Venezuela’s “Collapse Unleashing Hyperinflation” As Worthless Cash Necessitates 200x Bigger Bills

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 127 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The troubled socialist nation of Venezuela can no longer hide its massive hyperinflation problems – even from itself. President Maduro was forced, by economic realities, to reissue bills in much higher denominations – 200 times bigger – a tell tale sign of a collapsing economy. Americans were familiar with the crazy exchange rate of pesos before Mexico revalued its currency more than a decade ago – otherwise it would take literal wheelbarrows of money just to pay for basic goods, and that is too impractical even for their system.

    But ironically, this revaluing makes the hyperinflation more obvious, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy towards the bottom. Who can stop this crazy train?

    Venezuela Throws In The Towel On Hyperinflation: Will Print 200x Higher-Denominated Bills

    by Tyler Durden

    While several years ago it was perhaps debatable in polite society that Venezuela’s socialist economy would collapse ultimately unleashing hyperinflation, any doubt was put to rest early this year when the IMF’s own inflationary forecast confirmed as much.

    However, while the international community had long accepted the inevitable fate of Maduro’s socialist paradise, the local government sternly refused to admit reality and to avoid confirming what the local population already knew, it insisted on keeping the highest denomination bill in circulation at 100 bolivars, whose worth is approximately 8 cents on the black market, turning the most basic transactions into logistical nightmares and saddling banks with crippling money-handling costs. Economists and central bank employees say Mr. Maduro didn’t want to acknowledge the country’s inflation problem by printing bigger notes.

    This has finally changed, and as the WSJ reports, Venezuela’s government, slammed by hyperinflation has finally thrown in the towel, and is planning to issue new bills in December with larger denominations—up to 200 times higher than the current biggest bill, according to people familiar with the plans. The move marks an implicit acknowledgment by the government that skyrocketing prices have slashed the value of the currency

    The new coins and notes will go up to 20,000 bolivars, according to people close to the central bank, the finance ministry, the country’s banks and bill suppliers. This would make the biggest note worth $15 on the black market.

    And since by doing so the government will tacitly admit that it has lost control over prices, It will also create a self-fulfilling prophecy of even higher prices, sending the country’s hyperinflation into overdrive.

    As the WSJ adds, earlier this year, the government began informally allowing shops in the outer provinces to sell food at free market prices, reducing shortages at the cost of higher inflation, which the International Monetary Fund expects to rise above 1,600% next year. Further liberalization followed after the state oil company gradually rolled out higher-priced gasoline at gas stations in the border regions to reduce the cost of subsidizing the cheapest car fuel in the world, according to the company’s executives.

    Venezuela’s loss, however, is a big gain for the companies contracted to print the money:

    In recent weeks, several companies, including U.K.-based De La Rue, the world’s largest commercial printer, won contracts to print the new set of notes, which the government wants in time for the annual December spending spree, according to a person familiar with contract negotiations.

    “It’s a very big deal. It’s a big package,” the person said.

    Meanwhile, the central bank remains stuck in denial and hasn’t published price statistics for almost two years. Instead, Mr. Maduro has blamed the skyrocketing prices on the “economic war” waged against his government by shopkeepers and financiers. This has forced people to brave one of the world’s highest crime rates by shopping with backpacks full of cash and spend hours lining up outside ATMs, which give out less than $10 per withdrawal. Many provincial banks have reduced daily withdrawals to 30,000 bolivars, which would buy a Venezuelan couple a lunch at a mid-scale restaurant.

    Amusingly, as we reported last year, the high demand for nearly worthless currency notes has also presented a financial burden for the cash-strapped government, which also lacks raw materials to print its own money. Since last year, Venezuela has had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to printing companies to feed its economy with bolivar currency. The shipments arrived to Venezuela from private printing presses around the world on several dozen windowless Boeing 747 jets. Given the crime risks, the air shipments arrive at the Caracas airport at night before the notes are loaded onto armored trucks and transported to the central bank vaults in Caracas, protected on the 18-mile route by soldiers.

    Indicatively, a fully stocked ATM is emptied in just three and a half hours on average now, according to the Venezuelan Banking Association.

    The good news for the insolvent nation is that all local denominated debts are now just as worthless as the currency, which incidentally is what the BOJ’s Kuroda would call: mission accomplished.

    Sadly, Venezuela is the canary in the coalmine for what will happen to all currencies in a world where there is now simply too much debt.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Well,they need to sub out the new bill printing as a country they can’t afford to do it themselves anymore.The bills best use will be toilet paper,so,why not just print up some damn toilet paper for your citizens?!

        • Venezuela, it’s just a mirror image of how the world will look soon. The rot is spreading. We all know damn well that there lies some devious shit going on in the undercurrents regarding this election. When this pops off I’m gonna have one of the biggest grins that you’ve ever seen on a human’s face.

          • btw, if you haven’t already… pick up some fish antibiotics NOW whilst you can. As of the first of 2017 you’ll need to get a prescription from your local veterinarian just to get them for your pets. They’re closing another door in our faces.

            • Where did you get this info??

              • ht tp://

                ht tps://

                ht tp://

                There–don’t you people ever read the news???

                • JJ is the guy who thinks everybody is to provide info to him, but has no clue how to post a legit link for his claims. Try posting the source link with your original claim. Will help build credibility with your claim. GEEEEZZEEEE… You will catch on here after while how this works.


                  • WWTI or Chickenfucker, your new Indian name. Some piece of work your are. Did you and Al Gore invent the FN interblogishnet. Why do I get the feeling after every comment you post that you still need to ask mom to butter your toast? Or pops for $20. You’ve never been tested in your life, and I mean so close to hell that you could hear the devil talking. Keep pecking chickenfucker soon I’ll send my coordinates right to your fucking keyboard and we’ll see who keeps running his fucking mouth.

                    • No way 101st …. That Bich is mine

                    • Sounds like a PO’d hillbilly who ran out of beer. Rambling through the couch cussions for loose change, to go buy more. Speak English duffass.


                    • Says the guy who can’t even spell “doofus.” JJ posted links in the article you replied to, or can’t you read either.

                • Most dont,,,,
                  Most people are oblivious to all this shit the USDA and FDA are doing, its all good, let it slap em in the face!

                  • Nail,disagree,many trying to best of ability to get their affairs in order and some times tis overwhelming.I would say with elections go for ammo ect. first if needed but before new year some fish antibiotics.

                    My only ? is,why the hell am I prepping for fish?!

                    • The fish antibiotics are identical to human antibiotics. They are the same dosage, same size, same color, and even have the same code numbers. And for a limited time only, you don’t have to have a prescription for them.

            • PO’d,
              Your sources? Switching gears LA-200 is OTC here and is a great antibiotic(oxytetracycline). It works on cattle, pigs, goats, chickens, and if an emergency people. If there are no hospitals and you have pneumonia or some other serious bacterial infection it will save your butt.
              Anybody here have info on using Vet supplies for infections?

              • Relic, careful with the cycline antibiotics if they’re expired they need to be tossed.

                • I am told the formula was changed back in the 70s and that is not a problem anymore. Then again I am not a doctor so do tour own DD

              • Its been all over MSM for about the last year, has to do with new regs because supposedly theres too much in the water etc, plus it isnt as effective, dumb asses are blaming it on beef industry, dairy industry, poultry industry, swine industry,,, never mind that the quack doctors perscribe the shit for a sneeze now. Its all bullshit, i know 2 cattlemen who are ending beef production on a large scale and are going to focus on developing their property into subdivisions instead,,, they both said screw it, we can grow all the steaks we want, the stupid people can eat veggie bergers!

            • I have a pill book that lists and shows pictures of just about every medicine in pill or capsule form.

              Animal antibiotics in capsule form are exactly the same as human antibiotics down to the color of the capsule and the content in mg. They just call them “fish” antibiotics.

              So, if you buy from a reputable dealer the dosage would be the same as “human” antibiotics in that type of capsule and that type of antibiotic.

              Don’t buy from Asian dealers. The capsules are not the same and you don’t know what you are getting. I threw away a whole order because the capsules did not match my book and I wasn’t taking a chance.

              • I use Thomas Labs.

              • What brick and mortar stores are trustworthy? Where can these be bought?

                • Charlie, you can go to CampingSurvival site and buy Fish Anti-biotics there. Probably cheaper and fresher than a pet store shelf. Ask them what the expiration dates are before you buy them. Also pick up some potassium Iodide for radiation Thyroid treatment at this site, 60 day supply per person min. and they also have this for Pets. Prepping for Pets.. Another family member.

                  ~WWTI… Also note, prepare to read a lot of info on the meds, to make sure what you are getting, which types, and for what does it treat indications and contraindications, side affects etc. It is confusing, and I was a Paramedic. We never dealt with Antibiotics. We were using emergency drugs on the meat wagon, not long term care or fluid therapy. I downloaded a lot of info to read at some point coming up when I make time. Then compare to similar human biotics. I would get the important info like “dosages” and “how often” and attach that info with or to the pill bottle. Calculate your body weight as to dosage levels to be effective. Child dosages and adult dosages.

                  So in an emergency, you pick the right bottle of pills and have all the instructions handy. Maybe number the bottles with a sharpie pen, and get a flip 3 ring binder with the printed info matching the numbered bottle and title. Always label the bottle containers and not the lids which can be mixed up. Time is of the essence, Also prepare to document when you take them, and at what time, and how much like a patient chart, which will help avoid overdoses. If there are any side affect, stop taking them. One person be in charge of distribution to family members. I am talking when SHTF and no medical care is around period. You know…..”YOYO” You’re On Your Own. SOL… Sh.. out of luck. Get blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes. You can also listen to the lungs when taking deep breaths, from gun shot wounds. Fluid in the lunch from CHF, Gargling sounds may also mean the lung was punctured in a knife fight.

                  And if there are any doctors out there reading this, who would like to chime in here, and give more or better medical advice for body therapy, that would be appreciated. I’m not a doctor, emergency medicine is what I did. Life saving sh1t. Keep them alive until we got them to an ER. I’ve dealt with gunshot wounds, sucking chest wounds, broken bones and artery ruptures. Stabbings, heart attacks, car crashes, heavy Trama, burn victims, frozen bodies, drownings, etc you name it. Even delivered a couple of babies. I’ve done surgery on my self before. Also check all your old prescriptions bottles for left over useful drugs, you can put in your med kits. Like pain meds.


              • I go into nursing homes and rob the old people of their medicine….

                Now you know why I never have hard poo. 🙂

              • Link is in moderation. It was over on Rawls site a couple of days ago. Medication is near non-existent in Venezuela and reportedly folks are dying in hospital hallways. Having antibiotics might just get you through a rough patch. I’ve picked up a couple bottles of Amox, cipro and cephylex. Might want to stay away from the Doxycycline as when it expires it can cause severe problems if you take it. Anything ending in cycline when it expires, you don’t want to take.

                • Most of the info you need to know about use and efficacy of pharmaceuticals can be found on the Net if you Google the product name and human/veterinary applications. One of the most difficult things to do is compute the dosages for various ages, sizes, and species. Many websites offer that specific information, usually by species but you will probably have to sort through a few of them to find it.

                  There are several relatively new and dangerous human bugs (MRSA and Legionnaires pneumonia, for example) out there that require extremely difficult to get drugs which are generally not available for use in cattle feed, fish tanks, etc., so if you have a vet or your personal Dr. who might help you out be sure to talk to them and see what’s what in pharmaceuticals.

                  Very important to have at least 60 days’ worth (at 1000 mg per day) of Ciprofloacin on hand for use following an anthrax attack. Some references say that 30 days is enough, but my Dr. insisted that 60 was the correct dosage. That’s a LOT of fish meds, so get started…

                  Also, invest in a cy of the Physicians Desk Reference for drugs. You can probably find an older cy in a used book store – the contents do not change much over the years, but Drs/Vets generally dump theirs every year to keep current.

                  Good luck to all of us.

            • PO’d,
              It’s starting already.
              I used to be able to buy flea pills for my dog without a script, now I have to have a script from the vet.
              If I have to start doing it with calves, I will just raise one a year to eat. It will cost way too much to
              Get vet services.
              Just another way to shut the people down.

              Take care all!

          • All of these Bankrupt countries can Print all the IOU worthless toilet paper they want. And again, Reinforces Why it is absolutely necessary to own Gold and Silver to preserve your wealth. When the Dollar collapses people will prefer to only accept something in trade that has REAL Hard Value, which will be PM’s, Gold and Silver, barter, etc.

            Don’t be left behind. It was stated many articles back that 1 OZ of Silver was currently buying 6 months worth of food in Venezuela. So there is your Big CLUE what to stock up on as a Real Prepper. At those values I can buy 300 to 400 years worth of food with my Silver Portfolio. Or for an Ounce of Silver, 2 Hot Chicks and a couple cases of beer for the weekend. lol


            • If you are holding dollars in Venezuela you would be doing just fine.

              • If you are holding Dollars in Venezuela you are a member of the parasitical government elite and deserve what is going to happen to you.

                The working folks are lucky if they live near the borders so they can cross into the neighboring country to trade goods for food.

                • I am willing to bet that black market business is all done in American dollars.

                  Venezuela is going to end in a shooting war.

                  • With what guns?!?! The people were duped into giving up their guns a few years ago now. So they will have to form up “butter knife brigades” by putting as keen an edge as possible on those butter knives and use them to get some guns. It takes balls and cunning, but it can be done!

              • I’m taking applications for Smokin Hot Venezuelan Chicks that wants to escape the chaos down there, and come live at a fun BOL Compound in FL, with a Single Fun Guy. Get your passport and visa papers together Baby. lol

                ~WWTI… I think Venezuelans speak a little more Portuguese, than Spanish. Some Gorgeous women down there.

                • STDs will be the enemy in your BOL.

                  • And tell us about your BOL grandee? crickets.


                    • shhhhhhh opsec ya know

                • So you are so obnoxious no decent American woman will have you? Good to know, Chickenfucker….. 🙂

            • In the mean time I’ll keep buying my preps with the worthless toilet paper lol.

            • Antibiotics and Venezuelan chicks eh?
              Your thought process is so very transparent

      2. I’ll quote it again, for any of the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters, or the doofuses who bleat “I’m with her”:

        “Socialism (lit. ‘gouvernement’ in Fr.)is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        -Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        • Here is something to Fear. Not fear of the Grid down cuased by solar storms, but what Psychopathic Res[onses that will possible follow. Read my last statement below.

          Article: A Massive ‘Coronal Hole’ on the Sun is Blasting Earth With Solar Storms That Could CRIPPLE Power Grids
          By Libby Plummer and Mark Prigg
          Daily Mail October 27, 2016

          Solar winds triggered a giant geomagnetic storm this week, raising fears that they could cripple power supplies.

          The charged particles are coming from a coronal hole on the sun that is currently facing Earth.

          If Earth’s magnetic field was hit by charged particles the effects could also include radar and satellite interference, causing problems phone and internet networks and navigation services.

          Power grid operators in the US were put on alert yesterday following concerning space weather forecasts. But the impact could be felt all over the world.

          Warnings were issued by the operator of the biggest power grid in the US, PJM Interconnection LLC, as well as by Midcontinent Independent System Operator, which manages high-voltage power lines across North America, reports Bloomberg.

          These were the result of US Space Weather Prediction Center raising a ‘serious’ G3 level storm alert, though the alert was later downgraded to a less severe G2 storm.

          ‘Voltage corrections may be required, false alarms triggered on some protection devices’, said the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center.

          ‘Drag may increase on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and corrections may be needed for orientation problems’.

          The ‘moderate’ G2 warning remains in affect today.

          The solar storms could potentially affect telecommunications and power infrastructures all over the globe.

          ~WWTI… What I fear is not the Grid being down, but the Lefty War Mongering Psychopaths Currently in Charge, that have the Big Red NUKE Button at their disposal. If the Grid goes down, that Obama and WAR CREW will blame it all on “RUSSIA” instead of the SUN that is throwing out these Natural “SOLAR STORMS,” pulse injections that is really knocking down grids. Hillary will quickly blame Russia and start lobbing Nukes over there. Then they start lobby Nukes back at us.

          • You are a freaking nut case

            • Name calling with no response? Who’s the nut case?

              • There are a few new trolls on here the last few days, swinging like toothless sissys.

                ~WWTI… Bring it.. You attack me with no substance, God will rain down heart attacks on you, as PissinintheWind would say. lol

              • Oh well pardon the hell outta me
                This guy acts like he has exclusive knowledge of solar storms. Actually almost everything he post is generic info that can be found anywhere on the web.
                OBTW The president can’t just start lobbing nukes like a football without following protocol.

                • They can if they put their own peeps in the control room,,,,

            • Got a link or fact for that? Or are you just spitting stupidity out of your pie hole Anonymous eppe heart attack POS? Pay attention you may learn something dope on a rope.

              ~WWTI… Grow some balls and identify your self you swinging sissy.

              • wwti,you really even in someones death won’t let up,fine,war it tis you useless piece of shit!

                • Relax WD,…Look at the time/date I posted that. It was yesterday, before he died today. So Chill out. Pull your panties out of your crack.


                  • really doesn’t matter when you posted it.

                    the fact is, you did post it.

                    uncalled for in any case.

                  • W,you are a worthless troll,can’t even read time stamps skippy?!

                    Nah,gonna fuck with you till I’m banned from site,hate fed trolls!

                    Yep,a slew of “disparaging remarks”.

                • Until someone post an actual obituary, its all a fraud to seek more attention, to see who cares. You all have been punked, and duped by the liar.

                  ~WWTI.. Facts with a Link, Official Obituary, post it.

                  • W,I disagree but wish in a weird way you were right,rather be pissed/angry with meself then to have another person I chatted with a lot die and liked die,lost way too msany folks the last few years,that said,you here are wrong.

                    Tell you what,you right will buy your pet alligators a couple of steaks!

          • The only “coronal hole” on this site anymore is the Chickenfucker…….Sound familiar, WWTFK?

        • The south tried to stop the federalists. And they lost . Now look what we have . The south was right . And Hitler was right. U will find out soon. Everything said bad was good . And everything said good was bad. Read it and weep. They are of their father Satan the master of lies. Read it and weep. He rules this world with his children. Read it. Recognize it. Isn’t it obvious?

      3. Patriot:

        Don’t know if my previous post went through-but, where did you get the info about pet meds needing Rx in 2017??


        • For the Hell of it, thought I would get that hernia operation done earlier this week, before SHTF in 2 weeks, better before, than after as all hell breaks loose soon. And they set me up with some great pain meds. Not that I am in any real pain. The Doc was great, had the entire thing done laparoscopy. 3x 1 inch cuts, and done. Like I mentioned a few articles back. Being self Pay/ self insured, I got an 85% discount off the entire price of the operations normal price. Same with Meds, at least half off the price if I had insurance. I refuse to purchase Obama’s Kenyan Care.

          I have fish meds preps for backups if something else comes up. All of those meds, keep your eyes on the expiration dates.. As the date passes the efficacy of the meds just diminish and loose effectiveness. So if your fish pills are a few years past the expiration date, you may need to double up on the dosages. If you want to play doctor, be careful and do your homework, know the indications and contraindications.

          If you are worried about an allergic reaction? And before you take any pills orally, break up a sample pill, and rub the compound on your arm skin to see if you react to the drugs. Reaction could cause a red streak rash.

          Anyway, back to normal in a few days, and Rock on..


          • You can’t get back to something you never were to begin with
            You are definitely a F60.0

        • Crat, scroll above I posted the link but its in mod.
          Camping Survival is having a sale on their fish meds. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. But they’re great to deal with.

      4. She had a wooden leg.

        • That has several meanings…..

        • But on the other hand………she wore a glove.

      5. On Mon. Oct. 24, 2016 The End of OTC Veterinary Antibiotics

        • Link for this please. Thanks

          • That was a link.

            • OK, That’s right, if you post something here, try to post the link to reflect the source of your claim so we can read the entire article if we are interested. Otherwise you will not have much credibility. I try to post the link with everything, sometimes forget to.

              So where is the Missing Link? We know where the weak link was this week. lol

              ~WWTI… Ya can’t fake prepping.

            • Full link. Lot of stuff on that page. Thanks

          • Google it bub

      6. Since it looks like it will happen soon. A prepper tip. Outside storage. Quarter million dollar RVs stocked with can food fuel generators solar panels . Owned by old retired people who probably won’t make it to their RV and hope a decent person gets their stuff.

        • You have been looking at the RV market. All the bus style RVs are in the millions now.

          • John Steiner. Not a Million dollars here in FL, you can get- 3-7 yr old 38 Ft Diesel Pushers for less than $100K. Go look on Craigslist under RV’s. Here go check this RV out. This RV link below is 7 yrs old. You could Sell you house and buy this as your bug out vehicle.. And go live out in the dessert or deep in the woods on acreage land you own, for $10K. So for $100K you are all set. You got 2 week left before all hell breaks loose. GO!! lol

            Example: In Orlando- 2009 38 Ft Diesel Pusher $89.9 decked out in leather and lots of basement storage. ht tp://

      7. When it finally goes bust have a lot of ones. What would rather have 100 one ply or one 100 ply????

      8. And in one hour all their pent up wealth will become nothing. All their ones and zeros in the bank will become what they really are . Nothing. Paper. And the paper Tigers will be worthless for anything but fertilizer. And we will all get a large doss of reality. We will find out how much a wide screen and a double wide are really worth. And the mega churches. Lift a rock and you will find me . Split a piece of wood and I am there. I can’t wait to watch them try to get through the eye of a neddle. Maybe that’s wrong. But the Tares must burn.

      9. And in one hour all their pent up wealth will become nothing. All their ones and zeros in the bank will become what they really are . Nothing. Paper. And the paper Tigers will be worthless for anything but fertilizer. And we will all get a large doss of reality. We will find out how much a wide screen and a double wide are really worth. And the mega churches. Lift a rock and you will find me . Split a piece of wood and I am there. I can’t wait to watch them try to get through the eye of a neddle. Maybe that’s wrong. But the Tares must burn.

      10. Picked up some Copper Grounding rods, Going to get my solar system- Controller grounded. Also a cool Swedish hand axe, hatchet. Need to sharpen that polished steel head to my specs. 14 degree pitch on the final axe wedge edge. Got all your tools sharpened? Including shovels, axe heads, garden hoes, chain saw chain blades. A must have, is a set of good metal files and sharpening stones. Get the metal round files with the right size for your chainsaw blade tooths’. Its really easy to sharpen the chain saw tooth’s.


        • Swedish steel . O yea.

        • Bought a carbide tipped chain saw blade 100 dollars. But as a carpenter know non carbide blades don’t last. Harder to sharpen? But want lamps full with best oil.

      11. Bundys acquitted … ? Well played Hillary

      12. I didn’t post twice. Getting to love revolvers. Even messed up brass or reloads work. Hard to jam a revolver. Cracked brass. No problem? Cilinder gap looses a little velocity. But revolvers aren’t dead. With speed loaders in 357 or 44 . High power and reliable with messed up reloads. Revolvers might some day rule.

        • At the rate were going single shot zip guns and big sticks might rule,,,,

        • Lone,am more of a semi guy myself but can see the advantage of a hammerless revolver,in a no ideal situation can be fired from inside pocket/purse if a women(or trans!)ect.As I said not ideal situation but when truly needed when is it a ideal situation?

          • You are correct on that one WCD. Shoot without leaving any trace or brass on the ground.


      13. Dostoyevski on Hilary

        “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man (in this case, woman) who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

        ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

      14. It always comes down to one currency collapsing – the one with the debts – and eventually a second currency is created based on something ‘real’.

      15. How did the German National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party (Nazis) come to power? Here is one townsperson who survived, talking to a pastor, Christian Reger, who was in Dachau for resisting Hitler:

        “It was the radio! Hitler was constantly in our living room… because we could hear his voice, we believed everything he said.”

        “No, Reger replied, “People believed because they wanted to believe. Fear and selfishness produced a ready made audience for fanaticism.” P. 290

        Both of these comments remind me of my leftist neighbors… particularly the one with Democrat signs all over her yard that is living on disability while regularly going out jogging a couple miles at a time. The core of socialism is basically “Look, I contributed my taxes, now go away.” No personal involvement, and no care that 50% or more of the tax money goes down a rat hole. In contrast, e.g., one time my wife and I adopted a half black, half Mexican young man – really nice guy, very smart – but whose parents had both been murdered. He was on the street when we met him. We actually paid for his training to become a CNA, did a few other things. We did this because we are Christian and by extension, also conservative. You think a SINGLE Hollywierd Learjet leftist would ever put up even ONE indigent person in just ONE of their mansions for just ONE night? Don’t make me laugh.

        A great book on this is by Dr. Arthur Brooks, entitled Who Really Cares – The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservativism. He goes through just how utterly hypocritical the left is, including, e.g., that if leftists donated blood at the same rate that conservatives do, we would have around DOUBLE (I don’t have the exact percentage in front of me) the amount of blood in our blood supply. I am reminded, in fact, of when it came out that the Clintons donated their USED UNDERWEAR for tax write-off years ago.

        Truth is, statistically, leftists are MUCH more uncaring, ungiving and unthoughtful of their neighbors. And that is the truth… which woke me up to their hypocrisy years ago.

      16. Prep Tip of the Day

        A good tap and die set, drill and a set of bits. Might want to add a depth, outside and inside micrometer or a caliber. Easy outs can be of help when you replace broken bolts. A small propane torch for rusted bolts.

        Tin snips. Straight, left and right cuts.

        O.K. I have been collecting this stuff for over thirty years. It is what you collect to repair your home and other stuff.

        Easy way is to have enough duct/electrical tape, glue, epoxy, pipe tape and PVC glue.

        Nuts, bolts, screws and nail for repair and weapons.

        When your scrounging leave nothing to waste or behind.

        Running out of Time. Tick Tock.

        • A good arc welder,,,
          I like my Miller bobcat

          • And a big claw demolition hammer. I keep that one in the vehicle for easy access. And if you plan on building anything, have various size levels, plumb line, line levels, string levels, Chalk line, nails and screws..

            ~WWTI… I need to get into welding.

            • How did carpenters of the 1600s and thence find level?
              Plumb no problem,,, but level?

              • Clear hose full of water. Works over any distance or terrain. More accurate than most lasers out there.

                • WIPrep – Oh so they had a clear hoses back in the 1600’s??? lol And they bought that at Home Depot, I suspect. The theory is correct. Not sure about a clear hose back then.

                  I will use a clear hose attached to the outside bottom of rain barrels up the side, to reflect the level inside the barrel. Use that for flushing toilets, etc.


              • nb…two ways…water or a very round pebble

              • All you need is enough lengths of bamboo to make a “hose” that will reach from one point to another with some sag in the middle. Fill it with water. Raise or lower the appropriate end until you can fill both ends up to the top with water. If the two ends aren’t level with each other, the water won’t come up to the top of one end of your “hose.”

                Simple, low tech, and accurate.

      17. I’m not a big fan of antibiotic meds, except I extreme cases such as bacterial meningitis.

        The over use of antibiotics has caused many germs to become resistant. Garlic is my favorite antibiotic.

        If you medicate with antibiotic drugs, you MUST take probiotics afterwards. Homemade saurcraut, plain preferably homemade yogurt, etc. need to be consumed. Otherwise you will never be well.

        Women on birth control pills need to use a condom when taking antibiotic pills because the pills render birth control pills useless.

        Garlic does not interfere with birth control except possibly by causing bad breath. Eat parsley, floss, use mouthwash for two or three minutes (Dr. Oz says this can give you a heart attack), bad breath can destroy your love life. You choose. I swish. And I do squats at the same time. I have never had a heart attack. But I may have caused some.


      18. In case you forgot: Clintons donated used underwear for tax write off in 1993

        THIS is the type of person somewhere around half the electorate is voting for:

        Per Washington Post at Dec. 28, 1993
        … If the recent past is any guide, Bill Clinton and his wife, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, have been spending the past few months gathering up unwanted belongings — from old shoes to shower curtains to jogging shorts to, yes, apparently used underwear — carefully enumerating each item alongside dollar amounts on handwritten lists, and giving the lot to such worthy causes as the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries…everal experts were consulted about Clinton’s tax-deductible donations, especially of underwear. Paul Offenbacher, a longtime Washington-area tax accountant, said it is highly unusual to take an itemized deduction on donate d underwear; indeed, he had never heard of such a thing.
        The disgusting NY Times (the paper of Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty studiously managed to skip this in their usual display of journalistic legerdemain – More revealing article at

        Of course, there is always Hilary’s miraculous cattle futures trades, Filegate/Rose law firm records with her fingerprints all over them, Travelgate, Whitewater, Benghazi, her email server, her “bimbo eruptions” management, destroying lives of a dozen or more women to protect Bill’s and her power, lying about Sarajevo, stealing millions from the Haiti relief fund (so much so that the former president there called Hilary a “common criminal” and a whole lot more.

      19. I hope if I die in the first hour someone decent gets my stash. Maybe that’s what I’m here for? And it’s OK by me. Maybe better that way? I’m good to go?

        • Lone,better you with us,folks will need help and every little bit helps in challenging times.I have come to conclusion will die if needed I see evil on a personallevel happening,i.e.rape/murder/ect.,wehter by storm troopers or just avarage assholes,will take a few with me then off to the rock in hell for a visit.I would rather be around to help others but could not walk from situation like that and want to survive.I will say easy for me as no wife/kids/others depending on me,then,one needs to choose battles but Dammit!,at some point pick one and fight!

          • Lone wolverine does not need you WCD. Or your socialist commie community of cling-ons of helpless sheep. Step up and be a man, and stand on your own 2 feet.

            ~WWTI… Lots of weak players out here. And communities will just blow your OPSEC.

            • You are a ignorant fuck today,by us I meant the citizens,no matter how much the lone appraoch appeals(see me own thoughts posted)we will in time be fighting together,small groups initially but will grow,4th gen and all,will need all who want to help possible.

            • Helping others individually because you, as an individual, want to is not communist.

      20. Hey, since 1996 I have been trying to warn people of the collapse of the world wide fiat paper currency financial system’s collapse!! There is no nation on Earth that is not a part of that fraudulent “monetary” system, so all of them will fail. Some sooner than others, some worse than others, but ALL will come a cropper before next year is over.

      21. BBC did a cute segment the other night on a store in Canida called “Pirate Joe’s”.

        Pirate Joe’s crosses the US border, buys a van load of high demand goodies from a “Trader Joe’s”, brings it back to Canida and sells it at way inflated prices.

        Here in the US we are spoiled by a virtually unlimited variety of goods from all over the world. Most of which are not allowed to be imported into most other countries.

        We in the US have been given near unlimited credit by the rest of the world to buy their stuff. If the dollar loses its luster, we will become Venezuela overnight.

        Pirate Joe’s was sued by Trader Joe’s from the US, so he closed and reopened as “Irate Joe’s”. They sued Irate Joe’s so he closed and reopened as Pirate Joe’s. Tough suing someone in another country.

        • Especially when the country doesn’t recognize intellectual property

        • Yeah, like the DNC Donald Duck stunt Hillary was so excited about.


        • *Canada

          • Tanks for catching that.


        • Mexican tap water
        • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
        • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
        • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
        • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
        • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
        • Brian Williams memory
        • Michelle Obama staying at a Motel 8
        • Visiting the capitals of all 57 states Obama thinks exists
        • Pinocchio
        • The Boy that cried Wolf
        • The Cleveland Browns going to the Super Bowl
        • A Nigerian inheritance email
        • An unconscious pilot alone in the cockpit
        • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
        • An IM from Anthony Weiner
        • Anything Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered
        • A factory packed parachute
        • A kiss from Judas
        • An Afghan wearing a backpack
        • Whatever Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” is
        • If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
        • A North Korean trial
        • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
        • A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days

      23. wtf speaking of teeth gonna get one pulled Tuesday and buying an implant. Probably gonna cost $3000 all of my teeth are in great shape just this one I’ve been holding out pulling it. Gonna get it done before shtf don’t wanna be suffering if can deal with it. If I had hernia I’d handle it too. It would be hard to work with that. How many armchair preppers are out there. Real preppers don’t fake shit. Real preppers are physically fit. No product will help you better than your physical and mental ability to cope with reality. Safes full of guns do you no good if your to fat and scared to take care of shit when the chips are down. Have a whole set of files for sharpening tools. Got a few axes a hatchet a single bit ax and a fiskars x25 splitting ax that works like a beast on pine. Got 2long handle shovels hoe iron rake digging fork. Thinking of buying a good crosscut saw for cutting logs by hand.

        • Asshat. Bingo!!! – Real preppers don’t fake shit.

          Because Frauds and fakes will get their asses handed to them. Or just give up, lay down and die.


          • Yep, and fucktards like you will get waxed pronto…….

      24. Anon how about bailing wire. There is so much you can do with it and linemans pliers. I’ve rehung exhausts on vehicles close holes in fences. How about a come along they are cheap enough. Maybe one of those farm jacks jeep folks carry on the trail. I can see using a come along to drag a log onto your truck or trailer. Some skidding tongs to go with come along. You could use it to hoist up your deer. Tin snips are excellent got three pairs and a heavy pair for thicker sheet. A bench vise. a couple rolls of chicken wire a staple gun. Corrugated steel roof sheets. I can go on and on. How about sand bags you can get 100 od green poly sand bags for around $30. Barb wire.

        • AssHat

          I have a coil of bailing wire. How about those wire coat hangers.

          When you think about all this stuff, and you had it already before starting to prep. You are probably my age, have a home a couple of vehicles. Done a few things in life. Have a large garage, shed or workshop area. Then most likely tried to repair all kinds of things. Made all kind of things. When you look around, you have a Supply Depot with all the stuff you have accumulated over years. And don’t tell me you do not have a touch of hoarding in you.
          With all the shit about to go down you have even brought Extra this or that.

          • You have just described me.

      25. Off topic but…ISIS is operating just across the border in Mexico. Lovely. I would expect some activity as Trump gets elected. They know he is not going to put up with their ****.

        ht tp://

      26. Who is Mac Slavo?

      27. Who is Maxx Slobbo?

      28. I stumbled on to this youtube movie last nite has anyone seen this ??????

        I found it very disturbing…………..



        Again has anyone seen this ????? It just appeared out of nowhere.

        I wonder if I will get a phone call today or a visit ??????????

        • It’s weird. Thanks for the link. I didn’t see more than 10 minutes of it. It appears to be some deranged vet who murders. Pretty out there imho. But then again I didn’t see all of it.

          • Ice Doc I recommend you see all of it.
            Listen to the people its a eye opener.

      29. I’m Maxx Slobbo
        Who wants to know?

      30. Good news:

        A jury Thursday delivered a stunning across-the-board acquittal to the leaders and participants in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation and a remarkable blow to the federal government as it tries to tamp down a national movement led by a Nevada family to open public lands to ranchers, miners and loggers

      31. Ok, so what’s gold and silver worth down there?? Is silver all of a sudden $5000 an ounce? How about gold? $50,000 an ounce now?

      32. What would one expect when you have a former bus driver (read community organizer) attempting to run (ruin) your country?

      33. PM’s if basics covered a OK inflation hedge,whatever amount of bread a coin buys today will likely buy in the future(if any bread for sale!).Metals have survived many empires and perhaps may survive this world economic collapse,view metals as a small egg in basket when all basics covered.

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