Update: Shooter’s Father Says This Was Not About Religion… Orlando Nightclub In Gun Free Zone… Pledged His Allegiance to ISIS on 911 Call

by | Jun 12, 2016 | Headline News | 106 comments

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    At least 50 people are dead and 53 injured, many critically, in an Orlando night club mass shooting that is the worst in U.S. history.

    According to investigators Omar Mateen had been on the FBI’s radar at least twice for his links to terrorism:

    He was a ‘known quantity’ to the FBI and was investigated twice before the mass shooting.  A senior law enforcement source told the Daily Beast that Mateen was a person of interest both in 2013 and again in 2014.

    An investigation was opened into the 29-year-old, but the case was closed when no evidence appeared to warrant further probing.

    ‘He’s a known quantity,’ the source said. ‘He’s been on the radar before.’

    The shooter’s father claims that Mateen was not a terrorist and that the shooting was not about religion, but rather, about his disgust in seeing two gay men kiss each other:

    Because of his name and heritage, there were immediate questions about Mateen’s possible ties to Islamic fundamentalism — but his father said it may have been a recent incident involving two men showing each other affection that set the gunman off.

    “We were in Downtown Miami, Bayside, people were playing music. And he saw two men kissing each other in front of his wife and kid and he got very angry,” Mir Seddique, told NBC News on Sunday. “They were kissing each other and touching each other and he said, ‘Look at that. In front of my son they are doing that.’ And then we were in the men’s bathroom and men were kissing each other.”

    “We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident,” Seddique said. “We weren’t aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock like the whole country.”

    Seddique added, “This had nothing to do with religion.”

    Source: NBC News

    Except it had everything to do with Mateen’s religion, which actively calls for the execution of gays, Christians and other non-Muslims:

    The gunman who opened fire at a gay Florida nightclub early Sunday, shooting over 100 people, had called 911 moments before to pledge allegiance to the leader of ISIS, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

    Calls for gun control are already trending on social media, with Paul Watson of Infowars noting that rather than looking at the real source of the problem, advocates for firearms restrictions are confused at which hashtag to use:

    Leftists can’t make their minds up on which gun control hashtag to go with. It’s not about gun control, it’s about Islam


    Of note is that while anti-gun advocates say that this tragedy could have been prevented had guns been banned in Orlando, the fact is that the Pulse nightclub was, in fact, inside of a gun-free zone.

    The shooter undoubtedly knew this and chose his target with that in mind:

    On Friday singer Christina Grimmie’s was murdered in a gun-free zone in Orlando. Early this morning, at least 50 people were fatally shot at an Orlando night club — also a gun-free zone.  In both cases the media has yet to report that these attacks occurred where general citizens couldn’t defend themselves.

    Since at least 1950, only slightly over 1 percent of mass public shootings have occurred where general citizens have been able to defend themselves.

    Source: Crime Research

    A video recording taken outside of the nightclub shows just how quickly the initial shooting happened, with at least 20 shots being fired in a matter of seconds, presumably with an AR-15 rifle:

    The shooting in Orlando, Florida was driven by ideology. That cannot be denied.

    That Mateen reportedly contacted 911 immediately preceding the attack to pledge his allegiance to the Islamic State leaves absolutely no doubt.

    President Barack Obama addresses the nation:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    As the President noted in his address to Americans today, “this could have been any one of our communities.

    Karl Denninger argues at The Market Ticker that it is the policies being implemented by Barack Obama and supported by many of the very people who were in that nightclub that had a hand to play in Orlando:

    To those on the left who bleat “can’t we all just get along?”

    No, we can’t.  There are people who refuse, and they don’t refuse with harsh language that is a “micro-assault”, they refuse through the use of whatever weapons and devices they can get their hands on, killing those who will not conform to their views.  Banning guns will do nothing either as a man hellbent on mass-murder does not care if it’s illegal to have a gun or not.  The only way to improve your odds against such a nutjob is to be armed yourself, which I remind you is illegal in a drinking establishment, so if you wish to murder a bunch of gay people you’ll find a lot of them unarmed and unable to return fire in an establishment like this.

    Let me summarize:

    The liberal left and its open-borders appeasement just got 20 50 of their most-ardent supporters killed and we have funded this crap for decades.

    Prepare yourselves, because the Islamic State and their pledged supporters living here in America were just given the road map to mass casualty attacks and how successful they will be because there will be no one there to stop them when they open fire indiscriminately.

    And you can be 100% assured that they are here right now, in America, planning to kill you, your family members, your friends and your neighbors .

    A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.


    Those smuggled included Palestinians, Pakistanis and the Afghan man who Homeland Security officials said had family ties to the Taliban and was “involved in a plot to conduct an attack in the U.S. and/or Canada.” He is in custody, but The Times is withholding his name at the request of law enforcement to protect investigations.

    Source – Confirmed: Border Patrol Confirms Islamic Terrorists Have Been Smuggled In Through Mexico

    How long before an Islamic terrorist(s) wages Jihad on soft targets in America that might include school cafeterias, mall food courts or other venues where Americans congregate en masse ?

    Last night the target was a gay club in Orlando. Tomorrow it may be a gathering of women who aren’t dressed appropriately according to Muhammad or perhaps a Christian church that is selected because it goes against the teachings of Islam.

    There are hundreds of reasons why each and every one of us is a target.

    We are at war. Make absolutely no mistake.


    CONFIRMED: Border Patrol Confirms Islamic Terrorists Have Been Smuggled In Through Mexico

    This Stunning Chart Shows How Trump’s Border Wall Will Stop Illegal Immigration

    Soft Targets: FBI Arrests Islamic Terrorist Who Planned Mass Casualty Attack On Rush Hour Commuters and College Lunch Room

    White House Warns Of Nuclear Terrorist Attacks: The Four Ways They Could Strike…


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      1. Any person that would walk into a nightclub and slaughter 50 homosexuals can’t be all bad. Now, if you want to talk sense and sensibility just think what a different outcome it would have been if not in a gun free zone, and at least five of the fifty were armed and dangerous. Give it some thot, to joe and jane target. thanks.

        • Seriously, that’s a ridiculous statement… What makes us different from the savages is that regardless of whether you agree with someone’s lifestyle or not you don’t go and mass murder all of them, and especially use God’s word as justification to do so.

          If it had been children in a cafeteria ? or churchgoers on a Sunday? Then he would have been bad? But he’s not so bad because the people killed were gay?

          As noted in this article, the targets were gay people in a nightclub today. Next time they probably won’t be.

          • On their radar, but obviously NOT under surveillance. TPB wanted this guy to mass murder civilians to justify gun control.

            ANY one comes to your house demanding your guns under a mandated confiscation … kill them. Its totally Constitutional !!! 🙂

            • DK, should I ask them if they’re gay first? Nah, I didn’t think so.

            • They may just pull you over or stop you anywhere, with all the sweetness of a flirt–until they spring it on you! Are you ready for them everywhere all the time?

            • His selfies say he was a fag. It’s certain that most or all of the victims were staunch obuttboy supporters, and whined about ‘islamophobia’ and ‘tolerance’.

              Such an attack on children will come.

              Michelle IS Michael. Everybody knows it, and Barack is thrilled about this massacre. Get your heads out of your asses, Americans. The goat fuckers don’t give a shit about your feelings or ‘gender identy’. Your ‘safe spaces’ are defined by the weapons around the perimiter of said ‘safe space’.

              Tony Blair was right about islam. We can defeat it or be defeated BY it.

            • DK, Mac, All,

              What a tragedy! So many of the posts point to complete ignorance of the situation, the religion, the politics. We are our own worse enemy! Folks shooting their mouths off from the hip, damn the consequences!

              Louisiana Eagle from the Big Spur

              • NO , we are not.. and we know exactly what this is. It is the Islamic faith of the Muslims that is the Problem.

                And this we know as fact. Not one lone wolf but many. They may send one out but this was all planned

                And there will be more. Any one who says other wise, are liars. or having their heads in the sand.

                Born here or not in USA, they either live by our laws or move to a nation that support their sick religion. If they want to disguise that ideology under religion and politics then we want them GONE

                • DustyFae

                  The attacks will increase in number and intensity.

                  More Cross the southern boarder each day.
                  The government is flying them into the country on your dime.
                  We have ministries that support the immigration on these people. They do NOT assimilate into our culture and when the numbers are enough will introduce Sharia law.
                  There is no substantial backlash for the President is a sympathizer with the Islamic Religion. We will continue to have these problems until we get our belly full. I don’t see any protests against Islam . Not going to happen anytime soon. You get what you deserve.

                  • Only God can punish his people by using these evil people. we turn our back on him.. Not saying all Christians but we let people dictate and discriminate against religious people…

                    We will have tribulations.. But did you know 300 Christian men killed 3000 evil men.. Just like the Israel did when they had the 6 day war against many muslim nations..

                    Some day it will happen again.. God will heard our cries and send someone to help

                    No one deserve war.. Christians who really follow Jesus never want war.. But it will happen And Christians will win..

                • Dusty Fae,

                  Does it seem like some are cheering on the dastardly deeds committed by this Jihadist? I agree with some who have pointed out that sin is sin, whether it is adultery/fornication (looking at a person with lust) or committing acts of sodomy. But for the grace of God there go I. TPTB will use these incidents to further restrict our freedoms and rights. Count on it!

                  Louisiana Eagle in the Big Sur (It has been an incredible road trip from the Bayous)

            • Amen. All that needs said

            • Maybe one day the blind will see this huge failure called multiculturalism. No where in history has it thrived. One will dominate always , till the other one has been becomes a victim of genocide. In two weeks I will be at the OK. Machine gun shoot with a table of mostly m4 / ar15 merchandise for sale . Sales should be good thanks to Obamie! ????






            • Wrong, AE.
              muhammed only KISSED the penises of young boys.

            • Obama may be relieved that this didn’t occur in a Chicago “bath house”.

              How long will it be until Obama starts talking about this being a “lone wolf” terrorist. And uses that as a reason to increase government spying on American citizens, and to further shred (Hilary is good at shredding)the United States Constitution?

          • I agree. I’m a Christian and I know that homosexuality is a sin. But I also know that we ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God didn’t want this! While there is life there’s hope. God would have much preferred that these people had been proselytized, given the word of God, the good news, the hope of the life everlasting. This heinous crime was nothing less than the act of one who followed Satan.

          • Mac

            would have just as easy to go to a christian church and do the same thing as that is what they are taught under muslim religion

          • Very good response, Mac.

        • Taxdn

          It is statements like that that infuriate me. Do I agree with homosexuals no. I am a christian. It is deplorable. It is a self centered selfish statement. Bet you would not feel that way if it were at a mall where you and your family were.

          What about the peoples families who are not homosexual. Statements like that are stupid and idiotic.

          Get your head out of your ass!

          • Tell God to do the same for the children of soddom and Gomorrah. He burnt alive . Tell God he was an evil child killer. Tell him he was stupid and idiotic. I don’t understand Gods ways. He must have a plan that doesn’t include soddomites or their families . Soddom and Gomorrah was an example of his total intolerance . Of fence sitters . The next society that condones it God might treat the same .Has their been one until us?

            • Lone

              Are you saying that God sent this man into the club to do the killing.

              No one understands Gods ways. Homosexuality is deplorable to him as the bible says and an example is Sodom and Gomorrah. We all sin because we are all evil humans.
              I know this country will pay for condoning homosexuality. Actually it will pay for many things and the main one would be turning away from God.

              Homosexuals have attacked Christianity at every opportunity. I don’t recall any attacking Muslims. Are we sure the man who did this horrible thing was not Christian?

            • Lone Wolverine
              What you Xtians ignore is that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. God. Not you. Let God handle it. How many of you think it is up to you to punish gays but slink and giggle over infidelity and premarital sex? How many wink away rape? If you believe in God, you know that He is not gonna give you a pass on dropping your pants every chance you get and condemning the result: abortion. The Bible has a lot to say about cleaning your own house and hypocrisy. You don’t want God to destroy America? God said he would spare them for even 10 righteous men. Reread the Bible. The men at the gates were there to rape his guests. Job offered virgin daughters up for rape in the place of his guests. Job later committed incest with his daughters. For the lack of 10 righteous men.

              • He has room to talk…. What the heck are they doing .. they do not leave things in their god’s hand , want to know why, they have no real god.. so they take things into their own hands..

                They know they have no real god to punish what they call non-believers in Islam , so they follow a man. a self proclaim prophet who never had no witness to his vision.. Muhammad was just a insane person
                and created a religion to justify all his sins…

                They truly believe that a black stone can forgive their sins. They claim they do not worship idols but what is a black stone, their idol.. They even paint the black stone to keep it looking black .. The stone is housed in a pagan ,witch craft building.. none of the Prophet like Abraham build it

              • Rebecca, it was Lot not Job. He offered his daughters out of genius….he knew they wouldn’t be interested in daughters because they were of a depraved mind/spirit and only wanted a mans anus. And as far as the incest thing goes…..the daughters got their dad, Lot, ripping drunk and then they had sex with him out of fear that they were the only living souls left on the planet. Yahovah did not just destroy Sodom and Gemorrah, he destroyed other towns as well but the scriptures just refers to those two by name.

              • I thought that was Lot, whose daughters got him drunk and laid with him after they escaped and lived in the cave?

            • People don’t know how to read is the problem They allow another man to tlell them what this or that means and listen to the “business’s” of churches/circe.

              Elohim will not tolerate sin….period! There are blessing and curses…..period!
              We are to obey ALL the commands of Elohim and that is how we show Him Elohim Yahovah love….through obedience! Obedience to the Word/Torah/Yahsua.

              Had we been an obedient nation, there never would of been in the constitution the Freedom of Religion. And homosexuals would be take out of the city gate and stoned to DEATH. Would I rather see people change and be saved….you bet, very much so I would rather everyone be able to change their ways, be obedient to the Father and live righteously for Him. But I am NOT Elohim Yahovah, only He is.

          • muslimes are ENRAGED by homosexuals. And non-muslims, and…every fucking thing else. Face it, they hate us all. I’m not especially concerned with WHY they hate me. Does anyone worry about WHY a pit bull mauled their child, or WHY a rattlesnake bit them? No, just put the animal down before it does more damage.

        • Taxed
          My first thought was that the shooter was some old nitwit such as yourself who is just as bad as the Muslims for yapping genocide for anyone who lives different than you. Or Acid Etch and his purity schtick.
          Boy was I relieved it was one of those crazy young Muslims instead of a crazy old white man.

          • Rebecca, that was my first thought too!






          • I always wanted to be a chalk artist for the police. The guy who draws the lines around the dead bodies.

            For all the crap they espouse about police sacrifices and the danger of the job, after you eliminate the deaths due to auto accidents because they drive cars like bone heads….. a lot, being a police officer turns out to be one of the safest jobs in America.

            As for the driving, I’ve been hit in the rear by one police cruiser already, and the closest I’ve had to fatal accidents, I avoided by avoiding police driving like bone heads who never saw I was even there.

            That ass wipe that hit me in the rear was gonna get a guy for driving 49 in a 45. The next cop on the scene swore in an affidavit that I swerved and hit the other cop. He arrived five minutes later, yet swore he was an eye witness.

            I had a talk with the police chief, tossed him my keys plus a picture of the damage, and said I’d donate a grand to his favorite police charity if any cop on his force could knock over a rubber cone with the part of my car that was dented. He said take it to court. I had family living in that town.

        • The father is correct on two points; in Islam his actions were not terrorism, and in Islam religion only deals with fellow Muslims not kafirs (unbelievers).

          • Uhmmm….I do believe the shooter called 911 and professed his devotion to ISIS/Islam. I do believe ISIS is in fact fairly hostile to non Muslims. Muslims are killin'”kafirs” by the truckload.

          • Michael, the terrorists use the tactic of TAKIYAH to lie to non-Islamic individuals. You are correct in pointing out the strange world view of these folks.

        • You are a fucking shitbag.those Americans were not hurting anybody or anything. While I do not understand their chosen lifestyles,I will never agree with a simple fuck like you. In truth, many of those folks in that club were probably better people than you.

          • If you don’t believe I n the God of the bible fine . But one of the only times he personally exterminated an entire city was because of sodomy. Not murder. Canabalism, child sacrifice . His reason was sodomy. Think about it. And the consequences .

            • There are consequences to all sin. But the one and only sin that is greater than others is denying Christ and God.

        • No one who slaughters 50 people who were going about their lives and engaged in purely consensual activities can be considered good. This is not a time to discuss the morality of their sexual choices.

          This shooting shows the clear line of delineation between the Christian God and the Islamic one. In Christianity, it is God who avenges and exacts punishment and it is the believer’s job to warn others of the wrath to come. This is because Christians believe that God is strong enough to fight his own battles. Islam is different. In Islam, Allah is weak, and it is up to the believer to mete out Allah’s justice and force people to live according to the Koran and Hadith. The Islamic god has no sense of grace or mercy. You are saved in Islam by the whim of Allah and whether or not he chooses to forgive you. This is quite different from Christianity, where you are saved by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ because of His actions on Calvary’s Cross. Thus, no further actions are required on your part and there is no way to make yourself worthy. To the Christian then, there is no need to kill the unbelievers, for life is short and God will ultimately judge. To the Islamist though, trying to prove their worthiness to their god, there is an incentive to kill, and so they do.

          • Even if you convert to islime, it is perfectly permissible to kill you if you are not ‘sincere’, as determined by whichever goat jumper feels like killing you.

            Keep in mind that ISIS was only an ‘unstoppable jagernaut’ while their opponents were basically unarmed.

      2. The enemy is our government being helped by ISIS !

        • Bravo Wulfman.

          • Mac, Mike, Wulfman, and Anonymous, I have to agree with all 4 of you. I don’t approve of these ‘lifestyles’ either. The only purpose this incident serves is the antigun lobby’s agenda which as we all know is to get all of us disarmed so we can’t resist the NWO. This has ‘false-flag with a CAPITAL F’ written all over it. The feds have already admitted he’s been on their radar before. How many other mass shooting incidents can you think of where the shooter was on someone’s radar before they committed their crimes? All of those incidents could have been prevented. Another incident perpetrated, at least in part, by the antigun lobby. It’s feeling like another Sandy Hook to me. Obola is going to prove once again to be a great gun salesman. Just watch.

            • Imposter! Imposter! Mac! Get him!

              • You’re the imposter since you didn’t even spell my moniker correctly. Move along, troll.

      3. This boy looks so gay. Maybe he was mad that his lover Lindsey Graham didn’t take him to Bilderberg.

        • This particular islamic savage was probably a homo too as many would be as they are all screwed up in their heads. They’ll blame the weapon and not the scumbag.

      4. Trump was right again. I hope this will wake up more people to the leftist agenda. If we don’t elect Trump as president this will be an everyday occurrence.

        • Tim, maybe the CIA is staging their plans to elect Hitllary and stop Trump. Maybe just to stop the whole election circus and let the Barak Hussain to continue his Zionist masters’s plans.

      5. This will not be the first. Has it begun. I said a week ago that a briefing had been given to the military about cells inside the country. I also stated yesterday that attacks happened during Ramadan.

        What scares me is the chance that a school is hit. If that starts then it’s on. People will be furious and want justice if it does not cause martial law. Then the government will demand gun control and other major actions.

        If it goes down like that then the Muslims have won because we will tear ourselves apart. If so so be it.

        We all know a change must happen.

        • You have touched on something of great importance. If the transgender bathrooms that Obama is insisting upon start arriving at elementary schools near you , and someone does what this crazy lunatic did , all heck is going to break loose .

          • Whatever

            I have said all along that the terrorist must be stupid or there are other things controlling them. If you really wanted panic then attack a school.

            They could just go around shooting large transformers in substations too.

            They could drive up and down the roads and just fire off shots. Look how long it took to capture the DC snipers.

            Some of the attacks that happen make no sense at all.

            • I can not remember which Constitution it was right now, But it is the Privacy one. If they use this for the Gays rights, then tell me where is the rights of the other people. This is for equal rights, so who is it being ignore for the other people’s rights ?

              The Government created the conflict between the Gays and Christians and the Islamic faith have always been against consenting Adult gays but refuse to admit that they themselves are homosexual along with all their other perverted sick life style..

              Obama is the Problem. like it or not , he is a Muslim. Who needs to really be removed from office. And our Congress is as guilty as hell

              • Dusty Fae

                I am frustrated by one thing. Obama is the majority of the problem.
                My other problem is where have the Christians been. When are we going to stand up and put a stop to this.

                This is why the minority seems to always get what they want. They throw a fit and the media jumps in and reports everything. We don’t seem to protest or try to stop any of this. We should have done something 20 years ago. The good people of the nation who support freedom and the constitution for all men.

                This Muslim issue will have to be taken care of one way or the other. The difference is now it will have to be done the hard way. Pain and blood. Hard times are coming. I hope and pray that I can remain faithful through it all. May God be with us all.

                • We are trying to.. By letting our voice be heard and the way the Constitution are robbing the Christians of our rights, but you see where that is getting us, we are blame for stirring up trouble..

                  It is the other special groups that think we are the blame for all the problems when all we want is equal rights

                  So, there you have it in a nut shell. Christians do not have equal rights

      6. Islam has a reformation
        or it has to go…

        • Islam’s very core is the subjugation of women to men, honor killings and other things that are diametrically opposed to core American values…

          Assimilation is a dream propagated by those running an agenda…

          Take a look at the teaching and it’s history…

      7. The sheeple are so stupid, it’s obola/hitlary yaaaaaaaa!!!

        They let this evil, misguided government pave the road to their doom and then are shocked??? Not me…

        Enough demorats get brutally massacred and they will either wake up or they won’t???

        Either way works for me, you can’t fix stupid…

      8. This is another false flag inside job to heighten the establishment crackdown on freedom and 2nd amendment rights. Another lone gunman conspiracy, only he, nobody else. Remember the Boston marathon bombing, the FBI went to Orlando after the one Tsarnov brothers death. They murdered the man there because he knew too much about the accused brothers. That event has been completely covered up by media. I’d bet this new incident is an inside job with US intelligence involved.

        • You’ve got it aljamo!

          A perfect patsy to ramp up the Police State.

      9. I told you all to prepare for war. Terrorism is now knocking on my front door. I live in Florida. We have a large population of Muslims and plenty of mosque’s. No doubt there are a few radical training camps.

        Mike in Va.
        Good call on violence during Ramadan.

        • It’s that time of year!!!

          I would carry (and do) everywhere…

          • 1vet

            My city is on the ISIS hit list. I don’t give a shit either.

      10. Something is wrong and l can not put my finger on it..

        • DustyFae

          “Something is wrong and l can not put my finger on it..”

          Thats because it needs to be covered by your entire hand and then some. Yep this is too timely. The 911 phone call is icing on the cake. If anything is common, they have the, “can’t help its”, and add just enough overkill, to bring suspect to an otherwise plausible situation.

          When things fit too well they don’t.

        • The problem is that the muzzie middle east EXISTS !

      11. With radical islam inside our porous borders I’m not inclined to go about defenseless…

        This would not be the time to try and take my weapons-just because some angry islamic mooslim decided to go on a killing walk about…

        …from my cold, dead hands…

        • +1

      12. If it’s a false flag fag attack, these men could be getting reassignment surgery as we speak, they could reemerge as women. Remember who and what Barry and Michael, that is the Obama’s have been rumored to be gay and Michele to be a man.

        Nothing surprises me anymore.

        If the father is sincere and not part of a fake attack, his son was grossed out by the sight of men embracing and/or kissing in front of his son. Not long ago, it would have been inconceivable that two men could become married and become President and First Lady, but now men kissing is tolerated. In some places, homosexuality is still considered an abomination. For their own safety and out of respect for those who hold to the belief that homosex is a sin, why not just refrain from pushing your lifestyle on people who find it disgusting and sinful.

        That said, I condemn acts of violence. If this really happened I feel sad for the families of the deceased and hope the injured will recover.

        As for Obama politicizing this as anti-gun, he is a traitor to America. He is responsible for any shootings, bombings, rapes, or atrocities caused by bringing in these terrorists. He, and Hillary should be put on trial for treason.

        • B of CA
          I hear your emotional response but this guy’s family came in under Bush senior. He was born Iin the US long before Obama. The flooding of the US with Muslims started under Bush Sr and Jr. Continued under Obama. Trump loves his aliens, marries em, cheats with em, hires em. Clinton luvs them too. Corporate Big want their aliens. They do not care about citizens.

          • Rebecca:

            In that case, include Bush.

          • During gulf war one, under Bush Sr., the US government realized they had little information on Muslims and even fewer Muslim speakers in intelligence.

            Thus they started bringing in Muslims, not grasping that to be a Muslim was to be at Jihad with the West.

            Many in our government still don’t grasp what Islam is, including Obama, and it’s not a religion.

        • The father is full of shit and has run for president of Afghanistan…he is another muslim Islamic piece of trash.

          He said it wasn’t about religion…….yeah and Benghazi was about a video 😉

      13. Absolutely blew me away that O-blameya started right off by implying the problem was to do with the availability of firearms. I’ll be so glad to the this skinny limp-wristed beta-male pajama boy leave office in January. Such a slime.

      14. A few yrs ago in israel 26 or 27 muslims at prayer service inside a mosque minding their own buisness and praying were brutally shot dead. They all got either shot in their back as they bowed down in prayer, or shot in back of head while rising up to comprehend what was going on.

        And not only was NONE of that terrible act reported on ANY usa MSM Tv news…

        but also after it happened..State govnt of Israel commissioned a huge Bronze statue 20 ft tall of the jewish shooter guy and placed it at a prominant section for all to see…Israel govnt also Re-named a couple major streets/roads after the shooter guy and made him into a state hero.

        I can’t now recall all I read of that but if I recall correct israel also made a special named Holliday in his honor and name so israelies can celebrate the event yearly.

        Now I mention this to show how different such events are dealt with depending upon Which religous extremeist is the bad guy killer.

        I bet even most euro msm mdeias never did any reports on that mass killing…Yet I notice at least One Link Mac provided goes to a UK news outlet eh…And all within moments of the act too.

        I rekon its to be expected since tons of weekly such events and criminal acts get perpetrated against palestinians, even tiny small pallie kids and old retiree folks yet so far barley any ever gets reported.

        We shoud consider it a valid good Prep agenda for Us type folks to convert to babylonian talmudic judaism and perhaps we too can get a free pass when we too decide to do various unorthodox or ileagle acts eh?

        Actually we even can just claim we are a tribe religious member as no proof of that is ever required unless seeking dual citizenship with israel…Picture such a total 100% Free Pass to litterally do whatever you desire..Even whacking dozens and dozens of Goyim folk eh.

        And if any small few folks are stupid enough to complain?

        we then can simply stiffle it via calling them antisemites. Gaurenteed to halt all complaints asap fast.

        • I call Bs on that story them guys.

          • NO BS! It is online at many pro whitey sites as well as was written of in Israels daily newspapers.

            The problem is guys like You are never going to be able to believe israel and jewry can and do any bads or evils period…Probably that southern baptist pro jewry pro israel teachings eh?

            but go do the research on it and see for yourself..

            Besides…Once you research the too many to count events like I wrote of done by that tribe you realize nobody like me ever needs to make stuff up that aint facts!

            Now do Yourself a huge Favor and awaken thru real NON Msm sites research then return to tell me/Us here how correct my post is ok.

            PS Locate that Last years Burning down of the Oldest standing orthodox christian church IN Israel that JEWS destroyed, demolished priceless 3rd to 6th century artifacts inside it then burned it totally!

            And as a grand finale act those jew destroyers of the church Shit on the front stone steps to said church before exiting their crime scene…This too was wrote of in Israel based newspapers! and many Online usa sites too…

            OR..Forget facts and truth and remain in Deep denial of it all eh?

        • You’ll full of it, Them Guys.

          There was a mosque shooter in Jerusalem, an Israeli officer, went off the deep end. He was arrested, tried, and convicted of murder. Widely reported in the news worldwide.

          Stop posting lies.

        • There is absolutely no comparison here even if your made up story happened. If Mexico and Canada lobbed mortars and rockets into the us I would be pissed too.

          When it comes to these radical Muslim idiots we may end up using firing squads in the future. Especially if this continues.

          Get over your hatred of Jews. I am sure you think they did something to cause your lot in life. Sorry to say but


      15. It’ not gun control that is needed, it is MUSLIM control. What do you think will happen when the radical Muslims come marching in to SF to forcefully implement their asinine Sharia law on the radical gays?

        Or didn’t you unthinking leftists bother to think that far ahead?

        Violence against any innocent person is wrong – not that Islam, the religion of (human) pieces, seems to understand that.

      16. Yeah, and Nidal Hassan, that military shrink that murdered all those people while shouting Allahu Akhbar also had nothing to do with Islam right? Or those San Bernardina murderers? It’ not gun control that is needed, it is MUSLIM control. What do brain dead leftists think will happen when the radical Muslims come marching in to SF to forcefully implement their asinine Sharia law on the radical gays?

        Violence against any innocent person is simply wrong – but not that Islam, the religion of (human) pieces, seems to understand that.

      17. Someone said . If God doesn’t destroy America . He owes soddom and Gomorrah an apology.Its written that God will kill all the men women and children of an entire city for what he considers worse than murder. Sodomy. It might not seem to be fair Or make much sense . But it’s his rule . Like it or not.

      18. I say .. Hunt them all down like the Dogs they are .. Round them all up and send them
        All back to the HELL they created On their own soil.. All they want to do is make this country into the mid evil places they came from..We don’t need them.. And under the circumstances just say sorry to the ones that aren’t radicalized as we toss them out of here as well .. As they fall under the category of
        “guilty by association”..

        In difficult times we all must make difficult decisions.. Why keep
        Allowing them in to our home soil?

        At the end .. This whole Deal will spin off to more gun control leading up to private gun confiscation .. Well.. They can certainly have mine when they come..

        Bullets 1st…

      19. Putting on my secular hat, in all probability most everyone killed or wounded were Democrats, therefore what the murderer did was not “wrong” to me, but it was illegal, regardless of his motives, and it is a good thing that the criminal responsible is dead.

        • I can see your point. But I wish we had time to drug and question him about his bros. I believe that torture is just about a bunch of sickos having fun. We have drugs now that make them sing. The truth . Torture just makes them tell you what you want to hear.

      20. the gays got what thay deserve today hows your bathroom law working out now.i can only hope this sort of thing continues in the future

        • What about when a terrorist disagrees with your lifestyle? Then what? Will you and yours also “get what you deserve” if they massacre your family ?

        • Run
          The bathroom law does not justify this action.
          Think carefully before you hit send.
          What a schmuck
          Maniac out

          • Maniac…which action do you speak of? Two gays ******* in a public bathroom for all to see? Per the narrative, the shooter was disgusted by his son being exposed to this behavior. Without a doubt this was the trigger for his behavior. LGBT is not viewed by the majority of people as a normal human behavior. Period. Most people view any derivative of LGBT as a disgusting and vile act. Abnormal.
            This being said, the two fags getting it on in a public bathroom and exposing anyone and everyone to their abnormal behavior greatly contributed to all their buddies in the night club getting killed. Had they kept their business to themselves, like normal people do, the trigger event never would have happened. The insensitivity the LGBT “community” to the rest of the normal world causes them more grief than good.

      21. Never wanted this multicultural mess. I was always for segregation I feel we all need our racial space. As far as gays I liked them better when they were in the closet. The gays are in gov office that’s why it came out as a terrorist attack. If this guy came into my church and killed people they would’ve done everything to say it’s not terrorism. They light up the state house here like a rainbow we had openly gay mayor once. The state totally embraces this sinful lifestyle. I hate it the gays are bigots and stop at nothing to silence moral voices mainly Christians who don’t intend to harm them but tell they they are wrong and to turn away from this lifestyle. I can’t stand gays myself. Don’t wanna see them in public kissing. Go back in the closet. I can be intolerant without violence. I wouldn’t donate blood in this case. My feeling is I’d be saying I’m ok with these people and I’m not. I wouldn’t hurt em but I wouldn’t help em either. What’s next gay lives matter.

        • I believe the gay mafia and the Jewish mafia work closely together. Probably until their no longer needed. Tel aviv the gay Capitol of the world . Proves the children of satans ID. Remember soddom and Gomorrah . Apparently Tel aviv dosent.

      22. Asshat

        “What’s next gay lives matter.”

        Nope. Muslims live matter.

        • Muslim lives matter? At the end of September 200 yard shot. Fuck the Muslims

      23. I read that the average life span of a soddomite is 37 years. Disease ? Many have to wear diapers because of the damage they’ve done to themselves. Should we encourage this lifestyle. The ones with AIDS are on welfare and medical payed by us. I’ve heard that some even go bear back . To get AIDS and get a free ride for the rest of their lives. Because the new expensive drugs are keeping them alive long look at majic j. We use to have soddomy laws to try and save these people from themselves. ?The laws didn’t work. But it stopped the young from seeing it in public . When I was young if everyone was telling me it’s ok I’d probably be wearing a diaper right now. And have AIDS herpes syphalis gonnorea. Look at Atlanta there’s anAIDs major problem . Who’s going to pay all there medical. When they can no longer work .They keep it off the news. I just hope we all don’t get the fate of the people of soddom and Gomorrah for allowing this. But that would be unfair

        • Dam right lone wolverine. This is awful what was done down there but as a society we are completely screwed up as to what is right. 50 years ago If u were queer u kept your mouth shut. People may have whispered he’s gay but you didn’t have this hatred that you do now. Keep shoving that rainbow flag in our faces and telling us that we have to accept every perverted fucked up lifestyle. I can see pedophelia next on the acceptance list. Or I wanna marry my dog. I just love that bitch , she makes me happy. Yep I see it comin. And screw this multiculturalism crap being thrown on us. I think we should all stay with own kind. Blacks hate spics. Spics hate whites Etc etc. just leave everybody alone and quit pushing all these views on people. Muslims take the cake. U cannot trust them. Period. And they want to kill all infidels. Period. Read that fucked up Koran. I’d flush Em all down the toilet u stinking goat fucking bastards. Had a brother in law in Iraq. He lost 3 men personally. He told me they r a bunch of little boy fuckers. Everywhere. And only solution. Nuke the whole Middle East. If they didn’t have oil they’d b worse off than the chimps who’ve destroyed that whole continent of Africa

      24. The problem is not Islam or Muslims, but ISIS and its followers.

        Also, Islam is neither a religion of peace nor is it a religion of violence. Paul Joseph Watson, Islam is a religion, which allows for the right of self-defense against oppression. Having said that the religion does not call for innocent non-Muslims whether they be gays or what else to be slaughtered. What Mateen did is pure evil not self-defense.

        This sad shocking event has hurt Muslims all across the country. We send our condolences to those who were affected by the senseless killings. Mateen’s heinous crime against humanity do NOT reflect the religious teachings.

        I admit we have a problem. Maybe there needs to be deportations and a temporary ban on Muslims coming from certain regions of the world such as Afghanistan and Pakistan etc.

        We STRONGLY condemn the actions of this horrible man – Mateen who in his perverted mind sought to kill innocent people in the holy month, which is a grievous sin.

      25. Hmm, his father said it was about two gay men kissing…. Hillary said it was about a video tape.

        I’m so confused?

        This guy buys guns, lots of magazines, a lot of ammo, spends time at the range, practice practice practice, then rents a truck and drives for over an hour to one of the biggest “Hot spot gay bars” in the state. My best guess, this Jihadist spent closed to $4,000 for his weekend of Ramadan fun.

        Tell us again dear old dad how this wasn’t a jihad attack?

        • It has been said that, in the ‘fog-of-war’, truth is the first casualty. How true it is! Some great points have been made and it may be worthwhile to really examine where we stand in the great scheme of things. Clearly, the man who committed this heinous, dispicable, cowardly atrocity wrongfully thought he was standing on the right side of history and religion. Time for all of us to do some deep soul searching. I understand more tragedies are even now being planned and in the pipeline.

          Be alert, employ situational awareness, don’t put your guard down, and avoid putting yourself in any place or situation where your security and safety may be compromised.

          Louisiana Eagle in the Big Spur on my way to the NW Redoubt!

        • I’m confused too. Hillary also said something about it taking a village. lol

      26. “Shooting back” isn’t only unnecessary to stop such an attack, it’s too late! Being ARMORED is what can slow a bullet’s lethal punch and allow a counter charge to disable the assailant– not expecting to be able to outshoot the many bullets coming at you and already having ripped you up. Modern Americans are sitting ducks, like the Indians and their buffalo they were able to slaughter with only their guns. They’d be better to dump the notions of Wyatt Earp and rediscover the coat of mail or jack of plate.

      27. Still confused. Maybe Hillary was talking about the 2000 women that Bill claimed to have sex with.
        Was it a village of them.

        I cannot stand homosexuality. It is pure wrong. People have the right to make there own choices in there own bedrooms. The country will pay for making it a special class and condoning it.

        In truth Bill sleeping with 2000 women is no different than the sin of homosexuality. It does hurt me to say that but that is according to scripture.

        To all who condone this horrible act I say that must mean you want the next Muslim idiot to shoot you.

        Kinda like when Jesus said ” He who has not sinned cast the first stone “

      28. “Pledged His Allegiance to ISIS on 911 Call”

        And we know this because they told us so and this comes from the same people that say building can fall down on 9/11 into there own footprint and one was not even hit by a plan.

        I don’t trust the muzzies but i trust my government even less and it is they that are letting more into the country and giving them houses when we have plenty of our own who are without a roof, never mind the wages being forced down.

        it’s the farmer that sends the dog into the field to look after his flock of sheep before he has there throats cut on market day.

      29. I have felt anger seeing man being gay in public, and it can be very terrible, because it is not natural to act in such a degenerate way. These things are bound to happen, because when you give everyone right to do what they want, this is the end result. America has been become a diverse place, full of faggots, Muslims and all kind s of freaks, who can not leave together. Gays should all live on some f Island of the coast, and stay the fuck there, and Muslims need to stop leaving their countries and coming to places where there is no Sharia law, and they cant rape goats freely. America needs to stop being Isreal’s bitch and bomb Middle East for political agenda and resources. Solution is not in banning guns, because that will never happen.If one of these homos was armed this would not have happened, but they were all running away like little pussies. He could have used his vehicle to ram into the club or used a knife to kill even more. But the main point is that this looks like one of the staged shootings to go after or 2nd Amendment. Main stream media is jew owned and they hate all they goyim. 911 was Mossad operation. Aloha…..

      30. The responses here show just how far this once-great, once-Christian nation has fallen. America RIP.

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