US Engaged In “Offensive” Cyber Ops Against Russia In Ukraine: NSA Director

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    The US military has issued a stunning but perhaps not entirely unexpected admission that it has been conducting offensive cyber operations in support of Ukraine. It marks the first-ever such acknowledgment, and suggests – as many observers have long suspected – a deeper Pentagon and US intelligence role in Ukraine against the Russian military than previously thought.

    National Security Agency (NSA) and US Cyber Command Director Gen. Paul Nakasone told the UK’s Sky News on Wednesday, “We’ve conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum: offensive, defensive, [and] information operations.” This includes “offensive hacking operations” he said.

    The director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Paul Nakasone, via AP

    Without offering specific details, he continued, “My job is to provide a series of options to the secretary of Defense and the president, and so that’s what I do.” Importantly, Gen. Nakasone gave the interview from allied Baltic country Estonia, from which other supporting operations including weapons transfers for Ukraine have come.

    He spoke of major attempts of the Russians to launch infrastructurally devastating cyberattacks on Ukraine, saying, “And we’ve seen this with regards to the attack on their satellite systems, wiper attacks that have been ongoing, disruptive attacks against their government processes.”

    “This is kind of the piece that I think sometimes is missed by the public. It isn’t like they haven’t been very busy, they have been incredibly busy. And I think, you know, their resilience is perhaps the story that is most intriguing to all of us,” he said, describing the Ukrainian response.

    As for support the US has given Ukraine in the lead-up to the Russian invasion, the NSA director referenced the following:

    Nakasone previously said his agency deployed a “hunt forward” team in December to help Ukraine shore up its cyber defenses and networks against active threats. But his latest remarks appear to be the first time that a U.S. official said publicly that the U.S. has been involved in offensive cyber operations in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

    And like any powerful deep state insider of the intelligence community, he referenced alleged Kremlin attempts to influence US elections. “We had an opportunity to start talking about what particularly the Russians were trying to do in our midterm elections. We saw it again in 2020, as we talked about what the Russians and Iranians were going to do, but this was on a smaller scale.”

    “The ability for us to share that information, being able to ensure it’s accurate and it’s timely and it’s actionable on a broader scale has been very, very powerful in this crisis,” he added in the interview.

    Despite the whole Russian military and intelligence machine being currently entrenched and busy executing the over 3-month war in Ukraine, the American public is further being told Moscow is now eyeing ‘interference’ in the upcoming midterms next Fall.

    According to The Hill: “Experts have warned that Russia will likely deploy its cyber operations in the 2022 midterm elections, which may take different forms, including disinformation campaigns and election hacking. The experts also said that Russia’s playbook is to divide the U.S. along party lines and suppress voter turnout.” However, it’s laughable to think that somehow it takes a foreign actor to “divide” the US “along party lines” – as if this is some new phenomenon.


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      1. Ukraine is turning out to be a testing ground for new weapons and strategies. Maybe defining the nature of future wars.

        Every dark cloud has a silver lining, that sort of thing.

        I wonder if Russia will disable the GPS system to blind us on the battlefield or if they are as dependent on it as we are.

        Maybe time will tell, maybe it won’t. I do wonder what counter measures both sides have available to use if this does happen, it could change the nature of warfare of major powers against each other, all we see now is proxy wars of major powers using a small power as the testing ground.

        • Ukraine is a Cesspool of CIA Biden Obama Corruption, where as the US Military weapons sent to Ukraine are be sold on the Black market, and the Cashola is money laundered to the Ukraine Nazi Mafia. Putin needs to blow the country apart until every scum Nazi is eliminated. And start over. Its time to defund the CIA, NSA, FBI and Military industrial complex. These scum will get us destroyed if they keep this poking the bear game. The CIA and NSA Will blow up the US grid to blame it on Russia then consolidate emergency powers and suspend the US Constitution Its a given. Stay heavily armed and on alert. The end times are coming, guaranteed.

          • You are exactly right my floridian friend. But nuke war is the endgame when all else fails. One way or another the population must go down. People evidently won’t stop multiplying so hence all the homo crap and vax crap and new disease crap, etc. I agree with some of what they say but the way they go about it is pure evil. Just give people like me a ray gun that I can go around and zap people in the groin with and sterilize them and it will be problem solved lol. I would have a hayday with all the idiots. That or the alternative, which is coming. Die a life in earth hell starving and disease and pestilence, etc. But no, people refuse to stop breeding like roaches. The entire world needs a 1 child policy. Or just lay in the bed your making. THAT IS A FACT!

          • Relying on being heavily armed is more likely to get you killed than anything else.

            Relying on the sword gets you killed by the sword.

            You’re useless to anyone when you’re dead.

          • Wow, it’s just a wacky little circus up there in yer brain-case, huh? Is there any conspiracy you DON’T believe in? Your dipshit friend “genius” says you’re from Florida, which explains a lot.

            Florida + Lack of Education + Brain-Baking Heat = Nutjob Conspiracy Heaven

      2. The neo-cons are hell bent in getting the US into a hot war with Russia. There’s no lie they won’t propagate, no dirty underhanded method they won’t use, no limit to what they are willing to see destroyed, to see their agenda completed. In fact, a war with Russia would be for two goals. One, to destroy Russia, and two, to destroy your kids and grandkids. Probably a third goal too, widespread destruction of Europe and Europeans.
        TPTB want popular support, but it is not crucial.
        Just one month before Pearl Harbor 85 % of the people wanted to stay out of the war. This meant TPTB had to provoke or contrive a cause to pull the people into war, same goes for today. TPTB know there would be probably a few nuuke strikes. In fact, it is said we already have a doctrine of absorbing a first strike without like retaliation. A nice war would soften up those left to submit to globalization, the real long-term prize – global feudal system.
        This is what they say themselves, “you’ll have no rights, you’ll own nothing, and be happy”. You would be permanently shackled to poverty and powerlessness. Life would be commune like, no right to property, no education, poor diet, no medical care, no individual rights, never traveling more than a few miles away, living only to do the work assigned to you, then you die. You’ll exist only as disposable to serve your masters.
        The developed world has to be manipulated into war by the globalists/PTB to get the ball rolling.

      3. When they gave a warning for cyber attacks on our grid was when they were doing it to the Russians. Be very suspect on what the government says, what they say will happen to us is what they already were doing to the Russians or any other country.

      4. those varmints stuffing ballot boxes didn’t look like no Russians i ever seen.

      5. An addition to my post above. For instance wild horses. They breed like crazy and run out of food. They die a horrible death from starvation. It makes ya wanna cry seeing them ( I live in wild horse country). But like humans they evidently have no control. I love animals, humans not so much. Humans have a choice. Animals are controlled by nature. Since the oil age the population has increased 7X! If the population of animals did the same it would be hell on earth for them. 90% of them would be dead. The earth supplies what is needed for the population it can support….

      6. What does the global cabal most desire after beating down Russia at some future date?


        Mineral resources?

        A large consumer market in which to sell more crap?


      7. Fritz Haber (Haber-Bosch) saved the world from starvation in the early 20th century. He invented the process to fix nitrogen, and ammonium-nitrate fertilizer was born. Before that, they mined bird guano from islands for the fields, but that was running out.

        This is the only reason there are 8 billion people on earth. And the inputs for this type of fertilizer are now getting scarce. Will there be a new process to save the world from starvation? Doubtful anything will happen in time to stop global famine.

        Fritz Haber saved the world from starvation, but he was no hero. He invented ammonium nitrate for the WWI German weapons (you remember the Oklahoma City Federal Building? Same stuff) and also developed the Chlorine gas that killed thousands of Allied soldiers in WWI. He died a pariah wandering Europe because no one wanted him around.

        Anyway, just a little history on the main reason there are so many people on earth today. All dependent on hydrocarbons and the products made using them.

        • All true. And all those black and brown people who are alive today because of these white men who invented modern agriculture and discovered petroleum would cancel these white men in a nano second.

          The ignorance and lack of gratitude ? is breathtaking.

          • Why don’t you go back to fucking yourself with that huge, black dildo of yours?

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