Very Real Danger of Collapse: “Could Be So Severe I Don’t Think Our Civilization Could Survive It”

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    The single most important factor responsible for fueling the last several decades of economic growth has been credit expansion. Whether it’s central banks lending money to large financial institutions, or private banks dispersing funds to businesses and individuals, our lifestyles simply would not have been made possible without it – builders couldn’t build homes, manufacturers couldn’t acquire raw materials, and consumers wouldn’t be able to consume. Living in a country whose currency happens to be the reserve trade instrument for the entire globe has had its benefits. We’ve built huge homes, enjoyed healthy diets, taken luxurious vacations; we’ve even exported menial jobs that no civilized members of society would ever engage in to third world labor camps.

    In the process we’ve expanded our national debt to unprecedented levels, with some estimates suggesting that our total liabilities and commitments are approaching nearly $200 trillion in the next twenty five years.

    By all accounts, we live in a system built on nothing more than a promise to repay what we’ve borrowed. This reverse trickle-down economics has left everyone bloated with debt, including the government as a whole, as well as the individual American who has bought his house, car, furnishings and overall lifestyle by taking on insurmountable levels of debt.

    In 2007 we began to see cracks in this supposedly stable economic model. By late 2008 the entire world was in crisis as credit lending on all levels came to a standstill. Stock markets crashed, governments panicked, and the people grasped on to promises of hope and change.

    Four years on we’re told that the economy is bouncing back, yet all signs point to continued global malaise. More jobs are destroyed every month than are created, global shipping has all but come to a standstill, homes continue to lose value, and millions upon millions of Americans require government assistance for the most basic of needs.

    There is no recovery. The credit crisis has not been averted. Things are going to get far worse before they get better.

    While most refuse to admit it, the evidence is clear. Our system of “creditism,” as described by The New Great Depression author Richard Duncan, is dependent on monetary intervention and expansion by our central bank. Unless the Federal Reserve continues to artificially expand credit and print more money, the system will collapse in on itself – just as it almost did in 2008.

    At some point, says Duncan, the expansion simply won’t be possible anymore.

    How bad can it get once that happens? According to Duncan, it can get so bad that our civilization as we know it today simply won’t be able to handle it.

    In order to understand this crisis it’s necessary to understand the role credit has played in bringing it about.

    When we broke the link between money and gold forty years ago, this removed all the constraints on credit creation. And afterwards credit absolutely exploded. In the U.S. it grew from $1 trillion to $50 trillion – a fifty-fold increase in forty three years.

    This explosion of credit created the world we live. It created very rapid economic growth. It ushered in the age of globalization.

    But it now seems credit cannot expand any further because the private sector is incapable of repaying the debt that it has already. And if credit now begins to contract there is a very real danger that we will collapse into a new great depression.

    As long as credit grow rapidly, that makes the economy grow. However, the day always comes when credit can’t expand any further and then the new depression begins.

    Now, credit is the new money. If they don’t prevent the credit supply from contracting then we will have a new depression. So the policy is to ensure that credit continues to expand. And now that’s what government debt is doing; increasing government debt is making total debt grow, otherwise we would have already collapsed into a debt deflation death spiral.

    If this credit bubble pops the depression is going to be so severe that I honestly don’t think our civilization can survive it.

    Consider what happens when someone loses their income stream. As a result, they are unable to pay their mortgage, put food on the table or live any semblance of the life they came to know while they were gainfully employed.

    Our government, like any individual American, also has an income stream. That income is based on taxes, and in recent years, overwhelming borrowing. In the near future we will reach a point where we’ve taken on so much debt that our creditors will no longer lend us money. Because tax revenues are already dropping due to negative economic growth, the government will essentially be left with no income.

    Like someone who loses their job, they will have no way of meeting their monthly obligations. They won’t be able to provide nutritional assistance, there will be no health care, and social security benefits will stop being distributed.

    Our civilization would not be able to handle such a transition from an expansionary credit based economy where goods and services were readily available into a paradigm of credit contraction, supply shortages and destitution.

    This is what is coming. There is no way to prevent – only to defer it until a later date.

    That day will soon be upon us, and one way or the other life in America as we have come to know it will take a drastic turn for the worse. When civilizations transform in this way it often results in violence, starvation and bloodshed. Prepare for it, because it will be on our doorsteps soon enough.


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      1. It’s going to be interesting to see what’s first to go….econcomic collapse, Fuchashima, middle east, drought, yellowstone, etc etc etc etc

        • Time to kick it into high gear, was going to live at the cabin for winter but now I think I might just go up in early fall. I can’t believe we have held on this long. The good news is we don’t. Have to wait for the collapse any longer were living the beginning stages as I write it will only keep going down hill only question is how fast?

          • DD no fear Obama’s here. He has this can kicked passed election day. The media helped bring down 2008 to make sure they could have Obama; they could have just as easily denied it for 3 months if they wanted McCain. (They Didn’t).

            Like the fellow said they can put this off and they are. Look at the St. Louis Fed reserve links and look at funds available to loan – its actually quite a shocker and might not be what you think. Our “lenders” have NEVER had so much money to loan in HISTORY. (Which is what it takes to kick the can down the road)

          • @ Everybody out there. I came up with an analogy about the economy that I feel fits to what is happening. If you have ever seen the way fruit trees are grafted, what is happening to the economy is quite similar to what BO and other politicians are trying to do to the financial well being of the country. Just like when you have a very successful producing citrus tree such as a sweet orange, year after year, you then start cutting away the productive branches and grafting on a type of branch that produces very little of a type of citrus fruit that has little value. Little by little the productive branches are chopped away to make room for the branches that produce a bad fruit or better yet poisonous fruit.

            This is what is happening with a productive economy, the productive branches are cut off and sent overseas, and in its place are the branches of welfare and total dependence on the government. Little by little the economy is being transformed into an unproductive tree with SOUR worthless or poisonous fruit being grown on its branches. Grafting on, or hybridizing productivity for an exchange of DEAD-WOOD. That is what is happening to the economy, a graft on that has almost killed an economy that once flourished and had the fruit of wealth, personal prosperity and security, hope, and promise.

            • I prefer to look at it like our country was a very healthy animal that has acquired parisites( in our case welfare sponges that contribute nothing productive to society and just propagate more parasites) and has no way to rid itself of them. We have a govt ( Barak Obama) that is more than happy to keep feeding the parasites(this may include govt employees) and welcomes them with open arms. We are now close to the tipping where the host body can no longer provide for itself and all the parasites it supports. When that happens everyone dies except a few parisites that may survive and cling to another host. WE NEED TO WORM OUR COUNTRY AND GET RID OF THE PARASITES!!!

            • BI…perhaps you heard about this.Your tax dollars at work. Ohio has a program (HEAP)that had to use it’s heating surplus up from the mild winter.Instead of saving it for next winter, they gave vouchers out for AC units at $250 a pop.The AC units are made by a Korean company. To qualify your income must be below $46,100 for a family of four. Good for the elderly and disabled, but that income isn’t poor, if you ask me. Menwhile, the Park Service posts signs that say “Please do not feed the animals” Why? They will become dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

            • Very fitting analogy
              They dont have to graft on new branches. The roots are primarily sour orange or bitter orange. So as you cut off the producing branches out grown the non producing bitter suckers.
              Exactly what is happening.

          • I realize one can never be fully prepared, but I am comfortable with where I am at and done for now. Food, water, heat, light and of course, protection. I’m done worrying about what will happen and when. When and if the SHTF I will deal with it then. Best thing to do now is stay as informed as possible on a daily basis. Time to refocus on living and enjoying the fruits of my labor knowing of course I and my family have a better chance than 99% of the population of making it htrough to the other side. What will await us there I don’t know but we are as ready as possible. No point in fretting to much over all the shit I can’t control.

            • through,DAH!

            • I would love to “talk” with fellow desert-dwellers about prepping. I don’t have much hope re H2O if the SHTF, myself.

            • There IS a way to fix it all…Just do what Germany did to make a massive comback from way worse depression(weimer germany hyperinflation 1922 era) than we in usa had.

              1st-they got RID of Private banksters.

              2nd-since german gold was confiscated for Reperations due to totally unfair Versai treaty etc,and nothing else to “Back” money with Hitler came up with only solution he had.

              And this was done PRIOR to any “armmmaments” buildups etc!

              In just UNDER 5yrs Total time frame, a new system consisted of Backing money with Hours of worked Labor at face value worth, AND, Face value of All products made to use or sell to Other nations.(all forms work was counted even stuff not sellable like a janitors hrs labor value etc)

              Only 1 german-mark(like our dollar) was created per each marks worth of labor or products.Unemployments rate went Down from..aprox.34% to a LOW of less than 2%..German citizens was back to work.

              That cut out all private central scam banks AND was done with ZERO INTREST!! ALL Loans to build a new house or factory or store etc was INTREST Free Loans!…No Usuary Period.!

              As can be imagianed that really pissed off the Zio-bankers types.. and probobly our fed gov(not sure).

              So That was when(1933) International jewery called for an worldwide boycot of ALL german made everything!(This is what Really caused german jewery to be rounded up same as Japs was in usa after Pearl Harbor..Listed as “potential enemys or kommies in germany. ONLY After usa & worlds jewery first declared Economic WAR on Germany and All germans everywhere in world!…You can blame jews for jews problems…Again)

              In usa and specially New York(home to 1/2 of usa jews and Banksters…aka goldman sachs-Jacob Shiff, he funded Bolshevics russia massacre, and is from J.P.Morgan), all types of people and Store owners agreed to boycot.

              Then began to throw out and destroy any/all german made stuf on shelves or in stockrooms etc. Old film reels shows it all. LIke a massive Riot against Germanys products AND german usa citizens too!

              So, then without any other choice to obtain much needed resources or items or fuels to keep the german recovery ongoing(which they did) Germanys leadership began to offer “Barter-Trade” with any other nations in lieu of “cash” payments etc.

              That worked swell and in LESS than 5yrs(just under 5yrs) Germany came Back wealthier and stronger and again at very Top of entire europes Many other nations!

              This is whats probobly the Main True reason for allies(usa-brits-jews-france and KOMMIE USSR Soviets, which was still run by bolshevick jews etc, yet Our “allies”?!!…Reason to totally Destroy germany.

              Stuf we was Never allowed to learn in Public screwals history class, much like they never taught us how FDR was truely a Kommie hisself!(Obammys favorite dictator is fdr).

              Soooooo….To say “We cannot never fix america etc etc?…BULLSHIT!!

              Do you really believe after over 100yrs of scheems-scams-thefts-and all other nefarious crap done by corrupted “Officials” of Both Partys, that they will simply say Oh well there goes all Our Power and stolen wealth etc?!!!….Come on!

              More likely what Will be done is they tptb, will Declare bankruptcy of usa, negate all fed gov debt, maybe all Private citizens debts also(swell way to get alot of votes your way huh?…Gee they payed off MY mortage and car and collage loans for all 4 kids! Guess who That guys voteing for?!)

              THEN…Switch over to already planned One Worlds Currency, or Fully Electronic cash debits like we now pay bills with etc…OR do one world cash 1st and Then all electronic computer debits/digits.

              THEN…Back up and running fine as ever was!!!

              Are any of you aware that aprox 25 yrs ago(1980s) TIME Magazine had on full cover picture a NEW WORLD currency called “The Pheonix Dollar”?….Article to cover story-picture of new cash said it was SCHEDULED to be Used by entire world by 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Still think all these smart banksters and lawyer polititions aint given any Thought to “What will They do next and Planned colapse?….They may all be crooks or criminal Traitors(yes and YES!) But not many if any are Stoopid.

              Get ready for posible exec orders to Line up for IMPLANTABLE RFID Chip so YOU can quickly access their new system of a new usa and new better World!

            • AZ..that is exactly my attitude now.
              Peace. dude..jayjay

            • Indeed not, AZ Ready. Congrats on your preps and current situation. Awareness of a problem is the 1st step in facing it with strength and resolve. I have no doubt that you and your family will benefit immensely from all your efforts. Well done!

              As to the coming collapse… I’m thinking that a long time after it happens, historians will record that the old USA was destroyed by an over-dose of government; a disease that very few ever thought would happen to the world’s greatest republic. Nations, as with individuals, need to make good choices if they expect to have good lives. When we make poor choices, the odds of having a good life are minimal. We have chosen poorly.

        • There are a lot of credit card junkies, possibly more than those addicted to drugs. The interesting thing about credit expanding, we were told we had to build our credit(remember?). When in reality, credit/loans make an individual subservant to the lender. Many worry about their credit rating when all it says is how much more in debt they can be and at what interest rate.
          Reminds me of the song ‘I owe my soul to the company store’.

          • Maybe a representative from American Express could walk my down the asile instead of my Dad…………..

          • Good day all! IMHO, the vast wealth and resources of the United States will prevent any real hard “collapse” for most Americans. I believe that barring some major catastrophic event, we are going to enter a long (generational) period of slow decline.
            I think prepping is a wise decision because I tend to be a self sufficient person and like the feeling of security. The landscape of America has changed due to the global interaction of nations. I compare it to a football and baseball of the past versus today.
            Business used to operate under an America first ethos, but due to huge advances in communication and overall technology, business (corporations) now act like a free agent “where can I get the most value”, add to that that greedy people have rewritten the rules to benefit them and the political class, and the blue collar jobs the used to distinguish America for all intent and purpose are gone.
            We are moving to a more global society where there are 2 main classes the wealthy and the rest of us, though for now I do OK. The normalcy bias is what causes so much anxiety because we all grew up believing in the “dream” and if we just worked hard and played by the rules we could achieve it.
            I think we are looking at a paradigm shift, and once folks understand that, it makes all the Chicken Little stuff senseless. It’s fun to discuss and ponder but in the end we are just moving to a new phase of civilization. I think the best explanation I have ever seen is Chris Martensen’s “Crash Course”.
            Once you realize we need to embrace the inevitable change and not fight it, it allows you to move on and enjoy the ride….
            Take care

            • I have to disagree with your presumption of a slow decline. We’ve been kicking the can down the road for years and the ONLY reason we’ve lasted this long is the printing presses. That is, the presses that print money and MSM printing lies about the economy. If it were to be a long slow decline, ask yourself why the Homies, FBI and DoD are gearing up for war against the American people. The answer is simply:they know the situation is unsustainable. There comes a day when lies get exposed. It’s dangerous game.

            • “vast wealth and resources of the United States will prevent any real hard “collapse” for most Americans.”

              most amerikans keep their funny money in the bank, a bank holiday will take all that away.

              50 mil on food stamps, almost 9 mil on “disability”
              i would wager that theres 100 million amerikans barely making it.

              3% of the population is prepping for a break down in the food system.

              honesly im not sure what vast wealth and resources you are talking about, all that burnt up corn?? please let us know.

            • I agree with Swift. It will more than likely be a sudden stop. Everything in today’s economy is based on just in time delivery. With the exception of preppers, no one has the ability to last even a month or two. When the banks take a holiday, nobody’s credit card will work. Truckers will be unable to get gas so no food will be delivered. People will be starving and then dying in large numbers. It will not IMO be the end of civilization because all the knowledge will not disappear. Once the die off loses steam, the remnant will be able to build anew.

            • bubba I do agree with you. I think the government will be forced to cut and start to watch fraud and really trim its programs from welfare to military. I think they bring in more money than they are letting us know about. I think business will slow down and they will realize that gas is what we need to use is too high and it will go down to try and get people to spend and figure out how to get more cars with better mileage and illegals will get away with all their schemes still. The dollar will survive but cracking down on welfare will cause deadbeats to steal more etc. TPTB will probably release some virus in the food. Hell I dont know that was what came out of my mind. anything could happen. none of us know except obama of course, that cock sucker

            • Bubba,

              Embrace the inevitable change? How could any true man embrace a change that takes away his freedom, takes away his dreams, takes away his dignity and makes him a number in the vast expanse of a mindless society. Not me, not now, not ever. I believed the dream and made it my reality, perhaps you did not but do not speak for me or others that have created what they dreamed of. I am not rich nor am I poor, I am comfortable and happy with my life right now, I will not “get on board and enjoy the ride”, unless I am the one who is driving.

            • Bubba: You’re on the money. We’ve been in a slow crash for so long that people have forgotten. We went off of the gold standard 40 years ago and that’s when inflation and stagnation began (stagflation). We also started shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas in big chunks at that time too. Yes, we’ve had some ups but a lot of downs too that folks tend to ‘misremember’. And everytime we hit a bump in the economy we settle into a slightly lower level of economic ‘prosperity’. Folks are just glad the bumpy ride is over that they don’t realize that things are just a little bit worse than they use to be. Remember a few years ago when gas shot up from 2.50 to well over 3-3.5, everyone was outraged. Then it settled back well below 3.00 for a while. Well it’s crept back up to 3.50 and the shock we got the first time immunized us against this permanent new high in gas prices. This is also happening to food prices, only slightly higher prices but smaller conatainers/boxes. It’s all about the conditioning. And each time this happens we all say whew, glad that’s over and we settle yet again for a little less product and slightly higher prices and just hope that this is the last of it. But some of us know that this will go on and on until the bottom falls out and our money is worthless.

            • You Idiot

            • I think most appreciate the opptomistic pov but you lost me at inevitable change and embracing….blah blah blah
              I will die a slow death fighting evil and in the end i will meet my god knowing i did his work and didnt give in to evil, trading my soul for comfort of this world.
              And im not a religeous person mind you.
              What makes you so sure evil will not turn on you?

            • I thought Your Post was Reasonable, UNTIL You got to the Paradigm Shift, Chicken Little and The Just Roll Over and Die Analogy…
              I don’t agree that a Post should be Hidden just because more people give a ‘Thumbs Down’.
              Without Debate, we would all take the same path, Even if it was the Wrong Path…

          • “You load 16 tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt! I’ll have to tell St.Peter, I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store”…Tennessee Ernie Ford

            • I like ” to arms in dixie ” by T.E. Ford myself 😉

            • inon; knew the song, just that line I quoted is the truth.
              Thanks, I did enjoy listening to it again.

          • Credit rating is a measure of how good of a slave you are.

            • isn’t that the truth…I know several folks, myself included that are about ready to kiss it goodbye…

              if they pull the bank holiday shit, I AM DONE WITH IT.

              That iMo is where we should all start.

              “I am so gone from this system that I can’t even see it in the rearview mirror.”

          • One only get’s credit based on earnings.Once earnings are shut off,loss of job etc it will not even matter.It’s called “BUST OUT”.Credit score will be meaningless.

          • My interest rates on loans are lower than the rate of inflation. Too easy. So I can buy a can of ______ for a dollar now or wait 1 year and it is 1.10 or more depending on crops. Debt sucks but as of right now I am saving more in the long run by being in it. I way 4.4% on a floating line and the annual rate of REAL inflation is around 8-10%. Where do I lose here?

            If I lose a job then the EI pays the previously bought food stuff loan and I pay the loan back with deflated dollars. Its like a hedge to me.

            • Gravlore, nice approach. For the many of us that don’t apply your approach, it is because we’d rather be debt free. Aren’t you still tied to the banks? What will happen during a bank holiday?

            • DRD yes I am tied to the banks. So if there is a bank holidays then how is anyone going to pay their electric, water, or any bill? If you are off grid you still have land taxes which means you owe, just a smaller amount. Until land tax laws change then I am tied to the bank either way you look at it. $1 or $30K makes no difference since you still owe in some form or another.

        • Instead of speculating on the more outlandish bits, let’s go with playing odds here.

          Alexis d’ Tocqueville once wrote that most individual civilizations don’t last much longer than 200 years.

          You only have so much budget and time to prepare here… and there have been a lot more economic collapses that have caused collapse than there have been EMP-enhanced nuclear weaponry.

          If you’re spending all of your prep budget on tinfoil and faraday cages, but civilization goes ‘splat over economic woes, you’re going to end up with a lot of useless tinfoil and chicken wire. Now if you;re right, okay, but what exactly are the odds?

          I suggest looking at each possibility carefully before gearing up against it. Even if Fukushima exploded outright in a 50 megaton blast, it really won’t do that much. How do I know that? Because the USSR was blowing up 50MT bombs (the “Tsar Bomba”) in the 1960’s, and nobody is glowing in the dark just yet.

          Drought? Okay, but seriously? It would have to be both global and very severe first… and last for at least a decade.

          Yellowstone? possible, but the odds are so low for a given lifetime that it’s ridiculous.

          Best bets? Economy, world war, or someone getting a little too careless around the buttons at NORAD or the Russian/Chinese equivalent.

          • Tsar Bomba (Russian: Царь-бомба) is the nickname for the AN602 hydrogen bomb, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. It was also referred to as Kuz’kina Mat’ (Russian: Кузькина мать, Kuzka’s mother), potentially referring to Nikita Khruschev’s promise to show the U.S. a “Kuz’kina Mat'” at the 1960 UN General Assembly. The famous Russian idiom, which has been problematic for translators, equates roughly with the English “We’ll show you!” in this usage meaning “something that has not been seen before”.[1] Developed by the Soviet Union, the bomb was originally designed to have a yield of about 100 megatons of TNT (420 PJ), but the yield was reduced to 50 megatons in order to reduce nuclear fallout (and also to prevent the blast from destroying the drop aircraft).

            • Awwww… stupid drop aircraft… come on, I want my 100 megatons! Just… I dunno… get Pelosi and Biden as the pilots. Problem solved, crank it up to 100 megatons!

        • @ You don’t need to know says. I regard the economy of more of a PUSHER to much worse events. Like the way the dominoes don’t begin to start falling without an initial push of the first one. Just like usually a pandemic doesn’t begin without a disease element because of lack of nutrition and proper sanitation disposal. Poverty breeds all sorts of problems. An economy collapsing could be the precursor to much worse to come, probebly will be.

          With the economy the time element is extremely difficult to gauge because of those phantom numbers that can be reconfigured and more borrowing on the money already owed. If the credit card company is stupid enough to allow higher and higher maximum levels at which can be spent while allowing only a minimum payment each month, then the sky is the limit for the credit card junkie. Case in point the United States that is basically just paying the interest each month on what is owed and allowing to continue to reset that maximum ceiling on the debt. This is what makes it so hard to foresee when those brakes are put on and the debt begins to default.

          Other events in the world can also cause an economic collapse, such as very widespread natural calamities such as Yellowstone or another supervolcano like the one down in New Zealand that I am very suspect of. A contained Middle-East war can put the lid and the final nails on the economy through $300 a barrel oil, or just plain the lack of oil to run the country (countries). People say that they can go without oil, which is not true, YET. Not enough of the vechicles can be quick fitted to run on natural gas if the oil is gone. Even if it could, petroleum is of huge importance in plastics and fertilizers and other products.

          No one really knows how long the drought will last either, though I think some of it has to do with the solar activity and the solar cycles. water is expensive to hauled or pipe to areas that need it. Some crops such as wheat simply need it to rain, or no crop, because of the vastness of the size needed to irrigate. Drought affects corn prices, which will drive up gas prices because most grades of gas has to have a certain percentage of ethanol in it, I think it is 10%. That alcohol fuel really hurts the intake systems of vechicles, and why certain recreation vechicles must have 100% gas and why some gas stations still sell pure gas.

          Drought really affects economies because a country such as the United States and Australia cannot export their extra food to other countries that cannot produce their own. Very few countries have much arable land to begin with and depend on the U.S. to eat. This in turn means less money coming into the U.S. on top of lack of good paying jobs sent over to slave labor to the enemy, China, and other countries.

          I was watch wolf blitzer talking out of the side of his mouth the other idea about how important cheap products are to the porr in this country and it sickened me to the point I had to turn it off. Did he even take in consideration why there are so many poor people in the U.S? Just maybe because all the good jobs with good pay are now with the enemy (China), outsourced so China can built better and more delivery systems for their hydrogen bombs to one day spout the mushrooms all over the U.S. Good paying jobs in your country mean more money to pay off the debt, but more money flowing in your country means even more above average jobs created in the country. Jobs create more jobs, jobs create more money, more money means you can pay for the more expensive goods, not that much more expensive made by your fellow countrymen.

          The stupidity and lack of common sense is probably what is going to be the flashpoint of the economy going down the cess pool. The more I think about how a country that has 17.9% arable land, about 675,000 square miles of arable land to grow food, at the perfect latitudes of about 25-49 degrees away from the equator for the lower 48, one of the most advanced technological bases, a huge manufacturing sections, almost every mineral available and plenty of most, a massive natural gas and coal reserves, plenty of other energy ready resources such as hydro, wind, some solar, and even tidal, and on and on and on. A country like this on the threshold of bankruptcy, when it should be on the threshold of total greatness. It is sickening to think about.

          I have heard all sorts of theories on that it is all planned out, which could be the case, but it could also be that the government are just full of so much corruption that they have sold out to the enemy. The government has sold the financial well being to the Chinese, and to other poor countries that have absolutely no right to be doing free trade business with the U.S. Sold out for own personal gains to other countries, including the enemy. That in my book is treason, yet this is totally legal and widely accepted. This country should not be dying, but it is. I personally blame politicians, but right now all we personally can do is prepare and wait. How long that wait is the question, but it is coming, in spades to those that fail to prepare.

          Final thought is that the words prepper and survivalist or just preparation have a truly negative feeling to most, this is sad and pathetic at the same time. When I can get 35 pounds of candles for $7.50 from people that don’t see the need for preparation, and for it to sit out in the hot sun for hours and not have someone else jump at the wonderful deal truly shows how doomed most people are. But like Prepared Pastor said, the prepper can profit much from the lack on insight from all those that sell what we need for survival for cheap, this is highly positive to a dying country and a dying people.

          • Thanks again BI, you said it way better than I ever could have!

          • Yep…well said!

          • USA is borrowing just to pay the interest. I think 2010 was the first year where mandatory govt. spending exeeded revenues, and no end is in sight.

            You mean Wolf Bitcher.

            It is sad. My neighbor’s family own pawn shops and regularly keep pawned items for themselves instead of reselling them. The items most in demand in that family are Itoys.

          • Wolf Blitzer is a douche. Cheap products won’t save the poor because everything they need isn’t reciprocally cheaper to their lower income, (i.e.-food, car, health care) not to mention cheaper products have to be replaced much more often making them no cheaper if not more expensive. We being the biggest consumer country in the world and having more money would benefit the wealthy cause a greater percentage of the money would be spent on their products. When a small percentage of people holds all the money it essentially reomves larger amounts of money from the economy as it sits idle. If that money was spread out evenly to all americans I’d just aboput guarantee that the top 1% would still end up with most of it back within 10 years 😉

          • Where do you people find your candles? Friggin 48 tea candles are $9 here.

          • I agree. I think we’re in for a very bad time. It would be a good idea for us to have some money on hand incase the banks close. Also water and food to get you through a month or so would be advised. A gun can also come in handy. If all the gov. programs stop handing out money there’s going to be a lot of wild crazy theving people out there. God help us.

        • “””Whether it’s central banks lending money to large financial institutions, or private banks dispersing funds to businesses and individuals, our lifestyles simply would not have been made possible without it – builders couldn’t build homes, manufacturers couldn’t acquire raw materials, and consumers wouldn’t be able to consume. “””

          That is surely what the banksters want you to believe. However, it is far from the truth in the real world.

          It is true, however, in the banksters fraudulent economic system and that is what they want you to believe. Without their “money and credit” (the same thing) we would be far worse off. I call BS on that.

          In a true money system we would be living better than now. FAR BETTER.

          Not to mention far more Free.

          The only thing the credit expansion has allowed is for the banksters to claim paper ownership of EVERYTHING that can be purchased with that credit.

          Bankster Credit MUST collapse for the People to regain ownership over what was stolen from them.

        • Don’t forget Nibiru… 😉

        • Fukishima is slowly killing all of us.

        • The Sxxx will hit…..timing is the question, as a few smart people will benefit by the collapse…

      2. Bring it on…

        • I myself would be all too happy to NOT “bring it on”: many innocent people will get hurt, not because they’re bad, but because they’re ignorant. Or because they are very old or very young or unable to cope for some reason. Case in point: I used to work at a group home where the average IQ of the occupants was right around 50 or 60. We had people in their thirties or forties that couldn’t brush their teeth or tie their shoes, never mind handle the shit thats a comin’ What happens to them? And are they in any way shape or form responsible for the looming disasters dead ahead?

          It pisses me off that the same posturing, self righteous, “look at me I’m a liberal and I care way more than you do” assholes who are nothing but sock puppets for Goldman Sachs (think: Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopolous etc etc) will probably survive all this shit because of their money, while innocent people will end up starving to death. Where the fuck is the justice in that?

          Nevertheless, despite my wishes that all of this shit can be somehow avoided, in the words of the immortal Captain Parker “if they want a war, let it begin here!”

          stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Lighten up SonOfSam,

            I don’t believe PatriotRider was suggesting that society’s most vulnerable were in anyway responsible for this mess!

            If your looking for blame then I submit it is national & individual sin that is the truly guilty culprit.

            And if your looking for justice don’t expect any from a spiritually fallen world. Be patient, real justice will be meted out during the olam haba by G-d.

            • @ Ya’aqov ben Ya’aqov:

              please re-read my post: I wasn’t blaming anybody. What I WAS referring to was PatriotRider saying “bring it on”…meaning — if I am reading him right — that he’s saying “the hell with the waiting game, let the shit just damned hit the fan and be done with it. Whatever, I’m ready.” I may be paraphrasing him, or reading into what he posted, but I don’t believe so. And all that I pointed out was that PatriotRider might be ready, and you might be ready, and I might be ready and everyone who posts here might be ready…but there are a lot of people out there for whom there is no ready. They will be the first innocent casualties, and we shouldn’t be so casual about that. And what’s more, I was expressing a wish that somehow, someway, that the country I love and the decent people who live in it might be spared this agony. I don’t think that will happen, but I do believe that hoping for a peaceful solution is a sound and logical response.

              Again, you need to actually read what I posted.

              PS @ PatriotRider: if in some way I have mis-interpreted your words, I will be glad to stand corrected.

          • It’s actually the PLAN to “do away” with all these people who THEY feel are “unfit” — happened before a few times, such as in the 1930s….

            • Yes, interesting. In the 1930s the US population went DOWN by 6 or 7 million people. The 1940 census shows a massive decline in the population from the 1930(?) census!!! Basically, millions died!!! Starvation is probable, but it’s a terrible population decline that is very rarely talked about or even acknowledged!!! And it’s certainly not in the mainstream history books!! If you also take into consideration, the number of newborn arrivals during this period between the census taking were probably 4 or 5 million total then the overall net decline may well have been 10-12 million deaths!!!!! Yikes!!!

              Now, just as a thought and throwing around a couple numbers ……..
              So, with the current US population around the 310 million mark today, if there was an economic collapse tomorrow and 1% of the population starved to death, that would be 3.1 million people. If 2% starved to death = 6.2 million people!! 5% starving to death = 15.5 million people.

              That’s just taking into account people starving to death. Of course the number would be much greater if the guns came out and people we’re fighting for the scraps!!

              Part of my preps is learning the ins and outs of growing tobacco and “home brewing” My theory is, that gold and silver won’t mean a thing to the majority of people. However, having tobacco, home brewed beer/whiskey to trade and barter and having the ability to make cheese, butter and yogurt from my cows is the way to survive and trade my way forward. Oh eggs too!!

          • I believe his point is that the worst is going to happen one way or the other anyway, so why not get it over with quickly and move on to the new paradigm.

            He prefers to rip the Band-Aid off quickly. You prefer to take it off slowly. Either way, all the hairs on your arm get pulled out.

            • Yes but if you rip the band-aid off slowly enough new hair grows back where you started ripping it off 😉

            • The “bring it on” -vs- “let’s keep hoping” controversy is showing up in more and more of the survival/prepper type sites. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

              The reason I would want to “bring it on or let’s get it started” is because with each passing day people seem to be more accepting of the “new normal”. Think TSA groping at the airports, checkpoints at bus/train stations, on our roads, GMO, smart meters, no more lemonaide stands, schools dictating to parents, etc.

              It feels like their agenda is being instituted little by little, day by day. The UN wants to pass the international small arms treaty. Starts out well but then maybe a couple of months from now it will be…OK now we want you to register your guns, now register your ammo, now no more tactical guns, now no more sniper type rifles, now…. It creeps in and people become accostomed to it and accept it as the new normal.

              I would rather get it on now while there are still some red blooded Americans left that remember what true freedom is. Stop accepting the prisoner training. Hitler didn’t create his nightmare is a day or month. It started small, little by little, month by month. Took years to get his nightmare in place and a lot of people accepted it as the new normal.

              I do not accept this new normal and everyday “they” get more of their agenda in place….troops on the streets doing practice drills, drones in the sky, no privacy, etc. When is enough…enough?

              I love hope but I believe “things” have gone too far. I do not think talking, voting or protesting is going to stop the tidal wave heading our way. I’m tired of rearranging the deck chairs. I have 2 disabled neices/nephews and yeah they may not make it. I don’t want anyone to get hurt but the cold hard truth is people are going to be hurt. Hoping is not going to stop that.

              Stop the prisoner training while you still can. People also state they need more time to prep. Well, if you were really taking it seriously you could get it done. It wouldn’t be a matter of “when it’s convient or when I can afford it or when it seems more real, blah, blah, blah”. Bite the bullet and get going. I think something major is going to happen this Fall. Then the dominoes will begin to fall.

          • I dont think he really is looking forward to TSHTF (or maybe he is) but I am in the same mind set of if it is going to happen anyway, then “bring it on” and lets get on with it so we can get though it quickly and start rebuilding afterwards and not have a slow death spiral that is unrecoverable.

            If the collapse inevitably does come, but takes decades, all the reserves,knowledge, wisdom and self reliance that we preppers have now will be used up and gone and it will be next to impossible to restart and rebuild with none of us with reserves left.

            • As Kindle pointed out –we can make the mistake of waiting too long to make a stand—which will hardly be possible AFTER ‘they’ remove our guns.
              Are ‘they’ pacifying us for now to do just that??

          • My sentiments exactly! I’d be proud to stand next to people like you.

          • It appears you are correct. Just look at the history of our country: the ’30’s depression, and other fiscal fiascos like the S&L mess of the 1980’s, the housing mess of the 2005-2008 era. Has the government really ever tried to reign in the banks or Wall street abuses—No!!

      3. Excellent article. The politicians, policy makers and bankers all know this.

        That’s why they keep kicking the can down the road.

        Eventually you run out of road. 😉

        • or the can starts kicking back. I’m sick of being kicked around; how about you?

          stand strong until freedom dawns

        • How long is this road that they are kicking down?

          • I dunno JD, but here’s what’s at the end of it….

            • Mac, Please incert a can kicked up against the wall. LOL

      4. Run-a-way capitalism, corruption, greed and bad leadership will be the death of the republic. How much more can we stand. We only have one chance to fix this country before it’s too late. It’s time to use “The Nuclear Option” that the founding fathers left behind when our country starts to feed on itself just before it dies.

        “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”
        ― John Adams

        Wake up people – It’s TIME!

        “Be Smart!” –

        U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        Non U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( )

        Free people don’t have to live like slaves. The real question is, are you really free? Prove it!

        • “Run away capitalism?

          You clearly do not understand what capitalism is.
          This is creditism NOT capitalism. An infinite difference.

          • Thank you Larry. I happened on to those links earlier today for the first time. Looks like the communist manifesto to me. I don’t care for a no money system. We already have 47% of America not paying part of the bill and guess what – we have an equally large stake enjoy free steak, eggs and plenty of more hand outs too.

            • Hows about this plan……Scratch N’ Sniff Foodstamps!!

              Yep, pass em out as done now to ghettorats et al. But have easy instructions on FRONT/Face of stamp coupons.

              Coupon reads “Flip over to other side of coupon and scratch and sniff the fine arroma of whatever is Pictured for food..(such as Tbone steaks! Ham N eggs! etc etc….

              Once scratched and aroma wafts up into nostrils of reciepient and tingls their tastebuds…

              Have Small Print below picture of steak which reads…

              Hey Suckers! Ifin ya likes this scent and getz kinda hungry?…..Go Get a Fukin J.O.B!! and Buys a steak cause they tastes even Better!

              ALSO: to ward off and keep Your dwelling clear of all types zombies take an Old pair worn Work Boots.

              Fill with good grow dirt…Plant Geraniums into work boots.

              Place boot-planters right at very end of Drive where it meets Public sidewalk or road.

              Gareentted to keep all sorts of lazy Assholes AWAY forever!…..They wont go within 100ft of any work boots period.

              PS: also great way to starve a food stamp abuser…Hide stamp UNDER workboots!…They never will look there!

            • Up to $175 dollars per month per person on food stamps (EBT card). $175 X 47,000,000 X 12 = $98.7 billion.

              DOD spends $683.7 Billion (2010). I am not American but as an outsider I see where your priorities are. The military industrial complex owns your asses.

        • @Mad Max….

          “Run-a-way capitalism” is a poor choice of terms. Capitalism is not….and never has been the problem.

          Now….if you called it crony-capitalism….you’d be on track.

          The deeds done by the evil people on Wall Street is not capitalism. Never has been….at least not in recent times.

          If you destroy capitalism….what are you going to replace it with?

          • Well said, Walt. When I can buy a complete assembly from China for less than my cost of raw materials, and the Fortune 500’s I supply insist I do so, because their customers insist on Walmart pricing, this is not capitalism. This is not competition. And this is definately not “free trade.” Adam Smith and David Ricardo are rolling over in their grave.

            And Mac: The jobs I’ve cut over the last ten years due to outsourcing to China’s mercantilist policies were not, as you say, “menial jobs that no civilized members of society would ever engage in…” Not at all. In fact, they put food on the table and a Chevy in a modest garage – something people were in fact satisfied with. They required skills, the learning of which was a source of pride. Whoever deemed these careers “a commodity,” something to be dispersed to the “lower” tiers of the globe was WRONG. Horribly, irreversibly WRONG.

            I’m so sick of a government and populace who pretend that middle class people never existed I could scream. Frankly, I do. Often.

        • Capitalism is the most “natural” form of economy in the fact its a survival of the fittest philosophy. That being said a tiger is kinda the top of the food chain in its region…but if said tigers appetite is to ravenous and it eats all the prey then it kills itself. This is whats happening to our form of capitalism right now. We’ve(and I mean we all as we have all bought something on credit) miss managed it so poorly and put it in a system with debt money and now its out eaten itself. There is no more room for credit expansion and since debt is money and no one can carry any more debt we’ve essentially out eaten our economy.

        • The last official act of government: loot the nation.

      5. Let’s rearrange the deck chairs!

        • Workforce Shrinks Since 2008 While Number of Americans on Disability Surges

          “Since 2008, 3.6. million Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.”

          The number of jobs CREATED in that same time period … a net LOSS of 1.3 million jobs.

          I wish I could paste the chart here. It speaks volumes.


      6. Yeah, well — when? 2012, 2013, 2014 … ever? Why not now?

        • Not now because we are expecting again in February and it might be twins. Japan has twice the debt-to-GDP ratio as us so I hope we can increasingly print our way to prosperity until then. If I sound selfish, I’m just concerned that all the plans I’ve implemented could be for naught.

          Spent the weekend at the retreat. My nearest neighbor sounded our signal and I went up for venison steaks on the grill fired by homemade charcoal with smoke from hickory he plucked off a tree and soaked in water earlier that day. As we sat by his garden and talked I asked him why he didn’t go get my generator during the recent storm outages. “It was only out for week” he said. Later I laid in my hammock looking up at the stars thinking I definitely picked the right bug out location.

          • You are right, with the Japan idea.

            Just like Japan has done for decades and Europe has down for a year now, all governments will put up with the easy fix. The US government can make it to 2017 by continuing to print until its Greece.

            Fortunately, Europe; only has about a year left until it hits the wall. I say fortunately, as hopefully that scares the US into dealing with their debt before the bond market makes them.

            For you guys predicting doom and possible armageddon, you should read manias, panics and crashes and also about the great depression. The world has had defaults for centuries and come back. True, getting there may be a little harry; but armageddon is a little much.

            I’m expecting periodic power outages, periodic food shortages, a lot of older people dying early from lack of ability to get medicine or good shelter and some areas of larger cities being bad places to go to after dark; but the world will move on. Greece has been bankrupt bascially for 6 months and most of its people are making it thru the day, one day ata a time.

            • Lee, your an idiot. All that shit you say will happen is o.k. with you as long as its not you. I guess your one of those people who only cares about himself, screw America as long as it dont affect me, right Lee? Thats the kind of thinking that got us into this mess.

            • what ive learned about the great depression is that it was on purpose which means it can happen at anytime

            • There certainly was not the technology to keep track and control the sheeple in the past.
              In the great depression of the 1930’s, we had manufacturing infrastructure, people saved money and had no credit debt. Today, we are basically a service industry society, most people have no savings and most have credit card and mortgage debt. The government (banking elite) are controlling everything via technology and now can put a drone on everything it wants to.
              I must disagree with you. It might just be armageddon.

            • You think Lee….now imagine once the cops of Chicago decide to stay home, protect their families and stay safe; who’s going to take over? The Chicago political machine or the 100,000 gang members?

            • Well…

              three things break your theory:

              * The Great Depression actually recovered very quickly – FDR’s policies prolonged it.

              * We’ve never had all major economies crashing all at once (or close enough together, anyway)

              * We’ve never been anywhere as reliant on technology and infrastructure just to eat.

            • @ Lee-

              Good analogy.
              The morons here that think it will be “fun”…and think they will skip through their garden should have been with me in Mogadishu.
              They have no clue.

          • arent the stars beautiful? its too bad that more people dont look up at night and see the majestic beauty that is right over their heads. a free show every night that its not cloudy and its much better than tv. ive been star gazing every night for months now with my binoculars and have seen some spectacular sights. used to be able to see the milky way every night no matter where you lived but too many damn lights now, you are lucky to see the big dipper if any at all. ive been teaching my young children to appreaciate what the stars really are and what they really mean to us as humans. we all come from stardust afterall!! all the answers in the universe are contained in the stars, we just need to tune into that and we will all be better off. live in harmony with mother nature and see what her natural beauty can do for your soul.

            • “aren’t the stars beautiful?” No. Can’t see ’em for chemtrails.

            • I agree Justin, the stars ARE beautiful. And I plan on looking at heir beauty for a long time to come. That’s why follow the Boy Scout motto; Be Prepared

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • Spaaarrre ME!!!!!!!!!

            • Come up to northern Maine, no light pollution up here at night as long as you get away from the towns. The Milky Way on a moon-less night is incredible….

          • Trustworthy neighbors are a blessing.

          • The people of Japan had a high personal savings rate and also bought much of their countries debt.

            Japan with their homogeneous population also share similiar work ethics and family structure.

            People in the USA have near non-existent savings, debt is bought by our friends in China or financed by our other friends running the Federal Reserve and welfare has destroyed more family structures than it has saved.

            Won’t end well…weak chaotic countries are ripe for the picking. Does anyone honestly believe Russia and China aren’t drooling over the impending economic collapse of the USA???

            Remember Reagan’s quote about the old Soviet Union prior to their collapse “Their economy is a basket case”

            Now in 2012 what country owns a basket case economy?

            • I would disagree the U.S. economy is a “basket case”. Hold on now, and let me explain.
              The people that “run” the economy know what to do, and do it better than anywhere in the world. (the Entrepeneurs) The problem, as I see it, is government. What we need is an umpire calling balls and strikes, fairly. What we have now is an umpire crew spotting points, adding runs, tripping base runners, looking at hot chicks in the seats, blind, incompetent, and on and on and on.
              Too much damn government, government employees, government regulations, government spending, government taxing, and government generally trying to even the playing field. I for one, don’t want an even playing field. Give me a fair game and let me crush my opponant.Or get crushed. And if you don’t choose to play, fine, watch from the stands. But no free tickets. Lets get back to hard ball in the USA.
              (please excuse all the BB analogies)

          • Well, it’s not like you didn’t KNOW what was coming??
            Right Preacher??
            A baby??? Heck, I don’t even want a dog for protection; afraid I can’t feed it.

            • After 25 years of trying to have children it looks like we will have at least two children under two years old this winter. Yes, I KNOW what is coming and have executed a seven year provision plan, but really, really, really do not want to preform a vbac delivery in the woods. Of course, I have an emergency delivery kit just in case.

              It’s not why I had children, but if social security ceases to exist, families will be forced to once again care for their elderly so it might be good to have a family even if it’s only a younger wife (which I also have).

      7. Been reading here awhile and never commented – but I just wanted to say how it bugs the snot out of me when our government and the “experts” stand by and tell us how great things are, how we really are wealthier as a nation than we’ve ever been, blah blah blah.

        I don’t know what planet they are living on. Where I live, in the very rural south, things aren’t great. Even folks who have done well all their lives are struggling to make ends meet. The economy is at near standstill here in my town.

        I’m just thankful we’ve had to foresight to do some prepping. I’m no where near ready, and don’t have enough, but I’ve got more than most folks. I just pray the collapse takes longer than I expect, so I can ready myself and my family more.

        • Same here Lindsey, doing everything we can in NC to get ready.

          • Burke County, N.W. Where are you?

            • Gaston,Lincoln county line. Not too far from you.

          • I visited my sister in the Raleigh area recently and was impressed at how nice the Chapel Hill area is. I was surprised when I was told that crime is a real problem there. It looks like prosperity land but then again if you are an even half smart crook why steal in the poor areas? Go where the money is and the people are soft, dumb university liberals.

          • HighSpeed, you’re in NC? No freakin’ way 🙂

            • near charlotte

            • Yep, I think there are several of us on here from NC.

          • I’m in NC also. Central & Piedmont area.

          • howdy! I am in southeastern NCnsome miles apart but good to know I am not alone out here though

        • And to think that all our supposed prosperity wouldn’t have been possible without our government (Life: according to Obama)

          On a serious note….I had a “retreat” with 15 of my closest family members. BOY… was this an eye opener for me. For one, everyone staying together under one roof for a couple of weeks was trying enough (personality differences…etc) but DAMN can they EAT. I am not as close to being prepared as I thought I was.

          I have to go back to the drawing board.

        • Lindsey….And to think that all our supposed prosperity wouldn’t have been possible without our government (according to Obama)

          On a serious note….I had a retreat with 15 of my closest family members. BOY… was this an eye opener. For one, everyone staying together under one roof for a couple of weeks at a time was trying enough (personality differences…etc) but DAMN can they EAT. I am not close to being prepared as I thought I was.

          • You just summarized why no one in my family knows the location of my retreat. “Family is where you go and they have to take you.” Unless, of course, you cannot find them.

        • Wow, thanks !

        • @GA….

          Ever notice how you never see Peter Schiff on…FOX News anymore? Nope…the FOX News talking heads just keep reguritating the same line the other networks spew out.

        • Schiff’s been selling silver and gold for a decade now hasn’t he?

          I don’t care…I have enough silver, wish I had more gold, but ammo is where its at.

          • All metals are precious: gold silver and lead.

            • Glad to hear that I have all those pennies of copper zinc when all fails. Sorry no money for gold wish I did.

          • Silver Bullets! You will need them to kill all the Werewolves that will be knocking at you door. Use the gold to make jewelry like the ancients did.

          • Corn has supposedly hit $10.00 a bushel and Soy beans @ $17.00. You might want to rethink where you want your pesos to go.

      8. I agree 100% with the article. I think all of this is going to happen much sooner than any of us realize. All the pieces are in place for a perfect storm. These politicians and banksters won’t be able to lie their way out of this mess much longer. They claim the unemployment rate is 8.2%. What a complete an utter joke that number is….it’s more like 20-22%and growing by the day. folks..thats nearly 1/4 of the country without a job. I guess thats why some have the time to flash mob wal-marts and other stores acting like a bunch of animals in the process. If these psychopaths running the world decide the attack Iran soon….game over…our economy will collapse like a house of cards and it will NEVER come back. Folks…..the great culling is upon us…those that are prepared have a chance of surviving…those that are not ready will die…take these flash mob folks….you think they are prepped up? They will be the first ones to die in the streets with absolutely NOTHING.

        • I could be wrong but the flash mobs are mostly composed of lazy assholes who have NEVER worked… that’s how they stick it to “the man”. Besides, it would cut into their time spent smoking blunts, chugging Colt 45s and stealing each other’s 300 dollar sneakers.

          You have to have had a job before you can be unemployed.

          I predict that the real explosion will happen when the first group starts trying to rip off the second group, and the second group says “fuck this” and starts shooting back

          • Yes, that’s what’s going to happen.

        • Add in all the people on SSDI, SNAP, etc, and USA is above 30s unemployment levels.

      9. Hubby and I moved to our BOL back in ’93. We’ve been prepping since. We will be paying off our final car payment in September and will be debt free then.

        No mortgage, no car payment, no credit card payment. Only TAXES, Taxes, and more taxes. Ha! Ha!

        Once the collapse is recognized by the government, that is our notification that the government is going to raise taxes to pay for their sh!#.

        • Mona,

          The government already recognizes the collapse. But don’t expect them to publicly acknowledge it! They’ll do far more than raise your taxes. They’ll seize you 401K’s, retirement pensions, savings accounts, checking accounts, etc. etc.

          They’ll even pick the gold fillings out of your teeth! History demonstrates governments will even cannibalize their own subjects if necessary to take care of themselves before they’ll ever do without.

          • Yepper! Exactly, precisely, and to the point.

          • And all they have to do is to print more money and be the first to spend it. Stealing from all of us without even using a mask. All of your HARD EARNED savings, diluted by the corp.


            The Government Plot to Nationalize IRA’s & 401k’s continues!

            The Government Plot to Nationalize IRA’s & 401k’s continues!
            FoxNews commentator, Judge Napolitano said: “The supreme court ruling on ObamaCare, gives the federal government `power on a platter` to tax everything under the sun.”

      10. Most people I talk to think maybe as early as August when we start falling down the cliff. We, or at least I am, are doing plans and things.


      11. Yes, I totally agree with the article. My feelings are that either B HO will win in Nov. and they string us along with more QE and wars until 2016 then let the chips fall on the new King. Or, Romney will win and they will be all to happy to make it happen on his watch so he can be blamed. Which ever way it happens I believe it will be as the Illuminati have planned for it. The question is, what is their plan?

        What are your thoughts?

        • Their plan is to maintain control of the creation of money, and those who use it, after the fact, while killing off many millions through a well orchestrated economic collapse already underway, and destroying the freedoms of the People to keep their voice silent.

          My plan is to be Free and self reliant to the maximum extent possible and to take control of my own life, as the King, no matter what the banksters, or their “government” goons do or say.

          In other words, their plan is to stop my plan and force compliance with their corporate will. My plan is to protect myself from their plan by being superior in the Law and becoming an Enforcer for the People.

          To win, we must take and control the issue of the the money we use. So long as we use bankster fraud money they will rule.

          • So what would we replace their bullshit Benjy bucks with? I’m all in favor of getting away from that….as Ross Perot once said, “I’m all ears”

            • We could force the government to follow the Law and use gold and silver coins…

            • Sam:Read my Above near begining post here this thread.IE: How germany came back swell after weimer hyperinflation etc…..If it worked so swell there why not here…Plus usa has plenty resources like Oil over 2.5 Trillion barrels worth Just in rocky mt areas of Utah/colorado I think it is. “Shale Oil” 2.5 Trillin barrels Min.!

              300+yrs supply of clean burning coal grand escalante staircase reserve area which Klinton made off limits so china bros of his can sell Their worlds Only other source of clean coal.

              Plus alot of alaske and off shore-on shore other oil areas. Proboble total oil from 500 to 1000 yrs.(for usa use Only)

              Few yrs ago scientist guys(2 of em) went diveing to ocean floor in very warm water area off east coast I think it was, and discovered and Proved their therory that Oil didnt come from “Dinosaurs”….Nope. Oil came from Enzymes deep in earth crust which kinda eat methane and produce oil.

              Kinda like Bees eat polen and make Honey, to simplify it.

              They also proved thats reason so many Old dryed out ol wells from 40+yrs ago are Refilled as much as 2/3 to near full again!…And they did factor earth movements or quakes and ruled that out. Looks like Oil keeps being made deep in earth where crust layers begins.

              THINK! At todays usage of 100 Million barrels oil worldwide Daily!…And all oil used since aprox 125 yrs ago, How many Dinosaurs had to live on planet earth to creat so much and we aint even used 1/2 known oil as yet!!?

              ALSO: Why dont Dead folks or animals make crude oil like Dinos did?….Everything else is “Dust to Dust and Ashes to ashes”…Hmmmm…More Lies told to all us Peone?

              Them two scientist guys published a book, story couple yrs ago was at worldnet daly website. Several articles on it also.

          • when men make plans, God laughs.

            we don’t have any control over when it happens, and neither do they.

        • SilverFox,

          Their plan continues unabated. World government! Like all secret societies, (which are all networked together). Reduce global population and enslave the rest.

          Be willing to consider the possibility there may be no November elections, a national crises (manufactured if necessary) such as skyrocketing gasoline prices, which will quickly collapse the dollar.

          A consequence of a threatened interruption in the supply of oil (think Israel & Iran), will lay the ground work for the excuse for Obama to institute “Martial Law” suspend the Constitution & the elections altogether.

          • Yes, Ya’aqov, I agree that martial law could be declared for a manufactured reason and therefore the election cancelled. Very real indeed, and if I had to lay a 5. bet I would put it on that. I find it very hard to believe he still has half the nation hypnotized . So many of the hardcore supporters I know now hate him. Or so they say.

            • Ballot stuffing & election fraud are only effective in a close election! They are ineffective in a landslid defeat.

              If Obama’s internal polling numbers suggest political embarrassment in November (as they likely currently do) lay down more than $5! This tyrant won’t voluntarily step aside!

        • Their plan is to use the crisis to form the one-world government prophesied in Revelation.

      12. I know this has been talked about ALOT on this forum, but 5 years ago I didn’t know anyone out of work, hurting for money, etc. 3 years ago I knew someone who knew someone. In the Last year I’d say 1 in 4 people I talked to is affected by what’s going on and it’s probably closer to 1 in 3 people. And guess how many are prepping? Zero. Even after giving these people facts of what’s happening. NO extra food…NOTHING!

        Someone define INSANITY for me, and the way they look at me you’d think I’m the one who’s “Off”!!!! None of these people know of our BOL.

        • I think I have a good guess at your answer. Imaging someone standing in the road and not paying attention until they hear a car skidding and look up to see it coming quickly right at them. They actually had time to leap out of the way but they froze and couldn’t do anything and got plowed. I think they are brainwashed from subliminal messages on radio, TV. The mind is so controllable. They are taught to believe that nothing like you describe has ever happened therefor it never will and you are the idiot.

        • @ you don’t need to know: we need to free people’s minds first… its their mental state that’s absolutely killing them. The facts don’t penetrate their thinking, precisely because they are not thinking. If we keep telling them to prep, they’ll just keep putting it off until its way too late. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m NOT a prepper, I’m an American. Americans are SUPPOSED to be self reliant and think for themselves, not just expect someone else to “do it for them”. For example, long before I bought a gun, I knew in my mind that its NOT the policeman’s job to protect me and my family: that is MY job. The policeman’s job is to catch the bad guys, and they can’t do that until they have done something bad. Likewise, its not FEMAs job to bring me food or candles or blankets: its MY job to make sure I have that stuff. Why do I have stacks of canned goods? Because that’s what my mom and dad did, and their parents before them. Fer crying out loud: my dads parents were uneducated peasants from Quebec: they knew that you ALWAYS keep lots of food on hand just in case some shit goes seriously wrong. If two people who had to learn English after they came here, who never made it past the third grade can figure that out, then you know its not about the facts its about people’s thinking.

          We need to free their minds; the rest will follow

          stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Why??? Do they not read the same thing we read??
            Do they not shop at the same stores we shop??
            Do they not have cars requiring maintanence and gas as we do??
            Do they not watch the same tv news programs we do?

            We need to free their minds; the rest will follow???

            I don’t think so–if not by now, never!!!

        • That’s a good thing.

        • “Insanity”: With regards any given situation, doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different outcome.

          That would currently be most people in Western Civilization….

        • Right! My experience to a “T.” Except 5 years ago I was worrying about keeping everyone employed. Three years ago I was worried about keeping the remaining people employed. Now I’m worrying if the cuts to the last, core group of us left working are going to be enough…

          So I sit there and tell my first hand experience from the economic battlefield, and people still say “Oh, you worry too much!”

          No, you observe and prepare for what you see, far, far, too little.

      13. What about Canada? I can never figure out if we’re going to get ‘as bad’ as the U.S when the shtf. I know we are in lock-step economically and you are our major exporting partner, but we have a slightly different dynamic here. First, we’re in debt, but relatively much less than you; secondly, we have virtually all the natural resources we need and do not need to import them, although our manufacturing base could be better; third, although we do import a lot of your fruits and veg, we could manage to survive without them, albeit, with a much less intereting diet. I guess it comes down to how much the ‘elite’ want to trash our country, too. So, does anyone think Canada will be in the same mess? I do remember the saying that when the ‘elephant’ U.S rolled over, Canada would get squashed (like the proverbial mouse!) I hope I am wrong, but have been preparing to be right.

        • I’m willing to wager that your police-state rules go off the charts like they are going to do in the US. The NWO crowd want your resources. Once they have thoroughly destroyed the US, they will come for you.

        • Canada will suffer like the USA, no question aboot it, eh?

          When it happens, it’s going to be global. Trade will cease, warfare will rise, and millions of illegals will swamp the First World.

          • No, they won’t be swamping the first world. The first world will have no food. Places like Africa are filled with subsistence farmers. They’ll be much better off than we will be.

        • @ Northern Cousin….not sure, but think whatever happens in USA, comes our way as well. When they “get a cold”, we start “sneezing!”

          I heard today (on CBC radio program) that some of our farmers are thinking of “culling” their herds as they are not able to get a 2nd and 3rd cutting of hay…..prices will go up(even though the guy they were interviewing said “these people are regular customers, and we don’t want to “gouge” them,) but won’t be enough hay to go around.

          We are getting the same drought the USA is getting. (we broke a record today for heat!!) This is getting scary…

          We may have a bit more time though…nobody knows for sure, but I have started cashing out a couple things….against my financial guys wishes…..but I don’t figure he will come to my aid when the SHTF!

          I wish my grown children would take my prepping a bit more serious though, they just say “you got your own bulk food store mum?” Well I’ll just have to put triple in for them and my grandbabies, as they are pretty good people.

          I guess I am just thinking that we here in Canada have so many “parallels” with our “Friends to the South!”

        • Canada Cousin:…What about canadas “Hate speech” laws etc?…I’ve read many places its same as 55 other nations like germany-belgium-france-england et al.

          IE: Try to ask a question or post online(if caught posting) a question such as “Gee how do they really KNOW nazis whacked 6 Million? Did they actually Count em all or what?”

          Most nations that simple thing gets ya 3 to 15yrs Hard Prison time!….Same goes if You offend Blacks-Arabs/islamics etc…As long as you just Bash Whites or Christians I rekon thats ok eh?

          Guess who demanded and Got obammy to sign into fed law usa Hate speech laws(aprox 1 yr ago)?..The ADL-Abe Foxman did it as well as ALL 56 Other nations too!

          Still think canada will be a-ok?..You are already Worse off!

          • Angelo – you say it like it is. I like your posts, you speak the truth and say it quite well.

            Germany had to be destroyed because Uncle Adolph didn’t kiss the zio bankers ass.

      14. Why do you think they have NDAA, E.O. to cotrol all communications, the U.N. Gun grab, Fema campsready to go, D.H.S. ordering millions of rounds, T.S.A checkpoints everywhere, U.N. troops on the ready to be deployed on U.S. soil, The econ in collapse.Its very hard to police an armed nation so their going to fix that right quick. But whats the trigger that sets this thing off???? Could iit be that the Lord is about to remove the church off the earth? When all these people just vanish it will be all thats needed to set this whole thing off!! Get ready and if Christ is not your Lord you will be left here and thats just the start of the nightmare. The anti -christ system is all ready and just waiting for its leader. God Bless

        • I would strongly advise that you not expect to be raptured out of this mess. There is as compelling argument that the rapture will occur at the end of the tribulation as at the beginning.

          God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

          Something to consider.

          Read your Bible and don’t listen to other people’s interpretation of it.

          This is coming from someone was raised in pre-trib-rapture doctrine.

          Maybe….just maybe….God has warned us so that we can prepare.

          Read again the story of Joseph and Pharaoh.

          • Why is God obligated to rescue morons? Alot of your fellow believers voted for Obama and will vote for he and his cronies again this Nov. I have always thought the Rapture was nonsense, just away for people to escape dealing with the mess here on earth. I don’t believe that was Jesus plan, to cut and run.

        • I would’nt hold your hopes up for the supposed “rapture”, you’ll get to share the nightmare too…

          • NOBODY knows the day or time but one thing I can PROMISE you….it will come to pass.

            • Prep prep prep….if not for you…for the others that you leave behind.

            • “Later, Jesus sat on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. His disciples came to him privately and asked, ‘When will all this take place? And will there be any sign ahead of time to signal your return and the end of the world?’ Jesus told them, ‘Don’t let anyone mislead you. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will lead many astray. And wars will break out near and far, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must come, but the end won’t follow immediately. The nations and kingdoms will proclaim war against each other, and there will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. But all this will be only the beginning of the horrors to come.’” Matthew 24:3-8 (NLT)

            • LOL…

            • Not in your lifetime.

            • Just read LUKE 21..all of the chapter.

        • I believe that God has let me know that the collapse will happen first and then the Rapture.

          For a number of months I asked God for a dream or a vision that would tell me when the collapse would take place. One night not long after I got into bed this is what came into my mind:

          I’m standing outside my favorite restaurant. It’s been closed for awhile. The windows are dirty with blown dust and I can see where rain has washed some of it off. There are autumn leaves swirling in the parking lot. Where I live the leaves fall in October.

          Based on that I believe the collapse will happen in October.

          • Let me know when ya dream of a New VETE and new Harly Hog in MY garage arrives ok!… Read bible(New Testement!) when HE returns all eyes will see Him and THEN shall we be caught up to MEET Him(since He is returning to earth to stay for ever, we will Meet in the air and come back down WITH Him…The saints hes bringin are Spirits of already dead christians to REunite with dead from graves risin again…THEN We still alive will be taken with them whats already dead.)

            TV pastors like Haggee etc are Wolves in Sheeps Clothings!
            Beware!…..PSS: I hope ya dream of a Race Yellow vette!!!

      15. I think an economic collapse is a lot to handle, but a war with Iran? Sheesh, we all be screwed then because now instead of just looters and mobs of human apes, now we have to deal with other belligerents coming here? Or am I just a bit more paranoid today?

        • You’re supposed to be paranoid, the NWO crowd are counting on it…

          • Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good…

        • the difference between the genius and the paranoid is that while they both see patterns others miss, the genius is seeing patterns that are actually there

      16. The financial situation and war are in a three-leged race towards the cliff of our distruction!!!

        • I meant DESTRUCTION

      17. I was discussing the collapse with a coworker the other day, trying to tell her that things are getting worse and will continue to do so. She told me is isn’t that bad because her family hasn’t been affected so far. I’ve had a couple of people say that to me. By the time they ARE affected, it will be too late to prepare. I just don’t understand how so many people still don’t see what’s happening. Make me wonder how they’ll react when they can no longer deny reality.

        • They KNOW the facts, and they also know that they will not escape unscathed… if your next door neighbor is beaten or killed by an angry mob, then logically you know damned right well it can happen to you too. If your next door neighbor has been out of work for a year, then you know it can happen to you too. If your next door neighbor loses his house, then you know it can happen to you.

          These people KNOW the facts, but they are afraid to face them. And there is no shame in this, as it really is very frightening. What they are doing is putting on a brave show, and the show isn’t for your benefit, its for their own. If they keep right on doing what they’re doing, they can avoid thinking about the facts that make them uncomfortable

          • Eventually, even the Ostriches get eaten…

        • frogs in a pot!

      18. Society can crumble now, I just learned Steven Tyler and JLO won’t be on American Idol anymore.

        No sense in keeping up with this charade much longer.

        • that’s funny, thanks for laughs!

        • And Charlie Sheen is taking there place.

        • “Love in an elavator,”
          “Livin’ it up till I hit the ground”……….


      19. None of our so-called leaders have the determination or motivation to do what we all know needs to be done. They will continue to point fingers at others and blame droughts, oil, and partisan politics while continuing to print more. They will kick it down the road as long as possible. I don’t believe it will be a sudden collapse. It’s death by a thousand cuts until the patient bleeds out. Stay motivated and keep up with your preps! Be self-reliant because nobody else will be there for you.

        • Looks life the petrodollars adys are numbered with many large countries dropping the dollar in favor of their own currincies. The US is rapidly being relegated to irrelavency. I just hope our guys in Afghanistan don’t end up stranded there when the country cannot pay to get them out. Don’t laugh if the dollar is discarded we are in big trouble.

      20. No civilization will ever COMPLETLY collapse. You are still talking about a collapse that will not happen.

        “buy peanut butter!”
        “buy ammo!”
        “they taking our gunz!”

        Seriously people you have been saying this garbage for a long time. PLease stop pretending something will happen. I feel like you people are so worried about a collapse you dont live your life. You dont see the good things around you.

        Heres a tip: You are wasting your time with all of this nonsense. Money will always be money, The water will always run in your kitchen. The electricity will always turn on. Thats if you irresponsible people actually paid your bills instead of buying freeze dried meat.

        you people are funny. You are the sheep.

        • @finx…..

          I’ve said this before to you… History is not your strong subject is it?

          It would be interesting if you could talk to those who went through the collapse of the Roman Empire….the people in France in the late 1700’s….Russia in 1917….Germany in the 1920’s….Zimbabwe and Argentina today….those who lived through the war in the Balkans in the 90’s.

          I bet there were guys like you in each of those situations too who said.. “Don’t worry…the world isn’t coming to an end. Everything is going to be ok.”

          The fact is…there are always going to be morons who have terminal cranial rectal inversion. You won’t wake up until you find yourself in the midst of the comming collapse with NOTHING. Then you’ll either die, or become one of the other mindless zombies trying to steal from those who have prepared just to save your own skin.

          • FINX: When ya runs outta food make sure you dont get too skinny…Cause you will then fall thru your ASS and Hang yourself!!

        • “I feel like you people are so worried about a collapse you dont live your life. You dont see the good things around you.”

          youre right i dont see the good things around me, i see the awesome things around me from living a self sufficient life style its an entirely different world that is sooo much better than being glued to the tv believing the gov helped create small business..(i know for a fact that they didnt help i have one, no help what so ever)

          when food goes up this fall you will wish that you already had a full pantry. also if you do some simple math and keep your receipts from the store you will know that food prices keep going up.. i will let you in on a secret if you buy food now at today prices it will be an investment because no matter what food prices will continue to rise

          how is that sheepish? is it opposite day and no one told me?

          • Josh,

            Well stated! I wonder if the current severe drought that has us all here in the western hemisphere in a death grip with farmers already giving up on their crops and tilling them under might possibly exert upward pressure on food prices?


            • brain cells are limited these days.

              my cousin and his wife recently had a baby and i said to them you guys stock up the pantry yet? you know in case the food system breaks down or the food becomes to expensive to buy(which ive been pushing for the past few years) he said no but maybe you could help us out with a plan, they wanted a plan for her to eat while she is breast feeding, no mention of a plan for him to eat or a plan for any of them after the baby is done breast feeding…

          • I will say this…dh and I watch Walgreen sales;last year at this time, we bought 2/$3…any variation of p.b. and jelly.
            Last week, the same offer..p.b. and jelly, but 2/$6.
            That is an example and people aren’t prepping?
            I do not get it.

          • see the good things around you – good point. I’m going to the store and if the price of beef is really coming down I’m going to get some meat, buns, garlic and onions and make some burgers.

        • Some of the best SARCASM I’ve read in a some time. Oh, it wasn’t sarcasm…then some of the DUMBEST/IGNORANT SH*T I’ve read in along time.

          • Me too!

        • Choco ration’s going up, eh?

        • say there finx,

          Before I taught myself Java, C#, Python, Ruby on rails, HTML5, css etc etc etc, I was originally a history teacher, and a damned good one. So let me preface my remarks by saying that I agree with you on one point: no civilization ever completely collapses.

          The rest of your post is — how shall I put this tactfully?– utter fucking lunacy. Yes, the power stayed on and the water flowed during the Great Depression: so what? MILLIONS of people lost EVERYTHING: their jobs, their homes, every stick of furniture, every stitch of clothing except what they wore on their backs. How many people starved to death? Hmmmm?? How many desperate people turned to crime to feed their families, and were gunned down by the police?

          The same could be said for the mammoth hyperinflation in Weimar Germany — you know, the one that paved the way for Hitler — yup, the lights stayed on and the water flowed. But again, how many people there lost EVERYTHING? How many otherwise rational people turned to crime, or criminal groups like the Nazis or the communists?

          The same can be said for Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union…. yes, the water still flowed and the power stayed on. But many of my very first students told me just WHY they came to America from Russia at that time: because their parents stopped getting paid! Yup, the power is on comrade, but you have no money to pay for it. Just go and freeze to death in the dark now!

          The same can be said for many parts of Europe right now, at this very moment. Look at Greece: the situation there is so bad that people are flocking to join the communist party, as well as a resurgent neo-Nazi movement called the Golden Dawn. Ditto for France: millions of people just voted for the National Front, which is another neo Nazi movement. EUROPE IS BANKRUPT. Millions of its peoples are on the verge of losing everything; thats why there are riots in the streets on a daily basis

          But yes, yes, the water still flows and the power is still on. And the idiot box is still chirping with the bright happy noise of American Idol and the antics of them thar Kardashians. So go toddle along finx, and curl up with your blankie in front of the big TV in your mommies basement. Go warble a happy tune like the large not particularly bright child you are, and stay the fuck out of the way while the grownups are speaking 🙂

          • SOS,
            Awesome post 😉

            • Thank you JustMe. I may not be a crack shot and I can’t field dress a deer, but I can verbally bitch slap silly POS like “finx” all day long 🙂

            • You need a night at Holiday Inn, SOS. (Or at least watch some youtube videos. LOL) That deer ain’t nothing. You can do that.

          • There must be some kind of way out of here,”
            Said the joker to the thief,
            “There’s too much confusion,
            I can’t get no relief.
            Businessman they drink my wine,
            Plowman dig my earth
            None will level on the line, nobody offered his word, hey”

            “No reason to get excited,”
            The thief, he kindly spoke
            “There are many here among us
            Who feel that life is but a joke
            But you and I, we’ve been through that
            And this is not our fate
            So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”

          • Wow, SOS. I saw the smoke coming off of finx from way out here! Nice flame!

          • And sonof sam, when Greece couldn’t get any more tax from the populace the legal way, what did they do??
            Tax utilities—coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

        • Talk about asleep at the wheel. On the contrary it makes me appreciate everything I have today that I may not have tomorrow. How old are you? Ask your grandparents if it can happen.

        • A product of public education no doubt!

        • Govt agent!!!!!

        • Then if you feel that way, what’s keepin’ you here? Obviously you’re enjoying the music.

          • @finxster

        • That’s OK. Keep telling yourself that. In order to protect your delicate sense of reality it might be best to go to other websites where people concentrate on the truly important events such as who gets voted off the show tonight.

          If you don’t come to this site the things being discussed won’t bother you. Isn’t that simple, straightforward and comforting?

        • Obviously a paid troll. If you truly believe what you write, you wouldn’t even be interested in a site such as this. Take your PsyOps elsewhere.




          Hey, looks like rain in the forecast. Good, I could use a day or 2 off to sit inside and put my feet up!

          • @ Norse Prepper. Anyone that goes against the grain of the common person just must be “crazy”. After all there is nothing to worry about, and no reason to prepare because the government will take care of us all. Besides that, everything “always” recovers. It reminds me of the smug look on the faces of those in the first Superman movie in whcih Jol El was trying to warn these so called brilliant counsil of elders that their red sun was going to fry their planet. The very look on the actress Susannah York’s face is exactly the same “I am so sure that everything is going to be fine with the world” that I have seen on so many people’s faces.

            It use to be that people actually took what was happening seriously. Even people that lived through 9/11 are interviewed and they have “complete confidence” that their city is total protected from anything like this ever happening again. The same pre-World War 2 notions are rampant that what happens a half a world away in the Middle-East won’t affect us. Then BO comes on and talks about the strategic oil reserves being there for everyone. Yeah, RIGHT. Everyone if you are military or government. The common person won’t see a drop if times become bad enough.

            They say preppers ONLY cry wolf, yet each time there is a long power outage the prepper remains comfortable in their homes with air conditioning or at least fans from the generators they have and the fuel to run them. The non prepper sits in a dark house void of any candles that they sold to the wise prepper at a garage sale for 10 cents each. The non prepper sits in their house fanning themselves off with a newspaper after spending the day in a line in the hot sun waiting to get some tigbits from the Red Cross or FEMA thrown to them like peanuts given to the local monkey at a zoo.

            All this happens to the non-prepper and does this teach them to prepare for the next time? Of course not! They take back all those flashlights and other survival items that they were lucky enough to be able to buy because “it is over”. “Nothing to worry about now”. Time to sell what we can’t take back on E-bay or somewhere else. Ask them why not keep it for next time? Response will be we don’t need it now, and if we do we will just go to the store and get what we need. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

            Makes me wonder how anyone could be so close to a mongoloid and be able to even dress themselves and be able to go to the bathroom on their own.

      21. Historically, September has twice as many bank failures as any other month. I can’t remember why this is the case but it’s easily proven if you google it. Numbers coming out so far this July are abysmal. The Libor scandal alone should be enough to take down a number of big banks but the mainstream media is absolutely silent as to what is going on. I think they are scared that when the lawyers start sinking their teeth into this, everyone is going to go down. I would never wish for an economic collapse as I love the life I have but I think to not see it coming is an ignorance I can’t afford with little children I need to protect. I pray that if and when it comes, the suffering for all is no more than we can bear and overcome. There is still a lot of good in the world mixed in with all the bad….


      22. There could be change right now, but there is one thing running rampant here in America? The masses have become to apathetic! Things will continue just like they are until all of a sudden everything comes screeching to a halt and the majority are left standing like deer caught in the headlights.
        So many just do not get it, it really is a sad sad world we live in today. The dumbing down of the masses has been a complete success from what I see and hear.
        The thing is you have to pick and choose wisely when it comes to trying to open up the minds of the mindless sheeple, because they just throw the “you don”t know what you are talking about” back at you. IQ levels really have dropped quit a bit these days, especially when it comes to those in charge.
        This country is in a bad sad state of affairs an I do not see shiny happy go lucky horizon in it’s future.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      23. When do people think collapse will occur?

        What signs will be the most obvious?

        How will people likely react?

        I guess the big question is how much longer will our system stay “on the edge”, because it clearly can’t get any better at this point.

        • I believe that things will get better, but not before they get a lot fucking worse. And many people will only react when they have no more Hot Pockets, and all the TV shows are cancelled

          stand strong until freedom dawns

        • When you see “American Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars”, and “Jersey Girls” cease to show on the flat panel, then you will know the end is near, but not yet! When you see Wal-mart, McDonalds, and Taco Bell go belly up, the end will be closer, but not yet! When you see 7-Eleven, Texaco, and Diamond Shamrocks close up, the end will be closer. But when you see, lines and lines of cars parked at gas stations, trying to get the last drop of petrol, then you will see then end coming fast. No flat panel tv, no Wal-mart, no 7-Eleven, no gas for the family clunkster, little johnny with no Nintendo Wii, then that’s all she wrote baby! It’s over. You can officially bend over and kiss it good-bye!

          • They are bound to know…..When the bullet hits the bone.

            Gee Josey, kinda wish we had time to bury em..

            Josey: Ta hell with them…worms gotta eat, same as buzzards!(spits tobaco juice)…..

            Hey Josey, wheres that Finx guy?

            Josey: I sent him onna Misouri Boat Ride!

      24. Try to stay close to the Lord Almighty in your daily lives. This is the solution to any and all problems that come up. All problems are magnified for anyone not close to the Almighty God who loves all of us. And you can take it to the bank that all of our problems are coming about because of our sins. And not repenting from them.
        CASE CLOSED.

        • The problems we face today are not because of any supposed “sins”, unless you call stupidity a sin.

          The problems we face today are the result of Western Civilization being infitrated and usurped. And then, the people who are the backbone of Western Civilization rolling over, becoming spineless suckers, handing everything over to those who goal is your ultimate destruction. Your religion will not save you from what is coming.

          • Eh, greed’s a sin. Plenty of that having a hand in the current cluster.

        • Obviously, I respect your views and such, and while I was somewhat of a catholic, I’ve concluded that religion won’t save you butt if you “don’t do your part”. I mean, for me, I would never depend on the miraculous chance that an invisible entity will somehow prevent me from starving of hunger and I’m pretty sure it won’t just make a hamburgers or whatever you need magically fall from the sky.

          Religion as an asset to boost morale? Sure, but I wouldn’t blame the other 7 billion people for making God do all this to us.

          With no disrespect, I think your post was very naive and closed minded. Perhaps opening you mind a bit to other things may give you more rational judgements, but not too open your brain falls out:)

          Cheers, or better yet, good luck prepping, we got ourselves in set for quite the ride:)

      25. Inflate or default now. The spring gets wound. Somebody dig me up.

        • I thought you could swim!

          • Only in 80 proof. I did know how crawl out a door window (when I fit).

            • Did you ever get your car and girlfriend out of that river?

            • Imagine your boyancy in 150 proof! I bet you’d bob up and down like a tourist in the dead sea! Oops, did I say dead? Sorry!

          • glug glug glug….Mary Jo?…glug glug glug…

      26. Did this idiot suggest more govt as a solution?! Govt borrowing? Govt investment in “renewable” energy!? It isn’t private sector debt that is killing us, it is public sector debt! This guy is a shill for the PTB.

        • well naturally jwoop: when you’re in a deep hole, the obvious solution is to keep digging 🙂

        • Yes, and he even wants them to invest in GMOs, and other technologies they will use to kill us all.

        • @jwoop:
          I was wondering if anyone else was going to mention that! Good catch. Corporations are awash with cash and last time I checked, household debt was diminishing.
          The explosion in PUBLIC sector debt, government regulations, and the addition of yet another government ‘entitlement’, are what’s crushing the economy.
          The guy is a Keynesian moron.

          Have a great night!

        • Government lackeys troll the sights!

      27. I agree – we all tend to think we’ll survive by prepping alone. We may need a lot of help to avoid our own man-made follow up disasters (nulcear plants melting down, gas leaks, etc).

        We will likely see stuff we’re not ready for.

        • @Survivor Mike…..

          Yep. One of the corollaries to Murphy’s Law says, “If you discover four things that can go wrong, and have done all you can to circumvent those problems, a fifth problem will promptly arise, for which you are unprepared.”

          This is why I have said repeatedly…..we are all going to need something that you cannot buy, and cannot prepare for……luck.

        • We can always get some hotdogs and mushrooms and have a weeny roast when all those 100megaton nukes hit here in the US, and maybe get at least one bite in.

      28. One foot in SHTF and the other on a banana peel.

        Posted this at the end of one of yesterday’s articles, but thought it was funny enough to post here so all may get a brief moment away from the doom and gloom…

        (PS – Thanks Okie for lending me the secret decoder ring!)

        John was in the fertilized egg business.
        He had several hundred young layers (hens), called ‘pullets,’ and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

        He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.

        This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

        Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing.

        Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

        John’s favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed old Butch’s bell hadn’t rung at all!

        When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover.

        To John’s amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn’t ring.

        He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

        John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Saint Lawrence County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.

        The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the “No Bell Piece Prize,” but they also awarded him the “Pulletsurprise” as well.

        Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren’t paying attention.

        Vote carefully in the next election, the bells are not always audible.

        • You crack me up.

        • Norse prepper, you bastard: you just made Sprite come out of my nose!!! 🙂

          • Same here, except it was Coke! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

        • @ Norse Prepper. This is so incredibly true that I wanted to laugh at it, but found myself falling into that old, “oh my dear God we are screwed” mode. I think this is hilarious about one foot on the banana peel and the other foot on SHTF, ultimately you land with your backside immersed in SHTF. I think most individuals, the 99%, nowadays should wear bells, it sure would give them more character than they have. I so much enjoy what you write.

          You know I was thinking about something that is a little different that has me wondering if it could happen, or if it ever has happened before. I was looking at all the plates of the planet today and I started to ponder WHAT IF the plates actually just kept repositioning themselves and failed to relock. After the largest strike slip 8.6 or 8.7 in recorded history this happened on a limited scale as large earthquake after another continued to strike around the world. I started to think of bumper cars on a three dimensional scale and the very basics of physics that for every action there is an opposite equal reaction.

          This last cycle of earthquakes failed to release a large earthquake, it was surprising that by Sunday they had not been at least a 6.3. Just a lot of 5’s. Then I thought about an entire plate thrusting forward towards its destination, rather than just a section of it like we are accustomed to. A terrible chain reaction would result from this. The plate I see the most stress is actually the Australian plate. I am paying close attention to New Zealand and super volcano Taupo which had the 5th largest eruption forming caldera ever. Plate collosions are thought to have generated much volcanic activity about 65-67 million years ago and added to the exiction of the dinosaurs.

          I could see any major geo-physical event causing the econmies of the world to completely collapse. I don’t like what I am seeing with the earthquake activity. The Kuril Islands were going crazy for several days and it is like they just relocked. The Kuril Islands are directly affected by the Fukushima mega earthquake that occurred. The economy is so bad off now, that any mega earthquake could be the catalyst to throw it over the edge.

          I have been tagging every earthquake over 4.5 on a globe with tiny stickers since January and there is a definite pattern developing. The west coast of the U.S. is void of this activity that other places have received earthquakes and means it is major locked and ready for something huge in several spots. Earthquakes of 8+ on the west coast of the U.S. will be what kills the U.S. economy, there will not be recover from this for years, if ever. People think of earthquakes as one and it is over. There is much potential for this not to be the case on the west coast.

          When the San Andreas breaks it will likely break because of the Cascadia fault releasing pressure from the north. When it breaks it will break from the Mexican border region maybe even a little further south. It will travel all the way up to Parkfield 350 miles away, maybe all the way up the northern branch and it will register a 8.1 to 8.4. It will trigger several other smaller thrust faults within days, each earthquake being in the 6.5-7.5 range. Los Angeles and other cities in the region will be demolished. San Diego will fare better because the energy will be focused northwest from the Salton Sea region to LA.

          Why am I saying this? Everyone out there will have a chance to prep like there is no tomorrow when this happens, if the world is not already gone to hell. After a 8+ earthquake in LA, preppers will have hours and maybe days to get to the stores and further stock up. The state of california still has almost a quarter of the U.S. economy riding there. Lose it and you lose huge income sources, but also you have to deal with the trillions in loses. The insurance companies will die that day. This is one event, and /or if the New Madrid fault breaks that will cause the collapse of the U.S economy. The prepper will have a limited time to take advantage of finishing up their stocking up before>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…………………….

          • I’ve noticed for a few days now that earthquakes are WAY down, by about 30, way less activity. I was thinking, just this morning, if the earth is conserving it’s energy for something big…

            And what about the Alaska area? That’s where the most concentrated area of earthquakes is???

            • @ you don’t need to know. Rock stress is not too dissimilar to when wood snaps under pressure, physical mass has pressure points and tension. When you see the “quivering” of a common branch of a tree a long piece of wood ready to snap there are micro-fractures as well as stress put throughout the entire section of the wood. This is true even when a large branch is ready to snap, almost the entire tree feels this down to the roots.

              This reverberation is especially true in rock, even more so the more solid and “colder” the rock is. This is why an earthquake on the New Madrid fault would be much worse than the same magnitude and duration on the San Andreas. The New Madrid fault zone and the surrounding areas have much older and cooler rock that is solid and the shock waves are much magnified. Like the difference between hitting a solid metal gong and hitting a gong made of a softer substance.

              What I have noticed is a lot of earthquakes in the 4 to 5 range in many different locations, like it is warming up to something big. 80-90% of the time when there are earthquakes north of 70 degrees north or south of 60 degrees south there is a good size earthquake. This time there was not after a couple of quakes in the Jan Mayen region at about 71 degrees north. There was ONLY a 5.9 in Fiji today. There should be at least a 6.3 somewhere. I think you are correct that the Earth is getting ready for something quite large. Like exhaling before breathing out. I will continue to study the earthquakes and try to figure out what is going on if I see anything.

        • Hilarious! 🙂

        • Norse Prepper,
          Now I need to get a new keyboard. I’ll never get all the coke out of it. Plus my nose will hurt for hours!
          That was FUNNY!!!

      29. true colors shine through at 7:10. big big big big government. d- bag. he is part of the problem

      30. I would say the public sector is also incapable of paying its debt. There isn’t enough money in existence to pay off the total amount of debt. Even if you set aside conspiracies, it is a mathematical equation that doesn’t work, in relation to the concept of paying off a loan.

      31. This won’t be the first time civilization gets knocked back a few hundred years and many die. The Dark Ages were such a time period that was principally caused by dramatic cooling that devastated food production.

        This time we have the unstable, unsustainable, predatory, Federal Reserve Monetary System. They set this up thinking the banks could exploit the population by printing up money out of thin air and loan it into circulation. The whole scheme was predicated on long term economic expansion, and the idea that bankers and politicians would take most of the increase in production via interest payments and taxes.

        The scheme has inherent flaws, principally that it causes a boom as newly printed money is borrowed and spent, but this causes prices to rise and fewer goods could then be bought at higher prices, depressing the economy. And when banks were repaid the loans, the money drained out of the economy back to the banks adding to economic contraction. They tried to keep money expansion ahead of the negative effects of higher prices and debt repayment, but finally hit the wall back in 2006-2008.

        On top of the fault monetary system, we rely on cheap energy to drive economic expansion, and cheap energy is gone. What is left is poor quality, deep, hard to find, and remote; no more low hanging fruit. Energy problems will add to economic contraction. In reality, it was energy that fueled the industrial age, and its limits will now drive long term economic contraction, irrespective of whatever monetary system we use.

        Yes, we face a major hit to civilization and major population reduction pressure from lack of industrial output to provide for the 7 billion people heavily dependent on this system to survive.

        My view is that we will over the next 30 years regress to an economy more reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie than of George Jettson. The agrarian age will replace the industrial age and the budding information age, simply because we won’t have the continuing ability to generate electricity and motor fuel.

        • We’ll have plenty of energy in the US after the collapse and 90% of Americans die. The more advanced the society the more people will die. Poor third world farmers who still plow their fields with animals will be just fine.

      32. When you kick God under the bus……this is what you get!
        America and Britain will both fall. Just like Sodom and

        • It was not “kicking God under the bus”. America and Britain were taken over from within, long ago.

          Sad fact is, most people will not face that reality, and continue to blame anything, and anyone besides the parasites who’ve taken over, and whose goal it is to destroy you.

          America and Britain going down have nothing to do with “religion”, and everything to do with the people of Western Civilization becoming cowardly fools.

          • @JustMe

            It could be argued that there IS a religious component to all this: the pigs who have “taken over from within” all seem to think that THEY are gods, above everyone and answerable to no one. Think of the arrogance and the haughty “Mussolini chin” Obama displays every time he gets his jug eared mug on TV; think of the oily smirk Jamie Dimon has on his ugly puss whenever he testifies before Congress; think about the batshit crazy look Nancy Pelosi had when someone DARED to ask her if ObamaCare was –gasp — constitutional! Think of the hubris of that faggot judge out in California, who told 8 million voters who said that yup, marriage is a man and a woman “nope, you dumb rubes don’t know what’s good for you, so I’m going to throw out what you decided in a fair vote”. For that matter, think of the haughty self importance displayed by any TSA agent at the airport, or by those bastards from the city government who destroyed that woman’s garden in Oklahoma. THEY ALL THINK THEY ARE GOD!!!!

            Perhaps what they need to be reminded is there is only one GOD…if I remember my Roman history, the mad tyrant Caligula needed to be reminded of this fact. Right before he ceased breathing.

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • Remember though, that Sodom and Gomorrah could have been spared if there were just a few good people residing there. I believe it was 10? Can’t remember off the top of my head. Our merciful God was willing to spare the cities of his wrath for the sake of the few.

          I believe in this country that there are many good people, especially the majority on this site. I pray he will spare us of TEOTWAWKI for the sake of the few.

        • Retirement? Won’t that be when they’re shoveling the dirt over me?

          • When you die, people dress you up and then throw dirt in your face.

            Ever notice how almost nobody will say anything bad about someone who has just died? You may have been the biggest turd in the toilet, but nobody seems to remember that.

            The world is simply better off when some people die.

        • The government employees(state,local, and fed) WILL retire.(at least that is what they think, they will eventually be consumed by the beast, as we(tax payers) have been)

          They “earned” it.
          They “deserve” it.
          They were “promised” it.

          AND IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS THE YOU, or your children!!!!

          WE have not earned it!
          WE dont deserve it!
          WE were not promised a thing!
          WE are a tax payers.(death and taxes)

        • I had a dream awhile back. Had 8 men in it, all patriot types, all had nifty Cop-SWAT team uniforms in their preps…4 of the men found out they too got bamboozled out of their 401 & retirement savings.

          All 8 men donned them swat uniforms, then snuck over at 3am on a very dark moonless nite, to nancy peelosis crib.

          Then in my dream them men kicked in her front door, screaming loudly POLICE! This is a RAID!! SEARCH Warrent!…Everyone lay flat on the floor and dont think of moving a fuckin inch!

          Then grabbed nancy, who was still groggy and began to cuss and yell that “I am a Very bigtime VIP!!”

          Two swat guys smacked the livin crap out of her! A third guy said Snap out of it ya BITCH!…While the other 5 men proceeded to confiscate whatever of value they could find.

          Nancy began to yell again and cuss at all of the swat team, thats when in my dream I heard a very LOUD BANG!!! Kinda like a 12 ga with #4-buck!…Then I noticed just two seconds prior to loud Bang noise they made nancy click her laptop mouse at a offshore bank site in the caymans, and transfer her $500 Million fortune to Their swat team new offshore accounts!!

          I recall thinking it seemed like Dejevu RobinHood story, then I awoke…..I dont dream very often…But when I do, I dream big!…..Stay Thirsty, my friends…

      33. and this my friends, is why i own no credit cards, if you dant have the money, dont spend someone elses

      34. ive posted on here I get all thumbs up on gun tactics but my beliefs get mixed reviews. im 39 and from iowa got a bachelors degree which is nothing. got 6 years in the navy. I believe with all this UN resolution gun control will be real interesting when they try to ban them and make us pay another tax to the world banks to help out the poor. I think obama will be beat. Most blacks will vote for obama due to being black and a lot of confused whites will vote for obama but more whites that are smart will vote for romney, not my favorite but better than obama. Defense cuts I think will happen but not 500 billion in cuts. the house will be busy when they figure out we have no money and be interesting when all of this is going to go down, I think we will make it thru next year before a collapse, maybe not. I know way too many people that get ss disability and they are fine, drives me nuts, ive been a super hard worker and never took a dime from our government. I would like to know when you think the collapse will happen. I think a war is going to breakout before the elections but I know obama does not want that

        • their both worthless. Still not sure I want Republic in power. They have made clear what they want. End all programs except their own of course and the Military. Life with out war is something they do not seem to see.

          • You are dead right. The most ironic thing I see on this site is apparently middle class people actually planning to vote for a guy who will finish them off far faster than Obama’s spending insanity. Yep, it’s a lesser of two evils situation, and it’s a tie.

            • I’m writing in Ron Paul regardless. I can leave the voting booth with a clear conscience and will have the right to complain!! 🙂 Those that vote for the establishment don’t have any rights to complain when they do what they always do.

            • Romney just made his Fourth trip tp isreal, this year!

              4-trips in 7-months to what?..Convince usa cousins of isrealies to vote for romney?…Yeah all 1+1/2 of ONE Percent of total usa population! And only an avg of aprox 1/2 of That 1.5% are probobly of age to vote eh!

              Hmmmm…Very strange I rekon…And worser yet most All 535 congress members(house & senate) and ALL former or future prez’s go as often to isreal too. Still waiting for a vist to My neck of woods to pander for my area votes!

              Perhaps we here also need build a wailer wall so’s they can stand there and Bang their heads on the wall here too huh. Oh and a few funural directors black suits and hats!

              Maybe a few orthodox suits will intice em!

              Be nice to see romney start a huge riot at that wailing wall by throwing a nickle or dime against that wall and watch all the others standing/banging heads scramble to scarf-up the lone nickle!

        • It would seem they are out really out of options to prop the facade up much longer. Hence the rush to sign all the EOs, get the paperwork in order and all…

        • My U.S. History teacher told us that if 8 nuclear bombs went off at roughly the same time, it would kill 95% of life in planet Earth.

          • Your US History teacher is telling you something he made up, or heard somewhere else. It’s not possible to kill 7 billion people with 8 nukes. You can bust up a big city pretty badly, and fallout will affect hundreds of square miles, but that’s about it.

      35. The bible speaks of MYSTERY BABYLON and how her judgement comes in ONE HOUR. The only way your judgement can come in ONE HOUR is a complete financial collapse that you never recover from. China has the power to crash our economy OVERNIGHT. All they need to do is stop loaning us money and dump their over a TRILLION in dollar reserves and it’s bye-bye AMERICA. I know some of you aren’t religious…and thats fine…check out revelation 17:1-5 and Revelation 18:17-21. These passages are talking about AMERICA and how our end comes ever so swiftly. I know some of you think the collapse will be long and drawn out….thats not correct. It will take place so fast all of our heads will be spinning and it’s coming this year I think. Come on…you think these sickos in power are going to let 2012 pass by without at least a huge false flag attack or worse? Finish prepping everyone…the time is here.

        standing by and worried in TX

        • If China actually dumped our government’s debt, they’d be cutting their own throats. Who else would buy as much of their crap as we do?

          • Perhaps China sees the inevitable, and will play it for what it’s worth. Expect them to use the debt as leverage, then dump it anyway. China would love nothing more than watching the US croak, and do not pin thier future to the idea that we’ll be buying thier stuff forever.

            • Then why is Oregons Govner Otter(?) agreed already to allow China to build a 50 sq Mile industrial city in south eastern oregon…One of 257 already approved sites as that just awaiting nore build contracts or 99yr leeses.

              I seen all 257 listed at a gov website complete with named persons of each states area or “economic zone” to contact to set up a deal and 99 yrs leese.

              Also it said besides all types tax free incentitives for 20 yrs or??, china or whoever else does it doesnt have to abide by ANY us laws nor usa const. and basically has cart blanc to enforce their Own china rules etc!

              And all such zones Will be OFF-LIMITS to legit usa citizens!(thats be us folks) All workers can be from china or other nations etc(illeagles mex’s perhaps?)

              Picture 257 such “citys-zones” nationwide! and not a single american citizen hired!…I do believe its obammy who signed off on this. Could been Bush jr too but I dont recall hearing of it back then at all.

              Oh yeah! China will be able to make products and ship OUT to other locals OFF-Shore and keep all profits!…Thats some sweet economic recovery industrial zone package deal no?….Wonder how many chink workers will really be trained Kommie soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • @SonOfSam….

            But…..we aren’t buying nearly as much anymore.

            We are like a strung-out drug addict. We still have the craving, but don’t have the money for our fix. As long as we have something to give the dealer, he makes sure we get our fix. But when we are dead busted, and no hope of getting the money to buy anymore…..we get cut off.

            I think it was Ross Perot who said, “If we don’t make anything, we can’t buy anything.”

            Well….we’ve been making less and less every year, and we’ve been borrowing more and more to keep the party going.

            The cycle IS going to break at some point. And when it does….that’s when China is going to cut us off at the knees…..or heck….they may just decide to do it on their own.

        • @badpuppydog…

          I tend to agree with what you’re saying. I’ve read that passage many times, and every time I read it, I am more convinced that it is referring to the United States.

          But I think it could be any number of or even physical attack that could be what this passage is referring to.

      36. hello, everyone. i’ve been coming to this site for a long time; my first time posting. i’ve been prepping for a long time and still doing so. there are tremendous articles on here and a gold mine of advice from many of you. thank you, mac, and everyone who puts out this information. short bio; i was born and raised in tn., lived in miami from 1975 to 1982, married a refugee from cuba who lost some of her family to castro’s commie thugs, lost her to a drunk driver right after our fifth anniversary; not too long afterwards came back to tn. i prepped for and went through numerous hurricanes in south florida during my time there. i relapsed into complacency after moving back to tn. i went back into prep mode right after katrina. i rent a house, so no mortgage; i have no credit card debt or any other type of debt; i’m debtfree. so i can get what i need faster than i would be able to otherwise. i have lived without having access to credit all my adult life because my income level was always too low to qualify for any bank loans, etc. i’m open to advice on any survival subject from anyone on here. prep prep prep

        • braveheart, thank you for visiting, joining the conversation, and sharing your personal story.

        • brave;
          do your due diligance, there is tons of info here…

          • I would simply like to remind everyone to go ahead and invest a few dollars in seed. This spring I planted much of my gardens with 2 year old seed just to see how it would do. I had a great year so far. It wont be long till you can start planting your fall crops and be sure to buy some greens and such for a winter garden.

        • braveheart,


          I also have learned so much from this website – the articles (Thank you Mac!) and the comments from many people. (Thank you everyone!)

          Be safe. Keep prepping! 🙂
          KY Mom

        • This site just reinforces what I’ve known was coming for a long time. The game is over. It’s time to pay the ol’ piparino (piper) and the bill is a little steep. Remember murphy’s law and ochams razor. Read Sun Tzu and the Bible. Thanks for the site Mac.;)

        • Welcome to the site Braveheart!!! Keep your head up and prep prep prep!!!

      37. finx, sorry this is late…..

        Love reading your post.

        Thanks, as it confirms there are people as smart as you. Just curious, is that you second from the left in our evolution chart?

        I would ask you of a favor. Please let me know what it was like wiping your ass by hand – cause your out of toilet paper, newspaper and or leaves.
        I hope that when you get to the leaves, you know what the poisonous ones look like.

        Y’all Beware! Almost forgot finxy, there is always sandpaper and steel wool.

        • Or his tongue……….

          • Iknow,I know some of you are thinking that could never happen. Well since finxster has his head up his arse already, I figure it ain’t that much of a reach.

            Fire away and fall back!

        • he’s a typical Obama voter: allergic to soap, logic and common sense. I may be hoping that America can avoid SHTF, but if things do get sketchy as fuck, one small consolation is the thought of the look of utter surprise on finx’ face as the mob tears him to pieces to claim his last Pop Tart

      38. Lessons from Argentina’s Collapse

        this is from 2006

        Argentina,is of course,undergoing ANOTHER economic collapse as we speak

        it ain’t gonna be pretty folks

        (be sure to read parts 2-3-4)

      39. with u on that one..Reading Revelation i never could understand what happened to America, it just doesnt say if its still around or it just disappeared like something happened…just heard though on the news with this drought, serious food shortages they are talking about.. I keep prepping and trying not to get to scared..I feel alot better knowing we are alot better off than a year ago in prepping..Funny i tried talking to my sis about it..she told me i was nuts, then went to our mum crying i scared her…where here in Texas too

      40. We also have to consider how the New World Order is pitting the Russian/Chinese relationship against NATO Forces over in the Syrian neck of the woods.

        We all know who the real instigators of this upcoming nightmare are. Will we use war to avoid paying our debt? It just sickens me how I’ve busted ass to provide for my family, served my country and ALWAYS paid off my debt to wake up to this. I have enough to last for awhile, but sure hope some of you are my neighbors when it happens. Would love to fight side by side with ad not go out by myself.

      41. I said it here in 2009 & 2010 they are going to print until the currency is worthless. The markets are completely fake, an illusion of wealth that very few capitalize on. Just look at what has been moving markets stimulus, bailouts, printing of currency and quanitative easing.

        Has anyone heard the talking heads talk about the fundamentals lately?? Coca-Cola and Matel had good earnings, but why? Are they selling more products? No! So if their not selling more then what? Less overhead, less employees, good for them, bad for the economy.

        What’s real is the pain all of us are feeling, that’s it. Let’s all drink some more cool aid and smoke a little more Hopium!!

        • Would like to add; Technology outpacing human ability to absorb and adjust.
          I believe we are in the midst of a paradigm shift similar to the industrial revolution of the 17+1800’s.
          Who wants to invest in the stock market when computer whizes are trading to milliseconds?
          Manufacturing is more productive with less workers due robotics.
          One farmer with modern machines can plant and harvest a 1000 acres.
          And every kid HAS to go to college. Meanwhile, they are coming out of high school and can’t read. No wonder there is an explosion of special ed teachers.
          So far, it seems like the solution has been to give everybody a government job. But from where is that money supposed to come?
          And half of our population isn’t productive.
          Change is a constant, but this is a really twisted, perplexing situation.

          • Rick that’s only half true. The buggy wip manufactures said the same thing about Henry Ford. Creativity isn’t finite. How many jobs have been created by advances in technology? This site is a byproduct of technology and a government that has gotten to big.

            While the farm jobs got wiped out it actually created thousands of high paying jobs building the machines and equipment. Advancements in science and technology wiped out small pox and many other diseases, do we have less doctors and hospitals? No, they are just working on worse diseases.

            Some one still makes buggy wips, but is there one in every town? no!

            • Whoa bud..we only need more doctors and hospitals because the powers that be own BIG PHARMA, that is making billions from drugs for those diseases that are curable…but oh, wait, if they let the cure be known(because it’s already discovered) they stop making billions on drugs??
              Chemo is useless…3 of 4 doctors refuse this treatment for their families..but it’s still used daily.
              Why is that?? The public still believes doctors care about them.

      42. Our whole system is based on faith: faith that a credit bubble can be blown to infinite proportions. Once a ‘critical mass’ of people lose this faith and realize that bubble can’t get any bigger before it bursts, the collapse will come, and come quickly.

        It seems to me that that point in time is quickly approaching.

        • @ unreconstructed Southron…

          A good series of videos to watch regarding this are the videos put out by Chris Martenson….”The Crash Course” where he explains how our whole system is based on the presumption of ever increasing growth.

          Perpetual, increasing growth is the ONLY thing that can keep the system going. if growth stops….it doesn’t JUST stop. It collapses.

      43. look folks ” the writing is on the wall ” .

        its already ” crunch time ” it does not get better from here .

        its all down hill from here and your all stuck in the back of the bus and shit , on the short yellow economic fiat $ system crash greatest depression bus .

        you are all nothing but goyim gentile debt slave cattle and sheep to the 1% , to be slaughtered at will , proded pushed and guided deceitfully to the nwo globalist ww3 eugenics global war slaughter house .

        ameriKa is a deceitful LIE ! no matter what level of society you claim to belong to .

        except it … you are all living a media blacked out very well concealed lie .

        ameriKa is a true totalitarian fascist zionist commie national prison state !

        you are nothing but irs tax debt slaves , national plantation prisoners … soon to be u.n. global carbon credit tax debt slaves .

        none of you are free .

        you never were .

        where we go from here depends all upon what you choose to do over this next year of you very short lives !

        choose carefully your very life depends on it !


      44. The Wolf Dance

        Native American Lore

        I wanted to give something of my past to my grandson. So I took him into the woods, to a quiet spot. Seated at my feet he listened as I told him of the powers that were given to each creature. He moved not a muscle as I explained how the woods had always provided us with food, homes, comfort, and religion. He was awed when I related to him how the wolf became our guardian, and when I told him that I would sing the sacred wolf song over him, he was overjoyed. In my song, I appealed to the wolf to come and preside over us while I would perform the wolf ceremony so that the bondage between my grandson and the wolf would be lifelong. I sang.
        In my voice was the hope that clings to every heartbeat. I sang.

        In my words were the powers I inherited from my forefathers. I sang.

        In my cupped hands lay a spruce seed — the link to creation. I sang.

        In my eyes sparkled love. I sang.

        And the song floated on the sun’s rays from tree to tree.

        When I had ended, it was if the whole world listened with us to hear the wolf’s reply. We waited a long time but none came. Again I sang, humbly but as invitingly as I could, until my throat ached and my voice gave out.

        All of a sudden I realized why no wolves had heard my sacred song. There were none left! My heart filled with tears. I could no longer give my grandson faith in the past, our past.

        At last I could whisper to him: “It is finished!” “Can I go home now?” He asked, checking his watch to see if he would still be in time to catch his favorite program on TV. I watched him disappear and wept in silence. All is finished!

        by Chief Dan George

        • Tragically beautiful story Ohcumgache. You have been blessed with your words.

          You may have not seen the response you were looking for, but perhaps someday when he is grown and you have passed and he has awakened to the real world around him, he will think back on this day and remember it fondly as time spent with a man who truly loved him and the nature around us all.

          You planted a seed, and some day there still may be a harvest.

          God bless…

      45. Yep, but the question is when, some say in a month, I’ve heard others say until 2017 (doubt it), and personally, I think it’ll start with either a false flag (cough cough, maybe the Olympics), which will lead us to yet another war in the middle east (one problem though, Russia and China are the big boys we need to keep an eye on). Either that, or an economic collapse soon, I’m already hearing about QE all over the place…

      46. Hey, sorry, I meant to thumbs up your comment, just ignore that thumb down:)

      47. There is an old Twilight Zone episode called the shelter. In his ahead of the time genius, Rod Serling depicts how non preppers would act. It’s a very accurate account of how desperate and dangerous the cool aide drinkers will become.

        • Congress Won’t Act on Sheriff Joe’s Call to Investigate National Security Threat

          “Hawaii’s law has a flaw in it such that any foreigner can obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate just by showing he has resided in Hawaii.”

          “Although Arpaio called for Congress — “someone” — to investigate this situation, he’s right that no one under Obama will lift a finger, for two reasons:

          one, Obama ordered Homeland Security to ignore Arizona law enforcement in revenge for the state’s immigration policy being upheld by the Supreme Court;

          and two, Obama clearly intends to weaken U.S. borders by using his executive order to grant amnesty to young illegal aliens and by closing Border Patrol stations in Republican states.”


          “Under Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8, a person only has to be an established resident of Hawaii, not necessarily a U.S. citizen, and pay taxes there for one year to be able to register an out-of-state or foreign-born person with an official Hawaii birth certificate.”


        • Guns,Food,Ammo and Water. Obummer is really up to no good. Look at the trail of executive orders, it will tell you all you need to know.

      48. Uhhm Guys,gotta ask

        im from the PH,only 18,and so.

        how much will the Phillipines be affected?

        Im starting on prepping since two days ago,taking care of the arms first

        Im young,student,cant get work,so i have to make do with allowance

        Ive already gotten a deal on a longbow so i think im ok arms-wise,i can get the Machete and the Hand Axe after that,Food comes after those three.

        Anyway,err,that,will PH be ruined to the ground?(would be nice if it would)



        • When the US is taken down, you may need to watch out for China…

      49. What the F$&% is that first guy (Richard Duncan) talking about in that video?

        He’s basically saying that governments need to borrow more money and invest it…which will somehow cause “growth” (one of my favorite BS-cliche words) and fix everything…

        Is he F&@!ing joking?

        Our economy is already insanely distorted from misplaced government spending. THAT is ONE of the problems.

        What he is suggesting is MORE of one of the things that we’ve been doing for the last 30 years…

        The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

        I will give the second guy some credit though – sure, we might be able to kick the can down the road a bit farther…but at some point, we are in for a serious $#!^ storm.

        I think I will buy this LMT upper I’m eyeing…

        • Lewis Machine and Tool make a fine piston driven AR. Might want to give LWRCI a look too. I’ve shot LMT but own two of the LWRCIs along with an extra upper.

      50. Good article. Take away a person’s ability to use a credit card, you’re looking at some REAL problems. The violence comes in when the person with the credit card, who is denied the ability to buy whatever takes from the person with the cash that can buy what he or she wants.

      51. To illustrate the effects of unlimited expansion, blow up an air ballon at your next party.

      52. MAC…This is way off topic and forgive me if you have already addressed this but heard about this on the news this morning.

        On July 27th, the nations of the world are scheduled to meet in New York to sign a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Disguised as a way to prevent the proliferation of small arms throughout the world, it is, in fact, a backdoor way to legislate gun control in the United States and effectively repeal our Second Amendment.

        The ATT will set up a global body which will require all nations to regulate firearms so that they can prevent their exportation to other countries. Inevitably, this will require countries to inventory the guns in private hands and to register them. A gun ban is not far away.

        The ATT, under the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, would have the power of a constitutional amendment and would, effectively, repeal the Second Amendment guaranteeing us the right to bear arms. We must fight to stop the US from signing the treaty and, if we fail, block Senate ratification.

        • Tina,

          While the Obama administration said it is committed to gun rights, this is again smoke and mirrors.

          I believe it was last year when Obama told (Sarah Brady) when she asked about what he was doing in regards to gun control, “I just want you to know that we are working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

          This small arms treaty would be the perfect back door (under the radar) entrance leading to an eventual ban on your legal right to own guns in America. Hillary is working diligently to make this happen as well.

        • I would never disclose what I have anyways,(of the ones they already know about, fine..but the ones they didnt require to have paperwork on forgetaboutit..what guns), they beter learn to kiss some ass, because they can start by kissing mine.If they plan on round housing my right to bear arms that has been a mainstay in this country for this long, It doesnt mean I have to comply..
          We the people gave them our conditions of governance(Bill of Rights)..if they dont plan on following it, I dont plan on going along with them..its that simple with me.

        • Michelle Obama’s Warning To Gun Owners

          “We stand at a fundamental crossroads for our country. You’re here because you know that in just 13 months, we’re going to make a choice that will impact our lives for decades to come…

          “Let’s not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices … let’s not forget the impact that their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come.”


            • KY Mom- there’s an awesome video on a couple of thugs getting run out of an attempted robbery. Check it out at I think it’s under ’71 yr old customer shoots would be robbers at internet cafe’ or something similar.
              This is exactly why we need 2nd amendment rights. Without them, this mighted have ended horribly. Instead we see the thugs falling all over themselves to get away. Great video.

          • Angelos warning to the Sheeboon Mammycoon!

            What the fuck about INALIENABLE dont you get bitch?!

            I believe a us supremes ct decision back from 1950’s era(?) already decided that NO treatys can destroy Fundemental RIGHTS like in BOR/US CONST.

            Nor can ANY Prez or senate etc ever agree to a treaty that will in effect Nulify the very us const itself!!

            Come on! The Founders was Very inteligent men. Very!

            Yes asshole liberal kommies wont care I know. Thats reason for the SECOND ammendt, right.

            EVERY law made anywheres for any reason always depends on vast majority of us citizens going along to obey said laws…..What if enough finally say NO!…

            PS go to newswithviews web site read article on RUBIO aint natural born neither!…Thats likely reason zero repubs and talk radio hannitys et al refused to discuss obammys Disqualifications eh.

            Read article by Retired const lawyer woman named “Publius(cant recall last name, easy to find here there though)”

            Vattel’s book on Laws of Nations is what she used to xplain it in Easy to comprehend why or what natural Born really means.

            She also stated that 4 conservative/rebub type websites like american thinker! and 3 more try to say Rubio and obammy are legit born citizens etc!…Rebubs use same fake tactics and 14th amendt crap to try to convince you like liberals does!

            Rubio’s Both parents was citizens of CUBA when he was born in america…Hes a naturalized citizen I think she says. But NOT born of Parents already us citizens.

            ALSO: As founders wrote/Meant words meanings IS method we supposed to use. NO other word twistings or modern meanings are ok. NONE!

            Vattel says: What persons FATHER is, is what follws unto kids born. A FATHERS status.

            ALL mexican anchor babbies born Here is usa?..NOT even a citizenperiod….Invaders is correct!…NOT citizen by birth by illeagle mommy.

            Mexicos constitution says ALL born to mex parents Regardless Where born Belong to Mexico. Mexico claims ALL “Jurisdiction” in ALL legale matters like Birth etc.

          • “brilliant” just-us-es.


            Our so called leaders sure know whats good for us.

            Nothing but garbage comes out of our first ladies mouth.

            First Lady.


            Who the hell is she?

            There is nothing in the constitution that makes first lady a position, and this lady(and the ones before her)
            travels all around the country and globe, blabing her mouth on what changes are comming WTF!!.

            She needs to PAY BACK ALL THAT TAX PAYER MONEY she wasting doing this. Same with mrs bush!!!!

      53. @ loulou…all you can do is prep the best you can…you are correct…we see the signs all around us with massive drought worldwide which will lead to food shortages soon….some of my family thinks i’m nuts dont worry about that…they just either can’t see whats happening like you or dont want to. I have a brother that would rather play golf than goto the shooting range or buy some storable food…I always tell him he can try hitting the mob coming for him with his gold clubs since he wont be able to hit the side of a barn with his weapons….and maybe he can swing by hooters ( like is common after playing a round of golf) and they will feed him wings and beer after the collapse.

        good luck :>)


        An Israeli lawmaker tore up a copy of the New Testament to protest against the dissemination of the “despicable book”, which was sent to members of parliament by a Christian organisation

        A picture published on Israeli news website NRG-Maariv taken by Ben Ari’s aide shows the lawmaker tearing up the book.

        “This despicable book galvanised the murder of millions of Jews during the Inquisition and during auto da fe instances,” he was quoted as saying in reference to the New Testament.

        • The bible states that they will be at war and invaded prior to them coming to the light of what is written in the new testament. At that point, they will accept Christ and be reinvigorated and eventually triumphant.

          This event isn’t surprising, it was predicted.

          • Norse-I could care less if they accept kermit the frog,christ or whatever. They will get their a$$es kicked,(unless we spend lives saving them) and then they will start throwing around their nuclear weapons.

            I do not call that Triumphant.

            I call that madness, and nuclear HELL.

        • Kevin:While That asshole tore up new testament, “CUFI” aka christians United for Isreal was at Their annual meeting in DC!

          Thats the org Haggee(pastor who worships jews and zio isreal) started and turned into a masive huge nationwide org full of Beguiled Fooled Jewdeo christians who also worship as hagge does. Try to awaken any ONE of them fools!

          I bet they will be far greater a danger to prepper or awake types who refuse to go along with all their Twisted isreal firster agendas than any other zombi types out there!…And there are from 20 to 50+ Million nationwide!

          Brainwashed by the Scofield(Rothchildes banker financed and Published) bibles since aprox 1903 era. Thats Prime bible they got all their ideas from. Every verse thruout has Scofields Own interpretations written below the verses. 99% are Wrong!…Millions copies sold since and Many more millions Duped.

        • Ripping up New Testament is no surprise. Jews and Muslims (and Rastafari for that matter) are ‘people of the Book’ where the book is the Old Testament, they consider the New to be a usurped political power play. Jesus and Mohammad to them are great men, but just men. Burn the Koran, burn the New Testament, burn baby burn! Spice with hate, time to in-sub-stantiate! Watch the witched co-operate! And we’ll make something really great! [poof] Chicken Soup!

      55. * golf clubs…not gold clubs….sorry for typo

      56. The problem is not individual debt. Most people pay off their debts in their lifetime. The problem is that of those debts (or their income stream) is securitized and then used as collateral for more debt, on and on. Think mortgage backed securities on steroids.

      57. I think we should all take this possible gun ban very seriously, because if they take away our weapons, how will we ever be able to defend ourselves? We’ll literally be at the mercy of their actions:(

      58. Another great depression is 100% certain. It gets worse. At any time we could start to see panic selling of the dollar. The dollar will collapse. Everyone’s money will be worthless. People won’t be able to buy food or gasoline. We’re going to see a complete economic collapse in America. There will be total anarchy. Millions will starve or die in the violence following the collapse. That is 100% certain. We don’t know when it will start but it’s extremely unlikely that the America we know today will still exist 5 years from now.

      59. i have come to the conclusion that we will not have a complete collapse and that 2008 wasn’t a crisis but a lie to justify stealing money from the taxpayer !
        Just as this next crisis will be a lie to steal even more money…..think about it, we keep hearing about a collapse but it never happens, the crisis is a lie, they are in control of their game.

        • Of course the crisis is a lie. It’s all the parasites know how to do. But, thier lies have already shown themselves to be quite dangerous. I’m not saying buy into every utterance, but disregard these issues at your own peril.

      60. uh oh folks….looks like there was just a terror attack in Bulgaria involving a bus load of Israeli youth…and guess who Benjamin Netanyahu is blamming? The Iranians of course…the exact country they are dying to attack…what a coincidence huh?

        get’s coming.

        • It’s just how long Israel is willing to wait.

          • Let the dog catch the car.

            But no, our payed off politicians, who are isreal firsters will commit american lives for them.

            If isreal attacks iran, they should take responsibility for their actions like we all do in our lives.

        • is it really coming again? hahahahahahahah
          I just love that line…….GET READY….ITS COMING !!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

      61. All I can do is quote General Robert E. Lee: “All in God’s hands.”

      62. @ rich99….it’s a mathmatical CERTAINTY that we will collapse…can’t be stopped.

        • yup….sure…..see ya next summer for more doom articles and how its a sure cetainty !!

      63. The end of USA = the end of World as we know it
        The sheer arrogance of the USA is astounding
        Hey there are other countries beside USA
        Have the USA come to grips to the fact that the USA is no longer the greatest country on the Planet?

        • You’re making a false assumption.

          The EU is collapsing first, and then the US will likely follow. Without those two markets (and US food exports to Asia), Asia will begin to collapse and starve simultaneously. Meanwhile, with all those countries not buying oil in such quantity, the Mideast collapses.

          Without the US, EU, and Asia, Russia will begin to falter, and lose what little stability it has.

          Everyone else just comes apart after that.

      64. If there is a collaps , it would be more beneficial if it was sudden . This is because a sudden collaps is much much more conducive for an organized armed rebellion which in the end could make “we the people ” free men once again . Rather than the slow creeping death that gets the masses slowly used to more and more tyranny . Lets hope its lightning fast .

      65. There is a place where discussions of this nature are normal and accepted.

        find others of like mind near you:

        you aint seen bad yet but its comin!

      66. Its not only the US that is headed for collapse , all other industrialized nations are as well . If its as bad as people are saying its going to be , expect some governments all over the globe to be overthrown …….I know ours needs it . When the people have nothing , they have nothing to loose .

      67. I’m a long time visitor to this site but first time posting.
        I just wanted to throw my two cents in because there seems to be too many conflicting opinions, views, beliefs, etc. concerning all the possible economic collapse/shtf scenarios. We need to take out all of the religious, personal views, blames, and beliefs out of the equation and look at the bigger picture. Whether the collapse happens or not, prepping in general is a very smart idea. Do I personally believe that an economic collapse is eminent? Probably. But that is not why I prep. Do I trust the government or the powers that be to make things right? Not really. But that is not why I prep. None of these things are the reason that I prep. We all want to speak our minds and talk about who or what is to blame instead of looking for and discussing sane ways to fix these problems (and if they can’t be fixed then ways to survive the inevitable). The reason why I prep is because nothing in life is guaranteed. Government, your jobs, your personal relationships, your health…there is absolutely zero guarantee that anything in our lives is ever going to stay at a 100% constant. The reason why I prep is because it’s foolish not to. At the very least, if nothing bad ever happens and life in America continues the way it has been, prepping still gives me a little bit of piece of mind that I can provide food and supplies for my family in every situation good or bad. The boy scouts’ mantra is “Always be prepared”. If the ball drops and sh*t really does hit the fan, then nobody (prepper or non-prepper) will be safe. If nothing happens at all, then I have extra food and water on hand if I’m too busy or lazy to go to the store that week 😉
        My main view is this: whether the government is screwing us, or the economy is going to collapse or your God is going to punish us is all a moot point. The important thing is not to concentrate on how or why something bad might happen but what we are doing to make sure we all get through it together if it does happen…because if it does happen then it’s going to happen to all of us no matter what our political views or religious beliefs or anything are. Prepare for the worst because in reality there’s no guarantee that anything is going to turn out okay (conversely there’s no guarantee that everything is definitely going to go to sh*t). So given the choice between being prepared even just a little and not being prepared at all, it’s only smart to go with choice number one.
        Prep like your lives depended on it because you never know if it might. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
        Be safe, good luck, and remember that no matter who you are or what you believe, we’re all in this together.

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