Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries: What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America

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    Editor’s Note: In recent weeks the country of Venezuela has implemented everything from price controls to rationing in an effort to control the hyperinflation that has gripped the nation. All attempts at controlling demand and ‘hoarding’ have thus far failed, prompting government officials to issue directives requiring biometric verification for the purchase of foodstuffs. What’s happening in Venezuela is a clear example of how government first causes the problem, often leading to panic, and then points the blame at everyone but themselves. Officials claim that unscrupulous merchants (who have been forced to sell goods at prices lower than they have acquired them) and the hoarding of food by individuals is to blame for the shortages.

    The solution, of course, is more government, and in this case that means registration of fingerprints and other personal data in exchange for permission to purchase food. Be assured that the same plans are in place right here in the USA. In fact, we already have an electronic mechanism of exchange in the form of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. Should the worst happen and the US dollar crashes at some point in the future, those who failed to prepare (or, hoard as the government would suggest) are destined to forced registrations at their local post office or other government entity. Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper explains what’s happening right now in Venezuela, how a similar situation could unfold in the USA, and what you can do to prepare in advance.

    For those looking to implement a frugal and highly effective strategy in advance of food shortages or currency crisis we suggest taking a look at Daisy’s book The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.

    venezuela-food-lines(Pictured: Amateur photo: Venezuelans line up for miles in an effort to acquire food during hyperinflationary food shortages – March 2014)

    Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries: What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America
    By Daisy Luther

    What if you were forced to “register” in order to buy groceries?  And what if, through that registration, the food you bought could be tracked and quantities could be limited?

    That’s exactly the plan in Venezuela right now.  The AP reports that in an effort to crack down on “hoarding” that ID cards will be issued to families.  These will have to be presented before foodstuffs can be purchased.

    President Nicolas Maduro’s administration says the cards to track families’ purchases will foil people who stock up on groceries at subsidized prices and then illegally resell them for several times the amount…

    Registration began Tuesday at more than 100 government-run supermarkets across the country. Working-class shoppers who sometimes endure hours-long lines at government-run stores to buy groceries at steeply reduced prices are welcoming the plan.

    “The rich people have things all hoarded away, and they pull the strings,” said Juan Rodriguez, who waited two hours to enter the government-run Abastos Bicentenario supermarket near downtown Caracas on Monday, and then waited another three hours to check out.

    Checkout workers at Abastos Bicentenario were taking down customers’ cellphone numbers Monday, to ensure they couldn’t return for eight days. Shoppers said employees also banned purchases by minors, to stop parents from using their children to engage in hoarding, which the government calls “nervous buying.”

    Rodriguez supports both measures.

    “People who go shopping every day hurt us all,” he said, drawing approving nods from the friends he made over the course of his afternoon slowly snaking through the aisles with his oversized cart.

    Reflecting Maduro’s increasingly militarized discourse against opponents he accuses of waging “economic war,” the government is calling the new program the “system of secure supply.”

    Patrons will register with their fingerprints, and the new ID card will be linked to a computer system that monitors purchases. On Tuesday, Food Minister Felix Osorio said the process was off to a smooth start. He says the system will sound an alarm when it detects suspicious purchasing patterns, barring people from buying the same goods every day. But he also says the cards will be voluntary, with incentives like discounts and entry into raffles for homes and cars.

    Expressionless men with rifles patrolled the warehouse-size supermarket Monday as shoppers hurried by, focusing on grabbing meat and pantry items before they were gone.  (source)

    Last year in Venezuela, it became a crime to “hoard” food, and the country’s Attorney General called upon prosecutors to crack down on “hoarders” by imprisoning them for the “crime”.

    Some people may read this and think to themselves, “Why on earth do I care about what happens in Venezuela?”

    You’d better care, because this is our future.

    Already the Obama administration has moved the pieces into place on the board to be able to appropriate supplies from anyone, at any time.  Mac Slavo of SHTFplan warns:

    It should be clear from the laws that are already in effect that the government has given itself a legal pretext for confiscating anything they so choose in the midst of an emergency.

    Should an emergency befall the United States, the military, national guard, and local police operating under orders from the Department of Homeland Security will have carte blanche to do as they please.

    In a widespread emergency where supply lines have been threatened and millions of Americans are without essential resources because they failed to prepare, the government will swoop in and attempt to take complete control.

    They will enter our homes and search them without a warrant. They will confiscate contraband. And they will take any ‘excessive resources’ that you may have accumulated. This includes food, toiletries, precious metals and anything else emergency planners and officials deem to be a scarce material. (source)

    Just think how much easier it would be to do so if every purchase you make is tracked and documented for future reference.

    How Much of a Footprint Are You Leaving?

    Now, think about those “loyalty cards” that every grocery store in North America promotes when you go through the checkout. Have you noticed how much more those are being pushed lately? Could there be a nefarious purpose to that?  I doubt the person at the cash register thinks twice about it – if these actually are data collection tools, it is something put in place by people far higher up the food chain (pun intended) than the staff of your local supermarket.

    I strongly recommend you think twice about collecting “points” – the discounts may not be worth it if it means that your stock-up purchases are in some database, easily accessible to the NSA.  If you feel it is imperative to have one of those cards, consider using a pseudonym and false address.  You really don’t want to provide an inventory of your stockpile to the government. Some cards, like the one from Target, for example, even take it a step further and link to your credit card or debit account.  I can’t even wrap my brain around giving out that type of information to the person who rings up my paper towels and garbage bags.

    To take this even further, if you haven’t been convinced yet that you need to begin producing your own food by gardening and raising micro-livestock, this should solidify the importance of not being totally dependent on “the system” for what you eat. Looking at the drought conditions across America’s farmland, is it a stretch of the imagination to think we could soon be facing rationing like that which is currently happening in Venezuela?  As the middle class gasps its last breath here in America, we may soon be faced with a situation where only the wealthy can afford to avoid rationing.  By becoming independent from the purveyors of food, you can assure that your family will not go hungry at the whims of a government who really doesn’t care.

    Plan of Action

    Here are a few things that you can do to pre-empt feeling the effects of a system like the one in Venezuela before such a change occurs on our own soil. Start now to leave less of a footprint for the government to follow.

    1. Plant a garden.
    2. Grow food indoors in sunny windows.
    3. Consider an aquaponics set-up in a spare room.
    4. Raise chickens and meat rabbits.
    5. Stock up NOW on long-term staples like grains and beans, before limits are instituted.
    6. Buy heirloom seeds – lots and lots of seeds.
    7. Practice careful OPSEC (OPerational SECurity) when making large purchases.
    8. Store longterm food supplies in more than one location. That way if you lose some of your supplies to thugs (government or other varieties), you still have supplies to fall back on.
    9. Learn to preserve food.
    10. Stock up of preservation supplies like lids, jars, etc.
    11. Do NOT use so-called “loyalty cards” or memberships to make large purchases.
    12. When ordering large quantities of supplies, consider having them mailed to some place other than your home.
    13. Use cash or prepaid VISA cards purchased with cash to make large purchases.
    14. Don’t tell others about your supplies and purchases.
    15. Teach your children not to discuss things like food pantries and preparedness.
    16. Don’t store your supplies out in the open for anyone who comes into your home to see. Stash your 5 gallon pails away in closets, under beds, or in the basement.
    17. Disengage from the system by purchasing from small local farmers.
    18. Use the barter system whenever possible.  When money was tight and I lived in a place where I couldn’t grow much food, I worked on a farm harvesting vegetables in exchange for produce that I could preserve for my family.
    19. Change the way you eat – go with a local, in-season menu that is far more difficult to track than grocery-store purchased items.
    20. Learn to forage. Even in the city, you might be surprised at how many things can be found growing in your own back yard or falling off of the trees in a local park.  My children and I picked up one small bag of walnuts a day at a little park down the street one year, resulting in almost 15 pounds of shelled nuts by the time we were through.

    Whatever your plan, don’t delay. We need only to read the many articles predicting a food shortage this year due to poor weather conditions to see the writing on the wall. You must become responsible for your family’s sustenance if you don’t want to suffer at the hands of those in power. I have no intention of standing in line for hours with my “ID card”, only to be allowed to purchase a small amount of highly inflated food.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. Wow,

        Wasn’t Obama a pal of Hugo Chavez? Got a book from him and all…. I can see this happening, but only in a totall SHTF or right before it does. I would call that a time to “lock and load one 30 round magazine and watch your lanes” (any vet will know that reference).

        Off note, how about that 8.2 in Chile? I also saw a video on Drudge of buffalo fleeing the Yellowstone Park. Any thoughts?

        Keep your powder dry,

        Note number 2. I just bought a black powder pistol, a Pietta from Italy. Never fired a black powder but it looks way fun! Any suggestions?

        • MASSIVE 8.2 Earthquake in Chili last night– tsunami warning for several countries bordering…

            • Should things get that bad,
              it wouldn’t be surprising if
              there was mandatory registration
              of private gardens and livestock
              under the penalty of the law.

              The law makes me throw up …..
              the law
              The Law
              THE LAW
              THE LAWWWWW !!!!

                • Fun bit of history: During WWI and WWII, the government strongly encouraged what were called “liberty gardens” to help stretch out food supplies.

                  Another fun bit of history: During WWII, the US government instituted ration cards and price controls for food, fuel, and various petroleum and rubber products. See for yourself:


                  Now – as for going house-to-house? That’s going to be tough to do, and aside from the few unfortunate souls whose houses get hit first, *everyone* will have ample warning and opportunity to hide their goods as well as they can. Also, as I mentioned earlier – police+military combined will have a hard enough time keeping guard over commercial bulk storage facilities (grain silos, grocery distribution warehouses, rail terminals, etc).

                  As much as I admire and respect what Daisy has written, there is one small nitpick: keeping livestock about the house makes you one very tempting target – I suggest at least partially hiding the critters if you’re going to keep them (e.g. keep the chicken coop behind the house and out of sight from any road, keep any goats in nearby thick brush/woods on the property, etc.)

                  Oh, one more thing: cash and farmers’ markets are your best friend for keeping food purchases on the down-low. It’ll cost a bit more, but definitely worth it.

                  • The law is designed to legally confiscate the inventory of the big grocers. This is not going to be like Sherman’s march to the sea, My Peeps. But if an officer takes your horse and/or mule, make sure he signs a receipt for it and stick it in the family Bible.

                    Keep your perspective. 🙂

                  • @the durango kid

                    LOL… “perspective.”

                    I think your cheese has slid off it’s cracker.

                  • The Establishment needs to make sure that under no circumstances are the American people to realize that, central banking is responsible for many of their woes, and that the system they yearn to conform to has been cold-bloodedly set up to undermine them, their wealth, happiness and security.

                    “When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is—the Fed has usurped the government.” ~ Congressman Louis McFadden, Congressional Record, June 10, 1932.

                  • @OQ,
                    The last place I will buy is at a farmers market where prices are always at least 50% higher than a retail store, and sometimes more than 50%. Not to mention the fast rate of spoilage.

                    What “law” are you referring to? As for your reference to General Sherman, a bit more respect from you is in order.

                  • According to the 2011 Food Safety and Modernization Act the government will assign local citizen teams to be responsible for entering your home without a warrant and searching it for any “excess” foodstuffs. The do not need any police on the teams and you do not need to be present. You are allowed 1 week of food on hand.

              • Here is what is very likely. First you have a mass SHTF, whatever, maybe a huge earthquake, mass terrorism, financial collapse, biology outbreak, the list is almost endless. Then you have the government giving out food and supplies at first to everyone to make sure that everyone becomes as dependent as possible on those handouts. Then comes the payment.

                What is that payment. First and foremost the ONLY way you would be allowed to get the government “goodies” is that you must trade in ALL your firearms. Then you will be forced to sign over a contract type that states that you have given up all your firearms. There are people that would never do this. However you would have to ask yourself this one. Out of those 100 million gun owners, many of whom have children desperate for food and other needs, how many would give up their firearms? I still say that the prepper/survivalist that ONLY make up 1% would be the people that say f u to such a ploy. The other 99% of gun owners I just would not have confidence in that they would not give up their firearms. Those are the 99% the have not prepared when they should have.

                Next, after most of the firearms are “taken”, then it comes the RFID chip. When someone is hungry they don’t think. A government can use all sorts of excuses why someone needs a chip. They can fool the masses into anything. Something they will tell the people is that you will not even know that you have it. That it will speed it along getting your food and mediacl treatment so you are not waiting in line for hours. The masses are zombies and idiots and will go along with this no problem. Some people will hopefully see what the RFID chip is, the mark of the beast. Most others will just give a stupid grin like an ape and get chipped.

                After this, if the world has not been blown up by then, the new chip will come out. Just like BO has funded all sorts of mapping of the brain, the mind controlling chip. Again, the masses will accept it and the governments of the world would have control over most of the human beings.

                Sound like science fiction? All sorts of new technology points to this, including U.S. patents for brain to computer control, and of course this can be reversed. Anyone that thinks that the masses will not put up with this ask yourselves this. Everyone that does prepare, how totally frustrating it is to get a non prepper to prepare, for much of anything? That is the sad answer to how easy 90-99% of the people will conform to the nightmare I have described above.

                By the way, another mass shooting in a gun free zone at Ft Hood, AGAIN. Human beings continue to go down the same stupid path and never learn. Guns save lives, gun free zones are where most mass shooting occur. This is more proof of just how easy it will be to control most of the people. Most. There are still those that are non conformists that would not put up with this sh$%, and a big thumbs up always for those that can think on their own.

                • A big thumbs up to you, Be informed.

                  Don’t ever lose that sense

                  of independence, my friend.

                  For people like us, it’s

                  really not even a choice.

                  • BI: you described the very Likley Job thats planned for those Rick warren type zio jewdeo Pastors!….Like Today how they operate while feeding masses in african regions etc…They set up a food line, food tables, and have church member voulenteers handing out Buisness Card sized slogans, that are a bible verse while repeating “Jesus Loves ya and so Does We!”….Then while starved bush people afrcians gaze in wonder at all them tasty sandwhiches on display…Them worker church folks ask the hungry arficans “Wanna eat a great sandwhich?…Ok and say, ya wanna also accept Jesus while your at it?…ok just say this here Jesus Prayer, then Bingo! Once saved Always saved! see how Easy it is to get Jesus saved and Eat food too!!”

                    All the pastors will need change in usa is to change from wanna be saved by Jesus to something like “Wanna sandwhich to Eat?….Ok, Turn in all Firearms and Ammo’s! Because…jesus Loves Ya and so…does…WE!”

                    Hungry assed folks, and those with crying hungry small kiddies will push and shove to be first to hand over firearms….Next month changes again to “wanna sandwhich to Eat?…Ok! TURN IN A FRIEND or Family member who still has Firearms hidden away!….Cause Jesus loves Ya and so…Does…WE!” New buisness size card slogan then will read “OBEY YOUR FED GOVNT!! as is Written in, Romans 13 folks! or else, God wont bless america!”

                    After those deluded folks hand over all firearms…Thats when they are going to recieve all them great “Blessings” from those Khazars(Rev 2:9 and John 8:44) they so blessed always!….Bolshevizim at It’s Finest! Circa 1918 Russia!

                • ” First and foremost the ONLY way you would be allowed to get the government “goodies” is that you must trade in ALL your firearms.”

                  …what firearms? I sold those long ago. (and if you’re smart, you’ve bought all of yours long ago via private person-to-person purchases.)

                  • Odd its the ONLY way I buy fire arms or ammo now….

                  • OQ, long time no hear from. Welcome back.

                  • even if i bought a papered rifle (rifle ok?) i can go and sell that as a private seller in my state (in my state i dont know about anyone else) and there would be no record of who i sold it to

                    so when they come for that so called papered gun that I bought years ago, i can still say I sold it, and not have anything to show or prove of it being sold

                    just another way to say F-U to the feds

                    Im not giving them bastards anything but a hard time

                  • Yep that’s the way to do it!

                • Be Informed: Your dystopic fantasy doesn’t even come close to reality. The government doesn’t know who has guns and how many there are. Case in point; Connecticut passed one of the most draconian gun laws in the nation yet only 10-15% of the owners of ‘military’ style weapons ever registered them and only around 4% of the ‘high capacity’ magazines were registered. That was a BIG F*ck You to the governor and the state legislature from the citizens of one of the bluest states in the country. They don’t even know how many guns and magazines are in their state or who owns them, hence the registration attempt. Connecticut is a microcosm of the federal government in that it’s very liberal and it isn’t nearly as powerful and all knowing as they want people to believe. The fact is that they are impotent because they simultaneously bribe and threaten folks in order to get them to comply. They have no recourse but to extent the period of compliance. Sounds a little like Obamacare doesn’t it? Another point worth considering is that there a less than 4 million total military and police personnel in the entire country. Adding in contractors, the feds don’t have nearly enough folks to guard all the food storage locations, guard all the main roads, airports, seaports, dams, bridges, power stations, transmission and waterlines necessary. The government is in a word -Powerless- powerless to stop armed people from taking over. They know it and they are scared shitless of us.

                  • Exactly Gregory8 Ive been saying and posting that exact sentiment on this site for years..they are begging us to comply..and were telling them to go get fucked

                    as we should be, but much louder and with bigger numbers

                    They have no clue who has what and or where they all are, and that fact alone gives me a big smile and that fact also scares the shit out of them, (just what I like, its our own cold war, and those that give into it, never deserved to own a dam gun to begin with because they are cowards) GIVE NOT ONE MORE INCH!!

                  • If the government doesn’t know who has them or how many then how do you know that only 10-15 % were registered ?

                  • clyde: Good question; it’s their best guess. Another word for it is SWAG-scientific wild ass guess. The data is supposedly collected by requests from sellers as to the amounts and types but who’s to say that these are accurate. It would literally take years to actually know this by sifting through all the records of all dealers because they are still kept in files on paper-the old fashioned way. There is no real way for any state of the federal government to know because of the way records are kept. Adding to this ‘little’ problem is that guns are lost, stolen, sold, or traded, and these are not part of the records keeping process. So governments use a loose statistical range when estimating gun ownership. But even with their lowest estimates, the state of Connecticut is complying at around 15%, and this is their best/optimistic guess. It could be a lot worse, and that’s what worries them and the feds. Hence the extension with amnesty. But very little of this has been reported in the lame-stream media for fear of encouraging others to disobey. If a dark blue(small) state like Connecticut fails to comply what the hell are big red states like Texas going to do if the feds decide to do something nationally? The reality is that governments are completely impotent in the face large scale resistance.

                • BI,

                  I have to agree with you on this. People are easily led around. I was one of the few who refused to allow my kid to be vaccinated for whooping cough at her school. Then I got a letter that said one kid in the district got whooping cough and I should reconsider vaccinations. One kid out of thousands. How do I put this lightly?

                  Fuck off!!!

                  Keep your powder dry,

                • Be Informed- your scenario sounds more like PARANOID DELUSION, then science fiction.

                  You have some real problem if you actually believe that not just MILLIONS of firearms are going to be just handed over to “The govt” for food. You delusions have been reaching epic proportions lately.

                  A couple million LE are going to take away…… oh, excuse me……. are going to be HANDED tens of millions of firearms willingly. Yeah, ok.
                  Oh Gee, I forgot, we are going to have IN troops doing it. My bad.

                  Wow you are crazy.

                  • Gregory8 and Rich98, I know both of you mean well, but the scenario BI outlines is plausible. I’ve always suspected a certain percentage of gun owners with kids will give up their guns for food. BI is especially right that people don’t think straight when they’re hungry. Although there is still a percentage that won’t give up their guns under any circumstances, and I’m one of those, who can say with any degree of certainty how big that percentage will be? None of us will have a clue about that until we’re in a post-SHTF scenario. we have all read and heard about any number of scenarios for post-SHTF, but none of us are going to know for sure until it hits.

                  • Rich; You just keep thinkin real hard, but be careful don’t hurt yourself.

              • DHS has the guns and ammo but they don’t have the muscle or the moxie. I’d turn’em all into women.

                • Ryback: What DHS has is a lot of pistol ammo if you’ll read the news about their ammo purchases. That means they have a lot of pistols, not rifles. You never take your pistol to a fight. Pistols are for getting to your rifle so that you may engage the enemy. Beside DHS only has a total of just over 250k in personnel, including a large clerical staff. Almost all of the armed ones are stationed at the 300+ ports of entry into this country so to use them in any other capacity you’d have to shut down every international airport, every seaport, and every land border crossing port in the country. This would cut off all imports and exports as well as all international travel. That’s not going to happen because the large business interest that really control this country won’t allow the federal government to do so.

            • John Q Public: They do the same here. Only instead of attacks on convents here, the tribe spray paints nazi swaztikas on their Own cars and mailbox and front door to home or apt. Then phone 911 cops to report “Evil Neo nazi skin head white guys” attacking with severe antisemtitizim slogans and symbols.

              Aprox a year ago it happened again in Kalif. When a jewish 20’s something girl did that faked swaztika spray pait on car doors and home door “attacks”. Then she called 911 cops to report it.

              MSM’s made a huge deal of it, lib kommies and jewish orgs calling for more fed laws etc…Blamed oly white neo nazi skin heads as per usual.

              THEN!!!… About a Week later, cops checked the security cameras at the apt buildg Across the street for proof and photos of the “nazi evil skinhead whitey guy” culprit.

              What a absolute shocker eh when cops saw on video the Very same jewish girl complainer/whinner, crying antisemitic nazi attacks with swaztikas painted on car and house doors just happened to be HER that did it all!

              Just another in a long history of events like that where Neo nazi evil whitey skinhead guys blamed, and its the jewish complainer whos at Guilt! trying to reinforce what they always do best…Cry racist antisemtizim, point to swaztika symbols on car etc…Then demand Mucho Sympathy as worlds greatest “Victims”….Again.!

              Nice to see one finally Busted for falsifying claims, and Prosectuted for filing False felony cop reports eh. If I recall correct, she got Jail time for her jewish swindle.

              Too bad the really big swidnlers like wall street banksters never get jailed for such eh. Maybe Us “Peon Goyims” are who will be tasked with That job one day soon.

              PS: aint Israel where someone here recently Posted that Israel is, so, so safe for christians while in mid east regions?…Yes I Do recall That posting a few days ago.

              Iran is far safer for christians compared to Christian Hater israelies eh…OyVey who would have ever thunk it huh?

          • I hope you see this “Anonymous” because I want you to know I humbly accept your apology. I do not mind taking heat for things I do believe in, but I do not want to take heat for things I am totally against, like prejudices and hatred. I believe we are all individual pieces of a whole learning together, that is why I love this site so much.

          • Chile. Not Chili.

        • Black powder revolvers are a lot of fun. Before you rush out and buy caps for it make sure you get the correct size caps. IIRC my b.p. revolver called for number 11 caps so I bought a few cans. Turns out they were too big and wouldn’t stay on the nipples. Should have bought number 10’s instead. Other than that get a good powder measure or thrower, don’t scrimp on that and use good, high quality black powder. I don’t like the substitute black powders but some folks do. Round balls usually work better than conical and are much easier to load. Make sure you seal each chamber once loaded with some kind of “grease” that won’t melt in the summer heat to prevent cross chamber ignition where 2 or more of the chambers fire almost simultaneously. It isn’t a pretty sight! Read the manual closely about how to take the wedge out so you don’t damage it (like I did!). Store your black powder safely! Other than that have a blast! I love shooting mine. You won’t be able to shoot it indoors though so be aware of that. Ranges don’t like all that smoke! LOL!

          • Jim,add making your own black powder SAFELY to your list of things you can do,just remember,they had powder houses for a reason!I store mine in old oatmeal containers,stays dry but in a container that is caught fire would explode like a bomb.

            • I meant in a loose container of cardboard would not explode like a bomb!Arghh!

              • No, it won’t explode but it will run you day if you are next to an open container and a spark lands in your powder.

                Learn about flash over. It’s when several cylinders fire at the same time. Usually harmless except as noted above but real inconvenient if you absolutely need those cylinders for something.

              • store BP in a container in a wooden box made of hard wood at least 2″ thick, line the inside of the box with something fire proof like sheet rock, chances are that any fire will be put out before the wooden box can be burnt thru to the not store it in a steel box

                • 40,would that not though make a container that could hold enuff pressure to explode,with a lot of deadly splinters potentially.I personally will stick with loose in cardboard(is how it is sold/shipped).

        • You did a great job Daisy.

          • A great job as usual!

          • Very good article Daisy.

          • Excellent thought-provoking article, Miss Daisy.

        • @JJ…yes, Obama was practically licking Chavez shoes when he went to visit. By the way…Oliver Stone had respect for Chavez too. He did this whole documentary on South American dictators. When watching this, I could definitely see the slant where Stone admired these leaders. But I gotta say the one interesting aspect of the film is the countries that didn’t take IMF money got screwed. I can’t remember the name of it or I would link. Essentially, this is what Obama’s dream of is for America, fingerprint us, enslave us, throw the majority of us in a re-education camp…and for those of us that manage to fly under the radar…kill us. But I can’t blame all of that on Obama, he’s just a puppet for the bigger puppet masters. I will not submit. I will not comply.

          • “one interesting aspect of the film is the countries that didn’t take IMF money got screwed.”

            That’s the same reason we have all of the hate and discontent for much of the middle east.

            Resist the banksters and you will suffer the consequences, which is exactly why we should all support those countries that do resist the NWO, if for no other reason than on principle alone.

            • SPEAKING OF THE IMF… there is a great piece by (forgot spelling)– Chisskosky– any how, this professor who I very mcuh admire, he wrote article on Ukraine dabacle and sited the IMF– that’s what it is really all about– the IMF (in cahoots with U.S. gov’t) wants to rape another country! (Wish I could remember how to spell his name!) Great article!

              • Do you mean Michel Chossudovsky?

          • Obama was licking what??????

        • @JJ..yes, Obama was practically liking Chavez’s shoes when he went to visit. So was Oliver Stone. I saw a documentary that he did on the South American dictators. I can’t remember the name or I would like. Stone was nearly drooling over these idiots like Chavez and Christine Kirchner. But the interesting part was that the countries that didn’t take IMF money where the ones suffering economically. Yes, Obama would like us finger-printed, face-reconditioned, put in re-education camps and for those that manage to fly under the radar…killed. But to be fair, I can’t blame all of this on Obama…he’s just the puppet for the puppet masters. When he speaks, he makes no sense at all. I will not submit. I will not comply.

          • sorry for the double post. I didn’t see it go through so I posted again to be sure. My bad 🙁

        • New article by Chris Hedges, who has sued the Obummer administration over the NDAA bill… this is extremely important because if this thing goes through, according to Hedges, they WILL come after large groups of people they consider a threat to them. PLEASE READ!

          • Link please,,, found his site but not sure what your referring to,,,
            Good site though, people are asleep.

            • Brain fart, i figured it out sorry, thats what happens when you run a chainsaw all morning

            • Kula, just type in Chris Hedges. Its the very first link, I believe… don’t go to truthdig, just Chris Hedges. Its his latest article. Just saw it there today.

          • Good for Mr. Hedges. Somebody has to do it. What strange bed-fellows we keep these days, though. From Wikipedia:
            “He [Hedges] writes a weekly column on Mondays for Truthdig and authored what The New York Times described as “a call to arms” for the first issue of The Occupied Wall Street Journal, a newspaper associated with the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park, New York City. The author describes himself as a socialist.”

          • But isn’t just about everyone considered a thereat to the government? As soon as you remove threat #1, everybody else just moves up a notch.

        • Also, at– Russia angry as hell over latest Obama sanctions, which will cut them off like Iran was cut off– JP Morgan bank… next tit for tat is Russia dropping the economic bomb we’ve all been fearing.

          • There is no russian economic bomb. Thats a smoke screen, or being used as Fear tactics to get You to Buy stuff from those websites ads.

            Yesterday RT tv news had several Russian ambasadors or whatever they are called, as well as british and usa speakers. ALL agreed the REAL russian “bomb” is that if the EU nations in NATO try to go along with russian sanctions imposed by usa nato honchos?

            Then russia will STOP Natgas flowing to EU nations. Thats Over 35% total natgas they need/use. So zero EU states are going to do squat about sanctions against russia like usa desires. Actually that should read as “ZOG Controled usa desires for more Wars for Israel benifit”

            Those RT tv news experts showed a video to portray how entire EU will Keep relying on Russias Natgas supplies untill at Least, 2030 or Longer!

            Now as of Todays EU Natgas usage yearly, it would take Two Million Special designed huge ocean going delivery ships to supply a years worth EU Natgas needed.

            2 Million Ships full of NatGas for a one year supply…And just 400 such ships now today Exist! Its simply NOT remotely possible for 400 ships to deliver 2 Million ship loads natgas for the entire year to EU if they switched to usa natgas supplies. Plus so far usa has ZERO Natgas plants capable of filling such ships that need gas converted to Liqued for transport in ships!

            So all this Sanctions against Russia hoopla is just That, smoke and mirrors hoopla. Aint gonna happen period. Yes USA may do sanctions…but EU states cannot go along so what good is that?…

            They claimed Bin Laden got whacked a year ago to make Hobammy look swell…Look like a real kingly hero type. Besides Bin Laden was already Dead for 7-8 yrs prior, now the assholes need a NEW Boogyman enemy to geek up More WARS for Israel zios support!…hence…Putin and Russia now equal Cold War #2….What a fuckin royal Joke these fed dept clowns truely are when one simply “Thinks” on it all a few moments eh.

          • Anonymous: That would only work if played ‘fair’. We could turn around and tell the world that they have only so many hours to turn over their old T Bills and Bonds in exchange for the new ones. When Russia shows up will just tell them that they’ll just have to wait in the back of the line with the others who don’t play nice. By the time they get to trade them the turn-in period will be over and anyone left holding the old ones will have worthless paper. This has been done during wartime when script was issued instead of using cash for exchange purposes. And yes, this can also be done electronically with todays computers. It would be a case of us saying to Russia F*ck me, NO F*ck you’!! We would simply honor only those holding the new paper. The fact is that electronic makes this even easier for us to do and that makes this little proposal OUR economic nuclear option.

        • Do put some Crisco over the front of the loaded cylinders, to prevent simultaneous firing of the entire cylinder load. You’re not working with brass-cased ammo.

        • i find black powder to be a fun and useful hobby. i would love to buy an 1858 remington replica. (actually legal to carry in MD because it is not a ‘firearm’ per law). i also want to pick up a ruger old-army – the best and most well-engineered black powder pistol ever created. it uses the same frame as their 44 magnum and will even allow you to use conversion cylinders for full-power 44mag and +p+ 45 colt (buffalo bore makes a 45LC that is approximately equal to 44mag energy and velocity). unfortunately, my only BP right now is a rifle, but it is handy. i recommend T/C (thompson center arms) for BP rifles as i have used a few different models and they are all very well made and rugged enough to take on week-long backpack hunting trips.

        • Do not underestimate the power of a blackpowder pistol. It is equal to modern ammunition.
          Get the Lyman black powder handbook, it will be your bible on loading such weapons.
          Lastly, use wadding soaked in Wonder Lube to prevent chain firing-ie more than one cylinder firing. The best bullets for bp revolver use are Buffalo bullets.

        • JJsan
          The Pietta replicas are fairly nice, well made black powder pistols I own a few and shoot them regularly and cast my own projectiles for them.

          what Cal. did you buy? the 44, or the 36?

          just make sure you “seal” the powder some way, either buttered patch or capping off each load filling the end cavity of each round as to avoid a chain fire from one load to the next out of makes for a very exciting time if you dont

          read up on and watch the videos of how its done, a lot of good info out there.
          if done properly and with good projectiles ( not some flat sided junk) you will have decent accuracy and plenty of killing power for small to medium game

          also dont charge all 6 chambers unless you park the hammer between two cyl’s, or dont place all 6 primer caps on all loaded chambers , reason is if you drop the pistol on a charged cyl with a primer on it, the hammer could hit the primer with enough force to fire the round in that chamber

          also dont over do your powder load, you’ll just be wastin powder that wont burn or give you any more FPS or harder hit out at the target. you can play with that to find the sweet spot than stick with that load. ( amt. of powder)

          • It is a .44

        • Yes on ideas….They are fun, but be sure to clean them thoroughly after each use. Black powder is highly corrosive. Also, get black powder while you can. We’re just now getting access after a shortage (real or government-made, I don’t know.)of several years. Be aware your location can be easily tracked by the smell black powder emits which is strong. As with any ammo, get all your supplies while you can still find them. My favorite brand is GoEx but you may find something else. Have fun!

        • Leave me alone, I’ll worry about it when it happens.

        • HA…Michelle Obama will soon see an entire nation losing weight.

          I don’t worry about any of this…

          In the end…when things collapse..the liberals and socialist will be dethrowned.

          I’m just happy as it will be easier to get a date with a hot milf looking for a meal ticket.
          tee hee

        • OMGlob I agree 99% with this article Never buy preps with cards unless you have to. pay cash if ya can and ive many “value cards” that aren’t really me that I can use, beat the system at its own game. pay cash for refillable debit cards it confuses the hell out of the system they use to track you.

        • If you get a “food card” you should use it a little bit or they will want to know why you don’t eat anymore.

      2. Just remember, buying and stocking up when items are available to everyone is not hoarding, so a person should not feel any guilt when shortages do accure. Once thing are not available to the general public and you you grab all you can get then you are hoarding. So get what you can and may need now. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

        • Agreed

        • There’s also a difference between getting what you can to support your family, and grabbing everything you can to sell at a great profit to people who can barely afford to eat already…

          I find the latter to be despicable.

        • MT – Very correct ! Like my old Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”, not the same word as hoarding. I don’t care how much lib-twistin’ is done.

          Like a post earlier by JJsan, if what is in the article comes to be, put on the load gear , lock and load, safety, …watch the lanes. I just hope hope all of you have some friendly neighbors to help with as many “lanes” to cover the 360.

          Time to go sit out and listen to the toads tilt a cold one. Stars are BEAUTIFUL !

          Enjoy the peace!

      3. If you like your groceries , you can keep your groceries.

        Aint it cute how Maduro was able to launch a figerprint/card ID system , and it works perfectly on day one ?
        I doubt it will be more than two years before our food purchases are tracked and recorded for ACA information.
        Just wait till there is a crisis and watch the thugs come to confiscate under the guise of NDAA law.

        • And our healthcare program failed miserably?? I guess we can only hope that incompetance will save us….. LOL

          • Incompetence is certainly a factor. That and internal dissension al la Fort Hood.

        • @ Hammer…you reminded me of something. The grocery store card “reward cards” are already tracking us. Catherine Albrecht has done some really excellent research on this subject. She says that for now, we can use fake names to get the store benefits but as time goes on, we will be forced to use our real id and information as cash is obsolete. And…credit card companies already can track our purchases in real time now anyway…so…NSA already know what we buy when we use credit cards.

          • Not the Kroger card.
            I got one from behind the check out.
            No application. There is no way that company knows who uses that card when I use it.
            Gene discarded his and got one from behind the check out too.
            A rewards card with no tracking for now. 🙂

            • Exactly JJ,
              I have never been required to provide name, rank, serial number, address, phone #, etc,. to get a rewards card. I use them. More importantly I pay cash.

            • Better be paying with cash…

              It does not take much effort to tie that rewards card to the details from your credit/debit card.

          • I haven’t ever commented here but I frequent this site & wanted to add this:

            The major grocery store chain where I live requires your social security number in order to get their “rewards card”. All the stoopid sheeple line up to apply & it blows my mind. Point is, the days of using fake info are over already.

            • No problem here in Arizona. I have three fake cards already, including one I found for Fry’s in the parking lot. I am sure they wonder how that person eats soooo much, and the rewards at the pump are great too!

              When I was stocking up I shopped three times a day at three different chains using cash for a couple weeks. Always get another 5 gallon water jug every time I go to WalMart.

              One matches a fake internet ID. Ya gotta love it!!! 🙂

            • Say WHAAAT? I was gonna say how is that legal, but a waste of breath… How IGNORANT can one be!

              • @DollarstoDonuts

                Don’t try to figure out crazy people, because you can’t.

                BTW, look how many give his post a “thumbs up.”

                And people wonder why this country is circling the central banking drain.

            • give them any old 9 digits…screw them

          • Well lets see now! Rewards Card or Membership card, wonder why they sell me stuff cheaper if I have one, is it because my dollar is worth more than a nonmember or is it because they just happen to have all them plastic cards they want to get rid of. And they even let me use a bogus name, I guess they just want to know what kind of bread John Doe eats. Or maybe it’s like welfare, once you get use to having and using one, you’ll just be ready to accept one at anycost when every they decide to put out a new card and you have to show your real ID to get it. The bargains may even be better with the new card. Trekker Out. Are You Buying!

        • Hammerhead, all of our purchases, unless you’re using cash, are already being tracked and have been for years. We need to pay very close attention to Maduro’s efforts with this Gestapo crap to see how it turns out. don’t be surprised if they try to implement it here before the end of the year. Let any thugs come my place to “spread the wealth” of my supplies and I will “spread the buckshot” to them courtesy of Bertha.

          • Hi Braveheart:

            Just a heads up. Today on Faux News Shep Smith had a blurb about our paper money becoming obsolete. As so many of us know TPTB always test the waters by letting the MSM put the info out to begin brainwashing us to accept the new money changers system. We know this is coming, just a matter of when they think the sheep will accept the new screws they will be tightening us with.

            • Absolutely Granny. Another trial balloon like an “artistic rendering” contest of the dollar bill a few years ago. patriots must RESIST.

              Patriots must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Engage these bastards or be enslaved by them. By ballot if possible …… 🙂

              • durango kidd says:

                “patriots must RESIST.”

                You can’t be serious!

                Who are you trying to fool!!

                You fully endorse the establishments Central Bank, and it’s fraudulent “fractional reserve” scheme.

                You’ve admit it!!!

                “patriots must RESIST…” What a JOKE.

            • Good evening, Granny. I’m going to watch that situation in Venezuela very closely; it’s just too important to ignore. Eventually TPTB WILL try it here but I have no intention of taking any RFID chip. That’s why I say get everything you can in the meantime BEFORE they introduce ‘the mark of the beast’. I’m not taking the mark, period!

              • The old cashless society phrase rears it’s ugly head again.

                I agree P O’d Granny, they test the waters ever so often on a lot of things, just to see how much they can get away with.

                Any number of things may happen following a worldwide financial collapse. Food Warehouse shutdown and martial law would probably come first, and then the rationing programs. People gotta eat and that is priority one.

                I believe a single world currency would probably come into play before a total cashless one. it would be much easier to handout paper bills stamped NWO and get people to line up for them.
                To set up and implement the whole electronic cash system worldwide would take a good while.

                Possibly a 10 Nation (the ten toes seen by Daniel) monetary system with each having it’s own seperate name stamped on it. All having their own seperate exchange rate of what was present before the collapse.

                Who knows? God does, and He may never let it come to that. But if the Shit hasn’t hit the fan before this time next year, I’ll take my “Ammeros” in place of dollars, as long as they buy me petrol for my old truck and chainsaws. I’m too damned old and worn out to be using axes and crosscut saws to make firewood.

          • I guess you forgot “OPSEC” FUKSTIK , Brave !

        • Hammerhead: Digital money will track everything not just food. Another reason I LOVE the dollar. Those Franklin’s fold up neatly in my wallet.

          What’s in your wallet? Gold? Silver? Bit Coin? 🙂

          • a couple of condoms

            • lol change those out sometime, heat from your body breaks down the latex fyi

        • They will confiscate your twinkies.

      4. Off topic…

        EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push agenda

        They knew the health risks – cancer, etc., yet chose NOT to disclose them.

        The Daily Caller

        • There is a “hot spot” in the area. If you have “hot springs” then you have a lava plume heating the water underground.
          No matter where you live. 🙁

      5. Keep swipin your sams club and costco cards.
        The NSA needs more info so they can send the National Guard over to redistribute yer wealth.

        • That’s why you use your company cards for those things. 🙂

          Another way is to make real good friends with your local chefs and restaurant owners. They both buy lots of food on a regular basis, ya know? 😉

          • I am my company. 🙁

            • With Certifications, plaques and mini trophies to prove it 🙂

              • Yes, and professional licenses too. But even with all the documentation one must perform to be successful. You cannot rest on your laurels and expect it to come to you.

                You must make it happen.

                A wall is built brick by brick. A garden planted row by row. Consistency is the name of the game. Here a little, there a little. Everyday a little bit. Just like prepping.

                At the end of the “day” you can look back and see a long and winding staircase, with every step you took, a step forward: a step up. Many times it was one forward, two back. Backward steps are necessary if you missed something along the way and stepped around or over it. Every step an experience and a lesson learned.

                Victory is inevitable for those who refuse to quit. Life is plastic. It will yield to those who refuse to quit. Put your stamp on it BJ. One day at a time.

                How’s your target shooting coming? 🙂

                • Yes and I hate to repete a politician, but as Evert Dirksen once said, a Trillion here and a Trillion there and pretty soon your talking about real money. Trekker Out. Or Was It A Million!

                  • For years when I got a “rewards” card I always used a “common” fake name, my PO Box or a fake address and a phone number off of a pay phone…. When a store asked for a zip code I used to give them 90210… few ever caught on to that. In today’s society dis-inforamtion can be your ally.

                    You can also “Opt-out” out of every search engine on the internet by clicking on the small “privacy” button on hte bottom of the website and following the instructions. Make it harder for people to find or track you in an information society by putting bogus information about yourself in their systems…. and stay out of social media!!!

                    Welcome to Marxism zer0 style…..

                • oooooohhh! professional licenses too? Holy crap, now I am really impressed.

                  Shooting you ask? I am still doing terrible and have used all my ammo trying to figure it out. I am broke, and had to sale my guns just to pay bills… sucks. I wish I could be like you dk… really are my idol.

                  • In our economy, it IS hard for us to prepare, and really we can’t possibly know that what we’re spending money on, will save us. So, if you don’t have the means to prep, then at least use your spare time in a prosperous way: READ online, libraries and book stores … READ up on survival skills & techniques, and that will be like having “GOLD” in your pocket, because when you have SKILL, you can barter for what you need. When you read up on SKILLS, you can learn to hunt, fish, skin & prepare food in the wild, etc.

      6. The only way I can realistically see this happening in the U.S. is during a massive SHTF event. The sheeple won’t stand to have their bread messed with no matter the size of the circus put in front of them. To think that the government will actually be able to make this happen logistically speaking is laughable.
        It works in Venezuela because the stores are all government owned and the people are accustomed to this kind of tyranny. People still think they have freedom here because they can go to the store and buy whatever they want whenever they want so long as they have the money for it. And sometimes they still buy it on credit when they don’t have the money. Take this away, if they could, and the big top tent will come crashing down real quick.
        Just think about black Friday and the way people act. You think they will have enough soldiers, police and federal agents to contain that kind of madness when it’s everyone out looking for food and not discounted TV’s, not likely. And that is exactly what would happen the first time the system went down. And you know it would because they would most likely get the same idiots that built the website to build the monstrosity they would need to make this happen.

        • Poor Boy,
          Not only will they not have the manpower to quench nation-wide civil unrest, but neither will they have enough to go about confiscating food, back yard garden produce, and other valuables. I don’t put it past them to try it, though.

          They are not God almighty, but they’re not the Keystone Cops, either. They got into this business, a priori, because they LIKE to stick it to innocent schmucks like you and me. They will continue doing what they can to screw the citizenry, but it ain’t ever over ’til it’s over. Just try to “war-game” things, model using all the likely variables, and resist until the end. Faith, friends, and family all help a lot.

      7. this is starting to get interesting

        West Africa on high alert as ebola epidemic spreads in unusual pattern, Sauda Arabia cancels visas

        “Médecins Sans Frontières describes the epidemic as “unprecedented”. The medical charity’s project coordinator, Mariano Lugli, said: “We are facing an epidemic of a magnitude never before seen in terms of the distribution of cases in the country.”

      8. If you like your survival supplies, you can keep your survival supplies. [sarcasm in overdrive today] It burns me to no end that people cannot get the definitions for 2, ONLY 2 particular words straight. “HOARDING” IS SOMETHING DONE BY CORPORATIONS ON A PARTICULAR PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO RAISE THE PRICE ON SAID ITEM AND MAKE WINDFALL PROFITS FROM SAID ITEM. HOARDING IS NEVER DONE BY INDIVIDUALS. WHAT INDIVIDUALS DO IS CALLED “STOCKPILING” WHICH IS BUYING CERTAIN GOODS IN BULK, IN VOLUME, TO KEEP THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES ALIVE IN ADVERSE SITUATIONS, SUCH AS FOOD, WATER, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, ETC. STOCKPILING is what we preppers do, NOT HOARDING, DAMMIT! Sorry about the all caps in a huge percentage of my post. You don’t know how bad that word hoarding gets to me. I’ve always known they plan to try to force ‘the mark of the beast’ on us; only a question of when, and now it looks like it’s not too far away now. EVERYONE GET YOUR STORABLE FOODS, WATER, WATER PURIFICATIOON ITEMS, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, CAMPING EQUIPMENT, EXTRA CLOTHING, SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, BLANKETS, ETC. WHATEVER YOU NEED BUY THOSE ITEMS ASAP BEFORE THAT SYSTEM IS IMPLEMENTED HERE IN THE USA.

        • well said the renegade braveheart!

          Only a matter of time now.

          • unfortunately
            it is the government that will define what hoarding is

            and since peaceful protesters are now defined by our government
            as “low level terrorists”
            I’m not too optimistic about how they will define “hoarding”

            • Satori, I believe they’ll define hoarding the same way as Maduro has, but it still won’t make it legitimate. let them come to take my supplies under any pretext and I’ll give them a one-way ticket straight to hell.

            • Fuck the government,,,

              • Kulafarmer, I’m right there with you.

              • There’s no such thing as the government… just a bunch of no talent assclowns trying to spend YOUR money so they can run YOUR life

              • exactly K farmer
                fuck them and what they think they know, im not changing what i do, or who i buy from or how much of it..

                they want it? they will pay for it, one way or another!

              • 10,000 thumbs up+

            • Definition of hoarding: Something you have.

          • Socrates, yes, I’m afraid of what I may have to do when that time finally comes, but I’m not shying away from it.

            • Dudes. Live life as normal. We are Americans! I am not going to hide my purchases. I will purchase with credit card and online. I don’t care what they think. If a box of wheat is criminal, then so be it. The day they come for my goods will be the end days anyway. Good luck everyone. Hope better days are ahead?

              • Ugly,
                We ARE American citizens, and there is power in that realization. We are not “subjects” grovelling beneath a monarchy, or proletarian serfs licking Commie dictator boots. You’re right. Don’t let the bastards psych you out. Don’t let them rob you of your peace and equanimity.

                And should the worst happen, we are no better than the Apostle Paul, who said to the Centurion, “Is it lawful for you to scourge one that is a Roman, and not condemned?”.

                And: “…thou whited wall: for thou sittest to judge me according to the Law, and transgressing the Law, commandest thou me to be smitten?”

                • Both you and ugly are 100% spot on…

                  It is the ONLY attitude to have!

                  Thank you both for saying it… cause the more everyone sees it in writing and hears it spoken the sooner we’ll get on with the business of rebuilding this Country, our Country… and we WILL take it back!

                • Nimrod Hunter, welcome back, and I totally agree. Just remember, there’s no legitimate basis for anything the government does. we don’t owe them squat.

                  • Thanks, braveheart. You’re right; we don’t owe them. And they don’t “give” anything to us, either. But all that is lost on the left-wingers. When I was driving home from the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, I briefly tuned to a left-wing talk show, and a liberty-minded caller was arguing for lower taxes with the pinko host (nothing makes them madder than correction; I know from experience). The host shouted the guy down and then said, “Let me tell you how it goes! We pay taxes, and the government gives us freedom!” He went on, but I got temporary amnesia after that and almost ran into a telephone pole.

        • What is price gouging? I think it would be hard for government to track down all preppers for their stash. Neighbors might turn you in for “stockpiling” and then the local government might take your stash…

          • I guess we all need to stash our preps with the idea that if they are in one place in our home, we aren’t really prepped. Mine are gone, I had a party and they ate it all and took all my guns and ammo…

            • Sounds like one heck of a party!

              • We had the same party at my house but atleast they left me with a rusty wheel gun 38 that doesn’t like to open. Hey, it’s better than nothing. Those are are so considerate. I figure whatever I can do for the cause.

            • I went camping and when i came home everything was gone and my phone was cut off for not paying my bill so couldnt report it!

              • Sorry for your loss Kula, but having more than a weeks worth of food is just Silly, and for the ones that think the gov wants to control them, maybe should sign up for ACA and get some Counseling.

            • You’re lucky, VAFarmBoy. They ate my ammo and shot my food from guns.
              A fine bunch of barbarians I have for friends.

        • I agree with you 100%

        • …and the govt seems to have it exactly backwards… people “hoard”, but the govt “stockpiles”.

          • Sixpack, as far as I’m concerned, people like you and I are “stockpiling”. The govt. is “hoarding”.

            • Yes BH, that’s my point. But the govt says the exact opposite…but WE know the truth.

        • We all know what’s coming here in the US. You’d have to be blind and deaf or just plain in denial not to see it. But I think we can fight it. What can we do before they try to take our guns, our water, our land, our wood stoves, our food and our seed while taxing our air and sunlight?

          “Nothing personal here. Nothing to see. Move along. Class enemies are completely expendable – mere pests to be exterminated in a kinder, gentler, incremental, Fabian way if the sheeple cooperate. A more painless, humane gas if you please. This way to the relocation camps…. What’s next? Better to have ambushed them in the stairwell Solzhenitsyn-style?…. Don’t play their game…. Take the name, rank and serial number of every commissar that ventures into your area of operation. That’s right. Make lists. You know the drill…Flip the tables on them. They have their lists, we have our lists.” –New Ordnance “Friend Frogs and Commissars”

        • Renegade Braveheart,
          Tell us how you really feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          73 thumbs up if I could

        • Kinda scared me there for a minute CUZ, I thought that your Alter Ego was showing through, using all them CAPS thought it was Eisen.

          • NGIC, you never have to worry about THAT. I’ll be dead before that can happen.

      9. Fingerprinting, Registration & Food Rationing.

        A great idea, and one that should be implemented as soon as possible. Perhaps as an adjunct to bamacare.

        It could be implemented as good for the health and well being of citizens as well as the planet. It would tackle both the obesity epidemic in the US as well as the drain that they are putting on the rest of the world by consuming too much.

        No doubt, as they become monitored more closely, they will be much more careful, and limit what they consume.

        Let’s do it…..we need more collectivist supervision, and more government to tell us what to do….

          And then ban woodburners and diesel engines.
          Why not crowd everyone into more ecologically freindly “apartment” complexes while we are gettin all imperial.
          Hell , why not just de-populize the US , better yet.

          • “War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. “You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine”

            Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, showed solutions for reducing the world’s population to an audience on population contro

          • Some how the image of a GHILLE , rifle and large can comes to mind.
            Watch your lanes .

            Stealth , speed violence of action.

            It’s coming


            Semper Fi 8541

            • VARMINT RULES

        • Yeah, and we need to ask the government to put an orifice plate in our gullets so we can’t eat too much. We should also ask them to put noise generators in our ears if we are too smart, so that everybody will be equal. And they need to put ankle weights on the ballerinas so they dance like Jed Clampett; that way nobody will be embarrassed if he’s a spaz.

          OK; I kinda ripped that off from “Harrison Bergeron”.

          • USA USA USA………


          • I’m not obeying anyone who has bad intentions toward me.

            • …which tends to be most anyone besides myself… 🙂

        • You’ve got it. Now I need to take a dump.
          What’s Barry’s number, I need someone to help me.

          • 202-234-1414 whitehouse number

      10. Great Job on this artical Miss Daisy:
        You were right on on your list of 20 things to do.
        When the SFTF you had beeter be ready for it.

        That is not saying that you should not go and get in line like everyone else and get your relief supplies, because if you don’t they will figure out that you are a prepper and come and take your stash.

        The extra goods you might get just might be what is needed to help someone out. Plus it just might make you some new friends and we will need them after the SHTF.
        Please keep the information com’n. THANKS.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      11. Its almost sorta like this now at my local post commissary, they have these self checkout registers, that you have to scan your military ID card on before they open, so as far as I can see the machine actually has all your info from the bar code, knows who you are, has a list of what you buy, and most, likely keeps a running total somewhere that can show a full history in years, it doesn’t matter if you pay cash or credit or debit card.

        I admit I like the system, but this article has me thinking, I’m not sure if they scan the ID at a regular checkout, but most likely they do.

        • YEP , Just like sams and costco .
          You scan your “membership card” then pay .
          cash or credit , they got an inventory.

          • And being the helpful dufus that I am I take friends and family with me so they can bulk buy, which means my record shows I am a HUGE stockpiler!

            • HAHAHA , DOLLARS , I do the same thing to help out some members of the family.
              But i really dont care if they do track my purchases.
              It wont change the way i shop .
              Screw em .

      12. I have enough energy stored in my body that i could starve for about 6 months before i would get hungry.

      13. Hmm. Some people might say…..Prelude to the mark of the beast. Cannot buy or sell without it.

        • Watching and waiting, that’s why it’s essential to do all the buying and/or selling between now and whenever they introduce that evil shit.

          • Absolutely.

      14. Don’t worry. That could never happen here. We’re a ‘free country’ don’t you know?

      15. Today I vac packed 25 lbs of ground coffee, 500 tea bags, a few quarts of quick grits, and 150 chicken bouillon cubes into canning jars.

        Tomorrow I start to dehydrate 6 bags of frozen veggies to be vac packed when finished .

        Get a food saver!

        Barry is back at it in Syria with Turkey’s help, another place that Putin won’t let go of. I’m not taking side in the because in my opinion they are both Commie Rats. We are in a new Cold War, except this time it could go hot real quick!

        • Oh I also purchased 25 lbs. of dried pasta and sealed it into 5 gallon food buckets.

        • Even canned coffee won’t last for more than 6 months but instant will last forever.

          • Barn Cat

            Don’t believe it when they say coffee won’t keep. I have some that is 2 yrs old and it is fine. I keep it in the basement and keep it rotated. First in first out and buy only on sale.

            Country girl

          • The green coffee will last longer, but you have to roast it before using.
            I have a scheitload of caffeine pills in addition to the green coffee.
            We have Yaupon holly all over the place down here (Ilex vomitoria). It has more caffeine in it than coffee, and the tea made from the dried leaves tastes pretty good.

          • I have coffee 4 years old.

      16. How much longer before you will have to have the mark of the beast to buy your food? It is getting closer every day!

        • Not until after we have a one world government.

      17. I’m not worried, MOLON LABE Who wants some lead beans and rice. What’s mine is mine and you better be one mean SOB if you plan on taking it.

        • Another case of “workplace violence” . HA
          Or another damn muzzie…..

          • HAMMER: D.H.S. there is no leak to terrorism, Ya! right, just like the late one. I wonder if they shouted ali akbar this time?????

            • Anybody that hollers “allahu akbar” around me is getting a baton wrapped around his lips, at the very least. That is, if he don’t reach the detonator first and blow me to smithereens.

      18. Shoots fired at Ft Hood. Multiple injuries reported. My local station broke into the weather forecast to report this just now.

      19. Well, I tell you what: They may try to take my stored food but they wont have much of an appetite by time the get it;-) if you know what I mean

      20. Use the rewards cards, but sparingly.

        Be a tree in the forest.

      21. Animals fleeing Yellowstone supervolcano?

        “nearly one quarter of the northern elk herd at Yellowstone National Park are missing, according to the annual winter count.”

        “Biologists aren’t sure if there’s been a stunning decline in the herd or if other factors have skewed the tally,” he said. “Current Helium releases at 1000 times above normal. Complete media blackout.

        Herds of bison running for their lives on the public roadways and they were not being chased or rounded up, the bison were running down the mountain slopes onto roadways running right past a filming crew. They detect something vast and deadly. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the only thing there that would fit the bill.”

        • When the buffalo stop running, I guess that will be safe place.

          • Safe for the buffalo, not so safe for you…
            Those critters can get very ornery.

        • @ KY Mom. Supervolcanoes are so huge that it takes a lot to cause an eruption. A fair analogy is the difference between blowing a bicycle tire, a regualr volcano, and a monster truck tire, super volcano. It would take months before the thing would blow and there would be so much evidence of this that the government could never hide it. An earthquake ripping open the magma chamber is a different story and would lead to a rapid eruption. Without an earthquake or something like an asteroid hitting the supervolcano, it is not likely at all to erupt suddenly. We will have time and it will be obvious that it is imminent to blow.

          Animals are very likely leaving the park because of the microquakes disrupting their senses, or because of the foul smell. Animals are very sensitive to bad smells and many areas in the African Rift Valley region leave the areas without any volcanic eruption. The helium release would not make the animals leave, it does show a fissure is releasing this. It doesn’t mean that this opening is going to let magma through. If you ever have gone to some of these dams that hold back hundreds of feet of water, there are hairline cracks that let water seep through. This is leakage.

          Look for much more eaethquake activity and swarms of 4 and 5’s. Ground deformation that is visible in a satellite. Gasses that make the whole park poisonous to visit. Water table changes that are massive and affect wells all over the areas. Earthquakes outside of the park. In other words, it will be intense IF the Yellowstone caldera is ready for a major eruption. A smaller eruption would still show many visible signs not yet shown. The real concern is a big enough earthquake near to the volcano. You hear of a 6.6+, but especially something above 7 around Yellowstone, within 20-25 miles, then I would be alarmed. Until this, IF and when, Yellowstone is still below a yellow alert.

      22. I will no be registering for any govt. programs,nor will I give up food due to govt. demand.I will share with others but will be my choice,not govt.s

      23. I stocked up on sleep supplements. Something called “Rapid Sleep PM”. I take two of them before bedtime. It helps me get back to sleep after I wake up to go to the bathroom. I’m 55. I sleep better now than I did 10 years ago.

        • That’s melatonin, Barn Cat. I take it, too, but it’s a different brand. As long as it has 3 mg melatonin in it, it’ll work.

        • Jack Daniels for helping me sleep. Thanks Mom for rubbing my gums with it when I was teething…..Love ya!

      24. At the local Food Lion, if you don’t have a card, the clerk will pull out one to use, or another customer will loan you theirs. Also, I have a card with someone else’s name. So Food Lion doesn’t know squat about what I buy. They don’t even know what I buy with the card I use, because I loan it to anyone in line who needs to use it. Some days I’m white, some days I’m Mexican. Take that, stupid database.

        • The name on my old supermarket card was Robert Plant,girl at counter didn’t bat an eyelid when signed with that name,was then realized I was getting old!They did away with it as folks getting pissed,they once when I had full cart would not give me discounts or use their card/another customers,told folks behind me to get in another line,srry,then argued it out with management and said fine,have fun restocking,never shopped there again.

      25. 21. Keep a 5 or 10 gallon gas container in your vehicle with fuel that gets rotated in case you need to leave. And a jump-start charger, the Stanley 500 AMP also has a USB port and a pivoting emergency LED light.

        Be careful who you associate and barter with, don’t barter if there’s a major breakdown of society. In fact, don’t even be found. Adapt, improvise, and make do with what you have if need be.Trade only with the most trusted people in your group, if there’s some semblance of order, or in a community of likeminded people. This isn’t like the first Depression where people were civilized and willing to help each other. Today many people are cold, dishonorable, dishonest, drugged up, entitled, self centered, two-faced, or are violent psychopaths and sociopaths who will kill over a few cents or just for fun. Give them food, they might come back for more or tell others. Give them weapons or ammo, they could use them to kill you. Give them gold or silver, they might kill you and keep their stuff and your gold. Give them smokes, they might kill you to feed their addiction and take the rest. Remember American Blackout? The loser snot faced teenager compromised OPSEC and then secretly gave away food (not picking up that AK earlier to help with the night watch, I might add) and the guy returned with an armed posse. I know most people in the preparedness community are good people, but don’t put yourself at risk. Even some children and women can be trojan horses.

        If they can’t find it, they can’t take it. But as a safe measure against food theft or confiscation, leave some decoy food out. If you want to make sure they don’t return, lace the decoy food with something odorless and tasteless, but be careful you or someone else doesn’t eat it by mistake.

      26. The truth is, Venezuela is right now going through what will happen here in corporate US in the next 2 or 3 years.

        When the slide down the backside of Hubbert’s hydrocarbon curve hits with full force, ALL commodities will be rationed. Your F-350 4 door pickup will end up stranded at the end of the driveway for lack of fuel.

        We have squandered all the easy to get carbon based fuels by driving 2 ton hunks of steel around in circles from gas station to gas station. All the cheap “energy slaves” tied up in hydrocarbons have been wasted on monuments to the corporate state and roads that lead to nowhere for the “god” of infinite growth.

        There will be billions of unfunded liabilities liquidated in the next couple of decades through famine and war. Like the author says, better get crackin’ and learn how to grow your own food and get your house in order.

        I hear the sound of horses at a full gallop and they’re headin this way.

        • Damit, I have an F350 crewcab longbed dually!

        • I think an H2 weighs about 3 tons, doesn’t it?

      27. If Yellowstone blows up. I don’t a think alot of us will have to worry about alot of things! Hows that? Kinda sucks don’t it? I’d be riding a Buffalo outta town if I were all those people.

        • Having a buffalo burger for lunch, does that count?
          There will probably be some bacon involved as well.

      28. This article is my Bible that I live by, and as far as a footprint 95% of what I do is cash or I dont need it, checks for bills. As for the sheeple going though life with blinders on and cant see the leaves turning over on the trees, their gona be in trouble cause the storm is coming. Good Luck…

      29. Turkey Trap:

        This one has been seen to work well. String a trot-line up in an area
        frequented by Turkey. Put corn on all the hooks and lay it on the ground
        kind of mixed in with the leaves. When the Turkey eats the corn he will be
        caught on the hook. Sometimes you get more than one. Not pretty, but it seems to work good and the bottom line here is FOOD for your Family.

        (String up several Trot-lines, as the more traps you have working for you
        the better your chances are of getting food.)


      30. I believe the era of survival of the fittest is over. Pure brute strength and
        savagery will no longer determine who holds the power in this world. It’s not the strongest warrior that will survive; it will be the wisest warrior that will survive. The warrior that gains wisdom and clarity and is able to integrate that wisdom into everyday life will be the one that succeeds and survives.


        • RR do you by chance paddle?

        • until that “wisest” warrior nukes the population. leaving survival of the fittest.

      31. Gear review time: Biolite camp stove. Anyone else have one? I’ve used mine maybe 20 times now. The stove is a stainless steel cylinder with three folding legs. You just take twigs andput a few in, light, add more fuel and bigger sticks, works well.
        The fun starts with the orange battery pack, it plugs into the side and has a small, solid, vented copper pipe that penetrates the stove to the center of the furnace. The flames heat the copper thus charging the battery pack. Very shortly after starting there will be enough power to engage the fan on low, creating larger flames. A few minutes later, the fan is switched to high making a gas like vortex flame easily twice as high as the stove itself (~9″).
        There is a USB port on the side of the pack. Plug something in and charge it. My phone charges about 1% every 2-3 minutes. It wont charge an ipad mini but will maintain enough juice to operate what seemed indefinately. Provides plenty of heat for cooking and I purchased the matching kettle which also seconds as a storage for the entire unit. It will boil 3/5 of a gal in 5 min.
        They also make a grill adapter for it but haven’t bought yet. It’s on the list. Provided plenty of fun for a few families on new years. And lots of conversation and questions always from people. I think it set me back 85$ for the combo. The grill is another 50. Highly recommended. Throw in a solar joos charger and your good for anything USB at all times. The joos by the way comes with a great set of different adapters, cords, etc…

        • Now that is a cool little stove,,
          I gotta get one of those,

      32. Tent Sealer:

        Thompson’s Water Sealer. Set tent up outdoors and sponge on, or dip entire tent into bucket filled with sealer then wring out and set tent up to dry.
        This really works well. Zippers should be treated with a little Vaseline to prevent sticking. This method beats the heck out of anything sporting goods dealers have suggested.


        • RR,
          This works better than the old silicone on the seams?
          My Kifaru paratarp shipped with a tube of GE silicone to seal the seam , it seemed like a messy thing to do figured I would wait before doing it , if worse came to worse ( unexpected bug out) I have a BCUSA multi cam tarp to put over it . I will have to look into use water seal any problems using it on silnylon ?

          The kifaru paratarp is my cold weather shelter with a para stove. ( once you use a heated tent you will never go back)

          Warm weather shelter Henessey survivor ( Multicam ) deluxe hammock with hex fly , python tree straps )
          Can set up and take down in 2 min. Folds up in snake skins , light weight stores in GHILLE suit roll

          Get home bag has a snugpack jungle hammock and shelter tarp. ( goes with me every day to work)

          Thanks for the tip .

          Semper Fi 8541


        1. Go to your local supermarket and buy the following items:
        A. 1 pound of paraffin wax from the canning supplies section.
        B. 2 or 3 large boxes of Diamond brand strike-anywhere matches.
        (Make DAMN sure you get the strike-anywhere kind!!)
        C. A couple of containers of waxed dental floss.

        2. When you’ve got it all home, set the paraffin aside for a while.
        You don’t need it during the first part of making a batch of firebugs.

        3. Gather groups of ten or twelve strike-anywhere matches together with
        the heads all facing one way and lash them together with the dental
        floss. Be generous with the floss and wrap at least an inch or so
        on each bundle of matches. Leave a few inches of floss on each bundle
        to hold it by when you dip it in the paraffin.

        4. After you’ve made as many of these as you want or need, find an old
        saucepan that is deep enough for the matches to stand up in without
        getting above the rim of the pan.

        5. Take a block or two of paraffin and put them in the saucepan and put
        the pan on your stove on VERY LOW HEAT. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! IF YOU

        6. After the paraffin melts, take each match bundle and dip it in the wax
        rear end first, taking care not to immerse the heads of the matches,
        and leave each one in the wax for a couple of minutes so the paraffin
        soaks into them well.

        7. After you finish all of them, dip them all again in the same way, but
        this time just dip each bundle and pull it out again and wait for the
        wax to harden. Keep dipping each bundle until it is well coated. The
        object of this second series of dipping is to waterproof each bundle,
        and provide more wax to burn at the same time.

        8. The last step is to dip the head end of each bundle several times
        to coat it thoroughly with wax to waterproof it. When you have finished
        this, you can cut the excess dental floss off of each bundle.
        You now have a bunch of the finest homemade fire starters I know of at
        less than a tenth of what a package of store bought fire starters costs,
        and you can make two or three dozen of them for less than 5 bucks!

        Simply get your firewood together and make a fire lay. Then find a good big rock with one relatively flat side and rub the head end of a firebug against it until the paraffin wears off and the matches ignite. Shove it under your tinder and you should have a decent fire going in five or ten minutes.


        • Or, just waterproof your strike anywhere matches by dipping them in paraffin and cut up an old inner tube into 2″ square blocks. Rubber stinks a bit but will ignite when wet, and does not go out in a breeze.

          Reduces the risk of your strike anywhere match lumps striking on something in your pack they were not meant to rub on.

          Old pig hunters trick from NZ.

        • cattail plumes and melted wax work vey well and are very cheap eat the tubers lol


        To oversupply your body with water if you know you will be
        without for a while and you don’t have any container. Drink till
        you need to piss, then piss and then drink again till you need to
        piss. Piss and then have one more glass of water, you are now
        fully loaded.

        • There is a condition where you can over hydrate with water.

          Funny never happens with beer.

          • Likely because at that point you’re on your back grinning at the stars.

        • also when its cold out, never hold a bladder full, it takes body heat to keep that piss warm..body heat is energy and warmth for you

          pee a lot when its cold, keep your bladder empty

      35. Don,t let them lie to ya. That picture of that food line is in the outside greater L.A. area. Right?#?@?!

      36. Wondering about the story on Yahoo news about all the animals leaving Yellowstone, videos of buffalo, shortages of other animals, helium output 1000 greater than average and even states that the main stream media on hush about it? can anyone enlighten me further? thanks, holding the fort in the mountians

        • NCprepp, never saw the article about the animals leaving the Park, but we have had more snow this winter than usual and many of the animals leave every year, that’s why they have the elk refuge near Jackson. And the buffs often go on to private ranches into Mont. Most Mountain ranges in Wy. have 150 to 200% of average snow pack as we speak. And many of our big spring Mountain snowfalls come in Apr. and May. Yellowstone probably has 12 foot of snow on the ground, so not alot of animals have started to return for the summer. Can you imagine, Jackson ski resort said they had over 400 inches of snow this winter. Trekker Out.

      37. I can see something like this happening. I can also see obummer and his TelePrompTer explaining to the public that the food shortage is due to preppers and to turn in any family, friends or neighbors you “suspect” of prepping / hoarding. He will get the sheeple to try to make us the enemy and incite the sheeple to deal with us before he has to use his precious US govt armed Muslim brotherhood goons or UN forces.

        Just bring it already bitch “obummer”. You know u want to.

      38. @BI
        Check out the title on an article over at Daily Sheeple, government scientists assure us that the seismic and volcanic activity on the ring of fire is all un related,
        I am no Volcanologist, nor Geologist nor seizmologist but i know damn well that these faults and certain volcanoes and such are ALL related in one way or another, goes back to the basic principal that says for every action there is an equal and inverse reaction,,,
        We need more ethical scientists rather than these mockingbird boobs working for the government.

      39. BI; Another 7.8 in Chile! I guess their not done yet?Seems like the last one was downgraded to an 8.0 maybe this one will be too? Thats got to be terrifying for the Chileans!!

      40. @BI, did you have a chance to read my thoughts on the Mars opposition?

        God Bless,

      41. a 7.8 now being reported in Chile

        no details on damage

        thats one hell of an aftershock !

        • Doesn’t sound like an aftershock to me Satori.

      42. Rule #1..Don’t ever take the mark
        Rule #2..Have enough food and water to see you through until you MUST evacuate….and I think most WILL…if for no other reason then to find others to clan with
        Rule#3…Do not give your trust easily…or you could be easily betrayed….in many ways
        Rule#4…Learn much while you are able…your life may depend upon knowing how to snare a rabbit…among other things…
        Rule#5…If you are a person of Faith, try to actually allow GOD to guide you…it really does have results…and if you have no Faith, have faith in yourself, and perhaps you will then understand that the Faith you have in yourself is connected to something larger than yourself…
        Rule#6…NEVER TAKE THE MARK
        Rule#7…Make your own list of “rules”….for we are all individuals who have free will and we all know what works best for us…
        I really wish that I actually KNEW some of you…that you could know that I would be of assistance if ever you were near me and in need of anything…more than a year ago, I thought there could be a way to establish “an underground railroad” of sorts in order to aid those attempting to relocate to family/friends if the need arose….I have yet to realize how this could be arranged…but I am still ruminating on the possibilities…
        Be Well, Be Happy, Be Ready
        and have Sisu….

        • FOB,
          Some day FREEFORE fighters might need the support of an auxillary to resupply for the kinetic festivities keep that in mind. When the time comes there will be an organized American resistance element with the appropriate communication and rat lines.
          What has happened before will happen again.
          We are all Simon Hayha ,
          In the coming challenge sisu rules ,
          Valkoinen kuolema


          Semper Fi 8541

      43. I think and hope. It will all come crashing down on the Venezuelans.

        Sadly, many of those who aren’t into freebies are going to suffer. The rest get what they deserve.

        IMHO, from a numbers game. Productivity will never be enough under a government controlled system. The wrong people get put in charge. And the workers aren’t motivated enough to be productive enough.

      44. Question? Always more questions than answers.(1)After 3rd attempt finally got garden producing as I’ve stated in earlier post. Nice feeling. I still don’t know what makes heirloom seeds better. I’ve bought starter plants from the local collage. Seeds that just list the plant, but nothing about “heirloom”. (2)what does S.T.S.F.P.N.R.S.N.REB stand for? (3)Police , ect catch more drug dealers by noticing off the grid income and living (ya just have to trust me on that one. How is shopping off the grid going to guarentee anything. It’s a good idea, but no absolutes. (4) Will O boo boo save us?

        • Mike I wouldnt say heirloom seed is better,but has been passed down for Generations with out change to it, if you want to be able to save seed, in my opinion is the best. Hybird seed has better traits bread into it from the best plants which is a Process over years, I’ve been doing for years with unpollinated corn, there is better Production with Hybird seed in most case’s . GMO is a forced Hybird in like one year with bug,worm,weed Resistance,and roundup ready. It is a Production plant not much will kill it..I dont Recommend it. Garden seed is usually not GMO, you need to be License to plant it. Buying seed from some seed Co. you are Supporting Monsanto seed Co. The Devil…

          • Brought to you by the same company that brought us agent orange. What a disgrace our government is.

            PISSED OFF IN MA

        • Mike,

          1. Heirloom seeds will reproduce the same plant year after year. Hybrid seeds will change the plant after a few years of replanting.

          2. Security through superior fire power, no retreat, no surrender. Northern Rebel.

          3. If TPTB don’t know that you have it, they will be much less likely to come and take it.

          4. No.


          Stig’s cousin

          • Stig cousin, I just want to Clear up to Mark what your saying..A heirloom will Produce the same plant yr after yr, as long as you dont plant Different type of the same plant by it..Example heirloom Rutgers tomato in one row and beside it in the next row plant heirloom beefsteak tomato now it will not be heirloom seed anymore, its gona be a hybird seed do to Pollinating. Now if this was something you want to do on Purpose, the seed will change yr after yr, but not for the bad because the seed has the same Traits Breed into it. Now if you take your best seed from your best plants, and Continue to do that for a few year you will have a strong Strain..Now take the seed from your best plant and only plant that it will not change. You will have your own heirloom for life.

            • Same reason not to plant any terminator seeds alongside or nearby heirloom seeds…they mix and your heirloom offspring can potentially become sterile.

          • Agree with the above

            for 1) I would add that heirloom seeds are only worth the extra money if you plan to learn about seed saving. If you are going to buy seeds and plant and not try collect seeds then don’t waste your money.

            • course 101: learn to raise starts to produce a crop.
              course 201: learn to produce your own starts
              course 301: learn to collect your own seeds
              cource 401: learn to produce consistent produce every year from your own seeds (hint: only possible with heirloom seeds)

              • Thank you for all your replies. Jr. College has adult night school on home farming. Took a 8 week course on weilding and was fantastic. Best instructors as they teach adults, not some teenage attitude case.I’m going to sign up. Looked at catalog they have first aid and other courses worth a case of chili.

      45. Daisy,

        Great article!

        >>”Some people may read this and think to themselves, “Why on earth do I care about what happens in Venezuela?”

        You’d better care, because this is our future.”<<

        That pretty much nails it on the head Daisy. Americans seem to be going through life asking "what could possibly go wrong or how bad could it be?"

        I like to keep in mind the fact that if the assets being held by the Federal Reserve lose 10% of their value the Fed will be totally wiped out and so will every global banking system linked to the Fed and Bank of International Settlements. It's coming folks. The same folks who bravely and accurately warned us about 2008 are warning us yet again.

      46. This 7.6 or 7.8 was ONLY about 11 miles from Iquique, Chile. These people are in catastrophe shape and this could be hundreds dead from something this close. I don’t know how well their construction is. You can expect a 7 pointer as an aftershock to an 8.2.

        The Nazca plate affects the Pacific, North American, Cocos, South American, and the Caribbean plate. These suckers are liars or too stupid to dress themselves. Last month I warned everyone about the compression that was occurring when those two out of the blue earthquakes occurred in the south Atlantic. I don’t see these f’wads making any predictions that come true like this. end of story for any creditablity from these narrow minded wastes that should be throwing fecal material at each other. They might get better answers to this.

        I will try to watch for new precursor earthquakes. The new quake on the Owens Fracture zone points to the Philippines, New Guinea again, the Azores, Alaska, and northern California and the Cascadia fault. More precursor earthquakes are necessary for homing in on it.

        @ Norse Prepper. I have not seen anything on Mars, but from what I have seen the only two influences on the geology of the planet seem to come from the Moon and the Sun. I would think that Venus would have more bearing on any pull or push on the planet because of its larger size and density than Mars even when Mars is at the pergee to the Earth, closest point. Mars is 15% the size of the Earth, and Venus is 86% the size in volume. The mass is 81% for Venus of the Earth, and 10% of mars to the Earth. The density is 95% of the Earth for Venus, and 71% for Mars. Actually Venus gets 24 million miles from the Earth at closest approach and Mars gets 34 million miles. You might want to plug in Venus as a small influence on the Earth’s tectonics. I have found even Jupiter has no real difference with earthquakes fro example.

        • @ Norse Prepper. I really think you should look up the perigeee on Venus, or I will when I get the chance, and see if there is any connection to higher earthquake activity. I think 24 million miles is a little too far to have much difference, but it could. The Moon is only about 1/4 of a million miles away and has much bearing on the tides and the plates. The Sun is on the average 93 million miles away but it massive and has some gravity influence on the Earth, but still ONLY 40% of the Moon. I like your non conforming thinking out of the box on this.

          • Venus’s last close encounter with Earth happened on December 31, 2013. I looked at the 15 days prior and afterwards and did not see much correlation. I’m sure you are correct that the mass/distance probably ensures that there is not much effect on our planet from other celestial planetary bodies.

            Back to the drawing board.

            Thanks for the info/help BI!
            God Bless,

        • new Madrid is gonna groan about this in 6 months myt b wrong but,meh

      47. Hmmmmm… I just find this interesting, probably nothing.

        China’s top grain trader to buy Noble Group’s agricultural unit

        SINGAPORE, April 2 (Xinhua) — China’s largest grain trader COFCO Corporation will pay 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to acquire a 51-percent stake in the agricultural unit of Singapore-listed supply chain manager Noble Group, Noble said on Wednesday.
        The deal will lead to a joint venture that will link COFCO’s grain processing and distribution business with the agricultural unit of Noble Group.
        Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, Noble Group is one of the world’s largest traders in agricultural, minerals and energy products. In 2013, it was ranked the 76th among the Forbes 500 companies.
        Noble said that the deal will significantly improve its credit profile and that it is also consistent with its “asset-light strategy to partner with industry-leading players in each of its platforms to build world-class businesses and leverage the use of its capital base.”
        COFCO is expected to benefit from the supply chain capabilities of Noble Group in agricultural product markets.
        The deal came after another major deal by COFCO to buy a 51- percent stake in Netherlands-based Nidera, a leading trader of grains and soybeans among other agricultural commodities.

        • Good find.

      48. There are some strange mistakes going on with the seismic stations. First you get a 7.8 earthquake aftershcok that is 6 miles deep. Then you get a 7.6 earthquake that is 24 miles deep. The shake maps no way add up to even a 7.6 earthquake. The shake maps show ONLY an 8 out of a possible 12. Mid 7 pointers this close, even at 24 miles deep almost always have a 10 out of a 12. Never seen only an 8 at this distance. Something is not right with the earthquake recording devices.

        Had another precursor earthquake on the SW Indian Ridge. This point always leads to a major earthquake within 15 days. This is pointing mostly to the south Pacific region, but includes Japan and the Kuril Islands, and the Cocos plate. This last 7 point WHATEVER earthquake reset everything. From this earthquake in the Indian Ocean should be set from this date on for the next major earthquake(s). Look especially still at Alaska and the Pacific Northwest as adanger area. California has not had any precursor earthquake activity on the outer plates in awhile, BUT the energy is still focused here and remains semi hot. I would still look for a high 6 to high 7 on the Australian plate, especially around New Guinea to the Loyalty Islands. More precursor earthquakes should narrow down it down a bit.

      49. I had a bad dream to this one night.

        Things were crazy. Getting on base was almost impossible. Going to the commisary was the part that was nightmarish. Lots of people were lined up in front. MPs and SPs were everywhere and had the front doors cordoned off with a single point of entry. You showed your military ID and went in as one person came out. You got a basket and started your shopping. When I was done.. I went up to the cash register to drop my goods on the conveyer belt, there were two more MPs standing there at the conveyer belt. As I put my groceries on, the MPs would sort through and pull anything that was doubles off and put them into another cart. Some items that were similar, they would pull all but one item off. I asked them what the hell did they think they were doing. “You’re not authorized those items and you have too many” was the reply. When I done, I had a third of what I put in the basket. Bagged up and ready to go home, MPs escorted me out to the car and stood there as I put my grocery’s away and got into the car.

        I dread everytime I go now. I don’t want it to come to life. Sooo… Stock up and stock deep.

      50. TPTB are using the mark of the beast in Venezuela. This is what happens when you have a dictator as prez. This also what happens when government gets too big. Those poor bastards down there have been rioting for months now and now they are taking away the food. Hungry people won’t fight. On the other hand a good mother or father will kill for food for their children.
        Venezuela will in the very near future go into civil war. (Just watch).

        • Hey, we have a dick-tator as prez..

          soon what you see in V -uela you will see here

      51. Hey Bi I was just wondering since I never heard you talk about it or just wasn’t around. The system that you use to predict earthquakes is it something you designed.

      52. Speaking of the ‘Mark of the beast’… Look what the Saudis are doing now. The ‘one world government’ ruled by the evil one inches ever closer…even in the U.S.

        Saudi Arabia: New Terrorism Regulations Assault Rights

        Campaign to Silence Peaceful Activists

        Saudi authorities have never tolerated criticism of their policies, but these recent laws and regulations turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism. These regulations dash any hope that King Abdullah intends to open a space for peaceful dissent or independent groups.

        Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director

        (Beirut) – Saudi Arabia’s new terrorism law and a series of related royal decrees create a legal framework that appears to criminalize virtually all dissident thought or expression as terrorism. The sweeping provisions in the measures, all issued since January 2014, threaten to close down altogether Saudi Arabia’s already extremely restricted space for free expression.

        “Saudi authorities have never tolerated criticism of their policies, but these recent laws and regulations turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “These regulations dash any hope that King Abdullah intends to open a space for peaceful dissent or independent groups.”

        The new regulations come amid a campaign to silence independent activists and peaceful dissidents through intimidation, investigations, arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment. On March 9, the prominent human rights activists Abdullah al-Hamid and Mohammed al-Qahtani completed their first year in prison, serving 11 and 10-year sentences, respectively, for criticizing the government’s human rights abuses and for membership in an unlicensed political and civil rights organization.

        Two other human rights activists, Waleed Abu al-Khair and Mikhlif al-Shammari, recently lost appeals and will probably begin their three-month and five-year respective sentences soon for criticizing Saudi authorities.

        On January 31, Saudi authorities promulgated the Penal Law for Crimes of Terrorism and its Financing (the “terrorism law”). The law has serious flaws, including vague and overly broad provisions that allow authorities to criminalize free expression, and the creation of excessive police powers without judicial oversight. The law cites violence as an essential element only in reference to attacks carried out against Saudis outside the kingdom or onboard Saudi transportation carriers. Inside the kingdom, “terrorism” can be non-violent – consisting of “any act” intended to, among other things, “insult the reputation of the state,” “harm public order,” or “shake the security of society,” which the law fails to clearly define.

        On February 3, two days after the terrorism law came into force, King Abdullah issued Royal Decree 44, which criminalizes “participating in hostilities outside the kingdom” with prison sentences of between three and 20 years. On March 7, the Interior Ministry issued further regulations designating an initial list of groups the government considers terrorist organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthi group in Yemen, along with “Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Da`ish [the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, or ISIS], Jabhat al-Nusra, and Hezbollah inside the kingdom.”

        The interior ministry regulations include other sweeping provisions that authorities can use to criminalize virtually any expression or association critical of the government and its understanding of Islam. These “terrorism” provisions include the following:
        • Article 1: “Calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.”
        •Article 2: “Anyone who throws away their loyalty to the country’s rulers, or who swears allegiance to any party, organization, current [of thought], group, or individual inside or outside [the kingdom].”
        •Article 4: “Anyone who aids [“terrorist”] organizations, groups, currents [of thought], associations, or parties, or demonstrates affiliation with them, or sympathy with them, or promotes them, or holds meetings under their umbrella, either inside or outside the kingdom; this includes participation in audio, written, or visual media; social media in its audio, written, or visual forms; internet websites; or circulating their contents in any form, or using slogans of these groups and currents [of thought], or any symbols which point to support or sympathy with them.”
        •Article 6: “Contact or correspondence with any groups, currents [of thought], or individuals hostile to the kingdom.”
        •Article 8: “Seeking to shake the social fabric or national cohesion, or calling, participating, promoting, or inciting sit-ins, protests, meetings, or group statements in any form, or anyone who harms the unity or stability of the kingdom by any means.”
        •Article 9: “Attending conferences, seminars, or meetings inside or outside [the kingdom] targeting the security of society, or sowing discord in society.”
        •Article 11: “Inciting or making countries, committees, or international organizations antagonistic to the kingdom.”

        These broad provisions contain language that prosecutors and judges are already using to prosecute and convict independent activists and peaceful dissidents, Human Rights Watch said.

        Al-Qahtani and al-Hamid’s convictions included charges such as “breaking allegiance with the ruler,” “slandering the religiosity and integrity of the Supreme Council of Religious Scholars,” “sowing discord,” and “attempting to shake the internal security of the country by calling for demonstrations.” The new terrorism regulations classify several of these charges as acts of terrorism.

        • yes
          our “friends” the Saudi’s

          what a foul and disgusting country

          I’ll be glad when their oil runs out
          it is the ONLY thing of value that comes from that land

        • I find it interestin how our government kisses the saudis asses while criticizing other countries for human rights violations that are mild in comparison to the saudis rule.

          Question everything and everyone associated with our government, things are not right in DC and even in most local and state level governments,
          For the most part the good of the people is not what drives these elected boobs

          • Kula, your giving boobs a bad name.

        • Ya we kinda expect cavemen to act like cavemen but the question is whats our excuse…

        • Be sure to watch carefully the parts where families line up for water, food, and supplies–

        • ikr

      53. And if you don’t have any fingers, you don’t eat. Toes don’t count.

      54. this is some VERY interesting reading

        Threatened pandemics and laboratory escapes: Self-fulfilling prophecies

        “Human H1N1 virus reappeared in 1977, in the Soviet Union and China. Virologists, using serologic and early genetic tests soon began to suggest the cause of the reappearance was a laboratory escape of a 1949-1950 virus, and as genomic techniques advanced, it became clear that this was true. By 2010, researchers published it as fact: “The most famous case of a released laboratory strain is the re-emergent H1N1 influenza-A virus which was first observed in China in May of 1977 and in Russia shortly thereafter.” The virus may have escaped from a lab attempting to prepare an attenuated H1N1 vaccine in response to the US swine flu pandemic alert.”

        these labs are real secure !

      55. Just like my ex. when she placed me in a food rationing program. “I paid for everything” , “I collected little” .

        About Venezuela: Why people don’t bitch about their gas prices? “they are an astronomical .05 cents a lither or about .20 cents a gallon in U. S. A. money.?

        La envidia del mundo.
        Envy them.

      56. Hmm – how’s this:
        I won’t register, but I will hang out in front of the grocery store. When I see one of the PTB coming out with his shopping cart, I beat the crap out of him and take his stuff…

      57. I have one major beef with what he is saying. You must plant a survival garden. This is not 1948. There a lot of LAZY people out in the Kountry. You would think that someone who had land would grow a small garden. Not so much. Quite a few meth head drug addict prisoner trash out in the Kountry these days. If the SHTF, and you have a regular garden that is productive, it will be gone in a matter of hours. Imagine the hours of labor, sweating, tilling, weeding, planting, watering, etc. that would go to waste. A regular looking garden also makes you a target pre-SHTF. It tells people you may be prepared. You will have to make a survival garden. Please spread this info. Do not make yourself a target. Start thinking like the enemy, e.g. red cell planning. Watch the video below for ideas:

      58. KEEP IN MIND, THE WASH.ING.TON. CRONIES HAVE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME! They just about have everything ready-and those of you who STILL LAUGH AND CAJOLE about preppers–enjoy your LOL’s while you still can! Yes, farms will have to be “registered.” Many farmers – including farms for family use only, are becoming under g.0.v. pressure, and can be arrested for selling or giving ANY animal products to neighbors, esp if it’s raw milk, etc. These laws were set long ago in “AGENDA 21” and very slowly implemented up until NOW, when things are happening quickly. Now the Agenda is being implemented under the “CLOWARD PIVENS STRATEGY.” And those of you who aren’t AWAKE, or are JUST NOW WAKING UP — it’s very LATE in the game. Hurry.

      59. We’re foolish if we don’t see that BHO’s & his people are trying to do this very thing in America.

      60. And lets not forget the pets.

        Buy a meat grinder. There will be plenty of incompetent bureaucrats and ill-trained officials to keep them more than full!

      61. Anyone thinking this is paranoia or propaganda needs to look at what the fed did during WW II. Started as rationing of simple things, like sugar, with ration books and stamps (modern correlate is an ID card) that “helped” people feel like they were doing their part.

        But within months the government expanded its “needs” to include just about everything else. Americans were going hungry, some going to Mexico for meat!

        They took whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and imprisoned people who had the good sense to prepare ahead; they were labeled as hoarders and sentenced to heavy fines and jail time.

        It’s a small step to see this happening today. Take a look at:
        Unfortunately it’s only the 1% who magically avoid these thefts, and more insidiously, have the top level perspective to not fall to media propaganda and manipulation.

        Great article!! Thank you to Daisy and SHTFPlan!!

      62. Let’s not forget that security is priority one!

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