US Submarine That Attacked Syria ‘NOT WELCOME’ Back To Italy After ‘Failed’ Strike

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    The United States nuclear submarine that took part in the attack on Syria over the alleged chemical weapons use is not allowed back in the waters near Naples, Italy, the mayor declared.  The mayor states that he designated the city a “denuclearized zone” in 2015 and wants to keep it that way.

    Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris wrote last week to Rear Admiral Arturo Faraone, head of the city’s port authority, complaining that the official had given permission to allow Virginia-class submarine USS John Warner to pass through the Gulf of Naples on March 20, following a two-week exercise by Western military alliance NATO. Magistris argued that he had designated the city a “denuclearized zone” in a 2015 act that sought to “prohibit docking and parking of any vessel that is nuclear-powered or contains nuclear weapons” and declared Naples a “city of peace,” according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

    “Our administration is not against anyone but it is in favor of policies of peace, disarmament and international cooperation,” de Magistris told Italian news service Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata on Monday. “It is in favor of diplomacy so that international institutions like the U.S. are the lead players in moments of crisis.  The fact that it is the same submarine (involved in the Syria attack) further reinforces the rightness of the order with which we said ships of nuclear propulsion or carrying nuclear weapons are not welcome in the port of Naples and, therefore, they are not allowed to travel through or stay,” he added.

    Adding further insult to injury, Israel has come out saying the US-led strike on Syria, which was coordinated with the help of France and the United Kingdom, was a failure. Based on their goals outlined, which was to prevent Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons in the future, the US-led strike on the war-torn nation won’t accomplish that. Israeli intelligence said that the US strike was, for all intents and purposes, a waste of money because it didn’t take out anything, really.

    “If President Trump had ordered the strike only to show that the US responded to [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s use of chemical weapons, then that goal has been achieved,” Israel’s Ynetnews quoted a senior defense official as saying. “But if there was another objective — such as paralyzing the ability to launch chemical weapons or deterring Assad from using it again — it’s doubtful any of these objectives have been met.”


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      1. God all of these people are plum crazy

      2. Do you believe this. Our troops risk their safety for Isrealhell, but Isrealhell isn’t satisfied. They want to “paralyze” Syria. These sadistic ungrateful people should go fight their own war, and leave US out.


        • That will never happen. Our government is full of jeus, doing what ever Israel wants. I guess we just didn’t fulfill our duties this time and master Israel is not happy. They wanted us to hit Iranian targets as well as Russia and Syrian targets. Just the fact that we didn’t kill a bunch of Iranians shows that we were not successful in their eyes.

        • B, they don’t want to paralyze Syria. They want Syria, gift wrapped. More land.

          • Ketch,
            Off subject But I just heard your entire grid went down.
            How it going?

            • rellik, going just fine, we are used to this now.
              Luckily my wife got home just after it went down and didn’t have to go thru any traffic lights that weren’t working. That is a real freak show–nobody rotates at intersections and it’s dangerous as hell.
              Got the honda genny running, tv is on, fridges running, and thanks to the Boy Scout motto, no problems.

      3. If it wasn’t for Patton they’d all be speaking German.

        • Heck that wouldn’t be so bad. Better than speaking arabic! None of this bullshit would be happening if hitler was successful! Isrealhell would be a crater instead of the master of the US. We were on the wrong side of ww2…

      4. Who gives a flying shit what Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris has to say about anything?

        • This!

        • I’ve been in Naples several times courtesy of the U.S. Navy. No great loss. It’s a shit hole and it seemed to get worse with each visit.

      5. Fine, if SH-Italy wants the US out, lets pack up and leave, let them protect themselves…… The US needs to STOP being the World Police.

        Ungrateful BASTATRD

        PS; they make horrible Wine.

      6. They sniff war and the guns get dropped. Mama Mia, we canna have the sailors here, we might become a target too!!

      7. Hmm, he prefers the muzzie rapefugee invaders. Who knew?

      8. I hear Italy is just crawling with WMD.

        • Italy is now chuck-full with Sand-apes and African apes…good luck with that. Those sub-human critters will ruin Italy and all of Europe for that matter, just give it maybe what 10-20 years tops and it will all be crap-tastic, full of gorillas. That will be the U.S. in very short order if we do NOT stop allowing all of these low I.Q.,disease ridden, lazy, welfare seeking scum into this nation – which already has plenty of it’s own problems. The End!!

      9. This drama has been going on for thousands of years. It will go on for many more years. I don’t see anything that will change the dynamics in the region. There will be stop and go violence and even a small war.
        What should concern everyone is the mass migration of Muslims into western countries. This is a part of the koran that states muslims can and should go to these counries and out breed them into submission. They do not hide their intent – they will tell you to your face that is the plan.
        The Legal scholars of Islam will also speak plainly and tell you that ISIS are the TRUE followers of Islam.
        So what are we missing?
        Why are wold leaders alloowing and even encouraging this invasion.
        Globalist want to remove soveriegn identity. They want choas in their countries so the elite can take control – The elite have determined that the worlds population needs to be reduced significantly due to limited resources being used up. They are also thinking that AI/robarts will replace food eating humans.
        Stay tuned – think big

      10. Trump wanted to pull us out of Syria and bring out Troops home. The Deep State has taken over the Presidency we will be engaged in the Middle East until the end. Sad.

      11. Tell that short, fat, gay Mayor to go and suck some more Moooolsim dicky-do’s already and just bury his head in the sand.

      12. How long and which port city in America will be the first to declare their port a “nuclear-free zone”. Tar & feathers, a rope, a horse whipping or all of the above for the mayor?

        • Brian,
          My bet would be Seattle.
          I used to sail in WA state and have probably seen more
          subs under way than most civilian people in other states.
          There is a training range in Juan deFuca strait.
          A Chilean sub accidentally sunk a power boat, when it surfaced. This was in the mid 1990’s

      13. If I understand it correctly. The mayor of Naples would not even know if a Virgina class submarine were in his area if they so choose. Even if he found them he does not have the ability to kill it.

      14. USA military WELCOME IN UK

      15. It amazes me how tin hat mayors and even state governors have the balls to tell their country what the country will or won’t do. NAples has it idiot but so do we for California and New York.

      16. Well you can thank Obomber and Clinterite for taking out Libya for all the sub humans in Africa invading Italy,
        and how many millions of Arabs fleeing the Syrian mess
        thanks to the same crisis actors named above. You can’t fix stupid!!!

        Europe is doomed because of their policies, oh yeah I forgot Soros too.

      17. Well,if the Israelis think they could do better,than have at it and leave us the fuck alone. And if they run out of ammo,missiles or whatever,too fucking bad for them.

      18. both the Italian military and the gooberment will tell that idiot mayor to shove a pastrami up his azz ….

        if he had any authority like that it would make naval movements impossible around the world ….

        even the idiot mayors on the US coast cities aren’t this crazed ….

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