US Intel Assisted In Sinking Russian Flagship Vessel: Officials Claim Bombshell Escalation

by | May 6, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Image later leaked of the April 15 sinking of the Moskva

    Less than 24 hours after The New York Times issued a provocative report citing unnamed US officials who are celebrating that American intelligence-sharing with Ukraine’s military has helped take out multiple Russian generals since the Feb.24 invasion, NBC News is out with yet another bombshell claim sourced to the deep state US intel officials.

    Amid what seems escalation after escalation, and new revelations of Washington’s deepening and perhaps increasingly direct role in fighting Russia in Ukraine, NBC brings us this doozy… “Intelligence shared by the U.S. helped Ukraine sink the Russian cruiser Moskva, U.S. officials told NBC News, confirming an American role in perhaps the most embarrassing blow to Vladimir Putin’s troubled invasion of Ukraine.”

    As a reminder of just how hugely significant the claim is – and just how dangerous in terms of representing a massive escalation – the Moskva was considered the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, had 510 crewmen on board before Neptune anti-cruise ship missiles scored a direct hit in mid-April, and was the most embarrassing single blow to President Putin’s war effort of the whole conflict thus far.’

    “The attack happened after Ukrainian forces asked the Americans about a ship sailing in the Black Sea south of Odesa, U.S. officials told NBC News,” the report continues. “The U.S. identified it as the Moskva, officials said, and helped confirm its location, after which the Ukrainians targeted the ship.” This comes after the NY Times revealed in a report the night prior that much of the intel-sharing is focused on Russian troop and equipment movements.

    According to further details based on anonymous US senior officials:

    The U.S. did not know in advance that Ukraine was going to target the Moskva, officials said, and was not involved in the decision to strike. Maritime intelligence is shared with Ukraine to help it defend against attack from Russian ships, officials added.

    The U.S. role in the sinking has not been previously reported.

    Biden admin officials in the days after the Moskva sinking had been relatively silent, possibly suggesting that they knew more about the details than what their quiet public stance let on.

    The April 15 event had initially also been met with a lack of answers from Moscow as it attempted to deal with the crisis of its flagship missile cruiser sinking to the bottom of the Black Sea after it was hit off Odessa, and as it later said all the crew was evacuated. However, some Ukrainian and Western officials said the ship suffered casualties.

    It goes without saying that this fresh NBC report will be viewed by Moscow as an outrageous acknowledged escalation by Washington, though so far Russian leadership’s public response has been rather muted

    The Kremlin had previously warned it would hold external countries supplying arms and other forms of assistance “responsible” – and that “decision-making” centers including Kiev would come under increased attack. Meanwhile, cruise missile strikes even as far west as Lviv do appear to be expanding this week.

    Indeed it seems that these intentional “leaks” to the media, likely as part of a deliberate strategy of seeking to intimidate Russia in hopes it will more quickly back off its military operations, will instead only serve to ratchet things further as broader great power tensions hit boiling point.


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      1. So, according to reports, another ship (the Makarov) is now knocked out of action by more Ukrainian missiles.

        So much for those terrifying weapons Russia has the we must fear with all our heart.

        Putin has turned out to be a blow hard that can’t even beat the Ukraine and its homemade skyrockets. Nothing to fear hear.

        • Goes to show surface ships have been made obsolete unless they can successfully make them invisible to the enemy.

        • Your Stupid, Putin has weapons that WE cannot stop,LOOK Idiot I spent many years in DOD and you are about find out what he can do! You can thank Obama as he stopped our programs or Putin would NOT be ahead of us. If Putin lets loose we are screwed!

        • Idiotic is the only reply to your absurd comment !

      2. Looks like we will be riding this ever escalating war out til it’s conclusion. Hopefully that won’t include mushroom clouds all over the USA.

        • There is danger in Putin’s lack of response at this point. The longer it goes the worse it may be. But I hope so too Menzo. I just added a new in box windgenerator to the faraday cage/box. Just saying, to keep us on the prepper track. Best of luck to you sir.

          • Same to you. I just got my garden planted after starting the seeds a couple months ago. God bless

      3. The US has so aided many of its proxy war allies with both intel and weapons shipments in the past.

        The Soviets lost in Afghanistan when US-supplied Stinger MANPADS removed their close air support advantage. Ukraine has a far better trained and resourced military than the Mujahedeen ever were.

        Ukraine is at war with Russia, so would be trying to kill Russian military personnel and destroy Russian hardware.

        So, the hype of escalation is not entirely accurate; its proxy war as normal being presented as escalation because Ukraine can and did make far better use of foreign military aid.

        The threat of expansion of the war beyond Ukraine territory does risk escalation, as Ukraine is the only formally un-allied country where a proxy war can be fought.

      4. Bankers beating the war drums again, eh? Same ol, same ol. The Gulag Archipelago says the best time to act is early on in the crisis. Getting the first strike is in Russian DNA. The “Complex” is pushing this fact. Very dangerous times now, even more so than I was as a kid foregoing milk for three months after the Tsar Bomba. That one scared everybody including the Soviets and we called it the unthinkable for awhile. Time goes on and now it is thinkable again. What to do? Same as gun safety. Correctly identify your target and then head em off at the pass. You can barter with them there. RIP General Butler it seems you are the only one that will. Thanks for the warning anyway.

      5. What I’m going to say has nothing to do with the above article, other than it falls in to the general area of the above article. In another article, some Russian big shot warned the U.S. that it is treading on dangerous ground by supplying the Ukraine with military hardware and would constitute an act of war. Geez, this comes under the heading of ” I can s–t on and all over you, but you s–t back at me “, even with help from the outside. Unfortunately this is turning into more than a neighbor hood fight. So in my mind, everyone and anybody had better grab your rear end and hang on, it could turn into a real bitch of a time, especially with that brain idiot of president and his liberal, communist democratic handlers that we have in D.C.

      6. Even if this was true – what kind of Executive-branch-controlled-Pentagon-idiot would say this out loud? Oh, Brandon. Sorry, stupid question.

        Are some of these idiots trying for a nuclear oblivion?

        • Well I don’t think the clot shot is working as well as they wanted it too so ya, maybe plan B is nukes. May you live in interesting times….

          • That’s because you’re expecting something more dramatic and fast. It is working fine, the rate of deaths of people now from numerous causes, is immense but the media is covering on a fraction of deaths and injuries and even these are showing a remarkable rise. However between various excuses as to why AIDS, heart disease and dozens of other conditions are suddenly rising and just plain throwing hands in the air at the “mystery? they’re keeping the pot from boiling over. The idea was plausible deniability and so far, for the majority of idiots, that’s working fine. I expect the full impact only to become visible, and even then only to those watching for it, by the end of 2023 and to continue on till end of 2025 in it’s full shocking gore. There’s still no reason in my mind to doubt most jabber junkies will be dead and dying by 2025. The science has progressed and we we know enough to predict they’re all going to die within a few years. Of course there’s more to come. Famine, more fake pandemics and more deadly treatments.

          • “May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse used to convey the idea that you wish TROUBLES for the target of the curse. If, in my many decades, I have done wrong to you – I wish to make the situation right. Please describe my mistake and how I can fix it.

            Sincerely, cranerigger

            • I didn’t know it was a curse, sorry. Just some old saying I remembered from long ago. NO curse intended! I take it back. I wish you well and health and fortune! 😀

              • Thank you for the reply, sir. I thought one of my youthful drunken stupors was coming back to haunt me.

      7. I’m yet to see anything which convinces me the ship was sunk by Ukraine. At this stage, nothing they say can be taken at face value.

      8. Zalinskyy is Peloci’s finger puppet.

      9. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what the story is; the war in Ukraine, covid, inflation, the economy, climate change, crime, stolen elections, and on and on. Everything, and I mean everything is spun by the gov’t, its agencies and its friends, and the MSM. Not only is knowledge power but truth is power too. And you must be kept ignorant for their benefit.
        Most people in the US are totally uninformed and misinformed – period. I’ve talked to people who literally don’t have a clue what is happening. They couldn’t tell you anything about taxes, gun control, inflation, nothing. They couldn’t even superficially describe a single event in the news. But they believe everyone is a racist, and the US is the most unjust country that has ever existed. Some even believe the only place where slavery ever existed in the history of the world was in the US. Yet, they believe they are smarter than anyone else.
        Furthermore, these same people have no understanding what their natural rights are all about, don’t know a single thing about our Constitution, and couldn’t name one g*dd*m right people are endowed with. The State and its minions have done their job well.

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