US Government Denies Liability After Boy In Idaho Was Sprayed By Cyanide Trap

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The United States government said they aren’t to blame for mistakenly placing a poison cyanide predator-killing trap near an Idaho family’s home.  The government also denies liability and is blaming the Idaho family after a boy was doused with cyanide by the mistakenly placed trap.

    *DETAILS ABOUT THE ABOVE IMAGE: March 16, 2017, file photo released by the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office shows a cyanide device in Pocatello, Idaho. The cyanide device, called M-44, is spring-activated and shoots poison that is meant to kill predators. (Bannock County Sheriff’s Office via AP, File) AP

    Even though a federal worker put the cyanide trap near the families home by mistake, the government claims any injuries were caused by the negligence of the parents and child, the U.S. Department of Justice said in documents filed Monday in U.S. District Court.  The DOJ also asked for the family’s lawsuit to be dismissed, according to The Idaho Statesman. 

    Mark and Theresa Mansfield of Pocatello sued the federal government in June seeking more than $75,000 in damages and more than $75,000 for pain and suffering. The lawsuit contends that an Agriculture Department worker acknowledged to law enforcement officials placing the trap in error on land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The court document filed by the Justice Department does not acknowledge such an error. But why would it? The government never takes responsibility for the death and destruction they cause.

    According to the lawsuit, the Mansfields claim that their son, Canyon Mansfield, was playing with his dog in March 2017 when the then-14-year-old triggered the trap that the U.S. Department of Agriculture placed to kill coyotes. The dog died, and the teen still has headaches from the poison, the lawsuit stated. “When he [Canyon Mansfield] reached down and touched the pipe, it exploded with a loud bang, knocking CM to the ground and spewing an orange powdery substance,” the lawsuit says.

    The Justice Department disputes that there was an explosion, noting that M-44s are spring-activated and contain no explosive material.

    The devices, which are called M-44s, are embedded in the ground and look a lot like lawn sprinklers but they spray poisonous cyanide when they are set off. The M-44 cyanid traps are meant to protect livestock from predators but sometimes kill pets and injure people, as seen in this case.  The traps have also draw increased scrutiny after The Associated Press reported that the teen was injured months after the government decided to stop using the devices on federal lands in Idaho.

    The agency said in court documents that “defendant admits that two M-44 devices placed by (a federal) employee were discharged in the incident involving CM and his dog.”

    The lawsuit mentions only one M-44 activating, and law enforcement officials who responded last year didn’t mention additional devices discharging.

    The reason for the discrepancy is not clear. The Justice Department didn’t respond to that question. –The Idaho Statesman

    Andrea Santarsiere, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, who ultimately hopes to get M-44s banned entirely, said the federal government’s response to the Mansfield lawsuit was disappointing. “Rather than apologize for having a poisonous device on public lands that injured a young boy and killed his dog, the government instead is using a tactic to blame the boy,” she said.


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      1. The damned immoral Feds and their immoral minions don’t give one damn about what they do to the unsuspecting public. And they just keep doing these kinds of things. We need regime change.

        • Violent revenge should be dad’s goal now. There will be no other satisfaction.

          • Yes, absolutely!

            The Father getting himself killed or imprisoned and destroying his family is the only answer.

            • What would you do if it were your child poisoned by lawless government scum?

            • You know, if more people weren’t sniveling cowards scared to death of what the government will do to them we could get our country back or we would have never lost it to begin with. There’s certain lines you don’t cross and I’ll blow their heads off if they cross it. When our war actually starts, who’s gonna give a damn about throwing these damn people in a hole?

              • Gotta agree with you this time Menzo. If this was my boy and nobody was held accountable…. then somebody WOULD be held accountable. Knowhatimean?

                • Yep

        • I love a good lawsuit !!! 🙂

          • That is just the point. The government must ALLOW itself to be sued. If they don’t accept some degree of responsibility, they cannot be sued.

        • Folks, the ONLY way to have genuine change for the better is to have a massive PURGE – that is it guys. There are ZERO other options at this juncture.

      2. If the kid mistakenly put a poison trap on Federal Property and a Federal Worker was injured, what do you think would happen?

        The kid would be in Federal Prison getting corn holed by the Bundys.

        • JS, if that was my kid, anyone who wanted to take him would have to come through me first and I would be armed at the time.

          • JS

            And you would be dead ant the kid taken anyway.

            I encourage you to pursue this course of action if the situation arises, it should improve the gene pool.

            • If you are going to be an anonymous smartass, then at least get your target right. Idiot.

        • theres no such thing as “federal property” outside of DC other than “forts, magazines, arsenals, dockworks”

          I’m not aware of any of the Bundy family in prison. can you elaborate on your gay fantasy?

      3. This is nothing less than a chemical warfare land mine. Should be in violation of international law.

        • It probably is!

          • I guess a Liberal is in the eye of the beholder. I remember when trappers in Missourah used these cyanide traps for coyotes before they were banned, and when they were called for to be banned, it was the LIBERALS that made the big push. Trekker Out

      4. So, Stormy Daniels gets $130,000 to keep quite about having sex with a married man. And an upright, righteous, law-abiding, tax paying, church going American family can’t even get $150,000 for government incompetence and stupidity? Their kid should have been a hooker, or some whore. That’s where the bid payday is these days. [I am completely serious].

      5. Cyanide Trap?

        Why is the Government using chemical traps.
        There’s other and safer methods of trapping predators.
        Is this device approved by the E.P.A?

        May as well set up a spring trap loaded with White Phosphorous. Not surprised by these actions of the government, it’s pretty much how they operate outside the guidelines of safety.

        • Heck go out and collect these traps and keep them for your own defense stockpile lol. If you want phosphorous you will need to get them from isrealhell..

          • digging up a live chemical bomb seems like a stupid idea. Just sayin.

            personally, I’d set up a few bear traps on the path to the device. when the government worker comes to check on it and sets one off, just tell him they were predator traps. technically, its true!

            • I like that idea!

        • Those traps have been in use by both private land owners and government wildlife control agencies for decades.

          They’re not exactly something rare or new to the scene.

          “Environmentalists” have been protesting them for years, even longer than they have been chaining themselves to trees and such.

          • The length of use makes placing it on my property justifiable in exactly what way?

            • Don’t think anyone has any intent to place them on your property. But if you had a predator problem you might very well want them on your property. Not being argumentative but where you live you probably don’t have a predator problem. Trekker Out

      6. Were is Trump when you need him. MAGA. By disbanding some of these Federal Agencies m.

        • “Were is Trump when you need him.”

          Playing Golf

          • playing Pocket Pool

          • Petting his pussy.

      7. The government & their employees forget that they work for the people of the United States of America. We are liable for our mistakes & even though the money comes out of our pockets, I still say pay the young man. Throw the government worker that made the mistake in prison, maybe he’ll learn.

        • WP, welcome, and some good points you make. Governments don’t care about the people they rule over. It’s been that way all throughout history. Nothing they do has any legitimate basis to it. Never trust any government people for anything. I’ve been ignoring govt. officials all my life.

        • “The government & their employees forget that they work for the people of the United States”

          That is the Cover Story, believed by the kool-aid drinking masses.

          The reality is that the people work for the State [government].

          The head of US office of education remarked in 1914: “Now the question is raised, do the schools exist for the students, or do the students exist for the schools? The answer is the latter. . .openly stating that the students are slaves of the schools. . .
          His remarks were not widely circulated. . .”Public schools” are based on the idea that kids are government property, to be used for government purposes. . .the pledge of allegiance was written by a national socialist [Bellamy, 1892]

          Look at these pictures if you want a heart attack:

          the country has been a statist piece of filth since the nineteenth century. . .

      8. MKDJ, the US govt. is just like minority groups. They don’t take responsibility for their own actions. And they wonder why so many people have become so anti-govt.

        • What I would like to know is. If this trap was placed close to a residence, it would appear customary for the Federal Agent to notify these people. Why wasn’t this done, no paper notice on door or by mail, and no knock on the door for warning these people?

          Lazy or incompetence or both.

          This kid will have a lifetime of health problems down the road. This family should be suing for Millions of dollars, not a measly $75K.

          • $75,000 tops for an out of court settlement.

            An attorney knows that the government can “quietly” settle out of court and down the road say it was a nuisance case.

            If they go to court, the case could drag on for years, attorney fees forcing the plaintiffs to drop the case, the victim gets nothing but the bill. “There is no justice in the justice system.”


            • Justice is for those who can afford it.

      9. If this is for animals, slap a warning label on it. Animals cannot read, people can.

      10. Look at the stuff “Government” workers do. I think working for these institutions gives people an “unclean spirit” because when you look at their actions (control-freak behavior, lies, corruption, stealing, killing animals AND CHILDREN with traps, WARS/MURDER, etc.) it makes one scratch their head and think “What is WRONG with these people?” Here’s what’s wrong right here >>>

      11. And the dumb ass Gov’t buffoons wonder why in the world citizens have to resort to going”POSTAL” – hmmmm, yes, Huge surprise. What a travesty and a complete disgrace to all of us.

      12. Is it too much to ask that a warning sign be put out with the traps?

        Are we worried the coyotes might be able to read?

        • An intelligent and obvious question woody. Why indeed.

      13. explode

        Burst or shatter violently and noisily as a result of rapid combustion, excessive internal pressure, or other process.

        You don’t need “explosive material” to explode.

      14. Yes, in government lala land “lets put poison bombs all around the forests and hope for the best”. BLM strikes again, didn’t need an fbi sniper this time.

      15. In Arizona it is legal to shoot coyotes year round.

      16. I guess this sets the precedent that people can set cyanide bombs along the US Mexican border to spray illegal critters that cross over into territory where they are deemed to be pests.

        • Good idea, bait’em with enchiladas.

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