Government and I’m here to make sure you starve.” And you people think the gov is smart enough to run a conspiracy to do anything? Anyone know Barney Fife? Yes it’s a problem they have so much ammo, stray rounds

        • Your fail is thinking that intelligence has anything to do with the predisposition for cruelty. It doesn’t. You may not always hear banjo music just before you get screwed in the ass, but I guarantee you, it will not be any more or less painful if the guy behind you has a college degree.

          • True but cave bears didn’t die out because of stupid people. They got winter fat from the dumb ones.

            • You mean from the defective ones that failed to keep up with the demands of survival? That’s Darwinism for you. Define “dumb”.

      5. I can sympothize with the truly needy in this Republic, and there are many. When I was a small child we had to eat mush and milk 3 meals a day if we could find enough pop bottles in the ditches to buy milk. Believe me I know tough times. On the other hand, America has the fattest poor people in the world. I don’t want to seem oblivious to the hard times that are coming, but there is an obvious problem with the obese sitting on their porches watching me drive to and from work daily. Sounds harsh, and I do feel for the children. It seems that there is an abundant supply of children playing on the porches. I raised mine, you raise yours. I didn’t have any pleasure in creating those children, and I do sympothize with and feel sorry for the children in said circumstances, but how do we know when people are really needy?
        Share the wealth? Bull$hIp.

        • John Q.Public and Eisenkreuz: My oh my, it looks like you two are have a love fest with your mutual back-slapping anti-jewish rants. My suspicions are that you’re both a couple of crypto-jews who are deathly affraid of others finding you out. John will now be known as John Q. (Moshe) Publicstein and Eisen… will be hereafter refered to as Rabbi Jakob Eisenkreuzwicz. Passover starts Monday, it’s not too late to embrace your roots fellas.

          • Oy vey, John! When are you going to accept it’s true? You wish you weren’t Jews, so you keep bashing what you wish you weren’t. But you are Jews, and always will be; even if you stuff yourselves with pork and cover your clothes with swastikas, the neo-Nazis and IslamoNazis will still be coming after you for being Jewish.

        • I read something over at naturalnews about the additives and other junk they put in virtually all food that makes people fat. Most poor people eat a whole lot of starch and carbs because they are cheaper. Try eating a steady diet of macaroni, processed meats and sugar-laden drinks and foods, and see how many pounds begin to creep onto your frame.

          I’m not so sure we can equate being fat with necessarily stuffing their faces with mass amounts of food. I’ve noticed a real difference between certain foods and their cheaper versions, which is what a lot of poor people buy. Poor ingredients makes poor food.

          That is not to say that a lot of people don’t choose fattening food, remember they engineer those foods to be addictive in the first place.

          Add to that all the mind-numbing medications and their side effects and we have a population of ever-fattening people…poor or not.

      6. We can b1tch and moan about it , but if someone ate something and had some kind of reaction then they would be sueing suntrust and the police dept . You can look at the people who showed up for another free handout , they would the type who would cause a ruckus because it wasnt fresh enough or someone got something they didnt . They are in a no-win situation , because then they riot and fight because they didnt get enough . Toss it and let them work . Its funny this happened in the middle of the day and NOONE was at work ?

        • No they can’t Sue. Good Samaritan laws should be in place.
          I’ve had 4 food pantries.

          KEEP PREPPIN’

          • Those problems would not exist if they had just called the local food bank and let them do their job.

            • The video said they called a church, but nobody came. Bet that same pastor would have personally picked up a cash donation. Kind of gives us Christians a bad name. We should clean up our own house.

              • I agree, Bob.

                Many use the word christian as a crutch for their poor choices. Just as they use the word “Easter” to make an excuse to buy new clothes and make an annual showing at the Sunday Social Club.

                “Look at me, I’m still a follower and believer”. “I didn’t pay a nickel towards titheing or love offerings, last year, but i would have, except i had to pay out half my income on ‘interest’ to banksters for all the nice shit i have around me and on me, all the time”. “Just look at my kids, with their $100.00 outfits and Easter baskets full of overpriced Chinese crap and sugary junk food.” “Ain’t life grand, for the day”.

                I know none of the readers here do that, (wink-wink), but it is true.

                • Well said, don’t tread. Faith isn’t showing up at Easter and Christmas, then living the other 363 days a year in some other manner. Faith is what we live out every day.
                  By contrast, the atheists and agnostics pretty much live the same belief year round. Not that I agree with that, but at least they aren’t hypocrites. Now, if only more Christians would take their claimed beliefs seriously…

              • IRS is a 501c3 and so are the churches. You can figure it out from there.

        • toss the food? well, you just reassured me in my opinion of most Americans. such as yourself deserve what’s coming down the drain.
          when you have eaten for two weeks nothing but some scraps or an occasional apple, I hope you remember those words of yours.

        • But Mike, if we settle for that argument, soon we will be witnessing all church food banks closing their doors.
          Thank my LOrd, there are still those with common sense in our nation helping the needy.
          And for what it is worth–every night included in my prayer is ‘if there be one needing a warm bed, a warm meal, a warm bath, dear Lord, send them here. Amen.
          I have NEVER been hungry, or without a bed.
          Praise God for that.

        • I didn’t seem to see any white folk either… just stating the obvious… not that there aren’t any whites that are the same as those people.

      7. So this will make CNN right?

      8. “The food wasn’t theirs to give away” but apparently it was theirs to throw away. The police are more concerned about a riot than they are people in need. Guess what’s going to happen when the populace really starts to starve. People, just remember those in charge of it at reelection time !

        • …wherein Nazi trolls who spew retarded conspiracy theory bullshit on prepper sites get mocked until their heads explode.

      9. “We don’t have authority to take possession of the property; we just have to make sure that it’s handled, disposed of by law,” Smith, said”

        What law? Disposed of by law?!?! What law? And to say that they didn’t have the authority to take possession of the property when in reality, that is exactly what they did.

        Remember this folks. I pray that the day will never come but remember this incident when the police prevented hungry people from a few morsels of food. When the tables are turned, remember this.

        • Most cops are morons, the higher in the organization the dumber and mor PC. This should have been allowed to be picked up by the food banks in the area for distribution.

        • In the pigs’ defense, the banksters hired the people throwing it in the dumpster, and surely paid for the dumpster. I didn’t see a cop throwing anything away, especailly a doughnut.

      10. Sun Trust Bank could have donated that food too.

        I’m shocked that the food went into the trash and not divided up among the police. They been known to “help themselves” when opportunity presented itself.

        • They were being filmed.

      11. Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and maybe he’ll get off his fat a$$ and go fishin.

        • The Gov. Regulates fishing too.$$

          • Yes they do. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any fish. Fucktard.

            • Now as an avid fisherman, along with the little woman; I have to agree with orrin here.

              WHY? Because people are greedy and will overfish any population of fish for their own freezer, witout regard for others. If the fishing were not policed, the fishing would be limited to private ponds and lakes.

              Even with the Fish & Game Laws and enforcement Officers, the friggin’ idiots still do plenty of damage.

              Last year, the state Wildlife put about a mile of small river, that runs through the city limits, into the stocked trout waters system. It was labled as Delayed Harvest Waters which means that trout are stocked for the enjoyment of catching and releasing to give everyone a chance at having some fun, October thru May, especially the youth. When the waters start getting too warm to support trout in June, they are opened up for harvest, youth under 16 have first chance at harvesting their limit of seven, before 12 noon that first day. A very good and fair set up.

              A friend of mine owns a business bordering the river, so a couple guys that know him asked to park there and fish for the day. He agreed, and went back to work. A couple hours later, two wildlife officers were seen in his parking lot watching those two fishermen with binoculars. As it turned out, the two men were emptying their big coolers of beer, and replacing the beer with trout. It was not during the season for legal harvesting.

              I’m glad they got caught and fined. Their stupidity and greed had denied many others of shared enjoyment. There are always a few that will ruin it for everyone else.

        • Say When,
          Amen Brother.
          These people were complaining that their kids will now go hungry. If the grocery store wouldnt have lost their ass the people would have had to use their EBT cards or actually go to work for food. THe food wasnt theirs to take. The same people would have sued for getting sick if they were given the food. The church never came for the food because they want money not food.
          You know I am right.

      12. I don’t think anymore on what is happening to America. With events such as this one, I think and at times cry as what is happening to humanity.

      13. Oh my gosh, is it true that those rotten coppers threw away squirrel pot pies??

      14. I’m far from being an expert on anything, but as a middle aged guy who has been around the block a few times, I’ve seen some things happen in my personal life both good and bad. And being an inquisitive sort who is open to personal improvement, I’ve opened myself to the ideas of motivational speakers and such. One of them talks about “we become what we think about”. Think negative thoughts, negative things happen around you. Think positive thoughts, positive things happen. I’ve had some personal experiences which have been very surprising: abundance falling right into my lap, an incredibly lucky break just happens again and again, experiencing solid relationships where there were none before, having a vibrant business. On the other hand, I worried a lot about a divorce and suddenly went through a terrible one. I fretted about losing my job and then was laid off. We’ve all heard about self-fulfilling prophesies – think you will lose and you do, worry about such and such and it’ll happen to you. If you haven’t read material from motivational speakers like Earn Nightingale, or Bob Proctor; or perhaps some of the law of attraction teachers like Joe Vitale or Marci Shimoff, I’d encourage you to do so. It is all interesting stuff.

        Now for the point of this comment: It is really shocking to see the changes that have happened in the US in the last 20 years, even more changes since the early 80s. Daily, I’ve been quietly reading this blog for the last 3 months and have never commented before. But I have to ask, how much of this overbearing government, gun confiscation, financial collapse, and SHTF stuff are we attracting in? Are all of us creating a self-fulfilling prophesy? If there is such fear and worry in the prepper community, do we now have enough feeling and energy behind our thoughts that we’re going to manifest terrible events? Likewise, DHS may be attracting in a civil rebellion with all their ammo and armored vehicle purchases. Since reading this blog, I’ve been discerning, really discerning how much I’m attracting into my life. While this blog and many of the comments make an awful lot of sense to the average bear, I can’t help but wonder how close we are to manifesting struggle, death, pain, and suffering upon us and our families. Who else ponders this idea?

        Do any of us really want to stand guard at our front door with an AR15, eat beans and rice daily, cra* in a bucket, and wonder if our loved ones will live through the day? No. Do we really want to live a life of isolation in the woods alone or with one or two others, and hope that a busload of marauding bandits never never never ever finds us? Hardly (they will find you btw). Do we want to hole up in a home with 18 others (like Selco did) and live day-to-day perhaps for years in squalor hoping not to eventually starve or get sick from bad food, bad water, or disease? No. Sure we could do it (for a while), but not many of us would survive for long. Hollywood has a way of romanticizing such an existence, but SHTF probably won’t be anything like “Mad Max”. “Red Dawn”, “The Postman”, “The Road”, or “The Book of Eli”.

        So I encourage you to ask yourself, what am I attracting into my life? Am I feeling joy and love, or anger and worry? With the current state of things, it is hard to positive, but we have to force ourselves. We get what we think about, and we become what we think about.

        • I do get what you are saying, having read the type of material you write of.

          But no, we’re not “attracting” this, what is coming has been in the works for the last century.

          The people who are behind what is coming have laid it all out, in thier own words. Whether you look at it from the perspective of the wealthy elites, or thier marxist lackies, they have openly stated thier goals. What we see coming down around us is a very carefully orchestrated, in your face takedown of the United States.

          We are in that period of history that comes along to every country, whaether they want it or not.

          “The historical cycle seems to be: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to apathy; from apathy to dependency; and from dependency back to bondage once more.” -Alexander Tytler

          We are now at the last stage…

          • AMEN. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

            • And we’ll all be free! (One of my favorites, sixpack!)

            • Sixpack
              That reminds me of my dear deceased brother. Thanks for the pleasant memories. That was one of his favorite quotes. Six pack did too. Our daddy would have had a fit if he knew one or any of his 8 “darlings” did anything so awful. Way back in our younger years that was next to doing drugs. God forbid any of us put a cigarette in our mouth. That in itself was a death sentence.

              4 year prepper

          • It sure seems like we’re in that last stage, doesn’t it?

            • I don’t believe we’ve seen the worst yet….

        • good post and welcome.

          I hear what you are saying about the power of positive thinking and I agree with it for the most part.Yet when the country is spending 42 cents out of every dollar, you have to ask yourself just how long can this go on. When there’s a shortage of ammo, you have to ask why. When the stock market is reaching new highs but the overall employment picture isn’t improving you have to say WTF. With seeking the answers you are left with grasping at smoke. You need then to seek a positive fulfillment through actions that you take for self empowerment and being proactive in your future and not relying on the system as it use to be.

          • Oops I meant to say “When the country is borrowing 42 cents out of every dollar they spend”

          • YES Rick, yes! The only solution that I can stand on is to focus on prosperity, abundance, freedom, and survival. I can’t change the administration, obamacare, obtuse regulations, the financial system, or anything else outside my domain. I can only focus on myself, my prosperity, my survival, and those around me. This solution is all I have been able to come up with for now.

          • Yep, same here.

            Good writing and welcome, NavyWog.

            All I can say is, there are two sides two every coin, and there is nothing wrong with your side, unless: here it comes, if a person ignores the obvious too long and it is because the obvious is too negative/disturbing or conflicting for that person’s “positive” approach; then that person could come out “lacking” down the road.

            A fine example of a person playing ostrich is my younger brother, now 53 and presumed to have plenty of common sense. He too, likes to stick to the positive way of thinking and usually shys away from negativity or anything that he calls “depressing”.

            His idea of prepping, is having enough food stuffs to last about two weeks, enough ammo to get thru a couple of hunting seasons and target practices, enough heating fuel to last a week minimum, and enough gas and diesel on hand to fill up the tractor and lawnmower.

            I quit wasting my time talking prepping to him a few years ago when he bluntly stated, “you are depressing and worrying about things you have no control over, and you are bringing me down, I don’t want to hear it”.

            Believe me i did, stop wasting time on his dumbass self. However; at the Christmas family gathering, the conversation turned to the recent “shooting” and how people would be buying up guns and ammo out of fear.
            Our youngest brother said Walmart was sold out of all 22 ammo and most of the other popular calibers. My 53 year old brother said, “Well I’m going to wallyworld tomorrow and buy a brick of 22s”. I said,”we bought up about a thousand rounds over the past three years above what we have been shooting, so we won’t need to rush out anywhere to buy”.

            He says, “Oh, you mean you have a thousand rounds total for all your guns combined”. I say with a big grin, “Nope, I mean a thousand rounds just for 22 caliber”. His mouth dropped and a look of envy came across his face. He got up and went outside.

            That was December 25th. Here it is March 29th, and WallyWorld has yet to receive their first shipment of 22 cal. ammo, or any for that matter, in our town. The local gun store/shop has some, with a 500 bullet limit at a cost of double what it sold for at Wallyworld in December.

            Food cost in most supermarkets, have went up by as much as 25% over the past three years.

            Another reason I say prep without getting caught up in the negative aspect of things. All we have done is positive. The one hundred quarts of green beans we still have from the past two years, makes me smile everytime i look at them. There is nothing depressing or negative about that. I just thank God He gave me enough common sense to accept reality and His positive approach. I’ll take that over, “man’s” approach to “positive thinking”, anyday.

            • Isn’t a 1000 rounds (2 boxes of 500) of 22 like $50-60? The last time I had a .22 I paid $15/500 box..

              • Yep.
                I’ve got an order in for 1500 rds. @ 3.2 cents each, but there is no guarantee I’ll ever get it.

        • Welcome Navy Wog. Interesting post, can tell you have been giving serious thought to things. But I agree with Just Me that this is much more about factors outside our control than what we are attracting. Personally I was quite happy and asleep for a long time. But then the little hairs on my neck started bothering me by things that did not make sense. People around me suffering in the midst of our recovery,news that was silly when I knew there was real news not being reported and on and on. I could no longer ignore my “gut”. So no this has been coming for a while and even those of us who are positive types are forced to face the reality that this is bigger than us.

          • Cal Girl — I believe I could have written your post word for word! My feelings exactly. Nothing makes sense at all — the housing market coming around and the auto industry on fire even though 25 million are underemployed or unemployed? How are they getting mortgages and why are they buying new cars? Stock market at all time highs yet economic growth at .4%? I “get” economics but current statistics make no sense to me in the least. It is bigger than us.

        • And while you where attracting all that good stuff into your life did you notice the creeping fascism, the erosion of your constitution, the carcinogenic nature of party politics, the scam that is our financial system, or act in any way to bring those negative things to a halt?

          Didn’t think so. It is self absorbed twats like you that are the problem.

          • Eagle eye, seems that we have a fundamental difference in how we view things. I can’t explain why it exists, but it does. When faced with a dilemma, I’ve typically had two choices – focus on the problem or focus on the solution. The wife runs up $8k on the credit card — what to do? Gets pissed for a while, then choose to focus on the debt or focus on abundance (which will wipe out the debt). I realized that focusing on the debt just begets more debt. Instead I focused on abundance and prosperity (which is more fun and less stressful), and the debt dissolved before our eyes. True story. Another example, if one gets cancer, they ought to focus on healing not the cancer. We get what we think about. I personally know people with stage 4 cancer who miraculously were cured, and those with a lesser diagnosis die within weeks. The survivors focused on the healing.

            We are here to love and serve. One’s prosperity and abundance is merely a means to serve more, and I do. I’m not a twat and don’t need to call anyone names, but I can say that I’ve lived a life full of excitement and adventure, took risks and took advantage of every opportunity presented to me. Moreover, I still prospered and so did millions of others in spite of “the creeping fascism, erosion of the Constitution, carcinogenic nature of party politics, the scam that is our financial system” and the rest as you said. Let me ask you, how has fascism, the erosion and all else you listed affected your prosperity? How have those conditions kept you from prospering? Did they really directly keep you down? Doubtful. Yeah, we all don’t like it, but these conditions exist now. I hope they change. Middle class people still prosper in this environment including me and my employees, and I am grateful. If you are not as prosperous, it isn’t due to “creeping fascism”. In addition, when the SHTF happens (if it every does) people with a prosperous mind set will find a way to prosper and survive. Some people prospered in Selco’s town, some prosper now in North Korea and in Cuba — all in spite of bad governments.

            • Yer still a wog!? Stand at attention. Now tell me why you aren’t a shellback sir.

              • Me thinks the RTBs have no clue what a wog and shellback are.

        • We were oblivious to any of these things happening; remember, until about 5 years ago, I was a there goes the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’!!

        • Navy Wog,
          I agree with your comments about postive energy attracting positive outcomes and I think that those ideas are pertinent here.

          One observation is that we can put the energy out there but it sometimes manifests in strange ways. A friend of mine decided that he would get one million dollars for his writing. So he spent hours focusing and visualizing the results. He did sell his article for one million dollars but the dollars were from a foreign publisher with a different kind of dollars. His foreign dollars amounted to about $120 American money.

          I have sometimes wondered if all the people visualizing being wealthy and having millions and billions of dollars are just visualizing us into hyperinflation.

          I also wonder if part of the negativity that is building throughout our society wide is a result of the years of fear mongering and the effects of raising children in herds (public schools)with limited direct adult input. I think there can be a societal energy that can manifest in some rather nasty ways. Postive thinking may mitigate some of the effects of the wave of the future but I do not think it can negate a massive collective insanity. However, giving into negativity would be giving up the battle without even trying to be successful. So I will continue to do my best to remain positive.

          • Merree, I especially liked your third paragraph. And there is a massive collective insanity. How did this come about? How and who attracted that in? Yes, it is hard to overcome, but focusing on it just creates more of it. I think liberty, freedom infused into the masses will make a big dent in the insanity. I watched Rand Paul on the Senate floor. The outcome of all his “liberty” speeches was nearly a complete turnaround flip-flop in the polls for approval for use of drones on US citizens. It took just one day for him to dramatically sway public opinion against drones.

      15. Get your prepping done.

      16. 4 year prepper says:

        This reminds me of a poem my Mother cut out of a newspaper. It witnessed to me so strongly I commited it to memory as a young teenager. For those that have never seen it:

        Darwin’s Mistake

        “Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
        Discussing things as they’re said to be.
        Said one to the other “Now listen you two,
        There’s a certain rumor that can’t be true.
        That man desended from our noble race
        That very idea is a disgrace

        No monkey ever deserted his wife
        Starved her babies or ruined her life.
        And another thing you will never see,
        A monk build a fence around a coconut tree
        And let the coconuts go to waste
        Forbidding all other monks to taste.
        If I put a fence around tree
        Starvation would force you to steal from me.

        Here’s another thing a monk won’t do,
        Go out at night and get in a stew,
        And use a gun,or pull a knife
        To take some other monkey’s life.

        Yes, man descended, the ornery cuss,
        But brother, he didn’t descend from us.”

        Don’t look down on the troubled waters of your life, you will lose your equilibrium. Look up.

        My mother also said ” I cried because I had no shoes and then I saw a man with no feet.”

        4 year prepper

      17. Insanity.


        • How many of the cops would have shot people grabbing food?

          • I really couldn’t see any of the cops wanting to go to prison for shooting unarmed people. Crowd psychology often surprises me. If one or two walked past the police the rest would follow. There were not enough police to stop hundreds.
            My grandson attends a grade school that is rapidly evolving from lower to upper class. The are used to be very poor and is in the midst of gentrification. Area businesses have donated items for decades including clothes and food. The donations continue even though there are more depressed schools nearby. My grand kid’s school is made up of the have and have not.
            Guess who takes the free food and items? The more affluent parents. Why is this? Why take free stuff when a person has the means. Pride is a attribute of the past.
            My point is that poor people make poor choices. People of means will accept handouts without shame.
            There were numerous people showing up for free food who do not need it. Watch videos of the people. You will see what I mean.

      19. A few thoughts:

        1) One less supermarket to serve the community. The citizens will have to travel farther to get grocery store quality food.

        2) Giving the food away would take sales away from the next nearest store

        3) By the police taking control of the food, they took possession, there’s no middle ground.

        4) This wasn’t a government decision, it was a bank that owned the property that the food was sitting on and it was the bank that said to dump the food.

        5) If the people were really starving, a couple of cops and a weak barricade wouldn’t have stopped them from taking the food.

        6) Another sign of city decay and economic troubles.

        7) Great word of mouth networking.

        8) Attaboy to the out of business company to offer up the food

        9) If someone got food that they didn’t like they would have lawyered up and then Jackson and sharpton would be all over the news.

        • Good points. There is plenty of blame to go around. The supermarket had contacted a food bank to pick the items up. They did not show up. Rather than giving the food away when it was technically theirs, the store waited until it no longer belonged to them. This seems intentional and meant to make the bank look bad and to cause them problems.
          The police were left enforcing a stupid law that could have been resolved by a number of people prior to the last minute.
          Good news, a lot of the food in fact did make it to the food bank after all. Banks are not fast decision makers by design. They finally did the right thing. The store set this up and didn’t have much to lose by making the bank look bad.
          Not defending anyone but the store could have and should have done the right thing. They went out if their way to be difficult.

          • Perhaps they were hoping for a food riot. Think about the press and how they could’ve sensationalized this:


            A riot broke out today, as a massive group of starving zombies rushed police barricades to get to food donated to the local food bank. The police were tasked with protecting the cache until food bank workers could retrieve it. Amazingly, no one was bitten…

      20. Shame on Y’all!

        What if some of that food was outdated?

        What if some of that food was in dented cans?

        What if people clipped attatched coupons they had no right to redeem because they did, in fact, not make a purchase?

        What if people traded cans of beans for cans of SPAM, or worse, chips or cookies?

        What if someone became ill from eating any of that food?

        Who would be responsible?

        So please, have some compassion for the bank, the authorities and others involved in this situation. They just didn’t want to cause any health problems for the community or expensive and lengthy litigation.

        I applaud them for their civic responsiblity.



        • He ment sarc/on… if not, eat sun-baked mayo,tool…

      21. The marshal said, “We don’t have authority to take posession of the property; We just have to make sure that it’s handled, disposed of by law.”

        Some of you will remember this term- “It was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”

        That’s the government way. Up is down. Everyone is equal. Some are just more equal than others. War is peace, etc.
        Orwell wasn’t an author. He was a prophet! (still sucks to live it out, though

        • Caesar conquered Gual through warfare in order to pacify it.

        • We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
          George Orwell

      22. God is Love… people forgot Love.

        • Grasshopper, Yes it is awsomely true that God is love, and I truly believe that someday soon we shall all witness his magesty.
          That said, the apostle Paul said if you don’t work, neither shall you eat.

        • Well, in the words of an old book title, “In God We Trust; All Others Pay Cash.”

      23. While I can agree tossing the food was stupid and irresponsible, I also have to agree the people whining and crying in that video should’ve tried to make their welfare checks and EBT cards go further. They don’t have any real complaints; never did and never will. It’s disgusting to hear someone crying they couldn’t get any “free” food. OUR TAX DOLLARS, YOURS AND MINE, GET WASTED ON THESE USELESS PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING FOR THEMSELVES AND THINK THAT THE WORLD OWES THEM SOMETHING! NOBODY OWES THEM SHIT! i’m just so sick of our tax dollars being wasted on these useless eaters. When everything collapses, those people will be among the most dangerous and will be first to loot, riot, etc. it’s going to be hell on earth. Everyone, get everything you can now while there’s still time. i’m going shopping again over the weekend. Braveheart

        • I give you 1200 thumbs up on that braveheart , dems day b da people i’s b prepping fo.
          That whole video is what I prepp for………most people I know would be fine if something I.e. collapse happens,but “THOSE” people on the vid ,the ones at this place in the middle of a normal work day,who ain’t gots no food…..all fat by the way…….will be the ones my sights are on…easiest way to kill them now…..hide the ebt card in their work clothes………

          • …easiest way to kill them now…..hide the ebt card in their work clothes……… That be funny, I don’t care who you are.

        • +1 bh, wonder how many of them pulled up in an Escalade, use their EBTs to purchase smokes, booze and lottery tickets.

        • Braveheart ~

          I often agree with you, but I don’t this time.

          You don’t know the story behind the people hoping to take this food home. There is an epidemic level of unemployment in the US right now. Many people have fallen off the unemployment rolls and no longer receive even that small amount. They lost their job, can’t get another, and can’t afford to move someplace with better opportunities because of reasons A and B.

          I don’t know if you’ve ever been broke and poor, but I have. It’s a horrible, humbling, humiliating circumstance when you feel that desperate. Are they poor through some fault of their own? Possibly so, but we all make mistakes financially and professionally.

          You don’t know their stories. There is a difference between a welfare lifer and someone who has fallen on hard times, but you can’t see that difference in a video.

          We all talk about the collapsing economy, but then are quick to blame the people that are suffering and going hungry for their plights. I’m not trying to offend you, Braveheart, because I think the world of you. I’m just suggesting a bit of compassion and a suspension of judgement.

          ~ Daisy

      24. NavyWog, welcome aboard and I have to agree with everything you said. Like you, I’m deeply saddened and angered by the things that have been done to this country. once the balloon goes up, everything will change. All the politicians better have their ‘exit strategy’ in place. If I find any of them….. braveheart

        • BH, thank you for your kind welcome. I agree with you as well, and enjoy reading your input.

      25. Slot the f***ers and take the food, anyway.

        Problem solved.

      26. My sister worked at Kmart and they threw away items, non-perishables and food, because they were afraid of making someone sick and being sued.
        It happens.
        But, usually, someone told the needy and they got to the dumpster before it was emptied by the city.

      27. And yes, those cops could have gone for a coffee break and looked the other way.
        THE MAN will have questions for them one day.
        ‘It was just my job and I followed orders’ won’t cut it with HIM.

      28. After the collapse I will sit back and laugh.

        Every American should have a pallet of beans, rice, powdered milk and be armed.

        I’m ready for ww3 are you?

        North Jersey.

        • I hope for your sake that you distance yourself from North Jersey in the event of the SHTF. You against a few million? You against government that would in NJ would not hesitate for a fraction of a second to confiscate your stores for “The Common Good” (or themselves for that matter).

      29. Sounds a little like Mogadishu in the 1990’s.

        They haven’t turned the machine guns on the populace yet. That comes later.

        If the apparatchiks had been so concerned about a riot, they could have a least kept people back and then had the food trucked to the nearest food bank where it could have been distributed in an equitable manner.

        Instead….they throw it away. Ah yes….your government at work….And on the spot to “help” you.

        We need to brink back tar and feathers.

        • brink=bring

          Fat-fingered it.

        • “Sounds a little like Mogadishu in the 1990′s.”

          The likes of which I hope to NEVER see again.

          • I don’t think luck will be on our side in that wish.


        Now if Obummer wanted to tax my silver in my home safe…he’s have to get by my mean dog….move tons of shit and then crawl way under the house and they try and open up the safe that is bricked in. Then he’d have to do that to millions other silver owners.

        See…you’re money IS safer in your own home than in a bank and make sure it’s God’s money…real silver.

        Funny… look at Obama…like a kid with a new credit card.
        spend, spend, spend.

        Do all you can to hide your wealth from the boomers…they plan on stealing it.

        • Spend ,spend, spend,,typical black man. Paid on Friday,,broke on Monday,,,repeat…….

          • Yep, and look good with that little white whore on his arm while walking the isles at walmarket, the drug house and then the night club. Monday comes, if he makes it to work, bum lunch money from white boys. Start over. Repeat these lines all week; “I can’t pay any chile support pay ments, cause i had to pay car e surrance, let me ax mommma if she got any munnies.”

        • It would be unethical to put an IED in the safe. Don’t do that.

        • NK is shaking us down for aid again. They wait until we’re occupied elsewhere and they pull these stunts. Historically a back room deal is cut, they back off and six months from now the IMF “loans” them money and they get food and fuel. I think the budget is getting tight and we’re calling their bluff or the deal is being discussed right now.

          If a war broke out in the end South Korea and China would be swarmed with refugees.The North Korean government would loose the power to deceive their people from the reality of just how bad a place NK is.

          • If I remember correctly, a regular (hourly) poster here, said we(USA) were no better off than the north Koreans, or something to that effect. Not to call attention to him, but i think he goes by something like eisenstien????

      31. Just the other day I was behind a woman with a EBT card. She checked out a half filled shopping cart gave the checker her card and all of a sudden the system went down. The checker told her cash or visa. She had neither so she left with out the food, looking very confused and unsure.
        You see, this is all it takes to control or starve people dependent on the government.

      32. Wake up SHFclan… the endgame is “Eugenics”… dead people = Good— if your clueless which most of you are, watch “Endgame”—




        • When SHTF we need to collect supplies from the banker’s houses.

          • Screw that!!!

            Collect their “HEADS” instead!!!

            • Yeah baby. Collect their heads, pull out the bankers goddam fingernails. Then shave their heads and make their bodies walk backward. Yeah. Then punk their head by nailing it to a Washington mutual sign in a junkyard. Then pull out their eyeballs and stick one in their ear and the other in their nose. Then…… Oh fuck it. You are as another person posting here says. …. A fucktard.

      34. What happen to common sense. This is how stupid we become. We don’t know how to think anymore. Very very sad. We will fail as a nation. The world is laughing at us. THIS IS HOW WE THINK NOW.

      35. Still think Troopers are your best protection, old people? You Republican knuckleheads have been steadily letting Amerikkka’s swineist getting away with more and more because you “want a clean city.” How’s that workin’ for ya?

        • And all the while The Democrats have been faithfully working hard for the little man?

          Ya got to break away from the nonsense Left verses Right dynamic. There is but one real Political Party that has two wings both working for the interests of the power elite.

          • You got it. It’s the progressive party and it is why you get the same shit, no matter which party is in power.

            The Progressive party are also the one’s you’ll see coming out of the woodwork to say anything and everything they can against someone ‘off the reservation’.

            See Mccain re the Rand Paul filibuster.



            • You stated, “You Republican knuckleheads “.

              You knuckleheads would have been more accurate.

              • He also puts the mouth on the democrats. He is a libertarian. He is right. Republican and dem are the same. Both want in your pocket and both want to mess in your life.

                • Yeah. What these guys say. You mom must have used your head as a bowling ball. Your momma must have slammed your head against a fucking curb.

            • The 2 best reasons I can think of that you’re a democrat.

              1. You keep yammering about republicans
              2. you’re an anti-semite

              Both hallmarks of a democrat.

        • Why are you so f-ing stupid? Did your momma use you as a basketball and dribble your head of the floor? Something had to happen to make you so f-ing dumb.

          • She dropped him head first out of his seaplane,he landed on the deck of his boat and became a famous “rear” admiral.

        • Moron.

          • That was for Eisencrap by the way.

        • Hi Satori.

          I’ve looked into this and it appears that it’s all true. The big banks in Canada are TD-Canada Trust, Scotiabank, Royal Bank, and Bank of Montreal. If folks have money in any of these they need to be moving it to a credit union ASAP. It looks as though the smaller banks and credit unions will not be affected by this theft clause.

          It’s called a “bail-in” – where the customers take care of the deficits suffered by the banks.

          My daughters have very small trust funds left to them when their father died and I’ve been pestering their grandpa to move those accounts for over a year now. I’ve sent him this information in the hopes that he’ll finally listen to me. I’m going to be seriously ticked off if they lose their money because he thinks I’m some crazy conspiracy theorist.


      36. If they were worried about a mob scene, they should have just called the local food banks and they would have gladly picked it up and distributed it. The food banks in my are would have loved the opportunity to feed so many people. Sometimes, people just don’t use common sense.

      37. I saw this earlier today and I almost cried. Regarding whether or not law enforcement will blindly follow orders in a shtf situation, I believe we are witnessing the answer.

        • I think if those people in the crowd looked genuinely hungry and destitue (not fat and happy), things would have been different. A food bank would have been nice. The crowd to me looked like freeloaders with open hands.

        • I don’t know how many will want confront a bunch of armed rednecks to protect some bank branch after a “haircut” has been ordered. The cops’ paychecks are probably direct deposited in some bank.

      38. Life as we know it is coming to a close due to the Government as in the Bible it will be our ruin and the heavens will take over. The time has come, just a short time now…


        Gerald Celente: “They are going to debase the currency”.
        The dude holds gold and silver.

        I bought silver at $13. ha….go look it up now.
        This guy is right.

        • The end of the democracies, is in the failure of money.

          This was predicted long ago.

          Celente got took by the CME, but he wasn’t the only one. Cyprus is just a boil on the ass of the world financial system.

          Jon Corzine ring a bell?

          I bought silver when it was $3, who’s ya daddy now.

          • I got mine at $18…and 19…and 20. Who’s ya third cousin now!

            • You’ll always be number 1 cuz w/me smokin..



      41. Off topic, but interesting to consider what precedent may be set by this:

        “UN creates first offensive military unit

        The UN Security Council has unanimously approved the first ever “offensive” UN peacekeeping force to battle the insurgency in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The new unit of 2,500 troops will be made up of three infantry battalions, one artillery and one special force and a reconnaissance company with orders to “neutralize” and “disarm” militants in the east of the country. The UN will also deploy surveillance drones by July to monitor borders with Rwanda and Uganda to track the extremist activity. The resolution’s mandate to conduct “targeted offensive operations” has never been given to a peacekeeping mission before.” – source RT

      42. RE: Cyprus bank THEFT. (IT IS NOT A “HAIRCUT”)


        A gent was saying he was pulling his funds just to teach the bankers they should not do this. If people don’t react..that tells them it’s OK to steal money.

        “Depositor payback” he said.

      43. I bet dollars to doughnuts that those cops had the time of their lives, and simply RELISHED the power of denying food to those people. Nothing more satisfying to petty tyrants than having the power of life over desperate people, being able to rob them of their dignity.

        • You are a fucking moron. Yep the police live for watching kids go hungry. You are a retard.

          • There are two kinds of cops — those who enjoy protecting and serving and those who enjoy using their power to watch others squirm. I have had numerous interactions with police and feds of both types. The police in this story clearly fall into the latter category. They are tyrants and scum. Sorry if I hurt for feelin’s, Orrin. Go get a hug.

          • What, in your experience with police, indicates to you that cops DONT relish power over people.

            EVERY experience with a cop I’ve ever had, in addition to the thousands of videos of them on youtube being bullies, dicks and tyrants indicates cops absolutely LOVE their little power trips over people.
            So yea, they were having a good time.

            • My experience has been limited when it comes to cops. My experience with life is extensive. The reason cops don’t deal harshly with me is that I don’t do stupid shit. You tube really? There are videos of every race, most jobs, men, women etc all acting like fools. Not a great source to make your point. Maybe the cops treated you like a turd because you are one. Your passive aggressive posts make me want to abuse you.

              • You mean all the videos of cops on the job undergoing tyrannical power trips isnt a good indication that cops are tyrannical dickheads? *Who knew*

                And I’m sorry, your typical traffic stop is not necessarily an indication that someone did something stupid. I dunno, my life experience tells me laws are made to MAKE criminals. Perhaps you missed that because you’re likely a slack jawed moron.

                Passive aggressive? perhaps you should look that up because I don’t think you know what it means.

                Abuse me? Good luck with that, dumbass. I’ll put you down like a cheap hooker on payday.

        • mmm… doughnuts!

      44. Since it is rarely sung, here is the final verse of the national anthem of the United States of America, “The Star Spangled Banner”:

        Oh, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand
        Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation;
        Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land
        Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
        Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
        And this be our motto: “In God is our trust!”
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
        O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

        Keep the FAITH

      45. It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

        a couple of passages you NEED to read

        “No exception is indicated for “insured deposits” in the U.S., meaning those under $250,000, the deposits we thought were protected by FDIC insurance. This can hardly be an oversight, since it is the FDIC that is issuing the directive”

        “Are you safe, then, if your money is in gold and silver? Apparently not – if it’s stored in a safety deposit box in the bank. Homeland Security has reportedly told banks that it has authority to seize the contents of safety deposit boxes without a warrant when it’s a matter of “national security,” which a major bank crisis no doubt will be.”

        “It is . . . amazing that Obama does not understand the political appeal of the nationalization option. . . . [D]espite this latest setback nationalization of the banks is coming sooner or later because the realities of the situation will demand it. The result will be shareholders wiped out and bondholders forced to take debt-for-equity swaps, if not hopefully depositors.”

      46. Being a perpetual recipient of charity should not be a lifestyle choice. It should not even be an option. Call it what it is.

        Gimme Dat!

      47. This story breaks my heart. I hope those people loot a Nike Store to get even.

        • Bleeding Heart, you be right. they should, Loot a Nike store. If Nike not be ripping them off $175 for a pair of sneakers. They be able to buy they own groceries. Trekker Out. Just Sayin!

      48. The government want give them anything for ‘free’ unless we pay for it first.

      49. Black-hearted bastards. What harm could there be in giving the food away instead letting it spoil? You can’t even give food away without breaking a stupid law. I call B.S. on that!

      50. I can hear the thunder…there’s a storm coming…..

      51. Give the cops a break people!!! They live in the same neighborhood as you. They shop at the same stores as you. Their kids go to the same schools as your kids. They go to the same church as you. Hell… some of them are probably deacons!! Many of them are veterans and hero’s who have fought for your freedoms. They put their lives on the line every day… just to make sure you are safe!! They will come to your house and take your guns or kill you when ordered to do so. Come on now people. They are just following orders. Give em a break!!

        • Give em a fucking donut while your at it, as I have said to the LEOs here before , its nice to hear your a good cop and you never ever did anything immorale or unjust to anyone under your jurisdiction, great and its reasuring we have your word for it, but ITS GETTING VERY HARD TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE between the good and the bad.
          Saying they were just following order doesnt cut it for the rest of us, most of us are vets and we know the difference between lawfull (morally sound) orders and tyranny. Didnt help anyone sitting in Ft Leavenworth ” but I was just following order, when we shoved your mom in the gas chamber” didnt work for the nazis at Nuremberg either. Get a fucking clue or ask someone that does, just following orders my fucking ass.
          Woah sorry for the rant, think I may have blown a gasket on that one. Hog be pissed.

      52. Greetings Folks….
        What the Cops did was perfectly LEGAL…
        What was allowed to happen to the food was NOT moral by ANY standards of right and wrong.
        As my law professor taught us long ago…things CAN be perfectly legal,and STILL be morally wrong.The fact that’s it LEGAL is what matters in court.This is why corporations HATE jury trials.A jury can decide for itself who’s right and what’s “legal”,beyond what even a judge “instructs” them to decide.
        As things go so very FUBAR more and more in our Republic we’ll see this type of “controlled destruction” ever increasing….After all, TPTB already have 1000% of what they need.They’re personal greediness coupled with their Satanically influenced power madness is what drives them to reach for total control of what the rest of us need or possesses.
        Such a fun ride we’re on!
        On a lighter note,fewer weeds left to cull from flower beds and “garden area”.I might even spring for a fruit tree to plant.
        You never know while your living thru a world-wide collapse of civilization how long it might take.Or even if God and his angles might just show up and meet out JUSTICE on HIS terms.Where will TPTB get a lawyer then?
        Best to All here,
        Hug your loved ones tonight,you might not get a chance later.

        • The Holocaust was perfectly “legal”.

          • Equating this story to the holocaust is not sincere. By the way, the holocaust involved killing hundreds of thousands. It was illegal and the war crime prosecutions were a formality. A lot of people have misconceptions about the German soldiers. They made the argument that they were following orders. In fact, they believed in Hitler and the party. Hitler came to be during horrific economic times in post World War One. He said things that many thought and took it to a more extreme level. He blamed the Jews for the loss of the war and the resulting economy. He also despised clergy for pacifying the masses and lawyers for getting in the way of progress.
            Watch a film on you tube called ” the charisma of hitler”. It is well done and illustrates my point. The German military knew exactly what they were doing. They had utopian views of how perfect the world would be without the people Hitler vilified.
            The Germans who willingly took part in war crimes were not just following orders. They were played by a mentally ill charismatic. Hitler gave them someone to hate and rally against. The German people did the rest. They tried to save their asses later by saying they were just following orders.

            • What really gives the lie to all that “just following orders” crap? They didn’t HAVE very specific orders. The high command officers rarely consulted with Hitler because it was annoying to talk with him. They just told everyone to “work toward Hitler” which meant to do whatever they thought he would want them to do, which is pretty much just what they did. The few former camp guards acquitted at Nuremberg were acquitted because they saved lives by sticking with the concentration camps and pretending that Hitler wanted them to perform harmless experiments (such as testing new shampoo products) on the inmates and to keep them alive from one experiment to the next. The Nazis’ orders were VERY open to interpretation, to put it mildly.

      53. Been gone awhile. Where the hell is Angelo? Back on topic. This article is complete bullshit.this article is blaming the wrong people. The store manager/ owners are the assholes. Don’t believe me. Check the stories from several sources. Either the author doesn’t know the truth or doesn’t present it. Big bad police made the food go to waste. I like different sources for my news. I come here for the rest of the story. Not the bullshit story.

        • I think he turned into an innocent bystander because of all the red thumbs.

          Why you ask, you miss him?

          • In an odd way, I do miss him. Not that I want him back. I am conflicted about him..I guess.

        • Angelo? He found out he was a Jew. Then his head exploded.

      54. Wont debate the right or the wrong,seems it could have been done differently but I wasnt there and cant say…I will however say I saw no one in the video in danger of starving or even going hungry,I did see alot of people who felt entitled to something they felt they had a right to for FREE…same crowd will be burning you outta your house and carting off your stuff and telling the newsman how they are in the right for takin away some selfish hoarders stuff so theys can feed their lil chilins cause theys gots rights to what they think they do even if its yours….What Im sayin folks is look deeper beyond the obvious face of the incident…these types people are all over and soon they may well be hungry for real…be careful!

      55. I find it very interesting
        the attacks on people getting food stamps

        is there abuse in the food stamp program ?


        but people abuse EVERYTHING don’t they?

        some doctors cheat Medicare
        most don’t

        some college students cheat on final exams
        most don’t

        some people falsely claim disability
        most don’t

        some people cheat on food stamps
        most don’t

        the food stamp program cost app 75 billion dollars in 2011

        but guess what the banker bailout is costing ???

        and the FED is still pumping liquidity into the market
        last figure I saw was app 85 BILLION A MONTH

        and we are helping bailout European banks as well

        pick and choose your battle peeps

        pick and choose your battles

        someone on food stamps is not gonna cost me or your our jobs

        some damn corrupt banker or Wall Street type will do that

        won;t they ????????

        • Your masters love it when the “house slaves” look down on the “field slaves”. Spot on Satori.

        • I have to agree completely.

          It all came to our face, literally, a couple weeks ago, when an elderly woman, say mid 60’s, came up to me and the wifey in the grocery store. She started by asking about an item she couldn’t find. It was apparent she was uneducated and poor. By trying to help her find what she was looking for, we got her full story and then some, over a ten minute episode.

          It seems as though her husband of 40 years decided to go for some “young stuff”, and knocked up their niece of 23 years old. He left the wife and then, because she couldn’t make the house payments, he had her evicted without a dime, and she was put on the street. She said she had always been a homemaker and never worked. Now the county and state is paying for her rent in a trailer park, and she has an EBT card with $400.00 credit each month.

          I think she deserves the help. I felt sorry for the old woman and she said they had no kids because she said he didn’t ever want any. With no SS retirement to fall back on, where would the old woman be without some help?

          • Wow I got a bridge to sell you,….real cheap too…sucker….bet she got in a efalade when she left.

            • I know people on food stamps. Its different in every state evidently because it is state administered…

              IN NC you don’t get no smokes, no cash, no nuthin, but…. food. And you gotta qualify with you’re damn tax forms …

              Every person I know that has it, I know needs it. And I don’t begrudge them getting it after what our lovely banker class has done to the economy.

              Those who say ‘go get a job’, better stop and look before they cast stones.

              There may not be any SHTF! There may be be continuing money whimpers… it may not go down with a bang, or a whimper, but a WHINE WHINE WHINE…

            • No Anony…

              She got a ride with one of her neighbors. She doesn’t even own a car. You know what you can do with your bridge, suckee.

              • If that’s true than I do apologie,…now how about the other 27,000,000. Lifers?

      56. That’s right ye all. Why dig in the dumpster anyway .Uncle Sammy has big wallet and lots of Printing presses .You get your EBT and get your food for free at the grocery store in dignity and pride .Let the Old Uncle keep on paying because that’s the way he wants it .

      57. REB, I’m with you all the way. The people in that video DEFINITELY looked like they should skip some meals. Not one desperate soul among them. All of them sponging off our tax dollars. I would support that food going to a legitimate charity sponsored by any church, but never to any freeloaders. If they already blew their monthly welfare check and/or maxed out their EBT card, tough shit. Nobody else’s problem but theirs. braveheart

      58. @ BigB. You mentioned that you feel that I know something that I am not telling everyone. Actually I am waiting for that precursor to the New Madrid breaking, and that is very likely going to come between 14 and 20 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This point is the joint that leads to the fracture. I went back and checked this area and it is an intersection that has been very quiet for the Atlantic that should not be. If you look at the direction in which the North American plate moves and take this on a three dimensional scale, you will find the connecting point from a to b goes right through the middle of the New Madrid.

        The Reykjanes Ridge affects the New Madrid but not so much because down at the other junction point between 14 and 20 degree north the twisting of the North American plate is more pronounced because the Caribbean and Cococ plate pushing more tension against the North American plate. This is why I am watching for this area for something above moderate size. I believe so is the USGS and other government agencies. THEY are picking up OTHER signs that the fault is undergoing what you can describe as a moaning effect and Before It’s News mnetioned with the strange booming sounds. Faults like the New Madrid will do this because of all the different points of stress building up. Alike the San Andreas, the New Madrid is a very uneven and fractured fault zone that will not break easily and clean. Thus 2 or more same size 8+ will hit like back in 1812.

        Straight up, the USGS would not be wasting time and resources unless they knew something was wrong down there, really wrong. Many of these so called military deployment signs people have been noticing over the past few months have been too close for comfort to the New Madrid. This is why I have been saying to everyone, all this military prepping for martial law might have NOTHING to do with anything financial at all. I still go with the physical that brings on the physical nightmares everyone is talking about.

        I have noticed some intense activity on the plate boundaries and I mean intense as in multiple different spots all over the place. The Scotia plate down in the South Sandwich Islands has been extremely active on eastern portion and this means that other much bigger plates are on the move causing this. IF the western portion of this plate gets going towards the Drake Passage, especially south of 60 degrees south, I would put all of California on a much higher state of alert. Right now out of the past 10 earthquake plate boundaries, 9 times in the past these areas have targeted Mexico and Central America. I would say a very large quake is coming here.

        I also feel that the government could know something about a planned red line attack in the Middle East. This could be why they are getting ready for mass chaos in the U.S. and a martial law state. It is fairly certain that when this happens that Hezbollah will launch widespread attacks in the U.S., including weapons of mass destruction. This oceans protect us is pure crap that the mass media feeds everyone. Hezbollah and MS-13 gangs have been for years getting ready for the day when Iran is attacked. Thanks to a porous southern border, you could have a mini-Red Dawn the movie type of an attack from the south.

        Remember Hezbollah was the ONLY military power to draw even with Israel from all previous wars, during that 2006 war. They are not Al Qaeda, and you could compare the two with Al Qaeda being a junior high school football team and Hezbollah being a professional football team, the stark differences are that much. Terrorists experts call Hezbollah the A team and any other they don’t even assign a letter to. They were given a rating as the 5th toughest military in the Middle East behind only Israel, Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. This is the problem when war breaks out in the Middle East, you have an enemy with many dangerous worldwide tentacles with many very modern weapons, most of them from China.

        There are other possibilites to why the U.S. has brought up all this ammunition, and it might just be that it is not to be used against U.S. citizens. ONE CAN ONLY HOPE that it is going to be used against a type of foreign invader. It is probably a BO plan for control because of either a known catastrophe coming or a PLANNED false flag.

        Something is wrong though and it would be very interesting to see on a map all strange military type exercises in or around major populated areas. I will put a small bet that these would be in the following areas: Gulf Coast, Mexican border regions, the west coast following the San Andreas and Cascadia faults, within 200 miles east and west of the New Madrid, and I would suspect close to all ICBM silos in the interior parts of the U.S. because of what is happening with China and Russia. People out there could report back on this to everyone.

        Right now it is a waiting point to see those harbingers such as activity at junction points of the plates and/or other signs like rapid military hardware movement towards a focal point. Ears and eyes be alert at all times during the day and night.

        • @BI: I saw 10 Military semi-tanker (Fuel) trucks in convoy going across Illinois Interstate 64 Tues night. They were heading toward St. Louis. FYI.

          Keep the FAITH

          • Thanks Watchman.


        • Thanks BI.


        • bi, thanks for your insights. I too would like to see an analytical map on these deployments because like you I think they may be mobilizing ahead of some “event”.

        • BI:

          I read your posts regularly and you are always spot on…so your comments about the New Madrid scare me as I am scheduled to travel for work and be away from home from April 8 to April 18th. After that, I will be traveling every other week for the next 4 months.

          What scares the BEJEEZUES out of me is an event like the New Madrid happening when I am away from home at a work site. I know that you can’t say for sure, but do you see something like this happening in the next few months?

          I am just trying to plan and prepare in case something does happen while I am away from home.

          Thanks again for all of your insight and knowledge and the willingness to share it with all on this site.

          God bless!

          Southern Gal

        • Time to thin the herd.

      59. Can (barely) understand the
        “orders from the ptb” but would have expected more from the law enforcement on the scene….would it not have been in the interests of all for that food to have been taken to the nearest food bank???

      60. @ Be Informed, I remember several articles back Mac saying something regarding posting a new article from you? Been waiting patiently my friend!

        JOG, I appreciate the technical and non technical updates.

        Daisy, People should apologize for all the red thumbs up above. You could say anything and I wouldn’t red thumb you because you have earned the benefit of the doubt and regulars here know you don’t write any crap.

        Okie, keep em coming, we all need a smile.

        Mac, thanks for the forum!

        God Bless!

        • @ Norse Prepper. I sent Mac a 5000 word article that I wrote that I feel many people would enjoy. Mac is evidentally busy as it takes a lot of time, as he refines such articles to make it really read worthy. I kind of want to surprise everyone when Mac finishes making it really good, but I can say it has to do with the vast majority of the masses that choose to not prepare.

          • Very cool. I guess I will continue to remain patient…


        • Thanks, Norse Prepper. Yes, BI and JOG have done Mac, and all of us, a great service with their work here. And Daisy has definitely earned the right of benefit of the doubt. She even has the integrity to post a correction when needed (which isn’t often. she obviously researches her sources well). Me? Just a court jester, stumbling in occasionally to drop a few juggling balls.
          What impresses me most here, is the HUGE number of regulars who add so much to the overall fun and information value of the site. To name them all would take way too much time and space. But they know who they are. This truly is a unique place.
          The real genius of it all is that Mac has, somehow, been able to maintain a forum with thousands of regular readers, and hundreds of commenters, who communicate with sincerety, even an intense passion, yet it almost never devolves into the childish tit-for-tat profanity of other blogs. Not sure how he does that, but it’s why shtfplan is my first choice every time I log on.
          Now, enough of my emotional back-patting. Time to practice the juggling act with those flaming chainsaws ……..ouch!

          • Careful now!!! I almost felt bad listing people because there are sooooo many other regulars.

            Just remember Okie, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!


          • @Smokin et al

            The success and comraderie here is exactly why we are a target for trolls and bitter-clingers (the REAL bitter-clingers). Those of us who get the troll swipe or a personal assault can rest assured that the reason they’ve been hit is because they spoke up and have some type of proficiency that the trolls can’t stand. It’s childish online-jealousy. If only that negative energy was put towards something productive, the trolls and bitter-clingers wouldn’t have so much animosity.

            Face it, we HAVE what they want. And if only they would re-direct their negativity, they could have it, too.

          • More methinks than merely “Court Jester” Senor’ Smokin,

            Friend, the art of Living lies in our ability to laugh…for what is life
            without the ability to see through it to the humour underneath? Many is the day
            I’ve come here – black-hearted, full of worry and recrimination – and seeing
            what you have posted here I was REMEINDED to laugh…such as THAT is truly

            So Many here have contributed knowledge, techniques…but moreover THEMSELVES,
            surely , the very definition of “Community”. Remember these days, for it is the
            bane of Men that they forget. None knows what will come, each of us will face it
            as best as we can, though I beleive that what we have collectively created here
            in Mac’s little universe will – quite possibly, for someone – be the difference
            between triumph and failure….Life and Death. Each and Every person here who
            has efforted themselves to show forth the knowledge they hold does so in the
            underlying HOPE for the Future…Look ‘Inside’ youselves,; is this not so?

            There are now two, distinctly different, utterly opposed motivations acting
            on the world we see around us, attempting to solve a vast equation…Life or Death.
            In the first camp are those who treasure love, family, honesty, righteousness.
            In the second camp are those who prize greed, lust, hatred and strife. Tumults
            WILL follow in the days to come….absent yourselves from these, seek only after
            the safety of you and your’s. Those of the second camp are at thier fundament those
            who cannot view the world as anything other than an opportunity for predation; the
            predators among us, the opportunist…who cannot see beyond the noses on thier own
            faces. I have said this here before, I will repeat it:

            All that is obtained by FORCE must evermore be MAINTAINED by it,

            All that is obtained through LIES must forever be covered by more of the same,

            All that is done by us, upon each other that stems from Hatred will continue

            Who here does NOT know these things?

            The solution to the equation of which I spoke above is proceeding at a faster
            and faster rate each day: It is accelerating! This is both Good and Bad. It is
            good because tHAT means that the solution will soon be at hand. It is bad because
            that solution will NOT come without Misery and Pain…and Death. Many who live now
            will in years to come recount tales of Horror to those who follow us…REMEMEBER
            all that you SEE in the days ahead…these tales will NEED to be told to our
            posterity so that they KNOW what happened in these times…so that THESE times are
            NOT Forgotten!!!

            See to your own safety and those whom you love…preserve you SPIRIT through what
            is to come: We must not arrive on the other side of this become the very thing which
            will have been the cause of be the destruction of the World. DO NOT LOSE YOURSELF!!


            Defend yourselves – Furiously – when the need arises. LOVE one another daily,
            WORK hard and impress upon those who are your’s the value of work…which is LIFE!

            Those arrayed against the Human race now, have a Terrible, Fatal flaw. They are
            similar in their greed and short-sightedness to nothing more than a school of Piranha
            in an ever shrinking pool…soon there will be nothing left for them to ‘eat’…but
            each other. Do NOT remain in the pool with them…LEAVE it! Make yourself ‘scarce’
            and invisible to them…by WHATEVER means you can. The more who take this message
            to heart the faster this will End…the sooner THEY will consume each other…
            leaving only us behind!

            TURN OFF THE “MACHINE”…turn it off NOW!

            Your participation in the ‘all that we see’ today is what ‘Feeds’ them. BEGIN
            removing youself from that eqaution…bit by bit, piece by peice…starve those
            who would EAT you….USE YOUR MINDS!

            “Think thrice…then ACT!”

            I say – again! – a NEW DAWN awaits those who can see this through to the other
            side…IT IS COMNG EVEN NOW…Look to the Dawn! Already it’s first rays can be seen
            …LOOK!!…LOOK HERE AT THIS PLACE. THIS place is a mirocosm of what is coming. The
            template for what will replace what has been!!

            Knowledge, freely givem…not horded!

            Community…in the Spirit of the Founders!

            Assistance…neighbor helping neighbor, doing what must be done…and receiveing
            it again in return!

            HAVE FAITH…IN YOURSELVES!!! Do not allow the enemies of Humanity to plant FEAR
            within you…fear is only an empty place where faith is absent. FAITH MAKES YOU IMMUNE
            TO THEM!!!

            The Dawn comes…soon. I say to you, “Prepare for the DAWN…it IS coming.


      61. “If someone were to come and announce that the enemy had just entered our cities, stolen away our wives and children, and desecrated our churches, who would not immediately rush to take up arms? Well, all these evils and others still worse have fallen on the family of America, which is also ours. It was dispersed by the sword of Liberals; Marxists destroyed the House of the People and circumvented our Constitutional laws. What else must take place for us to begin the repair of so many evils and avenge so many outrages? Will we let these Communists contemplate in comfort of peace the destruction and looting they have done in the House of the American People?! To arms! Let a holy ire animate us to combat. Think of how their triumph would be the cause of inconsolable sorrow for all centuries and an eternal shame for the generation that permitted it. Cursed be he who does not bloody his sword!”

        This is an excerpt from a speech of St. Bernard to the knights assembled in Burgundy, France on December 1, 1145, regarding the Second Crusade.

        Forgive me but I have changed the wording to fit what I believe is going on here in America today.

        Keep the FAITH

      62. @Be Informed – Thank you for your time, research, and
        effort. Your posts are very informative and many appreciate them. I have had a general unease over the past few months. I have learned to trust my intuition over time. It has served me well and has not let me down.

        This is Off Topic but it is regarding North Korea.

        North Korea Rockets On Standby To Hit U.S. Bases On Kim Jong Un’s Orders, KCNA Reports

        I hope they are only saber rattling. N.Korea can’t
        afford a war or stand alone in its fight.

      63. Sorry, the aol link did not work.

      64. Emily,

        The leader of North Korea is a crack pot, however this sabre rattling is standard operating procedure for North Korea.

        Every year or two they ramp up the rhetoric and the US makes a deal with them to give them aid of some sort. If he believes there is anything less than his destruction if he bombed a US base he is crazier than his dad was.

        That being said, I don’t believe him to be a very sane person. Anyone that surrounds themselves only with people to shower them with praise and worship eventually forms a god complex. He could actually think he could come out on top. Maybe he figures the US is neutered because of their ally China who holds the ability to bankrupt the US with a phone call.

        It is a wonderful and violent world we live in. Choose to focus on the wonderful and things we can control and leave the rest up to Him in my opinion.

        God Bless,

        • It really is a damned shame Kim Jong Un never got the call from our POTUS ala ANUS. I can imagine it going something like this:

          KJU: I kill Juuuuu
          ANUS: take it easy there young fella, you’ll ruin the nice smooth skin you got.. oooOooh
          KJU: …..(wtf?)
          ANUS: anyhow, listen, give me til fall. I’m creating the a Utopia for the gay and like-minded, you’ll fit right in!
          KJU: …..
          ANUS: I even got a name for it, “Democratic People’s Republic of nazameriKa”! DPRK see? we’re the same buddy, we can even merge.
          KJU: okay, okay! (hangs up)
          KJU: press it, nuke the round eyes, they crazy!

        • He definitely is a crackpot, and probably on a crackpipe with the likes of Dennis Rodman (faggot).

          He sure got an eyefull of the results of his sabre rattlin’, as well as myself. The sight of those twin, B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers arching thru the skies over South Korea struck a nerve with me.

          For the first time in many months I felt a sense of pride of being an American citizen. Putting all the liberals and Odrama bullshit aside, it felt good knowing that any rogue nation looking to bring harm to USA can be dealt with, swiftly and deadly.
          Just the site of those big birds was enough to feel a patriotic spirit towards the men and women of the military. I for one, am grateful for what they do and the sacrifices they make in the name of freedom.

          If anyone wants to knock them, then you can take Dennis Rodman and crawl up ‘Him Dung Gun’s’ bung run, and stay there.

      65. @ Eagle eye says:
        Comment ID: 1378342

        I can see the Wog’s point and Eagle eye too. Found a happier me when I could bring some humor here.

        Here is one for the newer folks as y’all may have this from before. This site lists the following categories and PDF files and links for each:

        Gardening, Food Production and Preservation
        – 29 Articles and links

        Food, Cooking, Recipes & Camp Techniques – 13 Articles

        Home Energy Production & Storage – 16 Articles and links

        Medical Reference – 11 Articles

        Survival & Emergency Preparedness – 18 Articles and links

        Self Defense & Weapons References – 11 Articles

        History, Politics, and General Literature – 17 Articles

        And the trolls can still piss up a rope!

        Y’all Beware! SNP – Smilin N Preppin

      66. Marshall Steve Smith- “we don’t have the authority to take possession of the property.”
        Why, because it belongs to the bank?
        Sure don’t have any problem taking possession of the peoples property though do you.

      67. America aborts babies and throw them in the trash. Why not groceries?

      68. Kmart & the police have different ideas on how to conduct a ‘blue Light Special’.

      69. I pay for my food. I fill my food trough and eat my fill. I share with friends and family too. The govt believes they have the right to force me to share my food trough with anyone they designate. The provide an EBT card to their chosen people, who are then ‘entitled’ to eat from Every-Body’s Trough. EBT. …they never offer to help with the dishes…

      70. of people would take the time to dig pits in their yards maybe they wouldnt feel so restrained to take action..

      71. ‘Threat Level Red’ Declared? Preparedness Pro – Air Force Reserve Base In Portland On Stand-by According to Preparedness Pro via a post on Facebook, the United States Military has gone to ‘threat level red’. After this original post was made approx. 5 hours ago (approx. 1:30 pm eastern time on Thursday March 28th, 2013), confirmation HAS BEEN received from 6 different sources as outlined in comments further down in the post. What are they preparing for? North Korea has declared war upon the United States and South Korea; the Pentagon has deployed B-2 Stealth Nuclear bombers to South Korea. One could quite easily say that WW3 is now upon the horizon. Let’s all pray that cooler heads prevail. The original Facebook post is here:

        Preparedness Pro
        5 hours ago
        BREAKING NE:–just got a heads up that the U.S. military has gone to threat level RED and the Air Force reserve base in Portland (OR) has been put on Stand-by.

        This is UNCONFIRMED so far—waiting on confirmation from multiple sources. Anyone else have any input? the next psyops will be on April 1 – APRIL FOOLS DAY. If they do something people won’t believe the report. A clever way to distort their psyche. Let all the unbelievers of the event feel like shit about not trusting the media. Making them more manageable in the not too distant future. It’s gonna be a quandry if they do decide to do something.


            air defense warning condition — An air defense warning given in the form of a color code
            corresponding to the degree of air raid probability with yellow standing for when an
            attack by hostile aircraft or missiles is probable; red for when an attack by hostile
            aircraft or missiles is imminent or is in progress; and white for when an attack by
            hostile aircraft or missiles is improbable. Also called ADWC.

      72. “we’re from the .gov and we’re here to help”

      73. So I see this morning that mr kim from N Korea is wanting to start a war or something. Is this guy just fucking stupid or what? By the time one of his rockets leaves the launcher there will be hundreds raining down on his ass. What an idiot.

        • @ Bill,

          “Is this guy just fucking stupid or what?”

          Herr Doktor JOG says,

          “Ummm, Ja! Hier we have a schelct case of “SRASIOA” syndrome…ist es ZEHR schlect!! ( is VERY BAD!)

          *SRASIOA = Sun Rises and Sets in own Ass” syndrome…


      74. >>Still think the government will help you should our financial, economic and political systems collapse? Still think they care about you or your children?

        Since our gvt is rapidly accelerating us to this scenario I can confidently say, that No. I don’t expect my grabberment to help us.

      75. I read with intrest concerning giving something energy.The native Americans prepared each year for winter.Were they giving energy to winter. I think not.And what would have happened had they not prepared? This idea that we can change the enemies thinking is simply a death wish.The dark side has been at this game for a very long time.Get off the knees and do something.Yes, we can control the energy we radiate in our own lives and maybe some people around us but that is exactly where it stops.We must know our enemy inside and out.What is coming cannot be stopped just like winter even with positive thinking.Prepare or die.

      76. “A lot of people are sad, a lot of people aren’t going to have food to put on their table; this is ridiculous, she said.”

        I guess the EBT cards weren’t working or something.

      77. During hurricane Sandy, here in NJ, if the power went out in a Supermarket, they had to throw all of the perishables away, even if they were still good!

        I saw this craziness first hand … if food is still good, why not give it to those in need.

      78. I am sad to admit that I have a mortgage with Suntrust. If I ever get a chance to refinance, it will NOT be with Suntrust.

        I am so glad I don’t do any other business with them. I will never do business with them again.

        There are ethical credit unions out there. Why do business with nasty companies like Bank of America or Suntrust.

        We all need to boycott these foul scum.

      79. No offense to any of those people wanting (extra)food for their pantry, but they are more than likely on food stamps and other types of help. Didn’t see much skin and bones in the vid!

      80. Mike the Gardener…..Why don’t they give the food away ? Liability, liability, liability…then lawyers.

        • Especially that crowd,any chance to sue for money,,absolutely ….we b owin them and shit yo!

      81. Free food would have hurt the other stores in the area, where these people normally use their SNAP cards. It’s all about the money & power!

      82. Take a good look at the video. This is what is going to accelerate in America. The only reason why there was no FREE FOR ALL is that Law Enforcement was there. Reguardless whether it was right or wrong on the food dispersal, the underlying factor is what were the people about to do.

        We are not that far away from Food Drops in refugee camps.

      83. An important video here, thanks for posting this story. In my local town many of the cops are veterans from iraq; trigger-happy thugs who would be more than happy to comply if they were ordered to setup roadblocks, beat people up, seize property, etc. And they are now militarized, with an unlimited supply of weapons to force compliance.

        I can’t see an economic collapse scenario where cops do anything other than do the bidding of those responsible for the collapse to begin with.

        Smart people have at least a plan to leave the country, at early signs of trouble.

      84. This is disgusting!

        I emailed the mayors assistant and urge others to do the same thing or to the local police / sheriffs there.

        [email protected] or their website

      85. The bank was cold-heated and the frenzy was pathetic. I don’t think I can take looking at another stereotypical single black mom complain about not getting free stuff.

        • Demcad!!!

      86. One thing the supermarket folks could have done to help mitigate this would have been to request police assistance and to have set up a giveaway in the parking lot prior to the foreclosure rather than waiting until the last possible minute. However this is money-junky thinking at it’s best (worst) by letting people go without rather than allowing them to take what they needed. Although, I can see a legal aspect to this in that they’d be responsible for the items going out into the public and not the supermarket itself. I suppose that’s a risk they opted not to take.

      87. See my lengthy post above for the ENTIRE Story.

        This food was donated to the Golden Harvest food bank TWO DAYS AGO!!!!!

        Facts are very important!

      88. Reposted…

        @ BI,

        G’Day Friend…an anticipated CHSS (Coronal High Speed Stream) began ‘painting’ the Earth yesterday evening producing some real perturbations in the terrestrial magnetosphere. Same completed in the wee hours this morning…however, we are STILL seeing broad deflections from true at all northen hemisphere monitoring locations. Specifically, the Northern Alaska chain has shown (on at least one channel) deviation of over 450 nT and similarly the Kiruna, Sweden station has shown single-channel deviations nearing 600 nT…

        To be frank, we’re not sure what is engendering these disturbances…there are NO Flares, NO CME’s, NO GRB’s (the last one, the night before was a very weak one) and so it might be prudent to watch things a bit more closely than usual. (?) The e3ffects noted extend all the way to the GOES-13/15 monitors and at first glance I’d want to say that this is from a non-terrestrial source. Though I admit, I’m somewhat mystified here as to from where…Eyes open Friend.


        • UPDATE,

          BI, the Kiruna monitor is showing a deflection nearing 1000 nt on the East-West channel…EYES OPEN FRIEND!!
          SOMETHING has got to be up here…&^&^*X#@!!


        • JOG,
          Just can’t abandon the paradigm of particles can ya ole buddy?

          I have your latest in my inbox and have been way too ill to deal with it yet…

          • Ho! Piper!!,

            What up Brother…Ill? Hey, i’ll drop you a line here in a bit…


      89. Hi my name is Steve Bullock .

        I’m the Governor of Montana and I love to suck Zionist Marxist Commie Schlonges .

        I just love em’ !

        ~Steve Bullock – MT Traitor

      90. I must ask and im sorry for this being off topic however does anyone know that if im not mistaken the president signed in to law HR933 which has a provision in it to protect monsanto Ie(GMO’s) from harm read these two different things and then i hoe you will understand what i mean. This saddens me a lot to know that the government ie president mostly doesnt give a F***ing S*** about us at all

        of course there is more than just two

        and this is something i think i will tweet to the president just so see what will happen

        again im sorry for the off topic subject

        on topic i can see why it would be bad to do it however I believe people can be civilized enough to get food in a line since we have done it before back in the 30 during the great depression #1 not to be confused with the one we are in now or going to be somewhat soon depending on the choices we make now

      91. “They look starving Americans in the face…”? Say what? I don’t see anyone there who looks like they are starving. On the contrary, and not to be nasty, they look as if they are eating all day long. Those people in the video are not starving, not by a long shot. They are there to get free food, that’s their main objective.

        • they live to be taken care of….and to vote for the black guy….otherwise not one in one hundred will ever amount to anything.

          when you FEED ’em you BREED ’em….

      92. amazes me how the local savages will actually get up off their ass and go down there with a cart when they hear something might be free for the taking… even though most of them are subsidized…

        I wish a bunch of white people wearing ‘Fuck Treyvon Martin” Tee-shirts bought-up the food right in front of these worthless savages for 10-cents on the dollar.

        And if y’all want to call me a racist for saying that go right ahead…it doesn’t affect me one bit. You think 40,000,000 blacks are going to sit still in their hoods and quietly starve to death WTSHTF????

      93. So the same banks that take tax payers money to be able to operate, now also have a say so as to whether these people eat or not? The same bankers who speculate with derivatives(gamble)? The same thing happened here where I live. They threw away the entire store because a fire broke out in a restroom and the Insurance company claimed it as a total loss. The entire store went into the garbage. Are we living in bizarro world? These are the people running all of this:

      94. That is total bullsh*t. It is quite obvious now that the only one looking out for you is … you.

      95. Thank you Norse Prepper, you’re right.

      96. Thank you Norse Prepper, you’re right.

      97. “When the machine breaks down, we break down”.

      98. “Just following orders” won’t cut it when the people (including “the people” in the U.S. military-meaning everyone not at the top) come calling…

      99. Sounds more like a case of people wanting something for nothing.

      100. Whether, as Mr. Blutarsky points out above the “whole story” is accurate, or if there is some truth in the food being deliberately thrown away for no other reason than “following orders,” I just have to say:

        I COULDN’T CARE LESS!!!!

        Why are so many so squeamish about this? LET the unprepared starve. LET the weak perish. Have the courage of your convictions and stop looking over your shoulder at the detritus of humanity.

      101. The assault weapon ban is nothing more than political porn for the left to distract you from the real issue, crushing poverty with little to no chance of getting out.

        Look up how many people are murdered on average each month in the US and then add up all the assault weapon shooting spree victims for the last 30 years, the numbers aren’t even close. The vast majority of those are committed with handguns, not assault weapons. You just don’t hear about the others because they mostly involve the inner city poor.

        Guns are not the issue, poverty is. Fix the poverty problem in this country and the number of gun deaths per year will plummet and the left and right in this country will need to find another issue to get their supporters whipped up about

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