US Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 Prepare To Take Out Kim Jong-Un, Practice Tactical North Korea “Infiltration”

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    This report was originally filed by Tyler Durden at


    On March 1, the WSJ reported that the options contemplated by the White House in response to recent North Korean acts, include “the possibility of both military force and regime change to counter the country’s nuclear-weapons threat.” The review came amid recent events have strained regional stability including last month’s launch by North Korea of a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan, and the assassination of the estranged half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Malaysia.

    And, according to a report in Yonhap, said “regime change” may come far sooner than expected: the South Korean website writes that U.S. special operations forces, including the unit that killed Osama Bin Laden, will take part in joint military drills in South Korea “to practice incapacitating North Korean leadership in the case of conflict”, a military official said Monday.

    The U.S. Navy’s Special Warfare Development Group, better known as the SEAL Team 6, will arrive in South Korea for joint military drills and take part in an exercise simulating a precision North Korean incurion and “the removal of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un”, according to the Ministry of National Defense Monday.

    The U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six will join the annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises between the two allies for the first time, along with the Army’s Rangers, Delta Force and Green Berets.

    The counterterrorism unit is best known for its removal of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in May 2011, known as Operation Neptune Spear. It will be the team’s first time participating in the annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises, which will run through late April.

    The ministry did not say when the SEAL Team 6 will arrive. The Japan Times reported that the American unit boarded the USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, last Friday and are currently training in South Korean waters. The carrier will arrive in Busan Port Wednesday, according to the Japanese newspaper. The ministry did not say when the SEAL Team 6 will arrive, however according to The Japan Times, the American unit will arrive in Busan Port Wednesday, according to the Japanese newspaper.

    As Korea JoongAng Daily adds, also set to touch down in South Korea is Delta Force, a special mission unit of the U.S. Army whose main tasks include hostage rescue and counterterrorism, said the Defense Ministry. Together with SEAL Team 6, they will practice removing Kim Jong-un and destruction of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction.

    “It will send a very strong message to North Korea, which is constantly carrying out military provocations,” a ministry official said.

    A bigger number of and more diverse U.S. special operation forces will take part in this year’s Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises to practice missions to infiltrate into the North, remove the North’s war command and demolition of its key military facilities,” a ministry official told Yonhap News Agency asking not to be named.

    F-35 stealth fighters will also fly from U.S. Navy bases in Japan this month and carry out strike simulations on key North Korean facilities. A joint amphibious landing operation, which will kick off next month, will see the deployment of support ships the USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Green Bay and USS Ashland.

    The beefing up of U.S. special operation forces in the drills comes after North Korean leader Kim said in a New Year’s speech that the country was in the “final stage” of test-firing an intercontinental ballistic missile, the first of its kind, and pushed through two separate missile tests earlier this year, the latest on March 6. North Korea claimed through its state-run media that the most recent drill was aimed at striking “the bases of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in Japan.”

    Washington and Seoul stress that the annual military drills are purely defensive, although Pyongyang sees them as a rehearsal for an invasion. South Korea’s military said around 290,000 domestic soldiers and 10,000 U.S. soldiers will participate in this year’s drills, which by scale would be approximately the same as last year, the largest to date.

    While the US may have decided to remove the element of surprise from a potential tactical strike inside North Korea in order to spook Kim Jong-Un, it is just as likely that by exposing their intentions, the US may have precipitated a response from the Korean leader which will make such a military operation inevitable, even as the geopolitical fallout for the region from such an action could be dire. As a reminder, last week an analysis by the Predata-Beyond Parallel strategic consultancy predicted that there is a 43% chance of North Korean WMD activity taking place in the next 14 days, rising to 62% in the next 30 days. Beyond Parallel defines WMD activity as nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches.


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      1. This isn’t the same group that was sent to take out Bin Laden is it? No, it couldn’t be, there never were any. And they got rid of the guys that knew they weren’t the guys, to make sure that they were never going to be able to say that they weren’t the guys, and to say that it never happened.

        • I theorize that the OBL SF / SEALs never existed at all. That SEAL Team that died that “got OBL” never existed, period. Otherwise their would be a revolt in their ranks.

          OBL was killed at Tora Bora in December 2001. They needed him “alive” to be the boogie man cheerleader for further continuous military action. He just so conveniently appears on audio just prior to the Iraq War vote cementing a non existent relationship between AQ / OBL and Iraq / Saddam. Vote against the war your voting for terrorism. He was needed on occasion for propaganda and then, slowly, methodically he went into the sunset of terrorist retirement. Then, when the US needs some good news he is found, the number one terrorist mastermind. What do they report doing? Caught unarmed and trapped in a room he is intentionally double tapped, in retribution, not captured for intelligence purposes. GTFOOH. Then its the Jimmy Hoffa treatment of body disposal.

          The public buys this stuff.

          • They never did show us the OBL death photos. I felt cheated until I saw him behind the
            counter at 7-11.

          • Just like Khalid Sheik Muhammad still playing soccer at Gitmo. He was the “self-admitted
            mastermind” of 9/ 11. And he’s still breathing? Really. No trial or military tribunal yet? Hmm.

          • OBL makes a good poster boy for the public.

          • You are right: the whole thing is a fairy tale. It didn’t smell right from the start. Since the start of the War on Terror I have doubted any of it was really happening as a result of Muslim radicals. Each event has had a convenient part to play in a wider narrative of military exploits overseas. Probably the biggest give away and ‘tell’ that it is all fake is the Tsunami of Muslims that have been flooded into the West at the very time we are supposed to be at war with them. Just imagine if Germans and Japanese were flooding into the US during WWII? People would have thought that was weird; let alone have radical Muslims do airport security as I have seen over the years.

            • Frank Thoughts

              Great example about Germans and Japanese during WWII. I put stuff like that in memory for future debates with fence sitters.

              I find it peculiar that Indonesia has the greatest single concentration of Muslims of about 300 million and you don’t hear a peep out of them being terrorists. They’re an oil importer consuming more than they recover and are not in a geographic location in demand for energy transport. So we can come to the conclusion that there is some connection between oil and terrorism LOL.

              Its all nonsense, every bit of it.

              • Chart of Indonesian Oil, import / export and demand. 300 million Islamics and have trouble finding terrorists there. Let farmer Muhammad local Indonesian guy pull a J.D. “Jed” Clampett and watch the geo-politics, media reshape the narrative.

                h ttps://

            • The CIA is the main culprit in all of this and they are controlled by the NWO!! the stink just worse and worse

              • To apache54;– I agree with you 100%. Now I know that there are at least 2 of us who know the truth.

              • apache54

                Thats a given. The CIA isn’t controlled by the President as JFK would attest if he could. They answer to the globalist business financial interests. They have many names, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR and few if any faces.

            • It’s hard to hate Muslims if you can’t actually see them. First you were shown just a few in New York and that didn’t work. Then it was the famous 19 in New York that they provided for you, and tied that event to all the insanity that came afterward. Now, with approval, they got to do what they wanted to with them in their own countries, and can now use them for the dual propose of destroying The West by brainwashing the apologists to accept, or be forced to take in the refugee/invaders. And the only question you have to ask yourself is who benefits?

            • Those were the old days when wars were declared and the borders were guarded. This is a new revived tactic to effect the changes that they want. They can’t declare war on the US, but they can subvert it.

          • Your right as rain. Wag the Dog-(movie) was a Hollywood op prepping us to prove how silly/crazy it would be to think the MSM, Hollywood & political hacks would try and fool us into thinking we are in or going to be in a war. The Foul Eagle exercise mentioned is an annual exercise held every year in South Korea October time frame to simulate a nuke war with the North. Been going on since before I was stationed there in 95 and every year since. Hell with the nukes, North Korea has a estimated 1 million artillery pieces and it’s estimated that 5 minutes worth of shelling the South there wouldn’t much to salvage including American service members serving there. I say fall back to Japan and let them work it out, if the commies go one step farther then Nuke the whole peninsula.

          • But Fox News show some POS as the Seal 6 hero who killed OBL.

          • OBL died of liver and kidney failure well after Tora Bora. The biggest lie was that he was buried at sea after he was assassinated in Pakistan supposedly ? Why would he be buried at sea ? Makes no sense for any reason and clearly was part of the OBL and BHO lie. Both men were created out of thin air by CIA and we still have no idea who BHO actually is. OBL was a convenience left over from Afghan and the Russians. BHO himself has no idea for certain who his father is unless Frank told him himself.

          • Wrong.

          • Well. . . If* “they” pick-off Kim Jung In and ‘others’ who are close in North Korean Leadership-positions, then they better figure “who” will rise as the replacement-Leader
            AND~ question(or know for certain)he/she will not be more antagonistic toward The West than those they ‘take-out’. “!”
            You’All* Ketch-My-Drift…? No doubt you certainly better!!



        • First of all, this article is TOTAL BS Tyler Durden, and you know it, and we all know it. The SEALS teams train for everything and every situation all year long, so this “KIND” of training this is nothing new. They NEVER tell the SEAL team who they are taking out, until just days before they are deployed and on the plane of their mission, and they sure as hell will not let this info get out at all period, for some idiot to write an article about it.

          So this article Headline is TOTAL BS and FAKE. And if they were going to take out a foreign leader (Which is ILLEGAL as Hell) you think they would be telling the whole God damn world about it, which would totally blow the mission and element of surprise and put the entire SEAL Team in massive jeopardy.

          You think we are stupid here, believing this BS? Seriously? LMFAO!!

          • Agree , and I doubt the Trump crew would tell the world what they were up to so wilingly.

        • What I still find most absurd to this day is that they claimed to have given OBL an Islamic burial at sea; (apparently no such ritual exists), so they are spared the inconvenience of having no corpse to verify this fairy tale. And to this day, far too many still swallow this make-believe garbage.

      2. I guess if they were practicing “covert” OPs, then this wouldn’t be a story?

        • Sshh, don’t tell this to the North Koreans.

        • It was leaked for a reason, we will have to guess as the why?

          • SEAL Team ops don’t leak that kind of information. Must be comming from Barry O’s shadow regime

            • Ah. That would’ve been leaked from Operation Purple Unicorn, (O-PU).

            • Or to rattle Kim into doing something…to legitimize our “counter” force.

          • Disinformation. No way we’re going to send in forty elite commandos on a suicide mission when a dozen cruise missiles could do the same job.

          • This was put out there so you would be distracted from seeing the negative news coming out of Germany, Sweden, Italy and Europe in general, which are being systematically destroyed by the mass immigration introduced. And to also take your eyes off of what’s going on in Syria on that front. So now I guess the plan is to go after Russia and China from that other front instead. It’s quieter there right now.

            • I used to say “LOOK at the Grouse, Look at the Grouse” then Obama looked at the Grouse and the A-Hole put it on the endangered list. LOL!

      3. So when did North Korea Attack the USA? NEVER!!!

        These NeoCon Politicians Dopes and the US Military have way too much time and money in their pockets wasting away. You want to protect America? Go down the Mexican Border and stop all the CIA agents smuggling Cocaine into the USA. You want to stop the largest threat crime here in the USA. Go arrest half of Wall Street Banksters looting our economy, and US Corporations laundering money into foreign Banks avoiding paying US Taxes. Our Government is Fascist and not on Americans side of the equation.

        Always got to have a Boogie Man to justify they Costly Over bloated budgets.

        • Zeus

          “Go down the Mexican Border and stop all the CIA agents smuggling Cocaine into the USA.”

          The CIA outsources that. The banksters launder the money, $378 billion for Wachovia with a $160 million dollar fine.

          Eisenhower warned us about MIC a couple of days before leaving office in a, “I see this problem, I’m not dealing with it, JFK good luck your gonna need it, See ya”.

          • Kevin2

            Wachovia was a small time Drug Cartel money launderer at $378 billion, HSBC was accused of laundering $680 billion by our government and JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, CitiBank, American Express and Western Union have been accused and taken to court by the Feds in total of 2.5 Trillion dollars in drug money and surprise surprise nobody no banker went to jail.

            Funny thing though, when the US banking system froze up in 2008, the only cash that provided the US banking system liquidity for the next 3 days(Until the bailout by taxpayers),was all the drug money in our banks. The drug lords were not able to withdraw their trillions due to getting caught red handed.

            • True story, not one banker went any where near a jail and the fines have been simply a cost of doing business, all part of the equation. It is all still running today and the other main reason the borders have been wide open for the last 8 years. Everybody got paid. There are many scams like F&F as well as the new ammo scam to Mexico. BHO and crew created all of them. GWB was a small player in comparison. The corruption is far worse than most people, can even begin to comprehend or accept as reality

        • So when did North Korea attack the USA? June, 1950. Then they kept at it for 3 more years. The war has never been legally concluded. They’ve also engaged in numerous killings of US personnel since then, including axe murders, sinking of vessels, and artillery barrages. They just fired four missiles at US bases in Japan, by their own words, in a test run.

          • “So when did North Korea attack the USA?” “June 1950”.

            Thats a tad deceiving. NK never attacked the USA. They attacked USA troops in Korea not the USA.

            One has to ask themselves what USA troops were doing in Korea. In the same light did the North Vietnamese attack the USA that were in the American created “South Vietnam”? Your in their house. Our home starts at the Mexican border and ends at the Canadian with Alaska and Hawaii included of course.

            Yes I’m a Ron Paul / USMC Major General Smedley Butler constitutional isolationist.

        • The US can do whatever they want over there on that side of the globe since the Rape of Nanking.

        • Zues North Korea fought a war with us in the 1950s my uncle fought in it. They never signed a peace agreement, and their official policy is the war never ended. They are attempting to develop an ICBM which they readily claim they will use on us at the first opportunity. We have fought many stupid senseless wars in the last 50 years, this would not be one of them. All nations have the right to self defense even us, grow a set 0f balls and deal with it or don’t, and wait for them to deal with us. If we gotta fight I would prefer doing so before my enemy developed the ability to turn our west coast into ash.

      4. We are actually still at war with N Korea, a cease fire was declared there but the war was never ended and peace never declared.

        We just sort of packed up and went home while leaving some troops stationed there.

        So now that NK is developing nukes and the missiles to deliver them, maybe it’s time we finally ended it one way or the other.

        FWIW. I doubt NK would win, or that they would have much support from China or any other nation as they lose.

        • So what if NK is developing nukes and missiles? Why wouldn’t they be? They are a threatened country, of course they’re going to arm up.

          • Who is threatening them?

            Not us, not S Korea, not Japan, not China or anyone else I know of.

            Actually I think no one wants them and would prefer to just ignore them, but their constant threats against everyone else makes that impossible.

            • NK has been threatening, saber rattling, to shake down previous administrations, both republican and democrat and getting oil, food and “loans” months later. This is what NK does for its GDP, they sell mayhem.

        • Our troops were there at the expense of several billion US dollars paid by the taxpayers while SK built up their economy and undersold US factories. Nothing like cutting off our own nuts. Will Trump lift Obuttheads ban on bringing back M1″s? One can only hope so.

          • “Will Trump lift Obuttheads ban on bringing back M1″s? ”

            Blue Sky Imports Arlington Va. Garands were going for $275 in 89 / 90. Carbines for $175. Passed on a Swedish Mauser in 6.5 MM that I think was unfired, military rifle, civilian quality. Passed on a .38 Webley for $85 with Royal Hong Kong Police stamped on it. Kick myself for these every so often. My dealer friend called me when he got a batch and I could cherry pick.

            The moral of the story. If its a good deal get it now because it probably will not be available later.

            • Don’t ask me about the minty M1D Garand for $800 I passed up in 1988.

              • At first I read it and thought M1 for $800 mint or not. So. Then I read it again, Oh, an M1D , sniper rifle. Well that be different.

                I came across an associate (friend of friend) that had an 1860 Henry in terrific shape. This was 1990 or so. I held it, asked him, “Whats it worth”? He said 6. I said, “This ain’t bad for $600. He said thousand. Thats a $15 – $20K rifle now. Passed on a real 1897 Trench Gun for $750 in 1988 or so. Thats worth $3500.

                Explain to me again why I have a 410K and IRA. Actually did not bad with them but their numbers, guns are guns.

          • South Korea is spending a lot more money on their defense than we are spending over there.

      5. GTFOOH

        These guys don’t knock on the door and say, “We’re coming”.

        NK serves a vital purpose for China as a buffer state between them and a potentially hostile force of the ROK / US. Any collapse of NK is a huge refugee problem for China. The problem is NK is like a problematic teenager and your not sure what they’re going to do. Its in everyones best interest to remove this guy from power by backing an internal coup. China can far more easily facilitate that. Leave their government like it is providing that buffer between the west and China. South Korea doesn’t need the refugee problem either.

        • Don’t be ridiculous….all the refugees will come here.

          • They’ll flood both China and ROK. The US will get some too but nowheres near the amount.

      6. Navy seal knives are great !!!

        If you have and use a navy seal knife to open boxes, it is a lot easier. I think every Pretty White Swedish girl should carry a navy seal knife. You never know when you might come across a dangerous box.


      7. I pray for North Korea (and South too) all the time. The Christians who still exist there are perhaps THE most heroic people on the planet at present, bar none.

        • Amen to that, and I pray for them too. I’ve been to Punmanjom(sp?) and the DMZ, and it isn’t a happy place, on the other side. Someone needs to be brave and take care of Porky.

      8. Rumors & propaganda…just more smoke and mirrors. This kind of news is only going to prompt more insane acts from the NK dictator IDIOT…he’s liable to start using a smaller bowl with future haircuts…LOL 🙂

      9. US Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 Prepare To Take Out Kim Jong-Un, Practice Tactical North Korea “Infiltration”

        If this is true … then I say: “not so fucking bright”

        Then again … things of this nature with our Government … anymore … is very much predictable – I’m not shocked nor surprised by such stupidity.

        • If they take-out Kim Jong In and whoever else, look out for “who” will the replacement-person be! Careful Boys!!!

      10. Hey CIA . Wink, wink. Nod, nod. The next headline will probably say something like
        ” Kim Jong Un Has A Bad Case Of The Indonesian Gobstoppers “.

      11. Something tells me it may take more than Seal Team 6 to win this one.

      12. North Korea is not what the propaganda says. North Korea functions. It is a weird place compared to what we are used to but it works. And that means they have been actively preparing since the end of the Korean War for this very moment. A big mistake people make is to equate NK with some turd world toilet country or even a petro-klepto state such as Iraq or Libya. NK is an ideological state with fierce loyalty. It is a military-first state.

        So, what do they have waiting for Seal Team 6? Unlike Osama and his masturbation palace in Pakistan, NK has whole cities underground and factories underground. It has crack armed forces who are hard-ass. Maybe Seal Team watched too many Seth Rogan films???

        Just look at Koreans compared to anyone you find in your typical third world country. They look tough. Their women are fiercely hot but also tough and loyal. A couple stealth choppers sneaking into NK to take out Kim will not make it back out again. They barely made it out of Pakistan.

        • About a decade ago, maybe longer a NK train by the coast was transporting military explosives and they had a “bang” accident. I looked on the map and it was within a couple of miles from the coastline in an area that had no cities, maybe no people at all. This was during a time that they were saber rattling with testing their A bomb. Trains have been transporting military explosives since there were trains and explosives. Its damn uncommon for this to happen in peacetime. That might have been a message. NK couldn’t go to the world and say the US/UK blew up my train with Seals / SBS because it would be admitting weakness.

          These are the dots I connected.

          A train by the coast is not a political assassination in a city. However if the Elvis Impersonator’s jet slammed into a mountain in bad weather things happen. He looks like a candidate for a heart attack too.

      13. Didn’t Trump send B-52s to South Korea last week?

        So will the Seals go in first and then the B-52s, or will the B-52s carpet bomb the North, and then the Seals go in?

        I have a better idea. Forget this operation and concentrate on shutting down the Federal Reserve, stopping the Chemtrail spraying, and arresting, prosecuting, and executing everyone involved in Pedo-gate.

        Make America great again starts with fixing our own house first, not playing with North Korea.

        God Bless you all.

      14. So, Seal Team 6 is so great that it took out a fake Bin Laden. So, are they going to take out a fake Kim Jong-un, too? Sheesh, our country’s gone loco.

      15. This is all part of the show of force to show them their is a new sheriff in town. If their were actual plans to act now the fact that JSOC was in foal eagle this year would never have been announced. Same thing with the announcement of bombers and drones and the THAAD.

      16. The U.S. Banksters are mad because North Korea won’t buckle under and put in a Chew Central Bank. Everybody who stands on their own is an idiot, he’s evil, his people are all suffering. I don’t know what North Korea is like. I just know I’ll never learn the truth about Korea or anywhere else from the liars of the media, or the agents of our Zionist Occupied Government.

        I wish the people of North Korea a pleasant day. I hope it isn’t as bad for them as we’ve been led to believe.


        • Yes John 8:44. Saddam was evil .Kadaffi was evil . But didn’t they protect the Cristian’s? Muslims and Jews hate Cristian’s . Read what the Jewish Talmud says about Jesus . He is boiling in a jar of sewage. And Jews are are friends? JOHN 8:44.

        • B from CA

          There is truth in your statement and I believe truth in what we’re told. People from South Korea can come here, people from North Korea can’t. Its the JFK Berlin Wall thing, “We have our faults but we don’t put up a wall to keep our people in”.

          Regardless NK, ROK all of them isn’t worth an American life. The Korean War (it was a police action back then) was great for South Korea and lets not forget all of those corporations developed post war. It wasn’t great for the roughly 36,000 Americans who died there. Americans were drafted to fight, kill and die for someone else. If you don’t participate you go to prison. The net result will be your kid can’t get a job in the Ford Plant your working at. I need to look up the word freedom again because I obviously missed something in the definition, some corporate escape clause.

      17. “Leaks” Does this mean all gov departments have no security? Is there employees stealing info and selling it? If military secrets are leaked to the enemy, how dangerous id this for people at risk? Is this about the highest form of treason? Anything for a headline, maybe. The country or the people be damned!!

      18. The reports from N Korean escape people are pretty much all bad.The British called them . The cruel orientals. And looking at the police state of Japan, China, Vietnam, miramar, ( Burma), and how many others? Do we want these cruel orientals who don’t really assimilate ( china town) little Korea) Hawaii and the philippinos? How long before our entire country is one or another minority ghetto ?

      19. Is there any country we DON’T want to go to war with?

        • S.J., I have one, Israel. At this point they won’t attack themselves. Know what I’m sayin’?

      20. Oh great, telegraph your move. Smart. I’m sure he has no doubles kicking around.

      21. Isn’t SEAL Team 6 too busy engaging in tail hook and homosexual parties to bother with North Korea?
        Special Operations are contract killers for the Zionists. Stop believing the Hollywood movies.
        Believe it or not Linda Tripp worked for Delta Force.

      22. I love Amerika security for its troops. Loose lips sink stuff. Good test for embeded China SF troops to keep fat DPRK leader safe!

      23. Feb 20, 2017 Footage appears to show Kim Jong Nam’s assassination

        Malaysia said Monday that it recalled its ambassador to North Korea and summoned Pyongyang’s envoy as tensions rose over the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

      24. You’ve got to be kidding – announcing that seal team #n is going to take out a leader, since when does that get “announced”, reminds me of Somalia and the press met the landing party on the beach, what a bunch of crap.

      25. From what we have heard, so far, they plan to drone a personality cult / protectorate, without repercussions, whose benefactors have already taken credit for a preemptive strike.

      26. This may sound really stupid to most people but what makes any of your geniuses think that IF the USA sends in a “team” to eliminate Kim Jong Ill or whatever the pissant calls himself, that ANYTHING will change with North Korea?

        Do you not think that some enterprising NK General isn’t going to step in and keep going with their policies? Aside from nuclear burning the entire country to the ground, ANYTHING would change, and a new dumbass isn’t going to just step in and purge the ranks and keep going? But hey, I know some of you need to go and wave around the flag a bit and chant USA a few times to keep up the façade that we are anything but focked by our own deep state and wall street bankers….What ever helps you to sleep at night I guess…

        • or China just go and absorb whats left..just like the USA did with the Nazi’s after WWII..
          Absorb all their research and resources for their “own good” so it doesn’t go to waste (knowing the Chinese have that same mercenary sense of morality about crimes against humans if they can use it to their advantage (just like the US military industrial complex did).

          • China has a vested interest in keeping NK a separate country that is hostile (but not too hostile) to ROK. The last thing China wants is ROK / US troops up on her border. If the west had common sense and not an expansionist policy we would want it too.

            The US will tease China like their doing to Russia at the bequest of TPTB. I seen the mindset in industry, that little bit more is just too inviting. Risk verses reward doesn’t have the same formula of odds when you been getting away with too much for too long. You believe in your own infallibility and push too far.

      27. Tyler Durden,

        You wouldn’t be more lacking in credibility if Ed Norton or Brad Pitt was writing this article. SEAL Team 6 is not only an outdated unit identifier from the Richard Marcinko era, but the explicit item “Team” refers to an entire organization.

        Not an individual team as one would think.

        You see, Tyler, SEALs function in fire-teams, assigned to platoons that are assigned to a company that is assigned to a Team that is assigned to a region of the world (not related to geographical placement).

        The Team you have referred to is assigned to Joint Special Operations Command, which holds a global responsibility but none of which holds the core task/critical functions of killing world leaders.

        Also, no relevant personnel refers to them as you have; even DEVGRU is outdated despite what your google machine tells you. In the grand scheme of things your misinformation wouldn’t really matter – what I would like to point out is that your extreme misunderstanding of something so simple, so factual, and so easy to understand if you actually knew what the fuck you were talking about should be a nice big red caution flag to the readers about anything and everything you write or have written before or after this article.

        I’m surprised the editor of this website even allows for this type of work. Feel free to question my credentials but I have a gut feeling that anyone can read this knowing that I’m not part of your target audience.

      28. Assuming this is true, the article, who the heck is leaking this stuff out?! I’m all for taking out bad guys when needed, but if this is supposed to be a “covert operation,” it isn’t any more thanks to and the person who wrote the article.

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