US Navy Will Begin Discharging Sailors For Refusing To Take The “Vaccine”

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The United States Navy is going to begin their purge of those who refuse to follow orders and just get the “vaccine.” New guidance warns that those not fully vaccinated by November 28 will be discharged.

    Vaccination is of “paramount importance” to maintaining the health of personnel and the battle-readiness of the force, the guidance released on Thursday says. “Sailors must be prepared to execute their mission at all times, in places throughout the world, including where vaccination rates are low and disease transmission is high,” it states.

    If we are being honest, we know the government doesn’t care about “battle-readiness” as much as it does having a crew of willing order followers. Those who refuse the “vaccine” are not the people they need to enforce the New World Order. We know this vaccine is a large piece of the agenda, and this move by the Navy further cements that reality.

    Because the Centers for Disease Control and the ruling class are so disingenuous with how they count “fully vaccinated” (people are usually considered to be fully vaccinated two weeks after both doses are administered), the sailors should receive their second shot by November 14 in order to meet the deadline, according to a report by RT. 

    Navy Reserve sailors have also been told to be fully vaccinated, but they were given more time. They have until December 28. Those who refuse could receive a general discharge under honorable conditions, the guidance warned, which could result in the loss of some veterans’ benefits.

    According to the new rules, senior officers have just five days to comply with their superior’s order to be vaccinated or face detachment for cause proceedings.

    “An unvaccinated senior leader without a pending or approved exemption calls into question the Navy’s trust and confidence regarding their ability to ensure unit readiness or to maintain good order and discipline,” according to the guidelines.

    Navy figures indicate that there are around 7,000 unvaccinated sailors in its ranks whose careers in the force are now at risk. About 98% of Navy personnel have received at least one dose of the vaccine. –RT

    Translation: we need obedient order followers to usher in the New World Order. Those who disobey are not fit to help us force our totalitarian enslavement on humanity.

    The Navy isn’t the only military branch to have introduced a vaccine mandate, with the US Army telling troops to be fully immunized by December 15, and the Air Force, setting a deadline of November 2.

    We are about to witness just how far those troops are willing to go to comply and obey the orders of the ruling class. Stay alert and aware. Things are ramping up. This is going to get uglier by the end of the year.



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      1. With Biden in office we’re unlikely to become involved in any serious foreign war so we should not replace those discharged because we won’t be needing to maintain as large a naval fleet, or the other services as well for that matter, as we have had in the past.

        This would be a winning situation for our country since our military would be more appropriately sized and cost less and the discharged servicemen could join the civilian workforce and help alleviate the crippling civilian labor shortages we are currently experiencing.

        • Mutiny

      2. F—- Biden and his mandates!

      3. I can see their reluctance after steaming those navy hospitals into port and nobody getting on board.

      4. Popeye would be pissed! We ARE FOOKED! Expect an invasion in the next few years, it has been planned for decades. Take as many with you as you can, that’s about all you can do…

      5. According the the military manual, if something is an experiment, you can refuse it. The jab is still an experiment. But the military does not care, they want total obedience.

        • The same thing, total obedience, will be demanded from the general population.

          And much sooner than most people think. Maybe as soon as later this year or early next year.

          Only question I have is will it be done by the States or by the Feds or maybe the Feds forcing the States to do it?

          We should know soon enough.

          • So I work for a large utility and we utilize L3/Harris radios…guess what? Harris just released an update that allows interoperability between their civilian radios and the military Falcon radios…don’t know what that means in the long run, but I have my suspicions..

          • Did you bring the strawberry?

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