USA’s Declining Birthrate Is A Financial Warning: Recession Coming & Social Security Insolvency

by | May 16, 2019 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Ponzi schemes like social security will be even less solvent than ever should the birth rate in the United States continue to decline at such a rapid rate. As the population ages, there won’t be enough workers to pay for the aging population, and the Ponzi scheme will finally be exposed.

    There were more than 3.7 million estimated births in 2018, down 2% on the year before, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics said Wednesday. That’s the lowest level since the 1980s, despite the insistence that we are in an improving and robust economy.

    A rising birthrate is normally indicative of an expanding economy, so we are either being lied to about how great the economy is, or those who are at childbearing age are not doing as well as the mainstream media claims. Couples may be finding it more difficult to pay their bills, so they’re holding off on having more children until their financial situation improves. Childcare expenses could also be playing a role, making it difficult for parents to balance children and work. According to Market Watch, younger and unmarried women are having fewer babies, more women are delaying marriage as they start their careers after college, and dual-income families find it increasingly expensive to have children, especially with the rising cost of childcare.

    The drop in birthrates usually also foreshadows a recession according to research. University of Notre Dame researchers said conceptions dropped ahead of the last three recessions, starting with the recessions of the early 1990s, the early 2000s and the Great Recession from 2008 to 2009.

    Not only does a falling birthrate likely foreshadow a recession, but it also means social security’s Ponzi scheme will be exposed sooner rather than later. Anqi Chen, assistant director of savings research at Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, said robust birth rates were important for the future health of Social Security funds. “If you think of Social Security as a pay-as-you-go system, paying current and future promised benefits depends on future labor force and future workers,” she said. And those numbers, she added, were pegged to factors like birth rates and immigration.

    Last month’s trustees’ report acknowledges that the future of the trust funds depend on many things, like the size of the workforce, the number of recipients and how much they are getting. The 2019 Social Security Trustees Report, released last month, said 80% of scheduled benefits will be payable by 2035. At the end of last year, almost 63 million people received about $994 billion in Social Security. The year earlier, almost 62 million people received a total of $946 billion in benefits.

    The important lesson here is to put your retirement and financial health into your own hands.  Prepare yourself, and don’t trust that the government’s schemes will work out for you.


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      1. I wonder how many of those that describe SS as a “Ponzi scheme” actually receive SS benefits.

      2. Look on the bright side of things. The way things are going the liberals will breed themselves out of existence in less than three generations. With their championing of planned parenthood and post birth abortion, their reliance on the LGBTQ community to further reduce their numbers and the feminazi movement they will disappear.

        Sooner would be better but everything they are championing works in conservatives favor.

        • I like the sound of those people being gone, We will be left with countless millions of scum illegals and islamic savages to deal with after that.

          • Menzo, I have spent the last few months trying to get Food Grade Buckets so that I have them ready to fill with a quick trip to Costco when necessary. But after a few MONTHS I have only been able to get about 20, I check Home Depot and 2 local Walmarts and they almost never have them. So I finally found a place online and ordered 30 more.

            My goal is 100 buckets, Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. All ready for a last min/hour/day run. I also feel really good about stocking up on Mason Jar Lids. I count all this as “Food Preparation”.

            • Good plan Justice. I continue my prepping when I can. It’s difficult to get enough of every single thing that our families might need. I’m trying to concentrate on comfort food at the moment; chocolate, desserts, etc.. I don’t want my family merely to survive but have a measure of happiness by having things we want too.

              • Justice, good for you! I have a number of buckets but I only keep long life staples in them (beans, rice, potatoes). The reason I don’t keep other things in them is if you open a bucket you have to use it all before too long. For instance if you open a bucket of dehydrated carrots will you eat them all in say 45 days? #10 cans are more pricey but I can keep my food fresher longer because I can use the contents in a short time. I do also use buckets to store individual packaged stuff say sugar or raisins or chocolate to keep the critters out. And buckets are great for 100’s of things too when yer done with them. Just an FYI.

                • Genius, good points. I plan on using my Food Saver to dry can stuff in Mason Jars when I open up large buckets.

                  I am currently running several tests on dry canning using mason jars and the Food Saver with and without oxygen absorbers. I found several tips:

                  1. Leave them out for 3 or 4 days to check and make sure the seal stays good.

                  2. Use the Half Gallon Big Mason Jars. They work so much better than the quart size. The smaller sizes rarely stay sealed.

                  • And I know you have a brake bleeder in case you open a jar and need to reseal it!!!

                    • JJ, I will look into using a brake bleeder when re-sealing a mason jar. Is that used as a manual backup to the Food Saver Method?

                      I usually just use the Food Saver with the canning attachment to reseal mason jars. It really is a great feature.

                • I practice the same procedure.

              • My main comfort foods post SHTF are Pancakes and Oatmeal, with either dehydrated blue berries or bananas with lots of brown sugar!

                I want to get something like Jolley Rogers Hard Candies. But it keeps moving down the priority list.

                I think my number one comfort food is Spaghetti/Pasta (Carbs). Pasta is already dehydrated and stores really well. I prefer pasta over rice any-day!

                • Hard candies are a good choice and I like pasta better too lol. If you have wheat and sugar and baking soda/powder you can make cookies! Those ingredients store indefinaltly. Canned butter is good too you can never have enough butter 😛

                  • Butter makes EVERYTHING better! I have several No. 10 cans of powdered butter, but by far my main butter supply is in my chest freezers. I will be swimming in butter. I’ve spent a lot of money making sure that my chest freezers keep working, even grid down.

                    If I loose my freezers my QUALITY of life will plummet significantly!

                    • BUTTER BATH!

            • Justice, do you have any Tractor Supply stores in your area? That’s where I get mine as well as the screw on lids. Lowes was carrying them as well.

              • Thanks reper sleepr. I will check my Tractor Supply.

          • See this is why I don’t get the whole anti-abortion from christians with attitudes like yours. Do you just want more people born to hate?

        • They won’t breed out of existance as long as the schools, universities and institutions keep pushing the leftist/marxist agenda and education.

      3. The problem of low birth rates in high IQ Europeans and high birth rates in lower IQ non-white immigrants is more problematic than issues with social security solvency.

        What would happen if immigrants went back to their Countries? There would be an immediate opening in the job market. Out of work or under employed would have jobs. They wouldn’t need a welfare check. Social programs would be infused with new money. Wages would soar to two or three times what they are now. Women could afford to live off their husbands income. Women would be less stressed, have better more frequent sex, and produce more children. Problem solved.


        • @hp

          The flaw in your slaw is that if all the Mexican sheet rock hangers went back to Ol’ Mehico, there are not many US citizens who would jump at the chance to hang rock (assuming the building was happening)

          Collect a check, pick up a SNAP card, smoke weed, eat ding dongs and ho hos, play video games…Hang Sheet Rock !!???

          Hay-el No !


          • You got that right brother

          • Non-participation by white degenerates opens up yet more positions in the job market, forcing the degenerates to compete with testosterone for their food, housing, and emotional support.

          • The other flaw in your slaw is ok, wages go up.

            And… the price of everything what, stays the same??


            Buy less shit need less shit have a cohesive social narrative that makes sense. Good starts. Otherwise you’ll be driving to clown world in your butt-warmed SUV until you’re old and at the mercy of people that hate you.

            The Boomers should be running from this country at light speed, given the amount of hate against them as a group, and this is just a love-tap compared to what you’ll be facing at age 80.

            • “The Boomers should be running from this country at light speed, given the amount of hate against them as a group…” –

              Serious question – TO WHERE, EXACTLY? The rest of the world will be even less tolerant of old indigents…

        • Yes we should go back to the good old days when women relied solely on men for basic necessities. Which would be great in theory if people were all good and decent. Unforrunately people are a lot more complex than that and there are many bad apples in the human race. Trapping women with no income is just a recipe for disaster.

      4. The lowered birth rate is often caused from self centered people of reproduction age who are self centered who have a title DINK (Dual Income No Kids). Many could afford children but choose to spend their incomes on themselves. Our son is a prime example having a combined household income of well over $100K with benefits and a new home with mortgage / taxes / insurance of $1000/month. They could afford a family but like vacations more. Social Security the Ponzi scheme that it is needs ever increasing participants; there is a problem here.

        • Thats a load of horse shit,,,
          NOBODY ever said it was mandatory to have kids.
          Perhapse those chosing to not have kids are really the sensible ones. They realize the burden those extra moths are and they also have no desire to bring an innocent child into this awful world we have today.
          Selfish/self centered, are those who pile these unreasonable expectations on others

          • Kids used to provide logistical support, so were considered a source of strength.

            • Ya but now with automation we don’t need half of the useless eaters. Yet the turd werlders keep shitting them out like no tomorrow. I say tax the living hell out of everyone over 40 to pay for my Social Security since they taxed the hell out of me for all their Bullshit! What comes around goes around… PAY UP AND PAY ME BACK A-HOLES!

              • Ooops I meant “under 40”

                • I disagree with Mormon doctrine, but that’s the only part.

            • Logistical support also used to come in the form of extended families most of whom lived nearby. I remember being able to walk next door to see Grandma; we weren’t allowed to walk to the other Grandma because of crossing railroad tracks and the bums that often hung out in the woods near them. There were numerous aunts and uncles in town plus cousins in near towns. We would visit them and they us. When some kids were old enough, we were called for babysitting for various relative’s outings (movies, etc.) and we were paid. Children also had chores which differed in towns from that of country cousins but in either case, it was expected that the chores be done without nagging. There were consequences otherwise.

              Only rich people had children in endless classes for dance, sports teams, etc.–not that there’s anything wrong with those activities. The point is that most activities for ordinary people revolved around the family. Today, it’s more about keeping the kids busy whether there is a point to it or not. We had music lessons and would be asked occasionally to play piano for a family gathering such as Christmas songs. We didn’t gather round the piano (hard with it against a wall) but would sing along wherever we were.

              Oh, one last thing. Good manners were enforced by family and neighbors alike. Bad manners were punished; you’d always be found out.

              Much has been lost to the belief in the nuclear family being a stand-alone unit.

          • Nailbanger, no kids, equals extinction of our people. White people average one kid per couple. That is an extinction event. You probably don’t care. Even dogs care enough to carry on their blood line.

            • First the White race will disappear, then the Orientals and Indians, then the Hispanics. The planet then will be ruled by a race of semi-intelligent apes sitting on their nuts in front of a mud hut beating each other over the head with sticks.

          • Nailbanger, maybe you are too young to remember but trust this old coot, having children used to be a key part of ‘The American Dream’. Remember dreaming? Hell, do you remember America?

          • Nailbanger, you’re missing the point. The issue ain’t about whether not having kids is good or bad, it’s about the declining birth rate of the productive members of society. The tone of your post sounds like Kevin2 hit a little close to home.

            • Stuart

              You made my point better than I; thanks.

        • It’s not a load of horse shit. People can do as they choose. I don’t blame my son as that’s how they want to spend their money. While may are they and many others are not doing it out of economic desperation.

          • I have no doubt that this younger generation is more self centered than those previous. They were raised in an “everyone gets a trophy” , “your fantastic and special” regardless if they are or not. Consumerism is the order of the day as is shown by the level of debt.

            • I’m happy as hell they aren’t having kids! We need a lot less people in this world and I am pissed as fook that I have to pay out the wazoo for every a-holes GD KIDS! Take away the tax write offs and eliminate all shit for kids from property tax and income tax and make parents pay for their BS and see what happens then! Oh my… kids are expensive, how dare you not pay their way you selfish no child bastards! FU, Buy me a dog park with free training and rides to and from. My dog is worth 10X more than you little pretard.

              • “your”

              • So you are pro-choice not pro-life.right Genius.

              • You need help……if you know what I mean. Dogs are never worth more than humans!

              • Genius I don’t believe people who don’t want children should pay for other peoples children. I don’t believe we should be paying ever increasing taxes for the public fool system when I homeschool our children. Then again I don’t agree with about 90 percent of the taxes our country forces out of people’s wallets. Shrink government and all its programs at all levels in my mind anyways.

            • They were also raised in a time of:
              1. Enforced Ritalin doses that parents can’t say no to without getting hauled off by CPS
              2. Enforced indoctrination of Johnny has two Mommies / Daddies / Elephants / Attack Helicopters / Bruce Jenners / what the fuck ever, that again, parents can’t say no to without getting hauled off by CPS
              3. Possibly the worst mathematics curriculum since the stone age
              4. High levels of autism because mom wanted to be 46 before she had them
              5. The complete shit show that is the divorce rate and family court system, traumatized, split up, ignored, not listened to…
              6. “Everyone except me is awesome” aka Fakebook
              7. God only knows whats in the food / water / pharmaceuticals but if they weren’t depressed enough already this cranks depression up to five alarm fire level
              8. Can’t even work before 18 anymore even at shit jobs for teens because of legal ramifications to said employers. No money. No control. No ability to even leave the house because “everyone is a stalker” or some shit (to say nothing of the aforementioned CPS… your kid gets a bruised knee playing outside and either “you must have hit him” or “you’re neglectful”. No kids just going out and being kids.
              9. “Kill yourself” being said online CONSTANTLY to them (don’t underestimate this, it’s constant. People are fucked up and want to see if they can get others to actually kill themselves).
              10. You’re fighting World War 1 with respect to their exposure to porn. This should be obvious. Maginot line on that one, big time.

              How fucked up is they? I don’t know, how fucked up would you be?

        • Kevin2, the birth control pill approved in 1960 was truly a gamechanger.

          • “The Pill” certainly was but I think it’s generally used by those with some level of responsibility. The irresponsible who procreate w/o concern of affordability sans, “The Pill”. It’s likely that the ratio is altered by this.

      5. i don’t care what the pro life crowd says children are a burden. I have three. The wife me and three kids need a bigger more expensive car to haul the family. When I go to dinner it costs me $100 just for us all to eat at a restaurant that’s good but not the best. Take out is $60 everytime. Plane tix cost $10k to go anywhere. Use more electric water and buy more fo

      6. Childcare is crazy expensive. Add to that a car payment, auto insurance, gas, cost of work cloths, work food, toll roads and there is no point for both parents to work. One income and a much lower standard of living will end up making your family so much more rich you will wonder why you never did it before. Mom or dad, but someone needs to be home with the kids.

      7. No economy can expand forever. There will always be recessions.

      8. The US national debt is $22 trillion. And we are concerned about it’s financial solvency? That horse left the barn decades ago.

      9. As for the declining US birth rate, look at the fruit of feminism. You have females who hate males, and males who fear even calling them ‘honey’ no less breeding with them.

      10. A lot aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to feed them or send them to college. kids are expensive. Those that really want them,go for it . The planet can’t feed us all so people need to cut back anyway.

        • It’s the “third world” people who are overpopulating this planet. Yes, there are people who don’t have children for selfish reasons of “me first”. Also this world has become a very dangerous place to live and getting worse, you may not want to thrust your children into such a place. It is man’s place to procreate, but to do it responsibly. Also man’s place to care for the earth responsibly, but men’s selfishness has ruined the earth. No one does what’s best for earth and man, but does only what is supposedly best for “ME”……….which is equal to greed.


          fwiw, it’s possible to eat, without any secular, statist, Ponzi schemes.

      11. A movement that is catching on is “Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). The MGTOW websites are filled with comments from disgusted men who are upset with how women are acting and how unfair the divorce system is. However, the comments are all centered on women, so how have these men gone their own way?

      12. Do you really think that someone wants to carry around State Property(tm) for 9 months and then spend 18 years doing what, given the level of control the State enforces, should realistically be “their job” for them?

        You think anyone doesn’t notice this? Talk to young people. They notice.

        You’ve damaged your brand name, in Marketing speak. Good luck getting anyone to trust you again in EVER on this issue.

        Rat out your parents and neighbors for fun and profit. Thanks Mao.

        But this… is not what you should be worried about. Well you should but I’m pretty sure this has been damaged beyond all hope of repair.

        What you should be worried about is the fact that they’ll import people to fix Social Security.

        And then… ever wonder what it must have been like to be a black person in a nursing home in the deep south in 1948?

        Pretty sure you’re about to find out exactly what it was like.

      13. It’s not just a question of fewer children being born; it’s also who is having them and who isn’t. In order for society to function properly and progress for the better in the long-term there must be a vast majority of those who will ensure their children will be raised in traditional families with traditional values, who ensure their children are educated, are taught to live morally, and will engage in lifelong livelihood to support themselves, they are the ones who should procreate more. Who put their faith, family, friends, freedoms, and finances (the 5 Fs) ahead of gov’t. Not only that, but legal, social, and cultural inhibitions should be maintained to inhibit otherwise. The birth rate outside of marriage is getting higher all the time, with one demographic group approaching 75 %. We now have 4th generation welfare recipients, a permanent underclass with millions of poorly educated, totally dependent people. Average IQs in the US are shown to be dropping, this is a result of a paradox. Those most capable of having and rearing children have the least, and those least capable having the most.
        We are swirling down, eventually and inevitably to chaos. There is hardly any longer a critical mass of people necessary to hold in check the deterioration of society. There are powerful enemies working to destroy us, such as “civil rights” organizations, NGOs, MSM, special interest groups, and even the gov’t, much of in a hidden way.
        The highest and most important priority of the gov’t / TPTB is to irrevocably alter the demography and culture of the country. Only their biggest hurdle presently, the Christian and/or traditional middle class, it is still a powerful enough force to challenge them (this is the major reason why TPTB are trying to eliminate Pres. DT, to silence us). Once we are too few in numbers, combined with a declining quality of life and standard of living, TPTB will make dramatic changes that will alter our way of life. Our present freedoms, liberties, rights, and quality of life will be no more as we currently know them.
        I read that politicians want to dramatically reduce Social Security, pensions, disability, and other benefits to those who worked and paid into their entire work lives. But the same politicians also want to give unlimited health care and all manner of benefits to millions of illegal immigrants, who never paid into the “system”. That alone should show what they really think of us, they only see us as a disposable resource. And of course, we will not see any real reduction of social welfare programs because that would cause social problems, at least not until TSHTF.
        Not only are the productive classes no longer large or wealthy enough to provide unlimited goodies, but the well is dry, gov’t debt at all levels is simply too massive to sustain it all much longer. The governing structures will have to be more centralized and confiscatory in nature that the remaining productive classes must adjust to, so that gov’t / TPTB can maintain the status quo until the whole thing must fall down.
        There is truly only one rational course of action, and that is every part of the country must SECEDE! Otherwise, we will all go down the drain together.

      14. Do any marriageable Prov 31 women read it?

        • Sadly not enough men or women do. If they did they would find this p 31 woman is revered and respected not a doormat. She is successful at putting her family first and managing her household while also being a businesswoman. The travesty in my mind is when young girls were no longer taught the value in being wives and mother’s.
          Destruction of the family unit has had a very negative affect on society.
          Marriage is no longer honored among many.
          Men especially white ones are beaten down and disrespected by both liberals and feminists.
          Women are told they can and should be anything and everything but a wife and mother.
          Children are seen as a burden and not a blessing…and this is making the assumption that babies are even viewed as humans anymore.
          And then there is the majority of my generation and younger who are a bunch of selfish lazy narcissists expecting everything to be just handed to them for free.
          I could rant on this subject for hours and find solace in the fact that we have 6 children to the lliberal/feminazi one to none. Perhaps they will be a self eliminating problem.

      15. The REAL problem here is that WHITES are not breeding enough and the savages, parasites- whatever you want to call them are OVER breeding. Who the hell do you think pays for all the sub-humans out there? The WHITE MAN. Who creates new inventions? WHITE PEOPLE. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Taxes should be segregated. Who do you think would come out on top with that? THE WHITE PEOPLE! We need to stop paying for other parasitic races just popping out 50+ kids while sucking on the welfare TIT! Maybe THEN white folk would have enough money to raise more children….

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