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    US House Candidate: “We Should Be Allowed to Shoot” The Anti-Vaxxers

    Mac Slavo
    August 11th, 2021
    Comments (43)

    This is where we are not. Full circle, descent into full-blown tyranny, and the dehumanization stage of those who disagree. A United States house candidate posted publically on Twitter that “we should be allowed to shoot” those who disagree with giving up their rights for the false sense of safety being offered.

    Steve Cox, who is a candidate running an independent (but should be running as the National Socialist German Worker’s Party) to represent California’s 39th Congressional District said that “we” (those who succumbed to the ruling class’s fear-mongering) should be “allowed to shoot” those who are refusing to live a life in fear.  On Monday, Cox responded to conservative commentator Matt Walsh on Twitter, writing, “Whenever anyone says ‘we all die from something’ (or a variation thereof) to justify not taking precautions to help protect others in this pandemic, we should be allowed to shoot them.”

    Many rightly took this as a threat. When did it become OK to kill those who disagree with you? Oh, yes, Nazi Germany circa 1935 when others were dehumanized to the point that atrocities occurred.

    Cox was responding to Walsh’s tweet which reads: “COVID is here to stay. You’re going to get it. It almost certainly won’t kill you but it could. You’ll probably get cancer eventually too unless you die first. Lots of scary things out there. Death is certain. Suffering is unavoidable. Stop cowering. Live your life while you can,” Walsh wrote.

    It looks like living in a state of panic-induced and media-driven fear is the only way for those who are rulers, or who seek the throne. Walsh responded quite calmly after Cox’s violent sociopathic episode:




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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: August 11th, 2021

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      1. What?!?! says:

        Seriously, these fuckers are all insane😳 Be allowed to shoot anti vaxxers? WTF???

        • Hobo Kelly says:

          We should super glue his arse shut, his mouth, nostrils, and eyelids, all glued shut and fill his ears with ht boiling tar and then proceed with putting the hot tar all over Steve and then feather to decorate his ugly arse.

      2. Indeed says:

        Regarding this fear of death. The fact is that everyone eventually kicks the bucket.
        Here is an appropriate quote
        for anyone afraid of the nonexistent “virus”
        “Life itself is a
        disease with a
        very poor prognosis
        it lingers for years
        and invariably
        ends in death”
        Carl Jung

        • alfie says:

          You are more right than you think. The older you get, the more you realize that you aren’t going to live forever. And the way things are going now days, I know I don’t want live forever

          • Stay Strong says:

            @alfie I agree with you. With
            all of the garbage the evil “rulers” put us through on a daily basis
            I understand why a lotta people don’t wanna be here anymore.
            I feel like that sometimes also.
            It’s like this group of evil people
            have made it their life’s goal to make each of lives worse and worse everyday. They want us experiencing hell on Earth and unfortunately they appear to be succeeding. All we can do is resist this tyranny and hang in there as best we can. Be well.

      3. Unreal says:

        So that’s the new plan huh?
        If we can’t shoot them (with
        the kill shot) then we will
        just SHOOT them!!!!!

      4. loudmouth says:

        Hey Steve I completely
        disagree with you – Will
        I be shot because of that?!?!

      5. Stop the madness says:

        Oh.My.God 😱

      6. just me says:

        Shoot anti vaxxers?
        What the fuck has our
        country become? smh

      7. Reprint says:

        With the distractions these evil bastards always throw
        our way, I wonder why the
        following story is difficult to
        find anywhere on MSM
        perhaps doesn’t help their narrative?

      8. Welcome to the new American politician class. Gone is free thought- free speech- free decision making. If You disagree with me you need to die! Wow Folks ammo up its getting close

        This idiot needs a .22 behind his left ear

      9. I see it as in reverse we should be shooting those whom wish to harm us. That would be self-defense. and perfectly legal as long as libtards are not included with that train of thought! Thier thinking is skewed!

      10. Wojo says:

        He has no idea who he is F’n with!

      11. Foot says:

        No problem at all, just be aware I shoot back.

      12. Genius says:

        You comply because you want it to end
        But it is because you comply that it will NEVER end..

      13. arrow says:

        But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

      14. Darth Skippy says:

        “The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.”
        — from Isa 3

        Go find a pic. Look at the face.

        Tell me, he’d how what to do with a feeling of righteous indignation.

      15. Anonymous says:

        My broker called today and suggested going heavy into tar and feather futures.

      16. Anonymous says:

        He should consider that some people might be inclined to shoot back.

        He should also consider that what you put into the world is what comes back to you.

      17. Ethan Edwards says:

        Unfortunately for Cox the science, you know what everyone is supposed to obey, I mean follow, indicates that whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated the viral load from the delta variant is the same.

      18. opey tailor says:

        Hey steve talking about shooting fellow Americans is so un-American. Why dont you move to Cuba.

      19. MaryContrary says:

        The news is overwhelming in fear and death. Pediatrics are dying they say! The pandemic is worsened by the unvaccinated. We are definitely losing the communications war.

      20. Jocko says:

        A true Bolshevik, murder those that disagree with you.

      21. B.S. 1033 says:

        Are we in the old USSR ?

      22. B.S. 1033 says:

        Or are we in CHINA ?

      23. Tags says:

        Steve I am not against
        anti-vaxxers but I am against
        anyone who wants to shoot
        anti-vaxxers so I guess that
        means I am anti-Steve 😠

      24. SF Mo says:

        Where are all the dead people? No one ever sees the big pile of bodies that 2021 has dumped on us. So, not taking the shot and you can GFY Steve.

      25. Milo Mindbender says:

        Life is a sexually transmitted condition with a 100% rate for fatality on a long enough time frame. Anyone who’s says otherwise is a liar, a thief, or a fool.

        • Agreed says:

          You are so right. For the
          sheep who are afraid of their own shadow I offer
          the following quote:
          “Life itself is a
          disease with a
          very poor prognosis,
          it lingers on for years
          and invariably
          ends in death”
          Carl Jung

      26. Anonymous says:

        I wonder if this dummy Cox living in California should consider staying off the streets for a while. The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your words or actions.

      27. Opie says:

        Wow! This “Cox” needs to get an education. Doesn’t he realize that the probability of someone watching or paying attention is proportional to the stupidity of your actions or words. He should consider staying indoors and away from windows or open spaces. California is crazy enough as it is

      28. DC Sheep says:

        Anyone care to make a two-bit gamble?
        So…on one hand, a minuscule amount of people seem may possibly become infected with some type of virus.

        Then on the other hand, a drastic amount will literally get MURDERED by a political assailant campaigning to shoot people dead.

        Please do not overlook or dismiss God’s Sixth Commandment says, and I’ll quote: “Thou shalt not kill” Seems ‘those’ who are politically inclined believe in, even seem to have full-blown support for their devilish 666 commandments? (o_0)

      29. DC Sheep says:

        Asking everyone: please do NOT fall among those who are ‘indoctrinated’.

        That SARS CoV2, AKA covid-19 is a fake make-believe ‘virus’ which has not and never will be scientifically or medically isolated. This ‘sickness’ falls directly from, and upon the mentally deficient.

        Seriously….It’s a buckin’ blue flu from blue’s clues LOL
        Otherwise described as some childish cartoon!
        What!? Did something cause you to believe in modern technological advancements? (o_0)
        OH! I nearly forgot to remind everyone: TV and-or computers can (and will) turn the mind into a marshmallow. satan the devil is the prince of the power of the air, including all broadcast airwaves, AKA radio, internet, television, satellites, GPS ets…

        YES! satan the devil is left to be lower-cased, which is precisely what ‘it’ is, thank you very much!

      30. Anonymous says:


      31. Message to the US house candidate. What comes around goes around. The bible says, an eye for an eye. 👀👀 You asshole.