Using This Phone Passcode Strategy Will Take The FBI 127 Years To Crack Your Encrypted Data

by | Feb 20, 2016 | Headline News | 188 comments

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    Note To Readers: This report is based on the assumption that Apple is on the up-and-up about their refusal to create backdoor tools for the FBI. As we know, however, intelligence agencies are experts at disinformation, so for all we know it is possible that backdoors already exist and what we have witnessed this week insofar as the encryption debate is concerned could be a psy-op designed to convince the public that their encryption is unhackable by government agencies. From a security perspective, we must assume that no electronic device is safe from prying eyes, as most theories on these matters are based on publicly known technologies and do not take into account top secret developments with quantum computing or advanced DARPA initiatives. 



    Earlier this week Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote an open letter to the American public about the FBI’s attempts to compel the company to crack the iPhone of the San Bernadino Jihad attackers, saying that such a tool for the government is too dangerous to create. Google, Facebook and Twitter have now joined Apple in the phone encryption battle.

    As explained by The Intercept, here’s a brief overview of what the FBI wants Apple to do:

    The most obvious way to try and crack into your iPhone, and what the FBI is trying to do in the San Bernardino case, is to simply run through every possible passcode until the correct one is discovered and the phone is unlocked. This is known as a “brute force” attack.

    One obstacle to testing all possible passcodes is that the iPhone intentionally slows down after you guess wrong a few times. An attacker can try four incorrect passcodes before she’s forced to wait one minute. If she continues to guess wrong, the time delay increases to five minutes, 15 minutes, and finally one hour. There’s even a setting to erase all data on the iPhone after 10 wrong guesses.

    This is where the FBI’s requested backdoor comes into play. The FBI is demanding that Apple create a special version of the iPhone’s operating system, iOS, that removes the time delays and ignores the data erasure setting. The FBI could install this malicious software on the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone, brute force the passcode, unlock the phone, and access all of its data. And that process could hypothetically be repeated on anyone else’s iPhone.

    The problem the FBI has is that the iPhone and other phones out there require a time-delay between passcode entries. Moreover, when a series of wrong passcodes is entered the delay is extended to as much as one hour, so even the fastest computer on the planet is rendered impotent while it waits for this delay to reset.

    So the FBI is stuck using your iPhone to test passcodes. And it turns out that your iPhone is kind of slow at that: iPhones intentionally encrypt data in such a way that they must spend about 80 milliseconds doing the math needed to test a passcode, according to Apple. That limits them to testing 12.5 passcode guesses per second, which means that guessing a six-digit passcode would take, at most, just over 22 hours.

    A six-digit passcode can be unlocked by the FBI in roughly a day. But according to the math behind the security feature, adding just 5 more digits could make hacking the phone in your lifetime almost impossible with current computing technologies (we’ll save quantum computing concepts for another time):

    What if you use a longer passcode? Here’s how long the FBI would need:

    • seven-digit passcodes will take up to 9.2 days, and on average 4.6 days, to crack
    • eight-digit passcodes will take up to three months, and on average 46 days, to crack
    • nine-digit passcodes will take up to 2.5 years, and on average 1.2 years, to crack
    • 10-digit passcodes will take up to 25 years, and on average 12.6 years, to crack
    • 11-digit passcodes will take up to 253 years, and on average 127 years, to crack
    • 12-digit passcodes will take up to 2,536 years, and on average 1,268 years, to crack
    • 13-digit passcodes will take up to 25,367 years, and on average 12,683 years, to crack

    As The Intercept notes, remembering a totally random 11-digit passcode may seem like a daunting task, but anyone who was around before cell phone contact lists probably had at least five to ten different phone numbers memorized for family and close friends. This is essentially the same thing.

    As a side note, using your phone’s fingerprint scanner as the primary mechanism for security is not sufficient.

    First, a determined hacker, especially a state-sponsored one, could easily find a way to get your fingerprint, just as was done to Germany’s Minister of Defence in 2014 when hackers used internet photos of her hand to re-create her fingerprint. Second, and perhaps more importantly, a Virginia court has ruled you can be forced by police to unlock a phone or computer with your fingerprint – but not your password:

    A Virginia state trial court held that a suspect “cannot be compelled [by the police] to produce his passcode to access his smartphone but he can be compelled to produce his fingerprint to do the same.”


    Judge Frucci ruled that phone passwords were entitled to protection under the Fifth Amendment’s promise that no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”He stressed that the password existed only in the defendant’s mind, and thus compelling the defendant to provide a passcode constituted a testimonial communication. The Fifth Amendment protects against such compulsion.

    We live in a brave new world, and while you may think you have nothing to hide, keep in mind that with the literal millions of laws on the books in the United States the average American commits three felonies per day. Thus, if a law enforcement agency were to target you, they would most certainly find evidence of wrong doing and you can be assured that your phone will be one of the first pieces of evidence they will target.

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      1. Trust nobody connected to the establishment in any way, they are liars.

        • This is a Psyopps Story. I know for a fact that the FBI already has at least 7 points of entry into all cell phones including Apple. And how do I know? Because that is what They told me at a phone cyber hack seminar. They just want immunity from the courts to carry out their evil snooping voyorism. Stingray fake cell towers already suck the data off your phones as you pass by. Its like getting RAPED before you know it. Wake up Sheeple. Police State Nazi America is already here. All this case does is give them easier access without a warrant signed by a judge. It is ripe for abuse. The FBI has never stooped a legitimate terrorist act. These are facts no-one can dispute. They need their useless and wasteful budget cut in half. This Psyopps Story lines makes you think it is unhackable. Stoopid is if you believe that crap. The FBI agent also said “Don’t put anything on your phone you don’t want anybody to see” Quote: FBI


          • Absolutely Anon,
            When you buy an I phone you agree to never take apart, or modify, or reverse engineer their software. For the government to take Apple Phones apart and reverse engineer its software is a violation of copy right law and purchase and use agreements.

            Thus if the FBI uses what they know to spy, the government has violated a dozen laws, making any evidence they collect worse than useless in court.

            Still this whole thing is a false flag. The government can take any phone that is evidence, take it apart, duplicate the memory chip into a hundred computers and decrypt it without violating Apple aggrements. Data is data even if encrypted. Encrypted data can be decrypted with third party software that does not encroach on the first parties software.

            Hackers taught the way to building tiny super computers specifically for decrypting data at incredible speeds. One approach is to harness the massive processing power of video cards that turn out to have the fastest math processors in the private sector. Normally they are used for driving high speed video graphic imaging, but they can be reprogramed into high end dedicated processors for decrypting data. A single PC can support several cards running in parallel. These multiprocessors running in parralel can achieve speeds similar to many supercomputers.

            These home made super decryption engines can decrypt a code that would take years for a PC to decrypt in minutes. These were built by hackers and the code is available on the net, how much better is the stuff the government has?

            Anything the government wants to decrypt they can decrypt in minutes. What the government wants they take.

            • ……and all this time I thought you were a gardener…… 🙂

            • PTPO.
              Not likely. There are some publicly used encryption methods that are not so hard to crack if you have enough computing power, however, to put it in perspective, there are old written languages today that we cannot decode and figure out what they mean.
              If you use a private method that only you yourself (or company) know the algorithm, no one will ever crack it. All the computing power in the world means nothing if you dont know the algorithm to begin with. This is because the computer dosent know what to compute. Even if you know the password. But if you dont know either, you are completely out of luck. A good strong encryption method can use many different formulas, data compression/decompression, specific memory locations, physical constants such as memory device ID, specific point in time, clock speeds, duration of last read or write in nano seconds or whatever, so on and so forth. And unless you know the exact methods involved in the correct order and the password, all you are going to get is gobbly gook.

              Your “Math Coprocessor” is nothing more than what is known as a DSP. (Digital Signal Processor)
              They are nothing special. You have a few in your car, probably TV, game console. A lot of machinery has them. They are nothing special. They are just designed for doing a single task efficiently without all the overhead that a MCU has.

              • Secret cell phones, and “Drop boxes”. Use a private method that only you yourself (or company) know the algorithm, no one will ever crack it. Best advice given.

                • Get out of any and all Windows OS’s and try out the more popular versions of Linux. *While Windows 10 is DESIGNED to feed info to ‘agencies’ …linux offers the ‘bleeding edge’ of encryption techs. These days Linux offers several ‘packages’ ie; Debian Gnome, Ubuntu, KDE, Kubuntu, Cinnamon …the list is endless (and all open source so that YOU can CHANGE ANYTHING YOU WANT to have a computer that is truly “all yours” and just impossible to crack (or figure out). I have used and tested both for years and Linux won ‘hands down’ (especially now with all the newer/better programmers writing free open source that is MEANT to be anti-gov and fed-proof). Check it out …you’ve nothing to lose and much to gain (unless you do not mind broadcasting your life to The Feds, your ISP and dozens of others with big noses).

                  • I think your own encryption algorithm may be illegal. I heard they can revamp memory chips to be decryption hardware and thus get a huge number of parallel de-crypters cheaply. I think only a fool would think there is not already many backdoors. I think the post about making it usable in court _by the FBI_ is the key. No doubt used pervasively by other groups. Just as in all electronic communication.

            • Use the One Time Pad if it absolutely must be secure.

              Can’t be decrypted after both parties burn the private key. Keep the private key absolutely secure.

              Not to worry, judge, you’ll find some reason to skewer the sheep and water board him or worse.

              Don’t swallow the private key, gestapo will gut you.

              Listen to the numbers stations on short wave. They broadcast 24 hours a day.

              It doesn’t matter how many computers gestapo has. He can’t decrypt the messages unless he has the private key. Sender and receiver burns the private key immediately after the message is sent unless one party is part of the gestapo. Senders and receivers aren’t idiots, they keep the private keys secure and burn them after use, hence the name One Time Pad.

              Using public communication, over and over, of any kind expecting privacy is the modern definition of insanity.

              f ’em

        • How many people still lick stamps and envelopes you send to the IRS or utilities? They can collect your DNA siliva. Then run that through the National database and come pick you up. Do you burn your trash or let the Garbage company dig through it to find your personal info?. Like your spent reload caps or new gun package or ammo box with your info on it, spent MRE packages.. You think your garbage always goes to the dump? Wake up Sheeple you spew more BS about your selves on Facebook Inc. AKA:FBI.. The FBI facial recognition database keeps tabs on you more than you think. And builds profiles, friends and contacts, habits and passwords. Stoopid Is, if you play those games.

          • I don’t have garbage pickup, so I have to take it myself. I shred anything with names and addresses. I burn things I don’t think anyone should ever see. I use self-stick stamps. I don’t carry a cell phone.

            • Arch stay focused, True all they have to do is check all of a person incoming mail and out going trash and they will soon know 75% of what your all about. Trekker Out.

              • They don’t get to see my outgoing trash, because I mix it in with everybody else’s when I put it in the big dumpster/compactor. The same thing happens with the recyclables. Everything goes into the big dumpster with everyone else’s. The trash dumpsters get hauled to the landfill and dumped in the hole with trash from everywhere else.

                There is no personally identifiable stuff in my trash. I shred everything with my name and address, and I keep all my bills and receipts until I decide to burn them.

                Everybody should have been warned about government trash diving after hearing “Alice’s Restaurant.”

                “Alice’s Restaurant” is the same length as the Nixon tape gap. Coincidence? Maybe not.

              • Get yourself a program called TAILS (uses only system memory and leaves no traces, impossible to track/follow and uses TOR ‘routes’ (galore too!). Also has encrypted (heavily) email that also uses TOR. Combine all that with some 15 character passwords and you’ll evade 99% of the ‘traps’ out there. (There is FAR more to this than can be written – – you’ll love it)! …and even the slower i386 puters can handle (most) Linux programs and remain stable. (If not, you can MAKE it stable with a few changes to config files and such).

                I NEVER run online except using “memory only” (like using a Knoppix 7.5 disk, or a TAILS installed into a USB-Thumbdrive). The latter is best for in incognito surfing, the former is fantastic for fixing both Windows and Linux “problems” very easily, or is ‘almost’ as safe as TAILS for web use! (and both are $0.00).

                btw: Linux offers over 44,000 FREE programs (packages). How many free Window programs (worth a damn) are there? Notta – and the free ones aren’t worth the bother to install.

                Lastly, it is very important that you do not place anything that isn’t shredded into your garbage …I burn my ‘shreddings’ (and I don’t go get a permit to do it either). A permit to burn paper in an incinerator is just tooooooo ignorant of a law to observe, imho.

            • Every piece of mail in the US is imaged front and back. Those images are stored forever.

              When you buy anything via mail the exact weight and all markings pretty much make it clear what you bought. The follow up junk mail produces a signature for your buying habits since advertising is driven by what they know about you. Plus the government just buys mailing lists and purchase habit data.

              We are all transparent.

        • I completely agree. This is all a show for the sheeple. apple and the us gov both work for satan.

          • I have been noticing that Rush Scumbaugh has been relentlessly obsessing over this exact topic for going on a month or more and he keeps assuring his audience that the big stink the FBI and the ObonboMugabe Administration have been raising about these cell phones that were allegedly used by the actors….er, uh, I meant to say…used by the alleged San Bernardino shooters is, according to Maha Rushie, ‘SOLID PROOF’ that the FBI and ZOG can’t crack encrypted data on these cell phones.

            So, in other words – Rushbo is telling his audience that they can RELAX and feel ‘SECURE’ and, not worry about Big Brotha and the USSR style total surveillance and POLICE STATE that the corrupt regime in D.C. have been trying to impose upon Amerikwa. At least not unless ZOG can force Apple to roll over, he adds.

            Now, if Rushbo happened to mention this subject on his radio show only once or twice, or maybe once every of couple of weeks as new developments unfolded – I would not necessarily be suspicious. But, he has been hammering this mantra about how he is certain that the FBI cannot crack this encryption like a guy who is possessed – and that does make me ask a question or two.

            Such as: Is Rush being used by the FBI/NSA/DHS and ZOG to just make people THINK that the FBI cannot crack these cell phones – so people will develop a false sense of security and not do the smart thing, which is to NEVER store anything that they consider private or personal on their phones?

            I think that possibility deserves careful thought and consideration.

            • He’s just an Apple fanboy. You should hear him gush when a new iPad comes out.

              And he’s relatively ignorant about technology.

            • Rush and Hannity and Beck etc. are ALL Just ziocon poopets to give the masses of morons a place to vent. If you listen to the tripe these fookers put out you might as well watch PBS too. ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE WHO LISTENS TO THEIR SHIT IS A BRAINWASHED RETARD! Your shit phone, mail, internet is ALL monitored. Apple is fighting it ha ha ha, what a joke. Your brothers, sisters, friends that work for the alpha agencies are all in on it and compliant. OOOH my brother works for the fbi but he’s ok? Don’t lie to yourself, he is COMPLIANT and a braindead order follower! When will the fuckin sheep EVER WAKE UP? Want to REALLY SERVE YOUR COUNTRY? THEN FUCKIN QUIT YOUR GOVERNMENT JOB! STOP OBEYING EVERY ORDER LIKE IT IS LAW! Until then fuck you, you deserve everything you get assholes! Work for the beast, die with the beast!

          • “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
            – Edmund Burke

            Currency And The Collapse Of The Roman Empire

            “At its peak, the Roman Empire held up to 130 million people over a span of 1.5 million square miles. How could such a powerful empire collapse?

            Simple, the real effects of debasement took time to materialize… and then exploded.”

            ht tp://

            • Yet another great post from KYM.


            • One more, KYM, to keep on file, illustrating how and why the left is destroying our economic stability:

              Money is information. It tells us how much reward we’ve earned… how much things cost… how much profit, how much loss, how much something is worth… how much we’ve saved, how much we’ve spent, how much we need, and how much we’ve got.

              Money doesn’t have to be “hard” or “soft” or expensive or cheap. But it has to be honest. Otherwise, the whole system runs into a ditch.

              But the new money was a phony. It put the cart ahead of the horse. This was money that no one ever had to break a sweat to get. It was based on credit – the anticipation of work, not work that had already been done.

              Money no longer represented wealth. It now represented anti-wealth: debt. So, the economy stopped producing real wealth.

              The Fed could create money that no one ever earned and no one ever saved. It was no longer the real thing, but a counterfeit.

              In this way, effort and reward were cut off from one another. The working man still had to labor. But it was the banker, gambler, speculator, lender, financier, investor, politician, or inside operator who made the money.

              And the nature of the economy changed. Instead of rewarding the productive Main Street economy, it rewarded insiders… and the financial sector.

              The penthouses of Manhattan and the summer houses of the Hamptons changed owners. Gone were the scions of Detroit factories and the titans of New York commerce. Gone were the people who had added to the wealth of the nation.

              In their place were the Wall Street hustlers… the people who moved money around… taking it from the people who made it and giving it to the financial industry, the money lenders, the insiders, and the Deep State.

              This process is misunderstood. It is thought that Wall Street greed and deregulation caused the shift. But Wall Street was just as greedy as it always was… And financial regulations increased dramatically throughout the entire period.

              It was not human nature that had changed; it was the money. And it changed everything.

              – Bill Bonner

              • TEST,

                Well said! I agree!

              • Second. Very well said.

            • passed this along to family.

              scary, isn’t it

            • Old lady,

              George Santayana said that. Not dis Burke feller.


              • Acid,

                Edmund Burke lived from 1797 to 1797. The words I printed are “exactly” what he said.

                George Santayana lived from 1863 to 1952. He said something similar. Look it up.

                • Correction

                  Edmund Burke lived from 1729 to 1797.

              • You are right, Acid.


          Throughout millions of years of human evolution, life expectancy was 25 years. The Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Acropolis, the Colosseum et al. are the works of teenagers. The average age of pregnancy was 12. 100% of females were fertilized with zero regard for their level of attractiveness, intelligence, resources, or desire to mate. However, men had to gather resources and pretend to fight with each other (bullshit posturing, animals all have a strong revulsion about killing their own species) for a chance at reproduction, so only 20% of men ever got to fuck, and women accepted the sexual sharing of these men with each other. This is the animalistic scheme of reproduction.

          Civilization requires the organized distribution of specialist labor amongst men. You cannot do anything even remotely productive in the animalistic system where all the men are constantly wasting all their time doing this moronic posturing dance and women just sit around on their useless asses encouraging men to fight over them.

          Therefore, in the patriarchal system (marriage), the pussy was divided amongst the men evenly in mating pairs for life except in times of war and famine. Mating for life meant that women had to grow up and take responsibility for themselves, and stop fucking so many losers and idiots. Men with the most access to sex gave up all but one of their partners, sacrificing multiple chances at viable offspring, in order to establish civilization for their young to live in, in which life expectancy was greatly lengthened. Men with no access to sex gained it, at the price of their labor to support the civilization.

          Women’s sexual liberation has destroyed marriage. 80% of the women are again fucking only 20% of the men who serve no useful purpose except for bullshit posturing. 20% of unproductive men cannot possibly raise the children of 80% of the women. Therefore, divorce, abortion, and single moms skyrocket; birth rates and male productivity crash. Children of single moms have shitty grades, get in fights, go to jail, have low self-esteem, and get pregnant as teens, forever costing the welfare state more and more and more.

          There is a big difference between the animalistic system and the feminist system. In the stone age, the alpha males who demonstrated the most aggressive Kabuki theater bullshit idiot posturing dance amassed most of the resources. In modern times, most men don’t get paid for their performance in an idiotic posturing dance (except for politicians, rock stars, actors, etc.); instead, income is strongly positively correlated with IQ, and IQ is strongly negatively correlated with aggression and criminality; in modern times beta males have most of the resources, yet do not display the aggressive traits these dumb cunts love so much.

          What women’s enfranchisement means is that self-serving cunts will forever vote to use the force of government to steal more and more of the most productive and intelligent males’ resources away from them to finance their own stupidity and laziness. Women don’t give a flying fuck about civilization because they never had to build it. They don’t give a fuck about preserving their cultural identity. They only care about finding some fucking uncivilized moron who is good at posturing like a motherfucking gorilla to tantalize their stupid pussies. They don’t even fucking care of how much worth a posturing dumbass is to society and long as he’s good at posturing. That’s why there aren’t so many female conservatives. That’s why these stupid German cunts, Merkel and von Berg et al., are so keen to destroy Aryan civilization. That’s why women in occupied countries in WW2 and even Jewesses in the concentration camps were quick to give up the pussy to occupiers if they thought it would advance them in any way. Historically, most young women in conquered cities were kept alive, raped, and impregnated rather than killed like their children and parents.


          • 10-4 on that acid.

          • Dear me.

            Let me get my boots and shovel.

            What a mess of ######## you just put out.

            • Grandee
              got my boots and shovel too





                • Acid Etch
                  nothing intellectual in your hypothesis to rebut, it is all anger and aggression. Still wearing my boots and have my shovel working… nope, just a pile so far….
                  Curious though, why the focus on women in civilization? Don’t you boink men? Why on earth do you worry about what women are doing? Not trying to bait you, it is a mystery. You sound like a hetero man who can’t get laid, instead of a sexually fulfilled homosexual. It is inconsistent for you to boink men (who are not chaste) but have so much raging and infantile emotion around women like some guy who can’t get any. It’s a mystery. I hope you get counseling and not be so mad all the time.

                  • Rebecca,

                    No need for counseling on this one. Allow me to give you a brief history on this one. He came here three years ago, back then he was posting under the name ” Eisenkreutz”. He took the site by storm, nobody had seen a jerk of larger proportions ever on the site, ignorant, mouthy, rude, told more lies about himself then imaginable, and yet, for some strange reason, the site moderator allowed him to insult all the regular posters.

                    At first, most were frightened to say anything back to him because they feared he would turn his psycho venom on them { sound familiar?} so they did their best to keep him humored. Back in those days, one of the regular posters was none other then Daisy Luther, who took him under her wing for God only knows what reason. So, eventually people began to tire of his nonsense and began to call him out on it. This, for God only knows what reason, prompted Daisy to come in and defend him by calling out people who dared to have the courage to tell him they thought he was a lying sack, ” trolls”. Honest to God, the ” trolls” were the people who stood up to this idiot, at least in her eyes.

                    Well, she managed to keep up the charade for a while, but the reaction toward her new found little friend began like a snowball, people began to see he was full of shit so they began to understand he was little more then a frightened child living in his mom’s basement. This would lead to more people starting to ridicule him when he showed up to mouth off again, he found he was getting smacked down on a regular basis. Strangely enough, this was the exact same time Daisy disappeared as a regular poster here. Now, the funny thing is, when he first showed up here, he didn’t admit he was gay, far from it, he told incredibly tall tales about all the women he had and the several he was seeing at the same time. Not bad for somebody who’s supposed to be gay, right? In fact, to list everything he lied about would be way too long and time consuming for just one comment.

                    So, as fate would have it, one day he got into a major snafu with some other posters and it turned into the shootout at the OK internet corral, it was HILARIOUS! He began to foam at the mouth so badly that the site moderator went back and deleted ALL of his comments and banned him from posting, at least under that name. During this time of the great conflict he came forward and admitted he was gay, but only after many people called him out on it. Now, is he gay or just some asshole who hates women? To tell you the truth, I don’t know and couldn’t be more indifferent to the answer if I wanted to be, but your assessment of him seems to be on the money.

                    So, he changed his handle and came back. He loves to play the same little games he always did, he rants and raves at his target de jour, flailing insults in all directions provoking an angry response from the same people he can always count on to respond to him. Then he changes up, posting useful comments on equipment and such to lure people into thinking that he’s really a good guy, just misunderstood, that’s all. Then, with clockwork timing, he’ll go back to his infantile ranting to provoke people. Rinse, repeat, week in, week out, and so forth. So now you have the background story on ” acid etch” and what you’ve been dealing with. Why people continue to fall for the same old game over and over I’ll never know, some claim to ” pray” for him to change his ways but i don’t think they simply understand or want to admit they’re being played for dupes. So they keep trying to cozy up to him, why, God only knows. The best way to get rid of morons like this is ignore them, eventually he’ll get tired and find another site to shit at, and it will likely take some time also, he won’t disappear after a few months, it will probably take longer. But I really doubt that will happen as too many here are all too eager to play his game and feed him whenever he shoes up. So, hopefully this gives you some insight into the history of this ongoing drama queen.

                    • Bob,
                      Thanks for the history. This place has it’s share of psychopaths and their protectors. Psychopaths are psychopaths, but the protection gang is another mystery. It is an education in what has gone wrong in our nation. Psychopaths and their protectors and running the show! I guess it is a form of PC to not just toss em in the bay with weights on their feet (as my grandmother used to advocate in the backwoods of Oregon). Because if you read much early American history that happened often enough to keep em below their natural 1% of the population. Interestingly, abusive husbands died young and the widows ran the farms, too. Until she found a man more to her liking, anyway. Civilization has its downside sometimes, but consider that high divorce rates might be better than high murder rates!

                    • “some claim to ” pray” for him to change his ways but i don’t think they simply understand or want to admit they’re being played for dupes.”

                      That would be me 🙂

                    • Grandee, it DOESN’T have to be you! You’re too smart to fall for his imbecile games, you haven’t been here very long so naturally you wouldn’t know his history of game playing, but now you’re eyes have been opened and the choice is yours to make, please understand that he’ll play you along forever, it’s what that little cretin LIVES for.

                    • Spot on Bob!

                      It’s best to ignore him/it. It’s like getting into an ass kicking contest with a one legged man.

                    • Anon 1970,

                      Thanks but all I’m doing is simply stating a truth. I hope people wake up and understand that they can’t change some idiot who’s only here to play his stupid little mind games because he has squat for a life or friends.

                • Actually, I thought my rebuttal was intelligent and intellectual.

                  I’ll get off your thread.


              • shovel, phooee, let me get the backhoe! LOL

          • AE: you are completely bat shit fucking insane. I hope someone form HS kicks down your door and puts you in a cage, the sooner the better. CYA.

        • I’m not buying the Apple controversy. First of all, the NSA is still recording all phone calls as “raw data”, according to insiders, spilling their guts to the media. These records identify the both parties on the call, and the date and time. Text messages would work the same way too. The FBI doesn’t even need the info from the phone, they already have it. As for messages being sent on gaming site chat, coded transmissions would stick out like a sore thumb to the people who monitor those as well.

        • Simple don’t own an iPhone.

      2. What in the world do people keep on their phones that would ruin them if exposed? Keep the crap in your head and you don’t have to worry about it!!

        • People these days have their lives on their phone. Not only that but the phone tracks them where ever they go.

        • my mom always said if you don’t want anyone to know, don’t write it down.

          today-don’t text it, FB it, video it, etc.

          people are waaaayyy to public with their lives.

        • PMHoarder, haven’t you ever noticed that the vast majority of the population are just fuckin stupid? Look around you, if you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them!

      3. You are foolish and self deceived if you ever assume the govt can’t get into something they want anytime they want. This whole Apple kabuki theater is baloney for the gullible. No encryption is ever safe and nothing says “I’ve got something to hide!” and red flags you quicker than going out of your way to employ state of the art encryption. Learn to use typically plain conversation to convey the secondary meanings you want surreptitiously, like talking about the weather; where time and dates in the past, present and future can be spoken of with lots of variations, locations, directions, numbers, etc., all conveyed without ever raising any suspicions.

        • Look into telegraph codes and devise one for you and your group. They are unbreakable if done properly.

          Telegraph codes were invented in the late 1800s partly to save money and partly for secrecy in business. Most of them work by having a dictionary of nonsense words which are used to stand for entire sentences. There are codes for dates and quantities. There is usually a list of codes that you can assign your own meanings to.

          Wire messages were billed by the word, so if you could send one nonsense word instead of 5 or 6 real words, you could save money, especially if you ran a business sending thousands of messages a day. The telegraph companies had rules about the kinds of words you could use. They couldn’t be random letters because that made it harder for the operator to key the messages. They preferred real words or words that were constructed like real words.

          If you search for “telegraph codes” on
          ht tps://
          you can find a number of books that you can download, modify, and use for yourselves.

          Another way to send secret messages is to make comments on certain websites. The other parties just know to check the comments to all the stories on the agreed-upon sites. Some people already do that.

          • Thats a cool idea, thanks!

          • The best encryption is always the one that does not look anything like encryption, but just regular conversation about common innocuous topics. That’s why one-to-one comms about the weather (past, present, future), for example, can express so much more, both undetected and undecipherable.

            • A telegraph code is not encryption. Encryption performs an algorithm on plain text, turning it into encrypted text. It is a solvable problem. I can solve a newspaper cryptogram puzzle in 3 or 4 minutes. Better encryption takes longer. The best encryption just takes so long that it may be practically unsolvable.

              A code, on the other hand, substitutes other words for the plain text using a code book. Without a copy of the code book, a code is absolutely unbreakable.

              A disadvantage of any code or cypher is that if there are too many people in on it, you risk someone breaking ranks and spilling to the enemy.

              • Archivist, A code book is public, i.e., a numbered dictionary of letters, numbers, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, etc. It doesn’t matter who has a copy of the code book, it’s useless without the private set of truly random numbers.

                I think what you mean is the private key, i.e., a set of truly random numbers, or a One Time Pad of truly random numbers that are used only once and then burned, or totally destroyed immediately after use by both the sender and receiver.

                The One Time Pad cannot be decrypted except by the receiver who has a duplicate copy of the set of random numbers used to encrypt the message.

                An encrypted message might look like this: 34156 58421 89341 72317. If you’ve got a copy of the private key used to encrypt the message you may decrypt it, other wise forget it, no matter how many computers you’ve got.

                When the private truly random numbers are kept absolutely secure by both the sender and receiver, the encrypted message is secure. But what if gestapo somehow obtained a copy of the truly random numbers?

                Lotsa luck, mf.

                The One Time Pad was used during WW1 and the encrypted messages were sent by runner, other means, or carrier pigeon. The One Time Pad is still used today by people all over the world.

                Gestapo might find the sender and/or receiver using the One Time Pad and gestapo likes to kill people, mostly head shots with a 9mm, or a silenced .22.

        • I would much prefer to just stop their asses from collecting private information, it is illegal, period.

      4. trade security for freedom, and you end up with NEITHER!

        • Trump says take a bite out of Apple if they won’t give all their info to the Feds, ain’t this what we want. No, he won’t run over the average Joe when he gets in the Big House. So you really think he is a Constitutionalist? He didn’t get to be a billionaire by not running over who ever gets in his way. Trekker Out.

          • Sanders or Hillary are much better.

            At least we can trust them.

            • Anon , are you serious??? LMAO

              Well , Sanders is an honest socialist i guess , but Hillery ??

            • Anon, uh, hope you’re not on a crackpipe.

            • no, no, no! Obama for a 3rd and 4th term would be the wisest way to go …and give him unlimited powers for everything ‘to boot’.

      5. Trump is a Little Stalin, same psycho rages over petty crap, same disregard for others. Of course he would force Apple, he would force Mexico, he would throw away anyone who disagrees with him, refuse to pay for work, hires illegals and refuses to pay, outsources work to China. He’s a psychotic child with too much power over others.

        • If Trump gets elected, Im sure he will settle down quite a bit. Right now it is all theater for the elections. The thing you can count on with Trump is that he will tell you what he is going to do. Unlike modern politicians who use the shell game to get what they want, he will just throw it out in your face. This type of personality you can deal with. The politicians that hide everything are the type you dont want.
          We wont ever get an honorable president.

          • Ed, I agree. At least Trump is not a pawn controlled by the globalists and he loves the US. Bush is a joke, Rubio is a pawn, and Cruz has shown that he is also a globalist pawn and has no judgement after hooking up with Beck.

            Right now Russia, China, North Korea, and Turkey are walking all over the US. Why? Because they know the US is being run by a complete pussy who has eviscerated the US military. Obama is just as much a globalist as Cruz and Bush. At least Trump loves this country and is willing to take sensible actions to defend the borders and to try to rebuild the US economy.

            • Yep. Im geting old and have been thru many elections and it has been a long time since I had even the slightest trust that any president would reign in the government and look out for us Americans. I have a very small smigin of hope that Trump will do something. If nothing else he will throw a big wrench into the political machine that we deal with today. Once many years ago I was over seas and the local people were having an election. I made a comment about at least they had elections compared to their neighboring countries. They chuckled and said. ” Yes, we are presented with a dictator or a tyrant and then when they ultimately try to oppress us we are told that they were the leaders that we voted for so all was legal.”
              Im afraid that our country is at this point today.

              • Ed, I hear you. If Trump doesn’t win this country is just going to be another third-world shithole. It basically is, already, in many places.

                God help us if Hilliary becomes president. That will certainly mean the introduction of a full-blown Stasi spy state. I have said this before, if Clinton (or Bernie) wins I am leaving this country and never coming back. Where is my number one place to live? Iceland. At least they still have the rule of law in that country.

                • Philo, I don’t know where you have been but it doesn’t matter whatsoever who they select (you dont elect the pres.) we are going wherever the global elite say we go. Please don’t tell me you are really that ignorant. Like John Kay said many years ago, Now your vote is a meaningless joke.

                • Philomonster
                  telling people you will leave this country if they vote Clinton or Sanders in is a huge incentive for Republicans to vote Dem. Cease and desist.

                  • RED: go to hell witch.

          • He’s going to build Trump’s Wall and he’ll use prefab concrete.

            I hope he uses a newly formed 20,000 man division of Marines for security while building the wall. Meanwhile he’ll increase the size of the Border Patrol and give them orders to assist the Marines and Sheriffs along the border, and all will carry loaded weapons.

            Trump will deport the 30,000,000 invaders, muzzies, mexicans and other perverts, and he’ll make mexico pay for it. How, you say? He’ll use the money that’s now given to mexico as aid and other free stuff. Cut off all aid to the 30,000,000 and he’ll complete the Wall in less than one year.

            You commies on this site can carry water south for the invaders. Better cross before the Wall is complete. Gonna be tough getting back, but you’ll be happy in mexico, might get a job with the cartels, or be a coyote.

        • Ever notice how much Donald Trump sounds like Denny Crane?

          (ref: ‘Boston Legal’)

          • Karl V.

            Many psychopaths in the legal industry. Staff usually sane but tend into adrenaline addiction… glad I am past that one.

            BTW, I am reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis, thanks for the rec.

            • Red, you would know. You worked in the legal industry, supposedly. It is obvious to some of us that you are delusional. It’s okay. We know you are part of the FSA and sucking off the goverment tit. It’s okay witch. Go back to sucking.

            • Reb, Many psycopaths in the police, military, poilitics industry too. Many in banking and financial industry and the bad thing is they are put into positions of power because of it. Ruled by psycos how wonderful huh? And the morons can’t figure it out because they are consumed with iPhone 5 or some shit. You know, I love humanity, it’s people that I hate! I find myself more and more consumed by hatred of the masses because they are just soooo fuuuuckin stoooopid! I actually want them to eat shit and die because I am sick and tired of paying out the ass for their stupid shit! For a while I was into the whole humanity thing and love of life and everyone deserves a chance but anymore I am becoming hateful of the people in general because they are sooooo god damn stupid! They think that doing stupid shit is normal? I have a theory, When a person is well above average intellect they see the others as stupid fooks. Therefor the public at large seems to be a bunch of idiots. Only those who are equal or above seem smart. Since the population of high IQ people is small (throw in common sense smarts) it seems like everyone around you is a moron. Just because some idiot went to college and is a specialist in some degree does not by any means make them smart. I know a lot of educated IDIOTS! That is the only reason I can come up with why I hate the public so much. I can’t stand shopping and seeing the imbiciles in every isle. It’s like they are on another planet or something. And talking to them is like talking to my hand, just dead air. We are soooooo screwed….. 🙁

              • Genius
                I am the opposite. I love individual people, but let them create a group of any kind, and psychopaths get in charge every time… and people are scared to stand up to the psychopaths! More than the stupidity, it is the cowardice in the face of psychotic behavior that wears me out. Psychos are a minority and there is no reason to put up with them.

              • Genius, what bugs me to no end are people who misspell imbEcile..:) kidding.
                Good post and yeah, it seems hopeless for Western civilization, doesn’t it?
                We suffer in the presence of fools. And there’s an endless supply of them out there.

                • Kula, it’s easy to tell when I have been working a lot, I work with a lot of idiots and they drive me nuts lol. I just don’t get it, how can people think that doing one stupid thing after another is normal? It’s like they live in their own micro world and can’t grasp the big picture that other people have things to do too. I could go on for months about the shit I see people do and do again. Common sense is extinct. aaaaaakkkkkkk!

        • RED, oh we know you want your commie hero, Sanders, to win so people like you in the FSA and on SSD can keep getting handouts. The only psychotic child is you. Go take a pill now witch.

          • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un and his EMP program for the genocide of 90% of Americans… back to cyberstalking I see.

            • Yawn. Go take a pill honey. You guilty conscience is none of my business.

          • Philomonster
            You are boring. You’d think a crazy cyberstalker such as yourself could make it interesting.

            • Philosopher, Rebecca,
              Why don’t you two both take a chill pill.
              You both have worthwhile information to add to the site.
              Please don’t go sideways again.
              Philo, I like your posts, but the language you used a while back to Rebecca was some of the most disgusting I’ve ever seen out of a human, much less a woman. That it rivals Acid makes my point.
              Can you both just stick to the subjects discussed and avoid direct responses? Truce?

              I didn’t think so.

              • Ketchup
                thanks for the try but Philomonster is quite the aggressor in this situation. Stop her and it all stops. Nah, I didn’t think you would address the source.

              • Sure. For the sake of the forum.

                • Reply was to KOD.

        • Rebecca I totally agree. Ed, and if you think Trump is good because he tells you what he is going to do, that should make Obama Great, cause he said he was going to Change America and he sure has, and he also does what he says he’s going to do with or without Congress. Trekker Out. I Guess Truth Comes In Many Forms!

          • What exactly did obama say he was going to do and actually did? Ok, He said he would take a monthly vacation and he did.
            I dont know if you remember but he ran on a platform of accountability and transparency.
            Ok he gave us un affordable health care like he promised and got the troops out of the middle east, made the world a peaceful place, got rid of the patriot act and fixed the irs. Those pre filled out tax returns worked real great.
            I can go on and on but im tired..




        • With trump we get to trade narcissist Obama, for narcissist Trump.

          Mental illness like narcissism is common among people who strive to be top leader.

      6. A cell phone should be considered a tracking device as well as an “open mike”. Use it wisely.

        • Mac speaking of tracking, I was just wondering if you could tell that sometimes I comment as Rebecca, and sometime as Philospher, and on ocassion as foxglove666, but never as Acid Etch. Can you break my code? Trekker Out. Just Kidding!

          • MT: I always use the same IP and the same name. It hasn’t changed since I started posting.

            • Philo, I was just kidding around, and BTW I wanted to comment on a comment you made a few articles back about COOL, “country of orgin law”. The U.S Rep. from the Dist. I lived in Missourah did a survey on COOL and had an overwhelming response of people that voted to keep the law, and then she, A Republican, went ahead and voted to repeal it, which they did. Seems Big Business whanted to get rid of it. So now we get to eat Pork and Chicken from China without getting to know it. Atleast I still get to know that my Tomatoes are human waste fertilized in Mexico. Trekker Out.

              • At the store where I shop all of the products are still labeled. I never buy produce from Mexico or South America because of what you said. The standards for food are different and include the use of contaminated water as well as the use of pesticides and herbicides that are illegal to use in the USSA. The meat is still labeled (as to where and how it was raised) and if it isn’t labeled, I don’t buy it. Every purchase I make is a vote.

                And RED got caught a few days ago by KOD admitting to changing her posting name. I take accusations of being a liar seriously. RED admitted to lying here.

                • Philo, Rebecca did not lie. She was really sick and tired of your cyberstalking so used a different name. Can’t really blame her. The language you direct at her and your behavior are truly unhinged. You are obsessed with her for some reason. You need to get a life. Mac banned you once already for your stupidity. You were in the wrong on your behavior and you were taken to task by Mac and others on the site. The definition of stupidity is doing the same things repeatedly and hoping for a different result. Maybe you need to smarten up.

      7. Can you hear me now?


          • yeah..that worked.

            • He’s dead Jim!

              Do I really have to wear the red shirt on this mission?

              • Dammit Jim, the voting crystals aren’t working!

                • “Bones, how did you do it?”
                  “Right cross.”

        • Ah, that’s better… All systems up and running… Over and out.

      8. I don’t understand why they can’t clone the phone image 1000 times, try 10 passwords for each image, discard the images, make 1000 more clones, try 10 passwords for each image, discard the image and so on.

        And this is using only 1 computer using virtualization technologies such as vmware or hyperV. Multiply this strategy times 1000 or so PC’s and voila, brute force works.

        The government is working after the fact in this case. There is no “time limit”. They are just using this highly visible case so that they can get tools to do real time spying on us.

        Remember their motto. Never let a crisis go to waste.

      9. I thought the authorities stored not only where calls were made to but their content also. If the NSA does what it does it makes this moot.

      10. Who needs a phone anyway? I’ve never paid for a phone in my life, and no I do not have an Obamaphone. The mail works for me.

      11. I’m not a super wiz, but I call BS. on this story. With super computers they can figure out pass codes in minutes. The problem is you only have a couple of chances to crack them. Now if they want to add to how many chance you got then they wouldn’t have a problem cracking them.
        Just my thoughts.

        • Super computers actually trying the pass codes are limited to a speed slower than an old 8088 unit by time delay technology embedded in the device are not going to break the pass code in seconds.

          Sure they could generate a list of all possible pass codes that fast, but each one has to be tested to see if it is the right one.

          • Excellent info. A lot of bogus info is out there. Intentionally.

          • “A”
            Thanks for the INFO. I don’t know much but what I do know about computers and how they work scares the hell out of me.

        • Sgt,
          You are 100% correct. The two California terrorists had three phones. The two phones they have been using for years they smashed to bits. Apparently nothing is recoverable on those two phones. They bought another new phone days before the attack. Since they had the forethought to wipe their trail clean, one can easily assume there is nothing of value on that phone. Plus through service providers all the mededata about all three phones has already been obtained. Feds have records showing everyone they ever talked to, for how long and where the cell phone was when those calls were placed, along with a complete list of every website they ever visited and everything they ever downloaded, and every online purchase ever made.

          The phone they used for just days, with full foreknowledge of the crime they were about to commit, would not have anything incriminating on it.

          This whole dog and pony show by the Feds is just that, a stupid fascist propaganda show to try to get Americans to give up their right to privacy, and to be compelled to testify against yourself. The FBI is a disgrace.

      12. Here are some tips that were posted from an anonymous image board. These are real good security tips, not in order and kinda sloppy, regardless I think they can help people dodge spying really well:

        (1) Don’t use social media (no brainer)
        (2) Forward secrecy (keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to expose yourself)
        (3) Use a VPN & Tor browser on top of that!
        (4) Always disconnect your internet (physically) when you are not going to use it! Don’t keep it online all the time! If you do, you are asking to be hacked!
        (5) Use an old “flipper” phone. AKA a jitterbug. Jitterbugs are basic cellphones for people with disability problems / senior citizens! Just a bare basic cell phone where you can take out the battery.
        (6) Flock to flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops to buy older electronics! Do not by ‘smart’ or ‘green-friendly’ appliances! The new IoT tech spies on you! Learn how to maintain and fix older products/utilities too!
        (7) Never put your real name into your computer, always use FAKE names / aliases. Tell your friends to ‘ID’ you as someone else on their phones / emails etc or just refuse to trust them at all and say I’ll just hang out with you face-to-face.
        (8) Face to face relationships are the best kind. Don’t be afraid to hang with your friends now and then. I totally do, in fact, that’s all I’ll do. (aka no social media BS)
        (9) Always bleach you browser cache / cookies / web logs! 35x gutmann style! (Bleachbit, Ccleaner, etc.)
        (10) Use linux or Tails. — Windows XP is OK, but make sure you disable auto-updates and defunct remote desktop registry! Qubes OS looks fine as hell too (VM friendly).
        (11) Use noscript add-on. Noscript is a must. IPFlood is also a cool add-on to confuse metadata spying. (These are web browser add-ons).
        (12) Its best to have two computers, rather than just one. For example, have one just for banking / legit LEGAL purposes. Have another one (completely separate) just for piracy, porno, or illegal / controversial activity (or whatever you wanna do to separate online activity from your most identifiable personal stuff!)
        (13) Use encryption and strong passwords! Write them down on a piece of paper or memorize them. DO NOT store passwords on a computer file. That is a big no-no!
        (14) Have separate email accounts for each kind of activity (legal or not, don’t matter).
        (15) Make sure you physically disconnect your web cam or cover it up with black electrical tape. Most laptops these days come with web cams attached above or below the monitor. Make sure the camera cannot be used to identify you or spy on you in any way. (Yes, webcams can be hacked / remotely hijacked to spy on you!)

        Now As far as passwords go, here is how I do it:

        I’ll give you an example by posting a fake password:


        As you can tell, this passowrd has 35 characters total. This is A LOT, and very hard to break. But also easy to memorize too, for example its an easy to remember phrase; “do not let the feds see this account” ; and added to that phrase is a code (which you can also memorize easily) 887756. Once you come up with a phrase you can memorize it, then attach a code number you can easily remember right after it. This will make your password very difficult for hackers or spies to brute force with ‘dictionary attacks’ by adding random entropy at the end of the phrase (via the random code).

        This ‘password’ would be unbelievably hard to crack if it were not a fake and had I not posted it. Use your tinfoil hats preppers, paranoia can be your best friend depending how you put it to use.

      13. I have to say ‘supposedly’ since I am not a top level NSA operative….

        Supposedly the NSA captures every electronic transmission in the country. Email, text, photos uploaded, music downloaded, every damn thing.

        So why can’t the FBI just give the user number of this phone to the NSA and get everything sent/received on the phone? Shouldn’t it be that simple?

        Unless, of course, the scenario of merciless fanatics slaughtering innocent office workers provides a perfect excuse to force electronics companies to provide easy access to all their devices for the government.

        Naw… only those ‘conspiracy nuts’ would believe that…

      14. Just reposting about how to become a precinct committeeman. You will need to choose a party (and yes I UNDERSTAND the Republican party is filled with RINOs – all the more reason to become a precinct committeeman and get rid of them). This site tells you how. While the complaining is valid, and it IS true that we may not be successful in wresting this country back from the fascist left, just one point: If George Washington has been of similar mindset, King George would have won. And good thing the RAF pilots or Jimmy Doolittle didn’t just pack it in and say “we’re going to lose anyway.” Same thing with those **biplane* Fairey Swordfish pilots that attacked the most modern battleship at the time, the Bismark. which led to its sinking. Yes, the Swordfish was freaking **biplane**. I don’t know if our battle for freedom will be successful, but our battle is irenic, and with the pen. Best get cracking before the fascist left takes even MORE ground

        The complaining on this site is valid. Indeed, we MAY not win this one, let’s be honest. But let’s stop the Grima Wormtongue stuff and get active. And if we do win, we will rightly be considered by the future as true heroes of freedom, even if nameless. I don’t like fascism, and I don’t like oppression, and I don’t like lies (Hilary, are you listening?), so I am never, ever, EVER giving. up. And yes, molon labe is fine – but WHY get to that point???? If they have no lemmings to actually conduct the “getting” – i.e., if we can **communicate** our ideas successfully, they will HAVE no lemmings to join the dark side. America used to be that way. We *can* do it again, and in the rest of the West. Yes, we are a tiny minority. So were the Bolsheviks in Russia. But – as evil as they were – they were clever, inventive, aggressive and didn’t give up. Can we do less?????

        Here is one site if you want to become a precinct committeman.

        “The office of precinct committeeman (“PC”) has been has been called “the most powerful office in the world” because the PC is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter. A registered voter has no vote in internal Party policy; a precinct committeeman does. A PC elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention and RNC members. PCs sent to the Pres. Convention vote on what policies the party platform will be advocated in the next two years. Through a monthly meeting, PCs interact with their elected Party officials to influence legislation.

        Here’s the point: the Party does have good conservatives in it who are willing to take positions of Party leadership, but they won’t get elected into those positions unless the Party has a solid majority of conservatives in the PC ranks. As a PC, you can devote as much or as little time to other PC tasks such as helping to get out the vote on election day and informing the voters in your precinct about the best candidates, how best to vote on initiatives, etc. Politics matter. Look at the outcome of the last election. But to be able to vote for the Party leadership, a conservative registered Republican voter must be a PC. It’s that simple.”

        • Test: thank you much for the follow up and the link!

      15. If you have really sensitive data the best option it to keep it on encrypted removable media that is stored someplace secret that only you know about.

        A flash drive is pretty easy to keep concealed somewhere no one will find it if they don’t even know it exists in the first place.

        (not necessarily illegal data, things like your critical financial and personal records or business proprietary secrets that are important to keep away from prying eyes)

      16. Heres a good topic,
        What are your biggest concerns going forward?
        I know we read all these articles all over the place on the wackyweb, but in our lives?
        Personally, biggest concern is the changes coming regarding regulation of my livlihood by government. I have huge potential but absolutely no motivation because of new regulations and increasing costs and taxes. The alternatives are few too, construction in the shitter, people tightening up their spending etc etc, so i guess my biggest concern going forward is will i be able to make it having chosen to just live a subsistence lifestyle?
        Will world events negatively impact me as i am working towards my new goals?
        Or are we just going to see the slow erosion to where most folks dont get it till its way way too late?
        Tenuous times, some are still cruising along not a care in the world, many oblivious to whats going on out there, some are wacko over the top with the condpiracy theories,,, and there are many like me who are sick of it all and just want to get by and be left alone. I feel none of us really know what’s happening, so much mis information, too much false information, just plain too much everythng, going to be a bumpy ride for sure.

        • Sure discribes a war for our minds , doesn’t it ?

        • Kulafarmer.
          A couple of concerns.
          My biggest concern is what people in my neighborhood are going to do during a reset. Quite a few colorful characters. I hope they leave me alone. My plan is to be passive and highly defensive.
          Next is being able to deploy various countermeasures with a maximum degree of concealment.
          Which brings me to the Time Needed to accomplish tasks.
          Redundancy and overlay are key principles. That leads to Options which can mean all the difference in stressful situations.

          Law Enforcement will most likely protect the infrastructure from damage.

          Things that are high percentage of happening.

          Banking and Financial collapse.
          Economy dumps. Dollar dumps.
          No More Government support.
          Food riots.

          This article tells us how they want to extend control over us but they already have the means and information to come after us all.

          • SS: I was at my local grocery store on President’s Day. Based on observing the people in the store, I concluded that most people would freak out or wait until the government (or someone else) told them what to do. Many people are out of shape. There was an article last week about the official rate of obesity in the US is now 30%. I consider being in shape an asset. It doesn’t cost anything other than some time and effort.

            Anyhow based on my most recent shopping excursion most people would be helpless, clueless, and useless. Think how people would act after 72 hours without their phone. Or electricity. What about 7 days without their drug or beverage of choice? I knew someone that would flip out if they didn’t have an ice cold Pepsi every morning. In part because they would get a headache from caffeine withdrawal. Imagine how people would start to act after seven days, fourteen days, 21 days, and longer.

            This little thought experiment terrifies me.

            If you have not read it yet, Matt Bracken wrote an article about possible scenarios a few years ago. “When the Music Stops: How Americas Cities May Explode in Violence” which he wrote in 2012.


            • Philosopher.

              I just read the article. It is a very good explanation of what can go down and it is a very good start. I recommend reading it for Newbie’s. Like you said. Drugs and alcohol will play a major part combined with electronic withdrawals.

              I do stress others to read Military Field Manuals. I try and point people in the right direction for sensitive information. Google for instance. While you still can acquire it.

              I am one for Force Multipliers. And there are some you just can not whip up overnight. Takes time and I tell you all, that commodity is going to become scarce. Especially when you want to get it done in a hurry.

              When they click the switch to off on the internet, you’re done. Then you can use your Iphone to only communicate but all will be monitored.

              Newbies ask your questions.

              • Speaking of ‘switching off the Internet’ ….would it not be possible for “those in the know” to supply as many Wi-Fi’s (or ?) so that commo (in some slower form) could be maintained. I mean, ANYTHING can be ‘written in code’ and then deployed and improved upon. That’s a question that I lack the knowledge to answer (in full). Anyone?

            • Thanks for the link. Information is what this site is all about.

              Truth is, our ideas are BETTER than theirs. If we communicate well, we will, in fact, win.

              • Bracken is a smart guy. There is a poster on IW, Arizona Militia that turned me on to Bracken and the link I posted above is the very first Bracken article I read. I read his “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” books in December. He wrote the first book ten years ago and it was like reading today’s headlines, or pretty close. His ideas and knowledge scare the hell out of me. I have been reading dystopic novels and science fiction all of my life but Bracken is the Ameican equivalent of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.


                “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive”

                Posted on November 30, 2015 by Baron Bodissey

                Matthew Bracken is the author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and a well-known advocate for Second Amendment rights. The following guest-essay by Mr. Bracken is also being published at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

                Multicultural Paris riot, 2014

                “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive”

                By Matthew Bracken, November 2015

                “More than a decade ago I wrote my first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Part of my motivation was to establish my bona fides at forecasting social, political and military trends. I didn’t like the direction America was heading, and I wanted to warn as many readers as possible about some of the dangers I saw coming. At the end of 2015, I hope that my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay.

                As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

                Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet. So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism.

                Allow me to explain the salient aspects of each, and how they relate to the coming 2016 cataclysm.”

          • slingshot

            1. Complain to everyone how broke you are. Start and end every conversation with neighbors about your dreadful economic plight.

            2. Periodically ask neighbors for food, grocery money and the like.

            3. Give the front of your home a reverse makeover. Act poor, look poor.

            • K2: I read about this tactic being used in South America. In some cities people do not wash their cars. Many people drive older cars so they don’t stand out. People dress down and do not wear jewelry because it is too risky.

              Most people I know don’t talk about money at all. I would never ask a neighbor for anything, let alone money for food or groceries.

              For the most part, just keeping a low profile is smart. The reverse makeover has been used by people in Northern Maine for years. Always wondered why some of them never finished the outside of their house.

            • K2

              I am good in the complaining dept. A few of my neighbors agree with me. I sense fear and anger from them but they do nothing to prepare.

              Front yard is a weed garden. My neighbors have better looking lawns.

              • Lots of dandelions in your lawn means Dandelion wine, and greens in your salad. Cook and eat the roots too.

                My garden is plagued by leopard slugs imported from Europe. Why? Europeans knew they could eat them, and they grow anywhere. A plague in the new world, or food in a famine? Poor mans escargot! Got butter!

                • To prepare freshwater slugs or snails. Drop them in a bucket of salt water, salted to sea water levels, with a lid, the survivors that can climb to the lid are good for eating. The saltwater will clean them out and make them safe to eat. The bucket will be full of their shit, because that’s what the salt water did to them. They are clean, really clean Inside.

                  Salt water snails, same process but use fresh water.

                  • Plan Twice
                    That’s a new one for me, leopard slugs, gotta look them up. As for a weedy lawn… most weeds are nutrient accumulators and are nutrient dense. Most are healthier than our veg patches. Happy eating!

                    • Here in the East we have millions of non migratory geese. People refer to them as lawn rats. They eat grass that is highly treated with lawn chemicals. Even the foxes and coyotes don’t want to eat them, they are so gross.

                      If the SHTF, and people stop putting lawn Chemicals down, the ecology will change. In a year or so the geese will start naturally cleansing their systems of the lawn chemicals. I already have recipes.

                  • Plan Twice
                    I looked up slugs and snails, they are all edible if cleaned, as you say. Thanks for the good info. As for all these chemicals, I am angry at Bill Gates/Monsanto, but realistically, the nitwits buying them and gleefully flinging them around their homes and farms are crazy. Never have used toxins and never needed them. Polyculture doesn’t require them.

                    • Rebecca,
                      I’m pretty anti-chemical and have been for years, I do use some, but only to control plague like infestations, and I use natural means whenever possible.

                      We had a plague of Japanese beetles hit last year. Mostly we just handpick them. We held a bag under branches and shook them into the bag, we’d fill a gallon sized bag most days. I did treat the soil in the garden and around their favorite food with Milky-Spore a fungus that attacks them in the grub stage.

        • Kula I’m old enough that I still enjoy most freedoms, such as I open carry a gun where ever I go, and travel where ever I want. Only problem is, I can’t open carry where ever I want to travel. Now that being said, I’m still able to fight the good fight, and will until I’m unable to do so, and will die fighting. My biggest concern is for my Kids and my Grandkids they will most likely live to see the end of Freedom as I know it. I have done my best to instill resistance to the usurpers of Freedom in their thoughts. Trekker Out. Die Free!

          • Old bastard,

            I believe you did try you best to hold off this shit.

            White birth rates are far too low.

            • Ass’ed, I ain’t no Boomer. I was born a War Baby and I’ll Die a War Man. Don’t blame low birth rates on me, had 6 Kids, and ain’t Catholic! Trekker Out. Seems Most Socialist Are Under 35!

              • Ahh true socialism occurs in socialist, communist and Marxist societies when the collective inevitably fails and mass starvation cause starving people to trade their child for their neighbors child, so neither family would have to eat their own!

                Yes, this is true and has been repeated in many socialist, communist, Marxist societies around the world.

                • Plan Twice,
                  This is true, and I think socialism/communism is delusional. But our country is an oligarchy and all seem to think we will soon lose 90 percent of our population to starvation. Central control is prone to stupid decisions that people pay for through starvation. If we have an EMP most will starve. Central control will starve us anyway, right or leftwing. Venezuela had an oligarchy before Chavez and they created a small ruling class with masses of people starving… shift into Chavez who burned the whole shebang down. Neither seems workable to me. Take government out and people take care of themselves and family. I lean Libertarian, not big government, no matter what it is called.

              • Most socialists are commies and they’d like to be your stalin, but they don’t want to die.

          • Die Free!
            I plan on it,,,

      17. I didn’t know what I was going to do this weekend. So, I called the NSA and they checked the algorithm they set up for me. They said I’m getting on the internet at 10:30 AM and then I’m going for gas and then I’ll get a sub sandwich, etc. etc. The NSA says they set up an algorithm for everyone in the US. Maybe even more people. Land of the free?

      18. Just found out that the Apple phone that was in the possession of the California terrorists is owned by their government employer. The employer had remotely changed the pass code so no one could get in. The FBI is lying again? Say it isn’t so.

      19. Kula they meaning tptb will not leave people like us alone. New technologies and spying on smart phones are to blame for this shit. I’m pushing forward with my agenda no matter what these devils do. Some day our agendas will clash and I will have to get ugly. I’m certainly not gonna throw a lifetime of working on my agenda because it’s not in line with tptbs. Not gonna happen. We are under attack from all angles. Gmo foods lies propaganda fluoride in the water. They are brainwashing our kids in school and trying to make our kids against us. We know we are right and they are wrong but we are outnumbered. Subsistence living is hard if you don’t have the land and natural resources available to you. Maybe in Alaska or Montana you can live this way. You need $ to pay for taxes and inescapable bills. If you get sick your gonna need to get to a hospital or Doctor. It’s really not realistic to live this way anymore. What I do is try to live with minimal dependence on public systems. Grow some stuff in the garden to buy less at the market. Hunt and put some meat in the freezer. Fix my own stuff if I can. Keep healthy to a avoid doctors. Don’t take meds. Buy only what I need. Work all the overtime I can. Constantly trying to adjust my agenda. We gotta start drawing lines and holding to them. No more chipping away at us.

        • Asshat, that makes 2 of us 🙂

      20. I figure most know this by now, but i didn’t as i don’t listen to talk radio or watch the news much.

        Jeb Bush let the rights to his expire


        Donald Trump bought it.

        So now when you got to the bush site it takes you straight to the Donald Trump site.

        I have laughed about this all day. 🙂 hahahahahaha

        • I just tested it- you are correct. slick. Never let a crisis go to waste.

      21. Its a dog and pony show for public consumption. NSA has probably already gotten the info needed. Apple is trying to look good for the public and future profits and Isis is probably rubbing their hands together feeling like they can get away with murder and the government has their “number”. Lots of misdirection going on.

      22. lies from gov. They have lost all credibility with me. I don’t believe a thing they try to do has my best interest and freedom at the root. Your $ speaks to whatever you want. If you buy crack suppliers will get it to you. We all know what happens to the neighborhood when this comes to town. When you put your $ towards something there is adverse affects think about them before you buy into it. Smartphones and the Internet are good but scum like the gov can monitor our business. So here we are gov creates this boogeyman Isis to use as a means to crush freedom and they need to spy on everyone to ensure safety. I never asked the gov to provide safety for me. I’m fully aware that there are dangerous people out there. This is why we have gun rights. Look smart terrorists will not be using smartphones to communicate. gov wants there to be no place private not even your home. There are cameras out in the woods watching trails. This is what tech has got us great isn’t it.

        • 101 reasons an EMP would even the score

      23. I was very considerate today at the grocery store. I only bought half of the canned lima beans in stock.

        • Arch the other half will still be there the next time you go back. Trekker Out. I Eat Them As A Last Resort!

          • I love lima beans, and I love succotash. The grocery stores put all the other vegetables on sale occasionally, but never the lima beans.

      24. I believe that Apple already has a backdoor security for these phones but they don’t want their customers to know it. If they give in to the FBI and crack the code, customers will doubt the security of their phones. Apple really should be more concerned about the safety of our country and, in fact, their lives as well as their families. Our country has come a long ways in the last few years and it is not a good change. It is like there is no patriotism anymore and money is the most important thing.

        • Mary Kaiser man
          Everything is money. Citizens United says it is so.

          • RED, sure, thus speaketh the witch living off of other people’s money.


        Interesting study! Of course, today, most people would be dead in 10 minutes without their cell phones working!

        In January of 1864, the schooner Grafton shipwrecked off the coast of Aukland Island while hunting seals. Her captain, Thomas Musgrave, his partner Francois Raynal, plus two seamen and a cook–the entire crew of the Grafton–managed to make it to shore with some supplies salvaged from the ship. The crew would not all be rescued until almost 20 months later, in late August 1865, after (among other things) living off roots and seal meat, building a dwelling complete with stone fireplace, building a forge, building a boat, and sending two men to New Zealand in that boat for help.

        20 miles away from their shelter on that very same island four months after the Grafton wrecked, the Scottish square-rigger Invercauld wrecked. Nineteen men survived the initial wreck, including the captain, two officers, the cook, the steward, the carpenter, and two ship’s boys; six others drowned. Twelve months after wrecking, the Invercauld survivors were rescued by a passing ship, reduced by that time to just the captain, one officer, and one seaman, after (among other things) finding an abandoned settlement, fighting among themselves, facing starvation, and brushes with cannibalism. No search was made for others shipwrecked on the island; neither group of castaways was ever aware of the other.

        Maritime hitorian Joan Druett’s Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World(Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2007) is a fascinating real-life account that contrasts the fates of two crews of shipwrecked men at the same time and the same place. One group, under their captain’s leadership, pulled together, pooled their efforts, survived, and eventually got themselves home. In the other group the captain and officers demonstrated the meaning of the words “leadership failure” and hampered the efforts of the one member of the crew with the knowledge and skills to help the crew survive. The Invercauld crew scattered and turned on one another, dying in a process of attrition that only ended when rescue came from the outside.

        These stories, juxtaposed in this way, illustrate an important lesson for those of us preparing for a possible breakdown in normal conventions: leadership matters. Both crews had members with survival skills and knowledge; the leader of one chose to adopt good suggestions made by his crew and encouraged a vision of hope, while the other rejected good suggestions because they came from a seaman and not one of the officers. Both crews lost their ships; one group salvaged and recovered as much as possible, right down to ballast and nails, while the other wandered away. Both crews faced daunting challenges; the captain of one crew organized his men and assigned tasks, but the captain of the other crew demanded to be served and allowed his group to dissipate. Both crews faced situations where the good of the group required individual risk; in one group, the individuals worked for their mutual welfare even at great personal sacrifice, while in the other group the individuals looked out for themselves, taking advantage of any generosity offered by any others.

        Cited from

        • Test
          good rec, I just added it to my reading list

      26. Mary are you saying Apple should give in to gov demands and let them have the power to look through our iPhones for our safety. the people who say they are ok with it cause they aren’t hiding anything can let them if they want I don’t. Some people are so on board with big gov getting bigger I’m not hearing that. Gov knowing you account info and other such things is not a good thing. It don’t take $ to be a patriot it takes guts to resist an intrusive gov. I’m not afraid of terrorists to give up my privacy. Privacy is a sacred thing that should not be given up freely. This is America it’s not about free shit it’s about freedom to persue happiness. people are not entitled to all this free shit. Social saftey nets are for the most extreme hardship not to be used as a voting base of freeloaders.

      27. Have FBI give Apple phone. Apple opens lock,give back to FBI. Problem solved

        • southside you just don’t understand, thats not the phone they want to open. Apple won’t pull that BS on “The Donald” he’ll put a boot on their neck. Trekker Out. I Heard That Somewhere Before!

      28. This is the reason I will leave the country and never come back if Sanders or Clinton are elected president:

        Authored by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, originally posted at The Week, (and reposted on zerohedge):

        “Venezuela’s economy is collapsing. The country has topped Bloomberg’s “Economic Misery Index,” which takes into account several economic measures, for two years. Runaway inflation and high unemployment are plaguing the country.

        The country’s government is taking emergency measures, including increasing the price of gas (which is still among the cheapest in the world) and devaluing the currency to tackle runaway inflation.

        If you read much of the commentary, people blame the country’s economic woes on the low oil price. It is true that Venezuela’s economy is highly sensitive to the oil price, because it is a significant part of the economy. The oil and gas sector accounts for around 25 percent of the country’s entire gross domestic product. Venezuela’s oil also has high sulfur content, which makes it more expensive to refine, and makes Venezuela’s economy more sensitive to oil price drops.

        But while the oil price drop may have been a proximate cause, and an aggravating factor, Venezuela’s economic woes predate the current oil price drop by many years, and were going on even while the oil price was high, under President Hugo Chavez. The culprit is clear and obvious: The problem is Venezuela’s authoritarian socialism.

        The country has had food shortages for many years, because many foodstuffs are price-controlled. If there’s one thing all economists agree on, it’s that price controls lead to rationing. And yet, the government insists shortages are due to greedy hoarders. President Nicolás Maduro has recently taken over a supermarket chain, arguing that it was hoarding. The currency crisis also means that food imports are prohibitively expensive, and capital and exchange controls mean there is often no way to produce the money to buy things even when they are available. Venezuela shows us a sight familiar to those who experienced Soviet Communism — long lines to buy food — in an oil-rich country.

        Under Chavez, Venezuela nationalized a swathe of industries, including oil projects, and instituted a 50 percent windfall tax on oil profits, driving away oil companies. Sometimes the government just seized them. The government nationalized agriculture projects and major agricultural companies. It has also nationalized several banks and shut down others. It also took over the cement sector and the country’s biggest telecommunications company, as well as utility companies.

        Transparency International ranks Venezuela in the top 20 of the world’s most corrupt countries. According to a Gallup poll, 75 percent of Venezuelans believe corruption is rampant at every level of the government. If you were a business owner in a country where the government is seizing companies left and right, you might believe a bribe is the only way to keep your living. Caracas is the murder capital of the world.

        President Maduro recently arrested the mayor of Caracas, a virulent opponent of the regime, on charges of fomenting a coup d’état. TV channels and other media hostile to the regime are frequently harassed, or even shut down. None of these things are due to low oil prices. Instead, they are due to misguided government policies.

        And, for conservatives, it’s a useful reminder. Socialism is what produces bread lines in an oil-rich country. In developed countries, economic debates often focus on narrow questions, such as raising the minimum wage, where it’s possible for reasonable people to disagree. This leads to an impression that the relative merits of free enterprise and big government policies can be in the eye of the beholder.

        To a certain extent this is true. Or, at any rate, different economic policies affect individual countries differently. Make no mistake: A free enterprise system requires an important role for government. But while unleashed capitalism can have unseemly side effects, no policy produces the kind of sheer economic devastation that authoritarian socialism does. Sadly, Venezuela gives us yet another example.”

        • Hugo Chavez took Venezuela from an average, but prosperous South American country into total collapse in just 13 years. To every problem he had a socialist program to nationalize business and take control, after a decade of doing this to virtually every sector of society they ended up with the government owning everything and nothing working. VZ is now bankrupt and the population is starving while the government continues selling everything that can be shipped out of the country. They have descended into a corrupt feral society.

        • “The state (socialism) is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”

          Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

      29. ht tp://

      30. The banks are getting ready to force everyone to use smartphones along with fingerprint or iris scanners in order to use ATMs. The machines will eventually have nothing but the cash dispenser, no keyboard or screen.

        ht tp://

        Then they’ll do away with the cash dispensers.

        • My bet is going cashless will be the next means of stemming a collapse.

          • Yes. they are certainly going to push that one… along with a 666 mark on the forehead

      31. Philosopher.

        Better get your passport ready.

        • SS: I always have a valid passport.

          • I understand that Passports are like a International ID and have a chip. Any thoughts on that. Trekker Out.

      32. Rule number one is: Don’t Keep Written Records.

        Rule number two is: Don’t let your phone keep written records for you.

        • AC: good luck reading my chicken scratch. Half the time I can’t read it.

      33. I guess Bush let his website expire because he knew he was going to drop out.

        As I’ve said in the past, there will be no choice on the primary ballot by the time I get to vote.

        They’re also talking about redistricting in NC at this late date.

        • That one was trashed by The Supreme Court – – unconstitutional.


        “…I became acquainted with the last stages of corruption in my second concentration camp in Auschwitz. The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment—or, as the Nazis liked to say, of ‘Blood and Soil.’ I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidanek were *******ultimately prepared not in some Ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and in the lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.*****
        —Viktor E. Frankl, Holocaust survivor and Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, University of Vienna Medical School; from his book, The Doctor and the Soul. Leftist campus speech and thought police, anyone?

        And East Indian Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias similarly quoted one Brit journalist: “If chance be the father of all flesh, disaster is his rainbow in the sky, and when you hear a state of emergency, (such as) sniper kills 10, troops on rampage, youths go looting, bomb blasts school, it is the sound of man worshipping his (self-proclaimed) maker.”

        THIS garbage above – the relativism, the post-modernism and the close-mindedness/intellectual dishonesty of the radical left – is how we got to where we are today. We are now a culture that mimics, in toto, what John DeLorean wrote biography about where he went wrong: “I had abandoned every principle in the pursuit I set for life.” And if Hilary comes to mind here, you are getting exactly what I am saying.

      35. I’ve been of the air for a few days as the telephone company cut my line accidentally during a repair in a storm. I am considering going to satellite for Internet and phone. My entire connection to the outside world is dependent upon two 20 AWG wires.
        As far as phones. This article assumes you are going to access the data via phone I/O. Depending on design, there is probably JTAG access to the entire guts of the computer. This stuff has layers “Software”, Firmware that every one spouts about are just the surface. The layers that do the real work are ASIC, FPGA, and generic CPU’s and memories. You can always extract the information you need if you have the resources and design information. It is just very invasive. How do you think the Chinese steal all our stuff?
        The FBI is trying to be cheap, or not reveal just how little privacy you really have.
        Never ever put anything on a computer/phone/flash drive that you don’t want the entire world to know. All it takes is one warrant
        from a Democrat judge.
        They are even sending out US Marshals to bust student loan dead beats these days.
        Keep prepping.

      36. Yes this is a psyop thing just for shits, and giggles one day I put something on one of the many sites on the internet that are monitored by ( you know who) to see what would happen.

        Not long after I get a phone call with a deep voice on the other end.

        They asked if this is ——- and then they hung up.

        They will get their intell. no matter if the break the law or not.


        Keep up the good work boys and girls.

      37. Is there a way that the cellular providers can discern encrypted from unencrypted data? If so then a solution to stop the Terrorists from using encryption is possible.

        In this case the solution is to by law make it illegal for the cellular service companies (ATT, Verizon, etc.) to forward encrypted material on their networks other than credit card and other finance account information. Apple would be in effect forced to issue a SW update to implement this as would every other cell phone manufacturer. Any third party encryption software running on a cell phone would have its content blocked by the cellular service companies. Unless the user updated their software by the final implementation date they would find themselves unable to make calls or send data to others. My recollection was that it has been illegal for Amateur Radio users to encrypt their communications over the public air waves so why not other users of the public spectrum?

        Got a better idea to prevent the Muslims from using our technology to kill us?

      38. My sister brought up an interesting thought the other day about Apple. We do not believe the company would invent a phone without having a backdoor. The phone would require multiple testing in order to get out the kinks before approval to sell. If they did not invent a backdoor program during testing, many phones would be wasted. Have you ever forgotten your password and couldn’t get into anything protected by passcodes? There are companies that can get into any phone in order to help the customer.

      39. Screw Apple, give the iphone to John McAfee. He will have it open in less that 2 days…..John is an encryption wizard.

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