Video: Americans Want Obama To Repeal The Bill Of Rights: “Let’s Do It, Let’s Get Behind It”

by | Jan 26, 2015 | Headline News | 208 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The Sheep are so easily led it’s almost frightening. 


    Beachgoers in San Diego blithely agreed that President Barack Obama should be given the power to completely repeal the Bill of Rights in the name of fighting ISIS in another disturbing insight into the unthinking malaise of many Americans.

    Told by media analyst and author Mark Dice that Obama had announced he was to repeal the Bill of Rights in order to “help make sure that we can keep everybody safe here in the homeland,” almost all the respondents agreed that eliminating constitutional rights was perfectly reasonable.

    Asked, “Is that the right decision – should we get behind Obama to make sure the ISIS threat doesn’t rear its head here in America?,” one man responded, “Yeah I would agree with that,” before adding, “Only time will tell whether it’s the right or wrong decision,” agreeing with Dice that Obama’s political advisors “know what’s best”.

    When another woman was told that both Republicans and Democrats were supporting the move to repeal the Bill of Rights, she responded, “Well if they’re agreeing on something then maybe it is a good thing,” before Dice adds, “It’s what’s best for the new world order.” “Well, let’s do it, let’s get behind it” urges the woman.

    Given “what happened overseas in Paris,” another man agrees that if the “experts” think the Bill of Rights should be repealed then Americans should support the move.

    Dice then interviews a woman who “absolutely” supports the move to repeal the Bill of Rights “for our own good” and to stop ISIS attacks. The woman then admits she is drunk and probably shouldn’t be doing interviews.

    Another man unflinchingly expressed his view that it would be “best for the country” to repeal the Bill of Rights and “modernize” the new world order. “That sounds great to me,” he exclaims.

    “Whatever he wants to do it’s probably best for the country,” agrees another woman before adding, “Go Obama!”

    Dice’s video once again underscores how Americans will dispense with critical thinking and go along with virtually anything if asked about it in a calm and assertive manner. Note how Dice nods his head as he is asking the question, prompting instantaneous fealty and obsequiousness from each individual.

    Last week, Dice also trolled San Diegans by telling them that Martin Luther King, who was murdered nearly 47 years ago, had just died. Instead of correcting him, the respondents went on to concur with several other erroneous claims, such as King being the first African-American to walk on the moon and the first African-American to appear on Mt. Rushmore.

    The beachgoers seem to be particularly fervent about relinquishing constitutional rights. In number of separate videos, Dice gets them to agree to repealing the 1st amendment, the 4th amendment and the 5th amendment.

    In another segment, college students sign a petition to imprison all registered gun owners, while in another video San Diegans support a move to confiscate guns from Tea Party members and repeal the 2nd amendment.

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      1. Idiots are born every day.

        • every second

            • San Diego is a leper colony. Frack those people.

              • OK, so we have a video that proves that people have no idea what the BOR is and what it does. The crooked, greedy criminal bastard thieves in Washington have to watch this video and grin from ear to ear.

                Actually, its just sad. People are a sad case of stupidity.

                Earth? How about “Retard” or “Idiot” instead?

                Surely, on this planet, somewhere, there is an enclave of people with IQs greater than that of an oyster!

                • NetRanger, there’s only one enclave of such people I know of and that is the prepper community.

                  • LOL. I just wonder how long did he walk around and look for the biggest idiots in the area or how many people did not agree with him or how many people laughed in his face. However it is funny to see stupid people. He needs to go into an inner city ghetto and ask the same questions and I will guarantee you will be laughing your asses off

                    • yeah, as sad as it is to see people that are so clueless and dumb/ignorant, this video doesn’t prove that a majority of americans are for this.
                      What is saddest is that an american president would even propose this sort of thing.
                      But…..I have always felt that a president in this country is just a spokesperson for the people that actually own this country. We all know by now that voting makes no difference. We only get two choices (kind of) and both of them are chosen by the owners of this country. So, whoever wins the election will do their bidding. Or else they’ll end up like JFK.(USA’s last real president.)
                      “If voting made any difference, we wouldn’t be allowed to do it.”

            • The Republicans now control the House and the Senate.

              If they [republicans] had control of the White House, things would be better!

              • a coin may have two sides, but its still a coin.

                • Part of the problem is professors who feed kids B.S.

                  My daughter knows about the Bill of Rights, etc. but she refuses to believe how corrupt our government and TV are.

                  Years ago, when I told her about the NDAA bill and Obama signing it, she got hysterical, saying, “oh, mom, everything you read on the Internet you believe!!” There is no such thing as an NDAA bill and even if there was, there is no way Obama would sign it! It would be Unconstitutional!”

                  Her professor told her that most everything on the Internet is bologna and the Media is all correct. So this is what she has been taught and unfortunately believes.

                  Same thing about drones. When I mentioned something about drones, she said, “Drones?? Drones?? Listen to yourself, how you sound! There is no such thing as a drone! If there were drones, don’t you think I would have heard of them??!”

                  Anyhow, she has no faith at all on anything found on the Internet– that’s what her college professors advised her. He is of, for and by the establishment and she has been brainwashed to believe all he told her (garbage).

                  • Anon, I do feel sorry for your daughter. She has had an overdose of koolaid from the professors and the MSM.

                    • I don’t feel sorry for her.

                      There is ignorance, and then there is willful ignorance. Another way of putting describing it is “stupid”.

                      A person who does not take the time to educate themselves on what is going on in their world is not ignorant. They are stupid.

                      I don’t feel sorry for stupid people.

                    • Cuz get the hell back to being Braveheart. Maverick just don’t fit. We won’t even let you back into the clan with that monicker.

                  • There is an old word that isn’t used much anymore, that fully describes a large segment of society.

                    The word is “One-upmanship”.

                    Many of today’s so-called scholars/professors/teachers play that game.

                    Sadly, the majority of the religious leaders play the same game with their congregations/followers, either out of their own ignorance, or their greed, or both.

                    Following any person with that agenda, that does not bear truth, will come at a price. It can carry a heavy price when the shtf.

                    Having had to deal with persons that have been indoctrinated by a person playing the “one-upmanship” game, i find it similar to dealing with a hard core liberal.

                    It is really a tough situation when the indoctrinated is a close family member. A good dose of spriritual awakening is about all one can do if they are past the age of accountability. God forbid if that child or family member starts playing that same game on you.

                  • I don’t see much difference between these people being interviewed and a lot of people here who accept the state or worship the state.

                  • Who’s paying for her “education”?

                  • professors? really?

                    no, it’s stupid parents that breed and raise idiotic people who become easily manipulated by materialism, religion, lies and fear. things that run rampant in america.

                    as long as your technology with internet works so that you can get your daily dose of mindless entertainment, who cares about anything else, right?

                  • Anon, I hope you have rubbed her nose in both a drone and a copy of the NDAA? You CAN actually smack her upside the head with the NDAA. To let her continue to walk around in denial is inhumane.

              • Maybe. If Romney or Bush was in the White House things would not get any better. They are a puppets. Need someone like Walker in the WH and ditch Bonehead and Mcspineless.

              • YMWW:

                Your post must be sarcasm…..yes?

                • Wonder what Bush promised Romney or Romney promised Bush if either would drop out.

                  Perhaps a Secretary of State position…

                  However wonder what Hellery has promised either one of them if they will run against her. She will be SURE to win….

                  • POG, All of them has to wait until Bibi makes his speech and then decides who does what.

                  • @Pissed Off Granny:

                    I was indeed being sarcastic.

                    Look how many missed it.

                  • @Pissed Off Granny:

                    I was indeed being sarcastic.

                    Look how many missed it.

                  • God forbid that Bill’s wife ever becomes President, it would be more of the same danger for the next 4 years..Ben Carson for the Repubs, although being a running mate, is the US’s best sound bet. His speeches are from the heart, he doesn’t bullshit, and is forthright…3 qualities that have been missing from the top office for years folks. Get him in and restore the US to where it was pre Islam in the US. But first, you have to remove Obama.

                • BS, someone hijacked his name

              • How in the hell can Mark Dice conduct these interviews with a straight face? These ignorant liberal uneducated dumbfucks possess only one value, and that is for mere midget tossing.

              • YMWW, last time I checked repubs and dems are the same. Are you OK?

              • YMWW YOUR AND IDIOT

              • I think I detect sarcasm.
                At any rate, monopolies always signal the death of something.

              • YMWW,

                You took the bait! …like so many in the past. Its not a left-right paradigm, its a statist-antistatist paradigm. The entire idea of left and right is subjective but polarizing.

                Search internet for:

                the smallest political test

                …and take it. I’d be interested what you score. If you look at the very tip top of the diamond (you’ll see when you take the test) you might see a little dot thats me. 😉

                Let us know, will you?

                • CRAP! Different keyboards kill me!

              • Yo momma—

                You missed that one, pal!

                Correct answer = ..the Likud party controls the house & Senate!

              • Obama Approval Rating At 50 Percent As Republicans Abandon Immigration Campaign Promises

            • That is so funny and then you realize it is true. Then it is sad because they don’t care about freedom. Just so ignorant.

            • Let’s talk about something important, like the backside on that woman in the gym at the beginning of this page!

              • Skeptic

                Might be old but we’re not dead yet. ;0)

                • WTF? I Thought they repealed the bill of rights years ago. They also burned the constitution and stopped using supreme court decisions that are dated before 1933. Since FDR’s bankruptcy of the country it has been under the war powers act and a growing monster of US corporation laws. Nothing to see here, it’s a brave new world and filled with absolute braindead morons. 🙂

                  • It is absolutely amazing how many people have no idea what you are talking about, even though it is the absolute truth.

          • guess we know who has been drinking there fluoride water!

        • Muddy,

          Yes idiots are born everyday and WE (you & me) are just as much to blame for failing to educate or rather failing to demand the USA educational system teach the importance of our Bill of Rights along with the importance of the American Revolutionary War!

          It’s easy to point the finger and say “look at that idiot” but think about it, did you and everybody else fail our fellow citizens???

          • “Obama … completely repeal the Bill of Rights in the name of fighting ISIS.”

            How stupid is that? Instead, unleash a kennel of ferocious sheepdogs like American hero Chris Kyle on these evil ISIS monsters.

            Just saw American Sniper. What a great movie!! I’m so glad that it’s breaking box-office records and that people are appreciating or starting to appreciate the warriors who protect us from Islamic evil. It’s far better to fight them over there than right here in America.

            So grateful that Clint Eastwood directed this movie instead of Steven Spielberg. Clint honored the sacrifices and courage of our fighting men and women.

            Chris Kyle was a great sheepdog. Obola is a wolf. The liberal wolf is feeding on the stupid sheeple.

            Independent Constitutional conservatives are called to be courageous sheepdogs who have to engage both wolves (in sheep’s clothing) and stupid liberal sheeple.

            • I don’t understand why you got even 1 down thumb. Michael Moore must be at home licking his wounds. That is the only movie I’ve every seen where not a single word was spoken during the credits or as people filed out of the theater.

              I pray those serving overwatch for my boys are as gifted as Chris Kyle.

              Assholes at work were saying this is a pro-war, war-hungry movie. I told them that if they actually saw the movie they might have a different opinion. They said that soldiers are sick and twisted and enjoy murdering people. If I could I would beat the crap out of the pieces of shit for saying it. I pitty the day ISIS brings the fight here. These morons will have piss running down there legs, begging for the army to save their asses.

              sorry for my swearing but this shit just pisses this MaMa the fuck off. Off my rant now….

              On to other things a friend text me and asked if I was ready for the blizzard….she knows me better than that!

              • Thanks NPPH. You wrote an awesome comment. Stay safe and warm.

                My observation, corroborated by others, is that Obola has severely damaged our military. Perhaps even irreversibly. Which severely irks this honorably discharged vet.

              • Npph, I understand your frustration. I have vets in my family so I know the feeling. Good luck in the blizzard.

              • FreeSlave and nopittypartyhere:

                I hope your terrorist, invader, schmuck, patsy, psycho, murdering bastard sons get justifiably shot and killed by the people whose peaceful homes you have invaded in the name of the transnational petroleum companies. And I’m not joking about that. Chris Kyle is in hell where he belongs. I hate the fucking military and I don’t need or want you worthless pieces of shit for anything. I depend on my fucking self. The USA deserved 9/11 after all the terrorism the US government has done to other countries and if you don’t think so youre a fucking moron who needs to learn history.

                Fuck you, NSA.

                And fuck you old people.

                • WOW, youre a damned idiot. Acid .
                  Why would you wish such a thing on people you dont know?
                  Thats just wrong fool.

                  • yea, Sybil got up early today and in rare form.

                    Apparently neither of them got laid this weekend.

                    Sick bastards.

                • Acid/eisenturd, go f#$% yourself! You’re just as damned useless as can be.

                  • Braveheart, we need to.just ignore acid he’s a paid govt operative aimed at pissing someone off enough that the carry out some egregious act. Just like Michael Moore, ignore him and let him go pick his wounds.

                • Acid, you are one sick asshole!

                • Did you know its not legal to spew BS when you are on Drugs?
                  I hate Liberal!!!

                • @ Acid Etch : You should take your anger out on those that sent our men and women into combat and places we should never have been. Not the people that were doing there jobs. I hope you die a painful slow death on your way to HELL. RED FUCKING THUMB TO YOU.

                • So when the sheet-heads come to your ‘military free zone’ and offer you the choice of becoming a Muslim or losing your head, which will you choose? There won’t be a third door.

              • nopittyparty,
                don’t worry about the thumbs down, mostly they are government trolls trying to see what this site and its people are all about and they are constantly testing the waters!

              • Where do you think they find their soldiers to fight for the Empire?
                From the same Dumb Asses you saw in these interviews.
                That’s what Floride did to these dumb sheeps.

        • And most of them run for political offices

        • I see examples of this everyday. These sheeple represent the average American citizen in 2015. It’s completely incomprehensible that we have remained a superpower. We certainly no longer should be entrusted with the responsibility of a superpower.

        • Its a deep freeze here. Several inches of snow. Snowed in. Roads covered. Businesses closed. I went out snowshoeing.

          • Hopefully you die a slow freezing death. And if any vets or “old” people walk past while you’re lying there they won’t help you either.
            molon labe

          • @ Acid Etch

            Hey Bro, you’re a prick, but a lot times you say good stuff, just FYI, I think only reason everybody down thumbs you so much is because you’re always cursing everybody and their children and children’s children to death and such. Me personally I actually think you’re smarter than most….. But….. You’re a Dick. Not that you care, but you do make sense sometime, just quit all the obscenities.

          • AE, as if you would be missing any work anyway? You are a pathetic loser. Go play in the street.

        • Because of the millions and millions of stupid sheeple, our country is doomed. I will still fight til my last breath though.

        • Well then

          That about sums up the Kalifornication attitude and most likely the average sentiment of the average American cattle nationwide..

          Need anyone question why the elites and power brokers look upon us as a whole and say why not?

          We are inundated with these compliant idiots everywhere…

          Same here on old Cape Cod..

          Fools all..

          Save a few..

          There is no hope for this nation..


        • If this is truly a representative cross section of Americans, the majority would no doubt be dead if a SHTF event were to happen.

        • Muddy….That is so true….However from the looks of the surrounding area it appears that he is obviously in California…So…I have always look at California like a ” Box Of Nature Cereal “…which is ” What Ain’t Fruits And Nuts Is Flakes !!! ” I have got to wonder what the response would have been in… oh say …Alabama !!!

        • I can not believe what i am fucking hearing are these fucking people that stupid, If you do not know what the bill of rights is then get the fuck out of this country or make sure people like this have no voting rights.

          this is so outrageous it borders criminal

        • As we say down under “I think he is off his rocker the flamin’ idiot”, substitute this time “he” for “Obama” and you get my gist. As an outsider of the US (but with US relatives), to me, Obama is the most inept president you have ever had. He makes Bush look like a great president.
          No wonder preppers have sprung up in high numbers. Anyway, I thought you had to go to the people to change the Bill of Rights, and possibly your constitution, i.e. via a referendum. And what is wrong with your Republicans there folks…I thought they had a majority in one of the houses so they could stop Obama in his tracks via impeachment. It should have wrung alarm bells years ago when he said that “…America has always been a Muslim country..”. Did he bother to ask your proud natural Americans, formerly referred to in the wild west as “Red Indians”. I am sure a lot of them would love to remove him too. Like I said, I am not surprised preppers have sprung up everywhere in the US. I have a lot of stuff put away never know the “S” may “HTF” down under one day. We have a conservative government here at the moment..for how long is up to the people at our next federal elections. On another note, I think you preppers should take it on yourselves to sus out those Muslim terrorist camps in your country, by the way, before any more S hits the fan, or you may be using those accumulated supplies a bit earlier.

      2. Slapping my own forehead thinking to myself “oh Good Lord, can west coasters really be this STUPID!” Sheesh!! I guess so.

        • Unfortunately, there are MANY that don’t know history.

          “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

          “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
          – Thomas Jefferson

          “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
          – Edmund Burke

          • and since they don’t teach history or the truth any longer….

        • Stupid just cant be fixed.

        • I am a West Coaster and no, we are not ALL that stupid. That being said, MOST of them are.

          There is a remnant here.

          • Hang in there. You are not alone! 🙂

            • ditto.

          • Anno 1970
            Hang on brother and don’t drink the water. Hells bells you might be the smart one. When it all crashes down you will be the last one left and you will have the run of the place. (LOL)

      3. There’s really not much hope for our severely divided nation to remain a Constitutional Republic and a nation where law is superior to the will of men.

        We view the Constitution as simple suggestions in today’s political world, suggestions to be ignored when they become burdensome to political agendas.

        Be ready for what is to come, it doesn’t take a psychic to see it.

        • We are not a Constitutional Republic. That died when the Act of 1871 was passed. We went fascist when the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed. We went communist when we went bankrupt in 1933 (FICA/gold confiscation). That is the reason the media indoctrinates people to believe that we are a great democracy and why schools don’t teach much of our history. In a democracy, people can vote away their rights. That’s exactly what’s happening here. Just look at how people are voting for/against gun control candidates. That is not how a Constitutional Republic is supposed to work. The politicians are supposed to follow the supreme law of the land-the Constitution. How many of our politicians follow that? Zero.

          • Great post, right on point!!!

        • Sadly I think you are right, there’s not much hope anymore.

          The more and more we let illegals invade this country, the less and less the US Constitution and Bill of Rights will be valued or respected, especially by those who cannot even read it or have no concept of its history or meaning.

          • Nobama

            They rely on our laws to help them.
            Wait for it. Wait for it.

            NO MORE LAW!

            It exists in the town of Juarez Mexico. Where the drug cartel kills at will. No Police.

          • There is always hope.

            Where that hope lies toward, is the difference between faith in protection and false hope.

            I am too old and worn out, sick and tired, to put much faith in myself as a physical prevailer, but thru hope, I have faith in He who prevails.

      4. These are your major metropolitan people’s mindsets these days. These people will be the first to panic and die when it all hits the fan.

        I would love to see responses to this guy from the rural, hard working country folk.

      5. I saw this on Alex’s site.
        These IDIOTS in Commyfornia needs all of their rights taken and let them see just what is really like. Bunch of FRIGGING MORONS! STUPID STUPID STUPID SHEEPLE!

        I wish it was me that they asked that question. I would have replied. Are they nuts? Do they want to start a 2ND revolution? I would have said 1776 will repeat itself. If they are going to do It. It will be over my DEAD Body. I will fire the first shot of the 2Nd. Revolution! Not a threat but a PROMISE

        • I agree; I think we should have a vote and get rid of the laws. While we are at it I also think those people who support the idea should wear some sort of badge to help rally their cause, How about; oh, I don’t know, some type of nested rings with a dot in the center. On their forehead.

        • Howdy, Sarge. There are retards in my area who would agree with the retards in the video. I’m also standing up and fighting tyranny. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Maverick aka Braveheart

          • Maverick
            Good to hear from YA!
            Had a good time at the gun show. Didn’t find everything I wanted, but I did get some more powder for the 357MAG, 44MAG and 45LC., and my rifles. Got a ton of 9MM to load and 38’s and 357’s, picked up some H.P.’s for them.
            Lot of folks looking at guns very few buying them. most were buying AMMO, and some buying reloading stuff.

            Can you believe those TARDS in Commifornia? I don’t know how Dice just didn’t bitch slap all but last one that knew something.

            Stay warm talk to you later.


            • Sarge, I wish we could jut cut cali loose and let it float to China.

      6. Let’s just chop them loose and let them float out to sea. How stupid do some people get.

      7. He didn’t “pass” the Bill of Rights. The people AMENDED the otherwise government-supremacist U.S. Constitution by the Bill of Rights. The rights in the Bill are Divine-rights, given by God, the Personality of Nature, to people, as individuals. They are inviolable and are not created by any Bill. They do have to be enforced by every individual (“lone wolf”, to use the statists’ parlance) for the maintenance of his or her own, and for his or her helpless loved ones’, individual liberty.

        • Anon, damned straight. My rights are NOT negotiable and I will stand up fighting for them.

        • Obama or no other political body can repeal suspend or some how do away with the Bill of Rights. Those rights are merely named in the document. The rights are inalienable. God given. We are born with them and cannot be taken from us by any legislative or judicial process. any law infringing upon them is null and void. Any person or LEO who attempts to enforce infrimgent is a traitor.

          • Old Guy, I totally agree. My rights are NOT negotiable. I don’t give up squat to anyone.

          • These idiots justify it be saying God is a fiction, does not exist, so he could not grant us any rights. I call BS on that!!!

      8. Anyone who even thinks of repealing The Bill Of Rights is an Anti Semite. Anyone who is Constitutionalist is a Nazi. Anyone who loves Freedom is a hater.

      9. Blizzard 2015 photos: NYC grocery stores cleaned out as Northeast prepares for snow storm

        Drudge Report

          • Holy Tostitos Batman……

          • All the media frenzy over this snow event is rediculus.
            The MSM is pushing the “wild weather” meme .
            These buttplugs are using a NORMAL snow event to ram more global warming scare mongering down our throats.
            Didnt Conn. put out an all out ban on driving after 9pm?

            The government will save us !!!!!!

            • yes CT did, because stupid morons will get out and drive and get stuck. In heavy blowing snow like this, the plows won’t go out until the majority of the snow has fallen, because they are just wasting gas plowing snow that gets blown right back onto the road. They will keep main streets and hospital roads best they can and be available for true emergencies.

            • Over at, “3 Types Of Thieves Preppers Should Be Planning For.”

              • Good one, Maverick

                • Also at, “Firearms And Disaster Preparedness.”

            • Yep, i thought the same thing, hammerhead.

              That was until i got the low down skinny on the possible amounts of accumulation and the high wind warning.

              50 to 80 mph winds can do some real damage when coupled with large amounts of added weight on trees.

              It could become an electrical power outage nightmare.

              Imagine if you had not heeded the early warnings and missed the boat on milk and bread, especially with little ones in the house.

              Being without those ‘almost’ necessities, and electricity too…..that’s a parents nightmare.

              Lord have mercy on the ignorant and innocent.

            • NYC, Boston ban road travel…
              CUOMO BACKTRACKS: Subways To Shut Down At 11PM…
              Travel Ban On Local, State Roads…
              De Blasio Orders Indefinite Street Closure…
              LIVE: 5TH AVENUE CAM…
              6,000+ flights canceled…
              Grocery stores cleaned out…
              CHRISTIE: Be Home By 9…

              That crap really pisses me off and the Northeasterners put up with this shit!

          • I lived in upstate NY, 2 hours N of Syracuse, for just about 20 years and went through many big snowstorms and never gave it a thought “do I have enough food in the house”, what is it with having to go to the store and load up with food and get candles and batteries; that’s just crazy when you live in an area that is prone to snow, sometimes lot & lots of snow it just stands to reason that you plan ahead and keep your cupboards full with shelf stable food. We prepared, but not with food we drew water for ourselves and our livestock, we got extra gas for the generator, and we got all the critters in the barn and locked down the chicken house. Why do people let everything go to the last second? If the big day comes they sure will be on the outside looking in. I guess some people never learn and will never learn, so sorry for them as whatever they get they deserve.

            • Sounds like your critters are truly lucky.

        • Of course, when it snows we make french toast. Stock up on bread milk and eggs.

        • KY Mom, I saw that article earlier. Superstorm Sandy all over again. Anyone want to bet that Mac will have a article on this by the end of the week?

          • Maverick (BH)
            Winds a howling here , mostly sleet though . You can smell the ocean and I am 8 miles inland .
            This does remind me a lot of superstorm sandy . Hopefully in a few weeks will be out of NJ for good , just tying up ends here . New job , finally an aerospace job came thru , no more DHS as of 1-1-2015 . It’s quite a culture shock working out west . But for the better. people are actually better .

            Semper Fi

            • Night breaker, congratulations on the new job. Almost anyplace is better than NJ. Just hope you’re not going someplace that has a water shortage. Good luck.

            • Congrats and good luck Night!

            • Night Breaker,

              Congratulations on the new job and move!

        • awesome..dumb fuckers. Once again excuse my french. I’m in an especially raw mood today.

      10. Half the population approves of Obama.

        In an unrelated bit of information, half the population is of below average intelligence.

        • Yeah saw that from Gallup. Theyve turned. Theyre full on Commie now. Biased polls destroy integrity. Gallup lies. Dont trust Gallup, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Congress, politics, DOD, or cloud technology.

          • The cloud is the one that gets me, why in THE hell would you trust your info and files to an invisible non tangible entity????
            I can see keeping digital files of everything just for the sheer ease and portability but keeping it in the cloud??? No way

            • Kula, sounds like someone’s judgment was “clouded”.

        • AC, that half of the population DOESN’T HAVE ANY INTELLIGENCE.

        • I’d venture it’s not the half that actually supports itself through its own hard work and honest effort.

          • Tricia, I think at least part of that crowd are the free shit army.

      11. We will see our rights eroded and or removed at some point. It has happened before, it will happen again, same thing as martial law, basicly all your rights are out the window, When war breaks out in ernest it will happen under the guise of being for security, so the question is, will YOU go along?
        Personally Id rather be dead than go along with that crap……

        • Kulafarmer, when that happens, it’s GAME ON.

        • @Kulafarmmer

          Did you really just say, ” we WILL see our rights eroded..” As if they are dam near not already gone. Give me a break the things the all mighty gov’t gets away with these days would’ve fomented a nation wide damned revolution a couple decades ago. The dam information age has crippled us in front of our and us all included. Kiss our rights GOODBYE…Oh wait, too late they’re already gone. The Constitution is only worth how far we’re willing to go to defend it and our God-given RIGHTS!! Otherwise its just a dam piece of old paper with fading ink.. God help us, and forgive me I’ve been pissed all day, sorry

          • Dickhead’s got a valid point.

            Kula, here’s the problem… we’ve ALREADY lost the vast majority of our so called “rights”. If I had to guess I’d say more than 85% of them are gone.

            The pillaging started before I was born but I am positive I saw the bulk of our rights go bye-bye in my half century on this Earth.

            The little stragglers left are not going to cause the ‘catalyst’ you seem to be looking for. That time is gone and we lost.

            Dickhead said it all in one short sentence… the Constitution is only worth as how far we’re willing to go to defend it. The majority of “US” probably can’t even spell Constitution, let alone understand what’s in it.

      12. Welcome to Terminus. We live among The Walking Dead.

        We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
        ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

        So we got the Walking Dead increasing in numbers or maybe its just were more aware of how many there are.

        Im needing more reinforcement. Samuri sword and crossbow like Daryl’s ought to do it.

      13. You can get anyone to think or say anything. Like we are going to be invaded by the United nations. That you should buy silver when it was at 50 dollars an ounce, sandy hook didn’t happen. Etc

      14. At least the sheep interviewed in this video are a long way from central Indiana. The imbiciles deserve neither safety or freedom as it comes with personal responsibility and they have none. Part of me is very thankful that they’ll be the first to experience what totalitarianism is, after all it’s what they’ve begged for. Another part of me almost feels sorry for their total lack of critical thinking. I’ve spoke with many people until I’m blue in the face about waking up and realizing that the American dream is just that, a dream. I have been labeled as many on here as looney or a conspiracy theorist for my beliefs backed with facts. I tell people to benefit them not because I have an agenda. I explain that the only agenda I have is to take over the world and leave everybody alone.

        • RP1776, I had the same response from people when I talked to them about prepping in the aftermath of Katrina. I totally gave up on them. They deserve whatever is coming to them.

      15. Remember that San Diego is a resort town. Those interviewed were a cross section of America. Ask your neighbors to name a single article in the Bill of Rights. Can you?

        • A large portion of San Diego is military. The rest is hispanics and movie stars, trying to disguise themselves while shopping at the malls.

      16. Most schools don’t teach it or the Constitution anymore. If everyone were familiar with them things would be a lot different. A certain someone would not be running the country today.

      17. More proof that the average American is stupid. That’s why we are doomed.

        • Darn sharonj….I blamed Gruber to make the stupid comment but actually I think he was right.

      18. Snow…….

        Generator. Check

        Snowblower. Check.

        Fuel…60 gallons reserve. Check.

        3/4 Full Heating Oil In Tank. Check.

        Wood for woodstove. Check.

        Food. Enough for 30 days (normal food). Check.

        Battery array. Inverters for charging electronic devices because on generator power, they won’t charge (generators don’t put out clean power). Note, charging system will charge battery bank even though unclean power.

        Clothing. Check.

        Radio / Scanner. Check. No outbound shortwave communications yet…not in budget.

        Medical Supplies. Basic. Fortunately, no one in family needs prescription meds. Check.

        Secondary Sustainable Water Supply. Can’t get it drinkable yet. Can use it to flush toilets, laundry. Fail.

        60 gallons potable water stored. Need more. Fail.


        Tactical. Will address in 15 days if necessary.

        • Chainsaw, Ropes. Check.

          Power tools, Hand tools. Check.

          • The shear pins you can improvise,,, sure you know that though,
            Lots of stuff to think about with being prepared isnt there, my significant other doesnt get it, she thinks im nuts to want to have many extras of almost everything,
            Keep collecting!

            • KULA-
              “my significant other doesnt get it,”

              Right there with ya.
              No gas in car during winter, no coat or boots.
              Not prepared for shit.
              Its really frustrating ,but you know that…

              • asked hubby–we’d be ready, right?

                no gas for the generator, he said (that’s his j o b)

                might want to get some, said I.

                Not necessarily, for the generator. But to shut me up.

                If we need it and there’s no gas, you’re gonna get an ear full.

                🙂 love him

          • Good job! I didn’t see board games or puzzles listed, however…;)

        • tooth brushes and tooth paste. Bad teeth can lead to many other diseases. soap, your hygiene will be important to staying healthy and surviving.

        • Cellar Spider,

          You got some good UHF/VHF comms?

          I’ve used all manner of radios for years. Now, however, electronics manufacturing is so cheap they can make good stuff for almost nothing. Baofeng is a Chinese outfit. They make pretty good stuff for cheap. They’ve got a couple models of dual band talkies that will do you find. I’ve got two pair of the smallest model they make. On low power I can get 1 mile through trees and brush on low power, 2 miles on high. The better models I can get 2 and 5 miles respectively. At $35 a pop, I figured they’d be trash. They are not. Not easy to run but once you get your channels set, you’re GTG.

          As far as SW, I’ve got a Kenwood TS140s. Its a 100w 1.5mhz to 32mhz all mode tranciever (all mode is AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW). It was an expensive unit years ago but they make some pretty decent stuff now for around $500. Let me know if you need any help.

          Good job on the battery bank, however, my very efficient Honda 3500, electric start (now computer controlled by a module I built as well) will charge anything! Power is clean as a whistle. As soon as I get my staging relays set up, I can run everything unattended. I opted for a smaller generator for efficiency and I bought some 25amp DPDT relays to stage water heater, electric heat and well pump so that they won’t all run at once and overload Mr. Happy. (We call the generator Mr. Happy because when mama aint happy, aint nobody happy and mama aint happy when the power is out, yeah, Mr. Happy.)


        • Big pot to melt snow in for drinking water if necessary.
          choclate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, just for fun.

          • I’ve got a 5 gal bucket full of dehydrated fruits: pineapple slices, cantaloup chunks, blueberries, kiwi, dates, raisins and a couple of other dried fruits thrown in the mix. All sweet and ready to eat.

            That’s my idea of a SHTF treat…with coffee, hot chocolate or tea and honey.

      19. Looks like fluoride is getting the job done.

        II Thes.2:10-12…And with all deceivableness and unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. that they might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

        There is nothing new under the sun.

        Still, there are many that do not believe that the war that is quickly coming upon us is a ‘Spiritual’ war that is bleeding over into the physical war. Think it through.

        • Yep! Brought to you by our elected traitorsentatives and bankstersentatives.

      20. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Cellar Spider. You’re ahead of 99.9% of the people NOT on this site.

        I’ll plug in the block heater on the frontend loader tonight.

      21. I’m not saying we should kill all stupid people, but can we at least get rid of all product warning labels and see how that works out.

        • ANGRY-
          I doubt the folks in that video can read a warning label.
          Just sad , sad , sad state of affairs in this country.

          • These are the kinda people who call you back for warranty work on their house and they think you will replace light bulbs and move shelves around, had one guy who didnt like where a window was and threatened to sue me if i didnt move it, needless to say he had an obummer bumper sticker on his prius when i saw him a few years later

            • I had plumber friend who received a call from a woman at two a.m. saying that her master bedroom toilet wouldn’t flush. He told her to walk her ass down the hallway to one of the remaining seven and use it. He went back to bed.

            • Last summer i was giving a woman an estimate for vinyl siding.
              She spotted an NRA and Tea Party sticker on my back window .
              She just looked at me and said: OH ! We arent going to get along !
              Thanked me for my time and slammed her front door.
              Arent libs friendly and understanding people ? LOL

              • She would have stiffed you on the bill anyway.

              • When I was doing residential sales in coastal ME and NH, I made sure to not have anything like that on my vehicle, had to in this area or I would have hardly ever made a sale!

        • Angry, I bet if the food products be labeled as:

          1- All Natural and Healthy

          2- GMO Cancer Causing Food

          These folks will buy #2.

          • All the label has to say is…


      22. They are the same people who run to government in time of need instead of being prepared They are the ones who will turn you in for food. They are your friends, coworkers and family. They will blame others for their misfortune. You see them everyday. You hear their comments. You know who they are and what they stand for.

        When they run screaming to you for help. What are we going to do?

        You will have to make a decision. I’m betting either way you go, You’re still fucked.

        Oh, I didn’t fail nobody. They failed themselves!

        I use to tell people what was happening in this country and all they said was, they didn’t want to hear that shit.

        Well motherfucker’s, you just might EXPERIENCE that shit I was talking about.

        • Amen brother.. amen

          have said and been saying it for years ,, and yup no one wants to hear fine.. wait until your fucking living it assholes!

          • Slingshot and Enemy, amen. The retards won’t last long in any post-SHTF scenario. I’m just waiting for Mac to bring us an article on it so I can have some laughs.

          • I really don’t think most of these dolts would mind living under a totalitarian regime at all, they would welcome it as long as they had their iphones and reality shows….

        • I dont even bother talking about this stuff unless i get a signal from the other person,
          Been getting the hints from the damnedest people lately, ones you would never expect,
          The thing that is discouraging is the family members who think im off my rocker, sorta a bummer

      23. EOTS.

        That is why I have to tolerate the trolls. I need to learn from them. How they think and function in society.

        ‘I Think they protest too much”

        I noticed the red thumb attacks and possible internet

        It is hard to betray your mannerisms from a lifetime of doing them. Might save you when you have your first encounter with others after the reset.

        • It’s a good way to learn how to blend in if you need to.

        • SLING-
          If you have a strong stomach, go read the comment section on Huff Po , chock full o trolls.
          You could certainly pick up some good stuff there.

          • Slingshot, some friendly advice. You need a cast-iron stomach to go through ANY part of But that is the trolls’ second home. that was the last MSM site I was barred from before coming here. Good luck with it.

      24. If you put people on the spot like that, they are just going to smile and nod. Anyone would. California does certainly have it’s share of lefty crazy people, however, I don’t think randomly stopping people on a beach boardwalk and shoving a micro phone in their face is going to render much resistance to anything. Hopefully some of them went home and tried to find out what the hell the guy was talking about and will never EVER stop to talk to anyone in an OBAMA tee-shirt again.

      25. I called all my representatives in DC and Iowa and asked for a copy of their oath, recognition of my oath, and recognition of my lethal response to those criminals foreign or domestic, and with a signature.

        – Constitutional Extremist

        • I also called the local pd and asked if it was same oath I took, it is. That means no more plates on my car, no id or papers when I’m temporarily kidnapped by my servants. God I feel FREE!

          • Ballsy, I’ll give you that. But a good way to get targeted….

      26. We have the lemmings, who will do whatever is told to them, because it doesn’t affect them right this minute. By then it will be to late. Really, do not know how much longer we have till it’s us against them? There will be no sideline watching when this dance begins.

      27. You all sound surprised about this. This is what letting .gov ruin run our K-12 schools will get you.

        Our beloved .gov doesn’t want people to know what the Bill of Rights is, nor the implication of losing it.

        They have dumbed us down to the point they can do ANYTHING and say it’s in the name of safety and the useless eaters will buy it hook line and sinker.

        We’re fucked as a society. Get used to it.

      28. The gentleman being interviewed with the shades looks a lot like the actor Charles Hubbell from Gray State: The Rise.

      29. Ok so it sounds like all of us here is on the same page of the Ida out govt. is failing and not out to help but rather do away with the rules of our land that we have lived by for the past 250 yrs -/+, so a lot of us have been doing our best to prepare for what we know is comming by prepping, some of us are better prepared than others, but in reality how long can we make it, even if we are prepared for say 2 yrs, is that long enough to make it to restructure of the great USA, it’s hard to say when the collapse will happen and we know it’s going to be bad, I just hope everyone here is ready and capable of rebuilding

        • Restructure ? rebuild? There wont be any of that. When it goes down it wont be a reset. We will quickly revert (skyrocket!) to a no holds barred Root Hawg or die stone age existence. It wont even become a 1800,s type lifestyle for probably a 100 yeas. The only government will be clans with the alpha being the leader. The USA is already lost its too far gone for any viable political or ballot box solution. Most of us will die the only question will we die fighting or begging.

          • I agree actually with it all

          • Just like the movie “The Postman.”

      30. Oh my, the iPhone generation, those who rely on GPS and let someone or some thing out there in cyberspace do their thinking for them, using apps to tap their way through life. Very sad and very scary.

      31. Annemarie

        In a life or death event, there will very little time to pull up the app.

        “Living on the edge”


      32. California seems to have the largest percentage of asshats than any other state in this nation.

      33. California, the land of fruits & nuts. Earthquakes & tidal waves please save us

        • Psychopaths and sociopaths are paranoid and double crossers. When they all get together in their underground bunkers its only a matter of time before they turn on each other. True justice in my book.

      34. “Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.”

        “Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.”

        the experiment…
        “…using a mosquito as a drug to cure disease,”

      35. This is a prime example of the uneducated.


        A drugged out Nation.

        GOD HELP US………….

      36. Ignorance can be overcome, but stupidity is a forever thing to some people. I guess like people in California. I’m not sure, should I be laughing at the idiots or should I start crying for the people who are going to perish because of their stupidity.

      37. @ BJ, Arizona Prep Fest. Phoenix,Mesa,Glendale,Tucson, Az Az only.

        • Thanks SS 🙂

      38. I hate to break the news, but the Constitution is dead and our “rights” are pretty much of a thing of the past, even though lip service is paid to it. If our so called elected officals really understood the Constitution then, every single president (al least in my life time) would have been threatened with impeachment, and he would have taken that seriously. I can not think of a single president (and that includes the much stainted by the right, Pres Reagen) who has not violated the Constitution and his oath of office. Not a one. If our senators had ANY sendse honor and held their oath and duty to the Constitution above all else, then Billy (I did not have sex with that woman) Clinton would have been removed from office. For all you Reagen worshipers out there.where in the Constitution does it grant him the right to create a czar of any thing (drug czar) or violate the 2nd Amendment by banning certain firearms after the Stockton shooting?
        The sad truth is your fellow American is an idiot, who will permit any violation of God given rights in name of “sercurity/keeping you safe”, for your own good, free/entitlements. As Paul Harvey used to say: “Self-government without self-disciple will not work”.

      39. This article quotes, “beachgoers in SanDiego”. Sounds like code for college students. Dummies. Those old enough, think of the Eloi in the original movie, “Time Machine”

      40. If you took that survey in the heartland the outcome would have been quite different.

        Its Southern California for Gods sake. “People on ludes shouldn’t drive”; Jeff Spacoli (Sean Penn) in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Walk around Venice Beach, it looks like a mental institution has released its inmates. When the earth tilted on its axis the loose nuts rolled to California. When they had their first earthquake they rolled to Southern California.

        • I agree it would be different in the heartland Kevin2….but not by much. Look and sound more different, but substance wise and heart wise…..not a whole lot of difference…..little, but not much or enough.


          • Its an urban verses rural. The further you get from major cities the more independent people are.

            A 25 year old in Missouri raised in a small town or farm is quite different from someone from Chicago.

      41. When will it come to a halt? More than likely it will be on a Friday late afternoon or evening, look for some kind of a major event on that week end also (ex. Super Bowl), that way the mass of sheeple will not notice anything. Then for cover at that event a disaster (ex. Terrorist- Attack dirty bomb?). With the horrible event as the cover and National Security Threat (?) just move everything into place with no questions asked. Game over. Keep preparing for it approaches fast.

        (I know I’m crazy)

      42. See how stupid the democratic process is all they have to do is get the majority and It goes . Unfortunately the majority is stupid and very loyal to the obumer regime he could sell Their soul to the devil and they would say it a good idea. This is how stupid people are they should not be able to vote. the democrats cater to low information voters. I don’t like liberals they have a twisted view of the way things should be it’s very extreme. They blame the republicans for every thing that has gone wrong and they take credit for things they haven’t done. Down with the liberal extremists. Obama is the worst pres in the history of the us. This guy is no leader he is a community organizer that’s it. Why the hell would anybody say giving up their rights would keep us safe from Isis. This only makes sense to the power hungry gov. We are gonna have a blizzard and the state officials are in their command center pushing the fear factor up. These people are inside while the real heroes are out plowing the snow doing all the work if they want to impress me plow snow for two days straight then when it’s over they will take the credit for the response. And how smoothly everything went. We don’t need them we are new englanders and we know what to do when this happens. I think the people who want to give up their rights should go to their statehouse and sign a waiver. It’s a free country you can give up your rights if you want to. I don’t never will and will take up the gun if it comes to this the democratic majority will not speak for me on this matter. California is full of dumb people let their state take their rights away. As long as they can get high they are fine with it. I just waiting for Iran to get the bomb then ww3 will start. I have my own counter agenda .

      43. If schools won’t teach kids about their rights then the churches should the right should use the ministry to teach why god blesses America and national pride and sing patriotic songs. The schools will never do this anymore they used to when I was in school it made kids proud of their country but now it offends the minority kids parents so they don’t want it. It’s sad to see this. If the minority people love their country so much why don’t they stay there and build their nation stop coming to America and trying change the language English should be the national dialect. If you don’t like it leave.

        • Churches that preach a conservative or libertarian agenda will have their tax-exempt status taken away faster than you can say Nazi. But (black) churches that preach a communist/progressive agenda are lauded by the media!

      44. OICU:

        I left a comment/question to you in the last subject about your conversation about censorship.

        Hope you happen along and answer it. Thanks!

      45. HA, some of the same ones here making fun of the ignorant people in the video in regards to the BOR’s aren’t much smarter in regards to the BOR’s, True law or fighting for them.

      46. This board is full of conspiracy theorists and the guy running it is sitting back and laughing at how stupid the comments are nobody is gonna take your rights away what a joke. Get over it who cares has this went up for vote is there any legislation about it no. It’s all done to get people to comment and make the prepping and survivalist community look like a bunch of nut jobs. It’s one extreme to another. When ever they put up a new story dont comment on it talk about something else. Ya I go along with it but I try to change the subject because the stories are just so fuckin outrageous. They are sure to get a rise out of people who are passionate about their freedoms and rights. If you believed everything you read on this site you should be convinced you are a slave and the state owns your kids they gonna take all guns away free speech will get you locked up and etc etc. you might as well put a gun in your mouth and blow your brains out. Life is hopeless right. I rather talk about experiences in life techniques to do things new gear. Things that empower people to stand on their own two feet. Fuckin getting sick of all this conspiracy bullshit the gov is fucked get over it people it’s not gonna change. Focus on shit that makes your life better and more secure. No matter who you vote for they gonna make the gov worst.

        • You missed the point of the article. It says nothing about proposed legislation to invalidate the BOR, it was merely written to show that many people in this country would happily go along with it.

      47. In response I say “Tis happening, and quickly at that”. We all know how to boil a frog. When the ass is crapping out the left side of the hat, shouldn’t we all worry? Or would that be the right? Either way, make a stand and stay focused………We’re all screwed. It’s your life, make it so.

      48. Good luck to those folks in the NE.

      49. Constitution of the States (COS) is not a good Idea, see the video to prove the point.
        Spread the word to everyone. See the 10 states that first signed up to COS, there all Democrats and RINOS

        Publius Huldah –
        About the Author: Publius Huldah

        Lawyer, philosopher & logician. Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution. Passionate about The Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government, The Bible, the writings of Ayn Rand, & the following: There is no such thing as Jew & Greek, slave & freeman, male & female, black person & white person; for we are all one person in Christ Jesus. She also writes legal and Constitutional commentary at her site: Publius-Huldah


      50. The Millenium Facebook generation of sex-crazed, Hip-Hop gangbanging students have got to be the DUMBEST generation in the History of the American Republic.

        If I had my way, I’d wish for a massive invisble bitch-slap ‘reign of terrror’ spell on the cheekbones of these dumb naive ignoramuses!
        Et tu, Kalifornia??
        Talk about BAD fukin PARENTING!!

        The meek aren’t inheriting the Earth! Nope, it’s the DUMB Millenial retards in the pipeline who are going to be saddled with this BIG pile of sh!t after you’re gone and GenXY begin to retire.

        And these Millenials are already getting PLAYED by that smooth-talkin brotha in the White House who lies like a cotton’pikin rug, AND has the heart of a sociopathic terrorist (NDAA, Drones, Libya, Syria, arming/creating AQ/ISIS, Ukraine) — with an Ivy League ‘golden boy’ smile!

        Fascism or communism?? It doesn’t really matter. We’re all FCUKED — more or less.

        Grrrr, the COLLECTIVE ignorance of Millenials annoys the fcuk outta me!! My little bro is just as brainwashed as his clueless Millenial peers. You look in their eyes and it’s like they’re SPACED OUT by their public K-12 education (er, brainwashing).

        History will one day prove the Millenial generation to be the most brainwashed generation ever!

      51. Sounds like a “Water’s World” episode (Fox).

        Shows that people are really stoopid – that’s why there are so many Democrats!

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