VIDEO: 5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Headline News | 118 comments

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    We’re less than a week out on Inauguration Day with Donald J. Trump set to take over the Presidency of the United States. Despite calls for Trump and his supporters to accept the will of the people ahead of the election wherein the left assumed Hillary would be the winner, they are now planning a variety of potential disruptions on January 20th. Moreover, there has been a lot of chatter suggesting that The Powers That Be are actively working to supplant a smooth transition this Friday.

    How it will all go down… or not… remains to be seen. In the meantime, The Daily Sheeple notes there are 5 signs that something might be going down on Inauguration Day:

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      1. hmmmm… i keep my kid out of school that day?

        • Yes

          • You people with Kids in school that day, You can pick them up at the NFL Stadium. Check in early and bring an overnight bag and slippers.

            I would require my kids to stay and home for a teachable moment, and not in the hands of some public school lefty teacher, polluting my Childs Mind how Russia attacked us. Parents, Take charge of your child’s education. Have them watch all day the Trump Inauguration without distraction. Then flip to CNN and watch all the Illegals running back across the border. Sanctuary Cities, you are friggin TOAST!!!

          • Obviously there was no reason to do any such thing. I said it last week before the inaug and I was quite right once again !

            You guys are good example of how and why Amerika has become the land of pussies and fat guys ! 🙂

        • There are reasons I send my kids to private school…oh and why I teach there…one is knowing almost all the teachers are ccw and that my emp hardened jeep is parked where it is everyday…..otherwise I would have them home that day….

          • My parents put me in private school right before the “integration” in the late 1970’s and during that time, we moved to a different county to avoid the possibility of my siblings being subject to that disaster.

            A couple decades later, I had to completely abandon my birth state forever. I’ve never been happier in many ways, but I will always miss the nice climate of my birthplace.

            • “Integration” should honestly be called disintegration.

          • Has Soros met his match?

            Trumps choice for “Secretary of Education-“Betsy DeVos”. (billionaire philanthropist and sister of Erik Prince founder of Blackwater) was an interesting pick.

            The concept of schools being a for profit business, returning to institutions of education and not liberal indoctrination centers seems reasonable enough,yet I must admit memories of riots at me olde alma mater are fond recollections.

            During the Republican Party presidential primaries for the 2016 election, DeVos initially donated to Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina before eventually supporting Marco Rubio.

            In March 2016, DeVos described Donald Trump as an “interloper” and said that he “does not represent the Republican Party”

            My thoughts are Trump will give her free reign while he fries bigger fish………Fish ? School? Get it?

            • So would Martin Luther King approve of Black Lives Matter? Burning Cities Down?

              The Pollution of the Zionists in the minds of young blacks is destructive. From Rap Music to BLM. There you go!!

          • GOOD for you… It is comforting to know there ARE some smart prepared folks out there !

        • Hit the desert with the ATVs

          • Spot on, Nailbanger. This would be a good day to be out of town. Take the BOV out for a test drive. Go fishing. Or snipe hunting. Whatever…
            And don’t forget to take your snipe rifle and plenty of ammo. You never know, you might see a huge snipe herd and bag your limit right there!

            • Aww shucks Oakie, limit?
              I thought we were varmint huntin where skys the limit

              • The only limit is the amount of ammo you bring….

              • 200, 000 “bikers for Trump” and loads of vets are attending as a counter-action to the SJW’s- I will be there among them.
                For those who wish to bug out and go hide in the country because a bunch of blue and green haired SJW’s and their metro-sexual and transgendered boys throw a hissy fit, have fun watching the men make a stand.

                • Never take a javelin to a spear chucking contest.

                • 200.000 is how many there are…i doubt ALL of them show up. probly a tiny percentage.

                  • just saw a headline on OAN and IWB saying 5,000 will show up.

                    • Was that from a reliable poll or just someones guess?

                    • Yeah, I can believe 5000. Possibly. That’s a sizable force. THEY’RE BIKERS!

            • Howdy, smokinokie. I made it back to the BOL yesterday. Been target practicing today. Supposedly other cities, including mine, are blowing up on the 20th, so I decided it was vacation time again, Lol.

          • damn good advice, nailbanger. won’t see tooo many libs out there….anybody hear about several protesters being shot in spokane or seattle?????????????

        • The Democrap party and its label wearers has proven itself to be anything but what they claim, tolerant, forward thinking, inclusive and uniting. But all of their reactions since the election have revealed their true colors and methods. The Democraps have permanently destroyed their brand as an option in polite society and made everyone aware of how insidious and dangerous they really are and how destructive to modern society they are threatening to be as their apple cart was upset and their societal insinuations into education and government have become. They are the REAL new widespread TERRORIST threat that hid below the radar of modern men, growing like cancer in our midst. It becomes apparent that they need to be dealt with harshly and permanently.

          Im glad they boldly came out of the shadows and are unsuccessful at destroying mankind from with in like thieves in the night. The libtard liberal progressive exorcism is about to commence and finally humankind will be able to move forward with rationality pushing us forward rather than out of control emotional tantrums doing so.

          • Only in their pride and arrogance
            they boldly come out of the shadows
            and guess what goes before a fall……..

          • well said, Neal!

      2. Let it fly

        • Agreed Capt. C. – I’ve reached my limit in terms of patience with all the dreck that’s gone on for the last 8 years. It’s time. My God in heaven, it’s time we stopped this merde. I’ll say it plain – even if it costs me my life, to go knowing that the insanity that is social/communism masked as liberal progressive Democrat party tripe was finally stopped, it would be worth it.

      3. The trash on the left say we conservatives are nasty! They threaten to kill us and burn down the world for the mere loss of the election. Make no mistake leftist trash that if you start a war you are fair game.

        • Hehe,,, fairish anyway,

        • Mento, my family and I will show the libturds what nasty really means if they come to our region with their shit. I arrived at the BOL yesterday and been having target practice today. I’ll be here until I know that either Trump is safely inaugurated or a coup takes place. If a coup takes place, this will become my new home. IT WILL BE GAME ON!

      4. For sure Jizzabel will be going down.

      5. If anyone had any doubts about electing Trump, the manner in which Hillary supporters have talked and acted removes any doubt that Trump was the right choice. Under Obama, they came to believe that it was their exclusive right to control the Government. If they were smart, they would be scouring possible candidates for 2020(both inside and outside the Democratic party. They should also Donald Trump’s strategy to use it in 2020. Frankly, we ask too much from the Presidency. We certainly ask more that the framers of the Constitution ever intended.

        • Presidential power is directly related to the 16th and 17th amendments. Those two destroyed America. Unlimited power to tax and loss of states power in the congress.
          We could fix everything wrong with American government by repealing those two changes to the constitution.

          • CC. That to DJ Trump.

        • Brian, spot on. If the hildebitch had won, we would already be in a shooting war with the left. Yes we did right to elect Trump. Let’s hope he gets inaugurated without any trouble.

      6. These people who instigate, just lay back and enjoy watching their enemies kill eac other. Do you know the people, besides George Soros, who are the ones who deserve our attention?? Until you do, forget about it.

        I’m checking out which spices to add to my pantry. I have had dried mustard powder for a long time. After reading about the Selenium content and other nutrients, I decided to make some honey mustard to take with my iodine/iodide supplement. Water activates enzymes making it HOT. Vinegar helps to soften the burn, but not enough. Next time I’ll just use vinegar, no water.

        I did sleep well. And felt pretty good. But damn, that stuff burns going down.

        __••••• ? •••••__

        • I buy Islandic kelp tablets for iodine. And I’ve read that Cheyenne pepper is like fresh raw garlic I don’t know if that’s true? If your on a steady diet of rice and beans spices might be critical for moral?

          • Cayenne pepper. Like raw garlic in what way?

      7. Nothing is going to happen. The left is done. They can smear their feces on the sidewalks, urinate in the bushes, and march around beating their bongo drums shrieking their sad, tired, slogans but that is about it. The Marxists talked all the same threatening jive before the RNC. What happened? Nothing. Trump will get sworn in uneventfully, the filthy Marxist are set to take their bullhorns, bumper stickers and banners and be cast into the ash heap of abject failures. Over.

        • Nichols, let’s all hope you’re right about the left. As for me, I’m keeping my liberty tools within reach and my powder dry. Everyone be prepared for all contingencies.

      8. Speaking of vinegar I tried some apple cider vinegar with “mother” added. Talk about disgusting and gag inducing!

        • I can not take ac either–gags me even with water.

          • Aljamo & Jay J: One Tbl spoon raw vinegar in 4 oz water w.main meal for much better digestion. We have done this for sometime with no problem. Try 6 oz first. Also is an anti viral.

            • my wife makes our own apple cider vinegar and we mix it 50/50 with water and we take a swig before meal or three times a day, been doing it for years and works great, you will get used to the taste of it after awhile

              • In an endtimes situation . Rice and beans will look like steak and lobster?

          • Ad 1/4 cup raw a. c. Vinegar with mother, to 1qt water, slowly warm on very low heat, bring to 120* and add honey raw honey to taste, it is actually tolerable, grows on you.
            As you heat it up, slowly stir and you can watch the mother multiply, sorry but that is what is truly good for you in the cider, vinegar balances ph. But mother is enzyme.

          • Gags me even more when taken with a spoon.

          • Jay Jay,
            I put it in orange juice and it cover the taste up pretty good.

        • That tastes good, just like your mother peed in the jar, yummy!

        • Taste just like yo momma!

      9. Good video. A little slow getting it here to watch. Better late than never though.

        Yesterday I brought more sandbags. Have to fill them up if needed.

        Today I made a few adjustments. I can launch an 8 0z. projectile from my giant slingshot. The range is a little under 150 feet but can reach the road from the back yard over the house. Constructed from some steel tubing and aluminum braces. Lightweight and can pick it up and run with it if need be.

        Waiting on Jan. 20th. It’s a short walk to the shed and even shorter to the gun locker. The Ball is in their court. Bring it. The Bit@ching is gonna stop one way or another.
        If it starts, don’t stop till it is fully crushed!

        • Back when, us kids put a basketball hoop on an old sawhorse, knotted some medical tubing to the hoop and slotted some shoe leather on the tubing. We cored some apples, stuffed them with firecrackers, then put cannon fuse to the core. We could launch the apples for several hundred feet, getting an applesauce airburst if we cut the fuse properly. Wreaked total havoc with the dairy herd across the road, until the Sheriff pulled up.

          We got a good lecture out of it, and more when our folks came home after work.

          • smokey- that was classic! Thanks for posting it.
            Childhood memories… it’s a wonder we survived, but it sure was fun!

          • Smokey

            I have some one inch dia. ball bearings.

            I know for sure if I use an 8 oz. object, pull it all the way back at such an angle. It will hit the target spot. Or be real close to it. Due to the neighborhood obstructions, 150 ft. or so, suits the capability of the slingshot.

            I used a small can of beanie wienies so I could see it fly.
            Ball bearings are another case. Might try some golf balls.

            • The bearings on CV joints (axles ) are perfect 12 gauge slugs. 3/4 inch. Pour out the bird shot and drop in a Bering . Salvage yards. Theirs 48 in every AWD Subaru. Gotta love subarus?

            • Those ball bearings could have been lethal in our setup !

              I’m a bit surprised us kids lived as long as we have, someone would have arrested all of us and our parents if it was today’s environment.

              Not a criminal in the bunch, as far as I know, though.

        • Anon, that reminds me of my childhood, LOL. Smoked, my relatives’ kids already do some things similar to what you mentioned. My family has some nasty surprises in store for the libturds that even I don’t know about yet. One of my cousins was EOD in the Army. I’ll just leave it right there, LOL.

      10. America’s answer to the “TROUBLES”. Be careful what liberals, commies, lefties, wish for. For the answer is, take the liberals, commies, lefties, and show them the way to Hell, see yah, leave yah, for the buzzards. If yah don’t understand, bang, bang, bang, and boom, boom, boom.

        • So many civilizations have been faced with what we are faced with. Some survived ? Procrastination? Or not waiting for the new tech to wipe them out easy? That’s why we have Genarals . To figure out what’s best. Do we have great Generals ? Or politically correct traitors? Looks like we shall soon see?

      11. The liberals’ idea of a purge is projectile vomiting in front of television cameras. They intend to block traffic and make a**holes of themselves. It is too late to make a**holes of themselves, they already are!

      12. I think the left just bit off more than they can chew…….gonna be a lot of gagging goin on………

        • Jim, on the 20th the left will finally start paying a price for all their crap. Time for them to pay the piper.

        • I firmly believe that one of the best things anybody can do is to learn how to grow your own food in your own backyard or property. Every area is different and will only grow certain things well because of soil conditions and weather. And there in lies the challenge. But all can be solved with some research and effort. Besides you get to eat all that organic food and herbs !

      13. The Fourth Reich begins on 20 January 2017. And it could not be a minute too late. So much has been warped in the past 35 years. We have been sold a rancid bill of goods that has left us in the situation where the government actively tries to reduce white birth rates, while telling us we need more migration to keep the population numbers up. The false nonsense of diversity is used to reduce the white population in the workforce. It is said there is not enough diversity even when society has never been more diverse.

        • Exactly . We helped the communists rape and enslave half of Europe in WW2. The communists won WW2 . And now they are trying to soft kill America . Isn’t it obvious? Everything you were told about WW2 is the big lie we were warned of .Read Rabbi Ishmael Levitts. Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44 . They are of their father the devil and know only lies. The German people tried to crush the communists . And we believed the children of Satan and helped them to destroy the German people. And you see now we’re we are? They are still trying to wipe out the German people.Because the Germans are the only ones tough and smart enough to figure them out and fight. Americans have been so brainwashed with soap and skin lampshades its to late for us . Our fate we be as soddom and Gomorrah . Just as written shall be done ? And do we not deserve it. Gay marriage , gay adoption ? Who could blame God for wiping us out? The smart virgins will be ready .Just as written . The rest will be burnt Tares. So be a smart virgin. Or else?

          • Did you catch the the radical left is now open to the idea of FEMA camps for the right? It is hidden in plain sight, whatever they acuse the right of doing is what they are planning.

        • United we stand . Devided we fall. In unity we stand . in diversity we fall. Name one multicultural or multiracial civilization that survived very long? It’s all about survival? Like it or not.

      14. Interesting that the movie, The Purge Election Year was one of the most anti-Christian movies I have ever seen. It painted Christians as violent extremists who needed to “purge” (privately execute) the sinful (gays and drug addicts). Also, the top 1% were seen as prime targets by the younger psychopaths (thugs). It was a total leftist, social justice POS film.

      15. “If you fail to fill out the riot reservation waiver in it’s entirety. You WILL NOT receive a participation trophy.”

      16. I hope the :EFT shows it’s ass and then get it KICKED!

      17. Would it not make for great viewing if the motorcycle patriots beat the crap out of the rioting liberals in Washington, while the police just back up and watch from a distance? This old veteran is sick and tired of listening to the crying leftists make threats against the real people of America. I think our hunting licenses should have a dozen tags that would allow you to bag on sight these leftists that go around threating normal people.

      18. Sarge, I’m already back at the BOL. Been target practicing today trying out some new munitions in the 590. Just waiting to see what Friday brings. If there’s a coup, then the BOL will be my new home and it will be GAME ON.

      19. Isn’t Mattew 13:24 the purge? God finds it nesesary . Just like the burning of everyone in soddom and Gomorrah ? Shouldn’t we welcome his will? Is it not nesesary ? How much lower can we go? Canibleism ? We must draw the line somewhere ? But we won’t as written . we will suffer like soddom and Gomorrah . Only the smart virgins will be spared? Is there any other way?

      20. So, let’s say tomorrow morning, you wake up to news of violent protests in the major cities.

        Tomorrow you wake up to hear of electric substations attacked, sniping on major thoroughfares.

        Maybe you wake up late because your power is out. Maybe you work for a critical entity, who is moving their operation elsewhere.

        What will you do. If you have no supplies, or very few as statistics show as most common, where will you buy food? If you have no alternative heat, (it is January), then what will you do.

        Is it really that hard for you to understand prepping. Is it really that hard to understand why people have the desire to plan for their own future, rather than wait for circumstances to show us that type of action is necessary?

        In my 65 years of life, I have never seen this nation so fragmented. It has everything to do with “the spin” that has been put on news stories. It has everything to do with the American people not being given the complete truth.

        Freedom only comes to those who are willing to commit to it. It doesn’t just happen. It must be earned. Find a way to become what you can be, not what society tells you what you should be.

        As the motto goes, “Live free or die.”

        • I’m a little bit younger than you and I disagree with you.
          ” I have never seen this nation so fragmented. It has everything to do with “the spin” that has been put on news stories. It has everything to do with the American people not being given the complete truth.” Is not the reason. 1960’s Democrats are the reason.
          They started an illegal war and we are still living with the social results of a government that doesn’t follow the law and just makes it up as it goes along. I hate and despise Democrats, I’d kill everyone of them, but we are nation of laws and not of opinions, (unless you are a Democrat, then you can do as you damn well please).
          I have to tolerate the intolerable. They should be very afraid that I would stand aside and let all 150 million or so of them perish. I’d kill the killers afterwards, but not till the real enemy is dead. My enemy are Democrats, their deaths do not diminish me, and when the bells toll upon their deaths it will be the tolling of bells of freedom for me.

          • Rellic:

            You sound like a red commie Stalinist calling the kettle black. You seriously would kill 150 million people if given power. Then you would kill the useful idiots who did the dirty work. You are no gentleman.


          • rellik. You are a true warrior poet.

          • Sad to say, but I think you’re right. It isn’t north vs. south this time. It’s libs vs. the right. Most of us won’t see the chaos that’s coming. It’ll be more pronounced in the suburbs and intermix areas where snowflakes and libs protest and whine. We will have to put them down to save our republic. Once it kicks in, we will have to persevere and take it to the end. If a small shred is allowed to survive, this will come back to haunt us. Aim small, miss small.
            molon labe

            • Rellik and WIpreppped, I have to agree. If anyone needs purging, it’s the left. As long as they’re alive, they’re a threat to us all. They claim they’re going to do some purging on the 20th. I think it will be vice-versa.

          • Wait till our illustrious legislature gets rolling, a giant tidal wave would be fine with me

          • Listen to the old man youngster, Im a year older at 66. You’re opinionated , angry, and wrong in your way of thinking. Buy guns , bullets, food, water, propane, fire wood and get ready. Only then will your anger pass. It is going to hit the fan, we just don’t know when. Good luck, I love stray cats and dislike democrats.

        • I dont understnd people not having some level of preparedness, mother nature comes a calling whenever she wants,

        • So true… So many of our friends think everything is going to be ok and go back to “normal” whatever that is? It boggles our minds to see how blind people are and have their heads stuck in the sand, or that other dark smelly place !

          NO extra food in the house etc etc, go to the store every other day or more often. Its INSANE !

          My brother in law has a nice generator, he told me the other day that if he needs to use it he will have to go to the store and buy some gas!!! I just shake my head…

      21. All of us have about two pounds of microbial lifeforms living in out large intestine. We have a symbiotic relationship with these lifeforms. We call this the microbiome or microbiota. Physicians don’t know the cause of a lot of medical disorders and have to treat the symptoms. Medical researchers are starting to find that the causes stem from disorders in the microbiome. You can change the microbiome through eating the right kinds of fiber and probiotics. Essential hypertension, type II diabetes, autoimmune disorders,and many more diseases are affected by the microbiome. The research is in the early stages but when they start getting practical results, it will reduce the cost of the medical industry sustantially. Of course, in a SHTF situation, the better shape you are in the betteryour chance of survival.

      22. All of these universities have taught people how to steal, defraud and lie to achieve a goal.

        Lets take a serious look at America’s financial accomplishments over the last eight years under the leadership of these intellectial despots who have been indoctrinated with Marxist Keynesian ideological training.

        1.) Student Loan Debt – 1.3 Trillion

        2.) America’s debt – UP over 100% in 8 years,

        3.) America’s unfunded liabilities – 150 Trillion plus and climbing rapidly

        4.) Corporate Debt – Up over 100% in 8 years.

        5.) Bank Derivative Exposure – Up over 300% in 8 years.

        6.) Crime and Violence – Out of Control (Billions in Lost Property, Lives)

        7.) America’s foreign policy – America now pays ransom to terrorist states like Iran (1,700,000,000)

        8.) State and Municiple Pension Shortfall – 6 Trillion plus

        9.) Fed Balance Sheet – At 4.5 Trillion – Up Over 400% in 8 years

        10.) US Government Cannot Account for 6.5 Trillion in its books.

        Well done Graduates … Well done.

        WE ARE ON THE TITANIC AND WE HAVE HIT THE ICEBERG and everyone is more interested in straightening up the deck chairs!!!

        What a DEN of THIEVES and VIPERS!!!!

      23. Ryu-

        Prepping just makes good old fashion common sense. It used to be the norm in America, now its looked upon as foolishness by most. My thoughts are even if it does not happen in my lifetime, it is only prudent to be as self sufficient as possible. At he very least I am buying supplies at a low price ( inflation ) for my retirement years. Who in their right mind cant see that? My Grandfather who was born in 1895 told us in the 70’s that the next great depression would be worse than the first due to many had moved to the cities and abandoned self sufficiency.

      24. I read so many people saying that they are not racists whatever that means. If you are walking down the street with your family and see 10 young black males coming your way . If you don’t turn fast you are an idiot. Not a racist .How have they brainwashed us so to the point of suicide?You would lead your family into a possible life threatening situation because you are afraid of being called a so called bad word? Are we that stupid?Who is responsible for this? Who is enforcing these laws that will destroy our civilization ? Are they your heroes? Or the worse traitors In our history. ? And what should we do with them? The Tares will burn.

      25. How many civilizations waited to long to act and were destroyed?They all thought with more love and tolerance and understanding people would come together for the sake of their children. We all love our children right? We just can’t understand they love their children and hate ours. They see our children as a future threat to their children. The sooner we accept that and the reason we have borders the sooner we say our kids come first. Weather you like it or not you will save your kids before someone else’s . That’s not bad . That’s the reason you are alive right now . Your ancestors did whatever nesesary to win. Like it or not. They fead you first. You can lie to yourself all you want. Give all your money to some poor family and let your kids starve. You might go to heaven first. Or to hell ?

      26. Tomorrow is Dr. Martin Luther King Day. I won’t celebrate it. The day should fan the fires between the races because the race relations are the worst it has ever been. I’m just tired of it all. Forty years of indoctrination and nothing has healed. So be it.

        The next couple of days could lead to trouble. I hope you all are prepared.

        If not remain calm. The Government will rescue you.

        • It’s also Robert E. Lee’s birthday 😀

          • Yes it is “Marse Robert”‘s (as he was affectionately called by his men) Birthday. I still have a photograph copy of him astride “Traveler” hanging on my office wall as well as the print of “The Last Meeting” of Lee and Stonewall (right before Stonewall was mistakenly fatally wounded by his own men). That meeting never did actually take place but was however made to look so in a print.

      27. Anon, MLK day is only my second reason for getting back to the BOL early. I’ve already had this trip planned since the last trip in Nov. I heard through the grapevine last week that some protests by Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter were planned for Mlk day and Inauguration Day. So I left for GA a day earlier than I planned. I’m out of harm’s way for now. If the limbs come here, they’re “screwing up royally” like my wife used to say.

      28. Social demoncrats are scum of the earth parasites. I’d love to see a purge of them. It’s easy to see they are the biggest threat to freedom. If this civil war kicks off libs need to be erased entirely. If not they will come back like an infestation. I believe you can erase the ideology if enough people are angry and willing to destroy free loading parasites. Libs are not hard to identify. They are always activists most of academia they say things that are pro globalism. To them housing is a human right.

      29. Well, it would be hard to top that 9/11 show where they moved people out of key positions so they could accomplish that, if that’s what all the worry is all about. I think that (some) people are on to that now, so it’s probably just “let’s give something to look for’ to keep them busy while we do other things. And if you look for sh..stuff, I will guarantee that you will find it.
        Melissa here is not really saying that they are going to do something to that effect, she’s saying that they are purposely feeding one side of the division that has been created in more recent years so the other side can also keep their guard up and keep the divisions going. It’s off these divisions that initiators feed, because that’s what they have been planning for. That’s how they are going to implement their plan for even more crackdowns and more surveillance. Trump isn’t in any danger. Trump is the fuse. Do you know how I know that? ‘The people’ have seemed to have forgotten that Trump (D) in the not too distant past ran for president and was going to make Oprah Winfrey his vice president and also fill his cabinet with the same people that Bush surrounded himself with. You know, with the likes of Condelisa Rice and Colin Powell (R). Now through a wondrously pulled off slight of hand they have the people that would never have voted for him then (D’s), worrying that he won’t today make it into office now to be their (R)savior. He’s already surrounded himself with the same ‘type’ of people that he did in 2000. Figure it out. In fact in 2000 I don’t think he could have pulled off whom he has put into positions today. Folks it’s all a plan. Order out of chaos. And as you can see there is an unlimited amount of folks out there to bring on the chaos. The useful idiots are never the thinkers. The wound up useful idiots that are out there are just disrupting tools created to be discarded later. The problem is that all the systems of control (public opinion) are in their hands. They didn’t let a crisis go to waste. They have all the new rules in hand. And now for sure they are going to create another one. And their guy is in charge so he will be protected. Whatever they are planning next you for sure won’t have to worry about him. At least not in the way you think now. You know the guy, the one who says everything on the internet is either fake or used by the terrorists. The one who wants to build up the military even more, though he says he wants to be friends with Russia.
        I could go on and on, but the point is, the guy you are worried about is one of them. Once you see that, everything else becomes crystal clear. But as people can feel, something is coming. And 99% of the people have no clue because they are only feeding off of their own emotions and don’t put aside any time to really think. But then those at the top pulling the strings always already know this.

      30. Does the U.S. still enforce sedition laws? (sarc) I have begun to wonder when that line is crossed…???

      31. It will be a cold day in hell when the government rescues anyone except themselves so don’t hold your breath it’s not going to happen.

      32. The left should understand, I hope, that it is the right that supports the 2nd amendment and all that it stands for. They can’t be that stupid, can they?

        What’s the saying, “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight?”

      33. Yeah, post this! I banned myself from this site the first day I ever posted. Yeah, but I just couldn’t help myself after reading these somewhat out of touch posts to say something again.
        I have seen others say that their posts are never shown, or are held so long, that they will be buried. Just one of the ploys of those that really don’t want to hear what could be the truth, or just go against what meme the site is trying to push. (The ads will tell you) This is nothing new. It falls into curtailing freedom of speech by the ones that are claiming to exalt it. I see that other posts have come up later than when I posted. What’s up with that? I see others here pull out certain words or cover them so their posts actually just get posted. Yeah, welcome to America, land of the free. So like I said, post this! And maybe post what I said a lot earlier before to CYA. You did it before. I don’t even know why I try to post anything. Like they say, if you want to help people, tell them the truth, if you want to help yourself, tell them what they want to hear. It’s senseless to tell anybody anything anymore, especially on the internet. Yeah, and then they bring to this site, to reprint, and post, what all the other people that tried to warn you about speaking the truth in certain times could bring. Maybe as a warning huh? Yeah, forgetaboutit.
        If your pointer is stuck to one side of the b.s. meter or the other we will accept your posts. But..if it is in the middle, seeing straight and clear we will assume the meter is broken. And we can’t have that now can we. I guess I’m done again. And good luck to you all in your BOL’s. Your new Santa already knows what you are up to.
        See ya’s. I have banned myself again. Like they say at the casinos, stop before you start gambling.

      34. Nothing will happen becaaaause everyone thinks something will happen. Trump will be inaugurated then somewhere down the calendar year the economy will be collapsed and blamed on him or something else will happen.

      35. Nope nothing will prevent Trump from being sworn in. The temper tantrums by the hellery camp will accomplish nothing. The something for nothing crowd are afraid they will no longer be able to vote themselves so called (Free) goods and services from the public coffers.

        • Yep Old Guy, All the American Haters, wishing all out destruction before Trump takes over, or preventing him to take over.

          And all the Rats, snakes and Zionists criminals embedded in the system are about to get their asses handed to them. Keep your powder dry to shoot them as they jump ship. Leave them no where to hide. Get them on the run.

      36. I heard that the zombie apocalypse begins on Friday!

        • Some cities already are plagued by zombies (liberals). See San Fagcisco, Portland and Seattle.

      37. Its pretty obvious at this point that the nation is divided deeply between the criminal apologists and rioter class from the Democraps/SJW/Progressives/Communist/Socialists/ Mentally ill Lunatic Fringe that have destroyed from within all of Americas best institutions and beliefs, and the regular Americans who are sick of the tyranny and threat from that Fringe and the Gimme free crap mobs.

        If a Civil War come on the 20th, embrace it and remove the threat from within, wipe it completely from Americas midst, do not stop, show no mercy as they have shown none in trying to destroy your country from within and steal you freedom and liberty from you. If this is the unfortunate path that America cannot avoid to fix our problems, embrace and get our gruesome work done as quick as possible. We cannot move forward as a country if we cannot climb out of the morass the scum have bogged us down in.

        Go forward and do not hesitate nor wring your hands in anxiety, for countries live on terrible self protective resolve when survival is at stake, debate the morals when you have the luxury of peace as the survivor of it. when they move in their final treasonous act against the bedrock of our institutions on the 20th. The Founding fathers were our guide and did not hold back to create our posterity, we as well cannot hold back to recapture the promise of what they sacrificed so much for.

      38. Well here we are! Another fine day at SHTFPlan.

        Five people shot in Seattle. Not connected to protestors, authorities say.

      39. The crap stinks even more when you get a whiff of it.. just for argument sake..Just read on according or judicial watch, a jihadist attack went down in Mexico..thats the same jihadist army that is ready to cross over the border into El Paso. The thing is that’s the same military base that is busy bringing in Chinese soldiers and other nationals to attack and take down Texas.. a lot of people don’t know that China is a weapons supplier and sponsor of terrorism, they were the one who started the problem on Afghanistan.. they went in and supplied the taliban..weapons and armed them to keep the US from. Gaining access to the multi mineral resources.. they supply Iran with weapons also..Mexico claims that they are fighting cartels and jihadist but are bringing “literally 10’s of thousands of Chinese soldiers in plain clothes align with short range missles and heavy duty military equipment and 150,000 chi coms in the border, into Mexico, and now have over, 1,200,000…what does the cabal and soros do?.. they ship in heavy duty military equipment by the tons unto Texas, Jade Helm 15-16, fake a drill and exercise when in fact that equipment is here and prepositioned to make it easy access able to the jihadist and chinese soldiers easy access to jump on them and attack Texas. One retiree cop I know personally, he figured I was a little different, came up me, and told me that his other cops friends told him about what was going on down in Mexico, and that China will be ready on less then 5 years to fully invade a Texas from the west, the south of Texas Border and that they are allies with the Mexican Army and that Mexico has been planning and all out invasion of Texas to take back Texas. David Hodges have talked about this Atzland..that’s what it’s called, the so called reclaimed territory that is Mexico’s..the globalist know that if they do something to Trump. This will certainly ignite a revolutionary war..not a civil war…Abbott will immediately close the Mexican border, Texas will immediately succeed, all of the local globalist embedded in out state will be immediately arrested and detained, and then the Texas white hats will immediately move in the state guard. Trolls think that they can come on here and tell me that I needs meds, but this will not get them far..the facts are the facts..Trump will get sworn in and there is nothing that the globalist can do about it…Trump will get the military immediately upgraded because all the copper wiring in the carriers and destroyers have no protection against the Russian EMP weapons, that’s used it know out the electronics, rendering the ship a sitting duck for the chinese to sink them with the DF20 carrier missles.. so now we have 10 carries, literary all of them except one that now docked because they have to replace all the copper wiring with fiber optics..China will attack the white hats have taken back control of the government and that means that generals since such as the one that got his ass fired was for good reason.. WW3 will go down between 2017-2019.. we have a two year Window or less to prep, get supplies became Trump getting in has delayed the globalist plan. For those who have stopped preppping, that’s the stupidest thing you could have ever done, irresponsible and extremely stupid.


      40. Like a cheaply scripted western, the scene is set and even the time, high-noon, is declared.

        All are welcomed to participate. All are reminded to remember their lines, about what they represent and then act accordingly. Because it is your right to do so.

        “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” -Shakespeare

      41. This has been the most hostile transition of government I have witnessed. I fear that this will now become the norm with each transition in the future. Until there is no future. Sorry Benjamin, we couldn’t keep it because we didn’t deserve it.

      42. The BIKER’S are going to kick the shit out of those Libtards should they start something. The media will hype it up and maybe the rest of the country’s dumb ass Libtards will start up all over. Might get into a shooting match yet.

      43. It’s seems a lot of people are focusing attention to one area stay frosty my brothers

      44. Anon,you ain’t kidding, if they pull a false flag, we can almost see this happening exactly how you said it.


        2017-2019, still alive kicking and breading..

      45. I was reading an article about how the Japanese people are handling the radical Islamic people in their country. The Japanese police did not put up with any disorderly conduct from them and made it very hard for them to live in their country. It said that the Japanese people wanted to preserve their culture. The Japanese will not grant permanent residency to them, will not grant citizenship to them, and insist they obey their laws and language, they must pray at home in private, they cannot import a Koran written in Arabic, a work permit is very hard to get even if you’re a doctor or lawyer, etc. In other words they make it almost impossible for Muslims to live there. The Japanese want to preserve their culture, aka preserving their race. Nothing wrong with this; so why cannot the white race feel the same way about preserving their culture and their race? There is definitely a different culture between blacks and whites, maybe a small difference, but still a difference. If people want to intermarry ,fine, but if people want to marry only same race do not condemn. Nothing forced but give freedom to conscientiously choose to preserve the white race without being called a racist. Today that’s all we are hearing is to breed the white race out of existence, which is a racist concept itself.

      46. This is an email That came in today, from the Disrupt J20 organization. They are definitely Trying to disrupt the Inauguration, on purpose.


        Hey There —

        Inauguration week is here. On Friday, an illegitimate fascist is going to be inaugurated. And we’re going to make sure that he and his supporters won’t be able to celebrate the aspiring dictator in peace.

        Hundreds of protesters and affinity groups are coming to DC over the next five days to join Disrupt J20 and shut shit down. So we’ve organized a week packed full of events, trainings, and spokescouncils to make sure we are all ready for action. Here’s some more info on all the things.

        Please note that the action spokescouncils are specifically for folks who are participating in direct actions. The goal of these spokes is to coordinate and plug affinity groups into actions.

        Below is a schedule of events, trainings, and spokescouncils that we’re putting together for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There are lots of moving pieces involved in disrupting fascism, so please note that this schedule is subject to change (though our website will always have the most up to date schedule).

        Tuesday (1/17):
        3pm: Know Your Rights Training (St. Stephen’s)
        6:30pm: Action spokescouncil (All Souls Church)
        6:30pm: Know Your Rights Training (hosted by Black Lives Matter DC)

        Wednesday (1/18):
        11am: Orientation (St. Stephen’s)
        2pm: Orientation (St. Stephen’s)
        4pm: Orientation & Know Your Rights Training (St. Stephen’s)
        6pm: Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House

        Thursday (1/19):
        9:30am: Nonviolent Direct Action Training (St. Stephen’s)
        12pm: Orientation rolling for the rest of the day (St. Stephen’s)
        1-4pm: Final action spokescouncil (St. Stephen’s)
        4pm: Action office hours (St. Stephen’s)
        4:30pm: Legal & De-escalation Training (St. Stephen’s)
        5pm: Orientation rolling until 8pm (All Souls Church)
        9pm: Final orientation / action prep (St. Stephen’s)

        We’ll see you in the streets this week.

      47. George Soros will be behind all of this. And these people who participate in provoking and using violence are trained and paid to do this. His puppet Shillary failed so this is his revenge. The MSM will be working closely with these scabs to provoke violence.

        As far as keeping your children at home. The best thing that could happen to everyone in the USA is eliminate
        school taxes and do away with corrupt teachers unions.
        I am tired of paying their lifetime pensions for children I do not have.

      48. Funny I have known for years from 7th grade on, that teachers have mostly been from the left.And have been hate filled for teachers and liberals from that point on !!!

      49. don’t believe the very low ball estimate of only 8,000 federal NG troops being leaked to the fooLish and guLLible media, more like 45,000 on immediate standby to tap into and draw from

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