Update: No Evidence: Police Say Video Beating of White Man By Three Black Men Is Not A Hate Crime

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    Earlier this week we asked whether or not the attack on a white man by three black men in St. Louis was just random violence or if it should be treated as a hate crime.

    According to the victim of the attack a man approached him and asked what he thought about the Michael Brown shooting. When the victim replied that he was too tired to think about it the man and his friends beat him.

    The question, of course, is whether or not this man was beaten because of the color of his skin or for some other reason.

    Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

    The St. Louis Circuit attorney responsible for determining what charges to file says no. Apparently there is not enough evidence to support a hate crime so one of the attackers, who has since been arrested and identified as 20-year old Ronald Williams, will only be charged with a misdemeanor assault. The primary attacker appears to be a juvenile and has also been arrested. Presumably he’ll be let off with minor charges as well.

    Mikael Thalen reports:

    Responding to questions, Chief Warrant Officer Ed Postawko explained why the city did not consider the attack a hate crime.

    “We have to prove that the reason, the motivating factor for this specific crime, was not any of these other reasons, it was simply because of the factor of race or religion or national origin,” Postawko said.

    Speaking with CBS St. Louis, local ADL Director Karen Aoresty argued that the incident should be investigated more closely.

    “If in fact those kids did choose their victim because he was white, then there’s a legitimate question to ask whether or not hate crime enhancement is appropriate,” Aoresty said.

    While some outright reject the basis of hate crime laws to begin with, noting that the motivation behind a crime does not change the crime itself, many others feel the law is selectively used in a politically correct fashion.

    A “hate crime” by definition, is a crime of thinking a certain way when engaging in criminal activity such as an assault. And while we don’t necessarily support the idea of thought crime, the fact is that these laws are on the books and in a Constitutional Republic should be applied equally across the board.

    There is, however, overwhelming evidence that “hate crimes” are only determined to be such when the victim is black. When the victim is white, officials often claim that there is a lack of evidence to prosecute under hate legislation.

    If you’ve watched the video of the St. Louis incident then one thing should be clear: The victim was beaten for no other reason than the color of his skin.

    Of course, we won’t see Attorney General Eric Holder or President Obama giving a press conference on the issue because, you know, racism only comes in one form – white on black. It’s just not possible that a black person could also be a racist.

    In fact, some schools are teaching that only white males can engage in sexism and racism.

    The passage at the center of this brewing controversy takes an inflexible position regarding which individuals are not allowed to be defined as sexists or racists. As it turns out, the textbook’s authors apparently believe anyone outside of white males are automatically innocent.

    According to the book:

    There is no such thing as reverse racism or reverse sexism (or the reverse of any form of oppression). While women can be just as prejudiced as men, women cannot be “just as sexist as men” because they do not hold political, economic, and institutional power.


    And there you have it.

    This concludes today’s lesson on racism in America.


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      1. Not a hate crime? Crap, it would be if the races of the people involved were reversed!

        A group of these Mother’s come for me and ” Black Lives won’t matter one frick’n bit.

        Watch out fur them hogs and have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

        • TH
          I don’t want to hurt anyone, but don’t attack me because I will use every weapon I can get to defend myself.

          • That wasn’t a beating, my four year old
            grandson puts up a better fight than that
            when we wrestle on the floor.
            The guy cowering in the seat just didn’t
            have the gut string of an angle worm.

            • Don’t fall into the trap of categorizing certain crimes as hate crimes. Crime is crime, murder is murder, and I’ve never seen too much love in any of them. It’s just more control by making into a “hate” crime, just like calling some shit “terrorism” everytime some goat banger blows something up. Whats the difference it doesn’t change a damn thing other than what more they can do to you next time they pretend to know your motives in some future venture. And don’t worry too much about the Lip in the red hat and shirt, by the looks of him, I say he’ll be somebody’s wife in prison soon anyways. Karma really can be a vindictive bitch.

            • I’m an old woman and I assure you, that first punk would’ve been on the floor holding the place where his nuts used to be…I may have gotten the shit beat out of me anyway, but there would be one punk who might think twice next time he attacked an old lady…especially if she looked like ME.

              • sixpack. Ideally, there should be NO safe place for any “man” to flee after attacking a woman… I wonder if any of the other passengers on that car would have intervened if it was a woman who was being attacked? I’m not happy with the decision that there isn’t enough evidence to press charges of racism, these hoodlums where deliberately baiting the guy with loaded questions that would in their mind justify beating up a white person which was motivated by race & hate. It was a racist attack for sure imo. GUILTY.

            • You fight back (3 against 1) you only encourage a worse beating or offensive weapons to be produced.
              The man was just wanting the situation to not escalate.
              Hmmm, get hit in the head a few times or get shot or stabbed, which would you choose?

              • “Don’t fight back, It’ll just make them angry”–OK Mr Sheep. Go ahead and hand them your wallet and daughter while you’re at it. Or maybe they’ll just keep wailing on your ass because they’re getting away with it. I can’t shake the feeling that this chump would have fled immediately if confronted with even the slightest resistance. Note that the other passengers did nothine to stop the attack.

              • I would choose to be armed.

          • The reality of this is that this is a no win situation if you are white. If you were to fight back against the two thugs, using deadly force because you were out numbered and you feared for your life, you would be legally justified in theory. However, the headlines would read “Old white dude shoots unarmed black teens”. The full force of the Federal Government (DOJ) would come down upon you and crush you like a bug regardless of the fact you simply defended yourself. Your life would be runined.

            The only solution is not to live anywhere near the inner city where you will run into these thugs. Because of the current political climate promoted by this administration and race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson and Holder, they are empowered to act like this. Right vs wrong, self defense and simple logic does not apply.

            • RL, I’m not disputing your points, but let anyone come after me for defending myself against a turd of any color only at their own peril.

              • Cathcin’s before hangin’.

          • Sarge, same here. If anyone attacks me I’ll use whatever I have to defend myself. These people who downplay black-on-white crime don’t have a leg to stand on and can go f#$% themselves. In Memphis our own BLACK mayor and BLACK police chief downplay and even pooh-pooh every black-on-white incident in the city. Anyone who complains about it gets called a racist. Let one of them black turds attack me and he will die. Black males commit 75% of all homicides in the US; FBI and DOJ statistics.

        • Liberalism is a synonym for hypocrisy.

          Liberal is just another word for hypocrite.

          Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton: “That’s not a hate crime.”

        • I hate the fucking corporate culture. Fucking drones in ties. Who all act the same. Who are all lame. Who talk about making it to the top. By what right do they claim that? By doing a bunch of fucking posturing in the office? Not by actually climbing a mountain I’m sure.

          Business people talk like fucking idiots.

          What the fuck do they produce???? Paperwork? Nothing. Importing shit from China does not constitute running a business.



        • Best reasons I know to carry a defensive firearm 24/7..1. you never know who TH is gonna try to make hamburger out of you 2. a Cop is too heavy!

        • Couldn’t agree with you more.

      2. BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Its time to start burning things. (We are smarter than they are we won’t burn our own stuff)
        If that was a hate crime what the “F” is it?
        Wasn’t Ferguson nothing but about hate between the White man and the Black man.
        remember it went on for weeks that Wilson was a White man that hated black folks, until it was proven that the turd had it coming.

        • Yea! That will teach ’em, “let’s burn this mother F@#ker down”

        • Go ahead Sgt, I’ll join you.

        • When Black People riot Cities Burn..When White Men Riot Continents Burn!

          Semper Fi

          • At least they don’t burn down their own neighborhoods, they burn down other people’s neighborhoods. And it’s called a war, not a riot.

      3. More bullshit from the police. No surprises.

      4. AC
        Not from the Police. The States Attorney has to ok hate crime before the Police can charge it.
        I’m will to bet that the S.A. is up for election and he doesn’t want to piss off the blacks.

      5. Of course it was a hate fueled black on white crime, one day this stuff is going to go too far and then…Katie bar the door.

      6. Whitey getting payback. Sanctioned by the Government of the United States.

        • Slingshot, the day when the black turds start getting payback from all their victims, both black and white, is coming. Not too far off now.

          • BraveHeart.

            We all get caught up with the latest report of racial unrest. We must focus on what it will be like in a major event. Then the unspeakable will happen so we can stay alive. Many of us will be armed and ready. Will not take no shit from anyone.

            Survival tip. Do not wear your pants below the cheeks of your ass and flash stupid hand gestures at me.

      7. Eventually the ethiopeans will mess with the wrong person or a group of wrong persons then we’ll see how it goes down.

      8. This was a love crime. African American on European American violence can never be a hate crime.

        On the other hand, European American on African America violence IS a hate crime.

        We must believe our superiors, the enlightened Jews, who teach us these facts.

      9. The very idea of a “HATE CRIME” is idiotic. First, you create a privileged class of citizens that are afforded greater protection under the law. Second, you must now have the thought-police that somehow can determine the thoughts of the accused after the alleged crime has been committed. Does anybody have any common sense and more-importantly does anyone want governance as dictated by the Constitution?

        • Rigger,agree completely with your post,crime is crime,as I wrote earlier believe done to keep folks apart and hating each other,not seeing the real enemy,which,unfortunately to a degree look in the mirror,we are the enemy in allowing this bullshit to happen,do feel many changes in that dept. for many though.

      10. I just wonder whats going to happen to these racist black people when Obama leaves office. I fear mass murdering and lynching of blacks. It will be deserved for that race even though I don’t agree with what will happen to alot of them. Like my grandfather used to say. How many whites with guns versus how many blacks. Whites in this country could clean house over night using extreme predjudice against blaccks and gays.

        Just go to town.

      11. To my friends up north. Come down here and we’ll teach you how to handle negroes. Your first mistake was riding the bus. We tend to just let them have the whole bus nowadays, or as they call them in Ferguson…party barges. They seem so happy there, and can drink malt liquor without fear of being pulled over by the “po-lease” Get me Jane Goodall on the horn!

      12. “day diddin’du nuthin’s”

        “once again the whiteman is trying to keep the blackman down!”

        “their only crime is they aren’t jew’s!”

        poor disadvantaged blackfolk!

        have a heart…

        these poor misunderstood black childrens never had no father.

        they just need a hug ,our love and prayers.

        “please lord protect these innocent lil’ black angels from the angry whiteman!”


      13. Question, If someone shot Ass’ed Itch climbing in their bedroom window, would it be considered a hate crime? You know there is one other protected class besides blacks when it comes to hate crimes. Trekker Out. Just Sayin!

        • 10 4 MT. Unfortunately the evil world system protects its own.
          But the day’s coming when chickenshits will have to hide behind mama’s skirts to avoid justice.

          • You mean they don’t already?

        • Grandpa,

          You’re deluded if you believe that. We’re sure to hell not protected. I’ve put up with more hazing and bullshit than you could ever imagine. That’s why I’m a fucking aggressive asshole, why I have black belts. At fucking work and school all these fucking assholes, this constant hatred of those who like dick, the constant discrimination. I never speak of my love of dick to family and coworkers because I fear the repercussions. Yet I happily walk around town holding hands with my hot boyfriend. I love showing him off. But…in doing so, I catch a lot of shit from people I don’t even fucking know. I constantly think about my own safety. I have to think about being forced to do the unthinkable with the burner much more than the average prepper. The silver lining, is that it makes my animal instincts that much sharper.



          • Now your posts make sense to me—you’re really a gay liberal, masquerading as an asshole…or is that the other way around?

            • I’m a pansexual left libertarian.

          • Your problem, chickenshit, is that you’re “aggresive” toward people who didn’t do or say anything against you. That’s why you’re a chickenshit, because you curse and slam people who would be your friends if you weren’t such an asshole.
            You’re blaming the world because a few people pissed you off. That’s a chickenshit attitude.

          • Acid,plenty here and across the world who don’t care about your sexuality/creed/religion/monied status ect.,you are either a douche or not in my world.Just don’t shove your beliefs down my throat(pun intended in your case!),really,many don’t give a fuck either way about gays,you wanna get married ect.,fine with me(everyone has the right to be miserable!),just no special hate crimes ect.,crime is crime,nop special classes of citizens due to sexuality/religion/creed,you get the idea,hate crimes are just a way to make citizens hate each other,tis the govt. plan,won’t fall for it meself.

            • Right on!!!

          • It’s a choice. Why can’t you fags just suck each other? Why do you feel the need to let me in on your little secret? “It’s normal for ME!”

            • it’s the way they are. they are attention whores and drama queens. they dont just want to bugger eachother in the ass, they want to do it downtown on a stage in the middle of the busiest intersection. hate filled perverts 99.9% of them.

      14. A.W Love that Johnny Reb. You know its blacky thats keepin us down!!!!

      15. A.W Love that Johnny Reb. You know its Blacky thats keepin us down!!!

      16. I’m Southern by birth and heritage and I already have enough prejudice in my heart. I don’t need people like Obama, nor articles like these to keep it alive. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

        • “I don’t need people like Obama, nor articles like these to keep it alive.”

          The hell you say. It’s articles like this and others that keeps your mind fresh of the Cancer that has imploded across this Nation. If you went and tried to bury your prejudice, then you take a risk of dropping your guard. In today’s society, there’s no reason to deliberately get blindsided by hooligans.

      17. After seeing this video I wonder if that was a gun free zone ?????????????

        If it was you see what happens

        If it was a conceal and carry state you bet the outcome would have been ……………

        BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! ?????????

      18. If you’re better than the liberals who are ruining the country, then prove it.

        • AW, I hear you loud and clear and totally agree, especially about political correctness. I also tell it like it really is and I don’t care how anyone looks at that. You don’t know how many times I’ve been confronted by libturds trying to censor me and other people have to step in between us to prevent a fight. No PC-type tells me what the f#$% to do, EVER!

      19. This is just more in keeping with the unwritten rule that the race of a suspect is not to be mentioned if he is black or another PC minority if it can be avoided (the earliest reports I read of this incident did not mention, in print, that this was a black on white crime. You had to see the video to know it.).

        Ever notice how many crime reports in the news seem to refer only to something like “the suspect is a male in his late teens or early twenties” with no mention of race? As if you can identify someone as a man and his approximate age without being able to determine his visible race. (Unless they print a picture of the perp you will have no way of identifying his race.)

        Obviously we must be referring to Norwegians in these no race mentioned reports, after all they’ve been a problem since they first started raiding England.

        This trend has become so much of a tragic joke that it can almost be assumed that no mention of a suspects race when it is obvious it is known means the suspect is Black (or in some parts of the country an illegal Hispanic alien).

        This is done deliberately to keep the extent of Black and minority crime as something that is not an internet searchable subject: No mention of race means any search for “suspect” and “Black male” together will return a very small percentage of the overall cases as a result since photographs are not searchable for race.

        You cannot solve a problem -in this case a hugely disproportionate percentage of violent crime being committed by 15 – 25 year old black males (and usually against other blacks)- unless you admit you have it.

        It wasn’t this way 50 years ago, something has taken place over the last 50 years to make it so and that is what needs to be addressed first and foremost if we are to find any viable solutions for this rapidly growing problem.

        At least that’s the way I see it.

        • 50 years ago. Civil Rights Act. Law that gave the blacks the right to terrorize whites instead of being equal under the law.

      20. good one whitey!

      21. This is all being created on purpose. The crash is comin folks and there is no fixin the results.

      22. Acid, the answer for your first question is he should have fought back and fought like hell. The answer to your second question is, unfortunately yes, he would most likely be charged in today’s anti-white political climate. I’ll agree with you all the way on this one. I never let anything discourage me from self-defense. I don’t give a shit about anyone’s policy on self-defense.

      23. AW, thanks for posting that song. Couldn’t have said it better.

      24. Who decided that this was not a hate crime? Time to look for their replacement.

      25. Acid…Was you the guy on the train that got his butt kicked? Moma wasn’t there to protect you?

        • Haha!!

      26. One of the morals of this is to not ride the St Louis Metro as a lone Whitie. Another would be to watch your surroundings and readjust if you think you are in a situation that may cause you harm.

        That said, he probably did alright to cover up and take a few deflected punches. It could have been much worse.

      27. Don’t back down and don’t show any fear to them, they’ll back down. They’re only brave picking on the weak and defenseless, in numbers, or doing sucker punches. If they don’t back down, respond with overwhelming and disproportionate force.

        Hate crimes laws aren’t to protect whites or really anyone else except the blacks. The coddling has reached astronomical proportions.

      28. It’s time that a bunch of “older white guys” who are legally armed, ride the subway there. Then, when the local “disenfranchised youths of trash”(regardless of ethnicity) start to slap the old guys around, the old guys can go Bernie Goetz on these little cockroaches. Nothing works better than ridding society of infected bugs.

      29. I have rode the metro link many times. No weapons signs at every stop and in every car. Maybe a cop at each stop but very very rarely is there one riding in any of the cars. 2 major stops in east st louis before you cross into Missouri. Only ride it for sporting events because it’s full of decent people then. And carry a good blade when I do.

      30. dead is cheaper.

      31. Always carry negro repellant, preferably the .357 magnum variety (to penetrate the thick skull), when traveling in public.

      32. Really,were we surprised? Right now it’s everyone for them self. You got a problem with someone,take care of it yourself. Or if you can,round up like minded people and take care of it. Going to the police is a waste of time. Apoliges to Sgt Dale,but thats the way it is.

      33. Black Guns matter.

      34. No Surprise.
        In all my days i never thought i would join a White Movement group.
        Whats done is done now. I will say this though,
        These types of things/incidents/outcomes have made Great Recruiting tool.

        • The white movement is alive and active! Sadly white people are having to up roots and move out of their once relatively safe communities because of ghettoization. It’s called white flight…Wonder how long ’till it becomes WHITE FIGHT?

      35. The police and the system cannot and will not protect you. Be prepared to protect yourself.

      36. This is a racially motivated crime.They were going around asking black opeople what they thought of brown shooting.

        Chicken shit prosecuters and DA didn’t want a media storm and a bunch of al Sharpton types giving them a hard time.

        Some say justice is what you can buy,sometimes its what you can get away with in the name of being politically correct….

      37. Right. Not a hate crime if it’s black on white. Only if it’s white on black.

      38. Black folk are special and wonderful.

      39. If you want to read about a hate crime that was never charged as such, Google “Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom Murders”. Warning, not for the faint of heart.

      40. Yes, remember that next time you interview someone of color.

        Ah…the angry black man.

        As a white gent..
        I’m sick of the feminists, the blacks and all the other groups.

        My strategy… I’m creating my own web sites and will NOT be employing anyone.
        One man show…

        Any questions?

      41. Silly people for thinking that the US legal system is anything other than a tool for the elite.

        Prisons for profit must be kept full and some people have noticed that too many of the inmates are black and we keep saying that everyone is the same under the skin so will have to play along with our own BS.

        This is not a dig at blacks who end up on the wrong side of the elite by not becomeing good little debt slaves but is just the way things are with white people kissing arse and blacks not be quite so bad.

      42. hate crimes laws are redundant total bullshit designed to elevate minorities above white people. as Eric “my people” Holder said… “Hate crimes laws were not created to protect white people and do not apply to them”. They are there to terrorize normal people from defending themselves from holy diversity. Thank Jewish lawyers and media for creating and propping up this farce of a system.

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