VAPORIZED: The Moment An Islamic Extremist Filming A Propaganda Video Is Wiped Out By An Artillery Shell

by | Nov 28, 2015 | Headline News | 209 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    The Islamic State loves to share propaganda videos of beheadings and mass murders of innocent victims, including children and those whose only crime against Islam is that they are Christians.

    Thus, it is with great pleasure and a smile that we share the following short video clip from the Syrian border in which an Al-Queda affiliated Islamist rebel filming his latest propaganda video is vaporized by a mortar shell.

    Standing in front of a makeshift bunker, the man is speaking about his pride over capturing the town of Tal Sukayk. “Thank God, it turned out to be easier than we thought despite the fact that this position was very important,” he says just a blink of an eye before an artillery shell crashes down on his position – and we mean directly on HIS position.

    After the impact screams of pain can be heard, presumably from the fighter in the video and his cameraman.

    Slow motion version:

    It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of Jihadis.

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        • Does he get the 72 virginas now!

          • Yeah, 72 virgin goats. Muslims and goat’s asses are inseparable. It’s what they do.

          • He gets 72 Catholic nuns with shotguns . Virgins nonetheless

        • They always sell their Oil for US-Dollars; supporting the Petrodollar-System.
          That’s why.

        • The only good muslim is a dead one, in hell with their baby raping prophet.

        • They likes to milk the goats, even the male goats!

          • I didn’t see anything in the video that upset me on bit, except that there was only the two of them standing there at the time…


            • Sixpack, ROFLMAO! AWESOME video! Best video on the muslim virus I’ve ever seen.

            • LMFAO !!!! You just made my day !!!!!

        • France is keeping Green Party activists under house arrest during the global warming conference…wont touch Muslims…as it imports 30000 more refugees even after the attacks.

          Switzerland continues to amaze with common sense.

        • 81% of Arab Muslims support ISIS. Who did that study? AL-JAZEERA. I love hearing fucking old people argue with pathos instead of logos.

        • 13% of Syrian refugees fleeing from ISIS have a positive view of ISIS. LET THEM DIE. These people are all fucking nutbags in the first place.

          • Good vid, truth.

            The reason most people will not touch this, is fear. Americans, in particular, are fearful of speaking the truth.

            To speak the truth will now get you ostracized, demonized, etc. People believe if they just look the other way, all the bad things will disappear.

            For the left, and theier owners, islam is a weapon they can channel against those they hate. The mass infiltration of islam into Western Civilization was planned long ago, back in the 1930’s.

            We are about to reap what those who the WW2 generation trusted, have sown.

        • On Drudge
          From Western Journalism

          Obama Threatens states that do not accept Syrian Refugees.


        • That mortar/artillery shell ‘splosion gives a whole new meaning to ‘vaporub’. Ha. Applying generously, thoroughly rubbing in, may help fix the problem!

      1. ISIS- you are a bunch of gutless punks. Please come to my country so I can kill you and bury your body in pig shit.
        BTW: I already fucked all your virgins in your heaven. It was great.

        • stop arming ISIS then. Merican

        • SE Penn,
          well i see Obutthead is trying to send 250,000 of them to the Navajo res. that maybe interesting, I don’t know IF the government is shoving it down there throats OR are offering LOTS of MONEY to the tribe to take them. BUT either way, the land is so open there will be lots of area for the scum to train on, and LOTS of room for us to pick them off!!!

      2. Must have been russia, we would never do that.

        • Mac, that is hilarious, thanks 🙂

          • Genius, if someone would do that to the mofos who broke into my home, I’ll take out for steaks.

            • Sweeeeeet !!! 🙂

                • Trump is a clown and no, voting does not matter. Hitlery will be the next P.O.S. POTUS. She will ride in on her broom. I still am amazed that people think there’s a difference between the Red and Blue team.

                  p.s. That video was epic. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard what sounded like a cow mooing in the background.

                  • Right… might as well be the difference between the bloods and the crips, all through out the day and at the end they’re all a bunch of self serving gangsters destroying everything that is good and right.

                    Pillaging and plundering with a smile.

                  • Trump is different which is why the establishment NWO RINO’S are desperate to block him. The alternative is more of the same, with the NWO American Empire under the control of the New World Order will lead US into WW III.

                    In the first four years Trump will rollback illegal immigration, Obola Care, and a host of EO’s. In eight years he will have succeeded in Americanizing America again much to the chagrin of the rest of the world.

                    At that point the Vision of George Washington will manifest. And that is a GOOD THING !!! 🙂

                    • Sure, Trump is different because he’s a clown. The rest are criminals that should be behind bars. Trump is the republican version of Obama. Look how well that worked out. We’re now left with NO hope and nothing but change in our pockets.

                    • If nothing else Trump will preserve the Second Amendment. Reason enough to vote for him, before the liberals disarm US. 🙁

                    • In the first four years Trump will rollback illegal immigration, Obola Care, and a host of EO’s. In eight years he will have succeeded in Americanizing America again much to the chagrin of the rest of the world.


                      That was fucking PRICELESS!

                      I laughed so hard I fell back in my chair and hit my head on the floor. But I’m ok now. 🙂

                • Any idiot that thinks voting counts one way or the other, is living in a dream world. Good luck with your WWE puppet show moron. Since, if you vote, you HAVE NO REASON TO COMPLAIN.

                  • Enjoy life under Hillary, since you’re too gutless to vote, you give up your right to complain. We’re sicx of hearing people who don’t engage in the civil process scream and moan about how it doesn’t work and they get to piss and moan about it forever.

                    Cry us a river about sheeple and whatever delusional excuses you’ve dreamed up how the deck is so stacked against you that you’ve given up. Cowards quit, whiners whine, and infants scream about how unfair it all is.

                    Grow up and get a pair, you gutless wonders.

                    • ht tp://

                      Remove the space.

                    • Smokey, WHOA THERE! The last time I checked, there’s no law or anything else that says you have to be a registered voter in order to speak your mind. When was the last time you saw anyone from any party who really deserved your vote? And what kind of results did you get after standing in a long line for who-knows-how long just so you could cast your ballot? It’s interesting that I’ve heard both Dems and Repubs say over the years, ‘If you DON’T vote, you can’t complain.’ That’s what SHEEPLE from both parties always say. WE’VE ALWAYS HAD THE RIGHT KIND OF SYSTEM BUT THE WRONG KIND OF PEOPLE IN IT. all I’ve ever seen is things get worse and worse. go ahead and waste your time voting in the same POS you always have. We just don’t want to hear YOU complain when the people you consider YOUR HEROES don’t come through for you. YOU’RE the one who is deluded. go back to Faux News.

                    • Enjoy life under Hillary, since you’re too gutless to vote, you give up your right to complain. We’re sicx of hearing people who don’t engage in the civil process scream and moan about how it doesn’t work and they get to piss and moan about it forever.

                      The fact that we have seen Clinton voted in twice along with Bush and Obama should tell anyone with half a brain, the political process is rigged. It has gotten so bad that the primaries have become a version of American Idol. If people haven’t figured out voting doesn’t matter in this absolute clown show then nothing will convince you otherwise. The best quote I have seen says: Don’t vote, it only encourages the bastards”.

                    • Smokey

                      I have been voting for over forty years and this go round I don’t care if I vote or not. Why because I am sick of complaining. The country is fucked up. Needs a major overhaul in politics. Is there a person on the republican side you have full faith in without bringing the country to war, On the democratic side is there one that will not surrender the country to the NWO.
                      Me? I am inching toward Hillary for a quick takedown.
                      Push all the armchair generals off their chairs. Make life so unbearable that they have to do something. Lots of gum bumping. I want action and if that is the way to get it. So be it.

                    • Hey smokey, does this handkerchief smell like chloroform? 😛

                    • I have voted in every election since I was of legal age. I will vote in the coming election. But I increasingly believe that indeed voting doesn’t matter. I believe the elections are rigged. Its all done electronically now. Anything electronic can be hacked. The illusion of voting is still allowed to give the uninformed the feeling that we still live in a free society. My beliefs will be confirmed if Hilary is elected president, at least for myself. Every website I visit in the comments section people despise Hillary. One out of thirty may say something positive about her even on left leaning sites. I seriously doubt she could ever take a election here in the states without the use of voter fraud. To many people understand that she is a criminal and simply a extension of the Obama administration who was simply a extension of the Bush administration and so forth. The red and blue are the same team people, the quicker you realize that the better chance this country has. I honestly don’t think anything will change in this country until we experience a violent revolution, we are to far gone. Even if Trump gets in I doubt it will change.

                    • EVERYTHING that’s important in our country is bought and paid for by monied interests…why would ANYONE believe in elections any more is beyond me….drug companies own politicians…monsanto owns politicians…bankers own pol…awww, the hell with this …y’all got yer minds made up already, no point in pointing this out to the terminally nieve.

                  • JR, welcome back, and damn right about voting being useless.

                    • good one, braveheart!(previous post)

                • Your vote for the presidency of the United States absolutely DOES NOT MATTER. Source: U.S. Constitution.

                • Of course Trump is just another fascist boot licking shit stain Republican, as all Republican and Democratic disgusting filth truly are. It is going to be so awesome to see all the Republican and Democrat treasonous, murderous, criminal shit stains rounded up and arrested after the final collapse of fascist America. I do like how the shit stain Trump pisses off the other fascist shit stain Republicans, and I especially like how he pisses off the totalitarian fascist monsters in the mainstream media, and the politically correct crowd of coward pussy Zombie trash. OF COURSE VOTING “DOES NOT MATTER” in Corporatist controlled fascist vile evil collapsing America, and if you do vote again in the collapsing fascist shithole of America, then you are just nothing more than brain dead dumbed down fascist boot licking gutter swine trash. Wait until after the collapse and coming revolution, and then you might be able to vote in an election that matters, but until then voting only shows your true INSANITY, IGNORANCE, and COMPLETE DELUSION OF WHO CONTROLS THE ELECTIONS WITH THEIR BILLIONS OF FAKE MONEY in the disgusting vile evil shithole of Corporatist Fascist Police State America.

                • Two years ago, while the dollar haters here were praising China and its coming gold back Yuan (LMAO!!!), I warned that there were systemic problems in the Chinese economy and that, when China fell into recession, the social unrest could be considerable.


                  It will be much worse than two million unemployed, and at that point, China will have to initiate a war with its neighbors to increase base metals demand, put people back to work, and invigorate its economy; which is caught, betwix and between ….

                  By the DESIGN of the FED. Its will get ugly. 🙁

            • Pwsssssssst.
              Hey Bwave, do yah wanna bwuy a gun or two?
              Specil price for verwy stooped fwends… You likey Bwave? yes?
              I have many guns for yoo to bwuy.

              • H I it was Me, NO, NOT F#$%IN INTERESTED, TROLL!

            • Correction: I meant to say I will take that person out for a steak dinner. Typing too fast again.

              • Katy and whoever else is interested here is a deal of chem/virus suits. Good prices and handy to have.


                If you can’t afford a good gas mask another alternative is to get a good respirator from a hardware store. Get the best filters they have (the type that stop gasses and fumes). Don’t forget a pair of sealed goggles. Chemical protective gloves are at most hardware stores too for a good price.

                • Here’s an idea for an ambitious person. Make a new line of jihad jo dolls lol. Complete with accessories (russian migs, bomms, suicide vests, etc.) Get some of your fed notes back from them! I bet they would sell like hotcakes ha ha ha. Shoot them with bottle rockets or firecrackers or a .22 lol 🙂 A perfect accessory for your kids sandbox! Maybe put one in your cat’s litterbox! I think I’m on to something 🙂

                  • And in honor of the Russian MIGs- there will be a vacuum tube tester, after all we need to keep those state of the art fighters in good flying condition….

                  • Genius, ROFLMAO! I think you’re onto something, too. Your moniker fits you just right, no joke.

                  • ❤ We’ll be anxiously awaiting the prototype…

                    • Sixpack, it sounds like an idea for a Christmas present for acid.

                    • Braveheart1776, at least he wouldn’t have to say “I GOT A ROCK…AGAIN”.

                  • Yeah! Fill’em with Tannerite and shoot them muthas! lol

                    • equitorial, BEST IDEA YET! lol

              • Yes Bwave.
                Qwee shall meet when you are happy once again.

                I shill give yoo special pwice my fwend.

                • Troll, just stay away, period.

            • Brave,
              was very sorry to hear about the break-in, does it appear random, or do you think you were targeted? because IN lots of cases the thieves come back later for a second HIT, and that is fact soooo maybe you can get your just rewards after all! happened to my sisters house they even took the wall pictures and the phoones and to this day there was NEVER been any of the stuff ( and there was lots of it) turned up, cops say it went in a sea cargo container and went to a foriegn country.

              • Apache54, thanks for that. I’m not sure if it was random or if I was targeted. Even if I was targeted, the POS left behind all of my long guns so they know I still have means of self-defense. Some other people have speculated the f345ers might come back. If they’re stupid enough to come back, they’ll get some 00 buckshot for their efforts. This incident has only made me more hardline and more determined than ever to protect me and mine. It makes my belief in self-defense stronger than ever. I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to stop the POS. I don’t care about any “rules of engagement”.

              • Apache54, thanks for that. It’s possible I could have been targeted but I can’t prove that. The incident has definitely reinforced my belief in self-defense and makes me more determined than ever not to submit to evildoers. IF they’re stupid enough to come back they’ll be ‘ventilated’. They didn’t take any of my rifles or shotguns and I now have them secured in a new long gun safe. They ruined my other safe to the point I had to throw it away. It still remains to be seen how this all turns out, but I’m not holding my breath on anything.

                • How did they even break in? One would assume from all of your posts that your place would be well fortified…wow guess not.

          • Acid, I just finished the article and have to agree he shouldn’t be put thru any PC BS. The muzzie in the article who said for him to keep his views to himself can go f#$% himself. The sandniggers don’t have any business telling us what to do in our own country. They need to go back to their sandboxes.

          • Switzerland is also under attack, as the forces of Islam try to flood the alpine wonderland with their hordes. But, they are fighting back with democracy. This has resulted in stopping the building of mosques and now the banning of medieval dress such as the burqa.

            I have heard all the arguments but nobody has sensibly made the case as to why somewhere as beautiful as Switzerland should become a Muslim refugee dumping ground and how that would improve the arc of humanity in the short, medium or long-term. It just seems to me that the US and its Wahhabi funders are wrecking good countries by flooding in crap from bad countries.

            There are two reasons as to why Muslims are being displaced from their countries: 1) the oil wars, 2) fanatical Islam and its death cult. Why aren’t people talking about this on mainstream media and telling politicians to stop it?

        • Genius

          That was the Biggest Bottle Rocket he ever heard.

          • sling, that was the LAST bottle rocket he ever heard lol.
            That reminds me of a tip! Bottle rockets and saturn missle batteries and smoke bomms are great distractions for an escape/evade scenario. This low tech cheap ploy may save your ass! Use a cigarette or add a fuse for time delay. Fireworks have a lot of good uses and are sold at many reservation stores around here. Use model rocket electric ignitors with a tripwire and 9 volt battery or momentary contact switch. The possibilities are endless 🙂

            • Genius

              When I was about eleven or twelve years old. You could buy the real cherry bombs and silver salutes. Roman candles, rockets, mortars and other stuff that took to the skies. Lucky the bunch of us did not blow ourselves up. Still remember a few tricks to do the job.

              • hmm my post was deleted. Slingshot check out this website if you still want some fun like the old days 😉

                s k y l i g h t e r dot com

                • Genius
                  Got it in Favorites. Thanks.

                • Genius, great site, thanks. Was at the desert this weekend and lit off a bunch of 2″ mortars. Good times… goooooood times.

                  FYI, when you want to put up a link to a site but don’t want it to get moderated but still want to make it easy for the reader to get to (provided the reader uses Firefox, don’t know if this works in Internet Exploder or Chrome), just leave out the

                  h t t p : / /

                  and put the rest of it. Then the reader can select the ‘link’ and drag it into a new tab. Bada boom, bada bing!



                  • Billy, I did that and it didn’t work. I get that same thing with certain ummm links?

              • slingshot

                We must be the same age. The WMD of the neighborhood was the coveted M-80 in 1970. As a kid I loved that stuff but it scares me now. The Real McCoy M-80s of old were potentially lethal. Most certainly they would remove a hand.

                • Kevin2

                  A couple of High School guys would ride to Carolina and pick up all sorts of stuff to resell. The neighborhood was comprised of all ages. Older kids watching the smaller guys. They would constantly warn us of the dangers. A few demonstrations of the Cherry Bomb or M-80 and you knew not to hold the damn thing. Had a good group. We use to say it was a quarter stick of dynamite. Those Days are gone.

                  • Gators are going to get an ass whipping by FSU and then run into the Alabama Buzz Saw.

                  • slingshot

                    Corn farmers had the real deal 1/4 sticks back then. They were used to scare crows and blackbirds (blackbirds were our, “sporting clays”). They looked like an oversized M-80.

                    As you age you reflect on the chances you took when, “young and dumb”. I drove a car up to 140 MPH in 1977. It was a 1967 Shelby GT 500 with a 3.00 or 3.25 gears and a 460 PI engine. I shutter when I think about that today.

                    • Sling and Kevin2, you bring back memories for me. The M-80 was my favorite among fireworks. Sounded like a shotgun when it was set off. Cherry bombs were also fun.

                    • K2 when you are going 140 in a street car, one thinks ‘gto’ God takes over.
                      We would take small aspirin bottles, fill and tape up.
                      Takes stumps out…

                      Yall behave…

                    • How many acronyms does all here know?

                      Ex. Ford – first on race day.
                      Delta- don’t even leave the airport.

                      Be well all.

                    • FORD= found on reservation dump… fukkin owners really dumb… fukked over rebuilt dodge…. Actually I have a ford and love it lol.

                    • New ones for me.

                      Lite- look i’m trashed everone.

                      Corona – cuz onery rednecks only need alcohol always.

                      Pontiac – Poor ole nword thinks it’s a Cadillac…

                      Eppe – exceptional person pondering everthing.

                      Take your moniker and make one up…

                      Just for fun, beat yourself up, I just did…

                      It’s all in fun everyone…

                    • GENIUS= German engineered non infidel unveiling sanity 🙂

                    • oops noncompliant not non lol.

                    • G, good one, I am .25 German too, many generations back.

                      Budweiser- because u deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly…

                      Thanks, Mac…

                    • Should Life Inflict Nefarious Governments Shoot Heavy On Target.


                • As I recall, an M80 was equivalent to 1/4 stick of dynamite? M100 was 1/3?

                  • Sixpack, that’s right. They were powerful enough to kill someone if they didn’t know exactly what they were doing. I could picture the morons of today blowing their hands or something else off with the M-80s of old. If they lived to talk about it, then they would want to blame someone else for their own stupidity and sue them over it.

                    • My grandfather used to buy dynamite at the hardware store for blasting stumps.

                    • Most of these idiots today could kill themselves with a glass of water…

      3. Happy Thanksgiving Bitches

      4. The only thing better than this is when they blow themselves up.

      5. That was funny!!
        Do it again!

        • yea do it again

          kinda gives me the warm fuzzies all over

      6. What a feel good video! Awesome work by the videographer especially at the end!

      7. I think his shirt says “fox news”.


      8. “speaking about his pride over capturing the town of Tal Sukayk”

        He forgot to take the artillery position a few miles away.

        Obviously he was registered quite accurately as it was no doubt a first round strike. Add the two up, the first strike on target and video and it tends to point to that his GPS location was found because he was uploading as he was filming.

        Whoever fired that shell had access to technology.

        • ❤❤

          I guess not all technology is bad…

      9. Listen closely and you can hear the shot fired before the impact.

        • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh I listened to it closely sling.

          Over & over afriggingain.


          Fuck these Islamic pricks.

        • Slingshot, if that had been a troll in the video, I’d save it to my computer.

          • Braveheart1776

            You can watch it over and over again. He begins to get low. Not fast enough. Wonder what he was thinking in those last couple of seconds.

            • “Wonder what he was thinking in those last couple of seconds.”

              Hope the virgins are good looking?

      10. slingshot

        Thanks. My hearing is not too great, too much work noise. Can’t hear, “honey can you please take out the trash”, at all.

        Ok I stand corrected and that Islamic SOB is dumber than dirt for failing to secure an area in mortar range. I’m ruling out fixed artillery.

      11. Ahhh… the smell of gunpowder in the morning! sniff sniff…was that bacon grease on the shell?

        • Allah must have his hands full lately lol.

        • Allah must have his hands full lately lol.

      12. Upon further inspection. I believe the cloth in lower right of the film is his shirt (Tan) he was wearing and the brown leather appearing material with it, is his skin.

      13. “great pleasure and a smile”

        Violence begets violence. There is no joy in that.


          • Yessiree.

            That’s the top ‘n’ bottom of it.

            It’s a slow, long, drawn out battle without any thanks for what your doing but well worth the outcome that’s achieved.



          • Acid, what would you do if you faced a home invasion? Sometimes people get forced into violence in self-defense of their home and loved ones.

            • Did you even read what I wrote senile old man? I forgive you. I know you had to eat the shit sandwich a few days ago…

              • Acid, it’s OK. I just let your insults slide these days. And thanks for the concern. I’m just hoping none of those guns get used in any crime. The f#$%ers will stupid enough to leave behind my long guns so I still have means of protection. If they’re stupid enough to come back, I’ll send them straight to hell. You’ve been on a roll lately with some damn good posts and I mean that. Keep those damn good posts coming.

          • Really? I recall some psychopathic rants pertaining especially to women.

          • Acid, violence can be a cleansing thing. Grow a pair.

            • Did you two even read what I wrote?

              • You dumb fuckers just don’t get on down with the Acid Etch.

                Drop your mediocre tabs and get with the main man.

      14. Funny! The only good muzzie….. you know the rest…

        • Hey Wrong

          How about that moderation — EH!

      15. THAT, was simply an outstanding bit of video! Cheered my heart, yes indeed. Loved the impromptu screaming in pain at the end too. Excellent mortar spot!

      16. I think Obama is using this video to press for more gun control……

        • ❤❤❤

      17. 72 more virgins used up. He blowed up real good.

        • I never had 72 women in my whole lifetime.

          • Brave, he can only look. They blew his winkie up.

        • Why the hell do they want virgins? They make a hell of a mess! 😛

          • Had a virgin back when I was young and it made my bed look like a murder scene lol.

            • They also just lay there, inexperienced, kinda boring, whining that it hurts. Hell, granny’s are more fun, especially ones with no teeth.

              • Have we met, Nobama?????


                • OMG that’s the second funniest thing I’ve read all day!

            • Genius, a virgin will make any bed look like a murder scene.

      18. Allahu Akbar! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      19. Well, according to the Quran he now is in paradise. Hope it was worth it…

      20. If we could collect enough of these types of videos, could have a weekly TV series.

        I could sit in front of the TV with popcorn for an hour watching POS muslim die, or just scream in pain.

      21. FUCKIN’ LOVE IT.



      22. Like the old saying “If your going to be dumb, you have to be tuff”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hee, Heee.

      23. Those suns of bitches ain’t seen nothing yet. Anyone entering the Katy, Texas dressed like that babling. that crap will have a bad day. At least the rag head had a quick pain less death..i guess he is busy now banging away in Allah heaven..good job Russia, you ended his bullsh…t rant.



        Jihadist dumb phuck..totally laughable.

        • Nice one HCKS.

          Totally laughable they are… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


          NO SURENDER.

      24. They should use that video as a terrorist jihad recruiting tool!
        Sounded like the videographer was crying for mommy, lol.

      25. Smile and wait for the FLASH!!!

        This is too good.

      26. phucking ragheads! they got wat they deserve. Burn in hell you raghead!

      27. I am laughing my ass off.
        You didn’t tell me this was a comedy short film.

        The payoff of this film is the camera man moaning in pain as he lays dying face down in the dirt.

        Please post more of these videos.
        They brighten my day.

      28. In other news – an American made F16 shot down a russian fighter / bomber this week. and then an american made shoulder fired rocket blew up the helicopter that was attempting a rescue…

      29. That was the best thing I have seen in years. I think I will get a beer and watch that over and over.

      30. He looks so much better in the ‘After’ picture. Real improvement.

        I recommend this for all Muslims.

      31. I love these happy little vignettes, don’t you?

        Should get an Oscar for Best Short Subject, I think.

      32. Say goodnight you muslim cocksucker.

      33. Russia has begun to use the Grad rocket system. This is a highly effective total elimination system that deploys rapid volleys of rockets into a targeted area, leaving nothing alive after. It was developed by the Soviets for a reason: the Russians learned the hard way that in war there is only one option: victory. The Russians suffered the most in WWII at the hands of the Germans. From this experience, they learned you do not mess around in war: your choice is to either be defeated and lose millions, or you completely vaporize the enemy and save lives.

        The Russians have developed their weapons systems and tactics accordingly. This is why it was a huge mistake for both radical Islam and Turkey to provoke Russia. The payback is going to be really bitch.

      34. Do you honestly trust THIS government with that power?

        All of a sudden they are legitimate in this hit ?

        When all they have done is lie to you all of your life


      35. So our enemy blew up our enemies enemy ?
        You trust this governments actions ? Or anything they tell us?
        I must be missing something

      36. Those were not screams of pain…he was having sex with seventy virgins…I love artillery!

        • everyone went away a winner that time haha

      37. Neocons are killing this country, not liberals. What was this man’s crime against the US? 9/11? He was a child. And now men his age have lost wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles. Again, what was his crime?

        We invade another country… Bomb the hell out them… Destroy their homes… Kill and maim innocent women and children… The people who live there begin to defend themselves… And we call THEM ‘Terrorists’??? God would (and will) call our US military murderers. What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12

        • @ Diane D: He’s one less left alive to immigrate to America. Crime or no crime, he is Muslim, he is dead, and that makes me very, very happy.

          • Taxdn2poverty, so murder solves everything. Thank you for making my point.

        • You stupid cunt,

          Any other people but Muslims and I would agree. But Islam’s purpose is to make war with civilization until everyone on Earth turns to Islam. Do you get that?

          Watch “why we are afraid a 1400 year secret.”

        • It doesn’t matter which political party is in office. The liberal/progressives and neo-con establishment progressives are on the same team. Their agendas are pretty much the same with the exception of a few minor differences, but the total overall goals to that agenda is world wide fascism AKA globalism.

          Both sides of the isle, the military-industrial complex, and the council on foreign relations/banksters want us engaged in a constant state of perpetual war against those nations. All the beheading videos and attacks that you see on the main stream news is propaganda to drive fear, hate and angar towards those people to drive support from the American people for the constant war games. The constant wars are draining the USA of it’s financial stability while they are bankrupting us they are making the USA vulnerable and weak and setting it up for a prime takeover. Problem- Reaction- Solution and order out of chaos. Their goal is to loot the USA of it’s financial well being and bankrupt us by keeping us in that constant state of war and constant turmoil while the private federal reserve bank is constantly printing fraudulent money with nothing to back it and loaning that money and charging We The People the interest. These practices are bankrupting our country and it is being done intentionally.

          The goals of the people who are running our government are to topple other nations and replace the leaders of those nations with their own stooges. This is exactly what the current pervert in the White House along with his globalist minions are doing over in Syria trying to topple assad and using isis to do it.

          It doesn’t matter weather it is the klinton’s, the bush’s or the obama’s. our foreign policy is guided by the council of foreign relations and the international banksters. many of the past presidential administrations and their cabinets have been stacked with CFR members hence the same agenda. ISIS is a US funded and supported proxy army.

          Get educated and stop being divided by shithead politicians and the main stream news and join together with your fellow American neighbors against the NWO.

          Thanks and god bless.

      38. With Planned Parenthood now to have been shown for exactly want it is, a money making factory (selling baby parts). Now that the truth has come out and one is shot up, no rocket science needed here, nothing more than FALSE FLAG to CYA, (change opinion), and the brain dead people will eat this crap up. This also goes to what lengths the elites will go, none of we useless eaters are not expendable no one.

        Just prepare; for judgement approaches.

      39. Barack Hussein is planning to send 250,000 Muslim refugees to the Navajo reservations of AZ and ND. Moronic!!
        Roy Hobbus
        WINDOW ROCK, Az. – The U.S. Department of State announced today that it will grant upwards of two-hundred and fifty thousand Syrian refugees temporary amnesty in the United States. Over the next four months, State Department officials working in conjunction with FEMA will begin processing and transporting the refugees to sparsely populated parts of Arizona and North Dakota.
        “Due to the increasingly dire humanitarian situation in the Middle East, the United States has agreed to facilitate the transfer of a number of Syrian refugees to the Navajo and Standing Rock reservations where they will be provided with food, shelter, and medical treatment,” Cathy Pieper, a spokesperson for the Department of State, said Friday.
        Pieper said the tribal leadership of the Navajo and Standing Rock territories respectively, will hold sole responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the refugees. “Due in part to shared experiences, we believe Syrian refugees will find it relatively easy to assimilate themselves into the native culture,” Pieper said.


        • ATLS.

          They will be fucking the Buffalo soon enough.

          • Sling, LOL. Good one. The climate in AZ is just like what they left but they’ll freeze their asses off in ND.

        • Bogus story, it’s not happening.

          • Smokey. Brave doesn’t care if it’s true or not. As long as he can rant about it. Doesn’t matter that the story is obvious bullshit

      40. the screams of pain is sweet. That was a good hit on their position they won’t be coming after anyone now just go in with pistol and finish job. Fuckin great. This is inspiring video. If this could be done to corporations we’d be good.

      41. The average jihadist is a pussy. They are only bad because the poeel in Syria did not have guns.

        Take away his AK, his knife, and all he has is the rags on his back..the average 18 white boy from the Katy area or East Texas would woop the living crap out of that allah worshiping ass clown..or if that rag head has a run in with me is as dead as phuck.. they always yell allah akbar before they cut your head off or shoot you. If a jihadist comes up to me in public, looks at me with his AK, and says Allah, before he even finished his rant, I catch his right arm and snap it, it now broken by the elbow. Then his ribs are next, then I break a leg, then I break his neck. As for you Muslim trolls coming on here taking sh…t to me, you only have a mouth because you haven’t met me in person yet. What and embarrassing situation it would be to get your ass kicked in a public place in front of women. Totally laughable..

        Si Lat is one horrific martial art..its designed not for self defense, it designed to kill, it’s not taught in karate schools because if the. parents ever saw what we practice it would be concerning. Si Lat is human rights abuse..i have to admit that the best martial arts is still a gun. When the UN sends in the jihadist fighters and they have been flying them in by the hundreds of thousands..since the United nations is a Muslim organization, he’ll bent on transforming the entire world under Islam- which means in Arabic ‘to submit’, which I sure as hell, will not be submitting to, then those terrorist fighters will pay a heavy price in the streets of America. This is where they die. People in my cart are still arming up and buying holds of ammo by the sh…t loads. They are in it for the long hall..



        The best martial arts is still a gun..

      42. You mean the Islamic Extremist CREATED and FUNDED by the criminal psychopathic Corporatist controlled fascist evil vile US Government, the same criminal government funded and supported by the brain dead fascist boot licking chemically altered coward pussy Zombie trash flag wavers of America, is that the “Islamic Extremist” this article refers too????

      43. LOL ! I got WOOD seeing this HA HA on you SHIT BAG.


        • Anyone bother to look at the video presented by Ms. Jackson?

          Or are we too busy to care what is happening in our own backyards?

          Look up Burns Oregon Hammond Ranch, or Bundy Ranch website “Facts and Events in the Hammond Case. Or Freedom Outposts article Bigger than the Bundy Ranch”.

          See what power the feds think they have and how they might just decide to use it against YOU someday.

          State militias are being called up to defend the Hammonds against the terrible abuses they have suffered through. When will enough be enough?

          How about an article letting people know what is happening to the Hammonds….

          • My post about the video of Ms. Jacksons is hung up in moderation. Please go to Freedom Outposts article “Bigger than the Bundy Ranch”.

            Surely this info can get by the moderators….

        • Ms. Jackson:

          I hope everyone here listens to this vid and then goes to the internet to find out the whole story.

          It is going to be “Bigger than the Bundy Ranch”.

          • sheriff ward is derelict in his responsibilities to protect this family from an agressive and hostile completely out of control federal government that is operating way outside the rule of law The Supreme Law. their sheriff is in on it with the feds

            • Lashonda, it’s important that you contact Lars Larson as he may be very interested in this situation.
              Lars Larson dot com, there’s a link at his site to send him an email.
              If there’s anyone in Oregon who can do something about this, it’s him.

              • Ketchup:

                I sent Lars an email and his reply was:

                “I’ve looked into it and this family is getting what they deserve”.

                Reading the Bundy Ranch blog about the whole story; no family should be put through the wringer as the Hammond family has/is.

                • Has anyone tried to contact Ed Snook of USObserver(dot)com? He runs a legal outfit that specializes in govt corruption and wrongful prosecutions of innocent people. He is in Eastern Oregon I think.

                  If not, I will.

                • Did Lars Larson give you an explanation of why he felt the Hammond family are so deserving of haveing their lives destroyed by corrupt government?

                  Is Lars Larson against due process of the law or what…. Larson sounds like a real clown at this point.

        • Pity this crock of shit has happened upon you Mr.
          I can only wish you well.

      44. Trump made media upset, said someone going to hurt a Moslem over what he said about
        Them tailgating after 9-11. Well duh, thank God someone stood up and vaporized a jihadi!
        See what happens to them here when they start bombing in USA, Open season!
        I recall seeing some celebrate on the US media after 9-11. Trump is telling the truth!
        The refuges need a safe zone near their country so they can go home where they belong.
        They are not wanted on the reservation, the native Americans have been tortured enough!
        Better yet move them to DC that’s where they are headed when they get here!

      45. what is western civilization up against ?

        The women of Daesh

        h ttp://

      46. united nations should order that ALL terrorists should be executed! that way terrorists will be hanged & pose no risk as wont have any save havens!

        • The UN is all hot air and bluster. The entire organization should be dismantled and further banned.

      47. Today’s Health Tip

        know anybody who has had a dvt or died from a PE ?

        I know several

        DVT, PE, and you

        ht tp://

        • Satori

          Your link went nowhere.

          What is DVT & PE?

          • DVT=Deep Vein Thrombosis

            PE=pulmonary embolism

          • You have to take out the space between the two t’s when you copy and paste the link. It was a good article. Thanks for posting…

        • Good article. I have had both, even walking around with a DVT for two weeks after a broken ankle. My femoral artery was blocked from the ankle to the groin. I was in the hospital for three days, and on Coumadin for a year. That was 2005. Back in Feb I slipped in the snow, bruised my toes but didn’t think anything about it. After the Easter service at church(I’m in two choirs) I had noticed slighter shortness of breath than normal. Made a doctors appt, went, and he said he thought it might be muscle strain( I had been digging in the garden). But given my history he had me take a blood test that indicates if clotting might be going on. 6 hrs later I get a call from him to go to the emergency room, cuz the test was high. We did, and three hours and a CAT scan later he ER doc( who also thought I had stained something) said, I just looked at the results, and you were right, you do have a blood clot in your lower left lung, and several more smaller ones in both lungs. I was flabbergasted. Long story short, is I’m now on Xarelto, and it’s working well.ive been able to resume everything I was doing before, I just have to be careful that I don’t fall( I ride horseback) or bruise myself gardening….

        • I almost did last year, at 48. Major DVT in my calf, went all the way to my groin, then to both lungs. I could have dropped dead at any time. Was on Xarelto for a year.

          • My blood was once thicker than 30wt, but after all of the Aloe vera and extra hydration I’ve done, it’s smooth like brake fluid now. Doc says I’m fine.

      48. This is incredibly convenient, this terrorists 72 virgians can each have a couple pieces of him. They can keep parts of him in their pockets, mount a tooth on a ring, great fun.

      49. Quite disturbing….that it just wasn’t sloooooowwww enough. Better luck next time moohammmmmid……hahahahaha

        • BWAHAHAHAHA.
          I know what you mean Vern.
          Would love to see the aftermath of this strike…
          The more blood ‘n’ guts to observe of this POS the better.
          Power and strength to white Europeans world wide.


      50. Is this video authentic? Hard to say; strike was so instantaneous (even when slowed); camera remained operable; ideal angle; can’t tell who this guy really represents; whats the objective of this vid? to build support for war effort? to keep the momentum on muslim hating? to keep us all separated and surbordinated? who made that video and posted it?

      51. Aww Jihadi go booooommm…got what he wished for….

        • 🙂


        I nearly crapped my fricking drawers when i listened to this interview. Start at 1.27 mins, and listen to whats about to happen. This is all our revolutionary war pending with the arrest date of 01/04/2016 or the Hammond Family. Things are getting very bad, and they accused him of being a terrorist. Then i jump on Quayle and see this.

        Turkey Blokades The Russian Cruisers. This is WW3. Major Ed Dames is right and i dont see any possiblity of a 2016 election in November. Sorry guys, with the info i have been told by the scientist, and what i have learned from his sources. That by the time September of 2016 come around, Nibiru will be out in the open for full view, the environment calapses, the this is what halts all wars internationally, and the planet calapses. See link.

        Now you guys know why i was so worried about the condition of my bugout bag. Dr Garrow stated that as soon as the dollar calapses, that the EMP attack on America is planned to follow by none other that the pope, and the United Nations. Like my scientist friend told us, 2016 is the year that the laughing stops, the year that the stupid people who like to advice us that we dont know sh…t, and that it will never happen, will be caught off gruard, hit off guard, seperated from thier families and will not be going home ever again, and will pay a heavy price because of ignorance.

        Will the Muslims turks, hold Russia’s citizens hostage in Turkey and demand that Russia pack up and leave Syria? If Russia refuses, then its citizens will be abused, tortured, killed, be-headed, etc. How will Putin respond to that? I belive that Russia will invade Turkey and so will China.



        Yes folks, this is it, WW3 is knocking on our doors.

        • If the whole planet is going to collapse, what do you need a BOB for? Where ya gonna go??

      53. Hey…guess who just quit smoking??

        This dude.

        I knew you’d like that…

      54. The US should install live feed video in the nose of every bomb and artillery round, so we can have a front row seat watching the expression on their faces as they realize the gig is up.

      55. islam is the enemy of the world…

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