Valley Fever Cases Increase As Fungal Infections Spread

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Headline News

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    Valley Fever is a fungal infection that attacks the lungs and it’s spreading quickly on California’s central coast. People can become infected when they breathe in fungal spores.

    The fungus can be found in the soil in places like the Southwest and the Central Valley. According to a report by KSBW Action News 8, Dr. Martha Blum, medical director of infectious prevention at Montage Health, said the Central Coast soil has the right chemistry and balance of minerals for the fungus. People can get an infection when they breathe in the dust containing the fungal spores found in the soil.

    “We see the largest exposures are people who work outside in dry, dusty conditions. So, for example, agricultural workers, people who work on outdoor construction projects where they’re really digging and lots of dry dust is coming up,” Blum said. This particular fungal infection is not passed from person to person.

    “Most of the people that get valley fever don’t need any specific treatment. They’ll experience it as a flu-like illness and they may not be able to distinguish it from any other sort of cold or flu. They just may feel feverish and achy for a few days and then it just resolves on its own and they don’t get any worse,” Blum said. The problem is that some people can develop severe illnesses like pneumonia and meningitis.

    “The symptoms that would require an evaluation by a medical professional would be very high fevers that aren’t going away. Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, a cough that’s just very persistent and not going away,” Blum said.

    A Fungal Illness is Spreading Across The U.S.

    Right now, it doesn’t look like this is a big deal, considering it doesn’t spread via human transmission, it likely won’t be something the ruling class will use to control and manipulate the public. However, it’s becoming a major headline on mainstream media outlet sites, so it bears watching and mentioning. We know by now that if the rulers can use something to coerce the public into damaging their mental or physical state, it will be done.



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