Nuke Fears: US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Headline News | 429 comments

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    The Department of Health and Human Services has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide, the compound that protects the body from radioactive poisoning in the aftermath of severe nuclear accidents, to be delivered before the beginning of February.

    According to a solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the DHHS asks contractors to supply, “potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s),” a total of 14 million tablets. The packages must be delivered on or before February 1, 2014.

    Potassium iodide helps block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland and is used by victims of severe nuclear accidents or emergencies. Under current regulations, states with populations living within 10 miles of a nuclear plant are encouraged, but not required, to maintain a supply of potassium iodide.

    A search of the FedBizOpps website returns no other results regarding the purchase of potassium iodide from any government agency, suggesting that the DHHS bulk buy of the tablets is unprecedented in recent times.

    The ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has prompted concerns that the purchase is connected to the threat posed by radioactive debris washing up on the shores of the west coast or the potential for another natural disaster occurring in Japan which could impact the U.S.

    “Governments usually respond to disasters very similarly; first move is to avoid panic,” writes The West Wire. “The Japanese didn’t want to panic the world, or tarnish their honor and now, as a consequence of their reluctance, Japanese citizens and international aid personal find themselves in a horrible state of being.”

    “Panic is usually avoided by keeping their citizens as blind to the truth as possible, until confrontation with the truth becomes inevitable. The crucial question at this juncture; “would our government be reluctant about warning us of potential disaster, in an attempt to avoid panic?” 14 million doses of Potassium Iodide say that might just be the case.”

    Last month it was revealed that 71 U.S. sailors who helped during the initial Fukushima relief efforts are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) after they returned with thyroid cancer, Leukemia, and brain tumors as a result of being exposed to radiation at 300 times the safe level.

    TEPCO has repeatedly been caught lying in their efforts to downplay the scale of the disaster. In September it was confirmed that radiation readings around the power plant were 18 times higher than previously reported by TEPCO. After a tank leaked 300 tonnes of toxic water in August, groundwater radiation readings at the plant soared to 400,000 becquerels per litre, the highest reading since the nuclear accident occurred in March 2011.

    Top scientists have warned that if another major earthquake hits Fukushima, which is almost inevitable, it would mean “bye bye Japan” and the complete evacuation of the west coast of North America.

    Now that radioactive debris is hitting the West Coast of North America, numerous different animals and sea life are suffering from mysterious diseases, including 20 bald eagles that have died in Utah over the last few weeks alone.

    Watch the video below in which Alex Jones highlights how the Fukushima nuclear crisis will impact Americans.

    UPDATE: Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled nuclear reactor at Fukushima

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      1. Read this early today. Check it out for yourself. Also do a search for animals dying along the west coast. But hey our gov. says it a safe level.

        NOMI III%

        • DPS, the first question that came to mind was, what was the die off before Fucashima and what is the die off now and what type of critters are dying off and have they died off before for reasons other than radiation? I know that infowars is a hype site and there’s no way would I take AJ’s word for the gospel. Yet, as a harvester of seafood I really would like a trust worthy source for information. As it is right now, my most trust worthy source is local fishing web sites.

          • Rick,

            I did some checking on a couple of groups I am in and what they are saying is its a die off not only of fish but birds as well. Most of the reports are coming of the west coast including alaska,washington, Or. and Ca I agree Alex stories always need to be checked out. If I get my desktop up tomorrow I will post some links. Typing on this phone really sucks.


            • DPS we’ve had die off before for many reasons, we’ve had banner fish runs and dismal fish runs, we have caught fish with sores and parasites long before Fucashima, so far with my boots on the ground, boat on the water, there’s nothing out of the ordinary taking place right now. We’ve had a very mild water year so far and the weather pattern that has caused it can be blamed for much of the die offs. There’s just not enough credible information to say what’s what.

              • Does this mean it has to be Fukushima? Everyone is focused on what is coming from the west and the Pacific Ocean. Could this be some future false flag attack being planned? Maybe a real attack from some enemy country. Maybe war is coming. Perhaps it is something that has to do with some “accidental” government dump of radioactivity material somewhere. Could be anothwer reason, a lot more insidious.

                Look beyond the “obvious”. Sometimes the best way to hide the true is in plain sight. Other times the obvious is not so obvious. I just don’t trust this treacherous government, they sure have not given me or anyone else any reason to.

                • I agree with what you said. The elites want the population significantly reduced. What better way than to fail to act on a hortible disaster? I have read an article that talked about Goldman Sachs involvement with the Gulf oil spill in ’09. The story mentioned how Goldman Sachs bought shares of Transocean before the disaster which were boughtbin a way to protect them against a loss in share price. Halliburton was also fortunate enough to buy an oil spill cleanup company just a couple of weeks before the accident, and they got awarded thw clean up contract. The article went on to say the event was part one of a series of false flag attacks designed to make the Gulf region uninhabitable. The chemicals Halliburton used were nasty toxins. That theory also explains whybthe Obama administration was so lax in its response to the crisis. A potential false flag attack committed right in front of our eyes. Just for everyone’s information the suppised second partnof the false flag attack would be an earthquake aling the New Madrid fault line. n

                  • probobly a hundred or more nukes have been detonated in tests since the 1940’s. Some in mid air blasts, some under ground, in ocean waters, on islands. Plus there was Chernoble accidnt, other nuke mishaps etc.

                    So I see all the current scare hype on japans reactor troubles as mostly just fear mongering Hype…Again.

                    Seems more and more folks are trying to Cash in asap on every event or incident that can in any way shape or form be hyped or made fearsome and scarry.

                    If Japans current reactor was 1/2 as bad as we keep being warned of…Then we All should be dead long ago due to all the usa nuke bombs tested in our lifetimes.

                    Perhaps so many folks getting cancers today are partially due to prior nuke tests since 1940’s…I do not know.

                    Maybe such cancers were present long ago also but were never recognized then as cancers?…I do not know.

                    I do know that most folk today are liveing Way longer lives than folks did in the cowboy days just a century ago….Seems thats backwards of what should be if all them nukes are as bad as claimed.

                    Recall how all we used to hear, even still do hear today, that one nuke bomb goes off and a nation will be Uninhabitable for at least 10,000 yrs and nothing can grow for 10,000 yrs or longer.

                    So why is That Not true about Two major large cities in Japan that are the cities usa nuked in WWII era?

                    Todays Jap cities that got nuked prior look like something out of the Jetsons cartoons, advanced futuristic cities….And how long did Japs wait to begin the massive cleanups after it got nuked? A month? couple months? Less?….

                    If what we was told as truth on nukes extended dammages were truth, Not a single soul be living in them jap cities for at least another 9,930 years yet!

                    Maybe alot of what we was told to believe on nuke effects and After effects, is akin to todays global warming wild claims that also have proven as Crap lies science eh.

                    Anybody recall how we was told non stop, constantly that Real Butters Bad! Very Bad do NOT eat Butter!…Instead we all need to eat Margarine!…Recall That era?

                    For 25-30 yrs daily we was told Real Butter leads to massive Heart attack troubles!

                    Then one normal day, all over TV news shows, every newspaper nationwide…They switched gears and told us “hey Butters Good now! Seems scientists wrongly calculated stuff and they Should have said that its Margarine thats Bad…Very Bad! and clogs arterys!

                    I never stopped real butter. My Mom Hounded me incesantly to stop eating real butter cause this or that TV news person said so..And that entire 30 years of butters very bad!…I kept eating real butter as it tastes REAL!

                    First thing I did after I heard my talmudvision set(TV set) news guy say OOPPS! Its Real Butter thats GOOD! was to phone Mom and Gloat at the news that it was Me who was correct all them years!

                    Me and Her had same go round with Flu-Shots every year too!…Every Fall shed call me and warn, Beg me to get a flu shot!…I NEVER got any flue shots ever…And while I got the flue only a couple times in 30 yrs, She and my entire family members who got flue shots got deathly sick with the…FLU! Every damn year!

                    And they ALL still get yearly flu shots and keep yelling at Me to do so too!…Typical deluded Liberals. Cant admit when wrong then keep doing same crap as if That will somehow Prove them correct some day soon…

                    I think all the hype on Fukushema nuke stuff is very similar to all that crap warnings etc and False science from bribed scientists. Like global warming crap.

                  • Butter collects the heavy metals in ones system for discharge.

                • Occam’s razor: To consider to explain the phenomena by the simplest hypothesis possible.

                  • Radioactive iodine has a very short half life. The big danger from Fukushima is Cesium 137 which has a half life of about 30 years. You need Potassium iodide for immediate use after exposure, for example a nuclear war.

                  • Though Iodine-131 has but a 7.8 day half-life, that still leaves PLENTY of time for Fukushima to send PLENTY our way through the jet stream and precipitation AND the thyroid is EXQUISITELY EFFICIENT in CONCENTRATING every bit of it in the thyroid, causing hypothyroidism and thyroid cancers.

                    As you say, the longer half-lives of most of the Cesium radionuclides bring a DIFFERENT set of SERIOUS problems, but we should NOT be complacent about the Iodine-131.

                  • I thought JayJay was reminding us to look for horses when we hear hoof beats. Why is John Q going for polka-dotted-rainbow-afro-ed zebras?

                  • The prerequisite for a global self-regulating market system is peace, which in turn requires ever increasing standards-of-living:

                    “War analyst Stanislav Andreski concluded that the trigger for most wars is hunger, or even ‘a mere drop from the customary standard of living.’ Anthropologists Carol and Melvin Ember spent six years studying war in the late 1980s among 186 preindustrial societies. They focused on precontact times in hopes of collecting the ‘cleanest, least distorted’ data. Andreski, it seems, was right. War’s most common cause, the Embers found, was fear of deprivation. The victors in the wars they studied almost always took territory, food, and/or other critical resources from their enemies. Moreover, unpredictable disasters-droughts, blights, floods, and freezes — which led to severe hardships, spurred more wars than did chronic shortages.

                    “This also holds true among modern nations. In 1993, political scientists Thomas E Homer-Dixon, Jeffrey H. Boutwell, and George W. Rathjens examined the roots of recent global conflicts and concluded, ‘There are significant causal links between scarcities of renewable resources and violence.’

                    “In short, many wars seem to be a mass, communal robbery of another social group’s life-support resources.”

                • Study: Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before Fukushima

                  The “masses of dead sea creatures that sink to the ocean floor as food, has skyrocketed since the Fukushima incident occurred.”

                  “…multiple other stations located throughout the Pacific have since reported similar figures.”

                  Natural News

                  • Guero.. 30 min Before exposure to absorb it.

                  • The Bible does mention in the end times a bunch of sea life will die off.

                  • KY Mom is a paid reposter.

                  • Facebook Page,

                    Wrong. I post articles that I research and chose. I do not get paid.

                    How much do you get paid for harassing people here?

                  • Well you finally showed a personal comme t that you didn’t repost from some ody. And if you are doing resrch why are you not sharing your thoughts to help us all.

                  • Facebook Page,

                    You did NOT answer my question, just changed the subject.

                    You claim to be a man, yet have large, firm breasts…??

                    Unlike you, all my comments are honest. I readily share here the information that I find.

                • “Does this mean it has to be Fukushima? Everyone is focused on what is coming from the west and the Pacific Ocean. Could this be some future false flag attack being planned? Maybe a real attack from some enemy country. Maybe war is coming. ”

                  Be informed, I don’t post here much but one of the reasons I keep coming to this site is your postings, and how you tend to hit the nail directly on the head time after time again.

                  Yes. This has nothing to do with Fuk-u-shima. I believe there is a nuclear false flag attack coming on this country. That’s why all these high ranking military officers have been dismissed especially the ones in charge of nuclear weapons, with bullshit trumped up charges, and NSA blackmail used to ensure they stay quiet. These fucking assholes are planning to detonate one of our own nukes somewhere, causing mass casualties, and then blame it on some other country so they can start a war–and/or blame it on one of our own citizens and say it was an act of terrorism, and use it as an excuse to declare martial law and crack down on those of us whose names are on their lists.

                  • I agree and I suspect Region III. Mt Weather, Tyson Tower…people need to connect the dots. I wish to God the people in that region could and would get out now…I don’t believe they have a lot of time.

                  • Do you guys realize Fukushima, how did it get that name? I see something hidden in plain sight
                    FUCK US

                • Most Iodine has a half life of about 7 days and boils out of radioactive products very easily. If this is related to FU something else is expected. Because all that is LONG gone.

                  • The crap that AJ is pushing is a Supplement, Not KI thyroid blocker. It will do Nothing to prevent your thyroid from absorbing radioactive Iodine.

                  • Need more info.
                    Are you saying the K I stored is no good?

                  • You are absolutely correct, radioactive I-131 levels in anything washed over from Fuckushima would decay too quickly to present a significant threat. Some other isotopes would still be present but KI offers no protection against anything other than I-131.
                    So this acquisition of KI pills has nothing to do with Fuckushima, could be some other pending false flag event brewing or maybe just the .gov replenishing expired stock. Hope its only the latter, but its wise to have your own stock anyway.

                  • Only local could last. And at a cerian age (45ish) the pills do more damage the the radition.

                  • FBP- do you have a link to that info about it doing more harm than good over age 45? I’d appreciate it if you do, thanks!

                  • I guess someone really doesn’t want good questions to be asked on here. Such a lack of intellectual vigor is sad.

                  • Sigi. I will as soon as I figure out how.

                    One place it states it is in the defence tradition rescue something something manual. No children. Women Brest feeding women getting is prey. And over 40. Reason from the 40 people. The cancers that 131 cause that years to effect your life. You will be old dead first. In most. But the flooding with in the package iodine cause more problems sooner. And it is not even a guarantee it will work.

                    131 is only an issue in a near explosion or close down wind. 134 or37 is what to worry about.

                    Look for the 99 day rule and 1 inch of lead or equal.

                • Undersea Volcanos?

                • Been researching this…very suspicious of region III…the potassium iodide is only good for 24 hours that leaves the fukushima radiation out. Also cannot take these pills long term. Lot of activity regarding region III for a long time…I believe there will be a small nuclear false flag attack in that region…the “critters” will scurry to their retreats, ie.. mount weather, and other locations…research mt weather, Tyson tower and many others…that will get you started…something very wicked and evil being planned for that area…the potassium iodide is for the “critters” that have sold us out…also the power grid there in DC if it goes down would affect half of the states…and napaolitano did say it would go down. People need to pay attention…if you know what is going to transpire you will not come upon you like a thief in the night. God Bless America and keep her people safe from the evil within our borders.

                  • A Chicago man named Jeff Joe Black went into hiding a while back because he was afraid for his life. He was murdered a year ago. He claimed Rahm Emmanuel left his high profile job with the Obama administration to become mayor of Chicago because a false flag nuclear attack was being planned for the city. Emmanuel would be able to help cover up any false flag evidence and come out looking like a hero. Why take a step down from national government to become a mayor?

                  • Cali-girl-

                    Etch this phrase…”by way of deception, thou shalt do war”..into your synapses!

                    ..’tis akin to kosher-sanctified gospel, per the Rahm Emmanuel type cretins, currently running loose & unsupervised throughout (gentile-created) Western Civilization.

                    ..chances are better than even, that ‘super-kike (Rahm)’ is the point-man/kosher-vetted player, in any false flag episode..coming to Chicago!!!

                    -(..and remember, you read/heard it TSHTFplan.)-


                    ..and pray unto GOD (in Christ’s name), that he thwarts their/his evil schemes/ we gentiles will not suffer..of/from their wicked intentions!

                  • Tysons Tower is semi-local local. About 2/3 as far as the Pentagon, CIA, DIA, Quantico USMC and FBI, not to mention State, Justice, Treasury, Congress and Obozo’s Office. Forts Myer and Belvoir, Andrews AFB, the Washington Navy Yard ….

                    There are a few thousand ranking bureaucrats and military officers, not in the COG bunker, but high up … irreplaceable judgment and experience. Whom “they” will need if they are thinking of picking a fight with someone. And their families.

                    Maybe I detect a whiff of normalcy bias hanging over myself but I kinda doubt “they” are going to set off a low grade nuke or dirty bomb and risk all those valuable people and infrastructure.

                    As a general rule, animals don’t defecate in their own nests. I think “they” are a few percentile points smarter than to do that.

                    This is my home. I have no intention of running. If something goes “pop” and I survive it I am going to do what I can to defend liberty in my own backyard.

                  • Diane-

                    Do some research into ‘Strontium-90’. This radioactive isotope has a half life over 25years. Its absorbed into your bones, results in bone cancer..a sure-fire killer.
                    Its a byproduct of fission (see spent MOX fuel-rods).

                    ..hence, its been released (in quantity) into the Pacific, per Fukushima disaster.

                    -not good-

              • @Rick Do you have any info as to why WA clam stocks are contaminated w/arsenic? China has banned our clams, but WDFW has extended clam-digging season.

                • We did just destroy a old smelter in the Puget sound and the a super site lead clean up in Tacoma.

                • @ California Girl ~ Your post should be at the top of the page. Thank you for posting this information.
                  Very good point, why step down from a national gov. position to become mayor of a cesspool city?
                  Jeff Joe Black ~ another victim/tragedy of this administration.

                  • It may explain some of the HUGE construction equipment we saw on the Mall in 2012…the signs said they were renovating the grass…with Bulldozers? front end loaders? steam Shovels? Methinks something wicked this way comes….

                  • Thanks Emily! However, I’m much too slow to make it to the top of the page.

                • I don’t know anything about arsenic, but there are a lot of paralytic/amnesiac toxins from microorganisms making shellfish off limits to harvest.

              • Rick in Oregon. There’s an Australian woman, Dr Helen Caldicott who is very credible when it comes to what’s happened in Fukashima and what’s still happening to the Pacific. Google her. I’ve read and listened and watched a lot of her stuff on YouTube and different sites. I’d urge you to take some time to hear what she has to say. Be it 9/11 or, understanding the possibility of Matial Law happening or Fukashima, in order to find out a truth, you have to get informed yourself.

                Personally, I want to know if the fish I caught in Puget Sound is safe to put on my child’s plate. I don’t want to wait for a govt official to tell me that it’s safe to eat …… After all, considering the amount of lies we’re fed daily, I’d say a potentially radioactive fish full of cesium 137 could be safer to eat than a govt lie.

                So get informed, at least for your loved ones sake. Or, you could just keep eatting Pacific fish, and Alaskan crab. No big deal really. Just keep being 100% confident that your right.

            • Here in the US almost everyone lives down wind of a Nuclear Power Plant. It seems a few simple precautions should be taken by every prepper. Get enough KI03 for each member of the family to take the recommended doseage if one of these plants should have a melt down. No need to get a bushel basket full of these things. But it would be good to have them on hand if and when needed, instead of having to depend on Big Brother. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • Not western Wa. And wind and Hanford is are in the right derection. And the sea flow go south to Oregon and north to Canada.

            • Okay, so don’t believe Alex Jones. Go look ENENEWS. Or try typing in Dr. David Suzuki or Helen Caldicott. That might give you some insight. Have fun while learning…

          • Well Rick the first question that came to my mind was did FaceBookPage leave his buckets of gold in Washington before he moved to Florida? I guess only the NSA would know that. My comment may seem out of place, but just couldn’t help it. Seems FBP lives in Fla. on Jan.1, but a few articles back he lived in Western Washington. guess he left there to be closer to the coast or maybe a summer home. I had some gold coins I was going to sell him, but he didn’t deal in any thing less than $500,000. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your facts straight. Trekker Out.

            • I sometimes wonder about FBP and have come to the conclusion that FBP isn’t genuine enough for me to take serious. I like some of FBP’s comments for their content but not for their sincerity.

            • Don’t y’all listen too him? FBP has a lot of land, I think his personal ranch spans from Washington to Florida. He is probably just out on a perimeter check.

              • I live in w Wa. From SFla Still own stuff there. Have ranch land in WYand Montana n dak. Farm land in Wa and other places. Shit load of rentals in wa.

                And yes MT. I won’t waste my time on smaller deals. Last year I was sure I wasn’t going to be around to much longer so my only concern was ensuring my family’s trust and wealth was protected. (Now I started to think I should just go blow a lot of it. My children think I should)

                Rick. In will admit when I am thinking straight I do mess with some ID fact for OPEC but when I get drugged I slip. That is why family took my computer away for a while.

                And big T I am so glad on one of our drucken coca wars I did sober up and turn the car around.

                • See, I told y’all, this guy owns half of North America. All the way from Washington to Florida, doncha’ know?

                  • Not half but do own what was a few city in the Midwest.

                • Facebook, just like to keep track of you, in case I have to cover your back when the Schumer Hits The Fan. Only problem is if you go down, don’t know if I’ll be able to run with one of those big buckets full of gold rings. So please put some in 5 gallon buckets. Or even better stash some on your ranch here in Wy. and we’ll guard it together. Thanks, Trekker Out.

                  • Can stash anything you want at my place in Casper as long as it’s small and valuable, and unregistered.

                  • Paranoid – greetings from the Wind River Mtn Range 🙂

                  • WRM. Very interesting. Bait the hook and they will come. Trekker Out.

            • Re read all prepared pastors post, there are so many discrepancies in them it’s comical, a few months ago he was confused as to if he was living in town or his bug out, in his mind he is most prepared but in real life?

              • My retreat is 70 miles from my home farther in the mountains. That being said my home is more prepared than many people BOL most of are at best not their property or at worst imaginary.

                I can see why someone who isn’t prepared wouldn’t understand why my primary home in a small city also has heat that isn’t electric dependent, or it’s own water supply and power generation, etc. when newbies are struggling to put together a bug out bag.

                Nevertheless, I’ve been doing this over thirty years with my tax-free living stipend so have managed to finish both with caches between them. I’ve made plenty of recommendations that are verifiable so I will let those speak for me and not someone like you.

                • My family was prepping ever since Russian missiles were parked in our back yard and we have not stopped since.

            • When Daisy was moving, he also sounded as though he lived in the Palouse area of either eastern Washington or the Moscow to Sandpoint area. We will have to connect the dots. Maybe the next post will state a cabin On Walden’s Pond?

              • @shtfplan fact: @fbp is a sickly lonely old man from washington state , who is quite senile .

                * for your own safety ; take what he says with a bucket of salt .


                • thats it … keep fuckin censoring me … ;0p

                  • And your best plan is a horse and a 45. 70.

                • So let me get this straight… Facebook Page lives in Washington state, owns farmland and rental properties in WA, WY, FL, and maybe other places we don’t know about that he can head to in a time of crises, and has invested his money in prescious metals. Isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be doing? I’d be thrilled to own property in several locations! Geez. I’m doing just fine listening to him and I don’t need a bucket of salt, thank you very much.

                  • Yes take the salt you can never have enough salt.

                  • Come to think of it I do need to stock up on more salt.

              • Oman and yes there is good land there. Remember dirt and gold is my best investment.

                • OMAk

          • 14 million doses does not seem like a large amount to me. You take one pill (dose) a day for at least two weeks so the government is buying enough to treat 1 million people. There are 35 million people just in California.

            I am glad we bought KOI several years ago. Emergency Essentials is having a sale on it now, $8.95 for a blister pack of 20.

            • or you could paint a sq inch patch of Iodine Tincture USP on your arm and let your body take it as it needs it.

              • The order is to be distributed to leading members of the three branches of government and their families as well as high level bureaucrats. This all just part and parcel of their own bug-out preps. Since nearly every purchase is now publicized instantly TPTB must have some sort of B.S. cover story. All of these folks have been preparing by filling up their own personal little ‘Green Briars’ in order to ride out the collapse. There is now NWO coming, only world wide chaos when the dollar finally fails. It will be a return to the dark ages I fear.

                • I fear that is the NWO.

              • Seriously 1940? Have never hear this, but will research it.

                I would appreciate more info on this if it is easy for you.

              • I believe the Triodine 7% solution ratio is paint 1/4 tsp to equal 1 iodine tablet. If someone has a more informed recipe, or chart for different strength solutions it would be helpful.

              • That wouldnt do shit. Your throid has to absorb a large amount to Block rad Iodine.

                • does your head make a popping sound when you pull it out of you ass???

            • But, how many officials are there? Any supplies the government stockpiles is not for the good of the common citizen. It’s for continuity of government plans.

            • I have the iodine tablets(KOI), a liquid you use with water, and the iodine tincture.

              • Directions say paint your tummy area using the tincture.

                • It will probably work anyplace, some say tummy because it would be hard to have a line of people and tell them all to pull up their shirts. I just do not want to see people go out and pay some ridiculous amount for Potassium Iodide, the main thing to do is, stay inside till the radiation lands and dissipates. I wish IO were home where I have all the info stored, at my age and my memory, I can’t quote very much.

                  • You need 8ml of 2% tincture Iodine painted on you stomach and inside of your arms as the skin absorbs best in this area at least 2=3 hours before exposure. KI is pretty cheap and works within 30 minutes which would be quick enough for the fallout. And fuck you for your reply earlier.

            • The government is not buying it for the public if they were it would be in much larger amounts. States that have nuke plants keep a stockpile on hand supposedly for the public. My wife is an RN and attended a conference recently and learned that FL, GA, & AL have huge stockpiles. I suspect the order was for DHS troops only since as usual the general public are on their own.

            • Maybe for the military?

          • “I really would like a trust worthy source for information”

            Wouldn’t we all for everything.. so many things are written and posted just for clicks… to make money, to hell with the truth… and then when someone has the truth we are all suspicious…. such is the internet.. just like my grandpappy use to say..”Paper will sit still you can write anything on it” The internet is the same way…

          • If you think for one second either the media or our govt. is going to tell the truth about this disaster you are nuts. If you are just waking up to this ongoing nightmare, then you are not paying attention. TEPCO lies! Our sailors are dying and being told lies! If the admitted to the seriousness of this, then no one would buy seafood! Our economy is already toast, and telling people to watch what they eat would devastate the seafood industry,period! Which would have a huge impact on this fragile economy. So, its lie and deceive the people so we can carry on our daily lives. Reminds me of the Gulf spill and BP/govmnt. telling everyone to just eat the seafood! Its safe, remember???

            • Martin Armstrong Warns Europeans Of The Coming Expropriation Of 10% Of Everyone’s Accounts

              “They will expropriate these funds to save a banking system that they screwed up and will never reform anything because they are incapable of admitting any mistake.”

              “These European government officials really are playing a dangerous game that is inviting total chaos, civil unrest…”

              Remember…”When they took the funds in Cyprus, the EU did not distinguish between European, American, or Russian accounts.”


              • KY Mom. Thank you. THE #1 problem this world faces is the inability of people to admit they either made a mistake or are wrong about something. It has gotten so bad that mature and responsible people who will admit that they made a mistake are ridiculed and sometimes even punished or fired. What is left are the schmucks who will take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong or sideways and pin the blame on someone else. A lot of bosses and supervisors are more than willing to take the word of an immature tattletale jackass and throw a good grown-up employee under the bus because it makes their life easier. I have been a victim of my own honesty, then just gave up and left when my conditions then became unbearable. I wouldn’t have had it any other way- all of my former colleagues at a former job were fired within a year of my leaving, and at another job I left, my former employer bought me lunch and apologized to me. There are a couple of ex-bosses who think I’m a POS, but you can’t win them all. I have no regrets quitting those jobs, and I’m even OK that I was fired at another(I deserved that one, live and learn) but it has made me a better person and improved my people skills. We now live in a world, especially in the political realm, where to admit you made a mistake in ANY way can disqualify you from any elected position or job for eternity. That is why people fight so hard to avoid blame for anything. “Took a wrong turn, you’re the world’s biggest moron!!! And now I will mock you as unfit for the rest of your life!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!” This is what mature adults have to deal with on a daily basis. It is a shame that we as a society have come to this.

                • I believe this is attributed correctly.

                  “90% of what I’ve learned, I learned by screwing it up the first time.”

                  General H. Norman Schwartzkopf

                  • He who makes no mistakes is either dead or doing nothing….

          • Rick,
            sorry this is so long but its what I found and I did the copy paste thing.

            Americans are you PISSED off yet??

            If not lets see what I can do to change that..

            As many of us, we know someone serving in our military services. They fight for love of country, Love of our Flag, then love of family.
            This is all about me…dia control, this you will not see in any mainstream media..

            Here is the deal.. Seals, Sea Lions, Polar Bears, Bald Eagles, Sea Stars, Turtles, King and Sockeye Salmon, Herring, Anchovies and Sardines In The Western Part of North America All Suffering Mysterious Diseases At the Same Time.. Number 1 killer of our children is cancer.. Cancer is up 65%.. The Gov. and the EPA has raised our Radiation safety limits 27,000 times as it is showing up into many major cities drinking water, and in that same file the changed the acceptable death rate from 1 in 100,000 people to a new wow number of 1 in 23 people.. Our CHILDREN and OUR NATIONAL SYMBOL are falling …

            Did that piss you off yet??

            Here is a list of links I will provide..

            Dead Sea Lions..




            Dead Seal..

            Polar Bears of Alaska



            Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish Are Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects


            28 fallacies about the Fukushima nuclear disaster’s effect on the US West


            Is Fukushima Radiation Contaminating Tuna, Salmon and Herring On the West Coast of North America?




            Sockeye Salmon Tested – Cesium 134 and Cesium 137 Detected -BRAWM Response Please

            Starfish Wasting Disease outbreak could be due to radiation



            Bald Eagles





            RAD RACE: Why all of a sudden, out of the blue, would Death Valley National Park immediately suspend all running and cycling activities within the park without any warning or discussion? The one word possibility – RADIOACTIVITY.

            EnviroReporter, Michael Collins, tested the radiation at Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park on November 23, 2013 (video below).

            He measured the radiation at Furnace Creek at an astonishing 31.5x background via a water sample. Collins states after the testing, “These are levels that far exceed what is considered safe. California Highway Patrol considers anything over 3x background to cause a hazardous material situation.”

            Collins did tests over two days at varying spots across Death Valley. They read anywhere from 26.7x to 31.5x background.

            See the video here:

            Rest of article at link below.

            Now if anyone wants to stand up and take notice here, and want to change and do something find us at:


            We can change the acceptable death rate numbers, we can make a big difference but it’s going to take a massive wake up call..
            Cancer is up 65%, our children and our grandchildren are falling, the number 1 killer for our children is cancer..

            As I said it at the top our families, our friends are fighting for love of country, love of flag, then family. America has been under an attack for some time now. Media controlled blackouts are not helping us at all..

            Love of Country,, American Bald Eagle is our national symbol, The American Flag, our children and families are all effected here…

            Just posting what I found,


            • AWESOME post, DPS!

              +1000 to ya!

              • Hunter,

                Thanks but I found it on one of the tree hugger sites I read. So I shared it.

                NOMI III%

            • @ DPS ~ Thank you for your time and research.
              This is an Awesome post of Information.
              I hope people such as yourself keep ‘putting it out there.’

          • Out fishing:

            Rick and his friend are out fishing quietly and drinking beer. Almost quietly, so as not to scare the fish, Bob says, “I think I’m gonna divorce my wife. She hasn’t spoken to me in over two months.”

            Rick continues to slowly sip his beer then thoughtfully says, “You’d better think it over Bob, women like that are hard to find”.

          • 14 Million tablets? The population of California alone is 33 million…..

          • Do you own a Geiger counter and have tested your seafood harvest?

        • thee old radiation, nuke scare again and circle keeps going..LOL

        • Let’s see 14 million pills for 3oo million people check. US has set off around 100 nukes in the ocean with no major issuess check.Story from Info wars check. Hmmmmm BS sorry you will have to unload mags and stop eating beans & rice lol

        • *OFF TOPIC.. sorry, but wanted to get this out there*

          This is for Rich99 and others who think that everyone is a sheep, asleep and will not fire back when their 4th and 2nd amendment rights are violated. More and more are waking every day. Police and SWAT- Is the low pay they ‘give’ you worth your life? No.

          SWAT Team Deputy Killed Serving “No Knock” Warrant

          On December 19th, a sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed during an attempt to serve a “no knock” warrant near Sommerville, Texas. Just before 6:00 A.M. an 8 member SWAT team broke through the door of Henry Goedrich Magee to serve a warrant which would permit the team to search the mobile home in which Magee and his pregnant girlfriend were living. Reacting to the pre-dawn, forced entry Magee grabbed a rifle propped against a bedroom door frame and fired at the unidentified intruders, killing 31 year old sheriff’s deputy Adam Sowders. No one else was injured and Magee was taken into custody. He is being held on $1 million bail and has been charged with capital murder, punishable in Texas by life in prison without possibility of parole or death by lethal injection.

          These are the broad facts of the case as first reported by a number of print, radio and TV sources. The following additional information has been made public during the past few days:

          1.) The “no-knock” warrant was issued at the request of Deputy Sowders who was proceeding according to information provided by an investigator who told the officer that Magee “…was growing marijuana and possibly had stolen guns, as well as other drugs inside his home.” According to Magee’s attorney, Dick Deguerin, four weapons were recovered by police; 3 legally owned by Magee, one legally owned by Magee’s mother. Also according to Deguerin, the only drugs found in the home consisted of a small number of marijuana plants, constituting “…a misdemeanor amount.” The warrant itself was signed by District Judge Reva Towslee Corbett. As a copy has yet to be made available, it’s not known whether the warrant was for a drug search only or also for a search for firearms.

          2.) According to the AP, “Magee has been arrested twice for driving while intoxicated and twice for possession of marijuana.” The Bryan-College Station Eagle writes that Magee “has a felony and misdemeanor drug conviction.” According to Texas law, a resident with a felony arrest may own a weapon IF 5 years have elapsed since the felony conviction or end of parole. The weapon must be kept at the individuals home. None of the sources make it clear if this statute applies to Magee.

          3.) Speaking for his client, Deguerin told the media that Magee and his girlfriend were awakened by the sound of “explosives” which seemed to be going off near the front windows and a loud banging on the front door. Magee claims he did not know that law enforcement officers were responsible for the noise or the break in.

          4.) A spokesman for the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office said she “…did not know if or how deputies announced their entrance into the home.” None of the deputies were wearing body cameras and it is unknown if dashboard cameras on police vehicles were operating.

          It’s a safe bet that a mountain of additional information will be forthcoming should Magee stand trial. But based upon the information that has been released, should Henry Magee have been charged with capital murder? In fact, should he face a murder charge of any kind? IF the SWAT team (as it was called by Texas Ranger Andres de la Garza) entered without identifying its members as law enforcement officers, did Magee have an absolute right to shoot, given that he feared for his life, that of his girlfried and of their child? Must officers accept any risk which goes along with the serving of a “no knock” warrant, the purpose of which is to confuse, intimidate and catch suspected criminals off guard?

          It is perhaps a tragic irony that Deputy Sowders himself requested Judge Corbett issue the no knock warrant which might have contributed to his death. With prior arrests for drunk driving and possession of marijuana, it’s difficult to imagine that such a warrant would have been issued at all. Assuming Magee was not engaged in criminal activity as yet unreported, shouldn’t SWAT team tactics be reserved for individuals with far more extensive records, or suspected of more serious offenses?

          Countless articles have recently been written about the “Militarization” of police departments across the U.S. If police are preparing for “war” against the American public, it seems likely that shoot-outs between citizens and officers could become all to common.


          These are the broad facts of the case as first reported by a number of print, radio and TV sources. The following additional information has been made public during the past few days:

          1.) The “no-knock” warrant was issued at the request of Deputy Sowders who was proceeding according to information provided by an investigator who told the officer that Magee “…was growing marijuana and possibly had stolen guns, as well as other drugs inside his home.” According to Magee’s attorney, Dick Deguerin, four weapons were recovered by police; 3 legally owned by Magee, one legally owned by Magee’s mother. Also according to Deguerin, the only drugs found in the home consisted of a small number of marijuana plants, constituting “…a misdemeanor amount.” The warrant itself was signed by District Judge Reva Towslee Corbett. As a copy has yet to be made available, it’s not known whether the warrant was for a drug search only or also for a search for firearms.

          2.) According to the AP, “Magee has been arrested twice for driving while intoxicated and twice for possession of marijuana.” The Bryan-College Station Eagle writes that Magee “has a felony and misdemeanor drug conviction.” According to Texas law, a resident with a felony arrest may own a weapon IF 5 years have elapsed since the felony conviction or end of parole. The weapon must be kept at the individuals home. None of the sources make it clear if this statute applies to Magee.

          3.) Speaking for his client, Deguerin told the media that Magee and his girlfriend were awakened by the sound of “explosives” which seemed to be going off near the front windows and a loud banging on the front door. Magee claims he did not know that law enforcement officers were responsible for the noise or the break in.

          4.) A spokesman for the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office said she “…did not know if or how deputies announced their entrance into the home.” None of the deputies were wearing body cameras and it is unknown if dashboard cameras on police vehicles were operating.

          It’s a safe bet that a mountain of additional information will be forthcoming should Magee stand trial. But based upon the information that has been released, should Henry Magee have been charged with capital murder? In fact, should he face a murder charge of any kind? IF the SWAT team (as it was called by Texas Ranger Andres de la Garza) entered without identifying its members as law enforcement officers, did Magee have an absolute right to shoot, given that he feared for his life, that of his girlfried and of their child? Must officers accept any risk which goes along with the serving of a “no knock” warrant, the purpose of which is to confuse, intimidate and catch suspected criminals off guard?

          It is perhaps a tragic irony that Deputy Sowders himself requested Judge Corbett issue the no knock warrant which might have contributed to his death. With prior arrests for drunk driving and possession of marijuana, it’s difficult to imagine that such a warrant would have been issued at all. Assuming Magee was not engaged in criminal activity as yet unreported, shouldn’t SWAT team tactics be reserved for individuals with far more extensive records, or suspected of more serious offenses?

          Countless articles have recently been written about the “Militarization” of police departments across the U.S. If police are preparing for “war” against the American public, it seems likely that shoot-outs between citizens and officers could become all to common


        • Everyone needs to go check this website out:
          GO TO: and locate the Nuke Plant facilities in your area. This is an interactive map that updates every 5 minutes for the radiation exposure that is being emitted. As you can see on the Map of the US, radiation is trending up at a Nuke facility in Tennessee. Copy and put this website link on your Cell Phone to be mobile. If there is a Nuke Accident in your area, you want to evacuate and go UP-Wind and far away and as soon as possible. Wind direction is very important so you are not exposed to the Nuke fall out. And also have your own potassium iodide per person, ready to start taking 1 to 2 times a day. Check the dosage instructions. Good Luck!!

      2. It was nice to get out of the cabin. For what seems like forever, I’ve been spending my days off homesteading. I’ve been cheese making, sausage making, canning and working on projects but today I took the day off and got back in touch with Oregon. I called up a buddy and we went cruising some logging and forest service roads. Got above the fog and into the sunshine. My buddy brought along some guns and I got to shoot my old 30-06. I had to give up shooting hunting rifles because of a shoulder injury and after today I know I will be hurting for the next couple of weeks but it was worth it. I was still able to hit a pie plate at 200 yards, standing without a rest.

        I love Oregon and it will take much more than fear porn to get me to leave this state and much more than liberal commies in the city centers. If you don’t live here and live what Oregon has to offer you just don’t understand where I’m coming from. You just don’t understand why I need much more than fear porn to get me to even to begin to believe that there’s a life threatening problem. The locals that fish are a very large and diverse group with many in positions of science, agriculture, academia, commerce and politics, if there was a problem the word would get out from locals. Outsiders that spew doom have reasons that benefit themselves and their bank account, period.

        14 million dosages doesn’t even cover LA for one day. Most likely another Obama donor kick back.

        • Cognitive Dissonance runs wild.

        • Absolutely Rich…

          The reason they come in packages of 20/65mg is for the dosage of 65mg twice a day, every 12 hrs. The amount they bought isn’t squat for a large population.
          It’s only for essential personal…And they deem who…ummm

          • oops…Sorry RicK…

          • That is the point I would have made…the “14 MILLION DOSES” makes for a grand sounding headline, but the significance is in the 700,000 number…THAT is an indication of intent.

          • And here’s something I came across while researching potassium iodide.

            Source, CDC.

            Adults older than 40 years should not take KI (potassium iodide) unless public health or emergency management officials say that contamination with a very large dose of radioactive iodine is expected.

            Adults older than 40 years have the lowest chance of developing thyroid cancer or thyroid injury after contamination with radioactive iodine.
            Adults older than 40 are more likely to have allergic reactions to or adverse effects from KI.”

            • Rick, right here on SHTFplan Site is an advertiser (Camping survival) that shows a LifeStraw that has a very good video on Iodine tablets. and explains the difference between KI and KI03. Trekker Out.

        • Rick in OR,find someone with a radiation detector and take some readings.

          • I live in SoCal and I have a radiation detector. I was actually thinking about heading toward the coast sometime the week to see I could pick up any readings. If I do, I will post my findings.

            • Will certainly be looking your post. Thanks!

              I will pass on the findings to family who live in Seattle and the “great Valley”… something my brother called it once… not sure of the nuance in that…

      3. Well friends, I will go to the black helicopter on this one… So, let’s just imagine for a couple of minutes that a total meltdown happens jeopardizing the west coast. With that in mind, we would have an exodus of over 50 million people in the continental US alone. Insert FEMA Camps. We all understand the outcome there: lead the sheeple to slaughter. We would loose trillions of dollars in industrial infrastructure (Silicone Valley, Boeing and they will not scratch the surface) so the economical impact would be globally devastating. Insert Bank holiday. You have just lost 100% of your savings, your real property, your home and possibly some or all of your family. With the US (and the World) in complete and utter chaos, enter Martial Law. Potentially we could have a sitting president for a 3d term and indefinite term. It only goes downhill from there…
        As I read the reports from this side of the ocean where birds, fish and mammals are dying from Alaska to Idaho one has to ask themselves why. The salmon runs have been decimated in Alaska and Canada as well. Why? Ring Seals are dying with open legions and loss of fur. Why? I believe there is something horrific happening but no one will admit it. In no way am I insinuating there would be some form of cover-up to prevent panic or mass exodus. Our media and politicians would never allow that to happen…
        So, for those on the west coast, keep an ear to the ground and the other one on the Geiger counter. Personally, I will take a ride in the black chopper…
        God Bless You All…

        • Big Brother seeks access to ALL information…

          National Security Agency is racing to build a computer that could break nearly every kind of encryption used to protect banking, medical, business and government records around the world.

          “According to documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the effort to build “a cryptologically useful quantum computer” — a machine exponentially faster than classical computers — is part of a $79.7 million research program titled, “Penetrating Hard Targets.” Much of the work is hosted under classified contracts at a laboratory in College Park.

          The development of a quantum computer has long been a goal of many in the scientific community, with revolutionary implications for fields like medicine as well as for the NSA’s code-breaking mission. With such technology, all forms of public key encryption would be broken, including those used on many secure Web sites as well as the type used to protect state secrets.”

          The Washington Post

          • KY Mom: Can anyone honestly be concerned about the so-called PTB? It’s all show and no blow when it comes to effectiveness on the mindless minions that serve our ‘masters’. Two examples should make this very clear: (1) A 29 y/o contract worker waltzes out of the NSA with so much data that it has crippled and embarrassed them. It means that no one is watching the watchers. They could have easily built in algorithms in their system that would freeze any access beyond a certain point, let alone actually having someone there to physically monitor all workers to prevent such a breach-but they didn’t did they? so much for the all powerful all knowing NSA! (2) over 1000 federal, state, and local cops couldn’t find one wounded teenager after a 24 hour door-to-door search near Boston! TPTB rely on TV, books, and movies to bullshit the rest of us into believing these folks can do anything, but it’s all hype. As we’ve seen, reality proves that most of these clowns couldn’t find their collective asses with two hands and a flashlight. I’m just waiting for the real fun to begin, when folks get creative and start ‘gas lighting’ these morons. It starts with two or more friends around the country getting disposal cell phones that start talking in code that easily broken, or better yet, in a foreign language, about nonexistent plans that get the NSA and others nervous so that they begin searching for these phantoms. Once the word gets out, hundreds, if not thousands, will get in on the game creating a lot of chaos just for fun. I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened already.

      4. InfoWars or InfoMercial? The video looks like a sales pitch from Alex. But, hey, I like capitalism. And he never said anything about year-end closeout, inventory reduction, or actual mileage may vary. Carry on, AJ! (and send me a triple order)

        Seriously though, RickInOregon seems to have the right outlook on this one. Not enough credible information to start panicking…. yet….

        • thank god you are back. I was starting to worry you were gone for good.

        • Well, smokin’, “credible” information isn’t going to just jump into your lap, you’re going to have to go looking for it. Since the issue of radiation poisoning is serious AND life-threatening, I’d think that should motivate people to go looking for information, sooner, rather than later (after the panic starts).

          Just saying…

          • Besides, how many of us have actually SEEN real life radiation poisoning? I haven’t. It doesn’t need to get to the blistering-burn-skin-and-sores-all-over point to kill you…a little bit of radiation kills you over time…you can’t SEE it at first, even if you’re looking right at it.

            You get hit by a car, you know it—you get hit by a few too many rads, and you’ll never realize it until it’s too late.


            • 6pack, I saw someone with radiation poisoning from sleeping next to a malfunctioning color tv she always had on. Started out as a rash the doctor couldn’t diagnosis. My husband was a technician and smelled the radon I think it was and found the leak. A few years later she died from lung cancer and was not a smoker.

              • Maybe it was ozone he smelled. Can’t recall what led him to check what was coming from the tv.

                • Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. I didn’t know it was used in TV’s though.

        • Hey, I’m not able to move from Ky. because of the New Madrid; that doesn’t make it go away.

        • Yeah and what’s so awesome about that is, by the time there IS enough information to start panicking… you’ve got cancer, son.

          Welp I can’t leave because of my folks so pretty much I’ve got cancer I guess.

          If there’s another earthquake in Japan, I’m going to knock them out with chlorophyl (I’m kidding… yeesh)… and stuff them in the car despite their protests (I’M NOT kidding there) and just drive East…

          • Break fluid is Ether…just sayin’

            • I mean starter fluid, maybe my filter was trying to put the breaks on my MOUTH

        • It’s also the outlook communicated on SurvivalBlog. JW Rawles wrote about the inverse square principle as it applies to the ocean and Fukushima. I think another read of that is in order. He also has an advertiser who sells radiation detectors. Sounds like a wise investment.

      5. While I am pro human and support the survival of the species. I think the complexity of modern society will lead to a failure of one kind or another.

        My money’s on a global financial collapse. But something else could happen.

        Do I want to live in the aftermath of an all out Nuke war. Not really.

        Still. A collapse that leaves all the government parasites turning cannibal upon themselves warms my heart.

        • I agree with the economic collapse myself.
          It is the most common in history next to war.
          Though I do believe that most things will just grind to a halt including most of the dreggs of society that everyone seems to fear. Only the most ambitious of them will not need to be told to actually get off of their duffs to become locusts on the rest of us. As for the government people do they really think that if laws fail for the rest of us are their own protectors going to follow their rules?
          Get rid of the old unproductive, non-breeding, snobbish bosses and take what they stored.

        • SD…absolutely on board with you.

          Every day is closer to what you say…not further.

      6. Don’t believe a Fuckin word Government or Media says! Common sense says months years ago now that leaked water would pollute the ocean and because of it being radioactive pollution it would kill the sea animals!! And anyone else associated with the water or near it. Honestly this isn’t new news rather just old news catching up and killing its victims slowly. As for the eagles. The official statement is West Nile Virus. Hmm mosquitoes in the winter time. I don’t know but it could be strangely possible… (Mosquito) “Hey Eagle!” (Eagle) “Yeah?” (Mosquito) “Let me take off my ski-mask so I, can bite you and give you WNV” (Eagle) “Duh Okay” 😉 test the eagles for radiation.

      7. Wow… 14 million doses, good shit.
        Now what about those other 300 million in the USA?

        • Well, sign up for Obamacare and you’ll get YOUR dose!


          Too bad, we’re outlawing over the couter sale any minute now… hold still, this RFID is hard to place correctly… ahhh there we go!

      8. I do have to wonder about the whole radiation thing,
        My cousin who married a man from British Columbia has recently moved next door to my Wife and I. He is a young man and has just had a second operation to remove cancer from his chest. I fear that it is from Fukushima. They have a young boy, call me crazy but this scares me. When the first melt down happened our background radiation doubled for 6 weeks. This may not be much but I live 1500 kilometers from the coast or so and 400 kilometers of that is mountains. They used to live 20 minutes from the Pacific. Now the government is not going to tell us when things get serious but they will take care of themselves.
        Mr. Rick in Oregon I personally would stop harvesting from the ocean. Better yet move inland.

      9. 14mill doesnt seem like enough for what Fukishima could potentialy do. I agree that there is every possibility of another quake rendering Japan and our west coast uninhabitable, should the nuke plant be compromised any further. Its a mess and its clouded in the fog of “official govt reports” you know, bullshit. Tepco execs should be flogged for this one.

        AJ is such a blowhard its tough to take him seriously even if there is substance to his claims. Ive been following this since it started and Mac I hope its ok to mention them here. BPEarthwatch and Paul Begely on YT and 50kview.

        My Aunt is/was with the World Health Org and she is convinced that we are being lied to about the extent of the damage we’re in.

        On a personal note my wife an RN of many years in pediatric oncology has noticed and raised concern about the uptic in kids presenting with growths on their bones. Let me preface that with the fact that she doesnt get the least bit excited or swayed by news at all and is certainly the calm cool voice of reason of the two of us.

        Its not good news at all and we have no real idea about how to protect against a radioactive plume we know little to nothing about. I was the company NBC NCO when I worked for Uncle Sam many moons ago and I remember working out rads and plume potentials blah blah blah. None of wich seem to have stuck in the ole memory. So with that said does anyone have any idea how we calculate the damage potential for this with any semblance of accuracy?

      10. What bull…the order (it’s actually a bid request)is for 700,000 PACKAGES.
        In light of the fact that these have expiration dates, this not unusual.
        Simply replacing expired stock.

        But it does highlight the inability of Americans’ reading comprehension.

      11. Time for our monthly advice column…Ask The Okie
        Our first letter comes from Honolulu-

        Dear okie,
        I’m a personal assistant to an unnamed, but very high ranking politician, My job is to keep him from getting sunburned while he splashes in the Pacific with the kids. I’ve tried lotions and sunscreen, all the way up to SPF 60, but no luck. Any suggestions? Signed, Perplexed in Hawaii.

        Dear Perplexed,
        One option would be to rub him down with bacon grease. However, if he’s Muslim, he might not want to go that route. What I’d recommend is to paint 3 concentric circles on his back (like a target) with calamine lotion. It dries to a chalky white and is highly visible from hundreds of yards away. It won’t stop his sunburn, but it’ll sure make the rest of us feel better.

        Dear okie,
        We’ve been living in a FEMA trailer here in Nawlins for 6 years. We keep waiting on the government to help us, but so far all we’ve got is free housing, free medical care, a free phone, free lunches for the 7 school-aged kids (plus WIC for the 4 little ones), and a few hundred dollars each month in the mail. Do you have any ideas on how we might get out of this hopeless squalor we live in? Signed, Still Waiting In Louisiana.

        Dear Waiting,
        I have just the remedy for your situation. It’s an age-old method handed down for generations and it’s based on the biblical principle that ‘if a man will not work, neither shall he eat.’ My suggestion is to get up off your butt and GET A DAMN JOB!

        Dear okie,
        You recently told one of your readers that his odds of winning the lottery were one-in-a-trillion. My calculator doesn’t have enough digits to go that high, but weren’t you off in your calculations? I mean, there’s only a few million tickets sold for each drawing, right? So, how could his odds be that low? Please explain soon, as my wife and me are seriously considering a change in our retirement plan if your odds are right. Signed, Unlucky So Far

        Dear Unlucky,
        You may have misread my answer regarding the lottery odds. What I actually told the reader, a guy who played every week for years, and who called himself Homeless Joe From Kokomo, was that his odds of winning were about one in 400 million.
        What I said was, ‘Your odds of knowing what to do with the money if you ever did win would be about one in a trillion. So don’t sweat it, Joe.’
        Hope this clears things up, Unlucky. And, as for your retirement, just keep putting everything you have into the stock market. The eventual results will surprise you. And, you deserve it!

        Dear okie,
        I’m 9 years old and I live in Stockton, California. My question is- I never seem to be able to save enough of my allowance too buy Mom and Dad any nice Christmas gifts. This year I only had $2.35 in my piggy bank. I didn’t get them anything, and I feel really bad about it. What can I do to keep this from happening next year? Signed, A Broke Kid

        Dear Broke Kid,
        Cheer up! With $2.35 on hand, you have 16 trillion dollars more net worth than the entire United States government! And, even at your young age, you already have a better credit rating than the city you live in. See? Things aren’t all that bad for you, are they?
        As a practical note, to keep this from bothering you next year- have you considered trying to convert your parents to Jehovah’s Witnesses? That way they won’t really be expecting much at Christmas time. I know it’s extreme, but it’s worth a shot. Besides, most of the JW’s I know are pretty nice folks. Best of luck, Kid.

        Dear okie,
        I desperately need your help! My wife is going through menopause and I don’t know what to do. How can I make her comfortable when she’s cold one minute, then burning up the next? And how in the world do I deal with these wild mood swings? She’s melancholy and sad at first… then suddenly angry for no apparent reason? And what if she gets violent? Then what? Please tell me what to do, okie. And hurry! Signed, Desperate In Des Moines

        Dear Desperate,
        The only advice I can offer is to do like I did. At the first sign of hot flashes, lock yourself in the bathroom. Ignore her pounding on the door and pretend to be in the shower. (it helps to turn on the water and drown out the yelling) PS- concerning one’s personal safety around a menopausal woman, I put on my Kevlar vest two years ago… and haven’t taken it off yet! Good Luck!

        • SmokinOkie, keep that humor coming. I really needed that this morning. braveheart

        • Dear Okie:

          Are you going to stick around and entertain us or are you going to disappear again. You are just the best……

        • Okie:
          Please keep them coming. This will help us get through the new year scares. BIG BROTHER CRAP.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • Love your humour Okie 🙂

          Talking of women with menopause, shouldn’t they be in the military?

          Seriously, get a few thousand women in foul moods and give ’em an M16, send ’em to Afghanistan and tell ’em “Outside that wall are lots of guys with beards who reckon your asses look big in your uniforms and they NEVER put the toilet seat down!”

          War would be over in a day!!

          (Hope I didn’t offend any ladies – sincere apologies if so).


          • Didn’t offend me, always said we need a pissed off country girl in charge of wars. Nobody would mess with us.

            • Gotta love country girls, PO’d or not. They’ll bait their own hooks, clean their own fish and can reverse park a car or back down a boat trailer. When TSHTF I’ll rely on a girl who can load a shotgun rather than one who can’t survive without a hairdryer and a manicure kit.


              • Aussie,

                Hello from Texas, I was informed tonight from my country gal she wants to redo the bedroom in realtree camo. A lady after my own heart LOL.

                NOMI III%

                • Hey DPS, be still my beating heart !!!!! Your gal doesnt have a sister does she??? 🙂


          • Limbaugh did a take on PMS years ago. Nothing scarier than a bunch of PMS women running at you!!! Not the same, but close.

            • You guys crack me up! FTR, I am menopausal, but don’t have mood swings or a crappy attitude. When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed I go out and carry 16 foot cattle panels by hand and repair the fences! So there! 😉

              • One gal can carry 16ft cattle fence panels and fix fences? Another wants the bedroom painted realtree camo? Shivers guys, you dunno how lucky you got it over there!! 🙂


                • Oh,some of us do my friend…some of us do 😉

      12. Obviously it is still safe to vacation in Hawaii and send your #2 to Japan.

        • Damn you mean obummer didn’t take mooshell and the yungins?

      13. It appears that info wars has become a panic based fear mongering “buy here and save your sorry ass” website..

        I listened to Jones years ago for a while ,as he had a tad bit more credibility then..and many of his warnings came true over the years.

        Unlike his more credible predecessor,William Cooper, he has brought conspiracy into the mainstream and capitalizing it quite successfully..

        Of course any red flag purchases nowadays arouses suspicion,as the government routinely makes large procurements for any and every potential disaster that one can imagine..

        Most likely these FedBizOpps are for key personnel within the ranks of the entire DHS umbrella..

        Of course they are protecting their own at our expense.

        I’m still wondering where all those 1.6 billion round of hp ammo are?


        • Howdy, Possee. I used to listen to AJ many many years ago on shortwave along with the late great Bill Cooper until he was murdered; may he forever rest in peace. In more recent years, I stopped listening to AJ as it seems he has lost whatever credibility he ever had. Anything coming from Infowars you better have a full shaker of salt handy. braveheart

          • braveheart

            Agreed wholeheartedly….

            Cooper’s book “behold a pale horse” is quite a read..he “called it” years ahead of jones and is dead on accurate on many of his foreknowledge predictions..especially the elimination of the middle class and preconceived false flags in schools silence the 2nd amendment.

            My other favorite read is griffins “creature from jekyl island”..creation of the fed in 1913..

            Right now bracing blizzard conditions upon us..18″ snow and subsequent sub zero temps here in Mass..


            • Good evening, Possee. I have a copy of “Creature From Jekyl Island”. Just recently downloaded a pdf copy of “Behold A Pale Horse” and will print a hard copy of that one. That will be a nice workout for my printer. Shortwave was my #1 source of information up until 2005 when I finally started learning computers. I still keep shortwave for a backup because someday we’ll most likely lose the internet. Still listen to it on occasion and there’s not as many people on there now as in the past. good luck in the blizzard. braveheart

              • I am a lover of shortwave Braveheart.
                Had a Zenith All Band receiver years ago.
                Got a another brand now.

                19°F out and windy here in these hills of NW Ga.
                Ground frozen hard.
                As my grandma used to say: Believe you could spit and it would bounce, its so cold.

                Be well and take care.
                Had to throw a shoutout to a fellow lover of shortwave.

                • Anonymous, I keep my shortwave for backup because one day we’ll probably lose the internet. still listen to it on occasion. This past summer I was browsing in an antique store and found an old Hallicrafter “boat anchor” radio from the mid-1950s. It was a complete radio with all of the tubes and a bad AC plug. I paid $150 for that radio. I went to a hardware store and bought a heavy-duty plug for it. After getting home, I changed out the plug, rigged up a wire antenna to it, turned it on, and VOILA, it still works. That was an amazing find I made that day. I had it on one night last week and it’s still alive and kicking. braveheart

      14. smart preppers bought their Potassium Iodide have all the info on radiation at their finger tips, at least the ones within fifty miles of a plant

        • should read yrs ago.

        • @1940…My best friend is a GP doc and prepper up in Fryeburg, Maine. 6 months ago; way before this US government warning, he told me to start pulling together a store of potassium iodine tablets. He knew exactly how serious this was all going to be. Meanwhile we get fookin’ nothing on this ongoing disaster from the main stream media, except film footage of what color underwear Milley Cirus had on one for her last concert or some local drivel about some mongrel dog that got hit by a snowplow and needed money donated to repair a broken leg. And this is the lead story for the major Boston news networks. Keep’em dumb and stupid. WTF?

          • HD…The ones that she wore with the erect penis drawn on with magic marker? unfookin’ believable…

            ‘fookin’ good word, can I use it in the future?

            I’d donate to help the dog.

            • @lastman….No copyright on “fookin”…Use it at your convenience and leisure, lol! Dog bill was $32,000!!! Treating vet says she donated her services that were worth $20k. Think the final broken leg tally was 3. $12k balance must be for re-hab. RE: Penis panties… Yeah, when I watch the singer crap that passes for entertainment today, I thank God I was around for Ed Sullivan presenting the Beatles and Dave Clark Five! Happy New Year!

              • $32k!…are you fookin kidding!!!

                I am mid 50’s so I remember Ed…”We’ve got a really big shoe for you tonight” show always sounded better as shoe when were a little kid.

                Music has gone to hell in the last 20 years.

                HNY to you as well…we may not be so happy later this year.

          • many people bought Iodine and Potassium Iodide tablets when Japans Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant had a near melt down a few yrs ago.

            some people panicked and paid over 90 bucks for a 5 dollar bottle of Potassium Iodide tablets off Ebay.

            • I got a bid of $250 each on ebay at the time. I sold 2 that I bought only a month before the melt down @ $14.00 each. Pretty good profit.

              • Sounds like you should plow that into more stock for the next round of panic.

            • 1940&Maddog wish I had saw your comments before I made my comment about buying enough for your own family and not a bushel basket full. Boy now I have to retract that, I may want to buy a pickup load. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

      15. What is considered safe/normal background radiation readings on average?

        Thanks in advance…


        • @ Possee. Depends on where you live. 100cpm is a alert level. 25-65 is average.

        • @possee…

          In 1955 it was 1 mSv (millisievert) per year for the general public.

          100 mSv for radiation workers spread out over 5 years.


          In 1994 they changed the dosage to 5000 millirem for occupational exposure.

          300 millirems is now considered “background”.


          1 millisievert = 100 millirem


          Soooo…Much like the BLS numbers, etc., given out by the corporate DC minions, they have been “fudged” upward over the years to where 3 times the safe level in 1955 is now just considered “background”. LOL. c—-suckers.

      16. Preppers don’t panic because we are prepared I have plenty of IOSTAT Iodide for my family and freinds make sure you get yours soon ! If something does happen all the preps won’t mean a thing if your goning to die from Thyroid cancer Its like ammo you better have some If it becomes needed it will be gone in a second and NO you can’t buy it at Wally – World and those who blow off AJ remember he was a nut going on about NSA spying years ago. Hes been right many times and if our Govs are going to LIE this is the kind of thing they would cover up

      17. Go to the info by DR. Mercola on Nacente Iodine – it’s not really recommended and can lead to many other problems without some Dr. intervention you need the same IODIDE the government is stocking up on for A nuke emergancy only – if your thyroid is messed up eat more Eggs,fish and organic sea weeds high in natural Iodine avoid junk food ect… ignore AJs sales pitch but do prep for a Nuke event of some kind- as its as probable as any other disaster move to the country but in a real event only south of the Equator may be safe.

        • Interesting comment about moving South of the equator Geo-Lithic – I have the view we are about as safe as anywhere on Earth from radiation fallout or contamination. If FU Shima really melts down the radiation will spread to the whole world but it will be diluted greatly by the time it reaches here.

          At my retreat I have a 20,000 gallon water tank of rainwater that is always full and in case of fallout I have heavy plastic that I can cover the inlet with. I can get by with 20,000 gallons for quite a long time while the rain washes any fallout off the roof. May not protect my kids and I totally but better than nothing.

          Here in Aussie we have only one nuclear reactor that is at the end of it’s service life and due to our anti nuclear stance by both sides of politics it wont be replaced when decommissioned.

          Due to our position in the Southern hemisphere we are better placed than most to survive a nuclear holocaust or meltdown.


          • The movie ” On the Beach ” was based on the novel of the same name by Nevil Shute…
            ck it out…It’s a post-apocalyptic novel.

      18. The banana nuts will not be tea bagging in the surf on the cover of time. OC, two men enter, one man leave. Still safe to SEND #2 to Japan. If you like your radiation, you can keep it.

      19. It’s kinda strange…. I work for a world wide airline. The international pilots had (for the longest time) radiation sensor badges that were standard issue. Those badges have now been pulled, I wonder why????

      20. There’s no reliable information about radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean or on the West Coast. Just a lot of hysteria like, “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” in the alternative media. Including all kinds of fake radioactivity maps. You even have idiots saying that all life in the northern hemisphere will die. Eagles dying in Utah has nothing to do with radioactivity. 14 million doses of KI isn’t a lot when some people might have to take multiple doses. 47 million people live in the West Coast states.

        • Barn Cat.

          I agree there is no reliable information. Maybe it is better to have no information. This is a two edge sword as the damaged reactors dump radioactivity into the ocean and then have explosions/steam sending debris into the air. Continuously I may add. Not like a nuclear bomb detonation as of now but it could happen. This event covers billions of square miles.
          Our first line of defense or warning will be the fishermen on the west coast and those that pay attention to environment around them as the signs of contamination reveal themselves. Not to cause PANIC, we must use this time to mitigate the problem and there is a lot to consider as this can become serious overnight. Review your bug out bag and bug out location. Nothing like an evacuation order to get the populace moving.
          This has been going on for a couple of years with a big tub of shit the size of Texas swirling around in the Pacific Ocean. How much of it is contaminated? A blurp on the news every once in awhile, That’s It. We will finally see how bad it becomes when large piles of debris starts to wash up on the shoreline.

          • ***Current FDA guidelines call for the daily administration of 130 mg. of potassium iodide (KI)) for up to 14 days for adults and children over 60 pounds. Smaller children should take one half tablet for 14 days.

            ***Potassium Iodide is inherently stable. If kept dry in an unopened container at room temperature, it can be expected to last indefinitely

            ***The US remains the only major nuclear power that does not have a supply to protect its citizens.(surprised yet?)

            ***From WHO:”Stable iodine can be used as either potassium iodide or potassium iodate. Potassium iodide (KI) is the preferred alternative, since potassium iodate (KIO3) has the disadvantage of being a stronger intestinal irritant.”

            • Some states choose to keep supplies and a lady I spoke with online sent me the liquid form; she said in New York, they were just handed out on street corners after Fukushima disaster.

              Directions are easily found online if labels damaged–I wrote the directions for the iodine, the potassium iodate tablets, and the liquid form(raspberry taste), just in case and stored with the items in the vacuum sealed package.

      21. Being offspring of down winders from Hanford, maybe myself and my children’s-children are building up immunity into the next phase of human evolution? Maybe we need to become resistant to radiation so we can have space travel? Or maybe we are all going to slowly die from different cancers, especially in the gastrointestinal tract from eating contaminated food. Trying to flee radiation seems to me to be impossible b/c if the northern hemisphere empties to the south, that ought to make for one hellova starvation/killing field. When it comes to radiation and nuclear exchange, there is no answer.

        • Down wind from Hanford would be Baker OR.

          • Down wind from hanford was pasco wa. My mom and dad got slammed with the iodine release, dad dead of esophageal cancer @ 77. mother died of lung cancer @ 82. But I have 4 brothers as which i am the youngest. One dead from drinking himself to death, and the rest of us are cancer free, Oldest has diabetes from his life style, still smokes but alive none the less @ 63. My parents partied hard so it is no wonder they died from cancer. Both smoked heavily, dad was a hard core alcoholic. My dead brother drank a half a gallon of whiskey ever 24 hours. 7 half gallons per week.. A guy just flat out cant live through that. I saw him about 2 weeks before he died and he couldn’t walk more than 30 or 40 feet. He died a classic death tho.. still makes me laugh. Long story. might tell it some day.

            • .02, sorry to hear about those losses, especially the alcoholic members of your family. The POS Haitian who ran over my wife had a problem like that. braveheart

            • Pasco is pretty close. They had a reactor accident there sometime in the 1950’s and released alot of radiation, plus killed 3 men. I think it was a military test reactor. I watched the original videos when I was in propulsion engineering school in the Navy. Cant remember anymore.

              • It was no accident, they released it on purpose to study the effects. Westinghouse, GE and the Guv. Evil bunch of fvkers.

      22. Donkey Kong meat on a taco.

      23. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        – Joseph Goebbels

      24. The sky is falling the sky is falling. Holy crap so what if the government buys it. If were in a nuke war your dead .how long can you live underground anyway. If we have a reactor meltdown by the time the government tells you the truth you’ll be glowing in the dark.

        • I plan on surviving like that movie “the hills have eyes” be one of those guys lol

        • …and people will still believe that by voting things will be fixed.

          …and people will still believe that law enforcement is there for their protection and not the corporate state.

          …and if you read the comments on about declaring your sovereign rights you will find that you are considered a “paper terrorist”.

          …and most people are still asleep.

          • But does all that mean we should just give up on our votes. If you don’t exercise a right it become a privilege

        • Thanks
          Saved in my phone.

        • 🙂

      25. Soo here is some info a issue NO one is talking about
        Like in the last year Almost 90% of the seagulls along
        The north and central coast are GONE….
        Have you been to the beach lately? Look up and then
        Ask yourself what happened to millions of gulls? None
        In the sky just corpses in the sand..

        • Mean kids with alka seltzer

        • Still too dam many seagulls living in Washington state we often see several hundred to a thousand, feeding in last falls corn fields.

          Leave you car parked and the Seagulls still drop their loads on our windshields.

          Ain’t no Damn Seagull shortage! As far as Salmon, we were still fishing and catching Salmon until early December, no shortage there. Clams and other shell fish haven’t been affected by any radiation around here either.

          Deer season wasn’t very good, but having a early hunting season in October and a sunny and warm fall, sure made for lousy hunting. record size elk herds in the Skagit valley, the State had to hire professional hunters to kill off some of the herd, as they were damaging the farmers crops.

          Get over it, quit trying to create false problems, this country has enough major problem and doesn’t need false one. There is not radiation problem around or off Washington state.

        • Do you live in Cali? They’ve had the uptick in babies with thyroid disorders. As for the gulls, I’ve seen them on OR, WA and BC coasts since March 11, 2011.

          • We will see.. my daughter is to have a baby boy in Modesto any day now.

      26. @ Nina’os lil brother. Seagulls are total scavengers and will eat anything. The first line of any toxin contamination is the food chain. Animals and plant life across the Pacific could be the only ones to be poisoned in the Japanese waters, yet the migration of these fish and other animals to all parts of every ocean leads to other animals getting sick. You know, the plankton and plant life gets nailed first, then the smaller fish, then the larger fish that eat them. This is one way that the poison from Fukushima can sit in a localized area and still spread through the animals. Japan’s water is upwelled in many spots which means that much food for fish is brought closer to the surface, feeding grounds. This is one reason the fishing is usually pretty good around Japan. Not good for all those fish around Fukushima that then swim all over the Pacific. Not good for the seagulls that eat these fish when they can’t find trash or hand outs.

        • Debris made its way from Japan to the west coast. Thus, so would a plume of radioactive water. I believe in ‘last days’ events the Bible speaks of the third waters being poisoned and coined it wormwood….

          • If these are the last days…it’s drunken orgy time!!!

            Where’s Caligula?

            Invite Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin.

            I’ll be the baloney! The meat in the prepper sandwich.

            ha ha

            • Oh good God… my eyes… ze googgles.. zey do not work…

        • In October I was tuna fishing off the Oregon coast, lot’s of sea birds and plenty of sea life. If there has been a massive seabird die off, it’s had to have happened within the last couple of months.

          The first year after the tsunami I was finding plastic floats about the size of a basketball and this past summer I found another one.

      27. West Nile killed the eagles.

      28. To everyone here. Something I’m not sure anyone else has thought of. All of our lives, have we not been told that when a certain area gets attacked by a nuclear weapon or suffers an accident from a nuclear reactor, that the area will be off limits to people for decades, maybe even hundreds of years? That has to be hype. consider the following. 2 cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were struck by the world’s very first atomic weapons in August, 1945. That forced the Japanese to surrender and finally ended WW2. True, the loss of life was astounding, but how long was it before those cities were rebuilt? ONLY A DECADE! According to conventional wisdom, those 2 cities should still be off limits to people even to this day because of radioactive contamination. I have to call BS on a certain percentage of what we’ve been told about radiation. think about it. braveheart

        • Braveheart:
          You hit the nail on the head. I can’t see how those to cities and some of the island that were bombed could have living beings on or in them. Not this soon.
          Now if the radiation was enbedded in in a confind area and just sitting there then I could see a problem.
          Radiology Tech’s wear a badge to tell them that if they are over dosed radiation, but they are right in the middle of each xray or c/t scan, granted they have protection but they are still in it every day. This would be one of those confind areas.
          Oh he– I do not know enough about it, but it still smeals fishy.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • Bombs are much cleaner than reactor meltdowns.

            • After watching the movie threads, i hope the first nuke launched lands on my head.

              • correction: after TRYING to watch the movie threads. That was way bad. Didn’t make it through.

      29. Personally I’ve been reading from this site and turning people on to it for many years, but when you add someone like Alex jones nearly everything goes down the toilet. I do appreciate what he says to a degree but most is just hype and fear mongering, and when you you bring him into an article, well for me at least it takes away form the message, and makes me believe it less so.

        • Survive Its Death

      30. I agree that this is probably a replacement of stockpiles…however, this could be in response to the 70+ sailors that are suing. The US Govt could be buying this to support another carrier that might have to get deployed to Fukushima. With 4200+ people on hand, if the soldiers have to take them every 12 hours, this would be more than ample for them while they are at sea. Just a thought.

      31. Here is a website to help motivate people about resisting and helping bring about the “RESET”. Great place to start off the new year. This woman makes most men I know look like mice.

        Never stop resisting!
        Push back now – Push back hard!
        No more armchair patriots!

        • Here is a website to help motivate people about resisting and helping bring about the “RESET”. Great place to start off the new year. This woman makes most men I know look like mice.

          josietheoutlaw .com

          Never stop resisting!
          Push back now – Push back hard!
          No more armchair patriots!

      32. Some pertinent facts an recommendations:
        1) Any self-respecting prepper MUST have a geiger counter of some kind; it’s utterly foolish to think you can make realistic decisions without one. Simple Soeks or Radex units can be purchased online (Amazon, eBay) for about $160-$250. BUY ONE, and learn what is “Normal” in your area.
        2) Normal background radiation should be in the area of .07 to .20 microsieverts/hr.
        3) Elevated radiation levels are already being reported in seaweed food products from Japan and Korea (and probably Russia, as well) — so the food threat is VERY REAL. You are now playing Russian roulette with any Pacific seafood product, esp. tuna, which can cross the ocean multiple times each year. Stick with Atlantic-caught fish…
        4) Radioactive Iodine is a fairly trivial concern, and current CDC protocols say Potassium Iodide is not even necessry/recommended for adults over 40. CHILDREN (smaller doses) are the ones to be concerned about. Iodine isotopes are short-lived, decaying within a few weeks, so reactor accidents are the only likely problem. Iodide is USELESS against strontium, cesium, and other radioactive pollutants, most of which have much longer half-lives, and therefore pose the more serious contamination threat.
        5) With due respect to the useful information provided by AJ/Infowars, there are better, more credible, less sensationalist sources of information; do not depend on them as a principle source.

        • Don,
          I bought one of the Soek’s paid about $150 for it they make a lot of different models, , it will detect the radiation output of a smoke detector easily. And it has a digital readout with adjustable unit settings SEVERTs and ROENTGEN . Not your typical Russian product its in a sleek and modern package , it also uses a real Muller Geiger tube. A lot better than those ancient CD survey meters you see for sale that are at the end of there life cycle ( over 50 years old)

          I check the Tuna before consuming it.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • And don’t forget to put it back in it’s “CAGE” when not in use…

      33. I took the iodine pills everyday for a week. Then my butt turned red and started itching. Apparently they aren’t suppositories.

      34. @ Smokie Okie, now my try at some more serious humor.

        Dear Okie, I am a youngster that has seen what has happened to people that don’t prepare. I continue to try to purchase canned food and other emergency supplies. My parents are big BO fans and tell me that I am going against the president by storing up for what the government will not supply me and my family with. My family takes my stash of emergency supplies and throws them in the local dumpster and says that this family will not undermine our savior and second coming BO. I am black but want to be a prepper, it is the only smart thing to do. Any advice? Signed, Wanna be respected for being ready for what is coming.

        How about that one Smokie Okie? Not too farfetched is it?

      35. Off Topic…


        The PEDv virus is FATAL to young pigs.

        “Smithfield Foods, the nation’s biggest hog producer, said PEDv might result in a loss of 2 million to 3 million hogs.”

        Reuters dot com

        Pork prices set to surge…
        Due to PEDv, there will be a “reduction in slaughter numbers”.

        Agri News

        • I once bought someshoat pigs at the sale barn. Brought them home and they became sick & died My other domestic hogs got sick also and all of them died. It was hog colera. I had some pot bellied pigs in the same pen and they never even got sick. Now all I raise are pot bellies they are very good eating.

        • KY Mom:

          Didn’t someone do a post that Smithfield is now owned by the Chinese?

          Wouldn’t buy any of their product, period…..

          • Absolutely correct Axel…the chins bought Smithfield.

            Boycott the mfrs…while we are at it, boycott all the corps…start with walmart.

          • Guns n Roses.

            Yes. I posted that.

            Here is the link.

            Smithfield Foods, purchased by China’s Shuanghui, also known as Shineway, which is China’s largest pork producer.

            “Confused why China wants pork? Simple: the meat is the primary food in the country, the biggest source of marginal food inflation, and is produced more in China than in the entire rest of the world.”


          • Made my own Chinese-style BBQ pork from US meat today- take that China!

      36. So, Thanks to AJ for getting the word out about an important issue, but while he was copy/pasting/summarizing the source article, he left out a lot of helpful links.

        The original story appearing on The West Wire:

        summarizes some other recent events that tie into this move by the gov’t.

        I would recommend everyone read that article in it’s entirety in case they missed the link in the infowars article.

        • Eating like a Ukrainian also helps: cabbage, garlic, sunflower oil, and lots of other veggies. Berries too! Other than thyroid cancers, the effects of Chernobyl on public heath have been far below what was originally expected.

      37. Err on the side of caution!!
        Eat nothing from the Pacific or the Gulf!!

      38. OK the fish are dying. The birds are dying. Now the pigs. The cows are next.

        • My 28yr old horse dropped dead last month in malibu ca…was not sick, just dropped dead…

          • ARF:
            Sorry to hear about your horse.
            I use to break horse for awhile back in my hay days for western pleasure riding. and raise a few for about 25 years.
            Your horse sounds like it had a good life to live that long. The average life of a horse is about 20 to 25 years.
            If you are like me it does not matter how tough you think you are it still hurt like he– when you lose them. I’ve been known to shed a tear or two when they go to the big pasture in the sky.:-(

      39. Nobody here taking Kelp everyday?? mother natures iodine

          • Erm…

            I would be… but… where does it come from???

            … the Pacific Ocean, by chance…?

            • Icelandic!!

        • I do! I put it in salads!

      40. IF the Pacific is about dead, then what is the starvation level of humans from this mess? @ 2 billion or so get their daily meals from the ocean? This is not going to be a soft landing if some of the articles I have read about the ocean being broken is true. Google “the ocean is broken” and then get back to me. I am not close enough to the coast to drive over there and look, but are there any sea gulls around?

      41. How about our Sailors on Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers and other surface craft. See anything out there?

        • I have posed that query as well to active and reserve sailors as well on several ships. Also trying to get direct confirmation via sailors aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan as well.

          What’s bad is that the ships desalinization units that make up the ships fresh water did NOT have scrubbers for radioactivity, period. I just talked face to face with a friend from a destroyer group and he said they were basically reserve osmosis systems and that they always had to add bromine back in to make the water somewhat palatable. There would be no way to detect or remove the radionuclides.

          NAVY = Never Again Volunteer Yourself

      42. What is the word around the San Francisco Fish Market?

      43. KY Mom: Looked at Reuters and can’t find the article. Could you leave a link, please?

        Also read while I was searching for above article that pork semen from China was giving US pork farmers bad and sickly piglets…….who in their right mind would use semen imported from Chinese pigs?????

        And…a while back I read something about some US pig farmers having imported and raising a healthy and very hardy strain of pigs, very resistant to disease, more and better tasting meat….without all the antibiotics and such….then TPTB came in and slaughtered them all for some ridiculous reason. If I remember correctly, the farmer had had them tested and all had a clean bill of health. And the excuse for killing the pigs was that they were the wrong color….I kid you not….

        It is no accident that China is buying up our major food distributors……sigh…..


        • PKLauLau,

          The link has cleared moderation. It is just below the comment.

        • PK,
          I believe that had something to do with their coming from feral stock…

        • PKLauLau,

          Here are some links about the hardy Russian breed of pigs that the UDSA came in and slaughtered.

          This farmer raises a “Russian breed” of pig – because it is a hardy breed and can survive the harsh Michigan winters.

          This breed has darker hair and coat colors. These pigs are now to be slaughtered by the government.

          Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan DNR – Family Farm Under Attack
          Youtube dot com

          According to the new Michigan law, the regulations used to identify these dangerous “invasive” species include
          wrong hair and coat color, wrong tail and ear structure and “Other characteristics not currently known to the MDNR that are identified by the scientific community.”

          Note: That last regulation means it could ‘whatever the enforcers say it is’…

          Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs
          Natural News dot com

      44. Off topic but hard to ignore:



        And another family who left Germany because it was against the law to home school their kids; came to America and now are fighting tooth and toenail through the court system; trying to keep from being deported back to Germany.

        Our court system has been filled with selected progressive judges that are turning our American system upside down.

        Hope all the “good” people in California leave and the whole damned state falls in the ‘fukushimad’d’ ocean.

        • welcome to the jungle

          • .02:

            A few years ago if you would have said “welcome to the jungle” most of us would have said “say what?”

            Now we just shake our heads in agreement “yep, welcome to the jungle”.

            Man,’WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY’ and it is getting crazier every day…..

            • Thats one of my favorite rips,,,

      45. global chemtrail fallout….barium, aluminum….

        got it?

      46. Nuclear worries me more than anything. Its bothers me more than the NWO Un agenda 21 ect. It is something that you cant see or smell and will make you sick and kill you post haste.

      47. Let’s look at the numbers:

        According to the Fed BizOps site, the number of packages is 700,000. Each blister pack contains 20 pills. That’s only a 10 day supply for 700,000 people…not very much at all. These are def not being ordered for the general populace, not enough there to even make a dent. High end government/State/County officials on the other hand might have need for those during a COG (continuity of Government)event. Here’s some information regarding the ‘shelf life’ of Potassium Iodide and Iodate:

        The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has developed an FAQ page on the Internet dealing with this issue. The NRC distributes two strengths of KI—130 and 65 mg tablets. The shelf life of IOSAT 130 mg tablets is seven years and the shelf life of ThyroSafe 65 mg tablets is six years.

        And this on the effectiveness:

        From FDA guidance on shelf-life extension, studies over many years have confirmed that none of the components of KI tablets, including the active ingredient, has any significant potential for chemical degradation or interaction with other components or with components of the container closure system when stored according to labeled directions. To date, the only observed changes during stability (shelf-life) testing have been the failure of some batches of KI tablets to meet dissolution specifications. Some tablets tested required slightly longer than the specified time to achieve dissolution. Even in the case of a failure of this sort, the product remains usable. In such cases, instructions can be provided to crush the tablets and mix them with a juice or other liquid prior to administration as suggested for emergency pediatric dosing.

        Ronald E. Goans, PhD, MD,

        The actual Agency associated with the bid was the Dept of HHS, no other recipient was specifically named.

        Potassum Iodide
        Solicitation Number: 14-284-SOL-0015A
        Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
        Office: Program Support Center
        Location: Supply Service Center

        If this order was to replace existing stockpiles, the contract would have been worded as such. All of the prior bids have these general contract guidelines in place as well. You state whether it is a new bid, re-occurring or existing bid. If you search for the term Potassium Iodide on the FeBizOps site, you may not find it. This particular bid had the name of Potassium spelled incorrectly as well…typical shoddy government work at it’s best!

        • JayJay says:
          Comment ID: 2896288

          January 2, 2014 at 2:45 pm

          ***Current FDA guidelines call for the daily administration of 130 mg. of potassium iodide (KI)) for up to 14 days for adults and children over 60 pounds. Smaller children should take one half tablet for 14 days.

          ***Potassium Iodide is inherently stable. If kept dry in an unopened container at room temperature, it can be expected to last indefinitely

          ***The US remains the only major nuclear power that does not have a supply to protect its citizens.(surprised yet?)

          ***From WHO:”Stable iodine can be used as either potassium iodide or potassium iodate. Potassium iodide (KI) is the preferred alternative, since potassium iodate (KIO3) has the disadvantage of being a stronger intestinal irritant.”

          JayJay says:
          Comment ID: 2896319

          January 2, 2014 at 3:08 pm

          Some states choose to keep supplies and a lady I spoke with online sent me the liquid form; she said in New York, they were just handed out on street corners after Fukushima disaster.

          Directions are easily found online if labels damaged–I wrote the directions for the iodine, the potassium iodate tablets, and the liquid form(raspberry taste), just in case and stored with the items in the vacuum sealed package.

      48. Here is a website to help motivate people about resisting and helping bring about the “RESET”. Great place to start off the new year. This woman makes most men I know look like mice.

        josietheoutlaw .com

        Never stop resisting!
        Push back now – Push back hard!
        No more armchair patriots!

        • You might like her mentor too. Larken Rose, who served a prison term for resisting government theft (taxation to you statists).

          He, Lew Rockwell and Eric Peters are 3 anarcho-capitalists whose sites I visit regularly.

          http://www.larkenrose. com

          I recommend the part of his blog entitled Government: The Most Dangerous Superstition.

          This has nothing directly to do with Larken Rose, but riffing on superstition as applied to (physical, not online) roomsful of folk I’ve had the misfortune to know, an observation.

          As annoying as Rev. Bob might be, with his thou shalt this and thou shalt not that, fervently believing something he can’t prove, he won’t kick your door in at 3 a.m. and murder your family. If you tithe, the difference between that and taxation is, it’s voluntary. You aren’t forced upon pain of prison or death to tithe.

          You’d be surprised how many people pride themselves on jettisoning theistic belief, as though that were a mark of intellectual distinction, who dutifully serve the biggest threat to liberty in our time, government.

          It is their unquestioned superstition.

          It would not occur to them to question their allegiance to statism, product of a lifetime of indoctrination, it is so deep. “Mommy believes it. Daddy believes it. Who me question it? Not a chance.”

          People fall into two general camps. Those who want to be left the heck alone, and those who can’t wait to tell everyone else what to do. For convenience, libertarians and authoritarians.

          I guess my point is people who are authoritarian in one facet of life tend to be authoritarian in every facet.

          government: the most dangerous superstition.

          • Very well said!

        • But security run by an isreali co…HUMMM???

      49. Dont you all get it? “shima” means “island” in japenses…so its FUK US ISLAND…simple…At least tptb have a sence of hummor…

      50. HERE WE GO AGAIN, Big Brother try to scare us into some world ending scenario. If big brother can scare you and make you more dependent on them, they will just Love you, Hug you, Squeeze you and enslave you. (opps, we are not to know that last part.)
        Every year about this time they tell us about getting those Iodine tabs out to the people.
        My brother and family live about 10 to 12 miles away from a nuclear plant and the small towns that surround this plant are all issued Iodine tabs just in case of a problem. it is nothing really new.
        So I would not get to worried about it.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      51. If you’re a man over 40 you have little to worry about thyroid cancer caused by radiation. What they don’t tell you is, if you’re a man of any age, your gonads will turn into raisons.

      52. Off Topic:

        Since I am a newbie here….is there a forum on SHTF that is just for all your great prepper ideas and solutions to prepper problems? I love to follow the discussions and I learn a lot…but I have sooooooo much more to learn, so many questions and (I feel) we have very little time left. Most of you have been doing this for years now and have a confidence that I am desperate for.

        Yes, I scour other sites and collect info, but it would be easier to hear from people (you guys) who have actually done and tried things that work; people I can actually communicate with. Any thoughts?

        (KY Mom….thanks for the link…I posted before it came up.)

        Thanks, PKLauLau

        • Welcome PKLL:
          I’m kinda new here also but I have been prepping since the late 70’s.
          Ask away there are some very and I do mean very smart folks on this site. They will help you I’m sure.
          I’ll through my 2 cent in also.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • Thanks Northern Reb……I’ll take all the help I can get. And yes, very smart people here. It’s been driving me crazy…what does S.T.S.F.P. stand for????


            • PKLL:
              Security Through Superior Fire Power.
              That is what it stand for, for Me. There are other meanings.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • Hey PK,are you looking for some specific information in regards to prepping/just wanting to know how to start/what is your goal?A lot of folks on here with good ideas and different sites to visit for more specific information,that said the more we know what you want to know,the better folks can share ideas/thoughts.

        • PK,,,
          Check out survivalblog,, lots of good info, pretty well cataloged too, searchable,,
          Lots of the older shtfplan articles were more prepper stuff, if you have questions just ask in the forum and you will get more answers than you will want,,,

          • Kulafarmer:

            Much thanks to you! Will check it out…


            • PK,,,
              Just dont take offence at some people here, we get trolls just like anywhere else in middle earth, some sorta racist stuff too, gotta just ignore that,

              • Kulafarmer: LOL….I am pretty hard to offend. Yes, I have watched and laughed. It’s like a big family with all the good and bad and trolls… worries….still an amazing group of people and amazing insight. 🙂


                • PKLL,
                  Just a little tip on getting answers to specific questions….

                  ck the times that people are posting and watch for a dialogue, in near real time, to develop.
                  Then insert your question but give a warning if it’s off topic…
                  fwiw…this has been my observation on someone getting a response.

                  • Jerrytbg: thanks for the help in navigating these waters……this chatting with people is new to me and I don’t know all the rules yet.

                  • Nice reference… 🙂 Steady as she goes.

                • PKLL, you might want to go to the Top 50 Survival Blogs.

          • americanpreppersnetwork

            preparedsociety .com

            • JayJay: Thanks….I’m assuming that’s for me. So great all the info. I have my work cut out for me this next week. Really appreciate it.


        • @PKLauLau:

          Square foot gardens work. Get the book by Mel Bartholomew. HardiePlank siding is a long-lasting, inexpensive product for constructing square foot gardens. Lowe’s sells an 8″ x 12′ length for about $7. You can use treated wood in the corners to screw the planking to. Two planks high would make 16″, deep enough for root crops. The soil is 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 vermiculite by volume. No fertilizer needed; just replace any removed plant material with more compost from your compost pile. Put up 4×4 treated posts and string with fence wire for tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and beans. The tomatoes will grow over 8′ tall; just tie to wire and remove extra side branches. Anything in the mint family needs to be kept in a separate box because those plants spread quickly. The boxes drain, so you don’t need to worry about overwatering or too much rain.

          Put in a rain collection system consisting of gutters, tubing, filters, and storage barrels. You would be amazed at how much water is in one rainstorm. One inch of rain on a normal 1,500 sq. ft. house, if it all was collected, would total 935 gallons.

          Cherry and grape tomatoes grow well in those Topsy-Turvy hanging planters. Larger tomatoes need to much water to survive.

          Buy heirloom seeds now. If a variety of tomato is listed as indeterminate, that means the tomato will keep on bearing as long as the weather is suitable. I have had tomatoes until a hard freeze in December.

          Hot peppers are easy to grow. The less water you give them, the hotter they are.

          If you haven’t gardened before, get some good hybrid seeds just so you can get some good results the first year. You need the heirloom varieties to be able to save seeds and get the same varieties year after year. Save the seeds from the best examples, and eventually you will have plants that are more suited to your garden’s microclimate.

          Get good quality garden tools, at least two of each. Get a file and sharpen the hoes and shovels to make the work easier. Always clean the dirt off your tools and keep them dry. One thing that works well is to fill a bucket with sand and oil, then stick the blades into the oily sand.

          Start practicing on gardening as soon as possible. If you can build a small greenhouse, you can start some of your seeds in January or February, depending on what part of the country you’re in. You can build an inexpensive small greenhouse by attaching bent PVC pipes to a 2×4 frame and then cover that with plastic. Learn about edible wild plants in your area.

          I am still experimenting with my garden. I have found that my back yard is too shady for a lot of my favorite vegetables, so I am putting more in my side yard. I have rosemary and thyme that have made it through at least two harsh winters without any special treatment. I have chocolate mint as well, but I might take it into the greenhouse for this latest cold snap.

          That’s enough for now. Food and water are the most important preps, and the knowledge can’t be taken away.

          • Archivist,

            Excellent post! Thank you!

          • Archivist: Wow….thank you! I really appreciate your time in writing all that. Love the info…..

            Have stocked up on heirloom seeds. Having some small success with a garden, but we live in a place that has two short growing seasons. Still learning in our climate and soil. Love the idea of water collection. Our only limit is $$$ at this point. Small fixed income and all that. We will be try growing hanging upside down tomatoes in those bags that you buy at the stores and see how they last. Will line them with straw to keep moisture in and break down into nitrogen. What do you think?

            Sand and oil bucket…brilliant. Uhm…what kind of oil? What’s the best “learn how to can” book?

            I’m a little late to the party as we have only been awake for a couple of years now….we have lots of catching up to do.

            Thanks so much everyone…

            • You might also want to look up Tess Pennington’s site Ready Nutrition,and on it she has a column called 52 weeks to preparedness…it has helped us immensely!

              • Another site i really like is Mother Earth News, not a prepper site but has tons of excellent searchable self sufficiency content,,,

                Gardening, takes on a whole nother meaning if your life depends on the results,,

                If you live in a cold climate, Elliot Coleman has some excellent books on the subject of 4 season gardening,
                4 Season Harvest is a real good start, The New Organic Grower, these two books are indispensible.
                He also has another, Winter Harvest Handbook,

                You can build a poor mans insulated greenhouse by using PVC pipe for the hoops and greenhouse film, build it up against a south facing wall of your house, make 2 or 3 different layers with 6″ to 1′ between them, maybe add a couple grow lights if you can afford them,,

            • Used motor oil is fine for the sand bucket.

              The classic canning book is the “Ball Blue Book,” available at most book stores and Walmart in their canning section. Get an American Standard pressure canner. The lid and canner rim are machined to fit perfectly with a little smear of cooking oil. No gasket required, so the canner will last forever. The first thing I canned in mine was cabbage.

              • Archivist: Many thanks….will be picking these up this next week….question: can I use mineral oil instead? Not sure I want gardening tools in motor oil.

                Canned cabbage…..I cannot even imagine what that tastes like. Relatives were from OK and were homesteaders….makes me crazy my grandmothers and aunts/uncles knew all this stuff, complete self reliance and I can’t tap into it…..born a dang city girl…and they have all passed on.


            • Youll do fine 🙂

          • ARC: and PKLL
            Great piece ARC., you covered a lot when it comes to food and water.
            PKLL: You can go to youtube and search for water storage, they show you step by step on how to caught water, and how to store it. I have tap water stored in 64 oz. clear plastic juice bottles that are 10 years old, found one that was 13 years old. DONOT USE MILK JUGS!!! theY leach out and will break down and leak.
            Wash and rinse them real good then fill to about about and inch a half from the top put in 2 or 3 drops of regular chlorine bleach (NOT THE SCENTED STUFF)put the lid on tight. Then put your water in the basement or any cool, dark spot and you will be good to go. I rotate mine out every 10 years and I just poor the old water on the plant, but I found one that was hiding that had a date of 4 of 2000. I tried it, just a sip, it was fine. Was not fresh spring water but it was still drinkable. I made some refrigerator tea with it and I’m still alive after 5 days.
            Now the 2 to 3 drops of bleach is good for treated water like from the tap.
            If you are using water from any where else I would reccomend that you get some type of water purifer to take out any heavy metals or pollutants that might be in the water.
            I also collect water from 4 different areas on my property, but that is another story for latter.
            I hope this helps!;-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

            • PKLL:
              The best water purifier in my book is the Berkey.
              They make several different models to fit your needs. They are easy to operate and the craftnemship is very good. They make bug in models and bug out models.
              Plus you can get replacement filters.
              I’ve put together a water purifier with 2, 5gal buckets, a Berky filter and trip to the hardware store that cost me all of $10 or $12 dollars.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

              • PKLL:
                The Berkey filters did cost me I think $100 dollars for 2 ceramic filter that give you like 6000 gallons of clean water.
                It is very late or early depends how you want to look at it. Got stuck covering the first half of the 11 to 7 shift.
                So if you see any typos SORRY!:-)
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • Put down cardboard, then cover with 2 old tires, fill with good organic soil and plant. I have been gardening for years and this method worked really well for me last year. Elevates the garden, no weeds to speak of, and the tires hold the heat for earlier harvests. Works good up north, but be too hot down south I suppose. Lots of websites highlighting tire gardening. The studies have been done and the tires do not leach into the soil so don’t believe that hype.

      53. Many scenarios are being discussed as to the reason for Fukushima. One I read lays the blame on the Zionists. They planted the bomb on the ocean floor to cause the the tsunami and planted bombs in the reactors to ensure they would be destroyed. Sounds feasible to me. I can’t remember the author, but the government has tried to take down his website. After reading the comments, many posters think the dangers are hype. TPTB have brainwashed American’s to believe nuclear power has benefit to mankind. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It’s all about death and destruction. The media continues to say everything is all right at Fukushima and we have nothing to worry about. I don’t believe them for a second. This ordeal fits right in with known false flag attacks. I love to eat fish, not anymore. I eat no seafood since this event and the gulf diasaster. So now we have deadly nuclear fallout falling from the sky.

        • Warchild….thanks for replying…I have the basics down, lists to get and such. But I am looking for more in depth information and I feel kinda stupid asking a question about chickens when the topic is about Fukushima or solar flares. 🙂

          So, a few questions (out of a million):
          How many solar panels would it take (best and where to buy) to power fridge and freezer. Should I get all 12 volt appliances?
          How far down does one have to dig to make a root cellar when it gets 126 F in the summer.
          What is the best bug-in water purifier? Best bug-out?
          Everyone says buy bullets….what kind? No…no gun. Wouldn’t have a clue what to get.
          How do I protect my property when the lot next door is a hill?
          Will a candle in your car/room/tent really keep you from freezing?
          How do I keep my pipes from freezing? It actually snowed here several times in the last two years. We don’t have a clue how to live in snow.
          How hard is it really to do chickens in the desert. How much and what do I feed post SHTF? Better to do quale?
          How do you butcher a chicken? If you rub a chickens nose and turn it upside down will it go into suspended animation? (Sorry, just wanted to make sure I hadn’t put you all to sleep. Oh, and that’s for a shark you landlubbers. 🙂

          You get the idea. Thank you all in advance. I’ll try and not be a pest about it.

          • Correction: quail….yeesh….

          • Pk,

            First welcome to the shtfplan site. Thats a great list of questions it reminds me of me when I found this site back in 2011. Along with what you find here hit up mother earth news. You can do a random search on those subjects for free. For protection start with a good shot gun and a decent 22cal and buy ammo as much as you can afford or can find.

            Keep your pipes from freezing with heat tape or put them below the freeze line in your area. I the do freeze and burst replace them with pex. And remember to never stop asking for advice, shtf people love to give advice.

            NOMI III%

            • DPS: Thanks for the warm welcome….like I said in another post, I have been looking over your shoulders for a while. Great information and great community….but I have so much to learn. I’m like the little tag along sister that you have to look out for….

              Okay…shotgun and 22. Forgive such stupid questions…but I just go and say “Shotgun, please”? Is there more than one kind? Wouldn’t private party be better? Decent ammo…what brand? I am a short, small framed woman…is that a factor?

              Pipes are in the house…does that make a difference? Get heat tape at Lowes I assume? What is “replace them with pex.”? It is mostly scorching hot here…..but having snow is crazy. I just want to be ready for anything.

              Mother Earth News….check.

              Thank you again….

              • Pk,

                For a shotgun you don’t need to spend big bucks. I went with the Remington 870 pump action in a 12 gauge but i also have it in the 20 gauge because i like bird hunting with the 20 gauge. Either way pick up some buckshot foe self defense brand really doesn’t matter unless your rich, also buy some bird shot the cheaper the better cause you need to learn how to shoot that new gun. And learn fast youtube some shooting tips or find a buddy that shoots. Get yourself a good cleaning kit also and keep that gun clean. If you get on facebook find a guns for sale in your area. Your size doesn’t matter on the 12 or the 20 gauge my daughter weights 105 lbs and loves her 12 gauge.

                For your pipes in the house hit lowes and just add foam insulation wraps to the pipes on the outter walls that should do it. Is you home a slab floor or pier &beam?


                • DPS: Okay….I can take a shooting class thingy….(I don’t mean to sound like an idiot I just don’t have the lingo down yet…). 12 gauge, 20 gauge, birdshot, lessons, cleaning kit….gotcha. I hope to have some experience within the next few months. Don’t do facebook, but I have contacts.

                  Home is slab floor….

                  How in the world do you guys remember all this stuff?

                  • Pk,

                    Its like riding a bike once you learn it you nver forget it. That and very costley mistakes.
                    Now back to splitting some wood for the 20deg highss heading my way.


                  • Don’t grab a sparkplug wire when the car is running.
                    You’ll get to do the Herky Jerky.

              • PK…

                If you live in a warm climate with temps that rarely go below freezing, a practical (and free) solution would be to just crack every faucet to drip…drip…drip until the danger of freeze passes. It will waste a small amount of water but I assume freezing temps are rare in your location.

                My faucets drip without any help. lol.

                • JRS…..that makes sense and is probably the easiest for me to do. Yup, mine drip too so maybe it’s not something I have to worry about. 🙂


                  • I used to live in a concrete block house on a slab and the pipes never froze, even down to 5 degrees one time. When we added a frame room and an outside faucet, we bought a styrofoam faucet cover from Lowe’s. Never a problem there either.

                    I grew up in a frame house with no underpinning. My parents used the drip method if it wasn’t going to be much below freezing. If it was going down to the teens, they would turn off the water pump, open all the faucets in the house, and then open the outside faucet to drain all the lines. We kept a light bulb in the pump house to keep the pump from freezing. We also kept a light bulb in the outbuilding to keep our stored potatoes from freezing.

                  • Archivist: by light bulb you mean an incandescent bulb because that puts out heat. The LED and compact fluorescent bulbs will not provide enough heat. If you can no longer find an incandescent bulb,( they are now no longer legally sold) try looking for a flood light. You will need to test it to see if it gets hot.

                  • Hello C

                    You are right on the incandescent bulb for heat.
                    You can still buy the old bulbs. They are not manufacturing them anymore.

          • OK pk,lets start with a firearm,what are your goals with it?Hunt/self defense/both?Just me but for a first gun would start with say a Ruger 10/22 rifle.Tis not expensive and a good all around little rifle that could still put hurt on someone in defense and good for smaller game hunting,the firearm discussions can go on for ever as everyone has their own”favorite”.The final rule for firearms in my book is does it feel comfortable for you in regards to fit ect.To keep pipes from freezing you can1.Drain them2.keep a decent sort of heat be it fuel based/wood stove,you get the idea.You can for traps/drains/toilets either siphon out with turkey baster or add some rv type anti freeze if not going to be around for awhile but would still drain rest of system.There are also pipe wraps that work with electricity but would only use say in emergency when temps dropping way below normal for your area and then just on feed into house if not below frost line.There is a poster who goes by the handle Genius,he is a solar installer and has a recommended book that basically covers it all in regards to solar,also,check out the site,a lot of useful information there,anyhow,there is a start for ya’s.

            • Hey Warchild,

              Do you happen to know the name of the book that Genius recommended. Thanks

              • Dark and PK,thought I bookmarked it(nope!)but as basically snowed in here in New England will try and dig it up latter.

                  • Warchild….GREAT!


                  • Thanks for the link Warchild. Yeah we got about a foot in NY (Hudson Valley). Was out at 5am blowin that stuff.

                  • I only had a few flurries for a few minutes, darn it. I don’t mind snow because where I am, no matter how much snow we get, it’s gone in just a few days, if not a single day.

            • Warchild…..good heavens, my head is spinning….thank you…

              Firearm goals….both. I guess I need to find someone who will teach me, yes? We are looking into buying a wood stove…any suggestions on a small wood stove that we can also cook on? Money is an issue….

              Okay….get Genius’s book….awesome! check that tomorrow.

              Thanks everybody…

              • Pk,

                Funny thing I just installed a woodburner. I got mine at Tractor Supply for 449.00 plus tax. Its the country hearth model and it kickass. Got it heating a 1400 sf house right now. It 23 degs outside and 74 degs in the house.


                • DPS: That sounds awesome….Will google Tractor Supply tomorrow.
                  Thank you for all the info….

              • PKLL:
                There are several makers of wood burners, all have to meet the same safety standards. You should be able to find something in any ranch/farm supply store.
                But most of all make sure you follow all rule and guide lines given in the instulation of your stove, please no short cuts. My wife lost one of of her cusins husband and one of there sons becacause they did not install there stove right.
                I have a old pot belly store out of a caboose in my kitchen. The name on it is Sum mod. 50. It will keep a 25×30 foot area warm, around 72 degs when it is 10 degs outside.
                Also make sure your wood is seasoned well (dried for no less than 1 full year if not longer). Do not burn any type of pine in your stove it will soot your chemney up and can and will cause a chimney fire. Try to fine hard woods like oak, hichory, walnut and any fruit tree wood works good. Stay clear of hedge and locust they through a lot of sparks, but they are burnable. I burn a lot of maple wood.
                I’ve seen a stove in a store that was on sale for $399.00, was $599.00 with, I think about 8 foot of double walled stainless steal stove pipe.
                Make sure you get the best piping you can! Duel wall going through your ceiling through your attic and through your roof and high enough you do not get a down draft.
                You might want to watch the news papper adds, garage and yard sales. Some people get tired of cutting wood and get rid of their stoves. That how I found my stoves, I have one in my garage and 2 spares, and none of them were used very much except the potbelly I have in my kitchen and it has been in use for 18 years now.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

                • Oh!Oh!Reb,perhaps if house set up for it time to look into a rocket stove with a masonry rock mass,many good plans on net and in theory can use about a 1/5 the wood and keep place toasty 24/7.I am looking for a friend who has a home which would have room for that setup,willing to build for just materials as it is a new project have a lot of interest in.

                  • Warchild and PKLL

                    Rocket stove.

                    I have built one of 36 clay bricks on top of a six cinder block platform with a solid cap stone to have a base for the stove. Man does that thing work! You can also use charcoal brickets. Then to add one more layer and a Broiler lid cover and you have a small oven.
                    Being careful of carbon monoxide poisoning you could heat a small ventilated enclosure. Provide you keep the fire low.

                    I have seen people use a light bulb to keep wells from freezing up in extreme cold. A candle might work in a small enclosure combined with the workings of body heat.
                    In my camper I have used one burner on the stove with low flame with open window. Dangerous but I was super cold.

                  • Warchild:
                    I was thinking about one of them but do not know anyone that has one to gleen any info from them.
                    So any one have one. Please let us know how good they are. Thanks.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

                  • Built a couple of em now…masonry and stand alone experiment model….ya momma they are hot and you can burn almost anything in em if done correctly…

                    Northern Reb…hey cuzzin!….per rocket stoves go to the permies web site…lots of info on rocket stoves on there…good place to start…hope that helps 🙂

                • Northern Reb,

                  Sound advice, I went with the Duravent system for my woodburner. Double wall from the burner to the support box then triple wall for my top out. I also use a slip joint double for my conection in the house. It sure makes it easy to clean in spring.

                  DPS III%

              • PK,you definitely want someone to teach you safety and basic firearms marksmanship,a local gun range/gun store should have courses with competent instructors.Along with learning the basics will also introduce you to a variety of weapons both long and short gun,gives you a chance to find out what you like before you buy.A nice air rifle would also be good in that you can train on property without a lot of noise/hunt small game without a lot of noise attracting attention and build skills without breaking the bank,that said,also practice occasionally with all the firearms.

              • Lehmans in Ohio has some nice wood-fired cookstoves…they can be found in antique shops and at farm sales,Amish stores, ect…you can google Lehmans…theres a lot of homestead do it yourself stuff there to get you started…and if youre handy with tools you can make/repair a lot of items thatll help you… 🙂

            • WARCHILD and DPS: GOOD ADVICE.
              Here is an other way to help stopping your pipes from freezing.
              Let your water run, HOT and COLD run at a fast drip or a light stream. Open your cabnit doors open.
              This works good for me. A light stream when it gets around 0 or below 0. This is for any sinks on outside walls your bath tub or sinks and tubs that do not have a heated basement under them. You can adjust your float in your toilet(s) to run just enough to move the water in the pipes.
              Before you get a gun go and find some training. Also hold the gun you like and see if it fits you.
              My wife is about 5’6” weight 135lbs she can handle a shot gun but she is not comfortable with it. she likes her Mini 14, But she started with a Ruger 10-22.
              When SGT. Dale gets back you can ask him about firearms. I think he is or was a police dept. range officer. In shorter words HE had to qualify the cop on the force.
              Good luck with your water.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

            • The 10/22 is a fine choice other than you cant buy any ammo for it, so as a starter get a weapon that has ammo on the shelf when you buy. 223 ammo is back, I like the 17 hmr as well as there seems to be a lot of that up here on the shelves. There is always 12 gauge and if you look in youtube on how to make waxers, you can buy bird shot and make some extremely deadly slugs, hence a good game getter with the shot and man stopper with the waxer. This whole ammo situation makes one rethink their caliber choices.

              • Local(30 miles away)wally world has plenty of .22 LR along with it being on many web sites for sale with prices finally dropping,same price as a few years back,of course not but going down and availability at moment going up.

                • cant find but a few scraps here, with a one brick limit if you are lucky, and @ Bi Mart when they have it is a 2 box limit

                  • Like I posted earlier, I think it would be a great idea to buy the caliber that is available in the store at the time?

                  • Yep,that is 200 rounds a visit,400 you bring a spouse or friend.

              • 02,ammoseek @ moment has Winchester .22 for $8 bucks a hundred long rifle,makes for affordable practice and stock up.

                • WHAT? 40 bux a brick plus shipping is not what I consider affordable. Anyway I have over 10000 rounds bought back when things were reasonable and still find bricks for 18 dollars now and then. I am just trying to help PKLL make sound decisions.

                  • .02,

                    I agree with you that $40 for a brick is crazy. But Its the new normal and they will not be going down in price. It supply and demand, I stocked up on 22 lr back when a brick was 14 to 17 bucks for brick. But those days are gone. If it wasn’t for reloading I would get to shoot the pistols or rifles.


                  • I dunno DPS, I am thinking things will “settle down” to around 25 a brick plus tax. All this ammo is not getting shot up and sooner or later the supply will catch up and the price will come back to earth. (I hope)

              • .02, I have a 10/22 myself and love it. I’ve got the stainless model and bought it back when they were only $150 new in the box. Never had any trouble other than some bad ammo. .22LR has started reappearing on the shelves in my area since October and yes, still adding to my stock. I started stocking up in 2012 way before the elections. I knew something serious was coming but never realized the scale of which it turned out to be. braveheart

          • PKLL.

            Do not know how deep you need to go. I would however make the entrance opposite the sun rays and build a cover on poles over the top of the cellar to provide shade. Insulate with Styrofoam panels where needed.

            • PKLL

              A candle? Good for light. Start a fire

              There are chemical hand and toe warmers that really get hot. Open them up shake them and they get warm in about 20 min. Have used them is sleeping bags. Pockets Shoes. Lasts Six to Eight hours. Found in the Hunting section at stores. Orange colored packets.

              • To protect property.

                Build high tower or shoot uphill.

              • Slingshot…..on my list of things to get….but does a candle work if that is all you have? Will such a small flame really keep you from freezing?

                Shoot uphill….lol…you must be mistaking me for someone who has skills. 🙂 But I am working on it.

                Sorry, I just realized that I kinda hijacked this forum…..still learning the rules.

                Thanks everyone…

                • PK,only rule is to ask ?’s if you want to learn,as there is no seperate forum on this site this is were information/ideas exchanged.I have one other thing for you to consider,how do you envision your life after say a man made/natural disaster and what would you like to be doing/goals in that situation.Everyone I talk to says survive(which is very important!)but ask how they envision life beyond that many times folks realize they have not given it a lot of thought.Will be different for everyone given situation/family or others depending on you or you are solo,just something to think about.

                  • Warchild, Slingshot, .02, Northtern Reb, and everybody else.

                    Thank you, you have given me much homework to do in the next couple of days. This information is amazing.

                    I have been thinking about this ever since I woke up two years+ ago. My goal to survive as best we can in SHTF with a bug-in situation. This is the reason I finally poked my head into all your discussions. It was time to step it up with all that is happening in the world.

                    Hubby has mad skills, but a broken body. He would not be able to leave. So, I am trying to do both our jobs and learn as fast as I can. We live in a small rural community with lots of vets. Yea! But I am shocked at the vast majority of my church that is completely oblivious and complacent. So, I can’t really ask for help here as everyone I know thinks “it’s all good.” And the people who are awake do the OPSEC thing…lol…I had to look that up what that meant.

                    We have been collecting wood pallets and breaking them down for firewood. Thinking about buying an above ground pool for H20 storage…..but money is very tight.

                    I wish I had more time…..I envy those of you who started this years ago.


              • Better yet, get a pair of boots with Thinsulate insulation. guaranteed to keep your feet warm.

                • Thank you Braveheart….my feet get very cold even on a warm day. I’ll google it.


            • Slingshot: Was looking to go completely underground as it gets so hot here in the summer, 115 – 126 F last summer. I read somewhere that at some depth that the earth’s temp remains a constant temp.

              I love the styrofoam panels….great idea. Hubby says that they have them at Lowes. Thank you.


              • PK…one of the preps that instills most confidence for me is the 0° sleeping bags I have.
                I read a guy’s account on a prepper site that he was in Texas during that ice freeze spell and he slept comfortably in his truck and he only had 20° sleeping bags. 🙂

                • JayJay…..Wow….okay…something else to check out.


                • JJ,my multi bag/outer shell sleep system in theory dressed properly will keep me going at -25!That said,really do not want to get in a situation were I prove em right(or wrong)!

                  • I keep a + 10 bag with a good heavy wool blanket for backup and have a hard time keeping cool @ below zero except for my bald head. Have to wear a good wool cap.

                  • .02–I got me a hunter’s cap from Tractor Supply with just the eyes exposed for my face!!

                    And I read to keep those things clean inside, make an insert from an old sheet that can be washed frequently–like a really big pillow case. 😉

              • PKLL.
                If you going underground I would suggest you install, electrical and pipes having easy access. Use PVC pipes for electrical. Pull the wire through them. Caution! Cinder blocks give off Radon Gas. Cured by good ventilation. I would also seal inside and outside surface of block. Skylights are nice but can heat a room to very warm temps.
                Getting expensive?

                • PKLL

                  Look into how the settlers of the west built sod houses.
                  Might have good info.

                  • Slingshot…..hey that’s right….maybe I can just use straw bales…..oooh, have to think about that….Great Idea!!!!


                • Slingshot…..I was going to do cinderblock for walls in the root cellar. How long does it take for them to cure? Hubby was thinking chicken wire and foam pack then something over it…..remember, it’s just little ol’ me doing all this….and very little $$$$. We managed to get a very long gluelam for free and was thinking about using that for the supports.


                  • PKLL.

                    I should have said fix. The block will always give of the Radon gas as it comes from the composition of the material. Good ventilation keeps the gas from reaching harmful levels. Bad for children.

                    Chicken wire and foam. The small 12 .oz can containers will eat the money up. I do believe you can get Large Cylinders of
                    Foam to spray. Check with construction companies or Home Depot.
                    Do not know what gluelam is but I would not skimp on supports as you will have lots of weight above you.

          • PKLL:
            I just started raising chickens this summer. I feed them what they call comp 16, laying mash mixed with cracked corn in the winter and just comp16 the rest of the year.
            chickens are pretty easy to raise a little water and food, and just give them a place to lay there eggs and a place to pick and scratch and roost, they will be happy. In Illinois were I live we have been over run with coyotes and feral cats so I lock my chickens up every night. (the cat population has gone way down)yotes like kitty tar tar.
            I am just starting out with 6 hens right now to make sure I’m doing it the right way, so far so good.
            My wife calls them the GIRLS and she can talk to them and they will go get in the pen for her. beats me how she does it.
            You can get different breeds of chickens for different climits. Just google search chicken breeds and go from there.
            The eggs are outstanding. The taste great how ever you cook them, and boy do they help in baked goods.
            As far as butching chickens it is not hard. That can be found on youtube, step by step process.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

            • Northern Reb…..okay, will do….but how do I keep them cool in the summer? It gets crazy hot here for a long time. I’m thinking quail might be better suited for this climate. Will have to do some more research.

              Kitty tar tar…lol….there are no cats or little dogs here for the very same reason (or the hawks). Coyotes leap right over fences and have a snack. Try to tell the snowbirds, but they just don’t listen and let their little dogs out…..sad…

              Our labs are 2 yrs old and 100 lbs now. We didn’t let them outside by themselves EVER without one of us standing guard for the first year. And not until we taught them to growl when they heard coyotes.

              I also need to teach them about snakes…we have some HUGE coontails here. I have personally seen one as big around as a coke can… first thought was, ‘What’s a python doing here?” until I saw the coontail. Freaky big. One more thing….I want to get some snake gators. Anybody have a favorite brand?


              • PKLL:
                Here is a list of chickens that are a robust heat hardy bread, Minorca, Penedesenca, Fayoumi, Cubalaya and Catalana.
                Now here is a list of robust hot and cold hardy chickens.Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire/Red, Delaware and Australorp.
                All good layers. If you want chicks you will need One roaster per every 8 to 10 hens on average. Then let nature take its course.
                If your chicken are out scratching and pick’n and they can roast on anything or they will dig a shallow hole to lay in they will stay cool with out any help.
                You also can put a fan out and let they move around in front of it.
                Make sure they have water at all times.
                My Lab Old Dixie never bothered my fathers chichens when she would wonder down to his place for a visit. This might sound fun but we were butchering some chickens out and two got away from us. We tried for an hour to catch them, but we could not. I told dad to get the 22 out and we would have to shot them. We did shot them and Old Dixie dog retrieved them for us. That is the only time Dixie ever shown any intrest in them.
                Any more questions please feel free to ask.!;-)
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

                • NReb: Thanks for the info…..I am getting excited about this! Do I just google “buy Rhode Island Red chicken?” I do need to make something that they can sleep in safely as the coyotes can jump my fence. How many eggs a week do you get…say with 3 chickens? We can have then here, but not a rooster.


                  • PKLL:
                    Google, Henderson’s Handy Dandy Chicken Chart, scroll down to the bottom box and click on the red lettered, THE CHART. There you can see all the chickens you could want plus info on each breed.
                    Yes you need to have a chicken coop that has nesting boxes in them so the chickens lay there eges in them. And you can close them in at night to keep them safe. A 4 foot by 4foot wood box with a good roof and floor set up about 4 foot off the ground with a small window with a screen for air. Put a little ramp under the door so the chickens can get in and out easy. put a roost ( a board ) across the inside of the box for the chicken to set on and you got it made. You can Google search chicken coop for more info on them.
                    As far as eggs go you can get up to an egg a day per chicken to an egg every other days, it just depends, but most likely you will get an egg every day if you are feeding laying mash.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • Good lord, if you have money and can afford it, I would suggest fire arm training and buy guns in calibers of 308, 223, .22, and for hand guns if you are male and have fairly strong wrists a 45 in the 1911 frame, a female should carry a 9mm. But the FIRST thing I would buy if I had no guns at all would be a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun and #4 buckshot for it. @ least 150 rounds. This weapon can get you all the others if needed in a mad max world. As far as desert living, I would think water- water and more water.. If you are by water, all the other desert critters will be there and you can harvest them. Chickens can live anywhere but would need to be protected from predators. They are very vulnerable as I lost my whole hen house to raccoons. Talk about a heart breaker, wife cried they were our pets as we raised them from chicks. Haven’t got anymore as the price of feed off sets the savings and I cant bring myself to killing them every year like some folks do. We have tons of wild quail we feed regular bird food, so if needed I can harvest them. If you are acclimated to southern climates, I strongly suggest you stay out of the snow in a shtf world. BUT being we are not there yet, you could always have some snow tires put onto you car and grab some WARM clothing (think skiing) and go check it out. I have lived in the north for 58 years and see the cold as a way to thin out the less prepared, plus it kills the bugs which is nice. Winter is not all that bad here, but over in Idaho we would get -30 for at least 2 weeks every year it seemed. NOT a good time to be outside if you don’t know the dangers as it can freeze your lungs quickly. You keep pipes from freezing 2 ways, bury them below the frost line 5 to 6 feet is a good depth most places, and use heat tapes under the buildings and when it gets brutal -0+ leave the water trickling from the facets and open the cupboards under the sink if it is located on an outside wall.

            • .02: Awesome info….LOL…please don’t get too exasperated with me. 🙂

              Sorry about your chickens. Had a friend years ago with a pet chicken she would take on walks. She swore it was more like a dog. And yes, the eggs are amazing she said.
              Okay, so quail would be better, I’m thinking. They are adapted to our crazy heat and eat the local flora/fauna. I can get extra seed. I’m gonna have to toughen up and learn how to kill and skin/pluck things…..

              Will look into training next week on boomsticks.

              -30…..I can’t even imagine what that is like. We are acclimated to high heat and great swings in temp between morning and night during the year. I was amazed at the snow here, very unusual. So I’m not ruling out great climate changes whether it’s volcano ash or pole shift or New Madrid fault. I’m just trying to think outside the box.

              A little giving back: Saw a great idea to keep a small room cool, assuming you have electricity or solar. Get a cheap styrofoam cooler with lid. Cut a hole in top of lid near one side for something to vent, like a down spout for rain gutters. Duct tape in sticking up. Get a small fan, 6-12″ or so, cut a hole in top of styrofoam lid and face it down so it blows into the cooler. Fill cooler with ice. The more ice, the better.

              Had to look for alternatives when our old air conditioner died at the height of summer this last year….126, 127 F for several days. Not fun.

              Thanks everyone.

              • Slingshot….gluelam….you probably know it by another name….one of those giant glue laminated headers they use in construction, hubby’s old trade and that’s what he calls it.


        • You think the Earthquake didnt have anything to do with Fukushima? Reactors #2 and 3 are so hot, they destroy the robots within minutes that tepco sends in to survey the damage.

      54. Jones just never misses a scam opportunity
        In Fact, that’s how you know it’s a scam, if Jones has anything to do with it.

      55. There goes big government again. Spending recklessly and making its citizens dependent upon it. If citizens want these protective measures, they should pay for it themselves. And if they cannot afford these protective measures and want them, well, too bad. As Ron Paul said about those without health insurance or the ability to pay for medical care, “Let them die.”

        • Yeah NCjoe were all in this together. Think maybe President O should make a special Cost Of Living Increase just for those poor welfare recips in Colorado, where they were lined up out side that smoke shop trying to get there Mary Jane for $500 per oz. It just ain’t fair for some rich yippe to be able to buy it, but some poor unemployed jerk will not be able to have fun with out it, maybe they could have an extra stipend each month just for that. And the beauty of Obamacare is, it would take an idoit to buy illegal drugs on the street, when they will be able to go to a doctor and get their drugs legally. Is this a Great Country or What. Trekker Out. Hope Most Know Me!

          • @ Mountain Trekker. The ONLY thing that the above post did not have in it was a direct attack on everybody here from NC Joker as usually it has. You make some really good points in your comment. There is a reason I call him BO and BO care.

        • ncjoe, you made some valid points this time except for Ron Paul. Ron Paul never made such a remark. other than that, you sounded good that time.

          • BRAVEHEART:
            I thought it was that guy from Nevada made that remark like that.
            Nuts, what is his name ???? oh ya, Harry Reed?????
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • You’re using irony in every sentence there, NCJoe. Some folks were actually optimistic enough to take you straight up! I guess they should know better by now.

          Anyway, Paul did not say “Let them die” in the talk about the hypothetical “healthy 30-year-old without insurance”, the audience did. The quote I remember from that interview was this one: “That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to prepare and take care of everybody…”, and then he trails off before Wolf Blitzer prods him on by asking, “But congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?

          I had to look up the rest. Toward the end of the interview, Dr. Paul said, “I practiced medicine before we had medicaid in the early 1960s when I got out of medical school. I practiced at Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio and the churches took care of them. We never turned anybody away from the hospital. And we’ve given up on this whole concept that we might take care of ourselves and assume responsibility for ourself, our neighbors, our friends, our churches would do it. This whole idea — that’s the reason the cost is so high. The cost is so high because they dump it on the government, it becomes a bureaucracy. It becomes special interests, it kowtows to the special interests and the drug company, then on top of that you have the inflation, the inflation devalues the dollar. We have lack of competition. There’s no competition in medicine. Everybody is protected by licensing. We should legalize alternative health care. Allow people to practice what they want.”

          I’ll admit that’s a funny thing for him to say. Ch-yeah, right. Discerning the patterns in the chicken entrails enables the witch-doctor to prescribe for his patient some Jimson Weed smoke in his next sweat lodge and a blood-letting with big black leeches.

          But I still say that all federal departments should be dismantled except Defense, Interior, Justice, Treasury, and State.

          Medical care is not a “right”, and there should no more be a government “mandate” forcing people to buy health insurance than there should be any of the other Commandments etched into Obama’s stone tablets. To be fair, Bush was just as guilty of concentrating power in the Executive branch. The “central government”, as the Fathers called it, was supposed to remain weak, relative to the individual states’ governments. Many didn’t even want a standing army, but they were finessed by Hamilton, and ended up ratifying a document that created the possibility of a stronger central government than their better judgement thought proper.

          Individual liberty and personal freedom are imperatives. Government always erodes freedom, and should be drastically minimized.

      56. THE SUN’s Poles have reversed – This is a normal occurrence, not a sign of doom and gloom!

        The sun has “flipped upside down”, with its north and south poles reversed to reach the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24, Nasa has said.
        Now, the magnetic fields will once again started moving in opposite directions to begin the completion of the 22 year long process which will culminate in the poles switching once again.
        “A reversal of the sun’s magnetic field is, literally, a big event,” said Nasa’s Dr. Tony Phillips.
        “The domain of the sun’s magnetic influence (also known as the ‘heliosphere’) extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. Changes to the field’s polarity ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space.”

      57. THE SUN’s Poles have reversed – This is a normal occurrence, not a sign of doom and gloom!

        The sun has “flipped upside down”, with its north and south poles reversed to reach the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24, Nasa has said.
        Now, the magnetic fields will once again started moving in opposite directions to begin the completion of the 22 year long process which will culminate in the poles switching once again.
        “A reversal of the sun’s magnetic field is, literally, a big event,” said Nasa’s Dr. Tony Phillips.
        “The domain of the sun’s magnetic influence (also known as the ‘heliosphere’) extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. Changes to the field’s polarity ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space.”

        • @ Christian Man. Think about this one. Normally the flares that have been fairly large have occurred on the eastern limb of the Sun, out of an Earth directed type hit. Even the super flare about 10 years ago happened as the Sun had rotated away from all that plasma hitting the planet by 2-3 days. That was either an X-28 or an X-40 flare that would have fried the satellites and every long wire on the planet that connect the electric grid to the infrastructure.

          I would have to ask JustOneGuy about this Solar reversal having bearing to IF the possible future solar eruptions will be more focsued in the western side of the Sun towards the middle that would pose a big threat to the planet. It just takes one Carrington Event like 154 years ago and mega SHTF will throw the planet and civilization into a catastrophe. We should watch the Sun more closely now as the Solar Maximum is still on and kicking for the next several months at least.

      58. 14 million those are for the rich and famous the rest
        of us die

      59. I listen to AJ on the local radio for fun and entertainment. Lately, it seems AJ has become unstable. He can’t contol himself at all. He just totally loses it, quite frequently. Being jaded and cynical, I suspect AJ is being used to discredit any legitimate topics that come along, just by attaching his spin to the story of the week. What do you think? Maybe? Maybe not?

        • Maudy Fricket.

          Rush Limbaugh comes to mind.

          • Controled opposition. Why control one point of view when you can control all points of view. They wouldn’t allow a voice to go on the air if it was a serious threat to TPTB.

            • AJ sounds a little strung out to me.

              Doing a bit too much coke, perhaps.

              • You’d think snorting all that snow would cause him to shed some of that whale blubber.

                • Have you seen him recently? Quite trim.

                  • I’ll check him out this weekend, Sigi…

            • Limbaugh bleats nonsense 24/7..and has millions of “followers” aka sheep..

              His mantra is to blame everything on the left…and offers no solutions as there aren’t any..and the left leaners are equally’s all a ruse..

              Jones once had some credibility but equally bleats nonsense daily..though he does understand the situation unlike Limbaugh.

              While opposing sides beat the drums in a never ending blame game..the hard truth is there is no truth to any of it!

              Central banks and the so called “elite” call the shots..period!
              They removed duly “elected” leaders through out the E.U. and replaced them with bankers..note Italy,Greece for starters.They run the world bank,imf,central banks, and the federal reserve..

              They don’t need to do it here stateside as their willing duly elected/well financed pols already perform their bidding..and have done so for over the generations..

              We then have some constitutional media such as Mark Levin ..though he placates the hard core patriots with his own branded version of “hope and change” through due process…what a’s a pipe dream that any semblance of the Constitution still exists..

              Our entire system has been corrupted..those who dare to challenge the status quo are labeled, targeted, marked, and eventually silenced or marginalized…yes, they continue to speak out vain.. to the vapid followers while they cling to their versions of hope and change as well..

              It appears that we are alone in this fight til the end..

              Meanwhile..IMF just released papers suggesting a worldwide Cyprusing of all accounts to ward off the insurmountable debt created by the banks and govts in the first place..and out of our pockets and accounts.

              I worry less about radiation, and more about surviving this ongoing global economic collapse…and as duly copied from a commenter on another site..

              I submit the following..

              “People argue about whether one is a Marxist, Fascist, Socialist, or Communist. Can we just group them all together and call them Fucksists or “Fuxists?”

              “Fuxism” is a form of government whereby the masses get fucked by their government.”


              enjoy the day


              • “Fuckers” always worked for me.

              • Pillsbaugh and his “dittoheads” make me ill.

              • How much tail could a Fuxist fuck if a Fuxist could fuck tail?

        • Could be, maudy. Hadn’t thought of that. He just changed his schtick to get his kicks.

          Oh, well, when I want to call my chick, all I do is flick my Bic(tm)…

      60. The End is like the sand-dial.

        You know all the sand is at the top at first. Plenty of time. It starts and keeps flowing through and heading for the bottom. No worries. Plenty of time. Heck, take a nap….

        Then, you can see that the top of sand pile not nearly as big as the bottom but no big deal–you are still here. Go fishing !!!!

        Soon, you can see individual sand crystals. Then soon, not much left. Then that last sand crystal ready to fall. It falls.

        Thus, The End!!!!

      61. All those packets for the chosen few. Who will pay taxes?

      62. Hey everyone. Hope you all have a good New Years Eve, and of course, a great Christmas. seems to have a lot of good info about the goings on at the plant. What scares me is the fact that our Canadian government has de-funded the radiation detection program, removing 9 stations on the west coast. I hope we have people out there monitoring and posting online. If anyone has a good link to independent radiation monitoring, please share.

        • Radiation Network.

      63. i warned you all of this 3 years ago … i hope you’re NOT allowing your kids to eat the Radiated snow in ZOG AmeriKa !!!

        1/2/2014 — ☢ ELEVATED LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 59.4CPM in the Snow – St. Louis, Missouri


        • N.O.

          Yeah..dutch has had some revealing videos over the years.

          Careful of the yellowcake snow..


          • Possee, that reminds me of “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” by Frank Zappa. anyone else remember that one?

            • Oh, of course, Braveheart. I’ve heard most of Zappa’s compositions. I even saw him in concert once.

      64. Nuclear war more likely than ever: threat comes from South Asia and nuke terrorists

        The humanity has inched closer to the precipice of an all-out nuclear war than ever before, closer than it was even at the height of the historic Cold War standoff between the US and the Soviet Union.
        0The main reason for this is the ongoing erosion of the non-proliferation regime, experts say. The Non-Proliferation Treaty has been continuously bashed as “unfair,” but it is in fact the exclusive geopolitical environment and ensuing nuclear responsibility of a handful of states that has so far kept mankind away from the total wipeout.
        Read more:

      65. The day we uncorked the nuclear genie, we ushered in our doom.

      66. Well, knowing the corrupt Regime they could be preparing for a false flag event such as a dirty bomb in a major city. Of course by stock piling large amounts of Iodine they will be the heroes to save the poor survivors.

        The same tablets the goobermint is buying with our stolen tax dollars can be purchased from Amazon. The cost is quite low. Look up the dosage’s before taking them thought. Too much Iodine isn’t good for you.

      67. Off topic

        but noteworthy..

        Jan 2 2014..

        “why are these billionaires dumping their shares of U.S. companies?”…………….

        In the latest filing for Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has been drastically reducing his exposure to stocks that depend on consumer purchasing habits. Berkshire sold roughly 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson, and reduced his overall stake in “consumer product stocks” by 21%. Berkshire Hathaway also sold its entire stake in California-based computer parts supplier Intel.

        Billionaire John Paulson, who made a fortune betting on the subprime mortgage meltdown, is clearing out of U.S. stocks too. During the second quarter of the year, Paulson’s hedge fund, Paulson & Co., dumped 14 million shares of JPMorgan Chase.

        George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares.


        Investors are aware of specific research that points toward a massive market correction, as much as 90%.


        • By 2040, we would need to triple the global food supply in order to meet the basic food needs of the eleven billion people who are expected to be alive. But doing so would require a 1,000 percent increase in the total energy expended in food production. But the depletion of oil will make it physically impossible — thus economically impossible — to provide enough net energy to agriculture: “A recent review of the future prospects of all alternatives has been published. The summary conclusion reached is that there is no known complete substitute for petroleum in its many and varied uses.” Global food production will drop to a fraction of today’s numbers: “If the fertilizers, partial irrigation [in part provided by oil energy], and pesticides were withdrawn, corn yields, for example, would drop from 130 bushels per acre to about 30 bushels.” Obviously, death certificates have already been issued for billions of unsuspecting people.

      68. There is a 12 guage round called the Flame Thrower round or the Dragons Breath round. This is a force multiplier. One ambitious man can clean out an entire neighborhood of “takers”. Or you can give a surprise to that TSA swat team when the time comes. Eeehaa!

      69. 14 million doses aint much considering there are 300 million of us…

        • @wally… The stuff isn’t for us, it’s for the million or so elite government thugscrum. They didn’t even buy enough for all government workers… just the elite few. There are 14 doses per pack which is the standard two week prophylaxis to protect your thyroid. 14 million doses equals 1 million packs. To cover us all, they would have to buy 300 million packs which equates to 4,200,000,000 doses (four billion two hundred million) This stuff is for THEM not US.

      70. The dependence of industrial agriculture on fossil fuels, the declining fertility of the land, and the positive feedbacks imposed by declining net energy will force the economy to divert much more investment into the agriculture and energy sectors as part of a desperate attempt to maintain agricultural output. Government budgets must also decline in real terms as greater and greater fractions of the economy are diverted into the resource sectors.

        As resource quality and land fertility continue to fall, society will be forced to allocate more and more capital to the agriculture and resource sectors, otherwise the scarcity of food, materials, and fuels would restrict production still more — it’s circular, there is no way to avoid the positive feedback. Ultimately, industrial capacity will decline rapidly taking with it the service and agricultural sectors, which depend upon industrial inputs.

        Constrained by the laws of thermodynamics, the availability of life-supporting resources will go into a permanent, steep decline.

        In less than 20 years, the self-regulating market system will have “run out of gas” and vanished. With the market system gone, the ruling elites will fall back on the good old-fashioned means of control: a police state. In the US alone, 200 million guns in private ownership guarantee that this police state will quickly devolve into rebellion and anarchy.

        Now I am off to town to see what I can find to offset this famine! Check back l8r guys and gals.

      71. A repost…again

        ***Current FDA guidelines call for the daily administration of 130 mg. of potassium iodide (KI)) for up to 14 days for adults and children over 60 pounds. Smaller children should take one half tablet for 14 days.

        ***Potassium Iodide is inherently stable. If kept dry in an unopened container at room temperature, it can be expected to last indefinitely

        ***The US remains the only major nuclear power that does not have a supply to protect its citizens.(surprised yet?)

        ***From WHO:”Stable iodine can be used as either potassium iodide or potassium iodate. Potassium iodide (KI) is the preferred alternative, since potassium iodate (KIO3) has the disadvantage of being a stronger intestinal irritant.”

        JayJay says:
        Comment ID: 2896319

        January 2, 2014 at 3:08 pm

        Some states choose to keep supplies and a lady I spoke with online sent me the liquid form; she said in New York, they were just handed out on street corners after Fukushima disaster.

        Directions are easily found online if labels damaged–I wrote the directions for the iodine, the potassium iodate tablets, and the liquid form(raspberry taste), just in case and stored with the items in the vacuum sealed package.
        …….for K103 tablets
        ……for liquid, ThyroShield Potassium Iodide
        ……..for tincture iodine

      72. .02 Well spoken. Throw in millions more immigrants and the process speeds up.

      73. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your site
        and in accession capital to assert that I get actually
        enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your
        feeds and even I achievement you access consistently quickly.

        • Office:
          Welcome aboard. Get ready for a fun ride.

          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      74. They’re saying the eagle deaths are because of eating rodents with West Nile Disease.

      75. With an American population of about 300 million, you know ITS FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES! THE 1% ELITE!

      76. The MSM is now starting to report the news about the radiation on the west coast. The sardines and other small creatures are missing. Signs of starvation in mid size creatures. The beginning of the end? Remember, FEMA is in contol of information in times of crisis.

      77. The MSM is now starting to report the news about the radiation on the west coast. The sardines and other small creatures are missing. Signs of starvation in mid size creatures. The beginning of the end? Remember, FEMA is in contol of information in times of crisis.

      78. Supposed their was just now another earthquake at fuck a sama ?

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