Flashback: US Flag Subsumed To Mexican Flag in California

by | May 3, 2010 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The images below are from 2006, but remain relevant given what is going on today. We can be fairly certain that the sentiment remains.

    The American flag comes second to some of those enjoying the very rights that tens of thousands have died to protect.

    You will not see this heart-stopping photo on the front page of the NY Times, nor on the lead story of the major news networks. The protestors at Montebello High School took the American flag off the school’s flag pole and hung it upside down while putting up the Mexican flag over it.

    Montebello High School in California:


    The following picture is from the Dallas Morning News and depicts student Michelle Marquez being screamed at and criticized for carrying an American flag at her school’s Illegal Immigration Reform rally.

    When asked about the incident, Ms. Marquez was quoted by the Dallas Morning News as saying:

    My heart is with the Mexican flag and Mexico but I’m standing on American ground and I’m Mexican-American.

    It’s good to see that at least one of the hundreds of students protesting has an understanding of the respect the flag deserves.


    On December 18, 2009 we published a forecast from trend forecaster Gerald Celente who said that immigration would be the hot button issue for the 2010 mid-term elections, and it looks like he is right again.

    Trend #5: Not Welcome Here

    In 2010, the anti-immigration movement, long building, will arrive and stay in the US and abroad….In the US, with mid-term elections coming up, what to do about the “illegals” will be a hot- button issue that will top the political agenda and serve as a galvanizing force for a new party.

    [Read the rest of Celente’s 2010 forecasts]

    Arizona was first, and if their law is deemed constitutional (as it should be because it simply enforces existing Federal law) then more states will follow suit. Those states that do not enact anti-immigration legislation will see their immigrant populations explode over the coming years.

    Hat tip Willie Wonka via Michelle Malkin‘s blog.


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      1. Illegals are already starting to bug out of AZ in droves, and the law hasn’t even taken effect yet. Pretty soon, TX, NM, CA and UT will be inundated with them. We’ll see if AZ ends up being the only state with tough immigration laws in the next couple years.

      2. I say we bus all illegal aliens to Washington D.C. where the whole problem originated.   If Obama wants Hispanic votes let him take care of his most favored illegals himself.    I’d love to see the barrio right next to the White House.  Maybe the hard working Mexicans could show the lazy ass black and white political elites in D.C. how to do some real work.   Including Barack and Michelle Obama.

      3. This exactly what I have been talking about. There are Marxist Chicano separatist (Brown Berets de Aztlan) that believe that the south west is theirs. They are waiting to wage a war like this when the shtf. They see America in decline,and they have alot of man power to wage a war like this. I know those folks in the south west who own guns will not give in easily. This will end in blood. America is not a nation. It is a empire of 40 races with different flags. There will be a major conflict in the south west. The patriotic gun owners vs the Marxist Mexican separatist when the shtf. That is what they are waiting for. They cannot do it know because they would be crushed. But when the shtf that is when they will come out of nowhere. They will  a mass large numbers of recruits,gain support from Latin America in a Ho Chi Minh border.
        If only our government put our military where it is needed instead of Iraq or Afghanistan. Our border needs a large military force to guard it. Why should we protect Iraq or Afghanistan’s borders while ours is wide open.
        Now thanks for the assholes in Washington this will end in a Bosnian ethnic civil war when we collapse. if only there could be another way.

      4. CA, TX, and NM, are already inundated by illegals. I am not sure about Utah. Mormans believe that latinos are descendants of those tribes in the Book of Morman, and that the illegals will emigrate into the US in the “last days” to “build the temple”. 

        I say, build the temple and go home!

      5. Having as little as lets say 5 million illegals in DC would be enough to overthrow the government.  Obama would never fire on a crowd of illegal latinos.  Obama wouldn’t dare handcuff latinos, that would be racial profiling.  Just something to think about when ever you see millions of any minority on a march.  I’m certain Obama would fire upon a crowd of tea party Caucasians.  You can bet your sweet bippie on that one baby.  Is my posting a double standard satiric clap-trap or the politically incorrect truth?

      6. “Those states that do not enact anti-immigration legislation will see their immigrant populations explode over the coming years.”

        Cool. That means I’ll have cheaper fruit and cleaning, landscaping, and construction services. Plus, easier access to varied culture (e.g. art, music, and restaurants).

        I wonder, if you hate people living in your State so much, why not just set up gas chambers? If people don’t have a right to pursue happiness, or to reside and work where they want, why should they have a right to live at all? Which people would you exterminate first? Maybe you could show a touch of humanity by having children only jailed as felons, instead of being killed.

        • i would have no problem with gas chambers!!or locking up the children!! i’m part of the solution nothing bought from mexico here and i mow my own lawn! i’m not a lazy american i’m a smart one thats getting ready for the war!!!

      7. “Those states that do not enact anti-immigration [and anti-human] legislation will see their immigrant populations explode over the coming years [and their economies will similarly improve according to Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage]. [But States full of fascist rednecks devoid of ethics and economic knowledge will continue to economically deteriorate]”

        There, fixed it for you.

      8. Dr. Acula: You will only have slave labor and low prices if you go with them. Obtw, you will also have higher taxes to subsidize them.

        Hasta la vista baby!

      9. Mexico ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Replace the “R” in “ROCKS” with “S” and the “O” with “U” and then you would have it correct.

        • Then go and stay there. You’ll be a whole lot happier.

      10. I don’t understand it. I am a naturalised citizen originally from the north of Ireland. But now I am American and am proud to be! Why would anyone come here and take all the US has to offer, then despise and abuse her? Go back to the land you came from if you love it so much. But I suspect the reason you are here is that your homeland is not all that great after all.

        • Thank you for your comments. My family came here from eastern Europe and it wasn’t because what they could “get”. They wanted, like you, a better life and the freedom and opportunity to be productive. They instilled the attitude of “giving back” in me and my brothers and sisters. Those who come here to “get” I call the “gimme-gimme crowd”: always taking and never giving back. I am happy you are an American. Thanks again for your comments.

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