US Navy Preps For WAR: New ‘Sea Dragon’ Weapon Data Hacked By Chinese

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The new Navy “Sea Dragon” is a secret weapon being developed by the government and an unknown defense contractor.  The weapon is said to be able to give its submarines a new, “disruptive offensive capability” to take on enemy ships.

    The previously unknown weapon, dubbed the “Sea Dragon”,  is most likely a new version of a versatile air defense missile capable of pinch-hitting as an anti-ship missile. The Washington Post broke the story over the weekend that Chinese hackers had compromised the computers of a Navy contractor and stolen 614 gigabytes of data. The stolen data pertained to the Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center, which conducts research and development on submarine systems. According to the Post, the stolen data includes, “signals and sensor data, submarine radio room information relating to cryptographic systems, and the Navy submarine development unit’s electronic warfare library.”

    According to Popular Mechanics, this hack by the Chinese led to the discovery of the US’s new war weapon, the Sea Dragon. At the request of the Navy,  The Washington Post withheld some “sensitive” information on the Sea Dragon. But what the media outlet did divulge, was that the weapon is a supersonic anti-ship missile for use by submarines. According to a statement by the Navy, the weapon was a “disruptive offensive capability” created by “integrating an existing weapon system with an existing Navy platform.” T

    The weapon was to start underwater weapons testing later this year and will be ready for service 2020.  All four of the Navy’s offensive missiles: the Harpoon anti-ship missile, Tomahawk land attack missile, the new Naval Strike Missile, and the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile are all subsonic missiles, reported Popular Mechanics. 

    Is this new Sea Dragon a part of the new arms race that will lead us toward a second Cold War; or possibly a third World War?  It’s hard to say since the Navy hasn’t released much information about it, and the Chinese hackers seem to be holding back some information as well.


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      1. +this is so stupid…we have spent trillions on the military and this is what we get?…this has to be the heck we give them all this taxpayer money and this crap happens…soo pathetic…this is why this country is screwed is because of stuff like this…

        • 0010101,
          Curiosity kills me.
          I can deal with any number system Decimal, Nines, Octal, Binary.
          I can read ASCII. What is the significance of yours?

          • It’s binary for 21, but is he 21 years old or what?

        • IF it was “hacked”, it was meant to be, purposely. Common strategy to provide fake Intel to the enemy. Otherwise this is just more fake news propaganda crap. Maybe I should buy gas masks and IOSat pills? Or maybe not.

        • Thankfully we’re moving all of our data onto “the cloud” rather than a secure, non-internet connected, server in a secure location. In “the cloud” it will be able to be readily shared with all who have a need to access it. Security? Oh, um, it will be safe in “the cloud.”

      2. This has been going on for far too long.


        • My Glock 20 with Underwood 165 gr Gold Dots is 1,400 FPS

      4. Money is no object for aggressive killing systems. Money with no real value produced out of thin air backed by threats of annihilation. So where are the enemies that pose a threat to America besides in D.C. and the Pentagon? How dare other nations attempt to defend themselves from mass murderers. Another chemical attack pending in Syria, Assad chemically gassed his own people is the script once again. Iran did 9-11 don’t you know? Cleared up the North Korea fake psyop. On a roll. Happy days are here again.

        • Drain the MIC.

      5. There are 600+migrants floating on a ship (probably financed by Soros) in the Mediterranean Ocean outside Italy. Finally, an end to the invasion? Fingers crossed.

        The only chance Europe has is to cut off the flow of migrants that land in Italy and then head for Germany and Sweden.


        • Why cannot we just tow them to Soros he has enough money to feed them?

      6. “The washington post withheld sensitive information at the request of the Navy” If the washington post has sensitive info on this thing so does china russia israel britain hell burkina faso has it the only being denied it are the ones whom read the washington post.

      7. The Chinese steal EVERYTHING. They invent NOTHING.

      8. It has always been cheaper and quicker to steal secret information than to develop your own. Every country does this including the USA. If they do manage to steal this information, you have no one to blame but yourself. Maybe if the intelligence agencies weren’t so political and more focused on counterintelligence, they could have prevented this?

      9. This was not a Chinese hack but Deep St_te/ C_A try. The missile fired from the submarine in Skunk Bay WA on early Sun was intercepted by white hats Navy.

        Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 824a6d No.1718290 ? 
        Jun 12 2018 16:37:55 (EST)

        *.jpg ⤓ 


        This is not a game.
        Certain events were not suppose to take place.


        More posts from 12th and 13th confirm that.…

        WAPO story is completely fabricated as another Chinese/Russian bullcrap!!

      10. POTUS needs to put those Chinese in their proper place, at the bottom of the heap.

      11. If this ‘really’ happened, the U.S. government wouldn’t have made it known to the world.

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